#i mean the personality certainly didn't HELP
You’ve mentioned several times that Matsumoto is deeply weird, could you explain how?
I think Matsumoto is Autistic and EXTREMELY good at masking, somewhat to her detriment, to be honest.
Point the first: Matsumoto drinks a lot- or at least, is SEEN to be "drinking" but she's rarely actually drunk. She's practically sober relative to her companions the few times we see her drinking in a group. I think that she's not drinking that much- She's getting *just* tipsy enough to: 1. Take the edge of some of her sensory issues and 2. To give her plausible deniability if she blurts out the wrong thing or says something that comes out way more rude than she intended. 3. Surround herself with people whose social inhibitions are lowered and whose skills are a bit clumsy- like how she feels all the time.
Point the Second: Matsumoto is Constantly fucking tired. I think the midday naps are the result of constantly overclocking herself to stay socially likeable and ignore how much that 'silly' thing is bothering her and probably also a sensitivity to barometric pressure changes that lots of Autistic people have.
Point The Third: What evidence do we actually have that Matsumoto is a Bimbo vs this is an act she puts on? IIRC, we don't have canon proof she sleeps with anyone in the series except MAYBE Gin, before they became shinigami. It's been 15 years since I read the series but for someone who certainly dresses and talks and plays up her reputation as a Bimbo, Matsumoto doesn't seem to have much sex. I think the Bimbo persona is just that- an act. It's an act she's learned gets her the kind of attention she wants- In the Rukongai, it was probably a great way to earn hella tips while working service jobs before she became a shinigami, in the academy nerds would be falling all over her to help her study, and as a seated officer, the carefully cultivated Bimbo persona means she can sort of excuse herself from any project she doesn't want to work on.
I'm basing that last point, and a lot of Matsumoto's characterization in AEIWAM on my aunt, who is an attractive big-chested blonde who didn't get diagnosed with Autism until her Mid-fifties. But SO MUCH of Matsumoto's mannerisms and behavior from the Manga remind me of Aunt Sophie- she has a doctorate in Theater Science now, but while she was working undergrad, she was a bartender who cultivated a persona she called "Bartend Barbie" who was a silly, slightly drunk and giggly bimbo with an impressive collection of blonde jokes at her disposal, and "Barbie" got about five times in tips what she was being paid hourly, and that's how Aunt Sophie graduated without student debt in the 80's. She's also recently made the connection between how her severe masking is and her profoundly deep understanding of how theatrical roles are played.
I think Matsumoto Rangiku is very autistic but has had a long time and a lot of practice masking to the point where she has an intensely convincing and extremely likeable persona that she uses almost constantly, and that prior to his betrayal, Gin might have been the only person that knew Matsumoto from before her "Barbie" days.
I don't know what Matsumoto's special interests are. Kubo wasn't great at giving his female characters interiority. I'm tempted to give her Aunt Sophie's understanding of theater, but I'm open to suggestions.
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the-modern-typewriter · 10 hours
flirty hero x flustered villain?
"Do you have any bandages?" the hero asked.
The fight hadn't even started yet.
The villain blinked. Their brow furrowed, gaze raking over the hero in search of any less-obvious signs of injury they had missed. Their jaw tightened.
The hero took a stumbling step forward.
The villain lunged, seemingly on instinct, to catch them. Their hands were warm and secure against the hero's hips. "You're hurt?" Their voice had gone breathless, almost panicked and that was certainly unexpected.
The hero grinned and straightened, perfectly steady. "I think I scraped my knees falling for you."
The villain froze. They blinked again. They buffered, a lovely blush slowly spreading up their face.
The hero's grin grew.
The villain dropped their hold, only to cover their face with their hands. "I hate you."
"You were so concerned for me. It was so cute!"
"You are the worst person I have ever met. I don't know why anyone ever calls you a hero."
"So you don't have any bandages you can give me?"
Th villain lowered their hands enough to glare with as much scorching venom as they could muster. It was delightful.
The hero pouted. "What about kisses?"
"Can you kiss me better?"
The villain's outraged, indignant, entirely flustered stare immediately flicked to the hero's mouth. "I don't think anyone's capable of doing that."
The hero bit their lip and watched the villain shiver, tracking the movement. "You haven't stepped back, gorgeous."
The villain immediately stepped back, tripped, and landing flat on their arse.
"Oh my god." The hero was kneeling at their side in an instant because - well, they hadn't expected or wanted that. "Are you alright?!"
The villain stared at them. "...you sound so concerned."
"Is it cute?"
The blush burned even brighter. "Kinda."
"Do you have concussion?"
The villain's brow furrowed again.
"You just called me cute, does that mean you have concussion?" the hero clarified. "How many fingers am I holding up?"
The villain rubbed the back of their head, pushing themselves up to sit. "I don't think I have concussion."
The hero's gaze flicked to the villain's mouth; rueful and so pretty. "Do you want me to kiss it better?"
"Utter menace."
"Serious offer that time."
The hero was close enough to hear the villain's breathing stop.
Their eyes met.
The villain didn't say no.
The hero took the villain's chin gently in their hand, but the villain didn't pull away. "Where are you hurt?" they murmured.
The villain gulped. "I - er -" They closed their eyes. "Are you actually being serious?"
"I was teasing you at the start. Wasn't expecting you to be actually worried about me."
"Only because I don't want an unfair advantage." The villain managed to sound their normal cool self, more or less. "I don't need help to beat you. I - you're - please stop me from talking. I think you're stupidity is actually contagious."
The hero grinned again, couldn't possibly help it. They brushed their thumb along the villain's jaw and then, obligingly, kissed them.
They didn't end up fighting that day.
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zredarts · 15 hours
HI HI! why thank you! Everyone is being so nice about this, its very warming since i didn't even know he would do this.
I already talked about it on twitter, but i think I'mma go into detail here for those who have no twitter, and also because i have more space for rants.
For starters, im a very anxious person. I am aware of everything and everyone in my surroundings, and i don't like to bother people. Miraculously, i made some friends there and they helped me be more comfortable (this was my first concert ever, not even first ritual just concert in general). I tried showing Sodo my sticker during ritual, but to no avail he didn't see it, and i don't blame him it must be hard to see with that mask, and i was in an awkward place (between middle and right stage, front row). One of his picks also accidentally hit me in the face but thats another topic lol
After ritual they tweeted about some event going on. We decided to go check it out since they said they'll be around. I didn't think we would see them but sure enough they arrived to take a look a bit later. My mind was set on giving him the sticker because it was now or never, but i didn't feel comfortable doing so, and so my friends just pushed me near him. I was afraid he would reject it, and at first i felt like i was being a bother, but as soon as he realized i was handing him a sticker his face just lighted up with a smile. I still remember his exact words when he went to grab it. He thanked me, looked it for a bit and said it was adorable. When i tell you this man was the sweetest and spoke to me softly im not exaggerating, he was such a sweetheart. After that i had to leave immediately because again, insecurities and i was shaking very badly so i turned around and went back to my spot. I dunno if he wanted to say something about it, cuz when i looked back he had come closer to my friends and they were talking about something. They left soon after, i think they went to see another concert playing on that venue.
That said, i was certainly sure he may have lost the sticker because of how many people were there and the probability of it falling on accident, and i forgot to give him a backup. I didn't mind if he would have lost it, it was just a sticker after all, but almost a week later i get a message at 3 am from a fan (if you're reading this, thank you so much i wouldn't have known without you) who recognized the sticker from my Instagram story. I didn't have words, i actually was mentally denying the fact it could be my sticker because thats such a great honor. I saw all the comments from people saying that was so on brand for him and that the sticker was cute and it really made me feel nice about it. Even now i still can't believe he liked it enough to be like welp this is going on the guitar lmao
It goes to show how a simple gesture as using a sticker can mean so much for others, and in this case it really made me feel more confident about it. It makes me wish i could thank him for it, a proper thank you. Seeing how they said they had one of the best tours at my ritual, im sure they're gonna come back at some point, so hopefully by then I'll be able to thank him properly, because this not only helped me with my own self esteem, but also with my art career, as seen as people really liked it and would want stickers too.
And thats what I'll do, hopefully my adhd allows me to lol. But thats basically the gist of it, sorry for the long rant. Theres so much that went on, and so much going on in my mind. I appreciate everyone who's spreading the word, and all the kind words about it. And i appreciate Dew for giving my sticker a special place in his heart. Thank you for reading
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elisysd · 1 day
Cruel Summer - Chapter 14
TW: Ferrari incompetence
She took a deep breath and, before changing her mind, returned to Charles's door. She gave it a loud knock before seeing it open instantly. Charles was standing in front of her, looking defeated.
“Did you forget something?” he asked her.
“Yes, yes I did.”
And just like that, she got closer to him and placed her lips on his.
Tumblr media
Astonished. That was how Charles felt.
As light as a feather. That was the feeling of her lips on his.
A mirage. That was what Lyanna was.
“I’m so sorry.” She whispered against his lips before leaving as quick as she came, leaving Charles there, still trying to process what just happened.
He knew better now than to run after her. He could tell that she did not plan to kiss him, that somehow it just happened. That right now, she might be scared and panicking. Every fiber in his body wanted to go after her, to take her in his arms and to kiss her again. But he also knew that she needed her own space. She needed to put her feelings in order and he was probably the last person she wanted help from.
Still, he could not get rid of the feeling of having his heart ripped in two. A half for him and the other for her. Tonight, she had left with a piece of his heart, one he did not want back.
He slept really bad, tossing, and turning, reliving the kiss, and blaming himself for not reacting quicker. As a driver, it was something he usually was proud of. How fast he could react. He could have had hold her; she would have been trapped in his arms. And he would not have let her go. When his alarm went off, he grumbled. He still had to pack and he had to leave soon.
It was around ten in the morning that Joris came to his place to pick him up to go to the airport. Seeing his friend’s pale and tired face, he worried.
“Tough night?”
“Horrible.” Charles confirmed.
“Pre-race jitters, or something else?”
“Lyanna kissed me. And she left. I didn’t have the opportunity to properly say goodbye.”
“Oh, wow. Well, I certainly did not expect that. I would have bet you would have been the one to make the first move.”
“Thought so too. She beat me to it. But then she said sorry and she panicked. I asked her to come to Zandvoort. I will wait and see now.”
