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becauseimswagman1 · 17 hours
“Listen, that woman at the gym don’t mean nothing! She’s just a trainer.” he pleaded with you as you tried to get out of his arms.
“Damian, we’re done!”, you pushed out of his hold and walked towards the bedroom you two shared. Every time you put clothes in your suitcase, he took them right back out. He doesn’t want you to leave.
The woman at the gym really is just a trainer, she just overstepped her boundaries even after he told her he had a girlfriend. You’re one of the best things that ever happened to him ever since he got out.
“How can we be done? You’re not even hearing me out!” he grabbed you by your hands and kissed both of them, “I love you, and only you. You’re the woman I want to marry and the woman I want to be the mother of my children. Baby, please. Don’t leave. We can work this out.”
“Dame…” you wanted to believe his words so badly and you did, but there was something in the back of your mind that wouldn’t let you lean into it fully, “I need a break. You let that bitch into your space, close enough to put her lips on you.”
Damian couldn’t hold back the scowl on his face as he dropped your hands, “A break.” he scoffed, “Okay. Take your break, take all the time you need actually. Just promise me that this isn’t the end of us.” Cupping your face in his large hands and staring into your eyes, “Promise me.”
You made the mistake of letting a tear fall, he wiped it away just as quick though. He was always there to wipe your tears, but this time you needed to dry them on your own.
“This isn’t the end. I can’t tell you when I’ll be back, but I will.” you finished packing some of your things then you left.
This was something you two could work through. You saw the entire thing with miss girl at the gym, pushing up on your man. You weren’t gonna break things off with him. The problem was with the reaction Damian had. You don’t know if he was in shock and couldn’t believe she did it or what, but him not immediately pushing her off and giving her the cursing of a lifetime pissed you off. He didn’t kiss her back, but seeing with your own eyes that he just let it happen made you wanna fight something. She had been lucky you were feeling classy. So, you needed space. Just enough to figure yourself out.
Two weeks later
The break had gone on longer than either of you expected. Thankfully the media hadn’t caught onto the way the two of you were never seen together.
The first week of the break was full of Damian texting you nonstop, making sure you were safe. The second week was when you started worrying as you got a call from Adonis telling you that he had stopped going to the gym. You knew Dame wouldn’t miss a workout for nothing or nobody, so you decided to check in on him.
When you got to the house you shared, Damian’s car wasn’t there so you let yourself in. There were empty bottles thrown everywhere, the glass coffee table you let him sweet talk you into getting because it looked cool was broken, and the picture frame of y’all’s one-year anniversary was also broken. You felt that he would be sad, but not like this. And you knew this sadness would turn into anger soon enough.
You had thought over the situation and it truly wasn’t enough to ruin an amazing relationship. You were ready to come back and really talk things out and get back to how things were and be better.
As you were attempting to pick up the bottles while avoiding the glass, you got an alert on your phone. It was one of Dame’s friends posting about how “Thee Diamond Dame” would be in the club tonight. If that’s how he wanted to play then you’d do it too, but of course, better.
Later that night, you called up your girls and told them what happened. They agreed with your plan to show up at the club and get your man back. It was nine-thirty when you showed up and nine-thirty-one when he noticed you in one of his favorite dresses. The short strapless one that practically left nothing to imagination if you leaned over slightly. It looked like you weren’t checking for him, but you clocked him, and the bitches he had flocking on him like some birds.
You and your friends got a booth and ordered bottles. The night was honestly going great, you kept your eyes on Dame and vice versa. You were getting ready to walk over to him so you two could leave together until one of them chickenheads started dancing on him and he won’t trying to push her away.
“Two could play that game, Dame.” you thought as you went over to a group of guys and asked the cutest one to dance. Lightskins weren’t your type, but it’s not like you were trying to take him home.
Dame saw y’all but he wasn’t worried. You know where home is and so does he, but he’s petty so he was letting the girls dance on him. He knew you were putting on a facade when dancing on this random dude. He also knew once the guy overstepped your boundaries, you’d go off on him. He learned that the hard way, sometimes his back still hurts with how hard you planted him on it the first night y’all met.
The song that played was coming to end, he knew you never danced to more than one song at a time. Something about you always wearing heels that looked cute but not cute enough to wear for a prolonged period of time. He saw you turn away from the guy and bid him goodbye, but the guy held your arm. Clearly, the guy wasn’t getting the hint. Dame wasn’t going to step in, he knew you could handle yourself so he let it play out a little.
This guy wasn’t letting up, he was gripping your arm and pulling you close to him despite your protest. You were getting upset and ready to put him on his ass until he pulled you so close that he kissed your neck. Damian was over there in an instant.
“Aye man, get yo hands off my woman.” he quickly got between you and him, standing up straight to make himself appear bigger, “I know she asked you to let her go, so why didn’t you? Thinking you was gone dance your way into not just some pussy but her pussy. Nigga, back up. That shit belong to me.”
The guy kissed his teeth, “She ain’t even worth it. Just some random bitch to me. Her pussy belong to you? Seems like it belongs to anybody that wants some. Look at how she dressed. How you let yo shawty walk out the house dressed like a h-” the guy was cut off by Damian knocking his ass out.
“Let’s go.” was all he spoke before walking towards the exit. You quickly followed behind him after grabbing your purse from the table where your friends watched everything go down.
The car ride home was silent. This was the anger you knew was coming after the sadness. You just didn’t know it would’ve been brought on like this. As soon as you two entered the house, you were pushed against the door and kissed like somebody’s life depended on him. To Dame, it was his.
He pulled away and said words you weren’t expecting, “I’m sorry.” You were expecting him to completely fix this with sex since that’s how you two fixed problems in the past, but this was a different type of problem.
You put a hand on his cheek, “It’s okay baby.” It really was okay, you had sort of moved on. Sure, you still wished he had reacted differently but he was your baby. You missed him.
“No, I’m sorry. I should’ve pushed her off. I was surprised that she got the idea that she could do that, especially after I told her about you. That doesn’t excuse what happened, though. If it makes you feel any better, Donnie fired that girl for unprofessionalism.”
That did make you feel better and you tried to hold it in, but damn did it feel good, “Oh hell yeah!! I know that’s right Donnie.”
Damian moved his hands from your face down to your waist, “Now hold on, I’m the one that asked him to fire her.”
“Yeahhh,” you put your hands around his neck and leaned up to his face, “but he took action when you should’ve.”
“So that’s how you’re gonna play it?”, he picked you up and put you over his shoulder, “Now I’m gonna fuck you up for two things.”
“Wha– Dame? What the hell?!”
“Fucking you up for letting that nigga at the club get that close to you. You put me on my ass upon first meet so why was it so hard to do that with him? And I’m fucking you up for discrediting me on getting that girl fired.”
Was the second one petty? Hell yeah, but this is Dame you’re dealing with. The petty king.
He carries you to the bedroom, smacking your ass whenever you pinched his, and tossed you on the bed.
“Get in position.”
You knew what that meant, so you quickly got on your hands and knees. He pulled your dress up and saw the thong you had on. He bit his lip, “Damn baby, you must’ve known you was gone get some tonight huh?”
“No, it’s just the only panties I could wear with this dress.”
He smirked, “Liar. Now count like the good girl I know you are.”
A loud smack echoed in the room, “One.” you had whispered it and that wasn’t good enough for him.
“Louder or I fuck you until I get off and I leave you here begging.”
“That’s better. Now keep that up. Ten more should do just fine right?”
He slaps your ass again, coming down on your right cheek, harder than the first.
Only two smacks in and he could see a wet spot form on the small fabric covering your pussy, “Is my baby getting wet already? From two smacks at that. I’ve seen and felt you get wetter for less so this isn’t that much of a shock.”
Eight painfully arousing smacks later, your ass was deep red and you were soaking through your panties. He ripped your panties off and rubbed through your wetness, “So wet for me.”
You nodded your head and arched your back just as you knew he liked it.
“Play with it. Get it creamy for me.”
You did as told, truly playing with yourself. Slapping your clit, dipping your fingers inside your hole then sucking the juices off, really giving him a show. He let you do what you wished until he saw the signs that you were going to come.
He slapped your ass once more to stop you, “Take your fingers out.” Once you did, he sucked the juices off. “Mm, you taste so good, baby.”
“Are you gonna fuck me now?”
“In a bit. Be patient.” He bent down to taste you right from the source, drowning himself in how wet you were. Flicking your clit with his tongue, drawing the lewdest sounds from you. He started to fuck you with his tongue while rubbing your clit with his thumb, “Come for me, baby. Be a good girl and come. Daddy wants to taste you even more.”
Your thighs started shaking and it was getting tougher to hold yourself up, “Ooh fuck! Dame! I’m coming!” and just like the feeling was gone, he had edged you because of a careless mistake.
“What’s my name? Say it again for me?” he said while rubbing your clit with a little more pressure.
“D-Daddy!” “Mhm, that’s right.” He pinched your clit a little and went back to rubbing it, applying the same pressure he was before. “Baby girl wants to be good right? Be good and let it all out.”
You started to grind against his fingers like it almost wasn’t enough. Dame knew what you needed, you just needed to come first so he could give it to you how you deserved.
“Fuckkkk,” you dragged out your words, “Don’t stop. Pleaseee don’t stop.” He rubbed you a little faster and you came with “Daddy” never ceasing from your lips.
“That’s a good girl,” he rubbed you softly until your thighs stopped shaking, “You ready for daddy now?”
He sat up behind you and undressed, then pulled you back to the edge of the bed still on your hands and knees so you wouldn’t have anywhere to run.
Rubbing a hand in between your legs and rubbing the wetness he collected from you against his dick. “So fucking wet baby.” he pushed his tip in and you were already running from it. “Nah baby, I ain’t even all the way in yet. Stop all that running.”
He gripped your hips and pushed himself in fully. “Damn you tight. I love this pussy baby. Don’t ever second guess that.” He knew that the thought that he had actually liked the kiss ran through your mind.
He started to move, slowly at first, but soon enough he was pounding into you. Showing you that you belonged to him and only him.
“Oh fuckkkk yes. Right there daddy!” “Right there?” he started angling his hips to hit that spot, “I’m hitting that spot huh?”
“Mhmmm, yes. Harder please.”
He listened to you and went harder, but you reached back and tried to push him away. His strokes almost became too much.
“Nah, baby don’t run from it. Take it like I know you can.” he rubbed the middle of your back, “Put that arch back. Take this dick.”
You started clenching around him, feeling your orgasm approach you suddenly, “Daddy... fuckk I’m gonna come!”
“Daddy’s right behind you. Come for me, baby.”
He didn’t stop fucking into you when you came, he just slowed down enough to give it to you deep.
“Fuck, keep squeezing me like that,” he pulled out and stroked himself at a fast pace, "Come catch this nut.” He helped you flip over and he stood up on the bed to come on your face.
“Shit, open that mouth, wide baby.” He kept stroking until he came, most of it landing in your mouth. When you swallowed, you licked the remaining substance off his dick.
He pulled you off by your hair, “Lemme see.”
You opened your mouth and stuck out your tongue, showing him that you swallowed and there was nothing left.
“That’s a good girl,” he leaned down to kiss you, tongue and all, “Now let’s get cleaned up.”
A relaxing bath later, you and Dame were laying in towels on the bed. You were ready to fall asleep, worn out after what felt like the fuck of your life. Dame had so much energy left.
Sleepily, you moved into his arms, “How are you not dead tired right now?”
“It’ll pass. Just need to calm down a little. Still keyed up after tonight.”
“Okay. Well, I’m tired.” you yawned right after the words left your mouth. Damian chuckled, “I can tell. Go to sleep, I’ll be in dreamland with you shortly.”
All you could do was a little “mhm” before you fell asleep, surely going to dream about all the dirty things that’s gonna happen in the morning. Whenever Dame had this much energy when he falls asleep it’s gonna lead to a very good morning.
“I love you, baby,” he whispered into your hair then kissed your forehead, “And I know you love me too.”
He cuddled up to you and fell asleep.
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lulilak · 11 months
Tumblr media
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luveline · 5 months
Hiii, your writing truly is incredible and i look forward to your posts everyday, your perception of characters is amazing and i’m sure they would all love you.
If this request doesn’t interest you, or your not comfortable with it, please just ignore it! I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable or pressured to write anything you don’t want to. That being said, is it okay if you write something where Remus sees Readers (Self harm) marks - They have recently started dating and it’s the first time he has saw them? Again , no worries if you don’t want to write this ♥️
thank you! you are so sweet!! tw self harm (implied/ no graphic imagery) <3 fem!reader
Remus has a really comfy bed. It’s surprising how nice it is, though maybe it shouldn’t be. He’s exactly the kind of person who would have five different blankets, huge pillows, a little space heater propped up on a chair by the end of the bed to keep your feet toasty.
“Where are you in all of that? I can’t find you,” he jokes, standing over you with a charming, lopsided smile.
You reach out for him with both arms and hug him as soon as he’s close enough. You kiss his scratchy jaw and smile into his skin, so giddy with adoration you could burst. You probably will. His sandy brown hair tickles your forehead.
“Found me,” you murmur, kissing him again.
“Let me in and I’ll keep you.”
A brilliant trade, in your opinion. You peel back all the layers and Remus climbs over you, careful not to knee you anywhere precious as he settles. You throw the blankets over him and wrap your arm around his stomach. He hugs it accordingly.
“I could get used to this,” you say smugly.
“Get used to it, sweetheart,” he encourages.
You don’t need telling twice. Barely half an hour has passed when your eyes drift closed, persuaded by the heater, the quiet lull of the TV, Remus’ breathing and his soft tickling. He draws circles into your open palm.
Limp in his hold, you relax completely against your new boyfriend and wonder how you might’ve gotten this lucky. He’s everything; sweet, smart, soft. He’s careful and brash and boyish. He teases quietly and loves loudly, proudly. He makes even the simplest things — makes lying in bed a luxury. You’ve never felt this peaceful in your life.
Remus flattens out the curling of your tired hands and pulls them toward his mouth. Half-asleep, you preen as he kisses each fingertip, every knuckle. His kisses move down the meat of your thumb to the very start of your wrist.
You seize as he pushes down your sleeves.
There’s a noticeable gap between kisses. The back of a finger rubs tentatively against your scars, bumpy flesh. The cool of a trimmed fingernail slides over each one in turn.
He doesn’t kiss them. He kisses the skin beside them, and then he pulls your arm back toward his chest and cradles it protectively.
You push your face into his bicep and he takes the hint easy, needling an arm behind your shoulders to hug you against his chest. His lips touch the top of your head and stay there.
“You’re okay?” he asks. You know he has to, know it would bother him not to know.
“Mm-Hm.” You peek at him through barely parted lashes.
You close your eyes and fight a horrifically emotional smile. “Promise, handsome.”
“Handsome,” he repeats quickly, tugging you even closer.
“Would you prefer something else?” you ask, teasing but curious at the same time. “Can call you baby.”
“You can call me anything you want to, lovely girl… If you’ll forgive me. If I ask about it.”
“You don’t have to worry about me.” Though you mean it you’re shy to say it aloud, mumbling it into his chest.
“I want to worry about you.”
You rub your arm against his chest to push your sleeve back to the wrist and try not to feel so ashamed. Maybe he can feel it, maybe he’s just a good guess, Remus drops a big, warm hand between your shoulder blades and pats a steadying rhythm. You're not sure how long he holds you, but it feels like a very long time.
“Think I’m gonna fall asleep,” you murmur apologetically.
“Then sleep. We have all the time in the world.”
“Okay, baby.”
He laughs underneath you. A warm sound, the reverberations are more than enough to steal your consciousness completely. You drift away on Remus’ chest. He watches you sleep, hand growing still against your back. When he’s sure you wont wake, he takes your wrist into his hand and holds it until he falls asleep too.
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bellasburdens · 2 months
by your side
Tumblr media
part one / part two / part three / part four
pairing: lee bodecker x reader
warnings: 18+ only. main character injuries. reader pregnancy. morning sickness. angst. fluff. no smut. if i’m missing something important pls lmk.
words: 8.5k
notes: disclaimer: some things mentioned aren’t remotely accurate/possible to the era this takes place in (1960s) or like maybe ever even who knows really. i certainly do not. and though i tried to google more accurate info - i just wrote what worked for the story best lol so we’re all gonna suspend our disbelief and pretend it all makes sense. okay, cool, thanks. 😚 finally posting the last planned part to this little series. it’s poorly edited bc i’m very tired lol so sorry for errors in advance. and sorry it’s taken ages lol but i hope you’ve enjoyed it 🥰 headache was my first ever fic so this miniseries is really special to me. it’s where it all started. 🥹 thank you for reading and reblogging and as always, feedback and comments are appreciated. ❤️
Tumblr media
It was chilly outside as you left your apartment, making sure you had everything with you as you walked briskly to your car. You were already late, so you were rushing to get to the station as soon as you could. Lee had been there earlier in the morning to pick you up for work, but when you were finishing getting ready, a sudden wave of nausea came over you and had you running to the bathroom with Lee following right behind. As you dry heaved over the toilet, nothing but bile coming up as your stomach had nothing else to give, Lee’s hand rubbed your back in an effort to comfort you.
He continued worrying over you even when you assured him you were fine.
“Lee, I promise, I’m okay. Probably just ate something bad, it’s nothing,” you said, shooing him off. “You’re gonna be late for work if you don’t go now. I’ll drive myself after I fix up a bit,”
“Darlin’-,” he went to argue, concern lacing his voice.
“Go,” you ordered. “I’ll be there before you know it.”
Leaning up on your tiptoes, you gave him a peck on the cheek. You moved to slip away and usher him out the door but he wrapped his arms around you before you could and squeezed you. You returned his hug as he looked down at you.
“You sure you’re okay, darlin’?”
“Promise, I’m okay.”
He sighed heavily before letting you go and opening the door. He turned and placed a kiss on your forehead.
“If you start feeling sick again, you call me, understand?”
“Yes, Sheriff, I understand,” you recited back to appease him. “I’ll be there before you know it,” you smiled as you urged him out.
“Why don’t I just stay until you’re done?” he tried to argue again. “No one's gonna say anything if I’m late, I’m the sheriff,”
“Lee,” you admonished, “Get outta here. You’re late enough as it is,”
“Fine,” he relented. “But if you’re not there within the hour I’m coming back over here,”
“Okay, deal,” you agreed. “I’ll see you soon.” He leaned down, brushing his lips against yours, kissing you softly.
“I love you,” he muttered against your lips.
“Love you, too,” you returned before you watched him walk to the cruiser as you leaned out the door.
“One hour!” he called out as he pulled open the driver’s side door, shooting an “I’m serious” look your way before he got in. You gave him a wave as you smiled while he finally drove off.
Funnily enough, it’d been well over an hour since Lee had left and you were pretty surprised he hadn’t so much as called. You didn’t think anything of it, though. He was probably out on a call.
When you pulled into the station, your eyes scanned the rows of cars while you looked for a spot, Lee’s cruiser nowhere to be seen. You found an open spot and parked, hustling inside to get to your desk.
“There you are! I was starting to get worried. Lee said you were sick this morning but you’d be here soon. And then soon turned into an hour and then an hour into an hour and a half,” Beth worried. “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine, he was worrying over nothing, just a queasy stomach,” you assured her. “Speaking of Lee, is he out?”
“Yeah, he went on a call a little while ago. I think he left you a note on your desk, actually.”
You looked in the direction of Lee’s office, with a hint of a smile.
“If you need anything, hon, just let me know,”
“Thank you, Beth, I appreciate it, but really, I’m completely fine,” you waved off her worry with a sweet smile as you made your way to your desk.
Putting your bag down and pulling your chair out, you picked up the note Lee had left and read it as you took your seat.
