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Help my Lavellan's found Inquisitor Ameridan and he's asking about his friends and the Dales and I don't know what to tell the poor man
#dai#dragon age#inquisitor ameridan#i will forever be thankful that the animation had marelas kneeling and CALLING SOMEBODY ELSE INQUISITOR IN REVERENCE AND RESPECT HOLY SHIT#THERE'S LITERALLY SOMEONE WHO'S LIKE HIM AND HE'S DALISH AS WELL DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS FOR THIS MAN#AND THEN. AND THEN. HE DIDN'T TELL HIM ABOUT THE FALL OF THE DALES. HE TRIED TO LIE TO HIM ABOUT HIS LOVER'S FATE BUT HE SAW RIGHT THROUGH#*IT. AND THEN HE VANISHES????? GOOD FOR HIM BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOO xTOTx#FUCK'S SAKE MAN I WANTED HIM TO STAY!!!!#wasn't likely but LISTEN!!! this will be a wish fulfillment au that will live in my head rent free from now on T_T#i just. the world did that man dirty and marelas is possibly looking at some similar form of future#''it takes everything from you''#''you won't have to fight the dragon alone this time.'' ''no. but you will.''#listen that piece of dialogue ended me. two inquisitors 800 years removed and they get to meet!!! and share!!! neither of them chose this!!#and then ameridan vanishes. and he's gone#i'll be so not normal about this#loneliness and sacrifice and responsibility and duty and argh!!!! the point was hit home with an iron spike T_T#AND THEN ON TOP OF EVERYTHING ELSE PROF. KENDRICK HESITATES WHEN YOU TELL HIM AMERIDAN WAS A MAGE!!!!! THE NERVE!!!!! i mean i get it. i#*wouldn't want to be beheaded either but NO! WHAT KIND OF PRECEDENT IS THAT FOR MY INQUISITOR? FOR ANY INQUISITOR EXCEPT FOR A HUMAN ROGUE/#*WARRIOR?? I MEAN THANK YOU FOR THEN RECTIFYING BUT THE FIRST HESITANCE IS SO DISHEARTENING!! YOU'RE OUT THERE SAVING THEDAS AND STARING A#*FUTURE OF BEING DISGUISED AS A COOKIE CUTTER HEROIC FIGURE IN THE EYE WHAT THE HECK??? YOU'RE ALREADY BEING DEHUMANIZED AND IT'S ONLY#*GONNA GET WORSE WITH TIME!!! NO!
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I accidentally got a job today without even trying or really knowing about it so I hope my luck rubs off on my mutuals ❤
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Monster Mayhem: Donkeys & Dragons [PART 3]
Gender Neutral Reader x Malleus Draconia Word Count: 3.3k
Summary: It turns out that befriending a dragon is not as terrible or difficult as you would have thought. But people, unsurprisingly, will always still be awful.
Tumblr media
The first week of your internment flew by shockingly fast.
Maybe because you were always at War—a perpetual cycle of making some demand or other (that usually centered around a desire for the barest levels of personal space or agency) only to be met persistently with the ancient, all-powerful, dragon equivolent of >:(
The clothes and toilet situation were already a lost cause. You knew this.
But there were so many other little things. And big things too, sure. But you can never fully realize how much you’re truly under someone’s thumb until you want to head off to do something utterly insignificant and cannot.
For example, your first morning in captivity you’d tried to boil a pot of water. It was nothing fancy, just a small kettle kit you kept in your travel bags for making warm drinks and reheating rations into something vaguely edible. You’d collected some bits of wood from the heaps of debris lying all over the place and gone about lighting a fire. You’d only just barely managed to get the little sticks smoking when a horrific screech sounded from overhead.
And then, WHUMP!
The spiked end of a black tail came crashing down, obliterating your little fire and sending bits of wood flying in all directions.
“What the fuck, man!”
Tsunotarou curled around you to hiss at the flattened sparks like some unholy snake.
“It’s just for my tea! My tea!” you howled. “I wasn’t going to burn your stupid house down!”
He’s shifted into his human form again not long after, and he looked down his nose at you like a fussy parent—arms crossed petulantly across his pale chest.
“Fire is dangerous for humans,” he snuffed, absolutely indignant. “If you find yourself requiring flames for anything at all, call for me and I will lend you some of mine.”
“I would have been fine,” you beseeched, looking at the shattered remains of your little campfire with a grumpy pout.
“Lilia says humans often overestimate their own constitutions,” Tsunotarou grouched, expression dour and stony. You were about to ask just who or what on Earth this ‘Lilia’ was supposed to be, when the dragon dipped his head in close to yours and nuzzled along your throat. You could feel the pinpricks of his fangs against the delicate skin over your pulse. “Which is why so many of your kind are massacred for their own foolishness. Or fall victim to plague and famine. Or wind up being burned alive. I would prefer that you not succumb to such a fate.”
You gulped, and that had been the end of that conversation.
Another time you’d tried to scale the banister to reach the bathroom on your own. It had been going pretty well, all things considered. There were plenty of nice footholds and it all had sort of settled at a slope, meaning you weren’t really climbing a wall so much as very slowly crawling up an incline like a determined slug.
You’d nearly made it to the top when you were scooped up by the back of your collar and promptly deposited at the other end of the room.
Of all the languages you half-spoke, Dragon was not one of them. But the snarling and snapping in your face certainly seemed like the rather universal ‘what do you think you’re doing?!’
“I was just trying to go the bathroom!” you argued. “No fires or anything!”
Tsunotarou’s large maw ducked down to growl into your much smaller one. He let out a series of exasperated clicks and chatter, the sharper or which were punctuated by sprays of green sparks from behind his teeth. His nostrils flared and the blast of dry heat that followed sent your head spinning and your hair gusting out behind you.
“I wasn’t going to fall,” you finally said, because you had a feeling that’s what you were being lectured about at the moment.
The rumbling growl that followed sounded like it had traveled all the way from the dark trenches of his bowels, or maybe even the very marrow of his bones. You could feel the ground vibrating under your feet.
“Fine,” you conceded. You weren’t exactly worried he was going to eat you anymore, but there were certainly… other things. Many dumb ways to die. “I won’t do it again.”
He harumphed at you, his head bobbing in what looked a bit like a nod. And then he turned and raked a gigantic claw across your little makeshift ladder of debris, flattening it into nothing with one, fell, swoop. You’d groaned and let yourself collapse listlessly back into the ensuing cloud dust.
There was also the time you’d nearly had a conniption because you were sick and tired of camping out on a frigid, stone, floor every night when you were trapped inside a literal castle.
“There are dozens—hundreds—of rooms in here,” you’d argued. “There’s got to be a bed in at least one of them.”
Tsunotarou had simply rolled over onto his side and arched a wing into the air, as if offering you the warm hollow beneath.
“You’re not comfortable,” you’d hissed, and he’d sulked ridiculously for the rest of the afternoon until you’d managed to finally come to a workable solution.
As in, dragging every goddamn mattress you could find into the cavernous ballroom that he’d long since seemed to claim as his Favorite Spot. You’d turned it into a game—see who could find the most comfy things and make the biggest squish pile. Being nearly a dozen times your size and having twice as many functional limbs that were capable of grabbing things, naturally Tsunotarou had come out as the winner. But now you had nearly endless pillows and blankets to snuggle into at night, so who’d really come out on top?
“I’ve never bothered to build a nest before,” he’d mumbled to himself, post victory. He patted gently at one of the thick duvets he’d swiped, expression almost whimsical. “It’s quite nice.”
“See,” you’d grinned, bouncing up and down on one of the springier mattresses. “I told you this was better.”
And so chuffed were you that you weren’t heading to sleep with a rock as your pillow for the first time all week, that you didn’t even complain when late into the evening he sneakily dragged you out of your plush pile and into his—tail wrapped snuggly around your waist and tucking you tightly against his ribs. I mean, his nest was much nicer than yours. It was only practical.
So, as anyone could see, your week had been far from easy.
But after those first days, once you had finally gotten a hand on all his nonsensical rules and you’d in turn concocted equally as many ways to try and circumvent them just enough to make yourself comfortable, things settled into a kind of domestic tranquility.  
And that was when time started to drag.
You’d read the handful of books in your pack a dozen times over. You’d counted the cracks in the ceiling (one-hundred-and-thirty-two of them). You’d counted the stones on the floor (six-hundred-and-five). You’d sorted those stones into piles by shape, size, color. You lolled back against your cozy pile of blankets and thunked your head miserably against your pillow. Once. Twice. Three times. Four—
“What do you normally do all day?” you complained.
Tsunotarou lazily blinked awake. He lifted his giant, serpentine, head and glanced pointedly around the cavernous room before settling back into his mountain of blankets with a contented huff.
“You just sleep?” you frowned, baffled. “All the time?”
He rumbled unintelligibly at you for a moment before digging his claws into his nest with a long, lithe, stretch. And then those scales began to melt away, and soon enough he was pale, and bare, and rolling his way into your lap with a contented little grumble.
“What would you have me do instead?” he asked, voice thick with the syrupy warmth of sleep. He stretched again, like a big cat, and settled his head more firmly against your thighs. “Raid cities? Burn villages?”
“…Ideally no,” you grumbled, hands falling habitually to start running your fingers through the silky soft hair pooling along your abdomen. “I mean, there have got to be other things dragons do. You live for thousands of years.”
He hummed, neon eyes slipping closed. He pressed his forehead demandingly up into your palm and you rolled your eyes before obligingly sliding your digits lower to scratch at his scalp and around the base of his horns. That seemed to be his favorite.  
“I am not wanted much of anywhere, I’m afraid,” he said finally with a defeated little sigh. It didn’t sound particularly self-deprecating, just… accepting. It made something sad and small curl in your gut. “So what else is there for me to do? Other than while away the hours.”
“There’s got to be something,” you pressed, that eking irritation born from boredom melting into something that was a bit too close to genuine concern for your liking. “Don’t dragons keep hoards? Treasures? That’s a thing, right?”
“Oh.” He blinked himself back into focus, as if only remembering in just that moment. “That is true. Would you like to see mine, then?”
“Aren’t hoards, like, private?” you asked, hesitant. Trying not to bring up the glaring elephant in the room that was ‘Hey. Yeah. So my friends and I totally broke in here in the first place to steal from said hoard. Not that we knew there was a dragon here. But like. I did, in fact, come here as an adventurer and a thief.’
“Naturally,” Tsunotarou hummed. You could feel it vibrate all the way up your hip. His lips quirked into a little, crooked, smile. “I’ll take you there now.”
The Treasure Room was as elaborate and expensive looking as the name implied, and it seemed to be the one area of the castle that had been spared the grey desolation that had seeped through the rest of it. It was enormous—certainly larger than even the grand, cavernous, room in which you’d recently been residing. And it was lined wall to ceiling with every variant of wealth you could imagine—precious metals, ancients tomes, paintings from every great master through history, magical weapons, the finest of spell scrolls. You could probably buy the world at least twice over with its contents.
But the thing that caught your eye amidst the endless sea of gold was not a pretty gemstone or a treasure of old, but a little, black and purple, doll—perched atop a looming pedestal of silks and finery like a crown jewel. It was small and plain with curling black horns made of felt. A chubby little dragon miniature that was as ugly as it was round.
Tsunotarou noticed your inquisitive gaze and walked over to pluck the little, cotton, creature from its throne. He held it delicately in his clawed fingers.
“Ah, yes. This is Drago. Lilia gifted him to me after one of his jaunts through the human world.” He turned the doll over in his palms, brow tugging down a bit as he did. “I hope he hasn’t been too terribly lonely. It has been a while since I’ve come down here to visit.”
The great and powerful dragon of the Castle Within The Lava Lake keeping a toy keepsake amongst his most prized possessions was so strikingly adorable that you couldn’t help but feel your heart melt at the sight.
You brightened and turned on your heel to start making your way back to the ballroom and what remained of your adventuring gear. Tsunotarou made a noise under his breath that was too dignified to be a splutter, but what you assumed was more or less his refined equivolent. And then he was tagging at your heels with a perplexed look on his face.
“Where are you going?”
“To get something!” you chirped, mentally running through the contents of your bag and little sewing kits. Yes, there should be more than plenty to—
“To get what?” Tsunotarou pouted, and you realized belatedly that running off in the middle of him showing off his life’s accumulation of precious artifacts and accomplishments was perhaps a bit rude.
“It’s a surprise,” you said. “Just give me like half an hour to put it together.”
In the end, it really only took you around fifteen minutes of fussing. Drago was hardly a complex little thing, and you’d originally learned to stitch in a panic. Trying to mend holes in pants and leather was a lot harder to accomplish when you were being actively chased by bandits, or a raging Ace. In comparison, sitting merrily on the floor of a collapsed ballroom and shoving stuffing into a little ball of cloth was hardly a challenge.
You held out your creation—equally as ragtag and ridiculous looking as its inspiration.
“There,” you beamed, and pressed it into Tsunotarou’s hands. “Now he has a friend.”
A teeny, flesh-colored, blob. With strips of soft fabric for a cloak and a hastily stitched smile. A miniature bard, perfectly (?) encapsulated in his palm.
The dragon stared down at your offering with wide, green, eyes. He looked positively startled—so caught off guard that he didn’t know what to do with himself, let alone the bewildered expression flitting across his otherwise regal face.
“You said he might be lonely,” you hummed, rocking self-consciously back and forth on your heels.
“Oh,” Tsunotarou mumbled, black-tipped claws flexing around his new gift. He observed it carefully, like an aging academic might study some ancient, arcane, relic. There was still that strange look about him—like he couldn’t quite believe the little trinket in his hand was real. “I did, didn’t I...?”
When he remained silent after that, still staring down at your homemade abomination in awe? Horror? you couldn’t tell, you began fidgeting in earnest.
“It is kind of awful looking,” you rattled off, picking nervously at the hem of your cloak. “You can get rid of it if you want—”
“No,” he barked, and then paused, clearly surprised at the ferocity of what had come out of his mouth. That at least seemed to startle him out of whatever fog had settled over his brain, and he clutched the teeny toy firmly to his chest. He cleared his throat and started again, noticeably gentling himself. “No. I think I’d like to keep this.”
You smiled. “Good! I’m glad you like it! No one deserves to feel lonely—even little, toy, dragons.”
Tsunotarou’s lips curled into an awkwardly lopsided smile—like the muscles there weren’t used to tugging so wide. It lit the entirety of his expression with something so heart wrenchingly warm that you couldn’t help but feel like none of that had really been about the little doll at all.
You really should have known better.
If someone as illiterate and ill connected as your wandering gang of idiots could stumble upon the location of a ‘secret castle overburdened with ancient treasures,’ surely anyone even marginally more competent would be able to do the same.
You’d been at the tail end of your supply of rations. And while you hadn’t entirely meant to imply that you might just wind-up starving to death, the comment had been more than enough to send your dragon into a tizzy.
“Well, what do you normally eat?” you asked, and Tsunotarou frowned as he considered.
“My guards bring me sustenance when I require it. Ice elementals, goblins, stone giants,” he listed, eyes tracking your expression in hopes that maybe any of that sounded appetizing. Which it certainly did not. His nose scrunched up in thought. “Perhaps I should seek counsel with Lilia. He would know what to do.”
You cleared your throat. “I mean, I know what humans can eat. I could just tell you.”
His face brightened. “Meat, yes?”
You nodded. “Sometimes.”
“Like that of a manticore?” he continued, excited at the prospect. “Those are particularly delicious. And there are quite a few nesting in the crags not far from here.”
His merry smile slowly slipped off his face at whatever pinched look had twisted up yours.
“Vegetation?” he tried. “There are ample bushes at the foot of the volcano. Most do have thorns, but I suppose you could pick around them.”
“…Maybe you should talk to Lilia,” you conceded.
So Tsunotarou had shifted into his scales with a promise to return post-haste and many fussy reminders that you should move as little as possible to avoid wasting any more precious nutrients. The great downbeats of his wings seemed to roll through the entire castle like a shudder, and then you were alone for the first time in nearly a fortnight.  
You lazed around in the echoing quiet, drumming bits of random tempos against your stomach and occasionally humming snatches of obnoxiously raunchy tavern tunes that you’d never really managed to bleach from your brain. How had Tsunotarou done this for decades? It’d barely been ten minutes and you were already bored out of your mind.
There was a flash of shadow near the grand entrance, and you sat up enthusiastically—ready to greet your returning host. But it wasn’t a dragon at the door.
“Who the hell are y—” the words died in your throat, and you spat a muted curse. The Silence Spell settled over your shoulders like a grungy cloak. You could feel its sticky film along the back of your tongue like a fine layer of moss.
“Who the fuck is that?” one of them hissed, and you fought the petulant ‘that’s just what I’d been about to ask you, jack ass!’ that wouldn’t have made it past your lips anyways.
There were six in total—a proper party from the looks of their ensembles. At least two people in full plate armor, a waify looking elf with a thick spell book in his hands, and three others in various getups that weren’t quite cookie cutter enough to tell you anything helpful. You rambled at them irritably, silently, gesturing rather impolitely all the while. You mimed teeth, and claws, and wings, and stomped around like a beast in a play.
‘There is a dragon here,’ you tried to say. Because maybe they were just unlucky adventurers like you and Tweedle Dee and Dum had been—not having any real idea what lay beyond these castle walls. You mimed a giant mouth, like a crocodile. ‘And he will eat you.’
“What the fuck?” Armored Dude gaped.
You pointed irritably at Mister Elf Wizard, who was still very obviously concentrating on keeping you encircled in a mesh of absolute silence.
The itchy sensation clogging your throat eased and you let out a breath, which echoed loudly in your ears. Elf-Guy looked at you with something that was perhaps a shade or two off of sympathy.
“Are you alright?” he asked. “What are you doing here?”
“You need to leave,” you replied instead, firm. “There’s a dragon that lives in this castle.”
“Of course there’s a dragon,” Armored Lady scoffed. “Why do you think we’re here?”
You looked at their heavy, expensive, armor. At the giant, shining, magical, weapons hanging across their backs. At the thin wizard who proceeded catch you in a Hold Person spell that was so fast and strong you couldn’t have dispelled it if you tried. And of course you tried. What else could you do? These people weren’t like you and your loveable idiots who managed to occasionally stumble their way into an adventure. These guys were the real deal. Warriors. Heroes. Dragon Slayers.
“God-fucking-damn it.”
But of course you’d been caught in Silence once again, so you were left cursing nothing.
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Well by butt stuff i mean .....
Whether they enjoy anal sex or just like playing with readers ass in general . You know , like the age old question "ass or tits "
Idk now I'm flustered *smiles cutely*
‘ ANALIZED! — multi jjk men.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
☰ ft : getō, gojo, toji, nanami, choso, naoya x f! reader
+ synopsis : how the jjk men prefer to take it up your perk little ass.. | est. 1.9k wc
cw/tw : pwp + separate smut, anal!!!, gaping, praising (getō), vibrator usage on reader (getō, nanami), pet names (puppy, angel, sweetheart), slight degrading (naoya), spanking (naoya), mentions of creampie, overstimulation, established relationships.
Tumblr media
— he loves your pretty little perk ass so much, only all because he knows just how drunk you get off of his fat cock sinking into your perk little rim; your cute puppy eyes makes his chest swell in wicked pride and adding some little toys only adds more to the fun.
“cute.. just like a little puppy.” getō admires with a feral view of your head lolling back and tongue almost rolling out of your watering mouth as he rears his hips–heavy knot nearly popping out your little rim only to barrel himself back in hastily.
eyes knocking to the back of your head, the cruel stretch his cock forces makes your back arch off the bed, only to stiffen quick at the cold contact of the vibrating toy pressing harder against your puffy clit.
it's as if there was no escape; his cock filling you to the hilt, the special little wand playing idly at your weeping bundle of nerves, even to his free hand toying with your perk breast–twisting hard and firm at the pebbled peaks. all around, pleasure spikes through your body, waves of euphoria pulse through you.
and batting begging eyes as each sensitive spot of you was being used–used for his own greed only makes the sauntering man to press harder into you; the fat crown of his cock kissing deep till you squeal out on mercy.
not even audible words can fumble out, only whimpers and groans as getō starts up a mean rhythm; his strong hips bucking hard against your aching ones, skin slapping at each rough contact at each long and languid, quick and filling stroke he delivers with animalistic intent to make you cry out for him some more..
Tumblr media
— gojo is an asshole himself <3 so enjoys playing with your little rim as he fucks your cunt. he like to surprise you by slipping a thumb into your little ass, or drool out a wad of spit over it to make it shine all prettily, or even “accidentally” slipping his cock into the wrong hole.
eyes peeling back wide at the foreign feel of your little rim being stretched overwhelmingly quick. an ear ringing cry pours out from your quivering mouth, “saturo! what the hell?!” body jolting in agony at the sudden fill, gojo only let's out a small huff.
