#i needed to see that smile clearly
freensrcha 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
'But a guy like you, it's no fun when you don't give in.'
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vampiremansionpoolboy 2 months
going insane over the fact that happiness and care and concern and love is underneath every interaction between newt and hermann in pacific rim
#HEAR ME OUT. they鈥檙e introduced and newt and being a groupie and behind him hermann is all huffing and rolling his eyes and shaking his#head but he鈥檚 Not Angry. no. he jumps to defend newt albeit in a somewhat mocking and sarcastic way BUT THE THOUGHT IS THERE. and then when#hermann is rambling on about numbers being the handwriting of god newt is in the background smiling and laughing and making silly#hand motions and yes the hand motion was a bit mocking BUT THATS THEIR WHOLW THINF. anyways i鈥檓 not done. when newt drifts with the kaiju#and pentecost is there talking to him and hermann and newt r yelling back in forth u can hear the unease and shakiness in their voices and#especially the frustration in hermanns. he鈥檚 frustrated abt newt risking his life and is worried abt that which translates out in anger.#and yeah maybe he鈥檚 salty abt being proven wrong too lmao. BUT CONTINUING ON. stacker could have just told newt to go to hannibal chau and#he would have done it. but instead they watch the film of him on HERMANNS computer as HERMANN controls the computer to look at the film. if#th茅 film was shown it was for a reason. newt doesn鈥檛 seem like the type to need reassurance abt chau before he goes. he was willing to die#for his trash drift. and stacker gave him the card and info so there鈥檚 no need to do anything else. the video is most likely there for the#viewers but it needs a reason to be there in the show. hence my reasoning that HERMANN asked to see it out of concern for newt who would be#doinf this alone. hermann demanded to see some proof to reassure himself. stacker having the card on him makes sense. him having that bulky#tape doesn鈥檛. meaning hermann pressured him into leaving getting the tape and coming back to show him. anyways one more bit. so the drift.#hermann is clearly scared out of his mind and thinking abt the impending triple event. yet he still drifts with newt he does it to protect#him to take part of the neural load. and it takes a toll on hermann it makes a big enough mess of his brain that he ends with him bleeding#and shaking and sweating and coughing and throwing up. and he knew it would take a toll. he knew it would be a lot he鈥檚 seen the jaegers.#he鈥檚 seen what happens. he knows it will be rough. he knows it鈥檒l be much worse for him who wasn鈥檛 drifted then for newt who has. yet he#still does it to help newt and to show his care and trust and concern and love and THEYRE DRIFT COMPATIBLE U DONT UNDERSTANDABLE HOW#EMOTIONAL I AM OVER THIS FUCKING OVER THEM#anyways one last thing. the way that they full body slapping each other on the back bear hugged when the throat collapsed (they were behind#herc and tendo so it was a little hard to see. i missed it the first time) in pure adrenaline happiness before we see the quiet tender hug#when they know everything is over for good (for now at least) when it鈥檚 time to celebrate when it time to think abt their drift and their#bond and their relationship and their LOVE. i鈥檓 so ok abt them rn actually#toad.txt#i wish i wrote this in a keep reading bit and not the tags now. anyways#pacific rim#pacific rim spoilers#newton geiszler#hermann gottlieb#newmann
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detectiveships 5 months
they could have left us with a honeymoon phase until next week no???
ugh I honestly am tired of this 'third party old flame comes back and meddles with ML and FL's relationship by creating misunderstanding as soon as things start moving between them' trope LET ME ENJOY THEM JUST BEING HAPPY OKAY
I like a drama but this is tiring 馃檮 it's one of the few things that put me off in Her Private Life as well even though it was one of the best comfort dramas personally.
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reki-of-the-valley 2 years
Reki in a skirt. Reki stealing one of Koyomi's skirts without anyone in his family knowing. Reki putting it on in his room when no one is home. Reki feeling really good in a skirt but not ready to do anything about it so he only enjoys it when he's alone. Reki finding little pleasures in being a little more feminine from time to time. Reki who likes stealing things from his sister's closet, things she never wears. Genderfluid Reki who isn't confident enough to do anything about it, isn't confident enough to come out to anyone, but who still wants to wear skirts and pink from time to time
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kalu-chan 3 months
Being on Tumblr is just like. Going into a fandom tag. Reading like 3 posts. Vowing to not go into that tag again.
Going back into it the next day.
#at least today was uhhhhh. less bad.#honestly kinda funny bc there were so many#''It's so obvious Ship A is canon and not Ship B because of these things.'' - ''Ship B is clearly canon Ship A is not''#One after another#As someone with low to no stakes in either it's just kinda like. lmao. chill.#Like yeah ship whatever and it's always nice to see things that imply your ship#(I still smile over ''Dig in there Mr Spock'' and ''Captain please. Not in front of the Klingons.'' :) )#But you don't need to like. argue against other ships.#Fandom is a playground and y'all are not gonna run out of sand lmao#But god yesterday or the day before was. Oof.#Though also a bit funny bc there were two posts right after another like#''Character A is NOT badly written y'all just suck'' - ''Gosh I wish Character A wasn't so badly written 馃槶''#from different people obviously but still skfjwkfj#But uhhh yeah I think I should stay out of the tag.#The fandom can be 1 mutual; 1 close friend I spam on Discord; and a few online pals in a Discord thread#... i plan on writing fanfic for it tho and i'm already. curious. whether that'll finally get me hit by fandom drama#I'm usually good at avoiding it but I do not trust this fandom in particular#Also a lotta people in this tag that go ''Their relationship can't be X because clearly no one in X relationship would act like that''#which just made very clear they have probably never experienced said type of relationship lmao#Had to add some tags but I'm done now. maybe this time I'll manage to stay out of the tag skfnskfns#I should before the Shipping Arguments make me dislike the ships I enjoyed or was at least neutral about lmao
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mcdannowave 2 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Goofy Alex, going from McGarrett to O鈥橪oughlin in an second 馃ぃ (Plus, that fake baby crying in the end xD)
#h50 1x02#alex o'loughlin#steve mcgarrett#hawaii five 0#handsome man#h50 bloopers#goofy mcgoofy#alex smile#h50 bts#look at that dork..dangling there w/ that goofy face..(and actually acting like a tol handsome baby xD)#Ep 1x02 and he's already comfortable聽on set w/ everyone#I remember he telling on Ellen abt this scene..how he needed to jump and look ''SEAL Mode'' and all that action#and he said that that was the plan but on some takes would just be him jumping and making a scared face馃ぃ#can't blame him.those cables can secure you but oh my..some stunts rly give the chills(just watch those head cam of parkour vids)#love seeing him doing the stuff.I know he said that on early seasons he wanted to do it all the stunts himself#he was fit and young..but then w/ the wise-ness later..he regretted it (specially聽after so many injuries & the complications from those)#(He playfully saying that Scott loves to use his stunt even for a walking scene if he could.. was hilarious xD)#Add all that + he being聽a tall person. you can get ur back pretty messed up after some seasons#Some stuff i don't gif/edit bc i can clearly聽see Al's stunt double's face/body doing it so it breaks the immersion for me#but i totally support him on resting and doing what's聽best for his body (that gorgeous聽gorgeous..tattooed..body..)#Oops.sidetracked again..Go appreciate聽that goofy being a man child(or man-baby?It's so cute his ''Wah wah wah'' sounds in video xD)#did a few more gifs/edits w/ this scene..too good to just let it be#mine#amo muito esse pateta#e aqueles bra莽os? meus deus do ceu...homem lindo e forte como ele sendo um bobo fofo eh demais pra mim
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nasturtiumsforbreakfast 10 months
Once again thinking about Stede and Ed fucking with the rhythm of a storm at sea
Could be all dramatic and harsh, with the storm an all, or like slow and emotional, calming Ed down from jumping at the thunder, or (and this made me smile) soft and giggly, laughing every time they get thrown about by a wave
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little-bullheaded-shit 7 months
I am once again imagining an animatic far beyond my art capabilities
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vvendetttaa 1 year
some people are so cruel for absolutely no reason uno, there鈥檚 a lad who鈥檚 had a bit of tough luck lately and has a sick wife and child, and he鈥檚 from pakistan and he wanders a couple tube stations and tha to sell some art he makes, and he came up to me so i told him like i鈥檓 going in for work right now cos he knows me by now innit, and instead of collecting up his artwork and taking away things he can sell, i just send him odd bits of money whenever i see him if i鈥檝e not been paid yet like 拢10 here 拢15 there uno and then i always tell him 鈥渋鈥檒l come on this day and buy one of your pieces when i鈥檝e gotten paid鈥 and i do cos it鈥檚 basic human decency not to lie and i saw him today and sent him some more money and whatever uno, just having nice convo with him. i asked if he was cold innit cos it鈥檚 baltic out here and i buy him one and then he fist bumps me (he鈥檚 the cutest on earth) and thanked me and then THIS GRIMY STINKY BLONDE WHITE BANKER TORY LOOKING MAN goes 鈥渦no hes probs just lying all them (and then a slur i won鈥檛 repeat!) do. jus say you鈥檒l find him another day then don鈥檛 come, no use with them lot anyway鈥 WHATTATSUDKFKDKSK HES A HUMAN BEING YOURE DHATTING AHOUT IN FROTNNOF THINAJSIFOKDKWKEKFJF
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cycat4077 1 year
My Sonnyshine is finally smiling, truly smiling and happy and that's all I've ever wanted for him 馃ズ馃槶
#please feel free to discuss the ep with me in the comments#i have a lot of feels and 99% of them are because I am happy when the characters/people I love are happy#so the fact that Rollins is finally opening up to him and wanting to be with him makes me ecstatic#have you seen that genuine smile?#he's in love#he may flirt and drop suggestive shit like the hotel room comment but Sonny Carisi is not a man to hit and run#no he's the type to dive in head first into the deep end#he's gonna treat her like a queen and romance her all proper - just as his Mama taught him to#now don't get all flustered by Amanda saying she wants to keep it secret for now#i really don't think that's her having reservations#instead it's clearly a plot device to introduce conflict down the line with trials and stuff#but to Amanda i think she wants to take it slow and in this case slow is secret and it's all because she's been burned so many times before#she's finally admitted her feelings to herself and to Sonny but she's still growing and that means that she needs time#time to explore her own feelings#her past relationships have all been quick flings - men that are garbage and treat her as such#but Sonny is the polar opposite of all that and she's finally coming to terms with the fact that she deserves someone like that#so of course they're going to be on slightly different pages when it comes to pace#but Sonny is willing to go as fast or as slow as she needs because he loves her that much#ooh look! this evolved into a tag rant anyway!#I just REALLY love seeing Sonny smile with his eyes again#he needs that happiness in his life#sonnyshine of my life#sonny carisi#rollisi#law and order svu#svu spoilers#svu s23 e01
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noxtivagus 30 days
hdalkfjsldf i miss my friends :c
#馃寵.rambles#sometimes i. hmm. usually actually i may be too busy or too shy to say it outright#but i miss when we'd talk. i miss when we'd call; i miss the sound of your voice n the way you laugh n smile#sorry . i just. really write like that. hdfkasdjfd i love the ppl in my life v much :c#i know the way my eyes turn when i see you online. or the way i notice the songs you play. or when you have a new playlist#n always i still find there's so much more i want to say. n when you appear too in my dreams鈥攈ow could i ever forget?#oh these tags r just gna be for several ppl so i won't be too obvious about it#i miss when i was less busy n we'd exchange. asks? texts? yeah. & when we'd play tgther n i rmb how i'd always look forward to the next tim#i miss the days when. i used to write about you being in them. bcs i write down.. mostly everything so that i can remember.#i miss when we were kids n us four wld hang out in the library. i miss those days so much#i miss in lower school when we'd run around the field.. imagining scenarios. hehe#i rmb writing stories tgther w some other friends. having my friends read what i write too#yeah. i miss when we'd be able to see n talk w each other nearly every day. whether irl or online.#i do find myself missing when my sleep sched was fucked up bcs i used to talk to ppl quite a lot in those times#i miss. so much but we're all getting busier in our own lives. n i wish. i think. i cld be more in each of them. like. mutually?#but yeah yk as we age there's so much more to manage :c but i can't help but dream. i'll never stop.#n. i think this is combined w a lot of ppl lately like. those i haven't talked w as much. which is. nearly everyone actually#but like yk like w.. my friend grp rn yh n. a lot of other stuff combined. i just. i think i just wish we cld all be more sincere w#each other. now i see even more clearly why people drift apart as they age. we all get busy w each our own lives yk?#n i'm busy w my own too but. just like how i still remember n love everyone dearly. i think. i just need reassurance that.#yk. you feel the same way too. n personally i wish i cld hesitate less but i'm afraid of unintentionally adding more to the burden#n other times i just. really lack the energy. idk there's so much to write n in so many aspects.. just so many left unfinished.#but. i know well how. closure is. hard to get by. i'm very well acquainted w that feeling of lack of closure.#hmm. being insatiable is so bittersweetly part of human nature. we can be happy n satisfied but.. yeah honestly i think#it's just. really in life's nature to never ever be quite enough. so changing mindset is. really important but. still. it aches.#n i know i miss a lot. n i know i wish i did more n i cld do more even now. but we're all busy n#no it's. it's fine. i think what's best is for all of us to do what we can with our own selves so that we can do more w the rest of the#world too. n i'm sure i'll find a way that works for me. i know what i want; & i'll just promise to never let go. never forget.#n that wld be enough rn. theres only so little time in the world n it feels like it goes by far too fast but. i for one has never forgotten#n. i'll always be here. BUT YEAH WAIT I'M ACTUALLY BUSY TOO I SHLD DO MY ASSIGNMENTS TMRRW BCS I WNA REST 馃槶馃槶
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grippingbeskar 2 months
small favours
Tumblr media
鈥 joel miller x fem!reader
鈥 warnings: explicit content minors dni, smutttt, dirty talk, very minimal plot sorry not sorry, swearing, needles, mention of injuries/cuts
鈥 a/n: happy tlou release week!! this is set in jackson between the first and second game, i wrote the first part before i saw the show but just imagine with me okay. and it鈥檚 literally just bc i saw joel in that denim shirt and went yeah鈥 i wanna fuck him in that. lmao. also dedicated to @everybirdfellsilent because we have been waiting for this show for so long and it鈥檚 finally here and oaoxosoxosox. wow.
Tumblr media
You hadn鈥檛 asked for much.
It was a simple fix, you were sure of it. Yes, you don鈥檛 know anything about how to fix hinges, nor do you have any clue about how you broke it in the first place. Either way, it鈥檚 just a few screws and a metal piece, so was it really that hard to find five minutes to fix it?
Leading another one of the horses into the stable, you pointedly step over the gate that now lays on the floor, too heavy for you to move it. The horse tramples it, of course, which is why you had asked for someone to come and fix it before the horses were brought back in from patrol. Clearly, no one gave a shit about your question, but you know they鈥檇 all be the first to complain if it was their horse that got out through a broken gate.
It was late now, anyways. Too late for you to get anyone out, and even with the safety of Jackson鈥檚 walls keeping you blocked off from the outside world, being out at night still freaked you. When you finally got the horse in your hand settled and fed, you promptly sat yourself on the floor of the stable. Without the front gate, it wasn鈥檛 safe to leave the horses alone. With your luck, they鈥檇 get spooked and run all the way through town, and the last thing you needed was more reason for the people in here to look at you.
It wasn鈥檛 that you weren鈥檛 liked鈥 you just kept to yourself. This life was hard enough as it is, and you didn鈥檛 see the point in making friends when in five years this place would probably be full of strangers. People die every day out here, you knew that too well. You wanted to save yourself the heartache wherever you could.