Had to go out on a call, but I’ll be back before you know it.
Love you, sugar.
- Lee
You couldn’t help but smile at the note, setting it back down and sliding it to the top of your desk as you grabbed the stack of files that had accumulated while you were gone to start getting through the paperwork and filing.
It had been an hour and Lee still wasn’t back. You didn’t want to start worrying over nothing, but he always called when he knew he’d be longer than normal.. As you were anxiously waiting at your desk for something to happen - be it the phone ringing or Lee finally waltzing in to calm your racing mind and settle your worried thoughts, you noticed Beth going into the break room. Deciding you needed a distraction you got up and followed her.
“Hey,” you greeted as you took a seat at the table, watching Beth as she made herself a cup of tea.
“Hey, you alright, darlin’?” she asked, immediately concerned.
“Yeah,” you nodded, “yeah…So, how long do you think Lee’s been gone now?” you asked, trying to sound nonchalant as you sat one leg crossed over the other, your foot swaying anxiously as if it had a mind of its own - betraying your air of calm.
“Oh, uhm…I’m not sure. He’d left maybe thirty five minutes before you got here?”
Your brows raised ever so slightly as you realized it was coming up on two hours that he’d been gone with no word from him. There was a small pit in your stomach beginning to form, but you knew you needed to not freak out. Maybe he was just caught up in something. You were sure it wasn’t a big deal. It couldn’t be.You would’ve heard something by now..
“He hasn’t called or anything, has he?” you asked.
“No, why? Something wrong, hon?”
You shook your head, taking a breath. “No, I’m sure it’s fine.”
“You sure you’re okay, you look a little sick,” she said worriedly, making her way over to the table to take a seat.
“Oh, yeah. I’ve just been having these little bouts of sickness lately. Just out of nowhere, I don’t know why. I thought it might have been something I ate the other day but..I don’t know,”
“Bouts of sickness? Like, what? What do you mean?”
“I don’t know, just like, nausea and sometimes I actually get sick, like run to the toilet or find a trash can, sick. Maybe it’s stress? There’s not really any other symptoms of a bug or anything,”
“How long have you been feeling like that?”
“Just started this past weekend,”
“And you’re sure there’s nothing else goin’ on? No… sensitivity to smells? Or feeling more tired than normal, soreness anywhere?” she prompted.
You thought back on this past week and were worried all over, you had all of those symptoms.
“Now that I think about it, yeah, actually…” you said, suddenly getting lost in your thoughts as pieces moved into place. There was no way…
“I don’t mean to pry, really, but, have you and Lee been..ya know, intimate with one another?” she asked, voice hushed to make sure no one else heard despite you two being the only ones in the room.
Your face dropped as you gathered what she was getting at, why hadn’t you considered it a possibility earlier?
“You don’t think…” you trailed off, shaking your head at the absurdity. Although, it really wasn’t all that absurd. It was the most reasonable explanation you had heard all week.
“Sounds to me like you just might be pregnant, sweetie,” she said softly, a small smile playing on her lips, but not breaking out completely as she wanted to gauge your reaction to the suggestion before she showed her own.
You didn’t have a chance to respond as the phone at your desk began ringing. You shot up, heart racing.
“Oh, that must be Lee,” you said before you rushed to get it.
You had to take a breath before answering the phone, needing to compose yourself in case it was someone else calling to speak with him.
“Sheriff's office, how can I help you today?” you recited as smoothly as you could as Beth came up to the desk to make sure everything was okay.
“Hello, ma’am. This is Debbie Ann down here at the hospital,”
Hospital? You froze. A sinking feeling was suddenly heavy in your chest as you waited for her to continue, not so much as making a sound during the time you were waiting. It couldn’t have been longer than a few seconds, but each one felt like an eternity.
“We have Sheriff Bodecker down here. Looks like he was just brought in a bit ago. I’m told he has a gunshot wound…”
There was like a static, a buzzing in your ear as you dissociated for a split second while she spoke. You didn’t hear anything she said after ‘gunshot’. Staring off at nothing, your mouth parting just slightly.
“Ma’am? Hello, are you still there?” the woman on the other end asked as you came back to yourself.
“What?” you faltered out of breath.
“We’ve tried calling the old contacts we had on file, but no one answered. The only working number listed is the station,” she explained as you were reeling. You were trying to catch your breath, blinking wildly as you tried to get a grip, hands floundering on your desk for your keys.
“O- okay, I’ll uh - I’ll be right there, I’m coming right now. I’ll be there right away,” you rushed out, fighting the tightness in your throat as you spoke. You nearly slammed the receiver down as you grabbed your purse and coat, not thinking of anything other than getting to him as soon as possible.
“Wow, wow, wow,” Beth rushed to slow you down. “Sweetheart, what happened? Where are you goin’?”
You stopped as she grabbed your hand and turned to her, tears welling in your eyes.
“I have to get to the hospital,” you stammered.
“Why? What happened, what’s wrong?”
“Lee’s been shot,”
“Oh my god,” she gasped, her hand flying to her chest in shock. “Okay,” she agreed quickly. “We’ll go, but you’re not driving. I’m gonna get Sam, he’ll take us. It’s okay, it’s gonna be okay,” she assured you before rushing to get Sam from his desk.
They made their way to you quickly, Sam looking as concerned as his fiance.
“Peters,” he called, “radio Franklin and Sanderson, I’m pretty sure they’re the ones who called the Sheriff out earlier. See if you can get a hold of them. I’ll call from the hospital when I get there.”
Beth was already walking with you to their car, her hand holding yours was a comfort as she ushered you into the backseat, Sam trailing right behind you guys.
“You okay?” Sam asked gently as he glanced at you from the rearview mirror. “I’m sure he’s fine,” he tried to ease your worries but his words did little to help.
The hospital wasn’t too far from the station, and Sam was speeding down the near empty road, getting you there in record time.
The second the car stopped moving, you rushed out and headed straight for the entrance without a thought; Beth and Sam right behind you.
You made a beeline for the reception desk as you entered, your sense of composure and any manners out the window..
“We’re looking for Sheriff Bodecker,” you nearly panted, voice shaking. You weren’t sure if you were out of breath from your brisk walking or from the anxiety that was strangling you.
“The Sheriff, yes. He’s being attended to right now. Are you his wife?” the older woman asked, looking at you clearly concerned by your panicked state.
You shook your head dumbly.
“He doesn’t-” your voice threatened to break as you spoke, shaking your head again as you felt the tears welling, “he doesn’t have any family,” you heard the edge in your voice, but you couldn’t help your response. The stress was taking over you and you were overwhelmed by everything that had happened in the last fifteen minutes. You didn’t mean to come off as frustrated as you did, but you were still irritated by the needless questions.
The woman looked at you sympathetically, nodding in understanding as you felt Beth beside you take your hand in hers reassuringly. Turning you to her, she grabbed you gently and led you to sit in one of the hard chairs of the waiting area while Sam took over the conversation with the woman at the desk.
“Just sit back, honey. We’ll figure this out, you just breathe, it’s gonna be okay,” she soothed, running her lithe hand up and down your back comfortingly. Sam turned and gestured for Beth to come over to the desk and she did just that. You watch them anxiously, looking for any sign that something was truly wrong, that the worst case scenario had happened, but they kept their backs to you as they spoke.
Not too long later, Beth came back over.
“He’s getting looked after right now. Can’t have any visitors until they finish doing what they need to do, but we can stay here and they’ll keep us updated. But he’s okay, sweetie, he’s alive and breathin’,” she breathed a smile as you nodded frantically, a bit of ease washing over you for a second before you found yourself beginning to cry unabashedly at the relief.
She hugged you tightly as you cried. “He’s okay, he’s gonna be okay,” she repeated softly.
You calmed down as you pulled away, wiping at your bleary eyes, grateful for the lack of other people in the waiting area - no further witnesses to your emotional display.
“He’s okay,” you echoed aloud, nodding, almost as if you were reassuring yourself of that fact while you wiped your tears, taking steadying breaths.
“I’m really sorry, ladies, I have to get back to the station, fill everyone in and see if Franklin or Sanderson has called in yet,”
“What- what happened, Sam? How did he get here?” you asked.
“I’m not too sure yet, but I promise I’m going to find out. She said two officers brought him in and he was unconscious. They told her to call the station and that they were goin’ back on pursuit. I’m hopin’ someone at the station’s heard from ‘em and we’ll figure it out,” he said confidently before turning his eyes fully on Beth, “You call me if you need me before I get back.”
“I will,” she nodded, getting up to give him a quick kiss before he left.
Your head was in your hands as you continued trying to collect yourself, taking deep breaths as you felt your stomach turning again - you knew what that feeling meant. You shot up and scurried right for the bathroom, getting into a stall just in time.
Beth followed you in after a moment, right as you were flushing the toilet before heading to the sink.
You could feel her looking you up and down, attempting to assess you discreetly.
“I’m fine,” you huffed as you looked at her in the mirror.
She bit her lip as she continued looking at you.
“Beth,” you rebuffed, turning to look at her standing beside you.
She looked around the bathroom, just making sure it was really empty before she spoke.
“I’m not trying to upset you anymore than you already are,” she broached carefully, “but maybe, you know, while we’re here you should get a test done. Just to find out, one way or the other,” she suggested, her support and care for you clear in her eyes.
You could feel your lips in a thoughtful pout as your eyebrows worried. “Do you..you think I really might be pregnant?” You knew the answer, but you asked anyway. Beth’s hand came up to rest on your shoulder reassuringly.
“Oh, sweetie,” she spoke softly.
“Oh, god,” you breathed, placing your hand over hers. “Okay,” you nodded. “Yeah, okay.”
You both walk out of the bathroom and go back to the desk to check in to be seen. It was desolate so you didn’t think it’d take long for you to get in. You filled out the standard paperwork and then waited for either your name or Lee’s to be called.
And just as you’d hoped, it wasn’t too long before your name was being called and a nurse took you to a small room not too far beyond the front desk.
The room you were led to smelled sterile, like a doctor’s office, and just like the rest of the building. Your palms were sweating and you felt queasy again.
Question after question was asked, what symptoms you were having, your last sexual encounter, your last cycle, etc., etc.. You don’t know what you were expecting but you just wanted to get the test done and go back out there to wait for any updates on Lee.
“Alright, we just need a urine sample from you and then the technician will get your test. Results won’t be ready for at least two hours,” the nurse recited with little emotion, as if she was speaking off a script.
All you could do was nod as she handed you the cup and riddled off the basic instructions for you to follow.
You left the room feeling unsure of everything. What would you do if the results came back positive? What would Lee say? What would everyone around town say? You’d be seen as the unwed harlot who got knocked up by the sheriff, your boss, you could hear the church goers gossip now.
You sat quietly by Beth as you continued waiting for any news after being reassured by her that nothing happened while you were being seen.
An hour passed as you and Beth mindlessly flipping through the magazines that had littered the entryway table along the wall.
“Why haven’t we heard anything yet?” you groused.
“Don’t worry yourself, hun,” Beth lightly admonished. “You’re gonna make yourself sick.”
You sighed, knowing she was right.
“I just wanna see him. Make sure he’s okay,”
“I know, believe me, I do. But they’ll let us know as soon as he’s ready for visitors. You know, we should probably get some food in you,” she pointed out.
“We can’t leave,” you responded, sounding frazzled, as if she was insane for even suggesting it.
“We won’t, we can just grab something in the cafeteria. I’ll tell ‘em where we’re going in case they call us,” she said, leaving no room for argument as she went to the desk to let the ladies know where you’d be.
You followed her to the cafeteria which was just as empty as the waiting area with the exception of the few staff who were scattered around the food hall eating their lunches and mid shift snacks.
Beth got food for the both of you as you sat at the table nearest the door, in case anyone came in looking for you.
You thanked her as she sat across from you, handing you a tray of food. You eyed the sandwich on the tray warily, not sure you were up to eating.
“I know you don’t have the results just yet, but in case you are,” her eyebrows raised as she eyed you knowingly, “you gotta at least try to get something down. You haven’t eaten all day, you need to.”
You looked at her, nodding, “I know, you’re right.”
You reached for her hand across the table and squeezed it meaningfully. “Thank you,” you said in a near whisper, “for everything. You’re a really great friend, Beth,” you smiled tightly with tears in your eyes.
“I’m always here for you, you know that,” she smiled back, returning the squeeze to your hand before you went to your lunches.
You munched a carrot, watching as Beth took a bite of her sandwich. You needed confirmation it was edible before you would try it.
She looked up to meet your eye, chuckling at your raised brow and skeptical look. “It’s not bad, I swear,” she said after swallowing her bite.
“If I get sick again, I’m blaming you,” you laughed lightly.
Just as you were going to grab the sandwich, your name being called had your head shooting up, meeting the eye of the same nurse you’d been seen by earlier. You swallowed hard, you knew what this had to be.
“Could you follow me, ma’am,” she prompted. You stood and looked to Beth, sharing a nod before following behind the woman.
You only found your voice once you were in the hallway, “You have my results?” you asked trepidatiously.
“Oh, no. They should be ready soon, though,” she said without looking back at you as she continued leading you down the hallway. She must have sensed your confusion as she stopped a few feet from a closed door.
“Sheriff Bodecker asked to see you,” she supplied as she gestured to the door behind her.
Your eyes widened, as you hurried past her to the door, why the hell didn’t she say that sooner?
“Be careful with him,” she bid as you took a second to open the door gently, trying to calm down from all the emotions swirling around inside you.
You pushed open the door and peaked in. The second you saw Lee’s bright blue eyes looking over, you felt your heart squeeze and you nearly ran to his bedside, eyes filled to the brim with tears on the brink of falling.
“Hi darlin’,” he said, a lopsided grin on his pretty lips as he immediately stretched his right arm out for you to hug him.
“I was so worried,” you blubbered as you held onto him, trying to be careful with him before you pulled away to look him over. His left bicep was bandaged and you looked back to his face, worry etched all over your own once again.
“What happened?”
He released a heavy sigh, taking your hand in his and urging you to sit on the bed with him. Your full attention was on him as he ran his thumb on your hand soothingly.
“Goddamn Gates,” he cursed. “Son of a bitch was drunk and beating on Judy again. Franklin and Sanderson couldn’t get him to open the door and called me down there, sayin’ Gates would only speak to me. I got there and he opened up, I went inside to talk to ‘em, make sure Judy was alright and he was rantin’ and ravin’ about how he hadn’t touched a drink all week, all the while reekin’ the stuff. Judy said she was done, had enough of him finally and wanted him out. Then, I don’t know where he got it from, but all of a sudden he was waving a gun around, yellin’ about how he wasn’t goin’ to jail.
I turned to tell Judy to go outside and the fucker shot me. Tried to hit me in my chest but he’s a shit shot even when he’s not drunk off his ass,” he turned to show you his left arm, “bullet went straight through, they said it didn’t hit anything, so it just needs to heal up and I’m fine.”
“God, Lee,” you exhaled, your distress clear in your voice.
“They said you were unconscious when you got here?” you brought up, needing to know the full story.
“I wasn’t unconscious,” he denied, lip twitching up at the corner. “I was pretty out of it, though,” he admitted.
“He’d shoved past me to the back door when he heard the front door open and I was too focused on my arm to stop myself from falling. Hit my head on the corner of their table pretty hard,” he grimaced. “Have a concussion, but-”
“Oh my god,” you interjected as you got closer to him, gently running your hand through his cropped hair.
“I’m fine,” he finished, taking your hand in his. The look in his eye as he stared at you had your heart skipping a beat. Gleaming with adoration and love. Not a bit of worry for himself, his full focus on you.
“If anything had happened to you,” you breathed, not even wanting to think about how much worse today could have gone, “I-”
You couldn’t even finish talking as he pulled you into him, holding you as best he could with just his right arm.
Pulling away after a moment, you looked in his eyes, hoping yours got across all the feelings you didn’t have the words to properly express before you leaned back into him and kissed him more tenderly than you ever had before.
“I love you, Lee Bodecker,” you whispered against his lips. “More than you’ll ever know.”
“Sweetheart,” he whispered in return. “I don’t think I ever really knew what love was before I met you.”
You smiled as your foreheads pressed together, noses touching lightly. Lee pulled back from you then and the glimmer in his eyes had you wanting to do nothing more than wrap him in your arms and lay with his head resting on your chest, the kind of peace, comfort, and love you’d always dreamed of, the kind you’d found with him, were the only feelings you wanted to focus on. He caressed your cheek gently before looking down and taking your hand in his once more.
There was something building in the air, an anticipation. You didn’t know where the feeling came from but it had you on the edge of your seat.
Looking back up from your hand in his, Lee’s eyes met yours.
“I wasn’t plannin’ on asking you like this, but if today’s reminded me of anything, it’s that life is short,” he said sincerely while you stared at him, eyes rounded as you forced yourself to take a deep breath. “Gates’ aim had been better, I might not be here with you right now. I might not have ever gotten the chance to tell you just how stupidly in love I am with you,” he smiled. “How your laugh is the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard. How lookin’ in your eyes makes me feel like there’s hundreds of butterflies flying around in my stomach, how you make me feel like I’m walking on air when you look at me. And how thankful I am to have met you, how lucky I am you let me love you, and have given me the honor of bein’ yours for as long as you have now,”
You could feel your eyes watering for what must have been the tenth time that day as you waited for him to ask what you thought he was going to, squeezing his hand encouraging him to go on.
“Darlin’, you’re my whole world. And I can’t go another minute without you knowing just how serious I am about you, just how much I want, need you in my life. And however long I’m here on this earth for, whether it’s another month or thirty years, I want it to be with you… I want it all with you, everything.
I want you to move in with me, I want you to take my name, and I want to start a family with you, I-...”
A family. You almost lost it when he said those words, but you held it together another second…Then you heard your name leaving his lips and the tears began to slide gently down your cheeks.
“Will you marry me?” he asked softly.
Your heart about burst at the question as your lip wobbled, holding his hand tighter than you had before, making sure this was really happening and you weren’t just dreaming it. As you opened your mouth to answer him, the door opened with no notice and startled you as you shot your head over to see who was interrupting the intimate moment. It was the same nurse from earlier, but this time she had a chart with her, holding the file in her arm.
“This can’t wait?” Lee asked gruffly.
“I’m sorry to interrupt Sheriff, but I’m not here for you,” she turned her gaze to you then, “We have your test results, hon.” Your eyes went wide and your stomach felt queasy all over again at the sudden reality, anxiousness coursing through you. The idea of a family with Lee wasn’t just a nice idea to look forward to in a few years. The possibility was very real right here and now. You knew it’d be okay, whatever the results were, but still. Why was there so much going on today, you could hardly keep up physically let alone emotionally.
“Test results?” Lee questioned, you could hear the worry in his voice and as you turned to look back at him, you saw the concern on his face as he looked between you and the nurse. “What test?”
“Just,” you took his face in your hands gently, “just one second,” you assured him without answering his question, kissing him softly before following the nurse to just outside the door.
“Well, I’ll get right to it, it looks like what we suspected. Test came back positive, you’re pregnant,” she said, offering you a smile.
You knew that was coming, you knew it. But it still hit you like a ton of bricks. You felt like you were in shock, but you weren’t really shocked at all. You smiled back, before nodding.
“Oh,” you exhaled with a breathy laugh, “okay. Thank you,” you said as she walked back down the hall, leaving you to digest the news. You stood there for a moment until Lee calling your name prompted you to go back in the room, worried he’d get up and come check on you if you didn’t.
“Sweetheart, what’s wrong?” he asked gently as he pulled you back to near his bedside the second you got close enough to touch.
You worried your lip before meeting his eye. That look was there again, it always was. His bright blue eyes shining with nothing but concern for you. Filled with his need to comfort you, protect you, love you. You couldn’t help your eyes watering or the smile that broke out across your face as you admired him, taking a breath before you spoke.