“oh! oops, guess i was going too fast ‘n slipped out..” he trails off, pretty cock still prodding at your bruised rim, “hm, well it's already halfway in.. might as well just keep going?” he teases with an annoying smirk wickedly playing at his slicked lips.
eyes rolling, you nod with clammy-like hands gripping at the sheets as a safe haven. and gojo only gets all giddy-like behind you, hands rushing to tighten around your sides with a throbbing cock pulsing deep in anticipation.
he's steady, unlike the feral rhythm he had just a moment ago when he was fucking your sopping cunt; that now leaks with a web of slick clinging at your puffy folds. he's dipping in further with ease–the white translucent cream from your little weeping pussy still clings and drips around his cock, making comfort for the brutal stretch.
gojo is longer than he is thick, and taking in each inch of him was jolting your body almost into two. but the soothing hand holding a firm grasp around the soft mound of your ass reassures you as he pushes to the hilt..
Tumblr media
— toji admires every inch of you and this big ol’ man just wants to fuck and fill up all of your little holes :( he's greedy and he knows it–so he does enjoy fucking you in the ass, but not too often, he knows you ache too much afterward. it's like a special little treat for him.
bringing you close with a hard reel at your hips, toji’s cock barrels deep into your little rim, pushing hard till there's a noticeable breathing gape when he pulls out to admire the filthy view.
“fuck, angel, you're takin’ me so well.” toji teases the fat crown of his cock around your perk rim before pressing back in; bright leafy eyes watching your little ass suck him back in greedily.
“so fuckin’ well.” his words are more breathy like, sucking in air through his teeth at the tight squeeze you wrap around him with. and it feels as if his cock only gets harder, pulsing bigger at each pump he delivers; strong hips hitting cruelly against yours, making the underside of your thighs to tingle into cold numbness.
you wish to cry out his name, but the battle to hardly breathe as toji barrels his cock into your aching ass makes it impossible. the full sheath of his cock stuffing you to the hilt knocks the air out of your lungs, robbing that needed inhale and buckling it quick into a sob.
even his rough hands squeezing at your sides boggles at your mind, almost animalistic as clipped fingernails scrape down them to pull you in harder..
Tumblr media
— nanami is a very busy man, he doesn't get to fuck you often due to his hectic schedule, but when he gets a hold of you, he's never letting go. he takes all of his chances to fill up all of your little holes whenever he can.
nanami’s movements are gentle. he's taking his time with you, sliding his cock in smoothly after stuffing your slippery cunt full of warm and sticky cum–and the slick is barely making ease for your little rim with his cock.
he watches the way your pretty face scrunches up as he does, “you okay, sweetheart? want the vibrator to relax you some more?” his hands are already reaching for the little white wand and flicking the switch till it buzzed.
with a bitten lower lip catching between your teeth, your eyes flutter as the toy presses against your clit; enough pressure added to feel it tingle at your core, sending a churn to your stomach in pure bliss.
nanami keeps it still knowing where you like it exactly as he pushes in deeper, forcing a cruel stretch. but the subtle pain and sloppy drool of cum leaking out of your cunt and dribbling down to your perk ass eases that ache into soothing euphoria.
his cock stretches your tighter walls deliciously, almost perfectly, all too in an over-barring way even. enough to make your chest heave, skin to spike with goosebumps, and a used sopping cunt to greedily clench around nothing in need..
Tumblr media
— choso isn't the best at understanding the human body–especially with a woman's. he's just getting used to the crazed feel of your pussy wrapping around his cock, but now with a new little hole to play with, he's almost barbaric. he can't stop fucking your little ass, he loves your rim so much.
drool. drool dribbles out from the corner of your lips as you get bounced hastily against choso’s cock. and he's making each stroke miserably long; pulling out merely till the leaking tip of his cock prods against your soft entrance before slipping back in to the hilt.
toes curling and hands shaking to grip at the sheets, choso’s head cranes back at the perfect rhythm he forces; his own hips almost aching at how hard he was barreling into you with.
throbbing cock buried deep, your brain almost mushes into slush, nothing but a buzzing kill tingling at your mind as he uses your little rim for his own greedy needs.
your skin pearls in sweat as choso works himself against you. his cock nudges deep at each swift buckle only to soon press his hips fully against yours, settling his throbbing cock between your tighter walls. his breathing is heavy, almost like some profound animal as he takes in the soft feel of your little ass squeezing around him–pulsing and throbbing at the vitriol.
and as you try to take this second of mercy, his cold silver-covered fingers squeeze firmly at your sides and reels you forward all again mercilessly..
Tumblr media
— naoya loves ass–your ass. he stares at your ass all day every day. he loves squeezing and slapping the fat and watching it jiggle around. his mind is always boggling with filthy thoughts about sliding his cock between your soft mounds before fucking your perk little rim.
naoya almost drools over your shoulder as he swats down a mean hand against the soft mound of your ass. body jolting at the harsh ache delivered, your mind quickly focuses on the cruel stretch he forces your little rim to spread with.
“fuck. yes, take it. take it like the little cock whore you are.” he's stuffing you full, it's almost overwhelming; his leaking tip kisses deep at each strong buckle of his hips, and as he reels back to only clash back against you, his hands squeeze brutally hard at your soft skin.
tears even threaten to prick at your eyes–he's so rough and uncaring, his thoughts only bubbling around in his buzzing head is how deep he should cum into you, or how much harder he should fuck his little ungrateful wife, nothing about how heavy your breathing is due to him knocking it out every barring second.
only golden eyes peer down at your shaken frame with feral intent to keep on–to keep you whimpering out to him in begging mercy. and he does just that, fucking your perk little rim even harder.
your entire body aches and crawls with pure ecstasy, ecstasy that numbs at your brain feverishly, almost making you limp against him like a cute little ragdoll..
Tumblr media
tags : @sparklingtragedy , @sauza , @kenmasbimbo , @atsumeii , @sacvh , @luvbladez , @dukina , @rynfushiguro14 >.<
Tumblr media
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charnelhouse · 2 months
I feel like Joel would be best at ‘you almost got yourself killed and I’m so angry at you but I love you also’ fucking
Tumblr media
A/N: Joel Miller x F!Reader. Lack of CPR knowledge. Smut. Hypothermia. I used this gif bc he looks really fucking hot ok
Joel dreams of you often. He doesn’t tell you this, refuses to admit it as if the confession of dreams would somehow weaken his defenses. In the foggy, wooly vortex of sleep, he sees you:
Covered in spores. 
It irritates him. He has learned the brutal, ragged details of loss and having nightmares about the girl he’s fucking is not good. It means that some tiny unconscious piece of him fears for you-to lose you would sting. It is a chip in his armor. A weakness. 
He lies in his makeshift bed as he stares up at a ceiling speckled with moss and water damage. You’re curled against him, bare ass snug against his thigh. He takes deep pulls from a bottle of dust and whiskey. Between his legs, his cock is soft and damp from fucking you into the mattress. His back smarts from your nails and he doesn’t understand how their sex is so aggressive and yet he finds you in his head afterward. He’s fucked countless people. Never cared. It’s his psyche that worries about you when it should be flat, pulse-less and numb in the dark. 
His gaze slides to you sleeping beside him. Your face is buried in the sweatshirt serving as a pillow, your mouth parted around steady, even breathing. Swamped in moonlight, you’re beautiful—the kind of beauty that would get you killed or worse out there. That’s why I keep, right? Some leftover smugness at having someone like you with someone like me?
He leans over your body, the bottle swishing its dregs of old whisky. With gentle fingers, he maneuvers your hair away from your face, he touches your lower lip before abruptly pulling away. 
Not good. 
Being who he is, Joel keeps fucking you. He tries to be a little meaner—colder—but he’s not man enough to release you in order to find someone less complicated to warm his bed.  
You stick by him like a barnacle. A very pearly one. Smooth and shiny. 
“We have things to do,” he declares one morning, the slip of red dawn drifting over your skin from the narrow window. 
“Alright,” you murmur as you roll out of bed and shove on your jeans. 
You don’t complain or whine, which he hates. He’d love for you to backtalk him. He’d die for an ounce of sass or bitchiness, but you’re too fucking smart for that. You know what it costs. You know that he’ll use it against you and then chastise you for wastin’ time because this is what they do now. This is how the world works. 
Someone took something from us and I intend to get it back.
When did it become us? 
They follow the road at the edge of the forest. The woods stink of loam–sweet and dark. The first snow has powdered the ground.
The cold is wicked, binding his limbs together and reminding him of his age. He’s not really that old. It’s only been eight years since the outbreak (his birthday). 
“I hate winter,” you grumble, the subtle evidence of your frustration that you’ve been forced out here to begin with. Most of the time, he thinks he should keep you at his place when he runs these missions, but he’s decided that you’re safer with him. He doesn’t miss the way the creepy old fucks look at you and there’s no such thing as locks. Not now. Not here.
“Fuck!” you yelp and Joel hears your boots skid, knee cracking on asphalt. “Shit. Shitt.”
“C’mon,” he grunts, not even looking. He doesn’t want to. He thinks that if he sees you in pain, he’ll go to you.
You curse a few more times before your footsteps sound again.
You catch up to him with alarming speed, casting him a violent glare. “What if I’d broken something?”
“I’d come back for you after I handle the Waltons.”
“Sure,” you reply flatly. “Probably drag me back home by my ankle.”
His lips twitch. They’re making good time, maneuvering rapidly through the dense woods toward the lake. His adrenaline is spiking, his fingers curling as he prepares himself for the inevitable fight. “Hardly, sweetheart,” he replies. “I’d wrap a rope around your waist—pull you that way.”
“You’ve always known that, darlin’.”
He freezes and then abruptly grabs you before pulling you against a tree. One of the Waltons is outside their cabin, chopping wood. Behind him, the smoke puffs from the chimney. Black-gray against the too-blue sky. 
“We wait until he goes inside,” he whispers against your ear. You’re bleeding-hot and his hand is secured right under your breast. Surprisingly, your heart pulses at an easy rhythm. You aren’t scared or nervous. You’re calm as can be and really that’s probably why he keeps you around.
And maybe the sex. 
It’s fucked. The whole damn thing. 
Joel is covered in blood, two fingers definitely broken. The man on top of him has him in a chokehold and he’s shoving back against him, trying to find some leverage to flip him over. 
He hasn’t heard you for a minute and when he lifts his head, he sees one of the Walton boys—the greasy, blonde one—pinning you against the dock. You’re too far away from Joel as he watches you kick and spit like a feral cat. 
You don’t call for him. You don’t scream his name or beg him for help and it’s because you’re too fucking proud and you probably think he’d get fucking mad at you or something, which isn’t the case. 
So, he shouts your name. Why? He doesn’t know. It bursts out of him as the head Walton punches him in the ribs.
“Ss’fine,” you yell back and then the sun catches the silver blade of your pocket knife. It flashes once before disappearing and the blonde Walton squeals.
Thatta girl, he thinks. The expression feels tender—sweet with pride and he’s so caught up in watching you stab the kid that he doesn’t realize what’s going on until it’s too late. 
The blonde snags your jacket and rolls you both into the frigid lake. 
Joel doesn’t think. He may have roared or bellowed, but he wouldn’t know. He can’t recall. Instead, he plants his hands and snaps his head back into his attacker’s nose. It cracks. Splatters. He feels heat on his scalp and in his hair. The weight on him is gone and he twists, finding his knife a few feet away in the snow. He snatches the handle, flips it and plunges the blade forward. It goes through the guy’s chest—finds bone. He rips it back and does it again. A third time in a more vulnerable spot beneath the bastard’s jaw. There’s blood on his face, but he can’t worry about that now.
He runs to the lake. 
“C’mon, girl,” he whispers frantically as he performs CPR. Your lips are cold as a fish belly. Your lashes wet and stuck together in clumps. He presses against your chest so hard that he worries he’ll break a rib. 
You weren’t even under that long.
He pumps and then pinches your nose and breathes into your mouth. C’mon. C’mon. C’mon. 
You twitch. Yes. You choke. Better.
“That’s it, darlin’,” he urges.
Your eyes fly open as you sputter, coughing up icy lake water that dampens Joel’s jeans. Relieved, he sighs, placing his hands on your shoulders to keep you from moving too quickly. His fingers have begun to smart, the knuckles swelling to purple.
He’s not sure what to say as you blink up at him—incredulous and a little frightened. WIthout thinking, he darts down and kisses you hard. It might not even be considered a kiss. Just an angry collision of teeth and a hint of tongue. He tries to warm your mouth with his own before pulling away. He didn’t intend to do that.
“Joel?” you rasp, lids drooping heavily.
“You almost died,” he states in a flat voice. Should he comfort you? Reassure you that you’re fine? He’s not sure how to do that. He’d done it before with Sarah, but–
He shudders, stuffing that thought somewhere he’ll not touch.
“J-Joel.” Your teeth are chattering in your mouth. Your eyes slightly unfocused. “Mm cold.”
“Well,” he replies matter-of-factly. “We can go in the cabin and figure that out.”
He says this like you couldn’t potentially die of hypothermia. 
Inside the house, a fire still burns. It’s orange-yellow as a Texas peach and his mouth instinctively waters. He hasn’t had fresh fruit in a long ass time. 
Your fingers are curled into his shirt, your cheek pressed flat to his chest. You’re freezing—stiff and unyielding as a corpse. He places you on the rug in front of the fire before scouring the house for blankets and sheets. When he finds them, he makes a nest on the floor and then crouches down behind you to rub your shoulders. 
It doesn’t seem to do much because you’re still trembling. Your hair is soaked and your clothes–
Jesus. He’s a fucking idiot. 
“Lift your arms,” he murmurs, but you keep on shaking, seemingly unable to move them. He does it for you. He gets your jeans off, mindful of the areas where bruises will begin to form. “Did he hurt you?”
“S’nothing-g bad.” Your words are staggering into each other like you’re drunk. Not an ideal sign.
He scrubs a hand over his face, his beard. He exhales sharply as he watches you stammer and ripple like a ribbon in the wind. 
He’s on his knees in front of you—staring like a damn fool. “What do you need?”
Your hands fumble in the blankets, your expression puzzled. Shit. What are the symptoms of hypothermia? Confusion? Exhaustion?
He says your name softly and you make a broken noise that startles him.
He doesn’t know how to provide you reassurance. He understands actions. He understands pleasure. Isn’t the best way to heat someone up through skin contact?
He wrenches his jacket off before finding the hem of his shirt and tugging it over his head . He unbuckles his belt, shimmies out of his pants. You stare up at him, your eyes glassy and red. 
“Skin to skin,” he explains and when he opens his arms, you fall into them. You press yourself against him, curling your cold body inward as he attempts to cover you with his own. He strokes your arms, legs and waist. He maneuvers you around so that he can press his front to your torso. He grips your thigh and hauls it over his hip before pulling the musty blankets over them. He doesn’t want to think about how unwashed they probably are, but they don’t have a choice. 
He settles as you relax against him. Your heart pounds a brush faster than before. Good. 
“Rest,” he instructs. “You’re okay.”
It’s the best he can do.
It takes a few hours for you to return to yourself. You pull away so you can stare up at him. He tips his chin to hold your gaze, his hand finds your cheek. “You almost died,” he says and, suddenly, he thinks of the dreams he’s had. He thinks of you gone from him, vanishing into the dark where he can’t find you. 
He’d saved you today, but the next time? Surely, there would be a next time and—
“Thank you.” You lean into his touch, nuzzling your nose into the creases of his palm. Not as distressed as he would like.
“You almost died,” he repeats. “I could fucking kill you.”
Your eyes widen. “Why?”
“It was a stupid move.”
You frown. “Was there another option I had?”
“You could’ve not come with me.”
Your tongue darts across your lower lip as you lift an eyebrow. “Ah–so really this is about you.”
Of course it damn well is. It’s always him. He can’t afford you getting yourself stabbed or beaten or drowned.  
“I could kill you,” he growls as he grips your hips and flips you on your back, eliciting a yelp from your lungs. He wedges himself between your thighs, sliding his mouth over your puckered nipple and then your belly. 
You wiggle, lifting your legs to wrap around his waist. 
He kisses the scar beneath your ribs and then the top of your cunt. He licks the warm crease between your folds just to tease you before he climbs back up.
He plants his arms on either side of your head as he bears his weight above your body. He’s hard, his cock full and bobbing against his belly. He feels your small hand drift over his hip, the wiry hairs at his groin before it wraps firmly around his shaft. It jumps in your hand, desperate for you in a way he doesn’t mean to show.
“You can kill me,” you whisper and he drops his head to capture your lips. He thrusts his tongue into your mouth, slipping it behind your teeth. It’s a wet kiss–dirty and panicked and i fucking hate you so much because it’s so damn obvious that i don’t. You give him an experimental stroke, thumb pressing into the head. He grunts, jerking forward. 
“I want to feel you,” he confesses and it’s the most honest thing he can say here. Not i don’t want to see you dead ever. Not i really care about you. 
Just feel. 
You smile sweetly before guiding him into the molten suction of your pussy. It takes nothing for him to claim you. He sinks inside, straight to the hilt. He shoves his hips forward so that you’re forced to take all of him. Even when he’s buried balls deep, he leans on his arms, one hand clasping the top of your skull so he can push further. Your nails bite into his ass. You arch.
“Fuck,” you rasp, breath hitching. “Fuck–oh my god.”
They’re sealed together. Breasts crushed to his chest. Stomachs flattened. He uses his thighs to spread legs wider. He pins you there, enjoying the way your heart snaps against your ribs as if it could buffer his own.
“Thatta girl,” he coaxes, managing to plunge deeper. Something low vibrates in his throat. Something half-human. He can’t breathe, overwhelmed by the scent and feel of you, and so he sits aback on his heels, grips your knees and forces them against your tits. “You gonna take it for me?”
Your eyes roll back, cunt contracting around him. “Yes.” 
Not loud enough. He spanks you between your legs, right against the tender flesh wrapped around his cock. It hurts both of them. You whine and reach for him. Yes. Yes. Yes. Joel. Please. 
He eases himself out to the tip before driving forward. The force knocks you up the floor, causing your back to scrape against the wooly blankets. Another sharp thrust that punches a gasp from your throat. You shut your eyes, holding your legs open for him as he continues. It’s rough in its own way. Not the worst he’s done, but his strokes are deliberate and powerful. He fucks you hard enough that he can hear it. The slick noises that accompany every stab of his cock.
He has half a mind to say what he’s trying to through sex. When he’s nearing the end, he lowers himself over you, broken fingers pinching your chin. The pain in his hand welcome, adding a bite to the act itself. “Look at me,” he murmurs and you open your eyes. He fucks you and fucks you and every slam of his hips makes your lashes flutter. “Look, darlin’.”
“What?” you hiss because he’s taunting you –holding you firmly over the edge and shit–he loves that about you. When push comes to shove, you’ll make it known when you’re pissed. He loves the fact that you never screamed for him as you tried to save yourself. He hates it and loves it and he’s really fucked up. 
He swallows hard before pressing their foreheads together. “You won’t do that again,” he warns.
“Do what?”
Another perfunctory snap of his cock.
You’re shuddering in his arms, walls spasming around him. You’re one screaming nerve of sensation. You almost died. 
“You won’t do it.”
You say nothing. Instead, you nod as you tighten around him, heels digging into his lower back. He’s certain you know what he means. He just didn’t want to say it out loud.
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kachowden · 1 month
No because I feel like Loren would be so easy to rile up, what if the darling was in a teasing mood and keep complimenting and praising him for the whole day "You're doing soooo good !" , " Omg you're so strong" , " You're such a good boy !!" just to see him unfold-
Tw: Degradation, Praise but kinda mocking, Reader put on their big kid boots for this, Loren is a masochist, I got a little carried away, Drama king Loren
<>. <3 .<>
The halls were empty, as were all the classrooms. It was late in the day, and west side of campus only contained 1 or 2 evening classes. In a particular classroom, the door was locked from the inside, and the sound of muffled voices peeked just barely from under the crack of the door.
“Y/n…..fuck- Y/n please….you-you’ve been torturing me all day…”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
The whine that retched itself from the jocks throat was criminally erotic. You hadn’t even touched the guy yet.
The 6’6 man was on his knees before you, in an empty classroom, his head nestled deeply into your thighs. You could feel his warm face through the material of your pants.
Loren wasn’t hiding how worked up he was. His back was hunched and his fists were gripping the nearby desks violently- desperately.
His breathing was heavy, groans and whimpers slipping through each exhale that burned into your skin.
Your fingers carded his spiked hair, only serving to ruin the poor boy further.
“Baby please…please I can’t handle this..”
Oh you could tell.
“But- sweetheart” another deep whimper that sounded more like a cry instead, “I thought you wanted me to compliment you? I mean, what with you constantly, trying to show off.”
Loren’s throat closed up at that. His shoulders tensed when he felt your fingers grip his hair slightly, a quiet moan slipping out.
“You make sure to highlight all your good features after a game…don’t you Captain? Especially if you know I’m watching. Don’t you think that’s mean? Trying to tease me in public?”
“I don’t-“ he rasped “I don’t know what you’re talking abou-“ you tugged harshly at his hair, bring his face up from the shield of your oh so soft thighs, and forcing the positively ruined young man to stare you in the eyes.
“Lying now?” You sneered, face leaning closer to the star players, who’s eyes snapped to your lips with a pathetic little whine, resulting in a harsher tug and sharp exhale. “I didn’t take you as the type to lie to me, Ortega.”