“Don’t you want to make a quick stop at her place?”
“Do we have time?”
Joris checked his watch.
“Well,I’d say we have 15 minutes top. If you take longer, we might have to go past the speed limits.”
That's all it took for Charles to head for the stairs, which would be quicker than waiting for the lift. He climbed the stairs one by one before arriving at Lyanna's door and banging on the wooden panel. No answer. Which didn't surprise him. He continued for another 5 minutes before the next door opened, revealing an old lady and her Chihuahua.
“The young lady left early this morning at around 4am. I know because I could hear her crying and dragging her suitcase. It made a loud noise in the corridor and woke up my little Floppy. What a naughty girl. If you see her again, tell her that next time I'm going to report her to the security guard.”
She was gone. For good. Without a backward glance. What could he have done to make her run away like that? Was he such a bad kisser? Charles asked himself a thousand and one questions. He wasn't surprised that she had run away, even if it disappointed him a little, he sincerely thought that they were past this. He knew she still had some inner demons to fight but he thought that he would be by her side to help her get through them.
So many incoherences he could not process. She kissed him and yet she was the one who ran away. If she kissed him, that would mean that she had some kind of feelings for him. He could understand that it could be frightening for her, considering what she went through during her previous relationship. But what he could not fathom was that she preferred to leave rather than talk to him. They were both adults, and first and foremost, they were friends. If the kiss was just a spur of the moment, because she was feeling emotional and it didn’t mean anything for her, fine he could put it past him. If she had some romantic feelings for him, it was also fine. Charles knew that he was feeling something more than just friendship, not being entirely sure that it was love. But his point was, they could explore their connection together. See where it could lead. Together.  He was ready for that and more importantly he wanted to.
He could have texted her to say all that, he almost did. But it was a conversation that needed to be made in person.
His thoughts occupied him throughout the journey. He was surprisingly quiet, only responding when spoken to. And even then, it was in relatively short sentences. His bad mood was evident in the days leading up to the race to the point that Fred, Ferrari’s team principal, took him aside to is driver’s room before heading for the first free practice on Friday.
‘You’ve been in a bad mood all the week, kiddo. What’s wrong?”
“Nothing.” He replied sharply.
“I just want to make sure you have your head in the game, Charles.”
“Don’t worry about me and just make sure that this fucking car is actually drivable.” He snapped.
Fred didn’t say anything, only looked at him. He had a way of being with Charles that made him feel like a little boy. In many ways, they were similar. The same taste for winning, for hard work, for respecting teams, for honesty. He was one of the people Charles trusted most. Fred could read him like an open book, in his silences and in his eyes.
“I invited someone and I think she won’t come. That’s it.”
“So it’s a girl. She must have hurt you a lot for you to be acting like that.”
“The thing is… I’m not mad or even hurt. I think. I understand her, I know her reasons but at the same time I can’t help but be disappointed. I just want to see her; I want to know that she is okay but I don’t know where she is.”
“Well, if she makes you feel like that, she must be pretty special.”
“I care a lot about her, yes.” He confessed.
“Then I’m sure you will both find your ways back to each other. But for now, I need you to be fully focused Charles, okay?”
“You know that I will.”
The free practices went on relatively well. Not bad but not good either, something that Charles was unfortunately used to, and soon enough it was time for qualifying. Charles knew that this was his strong point, so he approached Saturday with a certain relaxed attitude. Even if his eyes lingered a little longer than usual in the crowd. On his way around the paddock, he spotted Pierre in the middle of a warm-up session with his physio. He approached her to wish her luck. As his best friend knew him all too well, he immediately noticed the Ferrari driver's deceptively relaxed attitude.
“She is not here. And Kika has not heard about her since our last dinner in Monaco.”
Charles swallowed. He had suspected it, but a wave of disappointment washed over him.
“If I have news, you’ll be the first one to know, okay?” added the Alpine driver.
“Thanks Pierre.”
With his head full of questions, Charles climbed into his single seater. In this environment, he always managed to detach himself from the rest of the world and enter his own bubble. Today was no exception, even if it was more difficult than usual. And so the qualifying session began. Charles took his time before starting his flying lap and he quickly sensed that something wasn't quite right. It didn't take him long to realise that there was an engine problem, forcing him to stop dead in the middle of the road. By the time he had extricated himself from the car, the smell of burning had caught in his throat.
The red flag brought Q1 to a premature end, placing Charles at the back of the grid for Sunday's start.
A few hours away from Zandvoort, in a childhood bedroom, Lyanna watched the qualification session and her heart ached for Charles. She arrived in her mom’ s home the day after that fateful dinner at Charles’ place, her eyes puffy and red. No questions were asked by her mom who simply took her daughter in her arms and tried to console her the best she could.
But seeing her little girl watching a car race when she never demonstrated any interest for the sport, she couldn’t help but get curious. Especially when Lyanna made a weird face when the commentator announced that Charles was out.
“Isn’t it the famous boy you were always trying to avoid talking about when I started questioning you about him when dating rumours came out?” she asked sitting on her daughter’s bed.
Lyanna nodded.
“Is he the one I should blame for making you come here, all the way from Monaco a week before you said you would come here?”
“It’s me. Who messed up, mom.”
And here she was again, the tears accumulating behind her eyelids.
“Oh my sweet girl…”
He mother took her in her arms, gently rocking her while Lyanna let the tears stream down her face.
“Whatever you did, I’m sure you can fix it.”
“I kissed him mom. And then I ran away. Like a coward, something I promised myself I wouldn’t be anymore. He taught me to be brave and how do I thank him?”
“Do you love this boy?”
“I… I don’t know. I like him, I care for him but what do I know about love?”
“If you care, then it’s enough. You don’t have to put words on what you feel if you are not ready.”
“I’m sure he hates me.”
“Did you talk to him?”
“I’m too scared of being rejected. I sure would reject myself if I was him.”
Her mom sighed. She was used to see her daughter so unconfident.
“You will never know, if you keep on avoiding him. And if he is smart enough, he will listen to you.”
“He is so great mom. He is funny, he is kind, he is brave, he cares about people. He helped me when I never asked him to, just because it was something that seemed normal to him. He is down to earth, he is loyal. He loves his family and is friends. He is perfect. Well not really, because sometimes he can be stubborn and he has a hard time knowing what limits are. And he doesn’t know how to cook, which is not a bad thing but I would not trust him in a kitchen by himself. And he can be cocky. But… he makes me feel good. And happy. And I really miss him.” She let out in one breath.
“Well, he seems like a great man. A great man for a great woman.”
“I don’t feel great right now…”
“You too are funny and kind and brave. You are the most hard-working woman I’ve met Lyanna. All the hardships you went through, all the battles you fought, made you who you are. You are strong, stronger than you think. You are bright. And I’m so, so proud of the woman you become and keep on becoming. And I’m not saying that just because you are my daughter. You are loveable, my Lya. And if this boy can make you feel like the happiest woman in the world, hang on to him. At least, talk to him. If it works out, then it could be the most beautiful thing in your life. If it doesn’t, then I’ll be there to fix the broken pieces of your heart, sweetheart.”
Lyanna could simply nod while hearing her mother’s words. She knew what she had to do.
On Charles’ end, the Sunday race was as awful than the qualification session. A DNF was just what he needed to end this awful week. Coming back in the garage, he did what he could to avoid photographers. He was annoyed and the first words he spoke as he entered the Ferrari garage were for the mechanics and engineers.
“Is it too much to ask to have one weekend, just one, of happiness or at least one without mechanical or strategic problems?”
But despite his poor weekend, he was pleased to see Pierre finish 5th just behind Russell's Mercedes.
At Alpine, the mood was a little happier than at Ferrari. Pierre and Esteban were celebrating their top 10 finishes, Kika taking videos as a souvenir, when the brunette saw a notification flash across her screen. Lyanna had just contacted her.
“I messed up. Again but big time, this time. I would understand if you didn’t want to help me but I just want to make things right. Is there a way for Pierre to get me VIP access for Monza next week? And please, not a word to Charles, I want to surprise him.”
Kika smiled and headed to Pierre to get him away from the team for a while.
“Lyanna texted me. She wants to surprise Charles at Monza.”
Pierre sighed.
“Is she sure? He is going to get a lot of attention.”
“She seemed determined.”
“Well then I guess, we will have a prestigious guest in Alpine’s garage next week.”
Kika quickly responded to the actress saying that Pierre would take care of everything. Even if Sunday was an awful day for Lyanna, she really hated to see Charles giving his all and not succeeding, she slept that day with a little smile on her face.
Monza, be ready. Here she comes.
author's note: Did you really thought that I would leave this chapter drama free? 👀 How many of you want to smack Lyanna after breaking (once again) Charles' heart? How do you think Monza will go? Will Charles forgive her? Will he ignore her? Will he be mad? And how do you think Lyanna will act? I can't wait to have your reaction! Don't forget to leave a comment, or if you want to chat more of this story you, my DMs are open! Take care.
taglist @zendayabelova @purplephantomwolf @ru-kru @dakotali @blueflorals @aundercover @ruleroftheuniverse
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vickyvicarious · 2 days
Which number of The Count Touching Jonathan are we at? I don't remember if there was any touching when the Count sat next to him to open the letters or when Jonathan slept on the sofa when he got locked up. (And it's been radio silence since his belongings got stolen).
The last time I upped the tracker was May 16 (though I didn't post about it until May 18), and we were at 8 separate recorded instances then. Your memory is correct in that we haven't had any other specific mentions of direct contact since then, which is why I haven't been talking about it. However, there are a couple of times that absolutely seem ripe for another unwanted touch.
May 19 - Jonathan doesn't discuss the act of writing the letters, but I certainly assume the Count insisted he do so right then and there, and hovered nearby, perhaps even watching over his shoulder as he wrote.
May 28 - as you mentioned, Dracula sat down beside Jonathan to show him the letters. It's very unlikely that he touched Jonathan while he was sleeping (he was probably off stealing all his stuff, and Jonathan woke as he tried to make his way quietly back into the room - if he'd slept through that, then I imagine Dracula would have touched him to wake him up, though; bit of a sidenote but the way he entered and left the room so quietly and sneakily had alarm bells ringing so hard for me). He might have put a hand on his shoulder, helped him to his feet, or led him to the door when telling him to go to bed, though.