“How would you feel…” you started, trying to not let your tears overtake you just yet, “about starting that family a little sooner rather than later?” you questioned shyly, eyes set on your hand in his while trying to hold the tears back a little longer.
“What are you talkin’ about, sugar?”
You looked up, meeting his eye and taking a deeper, more grounding breath before speaking again.
“I’m pregnant,” you announced, exhaling shakily. His eyes widened after a second while he took in what you’d just said,
“You’re pregnant?” he repeated, the corner of his lips quirking up. You nodded in response. He breathed a laugh in disbelief and you swore the smile that shone on his face was the most beautiful sight you’d ever seen.
You laughed in return, a relief and calm washing over you as you let your tears fall and watched as Lee’s own eyes watered at the news. He grabbed you, trying to pull you onto the bed with him. “You’re pregnant!” he beamed.
“Lee!” you laughed, “Be careful, you’re still hurt,” you objected.
“I’ve never been better in my life, darlin’,” he grinned, tugging you still.
You relented and gingerly laid down next to him, his right arm wrapping around your waist, palm resting carefully on your belly while you nuzzled into him. Turning your face up to look at him, Lee was already staring at you. You leaned up to meet his lips, indulging in a sweet kiss that was full of your love for one another, growing deeper the longer you held the kiss before you parted.
“You haven’t answered my question, sweetheart,” he simpered, eyeing you adoringly.
“Right,” you agreed, the proposal he’d just finished before the nurse walked in fresh in your mind. “What was it that you asked me again?” you feigned innocence, both of you smiling knowingly. There were stars in your eyes as you looked at him, elation filling you as he gazed back with a look akin to your own.
“I’ve never been happier than when I’m with you, there’s nothing I want more than to marry you and start this family with you,” he said, rubbing your tummy as he spoke. “Will you marry me?”
You nodded, smiling up at him. “Yes,” you breathed a laugh. “Of course I will, I’ll marry you.”
Reaching up to kiss him again, you held his cheek in your hand.
“You’re gonna be my husband,” you grinned.
Lee laughed and kissed you once more. “Damn right, I am.”
“Okay, as much as I wanna lay with you, one of us is gonna end up falling off this bed,” you joked, moving to sit up. He let you sit up without an argument, only sighing in disappointment at the loss of you laying next to him. He took your left hand in his as he held it, his touch featherlight as his thumb rubbed along your ring finger.
“We’ll go down to the jeweler’s tomorrow,” he told you. “Gonna get you a ring, whichever one you want,” he smiled at you. You gave a tight lipped smile in return as you suddenly began worrying about what people would say. He knew the second you started to worry, gripping your hand more firmly, but his hold was still gentle, just enough to get your head back to the present. You looked at him, taking a breath.
“What are people gonna say? When they find out I’m pregnant before we’ve gotten married?” you asked, letting him know what you were worrying about.
“Sweetheart, it doesn’t matter what they think or what they have to say. You don’t need to worry about a thing. It ain’t nobody's business anyway,”
“Might not be their business but that isn’t gonna stop them from talking. I remember all those awful things they said about Susan not two years ago. Nearly ran her right out of town, all the whispers and judgy looks she’d get whenever she went anywhere without Bill,” you said, shaking your head at the memory. Those church women were especially cruel to her. You didn’t want to be the next talk of the town. You and Lee both were already on thin ice with the lot of them for your so called “work affair”.
“Darlin’, if anyone has anything bad to say about you, they’ll be dealin’ with me. No one’s gonna make my girl - my wife, the mother of my child, feel bad for any reason. I’ll make damn sure of it,” he promised you.
You rolled your eyes playfully at his instance no one would talk about you, but his words were comforting nonetheless. He was right, it didn’t matter what anyone else thought. You were happy and in love and you wouldn’t change a single thing, pregnant out of wedlock or not. And the way you lit up hearing him call you his wife, and the mother of his child had you giddy all over.
“Only reason those ladies would talk about you is because they’re jealous anyway,” he added, making you laugh again. “I mean it, sugar. You’ll be the talk of the town for all the right reasons. You’re already like a damn starlet walking around gracing all of us small town folk with your beauty,” he smiled, kissing your cheek as you rolled your eyes again at his ridiculous compliments. Ridiculous to you, at least. Because Lee meant every word he said.
“You’re gonna make the most beautiful bride and the prettiest mama this town has ever seen. I can’t wait to watch you get heavy with our baby. Can’t wait to watch you walk down the aisle, straight to me,” he simpered. You smiled demurely. Kissing him softly once more.
“We’ve got a lot of plannin’ to do,” Lee pointed out.
“You’ve got a lot of healin’ to do, Sheriff. We’ll figure everything else out in due time,”
Lee smirked, eyeing you like he wanted to argue that he was fine, but decided against it.
“Well, the doc said I could go home soon, and seein’ as I’ll be taking tomorrow off, we’ll have plenty of time to get your ring at least.”
“Don’t try and argue, sweetheart. I want everyone to see a ring on your finger as soon as possible, let ‘em all know you’re mine, no question about it.”
“As if you haven’t made that obvious already,” you said, raising a brow at him.
“Reminders never hurt. Besides, a girl like you deserves to have a diamond on that finger. Show it off to all those Betties who like to gossip, give ‘em something to talk about,” he smiled.
“Give it another month, they’ll have plenty to talk about, I’m sure,” you said with a dry laugh, looking down at your stomach.
Lee considered you for a moment before talking.
“Move in with me,” he said.
You looked at him quizzically.
“Well, duh,” you smiled.
“This weekend. I’ll hire movers, we’ll get you settled by Sunday,” he said, almost begging, wanting to get ahead of the refusal he was sure you’d have at trying to move so soon knowing he was still healing.
Your eyes softened as you looked at him, “Okay,” you agreed, earning a grin from him in return as he nodded and visibly relaxed.
“The guest room is already clean, it’ll be easy enough to turn it into a nursery,” he added. You smiled at his happiness, the emotion evident on his face. And your heart soared at the way he was so ready for this, as if he’d been waiting for everything to fall into place, waiting for this to start with you. He was already planning everything out in his head, you could practically see the wheels working as he thought.
“You’re gonna be an amazing dad, you know that?” you breathed.
He smiled softly at you, looking like his mind was far off for just a second before he came back to himself. “You’re gonna be an amazing mom,” he responded. “We’re gonna do this together, we’re gonna do our best, do everything we can for this little one,”
“And for each other,” you added, wanting to remind him you’d always be there for him, too. You were a family now, undeniably. It was like everything had changed in your lives in a matter of hours, but the one thing that would stay the same was your love for one another. Trials and unforeseen changes, be they good or bad, only solidified that knowing you had deep down. You were it for each other. And your love only grew stronger with each day.
He nodded, still smiling as he gently let go of your hand, moving to rest his palm on your belly again, you put your hand over his and when you looked at him again, his eyes were shining as tears filled his eyes.
“Seems crazy to say, considerin’ I was shot and concussed and all, but I think this is the best damn day of my life,” he laughed breathily as a few tears fell. You were quick to wipe them from his cheeks as you took his face in your hands delicately, laughing softly in turn, your thumb gently brushing his cheek as you leaned your head to his.
“Whole lot to process,” you mused. “But you’re here. And you’re okay. And we’re having a baby,” you repeated, your smile growing wider.
“And you’re gonna make me your wife,” you nearly whispered as your lips brushed his. “I could see how it’s one of the best when you look at it like that.”
Lee simpered as he leaned into you before closing the distance between your lips and kissing you tenderly.
“But you have to promise me something, Lee,” you urged, making sure he was looking in your eyes, wanting him to see how serious you were. “Your main focus right now is on healing. I don’t want you rushing anything, alright? I just need you to get better, I need you to be okay. And I know you’re gonna say you’re fine, but I mean it, Lee,”
“I promise,” he swore, his hand holding yours, keeping your touch to his cheek before he pulled it to his lips, kissing your knuckles softly. “You have my word.”
You schooled your face, not wanting to let on your surprise at his lack of pushback. “Good,” you said satisfied, pulling your hands back to rest in between your bodies, but not letting go of each other.
“Now, you have to promise me something,” he said.
You eyed him, waiting for him to continue.
“You have to promise you won’t get mad.”
“Why would I get mad?” You asked. He took a beat before speaking matter of factly.
“You’re fired.” You blinked at him, confused for just a second before his words registered.
“Excuse me?” you said incredulously.
“You’re carrying my baby in there, no way I’m gonna have you working. No need for it,” he answered as if it was obvious.
“No need for it?” you scoffed. “I’ll tell you one thing for sure, Mr. Bodecker. You’d be completely lost without me. In fact, this is a perfect example of why you need me at the station. Had I been there when they tried to call you in, I would’ve told those two bozos to figure it out themselves. Too damn lazy to do their job is what it was. You never should’ve been down there to begin with. They’re officers, for Christ’s sake! They could’ve easily gotten him to open up, they just didn’t want to deal with it. And where were they when you were inside, huh? Not talking to Judy, were they. Probably guzzling their coffee, leaning along their cruiser while they talked about baseball or whatever the hell else it is they talk about, meanwhile you’re getting shot at by some wife beatin’ drunk all because they can’t be bothered to do their damn jobs. Left you all alone in there with no one to watch your back, that’s reckless and dangerous and they’re so damned lucky you’re alright, because I swear, had anything worse happened to you, Lee -,” you ranted, not realizing how truly angry you had been beneath the fear and worry you felt for Lee.
“Alright, alright, I hear you, darlin’. Take it easy,” he said, trying to calm you while hiding the look of amusement and pride threatening to break across his face at your impromptu lecture and ranting.
You took a deep breath, shaking your head. “And I know for a fact your files would be an unorganized mess and your paperwork would always be half done without me there to assist you,” you huffed.
“You’re not firing me, Lee,” you said, defiant and definitively. “If anyone is gettin’ fired today, it should be those two idiots, not me.”
Lee considered you for a second, biting on his tongue in thought before he huffed out a laugh through his nose. “I’ll make you a deal, then. I’ll give you five months workin’ your normal days but as soon as your last trimester hits, I don’t want you so much as lifting a finger in that station,” he said, giving you a look that left little room for argument.
You narrowed your eyes at him as you considered it. Five months is a lot of time to make things work in your favor…
“Fine,” you agreed, making your dissatisfaction clear in your tone.
“Don’t give me that look, sugar, you’re gonna kill me with those eyes,” he bemoaned. “I’m already hurt as it is, darlin’,” he gave you his best puppy eyes as he took your hand in his again.
“Well speakin’ of not lifting a finger at the station,” you repeated his sentiment, “You’re gonna be taking a lot longer than just one day off, Sheriff.”
“That so?”
“That is so. And don’t think for one second that you’ll be out patrolling until your arm is completely healed,” you said firmly.
“I think you think it’s a lot worse than it is, sweetheart. I’ll be good as new by next week,” he assured you.
You looked down at his hand in yours and squeezed it, more as a comfort to yourself than anything. “A week, then,” you said, a soft plea disguised under your tone of faux authority. “The whole week. You’re gonna be home, you’re not going on a single call.”
“Hey,” he called, bringing your attention to him, “I’m alright,” he insisted while his eyes were intent on you.
You took a second, looking in his eyes for reassurance and then nodded. “Okay,” you breathed, looking away, feeling that familiar tingling in your nose as you blinked back a fresh wave of tears.
“No more tears, darlin’. Look at me,” he ordered gently. “You’re okay.”
“‘M not worried about me,” you muttered as you met his eye again.
“I know I can’t keep you from worrying’ about me, but darlin’, you really don’t need to.”
“You know how ridiculous it is to hear you say that as you’re layin’ in a hospital bed?” you snapped before your voice quavered as it rose, “You could’ve died, Lee!
And you’re tellin me I don’t need to worry about you?” you scoffed, you looked at him incredulously before you really saw him, laying there hurt and vulnerable whether he wanted to admit it or not, and you softened instantly. It wasn’t him you were so upset at. “You’re the love of my life, Lee,” your voice shook despite you trying to reign in the emotion. “I’m always gonna be worried about you, even if you aren’t worried about yourself. Which, you know, now, you have to. You have to worry because I’m not gonna be raising a little baby Bodecker all on my own,” you tried to ease up as you sniffled, wiping at your eyes.
“I’m sorry, darlin’,” he sighed, regret in his eyes. “I think we just need to go home and relax together. Focus on all the good we got out of today instead of the bad. All this stress can’t be good for the baby, neither.”
You rubbed at your face, growing tired from the whirlwind you’d been through today.
“No,” you shook your head with a sigh of your own, “I’m sorry.” Your hand was on his thigh, your thumb absentmindedly soothing across it as you breathed. “I didn’t mean to get upset - I’m not upset. Not with you, anyway. I just - I’m sorry,” you breathed, not knowing how to properly put into words what you were thinking or feeling, only frustrating yourself further.
“None of that,” he chided as he sat further up and moved to sit on the edge of the bed with you.
“Lee, don’t do that!”
“They didn’t say I couldn’t move,” he argued. “In fact, they said someone’d be in here soon to show me how to dress the wound while it heals and then I can go home. Hand me my pants, sugar?”
You eyed him unbelieving but stood and grabbed his pants anyway, bringing them over for him. He moved his left arm gingerly as he tried to pull them further up his legs once he had his feet through so you took hold of them and helped slide them up for him. You zipped the zipper and buttoned them closed. “Want your belt on, too?”
“No. Thank you, darlin’.” He took the gown he was still wearing off and sat shirtless as he looked to you.
“‘Course,” you said as you took his face in your hands, standing before him. You watched as he let himself revel in the warmth of your touch, sighing heavily as he closed his tired eyes and leaned into your palm.
“Maybe a week off will do me some good,” he mused. “Plus if I’m not there, no reason for you to be, either.”
“Who’s gonna make sure your paperwork gets finished if I’m not there? Or redirect your calls?” you asked as you moved your hands from his face, running your fingers soothingly through his short, dark brown hair instead.
“That’s what the front desk ladies are for. You could use the time off, too. We’ll have our own little vacation,” he sweet talked as he stared up at you like you were his whole world.
“A whole week…” you pondered aloud. “We should use that time well,” you suggested.
“What do you have in mind?”
You shrugged your shoulders as you bit your lip. “I don’t know... What do you think about eloping?”
Lee’s eyes widened as he looked at you confused and almost shocked.
“You want a shotgun wedding?” he asked.
“You don’t have to call it that,” you said, embarrassed. Taking a breath as your hands fell gently to his shoulders. “You want to run for reelection, don’t you?”
Lee nodded in response, and you could see the dots connecting as he did with a sigh of his own.
“You and I both know how important the church vote is for you. Doubt they’ll be all too happy with their chosen sheriff moving his pregnant girlfriend into his home before they’re married.” Lee rolled his eyes but knew you were right.
“Just doesn’t seem fair to you,” he said.
“I think I prefer it,” you replied with a small smile. “Less stress around planning,” you offered.
“If that’s what you want, babydoll, that’s what we’ll do. As long as you’re happy. And as long as I get to call you my wife once it’s all said and done,” he smirked as he pulled you closer to him with his right arm around your waist, “I’m happy, too. And if it helps my approval ratings, well that’s just the cherry on top of the sundae.”
You laughed as you bent to place a kiss to his forehead which he gratefully accepted before he rested his head against your tummy, placing a kiss of his own to your stomach as his hand rubbed your lower back.
“I can’t wait to live the rest of my life with you. Grow this little family of ours,” he smiled affectedly. “Wouldn’t want any of this with anyone else. Only you. The good and the bad, I’ll take all of it as long as I know I’ll have you by my side.”
“You’ll always have me by your side,” you promised as you looked down at him, your adoration, devotion, and love to him and your future family together gleaming brightly in your eyes. “Always.”
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Floofy Haired Delight - Chris Evans x Reader
A/N: I woke up this morning to find Chris had posted yet another selfie so of course I had to write about it again! This is a follow up to this fic here but can be read as a stand alone
Summary: You have yet another surprising reaction to Chris’ selfie
Word Count: 2.6k
Warnings: SMUT! 18+ ONLY! MINORS DNI! Mention of masturbation! Edging if you squint and Breeding kink if your squint and tilt your head. Language! Your media consumption is in your control, by pressing keep reading you have agreed to have read the warnings and heeded them!
Dividers by @firefly-graphics​
Tumblr media
Chris had just finished a scene and was talking to the director when he heard someone holler behind him and someone slapping him on the shoulders. Chris instantly jumped looking over his shoulder to see his brother Scott laughing.
“Damn it I should have gotten someone to film that!” Scott complained as he laughed.
“Hey I didn’t invite you here to scare the living crap out of me” Chris complains shoving Scott’s shoulder.
“Hey nice to see you too bro” Scott laughs holding out his arms.
“Nice to see you too” Chris chuckles hugging his brother, slapping him on the back.
“Chris” the director says grabbing Chris’ attention again “we’ve got everything we need so you’re cool to break for lunch”
“Awesome, see you in an hour” Chris nods before wrapping his arm around Scott’s shoulder “c’mon bro let me give you the guided tour”
Chris took Scott back to his trailer where the two of them could hang out and catch up while eating lunch. Scott telling Chris about what him and Steve had been up to the past couple weeks.
“But oh my god the funniest thing was the reaction to that selfie you posted” Scott laughed shaking his head.
“Yeah, I wasn’t quite expecting the reaction it got either” Chris chuckled as he recalled your reaction to it a couple weeks ago now.
“Fans are saying it’s like Andy and Frank merged together, they’re completely losing their cool” Scott tells him “I mean I see it, the hair, beard and dirt all over you, it’s like Andy and Frank had a love child” Scott adds gesturing to Chris’ current state, making Chris snort with laughter.
“Well if it makes people see the movie then I guess it’s doing its job” Chris comments shrugging his shoulders.
“You should post another selfie now, the internet would actually melt” Scott tells him laughing.
“Really?” Chris asks raising a brow, not completely sold on the idea.
“Definitely! Go on!” Scott presses.
Chris sighs grabbing his phone, quickly taking another selfie and posting it to Instagram. He puts his phone down, once again quickly forgetting about the photo and returning his attention to hanging out with his brother.
Once he’d finished his lunch Chris started making his way back to set with Scott. They were halfway back to set when Chris felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. Pulling it out he frowned when he saw the text from you.
Y/N: I need you home as soon as possible today
“Everything okay?” Scott asks glancing over at Chris.
“I don’t know” Chris mutters as he types back a reply.
Chris: Is everything okay?
Y/N: Just get home quick
Chris sighed running his hand over his beard as he stared back down at the text. While he was certain it couldn’t be anything too serious since you would have told him, he couldn’t help get the feeling that you weren’t happy with him.
And once again he was questioning what he’d done wrong. Had he forgotten something he’d promised to do? Had he left dirty dishes in the sink instead of putting them in the dishwasher? He knew that it was something that annoyed you but he couldn’t help it, especially since you were such a tempting distraction that he wanted to get straight back to, dirty dishes be damned.
“It’s nothing, i’ll deal with it later” Chris sighs putting his phone back in his pocket.
For the rest of the day Chris focused on getting his scenes done so he could head home. He had to admit though he was slightly distracted, his mind occasionally straying to what possibly could be wrong at home.
By some divine intervention a piece of vital equipment broke and because they were losing daylight they called it a day. Leaving Chris free to head home and finally find out what the problem is.
“Hey um, do you mind giving me an hour before you come over? Just to have a shower and stuff?” Chris asks Scott as they make their way off set.
Chris didn’t want it to get awkward if whatever the problem was spiralled into a fight or something. Having an hour meant you and Chris had time to talk and get to the bottom of the problem without interference.
