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its-wabby-stuff · 4 months
The Worlds Greatest Ninja
I could’ve gotten some better rendering on my iPad but I decided to go traditional. A messy crayon sketch for @somerandomdudelmao
Tumblr media
Leo and his future.
I had a thought last night that young Present Leo may be able to help regrow Future Leo so I wanted to draw an interaction.
Guess what! I did digitalize it!
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sky-neverending · 2 months
making people playlists is a valid form of affection and is one of my main love languages
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thegoldensans · 2 years
Granny, if youre here with us- heed my word. Hear my plea. Do not listen to the words of Tumblr User EvilMario666.
He is haunted by an ages old curse that will drag you down and hurt you even further. Remember the dark forest? Just like that. Be careful, dear.
You're the only person I've ever loved. I thought I could never feel love before I met you. But you're different. Granny. 💛
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empressviolet · 7 months
I totally have a crush on a couple cutuals. Oops...
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chosoist · 2 months
najma going to hell for suggesting this movie to me!
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narrowchxrch · 4 months
no amount of metaphors and deep philosophical exchanges of thought could even begin to express the things you make me feel, so would i’m in love with you be enough?
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standarsh · 6 months
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catgirltitties · 1 year
Im getting so thirsty over conceptual she/theys as if im not holding out for a they/them
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planetdream · 1 year
my gf just told me she’s gay and by that i mean i just found out she used to play genshin
Tumblr media
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smashedpumpkinprincess · 10 months
Tumblr media
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redradley · 1 year
Do you know what ever happened to @gothiccbb ? She seemed to have dropped off the face of the planet around Christmas
I honestly wish that I knew. I miss her an awful lot.
Wherever she is, I just hope she's doing well.
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sonicponie · 2 years
why do grown adults in the sp fandom love making things abt their age when they get called out on being homophobic
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seabassthefish1 · 16 days
i look back to the few messages i saved on here from her of her reassuring me and i’m sorry i kept pestering after i just didn’t wanna leave her and in doing that and pestering i feel i pushed her further away if it was if she still feels the same way abt me and me over anyone else like she did last month and keeps that feeling i have nothing to worry about i’m scared my pestering made it all worse and that rly sucks bc me wanting her so badly as the thing that might’ve pushed her away in the end hurts rly bad i hope she still has some of those messages and still believes them. she’ll only love me. she does more than anyone. everyone else is small bc we mean the universe to each other. bc if it’s rly true then i have nothing to worry abt at all. i hope it is maybe she’ll like this one if it is or comment that it is that would be nice i just wanna know it’s still true and that she’ll love me always i just wanna be excited to have her back one day instead of grieve losing her. i hope she can lmk somehow that it’ll all always be true i’m her only true one and only i love her <3
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millersdayoff · 2 months
Sorry this is a long post. I'm leaving names and specific locations out. My friend’s ex [29] about a week ago posted on social media on how something that was done on accident, and she talked about how she was in previously in a dead end relationship and how the new relationship is in is how she was engaged to her current partner, moving to a new house out of state, getting a decently paid job, and said “I’m blessed” with two dogs and two cats. She was bragging on social media on how great things are now but the part that set me off was that fact that she said my friend [32] hated animals. He took care of all of those animals because she was a lazy POS. Context: These events happened in the span between 2015-2018. Time is out of order but I'm hoping I make sense. In February 2018, the ex went on a vacation and told my friend last minute she needs to go to the airport. The relationship was already falling apart at this point, but my friend did what it took to make her happy. She cheated on him with now her new fiancé. The fiancé was notorious for being mentally abusive with his previous girlfriend and also to the ex. He use to make fun of my friend's ex's weight and her tattoos. She cried once whenever the friend and fiancé had lunch together once and said “I don’t want to be around him ever again.” because the fiance bullied her so much. This is after she moved out of state in March 2018, but whenever she started shit with the fiancé, he would dip and leave her at their apartment alone to go hang out with friends. To show what kind of person her fiance is, there was also a constant joke that my friend's ex and fiancé would call my friend a Jew and if he was poisoned that he would just die because he wouldn’t buy a cure to stop the poison. Jumping to 2015-2017: My friend never had a lot of money because he paid rent, utilities, made her food, and also got her fast food if she begged for it. The only thing his ex paid at the time was a $50 gas bill in the house they've rented with two people together. The ex never took care of the animals she had ( she had a ferret and never cleaned the cage as she should have that she ended up selling away) and the cat litter she never cleaned either and my friend was the only one that cleaned it out. The ex also had bad spending habits and instantly blew her money on cosplays, special editions at GameStops, makeup, clothes, etc. She even wanted to marry my friend and talked about wanting to move out of state at one point. My friend said we can make it happen but you need to start saving your money also and being more responsible, he was also going to start saving money even more and was willingly to go move out of state with her. He would ask her on multiple occasions how much money you saved up and it led to fights as she didn’t give a straight answer. The only time she saved up enough money was when she moved out of state with her new boyfriend (fiance now but you get it). There was a moment before she moved that they rented a house that the ex, friend, and two other of the ex friends moved in together and the ex brought home an outside dog from her job at the time. The poor dog was scared and just ended up tearing everything in the house and was kept outside tied to a tree. My friend told her the dog needs to be in a rescue shelter as it’s cruel to keep an animal tied up. Th ex eventually agreed and the ex and roommate went south of their city to drop off the dog.