Both of those scenes are accompanied by mention of Dracula being especially smooth/suave. This is mostly used to describe his voice, but I don't think him touching Jonathan is by any means out of the realm of possibility as well.
I didn't really keep track last year but I seem to recall that the further into his stay, the less Jonathan really mentions Dracula touching him. Sadly, I don't tend to suspect this means there is less touching. Rather, I personally believe more that Dracula has continued to try and normalize frequent smaller/more 'innocuous' touches, and Jonathan simply isn't recording every single one because they're all more of the same thing. So for example, gripping his shoulder in greeting or farewell, leading him in to dinner by the arm, sitting next to him close enough to brush up against him... that sort of thing.
Jonathan is just as distressed and repulsed every time, but he isn't going to waste the paper recording each moment unless it is attached to a more important scene, not at this point (and even then, it may not be enough of a focus to get as much mention anymore). He doesn't need to collect evidence of Dracula being a huge creep anymore, he's got plenty of that. He's trying to stick to relevant scenes for information or escape (whether because he's worried about getting caught or running out of paper, he is too depressed to write down and thus linger on every single awful thing, or he's becoming somewhat accustomed to it and has bigger fish to fry as long as it doesn't get worse), and every single unwanted touch doesn't qualify. Also, in terms of severity of touching, the carrying/undressing when he was completely vulnerable is so far kind of a crescendo, and maybe these lesser touches don't seem to merit as big of a reaction anymore in comparison. That would at least track with the touch-to-entry ratio slacking off significantly since that entry.
Of course, that's all speculation. It could be that Dracula actually went the opposite route and is touching him less after seeing how close Jonathan has come to snapping a couple of times now (trying to push him to the edge of madness, to borrow a phrase from Seward, but not quite over the cliff). Or maybe the Count is getting busy with other matters, or even a bit bored of him, and neglecting to interact with Jonathan for much longer stretches of time too. After all, we don't hear Jonathan talking about a lot of conversations with the Count anymore either. Again, I personally lean towards those are still happening (though probably less frequently) and just aren't getting written down, but as far as the text goes either option is equally valid. We really don't know.
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maculategiraffe · 14 days
have been watching you and thinking how cute penn badgley is
Tumblr media
and wondering why I always thought dan humphrey was so hideous, like was it just his personality or did penn badgley age unusually well or what, and I went back and watched the very beginning of gossip girl and
Tumblr media
being swathed in seven layers of beige probably doesn't help but that is certainly an UNUSUALLY unfortunate haircut
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miss-shydeer · 5 months
me: *doesn't interact with a human nearly all day*
me: "why have i felt especially mentally ill today........"
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unproduciblesmackdown · 3 months
rogue one posting like attention everyone who didn't like all the characters or get why they did things: i Am better than you
#did not follow General Posting then or now. even if i did it would not be The Full Picture anyways#like sure seems overall rogue one is liked as it should be. saying starwars fans were tepid / mixed reactions abt it may also not be apt#like uhh maybe starwars fans in their twenties/thirties? and even then lol this is a lot of people#but the fact that there's Enough of w/e pattern of ''how can we like these characters though'' or ''how can i understand jyn''#like the answer is just Get Good....does one need to imagine someone is glup shitto's great uncle to accept character introductions or.#as discussed don't even know what the problems are w/jyn but i'll stan to pick up the slack. it's not hard#the least glimpses like what do you Mean it's unfathomable motivations why cassian didn't noscope dads mikkelspace...ffs#head in hands i have to do every last thing myself. it's not difficult!! what anyone's even talking about....#a helpful hint is one might just have to go along for some time without assuming you have all the info you need about a person#or certainly be ready to adjust it like ''oh but this seems contrary to other previous things'' like a) reconcile it & b) is it really?????#It's The Self Assurance lmfao like. Eye don't get to be hype abt a protagonist or always understand the motivations for things?#that's a tuesday. i Realize i may be missing things or w/e. but it's like regularass media criticism like the protagonist confused me#or when someone did something surprising i went ''i should not be surprised by anything'' sooo could've been better#YOU could've been better. *I* understand.#rogue one#and i mean i'm in alignment w/the evident consenses out here like overall [rogue one v good] is agreed [andor is like omg] is agreed#so i can like; know peace. & idc anyways lmfao it Could be my personal opinion#but in the cagematch smackdown of media analysis i will defeat the weak overconfident ''lol why'd anyone do any of that'' Pathetic.#suplexing or whatever like You're Nothing
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ai-higurashi · 1 year
(Sea) I read your tags on the original Dhampir!Scrooge and oh my gods. Vampire hunter!Beakley/Dhampir!Scrooge gives so much angst and hurt/comfort and I love it
The AU itself can hold so much hurt/comfort and has so much angst potential already, and when I read more about dhampirs bc of it I went immediately like 7w7
Also, I've had Vampire hunter!Beakley in my sketchbook ever since the first time I knew about your AU, so the moment I got your ask I was immediately like "My time has come >:)"
Tumblr media
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thegeminisage · 2 years
hey quick writerly question (your fic writing masterpost has been an invaluable resource to me, btw, it's helped me soooo much): when you started broken road did you know how long it would be, ballpark guess?
WAAAH thank you <333 im so glad its been helpful.... to answer your question: sort of. it's actually a running bit between me and my friends (especially poor @callowyn with whomst i cowrite @cambionverse) that whatever my initial estimate is, that's way too low. so when i set out to do broken road i figured, "ok, somewhere between 50k and 75k. MAYBE 80k or 90k if it really gets out of control!" and then of course it wound up being nearly 110k, which is more than double my lowball estimate. it happens with every single longfic i write - i always underestimate my own verbosity. i don't like to cut things so there's basically no "deleted scene" stuff for me, almost everything that gets to prose format goes into a fic
broken road is an extreme case though, because the idea for that story, when i first conceived it in feb 2019, was to make it gen, because the dean/cas felt like it was slightly off-topic and too big to reasonably tackle while the john stuff was going on. when i picked it back up after nov 5 2020 i had OBVIOUSLY changed my tune because if i didn't write deancas i was going to die, but i also changed my mind about it being off-topic - john is inextricably tied to the feelings dean has about being queer and those feelings are also inextricably wound up in his relationship with cas. (i talked about it in this post and this post, but they're pretty heavy subjects so mind the content warnings.) you can't pull at one of those threads unless you plan on untangling the whole mess.
all that to say, i also frequently joke that a gen version of broken road would have been 30k-40k shorter, lol. so maybe my initial estimate wouldn't have been so off after all!! but yes, i know it would be pretty long but i didn't think i'd hit 100k. and then. i did 💀💀💀
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shinmon-c · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
♡↷ | Childish banter | Requested
SYNOPSIS. A magic mayhem had caused your lover's younger self to transport into the future. You adored them whole heartedly and can't help but spoil him! But your lover certainly disliked the affection stolen from him
CHARACTERS. Riddle Rosehearts, Leona Kingscholar
TAGS. Fluff, angst if you squint, jealousy, loser behaviors, not proofread
Tumblr media
The younger Rosehearts was a well-behaved kid. He didn't give you any trouble as he's reserved and mostly read a book available on sight
By appearance, the younger and older Riddle may look the same, but in terms of personality—it contradicts that statement. Your Riddle has this intimidating, assertive aura whilst the little one was... a bit timid. But extremely cute! His cheeks remind you so much of a soft marshmallow
—By impulse, you squished the little redhead's cheeks, which startled them, though they didn't do anything to stop you from your further affections—rather, they were enjoying the attention from you. Your Queen does not like that...
You were spoiling them. The tart he was supposed to eat was now given to the younger queen by your demands... That was supposed to be his..! Not only was the tart stolen, but so were you! The Headmaster better fix this soon, he can't take another minute of his younger self having all the attention..
Riddle can't help but stare with a glare, his foot stomps repeatedly on the ground impatiently, he pretends to busy himself with tea to drink. You were catering his younger self and smothering him with affection and the deserts set on the table. The little redhead was enjoying every given kiss on its cheek and being spoon-fed with treats. It would be a lie to say he wasn't jealous—an immature behavior that can put his dignity to shame, he'd never want to admit it
He continued to stare at the scene Infront of him, he settled the emptied teacup down with a loud clink; it still wasn't enough to get your attention. —He sighs defeatedly. It's no use trying to regain your affection back to him, he'll just have to wait patiently till his young self returns to his original timeline.
...Riddle's thoughts drifted as he stared blankly at the younger version of himself, all the anguish jealousy faded as he looked more closely; he was happy—a huge grin was presented on him and his eyes sparkle with joy, a rare appearance unlike his usual timidly shy smile, it's wider than when he first tasted a tart.
Affection and care. Something he longed for when he was still young. —And he was blessed that fate led him to you. You had given him everything he had desired; He wished he had met you sooner.
You soon had to leave as you still had duties to finish, not without promising that you will return. Two of the redheads let out a disappointed look at your departure, their lips curved into a pout and the sweet they tasted turned bitter, they didn't notice their actions were insync
It was awkward without you around. Riddle doesn't know how to initiate any conversation with himself and little him was intimidated. —I mean, who wouldn't be when his older self have a perfect and dignified poise. But it tempted the shorter redhead to ask older Riddle a question that lingered in his mind ever since he first saw you—
"Are we gonna marry them in the future..?"
Riddle flinched at the sudden question, he looked to see himself with a big doe and curious eyes anticipating an answer. He fumbles his words, unable to reply as his cheeks started to coat in red just from the question, all while his younger self was oblivious of causing his older self to malfunction.
"I like their company... They're nice..." The younger one innocently twiddled with his fingers, and a shy smile was presented as he daydreamed of his future. The thought of marriage was foreign to him as he was still young, but the idea of being married to someone pretty and nice? He giggles and kicks his little feet thinking about his newfound puppy crush.
Riddle's eyes tender, it was nice to see his young self be happy and experience what he never did during his childhood. He pats their head gently and smiled at the younger version of himself.
"We will..."
Tumblr media
The little prince was snarky and a bit of a brat to deal with, but play your cards right and the 2nd prince is there laying on your lap asking for head pats. Which your lover beside did not favour the slightest...
