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the thing about harrowhark nonagesimus is that on the surface, she's this aloof maybe kinda creepy maybe kind of a bitch bone nun. but then she's also like a really good necromancer, and she does such crazy badass shit with bones, literally forming harpoons out of her own bones and spearing ghosts of planets with them, and she has these iconic lines like 'death first to vultures and scavengers' and she was so focused about the Canaan House puzzle that she mapped every goddamn door in the whole place in like a day and a half and worked herself to exhaustion learning theorems, she's just an intense, sharply thinking sort of person. not to mention she's so closed off you almost wonder if she even has feelings. but then you read a bit deeper and you realize that harrowhark nonagesimus is also a sad miserable kitten on a stoop in the pouring rain. she's a neurotic mess that is borderline incapable of admitting or acknowledging her true emotions (emphasis on borderline) and would sooner fling herself into the sun than admit any vulnerability. she's the daughter of genocide. she fucking hates herself. no one has more problems than her. she is pitiful. and THEN she's also a fucking weirdo on top of all that. she can't stand food with any significant flavor. tea biscuits are beyond her. she fell in love with a frozen dead body and would marry it if she could. she's afraid of hot water. she thinks bones are the sexiest thing there is. harrowhark nonagesimus is simultaneously so cool, so sick, and so strange, and it's enough for anyone to look at her and be like, what the fuck is going on here? and that is why she gets bitches.
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#the only right thing to do.
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Minthara Baenre - Baldur's Gate 3
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Alcina’s New Maid (Series)
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(not my gif)
Alcina Dimitrescu x fem!reader
Surely, Alcina thought this through…surely
┌───── •✧✧• ─────┐ Tell Her Pretty Little Lies └───── •✧✧• ─────┘
Part 4
“Go on, Alcina! TELL HER YOUR PRETTY LITTLE LIES!” Melina shreiked, no one had the courage to scream at Alcina like this. No one. Miranda would raise her voice but not screech and shriek at her like this. “I’m doing what’s best for m- FOR HER. I’M DOING WHAT’S BEST FOR HER” Alcina screamed back, rising out of her office chair, her claws were just itching to come out and slice someone to ribbons. “You are the most, entitled, selfish, and horrible person I have EVER met” Alcina scoffed at Melina’s words, the countess could truly care less.
Y/n wasn’t important, she was a mere maiden and Alcina was a Countess. No amount of love could ever change that. Besides, Alcina didn’t love y/n anyway, Alcina had a job to do and surprisingly enough it included y/n. Miranda had given Alcina a job, ‘earning the girls trust, reveal to her of her royal origin, she marries you, I have an alliance, you kill her, I inherit a kingdom.’
“You are playing with this girls feelings, it’s best if she doesn’t know of her royal roots. What happens when the King of all people finds out his true daughter was given to a poor couple in the village who raised y/n as their own. Then, comes to this castle as a lowly maiden.” Melina explained, standing her ground, she had known for a long time about this extravagant plan. But, she had never approved of it. She thought that it was just disgusting how Alcina was willing to take advantage of y/n like that.
Melina couldn’t do anything without risking everything, she hated Miranda but tolerated Alcina. Though, she’d do anything for Y/n to be safe. She truly was split over the decision she had to make. Alcina let out a low growl, her face bitter, she had always been that way ever since…Charlotte, her lover and Fiancée had gone missing.
1976 | Dimitrescu Castle
Charlotte’s portrait had officially been hung on the grand wall of Alcina’s gallery. With a giddy smile, Alcina clapped her hands together and walked off to find her fiancée. “My love, you seem quite rather distraught today, what seems to be the matter, draga?” Alcina frowned a bit, her eyes filled with a little worry. “Nothing! I just haven’t eaten anything today! Yep, I- uhm- just feel a little lightheaded” Alcina tsked and order a maiden to have some tea and snacks up immediately, “I’ll go make sure the maidens make your tea properly, draga. I’ll be back. How about you go change, love?” Alcina smiled, leaving a small kiss on her lover’s forehead. Charlotte nodded, waiting till Alcina was gone, walking to the nearest phone Charlotte dialed her mother. “Everything is set, I’ll be gone by morning. Then I’ll steal what’s left and be on my way, she’ll never know it’s gone.”
Melina had left still fuming, Alcina rolling her eyes, taking a long drag of her cigarette. Huffing as she stormed onto the balcony of her office, leaning on the carved stone rails, the cold night air hit her porcelain skin. There was glowing in the distance and the faint sounds of laughter coming from the village. Even the castle radiated a warmth as the cold winter approached. It seemed as though everyone was having the time of their pitiful lives.
While Alcina stared of into the distance stubborn about her decisions, yet, a small voice in the back of her head caused her to hesitate.
No, no, she had to follow through. She had to.
Alcina grunted, frustratedly yanking off her gloves and throwing them behind her, shoving the cigarette between her lips, taking another, deeper, drag from it. The countess embraced the night breeze, causing her thin night gown to flow behind her seeming like a mist. A small creak came from behind Alcina, the matriarch’s body tensed, about to snap at whoever dared entering her study without knocking. After a few seconds she recognized the heartbeat, “Draga, what brings you to my study?” Alcina said with a half-hearted smile, clearly still tense, “I wanted…check on you” y/n sputtered out, her speech getting better by the day, the tall countess felt a flutter in her chest. She felt incredibly proud of y/n.
“Mă descurc bine, iubirea mea” (I’m doing fine, my love)
“Uhm…you…look pretty” The maiden smiled, her kindness was foreign to the taller woman. She hadn’t felt a feeling of love or appreciation in the past few decades, only from her daughters.
“Thank you, Draga Mea. Do me a favour…lock that door for me”
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I’m so sorry this chapter is so short, I’m trying to finish requests! I might have an irregular posting schedule (not that it was ever regular in the first place 😭)
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me before I started Starfield: okay I'm gonna wait until I met all of the companions to decide who to romance
me 5 seconds after meeting Sarah:
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Huntress Wizard doodle page for the people
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elle argent really is that girl
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”letting petrikov dominate you call that simon says”
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She was being a little too quiet and I turn around to find her dead asleep like this
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Welcome back, Cassie 👾 PNG version v
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a beast upon her throne
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