Holy fucken shit his legs were shaking.
You nearly laughed at the sight. The guy was massive. But he looked so fucken small at your feet. Practically begging you to touch him. Anywhere. Everywhere.
You could read him like a book. He was getting off to this. He was relishing in this treatment. You always suspected Loren to have a bit of a masochistic streak. What with the way he pined after you of all people. But you didn’t think it’d extend out into this type of setting.
Your smile was cruel, and Loren’s breathes got heavier as he anxiously pressed himself further into your leg.
“Ah ah ah, Ortega. If you want me to take care of you, you’re gonna have to be a good boy for me. You think you can do that? Darling?”
The moan that fell from his oh so kissable lips was practically porno worthy. His lips were parted right in front of you, gasping and desperately wanting to smash against yours, but submitting himself to your, admittedly weak in comparison to his own, grip.
His eyes were lidded and glazed with tears. Shining just as obnoxiously as they always did, when he looked at you.
“I asked you a question Loren.”
Pushing back a whine, the brunette swallows, nodding hesitantly. “Yea-yes. I can…I can do that y/n.. anything for you..”
Oh god did it pay to be pretty.
You laughed. It was harsh and biting and it made Loren practically melt. Each bit of skin was littered and goosebumps and sweat, he felt more out of breath than he had in his entire life and fuck he was not going to let anyone strip this feeling from him anytime soon.
He needed this.
Holy fucken shit he needed you.
“Good boy.”
He’d fucken have you too.
You discovered the campus jock was a bit of a messy eater that day.
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alloftheimagines · 1 month
joel miller | first kill
masterlist | taglist | ko-fi
words: 1.8k
warnings: blood, violence, strong language, angst, hurt/comfort in the best way joel knows how, they/them reader.
synopsis: in which the reader is forced to take a life for the first time in order to save the man she loves. not requested just more brain rot from me.
tags: @sweetbabygirlsworld
Tumblr media
When the first gunshot sounds, you bite down on your tongue to trap a scream, tasting blood. Joel ushers you and Ellie down behind the truck, and you wrap an arm around her to keep her close. Joel hunches over you, protecting you both. You hate that he has to; hate that he sees it as his job.
But he’s the only one who can keep you safe. 
Your wide-eyed gaze snags on a small opening in the wall. “Ellie. Go hide in there. When Joel says go, you go.”
“Fuck, no. I’m not leaving you guys.”
“Do as you're told,” Joel bites out. He peeks over the top of the truck before returning his focus to you. As he does, a bullet pings off the metal and you all cower. “Shit. There’s two of ‘em.”
Your trembling hand reaches into your waistband for your pistol. You’ve never used it, not once, Joel always making sure you don’t have to. But there’s three of you now, and you’re not sure there’ll be an easy way out this time. 
He looks over the truck again. “Now. Go now. Stay low.”
You urge Ellie away, and she crawls to the hole at the same time Joel returns his attention to the shooters. You breathe a sigh of relief when she vanishes in the shadows. 
“You, too,” he orders, surprising you.
“No,” you reply. “Two against one? I don’t fucking think so. I’m staying.”
He sighs, jaw ticking in frustration, but there isn’t time. Footsteps grow closer. He rises into a crouch, balances his shotgun…
You flinch as you hear the body hit the floor, and then another round of bullets whistles through the air from the remaining gunman. “Stay there,” Joel says. “Don’t move.”
You wouldn’t know how even if you wanted to, frozen in place. Silence blankets you for a moment, and then Joel’s finger flexes over the trigger.
His second shot rings through the dilapidated building. 
“Gone,” he whispers. “They’re gone.”
But you both know those shots were too loud, and anybody could be coming. Slowly, you rise onto your feet, peering over the truck. You try not to look at the bodies, the blood, as you ready your gun with both hands, just like he taught you.
And then a figure comes at Joel in a blur from a side door, and the two of them collapse in a writhing heap. 
The attacker is armed, and he has Joel pinned down by the shotgun. Joel is grunting, suffocating. You point your gun without thinking, aiming straight for the back of the stranger’s head. Fear spikes through you all at once, and your fingers curl around the trigger in a deathly squeeze. 
The gunfire rents through the air, causing your ears to ring. The attacker slumps on top of Joel, and only as you see the blood blossoming just above his neck do you realise what you’ve done. The gun wavers in your hand like a ship in a tempest. You drop it, imagining that crimson staining your palms as the stench of gunpowder chokes you. 
You’ve killed. Taken a life.
Before you can worry about the bullet going through, Joel pushes the body away, struggling to rise to his feet. His face is splattered in blood. You barely notice him, too busy looking at the attacker’s now visible features. He barely looks eighteen, maybe twenty at most, maybe far younger. 
A kid. 
You shot a kid. Somebody’s son, brother, nephew. 
Joel is saying your name, but you feel like you’re underwater. 
“Don’t look at him, look at me,” he commands, cupping your jaw and tearing your gaze from the lifeless boy on the floor. “It’s okay. You had to. You had to do it. I’m here, okay? I’m here.”
Slowly, you begin to shake your head as tears roll down your cheeks. “What did I do?” A sob falls from you. “What have I done?”
“Shit.” Joel tugs you into his warm, hard chest, and your tears soak into his jacket. 
“He’s dead,” you’re saying, over and over. “I killed him. He’s dead.” And there is so much blood. You peek over his shoulder again and wonder if that speck there is brain matter on the floor or just your own brain torturing you. 
“I’m sorry.” Joel rocks you, his palm hard as stone as his fingers tangle in your hair. “I’m so sorry, darlin'. But we have to go now. We have to hide. People will be coming.”
“There’s a way out through here!” Ellie calls. 
It’s a blur as Joel lets you go, picking up your discarded gun and slipping it into his waistband. You can do nothing but stare at the life you’ve taken. It doesn’t feel right to leave the body, to leave him. Your victim. 
But you’re being pulled away, through a door, a window, into the street and another ruined building, running, hiding, Joel clearing each step along the way as he keeps you tucked beside him. You stagger on numb feet, looking back every now and again to the building where everything changed. The building where you first took a life. 
You have to stop after what feels like years of moving through the city, bile rising up your throat. You vomit all over the sidewalk. Joel’s hand strokes soothing circles across your shoulders — “It’s okay, darlin’. It’s okay.” — and then you’re being pulled away again, again, again. Finally, you find a place to stop. Joel checks every door, every window. You wipe your mouth, your tears, your snotty nose, finding that you’re still shaking uncontrollably. You imagine your freckles are blood stains and have to hide your hands. 
“Look at me.” He’s cupping your jaw again, his face unfocused. You think about wiping away the blood crusting his weathered skin, but you can’t bear to touch it. “It wasn’t your fault, okay? You did what you had to. You saved me. It was my fault, baby. I should’ve seen ‘em coming. I should have known better. I should have been the one protecting you.”
There’s no answer that you can give. No answer that will undo what you’ve just done. You didn’t think it would feel like this, killing someone, especially when you know the attacker would’ve killed Joel if you hadn’t pulled that trigger, but it feels like the life has seeped out of you as well as him. It feels like there is a darkness weighing you down now, and you know for certain you will see that gaunt face every day, every night.
“We’re going to have to settle here for a bit,” he’s saying to Ellie. “Give them time.”
You sink down without taking off your backpack and are unable to keep from looking at your hands again. They won’t stop shaking. You’re certain they’ll never stop again.
Another hand covers yours. Joel’s. He’s knelt in front of you, wearing an expression full of sorrow — of loss. Because he’s lost you. The person he knows, the person who has never taken a life, who has done everything they can not to leave the world worse off or bloodier than it already is. 
He squeezes your fingers tightly. “Listen to me. Are you listenin’?”
Your bottom lip wobbles, but you nod. 
“I know,” he says. “I know what this means. I know that something has changed today. I know how it feels to carry ghosts around. But I need you to stay with me, right here. I need you to focus, just for a little while longer. You hear?”
You swallow. With the rough pad of his thumb, he wipes away your tears. “We can’t stay here. We’re in the open. We need to keep moving, but we can’t do that if you don’t come back to me.”
“I thought… I thought you were going to die,” you whisper. “I thought…”
“I know, baby, and you did so good. You did so fuckin’ good.” He shifts beside you to press his forehead against yours. Both clammy. “You saved me. You kept me alive.”
You took one life for the sake of another. And the worst part is that, even now, when you are breaking on this old carpet, you know you would do it again if it meant keeping Joel safe. Joel and Ellie. It’s the reason you didn’t think twice. 
You can’t lose him. You can’t do this without him. He’s all you have to cling onto, and so you do, knotting your fingers in his shirt as though reminding yourself he’s here, he’s real, he’s worth the guilt and the pain and the fear. 
“I’m a killer,” you breathe. 
“Sometimes, there is no line between killin’ and survivin’. Not in this world. I’m so goddamn sorry I couldn’t stop him. I’m so…” His face crumples, eyes turning glossy. But he sniffs, shakes himself out of it quickly as he places a kiss to your forehead. “It shouldn’t have happened. But it has. And now there’s nothing we can do to change it.”
You close your eyes, and he’s there to catch more tears, more pain. Nausea rolls through you, but you swallow it down, catching a glimpse of Ellie. Though she’s trying to hide it, she’s terrified, and it’s written all over her face. 
Better you than her, you think. Better this world makes you a killer than a fourteen-year-old. 
“Okay. Okay, I’m ready to keep going.”
“You sure?” Joel whispers. 
You nod. 
He kisses you again, this one lingering enough that Ellie fakes a gag, which earns her a dirty look from Joel. 
“I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that this doesn’t happen again,” he vows. "Everything."
You brush your fingertips across his cheek sadly, knowing it shouldn’t have to be him all the time. He shouldn’t be the only one fighting his demons. 
Now, he doesn’t have to be. 
“We have to protect each other,” you say. “Give me my gun.”
He gives you a reluctant grimace. “Darlin’...”
“It’s too late to go back,” you say, and you’re not just talking about the kill, the blood on your hands. You’re talking about the way you love him, the way you can’t stop loving him. The way your love has somehow made you into a fierce, broken, desperate killer. And a survivor, like he said. It’s too late to go back, and even if you could, you wouldn’t. 
You love him. 
He must see it all over your face, because he softens as he tucks a sweat-slick strand of hair behind your ear. So gentle. He’s so rarely this gentle. 
“Give me the gun, Joel,” you ask again. 
He does, dropping it into your outstretched hand. You want to flinch against the cool metal, but you fight that feeling, slipping the gun away quickly. 
You try to compose yourself, moulding your features into something you hope seems reassuring. Joel dips his head before standing, holding his hand out for you. You take it and let him pull you up, and somehow, the world doesn’t crumble beneath your feet. Somehow, the earth keeps turning. 
Somehow, he doesn’t look at you like you’re a monster. So you keep going, keep dragging this new ghost around the city with you in the hopes that one day it will be worth it.
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gimmethatagustd · 6 months
wanna make a movie | kth
Tumblr media
The one time you fucked Taehyung was a fluke, and it will never happen ever again in a million years. Never ever ever. Right? RIGHT??
» pairing: taehyung x reader (from "wanna fuck on camera")
» genre: BTS | 18+ | frenemies to lovers | smut | a bit of fluff kinda
» wc/date: 3.7k | september 2022
» warnings: i meannn they're making a sex tape soooo | cunnilingus | unprotected vaginal sex | fingering | tae's pull out game strong 💪🏽 | cumshot | tae is Annoying but Hot | i definitely didn't edit this LOL SORRY
» notes: shoutout to this person for the video, we owe them big time 🤪 i recommend reading "wanna fuck on camera" first, but this can work as a standalone
» masterlist | ao3 | send me ur thots 👅
» what was jai listening to? movie star - cix
Tumblr media
The Wannabe-Photographer Chronicles (mini-series) Masterlist
Tumblr media
“I already told you I’m not posing for nudes, asshole. Is the one you took of me not enough for you? Hmm?”
Taehyung grinned as he popped out the flip screen on his camera. “I don’t want to take photos of you. I want to film you.”
He was such a piece of shit. He really was. Since your ridiculous entanglement with Taehyung during Hoseok’s birthday party, Taehyung hadn’t left you alone. It was worse than before; he suddenly believed fucking him gave him a free pass to get on your nerves even more than he had to begin with. 
You hated it and you hated him. That was all there was to it. 
Crossing your arms against your chest, you glared at the man as he fiddled with the camcorder. This was infinitely worse than the film camera debacle. You didn’t even want to consider what he’d done with the photo of you cumming on his fingers. The thought of him having it made you shiver. 
“Film me doing what?” You immediately regretted the question when it left your lips and Taehyung’s eyebrows shot up. The smug, shit-eating grin on his face was almost unbearable. 
“Well, babe-” 
“Do not call me that.” 
“Well, Y/N.” He gave you a pointed look. “I need to diversify my portfolio and the only thing I’m missing is erotic art.” 
You scoffed and crossed your legs. At this point, you were a pretzel sitting on the edge of Taehyung’s couch. “You’re disgusting.” 
“Thank you,” he said with a sweet smile. “But I promise what I have planned isn’t as ‘disgusting’ as you probably think.” 
You didn’t trust him for shit, but you liked the idea of hearing what he had to say even if only to shut him down. You were looking for every reason to shit on his massive ego, maybe because you were embarrassed that you gave in to him when you said you wouldn’t. 
It was a fluke, though. A moment of bad judgment. You were thinking with your pussy. But not anymore. Nope. 
Fool me once, shame on you.
“What are your twisted little plans then, TaTa?” You shifted slightly when Taehyung moved to sit down next to you on the couch, forcing you up against the arm of the couch and giving you very little room. 
“Have you ever done a striptease before?” 
“I fucking told you I am not doing nudes.” 
Taehyung swiftly grabbed your jaw and turned your head to face him. The forced action made you gasp quietly, just enough to release a breathy sound when you exhaled. He watched you for a moment with the tip of his tongue pressed against the inside of his cheek. “Fucking listen to me, yeah?” 
You could do nothing but nod, your eyes glued to his parted lips. 
“I don’t need you to be naked. I just need some shots of you taking off your clothes.” You opened your mouth to protest, but Taehyung squeezed your jaw tighter. “Headless shots, okay? Nothing identifiable. No nudity. Think of it as like an OnlyFans teaser, but make it hipster. Slap on a grainy, sepia filter. Or maybe a soft pink glow. I haven’t decided yet.” 
You were barely listening to him, most of your focus on how his hand had slowly let go of your face and migrated down to your throat. Your heartbeat spiked beneath his fingers. 
“Why are you asking me to do this?” 
Taehyung pulled away and returned to examining his camera settings. “Everyone I know who’d be down to do this would try to fuck me. Considering the theme, and everything. It would be so distracting.” He looked up at you through his fluffy bangs with a sparkle of mischief in his eyes. “You’re hot and would never fuck me, as you’ve made very clear.” He paused for a moment, tapping his finger against his lips. “Well, not a second time.” 
And there was that stupid fucking boxy grin again. 
“Oh shut the fuck up.” You were tired of playing games. “How much are you going to pay me?” 
“Depends on how good the shots are.” 
“Whatever. Let’s get this over with,” you huffed. 
Taehyung hummed in acknowledgment but didn’t make a move to get up. His fingers brushed along the outside of your thigh until he reached the waistband of your leggings. You fought the urge to squirm in your seat, instead doing your best to mindfully breathe and keep your fists squeezed against the couch cushions. 
“What are you wearing under here?” 
“Wouldn’t you like to know?” You challenged him through gritted teeth. 
Taehyung leaned forward until his breath caressed the side of your face. “I’m about to find out.” 
With that, Taehyung stood up and held his hand out for you to take. You swatted him away, perfectly capable of getting up on your own and following him into his bedroom. To say his bedroom looked like a porno setup was no exaggeration. A large studio light stood in the corner, the head pointed toward the bed. Another camera sat on a tripod on the opposite side of the room, though it was pointed away from the bed. LED lights wrapped around the high ceilings cast the room a soft lavender glow. 
“Are you kidding me?” You stood in the doorway with your hands on your hips. 
Taehyung rolled his eyes. “Do you see how small my apartment is? I have nowhere else to store my equipment when I’m not using it. Relax and come here.” 
Grabbing you by the shoulders, Taehyung positioned you in front of a standing mirror that stood against the wall directly across from his bed. He took a step back to examine your placement, making a few adjustments until he got you where he wanted you. 
“Satisfied?” Your skin was tingling from his firm touch as he shuffled you around. It was just your body reacting to skin-on-skin contact. That was all. It was just… nature. Science. Whatever. 
“Very,” he said with a wink that you did a poor job of brushing off. The burning heat of embarrassment creeping up your body only intensified as you watched Taehyung sit at the foot of his bed. With his camcorder in hand, he leaned back far enough to get the angle he wanted. It was harmless, really. He was just a struggling artist trying to make his mark in the world, that’s all. And you were half-heartedly helping him. 
So if that was the case, why was watching Taehyung’s biceps flex as he held the camera and his thighs spread making you wet? 
You cleared your throat and looked away from the man splayed out on his bed like he was the one being filmed, not you. “What am I supposed to do now?” 
Taehyung reached up to run his fingers through his hair and flip his bangs to the side. All you could think about was how you knew tugging on those wavy strands would make him moan. 
“Start with your shirt. Wait, no, not like that.”
You had one arm out and froze. “Like what?” 
“Do it sexier.” 
“What the fuck does that mean?” 
“Oh, come on. Stop relying on that silver tongue and seduce me.”
Was it possible to feel like all your blood had drained out of your body and that all the blood in your body had gone to your head? 
“Fine,” you snapped, readjusting your shirt. The positive side to all of this was that as you slowly lifted your shirt over your head, you could revel in the fact that you knew Taehyung wanted you and he could never have you. 
Well, never again. 
But maybe that made it even better. He got a taste and you were denying him more. You had all the fucking power! 
You put in a little more effort to be sensual as you let your shirt fall to the floor. The red lace bra you wore lifted up a bit, exposing the underside of your tits, but you didn’t move to fix it like you normally would. Instead, you ran your hands over your exposed skin, even your own light touches causing goosebumps to form all over. It didn’t help that it was cold in Taehyung’s apartment. You wondered how high quality his camera was. If it was even half decent, it would pick up on how see-through the fabric was over your tits. It left little for the imagination, but Taehyung had already had your nipples in his mouth. 
The little asshole was leaned back again, shifting slightly to capture your best angles as you reached for the waistband of your leggings. You made the mistake of looking at his face rather than the camera lens. His tongue swept over his bottom lip as you slid your leggings down; you quickly looked away. 
This was just a favor. A favor for an art project. That was it. 
Bending at the waist meant you exposed the fact that you were wearing a rather skimpy thong - red lace, just like your bra. Adjusting your stance made your thighs rub together and you fought the urge to look down for fear that your underwear would be stained a dark red from how wet you were. 
A quiet groan from the bed made you look up at your photographer once again. His bottom lip was bitten between his teeth, but he immediately released it when he saw you looking. The two of you locked eyes as your bodies froze. 
“Why are you fucking wearing red lace?” 
You opened your mouth to speak but your brain couldn’t think of any response aside from the truth. And there was no way you were telling him the truth. There was no way you were telling Taehyung that you’d worn a matching set just in case something happened. Because nothing was supposed to happen.
Instead, you deflected. 
“Why are you hard right now?” 
You both looked down at the very prominent bulge that had grown in Taehyung’s jeans. He used his free hand to palm his cock and attempt to adjust it into a more comfortable position. 
“Why are you wet right now?” 
Now it was your turn. You finally dared to look at yourself, not surprised but still horrified to find your arousal soaking through the flimsy material of your thong. 
Taehyung lifted slightly so he was propped up on his elbows, the camera still positioned on you. You really prayed he wasn’t planning to use any audio for this video. Like as if that’s what mattered at the moment. 
“You’re so into this,” he said smugly. 
“No, I’m not.” Your rebuttal was weak, so weak it felt foreign coming from someone with a “silver tongue” like you. But when you watched Taehyung get up from the bed, your rebuttal wasn’t the only thing about you that was weak. 
“You’re not?” Taehyung pointed the camera toward your thighs as he reached down to press his thumb against your clit through your thong. You let out a shaky moan and felt more of your arousal soak your thong. “Sounds like you are. Feels like you are.” Taehyung fully palmed your pussy, pressing his fingers against your entrance. The action made your legs tremble and you squeezed his bicep for support. 
“Fuck you,” you hissed and dug your nails into his skin. 
“Heard that one before.” He shot you a wink. “And to think you got mad about the photo I took of you. If I’d known you’d get this wet for me so quickly, I would have brought this with me instead.” 
His taunting reminded you of the camcorder he still held in his hand. It was pointed downward as Taehyung hooked his finger into the waistband of your thong and pulled it down just enough for his fingers to dip inside your wet folds. 
“Taehyung,” you moaned when he thrust two fingers inside of you. The squelching sound your pussy made was sure to have been picked up by the camera. 
“Yeah, baby? You like that?” He pressed hard into your front wall repeatedly, the fluttering sensation making you reach for his shoulder with your other hand to stabilize yourself. “Like being my little movie star?” 