Whatever death glare Leona throws at the bratty lion was returned with a nonchalant hum; sometimes even sticking out his tongue to annoy the older prince
Now that fuels the flame. Leona pinched their noise as a punishment but his hand was slapped away and got a scolding from you. In the corner of Leona's eyes was his younger self giving him a smug, victory look. And it took all resistance not to choke his younger self here and there.
Either your oblivious, or just want the petty fight to continue
The little prince just shrugs off his irritated older self by saying he can always experience the affection in the future, hinting that you'll get married in the future. Leona did not oppose to that statement
That alone quells Leona's anger, but not enough, he still wants the brat out. He heaves an annoyed sigh, He doesn't care if he has to barge into the Bird's office—just as long as the younger prince goes home then he can finally rest
Amidst inside the Botanical garden were three figures. Two lions and one human. It would be a peaceful evening for Leona to lay and rest with you like usual, but a third party came to ruin the routine. By some magic, his younger self was laying his head on your lap peacefully—who was supposed to be him in that spot
"Scoot over."
The younger prince opened an eye lazily, still enjoying being pampered "No. --Your head is too big, not enough space."
"Why you..!" An irritated irk appears on Leona's forehead. Annoyed with the catty response, he pinched the younger's nose rather harshly. "Leona—! You're acting like a child right now..!" You slapped his hand away, not without giving your lover a scolding and a non-serious glare.
A tch'ed was let out. He soon gave up on the measly fight, it's not like he can win against the brat with you enabling him. He lays his head on top of yours—not the most comfortable position, but it's the only way he can be close to your warmth; he'll just take what he can get for now until the brat returns home.
Tumblr media
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oepionie · 3 months
Synopsis: Yuuken interrogates some of the boys on the campus about their special someone. Hearing their loving ramblings on you was certainly not what he expected.
Tags: Self-Indulgent, Fluff, Angst if you squint really hard, Reader is not Yuu, Tweels are a bit...too mad in love, I brainrotted so hard, You're Malleus' fiancee, Malleus doesn't know how to tell a joke someone help him
Cw. Riddle's Mother, Overworking, Hospitalizations, Poor living conditions, Illness, Bullying, Allusions to violence, Marriage, Tad bit of possesive behavior, Description of stabbing
WordCount: 2k+ | 💌Masterlist
Tumblr media
About: Riddle's Rose
"Rose? I see you've met that troublesome intern at the library. That's a nickname. Their name is (Y/N) and yes, they are my partner." "A-Ah? I'm so direct? Well, you asked me a question! Though...I would prefer that this discussion end here. I prefer to keep my relationship with them private.”
Chat: Childhood Memories
“Ever since we were young, (Y/N) was quite rebellious. The complete opposite of me as a child, really. They were always sneaking off during the night and coming over to visit me. Mother...didn't approve of them and often screamed in their face. I was quite terrified she would scare them away, though that didn't stop them at all. Haha, I think they got even more persistent afterwards. I am truly glad I met them.”
Personal Story: To the Hospital
“Again...? I see. Thank you, Trey. Hmph, I'll have to schedule another visit once more."
> "Riddle? What's wrong?"
"Ah, Yuuken—It's Rose. They've gotten admitted to the hospital...again. (Y/N) is quite impulsive and tends to bite off more than they can chew. On more than occasion, like now, I would find out about their hospital admissions via Trey days or even weeks after."
>"Aren't you dating? Why aren't they telling you?"
"They claim that they withhold the information from me out of concern for my workload or out of fear of being a burden. Though that is—a sentiment I don't understand. Nothing is more important to me than their health."
About: The Photo In His Wallet
"Where is it?! Man, I'm so fucked if I lost it—Oh?! Oi, Yuuken! That wallet's mine! Man, thanks a lot. I really would've been screwed over if it weren't for you." "Eh? The photo? Shishishishi curious, aren't cha? Hmmm...how 'bout this? You get me a steaming hot meat bun and I'll give you a story time about them."
Chat: A Hopeful Future
"My studies? Course I take them seriously! That's what's gonna' put food on the table one day. Plus, I wanna' give (Y/N) the life they deserve—What'd I mean? Well, if I'm going to be their husband, I want 'em to live comfortably. It's not like we need anythin' luxurious, anyways. As long as we're together and there's enough food to go by, it's going to be all right."
Personal Story: In Sickness and In Health
"....that's good to hear. Please look after 'em, granny. Love ya." The call ends and Ruggie sighs. "That's the best news I've received since."
"Guh-?! Man! What's with you and sneaking up on me!? Yeah yeah—you heard right...news. Granny just called me to talk about (Y/N), their health is looking up. Tell ya' what, I knew that deal with Azul was worth it. I managed to snag some medicine and send it home."
>"Oh? Medicine?"
"Yeah. Ever since my first year of high school, they were sick and bedridden. (Y/N)'s parents don't have enough money for a doctor, so there's not much they can do. Of course, I'm out here doin' my best to help too."
"I really...I really wanna see them up and runnin' again. Hey, who knows—maybe we'll get to make flower crowns for the village kids again...together."
About: An Interrogation
"Yuuken, you’ve met (Y/N), I hear. Well, as their partner, it's only right that I ask you about it. I assume you don't mind. So, what is your opinion of them? Nothing short of perfection, I hope."
"Hm? You think they're nice? Good then."
Chat: Busy Octoboss
"With all the deals, my maintenance of my academic ranking, and my position as Monstro Lounge's manager, my workload is quite substantial compared to most. And, I regret to say that it does get in the way of my personal life, including quality time with my lover. It tears at my heart, yet I cherish how they're so understanding and patient. Still, sometimes I can't help but think I am undeserving of them..."
Personal Story: Deep Sea Bonds
"My childhood is not something that I appreciate or want to remember. Yet, despite everything I've been through, I do think it is pleasant to look back on the days when I met them. You see, (Y/N) was bullied too. They were just like me, relentlessly bad mouthed and hurt by the kids around us. However, they never failed to greet me every day with a bright smile on their face."
>"What a sunny person."
"They'd also always have the courage and bravery to stand up for me, often taking the brunt of the bullying. I wish I could say I did the same for them...but I was far too cowardly back then..."
>"Wow. You two must be really close, then."
"Of course. They've been through a lot.Which is exactly why I won't allow anyone to speak ill of them anymore." Azul pauses, smiling slyly. "Say, Yuuken. You'll tell me if anyone casts aspersions on my Angelfish, won't you?"
About: A Helping Hand
"Hm? What's that? Ah, you’ve met my darling pearl. I see. I do notice how you’ve been frequenting Monstro Lounge lately…Have you perhaps acquired a romantic interest towards them? No? Hehe, Alright." "Now, to answer your question, yes, that is right; (Y/N) routinely comes over to visit and aid me in my Mountain Treks. I couldn't be more grateful for their assistance."
Chat: The Pearl Ring
"Oya? I see you're curious about the ring I've been crafting. Well, it's for (Y/N). You see, in merfolk culture, we create handcrafted jewelry to serve as a courting gift. This is one of many ornaments I plan on giving them. Though, this one is...particularly unique. Ah, well...(Y/N) Leech does have a nice ring to it, does it not?"
Personal Story: A Jaded Reaction
"Oya? (Y/N) is spending the night at Ramshackle? Whatever reason for?"
>"Grim wanted to have a game night."
"Ah. I see. How...lovely. What's that? My smile is frightening you? Oho, now is it? Hehe, my deepest apologies. We eels tend to be quite...protective. I so anticipate you to take good care of them. And fret not, as long as you keep them away from any harm, no disputes shall arise."
>"Uh...and if something happened?"
"What if something happened...? Well, I'm sure you wouldn't mind being hunted down the face of the earth, tied up, and pulled down to the deepest pits of the blue ocean, where no one can hear your anguished cries for help...Would you?" 
"Just joking. I would never do that."
About: A Sea Walnut
"(Y/N)? Aha~~~ You've heard of my little sea walnut? They're so adorable and squishy, yanno!—Is there a problem? If you got a problem with 'em, I'll squeeze you." "Oh? Not scared at all, huh? Ehe~ You sure are ballsy. Tread carefully now, shrimpy~!"
About: Ocean Currents
"Whenever a strong ocean current comes, sea walnut always huddles close to me and grabs my arm. They've always been afraid of being blasted away."
"They used to do that a lot when we were kids, but it never gets old. Hehe~ Sometimes, I lead them to places where the waves are strong, jus' so they can cling onto me! It's so funny to see 'em get afraid and scramble after me when I move too far away. "
Personal Story: Shark Attack
"Hmm~? Oh, what're these bite marks? Rad, aren't they? I got them after fighting a buncha' sharks."
>"Sharks?! Why would you do that?"
"To get these. It's shark teeth. Our anniversary is comin' up, and Jade suggested that I should make some jewelry for them. It's a merfolk courting thing. Azul 'n Jade told me to get them pearls, but I thought that was boring. So, I'm making one with shark teeth instead! Isn't that cool~?"
>"I-I guess, but what happened to the sharks?"
"Ugh. None of them were a fun hunt. The entire hoard swam away so fast. Can you believe it???… I’m not the typa eel who would let my prey get away that easily, though. And it’s not like I had anything better to do. Ehehe! There were so many of those sharks swarming around, but I managed to squeeze them all! Well, it was worth it in the end cuz I got what I wanted. I'll do anythin' for my little sea walnut~"
About: A Hearty Meal
“What am i doing? Well, I'm making some Roast Chicken with Sumac Flatbread. Oh? Who's (Y/N)? Ah, Kalim must have told you, huh. (Y/N) is my partner. They are truly wonderful."
"For example—Though I like to think I'm skilled at disguising my true feelings, the moment I go to see them, they already know what I'm thinking. They have a keen sense of intuition and always seem to know what I need and when I need it. Truly, I'm grateful for such a caring—Ah, I'm sorry. I was rambling again."
Chat: Snake-Eyed Envy
"I can't dispute that a lot of people back home are vying for their affection.That bothers me at times. As Kalim's babysitter-ehem, retainer, I don't have enough time to check in on them every day...However, as cheesy as it sounds, I have yet to meet someone who is as smitten with (Y/N) as I am."