2015-2017 still: She begged my friend for a husky because they were watching GOTs at the time and huskies were popular. At the time, actors (Sophie Turner and Peter Dinklage I believe) from the show stressed to people please do not get huskies. My friend was hyper against it as she never took care of the animals she previously had. She thought “cute dog I want husky” without knowing anything about taking care of a wolf husky hybrid. My friend told her we can get another cat but you have to be responsible and take care of it. The ex agreed for a little while and got a cat she currently has now. Arguments would go back and forth on her wanting a husky. She would say something in the lines of "You never give me what I want". One day after work, the ex made an impulse decision and pulled a Craigslist ad for a white husky wolf hybrid for $200. My friend and the ex traveled part of the hometown for the dog to which she didn’t have the cash on hand so my friend ended up paying for the dog for her. He never got the $200 back from her by the way. My friend ended up taking care of the dog when they were dating at the time. My friend paid for his food, bed, vet bills, grooming bill, etc.
January 2018: She also didn’t want to go to my friend's family functions and even one time my friend's parents bought football tickets to a game for a team she liked and last minute she didn’t want to go even though she begged my friend to have his mom buy them for them and gave the excuse. "We never get to do nice dates out anymore and I want to do more stuff like this with you." Tickets were roughly $300.00.
February 2018: She took half of my friends stuff and moved out of state. One of the last arguments they had together she said she was going to beat herself up and call the policed and said to him “I will call the police beat myself up and said you r***d me” over a video game she tried taking that wasn’t hers. He gave in and just left the partner they lived in at the time. He came back to the apartment and broke up. They lived together so she had enough money to move out of the state. The situation with that was creepy too. She would use to want pity s*x from my friend and he would deny her advances or she would want to cuddle with him even though they’ve already broken up at that point. There was a point where she went up to him and said “I got my nipples pierced, do you want to play with them?” the friend would deny her request but she was almost dumbfounded that he would say no to her.
Mar 2018: The fiancé the ex is engaged to now use to beat up the husky hybrid before the ex got rid of the dog after one month having him whenever she moved out of state in. Whenever the ex and the fiancé were out of state, they both never took care of the dog as they. The ex called my friend and said if he wanted the dog he needed to pay $3300 to have him ship back home and she didn’t have money and my friend couldn’t take on the responsibility. The dog got given up for adoption after one month of having him whenever the ex moved out of state. The irony of this now is they got two dogs now. 2018?: I don't recall whenever this happened, but the cat the ex adopted got sick also and my friend saved one of her cats from potential death after the cat ate something she wasn’t supposed to.
Apr-Aug 2018: Whenever the ex moved out of state, my friend used to get the ex calls and the ex cried constantly on how everything wasn’t working out for. She would always say things like “I miss you, you’re the best companion I’ve ever had. My heart aches.” “I still have your jacket and it still smells like you” To which my friend would usually respond “I’ll help you with what I can but you made this decision yourself.” or just got weirded out by her, she was usually drunk most of the time but also needed someone to talk to. She even sent a keychain from a video to my friend for his birthday once and was like “happy birthday, I miss you greatly” and it just seemed desperate. Before her friend moved out of state with the ex and fiance, she given my friend a box of stuff that may of belong to him (to which none of it did so again seemed desperate to try to reconnect). One phone call in particular the ex called and said “I wish I had come to a place I can call home.” To which my ex responded “well where do you think your home is now because it’s not here.” referring to his apartment back in their hometown. To which the ex was in disbelief and started to cry. The calls eventually stopped roughly in Aug 2018. The last time the ex spoke to my friend it was back in Oct 2018 where she called him randomly at work. They had a disagreement over a utility bill that was under her name (he was paying for it but she wanted him to cancel it for her even though it was under her name). She may have sent an email to him at some point but he never responded at that point. Its been five years since they've last spoken to each other. I don't think he remembers her voice or what she looks like anymore.
I think what I'm going at this is I don't mess with people that think in their mind they were in the right when they know what they did. His friends know. His family knows. And especially he knows what an actual monster you and your fiance on. Continue to believe your own lies. What you your fiance did to that poor dog was unspeakable. My friend has been healing and is in a healthy relationship.
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theoldkyokodied · 8 months
Tumblr media
One wedding and three funerals
Background paintings under the cut
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
#tomgreg#succession#tom wambsgans#greg hirsch#shiv roy#roman roy#kendall roy#yeah no im not tagging everyone thats too much#this is me going 'how much implications themes and symbolism can i fit in one painting'#yes i gave rose shivs haircolor. if we ever find out how she looks like and its not like this im just gonna pass away i guess#but yeah i hope yall connect the dots#i put waaay too much thought and work into this. i was googling pictures of all the actors as kids just for reference (sigh)#honestly kinda wanted to make tom and greg link pinkies as like. a pinkie promise. but that was too hard to draw in this angle#at least not without obstructing the view of the ring which is important to see so ya#my fave is actually the tomshiv wedding pic i went off with that. i love them... they should have run away to become sheep farmers fr fr#anyway im so glad im done with this UGH!! finally i can draw smth else without being like oh noooo i need to finish this#i see a lot of you wondering why there is no portrait of logan but one of ewan#it's bc the placement of the painting represent their standing. logans portray would not hang next to the stairs#his present portrait hangs at the end of it. all the way up at the top. alone and withering away#basically the picture you see underneath ewan to the right? its where toms parents would be. the right side of the wall is tom and gregs#and the left one is the roy siblings theirs. since they grew up rich rich. and tom and greg didn't#but ya thats why ewan hangs here and logan does not :)
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inafallsaway · 27 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Drawing time!
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