“Yeah not a problem, I said I’d call Steve and I have a couple things to pick up from the hotel anyway” Scot easily agrees shrugging his shoulders.
“Great I’ll see you later” Chris sighs in relief patting Scott on the shoulder as he heads back to his car.
Usually when Chris gets home it’s Dodger that’s barrelling towards him. But today it was you. Chris barely stepped foot into the door when you launched yourself into his arms, his rucksack dropping to the floor with a large thud.
Chris’ eyes widen in surprise, arms wrapping around you securely so you wouldn’t fall. He didn’t even get a chance to question it when you cupped his cheeks and crashed your lips onto his. This definitely wasn’t he thought would happen.
“I thought you were mad at me?” Chris says when he manages to pull away enough to speak.
“I am that you took so long to get home” you mutter, thumbs running over his beard, a smile playing at your lips
“But you said you needed me home?” Chris questions confused.
“I do, because I need you Chris” you whisper, biting your lower lip.
Chris’ lips part in surprise, forming and ‘o’ when he realised what was actually happening. He recounted the text you sent reading it in a completely different light.
‘I need you home as soon as possible today’ emphasise on the words need and you.
You weren’t mad at all, the look in your eyes telling Chris that this was the exact opposite.
“Let me guess the selfie?” Chris smirks, one hand moving down to your ass squeezing it playfully.
“Yes” you whine with a pout “how could you post that so casually knowing what it would do to me”
“I’m sorry darlin’” Chris smirks reaching up to push some hair out of your face, he wasn’t sorry though.
“No you’re not” you pout.
Chris chuckles cupping your cheek as he pulls your lips down to his own “No I’m not” he smirks shaking his head.
“You left me in this state, unable to work, and you’ve ruined me so much that I couldn’t even sort it out myself because it’s not you!” You continue to complain pouting.
“It’s a good thing you work from home then, because imagine if you were back in Boston” Chris points out as he begins to carry your through the apartment, towards your bedroom.
“Don’t even start Christopher, I can’t even entertain the idea of that” you warn him shaking your head.
“All I’m saying is that it’s good that I’m actually here” Chris says pressing kisses to your neck, smirking when you tilt your head back to give him better access “now… do you want me to sort this problem out?” Chris asks.
“Yes” you whisper with a heavenly breathy sigh.
“Say no more Princess” Chris smirks nipping at your neck.
If you were gonna say anything you didn’t get a chance because Chris caught you by surprise by throwing you onto the back, making you squeal in surprise. You barely recovered from the surprise when Chris climbed on top of you, thigh pressing up between your thighs and up against your core making you moan and roll your hips.
You wrapped your arms around his shoulders as he cupped your lips, his nose nudging against yours before kissing your hungrily. His hands start roaming your body, possessively gripping at your hip, controlling your movement as your rolled your hips against his thigh.
Your fingers run down his chest, deftly unbuttoning his shirt. Nail scratching over his skin and you raked them down his chiselled chest. As he started to nip at your neck you pushed the shirt off his shoulders, Chris tossing it to the floor with the flick of his arm. His hands then moving to the hem of your vest lifting it over your head, lips attacking the exposed skin of your chest as soon as he got the chance, taking advantage of the small, barely there cotton bralette you wore. His fingers pulled at the straps pushing them down enough that he could uncover your breasts, teeth nipping at the sensitive skin.
“Fuck Chris” you moan, back arching as his lips wrap around your sensitive peak, tongue swirling around and flicking at it.
Chris smirks against your skin, your chest shuddering as his lips moved further down your chest and to your abdomen. He pauses when he reaches your navel, glancing up at you through his gloriously long lashes, pupils blown in desire. His fingers then wrap around the waist band of both your short and panties, pulling them down your legs in one fluid movement, discarding them across the room.
Chris slowly licks his lower lips in anticipation as he gazes down at your core. Already shining with desire, slick coating your slit. He reaches out, index finger ghosting over the cut of you collecting your slick, groaning when he felt just how wet you were.
“Fuck princess so wet already?” Chris groans his gaze meeting yours.
You nod your head as you bite your lower lip “hm-hum” you confirm with a hum “I told you I’ve been trying to get off all afternoon” you remind him.
“must have been agony” Chris smirks as he moves back over you, pressing a kiss to your lips.
“it was” you nod, one hand wrapping around the chain that dangled from his neck, the other moving down to cup his large bulge through his trousers “so screw the foreplay and fuck me Evans”
Chris groaned dropping his forehead against yours, shaking his head “Fuck I love you” he mutters against your lips as he kisses you.
“I love you too” you sigh as his lips travel along your jawline.
Your fingers trace down his chest until you reach his belt buckle, tugging at it to both loosen it and pull him closer. once you had unbuttoned his jeans his hands move to meet yours helping you push his jeans and boxers down his thick thighs. Now freed his erection stood proud and tall, beads of precum leaking from the tip.
You reach out to wrap your fingers around his length, thumb brushing over the tip to spread his essence around the bulbous head. Chris moans as you touch him, hand moving up and down his length with a twist of your wrist which you knew would make him go crazy. Sure enough his hand wrapped around your wrist, gripping it tightly as he moved his above your head.
His other hand replaced yours, running his erection up and down your folds, coating himself in your arousal. His fingers intertwined with yours above your head, lips finding your neck as he slowly pushed inside you.
You gasped at the sensation of him filling you up, a sensation that no matter how many times you experienced it you would never get used to nor grow tired of. Your back arched when he was fully seated within in, your chest heaved and walls pulsating around him.
Chris littered your neck and jawline with wet kisses, nipping at your skin, practically worshiping you as he waited for your signal to go. The hand he held gripped onto his own tightly, while the other moved to his ass pulling him impossibly closer to you. A smirk growing on Chris’ face since that was the signal that he was waiting for.
He started off slow, taking a moment to indulge in every moan that fell from your lips as he thrust inside you. He only started with pick up the pace when your leg wrapped around his hips keeping him close, encouraging him to go harder and faster.
With every thrust you felt yourself grow closer and closer to your orgasm, you were already pretty close thanks to your failed attempts earlier. But Chris still took his time to work you up, the tip of his cock brushing over that golden spot within you. Sending jolts of electricity through your body, turning your brain to mush and limbs to jello.
“Chris fuck I’m close, please” you whine feeling yourself on the verge of an orgasm, yet unable to find that peak.
“let go princess I’ve got you” Chris groans nipping at your neck.
Chris had barely finished his sentence when you came undone beneath him. The most intense orgasm rolling through your body like a tsunami. You walls clenched around him making him groan, while the hand above your head gripping his like a vice. You practically screamed his name and Chris found it difficult to hold on just long enough to work you through your orgasm before he allowed himself his own.
It was only when he felt you grip loosen and your limbs grow limp that he allowed himself to come undone. Shooting his load deep inside you, coating your walls with his essence. He managed to hold himself up enough to stop himself from crushing you, but he did let his head drop, his nose nudging against yours guiding your lips up to his.
As he pulled out he moved to lay besides you, his eyes wandering your naked form as he watched your bask in the afterglow. When his gaze reached your glistening core a grin grew on his face when he saw your arousal mixed with his own seeping out of your slit. Without much thought he reached down, using the tips of his fingers to gently push his seed back inside you making you squirm and whine at his touch.
His gaze returned to your face, smiling when his eyes met yours “I love you” he sighs in content.
“I love you too” you smile as he leans down to kiss you.
“and I’m sorry about the photo, I promise I will give you ample time to get prepared next time” he smirks.
You chuckle and nod your head as your hand reaches up, fingers brushing over his chin and into his beard “I appreciate that, next time just wait until your home so I can jump your bones immediately” you smirk.
Chris laughs nodding his head in agreement as leans down to kiss you softly “deal” he chuckles.
He shifts so he was laying down next to you, his arms wrapping around your waist as he pulled you closer. Pressing a kiss to your shoulder as he took a deep breath breathing in the smell of your shampoo instantly relaxing.
The two of you remain like this for a while, not talking just quietly enjoying each other’s company. Feeling completely relaxed in each other’s arms.
“I’m sorry if I worried you with that text” you mutter breaking the silence “I’m just replaying it in my mind and realised how it could have been misinterpreted” you say glancing over your shoulder at him.
Chris shrugs pressing a kiss to your shoulder “its okay, I knew it wasn’t anything serious otherwise you’d have called” he hums.
“I’m still sorry, is there anyway I can make it up to you?” you ask a mischievous look in your eyes.
“ready for round 2?” Chris smirks.
“bring it on Evans” you grin shifting in his arms onto your back.
Chris grins moving on top of you, pressing a hungry kiss to your lips. However you didn’t get much further when you heard the buzzer go and dodger barking at the front door.
“crap I forgot, Scott’s coming round tonight” Chris curses shaking his head.
You chuckle cupping his cheek “its fine, I waited all afternoon, I can wait again” you smirk.
“fuck I love you” Chris groans kiss you once more.
Tumblr media
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rekreku · 1 year
i see you’re doing requests, if you don’t mind could you do a demon slayer main three (or all if that’s okay with you) realizing they’re falling in love with their fellow demon slayer pal (aka reader)? thank you and i love your previous works !
demon slayer characters x gn! reader
type: fluff!
prompt: in which the main three realize they’re falling in love with you.
note: tysm for the ask sweetheart!! i apologize for my very spotty works on here but i promise i’ll try to maintain a schedule soon! i do have a few things i’m working on in the drafts rn! thank you all sm for the love & support on my last posts <3
characters include: tanjirou, zenitsu, and inosuke.
Tumblr media
at first, tanjirou didn’t realize that he was in love with you.
he just assumed that he was very admirable of you; he loved your passion, your desire to protect others— he just passed it off as him looking up to you.
until he saw your smile and heard your laugh. his heart would flutter and butterflies would erupt in his stomach from hearing those beautiful noises coming from you. he wanted to hear them all the time; it became one of his favorite sounds in the world.
you were all that encompassed his mind from that point on— you were all he could think about, day and night. it almost made him panic— he could feel his face turn bright red at the mention of you.
sometimes he catches himself staring at you and getting easily distracted. even zenitsu and inosuke had noticed it. though, he had tried to push it off as finding something interesting off in the distance.
when he realized that he was in love with you, it was almost like everything changed. he couldn’t do anything now without you making his heart race.
Tumblr media
it was almost like “love at first sight” for zenitsu. he was immediately head over heels for you, so he claimed.
of course, when he confessed this to tanjiro, tanjiro was quite skeptical— after all, zenitsu did like people mostly for their looks. but zenitsu swore up and down that this was different.
he fell in love with you when you’d saved him from a demon, a demon that he had been too cowardly to save.
it wasn’t until after he apologized and sobbed to you profusely for being so weak; you were so comforting and reassuring to him. you reassured him that it was okay to be weak sometimes and that he wasn’t cowardly.
he realized he loved you when his heart started skipping beats after you had said this. he had tried to suppress these feelings, as he was destined to be with nezuko! (in his head, anyway.)
but he couldn’t control them any longer. you were all that was on his mind. he would act incredibly shy around you and get all nervous, but he was also really protective of you from that point on. nothing would hurt you, and he’d make sure of it.
Tumblr media
inosuke was mostly confused about his feelings for you.
on one hand, he wanted to beat you in everything! he wanted to prove that he was better than you! he loved showing off, and what better way to show off than to train together and have duels?
but on the other hand, he couldn’t help but stare at you when you did fight. it was almost like he was mesmerized. he thought you were so cool! though, he never admitted this out loud.
“hey, y/n! teach me how to do that right now! or what, are you scared i’ll be able to defeat you?”
he loved the compliments you gave him. they always made his heart beat incredibly fast. soon, your voice and face was all that he could envision in his head. it was so annoying to him, and it ticked him off because it distracted him constantly.
when he confessed this to tanjiro, tanjiro had told him what a “crush” was. he told inosuke that he was “falling in love”, which was something the boar slayer didn’t exactly get.
“yeah right! of course i want to crush them! i want.. i wanna smash their lips against mine in an epic mouth battle!
but he’d always make sure that your attention was on him from that point on. he’d also always make excuses to hang out with you, and he’d get jealous if you were watching someone else.
“yeah, yeah, they were cool or whatever, but did you see what i did!?! i’m WAY cooler and better!”
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chronosaurusnot · 1 year
Headcanon: skz in a party
warnings: +18 but not really any, suggestive maybe?
note: so i’m back after two rough months with a really soft headcanon! i actually wanted it to be kinda smutty at first, but i don’t know why it ended up being more about the kissing that anything else lmao. btw i’m already working on a smut that i’ll post as soon as i finish it, so i hope you wait for it cause i promise i’ll be really good (or at least i’ll try lol)
as always, i’d like to clarify that english is not my first language, so please let me know if there are any mistakes, and feel free to give me suggestions, cause i think it’ll be cool if you like any part of this thoughts and want to give me ideas for smuts out of them!!
he is the one to organize the night with the guys, asking for a vip table and everything, and probably will stay there the whole night.
he is the humble popular boy, everyone wants to be with him and he will be nice with all of them.
but he already has the eye on you; you are his goal of the night.
he will get close to you by playing the nice guy and saying silly stuff to get your trust. after a chat he will offer you a drink, and here is when i drive CRAZY
we all know he has the most beautiful hands and this bitch knows his power. so he will take his wallet off his pocket and play? with it to get your attention to his hands. “what do you wanna drink sweetheart?” he’ll literally buy you every drink you want. not because he wants to get you drunk but because he wants to show you how a big pleaser he is.
after a drink he’ll be like “can we dance?” and he will be suuuuch a teaser. he’ll get closer and closer every time, holding you by the waist. and just when you feel you are about to kiss or something, he’ll be like “i’ll go to the bathroom, i’ll be back”.
but when he’s back he will kiss you just like that. a goood and long kiss, while the rest of the night is full of soft touches and teasing.
type of kisser: the soft and slow one, full of soft touches on your waist and back, his other hand always on your cheek, neck or hair. he can read the timing so well, he just know when to use his tongue, when to bite your lip, when to heat it up.
Lee Know
he is that kind of guy who enters the party at the last minute cause he don’t wanna get attention. but with his look that’s impossible, so everyone looks at him as he gets in the place, eyes rolled back to play like he doesn’t care.
but the most important part is, he also goes with a target for the night. and as soon as he sees you, you become his goal.
his plan is to pretend like he hasn’t see you cause he loves to play the hard to get, but he’s dying to get your attention.
and you notice he also loves the way you try to avoid him by the way he smirks when you look away after he catches you looking, so you wait for him to come to you.
after watching you from the distance, he finally gets to you. “do i have something on my face, sweetheart?” he teases you with a smirk on his face. and you can tell he’s dying for you to tell him how you’re feeling because of him.
if you follow his play by being a little bratty, he’ll be even more into it.
while dancing he would be soo gentle, getting closer and closer to you in every step.
he’ll turn you around all of the sudden, “for how much longer you’re gonna keep teasing me, honey?” he says to you while caressing your lips.
type of kisser: depending on his mood basically? like i feel he doesn’t have a type actually, but i just know he’s a big fan of kissing in front of people, just to brag to yourself how you pick him up among the rest of the people. and loves any kind of touching...
yes i’m gonna say he’s the cool rich boy who goes to parties the whole time, im sorry.
but hear me out, he’s just so humble and sweet with everyone. he’ll have the vip table with his friends, and will pay for that one friend who has no money cause he just wanna have fun with them.
we all know he is a really flirty man, so that’s even worse in parties. he’ll check up on everyone he finds attractive. but as soon as he sees you that’s over; and he won’t give up until you’re his.
he’s really confident about himself, so he’ll go straight to you. “how are you princess?” he’ll keep casually chatting with you, with a smirk on his face. he’ll also ask with who you came with, you know to see if one of your friends could be with one of his, he likes to play the cupido lmao.
he’ll ask you to dance and you won’t even know how it happened but you are sooo close to him. your bodys so close, he’l tease you so much to give you a kiss cause he wants to see you desperate.
type of kisser: sweet and soft at first; hard and rough as the night goes on. he has no hurry, could be all night long with slow kisses cause he pays more attention to touches. so… he’ll caress you sweetly at first, but then he would touch you more and more.
we all know he’s the cool boy who everyone looks at during the whole night. he could be dancing and laughing with his friends till he gets sleepy, cause he just wants to have a good time.
but when he goes to the bar to get some drink, that’s when he pays attention to his arounds. and there he finds you looking at him, smiling back with a smirk.
i just know he is soo into looking and exchanging smiles and guilty looks from the distance, so he’ll take his time till he finally gets you.
“i was actually waiting for you to come to me, sweetheart”. he’ll introduce to you just like that but with a sweet tone in his voice and face. and such an intense look.
yes, the whole dancing is full of teasing and constant eye contact. he’ll get so close to your body and then all of the sudden we will get a little apart, enjoying you frustrated and confused face. but after that, he’ll hold your waist to get you close to him to kiss you all of the sudden.
type of kisser: the surprising one, who kisses you when you least expect it. so soft and slow, he just knows how good his fluffy lips must feel. i feel like he’s the type to smile after the first kiss, but in a hot way if you know what i mean. a fan of holding you by your neck and hair; and if you touch his, you’ll drive him crazy.
he loves to party and its the clown of the group, but we already know how shy he actually is.
when he sees you, he can’t keep his eyes off of you. and when you notice, he gets sooo shy and cute.
he’ll keep looking at you and smiling, and you can tell he isn’t gonna take the first step, so you get to him.
he’s aware he looked like a coward, so he’ll go in a joking way “you couldn’t wait for me, princess?”. and it’s so cute to see him play the cool guy when it’s so obvious he’s really nervous.
but that attitude disappears after a couple minutes, and you can’t really understand at what moment he’s become so confident ?? smirking at you, talking in a flirty way, getting closer to you as the time goes by.
he’ll dance with you if you want to, but he just prefers to talk and flirt with you in that kind of way. and when he feels confident enough, he’ll play the “i can’t hear you well, the music is really loud, do you wanna go somewhere more calm?”.
type of kisser: he’ll play with your hair so much before kissing you, holding your face and neck with both of his hands. he likes wet kisses and loves to receive soft touches from you. but when things get heated up, he’s the most touchy one. i mean, that’s why he’ll always ask you to go to a place where you can have more intimacy.
i feel like he’s a mix of hyunjin and jisung. the cool pretty boy who everyone looks at, very confident about himself, but as soon as he sees someone he likes he gets super shy.
he loves to be dancing, and when he notices you’re looking at him he smiles at you. but as soon as you invite him to come over he’ll get so shy about it that you could see him gaining strength to make the first move.
“would you dance with me, honey?” he’ll say to your ear with his deep and soft voice, making you shiver. he was looking all shy, but as soon as you start dancing there is no space between the both of you.
his touch is so soft and hot at the same time, he just knows what he’s doing. one hand will always be holding your waist, and the other one will go changing places. if you’re a little shy, he’ll take your hands and place them around his neck, smiling with a mix of sweetness and desire for your touch.
type of kisser: so so so soft and sweet at first; slow and steady. so much tongue, but in such a pleasing way. his hands always moving to caress different parts of your body. and when it gets heated up, that’s just worse: prepare yourself for a lot of touching cause this man has no shame in being seen.
he gets miscarried as the shy boy cause he is calm, but he is actually really confident. the kind to be quiet and dangerous.
as soon as you look back at him he’ll go to you, and offer you a drink. he pays attention to every gesture you make, and uses the chat to try to analyze what kind of person you are; what you seem to be into. also aware of his pretty hands, so if he sees you looking at them he’ll find the way to keep you staring.
he’ll chat with you in such a flirty way. he’ll find always the right moments to praise you and tell you how pretty you are.
before kissing he’ll get closer to you by touching you in ways that make you believe he’s just about to do it, but it’s actually just more and more teasing.
type of kisser: slow and rough, just so so hot. one hand always on your neck, finding the way to show you who is the one with the control over the whole situation.
he’s the kind to play confident but he’s actually so so shy.
he has his eye on you since the beginning, but he’ll take his time to come talk to you.
he’ll get to you offering you a drink, to later on ask you to dance.
he’s desperate for your touch, smiling at you when you hold his neck for dancing, taking that as an invitation for his touch.
a fan of holding your waist, getting you closer and closer to him. you can feel how nervous he actually is, but at the same time he looks so hot. cause, after all, he’s letting no space between you two.
type of kisser: soft and sloppy, but he gets the rhythm. his problem is he over thinks the whole thing, so instead of letting go in the moment he’s firstly worried about what would you like the most. but after those thoughts vanish, he’ll kiss you so good you can keep going forever. also really aware of his pretty hands, using them to hold you by your neck most of the time.