Personal Story: World Left Unsaid
"I soon understood that I was more than the circumstances of my birth, all thanks to (Y/N). In fact, My bond with Kalim has become stronger and more genuine thanks to them. I...realized my hatred for Kalim was just my desire for my circumstances to be different...I didn't hate him at all. Without (Y/N), I would never have understood it."
>"They must be very important to you, Jamil."
"Absolutely. I was terrified that I might lose them after my overblot. But to my surprise, they stayed with me. Naturally, it hurt them, but they were really compassionate towards me and about how much I had to go through."
>"Do they know of what you feel?"
"I...I don't think (Y/N) realizes just how much I cherish them. I don't think now's the right time for that though. I've hurt them too much and I still have a long way to go before I fix things."
About: He's Engaged?!
"I am, indeed, betrothed. Heh. Why are you looking so bewildered, Child of Man? If I'm going to be a king someday, it only makes sense that I would need someone to reign alongside me, no? At first glance, (Y/N) may seem aloof, but as you get to know them more, you'll see that they are actually incredibly lovely and warm."
"You never thought I was one for romance? My, my... What a bold statement, you best learn how to hold your tongue. Have you considered that I could use lightning to smite you where you stand?...Now, now—That was a joke. You don't have to cower in fear."
Chat: Safe And Sound
"My precious treasure tells me that I tend to get protective at times. Though can you really fault a lover for wanting to protect the one who is most important to them in this cruel, ruthless world. One where others will not hesitate to turn on you?"
Personal Story: The Art Of War
"I am actually the first of my lineage to wed someone who is not a noble. You see, (Y/N) is a knight-in-training. And, as you can probably guess, they served as my retainer. To see them at work was truly a magnificent sight to witness. They command attention and radiate strength. While I had always admired them, I could not bring myself to express my true feelings to them. Until...that night."
>"That night?"
"Yes. On the evening of Silver's 16th birthday, someone had rushed at me with a dagger in hand. (Y/N) was the first to respond and took the hit for me...The sound of their screams as the knife tore through their flesh was truly...horrifying."
>"That's horrible! What happened to the guy?"
"Worry not, he was taken care of accordingly....If there is anything I’ve learned from Lilia's many teachings, it’s that the worst calamities that befall an army arise from hesitation. To avoid further offensives, one must deal with and eliminate adversaries as soon as possible. Don't you think so?"
Tumblr media
Likes and Reblogs are greatly appreciated and are very motivating on my end!
Taglist: @keedas @spadecentral @crypticbibliophile @pastellepastary @cassidycampfire @cocomollo @poisonioushearts @anonima-2 @kawaiipotatoghost @ramvuda @sweeneyblue1 @the-lost-anime-dad @chuuchuudreams @taruruchi
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kira-fluff · 8 months
"can you pretend to be my boyfriend?"
pairing: osamu miya x reader (haikyuu!!) a/n: unfortunately based off a true story. tw: anxiety, bullying, swearing, threatening
you sidled yourself in a seat next to your good friend. "heeeeey 'samu~" you grinned.
"what do ya want?"
"can i not just want to greet my amazing friend?"
he gave you a skeptical look and you blanched. "well, uhm..."
"if it's my food ya want, yer not gettin' it." he grumbled, selfishly sucking more milk through his straw.
"can you be my boyfriend?"
comically, osamu proceeded to spew the milk in his mouth out in shock, nearly missing atsumu who sat across the table, much to both of their dismay.
wiping some milk from his mouth, osamu managed to choke out a strained, "yer for real..?"
you blinked, then flushed, "i-i-i meant for pretend, i mean it!" you bit your lip, "there's this girl who recently decided she doesn't like me. i'm not sure why... but she started telling rumors and lies about me to other people.....including her boyfriend. and...and.. he's super intimidating..." you looked away, "'samu, he came up to me the other day and said that if i mess with 'his girl'... that i'd 'regret it'....'samu, i'm scared. it's silly, right? but.. but it would just make me feel safer.."
a warm hand fell on your shoulder, "'s not silly. 's a threat. do ya want me 'ta take care of him?"
you shook your head quickly, "n-no! i just... i need you to just.. pretend. i know it's weird, but it would mean a lot to me, okay?"
osamu eyed you up and down before saying, "why me?"
your eyes widened and you once again couldn't look him in the eye. after all, it'd be pretty lame to confess after he so blatantly shot you down a few minutes ago. "well, you're my best 'guy' friend. and you're pretty much built like a greek god--"
he smirked, amused, "ya think 'm built like a greek god?"
"i'm still here, guys, keep the flirting to a minimum," piped in atsumu.
you both turned in unison to him, identically saying, "shut up, 'tsumu."
you cleared your throat, "anyway, you're bulky and strong and could definitely beat him in a fight."
"so will you help me... please?"
osamu's resolve seemed to waver the longer your stared into his eyes with a begging expression. to be honest, the moment he'd heard that some guy was harassing you, he was beyond pissed off and was ready to agree to just about anything you asked of him. but, once he found out that you had also wanted to be his (albeit, pretend) girlfriend? it seemed like the perfect opportunity to show you what it could really be like.. and how much he loved you.
"i guess." he said, his cheeks slightly flushing.
it shocked you that he had agreed. after all, this is osamu you're talking about. he scarcely looked your way, much less harbored any idea of you being his girlfriend. and yet here you were, walking down the halls, holding hands. he avoided your gaze, though you knew him well enough to know he wasn't annoyed with you, just embarrassed, which you had expected.
what you hadn't expected, however, was that girl. you call her that girl because you honestly didn't know her name. only that she despised you. you frowned, recalling the numerous times your friends walked up to you telling you she'd said you were "annoying" or that she was surprised you were ever invited to anything what with the way you make everything about yourself. you knew your friends meant well but a part of you wished they'd never told you. you weren't exaggerating when you say that you are a "drama-free" person. you seemed to always be the last one to hear the gossip going around and certainly the last to spread anything. it upset you that despite your best efforts someone had decided that you were irritating enough to make comments to others about. you tried to not take things personally, you really did, but when you'd heard her talking about you while you were in a bathroom stall, it took all of your strength to hold back your tears. unfortunately, because you're drama-free, you also aren't the most confrontational person. rather, you preferred confrontation when the other people didn't seem to take anything anyone ever did personally. you thought back on yourself, searching for anything you could've done wrong to bother her but after much consolation from friends, turned up nothing. still, a part of you felt like it was all your fault. maybe you could've tried harder to be extra kind to her?
you were broken out of your thoughts by a squeeze to your hand. making eye contact with that girl, she rolled her eyes and turned, walking the other way. osamu looked down at you in concern as your brows furrowed in a hurt expression.
"do ya even know her?"
"then why should you care what she says or thinks?"
"because, 'samu, it's not that easy. i can tell myself it doesn't matter and that i shouldn't care but that doesn't make it so. it doesn't rewire my brain to stop caring about what other people think. no matter how hard i try."
he was silent for a moment, contemplating something.
then, he lightly caressed your cheek with the palm of his hand, smiling softly. "i guess i can't change yer mind... but i can remind you that the people who are actually worth yer time won't make some round-about shitty way of telling ya they have a problem with ya."
you smiled warily, though he had to admit he said exactly what you needed to hear. besides that, you noticed you'd definitely chosen the right guy - his acting skills as your boyfriend were superior. your eyes wandered around to the gaze of your fellow peers as some cooed not-so-subtly at osamu's public display of affection.
your gaze returned to his as he eyed you up and down. "ya sure yer alright?"
"ya know it's okay not to be fine all the time."
you laughed lightly, "thanks, 'samu. but really, I think I'm okay. i just can't think about it or it'll make me all upset again."
"wanna come over tonight? thankfully i'm makin' dinner and not atsumu," he grinned.
you conservation switched to various other topics as you both walked down the hall before he had to go to volleyball practice.
"didn't i tell you what happens to bitches who mess with my girl?" a gruff voice called behind you.
you froze, regretting the fact that you neglected to bring your phone with you during your lunch break and were subsequently now completely alone with some gorilla-faced man who spoke gravelly like he wasn't in high school at all. slowly turning, you cowered, "i-i don't think i did anything wrong.."
immediately his fist slammed against your locker. "obviously you fuckin' did if my girl is tellin' me you've been a fuckin' problem!"
"i-i-i don't even know who she is," you defended, moving your hands to shield your face in fear.
you screamed as you felt a hand tightly grab your wrist and you squeezed your eyes shut, preparing yourself for the impact of a fist. after a few moments, you opened them, shocked to see osamu standing in front of you, shielding you from the gruff boyfriend.
"get a load of this guy," osamu smiled sardonically, "getting involved in his girlfriend's drama because she can't handle it herself? you must be her hero."
the man grit his teeth hard, winding up for a punch that osamu immediately countered, without breaking a sweat.
"you take that back you fuckin' piece of shit!" he growled, aiming for a blow to osamu's kneecap. "how the fuck does a prick like you even know this stupid bitch anyway." he continued, seemingly adding fuel to the fire.
osamu's eyes widened with a fiery rage, "you don't get to talk like that about my girlfriend." within seconds, the man was pummeled to the ground and osamu's fist connected against his face repeatedly until you pulled osamu away.
as if the situation wasn't already at its worst, that girl came running down the hall. "you BITCH! how dare you do this to my man! i fucking knew you were a rat." she paused for a moment before letting out a shriek of laughter, "oh? what's this? there's no fucking way you managed to get a boyfriend. what, you finally found someone willing to fuck you for a price?" she giggled, "osamu miya, was it? tell me, how much is she paying you to play pretend?"
osamu ground down on his teeth dangerously as he eyed the girl with contempt. "I'll have you know that i asked her out and was lucky enough for her to say yes."
she forced out another laugh, "then you're both pathetic! a match made in heaven."
you willed the tears to stay in your eyes, not wanting to give the girl the power of knowing that she hurt you, that she made you cry. you whispered something even you could barely hear.
