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Tumblr media
feat. nagi seishiro x gn! reader
prompt: “oh stop pouting, i’m coming." (from here!)
notes: missing my favorite boy lately ;-; also a short drabble because im still busy with studying for exams sobs
Tumblr media
"can you come over?" nagi asks through the phone, laying his head on his hands. "i miss you."
"what?" you let out a small laugh. "i just got home from our date and you miss me already?"
nagi pouts. "not my fault you're so cuddly. i just wanna spend the whole day with you."
looking at the time, it has only been thirty minutes since you've arrived home. "can't you wait until tomorrow? i've got lots of homework to do tonight," the pout on nagi's face did not leave, which made you sigh. "oh stop pouting, i'm coming."
before you hung up the phone, you heard nagi mumble, "see you soon, love you." which makes you shake your head with a small smile on your face.
you were thankful that you and nag didn't live too far apart, so you can walk there instead of taking the bus. as soon as you arrived at his apartment complex, you took the elevator, pressing the number 5.
nagi was probably waiting for you on his bed, and you know that once you knocked on his door, he would tell you to just come in, not bothering to get up.
true to what you had imagined, when you opened the door, you can hear nagi say, "come in." when you opened the door, however, nagi was running to you and immediately hugs you, almost making you fall to the ground.
"nagi-! hey, come on! i wasn't gone for that long!" you exclaimed, balancing your foot.
"missed you," he mumbled, hiding his face in the crook of your neck. "wanted to cuddle with you."
you laughed, softly patting his head. "you're such a baby, did you know that?"
"mm, reo tells me that almost everyday," he replies. nagi notices your laptop bag and immediately frowns. "why'd you bring your laptop with you?"
you raised your eyebrows. "i have work to do, remember? since i'm here, might as well do my work here rather than postponing it to tomorrow."
"but i thought you wanted to cuddle?"
"you're the one that wanted me to come over, sei. the downside of having me here is i'm going to be busy working." you give him a big smile, innocently patting his head as well.
"that's so unfair," he whines, letting go of you. with that, he grabs your laptop bag and places it on the highest place in his room. "there, now you can't do your work."
you gaped. "nagi?! come on, seriously? i really need to do it today! i can't afford turning it late anymore because i will forget to do it tomorrow." you tried reaching for it but as expected, you can't.
"'s fine, just ask reo for the answer." he says so casually which made you sigh, thinking that you actually don't have any other choice but to comply.
"ugh, fine. but you better ask reo for me or else i will never forgive you and no cuddles for a week, got it?" you glared at him harshly but nagi doesn't give you any reaction, only nodding.
he pulls you to his bed, dropping down and immediately hugs you. "mm, this is better than hugging my pillow. you're so comfy."
you suppressed a laugh. "am i really?"
you feel him nod on your back, hugging you even tighter than before. "yes, really."
"hm, well thank you, i guess." you replied, laughing a little at how silly this conversation is. nagi's eyes were closed when you look up, and you can tell he's sleepy.
"you sleepy?" you asked softly.
nagi opens his eyes and nods. "mm, yeah. you're comfy and i'm really tired from today."
"you can sleep, it's okay. i'll be here when you wake up, promise." you say, and nagi smiles at you, closing his eyes as he rests his head on your chest.
"okay... goodnight." nagi replies sleepily.
"goodnight, sei." you say it back, kissing the top of his head and soon you fell asleep as well, resting your head on top of his.
Tumblr media
taglist: @hyomagiri @tim-shii @fallenssun @17020 @saetoshi @daiseukiis @inariezaki @venusbby @piichuu ♡
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OP Boys and a Sick S/O
How your One Piece boyfriend would react to you being sick on the ship!
Characters: Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Ace, Law
cw: female! reader, some angst, various illnesses
He noticed it as soon as he woke up. You were burning up. And when he made a joke, you barely chuckled. “CHOPPER!!! SOMETHINGS WRONG!!!!”
He runs as fast as he can to find Chopper while carrying you and begs him to help you. 
He’s got some PTSD from when Nami was sick. You look and feel a lot like how she did during that time and he’s worried. 
Luckily you’re just diagnosed with the Grand Line Flu, pretty common and easy to overcome.
He snuggles with you when you’re awake and paces around the room when you’re asleep.
When Sanji brings you food, he doesn’t even look at it. He knows you need your strength. He just wants you better.
Chopper advises Luffy sleeping in the same room as you but Luffy doesn’t care. He’s staying with you.
You’re really restless the first night, so he sleeps on the floor and stretches his arm out to hold your hand.
On the third morning you laughed at his joke, and his eyes started getting watery
Zoro didn’t really question it when he hadn’t seen you by lunch. Sometimes you just preferred to stay cooped up in your room or the library. 
By dinner, he was starting to get worried. Even more worried when everyone else had said they hadn’t seen you either. 
As he entered your room, he noticed all the lights were off. At first he didn’t think anyone was there, but you let out a small whimper of protest to the light.
“You okay?” He sat carefully on the bed and pulled back your blanket that was wrapped around your head. 
“Zoro…something’s wrong. I feel awful.” Your voice sounded strained. His stomach sank. Why hadn't he checked on you earlier? “I’ll be back” 
He grabs Chopper and rushes back down. He doesn’t want to be gone from you for long. He’s beating himself up over not noticing sooner. 
Chopper does a full exam and deduces that you have a severe case of sun-poisoning and possible effects of heat-stroke. 
“This is because we laid outside all damn day yesterday isn’t it? I knew that Summer island was hotter than usual” Cue even MORE guilt. 
He goes to Sanji and asks for him to make a hydrating meal for you. He doesn’t even pick a fight with the cook, that’s how worried he is.
He lays with you all night and hold you close and keeps apologizing for not noticing earlier. 
The next day you’re feeling slightly better, but he’s persistent in keeping you in bed with him all day until you’re fully recovered. He makes runs to the kitchen and grabs things for you all to do.
It’s really just an excuse to have a day together and he secretly loves it.
thought it was strange you didn’t come get breakfast. He was initially worried you were avoiding him or he had missed you coming into the kitchen, so he checked all your favorite spots on the Sunny, and still couldn't find you. 
He knocks on your door, and with no answer, he just peaks inside for one glimpse to confirm you’re not in there. 
Instead, to his horror, he finds you passed out on the ground. 
“CHOPPER!!! Y/N IS DOWN!!” His voice echos through the ship and sends everyone rushing towards your room. 
Sanji is afraid to move you, so he just brushes your hair from your face and whispers quiet encouragement to you. 
He’s so scared. Your face is so white and clammy and there’s nothing he can do. 
By the end of his exam, you’ve slipped back into consciousness, though you’re still groggy. Chopper diagnoses you with Low blood sugar and low iron. 
You’ve given some iron tablets to take and told to take it easy. Sanji doesn’t want to leave you, but also wants to cook something to help your low blood sugar of course. 
He picks you up bridal style and carries you to the kitchen. “Chopper told you not to use extra energy didn’t he? So I guess I’ll just have to carry you everywhere!” 
He makes such a good breakfast for you :) you’re starting to feel better already 
Sanji is secretly beating himself up because it’s HIS job to keep the crew healthy and give them a balanced diet and you of all people were his oversight (it wasn’t really his fault though you know that)
Even after the food and choppers help yo still have a massive headache so you and Sanji curl up in the fish tank lounge and rest all day long. He only gets up to make people meals. 
Sanji occasionally puts his hand on your chest just to make sure you’re still breathing whenever you’re asleep. He’s so worried about you. Vows to never let that happen again because he can’t bear to see you sick like this ever again. 
You’re not a restless sleeper. Usually you fall asleep against Ace and you stay pressed against him all night long. His body emits a nice warmth that you just love to snuggle into at night. 
Tonight’s different though. You’re tossing and turning, almost like you can’t get comfortable. Thats his first red flag. 
When he wakes up in the middle of the night, he reaches out for you, but only finds an empty sheet in your place.
He starts to panic and his eyes scan the dimly lit room. His eyes finally land on you, lying on the wooden floor in the middle of the room
He’s instantly out of bed, right by your side, desperately shaking you awake.
“Ace, stop…” you roll away from him. 
“What is it? What’s wrong, y/n?” He can feel that your skin is clammy and abnormally warm to the touch. Your hair is stuck to your face, damp with sweat. 
“Marco…I’m going to get Marco. I’ll be right back” he gives you a quick forehead kiss that emits a groan from your half-awake self. 
He dashed out of the room and sprints across the ship to the first division commanders room. He begins desperately banging on Marcos door 
Marco answers the door and he is NOT thrilled. Until he sees Ace’s face and how worried he is. “Please Marco. She’s sick. Really sick. She’s burning up and I…I don’t know what to do”
Marco follows him back to his room and sees you half conscious on the floor. He bends down next to you and starts taking your vitals. 
“Ace, it looks like it’s just a virus. It’ll run its course and she’ll be fine in a day or two. I’ll come back and check on her again tomorrow.” After reassuring his friend that it is not life or death, Marco takes his leave. 
Ace can’t sleep though. He grabs a fan, a rag, and a bucket of water, doing anything he can to keep you cool through the night. He just sits by your side and watches you when you’re asleep. 
When you wake up the next morning, he’s there, ready to get you anything you need. And he doesn't leave it until you're ready to leave the room again too.
“No thanks, I think I’ll pass tonight.” makes Law raise an eyebrow. You never skip dessert, especially when Penguin is the one who made it. 
As you excuse yourself from the table, he waits just a beat before following you out. 
“Y/n-ya. Are you okay?” He’s already analyzing your face for any signs of distress. 
“I’m fine, Law. Just tired is all”. It’s a lie. And he knows it too. He pulls you into his office without another word. 
His hand outstretches toward you “Room”.  “Law this really isn’t-“ “Scan”. His word are clipped, and you can see that his worry lines are deep. 
“Food poisoning. Seriously? I knew we shouldn’t have eaten at that sketchy bar today.” He’s already grabbing IVs and other meds. “You should’ve told me sooner.”
“It was the oysters right? I knew they tasted funny.” You attempt a weak smile at your captain, which is only met with a glare. “At least you didn’t eat any of them too.”
“You’re sleeping in my room tonight so I can keep an eye on you.” He’s already got an arm around you, helping you stand. You didn’t realize how tired you were until you had someone helping support you. You wish you had the energy to object, but you let him lead you to his room. 
As soon as you’re on his bed, your eyes begin to close. The last thing you see is him prepping an IV for you. 
He stays by your side. Sitting, watching. Looking for any signs of discomfort on your face. 
When you’re sick, he holds your hair back for you. He has water and saltine crackers ready to get the taste out of your mouth, too. 
After the first few hours, he starts to relax, and chooses to work at his desk through the night, but he keeps you in his line of sight at all times.
The next morning you are already feeling better because of how fast Law noticed you were sick. You’re still feeling tired, but your appetite is already returning a bit. 
Law had Shachi prep some light and comforting foods for you, and you see a smile pass over his lips when you ask for it. 
He kisses his the pads of fingertips and then presses it immediately against your forehead. “I’m glad you’re feeling better, y/n-ya”
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When they realised MC loved them
This popped into my head today and I just had to write it. This first part includes:
Lucifer, Mammon, Levi, Barbatos and Belphie.
As always I'll add more parts if anyone wants to see them, happy reading!
When you tried for him. Really, truly tried your absolute best, because he needed you to.
No other reason needed, no explanation, you threw yourself at a task or problem because he needs you. Be it schoolwork or some other activity, he knows you'll give it everything you've got.
You go out of your way to make his life easier, even in the smallest of ways.
It took him forever to realise why you did it, you might even need to tell him yourself, but when he does realise that you do it for him, even when he's not around to watch, he knows he's a lost demon. Lost to his own heart, held in the hands of a human.
When you protect him, no matter what.
You're human, in the Devildom, a place you are not equipped to survive in on your own, but for him, for your Mammon, you'll stand in front of Lucifer himself.
Even when Mammon actually brought the punishment down on himself, even if debtors come to collect, you put yourself between him and anything that threatens to touch a snowy hair on his head.
When he realises this, it actually makes him reign himself in, he doesn't want you to have to protect him, and he knows he can't stop you. He's supposed to be the one protecting you damnit!
Still...he'll cry if you put yourself in Lucifer's way again, defending his heart to your dying breath, from the Demon King if you had to.
His human...his human really thought he was worth protecting.
When you made time for him.
Leviathan loves spending quality time with you, be it going shopping for merch together or just sitting in his room, on separate devices, playing separate games, just...being alone together.
He finds such comfort in you being around, but he doesn't always have the courage to invite you to things.
Still, there is the weekly anime marathon you two have kept up for as long as you've had a pact with him.
One week, you were rammed with exams, special ones tailored to exchange students, and he knew you were going to be too busy, too tired, to come binge anime with him. He knew, and he understood, despite the envy and sadness curling and pooling in the pit of his stomach, he braced for you to not show up.
But you came, bags under your eyes and pumped full of caffeine, but you came.
You promised never to miss a marathon, even when you were in the human world, you watched online together.
No matter what went on in your life, no matter where you were, you made space for Levi in your life, without question, without him needing to ask.
Levi still wonders if that'll ever change, but one look in your eyes when you smile at him like he is your entire world, tells him that place in your life is his, forever.
When you don't shy away from his mysteries, his power.
Lucifer himself is weary of Barbatos and his room of doors to a thousand pasts and futures, but you? You see him, not the terrifying power he holds.
You seek out those nuggets of his personality hidden behind duty and time, always promising a safe haven in your company. His smile is real when you put it there, and when you do things for him, just because you can, it baffles him.
Of course he recognises the love in your eyes when you look at him, but he's got no clue what to do with it. He's done nothing to deserve that sweet affection from you, but if you insist on giving your heart to him, he'll guard it with his life.
When you forgave him, when you truly forgave him, not just for what he did to you, but for his prejudices, for his hatred, the ones he's carried in his heart for centuries.
He's sure that you first forgave him for his brothers' sakes, not because you actually forgave him. You loved his family by then, he could see it. You loved the Devildom, you...belonged in it.
He felt like an alien in your presence, until you hammered it home, again and again, that you did forgive him, because you found reason to love him, you found reason to curl up and nap with him, to laze around and talk about nothing for hours.
You found something in him worth loving, and he never wants to give you something to forgive him for again.
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open the door, mr. choi!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
synopsis: going up to yeonjun's dorm, the man you believe to be a complete tool, and asking to use his shower isn't very fun.
genre: one sided enemies to lovers, fluff, angst??
pairing: yeonjun x f!reader
warning: very unrealistic writing of living on campus (i'm manifesting here..), a curse word here and there
author notes: this is so incredibly short but i like writing banter so..lol this really is just banter. reblogging is appreciated!
Tumblr media
Transferring to a different college mid semester for better opportunities proved to be that mistake. The mistake you realize is going to be hard to top, the biggest one you've made in your entire life.
In addition to losing daily contact with your friends, you were in a complete foreign city, practically stranded. You had zero relationship with your professors, there were completely different material you had to learn to pass exams, and you had no time to make any friends. even after you decided to go through the on-campus housing route, You were only on friendly speaking terms with your roommate.
You wished you reviewed the dormitories, but you hadn't which then cost you to learn that the girls dormitory had constant complaints about water supply; it was either the sink, the toilet, or the shower — it would just decide to stop working.
Thankfully, the time you've spent living with your roommate, you only experienced one — the sink. There were problems with it practically every other day, ten times more constant than everybody else. Which caused you to naively believe it canceled out all the other occuring problems everyone else had.
So, imagine your surprise when you walk in under the shower head, butt naked, with not one drop coming out on your hair.
"Yunjin!" you yell out, panicking as you adjust the diverter still with no sign of water. "Yunjin is the water out!?"
You sigh when you can't hear a response through the door, and opted to step out the shower, and carefully walk towards the door. You slightly open it, making sure to only poke your head out as your eyes wandered around the dorm.
Great, there's no sign of her.
When you get dressed again, you throw yourself on your bed, staring at the time on your phone. 8:39PM.
Your roommate had helped you out with getting a blind date, in hopes of "putting yourself out there". Though at the time you didn't meet her with much excitement, pretending to despise the idea—Currently, you were practically a few seconds away from pulling out your hair at the thought of missing it.
For god sake, you haven't been on a date since, what, two years? And even worse, when you finally got a chance, you weren't ditching the date on your own accord, but because you couldn't shower!
"I'm gonna fucking sue them!" you shout, directing your pit of rage at your ceiling. Though, right after, you bury your face in your pillow, groaning like a little child, knowing that no matter how many complaints you submit, there would be zero response. So, at the moment, it felt like the best thing to do was give up.
Give up and ...reschedule.
No, you can't—you won't. You have to go on the date—today. An adrenaline-like surge of determination motivates you to shoot up from your bed, and quickly head to your bathroom again. You will go on this date, you owe it to Yunjin—and also, to yourself.
When you look at the counter, you immediately spot the magic wand practically ogling at you, begging you to use it. Your deodorant.
What other option did you have? When you pick up the deodorant stick, you shut your eyes, praying that the combination between deodorant and perfume could manage to make you smell good enough. You exhale, the gross thought making it hard for you to even lift your shirt.
You hear a ping of your phone, quickly opening your eyes, dropping your hand, which in turn also gets your hand off the piece of fabric you were holding.
When you look at the notification, you exhaustedly exhale, your shoulders dropping. It wasn't surprising to see it was him. Yeonjun—the guy you've been working on a project with for the past few months.
And also, the guy you've been trying to avoid ever since you got assigned the project. He was practically a mosquito, buzzing near your ears every waking moment of the day. It was easier for him when he got your number, as per your professor's request. According to her, it would be easier for you two to communicate with each other's contact numbers.
But you begged to differ, especially after these tortuous days of having your phone go off randomly throughout the day. All it did was tear away your focus from more important matters.
You opt to ignore the text, like you always do— and focus on your preparation for your date. That is, until a light bulb lights up above your head, halting your movement, as you furrow your brows in thought.
The boy's dormitory never had an issue with water, it was a usual complaint you'd overhear girls around you say in your morning classes. Their issue was odor. Which you would bet a few cents that that was specifically the consequence of the herd of men living in one space, but you digress.
Sure, you aren't very fond of the idea to go up to the man you find pretty repulsive—in terms of personality, repulsive. He was the walking definition of a douche, but you just got a date, in two years! Who knows the next time you'll get the golden opportunity again? So, you grab your towel and head out the bathroom.
You only hope that your lack of answering back texts wouldn't backfire on you.
Tumblr media
Though it took him a few knocks, Yeonjun finally opens his door. His jaw slacks a little and brows raised, clearly taken back by your sudden visit. You wait for him to say something—or rather, you take the time to study his figure for a good second; your eyes instinctually taking in how...good he looks. His dyed hair subtly spiking his eyes, his lips looking a little more pink than usual, and the flowy dress shirt being down two button, exposing his chest—
"Y/N checking out Yeonjun part, what, a hundred?" he stupidly grins, leaning on his door frame with his arms crossed.
"Part zero." you deadpan, he was back to getting on your nerves.
"Right..." he purses his lip, which earns an audible scoff from you, his confidence was astoundingly high. Normally, you'd think it was a praiseworthy trait, confident people are cool, but Yeonjun was something else.
"Okay—look, I have no time to waste. I need your help." you say, cutting to the chase.
"Clearly..." Yeonjun says, his gaze falling to the towel hanging on one arm, and a plastic bag tight in your hand.
"First, sorry for coming here so unexpectedly—"
"Hold on," he raises up a hand to stop you, which is an annoying thing he's been doing to you lately. "Did you just apologize? To me?" he then puts a hand on his heart, pouting like a child.
When you try to open your mouth again, his finger was on your lips in attempt to shut you up — he was getting dangerously confident. You glare at him, which sends the message loud and clear as he drops his hand immediately.
"Look, if you're here for the project, I can't. I actually have a bedtime I have to follow through."
You furrow your eyebrows in disbelief. "A bedtime? What are you? Twelve?"
He clicks his tongue, shaking his head in disapproval. "Damn it Y/N, this was the part where you were supposed to prove to me that you're worthy of me letting you in my dorm."
"I'm not here for the project, Yeonjun." you sigh, your energy drained from all his talking.
"Then what? It's like—" he raises his wrist to take a look at his watch. And to your dismay, his smug smile prepares you for some more teasing. "My, my, my. Coming to my dorm at nine? So I see it you changed your mind about, you know..." he puckers his lips in attempt to make smooching noises, which only earned a judgemental stare from your side.
"We're never going to have sex—ugh, I just came to use your shower, the one at my dorm stopped working." you've learned to stop yourself from engaging with his antics, it only cost you more social battery after all.
"Ah." he says, biting his lip as he appears to think more of your request. "I'm sorry, can't." he concludes.
"Huh? Why?" you ask then immediately groan at a thought, "God, do you have a girl naked in there?"
"You don't realize it sometimes Y/N, but you are a slut shamer."
You deadpan, letting out a long sigh. "Are you calling yourself a slut?"
"Frankly, for your information, I don't have a girl in there. She actually left a few minutes ago." he says ignoring your question, though he couldn't be happier from the annoyed reaction he got out of you— which he was quick to love and appreciate the more he got it.
You roll your eyes, "So, why can't you?"
"Glad you asked," he says, reaching in his pockets to dig out something. He faces his phone to you, your messages open, only blue texts being on the screen. "You've been ghosting me for like, two weeks."
So your lack of replying back is biting you in the ass.
You didn't have time, dropping the plastic bag full of your date clothes, reaching out to your pocket to get your phone.
You quickly type up an 'okay' without reading the text, and hit send. When you hear the sound of a notification from his phone, you put up a tight lipped smile as you shove your phone in your pockets, picking up your clothes and pushing yourself in his dorm.
Yeonjun broke into a smile you don't catch, as he looks back to you. "Breaking and entering is a felony Y/N!" he yells out.
You ignore him, your attention more focused on how weirdly neat his place was. Was he a fast cleaner? Tidying up the place this fast after sex?
You guessed that was what a long duration of experience gives you — the ability to clean up in minutes. But then you noticed a computer open, with the desk it's on being surrounded with crumbled paper.
You hear the door shut, guessing it was Yeonjun, which snaps you out of your thoughts as you immediately head to the bathroom. If you stayed a second later, there was a 50% chance he would've stopped you to ask questions.
When you enter the bathroom, and lock the door behind you, you're pleasantly caught by surprise.
The smell—the smell wasn't foul. You hate to admit, in the back of your mind, you'd always have this image of Yeonjun—a player who was gross.
You don't exactly know why you held onto it for so long since there were multiple, multiple times you got close enough, that your nose could pick up his cologne—it smelled really good, not too strong, just enough.
And when you stand there in his bathroom, weirdly finding yourself inhaling the scent of the air—it smelled pretty fucking good.
A loud knock on the door your back is leaning on startles you, making you jump. "Hey, hurry up! I'm giving you fifteen minutes."
Fifteen minutes? What a psycho.
You shake your head at your own ungratefulness—he was letting you borrow his shower, which you genuinely appreciated, so you undressed quickly in hopes of showering forty minutes max.
Tumblr media
You didn't pick up your hair brush with you, so consequently you were spending a great deal of time untangling your hair with your towel—which wasn't very..effecitve.
You already changed, obviously, but your makeup was undone. Just lipgloss was all you had time to do, you thought in your head, disappointed.
Not to forget—Yeonjun has been talking to you through the door the moment you shut the running water—not proving the mosquito reincarnation theories you've been holding onto, to be wrong. He was driving you very close to the edge of insanity.
"You're taking so long." he whines for the hundredth time. "I have to show you something."
You groan, walking towards the door. You were clothed now anyway, if opening the door would finally fix Yeonjun's mouth being a broken record, you would happily do it.
He shuffles away from the door when you push it open, flustered as he clears his throat.
Was he leaning on the door?
"What do you want?"
You think you see his eyes scanning your outfit for a second, a hint of confusion overtaking his expression but he turns away to walk towards the computer—the one that was previously surrounded with balled up paper, so you ignore it. "You look hot but I'll decide to ignore that. I have to show you something."
