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“Sleepy Hunter…„
So uh. It turns out I’m really into TOH—
Hunter comes from The Owl House !
__________________ ׂׂૢ་༘࿐
┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊
┊ ┊⋆ ┊ .
┊ ┊ ⋆˚         
✧. ┊         
⋆ ★
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kittykat940 · 2 days
Only noah...🤦‍♀️😂
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kijuuuse · 19 hours
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throws vash at u
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bradshawsbitch · 17 hours
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"um... just [amazing, handsome, cute, snuggly, beautiful]... bob. . ."
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fishalthor · 2 days
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wot gif meme: 5 scenes: 5/5 - anytime Rand channels.
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‘I love you’
(Not my video, credit to whoever took this)
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skrunkvibes · 2 days
i realized ive neglected to rlly post anything nexo knights related so HERES MY BOYYYYYY
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[technically a repost, I edited the pic cause the hair was bothering me]
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dubinadawkins · 3 days
Some people on my tiktok asked me for my tsp narrator design so I'm posting it here too (I LOVE THE STANLEY SO MUCH...)
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Oh and also the human form (stop drawing the Narrator white he's tan because I said SO)
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On this account, the truth will still be faith the unholy trinity, I swear
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vivaladicamillo · 1 day
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i could talk abt these photos for hours
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pineapplebread · 3 months
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Prints are available: here
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kiyoily · 3 months
rich bf nanami who gets physically upset when you won’t accept his gifts
rich bf nanami who takes you shopping when uni becomes too stressful, and will buy you everything you so much as look at
rich bf nanami who holds your girly hand bag with all sorts of keychains while you shop, and smiles at you sososooo brightly whenever you show him something cute
rich bf nanami who makes you try on everything you got and watches, and if he really likes what you’re wearing he goes ,”spin for me, baby,” . you swear you hear him mutter ‘my god’ when you do [SCREAMS]
rich bf nanami who barely even calls you your name anymore, opting for ‘baby’, ‘angel’ and [his favorite] ‘sweetheart’
rich bf nanami who never stops telling his parents about you- so when they meet you they already know you as ‘kento’s sweet friend’
rich bf nanami who makes sure his friends know that you’re not just anyone to him, and that if they ever talk badly about you he will find out, and he will confront them
rich bf nanami who would let you paint his nails, do his hair, anything bcus he just loves you so much and sees how happy you get when you do
rich bf nanami who looks at you with such admiration that everyone around you notices
rich bf nanami who is so insanely patient with you when you cry over anything small, when you become snappy, when you’re stressed because you deserve to be taken care of
bf nanami <<3333💕💕💕💕
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neithrain · 3 months
daily reminder that dorian pavus is not only so skilled with magic that he helped create time travel with his mentor, but can also easily keep up with a literal elven god on the subject
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justasimps-blog · 17 days
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We don’t talk enough about Neteyams tail going into full alert mode when Lo‘ak is about to do something stupid 😭
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theriverdraws · 6 months
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percy jackson is THE main character. everyone loves him in his OWN series. he’s probably atleast one of your favourite characters in the whole series. name one other protagonist who everyone adores and wants in all the books!! 
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sanrioenjoyer · 2 months
can we all just appreciate how fine pedro pascal is LIKE LOOK AT THIS MAN
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