You wanted to cry when he pulled his fingers out of you, and your entire body shuddered when you felt him wipe his fingers on the inside of your thigh. The worry that he was only going to tease you to rub the whole thing in your face flashed into your mind, but it was quickly squashed once Taehyung was pressing the camera into your hands. 
“Like this.” He positioned you to point the camera downwards. 
Ignoring your confusion, Taehyung dropped to his knees, dragging your thong down your thighs as he went. The camera shook in your hands as he threw one of your legs over his shoulder. You could have came just from the way he looked up at you from between your thighs. How many times had you imagined this moment? More than you were willing to admit. And for all the fantasizing, you were lucky that it was even better than what you could have come up with on your own. He brushed his bangs out of the way and tilted his head so you had a clear view of his face as he ran his tongue flat against your lips. 
“Oh fuck,” you moaned. 
Taehyung reached up to grab your hand, stabilizing the camera. “Hold still for me, okay baby? You gotta hold still.” When he spoke his lips brushed against your skin, causing your arousal to stick in thin strings to his glistening mouth. 
Once your shaking subsided, Taehyung’s hands slid down to grab your ass. With his grip on you tight, he pulled you against his mouth. A hard suck to your clit made your hands tremble. By the time Taehyung began swirling the tip of his tongue around your clit in tight circles, you were shaking again. He had to reach up to hold your hand to stabilize the camera again. 
“I-I-I can’t,” you began to sob and shake your head. You had to wrap your fingers in Taehyung’s waves to focus the pressure of your building orgasm into something other than squeezing the fuck out of the camera in your other hand. Of course, each tug of his hair made Taehyung’s lovely baritone voice moan into your pussy, the vibrations pulsing through every nerve in your body. 
“Yes, you can.” The words came out breathy and hoarse in between hard sucks and kitten licks against your clit. You were close to believing in his faith in you until he slipped two fingers into your soaked pussy. 
“I’m…” You paused to suck in a deep breath as he pumped a mind-numbingly fast rhythm against your g-spot, “I’m gonna fall over.” 
“Nuhh uhh.” Taehyung scooted forward, pushing you backward until your back hit the mirror. 
You leaned against the mirror for support as your orgasm ripped through you so violently you would have dropped the camcorder if it weren’t for Taehyung holding it up with you. He kept his eyes focused on you as he licked one final stripe up your lips, cleaning up your arousal until he was the one messy with it all over his face. 
“God, I wish you’d let me record your face when you cum,” Taehyung groaned into the back of his hand as he wiped his mouth. He reached out to take the camera from you and laughed at the way your hands shook. “You have no idea how fucking beautiful you look.”
You should have been upset. Taehyung now had footage of himself eating your pussy. Sure, no one would be able to tell that it was you, but still… That was something very intimate. 
Yet you couldn’t deny the way your heart fluttered when he’d called you his movie star. Hearing “beautiful” come tumbling from his filthy lips wasn’t too bad, either. 
“No chance in hell, creep.” You crossed your arms against your chest to punctuate the statement. You didn’t have a chance to say anything more; Taehyung quickly shut you up with his lips slotted against yours. You allowed him to lick at your mouth and swirled your tongue against his, humming at the taste of yourself on him. 
“Always so difficult.” He tossed the accusation at you as he pulled away. Using his free arm, Taehyung scooped you over his shoulder. “Y’know, the meaner you are to me the more I want to rearrange your guts.” 
You let out a gag as Taehyung tossed you onto the bed, bouncing into place in the middle. “You did not just say that.” Whatever else you wanted to insult him over died on your lips as you watched Taehyung strip. 
“Come on, Director. Take a video. It’ll last longer.” 
He gestured to the camera still recording as he unbuttoned his jeans, his taunting parallel to how harsh you’d been to him at Hoseok’s party. You were mean to him, but only because he could take it. And maybe, just maybe, you had the hots for getting him riled up, just as he did for you. 
It felt unbelievably dirty recording Taehyung as he stood at the end of the bed with his thumb rolling precum around the tip of his cock, but something about it made your pussy flutter to life once again. It didn’t help that he shot the camera a wink as he did one final pump before he was kneeling on the bed in front of you. 
“Turn around,” he commanded, twirling his finger around to direct you. 
“I liked you better when you were crying and begging for me like a good boy.” 
You glowered at him as you turned around. Taehyung’s hand quickly came down to press down your back, forcing your upper body into the mattress and keeping you on your knees. He spread you out as far as he could, the mattress muffling a groan when you felt him hook a finger in your pussy just to make you shake. 
“I can still be a good boy for you like this,” he whispered against your skin as he bent down to kiss along your spine. You shivered in response, biting your tongue to keep in your moans as you felt Taehyung swish his cock around your slickness. “But since you don’t want me documenting your gorgeous face, your fat ass will have to do.” 
Before you could snort another insult towards his disgusting behavior, Taehyung sunk his cock so slowly you could hear the gushing sound when he bottomed out. 
“Fuck, you sound so good, fuck.” Taehyung moaned as he began thrusting into you, each wet slap of his hips colliding with your ass fueling his desire to speed up. 
You twisted around to watch him lift the camcorder to the perfect angle to capture the way your pussy sucked him in with ease, each pullback evidence of how tightly you gripped him. Throwing your dignity to the wind, you decided to play the part. Hooking your legs with his, you ground against him as he thrust into you, forcing your bodies against each other even harder as you established an equal rhythm. 
“Shit, just like that,” Taehyung moaned, removing his hand from your waist and leaning back slightly to let you take over. “Fuck yourself on my cock, baby. Fuck, yes.” 
“Touch me, Tae.” As much as it was a moan, it was most definitely a demand. 
And like the good boy he promised to be, Taehyung quickly brought his free hand around to play with your clit. The stimulation was enough to push you over the edge a second time, and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t purposefully scream a little bit louder than necessary just because you were on camera now. If Taehyung knew, he seemed to not care. 
If anything, it made him even more vocal. And maybe he was putting on his own show because instead of releasing inside of you, he quickly pulled out of you to pump his cum all over your ass. 
“Y/N…” Taehyung slowly got up from the bed to get a washcloth to clean you off. You tilted your head to watch him, smug with the satisfaction of seeing that he wobbled a little bit as he walked. Even his hands shook when he worked to clean you up. 
“What?” You sat up once he was done, wincing at the slight ache of your thighs from how hard he’d pounded into you. 
Taehyung sat on the edge of the bed with the dazed look of a man who’d just gotten the soul fucked out of him. “I think I’m in love with you.” 
You snorted, but Taehyung leaned forward to cup your face. 
“I’m so serious right now.” 
“You’re just fucked out.” 
Taehyung pouted, eyebrows deeply creased. “This is post-nut clarity. I know what I’m about.”
You couldn’t help but laugh at the seriousness of his expression, especially as he sat with his softening cock and his messy hair, cheeks and lips still pink. It was so unbelievably endearing and you fucking hated it. 
“This isn’t funny, Y/N.” 
All along, your (alleged) goal was to damage Taehyung’s ego. And now that you had the opportunity to, the little creep was tugging at your heartstrings in a way you hadn’t expected at all. 
“You don’t have to love me back,” he said with a sigh. “I just needed to get it off my chest.” 
Reaching for his hair, you tugged Taehyung mid-moan into a slow kiss that meant less about being sexy and more about taking away the stressed look on his face. Your fingers skirted along his jaw, holding him in place as you deepened the kiss. 
“You’re an asshole, you know that?” You kept a hold of his hair even after you broke the kiss. 
“Yes, thank you.” Taehyung grinned and you felt your stomach flutter once again. 
Pulling him close, you pressed your lips against the crook of Taehyung’s neck. The feeling of his strong arms holding you close made you tremble. “You’re lucky I’m into guys who are assholes.”
Maybe it wasn’t the “I love you” someone else would expect, but Taehyung understood you better than you knew.
Tumblr media
The Wannabe-Photographer Chronicles (mini-series) Masterlist
Tumblr media
all rights reserved © gimmethatagustd on tumblr & ao3
do not copy, repost, modify, or translate any of my work  
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harrysonlylover · 1 month
Hot Wheels (Mechanic H Part 3)
Summary: You find yourself in an unwanted situation, and you learn new things about Harry.
Warnings: Mentions of physical violence (not between Harry and yn), tons of fluff, possessiveness.
WC: 7.2k
A/n: hi!! Hope you like this part, its plot is divided into two, the other is part 4. I recommend you reread part 2 to refresh. Enjoy xx.
Mechanic H Masterlist
Tumblr media
Two weeks ago your greatest concern was finding a book to read, mindlessly skimming the pages of ‘Little Women’ , then a week later you picked on your nails feeling antsy on what hydrangea pot to get as an apology for a green-eyed man that had no business to barge into your daydreams often.
The memory of these two weeks flashes before you as the same familiar forest eyes slice daggers in your direction, Harry’s face was almost glued to yours, your foreheads touching as his jaw twitched. You didn’t know whether you should be afraid of him or worried over him.
“I’m going to ask you one more time, what are you doing here?” His voice was low and deep, and suddenly he was not the same Harry who admired a necklace with you.
“Listen Harry I-“
“Oh Come on Styles, let us hear what she has to say too, aren’t you going to introduce us?” the brunette man from earlier spoke and you observed the change in Harry’s expressions whenever the guy addressed him.
“Fuck off Markson, this doesn’t concern you.” Harry wrapped an arm around your waist so tight prompting you to wince at the soon to form bruise.
The crowd got larger and larger , suffocating you and Harry in the center while men and women holding beer cups eyed you up and down and whispered between each other spiking your anxiety even more.
You were starting to realize how bad things had gotten, was it really necessary for you to speak to him?
The familiar sounds of changing tires and wrenches clicking together made you feel at ease; you got accustomed to Harry doing this type of work, so no matter who else is doing it , Harry is the first person to come to your mind.
You swallowed hard feeling your body heat up as the blood pumped fast through your heart, Harry wasn’t the only one who had a tight grip, you did too. Your hand squeezed his bicep since (besides being an asshole today) he tends to be respectful and would not throw you to the wolves by yourself.
But did you even have a choice? He was the only person you knew here.
“I don’t think so , let us have a look at her, maybe she’ll like it here.” The man grinned, clasping his hands behind his back , earning a laugh from his friends around him.
“Remove that thought out of your head now, unless you want a broken arm again. How’s it healing by the way? Was it displaced or comminuted?” Harry replied with a stern tone, hinting to sarcasm at the end of his sentence making people around you murmur as the guy’s expression darkened.
“We’ll see who’ll be laughing after I win the race and get the chick.” The man deadpanned and you wondered if Harry’s jaw was going to crack from how tensed he was.
“Are these like your resolutions for the night? Kinda looks like you rehearsed that line.” The crowd followed with laughter and a chant of ‘Styles’.
The man raised his middle finger to Harry and turned on his heels with his friends following him like some minions. The gathering of people around you slowly dissolved as Harry looked around frantically to see if anyone is watching.
When he felt that you’re all clear he relaxed his grip on you but kept it around your skin for precaution. He noticed how you unsettled you were, your fingers trembling from fear. He cupped your cheek with one hand raising your chin up to his face level.
“We’ll deal with this later, but it doesn’t mean I’m letting it go. Right now there’s something I need to take care of” His voice was as delicate as a bluebird since he tried to soothe you as much as he could.
“Are you a car racer Harry? Is this illegal? What does that man want from me? I can get him money if-“ you ranted anxiously as tears welled in your eyes.
“Shhhhh, nothing will happen to you, I won’t allow it.” His voice got softer if that was even possible as you swallowed the lump in your throat.
You can feel everyone’s gaze on you as if you were an alien or a weird outsider, and maybe you were. Dressed up in a pink cardigan and denims while being surrounded with people wearing shorts and cargo pants leaning against walls or cars showing off their tattoos, some making out or grinding against each other while the remaining lot are fixing cars that appear to be ready for racing.
“Harry listen can we go home now I swear I won’t tell anyone about this.” You begged feeling cold despite the thick cardigan you have on.
“Darling do I look like a scary mafia man to you?” He attempted to joke except that the word ‘mafia’ made you shiver even more.
He laced his fingers with yours leading you to one of the racing cars men were working on, and conversed with them about topics that are still unfamiliar to you despite spending a good amount of time watching him fix cars.
And then it hit you again. A small crowd pointing at you and laughing , the smell of fuel and sound of metal, the cold chilly air carrying the scent of trouble. Your chest tightened up and you could barely control your shaking to tug Harry’s jacket whispering his name silently.
“Hey, hey it’s okay” You’re not sure if you stood shivering and panting for an hour or if he held you quickly but now, he slowly guided you into deep breaths, urging you to look at him and him only.
Maybe it was your brain tricking you or you hallucinated for a hot minute from how shaken you were, but you could swear the hydrangeas flashed before you when you concentrated on his green eyes.
“That’s a good girl, now more breaths and close your eyes.” You did as ordered allowing the cold air to hit your nostrils and fill your lungs before letting it out slowly.
“A bit better?” he questioned and you nodded timidly noticing a slight wince on his face.
“Hey Styles, so who-“ a random man came up from behind you.
“Leave from my fucking face right now.” Harry shifted his attitude immediately, his voice dropping poison as he glared angrily at the man behind you that you heard scurry away.
One of the mechanics whispered something in his ear and he nodded , moving closer to the car and opening its door. “Get inside”
“What?” you deadpanned feeling like it’s a prank of some sort.
“Inside the car. Now.” His tone was getting serious as he had a hand laid on the door with the other on his hip.
“No, I said I wanted to leave and-“
“We can’t leave , you chose to come here. I have a race right now and I don’t trust you with anyone around here, you will not stand near anyone that is not me. Which means you’re attached to my hip until I drive you home.” He motioned for you to enter with his eyes and you had no choice but to swallow hard and get in.
“H-harry there’s only one seat.” You mumbled staring at the interior of the car designed for racing , having the driver’s seat with nothing else.
He hummed cheekily crossing his arms against his chest. “Rumor has it that my lap is a nice seat, I mean that’s what goes around.”
Tumblr media
After convincing yourself that you won’t die or get run over by some creepy racer man (which isn’t even logical), you surrendered to the comforting mechanism of deep breaths and observed everyone to get a tiny hint of what is happening since Harry refuses to tell you
He is stationed outside the car, as a matter of fact he didn’t budge an inch. One of the guys who seem friendly or not ‘murderous’ tipped you a light smile but made sure to give his entire attention to Harry, looking very into him which you wouldn’t be shocked about as all men and women here are fawning over Harry, including you.
He opened the car door ushering you to step outside for a minute before propping himself in the driver’s seat and patting on his lap for you to sit on making you gulp hard.
“Zayn’s got everything handled, cmon it’s show time”. His grin was wide and you can’t believe that he is enjoying whatever this is.
You reluctantly inserted your left foot inside, ducking your head and laying half your weight on the remaining empty space of the seat, which was barely enough for your knee, as Harry’s bulkiness is taking up the space.
He adjusted the seat backwards and helped you to get seated by holding your forearms and allowing your legs to be dangling comfortably on both sides of his outer thighs, gently urging you to let your center sit above his crotch. You found yourselves in a lotus position, which was too awkward for two individuals in a feud.
He guided your head to his left shoulder, near his neck where your nose unintentionally grazed the skin, taking in his pine shower gel and aftershave odor.
“Can’t have your face cloud my vision now , can I?” You can feel his deep voice rumbling from his chest now that you are laying against him.
Harry appeared to be unbothered by this whole ordeal, maybe even accustomed to having people in his lap which you didn’t really want to think about. But did he ever see them on a daily basis and act nice, then tuck their head in his neck?
Your heart was going faster than any racing car nearby, and regulating your breath in this position was unmanageable, he made you as nervous as a schoolgirl on her first day, he can even feel all the pumping with how quiet the car is, veiling any outer unwanted noise.
“Harry can you move? Am I crushing you?” you muttered under your breath hoping he heard you as you’re too anxious to say anything else.
“Shhhhhhh.” He snaked a hand around your waist , flaunting a calm demeanor and tapping his feet along to a beat he’s humming.
You decided to remain quiet and not ponder any further, if not for the situation you’re in, you’d sleep soundly immediately. Harry signaled something that you cannot see to the guy named Zayn. Your head was facing the window and you spotted a man in the center holding a flag.
They really are about to race.
You wish you had confidence like Harry, you’re not the one racing yet you’re worrying enough on his behalf. He placed a CD inside the CD player. Why does he need to play music for everything? There could be an apocalypse and this man will whip out some Vinyl or radio.
“Gonna hold on tight to me yeah?” He turned on the ignition allowing the engine to warm up and drove to the start line.
“Hmm I guess, what if you can’t drive because of me? I’m just really concerned-“
“Oh darling, I’m not the one you should be worried about.” You can almost see his smug vividly, but your thoughts were interrupted thanks to Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio playing. The man in the center waved a flag and Harry’s grip on the steering wheel tightened as he sped off in a race with the same guy who was bothering you earlier.
The song was still playing and you can hear Harry’s heartbeats in sync with the speed of the car, your eyes were shut and you held on to Harry like a Koala, too scared to let go or peek.
The engine roared while his foot never left the gas pedal, he effortlessly handled the dangerous turns with a smooth drift with only one hand, as the other refused to leave your waist.
He used the palm of his hand to shift the wheel, and you can feel yourself loosen up as Adrenaline kicked in slowly , so you allowed yourself to take a look. The man Harry is competing seems to be infuriated as you are ahead of him.
Starboy by The Weeknd was up next in the queue, and you wish you didn’t take a glance, the other guy has caught up with you and is trying to bump into the car, you were surrounded with high fence walls, it wouldn’t end well for both of you if he gets to do it.
“Harry look he wants to-“
He hummed rubbing soft patterns against your skin asking of you to not worry about it, any sane person would shout and freak out even more but when his fingers touched your bare skin you didn’t question him any further.
Harry abruptly spun the car catching both you and the man off guard, as the latter slowed down. Harry continued driving but in backward motion which was more dangerous and way harder. He was only using the front mirror for directions and he still nailed every drift and turn perfectly.
The other car was trying to cross over, but Harry turned into a professional menace. He mimicked the man’s moves, blocking his way whenever he attempted to pass, shifting to the left with him and to the right when he dares.
You could not take in Harry’s focus at the moment, neither how talented he is, as if he invented car racing. His body was relaxed in the seat and legs stretched to reach the gas and brake pedals, your body was crushing him and he welcomed it with an embrace soothing you into a calm state, his hand never once separating from you despite your full ability to hold on to him.
You wish you could properly see his biceps flexing as his other hand gripped the steering wheel absently without second questioning like he’s been doing it since the moment he began walking. However you could feel his stomach clenching and contracting beneath you, his light panting almost not observable but how can you not, when the shape of his parted cherry lips is engraved deep in your mind.
He was able to drive in an opposite motion and do tricks on the other man who was about to hit a fence wall because of Harry despite driving in the right direction, and you don’t need to look to know that Harry is shooting daggers to him.
Harry was even bobbing his head to Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood and you figured that this can’t be his first time dealing with such races. No matter how he did it he always got to remind you of his stamina and you gulped at the thought of its intensity in other activities.
Out of all the tension in the car, Harry’s playfulness and your fear, the only thing that was left unaddressed is the thick bulge in his pants that began to form as you unintentionally grinded over his clothed crotch every time the car shifted.
Harry could not care less if four cars were onto him from ever side, he can always manage it. Yet can he handle the painful hard on you gave him? Or the way your cunt began to warm up and clench around him? He guessed that you have no idea about the last one so he stayed silent and spared you some flushed cheeks and instead lowered his nose, allowing it to graze your hair breathing in your strawberry shampoo.
As you began the third and final lap, it was evident that Harry is the winner, you could go and on and talk about his ability to drive backward when you struggle to park properly (back when you had a car).
“ I love seeing petty boys try and challenge me, but I love it even more when I see the sore look on their face when they lose daddy’s money.” He chuckled as he laid his chin on the top of your head, his eyes quickly drifting to the mirror to manage up till now the most dangerous drift, you felt yourself about to stumble but got balanced quickly thanks to his tight grip and ability to lift your weight up .
Superman by Eminem faded slowly as the chanting of ‘Styles’ became closer and closer before the flag was waved marking the end of the race and announcing Harry a winner. His arrogance would not allow him to stop there, he reached the center and flaunted circular spins in the car surrounding it with fume, hearing the crowd go crazy over him, you could’ve sworn the applause made his clothed cock twitch beneath you.
Harry brought his hand to lift your face up gently, finally getting a proper look at your face. He smiled delicately as if he didn’t just recreate Fast & Furious.
“Hi there, smooth ride, eh? Best driver in the Milky way.”
“Why the Milky way?”. You arched an eyebrow expecting a joke.
“I doubt it’s true but imagine an alien with a spaceship better than my car, they probably have the tools.” You looked into each other’s eyes before cracking up into a laughter fit.
He’s glad he got you to laugh, he knows he shouldn’t have made you go through that, but he had no choice.
Your moment of joy was interrupted by the other car arriving and stopping abruptly in haste, the man stepped out of the car looking furious , but to be fair he was more on the verge of tears.