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t1nybabyd0ll · 9 months
Could you write something about Jason adopting a kitten he sees alone in the woods? Thanks! (You can draw it instead if you like)
Of course! I love my boy Jason 🥰🖤 I’m not the best artist, but I’ll try to do a sketch for you! Since I am posting this rather late, I won’t have the drawing attatched to this post, but I’ll do it and upload it soon <3 xoxo
Jason bringing home a kitten to his s/o
It was a cool and cloudy day across crystal lake. You wanted to go out and explore the woods, but of course as soon as the idea popped into your head, the sound of drunken, horny teenagers could be heard in the distance.
Jason rose from his seat next to you and planted a kiss on the top of your head. You gave him a pleading look, but knew he had to do his job. Your puppy eyes caused him to let out a small whimper, feeling bad for leaving you alone in the cabin. “be safe, please..” you say softly as he begins taking his long, wide strides out the door, locking it behind him in case any intruders stumble upon it.
It was in just minutes you heard screams in the distance before they were quickly silenced. You cringed at the thought but shook it from your head. You decided you would make Jason and yourself some tea, hoping the warmth would keep you from noticing the cold seeping in through the cracks of the old cabin.
You could hear Jason’s heavy footsteps before he even reached the door. Not a moment later, the door swung open with Jason standing there in all his bloody, earth-covered glory. That’s not what drew your attention though. It was the ball of black fur in his hands clawing at his jacket.
“is that a kitten?” You asked, not really needing (or expecting) a reply. He nods and walks over to you, offering the fur-ball to you. “Jason, where did you find it? Can we keep it?” You exclaimed becoming increasingly excited at the thought of a pet. It was like you and Jason were creating your own family.
He nodded enthusiastically, going in for a hug. You took a step back and for a second you thought you might have turned into Medusa. Jason stood there frozen, looking suddenly hurt and betrayed. “Honey, you’re covered in blood. Shower off then you can have all the hugs you want.” He seemed okay with this and began ascending the stairs.
While the sound of running water could be heard upstairs, you couldn’t take your eyes off of the adorable little creature in your arms. You had always wanted a cat when you were younger, but your parents said they didn’t want the responsibility. You knew you could handle it, as Jason made you more than knowledgeable about wildlife and nature than you ever could have thought.
You crafted a small cat toy out of some sticks, string, and little charms you had around the cabin. The cat, which you had decided on naming Raven to match it’s black coat, thoroughly enjoyed your make-shift toy. It pawed and jumped at it as you dangled it over the arm of your shared sofa before running away behind you. “Hey! What the-“
You turned around to see Jason holding it, the cat rubbing it’s head against his mask like he was hiding cat nip behind it. The sight of him cuddling Raven was almost too much cuteness to handle. Jason made his way over to you on the couch and plopped himself down before motioning for you to join him.
You sat beside him but, missing you and wanting to fulfill your promise of hugs, he wrapped his arms around you smushing you and Raven against his chest. You would worry about finding your cat essentials tomorrow, but for now you were happy and content cuddling with your two babies. You slowly drifted off, watching Jason and the cat nuzzle each other to death.
Okay yall, this was my first ever story so PLEASE if you have any tips or criticism please let me know! I myself am a huge reader of slasher fanfics, so I tried to pull inspiration from stories I’ve read previously. I love y’all and thank you for the support!! Xoxo <3
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transdwaynehoover · 1 month
Weirdest greatest phone call
Inspired by this post !
chap one — [ao3]
Steve living with El was.. Weird.
He’d assimilated some but her moving things around in her sleep with her mind was still a fresh feeling. And the three AM Eggo trips. He heard the toaster and knew it was his moment to be a big brother and give her emotional support.
Oh yeah, they’re kind of siblings. Steve got kicked out for his “sinful acts” (being gay). Then Hopper found him on his doorstop one day.
“Hey, um, I’m sorry but.. Can I stay for the night? I got no where to go.” He mumbled and stuttered in the rainy night. And soon that night became seven nights. To three weeks. To many months. To a fucking year with the sheriff and his quiet daughter. Which ended with Hopper going to court to legally adopt Steve. And fuck, his parents agreeing did hurt. But now he has a real dad. And a real sibling.
So a lot changed. The only consistency being his best friend Robin and his family video job.
Which was now being interrupted by a call.
“Hello, family video.”
“Hey, Steve.” His dads voice surprises him.
“Hopper? Are you okay? Aren’t you working?”
“Yeah, yeah all is good but listen,” Steve sighs, “I’ve got a 17 year old in the back of my car right now and he’s your type.” Absolute silence.
“Yeah I showed him your picture and he thinks you’re cute, I also gave him your number.” All of Steve’s blood rushes to his face. Good God why is his dad like this.
“Dad!! Stop giving my number to random guys!”
“This is the weirdest greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.” The kid said loud enough for Hopper to hear but not Steve.
“C’mon he’s nice; for a criminal.” He mumbles that last part. “I’ll pay for you guys to go get McDonald’s or something.” Steve can see Hoppers face right now, brows furrowed with that ‘I���m your dad I know best’ look.
“McDonalds is.. A horrible date idea.” Steve chuckles. “But— Whatever I’m working and so are you. Bye.”
“Alright alright. Bye, love ya.” Steve says it back still having to get used to the affection. He hangs up before pinching his nose. At least he’s accepting?
“What?” Robin peered over Steve’s shoulder.
“My dad set me up with another criminal in his car.” He shakes his head as Robin cackles.
“Dude, you are lucky!” She pushes his shoulder, “accepting dad reeling in the bad boys.” She wags her eyebrows.
So it seems like Steve has a date. He tells himself he doesn’t care, he’s not going; but he’s still fixing his hair and wondering about wether or not his outfit is good enough.
“I’m home!” Hopper yells and Steve can hear El run over. But Steve’s still too busy frowning at himself in the mirror.
“C’mon, kid, you gotta get goin I told him you’d be there at 6.” Hopper reminds him leaning on the doorframe. Steve just groans and drags himself to the car.
“You have fun now! Be safe! Wrap it up!” Hopper yells out the door making Steve hit his head so hard against the steering wheel in embarrassment it honks.
Steve fidgets with his jacket at the Olive Garden table waiting for this mystery boy to show up. And then he shows up and God, his dad was right. This boy is his type.
He can’t even get himself to say hi back because he’s too busy staring.
“Um.. Hello?” The guy waves his hand in front of Steve’s face.
“Oh! Hi.” Steve finally snaps back to reality. “Um, I’m Steve.”
“Hey, I’m Eddie.” The guy— Eddie, gives Steve this kinda dorky grin. Steve’s gonna have a heart attack in the middle of this Olive Garden.
And fuck he has no clue what to say. But Eddie beats him to it.
“You’re probably wondering what I did.” Eddie says what Steve wasn’t gonna dare to. He shrugs. “I was just selling some weed.” He half way whispers. “Promise I’m not dangerous or anything.” Steve giggles a little.
“Well that’s good. I mean I didn’t think my dad would do all.. That if you were like charged with assault or something.” Oh my god Steve why would you bring up your dad.
“No, yeah, he seems cool by the way— For a cop.” Politics on the first date, very cool Ed. “Never had a cop set me up on a date with their handsome son.” He leans forward a little. And Steve is blushing, he’s never felt so easily flustered with anyone else.
“Well this may be his best pick so far.” Steve says.
“Oh so I’ve got competition?” Eddie tilts his head.
“Barely.” They are far too close now in public; but all Steve can think about is the big brown eyes that are in front of him. Eddie just hums and Steve can swear he sees his eyes drops to Steve’s lips.
The waiter comes with water and the two practically jump back getting a very suspicious look from her.
“…. Water?”
“Yes please.” Eddie says looking everywhere but the people near him. “I’m fucking parched.” He says the last part under his breath.
“Thanks for the dinner, Steve.” He hadn’t noticed until now that they were standing outside the restaurant Eddie was quite shorter. Looking up at Steve through dark curly eyelashes; he’s pretty like a girl.
“Yeah I enjoyed it.” Steve’s grin is giddy and almost innocent. They share kind looks in comfortable silence before moving to their respective cars.
“So?” Hopper grins into his coffee cup; much too late for coffee.
“It was good..” Steve can feel the blush on his face and he just sneaks into his room before he can endure further questioning. Screaming into his pillow and kicking legs.
“It was good..” Steve can feel the blush on his face and he just sneaks into his room before he can endure further questioning. Screaming into his pillow and kicking legs.
“It was good..” Steve can feel the blush on his face and he just sneaks into his room before he can endure further questioning. Screaming into his pillow and kicking legs.
“It was good..” Steve can feel the blush on his face and he just sneaks into his room before he can endure further questioning. Screaming into his pillow and kicking legs.
“So?” Hopper grins into his coffee cup; much too late for coffee.
“It was good..” Steve can feel the blush on his face and he just sneaks into his room before he can endure further questioning. Screaming into his pillow and kicking legs.
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Through Their Eyes: Sodapop Curtis Edition
Tumblr media
Summary: Your relationship with Soda from the gangs perspective
A/N: It has been way too long since I’ve last written something... (due to writers block and covid...) But I am very glad to get back into writing now :)
 Also, I know someone request one of these for Darry, but my brain derailed itself lol. I will get that one done soon though.
If you would like to make a request take a look at (this post) for all of the characters I am currently writing for.
My Multi-fandom Masterlist
Dally didn’t have too much of an opinion on the pair of you. He thought you were cool, but nothing too jarring or shocking came to mind when he thought of you. He knew he wasn’t exactly the smarter when it came to love either, so he didn’t think he had too much of a place to try and place judgement on the two of you. He didn’t meddle or hang around with the two of you much, but he could tolerate you.
He wasn’t exactly the most... polite with new people he met. So  him tolerating you is a pretty good step for him.
It wasn’t that Darry didn’t want to like you; it was just that he knew how Soda worked. Soda has a pretty big heart, one that doesn’t always lead him to the most... reliable partners. He fell in love too quickly and part of Darry thought Soda didn’t really understand what love was at all. He rushed into things and moved so quickly that he sometimes blinded himself to the glaring red flags that were coming his way. So sure, Darry may have liked you, but trusting you was a bit harder for him to do. It wasn’t until one night that you had talked with him did he finally start to have a little faith in you.
Everyone had gone outside, giving the usually loud and lively house a moment of silence. Darry had hung back inside, trying to get the house back into a somewhat clean state, so he wouldn’t have as much to do when he woke up at the crack of dawn the next morning.
That’s when you struck...
He was at the sink, trying to finish cleaning the mountain of dishes that had accumulated after dinner. When suddenly, you popped up out of the corner of his eye, a towel was gripping in your hand.
“I’ll dry.” You muttered casually. 
Darry wasn’t going to reject your offer. He didn’t really feel like doing even more work today. 
You didn’t really say much for a bit. The both of you merely stood in a surprisingly comfortable silence.
But that silence didn’t last long.
“I know you’re trying pretty hard to be nice to me and don’t think I don’t appreciate your efforts in doing so.” You started, taking Darry aback. “But I know you don’t trust me.”
He didn’t know what to say at first. Your bluntness was pretty surprising to him.
“I think we both know him pretty well, he wears his heart on his sleeve-”
“I know he does and I know people in past haven’t exactly been the most loyal to him. Or haven’t felt as strongly as he did, he’s told me thing from before.” You interjected carefully.
“Exactly.” Darry replied.
“But I admire how open he is... especially when he’s grown up in a place where you can be pressured to be nothing but a emotionless, cool, hardass.” You spoke with hesitation. “I’m not going to be another reason for him to become something like that. I’m not that kind of person to take advantage of somebody like that.”
Darry looked over at you, as much as you were trying to convince him that you could be trusted. He couldn’t shake the skepticism he felt as you spoke...
“I’ve heard this before.”
“Look, I can’t promise that we’re going to be together forever but... if things were to end it wouldn’t be because of cheating or anything like that.” You promised.
Darry didn’t say anything. He instead opted to soak in your words a bit more.
“I’m not them, all I’m asking you to do is not put someone else’s past mistakes onto someone you don’t even know that well.” You stated confidently.
And with that, you walked off, leaving Darry to stew in his thoughts.
Maybe he could give you a bit more of a chance than he had before...
~~~ Steve was happy for his friend. Seeing him so content with somebody was great to see after past instances. He thought you were pretty cool, somebody he could get along with easily. But, one moment that had happened stuck out most in his mind...
The day was winding down and you had been waiting for Soda to get off work. Soda was in the back, restocking supplies they would need for the next rush of cars tomorrow while Steve was stuck at the counter. For a moment, just a brief moment, he thought the day would’ve ended calmly for once. But of course, a day couldn’t go by in Tusla that someone didn’t cause trouble. A random soc had walked in, with, of course, a whole group of them stacked in the back of their signature mustangs. It didn’t really phase Steve. It was something Soda and him dealt with on a regular basis. But you weren’t going to let them off the hook as easily as he and Soda would.
The soc didn’t say anything at first; he just stared at a random cooler trying to be inconspicuous. But he failed miserably; Steve was always on edge around socs... something about them would always set him off. It didn’t take long for the tall soc to begin his leering.
“Say,” The soc sneered, setting his beady eyes on you. “I’ve seen you around with that pretty b-”
“Yeah, what’s it to you?” You interrupted tensely. 
“I just don’t get-”
“Why someone like me would end up with a greaser like that?” You interrupted again, you clearly didn’t want to give this boy anytime of day.
The soc began to look annoyed, clearly not liking the fact that you kept interrupting him.
“Look, I’ve heard these some words uttered to me for what feel like a million times before.” You got up from where you were sitting, approaching the boy without an ounce of hesitation. ”And honestly, I think you need to come up with some new material.”
“And you really need to stop drinking because your achohol stained breath is just as intolerable to me as your basic and completely replicated personality.” You interjected casually.
The soc clenched his jaw, shuffling in place slightly. “You’re gonna-”
“Pay for this, yeah sure I am...” You started skeptically. “Look, you should leave now and save yourself any further embarrasment because your pathetic attempts at intimidating me aren’t going to work. And I suggest you keep your mouth shut about that “pretty boy” because he is more of a man than you will ever be.” You added strongly.
“Man... forget this!” The soc hissed, spinning around angrily on his heels and marching out the door.
You watched the boy, making sure he actually left before you let your guard down. You turned around after a bit to be greeted with the sight of a slightly dumbfounded Steve.
“What?’ You asked humorously, chuckling after you spoke.
“Nothing.” Steve muttered casually, trying to seem cool and collected.
You definitely earn some bonus points from him that day... 
Ponyboy was subjected to tangents upon tangents about you. He could tell Soda felt deeply for you. Hell, he thought anyone could see how much he loved you. But, something about the way he talked about you felt different... it was strange to him. Mostly because he couldn’t really pinpoint what was so different about you two, it was a mystery, an enigma of sorts. You two just meshed well; your differences never slighted your guy’s opinion on each other in the slightest. You two were understanding with each other, patient too... maybe it was that you treated Soda like, well, a human being. You were with him for more than his looks, and you always seemed to listen to whatever he would ramble about or find interesting to him. You didn’t slight him, or keep him confined in a box of nothing but vanity.
Eventually, Pony came to the conclusion that your relationship was fueled by a factor that was lacking in his previous relationships.
Two-Bit could see the tell tale signs that Soda was in love from a mile away. His soft smiles and lovesick expressions, his more lively energy, and most notably... the almost longing looks he would make at any door, waiting for the moment where you’d come through. Soda was never subtle about his emotions, and the love he felt for somebody was no expectation of how open he was. Two-Bit would never pass up the opportunity to dog on him. He'd tease him any chance he got. But Soda usually never minded the light-hearted jabs that were thrown his way.
~~~ Johnny could just feel how much you admired one another. He was observant, and he was more keen on other people’s emotions than he really let on. You or him could do the littlest things and the other was bound to crack a smile. If he could describe the connection you two had, it would be bold, at points intense. Soda could be intense with his emotions at points, there was no denying that. But unlike others before, you didn’t really find that to be intimidating. You just accepted that that’s how Soda was. It wasn’t jarring or shocking; it was just... an aspect of your relationship. One that you didn’t shun away or try to deny. 
If Johnny could find someway to describe the two of you, it would simply be one thing...
I know I’m rusty and this may not be the best lol. I gotta get back into the swing of writing things again.
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bibiscate · 6 months
Tumblr media
Took long enough but I finally made Usagi!!
Couldn’t decide what kinda clothing would look better in this version, so I did more than one
He also got those cool mystic swords but unfortunately they are broken, ops
Okay, so, headcanons ahead:
Since rise is really creative with it’s characters, I wanted a new creative introduction for Usagi this time, maybe more of a backstory when compared to his 2003/2012 self.
I also wanted to do something he would hate for conflict dksalfjsa
So here it goes
Born a Yokai to a important family that serves the Council of Heads for centuries
Is expected that he, too, would be one of their agents or guards
But Usagi was kind of a rebel and didn’t like that
He followed the rules just enough to not get in trouble, but it didn’t take long for his attitude to put him in a tight spot
Maybe he was caught doing things he shouldn’t, or maybe he was framed for things he didn’t do. Probably both but don’t know what he did exactly
The Council was furious. He was convicted as a criminal and later, one of the city's most wanted fugitives
Part of his punishment was being used as a test subjct with an experimental liquid the Council was making
Usagi wasn’t told what that liquid would, or could do, nor about the intentions the Council had in using it
The result: He was cursed to transform into... a rabbit. A normal one.
Yes I just did that just for plot and because I think he would hate it more than an actual felony sentence lol
Only the same liquid could turn him back, and he would never have the chance, as the other part of his sentence was: perpetual imprisonment. Yay!
Shenanigans happens, he manages to escape
But he’s still a bunny and still a fugitive
While he was being chased, he managed to flee as far away as possible, to the least unlikely place they would look for him, the surface.
Of course they wouldn't risk it, right?
With guards disguised with cloaking broches looking for him at all times, he was accidentally found by a human child, who found him ‘far too cute' and so he was kidnapped adopted
A Lilo & Stitch situation ensues, where he takes the opportunity to escape his pursuers
At first, only using the child for his benefit, little by little he realizes that the chances of him returning to his old life are almost none, he starts to get used to the life of a pet, regrettably, of course.
Years later, still having the habit of running away and doing anything he feels like doing, Usagi senses the familiar aura of mystical objects. Weapons, powerful ones
He discovers four strange turtles, neither yokai nor humans
Thinks it has something to do with the liquid they used on him, or "ooze" as they called it
Sooner or later he would accidentally attract their attention, and his owner, who always goes after him when he runs away would too come to find him adn the turtles. After some akward first meeting and finding out more about them and about mutants, he thinks that the best option for him is to stay close to these beings, as strange as they are.
With a friendship forming between the turtles and his owner, it didn’t take long for them to become one of the oozequito’s victims.