All that anti social behaviour certainly didn鈥檛 win you any favours though鈥 hence the still broken door. You loved it鈥 you were good with horses, having lived in a farm before the outbreak, so you decided to volunteer to help in the stables, but it was hard work sometimes. It kept you busy enough, though, and horses never wanted to make conversation, so鈥 win-win.
There was only one problem with working in here. Truthfully, it wasn鈥檛 so much as a problem and more of a chronic condition. At least, that鈥檚 the way it felt every time Joel Miller made some kind of appearance. Most people just left the horses tied up out front for you to take care of, but Joel seemed to enjoy the peace the stable provided鈥 that and you never talked much, which seemed to work for him. On the days he鈥檇 come back from patrol, the two of you would share a few hushed conversations as you worked and he hid from the rest of Jackson, and then you鈥檇 fall into a comfortable silence, sometimes for hours at a time.
Weeks had passed like this, and every single day you got a little bit more interested in who the man really was, other than his clear infatuation with his horse. Right when he came in would be the time you talked the most, after about forty minutes it would get too busy and you鈥檇 work until the sun set. But those forty minutes started to stretch a little longer, and he seemed to gain interest in you, too. Maybe you were grasping at straws, but hearing Joel鈥檚 low voice rumble a few more words every time he spoke to you was doing wonders for your self esteem, and even you couldn鈥檛 deny the way your face warmed when he smiled at you.
鈥淗ey, you still鈥 damn. What happened here?鈥 Joel calls from the gaping hole that is the stable door, and only because it鈥檚 his voice calling you do you look up.
鈥淚t鈥檚 been broken all day. I asked someone to fix it, but鈥︹ You shrug, sighing and leaning your head back on the small gate that was the only thing holding the horse behind you from leaping out down the main street. 鈥淚 guess they had other shit to do. I can鈥檛 move it on my own.鈥
Joel considers you for a second, how your frame is backed against the gate, conveniently placed at the closest point to the open door. Then, he looks back to the door on the ground, and back up to you. He smirks.
鈥淪o you were plannin鈥 on sitting in here all night?鈥 The weight of the day makes your shoulders slump forward, and for the first time you really consider your plan. 鈥淵ou gonna body check a horse when he makes a run for it?鈥
鈥淥kay, it was a dumb plan. But, it鈥檚 that or let them all out and get stuck cleaning up the bar floor or something.鈥 He smiles again, the setting sun behind him washing over his shoulders in a pretty orange colour. A tilt of his head in your direction has you standing up, taking the lead of his horse that he offers to you.
鈥淵ou take him, I鈥檒l go get my tools. Fix it up before sun down.鈥 Before you can protest or tell him he doesn鈥檛 have to, he鈥檚 walking off to the right up the hill where his house sits.
You鈥檇 always been a bit jealous of the spot his house is. It鈥檚 far away enough from everyone that you get some real privacy, but close to the stables if you need a quick exit. He had a porch, too. One you spent a little too much of your time staring at during your work hours, when he spent his off days strumming a guitar right in your line of sight. He was just鈥 peaceful to observe. He brought a calm to you that no one else seemed to be able to do, almost enough that you could forget about the world outside and just exist in that little bubble for a while.
You lead Joel鈥檚 horse inside, hearing it trample the door again, and hang up his saddle next to the stable. Joels horse is much like him鈥 quiet unless provoked. You found it out the hard way when you first led it in with a routinely aggressive horse, thinking it鈥檚 demeanour would calm him down. The next morning you woke up to two very angry horses and a half bent gate of steel.
鈥淪aved you your favourite spot.鈥 You say to his horse, Old Beardy. You never asked how Joel picked the name, but for some reason it worked so well鈥 at least, he was definitely older than most. 鈥淪ee? He鈥檚 right up there.鈥
The stable at the back was angled just right so that the small window at the height of a horses head pointed directly towards Joel鈥檚 porch. Not close enough to see anything other than the outside, but enough that you know it鈥檚 there. You don鈥檛 come in here often, Joel always taking his own horse in, but when you do you can鈥檛 help but notice the instant calming effect it has on Beardy鈥 you might have more in common with this horse than half the people in Jackson.
When you find your way back to the front, Joel鈥檚 footsteps are trudging back down the hill. You鈥檒l be fairly useless as anything other than company while he fixes the door, but you can鈥檛 seem to stop your heart from racing a million miles a minute as he gets closer and closer. Yes, he makes you forget about everything on the outside, but that鈥檚 mainly due to how insane he drives you. All those conversations in the stables and too long looks in town are just all too consuming, and now, when you see him come into sight, you have to put some physical difference between him and you.
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have to, Joel. Really, I鈥檓 sure someone鈥檒l鈥斺
鈥淣o, they won鈥檛. Knowin鈥 the people around here, you鈥檒l be sleepin鈥 on the floor till next year.鈥 He bends down, and you drop yourself back to the floor and stare in some kind of mesmerised silence as he runs his hands over the broken hinges of the door.
In a few passing thoughts you鈥檇 never admit to yourself, you have an obsession with his hands. He was just so鈥apable. He could do so many things so easily鈥 and some kind of backward wire in your brain fizzled with electricity at the sight of him in his element. He starts fiddling with tools, first starting to remove the broken hinge, muscles flexing as he tears off the old bolts.
鈥淲hat happened?鈥 He says, the words muffled by the screwdriver in his mouth.
鈥淚 have no clue. When I woke up this morning it was blown in. I spent a good hour trying to move it but it鈥檚 so鈥斺 With one arm, he pulls it up to stand vertical, a fist wrapping around the edge of the gate. It doesn鈥檛 even look like he tried. 鈥溾攈eavy.鈥
鈥淐ome 鈥榚re and hold it straight.鈥 He says, keeping one arm out in front of him, the other still holding the door up. 鈥淚 won鈥檛 let it fall. Come on.鈥
鈥淟ike this?鈥 You say, staring down at him as you finally reach the door and take a little bit of the weight. He flicks his eyes up, nodding and shifting on his knees to get a better angle on the door.
鈥淧erfect.鈥 He says softly, looking up at you for another split second before clearing his throat and screwing on a new hinge.
鈥淵ou really didn鈥檛 have to do this, but thank-you.鈥 Joel shakes his head, his fingers fiddling with a latch.
鈥淟east I can do. Everyone should be up here helpin鈥 you anyways.鈥 He stands up, and with only a barrier the width of a gated door, you can feel his body heat keeping you warm when he towers over you. 鈥淜eep holding it still.鈥
鈥淵eah.鈥 You manage, eyes fluttering closed. 鈥淧eople help, though.鈥
鈥淥h, I bet.鈥 He says, sarcasm dripping off his words as he laughs dryly.
鈥淭hey do! Sometimes鈥 I mean, it鈥檚 not their fault. I鈥檓 kind of a hermit up here. I don鈥檛 really make an effort, so I can鈥檛 blame them.鈥 He stops working, his knuckles white over the railing of the gate, and looks to you.
鈥淵ou鈥檝e trained all these new horses to track better than those guys ever could. They鈥檇 die out there without 鈥榚m. Carl doesn鈥檛 know his left from right鈥 he got lost eight times last patrol. It鈥檚 cause of your horses he got back safe.鈥 Joel鈥檚 face is more serious, his eyes sharp but still with a hint of softness that he often looks at you with. 鈥淒oesn鈥檛 matter if you ain鈥檛 makin鈥 friends. This ain鈥檛 middle school, and people should be helpin鈥 you no matter what. Least of all fixing a door.鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 why I keep you around, Joel.鈥 You smile lightly, his voice getting lower the angrier he gets.
鈥淕ood. You tell me next time, and I鈥檒l come round and help. Avoid the whole town all together.鈥 You hum, letting go of the gate as he hauls it up in the air and shuffled backward, setting it against the hinges. 鈥淗ow do you know so much about horses?鈥
鈥淚 lived on a farm, way back when. Besides, they鈥檙e easy to navigate once you get to know them.鈥 Joel puts the screwdriver back in his mouth, and you can鈥檛 help but stare at him. The small scars on his face, peppered around his cheeks. Some are older, worn and faded, while the one across his nose is new. It鈥檚 not even scarred yet, still fresh
鈥淵ou okay?鈥 He says softly, tilting his head.
鈥淵our face.鈥 His eyebrows furrow, and you shake your head. 鈥淪orry. You鈥 did something happen on patrol? You have a cut鈥斺
鈥淛ust a few clickers. Real old, hauled up in a caravan out west. Nothing we couldn鈥檛 handle.鈥 The door drops into place, and he swings it out towards him. It sounds less squeaky than it usually did. 鈥淕ood as new.鈥
鈥淵ou should clean it.鈥 You say, worry edging in your voice. 鈥淚f it was clickers.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 fine.鈥 He shrugs it off.
鈥淐ome on. It鈥檚 the least I can do. I have a first aid kit in the back, and then we can call it even.鈥 He relents, locking the door behind him and stepping further into the stables. 鈥淪it. I鈥檒l get the kit.鈥
鈥淵es, ma鈥檃m.鈥 You can hear a small smirk on his voice, and you roll your eyes, turning around to find the kit. 鈥淲hy you got a first aid kit in here anyways?鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e using it now, aren鈥檛 you?鈥 You turn around, raising your eyebrows. 鈥淵ou鈥檇 be surprised how many people come here before going to medical. I started to stock up a little, do what I can. It鈥檚 not much, but I can clean it off and do some botched stitches until they see a real doctor.鈥
鈥淎nd none of those guys came up to fix the god damn door?鈥 He was getting angry again, and you tried to ignore the shiver that went up your spine when he spoke like that.
He was sitting on a small stool, putting him about waist height. When you stepped closer, shuffling your feet on the floor, he tilted his head up. His open legs invited you closer, nearly drawing you in with a magnetic field he was completely unaware of.
Armed with a cotton ball and disinfectant, your fingers were light enough to breeze along his jaw to hold him in place. He stares up at you, watching your eyes as they flit between the cut on his nose and his wandering gaze. His face is warm when you work up the courage to place your palm on his cheek, thumb gently smoothing over the salt and pepper flecks of his beard. He doesn鈥檛 flinch away when you press the cotton ball to his face, swiping across the bridge of his nose.
鈥淒oes it hurt?鈥 You whisper, feeling the need to keep your voice low.
鈥淣o.鈥 He does the same, the heat of his body making you shuffle slightly closer. His hands are in fists on his knees, like he鈥檚 straining to keep himself still. 鈥淭old you it was fine.鈥
鈥淎nd I told you I wanted to help.鈥 When you鈥檙e satisfied with the results, you take a fresh cotton pad and dry it up. 鈥淵ou might need stitches. It鈥檚 deep.鈥
鈥淕o on.鈥 He says, and you lean back, eyes wide.
鈥淵ou want me to stitch your face together?鈥
鈥淕ood practise, and I trust you.鈥 The simple words have your heart slamming against your rib cage, but instead of showing it you kneel in between his legs and search the contents of the kit for a needle.
鈥淚f I mess up your face, you knew what you signed up for.鈥 When you find what you鈥檙e looking for, you straighten, Joel鈥檚 face is right in front of you. It takes you a second to realise just how close he is, and the position isn鈥檛 lost on him either. It鈥檚 probably the most emotive you鈥檝e seen him, his jaw going tight from how hard he鈥檚 biting down.
鈥淚t鈥檚 already messed up. You鈥檙e fine.鈥 He manages, his voice strained.
鈥淗old still.鈥 Whispering the words, you lean closer and bring the needle to his skin. His eyes close, and it鈥檚 when you press the point into his nose that his hands shoot out in front of him, holding your hips gently.
鈥淪orry. Shit鈥斺
鈥淚t鈥檚 fine. Are you okay?鈥 He grunts in a way you think is affirming, so you keep threading the needle. You only need one stitch for a spot this small. 鈥淵our face isn鈥檛 messed up.鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 not. Messed up.鈥 You feel his thumbs stroke along the bone of your hip just once before he stills again. You tie off the stitch, and his eyes open. 鈥淭here. You鈥檙e pretty again.鈥
Your breathing was rapid even though you didn鈥檛 have a true reason for it, but neither of you moved. His hands鈥 strong and so fucking capable, holding you still on your knees in front of him. His eyes were pools, inviting you in with a gleam of something shiny, and where you were nearly gasping he was calm and collected. In his element, like he was right where he should be.
The whole stable was a dull orange now, the colours dusting through the strands of Joel鈥檚 hair. It鈥檚 never really sitting right, wind whipping it out of control on patrol, but you have the urge to run your hands through it anyway. You let yourself explore one small piece of him, like he has to you, and your fingertips run back over the shell of his ear, tangling in his hair. He sucks in a short breath, leaning into the hold of your hand.
鈥淛oel.鈥 You say, voice so soft he would of never heard you if you weren鈥檛 so close, but you call for him and he leans closer. Your foreheads nearly touch, and his hands tighten their hold on you.
鈥淭hank you, darlin鈥.鈥 You sigh deeply, unable to keep yourself upright at the nickname. It rings through you, his accent strong and adding an entire other layer to why he鈥檚 so easy to fall into. You don鈥檛 even really notice how dark it鈥檚 gotten鈥 you usually have sprinted home by now. But Joel鈥檚 here, and with him this close, you can鈥檛 think of anything else. He leans closer, and your eyes flutter closed.
鈥淐an I kiss you?鈥 He says, the brush of his lips against yours sending a tidal wave of need from your head to your feet.
鈥淥nly if you hurry up.鈥 You answer helplessly, voice cracking, and he smiles against you and finally brings his mouth to yours.
It鈥檚 anything but calm. That peaceful energy of the stables is completely shattered and sorted into something electrical and sizzling. He yanks you forward, bodies pressing together as you use the leverage of your hand fisted in his hair to kiss him harder and deeper. It doesn鈥檛 take long before his tongue is swiping along your bottom lip, seeking permission.
You let him in鈥 you鈥檇 let him do whatever he asked for if he kept pouring himself into you like this. He tasted good, which should be impossible but when you鈥檝e been starved of something for this long it doesn鈥檛 matter what he does it鈥檚 just that he鈥檚 giving it to you. He moves his hands to the small of your back, pressing your hips right in the middle of his open legs, his other hand on the back of your head.
You feel him groan when you press together, the sound waking up parts of you that had been dormant for far too long. It was like he had access to each nerve in your body, and every little sound or touch had them blaring red and sparking.
鈥淔uck, darlin鈥. Come closer.鈥 He groans into your mouth before kissing you again. You smile for a moment, not entirely sure how you could get any closer, and then it鈥檚 wiped off when he hauls you upward, hooking your legs around his waist on the stool. 鈥淵eah. Right here.鈥
Your arms cling around his neck, his own searching up and down your body. Your shirt rides up with the movements and you moan every time he grazed along your skin. There鈥檚 something equally hard and soft about his hands鈥 rough from years of work but soft with the way they hold you up, how they鈥檙e careful not to dip too low or high. You arch your back, giving him wordless permission, and he groans into your mouth again.
At some point you have to breath鈥 both of you gasping for air in the quiet of the darkened stables. He brings his hands to your face, holding you against his forehead so he can look into your eyes. He was smiling too鈥 like actually smiling, not that half smirk you鈥檝e seen so often.