"what was that? finally apologizing to me?"
you narrowed your eyes, looking her directly in her own as you raised your voice, "I said 'LEAVE US ALONE!'" you screamed with all you had in you.
she smirked, seemingly only a little fazed by your outburst. "fine, I'll leave. as soon as you prove you guys are actually dating. 'cause, like, there's no way, right babe?!" her boyfriend grunted out a laugh from his position on the floor.
this is the end. you thought. i'm gonna have to confess that i made this whole thing up and then i'm never going to hear the end of it. you sent a worried look to osamu who was already inches from your face. you tried to back away in shock, but his hand found purchase on the small of your back. he pulled you in tightly before taking your chin in between his index and thumb. his eyes conveyed a message you couldn't quite decifer.
yet, the next thing you knew, his lips were on yours. it wasn't at all the sort of chaste or reluctant kiss you were expecting, but one filled with hunger and desire. you returned in equal force, intertwining your fingers in his gray-brown locks. you could've sworn you'd heard a guttural groan as you shifted your leg in between his. when you at last separated, the girl and her boyfriend were gone. it was just the two of you.
osamu looked down at your lips once more before meeting your eyes. "hey."
you laughed breathily, "hey."
"do ya wanna date fer real?"
you answered with another eager kiss.
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fxllfaiiry · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
─ hits different 'cause it's you
★ pairing: spencer reid x fem!reader
★ summary: spencer reid is used to being called pretty boy by everyone ─ everyone but you.
★ warnings: fluff, spencer and the reader acting like lovesick teens, co-workers to lovers, the team teasing spencer.
★ notes: I had this saved in my drafts for a long time and finally thought why not post it?? please don't mind any errors, english is not my first language.
Tumblr media
Spencer Reid likes a lot of things. He likes books, he likes jello, but most importantly, he likes you. He could talk about you for hours, in fact, if he was given the chance to, he would. Spencer was mesmerized by everything you did, he was hopelessly, utterly, in love with you.
“Pretty boy, what are you dreaming about?” Derek’s voice jolted him out of his bubble, he looked around embarrassed remembering he was in fact surrounded by his co-workers. Everyone in the jet turned to look at him, everyone including you. Sitting next to you was making him nervous.
“Um, nothing. I was just thinking about, stuff?” He somehow magically managed to stutter out a full sentence under your gaze, god he felt pathetic.
“Reid, are you asking us or telling us?” Hotch asked looking amused.
Spencer could feel your gaze set on him, he really hoped you couldn't see how red his cheeks are. “I - I’m telling you, yeah.” How was the smartest person in the room suddenly, the dumbest?
“Come on, give pretty boy a break,” Rossi smiled. Rossi had a sixth sense when it comes to these things, he knew about Spencer’s feelings from day one, it was obvious to almost everyone, but of course not to you.
You were equally in love with him, but you would never tell Spencer that, you couldn't bare the rejection. If only you knew how smitten he was with you. You stared at his face, marvelling at how pretty he looked, oh how you would kill for those lips to be on yours.
“Was pretty boy dreaming about a pretty girl?” Emily teased. What? No. Picturing Spence with other girls made you want to throw up. If you were paying more attention rather than drowning in jealousy, you’d have noticed Spencer’s eyes darting towards you.
“Come on pretty boy, tell us who the girl is.” Curiosity was killing you, who was the lucky lady that caught Spencer Reid’s eye?
Spencer froze, you called him pretty boy? He isn't used to that at all, you usually call him Spence or boy genius, but never pretty boy. ‘Please call me that again,’ he thought to himself.
“You think I’m pretty?” The question slipped past his lips before he could stop himself. That was everyone’s queue to stop listening, they all rushed back into their conversations wanting to give you guys some privacy.
“What? Of course, I think you’re pretty, Spence.” Where did this come from all of a sudden? You thought he was the prettiest boy, you would tell him that every day if you had to.
“I mean - It’s just you never call me that…” He tried to hide his nervous state by letting out a chuckle. He almost felt sad, why didn't you call him pretty boy? He wants to be your pretty boy desperately.
You on the other hand had no idea why you didn't call him that. Note: call Spencer Reid pretty boy more often.
“Well, I’m sorry, I’ll call you pretty boy more often if you want?” Where did that sudden wave of confidence come from?
“Oh, I would like that,” Spencer mumbled. He tried to keep the smile off his face but it was useless. This feeling was better than reading with his cardigan on, on a cosy rainy day.
“You’re the prettiest boy I know, Spence. My pretty boy.” The last part was so quiet Spencer would’ve missed it if he wasn't paying attention, but fortunately, he’s always paying attention to you.
“I think you’re the prettiest too.” The two of you were acting like love-sick teenagers, but what the hell, screw that.
“Would you like to go on a date with me once we get back, Spence?” You were beaming, after years of waiting, you finally got what you wanted, and the new surge of confidence certainly helped.
“I’d love that.”
bonus !
“Garcia owes me 20 bucks” Derek whispered watching the scene unfold.
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harryisalrightig · 3 months
Sugar daddy! Harry buys Y/N Christain Louboutons
SMUT - daddy kink
Word count = 3,277
Tumblr media
It was a simple agreement that was made. There were still contracts and NDAs Harry had you sign, but you didn’t mind it at all it was worth it.
Not that he would admit it but you had Harry wrapped around your finger. The thing was with Harry because he was such a down-to-earth person on stage and in interviews, people tended to forget he was in fact a billionaire.
He loved cars and would often splash cash on them without a doubt. But there was only so much he could buy himself that he could enjoy. Sure he spoilt his family but he was always wary in relationships not wanting to get taken advantage of.
You weren’t always on the road with Harry but that didn’t mean he didn’t fly you out regularly. Who were you to complain Harry gave you a very generous ‘allowance’ although he’d happily be convinced to go over it.
You didn’t take advantage of Harry or his money but at the end of his day, you were his sugar baby. Plus it was no hassle to keep hold of receipts if Harry wanted you to return anything (not that he'd ever make you).
Harry had flown you out to him in New York and of course, had organised a car to collect you from the airport.
H: Be a good girl and go buy yourself something nice X
Harry had no clue what he was getting himself into when things first started with you both. He didn't want to just throw cash and make you feel 'used', he still valued you, and he was very timid when things began.
Now he'd grown in comfortability and didn't mind being more assertive with you although he always remained respectful. He loved his 'dirty secret', especially as there was a generous age gap.
Once you'd stepped into Harry's empty hotel suite and washed that awful plane smell and feeling off you, that no one liked. Of course, obliging to Harry's text, it was shopping time.
Pretty much being Harry's sugar baby full-time meant no work restrictions, sure a small business on the side just as something to do was fun but you mainly did it as something to keep you busy. With Harry's income, you certainly didn't need a 9-5.
Harry hadn't booked a return flight for Y/N yet, so not being sure what to bring, a large suitcase with all sorts of attire felt suitable. Plus if anything was needed Harry's black platinum American Express card was sure to come in handy.
Y/N had spent the whole afternoon at a local shopping centre. I mean it was New York, was shopping going to be a crime? Hardly.
Slipping on a red pair of Louboutins, a very kind sales associate had brought out for her. She walked over to the mirror in her heels turning to see the iconic red bottoms.
She was torn between two pairs, to most people they probably were practically identical but they really were so different. As lovely as the sales associate was saying that both pairs looked as equally as good didn't help.
"Sorry can you give me just a moment I'm just going to send a shot of them to someone"
Having one of each heel on each foot Y/N recorded a short video posing in each style of the shoes and sent it to Harry asking which pair. Bored beyond imagination sat in some meeting he didn't actually need to contribute to, but only his presence was needed. Harry of course responded straight away.
H: Just get both
H: Did you pick up my card or do I need to make a call? X
Y/N frowned reading Harry's second message, heels clicking against the floor leaning to grab her new season Chanel bag to see if she remembered Harry's card. Frowning to find that it wasn't in its usual place.
Y/N: I forgot to pick it up sorry X
H: Consider it sorted
H: I'll send someone with it and they'll bring the bags back to the hotel so you don't have to carry them X
She couldn't help but grin at her phone, score.
Y/N: Thank you daddy X
Harry didn't respond back to her message simply only liked it as an acknowledgement, and carried on spending the rest of the meeting scrolling through the Christian Louboutin website, easily recognising the store and location she was likely in.
Not even looking at the total or thinking twice, knowing her shoe size he picked out another pair texting his assistant to go and run the errand for him.
Y/N was thoroughly pleased when she returned back to the room. There was a knock on the hotel suite door and Y/N was passed three bags, one more than she was expecting.
Not waiting for Harry's presence to open the shoes she took the heels out of the boxes squealing at the third pair Harry had obviously picked out.
As if on cue Harry walked in as she was slipping the third pair on.
Of course, they were a pair of too-tall stilettos, Harry had a thing for them. He enjoyed watching her still look up to him in them despite the inches added to her height by the shoes, or how due to the added height she always had to walk a little more cautiously, which really meant walking slower. So he had more time to take the view in.
"If you're gonna rinse my wallet dry... You've gotta start by emptying my balls dry"
"oh please, I only picked out two" Y/N admired herself in the mirror looking at Harry through the reflection. Well, she wasn't wrong Harry was the one who picked out a third pair, he just couldn't help himself. "Thank you daddy"
Harry smiled at her words, she was always so polite to him.
Y/N wobbled slightly thinking she was going to lose her balance and roll her ankle. Whipping her palms against her top, she took a moment of recomposing herself before she started to walk over to where Harry had chosen to stand.
"Of course you had to pick the highest pair of heels"
Harry only chuckled at her snarky remark, he knew what he was doing.
"If you're struggling that much why don't you get on your knees, won't fall over then will you"
Y/N stripped into her lingerie and then moved one hand on Harry's shoulder to stable herself as she lifted one leg up to remove the red bottom shoes. Harry frowned his eyebrows and limply picked up her, wrist letting it fall.
"And when did I say for you to take them off? I thought I told you to get on your knees?"
She knew the world would kill to be in her position. Many people dreamt of the luxuries of a sugar daddy let alone Harry Styles being one. Following his wishes, Y/N steadily headed onto her knees.
Harry couldn't help but smirk at the view, he'd trained her well.
The Louboutins just added to it. Was there any sexier colour combination than black and red of a loub shoe?
Picking up his thumb Harry traced Y/N's lip a few times before slipping it into her mouth. He enjoyed all elements of their arrangement but watching her on her knees was heaven.
Harry wasn't one to abuse his power or take advantage of it in everyday life. Although he did love his dominance in the bedroom watching such a beauty sink onto her knees was a sight.
Y/N routinely undid Harry's belt and undid his trousers, pulling his boxers down to expose his cock.