Thankfully, Usagi bravely saves them from becoming a mutant by... eating... the... insect
Half an hour later, there's a mutant/rabbit yokai in Donnie's lab, and a lot of explaining to do.
Maybe I’ll post more about his personality, but later, now I tired kdsak
Also will soon post about his ‘’owner’’ who is my recently revamped oc!! Yes I sorry if you think that’s cringe but I still doing it lol
it’s the only way I found to connect some plot points I sorry but bear with me I’ll explain it in the future promise
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lollypopsx · 1 year
hi, maybe y/n being harassed and assaulted on a harry show and he reacting to this, I love your blog💛
Drabble Request
Drabble Masterlist
You didn’t always love being in the limelight with the fans, but it was something you was happy to deal with if it meant loving Harry for the rest of your life.
The majority of fans were the kindest and most lovable people you had met, spoken to or stumbled upon via social media. There were a few fans who were polite, but didn’t care much for you, and that you also were very thankful for. Unfortunately though, there was still a percentage of fans who hated you more than any other soul on the planet.
Constantly posting rude comments, tweets and photos about you, making comments on your appearance and even a few death threats.
You had spent the Tacoma show in the pit as you often do, you often met fans who were excited to meet you, and you’d spend the show dancing alongside them and talking to them throughout.
Today however, was the worst you’d experienced. You were stood with Jeff and a few others from management, as always you were enjoying the show, but you felt dagger eyes piercing through your skin, with an unnecessary amount of sniggers and phone cameras pointed towards you.
“What the fuck it she wearing?” “Has she seen what she looks like?” “She should go and crawl back into Harry’s wallet, gold digger.” “Red isn’t flattering for her. She looks like a horse.” “…a pig more like” “what does Harry actual see in her? She’s vile” “yeah, she’d look less disgusting if someone threw up over her”
You heard everything, well…as much as you could handle. You was sure there was much more said that you couldn’t hear, but the tears were brewing quick in your eyes and you didn’t want anyone to see.
“I need to go” you mutter to Jeff, “I-I have to go please” you whimper softly, begging him. “Y/N are you alright?” Jeff frowns. “Please I need to go backstage” she mutters. “Alright, it’s this way” he nods and takes your arm gently, walking you towards the crowd of girls, their glares were dark and angry.
You held your breath and walked with Jeff, holding his arm tightly and within seconds, before you could even realise, you felt a cool liquid thrown into your face. You panicked at first, hearing gasps all around you and you wince, squeezing your eyes shut. The stench of red wine engulfing your skin and everything felt so silent. The music stopped, you couldn’t hear Harry singing and you couldn’t see, the wine was burning into your eyes and everything happened so quickly.
You held onto Jeff as tight as you possibly could and felt sobs wretching at your throat. “It’s okay Y/N, I’m here…we’ll get you sorted right away” you felt two arms grab you and pick you up, rushing you to where you could only assume was backstage.
“I’m so sorry to stop the show, I’ll be right back” you heard Harry say into the mic before a buzzing chatter rippled through the arena.
“Baby?!” You heard Harry call down the hallways of the backstage maze.
“Harry?!” You cry out loudly, your eyes squeezed shut still, stinging more and more every second. The sound of people crowding around you was making your more anxious.
“Y/N, my name is Carrie, I’m a paramedic and I need you to listen to me carefully darling. Someone has thrown some alcohol at you and we need to get it rinsed out as quickly as possible sweetie”
You whimper softly, hearing Harry talking angrily as he comes in. “Jeff you must of seen them! I want them out of here and In the back of a fucking police car before anyone can leave this place!” He demands quietly before rushing over to you.
“I’m here baby. I’m here!” Harry sits at your side, holding your hands tightly and pressing constant kisses to your knuckles. “You brave girl hey…it’s going to be okay I promise”
"We're going to rinse your eyes out sweetie alright. It's going to sting a little but it will feel so much better soon. And Harry is right here with you” The paramedic tells you calmly as Harry shushes you peacefully.
Your eyes were still stinging after being washed out, your makeup now being wiped off and tears rolling down your cheeks. Harry held you tightly as you sobbed into his chest.
"Baby please tell me what happened...I hate seeing you this way and they hurt you" he frowns, tears brimming his own eyes.
You shake your head silently and sniffle "I-I'll tell you later ok? You need to go back on stage. E-everyone's waiting" you sniffle and wipe your cheeks slowly.
"No. I'm not going" he mutters stubbornly.
“No Harry. You're going. Do it for me...please" you whisper, pressing a soft kiss to his jaw and getting up, wobbling off balance slightly.
"Fine…but you're staying back here with the team and the paramedics and if anything happens I'm coming straight back off!" He sighs, knowing he'd never win.
'Il be ok. I promise. I want to watch" you turn on the screen to see the stage view camera. Harry kissed you passionately one more time, before rushing back off. He seemed slightly more off when he came back on. He was hurt and angry that anyone could be crawl enough to do that, let alone to the love of his life.
"Thank you so much for being patient.…everything is ok. Y/N has been treated and is being kept an eye on. I'm shocked anyone could do that so if anyone if this audience feels unsafe for any reason, please tell someone…anyone! And those who helped my girlfriend in the pit…thank you with my whole heart!" He speaks seriously into the mic before nodding to the band.
He rushed through the show, and was back holding you in his dressing room the second he had run off stage. Bombarding you with questions every second and speaking to the medic.
"My eyes are a bit blurry but the stinging has gone down, you didn't have to stop the show for me though Haz" you whisper sadly, the words for the girls were still eating you alive. “Look we will speak about it later alright when it’s just us? I promise”
"For you darling…I'd stop everything"
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junpeijackflash · 5 months
Welp, I Guess I’ll Talk About My Maximum Ride Rewrite Now
I promised I’d post about my rewrite soon, totally not expecting to do it for at least a few weeks. Then I opened up my doc after like a month and wrote two chapters in two days.
So, now equipped with a stronger drive to write (at least for now) I’ll share some details on my rewrite project. I’ll be putting this under a cut because holy fuck I did not expect to write this much:
The full title for the series is going to be Fly On, Maximum Ride. The individual book rewrites are going to be from song lyrics (or song titles? haven’t decided). Incidentally, the “Fly On” part of the title also comes from song lyrics.
Why, you may ask, am I doing the cliché AO3 “song lyrics as the title” thing? Because music ended up having a larger impact on this series than intended. What started out as me listing each flock members’ favorite bands and songs somehow wove so deeply into them that I cannot remove it.
(I’m aware kisses4butterflies on AO3 also has a music thing going in their rewrite. I came up with my version independently, and I do think it’s cool we had similar ideas)
Now to what people actually care about: the story and characters 👀
First off: Jeb never died/faked his death. He is still living with the flock as we speak, leaving the house every so often to get groceries or supplies for the flock. Sometimes he’s gone for a few days, sometimes weeks, sometimes a bit longer. But he’s still a part of the flock’s life. He trains them, teaches them, makes sure they’re healthy, rewards them when they do good, etc.
Ari sadly does not exist. I could’ve tried to come up with something for him, but I removed him from the plot so early on there’s no way to squeeze him back in. Maybe he could’ve been living with the flock as a normal human kid, but I feel like that would’ve just made him Gazzy Without Wings so :/
The house is…different. I don’t want to say much on that now, but just know the flock isn’t waking up with the sun or going on daily flights around the Sangre De Cristo Mountains. They go outside to train and occasionally play, but only when Jeb lets them.
Max, Fang, and Nudge are probably the only real physical fighters of the bunch. Iggy’s extremely good at assembling traps and weapons he can use, but he doesn’t have the same training as his siblings. Gazzy is training to be a good fighter, and training with Iggy on building things (he’s much more eager about the bombs than Iggy is), but he’s still a kid and he’s still learning. Angel is a six year old, and she’s also slightly lagging behind on her motor skills, so safe to say she is not good in a fight.
The flock still looks somewhat human-like, but not enough that they pass 100%. Their wings are massive, for one, and they can’t just fold them up into their backs. They need bulky jackets and pants to squish their wings inside if they want to hide them. They also have feathers along the backs of their arms and legs. Their pectoral muscles are larger and they have broader shoulders, all to help support the wings. They have smaller and rounder bird eyes with raptor vision, and they’ve got hollow bones and air sacs just like birds do.
In terms of what birds the flock’s wings are based on: Max = golden eagle, Fang = peregrine falcon, Iggy = osprey, Nudge = american kestrel, Gazzy = red tailed hawk, Angel = ferruginous hawk. Their eyes also match the birds they’re based on.
Everyone in the flock has pretty noticeable scars. Max has a large one on her cheek. Fang has several long ones across his chest. Iggy’s eyes are basically a scar on their own. Nudge has scars on her hands that flare up in pain. Both Max and Gazzy have scars around their neck in the same places. Angel doesn’t have scars yet, but she’s going to get some soon.
The kids fully believe they’re freaks of nature who cannot live outside of their home or else they’ll be hunted down or taken back to The School.
The flock all consider themselves siblings. This does in fact mean no Max-Fang romance. Honestly I wouldn’t know what to do with it even if they weren’t siblings. I have 1 (one) planned romance in book 2, and it doesn’t involve either of them.
There’s not de facto leader, since Jeb is still there. Max, Fang, and Iggy all take up different roles when he’s gone to help around the house.
Max and Fang do have a really close bond, though. They were cage neighbors at The School for as long as they can remember, and they developed a very close friendship, always looking out for one another, always ready to do anything to save each other. Even now, four years after leaving The School, they’re constantly there for each other, helping deal with trauma the only ways they know how.
Of course, when Max and Fang aren’t physically or mentally able to help, Iggy’s there to be the emotional support for his siblings. He’s one of the oldest kids, so he’s treated as such, James. Admittedly, there is A Lot to Iggy that won’t get unpacked until after book 1. But he’s still very blind. Still very skilled. Still very gay.
Nudge, being one of the younger three, got to have a slightly happier childhood, free to play with dolls and be a kid. She still struggles with nightmares and flashbacks, but not to the degree that her older siblings do. Now that she’s getting older, she has to train more, something she hates. Just like in canon, she really just wants to be a normal girl. She’s scared of people, but also fascinated by them and wishing she could live like they do.
Gazzy barely remembers anything from The School. It definitely had an impact on him, but the few memories he has are implicit childhood ones that are more sensory than anything. He’s the most innocent of the kids, but he’s also very aware of his siblings’ struggles and tries to help when he can. He’s willing to fight, despite his total lack of experience.
Angel, unfortunately, absorbed plenty of bad memories as a baby, when she couldn’t control her powers very well and overheard everyone’s nightmares. She’s aware of what happened at The School, but she tries not to bring it up because it makes her siblings sad. She still has nightmares about it, still remembers things she shouldn’t. However, memories don’t quite compare to experiencing the real thing... 
Gazzy and Angel are indeed biologically related instead of just found family. I’ve put a bit of emphasis on that being different. Not in a way that invalidates found family, don’t worry. It’s just that I personally believe if you already have a found family dynamic and are now including blood siblings, there should be some significance to it, because otherwise why do they need to be related if everyone is already family? Basically: Gazzy and Angel are very very close. They love each other, they play together, they barely ever argue or fight. They’re babies, and I will protect them (I say as I put them through several back-to-back traumatic events)
Speaking of biological families…uh, most of the flock doesn’t have any. Max isn’t Jeb and Dr. Martinez’ kid, the flock doesn’t go on a hunt for their parents that goes nowhere. In this world, a good chunk of the test subjects made through donor eggs and sperm that’s been genetically altered in advance and raised in artificial wombs. Yeah, sure, they’ve got donor parents out there somewhere, but it’s not top priority for most of the flock. They’ve got guardians looking out for them, and when they don’t they’re just fighting on their own.
Despite not being related to Dr. Martinez, Max is still Latina. I didn’t change any of the races - Fang is Asian, Nudge is black, Iggy and Gazzy and Angel are white - except for adding some clarification on Fang, since Asian is a very broad term (he’s got DNA from Southeast Asia and East Asia, more specifically The Philippines and South Korea). Again, stuff that will be more relevant after book 1.
Some kids are donated by real people, though, usually altered in very, very early stages of development and monitored heavily until they’re born. Families sign a waiver promising a nice paycheck to cover all medical expenses, and a disclaimer of possible permanent damage to the body or death. There is one member of the flock who was donated to The School this way. I’m not telling who yet.
Ohhh boy the Erasers. I have so much to say about Erasers, but I’ll have to keep it short. 
When I started this rewrite, I had the question: “Why do we never see newly made Erasers? They can’t just start out as full-grown adults.” So, in this rewrite, we have child Erasers, which the flock refers to as “dogs”. They age quickly, so they do look like full grown adults when they’re three or four, however it doesn’t last long, since rapid aging doesn’t exactly stop. They live for roughly seven years max, but most of them outlive their fighting use before that. 
Full-grown Erasers are stronger, tougher, and are experts at following orders since it’s all they know. Dogs, on the other hand, are wild and violent. They’ll tear into anything they get their hands on and they’re harder to control, since they’re still learning. Itex utilizes them both.
Also of note on Erasers: they’re officially just Lupine hybrids, and the Eraser nickname was made up by the various children at The School, because they only ever came to the cage room to take away the unfortunate kids who didn’t live long enough, or the kids who were too sick to keep on living, effectively “erasing” them.
The School is a nickname that Gazzy came up with after they left. He still didn’t really understand the bad place they came from and how it was affecting his siblings, but kids on TV always talked about school like it was the worst thing in the world, so he figured that must be where they came from. He used it a lot, and it stuck with the rest of the flock too. 
Did I mention there’s more mutant kids? Because there’s more mutant kids. A LOT of mutant kids. 296 of them at The School alone, with over half of those being Erasers/dogs. They have to make a lot, since you never know which ones will succeed, which ones will be used for non mutation-related testing, and which ones will fail.
Where do they get the money for so many research babies? The flock doesn’t know any of this, but Itex is massive. Governments are willing to pay outrageous prices to fill their military with Erasers, and the research Itex provides from studying their mutants have cured diseases and provided better medical treatment for ordinary people around the world. The human experimentation is an open secret (though granted most people don’t know the entire process). Most of them can’t do much, however. Itex is very, very old, and it’s far too powerful for your average Joe to stop on their own.
Also there’s no “save the world” plotline. There’s some saving the world in there eventually (not now, but eventually), but it’s not a predestined thing that Jeb tells Max. Max wasn’t created to save the world. She and her siblings were created for something else...
...Anyways, that’s about all I have time for right now. I might post more details later, but feel free to hit me with a DM or an ask if you have any thoughts. Currently the rewrite is sitting at 23 chapters, which means I’m juuust over halfway done with the first draft lol. I don’t know when it’ll be out. I work on and off and I’m not super consistent. But hopefully I’ll have something done within the next twenty years. :P
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killuasembarrassed · 1 year
Sketches Part 1 - Megumi x Fem Reader (College AU)
Description: Megumi is an art student. He’s also a loner. He had to take an introductory art class for an elective for his class requirements at the university. You enrolled in the course, knowing little about art. How frustrating would it be to sit next to the artistic know-it-all? 
Themes: Arrogant! Megumi and a caring, sometimes embarrassing y/n. Some angst. 
A/N:  Although this takes place in Japan, my only understanding of education is USA education, so please be understanding of my setup haha. The titled sections are chapters!
Breaking it into two parts so it’s not too much at once, but it’s all done I promise :) I will post the next part soon, depending on the response I get from you guys. 
That being said, comments/ thoughts about the story are ALWAYS appreciated and encouraged, it keeps me going 🤗
Requests are closed! 
Warnings: None
Word Count: 6443
Tumblr media
The light in the office had recently been repaired, making it a bit too bright for Megumi’s liking. He nearly squinted at the woman sitting across from him. She had also squinted as she looked at the computer screen in front of her, occasionally pressing some keys on the keyboard and mumbling under her breath. 
“So, you can take intro to visual arts or advanced ceramics.”
Without much consideration, Megumi responded. “I’ll take advanced ceramics.”
“Cool, it’s offered from 5:30 pm-7:30 pm on Wednesdays.”
“Oh, it’s a night class? I have something else at that time,” he leaned forward in his seat. He lied about that; he just was tired of night classes. He did all his night classes last school year so he could avoid them. It had nothing to do with him being an “early bird”, but he often found himself unavailable to do other things because his night was consumed by his degree requirements. 
The counselor did not question him but just nodded. With the click of her pen, she scratched off that option on her sticky note and continued to scan the screen as if there were other options. 
“Well, visual arts is from 10:45-11:45 in the morning on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays. You don’t have any other classes at that time.” 
“Guess I’ll do visual arts then.”
First Day:
Megumi was not looking forward to the class. He was an art major entering the most basic of art classes. Most people in his major would be grateful to have the relief of an easy course, but he liked a challenge. Now he’d be with a bunch of amateurs who barely knew how to draw a straight line. 
Nonetheless, he arrived at his class early, making sure to place himself in the back corner. The class smelled of coffee, and various hand lotions filled his senses. Usually, the scents would go unbothered, but with his already negative attitude towards the course, it seemed that the little things would fail to go unnoticed. 
His roommate, an optimist, told him it would be great to take an easy course since he was enrolled in other classes that demanded his time. 
It didn’t help when the guy in the row in front of him repeatedly sneezed, failing to use his arm, letting the poor classmates in front of him share his germs as well. He frowned at the sight. 
The classroom began to quickly fill up, the noise level disrupting Megumi’s thoughts. He was grateful that no one had chosen to sit near him. Class started in a minute. 
A frazzled girl entered the door, eyes scanning the rows and finding most of the seats taken. A small sigh escapes her as she watches the open seat next to Megumi.
Megumi’s aura was seemingly unwelcome as a frown sat on his face. Yet it was the only space available (or at least she thought), so she made her way over.
Megumi huffed as she sat down next to him, scooting his seat closer to the edge. 
“Sorry,” you muttered, glancing at the distant classmate. His eyes remained on the front of the class while the professor began to introduce herself. 
Something about him seemed familiar, but you wouldn’t dare disrupt the class nor disturb his world at the moment. 
The professor’s name was Kobayashi, and she was an energetic woman. With bright pants and a shirt to contrast it, her sense of style inexplicitly screamed “art teacher”. 
“So, I’m going to have everyone go around and share their name, major, and an interesting fact about themselves.”
Megumi cringed. There was nothing more he hated than this. He could care less about his classmates’ “fun” facts, let alone their majors and names. He didn’t think his attitude could get worse. 
“I’m y/n y/l/n. Right now, I’m undecided, and a fun fact is... I could say the alphabet backwards!”
“Say it!” someone said.
“It’ll take a minute or two. I didn’t say I could say it fast!” you admitted sheepishly, smiling when a few of your classmates laughed. You could see the student next to you roll his eyes as he waited his turn.
“I’m Megumi Fushiguro. I’m an art major, and I hate fun facts.”
You laughed, only to suppress it with a cough when you realized it was not a joke. The cold stare he gave you made you regret your choice to make a joyous sound. How could he say so little but convene so much?
Suddenly you spotted the empty seat in the front of the classroom. Wasn’t that space taken earlier? Maybe someone had entered the wrong classroom. You wished it was available when you first walked in. 
Talking to a Wall: 
You and Megumi had something in common - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings were your least favorite times of the week. 
The class was feasible for both of you. Art wasn’t your strong suit, but your professor understood the course was for general education and made it easy for everyone. 
Megumi was always ahead on the tasks given and never paid attention to the lectures. His notebook was always open, using his time to draw sketches. You never made out what he was drawing. Your curiosity remained bottled inside, being that in the two weeks you two have sat together, very little had been said to each other. 
Every time you were tempted to sit somewhere else, someone had beat you to it. It was unfortunate that you had a class before this one. There was no way you could get there as early as you’d like. 