鈥淲hat are we doin鈥?鈥 He laughs, kissing you again.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know, but can we keep going somewhere that doesn鈥檛 smell like horse shit?鈥 You whisper and he laughs again. It鈥檚 sounds so good鈥 like the sound of the beginning of your favourite song. It makes your heart sing, melting you into the tune. 鈥淧lease, Joel. I really want鈥︹
鈥淭ell me, baby.鈥 He moves, angles your head with swift moves of his fingers so he can kiss you lower. Under your jaw, and then he drags his mouth down, along your neck, teeth nipping softly鈥 鈥淔uck knows I wanna hear you say it.鈥
鈥淵ou. I really want you.鈥 He hums against your skin, one arm hooking under your ass as he stands easily. You squeal, muffling the sound in the mop of hair on his head. As you walk outside, there鈥檚 only a few people still mulling around, and they turn their heads towards you when they hear your soft laughter mixed with Joel鈥檚鈥 two sounds that seem to alarm them more than clickers.
For the first time since you鈥檇 been here, you really don鈥檛 care if people are looking at you, or what they鈥檙e saying. When Joel locks the gate behind you and slides you down his chest to let your feet touch the floor, you are reminded once again of his ability to remove every single thought from your mind except him. Just him, and his hands on your hips, spinning you around and leading you up the hill towards his house. How every so often he鈥檒l bend down, pressing his lips lightly to the back of your neck, and how you can feel his smile on your skin.
He guides you easily, your body on auto pilot to his small gestures, and when you finally rush up the few steps of his porch鈥 one you鈥檝e spent way too much time staring at from afar, you鈥檙e both attached to each others face like horny teenagers. He fumbles with the doors lock, jamming keys with aggressive force while his other hand stays soft and sweet on your waist, holding you against him. When the door gives out behind you he never lets you stumble, taking you in his stride with practised precision. You鈥檝e seen the inside of his house, but never the layout, so as he guides you blindly through the hallway, your shut eyes and occupied mouth never see it coming when you fall backwards onto a bed.
鈥淟et me take this off.鈥 He mumbles against your lips, tugging at your shirt and jacket. In a tangle of limbs you both shove at the material, finally hooking it over your head. He presses you flat against the mattress again, hanging over you and running his hands up and down your sides in long, soothing strokes. 鈥淕od damn gorgeous.鈥
鈥淵our turn.鈥 The blaze in his eyes dulls slightly at your comment, and he just bends to kiss you again. He links your hands in his own, pulling you away from where they were tugging at his shirt. 鈥淛oel.鈥
鈥淣othin鈥 there you wanna see, baby. Just let me look at you.鈥 As sweet as his voice sounds, and as much as you want him to continue, you pull away from his greedy mouth.
鈥淧lease take your fucking shirt off.鈥 You say harshly, biting at his bottom lip hard enough for his eyes to open again. He looks over you, taking in the sight of you under him with your arms pinned above your head, back arched towards him. He鈥檚 clearly contemplating how difficult it would be to ignore you, smirking a little when he looks up at your hands again.
鈥淥r what? You gonna make me stop?鈥 He kisses under your jaw, his free hand skating along your side, only stopping when his fingers reach the hem of your jeans. When he hears you gasp as his hand disappears under the fabric, he laughs. 鈥淣ah, you won鈥檛 make me stop. Want it just as bad as I do, don鈥檛 you?鈥
鈥淏ut I want鈥斺
鈥淪hh, shh. I鈥檒l give you what you want.鈥 His mouth his dizzying鈥 words and movements hot against your skin as his hand bypasses your underwear and drags slow circles against your clit, immediately drawing his name from your lips again. 鈥淭here you go, darlin鈥. Feels good?鈥
鈥淕od鈥 yeah, faster. Please.鈥 Your chest was rising and falling so fast, trying to pull the air he was punching out of your lungs with every quick movement of his fingers. He hums at the praise, and you feel him shift above you, sitting up so he could slip one finger inside of you. 鈥淔uck, Joel!鈥
鈥淚 know, baby.鈥 He tilts his head up to kiss you again, tongue matching the fast and unpredictable pace of his hand. You can feel it building鈥 pleasure rippling up your spine and fizzing low in your stomach, and your hands tug under Joel鈥檚 unrelenting grip.
He seems to forget he was meant to be holding you, his groans and concentration all focused on the way he was fucking you with his hand, so he lets you go, his hand going to hold your face. It makes you smile under him, but it quickly gets lost when you moan his name again, rolling your hips against him.
Now your hands are free, you have a moment of clarity when your eyes flutter open and see him staring at you; eyes flitting between your face and your chest. You want to have that鈥 to see skin you鈥檝e only thought about in the late hours of the night when you were alone, never admitting it to yourself when you woke the next day. You grab onto the hem of his shirt, ripping the denim up as far as you can, getting your hands on the bare skin of his back.
He doesn鈥檛 help you鈥 too obsessed with the way you are writhing and moaning so loud the poeple down the street will know what your doing. Neither of you care about anything else than this, right here, and the fiery hot spark that鈥檚 lighting you up inside.
鈥淪hirt, Joel.鈥 You tug at the collar, then card your fingers through his hair and pull. He grumbles something, and then you whimper when his hand leaves you and he sits up on his knees. He was out of breath, towering over you and keeping you caged underneath him as he tore the shirt over his head and threw it behind him. When he leans back down, he doesn鈥檛 give you the time to admire him that you鈥檇 like, but you take what he gives you. He shoves your own jeans down, shaking them off you in one tug, and your eyes hardly have time to open before you feel the backs of your calves press against the flexing muscles of his bare shoulders.
鈥淧erfect.鈥 He says, speech almost slurred, and the look he gives you reminds you of the one he gave you in the barn. Before you can think enough on it, both of his hands hold your hips down and he gives you one last look before he buried his face in your pussy.
It doesn鈥檛 take much to have you screaming his name again, that sweet hot pleasure that was building so quickly comes rushing back with the wet heat of his mouth. He eats you out like he鈥檚 fucking hungry for it鈥 pulling borderline shouts from deep in your chest, like something is bashing against your ribcage, only awoken by his complete and utter devotion. His tongue swirls and fingers curl, and you lose sense of direction, clawing at his hair and feeling his groan when you pull him into you.
There鈥檚 no where to go, stuck under his weight as he dives into your taste, at his mercy entirely. It was so different to see him undone鈥 a sight you wouldn鈥檛 be able to forget next time he came into the stables all soft eyes and short words. No, here he was holding your eye contact, groaning your name as if you were the one doing this to him. He gave you no choice but to hurtle towards the edge of consciousness, knowing you wouldn鈥檛 be able to hold out under him much longer.
鈥淛oel. Joel鈥 fuck.鈥 His lips wrap around your clit, sucking gently while his fingers curl inside you in a spot that has you seeing stars. 鈥淥h, god鈥斺
He doesn鈥檛 say anything when you cum, just groans into your pussy as he guides you through it. He sets pace and intensity, both of which are hard and almost unbearable, and he only drags himself away when you beg him to. Your legs shake, his hands smoothing over your thighs as his mouth presses wet kisses up your skin, over your stomach and chest, finally reaching your mouth with an overwhelming force.
You hum, tasting the combination of you and him together on his tongue, taking everything he needs to give you. He shuffles up, and you feel his cock pressing hard against your thigh, still straining in his jeans. You let him kiss you lazily, let him explore you this way while your hands busy themselves between your bodies, unzipping his jeans. When your palm brushes over his length still covered by his boxers, he hisses and his eyebrows furrow, like the pleasure is almost painful. You do it again and he shudders, pressing his forehead to yours.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e so soft.鈥 He murmurs past your ear when you slip your hand under the waistband. When your fingers wrap around him, you stay true to his word and stay light with your touch, not wanting him to finish just yet. You want to make it good for him鈥 draw it out. Pay him back for everything he gave to you; not just tonight, but every night. 鈥淪o fucking soft. Sweet.鈥
鈥淵ou like that?鈥 You ask innocently, stroking him again. Your thumb brushes over his tip and he shudders again, nearly shivering. 鈥淚 can be gentle. Want you inside me, though.鈥
鈥淲hatever you want. Fuck鈥 anything you want to do to me. Please, baby. Not gonna last long if you keep doing that.鈥 A single please was enough to grant him a thousand wishes, but you鈥檒l settle for giving him just one.
He helps rid himself of the rest of his clothes, no insecurity in sight with the lower half of his body. There was no need to be鈥 he was big. It made sense鈥 he was a big guy, but it wasn鈥檛 just that. He was just鈥 perfect.
鈥淓yes on me.鈥 He says, pulling your gaze away from where your bodies are about to meet. 鈥淚 want to see your face when I鈥︹
He trails off when his tip lines up with your entrance. You bite your lip in anticipation, feeling the soaked pleasure coating him as he finally slides himself further and further. You both sigh, like a weight is being lifted from both of you. As if this was the way you were both meant to be.
He bottoms out, head buried in the crook of your neck as he chokes out your name. You feel full鈥 the weight and stretch holding you to the bed, your arms strung lazily around his neck. Your fingers wander down his spine, keeping that soft lilt to your touch that he seems to thrive under. For all his hardness and strength, it鈥檚 the lightest touches that seem to crumble him the most.
鈥淔uck, baby. Feel so good around me.鈥 Joel never speaks for the fun of it, but he says these things like he needs to. Strained and focused, like it鈥檚 a compulsion to tell you how good it feels. 鈥淣eeded to fuck you for so long. You gonna let me make you feel good, aren鈥檛 you?鈥
鈥淵es, Joel. Please, I need鈥 need you to move.鈥 You whine like a spoilt child, and you are now that you鈥檝e had a taste. He laughs once, a breathless sound, and then pulls out nearly all the way, only to slide back in with that same trained pace.
鈥淕ood girl.鈥 He groans, and then picks up the pace.
It鈥檚 devastating. It鈥檚 the only way to describe it. He fucks you hard and slow, slowly etching himself into parts of your being you aren鈥檛 entirely sure he didn鈥檛 just create himself. Like he鈥檚 forged apart of you just for him, something low and hot, and he hits it with every, perfectly timed thrust. The bed rocks under him, but he doesn鈥檛 seem to care. Its creaks and groans are drowned out by his words and both of your moans.
You are incoherent鈥 overcome by pleasure that shocks even the nerves in your fingers and toes, but it seems to have the opposite effect on Joel. He doesn鈥檛 fucking shut up鈥 and it鈥檚 about the hottest thing you鈥檝e ever experienced.
鈥淪o fucking tight around me.鈥
鈥淕od, you feel good.鈥
鈥淵ou are so beautiful.鈥
鈥淕onna fuck you for days.鈥 Is the last one you hear before his groans turn to borderline whimpers, his pace stuttering as you feel the coil in your stomach tighten and snap all at once. 鈥淥h, fuck that鈥檚 it. Cum again for me. Jesus Christ鈥斺
鈥淛oel.鈥 You can only whisper now鈥 voice so strained that nothing could come out but his name. Your eyes roll back and you feel him fuck into you one or two more times, and then he pulls out and replaces himself with his hand. You ride out your pleasure on his skilled fingers, another wave of heat numbing you when you feel him spill onto your stomach, your back arching off the bed.
The room is suddenly dead quiet, nothing but panting breaths filling the silent house. He is still hanging over you, you can feel both of his forearms next to your head as he leans down to kiss you again. The warmth of his body is lifted just enough for him to use something soft to clean you off, and then he collapses beside you, tugging you onto his chest.
He runs his hand through your hair, stopping at your jaw to tilt you up. He kisses you again, the lack of oxygen making you giddy and dizzy, and you break the kiss only because your smiling so wide.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 so funny?鈥 He says, trying to be serious, but even in the dark you can see his matching grin.
鈥淛ust happy. Can I be happy?鈥 It鈥檚 meant to be light hearted, but you feel him stop for a second, and then he tugs you a little closer.
鈥淵eah. Yeah, you can be.鈥 He tucks you under his chin, sighing deeply as the rest of your body turns into him and tangles itself with him. 鈥淚 am.鈥
You open your eyes a final time, seeing the pitch black dark outside. If it was light, you鈥檇 be able to see the stable from here, but it鈥檚 black out there. Usually it would make you uneasy, but tucked up under Joel鈥檚 safe arms, there鈥檚 nothing in the world that could make you feel more at peace.
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spicyhamsamson 4 months
I am. So fucking tired of Batman being portrayed as a bad parent and a toxic person. And it鈥檚 so goddamn widespread. Fuck, it might be as bad as the whole 鈥淪uperman being a kindhearted Boy Scout is boring鈥 take.
I get it, the man鈥檚 not exactly stable, he watched his parents get murdered in front of him and spent years of his life training to fight crime dressed like a giant scary bat, of course he鈥檚 not perfect.
But to say that Bruce Wayne isn鈥檛 caring, isn鈥檛 empathetic, to call him abusive鈥t just misses the point of who the character is to me.
Why do you think he fights crime? Yes, part of it is because he鈥檚 bitter and sad because his parents were cruelly ripped from him as a child, and he鈥檚 lashing out against the corruption of his city. It鈥檚 arguably the focus of his earlier years. But he learns to become more than that. He learns to bring hope, a chance to be better.
Harleen Quinzel is the Joker鈥檚 right hand lady, but she鈥檚 also a victim of an abusive relationship and a woman with a surprisingly strong moral compass and a love for animals, and wants to get better.
Tumblr media
Harvey Dent is a man who will decide someone鈥檚 fate on a coin toss(and a pretty inaccurate depiction of DID), but he鈥檚 also Bruce鈥檚 close friend who clearly needs help learning to live with his condition, rather than try to get rid of it, and someone who he still goes out of his way to visit, even after everything.
Tumblr media
Victor Fries is a cold, emotionless man who will callously discard allies and blame them for being careless, but he鈥檚 also a man who鈥檚 either lashing out because he had the love of his life taken from him, or just desperate to make sure she isn鈥檛 taken from him, and is willing to do anything just to guarantee her survival.
Tumblr media
Even the Joker, arguably one of the most morally bankrupt characters in all of fiction, is someone that Batman has offered a chance to. After the guy shoots the daughter of his friend, a girl he cared for like she was his own kid, and paralyzes her from the waist down, he tells the Joker that he doesn鈥檛 want to hurt him. He wants to get him help. He looks at this monster who has taken countless lives and says 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have to be alone.鈥
Tumblr media
For fuck鈥檚 sake, he sat with Joe Chill in his last moments so that he wouldn鈥檛 be alone. Joe Chill, the man who murdered his parents, who took so much from him, the person responsible for all of the misery and suffering he鈥檚 gone through. And he sits with the man to comfort him while dies.
Tumblr media
And you鈥檙e gonna tell me the man who did that would abuse his kids?
Tumblr media
That he鈥檇 hold up the young man whose death was his greatest failure, the boy he grieved, and say this?
Tumblr media
That he鈥檇 look his goddamn son in the eyes and say this to him?
Tumblr media
Why the FUCK do you think he took in Dick Grayson in the first place? It wasn鈥檛 because he saw the kid and thought 鈥淎h. A potential soldier.鈥, it was because he saw a boy experiencing the same heartbreaking loss he had so many years ago, and wanted to make sure he didn鈥檛 end up as bitter and miserable as he was.
Tumblr media
Why do you think he smiled when Tim Drake presented him a broken watch for Father鈥檚 Day? Because he was just happy to see the boy alive and safe.
Tumblr media
The thing about Batman is that he wants to make sure nobody else ends up feeling the way he does. That鈥檚 not just about stopping a mugger so a boy鈥檚 parents aren鈥檛 gunned down. It鈥檚 about giving his loved ones the support and care that he couldn鈥檛 have, because it was taken from him. It鈥檚 about comforting someone who just went through a traumatic experience and letting them know that they鈥檙e going to be okay. It鈥檚 about going to someone locked away in a cell who thinks that they鈥檙e a lost cause and a burden to society and telling them that he wants to help them get better. It鈥檚 about EMPATHY.