“Cmon Styles face me” he shouted making everyone murmur and look around between him and Harry in the car.
Harry rolled his eyes and moved the strand of hair from his forehead before puckering his lips. “Listen, I’ll be back this won’t take long yeah?”
He raised the volume of the song ,gently stepped out and locked you inside the car. You couldn’t hear anything that was said between them even when you turned off the CD player, the crowd hid him from view and their voices overpowered Harry’s.
He knew it would be better for you to not witness anything, you didn’t have to. The snarky kid Markson stood in front of him with a weak attempt at appearing powerful when Harry knows he’s just another rich kid with a tiny dick.
“Ah there he is, go on and tell them how you tried to kill me.” He sneered sporting a fake expression on his face.
Harry stood with his arms crossed trying to hold his laughter, Markson really is a dumb boy , he thought.
“Seriously a kid can gaslight me into giving him candy better than you.” Even Markson’s little minions laughed before he shot them a “glare” prompting them to stop.
“You’re just a liar, who’d do anything for money.”
“One that I earn with my hard work. Instead of kissing daddy’s ass for it.” Markson looked like he was about to start a physical fight yet he knows he isn’t of Harry’s fitness level but of course, he wouldn’t say it.
“Hey let’s go ask the hot chick what happened, we can get her a drink and have some fun.” Harry felt all the rational thoughts leave his brain and hot fume light up his body at the boy’s words.
Markson began strolling in the car’s direction but Harry stopped him with his arm as barrier, and threw him on the ground like a toy. He immediately bent down to his level, grabbing him by his collar taking in his frightened face.
“Listen here boy, she’s mine which means if I see you breathing the same air around her, you’ll wish for functional lungs, as a matter of fact if I see you here again your daddy will have to pay for your new legs.” Harry gritted his teeth as he threatened the boy who’s gulping hard.
Harry’s nostrils were flaring and he doesn’t even know why he got so worked up. He punched him in the face with the hand adorned with rings displacing his nasal bone.
“Consider it a kind warning.” He left him bleeding on the ground and kept walking towards the car. The looks he received were a mix of fear and respect.
“Yo Hot Wheels, your 10k?” Manny who dealt with the money earned shouted at him.
“This isn’t the time.” This was all Harry had to say before everyone scurried away, backing from the car where you have been waiting trying to know what’s happening.
He unlocked the doors and held his hand out for you before throwing his keys to Zayn and attaching his arm to your waist for the third time this night.
“What happened out there?” You questioned him as nothing yet was making sense.
“Nothing that you need to know, let’s go.” He deadpanned motioning in the direction of Layla parked nicely outside.
A familiar voice shouted your names making you halt and turn around. “Hey wait up!” Niall screamed as he ran to catch up with you.
“Harry listen I-“
“I figured you’re the one who drove her here. I’m not sure you’d want to speak; you have 5 seconds to leave. I’d hate to show you what happens if you don’t.” His voice was deep and threatening, and Niall looked shameful.
“I can explain just let-“
Despite Niall driving you to this place, you can’t be too mad at him, you didn’t even wait up for him to escort you and he might have thought you know about these races.
“Harry it’s my fault too.” You muttered next to him , wincing at the sight of Niall.
“Never said it isn’t, we’ll talk later.” His gaze didn’t avert from Niall once and you huffed knowing how stubborn he is. Niall was gone before Harry reached the number four, you both went inside Layla and you felt as if you were back to zero with him.
“I’m taking you to mine’s no questions asked, we need to talk and it’s better for you if you stick with me tonight.” He did that move again with his palm on the steering wheel and you observed him as he drove without another word.
Harry isn’t exactly sure why he did that to Markson, he doesn’t even understand the necessity behind taking you home with him. He answers the questions in his mind with unreasonable answers and he wonders if he’s trying to convince himself or you, as if you could read his thoughts.
What pisses him off more is that he unconsciously wants to win your side despite you being more wrong than him, and for that to happen, he’s going to need help from a companion at home.
Tumblr media
During the car ride you let your head rest against the window feeling too lost in Stray by Yellow House playing, Harry’s driving was the absolute opposite of the race, his demeanor changed into a relaxed state, however the silence was uncomfortable.
You noticed how you got a bit further away from town, but it’s not like you minded, your life was dependent on him an hour ago. Would it really matter if you question your whereabouts.
The headlights were on to stir away the darkness of the night, you can smell the leather seats and Harry’s cologne reeking off his skin where your nose was attached for a good twenty minutes.
The thick rosy cardigan you have on felt like a warm hug against your skin but you took it off , allowing the night breeze to touch all over your body, impale your senses as it carried the scent of the forest you’re passing by. The smell of the soil and the roots dug deep inside, and the baby flowers waiting for Spring’s permission to blossom and arrive.
A deep breath after the other was taken as you were mesmerized, the road was empty so you laid your head on the trim of the window, closed your eyes and felt everything consume you all at once.
It wasn’t until Harry changed the song to ‘Lovers rock’ by TV girl that you snapped back to reality and drifted your gaze to find him staring at you without once looking out to the road.
For a minute you didn’t want to worry whether you crash into a car or a tree, you held the eye contact and realized that he’s the first person whose presence was almost invisible but tender, you acted as if you were alone around him, no anxiety, no thoughts. Just a simple melody that he’s playing and the breeze in your nostrils.
“What’s wrong?” You questioned him on his staring.
“Nothing. Nothing at all.” He replied in the softest voice you’ve ever heard, flexing his face muscles in a bizarre way.
You knew that move well, you’d done it a million times to help the soreness in your face when you refused to let out a smile.
Soon enough the trees bid you a goodbye and instead welcomed a huge field filled with green beauties and in its center sat a house with a dim light. Harry drove on a path that seems to have gone under maintenance specially to reach the little house, the more you approached it the more you got to peer at it.
Its walls painted with sunflower yellow, windows’ frame a blue that reflects the sky. A beige wooden chair is placed under the window (perfect for an afternoon read!). A row of hydrangea pots was organized to create a perfect display, it was so different from the one in the garage.
They ranged from white, blue and pink to violet and green. Suddenly your view was veiled by Harry who stood in front of you making you aware of the engine stopping and your hands cupping your cheeks as you stared in awe at the house.
He opened the car of the door for you , helping you to balance yourself since his car’s level is really low, he grabbed your cardigan advising you to put it on mumbling something about the flu.
You were still gasping and letting out ‘Oooh’s at the pretty hydrangeas. You didn’t even know they existed in green. The door was painted a blue lighter than the window frames, one that’s similar to the sea.
Should you tell him that his house is the Sun, Sky and Sea?
“You can freshen up in the bathroom on the left, I’ll make something for us to eat.” He said as he let you inside his surprisingly cozy home.
You scurried to the bathroom before you did your inspection, you might have spotted a Vinyl player that you urgently need to test (for entertainment purposes). You can hear Harry’s movements as he walked around, opened the refrigerator and chopped up something.
You washed your face with warm water to freshen up and went outside to see Harry cooking onions in a pan with teary eyes, he must’ve taken his jacket off as he stood in a white tanktop and leather jeans, his hair was clipped back in a sprout to avoid getting it in his face and the pan.
The sizzling of the onions and garlic with olive oil alarmed your stomach, recalling how you were upset today and skipped lunch.
“So I think I have some questions, and I-“ You stopped talking midsentence as you gasped upon seeing white fluffy ears rubbing against your feet.
“And that would be Snowy.” Harry dried his hands with a towel and walked over to you, cradling the bunny in his hands like a mother holding her newborn baby.
The bunny was mid-sized, his eyes so black you can see your reflection in them, his fur as white as snow and his ears were fluttering. He hid his face in Harry’s arms like a shy babe.
You were practically melting at the little creature, pouting and asking Harry if you can hold him. In between moments, it finally clicked that Harry Styles the grumpy mechanic (and racer) has a bunny pet.
A model replica of the plushie you gave him, that sits inside Meena. It wasn’t a bad choice after all.
“Mhmm looks like he loves you.” He gently shifted him into your arms feeling his soft fur, as you and Harry’s fingers touched sparking electricity in you.
You tried not to think much about him towering you and standing arm to arm next to you, his presence was suffocating and you could barely focus on the cute bunny you’re holding, but he spared you all that and went back to the yummy sauce he’s preparing.
“I didn’t expect you to have a bunny! He’s so warm and fluffy.” You gently caressed his head as you sat down on Harry’s emerald green sofa, forgetting all about the questions you wanted to ask, or offering him help as he cooks.
He did seem capable of handling everything, you barely spent five minutes in the bathroom and he was quick to boil the pasta, chop onions with garlic and sauté them, lay all the ingredients in front of him. Though sadly, you caught only a quick snippet of him squeezing a lemon using his bare hand.
“Hmm, I suppose there are lots of things that you didn’t expect of me.” He added tomato sauce and pepper as you observed him intently while he worked under the yellow kitchen light.
“After tonight ? Absolutely.” Snowy shifted slowly in your arms joining his feet and hands together in an attempt to catch your attention.
Harry’s house was another thing that you didn’t see possible. His kitchen aesthetically joined with a spacious living room containing the most bizarre collections. A mosaic chandelier, vintage pale yellow sofa, the vinyl record player (which is not a fragment of your imagination), with a stand holding a huge amount of vinyl, posters on the walls for Elton John, Italian landscapes, and movie scenes.
The scenery itself was too pretty to describe, it was like stepping into a vintage shop and travelling back in time to every year you could possibly imagine, yet still having a sense of the present. His house is the teddy bears you get on Valentines, fresh lemonade on a hot summer day, candies that taste like childhood and the first sunshine after a thunderstorm.
Bunny’s ears kept fluttering as your hand caressed his white fur, he seemed to be enjoying it and you felt like kissing him aggressively from how fluffy he is.
“I’m almost done.” The spare human spoke diverting your attention from Snowy.
The smell of the pasta sauce was getting stronger with every whiff, he marinated the grilled chicken with it before dropping the pasta in the pan. You were a bit baffled as to why he didn’t play any songs, if you’re not mistaken it may be the first time you witness him do something without music.
“Do you know why he likes you this much?” Harry asked you as he came up with a million answers before your reply.
“Cause he’s friendly?” You guessed looking back at Snowy who’s hiding his face in your lap.
“Quite the contrary actually, he’s an introvert but he adores strawberries and you smell like them.” Harry joined you on the sofa with a strawberry in his hand, tickling Snowy’s feet.
He looked up from your lap, and excitedly thumped his foot at the sight of the strawberry. “Eat it Snow Bun.” Harry whispered to him as if he were a child and bunny didn’t hesitate to nibble on it immediately with his teeth.
“He’s so adorable.” You cooed in awe as the white fur around his mouth got stained with strawberry.
“Mhmm very adorable.” Harry agreed except that he was looking at you instead.
When he was done eating, you gently removed the stem from his mouth throwing it away before wiping his mouth with a tissue. Harry was done with the Pasta and filled up a plate for both of you, he picked up Snowy and placed him in a cozy pink round blanket placed near the TV stand.
“He loves his blankie so he’ll probably nap.” Harry handed you over your plate and you can’t deny how delicious it looks, he even topped it with Parmesan cheese and dried mint.
You and Harry began devouring the pasta (which turned out to be the best you ever had) but after a few minutes the silence was loud and you remembered your initial interest before Snowy distracted you.
“Can you explain more of what is going on? Please?” You placed your plate on the table feeling too antsy over today’s events.
Harry wiped his mouth with a napkin and looked over to find Snowy snoring and sound asleep before he began talking. “Concerning the race tonight, you were never meant to find out about it. It’s nothing but a side job but it can get dirty, which is why I didn’t want you there.” His words were serious and straightforward as he clasped his hands together and looked at you.
“It can sometimes include drugs, trading with stolen car parts, money laundering and other things and I am in no way affiliated with them. I’ll take care of your appearance but don’t do it again.” He insisted on his last sentence as you shivered recalling everyone’s eyes on you in the race.
“I’m so sorry please don’t shout at Niall, he must’ve thought that I knew about it. It was me who insisted on talking to you.” You felt disturbed at the thought of ruining their friendship, you made a mental note to apologize to Niall. He didn’t deserve it.
“I- I know.” That was all he could mutter as the scolding he had in mind for you evaporated when he saw your troubled and sorry face.
“You were probably just helping me concerning my job, I’m so stupid I even called it ‘my job’, I thought my boss was going to hire me , why would I even think that.” You dropped your head in your hands trying not to tear up at the idea of your wasted work.
“Don’t belittle yourself like that, I’m sure you’re amazing at what you do. His lack of morals has nothing to do with you.” He whispered softly, passing you a napkin when you’re not even crying. Maybe you’ll touch his fingers again he thought.
“I think I’ll head out now. Would you mind giving me a ride?”
“No I can’t.” He answered placing your empty dishes in the sink.
“Oh sorry, no pressure. I’ll walk using my GPS.” You replied as mentally slapped yourself for asking help from him.
“No cause you’re staying here. A thick or light duvet?” He scoffed at your idea of leaving at such an hour.
“Um thank you for that. Whatever is available and I’ll take the sofa.” Your bag was clutched around your waist and Harry dropped the fork dramatically. You’re more pleasant and gentle than he assumed.
“Nonsense, the bed is yours but if Snowy wakes you up, it’s on you not me.” His remark made you giggle as you looked back at the sleeping Bunny who’s already travelled to a different land filled with strawberries.
Harry got to work right away, preparing his room for you and changing the bedsheets, you had no idea that he was freaking out internally as he did not even understand his motive behind making everything perfect. On the other hand he had no clue that you wished he didn’t change the fresh bedsheets as it held his scent.
His room was a wonder, a king sized bed in the middle of the room, the glass window overlooking the wide field, and in the corner was another vinyl stand with a table holding a guitar and notebooks. He had a mini telescope placed near the window, and a large mirror plastered against the wall. It wouldn’t be his room if not for the hydrangea vase near his bedside table where a Franz Kafka book lays.
A huge white grandfather clock was on the other side of the room, not only did it amaze you having only seen wooden brown clocks, but you wondered about Harry’s infatuation with time.
You followed him into the spacious bathroom containing a bath tub and jacuzzi , he almost bumped into you as he held items in his hand. “I don’t have visitors often so these will have to do and I found a spare toothbrush.” He handed you an oversized white shirt with ‘women are smarter’ printed on it along with shorts that can be tightened around the waist since you it’s double your size.
He was about to leave through the door before you interrupted. “I hope I don’t appear rude, but how did you get this house? It’s not like this in town or even big cities for that matter.” You pinched at your skin feeling anxious over your nosy question.
“I have an engineering degree, good night. Bunny wakes up early by the way.” He flashed you a cheeky grin before closing the door behind him as you stood trying to add one more information to the ones you received today.
After he left you helped yourself to a hot shower allowing his pine shower gel to linger all over your body, it felt so relaxing after the day you went through. It was nearing one in the morning and you brushed your teeth before laying in the lavender scented bedsheets. The window was open and you can smell the soil and Harry’s hydrangeas outside.
Maybe moving here was a good idea after all.
Tumblr media
A soft and warm entity was pressed into your waist as your eyes fluttered open, you can hear the melody of birds outside and the sun casted a ray against your bare skin making you smile at the feeling. You looked beneath your duvet and found Snowy snuggled up to your side, his ears pointed down and hands joined together.
You gave him a soft pat on the head making him cuddle further into your skin, your strawberry smell was probably gone after the shower so you’re not sure why he likes you this much.
The feeling of the duvet against your skin with the sun caressing it and the light breeze sneaking in through the window made your heart flutter. You’ve never experienced such a perfect morning, the twittering of the birds was like a familiar melody that you can’t grasp.
Harry’s room was even prettier in the daylight, adorned with sunlight and shadows of the field outside. The notebooks on the table almost tempted you to peer at them but you immediately frowned at the thought, knowing that you wouldn’t want someone to look at your journal.
You decided to get up with a groan, leaving his warm bed and bunny as you headed to the bathroom, the clock marked six in the morning ,you used the toilet and brushed your teeth before changing back into your clothes and neatly folding Harry’s on the bed you made.
The living room was quiet and the sun struck the mosaic chandelier painting pretty patterns on the wall. Harry was sound asleep on the sofa with a hand tucked beneath his chin. You wanted to laugh because he looked exactly like Snowy when he was napping.
You preferred to leave quietly after everything that happened yesterday, and to avoid the awkward encounter between you and Harry when he wakes up. You kissed Snowy goodbye and gently found your way out of the house.
A walk in the sun ought to help you think about many things, but first of all you need to push away a certain pair of green eyes to the back of your mind.
Tumblr media
You called your boss when you arrived home and asked for a meeting with him and after going back and forth, he agreed to see you at eleven o’clock , you were now seated in front of him in his office watching him eat a donut as you felt your stomach turn at the thought of confronting him.
“So how can I help?”
“Actually I wanted to talk about my employment, I-“
“Listen why don’t we leave it till the day comes in like 6 days?” He straightened his posture in the seat and looked back at you.
“No we can’t leave it , are you going to hire me?” you insisted as anxiety rose in your body by the minute.
“I’m sure we can discuss this in-“
“Or will you tell me to leave after my hard work like every volunteer before me?!” Your voice rose as both of you turned red in the face. You at your boldness and him at being exposed.
“I’m not sure who told you that, people love to spread rumors.” He loosened his tie and you can feel the change in his breathing.
“Oh so you already have an answer prepared. Why would you assume that someone told me?” You cornered him with your reply and he was no longer looking at you in the eye.
“No you’re talented we just have a tight budget, I can hire you and start from 200$ a month” He rambled quickly and anxiously and was gulping continuously.
“No. I quit or should I say I no longer wish to be a volunteer?” You stood up from your chair grabbing your bag to leave before he stopped you.
“You can’t do that. You still have a week of employment.” He sneered thinking that he can trap you into working for him.
You silently fetched a paper from your bag observing his face go red when he saw that it’s the contract. “Volunteers are not obliged to deliver a full service to our institution. Any volunteer that feels in need of ending their commitment shall do so without the need for any contract, approval or written acceptance. However the institution is in duty of providing a volunteering certificate.” You finished speaking and folded the contract back into your bag, taking in his flushed and embarrassed face.
“I expect to receive my certificate in an email soon.” You muttered your last sentence before leaving not allowing another word from him.
It wasn’t until your walk home that you smiled like an idiot, feeling like you won a battle. For the first time you spoke your mind without even thinking and defended yourself against a snarky man who was exploiting you.
Your cheeks were hurting from how much you smiled, it might be nothing but for you it was a tiny victory.
Back in your apartment, you celebrated with continuing Pride & Prejudice and pondered about making a Turkey sandwich when your phone chimed several times.
‘Where are you?’
‘Why aren’t you at the garage?’
‘I can’t find my crawler’
‘Where did you put my top secret car oil!’
You received these messages from Harry whom you thought was mad at you for yesterday. You didn’t expect him to question your whereabouts and besides top secret oil?
‘I’m not fired?’. You texted back.
‘You have fifteen minutes to be here.’ He replied immediately.
You sent him a saluting emoji, scurried to dress up and placed the book in your bag.
But first, Turkey Sandwich.
A/n: Hope you loved this chapter! Please leave a feedback through an ask or comment xoxo.
But first, Turkey Sandwich.
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mha guys confessing their feelings<3
GENRE: fluff, light-angst
WARNINGS: implied fem reader, vulgar language, sexual themes
Tumblr media
• we all know this poor guy would be a mess.
• constantly checking if there are wrinkles on his perfectly ironed uniform (that took him several hours to do the day before).
• making sure that his spikes were in all the right places, twiddling with his hair strands making sure the point is so sharp your hand could be sliced off if you touched it. Not that he wants to hurt you…
• reciting his lines over and over until his mouth gets dry.
• this man is a mess, and it’s all because of you.
‘damn chick, you’d just had to’ve sat next to me on the first day of training.’
Bakugo thought to himself whilst adjusting his tie for the seventh time today.
it’s true to think that you were a force that couldn’t be pushed away. first day of classes and you walked straight up to him, with a bright smile you extended your hand out to shake. rolling his eyes, he gets up and walks away.
but you never knew that his fate with you would be sealed beyond that point.
from constantly ignoring you, to always making random conversations. you even became his go-to sparring partner, leaving a sad Kirishima in the midst.
‘she’s just a better partner, no hard feelings bro.’
from the beginning of the day to the end, you guys were always together. It was a simple joke made by Denki, one day, you all were sitting at lunch, chatting it up and making regular convos.
Denki realized that you and Bakugo were having a whole other conversation from the table. Silently chuckling to yourselves, hitting his shoulder when he says something funnier than the last remark (most likely talking shit about his classmates). Denki shows a devilish smirk.
“so, how long have you guys been dating?” the table confused as to who he was talking to, your eyes narrow. “huh?” you say, bakugo looks up at him, confused and pissed off because he was in the middle of a lovely shit-talking fest with you.
“y’know…” Denki looks and you and bakugo, signaling that he was talking about both of you. Mina’s blank expression becomes ecstatic. “You guys are dating?” she yells.