You exhale, your hair still pretty untamed. "Alright, I don't have that much time though."
He let himself fall on his spinning office chair, as he gestures his hand for you to sit at the edge of his bed.
You clear your throat, waiting for him to stop stalling through his spinning.
And he does.
"Okay." he exhaled, a little shakily. Which was weird. "So, remember the text you sent okay too?"
"Yeonjun...that just happened. Like an hour ago."
"Yep, yeah. Cool, cool, cool." he repeats, opting to spin once more. You raise an eyebrow, is he trolling you?
"I didn't like—you know, read the text. I mean, I can."
"You didn't read it? You should. Actually—nope, no. You shouldn't. You should. Yeah, you should."
You knit your eyebrows together at his odd speaking patterns. Reaching for your phone, you click on the message icon—until a number pops up, calling you.
All of a sudden, you get nervous. Your hand getting all clammy as you swiped right on the call.
"Hi." you breath out, biting your lip in eagerness to hear your date's voice.
Yeonjun only watches you, cocking his head at the sudden mood change. No—he was tilting his head because of all of that. Your dress, the matching bag, your lipgloss.
He furrows his brows, still watching you stutter on the phone, and practically making a fool of yourself with the way you were stupidly, prettily smiling ear to ear.
You never did that with him. Okay, sure, he likes seeing you roll your eyes or scoff at his antics— it brings him pure joy! But god, thinking now, he would appreciate it a hundred times more if your reaction to him was a smile—that smile instead. Or a laugh. Or a hug, maybe a kiss—
Time didn't wait for anyone—connecting the dots unfortunately only happened the moment you hung up the phone.
"Sorry, that was my date. I really have to go. What do you want to show me?"
You scrunch up your face, taken aback. "What?"
"You—you have, like, spinach stuck between your teeth."
Your eyes widen in shock immediately getting off the bed, but then you halt, turning to look at Yeonjun. "But I didn't eat spinach today. Or yesterday." you mumble.
"Well, I'm sorry I'm not a professional chef that can tell what that nasty piece of green leaf is in between your teeth."
"God, is it that bad?" you ask in horror, not waiting for his reply as you burst into the bathroom.
Meanwhile as you check your teeth in the mirror, Yeonjun immediately grabs the phone you left on his bed, which was still open—letting him breath in relief.
He immediately went on to his name on your phone to open the messages between you two—it was ridiculous but a smile still tugged on his lips for a split second when he noticed his contact name was the one he typed in a few months ago, still 'hottest man alive'—he took it a sign you didn't disagree... or it could be that you were too lazy to change it.
But he immediately shook his head out of the thought — doing his job of deleting the message that you sent an okay to.
"What the fuck are you doing?" you say with wide eyes, snatching your phone away from the boys hand.
"Just checking the time." he says with an awkward smile, a little startled of your sudden presence.
"On my phone? You literally have a watch." you say, your tone laced with confusion. Which signaled Yeonjun to shoot up from his bed, pushing you out towards the door—there was no way out of this but to push you out, and hopefully the date being horrible enough for you to forget about confronting him about this tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow. Preferably, for the rest of his life on Earth.
"Time for you to leave!" he yells, finally getting you out of his dorm, and now out in the hallway.
Before you could say anything—for example, reminding him that 90% of the stuff you brought was still in the bathroom—he slammed the door right in your face.
When you recollect your shock, you scoff, your annoyance through the roof.
What was he looking at in your phone?
You open it, hoping to find the answer.
But you're only confused as you only see your chat with Yeonjun open.
And even more confused when the text length of the message before your 'okay' was way shorter than what you remember.
Meanwhile, Yeonjun was sitting on his desk chair, biting his lip as he hesitantly hit the delete button on the music project he's been working on.
Tumblr media
ending a/n: i think i'm allergic to ending a fic with the two pairings getting together cz tell me why this was deadass just enemies to ????? T_T
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katebacks · 10 months
All Mine - JJK (M)
Tumblr media
→ pairing | Jeon Jungkook x Reader
→ genre | smut, angst, ceo!jungkook
→ word count | 6,431
→ summary | CEO of one of the biggest companies in the country,
Jungkook didn't have much time for love. You were in love with him,
but he didn't feel the same way about you, at least that's what you thought.
→ warnings |sex, Adult content, alcoholic beverages, low slang words.
→ A/N| I've been away for a long time, but I'm slowly coming back now. I haven't come off hiatus yet, but it's a start. Please, if you like it, reblog and comment, I'm always open to suggestions.
You knew it was wrong, but it was something you couldn't avoid. From the day you laid your eyes on Jungkook, you had fallen madly in love, but always knew he didn't feel the same way and probably never would. He was cold, impatient and sometimes mean. Well, maybe most of the time he was mean, that was his nature and he made that very clear when you went on a date for the first time.
Despite being a gentleman, he wasn't romantic at all, he wasn't a man of flowers or romanticism.  He could open doors for you, he could pull out your chair for you to sit in, he could buy you gifts and expensive things, but he would never say those three words that most human beings expect to hear. And at first you were fine with that, but after a year in a relationship that was seemingly without commitments and feelings on his part, you were feeling tired. Tired of wanting him to spend the night at your apartment , tired of receiving diamond necklaces the mornings after sex as compensation for him not staying. You were tired of being treated as just an object, as something to satisfy his sexual desires, and mostly tired of him trying to control your life completely.
Jungkook was the president of a pharmaceutical company, the most successful in the country, which was on its way to winning the Academy Award for Global Entrepreneurship. So he was almost always busy, signing contracts, leading new research, traveling on business, so you only saw each other 6 times a month.  Sometimes he decided at the last minute that he would take you with him on a trip, forcing you to undo your commitments and ignore your duties for weeks, and even though you didn't have a job, since your life seemed to revolve only around him, with him paying all your expenses, including putting an apartment in your name, you attended business administration college, and you had exams and assignments that you did with your friends. That's why you always ended up getting on bad terms with your friends for missing your college dates, but you never got a bad image to the university itself, because since he started dating you, Jungkook started donating millions of dollars to your college.
But about the trips, you never complained about it. You visited Paris, Italy, Switzerland, Dubai and several other countries. During the day, you went out and got to know the city you were in, you went to the tourist spots, met new people, ate the native foods, but you always did it yourself, all alone,  because he was always busy with his business meetings, and only saw you at night, in his room.
You also had nothing to complain about the sex. It was always full of lust and madness, goosebumps and sweat. His hands went against the sensitive points of your body and your hands gripped his muscular arms. When you had your chest against the mattress, and he was on top of you, hitting you hard from behind, you would squeeze the sheet between your fingers, and he would caress your arms, bringing his hands to yours, intertwining your fingers. When you were on top, riding, the sweat pouring down your neck, strolling between your breasts, until it dripped onto Jungkook's defined abdomen, you held onto the headboard, using all your strength to do it faster and faster. As he held your waist, pressing his fingers against your skin, his eyes glued to your wet body, the moans echoing through the room, the bed creaking, he cursed as he felt himself coming, gripping your body, sitting on the bed, using the strength of his arms to keep you still on his lap, while you felt his hot liquid spurt into you, the pleasure taking over your body, and you were delirious, coming on his dick.
Then you fell down on the mattress, he pulled you into a hug until he felt that your breathing had normalized, and that your body had stopped spasming. He would get up, get his clothes and not even shower, just kiss you good night and walk out the door of your apartment, leaving you too tired to even try to stop him. And then it would take him days to respond to your messages or call you for yet another overwhelming night.
You were just tired of this bullshit.
You had enough money in the bank to support yourself for months, even years if you lowered your life quality  a little bit and stopped buying so many expensive things. And if you needed to, you had real diamond necklaces, earrings and rings that you could sell for a good price, as well as exclusive brand clothes, shoes and bags. You worked before you met him and your old boss assured you that if you wanted your job back, you would have it. There was nothing that could stop you from getting your freedom back, and meeting other people, having a loving relationship with someone else, other than the fact that you were totally heads over heels in love with Jungkook.
"So, are you coming to celebrate Minho's birthday with us tonight?" Rosé asked as you walked across campus. She was your age and in your class, she was also your best friend and shared everything with you, just like you did with her. She had a body to be envied, buttery brown, caramelized, as she liked to say. Her light pink hair shone as she walked and drew stares, compliments and sighs. She wasn't exactly the easiest person to deal with, she had the strong spirit, the strongest personality and that's why you admired her so much. As long as you had known each other, you had never seen her cry for any man, quite the contrary, it was men who cried for her. And she was the only one of your friends who knew about Jungkook.
"Yeah, I can't even remember the last time I had something with alcohol. I need to drink and go wild."
"Your Sugar Daddy won't let you drink.” She laugh.  “I highly doubt he'll let you hang out with us, anyway. Doesn't he hate you going out without him? So bossy, gosh."
"He's not my Sugar Daddy." You protested.
"Oh no? So what do we call a rich old man who pays everything for a young girl? Philanthropist? Good old man?"
"He's thirty-two. He's only fiveyears older than I am, he’s not that old.” 
Rose rolled her eyes.
"Well, he's not your boyfriend, so..."
"Anyway, we're not hanging out anymore." You shrugged. "The last time I saw him was almost two weeks ago. Since then he hasn't called or texted, and I haven't tried to get in touch either."
"Have you finally come to your senses and realized he wants nothing more than sex with you? And that he will never want to get married or have children?" She asked stopping in her tracks and grabbing your arm, causing you to stop as well. You just shook your head and nodded, a tear starting to run down your cheek, even though you fought so hard to hold it back. Rosé hugged you and stroked your back.
"I just wanted to understand why he can't love me. Am I that bad? Am I so stupid that he didn't even want to spend time with me to get to know me? Am I only good for sex?"
"Don't say those things, this guy is just another asshole in the world and he doesn't deserve you to spend your expensive foundation on him. Not even if he paid for it."
That comment made you laugh through your tears and be grateful for having Rosé by your side.
"Come on, let's pick out our clothes for tonight. Let's dress as slutty as possible, and oh, Minho has a crush on you. Maybe tonight you should use him to forget about Jungkook."
You were just getting dressed, wearing  a short, low-cut black satin dress, and high heels of the same color. You chose to pull your hair into a high bun, leaving your shoulders exposed.
You were just putting on your earrings when the doorbell rang. And you shivered all over. Usually, the doorman called to let you know that there was someone in the building who was asking permission to go up to your apartment, and the neighbors almost never stayed home as they were always traveling for work, so there was only one option of who was at your door.
You held yourself still, hoping that if you didn't make a noise, he would leave, but a few seconds later you heard the electronic lock being unlocked and the door opening. It was Jungkook. He always rang the doorbell first before entering the apartment so he wouldn't scare you. But still, you were scared as fuck. He never came to visit you without telling you first. Something was wrong, and you could sense it.
"Princess, are you home?" You could hear his voice coming from the living room, as you heard his footsteps in the hallway, probably heading towards your room. That was it. There was nothing to do. You simply went back to looking at yourself in the mirror, finishing putting on your earrings, remaining calm. When he entered the room, he stopped pacing suddenly, frowning at your, not expecting to find your like this.
God, how wonderful he was. He was all in black, wearing casual clothes, with his suede shoe. His brown hair tossed back, and his scent invading the room. He carried a bottle of wine, a Romanée Conti Grand Cru in one hand while his cell phone and apartment access card were in the other. You looked at him in the mirror, waiting for him to say something, but he continued to stare, relentlessly. You turned to him, his eyes falling on your shoulders and cleavage, for a few seconds he remained there, just looking at you, until he finally seemed to come to his senses and raised his gaze to yours, still frowning.
"Why are you dressed like that?" He asked in a serious tone, the kind he used when he didn't like something. You looked at yourself for a few seconds before turning your attention to him.
"Why? Isn't it good?"
"You look absolutely gorgeous." He exclaimed without hesitation, bringing a stupid smile to your face."Did we have anything scheduled today?" Jungkook looked at his rolex, trying to remember if he had forgotten any appointments he had made with you that night.
"Hmm, no." You said, still unsure what to say. Jungkook raised his head, again looking towards you with a frown. You bit your lip and turned back to the dressing table behind you, opening your jewelry drawer and looking for a necklace. "I'm going out with some friends today." And so you chose one that had only one cut diamond pendant in the shape of a heart. Jungkook had given it to you for your birthday, two months after you started hanging out.
“What friends?” You didn't even have the courage to look at his reflection in your mirror as you heard his voice getting angrier. But you couldn't understand why. He'd said himself that there was nothing between you, so why did he seem so upset?
“Some college friends. It's one of our classmates' birthday today and Rosé invited me to go with them to a pub downtown.” And that was it, you were ready to leave.
"Okay." he almost whispered. "And why didn't you tell me?" He asked putting the wine bottle on top of the dresser that was next to the door, and shoved his hands in his pants pockets. You shrugged and turned to him, who still had that confused, troubled expression on his face.
"You didn't call or text, you just... disappeared for almost two weeks, I thought you'd finally found a new sex toy and had forgotten about me. I was just moving on."
And so you walked past him, heading to the closet and looking for something. Jungkook blinked a few times until he finally understood what was happening and turned towards you, who was wearing your jacket.
"Is there something you want to tell me, (y/n)?" He never calls you by your name, only when you were in a fight or about to get into one. And you didn't feel like fighting at all, because you knew that every time, you ended up in bed, and he ended up leaving, as usual. You just sighed, fighting the urge to start cursing and jumping into his arms, and just grabbed your keys and your cell phone off the nightstand next to your bed. When you turned to him again, he remained motionless.
"I don't have anything to talk to you about, Jungkook. Like you said, we're just two adults having no-strings-attached sex, I don't owe you any explanations.” You didn't even know where you got so much strength to say that. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going out with my friends. If you want to stay, make yourself at home, if not, don't forget to lock the door when you leave."
When you walked out the apartment door, you felt like you could finally breathe again. You weren't afraid of Jungkook's reaction, you knew he would never do anything violent or dangerous to you, but you knew he was quite possessive of his stuff, and you knew he thought you was his. And to be honest, you knew you were his, you felt like his, but that had to change, you had to get over it. You wanted a family, children someday, and you knew he didn't want something like that. He wasn't the right man for you.
It didn't take long for your taxi to arrive, and by the time you boarded, Jungkook still hadn't left the building. Maybe he would stay there a little longer, maybe he would wait for you to come back. But you would try not to worry about it.
When you arrived at the pub, Rosé was outside, waiting for you to arrive. You had already been to that place once, Jungkook was the one who took you and there you’d stayed in the VIP area. It was quite an experience counting that you had sex in one of the bathrooms.
“Ready to forget that asshole?”
No, you weren’t
“Yeah, I am.”
But you could pretend it.
The night was moving really slowly, you had like three or four drinks, and had a bunch of strangers hitting on you like they know you. The songs were good and you even danced some with Rosé, but it was weird to be in a place like this without Jungkook shielding you from the others. You always felt safe when he was close to you, but even with your male college friends hanging around, you couldn't let go, for fear that one of those weird guys that was hitting on you might decide to do something. Being a woman wasn't easy, but being a woman in the middle of a pub full of drunk men and possible predators was even harder. And you hated it. You hated misogyny in society, you hated feeling like a targed, and you hated feeling so dependent on Jungkook.
"Is everything alright?" Minho's voice sounded close to your ear, making you look over your shoulder and see him standing right next to you. He was a tall, handsome man with black hair and an athlete's physique, he was polite and kind, and he loved children. He would be your perfect match if there wasn't an asshole on your mind.
“Yeah, I’m just tired.”  You smiled. “So? Having fun?”
"Oh, I don't know. Sometimes I think I've lost the ability to have fun at parties that start after 8 pm." He said scratching the back of his neck. "I guess I'm too old for these things."
"Don't say that, you must be tired of studying and working so hard." You said taking a sip of your drink.
"But what about you? You don't seem to be enjoying yourself either." He sat on the bench next to you, turning to face you, his arm resting on the counter, very, very close to you, so close that his hand almost touched yours that that covered the glass on the counter, preventing anyone from trying to put something in your drink.
"No, I'm having fun." You lied. "I'm just really tired, it's been a long week."
"Well, yeah, Rosé said you've been pretty busy with some personal projects. And to be honest, I've always been really curious about what those projects were, or if you were actually just dating someone and didn't want anyone to know." He gave a wan smile. "But she assured me that you didn't have a boyfriend and that you were actually looking for one."
You laughed humorlessly. Rosé, i’ll kill you. You thought.
"It's like her to say something like that."
"Look, I'll be really straight, I know we're not that close, we are both always busy and we hardly see each other at university, but you know, I kind of have a crush on you, and by crush I mean I'm dying to be more than your friend." You felt your cheeks burn, but couldn't stop staring into his eyes, which gave him enough confidence to go on. "And if you give me a chance, I think I could make a great boyfriend. Not that I'm saying we're going to start dating right on the first date." He chuckled sheepishly, and you thought that was so cute that you couldn't contain a shy laugh either. "I'm really bad at these things, sorry, I'm not very good at hitting on a girl." He cleared his throat, glancing around. "Anyway, I think we should dance, to see if this embarrassing moment can be broken."
"That would be a good idea, but I kind of don't like dancing around all these people, there are a lot of men here and I don't like the idea of a strange man trying to rub himself against me.”
"They are not going to touch you." He said smiling, reaching out to you. "I won’t let them." You bit your lip, thinking for a second. You needed to take a chance on whatever it was, only then would you be able to forget Jungkook. Or at least begin to try.
You smiled and nodded, reaching your hand towards him, but before you could even bring your fingers into Minho's palm, a huge male hand wrapped around yours, making you turn around to see who it was, your eyes widening when you saw Jungkook looking down to you. And what surprised you the most at that moment was not the fact that he was there, but the soft look he had.
"Forgive my tardiness, princess." He said smiling, bringing his face closer to yours and giving you a kiss on the forehead, leaving you even more in shock. "Kyle and I got stuck in a huge traffic jam." Kyle, the man almost as tall as Jungkook, dark-haired, dressed in a suit, who was standing two steps behind him, was his private security, his bodyguard. There was nowhere Jungkook went that Kyle wasn't together, except of course, your apartment. You didn't talk much, usually he was very quiet, and polite, he greeted you and that was it, he was silent for the rest of the time.
“You must be the birthday boy, I suppose. I hope I got here before you blew out the candles.” He turned to Minho who had a confused look and still had his hand extended towards you. If it had been on other occasions, you would have caught the sarcasm in Jungkook's words, but at that moment, you were still trying to process that he was still holding your hand.
On the other hand, Minho seems to have understood very well what he meant.
“(y/n), there you are... Oh my god what is the steel giant doing here?” Rosé came out of the crowd that was occupying the dance floor, and just like you, she widened her eyes when she saw him.
"I'm sorry, but who are you?" Minho asked, putting his hand down. A smile appeared on Jungkook's face as the sparkle in Minho's eyes faded.
"I'm Jeon Jungkook, (y/n)'s boyfriend." He simply said. The two girls looked at each other, still wide-eyed, mouths agape, while hissing ‘oh my god’ without making a single sound.
"Wow, you really do have a boyfriend." Minho laughed dryly. "I don't... I thought... Rosé told me you didn't have anyone... I didn't want to... You should have told me." 
You just wanted to curl up and hide from all that embarrassment. You didn't even know you had a boyfriend, how could you tell others that you had one?
“No, no, no, she doesn’t have a boyfriend, he’s lying.” Rosé intervened, making everyone look at her. Even Jungkook frowned at her. "If she had a boyfriend, she would have said it, wouldn't you (y/n)?" 
You wanted to say something, but you didn't know what. Luckily, Jungkook always had an answer for everything and saved you the shame of making up a blatant lie.
“We kept our relationship a secret for some time, I didn't want her to be disturbed by onlookers or reporters. I didn't want our personal lives to end up on the cover of a magazine.”
“What, you’re like famous or something?” Rosé questioned, crossing her arms in a very arrogant and petulant way.
"I'm just Hanmi's CEO."
"You mean the Hanmi Enterprise?" Minho asked totally shocked. Jungkook nodded. "Like, the biggest pharmaceutical company in the country?"
"Oh my god sir, I swear I didn't know (y/n) was your girlfriend, I would never do anything...” And he started freaking out. “My god, the Hanmi Enterprise is every business administration student's dream in this country, the internship project that you have is just amazing."
Rosé rolled her eyes and grabbed your hand.
"While you guys sit there sucking each other's balls, (y/n) and I are going to the bathroom."
And she started pulling you towards the bathrooms. The moment you were inside, she turned towards you and slapped your arm.
“Ouch. Why did you do that?”
“Why did i...What the hell were you thinking of calling the Iceman, Olaff's creator, to come here?”
“How many drinks did you have? Elza is the creator of Olaff, not the... Ouch, stop hitting me.” 
"If you didn't invite him, then how the hell did he... Oh my lord. " And she covered her mouth, her eyes widening. "Do you think he implanted a mini tracker in you while you slept?"
“He didn’t do that, Rosé.”
"So he's tracking your phone, what a freak."
"He doesn't..." You took a deep breath. "Rosé, he's a partner at this nightclub. I've come here other times with him, one of his friends must have called and said I was here."
"Why didn't you tell me that when we arrived? I could have chosen another place."
"I didn't know he would come after me, at least not after the short conversation we had before I came here."
"What conversation?" She asked stopping to go around in circles. "I thought you guys weren't talking."
"And we weren't, but today he showed up at my apartment by surprise, all…perfect, holding a very expensive bottle of wine. I said I was going out with some friends, he asked why I didn't tell him, I said I didn't owe him an explanation, and I left."
"Oh, so I know exactly what's going on here, he's trying to show that he's the alpha male, and that you can even say you don't owe him an explanation, but still, you belong to him."
"Well maybe I do."
"I can't believe you're saying this." She said, in disbelief. "Have you forgotten how he's been treating you all this time?"
"Look Rosé, he never promised me roses and hearts, I always knew he didn't want a serious relationship, but you saw what he just did, he declared in front of other people that he's my boyfriend. That has to be worth something." You said throwing your hands up. "I think perhaps I should give him one more chance."
The girl was thoughtful for a few seconds, until a smile that you knew well appeared on her lips.
“I know this face, what are you up to?”
“I thought of a great way to test your Sugar Daddy.” And so she walked towards the door, while you rolled your eyes and followed.
"He's not my sugar daddy." And when they opened the door, they both came face to face with Kyle, the bodyguard, who was standing in front of them. “Kyle, what are you doing here?”
"What do you think? The old man told him to come after you. So controlling.” Rosé complained.
“Mr Jeon asked to let you know that he and your friends are in the VIP area, and that he is waiting for you there.” Kyle said simply. Rosé just sighed and headed in a direction opposite to the VIP area. “Is your friend all right, Miss (y/l/n)? Need something?"
"No, she's fine, you get used to it with time."
After climbing the stairs that led to the VIP area, (y/n) noticed that the two sofas were almost full, there was only one vacant seat, on a loveseat sofa and was right next to Jungkook. He was engaged in conversation with the other guys, and they were probably talking about politics and his company. Deciding you should drink some more, to process everything that was going on, you headed to the drinks counter and sat there, ordering a margherita for the waiter.
It didn't take long before a hand went to your waist and Jungkook sat down beside you.
"So... Steel giant, huh?"
(y/n) looked at him for a few seconds before taking a sip of her drink.
"Don't think about it too much, Rosé is 5.25ft tall, anyone is a giant for her."
"She doesn't seem to like me very much, you must have spoken very badly about me." He said nodding to the bartender that already knew what his drink would be.
“I only told the truth. It's not my fault if you're the bad guy.”
"I'm not the bad guy, only when you ask me to be." He whispered the last part. At other times it would turn you on, but at that moment, you weren't in the mood for it. Then you swiveled around on the bench, facing him.
“Look, why are you here anyway?” You asked. “Why did you come to tell my friends that you're my boyfriend when you really aren't? Have you come to show that you own me?”