That鈥檚 what makes him a HERO. He鈥檚 meant to inspire us, to show us that we can have that same empathy for others around us, that we can turn our suffering into hope for a better future.
I just wish more people at DC would start recognizing that. But I might as well follow that example myself. Maybe through this struggle of having to see this hero mistreat the people around him and act like a grade-A jackass, people will start to recognize that missing empathy, and slowly but surely, it might come back. After all, what is this post, if not trying to bring attention to the matter in the hopes of fixing it?
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uravichii 2 months
pov: you're drop-dead gorgeous (and they don't know how to deal with it)
Tumblr media
character/s: bakugo katsuki, shinsou hitoshi, kaminari denki, todoroki shouto
genre: fluff, crack (?), them hyping u up like there's no tomorrow, uhh reader wears makeup 馃
notes: this is for all u pretty mfs aka all of u whether u believe it or not YOU ARE PRETTY AMD HOT AND AMAZING 馃槨鈥硷笍 also disclaimer: the boys love u not just for your face. they think you're so cool for being beautiful inside n out and this is just them appreciating the out 馃鈥嶁檧锔
Tumblr media
bakugo katsuki thinks you're so pretty that his only response to it is to be angry. he'd watch intently the way you'd smooth your clothes down and cutely fiddle with your hair in the mirror as if there's even anything to fix. he'll cup your pretty face in his hands and squeeze your cheeks together (cuteness aggression probably), "tell me why you're so fucking pretty all the time? what are you so pretty for, huh?!"
bakugo katsuki would always watch you do your makeup and hair and then slip into the prettiest clothes only you can pull off and he's just mesmerized by the whole thing.
"katsuki, please stop drooling and get dressed. we're gonna be late."
his only response is: "fuck off."
because he can never deny nor hide the fact that he constantly admires you every chance he gets. he storms his way to you and snatches a shimmery eyeshadow from your makeup bag. "tch, you don't even need any of this shit."
"you don't like it, katsuki?" you stare up at him doe-eyed, easily making his heart skip a beat.
"h-hah?! i didn't say that!" he shoves it to your hand, "now do this glittery shit next!"
and you just ditch whatever plans you'd made and spend the rest of the night trying on different makeup looks. he'll insist that you sit on his lap while you doll yourself up just because, and you gladly do so but then you both end up wearing a full face of glam makeup 馃鈥嶁檧锔 he doesn't know how he just let it happen but he's like, "whatever makes you fucking happy, y/n."
he then proceeds to tell you that, "every one of those ugly extras should grovel at your feet, worship the ground you walk on, and then beg for your forgiveness."
"forgive them for what?"
he stares blankly at you. "for breathing the same air as you."
bakugo katsuki's not active on social media at all but on his instagram, his first and only post is a photo dump of just you銉 the selfies you took on his phone, your date outfits, candid photos (by courtesy of bakugo katsuki) of you smiling at a stray cat, the power nap you took on his shoulder, and his favorite one by far: a photo of you wearing his black tank top that completely swallows you up, holding up two little peace signs on your cheeks.
and of course, he captions it, "u and ur ugly ass wish u were y/n."
Tumblr media
shinsou hitoshi is convinced he's dating a model. he doesn't know how it happened, but he is a little proud of whatever the hell was in him that managed to rizz you up.
he thinks you look amazing in absolutely anything. so when you go clothes shopping together, he casually picks up all types of clothes from the racks until there's a whole pile of them in his arms.
when you shoot him a questioning look about it, he only says, "think you'll look amazing in these, babe."
he also picks up some accessories and just wears them on you銉 hats, sunglasses, hair pins, and you just let him because each time you let him accessorize you, he gives those little comments like, "amazing." "cute" "this one's tacky; i put it on you as a joke but you pull it off for some reason." "yes. slayed." he made you wear cat ears one time and he just melts right there, immediately taking a photo of you for his new lockscreen.
it bothers shinsou hitoshi a lot when people stare at you even when they can clearly see his hand on the small of your back. he'll slide closer to you and kiss the top of your head all the while he gives them a death stare he wishes he could do more.
he squeezes your waist a little to call your attention.
"hm? what's up, hitoshi?"
he looks at you blankly, taking in your features in awe as if for the first time again. then he stuffs your face into his chest, your legs staggering as you grab a hold of his forearms.
"hey, what are you doing?" you giggle in his chest. he's relieved you can't see his flushed cheeks. "hitoshiii"
"you're too good for this world, y/n. i need to start gatekeeping you."
what blows shinsou hitoshi's mind the most is how you're probably unaware of your effect on him, no matter how many times he's called you all synonyms of the word, 'beautiful'
he's sat on the couch, a tiny smile of adoration tugging on his lips when he sees you running up to him. your eyes brim with excitement as you call his name, truly the prettiest ones he's ever seen.
"something happened?銉" he pauses when you lean your face so close to his. he sinks back into the couch as the tips of ears start to turn red.
it takes a moment until he realizes that you're showing off the purple eyeshadow you had done on yourself, batting your eyelashes at him as you wait for his response bc right now he's just staring at you like 馃槮馃挊鈥硷笍鈥硷笍鈥硷笍
"it's the one you picked out from the mall yesterday. is it pretty?"
"y/n." his hands slowly find their way to your waist, "i don't believe you're real sometimes. you are possibly the most beautiful person i've ever seen."
"god," he pulls you by the waist until you're sat on his lap, your legs straddling him. "you have no idea."
Tumblr media
remember how bakugo said all those extras should be groveling at your feet and worshipping you? yeah, it's kaminari denki. he worships you.
he thinks you're beautiful and he's LOUD about it.
he's constantly bragging about you to his friends and showing off your photos (if you're comfy w/ that), "oh this? oh yeah, this is is y/n, the coolest, funniest, drop dead gorgeous, most ethereal person on earth and they're dating ME."
and bakugo would just grab his phone and knock it against his head with a thud 馃, "WE FUCKING GET IT. NOW, SHUT UP, DUMBASS."
he'll rub his head while cackling, "whatever, i'm dating Y/N. who cares about anything if you're dating y/n?"
kaminari denki doesn't love you just for your beauty though. you're not just some eye candy to him. if someone ever called you one though, you bet he's zapping their ass and with the whole bakusquad by his side because somehow they feel obligated to protect you now too. 馃鈥嶁檧锔 (denki's effect)
and just as much as he compliments your beauty everyday, he never forgets to let you know how beautiful your heart is too. in fact, he calls you 'angel' because how could someone be this beautiful and be so kind and caring to him at the same time?
"sometimes.." he looks up pensively from his lap where you lay your head, "i feel like i've been blessed by the heavens when i got to date you.
"don't even think i'm exaggerating, y/n!" he pokes your cheek when you turn your head to look at him, "you're amazing. i don't know what i did for you to give me a chance."
there are times though when a part of kaminari denki feels a little insecure because he thinks he looks quite stupid next to you, and it doesn't help either that the bakusquad never lets him hear the end of it 馃様
"denki, you don't look stupid because you're next to me. you do that on your own."
"aww, thank y銉 hol' up." 馃え
he's pouting but you immediately wipe that off by apologizing and peppering his face with kisses, ending it with a loud smooch on his lips with a "mmmwah!"
kaminari denki now can't remember what you're even apologizing for in the first place.
Tumblr media
you and todoroki shouto are so beautiful, the visuals are blinding 馃槱 you'd walk to your classroom together, him opening the door for you and you smiling at him, lovingly squeezing his arm as a silent 'thank you,' and people just stare with their mouths agape, not knowing who exactly to be jealous of.
shouto definitely stares the most though until it concerns midoriya, "t-todoroki-kun, you haven't moved in three minutes. are you okay?" because he might as well have drawn hearts on his eyes and stab an arrow to his heart with the way he looks at you.
todoroki shouto always kisses your eyes, nose, cheeks, hair, and your lips, of course, just to let you know how beautiful he thinks they are.
he thinks whatever you do or wear is so pretty, hence, the many, many photos of you on his phone. his lockscreen changes every 2 days because everyday he just gets a prettier shot of you, and he always shows them to you and to his friends and siblings 鈽癸笍 because everyone, including you, should appreciate what a beauty you are!
"this looks great! you'd make a great photographer, shouto" you lean in to kiss his cheek, immediately sending a flush across his face.
"well..." he looks to the ground, the feeling of your lips still lingering on his right cheek. "that's all you... you're beautiful. i don't know how it has anything to do with me, but thank you."
and then he leans closer, tilting his head to the side to silently ask for another kiss. you laugh softly at this, and when you cup his cheeks in your hands and start planting kisses all over his face the way he does to you, shouto confirms it in his mind銉 y/n is an angel.
todoroki shouto would get a little overboard with the photos though because he'll spam that button and keep every single one. when you ask why keep the blurry ones, he explains, "that's still a photo of you. why would i delete it?"
he also has a photo of his point of view from when he was laying his head on your lap. he said he wanted to capture "the happiest moment of his life." you convince yourself it's sweet but it's literally just a photo of your chin in a weird angle.
"shouto, that's just my chin."
he looks at you dead in the eye. "y/n, you have a lovely chin."
you call him a weirdo, which surprises him a little, but then you drape your arms around his neck and pepper kisses all over his face again because who else in the world would say that to you?
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loaksbitch 2 months
Tumblr media
blame tumblr for deleting my draft and make me rework this with rush鈥 now girlies, imagine jealous neteyam pull you to his side, claiming you as his yes? this is the long awaited update (pt 3) of the i trusted you series.
warnings - hard angst, vulgar language, jealous neteyam i repeat, JEALOUSY NETEYAM! ugh, cussing, neteyam is tired of hurting and trying, kiri is best girl for boosting up neteyam to make a step kinda? that鈥檚 it for now!
likes and reblogs are appreciated for the final part! i love each and every one of you babies mwah!! 鈥 3.2k wc and poor-ish grammar
鈥渋 want to trust you.鈥 鈥 neteyam sully (鈽,戛)
here鈥檚 part (one) 鈥 (two) 鈥 (four) of this series
neteyam鈥檚 state wasn鈥檛 good when he went back home.
you鈥檙e leaving the clan because of him, you鈥檙e leaving your home, your childhood, your everything because of him.
you鈥檙e leaving him because of him.
still not accepting the words you鈥檝e said to him, he hadn鈥檛 noticed his younger sister waiting for him right when he got back to the village, hunting long forgotten.
kiri on other hand had enough, she鈥檚 tired of seeing her brother suffer for what he was trying to make right, especially after that night. the night she saw her perfect brother kneel in front of a female na鈥檝i begging you not to go.
鈥渘eteyam,鈥 his name being called, pulls him out from his thoughts and his tired eyes land on his sister who has her arms crossed against her chest. 鈥渨hat part of leave me alone don鈥檛 they understand?鈥 neteyam silently says under his breath
鈥測ou know i can hear you right?鈥 kiri scoffs
鈥渨hat part of i want to be alone don鈥檛 you all understand?鈥 this time he says it clearly and louder. neteyam doesn鈥檛 give her time before walking past her and if only if it wasn't for her next words? he wouldn鈥檛 have frozen at his spot.
鈥渋f you love her, go for her.鈥
there she goes again, now he needs to tell her he doesn鈥檛 want to hear anything about that future mate of his, that female na鈥檝i he doesn鈥檛 even want.
鈥渒iri.鈥 he starts to turn and face her, his amber eyes swollen and puffy it makes her sad. 鈥渋鈥檒l say this for the last time, i don鈥檛 want anyone to bring 盲y鈥斺
鈥渋鈥檓 not talking about 盲yea and you know it.鈥
his heart dropped, amber eyes slightly widening like he was caught. neteyam searches for more explanation from his sister, kiri softly smiles and he definitely knows who she鈥檚 talking about
鈥測/n, neteyam, i鈥檓 talking about y/n.鈥 his skin itches at your name being called and he walks fast to his sister before grabbing her by her arms. nobody has to know, not like this and he won't risk to lose you like this
鈥渓ook, you can鈥檛 tell no one, okay?鈥 he鈥檚 shaking his sister so hard that her shoulders are hurting. 鈥渋 can't lose her, if the clan knows they鈥檒l take her away from me.鈥 his body is trembling, neteyam鈥檚 mind was too occupied with the worst scenarios that would happen if they find out about you just like this.
kiri closes her eyes and calms herself before trying to do the same for her brother. 鈥渘ete, calm down鈥 she places her small hands on his cheek. 鈥測ou鈥檝e to calm down, for her?鈥 she knew you鈥檙e his weakness and he would do anything with your name
鈥渋 won鈥檛 tell anyone.鈥 kiri watches neteyam鈥檚 eyes blink, confused and processing her words, 鈥渂ut you must tell them, everyone, tell everyone neteyam.鈥
he鈥檚 slowly sliding his hands down her arms and letting her go, what is she saying?
鈥渋 saw everything, the night she knew about it and how you were.鈥 kiri didn鈥檛 want to look like she sneaked into someone's business. 鈥渋鈥檝e never seen you so weak like this brother, you鈥檙e giving up something that makes you happy.鈥
where is this going? why is she not yelling at him that he failed to be perfect?
鈥渋 know you鈥檙e soon to be mated but why when you鈥檙e not happy? not wanting it, not in love.鈥 neteyam takes every word of hers carefully. 鈥渋f this is the future you want with her then make a progress.鈥
鈥渋鈥檓 tired of hearing you cry yourself to sleep, starve yourself and worry mom and dad.鈥 he felt like a child. 鈥渋鈥檓 sorry,鈥 he murmurs and kiri sighs, 鈥測ou don鈥檛 have to apologize for everything.鈥
neteyam was feeling his heartbeats quickening at his younger sister's words but it鈥檚 also painful when he remembers he can鈥檛 do that cause you鈥檙e gonna be gone, soon鈥 very soon.
鈥渟he鈥檚 le-leaving,鈥 his words are cut when his voice quivers, kiri gasps at the news. 鈥渟he said she feels like she doesn鈥檛 belong here.鈥 he鈥檚 now looking down to avoid kiri鈥檚 eyes or he鈥檒l cry
鈥渟he鈥檚 leaving me, kiri鈥 his sister only pulls him close to hug him and he drops his body on her, head on her shoulder. 鈥渋 love her and she鈥檚 leaving, i鈥檓 losing her.鈥 he wants the pain to end, he鈥檚 tired of hurting
鈥渙h brother.鈥 kiri pats his head, even though neteyam was the smartest and perfect to hide his emotions, this was too much. he鈥檚 literally crumbling down. 鈥渋t鈥檒l be okay, everything will be okay.鈥
鈥渋t will be okay, everything will be okay.鈥 your mother pats your hair when you lean on her shoulders and cry. all you do is cry, you feel bad.
you鈥檙e debating on leaving everything behind and running to your neteyam but then again there鈥檚 his future mate being a wall to your love. 鈥渋t鈥檒l be over soon when we leave.鈥
if not soulmates why bound to fall in love and hurt?
eywa was not fair, she鈥檚 not fair with her doings and you don鈥檛 want it. you want him, you want your man, you want neteyam, you miss him so bad.
the ritual is in two days and you鈥檙e not ready to watch them or give them your blessing as a part of a clan. once the ceremony is done you know they鈥檒l go home, you don鈥檛 even want to think what they鈥檒l do after that.
they鈥檒l have a fruit of love, a baby in the future鈥 what about you? supposed to move on? no, you can鈥檛 do that.