You and Bakugo’s eyes widen, you start the shake your head and wave your hands. “oh no, w-were just friends, right?” looking at Bakugo he swallows his spit.
“Yeah, we are.”
“We’re just fucking friends, and if I hear any of you guys spread rumors, I’ll have your guts on a platter by the end of the fucking day!” slamming his fists into the table, everyone jumps.
getting up from his seat, you try to call him back. But it was no use, angrily muttering to himself back to the dorms.
“fuckin’ crush on her? why the fuck would I have a crush on her?”
“they’re all dead wrong.”
they’re all dead right.
I mean, looking at it from his point of view, he couldn’t help himself.
same sense of humor, great sparring partner, same interests, same music taste, and you were fucking hot? it was only a matter of time until he couldn’t deny the facts any longer.
now here he is, nervous as all get out, with a bouquet with your favorite album in one hand, and a teddy bear in the other.
blowing his breath into the air he smells it, making sure it’s up to par, you complained to him yesterday that his breath stinks when he yells in your face. so he took note of that.
“you look like a loser.” Kirishima laughs at Bakugo’s nervousness, if it wasn’t for all the time he spend on himself he would’ve thrown him into a wall, he couldn’t today, not with you on the line.
“dude, just walk to her room, knock, and tell her how you feel. it probably won’t come as a shock since everyone knows you have a crush on her.” his last few words make bakugo growl in curiosity.
“what the fuck do you mean, everyone knows?”
Kirishima gulps and scratches his neck, “n-no reason! I guess they all caught on like we did haha.” he laughs nervously, obviously lying.
grumbling, bakugo pushed past him on his way to your dorm.
“you got this dude!”
“yeah, sure, whatever.”
he hopes that you say yes to his proposal, you don’t even have to be his girlfriend, a simple date would make him happy. but he would love it if you were his and only his.
walking towards your door, he swallows his spit. Nervousness lingered around him, palms beginning to sweat as heat rises from them. taking in a deep breath, he knocks on your door.
“you got this.”
he waited for a bit, no answer.
huffing his breath, he knocks again, a little louder than before.
no response.
“shit,” he curses to himself.
he swore you weren’t busy around this time, and yes, he did remember your schedule. letting out a sigh, he hangs his head low.
“there’s always tomorrow—“
“always tomorrow for what?”
jumping at your voice he turns around, his cheeks burning as he sees your figure. it looks like you just left the convenience store.
he hasn’t been this nervous since the entry exam, he hasn’t been this nervous since…ever.
“uh, hey! I thought you were in your room and—“
“is all that for me?” your voice softens, walking closer you set your stuff down to take what Bakugo has from his hands.
“yeah, stupid shit I put together…don’t think your special.”
you chuckle at his statement, “thank you bakugo, even though it’s not even my birthday.”
“yeah, whatever.”
grabbing your other stuff you open your room dorm and head in, but before you shut the door your look at him.
those big, stupid, beautiful eyes of yours.
fuck, you’re beautiful…
“is that all you’re here for?” You coo, looking away nervously, he sighs.
“tch, yeah.”
smiling to yourself, you nod.
“okay well, goodnight Bakugo.”
closing the door behind you, you set your gifts and groceries down.
5 minutes or so pass, as you settle yourself in. What just happened? why was Bakugo so damn nervous to talk to you? you’ve never seen him look so startled before.
looking at the basket that was gifted to you, you couldn’t help but smile. Taking a picture of the basket, you were about to send the picture to the “1A Chicks” group chat when you hear a banging at your door.
startled, you scurry to open the door, “Bakugo? what’s wrong?” you asked. looking at him, he frowns. “You’re what’s wrong.”
confused you shake your head, “w-what?”
rolling his eyes he curses, “fuck it.”
pushing himself into your room, you yell. closing the door behind him, you were even more confused now.
“Bakugo, what the hell is your problem?” you yell. As he walks towards you, you walk away. every step you took back, he took a step forward. slamming yourself into the wall you look up at him.
Bakugo corners himself into you, leaving no room for Jesus. pressing his body up against yours, you stare at his face, noticing how his cheeks are pink and his breathing is stagnant.
a moment of silence passes by, you noticed your noses touching. you feel his breath on your lips, warm and soft. looking into his amber eyes, you chuckle a little.
“if you’re thinking about kissing me, I’m not gonna stop you.”
Bakugo lets out a huff, “and why would I even kiss you out of all people? I hate you.” Squinting your eyes, you couldn’t help but smile at his denial.
“so you did all of this just to tell me you hated me?”
Bakugo stares into your eyes, “yeah I did.”
rolling your eyes you adjust yourself, trying to free from his grasp until he leans in. you let out a small gasp, as his lips touched yours. He was kissing you.
closing your eyes you kissed back, melting into the feeling of his lips on yours. His arm snakes around your waist, giving it a squeeze as he deepens the kiss.
this goes in for another 10 seconds until you back away for breath. the world could’ve stopped moving and the both of you wouldn’t have known. staring into each other’s eyes, scared that if you look away you’d lose this moment forever.
Bakugo leans in one more time, a quick peck before he lets go of you. he nervously puts his hands in his pockets.
“I assume you do this to all the girls you hate?” you questioned.
“no, only the ones I like,” he answered.
“so, you don’t hate me?” you laugh, he rolls his eyes at your statement.
“no I don’t hate you, I like you dumbass!” he yells.
“don’t yell at me, I just wanted you to admit it,” pulling him by his shirt you plant another kiss on his lips. a small smirk shows on his face.
• has zero fucking rizz
• tries so hard to be someone he isn’t just so he can impress you.
• he just needs to realize that he doesn’t have to go all out to impress you because just being him is enough for you at the end of the day.
• at first, it was funny to his friends seeing how bad Denki would try to flirt with you.
• the cheeky one-liners were cute, but now they were starting to be just plain corny.
“woah, you’re all scuffed up from hero training today huh y/n?”
it was the end of training today for class 1-A, you were around some of your friends sitting on the ground, Denki decided to walk up and start some conversation.
“yeah, Iida got me pretty good today.” you sigh, letting out a defeated smile.
“looks like you just fell from hell!” Denki laughs.
confused, you tilt your head to the side. looking over you see Mina facepalm, Bakugo next to her pinching the bridge of his nose.
“do I look that bad?” you snort.
Denki’s eyes widened, “no you don’t! you look the opposite, that’s what I meant!” he nervously rambled.
“I-I meant to say you fell from heaven because you’re all cut up, a-and you’re an angel— because you're pretty!—“
“you think I’m pretty?” a tinge of hope carries through your tone.
“Yes!— No!— I mean—“
Watching you get up from the ground, you become quickly uninterested in the rest of his ramble. Mina frowns and lays and hand on his shoulder.
“hey, Denki, you can torture y/n some more during lunch time m’kay? we need to get changed before the bell.” Mina saves the day, pushing you away from Denki as you laugh at his awkwardness.
“nice one, playboy,” Bakugo smiles and punches Denki hard in the shoulder earning a wince from him, bakugo chuckles to himself and walks off towards the locker room.
Denki sighs in defeat before following Bakugo.
Now it was lunchtime, and everyone sat down happily eating their food as they finally get a break from their rigorous daily schedule as heroes in training.
Denki watched you from across the table, staring honestly.
He saw the way you’d laugh with Bakugo, the way you whispered into his ear, leaving the both of you to snicker to yourselves.
He hated it.
So he did something about it.
Walking over to your side of the table, he sees the way the both of you look at him. You show a soft, inviting smile his way…whilst Bakugo’s expression could be a bit better.
Sitting across from you two, he takes in a deep breath and exhales.
“CANT you see we’re having a conversation?” He spits. Denki rolled his eyes at his venomous remark.
‘god I’m going to regret this’
“Aren’t you tired of being such an asshole all of the time?” Denki snaps.
“Hah?” Bakugo leans his head to the side.
Denki snorts, you watch in amusement at his antics. This makes his ego boost.
“I mean, it’s like you’re constantly on your period or something! Like, lighten up a little man!” He laughs.
“I’m gonna light up your ass real soon toaster head if you don’t leave me alone! And I’m asking you nicely.” Bakugo growls.
“I mean…he’s a little bit right” you jump into the conversation. Watching you lean your head on your hand, he can’t help but think about how hot you look right now.
You’re helping him.
“you can be a little agitated at times” you side with Denki.
Frowning even deeper Bakugo lets out a dark chuckle, standing up from his seat he stomps over to Denki.
Denki becomes so busy looking at you look at him that he forgets that Bakugo is looking over his spirit at the moment.
You shoot him a look, telling him to look up. So he complies.
“Is there something you need?” Denki says with a snarky tone.
“get up.”
The death glare stings into his very being, bakugo’s amber-red eyes burning into Denki’s golden ones.
“Make me” a smug smirk shines brightly off of Denki’s lips.
Of course, Denki didn’t have time to revel in his interaction with Bakugo. Because the next thing he knew was that he saw a flash of light and he was flying.
He flew so fast, it felt like he flew all the way to the recovery office.
eyes fluttering open, Denki whines as the hard white lights above him shine into his eyes. Tossing on his side he curls into a ball, hugging himself closer to the bed. he groans before letting out a deep sigh.
“Denki, are you awake?” A soft voice rang out into the silence.
He knew that voice.
Quickly turning over his eyes grow wide.
“Y/n?” He breathes out, earning a half-hearted chuckle you nod. He could tell you were worried about him.
“Oh my god, Denki, what we’re you thinking back there?” you scold him.
“I…I don’t know,” Denki frowns.
“You and I both know that we shouldn’t buck up to Bakugo like that unless you’re looking for a death sentence! Why the sudden change of character?” You asked, a frown still visible on your lips.
Your lips…
Denki was going to talk about how he just felt like pissing off bakugo, but then he realized how close you were to him. Only a hands distance from your face, his eyes travel down to your pursed lips.
They look so soft, so warm, so sweet.
So his.
His brain wasn’t aware that his body was moving, it seemed like the only thing that could control him was his heart. And he knew what his heart wanted more than anything else.
And it seemed like his heart knew what you wanted too.
“Denki.” You whispered.
“Hm?” His voice was so soft, you melted at the slight raspiness of it.
“Are you trying to kiss me right now?” You asked, you bit your lips. That action makes him let out a chuckle.
You tease.
“And if I was?” He whispered, softer than the last time, his hand sliding softly onto your cheek to his and thumb and index finger sliding further down to hold your chin, he leans in a little more.
“Then I wouldn’t stop you,” you leaned in, lips touching, but only grazing.
You felt each other's warm breaths, you felt the shake of his breath travel onto your lips.
“Fuck,” Denki cursed to himself, guiding your face towards his as he closed the gap. Leaning in further you make him fall back on the bed.
Your lips attacked one another, even tho it was his first kiss he was pretty damn good at making out.
Breaths hot, teeth grazing, lips wet and soft, Denki grabbed a fist full of your hair and groans as he deepens the kiss.
There’s no way he can be doing this right now, this has to be a dream or something.
He couldn’t even think of a response until you ripped your lips off of him. Denki lets out a soft whine you could barely catch, you giggle at this.
Leaning back up, your hand caresses his face.
Denki spills.
“I didn’t know what I could do to impress you, the pickup lines weren’t working, every time I tried to flirt or compliment you it just turned into shit, and I wanted you to not see me as some loser dweeb! So I did something that I knew would get your attention-“
Leaning down again you plant a quick peck.
“Denki, you had me from the start! Cheesy one-liners and all,” you chuckled.
“Really?” Denki asks.
“Mhm, really”
• there’s nothing more manly than matching Kirishima’s energy
• but it’s also not manly to get so bashful over it
• you and Kirishima have been the best of friends for a while, besides Mina being the only girl within the friend group. Sometimes he forgets that you’re a girl, he feels as if you’re one of the guys.
• so sometimes, some things he says to his guy friends he says to you.
• and it’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just bad when other people around don’t understand the dynamic the both of you got going on.
“Hey, sexy!” You yelled.
Walking into the dorm kitchen, you slap Kirishima’s ass. Jumping, he lets out a laugh.
“Hey, there beautiful~” Kirishima coos.
Of course, everyone around them is shocked seeing such a greeting exchange take place. Except for the rest of bakusquad, duh.
Casual flirting is a thing Kirishima does with his friends, he got it from Denki and now he can’t shake it. He does it to all of his close friends, especially you.
These occurrences usually happen out of nowhere.
Like when the both of you finish sparring with one another during training:
“Y’know Kirishima, if you wanna finish off strong…land on top of me next time,” you say, a sarcastic yet seductive tone sliding off your lips.
“Really? I was really hoping you’d not complain about me pinning you face down ass up this round.”
Or when the both of you are at lunch:
“Oh my god, stop eating your food like a barbarian!” Mina squeals in disgust.
“Oh please, don’t be a cry baby. Y/n knows all about this technique right here, don’t ya?” Kirishima growls, taking a loud slurp of his noodles, he slowly swirls the noodles into his mouth.
Earning a groan from Mina and a giggle out of you.
Or that one conversation you had in class that no one speaks of:
“Kirishima, can you stop bothering me and just do your work!” You laugh.
“I could…but I won’t. I’d rather do you than do my work” he sighs, leaning back into his chair as he stretches. Letting out a groan, you can see a peek of his toned stomach come through.
Is he seriously trying to tease you right now?
“Oh really?” You snarl.
“Mhm, matter of fact. If you were my assignment, I’d work on you all day long until you’d beg to stop.”
This earns a slight blush from you, laughing it off you insult him. “If only there was actually a guy out there that could~” you sigh.
A sparkle shoots through Kirishima’s red eyes.
“You making that a bet? Because listen, honey, I’ll do you better than any man you’ll ever meet do you hear me-“
Mr. Aizawa’s voice booms through the classroom, making the both of you jump.
“Yes sensei!” Kirishima jumps up from his seat, his face red from embarrassment.
You almost pissed yourself from laughing so hard that day.
Needless to say, the both of you like to talk about fucking each other. Even though you guys always flirt like this around everybody, you’ve never done it alone.
Kirishima felt that if he crossed that boundary, it could ruin your friendship for good.
That was until one day you asked him if he wanted to binge-watch a show with you, and he agreed immediately.
He didn’t realize what that agreement came to until he was there.
“You don’t have a tv?” He says.
Rolling your eyes you chuckle, “why would I have a tv Kirishima, they’re expensive these days and you know that.”
Flopping onto your bed you grab your computer and tuck yourself under the covers.
Let him register this correctly,
You and him, alone, in the dark, under the covers, watching a tv show, on Netflix?
holy shit.
slowly crawling onto the bed, kirishima goes under the covers.
smiling at him you prop open your laptop on your computer and press play.
around 30 minutes passed, the both of you didn't talk that much besides a short witty one-liner and a snort at a funny moment from the show. either than that, it was dead silent.
a moment passes until there's a certain suggestive scene on the screen. a couple sneaking into a random back room in some laundry mat, crashing onto the floor the girl straddles him and starts to grind on him.
"oh please," you groan a slight smirk hints on your face.
perking up kirishima turns towards you, "what's wrong?"
"well...." you trail off, a wide smirk cascades over your face.
this earns a chuckle from him, "what?"
"I just think I could do way better than she can" you say.
this makes Kirishima lightly blush, thank god it was dark and the screen was only lighting the side of his face. "oh really?" Kirishima smiles, you hum with a nod.
the scene continued into a full-on sex scene, he wasn't expecting to watch such a scene with you, his face starts to burn red at this. now he was just thinking about you doing these unholy things to him.
i mean, god, he wished you were riding him that hard-
"are you blushing right now?" you snort.
eyes snapping wide, he looks at you with terror.
frantic, Kirishima slams the computer shut in embarrassment. "what the hell kiri!" you exclaimed.
"y/n, I really can't lay here and pretend that we don't have something going on between us" Kirishima's voice shakes.
the room grows silent for a moment.
"what do you mean?" you ask, voice quiet, almost a whisper.
"this! the constant flirting, the way we touch each other, the way I look at you, and the way you look at me! I mean- look at what we're doing right now! you just talked about how you wanna fuck me in your own bed for all might's sake!" Kirishima grows irritated, he's tired of hiding his feelings from you.
"I'm sorry I didn't get the memo then! fuck, you do it to everyone-"
"but I don't, everyone knows this! you and I both know that I don't talk like this to mina or bakugo, I don't even talk like this to Denki to this extent!" he yells.
"so what do you want me to do? STOP?" you snarl, irritated at his tone.
he rolls his eyes, " you and I both know I don't want that-"
"then what do you want!" you yell.
"shit, I want you, y/n!" he yells back.
his words quickly shut you up.
it becomes silent again, he hears you shuffling with your blankets and a weight it lifted from the bed. he hears you stomp towards your door, flipping the switch with force Kirishima winces at the flash of light.
eyes adjusting, he sees you with a frown on your lips, walking back towards your bed you plop onto your side of the bed. eyes locking with his you whisper, "are you serious?"
"I'm more than serious, I've kinda liked you from the beginning, I thought the flirting was a dead give away but I guess it wasn't" Kirishima scratched the back of his neck in embarrassment.
smiling, you crawl towards him and wrap your arms around his neck.
"so...does that mean that everything you've said to me you meant it?" a smug smirk shows on your lips. kirishima's face gets redder by the moment, he stammers.
"y-yes? I mean! do you like that I meant it?" voice nervous, the makes you giggle.
leaning in you plant a quick peck on Kirishima's lips, leaving Kirishima stunned.
"mhm," you hum.
a moment passes by, then Kirishima smiles.
"well in that case..." Kirishima lets out a mischievous grin, his hands sliding up your waist. the next thing you knew he quickly flipped you on your back, pinning your arms down you wiggled.
before you could even protest, kirishima smashes his lips against yours. pulling away kirishima whispers into your ear.
"well then, maybe we can practice some things I've been meaning to say then, hm?"
Tumblr media
hey guys! omg, over 200 likes on my first post! ahh you guys are crazy!! I meant to put iida and deku in this headcanon but they sadly didn't make the cut. I started to get lazy sorry...
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I need the classic "freezing on a mission so we have to warm up by cuddling" with ghost or könig and fem reader honestly I can't pick when it comes to these to so you get to 💀
Maybe reader falls into a lake by accident so she's extra cold, but it is snowing so that doesn't help on bit.
Bonus if she gets sick and now they have to take care of her <3
LARGE FONT VER. (coming soon)
Tumblr media
.! 𝔣𝔯𝔬𝔰𝔱𝔟𝔦𝔱𝔢 !.
— “ Drei… sie ist der hellste Stern von allen. “
— “ Vier… hier kommt die Sonne! “
Tumblr media
Quick and smooth.
That’s how all missions with König were. The two of you had always been the perfect duo for in and out situations. König’s sniping skills were remarkable. Paired with your quick feet and close combat skills? Where there was one, the other was close by. König would stay back and shoot down any straggling enemies while you speed through the compound in search of your target with your K9 in the lead.
Just like you are now. Cold winter air biting at your skin and freezing your lungs. You thanked yourself for deciding to wear the spiked boots this time. The layer of ice on top of the concrete you were running on would have definitely screwed you over if you wore your normal shoes.
“All targets down back here. I’ll start following you.” König’s hushed voice came over the earpiece. You didn’t answer, but none was needed. König knew where you were, and he wouldn’t want you talking and bringing attention on accident. Your job was to be stealthful, get in and out in one piece.
The snow that had made it way into your uniform had melted, leaving you a bit damp under all those layers that were meant to keep said snow out. It was already enough to make you feel gross and uncomfortable, giving you all the more reason to hurry up with this execution. Turning a corner, you finally caught eyes on your target.
He was alone, unaware that all his men had already been taken care of. He thinks he’s safe. Reading up on his history and file made you sick. No man like him should feel safe knowing he’s murdered tons of innocents. With a loud whistle, you sent your dog to go ahead and grab him.
Over the screams and begs for mercy, there was finally an opening for you to sink your knife into his flesh. Bringing an end to the dangers that he caused. Finally. Shadow waited patiently with a wagging tail as you slowly got up from the cold ground. “Gruselig.” Startled, you quickly turned around to see König standing not to far away. He laughed at your reaction, seeing you as a tiny kitten now. No longer a vicious wolf who just executed their target.
“Fuck… don’t sneak up on me like that!” You whacked his arm, which only made him laugh more. “Whatever. Anyways, our targets down. Mission accomplished. Now let’s leave because I am freezing.” König heard your teeth begin to chatter and shook his head. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder to hold you closer to him, as you both walked back to the truck.
Shadow followed as you all left the snow covered compound. Eventually going into the forest, piles of snow everywhere you could see. It looked like every winter wonderland scene in the movies; gorgeous.
Spotting the truck tucked between some trees, you pulled away from König with a sudden burst of energy. “Race you!” And before he could respond, you sprinted through the remainder of the forest. All that was between you and the vehicle was a field of snow.
Hearing König’s loud stomping through the snow as he caught up to you, a scream of excitement left your lips. A large grin on your face as you enjoyed your time with your boyfriend. Still managing to keep your lead, you sped up enough to leave a big gap between you and König.