For a brief moment, Y/N thought back to the first time she'd blown Harry. She'd only ever fucked people her own age, so sleeping with someone older was thrilling. But when she first pulled his boxers down she was not expecting it to be that thick or long.
She wasn't oblivious she knew people swooned for Harry Styles but she could certainly understand why.
"My fuckin' slut aren't you"
Y/N wasn't able to verbally respond to Harry's comment and instead let out a muffled 'mmh' which manifested its way into a moan around his prick.
She knew exactly how he liked it and that's exactly what she gave to him. Swirling her tongue around the base over and over again, using both hands in circular motions.
Harry enjoyed it the wetter the better
Every now and then she'd remove her mouth from his heavy cock to gain some air and would move her head down licking a stripe across his balls before popping one in her mouth and delicately licking them.
Running his hand up her neck Harry gripped onto the roots of her hair pulling her off him completely. Due to the big size of it, being fully erect Harry's cock practically slapped her in the face as he jerked her mouth away, not that she minded.
Tightening his grip Harry jacked her head upwards to look at him. She rather enjoyed it when Harry had a 'mid' amount of stubble, it always made him look so much older and mature.
Her mascara was smudged all across her watering eyes from deep-throating Harry's member, she was like a beautiful messy piece of art, his masterpiece.
With that thought entering his mind, still kept one hand wrapped in her hair keeping her put. Harry lent down.
Truthfully Y/N thought Harry was wanting a kiss, something he'd regularly gesture. But when he sharply with his spare hand forced her jaw to open and tongue to fall our Harry degradingly spat very messily onto it.
He waited a moment before releasing her jaw. His harsh hands causing the outlines of his fingers to stain her cheeks, admiring the spit that graced her mouth. Then once he was satisfied he let her swallow it.
Y/N repositioned herself letting out a faint whisper of discomfort. Her panties were sticky against her hot cunt but the main pain was from the patient heels digging in.
They certainly weren't made for comfort let alone this.
"Wha' "
"My shoes are digging in daddy"
At this moment Harry couldn't give a fuck, subconsciously he knew later he'd probably get her some new Louis Vuitton slippers or something for comfort because he was a softie really. But right now, as his testosterone was in full play he didn't care.
"Is now really a time to be ungrateful? After I've been so kind and spoilt you huh? Never is enough for you is it?"
Not wanting to hear her beg Harry shoved his oozing cock back into her wet mouth rather ramming into it. Y/N hand moved onto Harry's thigh leaving little crescent moons from her fingernails digging in, trying to steady herself.
"Tha's it fuckin' take it"
But Harry had no plans of stopping, it just felt so fuckin' good all wet and warm. She always took him so deep when she let him fuck her throat. Harrys eye's opened from the blissful feeling to find her eyes already looking up at him, he could have sworn his balls tightened at the sight. She really needed to wear heels blowing him more often.
"Bloody look so good in those fuckin shoes-" He moaned.
Harry was thankful that he had a hotel suite so there were no chances of a noise complaint. He was always loud in bed with her he couldn't help it, but then again so was she.
Knowing he was close Harry's back arched as he grunted deeper he arched his back in hopes to fuck himself further into her aching mouth. Y/N's throat was going to be so sore tomorrow morning.
Y/N could taste the precum starting to turn saltier as Harry's thighs tensed.
Knowing the closeness was nearing Harry pulled himself out of her mouth and slapped his cock against her lips, spreading the white sticky liquid all over her face that escaped his pink glistening tip.
Harry's head was thrown back in the air and his chest rapidly breathing in and out coming down from the high. Y/N took the opportunity to run her thumb across her lips to remove a large amount of Harry's cum.
Although due to the amount of it.
It really didn't do much, a tissue or a makeup wipe was needed or just something to get the sticky substance off. Leaning forward on her hands to swing out her legs Y/N stood up frowning from the pain in her feet.
Pulling them off after finishing sucking Harry off seemed like a solid reward for her actions.
"Did I not tell you earlier, fuckin' leave them on until I say otherwise"
"I thought we were done?" Y/N questioned
Harry's half-hard cock began to harden more as they spoke. He had decided to mount the bed as she was turned around.
So when she moved back around to face him she was met with Harry sitting on the edge of the bed slowly jerking off his cock that was partially covered in his own cum.
"Think I'd fly you to New York for just a blowie?"
Truthfully she should have known better. Pouting her lips still dressed in her lingerie Y/N wobbled back over to Harry.
"Was gonna be good and fuck you on the bed, but I don't know where this attitude has come from"
Y/N just huffed and rolled her eyes, exactly proving Harry's point. She hated when she wasn't doing something and then was accused of it which caused her to then do it.
"Watch it Y/N"
Feeling frustrated by Harry's sudden criticism Y/N threw out her arms practically gesturing 'what the fuck'. Knowing a 'temper tantrum' in Harry's words would be coming next. Before she got a chance to speak, he dropped his cock and leaned forward grabbing Y/N turning her around and pulling her into him.
Harry's breathing was hot against Y/N's neck. She could feel his heartbeat pounding against her back. Knowing she'd stay positioned like this Harry removed an arm and snaked down tucking his hand into her wet panties.
"Has Daddy not looked after you enough ey', he buys you all these things but nothing compares to his cock huh?"
Knowing your body like the back of his hand Harry took his middle and ring finger to start rubbing your clit. Y/N couldn't help but moan at the feeling, lifting her hips against Harry's hand.
Her clit was always over sensitive especially when it had been a few days. Harry was able to make her cum quite literally in under two minutes if he wanted to.
Y/N's head leaned more into Harry as her body curved forward at the pleasure rolling against Harry's hand. She'd begun to let out little 'Ah' high-pitched moans signally to Harry she was close. Knowing the exact point Harry withdrew his hand.
"Went out without my card and left it there for bloody anyone to take, and you've kept on trying to take your shoes off Daddy brought you. None of that's kind is it?"
Desperate for release Y/N picked up Harry's hand to shove it back into her panties although much to her disappointment Harry didn't move it at all
"Daddy please c'mon I was so close H"
Removing his hand for the second time Harry leaned back against the bed causing Y/N to stumble forward.
"Don't care, if you want to get off so badly you'll have to do it yourself"
Y/N knew exactly what Harry meant and wanted. 'Fucking prick' she thought as she bent over stripping herself of her lingerie giving Harry a full view of her behind,
Smugly watching her actions knowing she'd understood what he meant Harry wriggled back to the edge of the bed sat on the end of it with his legs dangling off and began pumping his once again rock-solid cock.
Y/N threw her hair over one shoulder before moving backwards sticking her arse out, lifting herself up and reaching a hand behind her to guide Harry's cock into her dripping cunt.
These stilettos were killing her as she bounced up and down. It certainly wasn't the worst punishment Harry had given her but this was certainly more of the 'pathetic' ones. Firstly not being able to see him. Which wasn't too bad as she loved the feeling of reverse cowgirl but would much rather watch Harry's moaning face.
But having to be stood on her achy feet it was just a petty punishment from Harry.
Not wanting to be in that position any longer than she needed to be just desperately wanting to cum Y/N began rubbing her puffy clit causing her head to roll to the side from the pleasure, but also caused her to stop bouncing, selfishly focus on her on release.
"Don't stop" Harry grunted
Y/N leant forward whining and began her movements again but this time far more slowly "Didn't say you weren't allowed to touch your clit, m' not that mean c'mon know you're close doing so good yeh' "
With her fingers circling her clit and Harry's words Y/N couldn't help but clench down on Harry with one hand gripping his thigh as she came down. The pressure of Y/N's warmth wrapping itself around his cock caused Harry to follow shortly behind her.
Y/N fell backwards exhaustingly against the bed once Harry had pulled out and gotten off the bed. Harry deliberately walked past a pair of boxers that were on the side and decided not to slip them on.
Walking over to Y/N's tired eyes shut figure. Harry stood in front of her tracing the inside of her thighs, pushing them apart watching the combination of both of their cum drip out of her, moaning at the sight.
He couldn't help but reach forward swiping a finger up to collect it causing Y/n to let out a sensitive whimper. "Shh, jus' one more f' me yeh. Be daddy's girl n' take one more"
Still coming down from her previous orgasm Y/N could only nod.
Wincing at his own cum covered cock Harry picked up his tender prick and pushed it into Y/N's pussy.
His thrusts were tragic compared to his normal sharp pace. Harry loved overstimulation as much as he loved edging. But he defiantly got more and more sloppy fucking her the more times he'd cum.
He knew not to be too rough with Y/N at times like this, she was always tired after cumming hard especially when Harry made her work for it.
But it was times when Harry was more gentle fucking her that Y/N felt like she could feel him more. Maybe it was because he was slower and deeper.
"Please daddy - I can't"
Harry knew he wasn't going to last long having cummed two times himself already so he deepened his thrusts before spurting into her cunt for the final time.
Knowing that Y/N would be feeling extremely sore being fucked raw countless times. Harry allowed himself to fully soften before removing himself "shh I know all done yeh' all done hmm" God, did she look fucked out
Her hair was a mess across the bed, mascara which was only a little smudged previously now stained her cheeks. Her thighs were permanently shaking, her tits were still hard from the cool air in the hotel room. Her pussy was a cum covered mess, but Harry knew better than to clean it up straight away knowing she'd shy away needing a moment still.
So he decided to delicately slip her Heels off and placed them back into the box, being very satisfied with his purchase.
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ronwestbreeze · 5 months
shallow waters
Tumblr media
pairing: jake sully x fem!na'vi!reader
warnings: fluff and sully family stuff hehe. spoilers if you haven't read part 1
summary: in which you give birth to you and jake's child. part two to shallow end.
word count: 2.2k
author's note: i didn't think i was going to write a part two but here it is! i really love how this turned out and it's a lot sweeter of a final ending than the last one. let me know what you guys think and i hope you enjoy!
part one
Tumblr media
“ I don’t mean to be too blunt or harsh and I know this is your thing…but I’m not sure I want you hunting in this condition.”
You raise a brow at your husband as you grab your bow, “I am pregnant, Jakesully. I’m not wounded or helpless.”
He gave you a long look, frowning at the bow that was now in your hands. “I know, baby. But for my peace of mind, would you please? Just sit this one out for today?”