鈥渨e鈥檝e got to get ready, my sweet child,鈥 your mother says as she eyes the hammock that sheltered you for years. everything is packed, ready and done.
while you鈥檙e struggling to make the pain hurt less, neteyam is struggling to make his heart beat less.
it鈥檚 now an eclipse and everyone is ready for dinner, 鈥渕om! what鈥檚 for dinner?鈥 tuk whines when netyiri brings the bowls and trays at the wooden table. 鈥測ou鈥檒l see baby鈥 she kneels down to finally join her family.
it doesn鈥檛 fail to catch her by surprise when her first born is sat across the right side of the table. 鈥渘eteyam?鈥 her eyes start to whelm when her son smiles at her, oh how she missed having him around the table to eat with them.
鈥渉e鈥檚 here just like you want him.鈥 jake says and neteyam nods.
neytiri only lets soft laugh out and places a bowl for him. 鈥渆at this, it鈥檒l help you get strength for your training.鈥 she motions him to take his food.
kiri silently watches everyone, a smile painting her lips as she sips on her soup.
鈥渢astes good?鈥 neteyam nervously nods, the only thing he鈥檚 thinking is a way to bring up his love topic to them. it wasn鈥檛 much late before he鈥檚 opening his mouth to speak and lo鈥檃k suddenly interrupted
鈥渄ad, mom i ne鈥撯︹
鈥渢uk stop doing that, you鈥檒l choke.鈥 lo鈥檃k scolds at his sister and neteyam shuts his lips quick. maybe it鈥檚 the right thing not to say anything right now.
鈥渢uk, listen to your brother honey鈥 jake says and turns to neteyam, 鈥渨hat were you saying son?鈥
neteyam shakes his head, 鈥渘ever mind i鈥檒l talk to you guys later.鈥 he doesn鈥檛 ignore how kiri lightly groans when he backs out. 鈥渋鈥檒l head inside now.鈥 he rubs his sweaty hands on his thighs and gets back to his feet
鈥測ou didn鈥檛 even touch your food.鈥 now that鈥檚 a lie, he actually scooped two times and ate.
鈥渋 ate mom, it鈥檚 delicious t-thanks.鈥 he hates when the last word breaks. on eywa he鈥檚 so nervous.
kiri was quick to follow his steps when he left and luckily her parents didn't question. she was fast to catch up with her brother and yanks his arms to make him face her, 鈥渨hat was that?鈥 she raises her eyebrows
鈥渨hat was what?鈥
鈥渄on鈥檛 play dumb with me right now.鈥 kiri warns and neteyam clears his throat
鈥渋鈥檓 scared okay!鈥 he hissed, 鈥渋鈥檓 so fucking nervous my skin is crawling to leave my bones.鈥 his sister only rolls her eye, 鈥渟eriously鈥 we鈥檝e talked about this! not being a little scared ass to be telling them.鈥
鈥渨hat happened to that?鈥 she crosses her arms.
鈥渒iri,鈥 he sighs and drops his head down, shoulders easing. 鈥測ou don鈥檛 understand how dangerous this is, what if鈥撯
鈥渨hat if they hurt her?鈥
neteyam was awfully silent and that answers her question. 鈥測ou know mom and dad, they don鈥檛 do anything about what you care and love鈥︹ kiri slowly stops when neteyam shakes his head
鈥渘ot them,鈥 it鈥檚 not them he鈥檚 scared of, it鈥檚 盲yea鈥檚 parents he鈥檚 scared of, he knows they would do anything to make their little perfect daughter that matches with him, or whatever they say.
kiri presses her lips to a straight line before clicking her tongue.
this is gonna be a bad idea or the best idea she has ever made and decided to tell him aways. neteyam鈥檚 eyes widen when his sister pulls him away from their family, what she鈥檚 gonna tell him is the only chance to get you back and win your trust and she鈥檚 sure neteyam will do it,
do anything for you.
喑 time skip 鈥 mating ritual ceremony
your new outfit makes your curves more defined, way more defined than your usual loin clothes that you wear.
your skin shining smoothly, the leaves barely covering your breast, you looked ethereal with your hair not braided and freely displayed all over your shoulders
鈥渉oney, are you ready?鈥
your mother鈥檚 words make you gulp and suck a deep breath. 鈥渨e must be there early to leave early!鈥 she tells while being in the other room.
you finally check yourself and talk back, 鈥測eah, i鈥檓 ready.鈥 you whisper morley to yourself? swallowing the lump on your throat.
鈥測eah, i鈥檓 ready.鈥 neteyam closes his eyes and breaths trying to focus on not messing up everything, he鈥檚 not even sure if you鈥檒l show up and some part of him wishes you do show up
extra loincloths and decorations on his body makes him uncomfortable with its weight crushing him down.
netyiri proudly looks at her son鈥檚 figure while the kids are outside, 鈥渕other.鈥 the sudden call of her name, netyiri answers quickly. 鈥渨hat is it? nervous?鈥
neteyam gulps down his fear and walks to her, 鈥渋 love you鈥 netyiri feels her eyes tear up and smile at him, 鈥測our mom loves you too, baby.鈥 neteyam envelopes her with a hug and netyiri cries to his shoulder telling him how he鈥檚 grown up
鈥渘ow don鈥檛 mess my face up with tears! let鈥檚 get you ready there.鈥 it鈥檚 time to face reality and wait for his soon to be mate come
when he鈥檚 out of his hammock, he鈥檚 greeted with his family smiling at him and jake鈥檚 proud smile. even half of the clan was standing at his hammock.
鈥渘eteyam te suli tsyeyk'itan鈥 everyone chants and neteyam feels his inside clench in discomfort. he doesn鈥檛 want this if it鈥檚 not with you, everything makes him sick. 鈥渃鈥檓on son, let鈥檚 get you to the trees of voice, your mate is waiting.鈥
what the fuck, that was what neteyam said inside his head. what does his father mean when he鈥檚 gonna meet his mate under the trees of voice? it was all about you and him, neteyam would never mate with some random girl he is set up with in a place with memories filled with yours
neteyam turns to his sister and kiri has the same expression because what is this bullshit?
鈥渘ete鈥 she鈥檚 waiting for you.鈥 his mother placed her hand on his back. no, no, no鈥 his own feet are betraying him when he realize he鈥檚 walking and the clan opens way for him straight long line created till where he鈥檚 supposed to see 盲yea
you on other hand stand in line with the people and pray under your breath for eywa to give you a strength not to cry or make a scene, especially when they will be bound where you thought you and neteyam would have been
it doesn鈥檛 take long when starts to cheer as the future Olo'eyktan starts to get closer and closer.
lo鈥檃k was the first one you saw from the sully families while he鈥檚 holding tuk close to him so she won鈥檛 get lost in the crowed. 鈥淎eyaeyaeyaeyaye!鈥 the clan yells
neteyam鈥檚 eyes keep searching for specific someone which is you, eyes desperately looking for you and feeling more scared and anxious when he can鈥檛 figure out your face from the crowd he takes a deep breath
you finally take his figure to your sight and god he was so beautiful.
your breath hitches at his appearance, the dangling material on his forehead making him look more attractive than he already is, you realize it鈥檚 so hard to let go of him.
you suck a deep breath when his eyes lands at yours and neteyam halts his pace, confusing everyone for a second. your tears are fast to blur your vision and you blink before looking away from him
his heart cracks when you do look away, you don鈥檛 want to see him and he understands
once neteyam passed you, the crowd surrounds him and cheers when he stepped close to where 盲yea is found.
you hate how your mother looks at you sympathetically while her hands grip yours tighter, 鈥渋t鈥檒l be over soon鈥 she whispers to you but you shrug her off, only watching things unfold in front of you as your heart breaks
鈥渋t will be over soon.鈥 neteyam says to himself
it鈥檚 sickening how everyone can鈥檛 notice this is not supposedly to happen, kiri鈥檚 plan better work or he鈥檒l seriously fuck this ritual up and run away with you.
鈥渟on.鈥 盲yea鈥檚 father greets him and neteyam, bringing his hand to his forehead. 鈥渢y鈥檓ar, i see you.鈥 he then turns to his soon to be mate鈥檚 mother and repeat his actions.
the way 盲yea was smiling makes your throat hurt from desperately wanting to cry.
鈥榥o, don鈥檛 tell her you see her neteyam. please. please.鈥
盲yea softly giggles when neteyam stands in front of her and blush, 鈥渘eteyam te suli tsyeyk'itan鈥 the way she tries to voice out his name makes neteyam feel sick.
鈥渋 see you.鈥 she says but neteyam doesn鈥檛 bother to say it back making her smile slightly fall.
netyiri also notices how neteyam is acting, what would possibly be bothering him? definitely not everything.
after everyone was introduced to each other, the ceremony began. drinks were served, everyone clapping and dancing to the songs the na鈥檝i鈥檚 are singing.
you鈥檙e a little far away from the crowd to breath clear air and dry your tears that constantly burn your eyes. your eyes are on neteyam who isn鈥檛 enjoy one bit of the ceremony while his soon to be mate squirms and waves her hands up
both of them are sitting on a throne-like wooden chair, both of their parents beside them just say like them.
this is so depressing how awkward and uncomfortable it looks and actually is. you think, brining the drink to your mouth
you didn鈥檛 notice the na鈥檝i male sneaking behind you that actually has been staring at you since you joined the crowd in line. 鈥渆njoying the party from far doesn鈥檛 seem too boring after all.鈥
you鈥檙e now jumping in fear when a breath hits the back of your ear.
鈥渕other eyaw! who the fu鈥撯 you scream and stumble in panic, but before you鈥檙e falling you feel strong arms hold you on your ground. 鈥渟hit, I should've announced i came, i鈥檓 sorry.鈥
you鈥檙e about to tell him it鈥檚 okay and leave when he鈥檚 offering his hand for a shake.
鈥渋鈥檓 no鈥檟us, by the way.鈥 great, now you鈥檙e stuck talking with someone.
鈥測/n.鈥 you say and turn over to place your drink on the talk flat table looking object, it鈥檚 obvious you鈥檙e ignoring him and uninterested but he keeps talking
鈥渨hy鈥檙e you not dancing?鈥 the tall na鈥檝i asks and you face him before speaking, 鈥渂ecause i don鈥檛 want to?鈥 you just want this over and privacy, how hard can it get to understand!?
鈥渕hm,鈥 the male hums, 鈥渨anna dance with me?鈥 at his offer, you scoff mentally and realize you鈥檙e not getting him away from you soon鈥 before you reject him, a strong glare radiating from far makes your body tingle
it was neteyam, sending glares to the male who was next to you while sitting far away.
you didn鈥檛 bother it at first but the way neteyam鈥檚 face twists makes your brow raise. why is he bothered? jealous? if no鈥檟us had not cleared his throat, you would鈥檝e forgotten about what he just said.
鈥渓ook notoxo, i really don鈥檛 feel like鈥︹ you watch him awkwardly chuckle and correct you.
鈥渋t鈥檚 no鈥檟us not notoxo.鈥
鈥測ou know what? fuck it, let鈥檚 dance.鈥 you鈥檙e pulling him to the crowd, maybe it鈥檚 the drink or maybe it鈥檚 him, it鈥檚 neteyam making you do this.
your mother was long gone to where you don鈥檛 know, no鈥檟us was just a bonus to get your frustration out and you鈥檙e now dancing with him. too occupied to bother, you haven鈥檛 noticed how neteyam鈥檚 nose are flaring in anger
neteyam watches how you鈥檙e dancing and it鈥檚 very obvious it鈥檚 targeted to get him out of his mind
he is not even listening to 盲eya and brought himself up from his throne-like seat. rage and anger is in him, this needs to fucking stop or he鈥檒l rip the male鈥檚 hand that鈥檚 holding you by your waist and moving you sides to side
all of his fear gone when the na鈥檝i鈥檚 eyes are on him when he鈥檚 stepping down from his seat and walking straight to you
neteyam ignores his father鈥檚 call, sight on you and you only. you didn鈥檛 notice how he鈥檚 dangerously close until no鈥檟us stopped his moving. 鈥渨hat is it?鈥 you鈥檙e annoyed when your distracted self is brought back to reality
鈥減ut your hands off of her.鈥 it was an order and no鈥檟us looked at him manically. 鈥渋鈥檓 not fucking repeating myself.鈥 all the na鈥檝i鈥檚 are confused, even his parents and 盲eya鈥檚 family.
your body is jerked away from the stranger you just met and you hiss when neteyam tugs you close to him. what is he thinking? in front of everyone? his last words makes the whole omatikaya village gasp and whisper.
鈥渇ucking let go of what鈥檚 mine and find your own mate.鈥 neteyam scowl鈥檚 dangerously.
how鈥檙e we feeling, sweets? are we feeling anxious? excited? invested? spill in the comments cause i love reading your thoughts sjsjsj
also do you guys want a toe curling smut at the end or no? since neteyam is aged up!20 years old in this series, lmk in the comments if you want smut 鈥 tag list in the comments <3
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spideyyeet 2 months
MMA!Toji realizing how much he misses his journalist, and hoping that she鈥檚 still thinking about him.
Tumblr media
鉁 MMA!Toji Fushiguro x journalist!reader 鉁
鉁 connected to this fic if you wanna read it first
鉁 tags 鈥 slight angst, m!receiving blowjob, squirting, age gap (20/36), nsfw, MDNI (18+) size kink, corruption kink, fingering, penetrative s*x, major pussy slapping, cock worship, cum slut, biting, spit kink, praise kink, brat taming, crying kink, pet names, dumbification
鉁 note 鈥 thank u sm for all the comments/reblogs for the first part! I took some suggestions from my inbox for this so thank u to whoever sent some in :) I made this more dramatic than it needed to be 鈥 forgive me
Tumblr media
your hands were deep in your pockets, shoulders raised, shielding your face from the cold gust of wind. your eyes a bit foggy as you quickly crossed the street, trying to keep yourself warm in your large black coat and green scarf, nuzzling your face into it for some more warmth. Watching your warm breath sizzle in the cold air. Until you finally reached your destination.
the sound of grunts and bags being hit, washed in, stumbling in to close the door before another gust of cold air blew in. your face felt frozen, as you shuffled inside. letting out a shaky breath. As your eyes scanned the gym.
ever since that night, you had not seen each other. Toji was more than irritated. He had let you put your number in his phone after eating breakfast at a nice little restaurant. He found it adorable when you stood in front of him anxiously typing it in.
鈥測our fingers are shaking,鈥 he pointed, with a smug grin. Your brows knit together, frustrated how flustered you still are around him.
鈥渢hey鈥檙e not,鈥 you shot back.
鈥渕mm,鈥 he said, holding in his laughter as he watched your face scrunch up in annoyance. Quickly adding your name and handing him his phone back.
鈥渕y hands鈥hey鈥檙e just cold,鈥 you reply, not necessarily lying since it was freezing out and your hands were ice. Rubbing them together for some warmth, selling the half lie a bit. Toji licked his lips, taking note of the way he could see his breath fog in the air. Your breath hitched as you felt the warmth of his palms enclose yours.
鈥測our body run cold?鈥 Toji comments, the stark contrast of his warm hands holding your cold ones, sent a warm blush running up your neck. Your lips parted to answer, but your voice fell off once he raised your hands to his lips, breathing against your digits, warming them up. 鈥渘o more complaining?鈥 His eyes looking down at you, taking note of the adorable way your lips were parted.
鈥渨asn鈥檛 complaining鈥︹ you mumble, feeling your stomach flip as he kept his hands around yours, his lips ghosting your fingers with his hot breath. Your cheeks were flushed, eyes mesmerized by the light pink that dusted his nose, and his green lidded eyes that stood out. Eyes glancing down at his wet lips. Somehow your body had a mind of its own as your index finger slowly peaked out, touching his bottom lip.
toji smiled against your finger as he let you gently feel the warmth of his plump lips. he parted them some more letting his tongue touch the digit. His eyes stayed on you, watching your gaze that was locked on his lips. Even after he pounded you last night, taking your little virginity away, and the way he fucked you so easily this morning, you still had the innocence in your big doe eyes. He wanted to ruin you. Every second of every minute. You were in the palm of his hand, he can do as he pleases with you. The cute scrunch of your nose when he bit your finger, had him absolutely melting.