However, your lead didn’t last long. König was barely leaving the forest just as you finished crossing halfway through the open field of snow. And after one particularly heavy step, a loud crack was heard. Not a moment passed before the ice under your boot broke and sent you plunging into the cold water. A shock immediately hit your spine from the sudden temperature change.
The water felt like needles against your skin as you panicked, trying to swim back up and get out. Reaching a hand out to the surface, you felt something firmly take hold of it. You were immediately yanked out of the water, König being your savior. He held you steady as you tried to regain your composure.
“Holy shit!— Y/n are you okay?” König worried, watching as your body began to shiver even more. You nodded your head, too cold to even speak. “Let’s get to the truck, no more running. We need to be careful.” Instead of letting you walk though, König picked you up in his arms and began carrying your shivering body to the vehicle. Shadow was still a happy dog during all of this. A bit messed up considering his handler just fell under the ice of a surprise lake.
You had no complaints though, all of the shivering was causing your muscles to ache. Once König got to the truck, he placed you in the passenger seat and quickly moved to the driver's side. Turning the heater on, he quickly drove away from the area of your recent mission back to the base so you could change.
After arriving at the base, König ignored the greeting from Soap. Too busy helping you back out into the cold weather. The snowy wind already making your teeth chatter again. “Woah! What the hell happened to you c/n?” Soap tried to stifle his laughter with no sucess.
“K… kiss m-my ass-ss So…Soap.” You grumbled, shivering jaw making the comment much less threatening. Before Soap could bother you anymore, Ghost shooed him away. Also waving off you and König, urging for you to get inside and take care of yourself.
Grabbing your hand, König led you inside and through the halls of the base. Your legs ached from the uncomfortable feeling of your cold gear pressed against your skin. The feeling in your fingertips had gone away long ago and you were aching to have it back. König still hasn’t said much, just quiet whispers of encouragement here and there.
Finally, the two of you reached your room. As soon as the door was shut, you began to discard your uniform. Yanking off the wet fabric while König searched for some warmer clothes for you. “Get in the shower Maus, I’ll bring your clothes. You get warm.”
He didn’t have to tell you twice. Quickly, you ran into your bathroom and turned on a hot shower. Relief flooded your body feeling your muscles relax and warmth make its way to your fingertips. For a few minutes, you just stood there and allowed for the warm water to just wash over you.
There was a quick knock at the door before it was opened, König’s voice reaching your ears from the other side of the shower curtain. “Your clean clothes are sitting on the counter. Do you need anything else, Liebling?” He asked.
“No, I think I’ll be okay. Thank you König.” You replied, washing the soap out of your hair. König left the bathroom, going back into your room to take care of the dirty uniform.
Getting out of the shower, you quickly threw on your warmer outfit and walked into your room. König had set up your portable heater and some extra blankets on the bed. The man himself was busy looking for a movie on your laptop for the two of you to watch. He had taken off his veil, and also changed his clothes. “Feeling better, Maus?”
You nodded your head with a small smile on your face. Joining him on your bed, the two of you shifted so you could lay comfortably with each other. “Much better. Thank you so much for helping me out of there König… I don’t know what could’ve happened if you weren’t there. I almost couldn’t find anything to grab onto.” A shiver went down your spine at the memory of being in that dark, freezing cold water.
“It’s okay, Maus. Remember, as long as we’re together, I’m never letting a damn thing happen to you. Not a splinter, not a drop of blood.” König said reassuringly, squeezing you closer to him. His free hand played with your hair while the other continued to search for a movie.
The remainder of the night was spent with the two of you curled up in a cuddle pile. Movies playing back to back until the two of you fell asleep. König wanted to stay and also make sure you would be okay after experiencing all of that cold weather. Your body never shivered again, König prevented that with his insane body heat.
Sweet kisses and romantic gestures were shared, while also being interrupted by your jealous K9 who seemed to only ever care about you when you were being loved. It was perfect. And only perfect because this was normal. It wasn’t a special thing for you two to be lovey dovey all night. Daily, endless words of love were shared. And it was your favorite thing in the relationship.
The next morning, you opened your eyes to see your bedside clock. 9:00 A.M. you slept in longer than usual, and the scratchy feeling in your throat explained why. Bursting into a fit of mini coughs and sniffles as your nose begins to run. Shit.
König ran out of the bathroom, a concerned look on his face. “Oh Gott. Maus, you’re sick.” a loud groan left your lips, sending more discomfort to your throat. “I’ll be back. You stay here. I’m going to go get medicine. Don’t move!” He quickly left the room, not giving you any chance to speak up and tune him down.
He was going to take care of you whether you liked it or not.
Tumblr media
»» sonne … rammstein
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nebulaafterdark · 1 month
More Than Anyone Pt. 6
Summary: Rhaenyra is crowned, Y/N is named heir before the masses…but not without sacrifice.
18+ ONLY, Targcest, light smut
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
Tumblr media
Daemon Targaryen is not a man who takes anything lying down. This recent assault against his wife and child is no exception. There is no need to sit around with their thumbs up their asses, chasing dead ends. It is clear to him that there are few people in the kingdom with the will and know how to poison Rhaenyra so cruelly.
Because he cannot say which member of house Hightower has betrayed them, he has made the decision to eliminate them all in one fell swoop. Caraxes is more than happy to assist. The dragon rears back without warning, screeching their frustration up to the ceilings of the dragon pit.
“Little bird,” Daemon clicks his tongue in annoyance. Watching as Aegon feebly attempts to put Y/N behind him. “You shouldn’t have come, the sight will upset you.”
“And finding out from the townsfolk that you’ve executed my husband and his family would not upset me?” Y/N retorts. Allowing Aegon to put his arms around her waist, holding fast to his wrists. Let me speak.
“Last we spoke you were less than thrilled with said husband. Thought you might thank me.”
“No matter how hard the storm lashes between us, never would I wish to be without him. Aegon would not harm my mother, for he knows that it would harm me.” Y/N tells him.
“Are you not disheartened by this?” Her stepfather scoffs. “For all your mother has suffered, you feel nothing?”
“That is untrue. I wish this assailant swiftly punished for their crimes, to the fullest extent of the law.”
“Then step aside.”
“Daemon, please. You’ve a daughter,” Y/N watches his face soften, “Visenya. Healthy. My mother, our queen, is recovering in her chambers. There is no need to rush an unjust execution. Let us be thorough so that we might eliminate the real threat to our family.”
Daemon’s jaw ticks, he has waited long for this. After all the greens hath done. To his brother, to Rhaenyra…to their children.
“I know they are not perfect,” Y/N huffs a laugh, “infuriating at best.”
The corner of the rogue prince’s mouth twitches upward.
“But we are one house and we do not slay our kin.”
Caraxes grunts, puffing harshly through their nostrils.
“If you are to be Queen, it will be your duty to crush rebellion. You speak like my brother, who never had the stomach for it.” Daemon shifts his weight between feet, a hand curled over the hilt of his sword.
“Give me a chance.” Y/N breathes, “take my hand. Let us uncover the truth and punish the guilty. I will prove that I can crush rebellion at its root. I will avenge my mother, I will do you proud.”
Daemon takes a step toward her, against his better judgment. Extending a hand to her, “one chance, Y/N.”
“One chance.”
It’s not until Y/N has safely returned Aegon to her chambers that she feels crushed beneath the weight of what has transpired. She can sit and cry about it, she can run off to tell her mother or…she can take action. Show Daemon that she is not weak, that she deserves this and will fight for what is hers.
“Dōna riña.” Sweet girl. Aegon breathes.
“I want them dead. Whoever has committed this atrocity against my mother, I want their head on a spike before the fucking moon turns.”
Aegon blinks at his wife. Her dark hair has sprung free from its braids, hanging about her flushed cheeks. “If it is the second coming of Maegor you long for, I will be that. Make no mistake, my dearest love, I live for you and I die for you. You must heed my warning, Daemon’s wrath is tame compared to mine.”
It confounds her for a moment, the fire burning in his eyes. How this was the same man who held her close and told her he loved her, the man who would fuck her until she cried when it suited him. Aegon is light and he is dark; so is she.
She wants him, however he is, was and will be. Y/N wants Aegon. His love, his fury, his passion and his pain. Not Maegor or Daemon, nor any man between. I want you.
A knock at the door turns both their attention away from the discussion.
In strides Jace, and two members of the Queen’s guard. “Y/N, our mother has begun preparations for her coronation. We must report to the dragon pit, townspeople have already begun to gather there.”
“Very well,” Y/N sniffs.
“Mother has a dress prepared for you. The very same so wore when our late grandsire named her as heir before the masses. Today she will name you, all must swear their loyalty; to her, to you…to house Targaryen.”
“And those who refuse?”
“You know what will happen, sister.” Jacaerys squares his shoulders.
Only on bended knees of the seven does Y/N find comfort. Rhaenyra is crowned, naming her firstborn daughter her successor.
And after, when the Queen returns to her chambers and the newborn babe; Y/N is left with her eldest brothers.
“We’ve a lead.” Lucerys informs her, quietly.
“Come.” Jace insists, taking Y/N’s hand. Leading them through the corridors, their pace leisurely, not wishing to attract attention.
Their stopping point is just off the royal quarters. A room in which the only living Strong takes up residence. Y/N looks to her brother. Surely not here, surely not him.
Luce remains just beyond the door, standing watch. Larys is sat in his chair, cane in hand. As if he’s been expecting them.
“Prince Jacaerys, Princess Y/N. To what do I owe the pleasure?”
“We know it was you who poisoned our mother, we have it on good authority.” Jace tells him.
“Whom ever hath told you this is surely mistaken.” Larys offers a coy smirk.
“We want to know why.” Y/N interjects. “Perhaps with good reason we could leave this behind us.”
“What do you imagine would happen if the King’s daughter birthed herself three bastards and married the eldest to the next rightful king, in an attempt to pass her off as the heir?” The man asks. “Would this go unpunished? For a while mayhaps, but not forever.”
“But if the children are not bastards?” Jacaerys squares his shoulders. “If their legitimacy was upheld by their true born father and their grandsire, the king? By all accounts of the law those children are not bastards.”
“They are abominations. To be eradicated from the bloodline. Not to farther besmirch the name of their house.”
The door swings open wide, several guards flooding inside, taking Larys into custody as Lucerys watches from the entryway.
“What were you thinking?” Aegon demands, gripping Y/N’s wrist and pulling her aside.
“Aegon.” Y/N blinks at him. Had he followed her?
“Do you think me a fool? That I could not have handled this?”
“No, I…” she stammers. “I know you could have.”
“Why then did you come? Without protection?” The prince snaps, teeth bared in his anger, eyes glossy.
“I had my brothers.”
Aegon puts a hand to her belly, “this babe is mine. Yours and mine, do you understand? You do not get to run off and cause harm to him as you see fit.”
“Aegon, I wasn’t.” Y/N shakes her head. “I would never harm our child. I was careful, I-”
“You will never run off like that again.”
“I will not,” Y/N promises.
“If anything had happened to you…”
“I am sorry, Aegon. To worry you, to upset you so was not my intent.”
His fingers tremble as they move to her cheek, cupping it.
“I love you and our children. More than anyone.” Y/N assures him.
The words land as blows to his gut, he is furious with her. Yet his heart yearns to hold her close. Love is the death of duty, duty is the death of love. “You know how dearly I adore you. Allow me to see this manner finished.”
“I will come with you.”
“No, you will not.” Aegon hisses. “You will go to your rooms and remain there with our children until I am through.”
“My love-”
“Do not argue.” He warns.
Y/N swallows hard. Accepting a light brush of his lips in parting.
The Princess does not see her husband again until after their children are long abed. Aegon enters their rooms to find his bride in the bathing tub. It is large enough for two and the Prince wastes no time removing his clothes and stepping inside.
He sits opposite Y/N, their eyes meeting. Daring one another to make the first move.
Y/N draws in a breath. “I understand that you are angry with me-”
“You are…” he breaks off, searching for words. “I did not want that for you.”
“Aegon, I am a woman grown. You cannot shield me from the world.”
“Surely for longer than you’ve allowed me to. I am not angry…I am beside myself with worry for you. I am sick over it. When I sleep, I dream of you. When I wake, I long for you and,” he draws in a shuttering breath, “I need you.”
“You have me,” Y/N tells him. “All I have done is to protect you.”
“Do not bother.” No one else ever did.
“It is not a bother, Aegon. You are not a bother. Your thoughts and feelings are important to me. You are important to me. I will spend the rest of my life proving it so.”
“Come,” Aegon sighs, reaching a hand toward her in invitation. “Come, my sweet girl.”
“Forgive me.” Y/N breathes, allowing her husband to situate her in his lap. One leg on either side of his. He smells of alcohol, his lips laced with the salty tang of tears.
“I forgive you.” He feathers light kisses to the skin of her shoulder as they break apart. “And I love you.” His eyes land on hers as practiced fingers find her wetness, sliding easily into her heat.
“Say you love me too.” Aegon pleads, curling his fingers against the sweet spot within her.
“I love you, Aegon.” She breathes, “I love you always.”
Part 7
Series Taglist: @sophiexoxosblog @alicentswife @f4ll-for-you @tempt-ress @percyjacksonspeen @zoleea-exultant @midnightrqin @buckystevelove @httpjiikook @neenieweenie @springholland @zeennnnnnn @yelenabeleovapocket @nejiho3 @thatkindofgurl @aemondsb1tch @narwhal-swimmingintheocean @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@minttea07
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whorefordaemon · 1 month
Anon asked: Imagine daemon and daughter fucking and getting caught by criston cole. How would they react?
The pious holier than thou guy would lose his fucking mind!
How dare they engage in such depravity?! How dare she break her marriage vows that she made in front of the Faith of the Seven?!
He'd not be able to stop himself, just barge in the room and startle the pair.
Daemon immediately pulls out of her and she screams out, going to hide behind her father and trying to right her dress.
Daemon stands in front of his daughter, ready to protect her from this raging fool. He's still hard, his blood pumping in his veins, making him all the more violent for being unable to finish inside his daughter.
"Ser Crispin, to what do we owe this visit?" He asked nonchalantly, as if he and his daughter hadn't been committing treason just now.
The man's hands were shaking, eyes wide open as he pointed at them. He seemed to be choking on his breath trying to even say what he and his daughter engaged in almost daily.
His daughter, precious little girl, came to stand beside him. Her eyes wide and yet she smirked, looking so much like him then. "Ser Criston, I didn't realize I was making so much noise. Did I disturb your slumber?" She asked him, her tone one of mockery.
Daemon laughed, loud and sharp before looking at his daughter. "Oh! Well then, off you go. We'll be quieter in the future. Promise?" His arms snaked around his daughter's waist, pulling her to himself.
His tunic was still open and his breeches still unlaced. The soft silk shift she had on did nothing to hide his hardness from her back.
She instinctively leaned back into him, soft moans escaping her as she felt his throbbing cock so close to her cunt. She wanted him so bad!
"You two! Have you no shame?! You..You are married! With children! Father have mercy on my soul! What have I witnessed?!" His incoherent babbling was getting on Daemon's nerves.
"Yes you saw us fucking. You saw my cock sheathed inside her warm cunt. Yes we Targaryens have queer customs. There, I said it for you." Daemon snapped, his hard on was getting painful and being unable to satiate himself on his daughter was making him angry.
"Now, I shouldn't have to explain why literally no one will believe you and you'd only end up getting your sad little head put upon a spike for even daring to accuse me or my daughter." Daemon told the trembling knight who he could tell was burning with rage. "So just calm down and go the way you came."
"You think I'll just sit back and let this.. this depravity continue?!" His eyes were wild and Daemon wondered if he was going to pass out.
"And what do you suppose you can do?" His daughter asked, pouting as she held his hand and slowly rubbed herself on him. "I'm not going to stop. My blood is too hot and only my Kepa can help me. You can watch if you want." She bit her lip to hide her smirk at the last words.
Daemon's grip on her waist tightened and he pulled her even closer, their bodies grinding together. He groaned. "Yes, perhaps he could watch. Ser Crispin?" He looked over at the knight who had gone stiff.
He let out short puffs of breath as he tried to contain his horror. This kind of sin will not go unpunished! He won't let it! He wouldn't let such sinners continue to live and plague the world!
His hand was reaching for his sword as Daemon began to reach for Darksister left by the side of the bed, pushing his daughter behind him again.
His eyes no longer danced with amusement but cold, ruthless anger. Did this cunt from no where think he could draw blade upon his daughter?
"The last time we fought, you attacked me from the back. I never repeat my mistakes." Daemon warned but before things could get worse, his daughter stepped closer to him, grabbing his hand and pulling him to herself.
"No! You will not waste your blood on this mongrel! You were here to please me and that's what we'll do now." She sounded so much like a stubborn toddler sometimes.
She then turned to the knight. "And you! Begone! Any more of your continued presence and I'll scream. I call the guards and nobles and shout about how you tried to force yourself onto me." Her eyes were cold, so much like his. No shame. Nor remorse could be found.
"Ah! How dare some lowly peasant think he'd get away with touching royalty? A dragon no less?" Daemon smirked, knowing it was about Rhaenyra as well as his daughter.
"Away with you, now!" Daemon moved, grabbing him by the arm and throwing him out of his daughter's quarters.
Crispin fell on the floor, his white cloak dirtied and eyes burning with fury. But at this moment, without his precious Queen to save him, he was helpless.
He glared. Using his eyes to convey his hatred for the vile, depraved man. For his spoiled cunt of a daughter.
Daemon barely even looked at him as he went back into his daughters chambers, shutting the door behind him. On Criston's face.
Soon, soft moans and groans were heard from inside the chambers.
They hadn't even waited to make sure he left. They didn't even attempt to be quiet!
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sinfullyrosey · 1 year
Laying the Dragon
Malleus Draconia X Fem!Reader
Warnings: Cockwarming, Breeding Kink, Creampie, Teratophilia (Mal is a dragon fae so...)
“Why is there barely ever any actual cockwarming in cockwarming fics?” - Me, before writing this fic
Tumblr media
You’ve been at it for hours.
Hours of just sitting in your husband’s lap while he worked diligently at finishing up his royal paperwork. Hours of his big, hard cock nestled comfortably in your heated pussy. Hours of you begging for him to take a break and give you some much needed attention already.
Hours of him refusing to move even an inch inside of you.
You desperately just wanted him to pound you into his desk until you’re crying out his name for the whole castle to hear. Your throat going hoarse as you keen and babble out endless praises towards your beloved king as you come onto his glorious cock again and again and again.
The thought makes you dizzy with pleasure as you picture his enormous dragon dick and how it stuffs every crevice of your wet cavern just right. The feeling of his rough skin and ridged spikes located along the sides was driving you absolutely wild. If only he’d just move...
You squirmed in his lap, trying to get some kind of friction between your legs, but were unable to due to your feet being unable to reach the ground properly. You huffed and glared down at the papers before you, watching as his hand did not stop writing. He didn’t respond, let alone make a sound. You pouted, crossing your arms.
“Mal-Mal, please..!” Tears pricked at the corners of your eyes as a new wave of frustration hit you.
“Please, please, please, j-just–fuck me already!”
“Not yet my love, I still need to go over this week’s meeting notes and sign some papers.”
A disgruntled groan escaped you as you began rocking your hips forward and back needily. Your clit throbbing and walls fluttering. Malleus placed his free hand on one of your thighs, making you settle. You bit the inside of your cheek.
You couldn’t take this anymore. This was pure torture.
You thought he’d cave by now. You thought all it’d take to make him give in was to cheekily suggest that you would only sit on his lap and wait for him to finish his kingly duties. You honestly thought he’d give in the moment he felt you encompass his entire length with your warm walls.
Big mistake.
Turns out all that training since birth to be a calm, collected heir to the throne really did pay off. Malleus was a patient man, one dedicated to his position as ruler. And while the two of you were married, he still had duties to uphold, meetings to attend, and a kingdom to keep in order. To say you missed those early years back in college when he had much more free time to spend with you was an understatement.
Your lip quivered from the tears that still threatened to spill at the unfairness of it all. You understood you wouldn’t be able to have Malleus’ attention all the time and respected this fact, but dammit, you were horny and he’s been working nonstop for hours! Is it too much to ask for a good dicking every once in a while?!
Frustrated and neglected, with your poor pussy weeping for some proper attention, you let out a whiney cry. Your hands grabbed at the arms of his chair and squeezed, a few tears managing to slip past. Your face was red from a mix of anger and embarrassment at your childishness.
“You don’t love me!”
Even with your outburst, he did not hesitate in his actions, continuing to focus on signing the papers at his desk. You couldn’t see from your spot in his lap, but he was smiling softly down at you, eyes lidded in amusement at your behavior.
“My dear, I love you more than you’ll ever know.”
He croons, kissing the top of your head affectionately. You keen and lean back into him, shifting your thighs once more, trying to elicit any sort of reaction from him, only for it to unaffect him. You gazed up at him, leering into his beautiful, emerald eyes.
“I’m almost done, love. Just a bit longer.”
He softly pecks your lips, making you moan into his mouth and savor the feeling of his rough lips on your soft ones. You were too preoccupied with tasting him to notice his free hand reach down towards your nether region until you felt clawed fingers work themselves against your swollen clit. You squeaked at the contact, cunt clenching around him and toes curling. You could only sit there and groan into his mouth as he worked you up to your orgasm.