“To be honest, it made me jealous to death that you could be getting hooked up with other men, and that possibly at one time or another, you would fall for one of them.” He said staring at Minho while he was talking to his friends. “And I could have sworn you were falling for that guy.”
“And what do you have to do with it, Jungkook? It was you who said that..."
"I know what I said, princess, and I was wrong."
And he made you gawk.
“Were you?”
"Yeah." He nodded. "Look, I'm not good at this, and I'm trying to change my behavior with you because you deserve so much more than a guy like me and I want to be someone who deserves you." He sighed. “Today I received the best news I could receive in the business world. And the first thing I thought of was you, I thought how much I wanted to share this news with you and how important you are to me. So I went to your apartment with that wine. I thought it was about time I had a conversation with you about my feelings, about why I was so…cold.”
"Well, you can tell me now." You said still not believing what you had heard.
“No, it's a conversation we should have alone. And I don't want to stop you from having fun with your friends. In fact, I just want you to know that I don't think of you as a toy, I know my actions so far just said that, but I swear that's not how I feel about you." He said getting up and approaching you, hovering over you, holding your face. "I just wanted you to know that..."
"(y/n)!" Rosé's voice caught your attention, and you turned to the side, seeing your friend running towards you. “Come with me, now!” And so she grabbed your arm, taking it from Jungkook's hands, who just sighed and sat down again, watching you walk down the stairs until you lost sight of you.
"What's it?" you asked, your voice not loud enough to override the loud music in the room. You were being pulled into the crowd, on the dance floor in the common part of the Pub.
“You will dance with me. Our special Have Mercy choreography.”
"What? What are you...”
“I'm going to prove to you that Jungkook doesn't deserve a second chance, that he's controlling and that the moment he sees you dancing sensually among this bunch of guys, he's going to drag you out of here. Because that's what shit men do, they fuck women up, he takes away your freedom and ends your life. Trust me."
"Rosé, he's not like that."
"Oh no? Then dance with me and prove me wrong."
When CHLOE's voice invaded the place, Rosé started dancing the 'special choreography' they had created in their freshman year of college, when they met and became best friends. It was something sensual and provocative, and one that would surely attract the attention of both sexes there. Praying that no strangers would try to grope you, you started dancing with your friend.  
You weren't the best dancer in the world, but you always liked to dance, it made you elastic and it was a great exercise for people who, like you, didn't like working out. Rosé had a lot more waddle, she could wiggle her hips a lot better, and she created all the choreography. And if she didn't like what she studied in college so much, she'd probably be a dancer.
And the highlight of the choreography, in your opinion, was when you wiggled your ass, keeping your legs straight and lowered your torso, touching your fingertips to the floor, and then you went up at once, throwing your hair back, and lowered yourselves. at once, as if you were actually going to sit down.
“(y/n) and Rosé are killing it.” One of the friends from the university who was in the VIP area said, making the others look over the railing, to the dance floor below, seeing the two swaying among the other people, attracting several looks.Jungkook approached the protection bar, holding a glass of whiskey and watched you, who tossed your hair, went down and up, made provocative movements and was attracting a lot of attention.
He looked at Kyle who got the message and just waved his hand, calling out to the other security guards who followed the boss to the common area dance floor.
Jungkook looked around, seeing the amount of men who were watching you too.
“Bunch of pervs. Kyle" He called, not taking his eyes off his girl.
"Don't let any man touch her."
"Yes sir." And so Kyle led the security guards who, one by one, barred any man from approaching the two girls in the middle of the dance floor who with your dance, now infected other girls who danced sensually around them. Jungkook started walking in circles, slowly, around the girls, eyes glued to you. In his mind, several scenarios were happening, several memories were reproduced and the fire that burned in his chest, only seemed to burn with even more intensity.
When herealize that a man managed to avoid the security guards and enter the circle, and that he had his eyes and even his hands raised towards you, Jungkook quickened his pace, slipping between you and the boy, looking him up and down, his gaze cold and intimidating, not needing anything else for the boy to back off.
At the end of the song, you and Rosé celebrated and only then looked around, seeing that the security guards had made a kind of barrier, leaving the men out and the women in. You both looked towards Jungkook who was beside Kyle, looking at you with a smug smile on his face as he shoved his hands into his pants pockets. You can't help but smile.
"I told you." You turned to your friend who looked nothing less than impressed.
"He literally pushed every man in this pub away from you, just to let you dance." She laughed. "Yeah, that's pretty cool."
You walked towards him and let him hug you by the waist.
"Do I need to do anything else to prove how important you and your happiness are to me?" You looked around, biting your lip, trying to think of something. The whole situation, the dancing, the display of power, made you aroused and you could feel that you were wet, so when you saw what you wanted, you turned to him and leaned on his shoulders, bringing your lips to his ear.
"I want you to fuck me on those tables over there." You said pointing to the darkest corner of the pub, where literally no one was sitting, as they were more interested in dancing and getting high than sitting. Jeon let out a groan and tightened his hands on your waist, starting to push you towards the tables, he never backed down on a challenge and was always willing to fuck anywhere you were comfortable with.
Minutes later, you were at one of those tables both in the dark. You were kneeling on the floor under the table. He had his pants open and his cock was in your hand. You moved your soft hand over him as your mouth sucked on the top, making Jungkook grunt and grab your hair, moving your head according to the pleasure he was feeling. And with every movement you made with your tongue, he pushed your head harder until you swallowed his whole dick, being able to feel the bottom of your throat, moving his hips against your mouth, fucking your throat until you are out of breath and patting his thigh, making him let go, watching the saliva run from your mouth to the middle of your breasts, making him even harder with that sight.
He cursed - his words were not heard because of the loud music. He reached into his pocket, pulling out a condom. He ripped the package open with his teeth as you stood up and had your back to him. As soon as he put a condom on his cock, he grabbed your waist and pulled you onto his lap,pulled your panties to the side and let him position his cock at the entrance to your dripping pussy. You slowly sat up until you were full of him, your walls getting used to the size he was. You spread your hands across the table, slowly moving your hips back and forth. Jungkook threw his head back, hitting the club wall, cursing as you slowly rolled on his lap, lust taking over his body, totally at your mercy. He used to be the dominator in bed, but he would never lie about the fact that if you asked, he'd drop to his knees for you, his princess. He got so weak when you moved like that.  He cupped your waist, pressing his fingers into your skin, in an almost silent request for you to move faster, and you did, riding his cock with ease.
And between moans and curses your chest was against the table, Jungkook was standing behind you, one hand resting on your back while the other held your waist, hitting hard from behind. His grunts and groans of pleasure were totally masked by the electronic music that was now blaring from the speakers. No one there had noticed the madness they were committing, and if they did, no one cared. His cock hitting the right place, making you roll your eyes and grab the edge of the table while you bit your own lips, feeling your pussy tighten around him, your core so hot and so tight, it hurt.
"Fuck." You grunted as you felt orgasm reaching your body, as he increased the force of the blows, now pulling your arms, making you stand, your ass lifted against his hip, one of his arms hugging your waist, while with the other hand he grabbed your throat. He bit down on your shoulder, sucking on your skin as he slammed his cock against your pussy. “Fucking hell, fuck.” He hissed as he came. His cum filling the condom and he in the midst of his delirium of pleasure, he wished he was filling your pussy with his cum, imagining how pleasurable it would be to see his cum running down your legs after he filled you.
He collapsed sitting on the seat, taking the condom off his dick and zipping his pants while you adjusted the dress and hair. He pulled you onto his lap, sitting you sideways on his thighs and hugging you, letting you lay your head on his shoulder, closing your eyes and resting.
"We should go home." He whispered to you, who just nodded, too tired to speak. He then got up with you on his lap, carrying you out of the club, and to the car, where Kyle took them to your apartment.
And for the first time, Jungkook slept with you in your bed.
all rights reserved © katebacks | 2018/2022 — no reposting and/or modifying of any form on any medium is allowed. no translations allowed.
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subwaysurf45 · 5 months
Going Out and Coming In
Tumblr media
Summary: having you come out to the club was always a treat in Bucky’s eyes, you were never one to party like the rest of them. With all the alcohol and music bumping through your viens it’s hard to keep your hands off of Bucky, and he knows it too. 
Pairing: College!Bucky x College!Reader
Words: 5k
Warnings: SMUT: edgining, denial, oral (m4f), praise kink. Alcohol, drunk reader, the tiniest amount of peer pressure, fluff anf fun!
Tumblr media
You: Hey just got out of class, want me to grab a coffee for you? 
Bucky: E-Transfer: $10
Bucky: Sure, just that coffee you got me last time, forget the name of it but it was really good!
You: are we going to pass over the E-Transfer like it didn’t happen?
Bucky: Yes
Bucky: No questions. Just coffee. 
After reading the texts you just stood in line with the feeling of a blush creeping on your face, you accepted the money and had it ready when you walked up to the cash. It was a nice coffee shop you went to all the time and had recently introduced to your no-label-but-you’re-very-exclusive-friend-who-is-also-a-boy. He wanted to meet you between classes for an hour so you sent him the address, he was there when you showed up and kept looking around the small coffee shop, a smile staying on his face. That felt like forever ago, now you went on a coffee run whenever you were heading over to his place after classes. 
“Hi, can I get two vanilla lattes?” you asked and the barista nodded. You paid and waited off to the side, sending a text to Bucky to let him know you were coming over soon. 
He sent a winky face as a response, you cleared it away and saw your lock screen. Bucky asked if you wanted to see his family after a while of hanging out, it was around eight months into the labelless relationship and his mom was asking about who he posted on his Instagram. You went with him back home and met everyone, one night the entire family went out for dinner. His mom had taken out her phone and asked you two to pose, Bucky wrapped his arm around your shoulders, you leaned into his hold and placed a hand on his chest for support. When the countdown hit one Bucky leaned over and kissed your cheek, leaving the photo to capture your surprised face. He had kept that as his lock screen forever, even now after two and half years. 
Both drinks were ready, you walked off of campus and to the apartment buildings that you both lived in. you didn’t live together but you both lived in the same building but on different floors, it was really nice to be able to walk up a few staircases to give him a goodnight kiss. Speaking of stairs, when you reached level eight- the elevator was broken -you were basically sweating. 
With your foot you kicked the door, Bucky opened it with a smile on his face. He could tell you were out of breath from walking up all those stairs but chose not to comment on it, he just giggled to himself and let you walk all the way in. 
“Hey, Baby,” he hugged you once the coffees were put down, “thanks for the coffee.” 
“It was your money,” you laughed in his chest, his arms wrapped tightly around you. 
“Whatever,” he whispered. After taking a few sips he followed you into his room, Sam and Steve were both at class but they’d be back in time to hit the club. “Do you need to study?” He asked over his shoulder as he fell back onto his bed, you nodded and assumed a spot as his desk. 
Early on in your relationship you had been open about your small issue with being too attached to your grades, Bucky thought nothing of it until exam season rolled around and you were up very late studying every day. You had lied once and said you were heading home, Bucky trusted his gut and went to the library to find you curled up in a blanket, looking like you were going to stay there for a long time. 
Even when you two would hang out between classes you’d still get your studying in somehow, Bucky had to learn to accept it or else you wouldn’t be present because you’d be thinking of everything you were missing out on. 
When everything you needed to get done was done you crawled onto his navy sheets and curled on his chest, Bucky wrapped his arms around you and held you close. He had noticed you had been down the past few days, there were assignments getting in the way of your relationship and you tried your best to balance but it was hard, all you ever knew was focus on your school and nothing else. 
“I think tonight is going to be good for you,” Bucky whispered as he planted a kiss on your head, “seeing your friends, getting a few drinks in you, being outside of your dorm and all that,” Bucky rubbed your back, “the guys miss you, Nat misses you a lot.”
“I know,” you sighed. 
“And that’s not to make you feel guilty,” he reached over and drank his coffee, “it’s to remind you that you’ve got people in your corner who love you and care about you more than your grades, alright?” 
“Alright,” you looked up at him and kissed his jaw line, his lips were too far away. 
Getting ready together was alway something you looked forward to, you would hog the bathroom while you did your makeup and Bucky would have to lean over you to add the product to his hair. The music would be playing from the speaker and the both of you would dance around one another. 
Your dress was black, one you had worn before. You had added a bit of volume to your hair and did a little more than your normal makeup routine. Bucky was sitting on the couch, scrolling on his phone while you did the final touches. You sprayed your setting spray that you were convinced was just water and tapped a little more lip gloss on your lips. 
“I’m ready!” you sang, walked out into the main room. You thought Bucky was just going to be there but Sam and Steve were there as well, pregaming. “Oh,” you laughed, “I didn’t hear you guys come in.” 
“We’re spies,” Natasha came from behind you and hugged you, making you turn around and hug her properly. With a smile you squeezed her tightly, you hadn’t seen her in a while and it was so nice to hug her.
“The uber is going to be here in five,” Sam said as he poured another shot, “want one?” he tipped the top of the bottle towards you. 
“Sure,” you nodded, looking over to see Bucky walk over. 
Alcohol was always weird for you, it’s not that you were a complete lightweight but compared to Bucky you were. Weed on the other hand sat better with your system but you couldn’t smoke in the club, you were also out of gummies. If you were at a house party that was way more casual you’d break out a joint or find someone with a bowl you could use, but clubs were much different. 
Natasha set up her camera, it was a tradition to record the first group shot. You stood beside Bucky as his hand reached around to hold your waist, immediately feeling warm. Everyone counted down and took back the shot, it burned for a second before swallowing. You never understood why people try to keep from making a face, everyone knew vodka tasted awful and you let it show. 
Everyone laughed and you hid your face in Bucky’s chest, trying not to completely embarrass yourself in front of Natasha’s story due to your pure disgust towards the taste. Bucky laughed and rubbed your back, “how’re you feeling?” he giggled in your ear and laughed as you looked up at him, “the first one is the hardest.” 
“I know,” you sighed, “I just want my drink and not shots.”
“It’s a shots night, baby!” Natasha cheered and headed to the door, the car was here. 
The drive was quick, you could walk but it was too cold for the dresses you and Natasha were wearing. You had been to this club before many times, it’s not like you had never been to a single party before but for every three times Bucky goes out, you go out once. You definitely were a homebody. 
You could hear the club before you were inside, the base making the neon lights flicker from how old they were. You were there at the perfect time, allowing you to get in free. Once you had squeezed through the door you quickly turned around and grabbed Bucky’s hand, holding it tightly as you moved through the dancefloor to try and find a spot to hunker down for the night. 
It was loud and people were already sweating alcohol, there was no care that there was a group trying to squeeze through, people were throwing their arms around and trying to make a mosh pit which was something you would never take part in - no matter how drunk you were. 
Once you found an area you all squished in the booth, Steve didn’t sit down and took everyone’s drink order. You needed to get tipsy before getting on the floor and that shot was starting to buzz, you were sitting on Bucky’s thigh as you looked around to see everyone dancing. 
Sam went out and found his date, you hadn’t seen her before but then again, most of Sam’s dates are like single use plastic to him. She was tall with extremely tanned skin, when she waved you knew right away it was fake tan, she hadn’t rubbed it in properly on her hands. 
Wanting to tell Bucky you looked over your shoulder to find him already looking at you, letting his chin rest on your shoulder blade. He smiled at you and kissed your cheek, “I’m serious if you get too overwhelmed, you have to tell me.” 
You looked around to see no one was paying attention to you two, “I know but I don’t want to be babied, I don’t want you asking every five seconds or I'll just get annoyed, okay?” Bucky nodded quickly, silently saying duh. “You know my tell-tale signs.” 
“I do,” he kissed your cheek again, “and I’ll only get overprotective if I see a guy look below your waist or if you squeeze my hand three times.” He nodded with you before turning back to Steve and taking his drink, you took yours as well and began to drink right away. 
“So, Sammy,” you cleared your throat, “how many times have you taken in the fact that you two share the same name?” you asked the girl who sat beside Sam. 
“My name is actually Samantha,” she laughed, “but I’ve definitely thought about it.” Everyone laughed, “no one really calls me that, only Sammy.” 
“I’ll make sure to call you that then,” you smiled and held out your drink, clinking the plastic with hers. 
Everyone took their turn going to get drinks before you all migrated to the dance floor, dancing around and singing to the popular songs. The great thing about going out with everyone was how they got along on the dance floor, there was no shoving or grabbing, just making eye contact with someone and doing the same stupid dance move until you both doubled over in laughter. 
You, Natasha, and Sammy created your own group and found your way to the bar, drunkenly ordering and doing shots to Nat’s request. She recorded some but kept ordering them, Sammy had no issue throwing them back. They laughed when you pucker your lips to try and fight the burn, the chaser did nothing at all. 
“Let’s head back!” Natasha yelled over the music, you had felt pretty good up until then. The moment you pushed off the bar and began to walk the shots hit you like a wave, you stumbled for a moment and grabbed Natasha’s elbow and followed her back. 
Through the sea of people you saw Bucky laughing with his friends, holding his beer and jumping around. The lights and the thin layer of sweat made him look amazing, his smile flashed as the strobe lights passed his face. You could feel his charm from across the floor, it was why you fell in love with him. The closer you got the harder you bit your lip, feeling your need to be near him grow stronger. 
Who knew what alcohol made you feel like this but from the way he was looking, you could pull him to a bathroom stall right now and get down on both knees without question, there was something about him in that particular moment that made you swoon. 
The boys were still dancing, you quickly found Bucky and took hold of both his wrists. His eyes searched your face but before he could ask if you were okay you leaned up and kissed him. When you pulled away you kept his bottom lip wedged between your teeth, he jolted back with an ‘ow’ and reached up to touch his lip, a bit of blood was on his finger. 
You giggled and wrapped yourself around his neck, tucking your face in his sweet spot and licking a stripe before starting to suck, his large hands gripped your waist before pushing you back slightly. 
“What did you drink up there?” he said with a smirk, you could tell he was loving this. 
“A fucking love potion I guess,” you said out of breath, “because I could literally mount you right now back at the booth and fuck your brains out,” you went back to his neck and left another start of a bruise 
When you pulled back Bucky was looking up at the ceiling, everyone else had no idea what was going on and just thought you were being clingy. His nostrils were flared as he tried to calm himself, you were giggling and fiddling with his shirt collar. 
“I should get drunk more often because I’m fucking loving it and I’m loving the moment right now,” you laughed and Bucky kissed your forehead.
“I’m glad you’re having a good time,” he laughed and pulled you in for a hug, “but you being this horny is going to be the death of me, you know I can’t control myself, baby,” he whispered in your ear, feeling his hot breath rush down your neck your grip his biceps harder, nails digging into his skin. 
Suddenly you were deep in the dance floor, jumping around and singing to the songs as loud as you could. Most of the time you and Bucky were in your own world, touching each other all the time as you danced. But other times a circle was formed and you all watched one another dance, holding hands and blending in with the other groups. The drinks were starting to wear off from all the physical activity so you all headed to the bar again, shooting back a few more shots even though deep down you wanted to sip a drink but that wasn’t practical for what you were doing on the floor. 
“One more!” They cheered towards the bartender. 
“One less for me!” you called out and he nodded, pouring everyone a shot except for you. 
“Come on, y/n!” Nat laughed, “it’s only one more, I wanted to take a video this time.” 
“Let me record it,” you held your hand out but quickly finding Bucky’s forearm for balance, the sudden movements after the shots made you realize just how many you actually had, again. In another world you could take another, but right now you were fully at your limit and honestly a little above it. 
“No!” Sammy chimed in now, “one last group shot.” 
“No guys,” you shook your head and immediately placed your other hand on Bucky’s forearm, your heels were not helping with your lack of balance. They attempted to cheer you until you squeezed Bucky’s hand three times. 
“She said no, alright?” it was almost like he hadn’t drank all night, but he definitely did. “So she’ll record and we all drink,” he looked down at you and kissed your forehead for what seemed like the millionth time tonight. 
You held the phone out as they all shot one back, after swallowing first Bucky reached out and took the phone, flipping it around so you could wave as well. With the amount of drinks flowing in everyone’s system they all forgot about what just happened and headed back in, Bucky waited for a moment before turning to you. 
His eyes were hooded and it was cute to see him fight towards sobriety in case you needed him, “can I ask if you’re okay?” he smiled and leaded forward and wrapped his arms around your waist. 
“I’m okay, thank you for that,” you kissed his cheek and took his hand as he helped you walk back towards the group. 
Midnight had come and gone but the party kept moving, it seemed to only get more packed as the time went on. You had drank some water a while ago and was in a perfect spot while everyone else got more and more drunk. Bucky was the second to switch to water, he was gone but had enough in him to string a sentence together. 
“I could not operate a motorized vehicle right now,” Sam said to you at one point, completely unprompted. You laughed and nodded along, looking at Bucky as he laughed too. 
The songs got progressively more sexual as well, there was nothing better than looking at the girls when a song came on and you all screamed, feeling extremely confident as you screamed the words in front of the boys who were dumbfounded. 
One came on where you immediately looked at Bucky and finger wagged him closer, feeling how you felt at the beginning of the night when the lights looked so perfect on him. The attraction was coming back and it didn’t help that this was your favourite club song. He knew what was coming as he came closer to you, roughly grabbing at your hips and feeling around. Everyone else screamed, never seeing this side of you that often. 
Bucky flipped you around so you were facing the group, letting his hands wander to your front and rest low on your stomach. Your head leaned back against his shoulder and one hand moved up to touch his neck, your ass was pressed against his hips. His face showed no signs of embarrassment for being hard. 
You sang the song to his ear, looking up at him. Natasha started recording but Bucky quickly swatted the phone away, not wanting it to be recorded for your sake but also because he wanted to be in the moment. 
When it ended you kissed him and bit his bottom lip again, hearing him groan as he squeezed your ass again because you turned around to kiss him properly. Again, due to the alcohol the group forgot it happened quickly as they moved on to the next thing that caught their attention. 
Bucky leaned down to your ear again, “baby,” he was close to a moan, “you’re so fuck sexy, like, you have no idea what you do to me- drinks or not.” the two of you made out for a while, not caring who was looking at you both. Your hands tugged at his hair and his hands went almost everywhere, if you weren’t tired when you got home you knew you were getting a great night of sex. 
Soon enough the lights flicked on and the music died down, you all managed to get out of the club but had to walk home. Bucky had two water bottles in his hand as he caught up to you all later, claiming it was all they had left. 
Everyone was in the same boat, extremely drunk and walking home. Your hand was held tightly with Bucky’s, “you know…” you giggled and looked up at him, “my apartment is closer, you don’t need to climb all those flights of stairs. 
“Sounds good to me,” he was thinking you were just inviting him over, actually thinking the only reason you wanted him over was because it was three staircases closer. 
“And…” you took a long sip of water, “my roommate is out of town so…we can be loud, y’know?” 
His pupils expanded faster than ever before, “oh?” he muttered and rubbed his nose against your ear, “you know, you’ve been a big tease all night, I don’t know if you’re all bark and no bite.” 
You shifted and walked backwards, “from what I remember I bit you a lot,” your bottom lip was wedged between your teeth, knowing you were just riling him up. 
The moment you turned into your apartment complex Bucky turned to the group, “I’m going to y/n’s apartment,” he announced and the group began to laugh, “just let me know if you can hear us from three levels up.” 
“Bucky!” you slapped his chest but before you could say anything Bucky turned out of the stairwell and onto your floor, picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder. “You need my keys,” you laughed as he fished them out of his pocket because you didn’t want to bring a purse. 
When your back hit the mattress he was quick to crawl over you, putting all his weight on you as he slotted himself between your legs, making your dress ride up. His lips were quick to move away from your lips and down to your neck, sucking a biting all around. You two had been together long enough to know where each other’s spots were and what you both liked, Bucky could always get you going right above your collarbone and used it to his advantage. 
Your back arched as he lifted the dress up and over your head, going back in between your breasts and shaking his head around, making you laugh and play with his air. Your bra was off next and Bucky was still fully dressed, the stark difference in modesty made you want to cover up but Bucky’s hand pinning your wrists back with force couldn’t let you do that. 