鈥淭oji Fushiguro! That鈥檚 you isn鈥檛 it!鈥 Your hand immediately slipped from his lips as two men came over jittery. Clearly fans. 鈥淥h man I saw your fight last night, that was incredible! The way you鈥斺
鈥淚f you don鈥檛 mind,鈥 Toji brushed them off with an annoyed grunt, before his hand came over to your back, getting ready to leave.
鈥淪hit, could we get a signature man. I鈥檝e been a fan for years,鈥 the man pleaded, as the other stood beside you. Toji鈥檚 grip tightened on your waist. He was indeed an athlete. However, that鈥檚 all he wanted. Dealing with fans, press, whatever the fuck that wasn鈥檛 his opponent, always made him tick. Then of course, there was you, he wouldn鈥檛 leav鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 fine, I鈥檒l just wait here,鈥 you chimed in. You felt guilty. These boys were clearly big fans, and you didn鈥檛 want to get in the way. Toji couldn鈥檛 get a word in because you already stepped away, his grip falling absent, allowing the boys to come over.
the fighters jaw tightened as he quickly signed what was in front of him. His eyes glancing up at you every second, seeing you holding your little bag strap waiting patiently. Finally finishing up and snapping a picture, he made his way back to you. That鈥檚 when his phone rang. You smiled, letting him know it was fine, Toji sucked in a breath, clearly irritated but answering.
鈥淚s everything okay?鈥 You asked, watching him end the call. Toji looked over seeing your hands deep in your pockets, his hand coming up to cup your cheek. 鈥渙h,鈥 your voice was small, toji was always catching you off guard. the man felt your frozen cheeks. he casually took the green scarf he was wearing and placed it around you, before cupping your face under the scarf, warming them even more.
鈥淲hen are you free?鈥 Toji鈥檚 face was close, trying to block the cold air. However, the distance already had your body heating up, as you tried to remain calm with the way his large hands held your face.
鈥淭his week?鈥 You clarified. He nodded. 鈥渦m uh鈥︹ your brain was malfunctioning. Why does he make you feel like this? He makes you so nervous!
鈥渃all me, I want to see you,鈥 toji said, his thumb brushing your now warmed up cheeks. Your eyes staring up at him. so cute. 鈥淚 have some business with my manager. okay?鈥 Your lips parted. But nodding instead, not trusting your voice. Toji鈥檚 scar twitched up in a smirk. 鈥渨hat happened to that smart mouth of yours?鈥 Teasing.
鈥淗uh?鈥 Your attitude immediately snapped back, brows pushed together as Toji laughed at the visible vein that popped on your forehead. 鈥淪mart mouth my ass, whatever, fine I鈥檒l call you, go do your job, as if I care,鈥 you ramble, rolling your eyes as he laughed, snuggling the scarf closer to your body to keep you warm. 鈥淪top doing that,鈥 you grumble.
鈥渉mm, but you get all red when I do it,鈥 he teased, watching your eyes glare at him and your face burn red, however, you still allowed him to touch you. just him.
鈥淚t鈥檚 the cold, don鈥檛 take credit for that,鈥 you scoff, looking away trying to laugh off the nerves he鈥檚 annoyingly giving you.
鈥渟uch a child,鈥 toji mumbled. Your lips parted turning back to say something, until he caught your lips. Your eyes fluttered in surprise, but your body automatically responded when his tongue peaked out, lips parting for him. Toji smiled as his tongue teased yours, so grateful for your adorable obedience . Your feet pushing up, wanting more of him as his hands held your face, as he pulled away.
Your tongue still hung out as he bit it teasingly, a whine escaping softly. your cheeks were squished in his palms, eyes lidded as Toji did as you wanted, letting his saliva roll down his tongue onto yours before he licked your lips.
鈥渟hould see yourself. all whiny and needy,鈥 he said, watching your eyes stare up at his a little dazed.
鈥渘ot whiny,鈥 you pout, which absolutely sent the older man, having your cheeks squished and your lips pouting with his salvia shining on them.
鈥渕mm okay, I鈥檓 leaving now. Didn鈥檛 you say your apartment was close?鈥 he said, you nodded letting him know you were okay. Toji hummed, giving you a kiss on the forehead. You felt your heart jump. 鈥渃all me.鈥 He finally said, before taking a step back.
鈥淵our scarf,鈥 you stutter out.
鈥淒idn鈥檛 you say you were red and freezing cuz of the cold?鈥 Toji walked away, waving a hand. You rolled your eyes, jerk. You stood there for awhile before finally making your way back home. You took multiple wrong turns, lost in your head until you finally arrived at your apartment.
You crashed into your bed, nuzzling your face further into the scarf. Smells like him, you blushed, remembering his touch and lips, your legs unconsciously squeezing together. Would it be too fast to let him know when you鈥檙e free now? You felt your heart beating a bit quicker. But he鈥檚 not some sleazy college guy, he鈥檚 an adult, so does the waiting matter?
Opting to wait just a couple more hours, you got ready to head to work. Which was useless since all you thought about was the man that pounded you this morning and bought you a new camera. Your finger gently touching your lips. 鈥淒id you finally get that interview?鈥 Your co-worker broke your thoughts, snatching your hand away from your lips.
鈥淥h鈥攜a, finishing up the transcript right now,鈥 you said, as your coworker asked how you did it. You waved her off saying you did as she said. It wasn鈥檛 until you returned home from work that you sprinted into your room ready to call toji and tell him you鈥檙e free tomorrow. But the moment you opened your phone, your body froze.
you put your number on his phone鈥n other words you have to wait for him to call you first鈥
Your eye twitched in slight annoyance. So why the fuck did he tell you to call him!?
Tossing your phone on your bed, you stormed out, to grab some food from the fridge. Annoying ass athlete. You grumbled to yourself. However the annoyance quickly dissolved into insecurity. No way he said all that just to purposely ghost you right? No鈥攄efinitely not. Just give it some time鈥es time.
Toji鈥檚 fist clenched once he realized what you鈥檇 done. This couldn鈥檛 have been on purpose. When he opened his phone to call you, your name was half written and you hadn鈥檛 finished typing your number. That little鈥
Toji took a sharp inhale, cooling his head. Of course he noticed how anxious you were typing your number in, then he had to go and tease you about it. You probably got dizzy and typed something fast just to give his phone back quickly.
鈥淥i Toji get back to it!鈥 Naoya, his training coach, snapped. 鈥淵ou can call your side whores later鈥斺
Toji glared at the man, letting his words cut off.
Naoya cleared his throat. 鈥淕et back to it. You have a flight to catch at the end of the week, don鈥檛 forget!鈥
You spent the entire week checking your phone. Did he not want to call you. Were you really a bother? When he said he hated journalists, did that really mean you too? All these thoughts continued to eat you alive, until you finally decided to head over to the gym and see for yourself.
And that鈥檚 how you ended up here. Your hand held the green scarf, not having washed it for a week, because you didn鈥檛 want to loose his smell. Your eyes scanned the gym, he wasn鈥檛 here. You didn鈥檛 know why your chest was tightening, you just wanted to see him鈥
鈥淐an I help you?鈥 A man who was working out came to you. His eyes bright blue, and hair white. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e that journalist that came last week, right?鈥 He remembered, having been there.
鈥淯h ya鈥m is toji-san here?鈥 You asked, eyes still looking around for him.
鈥淎h you just missed him. He left this morning to catch a flight.鈥
鈥淎 flight?鈥 Your voice jumped a bit.
鈥淗e鈥檚 just going for some sponsorship meetings. I think he鈥檚 coming back in two weeks. Do you want me to give him a message?鈥 Gojo asked. Your nails played with the loose string of your jacket.
鈥測es鈥f you can just give him my number and tell him I stopped by. if you don鈥檛 mind, of course,鈥 you say, not knowing how to feel just yet about waiting two weeks.
鈥渄on鈥檛 mind at all. anything for a pretty lady,鈥 Gojo smiled. you smiled thanking him, Taking the little post it with your name and number. You thanked him again, making him laugh before making your exit. You stood outside for a moment. Hoping that maybe toji didn鈥檛 call you because he was busy, and hopefully when he gets your message he鈥檒l call you. You didn鈥檛 want to be a bother, you really didn鈥檛 want to get in his way鈥ut鈥ut you couldn鈥檛 help thinking about him. Is that so bad?
鈥淗ello, what is it?鈥 Naoya answered the phone, a bit irritated.
鈥淔uck you have his phone for?鈥 Gojo groaned hearing Noaya鈥檚 annoying ass voice. He never knew why Toji hired him.
鈥淲hat is it?鈥 Noaya snapped.
鈥渋s toji there?鈥 Gojo asked, holding the post it in his hand.
鈥淣o he鈥檚 shooting an ad right now, what do you need?鈥 snapping again, Gojo rolled his eyes. Toji needs a new coach honestly.
鈥淭hat journalist girl stopped by. Just left a message if you could let toji know,鈥 Gojo said, rubbing his eye.
鈥淛ournalist gir鈥斺 Noaya stopped remembering. Was that why Toji was frustrated. The journalist is smothering him. 鈥淕ive me the message I鈥檒l let him know.鈥
鈥淚鈥檒l just call back鈥斺
鈥淛ust give me the message,鈥 Noaya snapped.
鈥淲ho was that?鈥 Toji asked coming over to Naoya who ended the call. Noaya waved him off.
鈥淕ojo called just telling you about some boxes that were dropped off with the new gloves,鈥漀oaya lied easily. Toji didn鈥檛 respond. Was he expecting that you called? That you found some way to contact him?? Toji took a deep breath, calming his frustrations. He was not some little high school kid, he鈥檚 been married before, had a kid, man has a whole life, yet he鈥檚 hung up on this little journalist. But鈥
he missed you. your touch. your voice. your warmth. he may know very little about you鈥ut he wants more. that鈥檚 all he wants. more more more. The only thing quenching his need is the photo he took of you last week. He wished he鈥檇 gotten another picture, but he鈥檇 have to make due with this one.
Tumblr media
You never truly understood romantic relationships. it just never appealed to you. Well maybe you never took the time to understand them鈥攜et鈥et this fighter is occupying your mind 24/7. You left the message with that one man about three weeks ago. Didn鈥檛 he say he would be gone for two weeks? Does that mean that he was back.
鈥淎re you going to be okay?鈥 You looked up at your roommates. The two were packing up to go back home for the break.
鈥測a, obviously鈥ot the whole place to myself,鈥 you scoffed, as your other roommate came out with her suitcase.
鈥測ou hate being alone,鈥 she pointed, making you roll your eyes.
鈥渁lone and lonely are different things. Besides I鈥檓 gonna go have drinks with some friends tonight鈥︹ you reassure them. Your roommates raised a brow.
鈥渂ut you don鈥檛 drink鈥︹ they say.
鈥渨ell I鈥檓 gonna eat and they鈥檒l drink. One of them is paying for it all, so free food, so I鈥檒l also have some for the rest of the week,鈥 you grin, making the two laugh. They left a couple minutes later, closing the door with a sigh, you walk back to your room before crashing on your bed.
your eyes slightly blurry, suddenly realizing the few tears that slipped down. 鈥渟o annoying,鈥 you mumbled, burying your face in the duvet, as you let it soak your tears. this is why relationships suck鈥his is why you never liked them鈥nd you don鈥檛 even know if you鈥檙e in one.
beep. beep.
your eyes opened, closing the alarm. sitting up, you rubbed your eyes, taking note of the time. you should probably get ready now. you yawned, shuffling up to get ready to head out to the bar.
Tumblr media
There were many things that ticked Toji off. Of course the main one being paparazzi and journalists. However, something that always riled him up was getting beaten up during training rounds. Though, that has rarely ever occurred, it just so happened to be occurring at this moment.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 wrong with you?!鈥 Noaya shouted, as he circled the outer ring, trying to get Toji鈥檚 attention. Toji spat out some blood, as Gojo stepped into the ring ending the match.
鈥淚 think you should let him rest, Noaya,鈥 Gojo interfered, noticing Toji struggle to get his gloves off. Noaya scoffed, as he stormed out. The other fighter quickly left the ring before Toji could pounce him. While Gojo came over to help with the wrappings.
鈥淚s everything alright, this past week you鈥檝e been off your game,鈥 Gojo asked, untying one hand.
鈥淲hy don鈥檛 you mind 鈥榶r own fuckin鈥 business, ay,鈥 Toji spat, lifting his other wrist to his teeth, ripping them off. His knuckles were cut, and slightly bleeding, along with the cut on his cheekbone and lip.
鈥淒on鈥檛 haveta come for me, I鈥檓 on your side man,鈥 Gojo said, as Toji stood up. 鈥淒id you ever get the message I gave, coach?鈥 Gojo asked as Toji stepped out of the ring. Grabbing a towel wiping himself down.
鈥測a,鈥 toji grunted, assuming it was about the new gloves. Pulling his shorts off and slipping on his sweats and hoodie.
鈥渨anna grab some drinks? cool off?鈥 Gojo called out, however, Toji had already slung his bag over his shoulder and made his way out. 鈥溾kay,鈥 Gojo rubbed his hair.
鈥淲hy do you try so hard?鈥 Geto said sitting on the bench having seen the whole exchange. Gojo grumbled as he stepped out of the ring as well.
鈥淢aybe cuz I want him to coach me,鈥 Gojo huffed.
鈥淗e鈥檚 a fighter,鈥 Geto said, tossing Gojo a water bottle.
鈥淗e was talking about retiring in a year,鈥 Gojo said, chugging down the water. 鈥淛ust need that prick, Noaya, to leave.鈥 Geto hummed in agreement.
Tumblr media
The bar was filled to the brim. Fridays nights were usually like this. At least, that鈥檚 what you assumed. Pushing your way through, until you finally spotted your co-workers. It was mainly the young staff from the press company you worked at.
鈥測/n you finally made it!鈥 Kai shouted, waving you down. She was the co-worker that worked across from you. You smiled taking a seat beside her. Most of you nine were students or just graduated. The entire table took shots, while you decided to stick with some water and order food.
You rarely went out when it was everyone that was drinking, however, the free food pulled you in. Yet you still managed to play with your food, mind wandering off鈥
鈥渉ey y/n, you finished the piece on that one mma fighter right?鈥 Alia asked. Your eyes lifted up, nodding your head. 鈥淥h great, cuz the boss wanted me to switch and I really was going too, but then I got that other story on the animals that I鈥檝e been fighting to get,鈥 she ranted, as you nodded.
鈥淵a, I finished it up a week or so ago,鈥 you said, as Alia smiled, congratulating you.
鈥淥h my god, you were soo desperate to get that story off your back. At first I thought you were just being dramatic, but now I understand鈥hat fighter is so scary!鈥 You looked up at Liam, confused. Yes Toji-San was intimidating, but鈥
鈥淵a when he came to the building and was asking for you, I was scared he was going to start something,鈥 another co-worker chimed in. Your brows knit together.
鈥淲ait鈥攚ait he came to the building鈥攚hen?鈥 You shout.
鈥淯hh鈥斺 Kai thought.
鈥淚 think it was last Thursday in the morning鈥斺
鈥淵a last week. He came to the front and asked where you were,鈥 Liam said, as the others nodded. Last Thursday鈥攜ou had classes Thursday morning.