To some extent you understood his worry. The RDA were still around and any day now the baby could come. Your stomach, after many months had passed, had grown significantly. But still, this wasn’t the first time you had been pregnant and this certainly wasn’t the first time you went hunting while pregnant. So why was this day any different?
You adjusted the grip on your bow as you stared at him in confusion. “I don’t understand. I’ve done it before on my own and you were perfectly fine with it back then.”
His face fell when you said this and that only confused you more until you realized what the two of you had been like earlier in your marriage. It wasn’t like you were purposefully bringing it up repeatedly just to make him feel bad, even though some would say you deserve to do that—Neytiri—it was just that you were now used to it.
That relationship, the distance between the two of you, all of it you adapted and adjusted to until you could stand it. Until you could find yourself surviving this marriage in your own way.
But now with Jake, new Jake—no, true Jake, you were left adjusting once more.
“Those were different times back then.” Jake grasped your arm and pulled you closer to him until the hand on your arm snaked down and around your waist. He pressed a long kiss to your temple then leaned his forehead against yours. “I don’t doubt your skills, I just want the two of you safe.” You gave him a look and his lip tugged upward a bit, “With me at least.”
“I won’t be long.” You pressed on stubbornly. Just because you were pregnant did not mean you were rendered useless. And for some odd reason, you were trying to prove yourself. To whom, you didn’t know. “I won’t even go too far this time, I just want to stretch my feet for a bit. I’m tired of being cooped up in here for so long.”
Jake grunted and snuggled his face into your neck, pulling you into a tight embrace, one of his hands resting on your belly. “Is there anything I can say that could convince you to stay here with me?”
You shook your head, fighting back a smile, “You have duties, Jakesully.” He grumbled again into your neck making you giggle. “I will be fine, you can leave me alone just for a little bit, can’t you?”
“No.” He said simply, pressing a kiss into your cheek. “Last thing I want to do is leave you alone.”
A playful groan left your lips as you tried pushing him off but he only wrapped his arms around you tighter, “What will comfort you? We should, how do you say? Compromise! Let me compromise with you!”
Jake pulled away to look you in the eye with an amused smile, “I might consider it, depending on what it is.”
You purse your lips thoughtfully, “I can take someone with me. And in case something does go wrong, that person can go for help or carry me back. There, compromise.”
He frowned but didn’t outright reject it. You could tell he still didn’t like it but was relenting at least a little bit. “Who will you take with you?”
“One of the children perhaps? Kiri?”
“She and Tuk are with Neytiri.”
You nod, “Alright, Spider.”
“He’s training with the other Metkayina children.”
You sigh, “Lo’ak.”
Your husband crossed his arms, giving you a firm stare. But you would not back down so easily. In fact, your stare was just as firm, just as stubborn, just as stern.
He titled his head, “I thought we were compromising.”
You pout, “You are not being fair.” You jabbed a finger into his chest. “Keep it up and I go alone.”
It was a threat you knew would get what you wanted out of him. Jake relaxed his muscles and sighed, “Fine, how about both of them. Is that fair?”
Knowing this was the best you could get, you nod finally, “Compromise.”
Jake nodded and smiled softly down at you, “Compromise.”
With that settled, you readjusted your grip on your bow and began to leave, only for him to grab your arm once more. You stare at him in confusion and Jake gives you something similar to a pout.
“Kiss goodbye?”
You didn’t mean to look surprised by the request. Yes, you wanted more than anything to kiss your husband. But there was always a hesitance whenever it came to initiating physical touch with him. You were so used to his guardedness, so used to forcing any sudden feelings of wanting to touch and comfort him. Even now, him initiating the affection was all new to you.
You loved it of course. But still, you couldn’t help the way your hands paused, hovering for just a second, before holding his face and pressing a long kiss on his lips. Jake held you close and responded instantly as he always did when it came to kissing you. Usually, ever since your reconciliation, it’d be a lot rougher. Passionate.
Now he held you as if you were the most fragile thing in Pandora.
Both of you pulled away, Jake’s forehead on yours once more, “I want to be better for you. I wish I could take it all back, from the beginning. I wish I could start again and just allow myself to love you. Fully. Shamelessly. I’m sorry it took me so long…”
“Sssh, ssh, none of that now.” You peppered him with kisses at the corners of his mouth. “What matters is the now, not the past.” With one last kiss on his lips, you finally pull away, “Now go, you have distracted me long enough, Jakesully.”
Reluctantly and with some more reassurance, you finally went off to start your hunt. And like you promised your husband, you grabbed Neteyam and Lo’ak who were happy to tag along.
The waters were gorgeous at this time of day and with the months you’ve spent here, you’ve grown used to the aquatic life. And so did the children. Neteyam enjoyed riding his ikran around the most while Lo’ak enjoyed exploring the waters with Tsireya. You were more the latter. You hadn’t grown up around a lot of water when living with your tribe but you did remember your mother always loved swimming and talked about seas like this. How she would spend the entire day swimming with the creatures, especially during her marriage.
Oh how you missed her now.
“Lo’ak! Let’s race!” Neteyam called as he came down on his ikran. He pointed toward the distance, “First one to that rock wins and gets extra hours of training!”
Lo’ak, of course being the twin of your husband, grinned excitedly, “You’ll lose!”
“We’ll see!” Neteyam then grinned at you, “Y/n, watch us!”
“Don’t be reckless.” You chastise while stepping into the shallow waters, leaving your bow on land. “You know how your father gets.”
He rolled his eyes exaggeratingly, “We won’t.”
Minutes later, Lo’ak came back with his ikran and the two of them messed around but didn’t wander too far out of your eye sight. You watched them fondly as you swam in the waters. And for a moment, you wondered what your mother would have thought of the Metkayina clan’s home. There was no doubt she would enjoy living here, possibly consider this place home more than the one she currently lived in.
Damn this war. Damn those humans for tearing you away from your family. Damn them for taking your beloved son. Damn them all for trying to destroy your life.
Suddenly, you gasped and looked down at your stomach which was submerged in water.
“Lo’ak!” You called. Glancing around for the boys, you finally spotted them on the rock they had been racing for and called louder. “Lo’ak! Neteyam!”
Upon hearing your voice, both boys got on their ikran and flew over toward you. Lo’ak got to you first. “Are you okay?”
You try to remain, “Listen carefully, Lo’ak. And I am serious.”
Neteyam frowned worriedly, “What’s wrong, what has happened?”
“Lo’ak, I want you to grab some healers and tell them the baby is coming.” The boys’ eyes widened but before they could say anything you continued quickly. “After that, get your father and Neytiri. Do it in that exact order, understand me?”
“Lo’ak, do not talk back! Go!” You didn’t yell, you just used a firmer voice than what you were used to.
And it had been enough for the boy to nod and take off on his ikran in the next second. Neteyam slid into the water with you,  “What do you want me to do, y/n?”
You breathed in and out, walking further into the water until it was now up to your chin. “Make sure I’m breathing, okay?”
Neteyam watched you carefully, hovering protectively similar to his father. And then slowly the two of you went underwater. The water wasn’t too cool, in fact it was warm enough to soothe your tense muscles and close your eyes, the tranquility of the water surrounding you, protecting you. This, this reminded you of home.
Births in water were quite common in your tribe. You and your father’s second wife often helped guide women through water births. It was always so beautiful to you, seeing a new life be brought into Pandora. It was better for the baby too. They wouldn’t come out cold but instead in water until they were brought to the surface for their mothers to see them for the first time.
You never understood why your mother loved the water until now.
Neteyam swam around you, watching you closely and making sure, like you had told him, that you were okay. A few times he had made you come up for air because you had gotten eased to near rest.
It wasn’t until you felt a few splashes next to you in your next descent into the waters did you finally awaken to your surroundings again. Now, instead of Neteyam swimming around you underwater, it was Neytiri watching you keenly as the healers appeared in the waters around you.
Seconds after there were strong arms wrapped around you and you instantly melted into them, knowing it was Jake’s embrace.
All of you swam up for air.
Jake’s voice was next to your ear in an instant, “I got you, alright? Be strong for me, baby.”
“You are halfway!” Neytiri says excitedly as she swam to your other side, hugging your arm comfortingly.
The healer had instructed you to start pushing. Neytiri held your hand while Jake held you from behind. Lo’ak and Neteyam were nearby told to stay in case anything went wrong with the birth. Kiri and Tuk had come with Neytiri, Kiri helping the healers while Tuk held your other hand mirroring her mother in an attempt to be comforting.
Neytiri placed a hand on your head as you quietly cried out from another push, “May Mother guide your child.” She spoke in your native tongue. “You are warrior, y/n.”
“We’re almost there.” Jake encouraged you, squeezing your shoulders gently and pressing a kiss to your temple. “You’ve got it, princess, almost there.”
With a few more pushes, your baby had finally arrived.
And it was a beautiful girl.
Kiri and Tuk were excited for another sister. Neteyam and Lo’ak adored her. Even Spider had grown quite attached to the newborn. Neytiri, like what you had done with Neteyam when he was still a baby, took it upon herself to help raise her as if she were her own child.
Eventually, she was given a name. Tua.
Whenever Jake held her, it was as if he was scared. Scared he’d hurt her. Like now, it was just the two of you for a moment. It had been rare that any of you would get a moment alone with each other. Jake and Neytiri would have their moments together. And now you had them with Jake. Begun to have them.
You watched as he held Tua in his arms, even now you could feel his anxiety.
Of course, you understood his fear. This demon, this war with the humans, it was far from over, and the last thing either of you wanted was to lose yet another child over it.
Yes, you had that fear too.
Slowly you reached out only to stop. Damn it. There was still a part of you, even when things were better, getting better, that kept hesitating.
“Hey, it’s okay.” Suddenly, Jake’s larger hand grabbed your hand and placed it against his chest and kept it there. “See? Touch me whenever you want, princess. Please. I won’t bite, promise.”
Your chest fluttered and for the first time in years, you allowed it to. A smile graced your face.
“What have I told you about your promises?”
Jake smiled,  squeezing your hand and holding Tua close. “I guess I can’t help it sometimes.” Gently he brought your hand to his lips before saying quietly, “I love you so much.”
Your heart swelled and your smile grew. Seeing this even made his eyes alight with mirth.
“And I love you, Ma’Jakesully.”
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