Bucky kissed all the way down before hooking his fingers and pulling down your underwear, kissing back up your knees and thighs to keep you waiting. When it came to Bucky eating you out it was all about teasing, he knew how to make cum in ten seconds if he hit the spots you liked, but he wanted to make a game out of it; he always did. 
He kissed, licked, sucked, bit, everything, he did everything to your pussy. Your hands would move from playing with your nipples to add extra stimulation to gripping his hair, your entire body was restless until his arms hooked around your hips and his hands clasped on your stomach to keep you from moving. 
Even after many years, “a little to your left,” you were still helping each other out, “holy fuck, yes Bucky,” you sighed, “right there, fuck, right there please don’t stop, please,” you begged and begged even when he slowed down and pulled away for a moment, causing you to groaned and looked down at him. 
When you were done whining he went back in, “you like when I tease you?” 
“I never have,” you laughed as he bumped his nose against your clit.
“I know,” he giggled and went back in, lapping his tongue against your clit and then wrapping his lips around to suck gently, your moans became louder and more frequent so he backed off again. You were so frustrated you tugged his hair hard, “ow!” he laughed as he looked up at you, “that actually hurt.” 
“Please, Bucky, please,” you gripped your breasts harshly, “I’m fucking beginning you, I feel so good right now, baby, so fucking good, just make me come,” you looked down to see a smirk on his face, “you have no- oh yes!” you dropped your head back against the pillow and closed your eyes, your mouth falling open instantly. 
Bucky got into it as well, making out with your pussy and moaning to himself. He got pleasure out of getting you there, especially when you begged for it. 
“There you go, pretty, fall apart,” he kept you so close for so long, “I know you want to let it out, you deserve it,” his voice sent vibrations up your spine and to your head which make it fuzzy, “pretty girl just needs to be worshiped, huh?” his hands broke out from the clasp and two fingers found your entrance so he could talk, “who’s my pretty girl?” 
“Me,” you said in a heartbeat.
“Yeah you are,” he pushed in and out, making you grip his finger as tight as possible, “who’s my smart girl?” 
“Me,” it was more strained, you were so close but he was holding back just enough to keep you right on the tipping point. 
“Who deserves the world, huh?” he sucked your inner thigh to leave a mark he’d definitely looked back at later. “Don’t quit on me know, pretty, who deserved everything, my smart girl, my pretty girl?” 
“B-Bucky-!” you wanted to tell him you were so unbelievably close, your pussy gripping him as tight as possible, you could barely form a sentence let alone answer his question. 
“No no no,” he laughed and gently placed one kiss on your clit, making you convulse as his finger kept working you there, “it’s not me, baby, who is it?” 
The pressure was almost unbelievable, tears formed in your eyes from how long you had been edged and denied. You could feel the pulse begin and your stomach clench, the coil was about to snap. “M-me, holy fuck, yes!” you screamed. 
“And who deserves to come?” he asked but before you could answer his lips attached to your clit for the final time and made you see white, you let out the most pornographic moan you had ever heard, it almost didn’t sound like you. You could barely hear it from how loud you were screaming Bucky’s name but you heard him groan as you came, making your orgasm that much more intense. 
Bucky kept going to bring you down from your high, he slowed down as your entire body convulsed. Your moans were short as you tried to push his head away but at the same time you wanted to stay in your euphoric state forever. His kisses slowed until he planned the final one before gently working his way up your body and back to your lips, your eyes were closed and tears from overstimulation fell back to your pillow. 
Bucky gently held you tight as you continued to let out the shocks, wrapping your arms around him as he whispered more praises into your ear. 
“Bucky,” you sighed, “I need a bit before we keep going,” you wiped your forehead with the back of your wrist, “I can’t feel my legs.” 
“All good baby,” he kissed your cheek, “we don’t need to do anymore,” he laughed, “you made me cum,” he whispered and kissed your earlobe. 
“What?” you whispered, you couldn’t tell if he was still hard because he was still fully clothed; his socks were still on. 
“I told you getting you off gets me off, baby,” he was out of breath, “that was crazy, you- wow,” he sighed and kissed you again, you could taste yourself on his lips but that didn’t stop you from slipping your tongue into his mouth. 
“I didn’t know I had that power,” you tugged on the bottom of his shirt so he could get undressed, once he was down to his boxers he quickly left to get a rag. 
“The power you have over me…” Bucky shook his head to himself as he smiled, gently wiping between your legs and your tights, “...you have no fucking idea,” he looked over at you with a wide smile. 
You were blissed out, both arms thrown over your head and your eyes were closed. The alcohol, fresh orgasm, and the love from Bucky made you feel like the only girl in the world. You were so content in the moment you didn’t want to leave it. 
Once Bucky got in bed he pulled you close, tangling every limb with you and letting you rest your head on his chest. He played with your hair for a while, twisting one strand around his finger as you listened to his heart beat. 
“Did you have a fun night?” He asked gently, checking to see if you were awake. 
All you could do was nod and let out a happy sound, “I hate shots.” 
Bucky tried to conceal his laugh to keep you on the road to sleep, holding you tighter, “you’re adorable,” he whispered, “but I’m glad you had a good night, I’ll see you in the morning, okay?” 
You hummed and curled further into him, letting the warmth swiftly put you to sleep. You could still feel him rub your back or play with your hair, sending tingles down your entire body. The hangover in the morning was going to be one hell of a headache but in this moment you were happy right where you were. 
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dizscreams · 2 months
Hey could I request Sam x fem reader where reader was friends with Tara and the twins, then starts dating Sam in secret. They attend a party and a guy is too flirty and weird towards reader so protective Sam swoops in
Secret Love — Sam Carpenter ★
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
PAIRING: Sam x fem!reader
SUMMARY: you and Sam are in a secret relationship. when someone gets too touchy and flirty at a party Sam steps in
Tumblr media
You were at a frat party with Tara, Chad, Mindy, Anika, Ethan, and Sam. Sam is your girlfriend of almost a year now. After all you went through in Woodsboro together you guys got closer and it was easy since you already knew Tara and the twins beforehand.
She thought it’d be best to have your relationship be a secret because she wasn’t ready for anything public after Richie and you understood. It sucked not being able to just kiss her at public events like this but you both always managed. Small touches, hand holding so you both won’t get “lost”, Sam always whispering stuff in your ear. Mindy and Anika had their suspicions but along with everyone, ruled it out as you two just being best friends.
You and Tara were shocked she actually came to this party, Anika and Chad were pretty excited though. They loved dragging everyone to shit like this. Sam told you she came because she wanted to keep an eye on you but you liked to think it was because she missed you. Which was probably the case.
You had separated from the group temporarily to get a drink from the kitchen, you figured you could at least have a little fun tonight. You were stressed enough with exams coming up so this was the least you could do to get your mood up. Without realizing it you had bumped into a guy and spilt your drink.
“Shit, I’m sorry-”
“You wanna watch where you’re fucking going?”
The guy was clearly drunk but you rolled your eyes, not really caring for his attitude. “I said sorry.” You tried walking away but he grabbed your arm pulling you back in front of him. “Let go of me.” You struggled to get out of his grasp since this guy was clearly stronger than you, he was basically towering over you. “Cmon sweetheart, you owe me. This is a nice shirt.”
“I dont owe you shit!” You yelled, hopefully getting someone’s attention but you think the music was too loud. He chuckled, “Lets go.”, and tried dragging you away before he got pushed into the counter, causing him to let go. “Get the fuck away from her.” You recognized the voice to be Sam’s and quickly went over to her. “Thank god, come on let’s go, Sam.”
“One second.” She said while going towards the guy who was muttering swears as he tried standing up straight. “Sam, don’t do anything stup-“
You tried telling her, but she had already gotten her taser and tased him in the balls. Everyone around you guys shouted “ooo” and “holy shit!”
“Okay, now we can go!” She grabbed your hand and you both quickly made your way out of the kitchen while giggling and went to look for your friends. You went to find Mindy and Anika while Sam tried finding Ethan, Tara, and Chad.
You found Anika and Mindy on the couch talking. “Cmon, Min we gotta go Sam tased someone.”
“What? Why?”
“This guy was being weird to me so she helped me out.”
Mindy gave Anika a look and a slight smirk before grabbing her hand and getting up, “Alright.”
Tara, Chad, Ethan, and Sam caught up with you guys and you all walked back to the apartments. Sam let everyone walk ahead of you guys before she gave you a quick peck on the lips.
“I told you the taser would come in handy.” You scoffed and shook your head while she laughed and went to catch up with the others. She was your little knight in shining armor. :)
Tumblr media
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borathae · 7 months
Tumblr media
“Jungkook gets anxious sometimes. And when that happens, he needs your affection more than anything.”
Pairing: CEO!Jungkook x f.Reader
Warnings: anxious Kook, tears, he sucks on her boobs but it’s not even an ounce of sexual
Wordcount: 1.3k
a/n: I couldn’t get the concept of Kookie sucking on her boobs for comfort out of my head so here it is. This is pure comfort and fluff. Also this is very sappy, because I reread some of their chapters and got sappy af about how far they’ve come :( have fun besties ❤
Tumblr media
Jungkook worked really late today. So late in fact, that you were already asleep when he came home. You often are with his schedule. You really hate those days. They leave him stressed, tired and sometimes even anxious. And there is no thing on earth you despise more than knowing that your Bunny had a bad day. You already hated it back when you still pretended that he was nothing more than business and you especially hate it these days as his loving wife. It makes you want to protect him from everything and everyone. You want to set the whole world on fire whenever he is feeling cold. You want to darken the sun whenever his eyes hurt because of it. And you would especially love to demolish his company whenever he had a bad day because of it. Truly, if anything or anyone bothered your Jungkookie in any kind of way, your desire for protective violence is raging. 
So when a weak hand shakes you awake that night, followed by a little sniffle, you jolt up ready to fight the world. Not that one can see that you are, as your eyes open comically slowly in sleepiness. But you really are ready to fight the world.
Jungkook is barely visible in the darkness, only the weak shine of his nightlight illuminates him. He uses the light whenever you are sleeping already to find his way to bed and then apply lip balm and hand cream. Tonight it seems that he is using it to see you as well. 
He is pouting. His eyes are puffy and wet from tears and his nose is runny too. 
"What's wrong?" you ask him with a terribly croaky voice, courtesy to the deep sleep you previously had found yourself in. 
"Anxiety attack", he gets out and whimpers, "I, I can’t get it to s-stop."
"I'm here, I’m right here", you are wide awake instantly, propping yourself up on your elbow to scoot closer and kiss his cheek, "I'm right here, Bunny. You’re safe now." 
Jungkook nods his head, chasing your closeness with his trembling fingers twisting the front of your shirt. He’s safe now. Nothing can hurt him anymore because he has you to protect him now.
"I threw up", he confesses and sobs softly, "in, in t-the office. I, I had an attack and, and then I, I threw up b-because it, it was so strong. A-and now I, I can’t get it to, to stop."
"Oh no, I’m so sorry", you gasp, cradling him against your chest, "I fucking hate that you had to. This is the worst fucking feeling. Fuck, my Bunny", you hug him closer, burying your fingers in his hair, "I'm here now. Do you hear me? You’re not alone anymore."
"I really wanted to b-be in your arms, but you were in the exam so I, I didn’t call", he says, shivering like crazy.
"God no, my Bunny", you feel yourself tear up in guilt. Jungkook needed you and you weren’t there for him, "I'm so sorry. I feel so awful. Please call me next time. No matter where I am, you’ll always be the most important priority to me and I'll always come to help." 
Jungkook sobs gratefully. He really needed that reassurance. He didn’t want to call you today, not because he thought that you would be angry, but because he didn’t want to disturb you. He wants you to be able to live your life and for you to be able to experience things like exams and college classes because you never got that when you were younger. And that’s why he didn’t call. Because he didn’t want to be the stupid reason why you had to miss out on such experiences. 
But his anxiety has tortured him to the point where there was almost nothing left of him. And all Jungkook needed was to hear you reassure him that he will always have a shoulder to lean on with you. He needed to hear it. He never stopped believing it, but he still needed to hear it.
He feels better already now that he is resting in your arms and has your gentle touch soothing him. The painful lump in his throat is gone and those everlasting heart palpitations are calming down as well.
"I'm so sorry, my Bunny. I seriously feel awful", you whisper, kissing the shell of his ear softly. 
Jungkook tilts his head up upon hearing the guilt in your voice and feeling the distinct sensation of your tears hitting his skin. Just as he had feared. You are crying, looking so guilty.
"It's not your fault. It’s okay", he whispers, "I love you so much."
"I love you too", you breathe, cupping his cheek, "I'll fight the fucking world to keep you safe" you add, running your thumb over his cheekbone.
Jungkook feels so unworthy of your love sometimes. It’s moments like these that make him feel like this. Moments where he realises that someone like you – someone who spent most of her life fighting for herself with no other person in mind – chooses to fight for him over and over and over again. You chose him. Chose him even if that meant stepping out of your comfort zone. Chose him even if that meant handing over some of your control to which you so obsessively clung to. You fucking chose him. As your family, partner and human for life. And Jungkook will never ever take that for granted. 
"Please don’t fight it, you'll only hurt yourself", he whispers, making you laugh quietly.
"I'll be careful, promise."
Jungkook feels better now that he heard your laugh. His desire to flee from unknown danger ceases to exist and he doesn’t feel so broken anymore.
"I adore you so much", he whispers.
"I adore you too", you tell him, leaning down to kiss his cheek, "my Bunny."
Overwhelmed by his emotions, Jungkook seeks you out, nose brushing against your breasts and fingers traveling to your chest. He hopes that you will understand for he feels too weak to speak.
You rest back on your pillow. Knowing very well what his gesture means, you unbutton your shirt wordlessly. You open it until the button where he can comfortably reach your breasts.
"Thank you", he presses out and whimpers, cupping your right breast to guide your nipple to his lips. He whimpers again as he takes you inside, body growing limp in comfort and shivers finally stopping entirely. 
Jungkook does this often when he needs true comfort. When his day was hard and his mental health was bad, all he truly needed was to be close to you. And on those really exhausting days, all that really helped was being able to suck on your breasts. He saw nothing sexual in the act during those moments and neither did you. It felt nurturing, comforting and safe. For both of you. For Jungkook because he was finally in your safe arms again and the gentle motion of sucking soothed him. And for you because you finally had the reassurance that your Jungkookie was safe and the warmth of his mouth relaxed you. 
You never ended up having sex because of those moments. Not even once. This act, while perhaps sexual during other situations, was of the most intimate and vulnerable nature and leaves the both of you oh so much more connected. Jungkook also feels no ounce of anxiety when he can suck on your nipples. Whatever painful feelings kept him hostage before, they all instantly disappear the second he begins kissing and sucking your breasts. 
Tonight is no different. Jungkook sucks on your breasts until he feels too sleepy to continue and you massage his scalp until your tired fingers stop working. Jungkook falls asleep just a little bit sooner than you. Reassured that he was finally at peace, you give in to the tiredness and fall asleep seconds later. And together you will forget about the world outside your windows, because all that truly matters was being in each other’s arms.
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devildomsoup · 19 days
I was reading your "Silly little headcannons" and saw that you said that Barbatos "Will cradle MC like a little baby when he is stressed or just missed them." Which, for one, is so adorable I love that so much!!! If you haven't already, if you could just do a short fluffy fic with that scenario I would be delighted! 🥰 Thank you very much for hearing me out!
Hold Me Close to Your Heart
Tumblr media
Genre: Fluff
Character: Barbatos
Type: Oneshot
A/N I wanted to post this way sooner than this but exams are sadly occupying a lot of my time right now.
Tumblr media
Barbatos was not having a good day. So far it had actually been nothing but awful.
It started with one of the Little. Ds breaking an expensive vase. Then it turned out that the spices Barbatos had ordered would be delayed. On top of that, someone had decided to eat all the treats for an upcoming meeting. To make it all worse they were all out of sugar because a Little. D dropped the container with it. The sugar was all over the floor which meant that not only did Barbatos need to head out and buy new sugar he also had to clean the entire kitchen floor.  
His shopping trip was also awful. 
For some reason, the entire Devildom had decided that they needed to go grocery shopping that day. The checkout line was stupidly wrong and there were at least 5 demons who tried to skip the line. When Barbatos finally got out of the store it started to rain and because of all the bags, he was crying he couldn’t hold an umbrella resulting in him coming home soaking wet. 
But the worst thing had to be what happened at the castle while he was away.
Solomon had somehow managed to get into the castle's kitchen and decided to cook one of his abominations. Making yet another mess for Barbatos to clean up.
It was safe to say that Barbatos was feeling just a little bit stressed. But the stoic demon of course did not show it. Not even a slightly furrowed eyebrow could be seen on his face. But on the inside, he was screaming bloody murder. Sadly, he could not do much else than clean the mess, change his clothes and continue fulfilling his duties. 
Evening came and so did more trouble. The universe just did not want Barbatos to have it easy. 
A tired sigh escaped his lips as he placed the last fork in the drawer where it belonged. He was more than happy with the day coming to an end. Barbatos rubbed his temples, turned off the lights and walked out of the kitchen. As Barbatos made his way through the many halls of the castle he came across his Young Master.
"Good evening Young Master.”
“Good evening Barbatos it seems like you have a guest waiting at the pavilion.”
That was strange, he was not exciting anyone, but Barbatos made his way to the garden where the pavilion was, nonetheless. The halls were eerily quiet and the only sound you could hear was the quiet clicks of Barbatos’ shoes. As he reached the garden, he could not help but wonder who this so-called guest was. Had he really forgotten something so important as a guest visiting? Surely that could not be true.
Arriving at the pavilion Barbatos stopped dead in his tracks as he saw someone he did not expect. Sitting there was MC. No wonder he could not recall having gusts, MC had never said they were going to be here.
“Surprise,” MC said sheepishly, not quite sure how to interpret Barbatos.
“Uhm… Luke and I made too many cookies, so I thought I would drop by and give some to you and Diavolo. When I arrived Diavolo grabbed a bunch of cookies for himself and then told me to wait here,” MC explained, gesturing towards the box of decorated cookies beside them. 
Barbatos quietly walked over to MC and sat down beside them.
“Hope I didn’t arrive at a bad time. I can leave if it is,” MC spoke, still unsure of what Barbatos’ actions meant.
Barbatos did not say anything, instead, he just pulled Mc onto his lap and warped his arms around them holding them close to his chest. 
“My apologies. That was unbecoming of me to do,” Barbatos responded, starting to let go of MC.
“It’s okay.”
After hearing that Barbatos tightened his grip, he pulled MC closer to his chest. Nothing in the 3 realms could make him let go of them now. This was all he needed right now. Everything else was unimportant; the only thing that mattered was MC. Barbatos removed his gloves so he could enjoy the warm feeling of MC’s skin better. There was something so comforting about the warmth of a human. Sure, some demons were warmer than a volcano but the earth from a human was special. Even when Mc was cold their body still emitted a certain warmth. Maybe that warmth was just the feeling of comfort that spread through Barbatos’ body whenever he got to hold MC.  
A small evening breeze travelled through Barbatos’ hair making MC tuck a few stray strands behind his ear. It was strange Barbatos always made sure to keep his composure yet when it was just him and MC, he lost it. The face that usually only wore a service smile or a neutral expression was now filled with our adoration and joy. The eyes that were usually cold and calculating were now looking ever so gently at MC like they were the most prized jewel in all of the 3 realms. 
How Barbatos had longed for this moment. Always thinking of how nice it would be to simply wrap his arms around MC and hold them close. After having such an awful day there really was nothing better than that.
Looking at MC he noticed how their eyes were beginning to close and before Barbtost knew it Mc had drifted off to sleep in his arms. Barbtos did not mind at all. It meant they felt comfortable enough in his arms to lower their guard. 
“Sleep tight, you are safe in my arms.”
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strawberry-cowmilk · 1 month
-> mc is back in the human world but didn't pick up the phone, so the brothers leave a voicemail
-> brothers x mc
mc's gender is not mentioned, not proof read also kind of trying out a new style hehe
content warnings: kind of angsty maybe, alcohol use, gambling mentions
'good evening, mc. it is a fine evening here in the devildom, I hope it's the same case with you. I have just returned from a meeting with diavolo, we've had... quite the demonus. however I am by no means drunk. anyways I have actually been listening to the record you got for me, a thoughtful gift indeed. I just have a feeling that... it would sound lots better with you in the chair next to me. (he chuckles) well, there's no helping it. perhaps I have to bring you back to the devildom myself?'
'I was hoping to hear your voice, too bad you didn't pick up the phone. are you perhaps asleep, mc? in that case I shall leave you be. sleep well, mc.'
'yo mc, why are you not picking up your phone? I just snuck away from home with mine to talk tp you, you know? ugh... that cocky lucifer and his stupid rules. like what do you mean we gotta take turns calling you? no way, I ain't waiting so long to talk to you! just cause he's the eldest he thinks he's all high and mighty!'
'okay anyways, on with the important stuff! so listen up I called because I scored HUGE at the casino today and you know how I won so much huh? I bet on your favorite number, y'know... cause I miss you and all... (he suddenly coughs) ah wait no what I just said ain't true! I bet on your favorite number cause... well... that was my battery percentage or something...'
'okay anyways mc, you better visit the devildom soon! bye bye! have a good day!'
'um hi what's up? how's the human world? did you get the games and anime I asked you to get yet? I totally can't wait to see what kind of stuff you got over there! oh and I can't wait to show you the newest releases here in the devildom! the latest season of 'I went to the fair a 6km distance from my house with my best friend and pet dog but the manager turned out to be my online gaming buddy' came last week and I binged it all!'
'um (pause) but look I kind of called to tell you... well... you gotta come here fast so we can share the stuff you know? ahh it's no good I can't say it! um well look, I miss you!' (he hangs up suddenly)
'hello mc, I see you're not picking up your phone. are you busy? listen to this voice message any time you'd like then. I hope the human world is treating you well, it's so different from the devildom after all. well at least you won't have to worry about anyone stealing your soul.'
'exam season at rad just ended, I'm satisfied with most of my scores. I am a little disappointed because of my spells and potions grade, a 83 isn't good enough to me. could it be I was distracted because I miss you? (he sighs) well, one more reason for you to hurry back here. everyone's been fighting over who gets to call you first and all that, it's pissing me off. but I get it, I love hearing your voice. well mc I guess this is it, goodbye for now.'
'hi mc! finally it's my turn to talk to you, but what's up with not picking up hm? well as long as you promise to call me back later, I don't mind leaving a voicemail for you! did you do anything fun recently? I attended some parties but well, they were kind of boring. or was I just... not feeling it? whatever that doesn't matter, I just wanna see you again! how much longer are you going to stay in the human world? I miss you so so so much!'
'I hope you miss me too. do you miss me? when you call me back you have to answer that question, deal? and if yes you have to visit. there's so much I want to talk to you about, so much I wanna show you! like I made into a magazine, you just have to see it! call soon, okay? I love you.'
hell's kitchen is having a sale. when you but a cheeseburger you get a second one free. of course I took advantage of the deal and got a lot of cheeseburgers. you should visit soon mc, I want to share my food with you. it tastes better like that.' (you can basically hear him smiling through the phone)
'anyways, everyone misses you. sometimes my brothers get really sad, it's kind of hard to watch sometimes. of course I really miss you too. I think about you every time before I fall asleep. it makes me have good dreams. also my team won another game last night, I wish you could have seen it. well, next time right? bye mc, I hope to talk to you soon.'
'hi mc. how are you doing? I hope you're good. listen I'm on the balcony right now and there's stars in the sky. ugh I hate to be that one cheesy guy in your average romance movie but... the stars look like you. I can see your face in them. nevermind just forget what I said that was really sappy.'
'anyways please call me back, I get that you're probably busy or napping right now but I want to hear your voice. I want to hear how you've been there in the human world, hopefully your weather is nice.'