鈥淚 LOVE MMA,鈥 Sasha gushed, 鈥淟iam and I noticed him, and he was huge,鈥 Sasha was giggling as Liam rolled his eyes.
鈥淲hy was he there, what happened?鈥 can they just get to the point, you huffed.
鈥淲ell, you, obviously,鈥 Sasha laughed, your heart stopped.
鈥淏ut we heard about all the trouble you were having with the story, we were worried something happened during the interview and he was coming to start something.鈥 Liam said.
鈥淚 fucking love Toji Fushiguro, but he鈥檚 scary to talk too, and all his opponents are always beaten to pulps,鈥 Sasha said.
鈥淚 told them to tell him you were busy,鈥 Kai said, asking the waiter for more drinks and chips.
鈥淎re you serious?鈥 You suddenly said. He came鈥e came and now he probably thinks you鈥檙e the one that doesn鈥檛 want to see him. 鈥淒id he say anything else?鈥
鈥淚 think he left a message with a number, I threw it out,鈥 Sasha waved, as if that was the most innocent thing ever. You felt your blood boil, unable to process what you were feeling, you immediately stood up, knocking the seat back, hitting the persons chair behind you.
鈥淲here are you going?鈥 Kai looked up, as you grabbed the green scarf that you placed on your chair.
鈥淔resh air,鈥 you mumbled, pushing your way past the crowd, before stumbling out the door. Sucking in the lung piercing air, you tried to catch your breath. Hot tears warming your cheeks. is he mad at you now? he probably doesn鈥檛 want to see you. of course he wouldn鈥檛. you鈥檝e caused so much trouble for him already. going to his gym and leaving a message he probably threw away. then him coming to tell you something and being thrown out.
you cursed yourself for being so stupid. what鈥檚 the point? You buried the lower half of your face in the green scarf as it soaked your tears, as making your way back to your apartment. this sucks, everything sucks!
Your body froze. the familiar set of hair. The physique. The gym logo on the duffel bag. it鈥檚 him. It has to be.
the man across the street, continued walking. not realizing you were quickly going after him. Unbeknownst to you, someone was also following the little journalist. Toji-san stop walking so fast! You cursed, trying to keep up with him, as he turned into streets and alleys.
鈥淭oji-san?鈥 Your legs stopped, somehow reaching a long dark back alley. Are you kidding me? No fucking way are you going down that. 鈥淭oji-san?鈥 You meekly call out. Fuck me! Now you鈥檒l have to retrace your steps and find the exit to this alley so you can find him.
you held his scarf tightly as you turned back around, only to stumble backwards at the sudden man that appeared before you.
鈥渟hit鈥斺 you held your chest, catching your breath at the surprise. 鈥渕y bad, excuse me,鈥 you said, sidestepping the man, before he moved to stand in your way. 鈥渦hhh,鈥 no way. this isn鈥檛 happening to you. are fucking for real right now!
鈥淚t seems like you鈥檙e lost鈥鈥檓 just here to help,鈥 the creep laughed, sending chills down your spine.
鈥渉aha I鈥檓 good, not lost. Meeting a friend right now,鈥 you quickly respond, trying to get past him. But he was able to stand in your way. His clothes were ragged, and he had a ski-mask covering his face.
鈥淚t鈥檚 okay, no need to be scared,鈥 he came towards you, hand coming up to grab your shirt, only for you to swing your fist into his face. 鈥淔uck!鈥 The man shouted, grabbing his jaw.
锟斤拷Shit,鈥 you cursed, feeling the sting in your hand. Your eyes went wide as you felt your body getting thrown against the building. Ow, you swung your leg up, hitting the man between his legs, as he cursed. Shit, you were too far to kick him hard.
鈥淔ucking bitch鈥斺 the words were quite literally knocked out of his mouth as you witnessed a fist collide with his face. Sending the creep stumbling back. Wait鈥 you noticed the knife he pulled from his pocket.
鈥淲ait鈥斺 your words faded as the creep swung the knife, scraping the other man鈥檚 arm, before he knocked the knife from his hands and sent another fist to his face, over and over until the creep was on the ground.
鈥渢oji-san,鈥 your voice was small, as you held your jacket tightly, staring up at the mans back. Suddenly feeling you crash into him, burying your face into his back. Toji sighed, looking at the broken skin on his knuckles, before noticing the slight bruising on your own hand resting on his stomach. You held the man tighter, as Toji pulled you off, noticing the tears in your eyes sent a wave of concern and worry.
鈥渁re you hurt鈥斺 his words were thrown away as you flung yourself into his arms again. Arms wrapped around his shoulder, as you buried your face in his neck. The scent you鈥檇 only had the pleasure of dreaming about, finally washed over you.
鈥淚 missed you,鈥 you spoke softly, cheeks flushed at the embarrassing words. But you meant them. You really did. 鈥淚 missed you so much, toji-san鈥o much.鈥 Toji smiled, his hand on the back of your head as he held you close.
鈥淪till needy as ever,鈥 he teased, however, he couldn鈥檛 stop the bright smile as he pulled away to see the way your cheeks were puffed and damp from the tears. And the green scarf that he鈥檇 given you.
鈥淪hut up,鈥 you grumble, suddenly remembering what had happened moment ago. 鈥淵our arm!鈥 You pull away fully, to grab his arm. The cut wasn鈥檛 deep, but he was still bleeding.
鈥 鈥榮 fine鈥斺
鈥淚t鈥檚 not, my apartment is right around here, come,鈥 not thinking twice you grabbed his duffel bag that he鈥檇 thrown on the ground and pulled him along with you. Ignoring how he was trying to take his bag from you, but you telling him he鈥檚 injured. Letting it go. You dropped the bag by your front door, and pulled him to sit on the stool beside the kitchen.
鈥淚t鈥檚 cute,鈥 Toji said as he looked at the small tokyo apartment. You came out of your room with the first aid kit. Toji taking note of the outfit you were wearing. 鈥淎t a party or something?鈥
鈥淥h uh, just at a bar with some friends,鈥 you said, 鈥渄rinks and food,鈥 you took off his sweater so you can see the cut that went through the material and pierced the skin. Cleaning the wound, luckily there wouldn鈥檛 be any need for stitches.
鈥渉ow much 鈥榙 you drink?鈥 his eyes were locked on your face, noticing the way your fingers delicately wrapped his arm in a bandage.
鈥渘othing鈥 I don鈥檛 drink,鈥 you said, looking up at him with a smile as you put some ointment on his knuckles.
鈥済ood girl,鈥 he said, smiling at the way your cheeks went pink. Glad that you were fully sober right now. Not long did you notice the small cut on his cheekbone.
鈥淲hat happened to your face!鈥 You said, opening the kit again to clean the wound.
鈥淚t鈥檚 nothing,鈥 toji couldn鈥檛 pull you off until you finished cleaning and placing a butterfly bandaid on it. 鈥淵ou done?鈥
You scoffed. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e welcome,鈥 you roll your eyes, closing the kit and turning to put it away. yet you felt the lips on your neck.
鈥淲hy鈥檇 you give me the wrong number?鈥 Toji mumbled into your skin, arms wrapping around your waist pulling your back into his chest.
鈥淒idn鈥檛 mean too,鈥 you answer, the guilt climbing up your throat. Toji鈥檚 hands wandered the flesh on your stomach as his lips warmed your skin.
鈥淵ou weren鈥檛 trying to hide from me?鈥 Toji asked, as his large hands unbuttoned the cute sweater cardigan you were wearing, exposing your bra to the air.
鈥淣o! I wasn鈥檛鈥斺 you quickly turn around, ignoring the embarrassment of having Toji look at your embarrassing little bra. Toji鈥檚 eyes wide as he took in the red flush on your cheeks, the way your eyes sparkled with excess tears, and the way you licked your lips to catch your words. 鈥淚 wasn鈥檛 hiding from you. I never wanted to hide from you!鈥 Your hands are grabbing at his arm as he admires your adorable little confession.
鈥淗ow am I supposed to believe that?鈥 Toji tilted his head. 鈥淕ot pushed out by your friends at work, too,鈥 he brought it up. So it was true. He did come by to see you. The guilt was at its max, as your eyes filled with tears, unable to express your feelings at all. This is embarrassing!
鈥淚t鈥檚鈥攏ot like that!鈥 You shake your head. 鈥淚t鈥檚 not like that that, toji-san,鈥 you repeat. Toji felt your grip tighten around his arms. Taking note of the way your lip quivered. His hand lifted up, pulling your bottom lip.
鈥淪pit it out, y/n,鈥 your name on his lips sent a wave of arousal flooding inside you. 鈥淚 can just fuck you and make you cry if you wanna act like a baby so badly. So spit it out, so I know what you want,鈥 Toji could be cruel sometimes. But he was not someone that liked tip toeing around feelings and emotions.
鈥淚 want you,鈥 you mumble eyes locked on his lap standing between his open legs, Toji鈥檚 hand slipped from your lips.
鈥渓ook at me,鈥 he watched your lip quiver. Of course he knew you were still a dumb little girl. Still embarrassed about expressing your feelings. But he didn鈥檛 have time for that. No鈥e hasn鈥檛 seen you in four weeks. The only thing that鈥檚 been on his mind is you. And now all he wants is for you to tell him you feel the same.
toji is not an idiot. He knows you feel the same. But knowing is different from you saying it.
鈥渄on鈥檛 be a brat, and look at me,鈥 toji rubbed his thumb on your chin. Sighing as he felt your tears fall on his wrist, sliding down to his bandage. 鈥渟weetheart.鈥
鈥渂-but toji-san,鈥 your voice was quiet, swallowing the lumps in your throat as you tried to speak clearly for him. Not wanting to act like a baby.
鈥渉mm?鈥 The man encouraged you.
鈥渋 don鈥檛 want you to be mad,鈥 his brows furrowed. Why would he be mad?
鈥渏ust look at me. lemme see your eyes, baby,鈥 toji hummed as you finally lifted your head. Teary eyes meeting his, as he smiled. 鈥淣ot so bad, eh?鈥 He said, as you hummed. Trying desperately to stop your lip from quivering.
鈥淚 came to see you鈥︹ you said, sucking up some more breath to speak. 鈥淎 week after we were together鈥id I do something wrong?鈥 You couldn鈥檛 help yourself. You wanted him to like you so badly, you don鈥檛 want to be a bother. Clingy and whiny was something you despised. Yet why are you acting like that.
鈥淚 went on a trip鈥︹ Toji tried to explain but you were shaking your head.
鈥淚 know鈥 know, and I left a message with that one guy鈥he white haired one,鈥 Gojo, Toji鈥檚 brows furrowed鈥ait a moment鈥 鈥淚 thought I did something鈥ou didn鈥檛 call me鈥斺 Toji hated this. He hated all this miscommunication. He hated that trip, he hated not talking to you or knowing if you were alright. And to find out this whole fucked up situation was caused by something on his part鈥
His lips drank her words as he tried his best to reassure her. 鈥淚t鈥檚 my fault,鈥 toji mumbled, kissing away her insecurities that he created. 鈥淚t鈥檚 all my fault,鈥 he hands roamed her body. Her hot skin against his palms had him pulling her closer as her hands felt down his chest, resting between his legs.
鈥渃an I?鈥 You pant against his lips, fingers playing with the waistband of his sweats. Toji looks at you, laughing as you open your mouth, telling him what you want to do.
鈥淚 haven鈥檛 seen you in forever, you don鈥檛 want me filling you up?鈥 Toji brushed the hair from your face, feeling the heat radiating off your skin.
鈥淚 wanna taste you, too,鈥 you whisper, fingers played with the string of his sweats.
鈥淥kay, just because you used you words,鈥 toji praised, lifting your head as you kissed him. Toji hummed against your lips as he stood up, pulling you into his chest. Your arms wrapped around his shoulders as he smiled lifting you up. 鈥淪o spoiled,鈥 Toji mumbled as he took you to the room you pointed at.
You once again got lost in his taste, his tongue swallowing yours as you played with him. Laying you on the edge of your bed, standing as he put one knee between your legs as his hands pulled the clothing off your body. His lips covering the more skin he exposed. Until you suddenly pushed him back with your foot.
鈥淵ou said I could do it,鈥 you pout, he had already pulled your pants off, tossing to the side, and your bra strap was off your shoulder pulled down to expose your tits, perked buds already covered in his saliva.
鈥渁re you ready for that?鈥 Toji was slightly guilty, and maybe selfish too. He doesn鈥檛 want you sucking him off because you think he鈥檚 mad at you. I mean, yes, he鈥檒l die to have you gagging on dick, but well鈥e also wants to taste you too鈥
You pushed him back more, so he was standing upright. His cock was clearly visible in his low hanging sweats. Your other foot pressing against the boner making him grunt in surprise. His hand held your foot against his pec, as the other felt the skin of your legs. Groaning as he noticed the wet patch that bloomed between your legs.
鈥淭oji-san, I want it in my鈥︹ you stuck your tongue out, making Toji pull you forward. A yelp escaping your lips as he dropped your legs and lifted you upright. You sat in front of him as he bent down, grabbing your jaw.
鈥淵ou haven鈥檛 done this with anyone?鈥 Toji asked, watching your eyes shine as you shook your head. 鈥淲hat did you do in the four weeks I didn鈥檛 see you?鈥
鈥淣othing,鈥 you answer quickly, his brow quirked, as he pushed his sweats off. Your eyes drifting down to the large print in his boxers.
鈥淓yes on me,鈥 toji tapped your cheek as you snapped your head up. Completely at his mercy.
鈥淲anna see it,鈥 you smile, toji had to focus. That innocent little smile when your talking about sucking him off. Fuck me. 鈥渕iss it鈥︹ your hand tries to grab at him.
鈥淟isten to me,鈥 toji snapped, making you whine. 鈥渁re you seriously gonna act all spoiled?鈥 Toji lifted your chin as he bit your bottom lip, making you whine.
鈥渢oji-san鈥kay鈥鈥檒l be good,鈥 you huff, cheeks flushed as Toji pulled his boxers down. you鈥檙e so cute, he thought. Your fist clenched around the blanket trying your best to keep your eyes on his face. You could see from your peripheral, the large cock slapping his lower stomach.
Toji hummed as he laid you down on the bed, looming over as he climbed above you, lips and hands feeling your skin. Nibbling on your tits as he drooled, massaging the other as he rubbed himself between your clothed cunt. Your arousal seeped through the material of your panties, wetting his growing member so lewdly. You completely forgot all senses as Toji worshipped your body, biting at the skin, smiling as dark marks littered your body, trying his best to make up for lost tim鈥
鈥渉uh?鈥 Your eyes fluttered open feeling his warmth leave you. You looked to your side seeing him sat up, leaning up with one arm.
鈥渨hat鈥檚 with the face?鈥 he taunted, making you groan as you turned over and crawled between his legs. annoyingly shrugging the bra off you as you kissed up his neck, nuzzling your face against his hot skin. Your tongue licking him as toji hummed.
鈥渨anted you to fuck me,鈥 you whine, hand feeling down his free arm pulling it to your body trying to get him to continue. 鈥渢oji-san,鈥 you whine when you get him to squeeze your tit. Toji throws his head back in laughter. As you huff.
鈥測ou asked for it,鈥 toji said, his hand holding your face as he licked your lips. 鈥渋f you do a good job, then I鈥檒l play with your pretty cunt,鈥 toji clicked his tongue only for you to lick his lips, kissing his scar as he chuckled. 鈥渨hat is it?鈥
your warm breath fanned against his lips, waiting for him. 鈥測ou know what,鈥 you sighed gently, eyes dazed.
鈥測ou haven鈥檛 done anything yet?鈥 toji tsked jokingly, only for you to kiss his jaw and cheek, going back to his lips.