The familiarity of him still bothered you. You felt that you had seen him before or interacted with him in a different setting in the past. There was no way you could look at someone like him - messy hair and long eyelashes and forget about their existence. The features were too distinct, but clearly he was not special enough to completely remember. 
What the hell, you thought. The worst that can happen is that he’s rude about it.
“Do I know you from somewhere?” you asked him one day. After two weeks of timid greetings (that were rarely reciprocated), you finally spoke up. There was nothing to be afraid of. 
He looked over at you, scanning your eyes. 
“This class.” 
“No - but like before that.”
“I don’t know.”
You wanted to pry more, but you could not think of what to say. Sure, you had accumulated copious questions having sat next to the mysterious man, but all those questions departed your mind when you wanted them most. 
He continued to draw in his notebook, back nearly facing you as he hovered over his drawing.
Professor Kobayashi instructed you all to do a blind sketch, in which you draw while looking at the person next to you, without looking down at your paper nor lifting your pen. 
It was the first activity where you had to interact with the gloomy partner next to you. You hoped it would go well but kept your expectations low. 
“So, what do we use?”
“Were you not paying attention?”
“Oh my bad, I forgot talking to you is off-limits,” you mumbled.
Grumbling, he answered your question. “Grab any pen you have; professor never specified a type.”
“That’s all you had to say, thanks!” you smiled sarcastically. “So I guess I’m going first then?”
“Whatever you want.”
You stared at him as you attempted to outline his face. You laughed as you already knew your precision would be horrible. After a few seconds, you decided to focus on highlighting the distinct features on his face.
The final result consisted of a spiky hairstyle detached from a face (your hand had slipped) with long eyelashes and furrowed eyebrows aligned with a frown. 
“Looks just like you!” you joked, hoping maybe he’d crack a smile. “Lil’ sea urchin.”
Instead, he scowled at the image in front of him. “You suck at art.”
“You suck at being nice, so I guess we’re both at a loss,” you spat. 
He was quiet, and suddenly you regretted your words. Although his stoic demeanor annoyed you, you couldn’t hate him. You did not know him, and the familiarity prevented you from assuming he was all bad. From what you could recall, you knew him by good association.
“My turn,” he finally spoke. Even though you felt relieved at his words, the delivery didn’t feel natural. Were you expecting a ‘Shut up. It’s my turn.’ or something? 
Megumi was efficient. He finished the sketch quicker than you did, and it turned out to look a lot more like you.
“Wow - you’re really good!”
“I’m an art major.”
Now that sounded like him. 
The spot next to you was vacant when you entered the class the next session. 
Was he not going to be there? Although his presence was all but welcoming, you would hate to sit alone. 
The professor began introducing the tasks for the day, so you set your stuff on the vacant spot next to you to have more space. 
Everyone’s eyes diverted towards the door as it opened. Megumi muttered an apology to the professor and headed towards his seat. 
You hadn’t realized you had been smiling when he walked in until he gave you a confused gaze.
“Your stuff is here.”
“Oh right - sorry!”
Confusion infiltrated your mind. Last class, you wished you would sit away from him. Yet when there was the chance he would not make it to class, you were slightly disappointed. 
“Yuji Itadori!”
“y/n! How are you?” he pulled you in for a hug. 
Yuji had met you through a marine biology course. He sat in front of you but often turned towards you to interact for when the professor instructed you all to speak in groups. 
You grew a great desire to become Yuji’s friend. His easygoing and bubbly personality had attracted most.
The professor had offered a day trip to partake in some snorkeling at a distant beach for extra credit. Both of you had enrolled along with others that made up your group. 
It had been fun as you two wasted time in the water. You had even lost the group temporarily as you had stared too long at a larger fish several feet away, being both fascinated and terrified. 
Yuji had come back for you, asking you if you were okay and guiding you back to the group.
By the end of the day, you both were exhausted. Even the most energetic guy you knew fell into a slumber, accidentally resting his head on your shoulder. He had left some drool on you, but you felt too bad to wake him up. The event brought you closer, and you considered him one of your good friends. 
“So, how’s this school year treating you so far?” you asked.
“It’s going well! I have been super busy but good overall.”
“I feel that. Sometimes I need to prioritize having a social life.”
“My roommate’s the same way. He’s so invested in his classes, and I hardly see him hang out with other people.”
“Aw!” you smiled. “I relate to that a lot! We’d probably get along.”
“I hope so,” he laughed. “I think he’s at least seeing some girl right now though, because I accidentally came across some of his drawings of her. I don’t know who it was, but all I know is it definitely wasn’t for his classes!”
You laughed as well. “Maybe he’s not as lonely as you think.”
“Right?” he nodded. “But you’ve been doing okay?”
“I have! My classes are good for the most part!”
You turned to match the voice you swore you had heard before to a face. 
“Oh hey- y/n, this is my roommate, Megumi.”
You and Yuji tried not to laugh, given your previous conversation.
“I can’t avoid you, can I?” Megumi sighed.
“Didn’t think you existed beyond the classroom,” you responded quickly.
Yuji looked at both of you, confused at the interaction. “How do you know y/n?” 
“How do you know y/n?”
“I’ve known her for a while. We went on that excursion last spring!”
“I have a class with her.”
“Lucky! I wish I still had a class with you,” Yuji pouted. You smiled at his sweetness - the fact that they were roommates made so much sense but no sense at all. 
“You can easily take my place,” Megumi muttered. 
“I’m that annoying, huh?”
"You said it, not me.”
“Well, I gotta go. It was nice to talk to you Yuji. Good luck with everything and I hope to see you around more!”
“Sure thing!” he laughed. “See you, y/n!”
You waved to him, then to Megumi, who just tilted his head up as a form of goodbye. 
He was Yuji’s roommate. That was why he was so familiar. After the trip last year, Megumi had picked him up. You had waited with Yuji while Megumi was on his way. The car was full of stuff. Yuji had told you that they were going on an impromptu road trip.
You had only seen him for a minute that day, but you had thought Yuji had an attractive roommate.
 Shuddering at the thought, you stopped to think. Sure, Megumi was a good-looking man, but it wouldn’t mean much if he despised you. The optimism in you had you convinced he would eventually warm up to you. You were still impatient. It had been a month since class started - you would have expected a bit more character development. 
Maybe he’d soften up when he would start dating that girl he supposedly was drawing, but a part of you didn’t want that. 
You turned to see the man you had been thinking about walking up to you. 
“Oh hey.”
“You left your charger,” he handed it to you. 
“Oh - thank you!”
He nodded. “Which way are you walking?”
“I’m heading towards the social sciences building.”
“Me too,” he said. “I...have to meet a professor there.”
“Oh okay.”
He lied. He had nothing to do, but he was grateful you left your charger for a reason he had yet to realize.   
Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?:
Something Megumi struggles with is coming to terms with the reasons behind his emotions. Megumi knew that he was irritated, and he might have had an idea why, yet he denied it.
There was no way he could be annoyed that you did not come to class that day. You annoyed him, so how could he miss your presence when he swore he didn’t welcome it in the first place?
But how could you just miss class? Megumi may dislike his courses, but he was always there. What was so important to do at Wednesday at 10:45 in the morning that could not be done any other day?
At least he was self-aware enough to know he was being selfish. For all he knew, you could be dealing with an emergency. He wouldn’t know. He did not have your number, and he was too prideful to have Yuji reach out to you when you were only gone a day.
He prayed that Kobayashi would not assign any group activities that day. It already took a lot to talk to you; why would he want to add someone else to that list? At least, he thought that was his reasoning. 
Thankfully, no group activities were done that day.
The next time you two had class, Megumi did not hesitate to call you out on your absence. 
 “You were gone.”
“I was, didn’t think you would notice.”
“You’re next to me three days a week.”
"Fair, but you ignore me for all three days.”
“Not true. Here’s the assignment from last class.”
“Thank you!” you placed the sheet into your binder, mentally noting to check it later. 
Creatures of Habit:
Someone took Megumi’s seat, and he was annoyed. Even though Kobayashi never assigned seats to begin with, he felt confused. Everyone else sat in the same spot every day. What ignited the spark in that student to change it up today? 
He found himself seated in the first row rather than sitting in the very back next to you. He was too close to others, and all rows behind him could probably see the back of his messy hair (it was more chaotic than usual today). Kobayashi-sensei felt too loud; Megumi blamed the proximity. 
You questioned why the student had switched seats suddenly. Watching Megumi sit so far ahead almost made you laugh; he looked more miserable than you expected. 
When your professor had you turn into groups to discuss a painting, you saw Megumi glance at you. 
Next class, Megumi made sure to arrive earlier than usual. Was he territorial? Did he like the comfort of sitting in the same seat? Or did the seating location not actually matter? Was it just the company?
“Someone took my spot last class,” he mumbled as you sat in your seat that morning. 
“You love sitting next to me,” you joked.  But the joke was on you - you loved sitting next to him. 
Even when he was unpleasant, you thought that maybe his actions were more profound than him just being insolent. You wanted to know him. Was it that he was Yuji’s roommate? Why was he mean yet sweet? 
“I tolerate you, but I just like sitting in the back. Don’t want to be perceived by anyone.”
“Wow, you’re so edgy and mysterious Megumi.”
He rolled his eyes, and you did too. 
You were zoning out in class. The night before, you had stayed up late, having procrastinated on an assignment. 
“y/n,” he poked you.
“Pay attention. You’re already behind. I’m not going to help you when you have questions.”
“I’m tired,” you yawned. “Forgive me, sensei.”
He glared at you.
When you began working on the assignment, you had some questions. 
Another classmate had noticed the apprehension you had to ask Megumi. He had overheard Megumi’s remark earlier. 
“Do you need help?”  
Megumi’s ears perked up when he heard those words.
“Oh, yeah, I do!” you let out a small laugh. 
The student helped you out. “So your name is y/n, right?”
“Yeah! I’m embarrassed to admit I don’t know yours.”
“That’s okay! I’m Suga.”
“Nice to meet you Suga.”
“If you have any questions, just ask! I don’t mind helping you at all.”
Megumi sucked his teeth at the guy’s comment. Obviously, he was throwing shade at him while flirting with you. Unfortunately, you were oblivious to both.
“Thank you Suga!”
He smiled.
You continued to work before you had another question. Megumi saw the confusion in your face.
“What do you need help with?” Megumi interrupted. 
“Huh? Nothing.”
“You clearly are confused.”
“You told me not to ask you for help, remember?” you raised your eyebrows. You were far from annoyed, but you didn’t mind trapping Megumi with his own words. 
“It was a joke.”
“Didn’t sound like one,” you stuck out your lips. 
“How can I help you, y/n?” Suga turned around. His smile was wide and he had moved close to your space, standing over your desk. 
“She’s fine,” Megumi responded. 
“Did she tell you that?” Suga raised his eyebrows. 
Your eyes widened. “I wanted to know how to cut this paper into the -
“I’ll show you,” Megumi answered.
You and Suga exchanged a look. This did not go unnoticed by your grumpy art partner. 
“Or, I guess he could help you,” Megumi mumbled.
“It’s fine!” Suga grinned. “Now that he’s willing to help, ya’ might as well take it! He’s an art student, so he can probably do it better!” he smiled. “But if he happens to change his mind again, I’m here.”
Megumi scowled upon hearing his words. You laughed. 
Maybe you were not oblivious after all. 
“Okay, thank you!” 
When class ended, you turned towards him, a slight smirk on your face. 
“You’re such a child,” you shook your head. 
“I just didn’t want to look bad.”
“I thought you didn’t care, Mr. ‘I don’t want to be perceived by anyone’.”
“Exactly! I don’t want people to have opinions of me, so I try not to stand out.”
You shrugged, not feeling like entertaining this conversation. The angsty artist sighed. A pang of guilt hit him. He was indeed being childish. 
“Sorry. I don’t mind helping you, actually,” he looked away. 
If he had been honest about his emotions, he would admit that he got a weird feeling. He felt that it couldn’t be jealousy, although the world around him would argue otherwise. 
You smiled widely, and he almost wanted to take back his apology. “That was very nice of you, sensei.”
“Please don’t call me that.” 
Beyond the Class: 
"y/n, you wanna be partners for this project?” 
A girl you had hardly interacted with in class had asked you to be partners for a project. 
You looked over at Megumi, who had been tapping his foot expectantly. His eyes were on his paper as he scribbled something.
What was up with these sudden changes? First, you’re absent; then someone sat in his seat, then Suga had crossed him. But the choice was up to you, and he knew better than to say something. 
“Actually, I’m already partners with Megumi! Sorry!”
Megumi’s eyes widened. He had a small smile on his face when he looked over to you. 
“Stop mooching off the art student to get good grades,” he whispered to you. 
He was grateful, but he was not ready to tell you that.
“Oh - I was just trying to be loyal to you, but I can see why you thought that!”
He was joking, but he couldn’t blame you for not thinking he was.
You and Megumi had decided that you two would meet at the park near your school. It was ten minutes away, according to your assignment partner; he frequented the place. There was another park closer to your university, but too many university students went to that one (also according to Megumi).
Megumi said he was available to meet around one in the afternoon. 
You showed up late and found him staring at the view. You brought boba and some snacks. 
He was grateful, a small dimple showing when you arrived. “About time you showed up.”
“I know a second without me feels like forever.”
“You’re full of it,” he shook his head, still smiling. 
“So I got some boba and snacks!”
“Looks like you’re making this a date.”
“Can you shut up? I’m being kind, something you should practice more often.”
Megumi knew he was being annoying. For some odd reason, he loved getting that reaction out of you. Whether you liked him or not was unclear, but he loved seeing your expression. With lowered eyebrows and a whiny tone, he found it so amusing, adorable even. 
He thanked you for the snacks and drink.
“How did you know I liked this flavor?”
"I just had a feeling you didn’t like super sweet things. Kinda goes with your personality.”
“Glad you think about me a lot,” he teased again, smiling when you pushed him. 
Megumi finished drawing before you. 
Suddenly self-conscious about your work, you slightly turned paper away from the art student next to you.
“You think I care?”
“I don’t know! I’m not the best at art and I don’t want to be judged.”
“You’re fine, I honestly wasn’t paying attention until you moved the page away.”
When you finished, he complimented your work. “It looks good.”
“You’re flattering me.”
“Yeah, it was out of pity.”
“You’re the worst,” you laughed. 
“It’s actually good, I’m not lying.”
“Anyway, do you mind if I borrow some brushes from you? It’s for another class.”
“Which ones do you need?” he opened his backpack.
“Do you just carry a bunch of brushes on you?”
“Does this surprise you?”
“I guess it shouldn’t have,” you shrugged. He had his brushes organized in a foldable case. You took three. 
When you finished, you walked back to campus together. Megumi was unusually talkative. 
“I still can’t believe you’re roommates with Yuji. I vaguely remember seeing you before, but now knowing you, it’s so weird to me.”
“I’ve known him since high school. Do you have any roommates?”
“No,” you frowned. “It gets boring.”
“I know someone who’s looking for a roommate for next semester.”
“My friend Nobara. You two have a lot in common.”
“Like what?”
“You’re both annoying.”
He couldn’t even keep a straight face.
“I don’t even know why I talk to you sometimes,” you walked forward, opening the distance between you. 
He caught up. “I’m serious though! For now, if you need someone to hang out with, Yuji has a lot of free time.”
You laughed. “For a moment, I thought you were going to offer to hang with me. You’re really funny, Megumi.”
That compliment meant more to him than you would ever know. 
Bedtime was your favorite time of the day. You got to relax comfortably in your pajamas, scrolling through social media, or catching up on shows. You got sucked into a lot of click-baited videos, all of which were not worth the time. 
Maybe you could spend your time more wisely by reading or studying, but you found yourself in an endless loop of videos you hardly considered entertainment. 
A facetime alert interrupted your video time, to which you were grateful. Your heart raced as you realized it wasn’t your family or a friend - it was your spiky-haired classmate.
You hesitated before answering. “Hey?”
Megumi had his phone propped up on his desk. He looked over when you answered, looking surprised as if he hadn’t called you in the first place. He looked cozy, wearing glasses and an oversized t-shirt. 
“Are you trying to sleep?”
“No, I’m just watching youtube videos.”
“Good. I was going to call you a grandma if you were going to go to bed early.”
“What I do with my time is none of your concern, Megumi.”
“Anyway, I had a question about the homework.”
You fake gasped. “An art major asking me for help with art class?”
“Yeah, I’m going into this with low expectations.”
He smiled. “Did our professor want us to complete frames 1 and 2?”
“Yeah! They’re due tomorrow.”
“Oh okay,” he nodded, writing something down. “And what was the extra credit assignment?”
“She told us if we wrote a four-page research paper on an artist from the 18th century, we’d get extra credit. Bonus points if you compare and contrast them to another artist I believe. I’m pretty sure that’s due the end of next week.”
“Oh that makes sense. Her explanation was kind of vague.”
“Yeah,” you smiled.
You watched as he wrote down more stuff.  “How long have you been wearing glasses?”
“Not long. I only wear them when I’m sometimes reading or on my computer.”
“They look nice!”
“Are you flirting with me?” he played off, although his heart skipped a beat. Knowing you liked them, he wanted to wear those glasses every day from then on, but he only needed them for his computer.
“Oh my gosh, Megumi,” you rolled your eyes. “Never complimenting you again.” 
He hoped that was a joke. Nonetheless, he smiled. “Thanks.”
“For the compliment and help.”
“No problem,” you laughed.
“How was your day?” he asked you, which threw you off.
“It was okay!”
“Why was it okay?”
He sat quietly, staring at the screen as you explained your day. Despite him being sarcastic at times, he was a great listener. He would nod as you spoke, not interjecting.
“So the guy flipped you off?”
“Good thing I wasn’t there.”
“He would regret he did that to you.”
“Okay,” you snorted. It’s not like he would care - he’d probably join him. 
Megumi slightly frowned, seeming offended. “I mean it.”
“Oh, well, thanks then.”
It was quiet for a few seconds.
“How was your day?” you asked in return. 
“Fine. I just have a lot of work to do. I have a huge project to work on.”
“I should let you get to your work then,” you responded, adjusting the blanket over your legs so you could stay warm. 
Megumi didn’t mean to imply anything; he wanted you to stay on the line. But he wasn’t going to let you know that. 
“Oh-okay. See you in class. Thanks for the help.”
“Yeah, see you!”
You arrived at Megumi’s place to drop off some brushes he lent you. On your walk back from the park the other day, he had shared which part of campus he lived in, and you were glad you remembered it. He hadn’t been texting you, but you figured he was working on his project.
"Hey y/n!” you were greeted by Yuji. “What’s up?”
“Hey Yuji!” you hugged him. “I came to give Megumi these brushes.”
“Oh okay, Megumi’s not here right now!”
“Where is he?”
“He’s at some park he always goes to. Working on art, I think. I didn’t see him for too long before he left.”
“Yeah, I know exactly which one.”
“I can take those brushes for you though, I’m not sure what time he’ll be back.”
“No, I’ll give them to him!” you assured. “I think he needs them!”
“Oh, okay!” 
He doubted Megumi needed those brushes. He always made things work even with a lack of resources. But he was not ignorant to the way Megumi had blossomed a bit at the mention of your name; Yuji could only imagine you felt the same.  
“Thank you though! I’ll see you later, Yuji!”
It was late. 
You found Megumi sitting down, staring at the sky. Without saying anything, you sat next to him quietly. 
He turned when he sensed a presence next to him. “y/n?”
“Oh hey, you’re here too? I came to think,” you smiled, closing your eyes and stretching. 
“You’re not a good actor. Why are you here?”
You handed him his brushes. “I needed to give you these.”