'well I'm running out of stuff to say, bye mc. call me back.'
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thebubblesareevil · 2 months
A Deal is a Deal…
I haven’t really posted any danny/kaldur in a bit so here you go
Danny was having a really long, really stupid day.
First he was late for his exam because he woke up to kitty and johnny fighting in his apartment. By the time he got that sorted out he had to rush to campus.
Then, by some miracle, the proctor let him in despite being late only to realize he was in the wrong exam halfway through. (He decided to finish the test and turn it in rather than admit his mistake.)
Then he finally managed to stop and get a truly unholy cup of coffee that he topped off with his last bit of ecto shot only for someone to run into him, spilling his coffee.
Which really didn’t make the blind date Sam set him up with anywhere near bearable. She was nice, don’t get him wrong, however Sam has two types of friends outside of Tucker and him. He was pretty sure he would have preferred hearing about the deforestation of the Amazon than have the heavily pierced girl get wayyy too excited when she realized he was from Amity Park. After he finally escaped with the excuse of feeding his dog Sam decided to call to find out how the date went.
“She did the thing Sam.” He stated bluntly as he struggled to unlock his door.
“And which thing would that be Danny? The one where she’s interested in your personality or the thing where you might need a restraining order?” He groaned, thumping his head on the door before checking the hall for neighbors. With the coast clear he phased through, once more leaving his arch nemesis to fight another day.
“The second one, or at least that definitely seemed where it was heading. She kept asking about all my favorite cemeteries back home.” He threw his keys on the counter, dropping his bag to the floor.
“Well did you tell her about the one near the old clocktower? I’m sure she loved that.”
“Sam, she wasn’t asking about nightly walks and talking to ghosts. She made some not so subtle hints about what she liked to do there.” He could hear Sam wince through the phone.
“Eww, sorry Danny. She really seemed like someone you would click with.” He sighed as he looked through the bare cabinets.
“Not your fault, to be fair things were going great till that point. Plus most people don’t see half as much as I do in graveyards. It could have been worse.” He grinned.
“Oh yeah, what are you thinking?”
“Do you remember that guy from the protest you set me up with awhile back?”
“You mean Orion? What about him? You said he tried to gas light you.” Sam almost sounded offended on behalf of her semi-cannibalistic friend.
“Oh he did more than that. He followed me home.”
“Yep, apparently I was being stingy and he thought I owed him so he tried to steal my bike.” He laughed.
“Ugh, don’t worry I’ll be sure to pass the word on to his new partner Marcy. I guarantee he’ll regret it.” He shrugged as he ate a piece of plain bread.
“It’s whatever, at least he didn’t try to kill me.” Sam sighed.
“It was one time!”
“Oh really?” He said as he munched. “If I remember correctly it happened twice.” He could hear the sound of Sam smacking her forehead.
“The first time doesn’t count, that was an accident! Besides Valerie tried way more than I did.” She huffed.
“Yeah, I know.” He yawned, heading over to the bathroom, discarding his socks and shoes along the way. “Some how neither of you are even my worst exes to date.” Sam snorted.
“No I think that title belongs to that crazy Viking that was convinced you were going to start Ragnarok.” Danny felt a small tug at his core as he brushed his teeth.
“What can I say? She was charismatic!” He claimed after spitting into the sink.
“Yeah well Miss. Charismatic nearly talked you into a war with her brother just because he flirted with you.” The tug on his core got stronger. “Personally I would have gone with the brother.” Danny nodded as he nearly tripped walking to his bed.
“I mean, that was never in question. Regardless, I’m swearing off Vikings for the next century.” Danny began struggling to take his shirt off without setting down the phone. The tug on his core was stronger than ever, try as he might to ignore it.
“You really suck at this dating thing, I killed you twice and somehow I’m still not in your top ten-” Danny struggled to escape his stupid shirt as his core PULLED, sending him tumbling to the ground. With a groan Danny finally gave in and just pulled the stupid shirt through his body only to come face to face to someone that was distinctly NOT his bed.
He looked around,coming face to face to someone he was actively avoiding.
“Ello Phantom? How’s death going for ye.”
John Constantine, accompanied by what appeared to be some of the newer members of the Justice League.
Danny decided the best option for this would be to do his best impression of a confused, semi-hungover college student.
“Look man, I don’t know who you are, or what you want but do you have some coffee or something? I’m dying over here.”
“Yet not foolin anyone mate. Need a favor from you. Or rather your better half of you don’t mind.” John replied vaguely as he rubbed his hands together before blowing some kind of powder all over Danny.
Danny stood there flabbergasted, as a rain of dust? Covered him head to toe. He stood there for a minute before his face started to twitch as John began to chant a spell. Danny took a deep breath and-
“AACCHHOOO” John jumped back as the sneeze disrupted the dust.
“What the hell man?” He scolds as he rubbed his nose. John grunted.
“Stubborn little shit huh? Too bad we need the Phantom and he’s coming out one way or another.” Once more he began to chant, Danny however chose to ignore this fact as he took in the faces surrounding the circle. They were clearly some of the younger heroes, even a few apprentices by the looks of it. But Danny really didn’t have time for this, he had another exam tomorrow.
“Look man, I’m not sure what you’ve been smokin or how I got here but unless you’re gonna help me study for my engineering exam, then I gotta go.”
“Please wait.” Danny spun around to face the hero standing behind him, stopping him before he even started to leave. The handsome hero stood tall, clearly he was the leader of this group, which begged the question of-
“Why? What you guys possibly want from me?”
“Allow me to explain. I am Kaldur’ahm, though I am also known as Aquaman. We are seeking the help of a spirit of hope and protection that goes by the name of Phantom. We need his help.” Danny gave the gilled hero a considering look.
“With what?” Kaldur’ahm somehow managed to stand up even straighter.
“A powerful magician by the name of Zatanna was pulled into the Infinite Realms. We need to help of Phantom so we can venture into the realms to retrieve her.” He replied with a barely noticeable sense of urgency. Danny raised a brow.
“You want to go to another dimension? With help from a ghost named Phantom? And you want my help to what? Summon him?” John scoffed, completely ignoring the glare Aquaman sent his way.
“Don’t go playin dumb mate. How exactly do you think you got here.” He pointed to the floor “ That there is a summoning circle, invoking Phantom by name. Now here’s how I figure it. Either you’ve gone and disguised yourself or you decided to take this poor sod for a joy ride.” He smirked. “So which one is it mate?” Danny glared at the Englishman.
“Whether you’re Phantom or not we need help.” Danny sighed as he looked back at the hero.
“Well what’s in it for me? You dragged me from my apartment and you want my help, give me a reason.” He announced.
“Name your price demon.” Danny rolled his eyes at the annoying sorcerer.
“Not a demon.” He paused, trying to figure out what he could ask for as the little heroes started to get nervous. He was gonna help them one way or another, ideally they would give up on him and send him back to his apartment. It would be easy enough to get a magician out of the realms. Danny took one more look around the circle before grinning.
“How about a date?” He said, looking directly at Kaldur’ahm with a grin. He laughed before he continued “Just Kidd-”
“Deal.” Danny choked on his own spit as his cheeks lit up like a Christmas tree. John shouting from the other side of the circle.
“What the bloody hell kind of request was that?!?”
“ I didn’t think he’d say yes!!!!” Danny covered his cheeks as the handsome hero smiled at him.
“A small sacrifice to help a friend, though not a difficult one.” Danny’s face turned a darker shade of red as green started to bleed into his cheeks. ‘Was this guy seriously flirting with him right now?!?’ The hero raised a single smug brow at him, tilting his head just slightly to the side.
“Do we have a deal?” Danny took a deep breath, coughing into his hand.
“Uh, yeah sure, I’ll get your friend back from the realms.” Kaldur’ahm smiled, Danny blushed. “I guess I’ll just… yeah.”
“We shall begin preparations immediately. Once Phantom arrives we should head out immediately, the less time Zatanna spends in the realms the better.” His face closing off as he got serious, Danny couldn’t deny it was cute before he realized what he said.
“Oh, yeah no, you guys aren’t going.” John practically growled causing the hairy green kid to back up.
“Like hell we aren’t! Just because you claim to be a spirit of protection doesn’t mean I trust ye.” Danny turned a steely glare on the sorcerer as he walked towards him. He made it all the way to the edge and the look of confidence he’d been sporting during this whole ordeal dropped from his face as Danny stepped over the edge of the circle.
“I don’t give two shits if you trust me! You aren’t welcome in the Realms John Constantine. Not until you get that piece of patchwork you call a soul sorted out!” He looked around at the rest of the people in the room. “Besides, it’s against the rules to bring the living into the Realms and I’d rather not have to deal with Walker today, thank you very much.” John glared.
“Look here you dead piece of sh-”
“HALF-dead thank you.” He interrupted as he started to float off the ground. “Now buzz off before I change my mind.” John looked as though he intended to reply when Kaldur’ahm stopped him.
“Enough Constantine, we need his help. For Zatanna.” The British asshole grumbled to himself as he scurried off to the side. Danny stepped back on the ground, making his way over to the Atlantean.
“Hey Kaldur’ahm, before I get your friend, you don’t actually have to go on a date with me.” He looked away as he rubbed the back of his neck. “I was gonna help you anyway, I just wanted to get under Johnny boy’s skin.” He just looked at Danny with a smile.
“I thank you, however a deal is a deal, it’s too late to back out now.” Danny’s jaw dropped as the Atlantean grinned. “And please, call me Kaldur.” Danny coughed into his hand to try to force himself to talk.
“Okay… well… okay then… um…” he studdered, dying a little more inside. “I’m gonna go get your friend we can…uh… talk about the details after.” Kaldur nodded as Danny reached a hand behind him to open a portal.
“Agreed, and please be careful Phantom.” Danny paused.
“You can, you can call me Danny.” He back with a slight stutter.
“Very well Danny.” He smiled. Danny blushes as he backed up into the portal, tripping over his own two feet as he fell through. Once on the other side he quickly reached out to find the intruder in his domain. She was easy enough to find, he didn’t even bother transforming. She was standing on an unclaimed floating island only a few miles from where he opened the portal.
Armed with the knowledge that she regularly worked with superheroes he thought it would be best to announce his presence before he surprised her.
“You wouldn’t happen to be a magician by the name of Zatanna would you?” The fierce woman turned, her wand posed, ready to send a flurry of spells at a moments notice.
“And if I am?” Danny smiled.
“A friend of yours asked me to come get you.” She looked at him suspiciously.
“And which friend would that be?”
“A cute Atlantian with a killer sense of humor, named Kaldur.” She raised an eyebrow at that.
“I’ve never heard him described as having a sense of humor.” Danny chuckled.
“Yeah, I told him I’d come get you in exchange for a date. He didn’t even hesitate. Like he’d actually wanna go on a date with a ghost!” He replied with a laugh. Zatanna however did not join in and instead looked Danny up and down before looking him dead in the eyes. She grinned.
“Gotta say I can’t exactly blame him. It’s not often he gets asked out by handsome shirtless men.” Danny squinted at her confused before looking down. His eyes went wide as he realized he hadn’t been wearing a shirt the whole time!
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starrgaziinggg · 4 months
Tumblr media
You finally meet the man your friends Felix and Hyunjin have been blabbing about for the past couple months, and he's a royal pain in the ass.
Lee Minho is a legacy at your university. He received an honorary award when he graduated, got a position as a dancer in a company a week after receiving his diploma...and was renowned as the schools famous ice-cold fuckboy.
After coming back from a three month tour, you're introduced to him through your uni friends...and your life does a 180. It's hard enough to pass classes whilst also trying to navigate your failing relationship...but the added tension that comes with the dance prodigy you seem to be spending more and more time with?
Some would say it's too much to handle.
|Non idol AU|university AU|friends to lovers|
Tumblr media
part eight
Everybody knows January is always the slowest month of the year. The year end always passes by in a blur, the days seemingly non existent until new year hits and suddenly it's as though time has slowed down. The days stretch, and January is a long, cold, gruelling month.
That's exactly how your January went. You'd stayed with your family over Christmas and new year, letting the boys invite of spending new year with them be turned down. They understood that you hadn't seen your family since the start of the semester, and wanted to spend as much time as possible with your parents and grandmother until you had to return back to Seoul for the start of the semester.
The only good parts about the start of second semester was that you enjoyed your class rotation, one of your end of school year exams was a group project that ran throughout the course of the whole semester so you got to pair up with Hyunjin and Felix, and you ended up passing all your exams with flying colours.
Of course you, Hyunjin and Felix had gone out to celebrate, bringing the rest of the boys, who had also passed their exams (even Changbin, which was miraculous since he barely attended his classes and did next to no revision) and Chan tagged along too. The only one who wasn't there was Minho, for obvious reasons.
You hadn't spoken to him at all since he'd left. He hadn't made any effort to reach out to you, so you reciprocated the action. It wasn't as though you had much to talk about over the phone, anyway. You'd said what you needed to say when you'd seen him last, and that was that.
After the events of last semester, your life almost started to feel boring, monotonous. It was the same schedule daily; go to classes with Hyun and Lix, come back to the dorms and either watch tv with Seungmin or wait for him to get back from baseball practice and make him spend time with you then.
He knew you were bummed about the whole situation, and although he'd refrained from saying, 'I told you so', you could tell he wanted to knock some sense into you. He'd said from the start that your friends with benefits situation with Minho wasn't good for you, since he could see your feelings for him a mile off. He knew you too well, you'd decided.
Despite this, he'd been a great friend to you after your return to your dorm the first week of January. He played mario kart with you whenever you asked, still cooked you most of your meals, and let you vent about how much you missed Minho. He was probably sick of hearing it, but he never showed.
Hyunjin, although you'd seen him multiple times since you'd been back home, had been kind of distant with you. He hadn't really been his usual clingy, excitable self, though you had no idea why. You didn't blame him for the misunderstanding because you knew how rumours spread - one piece of stray information gets misconstrued and ends up a whole different thing entirely.
You hadn't spoken to him about it much, other than just explaining that he was wrong about the whole thing, and you were starting to think he was more upset about the whole situation than you initially thought. It was due to this that when Hyunjin messaged you, a message very similar to the one you'd received that had started this whole thing, you'd agreed to meet him at the coffee shop for a chat.
The early January air seemed impossibly colder than that of December, so you were pleased to escape the freezing chill of the outdoors as the bell chimed in the coffee shop, signalling your arrival. The best part about the coffee shop you spent most of your time in was that it was less than a five minute walk away from your dorm - and, obviously, that Jeongin worked there. He gives you a wave and a smile from behind the counter, before letting his eyes dash to an obviously stressed Hyunjin sitting in the booth, and back to you.
You shrug at him, unable to do much more, as you walk up to your booth and place a hand on Hyunjin's shoulder to notify him of your presence, since he was sitting in the chair facing away from the door. He practically jolts out his skin when he feels your presence, standing up awkwardly. He moves to hug you without thinking twice, and you'd be lying if you said you hadn't missed his embrace, and him acting fine with you in general.
It's strange for a second as you slide into the booth silently, waiting for Hyunjin to start speaking. After he doesn't make a move to start, fiddling with his fingers instead, you go to talk - just as he begins to speak, which make you both laugh nervously.
"You go," you say, mostly because you weren't actually sure what you were going to say to him in the first place. He takes a deep breath before he begins talking.
"I'm sorry, I'm just getting this massive wave of deja vu and it's making me all wonky," he whines, and paired with the puppy dog look he has on his face, you can't help but to chuckle at him.
"I know, me too," you say honestly. "But whatever you need to tell me, it's alright."
He uses your encourage words and takes them in his stride, pushing on with what he wanted to tell you. "I don't know if you know, but Minho hasn't talked to me since he left. Well, until yesterday."
You did not know this. You had thought Minho's radio silence was reserved only for you; subject to your terms of his leaving for two months.
"Had he been talking to the other guys?" You ask, and he nods, frowning. He pulls the strings of his puffer jacket.
"Yeah, so I figured he was annoyed at me for telling you, you know," he says, tilting his head. You knew. "But he called me last night, saying that Seungmin forced him to call me and sort things out."
You nod this time, knowing Seungmin hated it when his friends fought and although he always put up a demeanour as though he couldn't care less, he was always the one to try and make his friends make up after an argument.
"He was practically screaming down the phone at first, and I understood why after he explained everything to me."
You tilt your head. "Explained what?"
"About how he's practically in love with you," he says instantly, widening his eyes afterwords and covering his mouth with his hands. "Fuck, he specifically told me not to tell you that. See, this is why I keep messing things up so much!"
"It's fine, Hyun," you say sincerely. "I won't say anything. Did he actually tell you that?"
Hyunjin nods slowly. "Yeah, those exact words, amidst some shouting about how I'm a terrible friend."
You can tell he's genuinely upset about whatever Minho had told him, so you go to hold his hand, choosing to focus on comforting your friend over focusing on the revelation. He squeezes yours as soon as you make contact.
"He didn't mean that, Hyunjin. He was just angry," you say, knowing that Minho would regret everything he said to Hyunjin as soon as he'd calmed down. "You're not a terrible friend, you just got things wrong."
"I guess," Hyunjin replies, deflated. "But I still have a lot of apologies to make, and I wanted to do them in person, starting with you. Since Minho isn't back for another three weeks, obviously."
He sighs, looking at your intertwined hands before talking again. "I'm so, so sorry for not being supportive of you and Minho. He was right - he's supposed to be one of my closest, longest friends, and I had absolutely no faith in him. Even after he told me that he felt different about you right at the start, I didn't believe him."
You screw your face up at him, and he almost bangs his head off the table. "Oh my fucking god, I need to shut up, seriously."
"What do you mean he told you right at the start he felt differently about me?"
"I wasn't supposed to tell you that. Jesus, I'm turning into Felix telling all these secrets."
"Hyunjin," you say warningly, and he throws his hands up in the air in defence.
"Okay, okay. You remember that night, when we went clubbing after you and Doha broke up, and me and Minho talked pretty much the whole time we were having drinks in your dorm?" You nod your head in response. "It was then. He basically said he thought there was something special about you, and if anything was ever going to happen between you both he didn't want it to just be some meaningless fling."
You have to force your jaw to stay in place at Hyunjin's revelation. This kind of changed everything, since you knew now how serious Minho was about actually being with you. He'd known it from the start, even going as far as to tell Hyunjin about it.
"But please, please forget I told you that - this is all, fuck, I just need to shut up," Hyunjin rushes out. "Anyway, I just wanted to say how sorry I am about...well, everything. I was horrible to you about your ex, and even though he was a dickhead, I should have been nicer about the whole thing. And then, when you started seeing Minho and I was so judgmental about that too..."
He trails off, and when you look at him properly you realise he's tearing up. He looks down at his lap, sniffling, and your heart genuinely breaks in two. Without a second thought, you stand up and move to his side of the table, wrapping your arms around him. You weren't much of a hugger, but you knew when your friends needed comforting.
Hyunjin responds instantly, letting you hug him and wrapping his arms around your waist. "God, I don't even know why I'm crying."
"It's okay, Hyun," you chuckle, starting to feel emotional yourself. You hated seeing your friends upset (every time Felix so much as drunk cried, your heart shattered), so seeing Hyunjin cry because he felt bad about how he'd treated you was awful.
When you finally pull away from him, he wipes his eyes with his jacket sleeve, running both hands through his long blonde hair as if to sort himself out.
"Jesus, this is not how I wanted this conversation to go," he laughs slightly, revealing his dimples as he shakes his head. "But we're okay, right?"
"Of course we're okay!" You say in disbelief. You'd never had someone care so much about your friendship as to be this worried about it before. As much as you hated seeing Hyun so emotional, it was almost heartwarming to know how much he truly cared for you. "You didn't do anything you did out of spite, you only did it cause you were looking out for me."
He hums, nodding, giving you a lopsided smile. "I think one of the reasons I'm so protective over you is because you're an only child, too. We never had siblings to look out for us, we just had to figure things out for ourselves, and sometimes I feel like you're the little sister I never had. Especially with boys."
He adds the last part in a comedic tone, but it doesn't stop your eyes brimming. You know exactly what he means, and it pulls at your heartstrings. Just before your about to get all sentimental, though, Jeongin dumps his apron on the table and places an extra fancy hot chocolate in front of you, sliding into the booth next to you.
"So, I'm on my break - are you two done with your soppy lovey moment?" He says cheekily, so you roll your eyes at him and give his shoulder a nudge.
"Yes, we're done idiot," Hyunjin replies, distaste in his tone. "Why does she get a free drink and I don't?"
"Because I like her more than I like you," Jeongin says plainly, shrugging. "Now, tell me more about this secret birthday party I'm not supposed to know about."
You spend the next couple hours drinking hot chocolate (you swore Jeongin made the best in the world) and trying to avoid the topic of Jeongin's secret birthday party, which actually was very real and apparently not very secret. You'd all been planning it for months, since he was turning twenty one - a special birthday. All of you had done your best not to tell Jeongin about what was going on, but once Felix knew, he couldn't keep his mouth shut, and Jeongin caught on pretty quickly.
You'd just returned from the shops one night a week later, out to buy your joint present with Seungmin for Jeongin (a pair of shoes you knew he had his eyes on), when you were faced with someone you honestly did not expect to ever talk to again.
As you pushed open the main door of your dorm, balancing a shopping bag, a shoe box and a birthday banner in one hand and your keys in the other, you called out for Seungmin to come and help you carry your things inside. You'd realised something was up when he emerged looking distressed, giving you a worried look.
"What?" Is all you said, an eyebrow raised as he took the shopping bag from you and you headed through to your room to dump all the things you'd bought for Jeongin's party.
"Um," Seungmin started nervously, moving in your way to block your bedroom door. "Firstly, I tried my best to stop her and secondly, please don't scream at me. Or kill me."
You're utterly confused until you push your bedroom door open and Sooyun is sitting on your bed, on her phone. She looks up at you. Your eyes widen as you slowly turn to Seungmin.
"You're a dead man," you say quietly, dumping everything you were holding on the floor and turning to throttle him. He ducks out of your reach.
"Please don't!" Sooyun speaks up, the sound of her voice more than jarring. "It's not his fault, I demanded he let me in. Literally."
"I never though I'd say this," Seungmin says with a shaky voice, holding your wrists in his hands. "But she's right, I really did try to keep her out but she's scrappy!"
You turn to look at Sooyun, who gives you a nervous smile. "I am pretty scrappy."
With a huff, you turn on your heel to face Seungmin. "If were not done talking in five minutes, I've probably murdered her, and you will need to help me bury the body."
"Fair enough," Seungmin breaths out, saluting you as he slowly backs away. You turn to Sooyun.
"What the hell are you doing here?"
"I'm doing good, how are you?" Sooyun starts, rolling her eyes sarcastically and clasping her hands. "I'm loving this warm welcome."
"Get out," is all you reply with, pointing towards your door. She huffs, softening up physically.
"Okay, okay, sorry," she rushes, sighing. "You know I use humour as a coping mechanism."
You don't even say anything, just wait for her to continue with whatever it is she's come here to say. You'd honestly be more than content with never speaking to her again but, alas - life seemed to have other plans.
"I'm sorry," she says, and you can tell she's being sincere. You used to know her inside and out, after all. You move to sit on your bed, the opposite end to Sooyun. "I genuinely, really am. I never intended for you to find out the way you did, and I honestly never intended to go behind your back, either."
"But you did do both of those things," you say, surprisingly calmly.
"I did yes, but in my defence I did try to tell you before you found out," she reasons, and you roll your eyes. "You were brushing me off the whole week before you walked in on me and Doha. I tried to make plans with you so many times to tell you, and you ditched me every time."
"I ditched you because I'd just found out Doha was cheating on me!" You shout, remembering you're in a communal living situation and attempting to lower your voice. "I wanted to figure things out myself. I was planning on dumping Doha and coming to tell you, but that didn't happen."
Sooyun huffs, looking up at the ceiling, and when you take a peek at her you watch tears well up in the corner of her eyes.