鈥渢oji-san鈥ust for now,鈥 you wanted it, please. toji hummed as he held the side of your face.
鈥渃omprising are we?鈥 toji tilted his head as you nodded eagerly, Toji鈥檚 thumb pulling your bottom lip down. 鈥渟ubmissive little puppy,鈥 toji smiled as he rubbed his digit against your tongue as your eyes remained on him. 鈥渁dorable,鈥 that look. toji could be mean on you some other time. yes鈥or now, he鈥檒l give you whatever you want. 鈥渙pen up.鈥
his tongue connected with yours, purposely making it as wet as possible, before he pulled back. Looking down at you, the trail of saliva connecting your lips before finally granting your wish. His salvia slipping from his lips, down onto your tongue. Your eyes fluttered in bless, moaning gently as you press your pussy down on the mattress, swallowing as toji brushed your hair.
you hummed in delight, lips connecting with the man鈥檚 neck. Toji sighed as you littered his skin in sloppy kisses. He fingers tangled in your hair as you hung up on his chest. your lips curling into a smile as you felt the flesh of his large man tits. Tongue swirling on his nipples. Nibbling on them, as toji hummed in delight. teeth marks littered his chest. Finally trailing lower down his body, smiling when the well groomed hairs tickled your nose.
鈥渢oji-san鈥檚 so pretty,鈥 you mumble as you kiss and nibble around his pelvis. Unbothered by the musk of his long day. only delighted that he was allowing you to bury your face in it. Finger鈥檚 subconsciously rubbing his thigh. Toji laughed, brushing your hair back, as he waited patiently for you. The amount of pre cum creating a small puddle on his thigh as his cock rested.
鈥済onna get to it, sweetheart?鈥 Toji rubbed your cheekbone, as you hummed.
鈥 鈥榮 big,鈥 you mumble, fingers delicately tracing his hard dick.
鈥渕mm,鈥 toji picks up your hand, lifting it to his lips as he licks your palm. he caresses your cheek as he guides your hand to his dick. allowing your fingers to wrap around the length, lifting the heavy weight as he groaned. your eyes sparkled.
鈥淚鈥檒l make you feel good,鈥 you said in determination. Toji hummed as you leaned further between his legs, as he spread them for you. You brought the tip to your lips. Sneaking a lick for taste. The bitter sweetness had you lapping again and again, before latching your lips on his tip鈥
鈥渟hit,鈥 toji groaned, brushing the hair off your face as you stroked his cock. 鈥渢ake more, baby,鈥 Toji instructed. Obedient as ever, you took a little more in. The weight felt nice in your mouth, tongue circling as you slobbered on his thickness, drool siping down to your palm as you squeezed a little tighter pumping his cock. 鈥渇huck just like that,鈥 toji groaned.
Your pussy was clenching around nothing as you worshipped his cock. He was moaning the more you struggled to take him in. Chocking when he pushed you lower, gagging as tears slid down your burning cheeks as you tried your hardest to fit him in. you loved it. his hands in your hair, petting your head like a good girl, his low groans and pants鈥
鈥渟o cute ugh crying all over my dick,鈥 Toji praised, more tears slipping as you rubbed your legs together, unconsciously stimulating your pussy. Toji was in awe his head thrown back as you pulled off to catch your breath, panting on his cock as drool slipped down his twitching dick. your fingers played with him. leaning down as you held his cock up, rubbing your face on the underside, kissing his heavy balls. his pre cum grazing your cheeks.
鈥渕y little cock slut,鈥 toji rubbed your forehead as you drooled on his balls, licking the vein that ran up. you hummed in delight, he smelled so good. your senses were dazed, he was so big. you went back up to take him in your lips. not having enough of him.
鈥渟truggling s鈥 much鈥攕hit,鈥 Your pussy was completely drenched, something building up as you rubbed your pussy against the mattress. Toji鈥檚 brow quirked, head tilted as he noticed your unconscious little play. Your lips latched onto his fat mushroom tip, that leaked more and more. His hips bucking, as you gagged for a moment. This was definitely the most someone has struggled giving him head, yet seeing the absolute delight in your face, the red blush on your cheeks, the fat tears that fell from your fucked out eyes.
鈥渇uck, making such a mess,鈥 toji moaned as you swirled your tongue around his tip. 鈥渦gh so good, puppy,鈥 Noticing how much his hips jump and cock twitched, you sucked harder, palm gliding as you pumped him more. 鈥渂aby鈥aby鈥uck me鈥︹ toji groaned as his balls tighted, abs clenching as he rolled his hips up, spurting into your lips. 鈥渁h fuck, ah good,鈥 toji groaned as he watched you stroke him, milking out his cum as your tongue hung out, before you suddenly felt a chill run up your spine鈥 grounding yourself on the mattress as you moaned on Toji鈥檚 cock. nails digging into his thigh, head falling down as your eyes rolling closed.
鈥渇ucking brat,鈥 toji clicked his tongue as he sighed knowing exactly what happened. your lips drooling on his cock as you panted, cheek falling to rest on his upper thigh. 鈥測ou couldn鈥檛 wait a couple minutes?鈥 toji brushed your hair as you licked the cum from his tip, as if it was some lollipop. 鈥渃ant even control your own pussy?鈥 The semi-hard cock, felt nice in your hand. Your eyes dazed, tears staining your cheek as toji sat fully up.
鈥済onna slobber on my cock all night?鈥 Toji watched your eyes lift up to his, still holding his tip to your lips, as you hummed, licking him again. 鈥渇uck,鈥 toji pulled you up. Your tongue automatically latching on to his lips, as he fell back on the bed. Gosh you were always fucked after cumming. Toji thought.
鈥渟o you cum in your panties and think it鈥檚 that easy,鈥 toji mumbles as he pulls you off him. You whine at the loss. Some of his cum still stained the side of your lips and chin as he wiped it off, before shoving his thumb in your lips. moaning around him.
鈥 wasn鈥檛 on purpose,鈥 you mumble, toji sits up, as you rub against his thigh.
鈥渟ure鈥 cumming from just sucking my dick,鈥 toji said, your cheeks flushed. 鈥淭ake em off.鈥 Toji鈥檚 finger rip the waistband of your panties.
You embarrassingly pull them off. Toji guiding you to sit between his legs.
鈥渟how me how drenched you are,鈥 he commands.
鈥渢hat鈥檚 embarrassing, toji-san,鈥 your face is red, cursing your pussy for reacting.
toji鈥榓 eyes sunk. 鈥渟pread. your. legs.鈥
Your face was flushed as you willingly opened your legs wide. he grabbed them, placing them on the outside of his thighs, letting him get a perfect view of your pussy lips spread for him. allowing visible access to the clear cream leaking from your pulsing core.
toji hummed spreading your lips apart even more, 鈥渃lit is a nice lil hard bud,鈥 toji tsked, flicking the knot of nerves, making a moan escape your lips. he sank a finger into you easily. 鈥渟till tight even after cumming yourself,鈥 toji pulled out as he licked his finger, purposely making you bite your lip in suspense. His cock grew the more you wiggled between his legs. he was dreaming of your taste for weeks, his blood rushing south.
鈥渇ill me up, please,鈥 you whine when he pumps your pussy again, so close to cumming before he pulls out. Licking his fingers. 鈥渢oji-saaan,鈥 your eyes well up with tears, only for toji to slap your pussy.
鈥渟top it,鈥 toji snaps, 鈥渨ho鈥檚 the one that decided to cum herself?鈥 Toji raises a brow, waiting for an answer. your fist clenches, it鈥檚 not your fault. You close your lips rolling your eyes, which earns another slap from your pussy.
鈥渁hh toj鈥斺 not finishing your sentence before he slaps your clit again and again, until he鈥檚 pinning you down to the mattress. Your legs spread and shaking as he鈥檚 slapping your red puffy lips, more juices leak out, clawing at his arm.
鈥渁hhh s-stop stop! okay!鈥 You鈥檙e sobbing, legs shaking as your pussy pulses. Toji鈥檚 looming body waits for you to finally answer. The tears streaming down your flushed cheeks, as Toji鈥檚 dick twitches agaisnt your thigh. His cock dropping with pre cum. Your panting, eyes dazed as you feel the shadow of his palm. Toji realizes your play. Laughing as he gives your pussy another slap, extracting a moan.
鈥渇ucking with me now?鈥 Toji tsks, pumping his fingers inside your pussy before pulling out and slapping your clit until your bucking your hips up, nails digging into his arm.
鈥渨-wanna ahh please鈥攑leasee,鈥 your words are incoherent, drool slipping from your lips as you bury your face in your hand trying to cover your loud screaming moans as toji abuses your cunt. his lips attack yours, excitement filling his blood as you cry and moan, thrashing with each slap.
鈥渃ute baby,鈥 toji drools into your mouth, your eyes crossing in pleasure, as your tongue hangs out.
Toji鈥檚 laughing at how easily he handles you. Your all, but as much as he talks about punishing you, he relishes in the fact that you鈥檙e begging for more. His fingers are completely drenched in your arousal.
鈥渨ant your neighbors to hear how big of a slut their little journalist is?鈥 Toji laughs as your pussy tightens around his fingers at his lewd words. 鈥淕onna cum now?鈥
鈥渦hh ji-san , ahh please,鈥 your thoughts were scrambled, and he was not letting up. Feeling you clench around him, hips bucking up, as he degrades you. Your off the edge now, crying as your legs shake uncontrollably, gushing around his fingers.
鈥渟hit,鈥 Toji鈥檚 hips buck in surprise at the liquid that hit his lower stomach. 鈥渙h fuck, puppy, making a mess,鈥 Toji鈥檚 lips curl into a wide grin, as you cry the more he rubs your clit, slapping it.
鈥渢oji toji鈥攁h鈥擨 can鈥檛鈥斺 your panting as your legs jump up, more squirt gushing onto him the more he overstimulates you.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 it, sweetheart. Oh fuck, let it out, cmon doing so well,鈥 Toji鈥檚 praises were pure joy. He couldnt hold it anymore, his hand lacing around yours as he hooks an arm under your thigh as he sinks his fat cock into your gushing pussy.
鈥渢oji!鈥 You cry, squeezing his hand, as his lips swallow your cries. Toji groans in pleasure as he rocks his hips into you. The amount you came, had him sinking into your pussy. The squelching noises faded as he drinks your cries.
鈥淪till so fuckin tight 鈥榝or me,鈥 toji thrusted back in, getting more of his cock, until he bottomed out. Your eyes widened feeling him so deep inside you. Your lips trembled, vision blurry.
鈥渢oji, inside鈥攎e,鈥 you were beyond fucked out. a lazy smile on your lips as toji kissed you again and again as he fucked you into the mattress. His heavy balls slapping the curve of your ass, a ring of cream at the bottom of his thick dick, his hair covered in your juices as your moans drowned out his worries. You were here, you were with him. Your voice, cries, touch, smell.
鈥渂aby,鈥 toji bit your shoulder, marking you again. 鈥渇eel so good,鈥 Your arms were wrapped around his shoulders, you were unbelievably happy you couldn鈥檛 process anything he was saying. 鈥渕issed you, too.鈥 He sighed. Your nails creating marks across his back as toji planted himself, driving harder.
鈥 to鈥檍i鈥gh鈥hh鈥斺 your walls suffocated his cock, sucking him in as your eyes fluttered, gushing around his thick member.
鈥渟hit, again baby,鈥 toji picked up the speed as you made a mess, crying when he went on.
鈥渢oji, fill me鈥p,鈥 you beg, toji groaning at your words. 鈥渨ant 鈥榰r c-cum,鈥 your lips were parted as toji鈥檚 tongue entered your mouth. You felt his cock twitch inside you.
鈥渃an鈥檛 do that, baby,鈥 Toji鈥檚 jaw clenched as he finally got to the edge, kissing you until his lips parted in bliss letting out a low moan, cock pulling out as his hot white cum shot out of his tip, decorating your pussy lips and lower stomach. More of your cum squeezed out as Toji groaned, stroking his cock, releasing some more cum.
your eyes were fluttering as toji, kissed your cheek.
鈥渄id so good for me,鈥 toji praised as he brushed your sweaty hair off your face.
鈥渢oji,鈥 your lips curled into a gentle smile, toji felt his eyes widen realizing he was so focused on fucking you, that he didn鈥檛 have time to process what you鈥檇 been saying.
鈥渘o san?鈥 He smiled, your eyes fluttered.
鈥淚 like it,鈥 he kissed your lips. 鈥測ou made quit the mess though,鈥 toji was exhausted, but it was you. He picked you up and walked you to the bathroom. Sitting you down on the counter as he placed a towel under the warm water.
鈥渋 wanted you to cum inside me,鈥 you mumble as toji wipes the mess between your legs. His eyes lifting up to meet yours. was it bad that you wanted his cum to paint your walls and leak out. I mean you didn鈥檛 want a baby, but you wanted him.
鈥測ou were fucked out, puppy,鈥 toji said, rinsing the towel again and wiping your stomach.
鈥渂ut鈥︹ you looked away, pouting in annoyance. 鈥渨ould鈥檝e felt good.鈥 toji laughed at your response. Making you click your tongue.
鈥渋t definitely would have,鈥 he wiped the mess on his stomach. you watched, as your legs kicked. he rinsed the towel again, wiping down his wet dick. Your foot swinging up to brush his dick. Toji caught your foot, just lifting it up enough to spread your legs again, which had you wincing.
鈥渄on鈥檛 start something you can鈥檛 finish,鈥 he tsked, dropping your leg and picking you up. you buried your face in his neck not replying. 鈥渋gnoring me?鈥
鈥渘o,鈥 you mumbled quietly. toji hums , kicking the messy blanket onto the ground, luckily you had another blanket underneath.
toji sighed as he watched you avoid his eyes once he鈥檇 laid you back on the bed.
鈥測ou鈥檙e a handful you know that?鈥 He said, making you roll over, covering yourself in the blanket. 鈥済od,鈥 toji grumbled, as he straddled your body, which immediately caught your attention. His thumb holding your chin as he leaned down to your lips.
鈥淚 didn鈥檛 fill you up cuz you鈥檙e not on the pill, baby. if you want me spilling inside your little cunt, then I鈥檒l do it next time,鈥 your eyes sparkled.
鈥渘ext time!鈥 You repeated excitedly.
鈥渙nly if you take something,鈥 toji sank under the covers with you. You rolled over, leg swung over his lap as your buried your face on his shoulder, immediately knocking out.
鈥渁re you serious?鈥 Toji spoke to himself. You did knock out easily the first time he fucked you. I guess it was your thing. Yawning himself, he kept a secure arm wrapped around your body, as his other hand brushed your hair. so cute. he thought finally knocking out.
toji couldn鈥檛 describe this feeling. but he knew he never wanted to live without it. the feeling of waking up and seeing you sprawled out beside him. once again laying on your stomach, facing away from him, lips parted as drool slipped out. toji felt your leg buried under his own and your other bent. you did not know how to sleep beside people.
鈥渉ow do you end up like this?鈥 toji mumbled to himself, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. his scar curled with his lips, as he turned on his side, reaching over your body to grab his phone on your nightstand. checking the time. he鈥檒l pick and tease you, but in the end waking up beside you was just pure joy for him.
snapping a picture of you sprawled out, he tossed his phone aside, it was still early. He let his warm palm run across your exposed back. lips connecting to your shoulder as he sighed. He buried his face in your shoulder, inhaling your natural scent as he kissed your neck. yes, this was perfect. holding you in his arms, embracing you with only comfort and adoration.
鈥渟tay,鈥 he sighed. stay with him forever.
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