He backed up, raising an eyebrow. “You came all the way here to give me some brushes? You could’ve held onto it or given it to Itadori.”
“I wanted to give it to you at this very moment.”
“Okay.” He took them back, shoving them in his hoodie pocket. 
It was quiet for a few seconds.
He spoke first. “You know you shouldn’t be going to the park after dark. It’s not safe.”
A part of you wanted to tease him for providing such a caring comment, but you didn’t want to ruin it. “You’re right.”
“As always.”
You noticed that he had brought nothing with him. Did he even have his phone? Megumi had been just sitting there. How long had he been here? He looked tense as he hugged his knees. Maybe he had been deep in thought because you could feel the stress exuding from him.
“So, how’s your project going?”
He glanced at you for a second before his gaze returned to the sky. “I’m not doing it anymore.”
“I don’t want to,” he shrugged. 
He began to tap his right foot.
“Why? That’s a good part of your grade, I’m assuming.”
“It’s the final project.”
He didn’t respond.
“What do you have to do for it?”
“It doesn’t matter.”
He turned to look at you. “What? You came all the way over here to bother me over some project?”
His change in attitude did not faze you, for you had seen him in all sorts of moods since the first day of school. 
“I came over here to give you brushes so you can finish your project. I was worried I gave it to you too late.”
“Well, you didn’t. No need to worry.”
“I don’t want you to fail because of something you can probably fix.”
“Can you just leave it? I don’t want to talk about this,” he grumbled.
“Then who will you talk to? It doesn’t seem like Yuji knows.”
“I don’t need to talk to anyone.”
“I don’t know why you don’t trust me.”
You knew it was a silly remark to make, considering you had merely been an acquaintance all this time. 
“Because you’re just some girl from my class! I don’t remember having to tell you my life story.”
He sighed, realizing he was taking out his frustrations on you again. Could you leave? He was completely fine a few minutes ago when he was sitting alone, thinking about everything. At least he thought he was. 
“Fair,” you sighed. “But I’m not going to give up! I want to see you happy or feel relieved - so if there’s any way I could help...Megumi?”
He had turned away from you. His jaw was clenched. 
“Y’know, turning away doesn’t leave me guessing what’s going on, it just makes it easier to know.” You moved towards him, holding his wrist when he swatted at your hand reaching towards him. 
Regret hit you when your assumptions of his stubbornness were wrong. You were inches away from him, yet reaching to him emotionally felt of great distance. 
Megumi didn’t fight your hand that made its way around his wrist, but he hung his head lower to avoid your view. 
He sighed. General proximity and intimacy were two separate entities yet Megumi suddenly could not differentiate between the two. You were too close, and you were too close. 
He did not despise your proximity enough to speak on it. Furthermore, he could not find the mental strength to argue with you on how he was fine when he wasn’t.
“I don’t have anyone,” he finally spoke. It was almost a whisper. 
Megumi had been alone for a while now. His introversion convinced him he liked it this way, but even the reserved needed company. The only person he had in his life at the moment was Yuji, and Megumi often found himself shutting out his best friend.
“You won’t if you don’t let people in your life. I’m not some savior for all your problems, but I want to help you, okay? At least let me make your life a little easier.”
“Why?” he moved his arm from your grip. He hadn’t been all too nice to you since you had met. Most people would have moved on from him. He thought he was protecting himself when he distanced himself from everyone, but he ended up hurting himself in the end. 
“If only you saw yourself through my eyes, you’d understand.” 
The sound of quiet sniffles alerted you. A part of you felt bad for your persistence, but you chose not to apologize. Even if it would be uncomfortable, you would rather have him express his emotions than hide them. And apologizing would give the impression that crying was a bad thing.
“Megumi,” you began. “Can I-?”
The question felt awkward, but you did not want to touch him if it would make things worse. 
He remained still. His throat felt too tight to speak. Nodding slowly, he nearly flinched when he felt you invade his space. Your hand slowly rubbed his back. 
Megumi began to receive your affection well.
Your free hand reached his cheek, the coldness of damp skin nearly bringing you goosebumps. His eyes looked to the side, although he wondered what you looked like right now. 
Despite your comforting actions, he had convinced himself your eyes would be filled with disappointment or even pity. That’s what he was used to. If his family saw him right now, they would undoubtedly feel those emotions towards him.
You utilized your free hand to wipe his other cheek. “How can I help you, Megumi?”
He shook his head. A part of him was annoyed that you treated him this way. The grace you had - it was as if he had never been standoffish with you.
“You know dreams aren’t meant to be achieved on your own, Megumi.”
He dared to look at you for a moment. Your eyes were shaped with concern, but your facial features softened when your eyes met. 
That was all he needed.
You waited patiently. Megumi exhaled. He took your hand off his face but held it in his own. Your heart skipped a beat.
He hesitated for a minute, but you waited patiently. “Can I paint you for my final project?”
You, on the other hand, responded immediately. “Yeah! It’s due tomorrow?”
“Just the draft and sketch.”
“Since it’s late, I’ll talk to your professor and let them know that I promised you but had an emergency which caused delays-”
“It’s okay. Don’t lie for me.”
“But I’ll do it, okay? I would love to! Seriously. Just give me dates and times. I’ll be there!”
“Of course.” 
The thought of failing had crept on him that day. He had no one to use for his project. Yuji had been inundated with schoolwork and had a conflicting schedule with Megumi. 
His family had withdrawn their support the moment Megumi told them he was an art major. They thought the major was not conducive to living a “successful” life. To them, art was a hobby but not a calling. 
The lack of communication became mutual as they decided to distance themselves. Megumi decided it was best for him to cut ties as well. It hurt, and he often felt conflicted - did he do the right thing? 
As he sat there, he felt like a loser. His family believed art to be easy. What would he do if he ended up failing one of his most essential classes?
You two sat quietly for a while, Megumi’s sniffles and the crickets intermittently making noise. His hand was still holding yours, and you had to tell yourself not to think more of it. He needed a friend right now. 
“Let’s go back,” he said suddenly.
“Okay,” you let go of his hand to stand up. 
He sighed. He knew the embarrassment of this situation would hit him later, but now he was too preoccupied with other things. 
“y/n, please don’t m-”
“Mention what?” you smiled innocently.
"Oh, uh, thanks,” he gave you a small smile. “Thank you.”
“By the way,” you began, to which Megumi turned to look at you. “You’re not always right.”
“You had to say that, didn’t you?” he bumped into your shoulder lightly, causing you to stumble to the side. Despite his intentional nudge, he grabbed your arm in case you were to fall. 
Part 2
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ughgojo · 1 year
ft: iwaizumi hajime, bokuto kōtarō, semi eita, akaashi keiji, tendou satori, & miya atsumu
synopsis: things some of my fav boys tend to do when they’re in a relationship with you
content warnings: none
note from the author: stole another post from my old blog again. i’ll have actual content coming out soon i promise but in the mean time enjoy this pls.
Tumblr media
his instagram is literally dedicated to you and occasionally pictures of him—pictures that always include you of course. he thinks you’re otherworldly and he doesn’t mind showing the whole world the most flattering pictures of you. the captions are always adorable too. something like “my muse” or “can’t you tell i’m obsessed?” lol.
loves to leave you random notes around the house, some that you’ll find days after he had written them. some may be like “you’re so amazing and i love you baby!!!- your kou :)” or it’ll be a random fact that he had learned (or akaashi told him) “hey babe did you know that some fish cough? that’s so cool i would love to hear it, wouldn’t you??!!! - kou :D” honestly so cute.
sends you song lyrics that he’s written about you. especially at random times of the night because that’s when inspiration hits him the most. you’ll be sleep and then you’ll get a text from him asking how does this sound? he knows you won’t check it until morning but he still loves to send them so you can have a reason to wake up and smile, most likely when he can’t be with you.
writes love letters to you, but never sends them. he thinks that his love is best confessed through the words that he’s placed on paper so he writes them whenever he’s missing you. he also expresses his love verbally but he just had so icy to give he wants to use it all in the best way possible.
buys things like plants or something that can be named and names them after you. there’s like 10 things in his house you can for sure bet that are named after you like paintings or little trinkets that he picked up while shopping. you never ask him how he manages to keep up with how many things that has the same name as you.
will sneak kisses and glances while you aren’t paying attention. he’s just so infatuated with you that he doesn’t even notice when he’s doing it he just does it. they are almost always innocent, chaste ones that just showcases his love for you. whenever you point out that you knew he was staring or you stare at him after he’s given you a kiss, he’ll try his hardest to hide the blush that plays on his face.
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travlersjoy444 · 8 months
Hey Lilith (Pt.8)
TOH Hunter/Golden Guard x reader
 Masks and Bets part eight.
Masks and Bets (Part 1)
Masks and Beasts (Part 2)
Masked and Beat (Part 3)
Masked (and Unmasked) On the Seas (Part 4)
Cracks in a Mask (Part 5)
Revelations (Part 6)
Bad Moon Rising (Part 7)
Word count: 2k
  Hey Lilith.
  I discovered something strange yesterday….something really strange that turned my world upside down. I don’t know how to paraphrase it, so I’ll just send you a transcribed copy of what I read- to summarise, I’m a grimwalker. So is the Golden Guard.
  So…I’m not sure what to do. No one else here knows about this, and I’m really scared. Belos has apparently killed almost all of the previous grimwalkers, so we could be in terrible danger.
  But on another note- you grew up in Bonesborough, right? Have you ever heard of the Bryonys?
  I sealed the letter and dropped it off at the post office.
  “(Y/N), (Y/N)!” Yelled a voice. I jumped, spinning around.
  “Edric! Emira!” I exclaimed. My friends were right outside the window! I darted out of the post office to meet them.
  “(Y/N)! I’ve missed you!” Em grinned, giving me a quick hug.
  “You too, losers! I’m sorry I’ve been gone so much recently.” I sighed, joining them on the bench.
  “Hey (Y/N), check this out-” Edric said, waving his hand. A little bat creature from the knee landed on his shoulder. “This is Batrick!”
  I smiled. I had missed spending time with the twins- It was great to see them again.
  “So, how’s the coven been?” Edric asked while Em ordered our drinks.
  I sighed, drumming my fingers on the table. “Well…it’s been…uh. Rough. Definitely harder than I expected…I kind of wish I had just stayed at Hexside with you guys.”
  He frowned. “What happened? You used to love your job…”
  I laughed sarcastically. “That was before I discovered some…some things I’d rather forget. Some really scary things…Uh…but I’m in contact with Lilith, as well as some other trustworthy adults, so I’m hoping I’ll manage to get out of there soon.” 
  Ed stared at me wide eyed. 
  “Uh…so how’ve you been?” I smiled.
  “Are you okay?!” 
  I shrugged. “I’ll survive. I promise, okay?” I held out my pinky childishly. He gave a half-hearted smile and shook on it.
  “You’d better keep that promise, (L/N).” He said seriously, before switching to a cheerier tone. “…I’ve been teaching myself beastkeeping magic lately. It’s been pretty fun.” He smiled.
  “Ooh, and I’ve learned a few healing spells.” Em said, sliding into her chair, drinks in tow. “What’re we talking about?”
  “Multitracks? That’s awesome, guys!” I grinned. 
  Ed blushed. “Well…they’re just hobbies, really. I can’t imagine pursuing beastkeeping at Hexside…”
  I frowned. “Isn’t Luz doing multitracks?”
  Em raised an eyebrow. “Amity’s girlfriend? Well, yeah, she’s doing multitracks, but she’s a human.”
  “And plus…She’s not a Blight. Yet.” Ed sighed, taking a sip of his apple blood. 
  “But if you multitrack, you’ll get to do stuff like this!” I argued, casting an illusion and an abomination at the same time.
  “Well yeah, but we’d be doing wild magic.” Em frowned. “Disappointing the Titan or whatever….”
  “But you’d get to be free! Like Eda the Owl Lady!”
  “Says the leader of the Emperor’s Coven.” Emira teased, messing with my hair.
  I caught her hand, staring into her eyes seriously. “Exactly. I know what covens are like, Em. Trust me….it is not a pleasant experience.”
  She stared back, wide eyed.
  I swallowed. “I’m sorry for snapping, Em. But you’re sixteen and nearly ready for coven initiation….I trust you, but please. Please don’t do what I did. I would be petrified if Belos knew that I’m telling you this, but I have first-hand experience: The man is evil, and I wouldn’t recommend trusting his system.”
  I returned to the castle by dusk, trying to get to the kitchen unbothered. 
  But as I passed the throne room, I heard voices. They were muffled, but one of them sounded angry- Oh, it was Belos. (Of course it was)
  Not my problem, I decided. Not tonight. 
  So I kept walking.
  I would regret that later.
  I liked going to the kitchen. The dining hall was always crowded, and while the food was okay, I wasn’t sure how much I trusted it to not have memory obliviating potions akin to Terra’s tea. So I preferred to stick to the kitchen, where I could just make my own food.
  Raine Whispers had beat me to the kitchen.
  “Looks like I’m not the only one with this plan tonight,” I said, smiling lightly.
  They shrugged. “Guess not.”
  “Thank you, by the way.” I said, walking past them towards the bread.
  “For what?” They frowned.
  “You know…messing up Terra’s memory potion. Letting me keep my memories.”
  “Of course. Um…Out of curiosity, may I ask what happened?”
  I shook my head. “A….weird thing happened. Um…I don’t think that was the first time 
I was sent to tea with Terra. But…let’s just say I found something about my past. Something Belos doesn’t want me to know….um. Speaking of which, do you…remember anyone from your time in Bonesborough? Anyone…who looked like me?”
  Raine tilted their head thoughtfully. “Yeah, actually. I had a friend at Hexside who looked a lot like you- are you related to the Bryonys?”
  “Yes! That’s what I found out that Belos didn’t want me to know- that I’m related to the Bryonys!”
  They nodded, eyes widening. “Weird! Nico Bryony was always a fairly normal witch….I wonder why Belos didn’t want you to know about him…”
  “What were they like?” I asked excitedly.
  “Well…he was really cool, didn’t talk much- Unless he was with Eda or Lilith. I don’t think Lilith liked him much at first, but by the time I started attending Hexside, they had grown pretty close. I always liked him- he was creative, and always had a witty comeback prepared. Never got to know him super well though…” Their eyes glazed over, as though remembering something. They shook their head, a shadow appearing on their face. “But then came the first disappearance. When he returned…well, Nico had always been firmly against covens, but when he reappeared, he was working as the old Golden Guard’s right hand man. He disappeared again for a final time not long before you were born…” Rain swallowed, looking uncomfortable. “His guardians disappeared pretty soon after he did, and the Bryonys just…vanished.”
  Shoot…I pursed my lips. “Woah….heavy.”
  Raine nodded, still frowning. “Yeah….”
  I swallowed, trying to break the tension in the room. “Do you think there’s any way for them to have…y’know, survived?”
  Raine shrugged. “Well, I guess anything is possible.” They answered unconvincingly.
  I nodded. “Well. Thanks for telling me, Mx. Whispers. I…I’ll ask Lilith for more details later, I guess.” 
  I slipped back upstairs with a small loaf of bread- it wasn’t much, but I wasn’t in the mood for anything else. I shoved my door open-
  There was a silhouette sitting on my bed. 
  “Hey...” It rasped, sitting up.
  “Titan!” I yelped, dropping my bread as I tried to flick the lightswitch on. “Warn me next time you hang out in my dark empty room, Hunter!”
  “Oh- Sorry! Sorry…” He coughed- his voice was scratchier than usual, as though he had a cold. “I- uh. I didn’t mean to disturb you, but…” He sighed. “I didn’t know where else to go.”
  As my eyes adjusted to the brightness, I took in his appearance. He was holding his hand to the side of his neck, as though he was covering something.
  I set my bread down on the table, and sat next to him on the bed. “What do you mean?”
  He swallowed, not meeting my eyes. “I just…well, I’m not allowed to go to the infirmary- I’m supposed to be able to take a bit of pain, you know? But ah….it really hurts…and you’re the only one who I know will help me-”
  “Hunter….what happened.”
  “Belos. I disobeyed him, so. You know how it goes.” 
  I gently pried his hand off his neck, revealing a bloody gash.
  “Thorns, Goldie. That’s…pretty bad.” And probably why his voice sounds so weird.
  He blushed, shaking his head. “Well- can you fix it or not?”
  “Of course.” I nodded. “It’ll just take a quick spell- There’s a lot of blood, but the cut isn’t too deep. It’ll likely heal quick, but take a lot of energy out of you- so get some sleep after this, yeah? .”
  He nodded. “...Thanks. I…thanks.”
  “Of course.” I said, conjuring some bandage as I worked on the healing spell. “You know I’m always here for you, you dork.”
  He smiled, rolling his eyes. “Likewise. I…I really appreciate you, you know? Like…we didn’t get along at first, but you’re….less annoying then you used to be.”
  “And you’re more fun, Blondie.” I grinned, waving away all the blood. 
  Hunter shrugged, trying to help clean his wound. “You know, I think following the rules can actually be fun?”
  I scoffed. “Some rules, sure- but don’t you think the Isles could benefit from expanding our magic usage?”
  Hunter frowned, fidgeting with his gloves. “I guess.”
  I felt a pang of guilt as I remembered Hunter’s inability to do magic. If the isles were to use more magic, then…well, he would likely be even worse off than he already was.
  “But wild magic is dangerous. Look at the Owl Lady- wild magic caused that.” He argued.
  “I suppose…” All magic can be used for good or bad, regardless of how tame. 
  Hunter sighed. “(Y/N)...wild magic killed my family. It…isn’t a fact I really like to throw around, but I saw you as Cinder, I saw you with Luz…” He paused, shaking his head. “I don’t want to lose you. So please…don’t use wild magic. I need you to be safe.”
  I held his hand. “You won’t lose me. I promise.” After all, our fates were entwined….
  Oh…how would I tell him about the book…
  “Good.” He nodded, smiling, and I chose to temporarily take my mind off of the dilemma. 
  There was a knock on the window. I jumped, and swung it open. 
  “Flapjack?! I told you to stay in my room!” Hunter exclaimed, blushing as the palisman fluttered in.
 “You named it?!” I grinned, petting the little bird.
  Hunter somehow turned a darker shade of red, rivaling that of his palisman. “He kinda named himself. I don’t know what a flapjack is though- Belos said it was like a pancake, which would be helpful….if I knew what a pancake was. I uh…don’t think this palisman is dangerous, though. Admittedly.”
  “Cool! He’s so cute!”
  “Isn’t he?” Hunter laughed, stroking the bird’s palistrom feathers. He paused to yawn.
  “Oh…the healing potion is taking effect.” I noted. “You should probably head to your room- sleep is, of course, incredibly important for healing.”
  He nodded. “Okay. Well…see you tomorrow then, yeah?”
  “Of course. Now go rest, or I’ll sic your bird on you!” I grinned, patting Flapjack’s head.
  He smiled, slipping the bird back into his cloak. “Goodnight, (Y/N). And…thank you.”
  I was awoken by an infernal knocking sound.
  “Ugh….It’s too early for sparring, Steve. Go back to slee-”
  I jolted upwards, staring at the source of the sound. The window.
  “Show yourself!” I hissed, raising my fists.
  The window creaked open, revealing a dark silhouette.
  I stepped back, heart racing.
  “It’s me!” The person hopped into my room, throwing their arms around me. I stiffened, before recognizing their voice.
  “...Lilith?” I murmured, turning on the light. 
  In the light, I saw that Lilith had changed a bit since I last saw her. One of her eyes was grey, there was a streak of grey in her previously jet black hair, and her outfit was a bit less sleek and commanding…but it was Lilith all the same!
  “Lilith!” I grinned, running towards her. “What the Titan are you doing here?!”
  Lilith’s expression grew more serious. “Saving you.”
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