"I know," she says softly, surprising you. "I know I'm the worst friend ever, and I don't want to excuse my actions at all. I shouldn't have gone behind your back, and I shouldn't have lied to you about it and - I just..."
She stops, taking a deep breath. "I just want you to know that I am sorry for what I did to you, and I will always be sorry. It's the worst thing I've ever done."
"So why did you do it?"
She waits for a second before speaking again, turning to look at you properly. "I never intended to love him, not at all. He was you're boyfriend, but I'd always kind of had a crush on him. I just put it to the back burner for your sake -"
You scoff. "How kind of you."
She actually chuckles at your interruption, shaking her head before continuing. "But then in summer, we bumped into each other in that coffee shop near my place in Busan, and got to talking. I tried so, so hard to ignore my feelings but when he started reciprocating them...I just couldn't help myself. I know it's terrible, and I don't want or expect you to ever forgive me for what I did."
"So what's the point in telling me all this?" You ask, genuinely wondering why she felt the need to explain herself after all these months.
"I actually wanted to talk to you about you, and then in turn I knew I should at least try and apologise," she says, and you tilt your head. "When I saw you at the Christmas markets, you know, at the skating rink, I realised how much I'd missed you."
"What's that got to do with what you want to tell me?"
"You've been looking miserable around campus recently," she points out, and you know she's right. "You looked ecstatic that day at the ice rink with Minho."
"You know him?"
"Everyone knows Lee Minho, babe," she chuckles. "Well done, by the way."
You shrug, feeling kind of proud.
"But you've not been together recently, and I figured that might have something to do with the fact you've had a face like a slapped ass of recent," she tilts her head questioningly. "And as much as you hate me now, we once told each other everything, and it pains me to see you so upset."
Oh, what the hell. You hated her, sure, but you could use a girls perspective on your current situation. You didn't need to make amends with her and you certainly didn't like her by any means.
"He's working away for two months," you start to explain the basics, not wanting to spare huge details of your life to the girl who stabbed you in the back. "And we left things on a bit of a limbo note. I'm fine, it's just...weird."
You notice the way her eyes light up as you speak to her, not expecting you to open up. "Well, if it's any consolation, you looked really cute together. You were smiling at him in a way I don't think I've ever seen you smile, or be as comfortable as you were with Doha. And I'm not just saying that due to the circumstances."
You can't help but let out a laugh. The whole situation was beyond you at this point, and you had much bigger issues you wanted to deal with. At least this was a step towards all that mental improvement you'd told Minho you'd achieve before he came home.
"This doesn't mean I forgive you," you point out with a straight face, and Sooyun holds her hands up.
"Don't expect you too," she counters. "As long as you take in my apology, and sort out your shit with your man, that's good enough for me."
"Excellent. Now get out," you say, but you're smiling slightly as you say it, and she gives you a small smile back as she stands up. When she opens your door, Seungmin is standing cautiously on the other side.
"Oh thank god," he breaths out, placing a hand on his heart. "I was about to get the gloves and shovel out."
Sooyun chuckles, manoeuvring past Seungmin to stand in your hallway. "I wouldn't have been surprised if you had to. It's what I deserve."
Seungmin turns to you with a raised eyebrow and you shrug in response. "Bye, Sooyun."
"Bye guys," is all she says, turning on her heel and seeing herself out of your dorm. Seungmin comes to join you, creating a dip in your bed as he takes a seat.
"So," he starts, getting himself comfortable and turning to face you slowly. "What did the she devil want?"
"Surprisingly, all she wanted was to apologise and tell me she thinks I've looked miserable since Minho left," you answer, rolling your eyes at the nickname that's clearly stuck around after all these months.
"Hm," Seungmin says audibly, a curious look to his face. You'd noticed Seungmin was strangely good at reading people, always paying more attention than most. "She's not wrong, to be fair. But that's all? I thought you guys would be screaming at each other, honestly."
You chuckle, shrugging your shoulders. "Same, seriously. I'm shocked at how civil our conversation was - she literally just apologised and explained how she'd had a crush on Doha for a while or whatever, and wanted to tell me she was seeing him the weekend I found out and broke up with him, so she didn't get the chance."
"Interesting," Seungmin raises his eyebrows. "While it was decent of her to apologise, she's still a snake. And, why does she think she can tell you shit about you're own life as if she has any say in it anymore?"
"Who fucking knows," you groan, leaning against the wall beside your bed, turning your head to look over at Seungmin. "I'm over it. I can be civil."
"She doesn't deserve civil," he points out.
"That's true, but I'm not wasting anymore energy over it. I have other issues to deal with," you say with a sigh. Seungmin tilts his head at you.
"You're finally maturing!" He gleams, grinning at you and showing off his braces. You roll your eyes playfully, knowing that he's kind of right. "You're a better woman than me."
When all you do is raise an eyebrow, he laughs and shakes his head. "You know what I mean. Anyway, how are you doing? You know, with the whole Minho situation."
"I dunno," you respond lazily. "I kind of realised I missed him when I started rereading our texts when I couldn't sleep, and now I just want him to come home."
"That's the last stage - acceptance."
"He's not died, Seungmin," your quick to cut in with a laugh.
"No, but it's the same principle. At least you can finally admit you like him more than as just a sneaky link," Seungmin points out, rearranging his position on your bed.
"It wasn't a very sneaky link," you shake your head laughing. "But yeah, I like him. He's not given me any reason to not. I feel like I was just trying to downplay my feelings for him because I didn't want to admit to myself I liked him as much as I do."
"I get it," Seungmin says after humming. "It's scary to get intense feelings for someone so quick after your relationships ended."
"Yeah," you nod, agreeing with him. Seungmin never failed to help you figure out your emotions. "God, if Minho could hear this conversation he'd be gloating."
"Oh, he so would be," Seungmin laughs, rolling his eyes and the thought of his friend. "On a less deep note, did you get the shoes for Jeongin?"
"Yup," you say, heaving yourself up off your bed to grab the box with Jeongin's shoes in it. You open the lid off the box to show Seungmin, tilting it.
"They are hideous."
You role your eyes as you close the lid of the box again. "Shut up, he's been wanting them for ages. For some reason Jeongin can pull off clothes that would make anyone else look like a clown."
"True," Seungmin nods. "Also, have you heard about our new plan regarding Jeongin's birthday party?"
"No?" You question. Jeongin's 21st was proving to be one of the most complicated events you'd ever helped set up in your life. The boys were going all out on the celebrations, which is what you thought Jeongin deserved for putting up with their idiocy.
"We're now no longer informing Felix of any of the plans. He's out. He's a little blabbermouth and cannot be trusted."
You laugh, giving Seungmin a thumbs up. "I'm so on board with that. The amount of times I've had to cover his mouth or change the subject because he keeps 'forgetting' Jeongin's not supposed to know about his surprise party."
"He's an idiot," Seungmin chuckles, standing up from off of your bed and clasping his hands. "I think it's dinner time. Chicken wraps?"
You nod, grinning. "You speak to my soul."
Jeongin's surprise birthday party arrived faster than you'd expected, the days seeming to be a blur of decorations, organising, studying and sleeping. What was meant to be a small get together at Hyunjin and Felix's dorm turned into a full blown party at Changbin and Chan's apartment in the city centre. You weren't aware of just how many friends Jeongin had outside the guys, but he was apparently a very popular guy.
It was a whole ordeal, having to go as far as miss your last lecture on Friday afternoon to help set up. By the time you, Chan, Changbin and Seungmin were set to finish, their apartment would be transformed from a gym bro torture chamber to party central.
You'd all spared no expense with the decorations; streamers, fairy lights, tinsel, and to top it all off - a banner that read, 'happy brthday Jeongin!". Yes, Hyunjin had been in charge of the banner, and yes - he'd misspelled it.
The operation began at 5pm on the dot. Jisung's role was to assist Jeongin in getting to the party location - a process that was made ten times harder from Jisung's idea to stop Jeongin from finding out he's actually headed to his birthday party. He'd gone as far as to create a group chat excluding Jeongin (and Felix, who knew nothing) and propose his 4 step plan.
Step One: The Study Date.
Him and Jeongin had arranged a study date together on Friday after their lectures last week, leaving Jeongin unsuspecting.
Step Two: The Phone Call.
Changbin phones Jisung in a panic about how he was in the bathroom, accidentally slipped out the shower and hurt himself and the lock has broke, leaving him stranded as Chan was out. This is credible, since the dodgy bathroom lock in Chan and Changbin's apartment is infamous (due to many an awkward on-the-toilet encounter), and Changbin is quite clumsy.
Step Three: The Formation.
Jisung ropes Jeongin into going to rescue Changbin with him. Shouldn't be too hard, since Jeongin likes spending time with his friends and will have nothing better to do. Plus, he'd get a kick out of seeing Changbin trapped and in pain. Meanwhile, everyone is also on their way to the party, or already there.
Step Four: The Party.
Everyone hides and does the whole, classic, 'surprise!' scenario, Jeongin is surprised, everyone parties and life is good.
It was actually a pretty decent plan, and everyone was up for seeing it through. That's how you ended up teetering on the edge of a ladder, trying to pin the banner up.
"A little more to the left," Seungmin says, standing back so he can get a comprehensive view of the misspelled banner. You move the banner accordingly. "Hm, maybe down a bit."
You move the banner again, trying to be careful and not fall to your death.
"No, that's too far, more up," Seungmin nags again.
"Oh my god, it's going here - end of," you say exasperatedly, pinning it in place and climbing down the ladder. It looks fine, so you leave it in place and take the ladders away.
"That's the kitchen area finished," Chan announces, walking over to you and Seungmin, dusting his hands off on his trousers. "Hyunjin is such an idiot."
You laugh, nodding your head. "His excuse was that he was half asleep when he painted it."
"If we get Jeongin drunk really quickly he'll probably not notice," Seungmin points out. "Where's Changbin?"
"Here!" The man in question shouts from his room, wandering out with his phone in hand. "Fifteen minutes until the seed is planted. This place looks good!"
"Thanks," you say with a grin, knowing you'd orchestrated the decoration process. "I should probably go get changed - people should be showing up soon, right?"
"Yup," Chan answers. "I told people to show up at around seven, which is in ten minutes, so get your skates on."
"Hold on," Seungmin speaks up, a confused look on his face. "If people are coming in ten, who's getting Jeongin's cake?"
Everyone falls silent, looking towards each other. Changbin shrugs his shoulders, while you roll your eyes.
"Nobody picked up Jeongin's cake?" You groan, knowing that something was bound to go wrong after everything had been going so smoothly. You'd messaged the group chat to say the cake was due to be picked up at some point today, after ordering it online, but it had clearly gone forgotten. You'd get it if you could have, but the cake shop you'd ordered from had to be driven to, and you didn't have a car.
"Do we have time to get it before people start showing up?" Changbin asks.
"Dunno, isn't the bakery a ten minute drive from here? That's a twenty minute trip, not to mention actually getting the cake, and Jeongin and Jisung are only a five minute drive away. As soon as Changbin calls them, they'll be turning up," Chan responds, looking towards you with raised eyebrows.
"Could you drive there, Chan?" Seungmin asks, but he shakes his head.
"Changbin and I had a couple beers this afternoon," he responds, shutting down Seungmin's question. "I feel okay but I'd definitely be over the limit if I got stopped."
"Why don't you drive, Min?" You ask your dorm mate, but Changbin laughs before he gets a chance to respond.
"Seungmin? He hasn't even passed his written test, let alone the actual test," he scoffs.
You turn to Seungmin with a blank stare. "You haven't got a drivers license?"
"Shut up."
You turn on your heel to Chan. "Would you let me drive your car?"
"Sure, if you treat her with respect."
"I'll go, then," you say, because realistically it's the only option. You'd absolutely hate to miss Jeongin's suprise entrance, but you'd hate it if one of the boys missed it even more. Plus, his cake was super expensive and the plan was to bring it out for him straight away. "Where's your keys?"
Chan walks through to the kitchen area wordlessly, grabbing his car keys and chucking them towards you.
"If she comes back with a scratch -"
"You'll kill me, I know," you chuckle, giving the boys a wave and heading towards the door. "Text me when people start showing up."
"Will do. Drive safe," Seungmin answers, as you leave the apartment and hurry down the stairs. It was going to be a mission to get to the cake shop, pick up the cake and get back to the apartment before Jeongin and Jisung arrived, so you had to move quickly.
Chan's car was fairly easy to drive, which was useful since you hadn't driven much since you'd moved to the city for university. It wasn't long until you reached the cake shop. They handed over the cake after you'd checked it to make sure it was the right one, and you basically scrambled to get back in the car and put the foot down.
You'd set your maps up on your phone to find your way back to the apartment when you got the message that Changbin had called Jisung and set the plan in motion, as Jisung had been texting Changbin to say Jeongin was getting antsy in the library, which was a nightmare. Since Jisung and Jeongin were much closer to the apartment than you were, you could only hope Jisung's stalling would buy you some time.
You wouldn't call yourself a particularly fast driver, but in this instance the speed limits were useless to you. Luckily, the amount of times Minho had driven in this area like a maniac and bragged about never getting ticketed had paid off, as you knew there were no speed cameras around. Usain Bolt would have been your only rival as you parked up, grabbing the keys, your phone and the cake box as you bolted up the stairs of Chan and Changbin's apartment building.
Your efforts seemed futile, though, as you slid into the hallway outside their apartment door and saw Jeongin and Jisung standing right outside the door. There was a only a split second where Jeongin turned round upon your arrival, a confused look over his features, before the door burst open and Jeongin's friends shouted, 'surprise!'.
Although you should have been more startled by the array of people screaming in front of you, or disappointed that you'd missed being on the other side of the door for the surprise, the real reason your jaw dropped and you stood stock still was because of one particular person straight in your eye line.
Minho stood, his face only just visible behind Jisung's, amongst your friends. You felt like you were hallucinating until you were snapped back to reality.
"Oh my god?" Jeongin grins, looking between all of his friends. "How could I not have figured this out!"
"Because you weren't blessed with brains," you heard Seungmin say cheekily, earning him a scowl from the birthday boy.
"Shut up. Is it bad I'm kind of disappointed I didn't get to see Changbin in a state?"
Everyone laughs at this, and you follow as the two boys in front of you are ushered into the apartment. It takes Jeongin all but two seconds to notice Minho, and his reaction makes you think he wasn't aware of his grand return either.
"Minho hyung!" He squeals, even going as far as to give the older man a hug. "I thought you weren't able to be back in time for my birthday?"
"Change of plans," Minho says with a smile, reciprocating Jeongin's hug. "Happy birthday, kid."
The front door closes behind you, and you turn to see Jisung winking at you.
"Did you know about this?" You whisper to him, and you watch him shrug as he takes the cake box out of your hands.
"Might have done. Go say hi," he replies with a genuine smile. You roll your eyes, unable to resist smiling back at him as you turn around - and Minho is standing right there. It almost feels like a dream.
There's a moment where he just looks at you, a small smile playing at his lips, until he pulls you into him and wraps his arms around your shoulders. You just let him take you in his embrace, and if you had to describe how it felt - you'd say it felt like home.
Your reunion was, of course, interrupted as Chan strolls towards you both.
"Okay, lovebirds, there's enough time to get reacquainted later," he grins at you both. You pull apart, thankful that Jeongin's party guests had started to mingle amongst themselves and hadn't witnessed your sappy moment. "How's my baby?"
"Your cars fine," you respond, chucking his car keys in the air, which he catches. "Only scratched her a couple times."
Chan just shakes his head at you, walking away to hang up his car keys. Just as you think you've got a minute to be able to talk to Minho, your arm is swiftly pulled away and Felix drags you into him for a hug.
"Hello, my favourite girl," he grins, wiggling you about. "How's your day been since I last saw you a couple hours ago?"
You laugh, shaking your head at Felix's eternally happy nature. "It's been stressful. I actually still need to get changed, so if I could perhaps get a second -"
"BIRTHDAY SHOTS!" You hear Changbin scream from the kitchen area, and take it as your queue to dip. You silently slide away and grab your bag, heading into Chan's bedroom to get changed. He'd given you permission earlier in the afternoon to change in his room, so you start pulling your clothes out of your bag.
Before you get the chance to change, you hear a gentle knock at the door. Sighing, you shout through that they can come in.
"Sorry to interrupt," Minho says quietly, sliding through the door as if to not reveal his disappearance from the party. "I saw you come in here, and I wanted to say hi properly."
"Hi," you all but giggle, moving closer to him out of instinct. "Is it cringe if I say I've missed you?"
"Super cringe," he answers, coming closer to you still. "But I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss you too."
You hum, letting him come even closer and bringing your hand in his. He gives it a squeeze as you rest your head against his chest momentarily.
"You didn't talk to me while you were away," you mumble. You knew why he'd given you the radio silence, but it didn't hurt any less.
"I know," he sighs back, bringing his free hand up to place it in your hair. "I just wanted to give you space. I was so busy, too."
"No, I get it," you interrupt, pulling away slightly to look at him properly. "I just...I dunno, I thought I'd have a lot more time to plan what I'd say to you when you came home."
Minho chuckles, shaking his head slightly. "Well, we've got plenty of time to catch up later. If I don't give Felix about an hour of my time tonight he will kill me."
"I don't doubt it," you smile. "That boy has missed you more than I can say."
Minho can't help but smile, and you can tell how much he has missed his friends. He steps back from you slightly and nods towards your bag on Chan's bed.
"I'll leave you to it. Find me later on though, yeah? We've got a lot to talk about," Minho says, taking a few steps backwards and smiling at you before leaving.
You take a minute to yourself before getting changed, smiling inwardly at the thought of seeing Minho again, of him being back home. You'd waited for this day for almost two months and now it was here - you were more ecstatic than you thought you'd be.
Once changed, you leave Chan's bedroom to find the party in full swing already. You recognise some people, such as Jeongin's friends from work and some people on his course, but you decide to head in the direction of the birthday boy himself. You find him downing shots with Hyunjin, who gives you a grin as you walk towards him.
"Hey," he says, passing you a shot on instinct. You down it with a grimace, placing the empty glass on the table beside you. "You look less crap than you did a half hour ago."
"What a lovely compliment," you sneer, turning to the younger boy to your left. "Happy birthday Jeongin - the big twenty one."
"Don't remind me. I'm as old as you guys now," he laughs, already going to pour another round of shots. "Your decorations are great - I'm so glad they left if to you. If it was any of the boys, Hyunjin's dodgy birthday banner would be the only form of decoration."
"Hey!" Hyunjin shouts as you chuckle.
"You noticed that, did you?" You ask Jeongin, who shrugs with a grin.
"Of course I did, it's literally the centrepiece," he says, turning his attention to Hyunjin. "Really? Who forgets the 'I' in birthday?"
"Okay, okay, now that you're my age doesn't mean you get a pass to be a cheeky shit," Hyunjin counters. "The day you can outdrink me is the day you can make fun of me all you want."
Jeongin takes that as his queue to pass out the shots he has poured, so you take it and clink your glass against his and Hyunjin's before downing it. Hyunjin must have noticed what you had at that moment, Minho sitting next to Felix on the sofa, as he nudges your shoulder.
"Did you talk to him yet?" He asks.
"Yeah, a bit. Did you know he was coming home early?"
Hyunjin shakes his head, and when you look to Jeongin he shakes his too.
"No idea. It was a nice birthday surprise, except Felix won't leave him alone now," Jeongin laughs. "I'm using my birthday boy status to demand a chat."
Jeongin peels off, heading towards Minho and Felix, which leaves you and Hyunjin.
"Don't worry about it," Hyunjin says in a calm tone, obviously sensing you were nervous about how to navigate Minho being home. "Enjoy yourself tonight. I've got no doubts that Minho will be occupied all night, since everyone's missed him almost as much as you have, but you'll have plenty time after the party to talk. Or not talk, up to you."
You nudge his shoulder at his suggestive tone, but laugh all the same. "I know, I guess I'm still shocked he's even here. Have you talked to him yet?"
"Nope," Hyunjin shakes his head. "He arrived only a minute after Felix and I did, and then not even five minutes later Jeongin turned up. I'll catch him at some point tonight."
You hum in response, giving your friend a small smile. "You shouldn't worry either," you say, knowing your emotional friend is probably shitting it for his conversation with Minho after everything that happened. "It will be fine between you two."
"Yeah, I know. I just hope he knows how sorry I am."
You roll your eyes at Hyunjin, unable to help yourself. "Come on you big softie, you know what Minho's like. He probably already doesn't care."
Hyunjin's face lights up at this, as if you've reminded him how much Minho actually loves him, and that he won't let one stupid incident bother him too much.
"You're right," Hyunjin nods, pulling a hand through his messy blonde hair.
You shrug your shoulders in response. "I always am. Now, want to pour us some drinks? Plus, isn't that girl you were seeing a couple months ago, the one on Jeongin's course, here? Maybe you could apologise for ditching her at the library that one time."
Hyunjin laughs, shaking his head. "Yeah, that might be a good idea," he says, looking in the direction of that girl and her friends, until Seungmin starts walking towards you both. "Want a drink, Seungmo?"
"Was just about to ask for one," Seungmin responds, giving Hyunjin a thumbs up when he picks up the bottle of liquor Seungmin wanted. "Plus, I wanted to tell you both to stop moping in the corner. Jeongin's adamant on setting up beer pong, and I need to win this time. He's never stopped rubbing the New Years game in my face."
"What happened on new years?" You ask, the two boys having clearly forgotten you weren't there.
"Only the greatest showdown in history," Hyunjin responds with a grin, handing you and Seungmin the drinks he poured for you both. "It was Jeongin, Changbin and Felix vs me, Seungmin and Changbin with Jisung as ref. It was the most intense game, and Jeongin ended up winning at the last second."
"With some dirty tactics," Seungmin huffs sulkily, turning his attention to you. "Anyway, I'm replacing Changbin with you on my team, because he lost for us last time, so come on."
The beer pong game you get roped into ends up lasting hours, since Jeongin continuously disappears to either talk to his party guests or down the never ending cycle of drinks being given to him. Due to this, Seungmin's team ends up winning, even after Hyunjin's position is switched out to one of Jeongin's work colleagues, since Hyunjin's attempt to apologise to that girl he left in the library actually works.
When people start heading home after a couple hours, you notice him leave with that same girl, a cheeky grin plastering his face. You shake your head at him in response as you continue your clean up mission. Everyone had gotten very drunk very quickly, which had led to Chan and Changbin's apartment getting all but trashed.
Hyunjin's birthday banner was ripped in half, both sides dangling off the wall, though Jeongin had said it looked better like that, since you couldn't see the spelling mistake well. The birthday boy in question was crashed on the couch, the alcohol clearly overcoming him. Felix was right there with him, though that was the opposite of a surprise. You'd think with how often that boy drank he'd began to build a tolerance, but alas.
That left you, Seungmin, Chan, Changbin, Jisung and Minho, each one of you doing your bit to help make the apartment look as presentable as a bunch of drunk people could. You were placing all the red cups into a trash bag, when you felt someone tap your shoulder. Turning, you see Minho behind you, handsome as ever.
"Hey," he says with a smile. "Seungmin and Jisung are planning to crash here tonight, but I was wondering if you wanted a lift home? I haven't been drinking."
You can't help but inwardly smile, not only at the prospect of getting to spend time with Minho, but also at being able to sleep in your own bed and not on the sweat infested gym bro couch.
"Yeah, that would be great," you agree. "When do you want to go?"
"Now, please. I can only spend small doses of time in this apartment. It's the embodiment of revolting," Minho shudders, taking the bin bag from you and tying it up, walking towards the front door with you in tow to place it with the others.
"Oh come on," you counter. "It's not that bad."
"If you opened that fridge, all you'd see is chicken, beer, and protein shakes. This is a terrifying place."
You laugh, turning to find Seungmin and say goodbye. You spot him on his phone, chilling on the sofa beside a sleeping Jeongin who not only had a bunch of random objects stacked on top of him, but had 'dick' written on his forehead.
