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mybrainisbigpoop · 5 months
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3 cups of coffee and a prayer. 🙏
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Tim “What are you doing?” Bradford
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pedro-pedrito · 29 days
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Din is really just a dad. 💕
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i-the-winter-plum · 1 year
christian kane has an insane ability to play the most secretly intelligent, violent, buff cowboys with hearts of gold, while being extremely soft and probably in love with the slightly nice and weird girl and lovingly bickering with a joke-loving, genius hacker dude who has an easily shoutable last name. bonus points for desperately in love badass parents. love that for him. 
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a-map-of-gays · 6 months
Modern day things Kaz Brekker would love, a brain rot thesis by yours truly:
Rubik's cubes
Escape Rooms
Macdonalds (a love-hate relationship, he hates the grease but it's cheap and easy)
Dungeons and Dragons (Wylan got him into it. He thought it was cringe but got really into the role playing)
The word 'Cringe'
Fidget spinners
Murder Mystery novels
Noise cancelling headphones
That's all I can think of for now, but I will probably add more later because my brain is rotting out of my ears.
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scripted-downfall · 8 months
You know, I can kinda understand why Linda, Chloe, Dan, etc. took some time to readjust upon realizing that Lucifer was, you know, The Actual Devil, but I also find it rather hilarious that they got so freaked out, especially the latter two to the point that they tried to kill him… I mean, they’re talking about a man whose version of deviancy is stealing a man’s pudding from the fridge or making a particularly bad pun.  Who gets shot and immediately is more annoyed about how damaged his suit got than about the murder attempt.  Whose response to getting shot and finding out he’s invulnerable once more is to pick up the gun and shoot himself again, just to make sure.  Who decides that the only way to get back at his friend for trying to kill him is a massive prank that does literally nothing harmful.
I mean, like I said, I kinda get it, but also… this man is not the root of all evil.
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arwenadreamer · 8 days
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This man is incapable of sitting on a chair like the rest of mankind.
Picture credit: Cliff via Instagram
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loganslowdown4 · 4 months
Janus: Dear Santa, I’ve been so good this year...
Janus: Most of the year...
Janus: Once in a while...
Janus: Nevermind, I’ll buy my own stuff.
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navnae · 7 months
I have a feeling that when Steve and Eddie are talking Steve just randomly says “my eyes are up here” in the middle of the conversation 😭
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hannigrahambimbo · 10 months
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summershouto · 6 months
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in honor of sasukes duck butt hair
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poppy-metal · 8 months
PLS YOU GOT ME SCREAMIMG Steve is the epitome of the casual dominance boyfreind. If you've had a long day and you just don't want to make any decisions anymore he's your guy. Just, tucking you under his arm and telling you you'll be home soon. He would defo order for you in a restaurant if you were anxious.
steve "memorizes your order for you so he can say it for you" harrington.
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firefliesandfuckery · 6 months
me, taking the biggest L of my life: matt murdock behavior
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lilyvines · 2 years
every photo Tommy ever takes with fans is just
girl who is very obviously into women
tommyinnit making the :D face
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dreamhot · 5 months
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he's obsessed
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