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Viola Davis becomes the 18th person in history to achieve EGOT status, winning an Emmy (“How to Get Away With Murder”), Grammy (“Finding Me”), Oscar (“Fences”) and Tony Award (2: “King Hedley II” and “Fences”)
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thelongestwalk · 18 hours
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lil fig sketch
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alinalal-art · 2 days
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Timerra Fire Emblem
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manga-toons · 2 days
hello idk if you still take suggestions but. maybe some cassandra + turtles or cassandra + casey interactions? her being a chaotic mom? sth along those lines :)
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Super messy and rushed, but here ya go!
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foileadeux · 2 days
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gonna be 100 with you guys my radiance gijinka straight up did not have a reference going into these animatics i drew her initial design like once in a caffeine addled primal 5am state and then immediately fleshed her design out IN the animatic like an idiot so here's some more gijinka radiance because i've fallen in love with her. lots of feathers and wings babyyy. converted her tentacle things to flowy cloth, the fucked up sharp needle legs stuck from her og design because they slay. and i really liked the little infected flies in the watcher knights fight so i stole them for her to shapeshift into bc shes a god im sure she can do that
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batposts · 1 day
but no yeah can we talk about neurodivergent cassie? i have talked about yj98 being so nd coded before (looks at kon, looks at tim, looks at bart) but we havent NEARLY talked about nd cassie enough!
she is an infodumper! its literally canon! she became a hero through the sheer power of will and autistic hyperfixation (something she and tim has in common oop-)!
cassie who hates certain textures. cassie with voice stims. cassie who sits weirdly in chairs because 'it feels better'. cassie who chews on her hair when it gets longer.
NEURODIVERGENT CASSIE IS SO REAL TO ME like maybe it's just the pjo mindset of all demigods being ND but c'mon she special interest-ed her way into being Wonder Girl.
And let Cassie be the one that when she off-handedly mentions she's ND, she always gets the response "I didn't know you were autistic/adhd/ND!" or "you don't act autistic/adhd/nd" and she's always like :/ well I am. So. Not YJ though they could tell from the start. Just automatically.
She definitely sits on chairs weird because it feels right! And I need Cassie that was diagnosed super early so she knows she's ND and has always known she's ND and is utterly comfortable with it, as much as she's solid in the very basics of who she is.
She flaps her hands when she's happy and fiddles with stuff to pay attention and repeats phrases she likes and singlehandedly gets Donna to change the fabric of her costume because she can't touch it without physically recoiling and infodumps about Wonder Woman and listens to her friends' infodumps in turn.
Cassie who's wholefully confident in her abilities but also her drawbacks and accepts there's some things she could do, but would be really fucking difficult when someone else can do it for basically no strain because their brains are different (<- queen of delegating responsibilities) Cassie who gets frustrated despite, because the world isn't made for people like her, Cassie who gets overwhelmed and upset and lashes out but always apologizes afterward.
Cassie who's hyper-empathetic and quick to emotion, whether it be anger, tears or happiness, and her powers falter with those emotions she has to get under control. Cassie who's strong in all her beliefs but is malleable depending on the situation and the person trying to change her, but otherwise is impossible to budge.
And she's a weird kid! Unapologetically weird and odd and freaky with her closet full of clothes that make her happy and she thinks look cool and her Wonder Woman posters and her inability to not go along with Hermes' latest scheme or Apollo when he cries about their father.
Sorry for this ramble it's just!! Her!!!
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mayescapade · 2 days
lily povs in dstg are so easy to write and i have no idea why.. she’s just a tortured girl. sometimes u just gotta be a tortured girl
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fromcommorragh · 13 hours
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Sister of Battle by blazbaros on twitter
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astraios-art · 21 hours
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Nico Robin <3
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a-g0lden-tattoo · 2 days
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via Jack’s instagram stories
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singlethread · 3 days
I’m hoping taylor wins and wizard taylor makes an appearance during the speech
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controlaltdelight · 3 days
Lindsay I love you 🥰🥰
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anneapocalypse · 1 day
Tallis is such a character. She's a very unsubtle self-insert of her creator and also the first time we get to know a viddathari personally. She has cool unique rogue abilities, and she's a non-optional companion practically designed to annoy players who already have a favorite party and want to have both their love interest and their sibling along for the DLC and still have something resembling a balanced party. She has a tragic backstory and an unfortunately low-budget miniseries. She's Quirky™️. She offers insights into the appeal of the Qun for a person who has had few choices and little power in their life. Her DLC introduces weird lore that is rarely if ever brought up again. She's loyal to the Qun but can't stop fucking it up. She will flirt with Hawke shamelessly. There is a painful catch in her voice when she asks if Hawke meant it when they said they didn't care what she was. She's a spy who's wearing her organization's logo on her shirt. Most criticisms I have seen of her character are valid and indisputable. I love her so much.
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bugeyedfreaks · 2 days
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