Walking over, he catches your attention and gives you his signature salute. You return it with a smile. "Use protection," he says lowly to you, an eyebrow raised.
"Shut your mouth," you smile sweetly back, grabbing the dorm keys he chucks at you and turning on your heel. Minho waves bye at his friends quietly, not wanting to wake up the two sleeping beauties.
"Cars parked just outside," he informs you as you both walk down the stairs. "Sorry I couldn't spend much time with you tonight, it was like every time one conversation ended, another one began straight away, and I was in an endless loop of talking about the same thing."
"It must get annoying," you say, walking out the front door of the apartment building as Minho holds the door open for you. "I bet you end up having the same conversation again and again every time you come home from touring."
"Mhm," Minho says, using his car keys to open the door before you both climb in. It feels strange, being back in Minho's car as if he hadn't been gone. "But I won't have to do it anymore."
You turn to him, visibly confused. His eyes widen, and he shakes his head. "Shit. Guess the cats out the bag."
"You're not touring anymore?"
"It was meant to be more of a grand reveal," he sighs with a smile, whilst you practically squeal. It didn't help that you were drunk, being told news as exciting as this.
"So, how - what are you doing now?" You ask, trying to get a grasp of what was happening. Minho starts the car and pulls away, heading in the direction of your dorm.
"You know how I was telling you about possibly getting a permanent position here in Seoul?," he asks, which you nod at. "Well, when I was touring a position opened up, and I applied for it straight away. I was offered the position two days ago, and the transfer was instantaneous. I got the first flight home I could."
You felt like you were dreaming, which wasn't helped from the alcohol in your system. "So you get to stay here, all the time?"
"Yup. I work for a venue owned by my company, which means I'll only ever be dancing there. No need to leave anymore," he smiles, keeping his eyes on the road. "The pay rate isn't as good, but since I'll be working more than when I was touring, I end up making more money in the long run."
You sigh contemptibly, grinning like a madman without even meaning to. It's not long until Minho is pulling up outside your dorm building.
"Are you coming in?" You ask, which he nods at.
"Yeah, if that's what you want," he smiles, getting out of his car. You do the same, closing the door behind you and using your keys to open the main door. Once you reach your bedroom, you can't help but to rush into Minho's arms. He chuckles at you, knowing the alcohol is definitely fuelling your emotions.
It doesn't stop him from holding you tightly against him, placing his head on top of yours.
"I lied before," you mumble. Minho raises an eyebrow, waiting for you to continue. "I didn't just miss you. I wished you'd come home every day. Life wasn't the same without you in it."
Minho doesn't say anything straight away, and at first you think he's going to turn around and say he doesn't like you, he doesn't want to be with you - until you pull away from him slightly and realise he's tearing up.
"What's wrong?" You say instantly, going on your tip toes to catch the tears in the corners of his eyes before they fall.
"Being away from you - it was way harder than I thought it was going to be. There was so many times I wanted to call you just to hear your voice, but I wanted to give you the space you needed. And then when Hyunjin called me, I just got so angry about the whole situation, and I took it out on him which I shouldn't have. I still need to apologise to him for that," he chuckles. "But it made me realise how much I genuinely cared for you, how much I missed you."
You look between his eyes as he talks, taking everything in.
"Why don't we sit down," Minho smiles, nodding towards your bed. "I've got so much I want tot tell you."
"Me too," you agree, sitting on your bed and making yourself comfortable. "You go first."
"No, you," he counters, his usual demanding self. "I want to hear about what you've been up to."
You shake your head but oblige nonetheless. "Well, I did good in all my exams, and I haven't had anymore shit from my lecturers. I haven't really done much, other than spend time with the guys and study."
Minho nods as he listens. "I knew you'd ace those exams, I didn't doubt it."
You smile. "You helped a lot, though. Oh - I almost forgot, the other week Sooyun came to see me."
"The she witch?" Minho says, shocked. "What the hell did she want?"
"She basically told me she's sorry blah blah and that she said I've looked miserable since you left."
Minho's features soften at this, and on instinct his hand goes towards yours. He takes it in his absentmindedly, and you had to admit, you missed the way his skin felt against yours. Warm and safe.
"You...you were miserable whilst I was away?" He asks sincerely.
"Not miserable, just not as happy," you say. "You've been a big part in my life the end of last year, and when you left, it was like a little bit of my happiness did too."
Minho tilts his head, studying you. "I felt the exact same way. It was fucking weird - I thought I'd be fine and I'd be home in a couple months and we'd see each other, but I just couldn't stop thinking about you."
"Hyunjin said you said you love me," you blurt out all of a sudden, and you watch as the tips of Minho's ears turn bright red. You smile at his reaction.
"Hyunjin is an idiot. But he's not wrong."
The smile is completely wiped from your face, hearing him say that out loud.
"You love me?" You say cautiously, not quite believing it was real.
"I don't know much about love," Minho sighs, a small smile on his face. "My parents...they weren't loving to me. Hell, I don't think they even love each other. But, if someone asked me what I think it is - I would say it was this. You. My feelings for you are as close to romantic love as I ever thought I was capable of having."
Shell shocked wouldn't even begin to describe your feelings. You can't help but feel tears brim at the corners of your eyes, just like Minho's had done moments before. He chuckles at your reaction.
"I've never had a serious girlfriend, and I don't know if I'll be any good at being a boyfriend, but if you feel the way I feel, I want to try with you. You are stubborn, naive, and such a brat," he starts, and you scowl at him. He laughs in return before continuing. "But you are also the kindest, most talented, and beautiful person I have ever met. I knew you were special the moment we met, and I'd be an idiot to ever let you go."
"You're just as stubborn as me," you say, stubbornly focusing on that part of Minho's speech. He laughs openly at you, shaking his head with adoration.
"I am, but you love me for it anyway," he says cheekily.
"I do."
"Say it," Minho says instantly, staring you down. "Say you love me."
"What do I get in return?"
Minho scoffs. "You get to love me? What's better than that?"
"A paracetamol and a glass of water," you say, the effects of the alcohol already starting to kick into your system. Minho laughs at you, shaking his head.
"Okay, doll. If you say you love me, I'll nurse your hangover," he says honestly, hands up.
"Even tomorrow? You'll stay the night?" You ask, putting on your best puppy dog eyes.
Minho nods, holding his pinky out. "I promise. Now say you love me."
You look properly into his eyes, sincerity taking over. "Are you ready for my cringe speech?"
He laughs, nodding, so you continue.
"Being cheated on sucks. It's shit to put all your effort into somebody just for them to stomp on it. You were there for me throughout a really crap period of time. You were my friend, and then you were something more, and as much as you were a distraction to what had happened, you also became my rock. My shoulder to lean on - and I really don't know what I would have done without you during those months. You showed me what it felt to be genuinely liked again, sparked my happiness and passion and everything else, and I am so thankful for your dumb existence," you say, trying to keep your confession semi lighthearted. Minho smiles.
You take a deep breath, looking up at Minho. "I love you, Minho. I feel like I didn't know what proper love was until I met you. Nobody has ever treated me like you do, and I have never felt such intense feelings for anyone, ever. I love you, and I'm so glad you feel the same way."
Minho shakes his head fondly, a smile threatening to crack over his features.
"God, who turned us into such sappy people?" He asks, looking back at you.
"Who knows," you laugh, trying your hardest not to cry from all the emotions you were feeling.
"So, what do you think about being my girlfriend?," Minho asks, immediately talking again afterwards. "If you don't want to make things official too quickly that's okay, I mean we have only been on one date and -"
"I would love to be your girlfriend, Minho," you reply seriously. He stops rambling and smiles.
You laugh at him. "Really, really. Your first act as my boyfriend can be to get me some damn paracetamol, my head is pounding."
Minho chuckles as he shakes his head, standing up off the bed. "Is this my life now? Servitude to your highness?"
"Hey! You signed up for this," you laugh, watching as Minho walks out your door to head to your kitchen, knowing exactly where you keep the medication.
You smile in at at yourself, thinking back to the first time you met Minho at that bar, thinking back to how enamoured you were with him and how easily he became such an important part of your life.
It hadn't been easy to get to where you were now, going from nothing but acquaintances, to friends with benefits, to nothing at all - but you'd do it over again in a heartbeat, to be able to call Minho your boyfriend.
"Here you go, love," he says when he returns, placing a glass in your hand and the pills in the other, smiling down at you with adoration.
Yeah, you'd do it all over again.
Maybe friends with benefits works out after all.
sorry about the wait, yet again. I hope this heals all your broken hearts!! feedback is always appreciated, and a massive thankyou to everyone who’s ever interacted with this story <333
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@miamyre @skzgallll @kgllmre @tangerminie @nepytune @jeyelleohe @dis-baku-bitch @judeduartewannabe @endzii23 @mitchinggoni @vixensss @odhnlzl101 @yoonguurt @trashieforchannie @xcookiemonsteer @[email protected] @laylasbunbunny @sahazzy @hyukastuffies @multifandomtrash-dree @sherlockholmes08 @iam2out @jisungxident @amnmich @raspbinniecreme @fairygemss @linoots @galaxleeknow @ninashellhole @casualwombatcheesecake @kpopwh0r3 @fixation-dump @mal-lunar-28 @vidkqb @foreverdreamingofyou20 @zerefdragn33l @i8rsie @strayluvr @multinci @cutiespghetti @identityincrisissoulinhell @yoontaethings @lomllino @biribarabiribbaem @downbadreading
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rains-asleep · 4 months
Happy eel noises
Tumblr media
Featuring: Jade Leech
Genre: Fluff
I feel like despite being human, when the twins are extremely happy, guard down and everything, they make little noises.
Look, you get embarrassed Jade.
Tumblr media
With midterms, you and Jade were rarely seeing each other. Even when the two of you made plans, he’d get stuck to clean up one of Floyd or Azul’s messes, or you’d be dragged off to help Crowley. Even though on the surface he appeared indifferent to the time away from you, Floyd noticed how he held the dishes a little too tight on his shifts. Azul recalled receiving death glares from his vice-housewarden, and their fellow classmates? They were even more on edge.
The day before midterms, Azul and Floyd confronted the stressed out merman. “Jade, your performance hasn’t been up to the expectations you set for yourself. Care to give a—” “You’re kinda bumming me out with your weird slump.” The shorter Leech clenched his fist, another movement that doesn’t go unknown to the duo.
“Ah, my sincerest apologies. I’ll get my act together.” Azul moved to speak but was cut off. “Please excuse me, I believe I’m on dish duty this evening.” In truth, he didn’t want to do dishes. He did, after all, break one of them without realizing the previous day.
“Ah, erm, I’ll handle that. Just get some rest.” Usually Azul didn’t care for the trivial tasks in the lounge and left it to whoever had that job, but he didn’t want to be forced to buy another cup or bowl. Jade knew this and left for his room without complaint.
His bed felt so empty without you. He’d mistakenly got too used to your touch. He chuckled to himself. He felt a tad pathetic. Unable to sleep because of his partner being absent.
So much for being independent…
You asked to use the bathroom before your exam and took your chance to hurry to his class. They hadn’t quite started yet, in fact, he was just about to enter the classroom when you hugged him from behind. A simple action you did that made him weak to his feet. “Guess who, love.” He laid his head back, relishing in your touch.
“Shrimpy, Trein’s gonna kill ya if he finds out you’re not actually in class, y’know.” You could practically feel Jade deflate. “He is correct,” he pulled your hands off of him with hesitance, “I’ll be seeing you after the exams, I hope?” You nodded before pulling him into a small kiss. Floyd dramatically gagged at the two of you before pushing you to the direction to your class. Very typical Floyd behavior.
The school day ended as well as the hell that was midterms. You got a text from Floyd as you walked to the hall of mirrors for Octavien:elle.
Floyd: Jade’s clicking and trilling is annoying, hurry up and get over here!!! —3:26
Floyd: SHRIMPY I SQEAR —3:26
You couldn’t help but smile ear to ear. You heard from Azul that eel mermen make inhuman noises when they feel strong emotions. He also explained that the twins tend to suppress them, mainly Jade. It saddened you to know he’d been suppressing them, but you understood. He probably didn’t want to sound informal.
You’re thoughts came to a halt when you entered the Mostro Lounge. You knew you entered the lounge because you heard Floyd scream your nickname. “Shrimpy! Jade’s in his room, hurry!!!” His voice was urgent. So much so, that you sprinted to his room. Was he safe? Did something happen?
You slammed open the door and heard a…squeak? No, not a squeak, a chirp. Before you, was your boyfriend on his bed hugging a plushie you got for him. His face was bright pink as he met your eyes. Another trill escaped his throat as he covered his mouth.
“Awww, Jade, was that you?” He diverted his eyes as you crossed the room to him. “I guess you missed me, huh?” He was so uncharacteristically shy. “You don’t need to be ashamed of them, it’s who you are. And I love who you are, Jade.”
He hugged you tightly, almost enough to rival his brother. “Thank you, my pearl. I’ll keep that in mind.” As if on cue, another sound was made of excitement. “It’ll, ahem, take some getting used to.”
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rafesdrew · 4 months
Heyy I just wanted to say that ur page looks really cute! Could i request JJ x kook!reader?? She/her pronouns?
BEING EDITED !!!! ࿐໋ Late Nights
Tumblr media Tumblr media
PAIRING; JJ Maybank x Fem!Thornton!Reader
SYNOPSIS; when your parents are out of town, and your brother is at a party. what is a better way to spend your friday night with your boyfriend and a blunt.
WARNING(S); drugs(weed), make out session, hickeys/neck kissing&biting😭, language. my writing, my proofreading (it sucks) please tell me if i have missed any!
W/C; 1k+
TYPE; fluff
A/N; thank you so much!! and of course i can queen! this is my first post, i am so nervous😭. please comment if there's anything i can improve on! i hope you guys enjoy<3
Tumblr media
My parents being out of town for the weekend and Topper, my brother being at a party was the best news ever.
No more bitching from your parents about how you need to study harder for your exams. No more of them complaining how you need to do better in math because you 'barley scraped an A' while Topper hasn't gotten an A once in his life.
Can you tell who the favourite is?
But you could just relax for the weekend.
I sat at my desk finishing on the last of my math homework, bored out of my mind as I heard my brother outside my bedroom door.
"Hey Y/n, I'm just about to leave for that party with Rafe and Kelce." he said knocking on my door making his way inside not bothering waiting for my reply and slowly moving closer to me at my desk.
"I thought mom said no more parties for you." I asked knowing our mom give him a big ass lecture.
"Y/n don't even start, you know exactly what she said, but you aren't gonna open your mouth okay?" he said sternly.
"I'm no snitch, but I want to know what you have on me, Why won't I tell mom?" I said now turned staring at him.
"Because I know exactly what you and your little bestie Sarah did when she was in your room the other day. By the way the smell was in my vent, and also hide your weed stash in your closet better." he said looking at me like he proved a point. And in all fairness, he did.
"And with that goodbye Topper, love you." I said turning away not wanting to see his face
"Love you too, See you later Y/n/n" he said before running out my door not closing it.
"TOPPER MY DOO-" "Bye Y/n!" he screamed cutting me off slamming the front door. Well at least he knows how to shut one door.
I waited 10 minutes after Topper left before texting JJ. I had told JJ earlier this week about my parents leaving and also the fact that Topper would most likely be out of the house.
he's gone, come over pls. i miss u sm:/
Omw gorgeous <3
"Hi princess" JJ said as he walked through my front door, "It feels weird not coming through your window" he said laughing at his own joke before kissing my temple and grabbing my hand giving it a quick squeeze.
"Hey baby, I missed you" I said softly pulling him into a kiss before I dragged him to my bedroom. I gently pushed him onto my bed as his back hit my soft sheets as I crawled over his body, putting my head into his neck and propping my leg on top of him. His hands found my ass as he rested them there occasionally stroking the backs of my thighs in a comforting way.
I love this man.
I started to kiss his neck, before littering small bruises from his sharp jaw to his collarbone. In all honesty, you didn't even know why you were doing it. Maybe just the need of wanting to feel your boyfriend.
"You okay angel" he whispered concerned but enjoying the marking you were doing to his neck.
"Mhm" you hummed before leaving one last kiss before looking up into his blue eyes. "You got a joint, J?" I asked over his lips before pecking them.
"Always, I thought you might've asked" he laughed before snatching me from the bed as he ran downstairs while my legs wrapped around him.
He walked into the backyard giggling as he put me down so he could sit in one of the sun lounges that overlooked your pool. He barley let you go for more than two seconds, before pulling you to straddle him.
The soft blue lights of the pool and the other outdoor lighting made you really admire and appreciate the moment.
He pulled out two joints out of his pocket displaying them infront of me "Ta-da" he said as I laughed at him.
"I'm so glad we aren't sharing one, I need to get completely done tonight" I said eagerly trying to find his lighter in his pockets.
He slightly moved his hips up moving me at the same time, as he pulled the lighter out of his back pocket. "This what you looking for babe" he said as I wasted no time putting the joint in my mouth waiting for him to light it for me.
He lit mine before quickly lighting his own, shoving the lighter in his pocket. I took a long drag of the blunt, inhaling it and blowing the smoke in JJ's face.
JJ started longingly at me, while I looked at him confused. "Why are you looking at me like that" I said pulling his jaw in my hand titling his head up a little.
"I'm so fucking in love with you" he said barley a whisper as he inhaled the smoke of the joint after taking a drag.
He held my face in his hands before blowing the smoke into my mouth, before kissing me lovingly.
He pulled back for air as I blew the smoke out as he smiled at me.
After we had finished the joints, we sat there in each others arms laughing like morons.
"O-o-okay J, would you rather kiss John B or kiss Pope" I said struggling to talk through my tears of laughter. What was I even laughing about?
"Well, John B doesn't have your ass, and Pope definitely doesn't have your boobs. So probably you" he said grabbing my ass in one of his hands before gently squeezing my neck, bringing me into a kiss.
As we were making out my hands grabbed his blonde hair, pushing his head back while I kissed him deeper.
I pulled back while he dove into my neck kissing and biting it. "You d-didn't even answer the question J" I giggled to him, I'm not even sure he heard me talking, but he carried on kissing my neck as I tilted my head for more access.
"What the fuck!" My brother screeched as he stood there frozen with a drunk and half naked Rafe Cameron beside him throwing up all over the floor of our backyard.
"Oh shit."
Tumblr media
©rafesdrew. Feedback is appreciated
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zepskies · 4 months
Never Say Goodbye - Part 3
Pairing: Dean x Female Reader
Summary: The first time you and Dean sensed each other’s thoughts and feelings, you were just kids. It would take years to realize that you both were bonded for life, and even longer to finally meet. [Soulmate AU] (Rated M for eventual scenes – 18+)
Word Count: 4,500 Warnings: Language, fluff.
Tumblr media
Part 3: Contact
As it turned out, your life started to get better after you missed that shift at the coffee shop.
Oh, you still got fired. But the experience of nearly getting splattered on the pavement by an oncoming truck gave you some unexpected clarity about your life.
Mainly, you needed to stop wasting it. You were tired of jobs that would pay your bills but not bring you closer to your career. And frivolous thoughts of coffee shop boys and…the hope of running into your soulmate.
Maybe one day, you could dare to hope, but from now on, you wouldn’t let it rule your thoughts. You wouldn’t hope too hard either.
It could save you from the disappointment of never hearing anyone’s thoughts but your own.
So you decided to check the University of South Dakota’s career board for jobs, and you discovered an opening in the history department! A research assistant for one of your favorite professors, who was writing their dissertation on the strange, superstitious, and sometimes down-right disgusting social practices of the Ancient Greeks (including bottling up the sweat of their best athletes, because they thought their musky body oils contained magical properties).
Since you were already majoring in history, you were a shoe-in for the job. And working directly with your professor gave you a great resource for future classes.
Four years later, you had earned your bachelor’s degree in History. You even decided to further your education when you were able to get a scholarship for graduate school.
Now you were just one semester away from finishing your master’s. You still worked in the history department, but you had been able to upgrade—to Executive Secretary to the Dean of Ancient Studies.
It sounded fancy, but really, you were a glorified slave. Or at least, your boss seemed to think so.
“I need you to cancel my meeting at two,” said Dr. Birch. She breezed into your tiny office without knocking, startling you from where you were hunched over your laptop.
“Good morning!” came your reflexive greeting, though it was a bit too loud and sharp. You internally winced at yourself and relaxed your posture, like a bird unruffling its feathers. “Cancel your meeting with Dr. Wells?”
Dr. Wells was a nice man, and an important one. He was the Head Dean of the entire History department. Technically, he was above Dr. Birch. It wasn’t a good look to blow him off, but you weren’t about to say so.
“Yes, I have an important lunch, and I already know it’s going to go overtime. Gary will understand,” she replied. She was looking at her phone rather than at you. For all she cared, you were just a calendar with hands.
Dr. Helen Birch was a brilliant woman. She’d published no less than five books, had won awards for her peer-reviewed articles, and she had been your academic advisor all through graduate school.
She could also rival Meryl Streep for “bitchy-ass boss” in The Devil Wears Prada.
“I also need you to grade the final exams for one of my classes,” she said. “Greek Studies this time.”
You held back a sigh. Again? I’ll never finish my own finals at this rate.
But what you said was, “Sure, I can do that. And I’ll email Dr. Wells to reschedule.”
“Yes, make sure it’s not on Thursday,” she said, brushing a finger through her thin blonde hair. “I have to leave early to get my roots touched up before I go away this weekend.”
“That’s fun,” you chatted while you revised Dr. Birch’s calendar on your computer (and sent an apology email to Dr. Wells). “Where to?”
“Oh, I have this tedious conference in Chicago. But then my boyfriend is taking me skiing in Breckenridge.” She sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. “I simply can’t wait. This semester has been a drain on my psyche, and just terrible for my migraines.”
With the email sent, you took a little breath and gathered some courage as you got up from your desk and gathered a handful of papers you had stapled together. It was a rough draft of your thesis, which was only a bit worse for wear (including a suspect coffee stain that you didn’t remember accidentally putting there).
“Actually, I was going to ask you if you got my email about my thesis. I just wanted to go over some of the feedback you gave me on the draft,” you said, trying to sound more confident than you felt.
Dr. Birch raised a brow. “What of it?”
“Well.” You showed her the front page, which was covered in red ink. “Mainly the part where you crossed out the first three pages and commented, ‘Missing the point.’”
She nodded. “Yes. I’m afraid I have nothing to add about that.”
Well, that didn’t exactly help you. The first three pages was your entire introduction to your thesis, “TV & Film: The Modern-Day Mythology of the Masses.”
You must’ve had a pitiful, lost look on your face, because Dr. Birch finally took pity on you. She sighed.
“You are a creative girl. I’ll give you that, but your degree is not in cinematography. You are a historian,” she said. “And while the ‘Well of Souls’ in Raiders of the Lost Ark may be based on a real historical place in Jerusalem, that does not mean Indiana Jones can, or should be described as a ‘religious experience.’”
My ten-year-old self would bed to differ, you wanted to retort, but you kept your mouth shut and lowered your eyes. Dr. Birch nodded to herself and was about to leave your office, until she stopped short and gave you her Amex card.
“Oh. And get me a coffee, would you, dear?”      
Tumblr media
The moment your day ended and you were able to get into your car, you let out a long sigh of relief. While you waited for your car to warm up, you massaged your hand, aching from grading papers for Dr. Birch’s class.
You rubbed your hands together, this time to warm them as the frigid air draining from the car still bit into your skin. A shudder tingled through your body, and not in a pleasant way. Honest to God, I hate the winter.
On reflex, you toyed with the silver ring on your right hand—your mom’s ring. It usually comforted you, but today, remembering her made your heart heavy. Because today was the anniversary. 
You still remembered that snowy day when you were fourteen, could picture it so clearly, like a scene painted on glass.
With one last sigh, you fished out your phone to call your dad. It rang for a few seconds (it always took him an eternity to answer his phone, and it drove you crazy).
“Hey, Dad,” you said.
“Hey. Just got off work?”
“Yeah, I’m headed back to Sioux Falls. Want to meet at home and go together, or do you just want to meet me at the cemetery?”
The other line was silent for a moment. Longer than you would’ve liked.
“You’re coming, right?” you pressed.
“Look, I’m gonna have to work late tonight,” Jack said. “Don’t wait up for me.”
“Really?” Your voice was terse. “It’s one day a year, Dad. You can’t even manage that?”
“I told you I’m working a case.” He sounded annoyed. You didn’t care.
You were pissed.
“Whatever,” you dismissed. But then, you realized you weren’t willing to let it go just yet. “You know, I just find it interesting. On her birthday, Christmas, today, somehow you just can’t be bothered to visit your wife.”
“Hey, drop it, all right?” your dad snapped back.
“Sure. It’s none of my business, I guess.”
“I don’t need your sarcasm either.”
You silently fumed, but you weren’t willing to hang up the phone first. You didn’t want to look petty, and apparently, neither did he. You both could be stubborn like that, sitting in a tense stretch of silence instead of just…
Instead of just, I don’t know what, you could admit, if only to yourself. Eventually, his voice reached your ears.
“I’ll go when I can,” he said.
And you really did hang up this time.
Tumblr media
What should’ve been an hour drive back into your hometown took almost two with the traffic.
Oh yeah, you still lived at home with your dad. It wasn’t ideal, especially with a long-ass commute every day. But unfortunately, being a full-time student with a part-time job didn’t give you the budget to have your own life.   
At least you had your car—a dark blue Camaro your uncle had restored and gifted you for your twenty-first birthday. You didn’t talk to your Uncle Bobby as much as you would like. Between work and school and taking care of the house for you and your dad, you didn’t have much free time on your hands. You did see Bobby around town sometimes, and occasionally shared a beer with him when your demanding schedule allowed.
Your dad had never liked it, you hanging around your uncle. So you didn’t tell him.
That seemed to work out better for both of you.
In fact…
You reached for your phone again and found your uncle’s number.
“Stop badgering me, Rufus. I’m busy.”
Your lips curved into a grin. “Uncle Bobby?”
“Oh. Hi, darlin’. Sorry, thought you were some riff raff that keeps spammin’ me.”
“What did Rufus do now?” you asked.
“He knows,” Bobby said. The surly edge to his voice made you smile in amusement.
“What’re you doing later? Up for a beer?”
“Usually I’d take you up on that, but I’ve got some people coming in pretty soon.”
You scoffed. “You have people? What people?”
“You’re not the only number in my cell, you know,” he said dryly.
“What, you mean Rufus?” you teased.
“All right, now you’re just runnin’ up my minutes,” he said. “If you really want that beer, you’re welcome to swing by, if you want. I’ve got a stocked fridge full of cold ones.”
You laughed, then you considered his offer. Did you really want to go home and deal with your dad (whenever he bothered to come home)?
“Well, I’m going to the cemetery first, but I could maybe swing by after,” you replied.
“Right, that’s today, ain’t it?” Bobby said. “Give your mom my respects.”
A more genuine smile grew on your lips. “Thanks. Will do.”
You hung up with him just as you got to the cemetery. It was hard not to feel melancholy here, especially in the winter. All the graves were lightly dusted with snow, and it felt like the world came to a quiet stillness here.
You bundled up with your scarf and gloves as you braced yourself for the cold, stepping out of the car. On your way in, you heard the rumble of a car going by. It was loud enough to make you turn your head and see a flash of black speeding away.
You shook your head. People drive like maniacs nowadays.
You were about to continue on your way towards your mom’s grave, when you finally heard it.
Say goodbyeee…never say goodbye-y-aaayy. Holdin’ on we gotta try, holdin’ on to never sayyy goodbyeee.~
Someone was warbling a Bon Jovi song in your mind, and it certainly wasn’t you.
But you did come to a dead stop in your path. Your eyes widened as shock claimed your heart and your brain. Soon enough though, your heart warmed as you became aware of something new. It was like a low hum at first, reverberating inside your chest.
You and me and my old friends, hopin’ it would neeever end. Say goodbye—
The singing continued, but all you could focus on was the thrumming in your skull, the thread of connection you could sense and feel inexplicably. You didn’t realize you were crying until you felt warmth trickling down your cold cheeks. Sniffling, you wiped your tears with the back of your hand and smiled tremulously.
You were finally feeling your soulmate.
Which meant, he was close by…and with that realization came an important question:
What the hell do I do now?
Tumblr media
They were in South Dakota again.
Dean knew coming back here was…potentially dangerous. He hadn’t heard his soulmate’s thoughts in four years, since the last time he was in this state.
Truth be told, he hadn’t wanted to come here. After the last hunt though, he could use some R&R at Bobby’s for a couple of days.
This time Dean had his brother with him, albeit the circumstances weren’t…great. Their dad was missing, and Sam had lost his girlfriend in the process of trying to find him.
Sometimes, Dean really regretted going to find his brother at Stanford. Part of him thought, if he hadn’t hooked Sam into coming with him to try and find John, maybe Jessica Moore would still be alive.
A more selfish part of him (one he wouldn’t name) was glad to have Sam with him. Dean was actually having fun hunting with him. And maybe, Dean was having to get to know him again too.
“You think Bobby will have any intel on Dad?” Sam asked from the passenger seat of the Impala. They were about five minutes away from Singer Salvage, the old man’s tow business (and his house).
“Doubt it,” Dean replied, changing the radio station once Bon Jovi turned to REO Speedwagon. He could get down with some pop rock from Jovi, but REO was pushing it.
“Then why are we here?” Sam turned to him with a frown. “We just ganked a poltergeist in our old house and…we saw Mom. You think we should be wasting time right now?”
Dean’s lips pursed. Leaving their old house behind in Lawrence, Kansas was exactly why he needed a minute before jumping into the next case. As much as he wanted to find John, Dean just…he needed a minute to breathe.
Revisiting those old (painful) memories wasn’t easy for him. He wasn’t sure that Sam completely got that.
“Bobby’s got a stack of lore books to Kingdom Come. Who knows, he might have a way to help us find Dad,” he said.
Sam shot him an unimpressed look. “And if he doesn’t?”
Dean resisted the urge to roll his eyes. He got why Sam was so fired up. Really. The fact that the kid was having weird…premonition dreams about the near future was concerning. And he wanted to find the thing that killed Jess, that killed their mom, but this was clearly going to be a marathon. Not a sprint.
“In the meantime, we crack open a couple beers,” Dean said, “get one or two of free nights on actual beds, and then we’re on our way to the next gig. How’s that sound?”
Sam let out a sigh through his nose and faced the road ahead. They both knew he wasn’t happy. Dean couldn’t exactly blame him.
When they finally got to Bobby’s, the old man greeted them with a casual wave, beckoning them inside. He offered them the contents of his fridge—a few beers and a frozen lasagna defrosting in the fridge. Dean scoped it out while Sam dropped off his bag in the upstairs guest room.
“That for us?” Dean pointed to the lasagna with a grin. “Didn’t know we merited the red-carpet treatment.”
“’Cause it’s not just for you,” Bobby said dryly, then he hesitated. “...My niece might be swingin’ by later.”
Dean raised his brows in curiosity. “Didn’t know you had a niece.”
Or any family, for that matter. He knew the old man had a wife, once upon a time, but he assumed she’d passed away. No kids. Bobby had never talked about having an extended family. He didn’t have pictures on the walls, and the shelves only had books and locked boxes.
Bobby took a long sip of his beer after opening a bottle each for himself and Dean. He had one ready on the counter for Sam, who came into the kitchen looking tired. The kid hadn’t been sleeping well for the past few weeks, to say the least. Dean handed him the beer.
“I don’t see her much,” Bobby conceded.
“Why’s that?” Dean asked.
It took a moment for the other man to answer. Eventually, he was honest. “Well, she's grown. Going to school, got a job. But you could say I had a fallin’ out with her dad, a while back.”
“You have a brother?” Sam said.
“Brother-in-law,” Bobby corrected. He didn’t say anything more about it though. Sam and Dean shared a look that said they agreed: There’s something off there, but I’m not gonna pry.
“You still see her though?” Dean asked.
“Every now and then,” Bobby said, sipping at his beer again. “It’s a small town.”
That kind of pissed Dean off. Bobby was a good guy. He’d watched Sam and Dean a lot when they were kids, their dad on a hunt. He’d made sure they had decent food to eat, good movies to watch, and even played catch with Dean a time or two.
So what kind of assholes did Bobby have for family, that they couldn’t be bothered to check in on the old man every now and then? They must’ve been off living their lives, in their own little world. Must be nice.
Dean brought the bottle of Heineken to his lips, only to realize it was empty. Couldn’t have that, could we?
He went to the fridge and opened the cap, only to jump as the beer fizzed and leaked over his hands.
Damn it!
Bobby sighed. “And I just mopped the damn floor.”
“All right, Martha Stewart. Keep your slippers on,” Dean teased. “Sam, get me a paper towel.”
Bobby tried to get by him to get the mop, but beer was still dripping down Dean’s arm.
“Would you move to the sink, already?”
Sam finally cracked a small grin as Dean rolled his eyes. “Fine. Jesus. You’d think Miss America was comin’ into town.”
Tumblr media
Damn it.
You heard him again. And this time, you could hear his voice, so you knew the thought belonged to a him. The voice was pleasantly deep, and annoyed. You actually felt his irritation and were able to recognize that the emotion didn’t belong to you.
Excitement bubbled in your throat, almost making it hard to breathe as you drove your car down the road. You had been too worked up to go see your mom, and technically you were supposed to head to your Uncle Bobby’s house, but this was too important.
You needed to figure out how to talk to him—your soulmate.
So you pulled over on the side of the road, and even turned the radio off. Okay, now what?
You didn’t know what you were supposed to do. They taught about this subject in school, sure, but that had been years ago! You’d spent the past six years filling your head with college and work and learning how to be an adult.
Okay, just breathe. You calmed down a bit with some deep breaths, and you closed your eyes. When you first heard your soulmate’s singing in your head, you remembered feeling warmth spread through your body, emanating from your chest. Then in your mind, you���d noticed a…a thread, of what could only be described as energy.
You felt it now. You could almost visualize it with your eyes closed. In your imagination, it was bright and beckoning. You focused on it, and it grew brighter, thrumming and soft.
You thought of what you wanted to say, and you tried it—sending your thoughts and your will through the connection.
Having a rough day?
Tumblr media
Dean was still wiping beer off the floor in Bobby’s kitchen when he heard your voice ring through his mind.
Having a rough day?
His entire body tensed, and he paused with a ball of wet paper towel in his hand. Sam had taken the mop from Bobby and was about to finish off the floor, until he noticed Dean blanking.
“Dean?” he asked.
It shook Dean out of his shock, enough for him to look up at his brother. “Hmm?”
“What’s up? You were staring off into space.”
Dean feigned innocence. “Nothing.”
Sam’s brow rose, but he didn’t press the issue and went back to mopping. Dean took the opportunity to toss the wet paper towel in the garbage.
“I’m gonna hop in the shower,” he said, and made his swift exit to the bathroom upstairs, so quickly that he didn’t see Bobby watching Dean curiously from the living room.
“Don’t use up all the hot water!” Sam called after him.
Once again, Dean found himself locking the bathroom door and staring at himself in the mirror. His green eyes were conflicted as he tried to calm down. Maybe his heart was starting to beat a tick faster. Maybe a trickle of nervous sweat was making its way down his spine. Maybe he didn’t know what the hell to do.
His dad’s warning was still clear as a bell in his mind.
“Unless you’re prepared to hang up your gun, and stop hunting, don’t open that door.”
Dean knew why John had said it, and even agreed with him…at least, logically he did. His life was complicated, and insane, and bloody. How could he put someone else through what he went through? What he still went through every day? It wasn’t right.
But his chest was aching. He rubbed at it absently.
He could feel your worry again, he realized. You were anxious, probably waiting for him to respond. Dean could feel you. Having a rough day? you’d asked him.
So as usual, he made an impulsive choice.
You could say that, he carefully replied. He remembered the way your voice sounded, smooth and pleasant in his mind, and he couldn’t help smiling a little. But not for long, I’m thinkin’.
Your relief hit him in a slow, but powerful wave. It almost made him feel guilty for taking so long to answer.
Well, it’s not every day you hear someone else in your head. Maybe you’re going crazy.
She was teasing him. You were teasing him.
It brought an incredulous smile to Dean’s face. You’re one to talk. Maybe you’re just talkin’ to yourself right now.
Hmm. I don’t usually warble to Bon Jovi, but maybe you’re right.  
A beat of surprise, another to remember what he and Sam had been listening to in the car earlier, and then embarrassment prickled at the back of his neck.
You heard that, huh? he asked wryly.
Maybe, you giggled. It was a cute sound, and it cut through some of his embarrassment. He wasn’t used to being put back a step by women. He was good at reading people’s body language, and usually it didn’t take him more than one look to figure out what a woman thought about him, and what they wanted to do with him.
So the fact that he couldn’t see you was a challenge. With that realization, a slow smile spread across his face. He was game for a challenge.
Well, I’m likin’ your voice so far, he said. Think I could get you to sing for me?
He felt you pause, a flutter of warmth through a tendril of shyness. I’ll leave the performing to you, Romeo.   
Come on, it’s only fair.
Who said life is fair?
Dean sobered a bit at that. Ain’t that the truth.
Hmm, so you were having a rough day.
Make it a week, he said.
Yeah, I know the feeling…I wasn’t having a good day today either.
Dean sensed your melancholy and didn’t like the feeling. Well, now you’re talkin’ to me. So it should be smooth sailin’ from now on.
He could feel you brighten at that. It made warmth bloom once again inside his chest, especially because he sensed you were smiling—a bit shy, but genuine.  
…What’s your name? he asked.
It took you a beat, but eventually you gave him your name. It wasn’t what he expected, but he liked it. Your name rolled through his thoughts, and he tested on his tongue.
What’s yours? you asked predictably. Somehow, Dean didn’t anticipate the follow-up.
Suddenly he realized exactly what he was doing: he was talking to you. (Something he’d told himself he wasn’t going to do.) Not to mention, he’d been locked in the bathroom for about ten minutes and hadn’t even showered yet. Pretty soon either Sam or Bobby was going to come knocking to see what the hell he was doing, so he might as well shower for real.
He answered you as he turned on the showerhead and started undressing. I’ll make a deal with you…if you can guess what I do for a living, I’ll come by and introduce myself in person.
Dean felt your shock, so he let you think as he stepped into the shower. Eventually you came back, annoyance coloring your emotions and your voice.
That’s stupid.
Dean smiled. Aw, come on. It’ll be fun.
For you!
Don’t you know, sometimes the best things in life come after some delayed gratification.
You paused for a moment, in which Dean didn’t know if you were in shock again, or just pissed. Maybe a combination of both.
Great, I got a comedian, you deadpanned. …You’re not a comedian, are you?
Sweetheart, I’m hilarious, Dean replied. But no. Good guess, though.
He sensed the equivalent of you rolling your eyes.
Just then, Sam knocked on the bathroom door.
“Hey, you better not use up all the hot water!”
“Twenty minutes of peace, Sammy. That’s all I ask,” Dean shot back. Sam made a sound of annoyance, but he went away, leaving Dean almost alone with his thoughts.
Look, I gotta go, he said regretfully. But I expect you to have some guesses cooked up by the time I get back from work.
You were still annoyed, but you begrudgingly agreed to his terms.
Fine. Just…don’t wander too far off. I can’t win the game if I can’t hear you.
Dean sensed your underlying worry, and your fear. You were afraid he was going to leave.
His heart softened. As a result, he ended up promising things he didn’t know if he meant.
Don’t worry. I’m not leaving town until you win, he said.
He felt your warm smile, along with your excitement.
Goodnight, sweetheart. We’ll talk soon.
He hung onto the feeling of your presence for a few seconds longer, before he let go of the connection. For now.
Dean caught himself smiling, but it quickly turned to a frown.
“Nobody should be waiting on men like us to come home bloody.”
When he once again remembered his dad’s warnings, that new warmth in his heart chilled, and it sunk like a stone. He leaned against the cool bathroom wall and pressed his forehead against the tile, while lukewarm water beat the side of his face and body.
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AN: Oh, Dean. What're we gonna do with you? lol
I hope you enjoyed Part 3! I promise they'll finally meet soon lol. What did you think of their first conversation?
To keep reading: Part 4
If you missed the first two chapters:
Part 1
Part 2
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chanswhxre · 4 months
I literally cannot stop thinking about sugar daddy!felix and how he would literally do anything to make you happy, so he takes you to buy some new lingerie pieces, but he literally cannot control himself and takes you right then and there… PLEASE!!!
a/n: i’m so sorry this took so long anon. i had to study a lot recently because of my board exams ㅠㅠ i hope you like this!
Pink Valentine
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♡ Pairing : sugar daddy! felix x reader
♡ Genre : smut
♡ Word count : 1.6k+
♡ Warnings : 18+ nsfw, explicit sexual content, exhibitionism, unprotected sex (wrap before u tap), creampie, pet names, the use of daddy in sexual act
❗️minors, ageless, and blank blogs that will interact with me or my work will be BLOCKED.
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Today was valentine's day and Felix, your sugar daddy, had surprised you by coming to see you even though you thought he wouldn't be able to since he was in another country and is supposed to be there for another week. He was always away, never in the same country every week or more, busy overlooking all his branches in different countries. You and Felix have been in this sort of relationship for quite some time now, two years to be exact. He's currently helping you finish college by paying for all your school fees, he bought you everything you needed (and wanted), and even got you your own penthouse. The only payment he's ever asked of was your company, as stated in your contract. He's never asked for anything sexual with it which was kind of weird at first, though it was for the reason he just wanted to enjoy someone's company as being in his 20s, he was lonely but too busy to commit to serious relationships. As months went by, you've grown to be comfortable around him and started doing sexual deeds with consent, of course. You weren't complaining though, who could even resist this rich, charming, handsome young man. 
"I missed you." You said as you gave him a tight hug.
"I missed you too, kitten." He replied and caressed your back.
After the long tight hug, you backed up to let him enter your penthouse, you've prepared his favorite sweet coffee and brownies that you baked last night. It's a rare occasion that Felix comes to see you instead of having one of his drivers come pick you up to bring you to him, so why not prepare something nice for him?
"I thought you weren't coming home 'til next week." You said and sat down on his lap.
"I wouldn't want to you to be lonely on valentine's day now, would I?" Felix smiled at you endearingly as he wrapped his arms around your waist to pull you in which made you giggle.
"How sweet of you, daddy." You smiled and gave him a sweet kiss.
Felix contently ate the food you made for him and told you all about what he got in store for you today. First, he was going to take you shopping, then sightseeing, fly to Paris to have dinner, and enjoy 2 nights at The Ritz. You were free to add in anything you'd like to do but for now, you were content with the initial plans. You were excited, you haven't seen him for a month and you were itching to just jump on him right now, kiss him, blow him, ride him, do all the sinful deeds running through your thoughts but you decided to wait until you get to the hotel tonight.
You changed into the dress he sent you yesterday, a pink long sleeve velvet dress that hugged your figure, he always had a thing for pink clothes on you. You wore your white heels put on your best jewelry, hair, and makeup and of course, you never go out with Felix without wearing something that'll make him lose his mind while you're out in public. Your garment of choice? The embroidered butterfly thong that always makes him want to just pin you down and fuck you senseless. The dress was short enough to ride up your thigh a little when you raise your leg or bend over. Perfect.
"Stunning as ever." Felix smiled at you as you walked down the stairs, trying to flaunt your dress showing skin from underneath each time you take a step down and you swear you heard him curse under his breath as he offered his arm for you to hold on to. You went downstairs to his car.
Felix opened the car door and you got into the backseat of his favorite Rolls-Royce Phantom. He drives most of the time but today he just wanted to focus on you. To your surprise, there was a bottle of champagne, two wine glasses and a big bouquet of red and pink roses wrapped beautifully in black with a large ribbon. He never does fail to spoil you.
You went to the shopping district where all the luxury brands and different other stores were all lined up and your eyes beamed with excitement. You've been super busy with your thesis since you’re graduating that you forgot to have fun. All the allowance that Felix gives you every month were collecting dust in your bank account.
You went into the first store and you swear every time you go with Felix, salesladies and other customers would sometimes steal glances or ogle at him. You couldn't blame them though, Felix is drop-dead gorgeous. The saleslady approaches you with a smile but it's clear she has an interest on Felix. You didn't mind though, they can stare all they want but you're the only one who gets to taste him at the end of the day.
After shopping for clothes, shoes, and bags, you went to your favorite luxury lingerie shop. Felix loves sexy lingerie on you, especially when it's pink. It's his weakness, his kryptonite, that everytime you surprise him with a new one that's pink, he goes absolutely feral.
"Try this one for me, please?" Felix said and handed you a pastel pink lingerie set with ribbons and white cat ear clip ons, his eyes were already sparkling and you knew once you put this on, he will definitely just take you right then and there.
You went inside the dressing room to put it on. It fits perfect on you and it complimented your body shape, you then put the ribbons and cat ears. The whole ensemble was just right amount of erotic and cute just how Felix liked it. You went out of the dressing room and modeled for him a little, his eyes scanned you from top to bottom and you swear he was trying his best not to lose control.
"Wow, kitten." Felix sighed. "Absolutely gorgeous." He smiled and softly kissed you. The once soft kiss turned to a needy one and a few moments later, you found yourselves back inside the dressing room making out.
“Fuck, we're going to be in so much trouble if we get caught." You said between kisses but really didn't care if you did.
“Then be quiet for me, darling." He said as he trailed kisses down your exposed neck. "You have been teasing me all day, don't think I didn't notice, you even wore the butterfly thong." He growled and bit your neck which made you gasp. "Daddy can only hold back so much."
He pressed his already hard bulge on your thighs as he squeezed your breasts, not even trying to remove your clothing.
"This set was the last straw." He said as he pushed the fabric covering your already soaking core to the side. "Shit, all wet already. Missed me that bad?"
"Of course I do." You said and his lips found their way back to yours, teeth harshly tugging on your lips until Felix turns you around so you're facing the wall. You could hear him unzip his pants. He took his stiff cock into his hand pumped it a few times before sliding the tip of it on your slick slit, covering it with your juices. He then slowly pushed it inside as his hand covered your mouth to make sure you don't make a sound and the other gripping your waist. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head when you felt him fill you up perfectly.
"God, I missed your pussy, kitten." He said and slowly moved. His thrusts were slow and hard, making sure he's hitting it deep. He nibbled on your neck, sucking on that sweet spot that made your knees weak. Nothing but the sound of skin slapping and muffled moans were echoing in that small dressing room. The thrill of fucking in public and the possibility getting caught was enough to give the both of you an adrenaline rush that you could almost taste your orgasm at the tip of your tongue just by the thought of it.
"I'm not gonna last very long, doll." He said as his thrusts became a little sloppy. "But I need you to cum first." He whispered in your ear and snaked his free hand around to reach your clit. He ran fast, delicious circles on it that you were approaching your high at record speed. "That's right, baby give it to me. Daddy will spoil you more after this, yeah?” And that was all it took for you to cream on his dick. He could feel your walls fluttering around his cock which was enough to push him over the edge and release his warm seed into you. If Felix wasn't covering your mouth, the whole mall would probably hear how good he was making you feel. He loosened his grip and removed his hand over your mouth.
"That was amazing." You huffed, hands still on the wall for support so you won't fall to your knees.
"Glad you had fun. Now, clench for me darling. Keep it inside." He said as he withdrew his cock from you.
You removed the rest of the lingerie except for the bottom part then changed back to your clothes. Felix went to the counter to pay for two sets of it and the ones you picked out earlier.
“You got everything you want, darling?" Felix asked as you exited the store.
"Hmm..not yet." You answered. Felix tilted his head with wonder. "I want another round." You pout.
"Well, which store are we going to next?" Felix flashed you a devilish grin.
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