Only to pull away at the last second.
He gave a deep chuckle and with that, his attention went solely back to his work. You blinked in disbelief, the gears turning in your head. The fire in your loins burning hotter as you felt your hole leaking from the brief physical contact. A few more tears pooled at your eyes once more while you stared straight ahead in disbelief, the sobering realization of your poor decision making skills slowly setting in.
He was doing this on purpose.
He was purposefully holding out on you and leaving you a needy, dependant mess.
You wanted to scream, to beg and plead to him, but only a small whimper came out as your fists clenched down harder onto the chair arms. Neediness turned to frustration which morphed into outright anger. You glared up at him, cheeks puffed out with a few choice words you decided to keep to yourself lest you make the situation worse.
You didn’t care if you were being a brat or were displaying behaviors unfitting of a queen. You were horny and your husband was not fulfilling his husbandly duties and was ignoring you and also you were so fucking horny. You’ve waited long enough and were no longer playing these games with him. With a deep inhale and through your nose, you steeled yourself for what you were about to do.
If he wasn’t going to give this charade up and just nail you like you originally planned, then you were just going to have to give him a reason to.
You turned around the best you could given your current position and got as close to his ear as physically possible. He didn’t stop you, nor did he seem to acknowledge your movements aside for a brief glance. Once you were near enough so he could hear you, you whispered in the most sultry, demanding tone you could muster:
“Put a baby in me, Malleus.~”
In a single blink, you were no longer sitting in the dragon’s lap, but were now bent over his dark, mahogany desk. You were scrambling to gather your bearings, grabbing at the desk’s surface to steady yourself. You blinked in surprise and let out a gasp when you felt a pair of hands groping at your hips and bottom.
You attempted to turn around to face your husband, but he grabbed your hair before you could and forced you to face forward again. He leaned forward, pressing you harder onto the desk; his face close to yours much like you had a second ago. You could feel his hot breath on the shell of your ear, sending a shiver through your body.
“My lovely wife, is that truly what you wish?” He rumbled.
You couldn’t help the clenching of your lower regions as you felt the head of his rough cock rubbing against your opening. Your heat drooled with slick at the stimulation and your legs trembled in excitement. The truth was, you only said that because you know how much Malleus has been wanting to breed you as of late in the hopes of securing a child and heir. He had shown great interest in starting a family with you, but wanted to wait until you were ready first. And it’s not that you were against having kids with him either, just that you felt the two of you should hold off for a bit and not rush into things.
But in that moment, with your core begging to be pounded by his thick, hard cock and the promise of doing so under the guise of getting you pregnant, you were all for it. You turned your head to face him, this time around him allowing you to do so, and made direct eye contact with his electric, green eyes.
“Malleus Draconia, shove that dragon dick inside of me already, and put a baby in me, right now.”
Not even two seconds after you uttered those last few words did you feel a sharp, pleasurable thrust reach deep into your womanhood. You could practically feel his tip kissing your cervix, sending a jolt of mind numbing electricity throughout your body. You gave a stuttered, yet satisfied sigh.
He chuckled as your body turned to jelly in his hold, and began to ruthlessly pound into your tight pussy from behind. Much like your position in his chair, your feet didn’t reach the ground as your upper body was resting on the desk and lower half was held up by your lover while he delivered thrust after thrust into you. You moaned out praises as he satisfied your aching walls, pussy clenching and fluttering down on his girth.
It didn’t take long until you were reaching your first climax, your vision flashing white as your whole body was wracked by the searing hot pleasure. Your walls clenched so hard down onto his thick cock, keeping it in place while his own got closer. He rode out your orgasm best he could, still chasing his own release that held his balls heavy from the earlier cockwarming.
Malleus growled under his breath and sunk his claws into the plush flesh of your thighs, picking up his pace once your body went limp. You could only lay there, panting and whining until he eventually gave one final, hard thrust and you felt the burning hot load of his fertile seed painting your insides and mixing with your own slick. He gave out a gruff huff and waited a bit longer so your both could catch your breathes.
Only then was his member slowly pulled out and globs of white cum gushed out of your gaping hole, running down your legs and staining the carpet underneath you two. You had a blissed out grin on your face, barely able to keep your eyes open, and just enjoying the post-sexual haze.
The fae smirked at your expression and leaned down to plant gentle kisses along your neck and shoulders. You giggled at the feathery touches, turning your head to return the favor against the corner of his mouth and cheek.
“Was that to your liking, my precious gem?”
You nodded dumbly.
“Good. Because I’m not finished with you yet.”
A certain glint flashed in his emerald eyes and he licked his lips, taking hold of your hips once more and flipping you over so that your back was now lying on his desk. Your eyes widened and you let out a squeak in surprise. You flushed when you saw the hungry look he was giving you, body cowering over you and trapping you in place.
He interrupted you by lifting your legs up into a mating press position, pinning you in place and unable to move. He then lined up the tip of his still hard cock to your dripping entrance and slowly pushed it back in until he was fully inside your used hole. He grinned at your soft gasps as he held your legs in one hand and began rubbing rough circles onto your clit with the other.
“You’re not leaving this room until I’ve thoroughly made sure you’re ripe with my seed.~”
You gulped, a nervous, yet expecting smile slowly curled its way up onto your lips.
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meowjunie · 7 months
that’s right we twisted (i like it like that) (M)
Tumblr media
preview: “where’s jeno?” you tried hard to steady your clearly wavering tone and glanced around to avoid any further awkward stares.
“you’re looking at him.” jeno snorted and knocked back his hood with a veiny hand, revealing golden blonde locks and a pair of black floppy ears.
the world seemed to stop at that moment. how in the hell did you skip over the fact that you were looking after a grown ass man?
pairing: lee jeno x fem reader
word count: 4.4k
genre: non idol! jeno, hybridverse au, pwp, crack-ish?, strangers to fucking
warnings: predator/prey dynamics, brief choking, hair pulling, submission, non-sexual and sexual degradation (jeno is mean), coercion/manipulation (jeno tells y/n she’s being overdramatic about him not prepping her & other)
smut warning: m/f, rough sex, unprotected sex (wear! protection!), improper prep, anal (f), creampie
a/n: y/n did consent to everything above! what i write does not reflect jeno in any way. this is purely fiction.
requests: hard hours are closed.
“y/n,” your landlord sighed into his palm,”if i extended your deadline for payment, i’d be showing favoritism. rent is due next month and the overdraw fee at this period is hefty.”
“give me more time — how am i supposed to find a job on such short notice?” you pleaded, vigorously refreshing on your bank account app as if money would appear instantly.
“make it happen or i have no choice but to kick you out. demand is high and time is money.” the older man shook his head apologetically, turning and hopping down the steps without another word.
“fuck this.” you sighed out, hands buried in your hair.
where the hell were you gonna find quick cash in a non sketchy way?
shutting the door before your neighbors saw you mid-crisis, your thoughts spiraled.
“fucking capitalism! i can’t do indeed without a resume, can’t even fucking do uber because i’d need a car and i use the subway..” you threw your hands up in frustration.
after a few minutes of panic, your mind came to a full stop at the dreadful realization.
your last resort.
you’ve heard all types of horror stories about craigslist, and deep down you were just praying you weren’t about to become another storyteller for a fucked up job all for the sake of keeping a roof over your head.
nonetheless, you found yourself scrolling endlessly on the site through your phone, barbie bandaid clad thumb slowly landing on a job offer that seemed too good to be true. “hell no, this must be a ploy to get kidnapped or some shit. that much to watch a dog?” your eyes widened at the listing.
1 night only dog-sitter needed ASAP!! $150 hourly. (jeno is very playful and curious. *on the territorial side as a rottweiler breed* higher payment can be discussed if this will be an issue, thank you!)
you skimmed over the details for what looked like the fifteenth time, not fully trusting it. you knew you didn’t have much time and needed quick cash, but you didn’t want to take a risk.
“fuck it. i need this.” you sucked in a deep breath and cracked your knuckles, messaging the lister immediately.
if it turned out to be a deranged killer, at least you wouldn’t have to worry about rent!
the prompt ding from your phone nearly sent you flying at the quick response, spiking the anxious feeling at the pit of your stomach.
“damn, this must be urgent..” you mumbled, reading the response with budding apprehension.
65154427: thank you so much for reaching out! finding a last minute sitter has been a nightmare :(
jeno is a bit of a handful and he’s spoiled so those two things alone have cost me a lot of time when it comes to keeping long term sitters.
i hope that you’re able to take care of my puppy!
quizzically, you typed back some words of encouragement, confirming that the services in the dog sitting listing wouldn’t be a problem.
those seemed to be the exact words the owner was looking for because it was then that after a few words of approval later, you found yourself job bound in only a matter of a half hour.
so, not too shabby!
the thought of being kicked out with no way to pick yourself up haunted you for months and there was no way you were gonna let that shit manifest for you so this was a huge pick me up in your eyes.
“i love dogs and i’m good with them. what the hell could go wrong? the damn thing eats, sleeps, and shits! i’m going to be just fine.”
you blew off the brewing feeling of uncertainty in the pit of your stomach, before plopping on your sad couch.
everything will be fine!
everything was not fine.
the pressure of doing a job well done was instantly heightened as soon as you found the place you were going to be staying overnight at.
a modern penthouse with gold outlining and neatly trimmed bushes stood in front of you as you entered, an even more upscaled elevator greeting you upon your entrance with a mocking ding.
who the hell were you dog sitting for? brad pitt?
“do not fuck up.” you whispered to yourself as you boarded the elevator, punching in the floor number with a shaky finger.
you were genuinely starting to become unmotivated at your ability to take care of this seemingly high end dog.
a smooth elevator ride later, you stepped out self consciously and immediately strode down the hall to look for the number of the place, not wasting time.
time is money. you repeated after your landlord internally.
the show of the city lights reflected appealingly on the top floors of the glass vicinities, your breath stilling at the admirable sight. “eat the rich but i could get used to this.”
your unconfident trudges finally came to a stop at a creme door, luxuriously crafted. with that quality? it had to be.
your stomach broiled in suspense as you rang the two way intercom, free hand gripping onto your overnight bag at what would happen next.
“this is the sitter you called for? for jeno?”
a pregnant pause had passed until you heard a small ‘mhm’ being thrown back in return on the intercom, your face dropping immediately at that.
some fucking professional.
the ear-penetrating buzzing blasted out from the intercom as a result of the door being unlocked, alerting the nosy hallow halls of the presence of a new company.
you took a deep breath to calm your nerves before pushing the automatic heavy door open with your hand and strolling into the spacious home, placing your items down on the couch.
first mistake.
“jeno!” you made kissy noises and crouched, expecting to be met with the love of a young and energetic puppy.
“you shouldn’t put your things on other people’s property, miss sitter.” a bass filled tone spoke from behind you, a shrill gasp ripping out of your throat.
“what the hell?” you grabbed onto your chest, heart damn near beating out of it’s cavity while you rose from your bent position and turned to look at the source of noise.
an attractive male stood tall before you, hands tucked into the pockets of his raised hoodie and legs adorned with what looked like balenciaga sweatpants. his sharp eyes narrowed slightly at the sight of you, causing you to curl into yourself at having dared to make eye contact with him.
“where’s jeno?” you tried hard to steady your clearly wavering tone and glanced around to avoid any further awkward stares.
“you’re looking at him.” jeno snorted and knocked back his hood with a veiny hand, revealing golden blonde locks and a pair of black floppy ears.
the world seemed to stop at that moment. how in the hell> did you skip over the fact that you were looking after a grown ass man?
“no— no i’m supposed to be looking after a puppy with attitude problems and a cute little underbelly. you.. you’re not that!” you refuted, backing away in astonishment.
jeno’s head tilted, soft ears quirking at your remark,”do you not see the ears, dumbass? i am a puppy. didn’t my owner tell you i’m a rottweiler hybrid? or like, anything about me at all?”
your eyebrows furrow in on themselves at his insolent reply, lips suddenly falling agape in realization. “damn. i should’ve known. average dog sitting doesn’t pay that much an hour.”
“i don’t care, just get your shit off of my seat.” he grumbled, waiting expectantly for you to take your bag off of the couch.
an annoyed expression etched its way onto your features, your once confused face dropping quickly at jeno’s rudeness,”listen. i don’t want any problems with you. but we’re about to have a very uncomfortable night if you don’t understand basic fucking respect, asshole.”
jeno’s jaw clenched, your heart rate picking up once more at his mirrored annoyed face. something was 10x more terrifying about his own annoyance than yours.
the taller male slowly made his way over to your small stature until he was mere centimeters apart from being pressed against you,“if i want your stuff off of mine, it comes the fuck off. if i tell you to jump, you ask how fucking high. no questions asked.”
“you’re not listening. you don’t understand how this works—“
knocking you back a few steps with a swift nudge of his chest, his ears stood predatorily. “i understand that you don’t know how things work in my house. catch up.”
you now understood why you were being paid a fortune to look after this horrifying brat.
you rolled your eyes and bumped past him to take your bag off of the couch, his stiffened body instantly relaxing and the uninviting aura around him shifting into one of tranquility.
“so, it looks like the girl has a brain in that thing on her neck.”
you were starting to regret coming over in thin sweat shorts and a cropped long sleeve, feeling embarrassed as you felt your arousal leak through your pants.
he was insulting you and you were getting horny.
jeno stared you down for what seemed like an eternity before snorting and turning to leave up the steps in disinterest, not bothering to look at you,”guest room is up and second to last door on your right, bathroom is under renovation so if you wanna piss or shower you’re stuck with me, princess.”
this was a problem.
you weren’t about to tiptoe around this asshole all night! but you had to make the best of it. after all, this was your ticket to keeping a roof over your head.
sighing dramatically you plopped onto the floor, the spacious couch staring at you jeeringly while your ass began to hurt within seconds of sitting on the hardwood.
dickhead wouldn’t even let you sit.
the clock was nearing eleven when your stomach started to fuss angrily. you already changed into your pajamas and spent hours tapping away on your socials. your last meal was hours before you stepped in the building so you were bound to be starving by then.
unsure what exactly you could touch without getting your head knocked off your shoulders, you just decided to take a chance.
second mistake.
you lightly toed your way into the kitchen and over to the grand fridge, opening it as quietly as possible to not stir the beast in his cave.
“what to eat.” you muttered to yourself, scanning the contents and deciding on making noodles with the ingredients in the full fridge.
the house was filled with a daunting silence as you began preparing the meal for one. you felt like prey in the middle of a forest trying to refeed before the scary predator came and snatched you up.
“hey, you. ugly girl. the fuck are you wearing? you’re barely covered up.” jeno’s daunting voice called out from over the counter.
damn it. you nearly seethed.
“it’s y/n, fucking dork.”
“okay, y/n. the fuck are you wearing?” jeno asked again, nose scrunched and top lip curled in aggravation.
“i was fixing to watch a dog, not babysit a demonic hybrid. and whatever i choose to wear doesn’t have anything to do with you.” you turned back to your food, giving it a good stir before popping open the stainless steel dishwasher next to you.
he watched wolfishly as you bent over without a care in the world to grab a dish and scoffed,”any more and those pair of panties you call shorts are splitting in half. you’re provoking me.”
“i don’t know what you’re into, perv, but the way you’re describing me with so much fire is giving me the impression that you like it. go fuss about the ass you’ll never have somewhere else.” you waved your free hand at him, shooing him away while leveling yourself back up and placing the bowl onto the counter.
“whore.” jeno stalked off towards a different part of the spacious house.
who knew where he’d pop out from next?
midnight quickly approached and your stomach was full, your mood shooting up after that delicious bowl of instant noodles. you’d have to buy those when you got back to your apartment.
jeno hadn’t made an appearance since his harassment earlier and you were thankful, not up to playing his bullshit at this time.
all you had to do was find your room and hope that there would be no more challenges.
how could you fuck that up?
after cleaning up after yourself and grabbing your bag, you made your way up the steep steps and toed down the hall to the provided room.
the large hallway was pitchblack and the only lights guiding you down safely were the ones flashing from under what you assumed was jeno’s room.
getting to your room, you tied your hair back and out of your face and placed your things down by the door. daringly deciding to check up on him, you bounced lightly on the balls of your feet to his door.
suddenly, the world stilled as you mistook one step on the hardwood, a groaning creek shouting out a call from the floorboard alerting jeno and anyone if they were in proximity.
bolting down the steps, you nearly tumbled down the last few but regained your composure and ran straight for the other side of the house.
you weren’t sure where you were going in the dark but now it dawned on you that the safest place would have been the guest room.
jeno’s footsteps were loud and fast, chasing after you as if he were in the middle of a hunt. “stupid girl. you know i told you to fuck off.”
trying to hold in your pants as you ducked down under what seemed to be a dinner table, your heart beat uncontrollably in your chest.
“i can hear your breaths. can practically smell your fear too.” he grits, pacing around the table.
you just prayed his vision wasn’t good in the dark. it was a roll the dice chance after all, being that he was a hybrid with the characteristics of the most brutal hunting breed there was.
waves of silence washed over the both of you and jeno’s steps couldn’t be heard anymore, neither could your once shaky breaths.
this is the end. you thought. he’s going to maul me.
“this is what you wanted right?” you suddenly heard the low voice in your ear, the hair on your neck standing in surprise.
before you could duck and run, jeno grabbed you by your neck, large hand closing easily around your delicate throat.
“cant— i-i can’t fucking breathe!” you wheezed out, thrashing in the death grip.
“it’s what you asked for, y/n. say it.” you couldn’t make his face out in the pitch blackness but you swore you could see the flash of his canines curved into a taunting grin.
he didn’t wait for a response before crawling out from under the table, your neck still held in place by his unforgiving hold.
puffing out what felt like your last breaths as your kicks grew weaker, jeno finally let go of you, your head dropping onto the cold floor roughly.
hacking and wheezing, you wondered if the money was even worth it now. this hybrid was hell sent.
jeno slicked your hair back with his hand while you hiccuped,”there there.”
“you fu— ow! jeno stop!” you scream out, nails digging into his forearm as he hoists you up into a sitting position by your bun.
“poor you. you’re not too sure how to play this game, am i right?”
“freak! let me go!” your nails dug deeper into his arm, causing him to rip his hand away from your hair and hiss in pain.
“fucking bitch!”
you took this opening to shoot up and lunge across the room, shooting up the steps.
with jeno’s door wide open you could see your room perfectly and it was close within your reach.
so close.
a hand shot out and gripped your wrist, holding you in place, causing you to cry out.
how the hell was he so fast?
“you’re not innocent. if only you could see yourself right now.” jeno laughed.
you must’ve been so caught up in the chase you weren’t aware of the growing patch of arousal staining the entire front of your pajama shorts.
“its— ”
jeno lifted a finger to your lips, shushing you.
“i know all about you. do you like the chase, y/n? do you like it when i’m this rough with you?” his eyes creased with entertainment at your desperate expression.
the finger to your lips dropped as you opened your mouth and he was backing away.
“your call. i won’t show any mercy once you’re in though.”
your mouth definitely played against your brain at that moment,”wait! wait. how are we gonna do this?”
jeno’s head tilted, perked ears dropping,”do what? i thought we were playing a game.”
he’s fucking playing me. you thought outraged.
it wasn’t exactly your gameplan to get your back beat in by this hot puppy hybrid, but now that you were in, there was no way in hell you were backing out.
“i want you to— to… fuck me.” you looked to the side, words falling off your tongue timidly.
“okay.” jeno shrugged casually.
“okay?” your jaw nearly fell to the floor.
after all that?
“do i have to come get you, or are you gonna get over here?” he stuck his hand out, waiting impatiently for you to grab a hold of it.
once you grabbed the large palm, he tugged you into his room, slamming the door shut behind him.
you stared in awe at the spacious quarters, letting out a surprised huff at the eager shove jeno gave you towards his bed.
“should we really—”
jeno laughed amused,”what happened to ‘oh my god! please fuck me jeno!’”
your nose scrunched in embarrassment as you took the hint and began sliding your pajama pants down,”don’t look.”
“such a baby, fine i won’t look.”
the taller male turned and slid out of his sweatshirt easily, tugging his shirt off after and walking over to lock his door. “can i turn around now, baby”
you sat on the bed nervously, playing with a loose thread on the duvet and curling your toes. you weren’t sure if this was such a good idea now that you were in his room, but you definitely wanted this.
“yeah, go ahead.”
turning almost too eagerly, jeno took a moment to scan what he was working with before silently making his way over to the bed and crashing his lips against yours needily.
“mmf— jeno!” you froze in place, unaware of what set him off as he attacked your neck next.
“don’t talk.” he murmured out authoritatively, taking a hold of your clenched thighs and lifting you with ease. he dropped you on the middle of the bed restlessly and was quick to slide out of his sweatpants, your eyes widening with every passing second.
“are you fucking crazy? where’s that thing even going?” you scrambled up into a seated position, legs closing together.
“ugh, y/n stop stalling. it’ll fit just fine.” jeno pried your legs open.
“you’re not even gonna prep or anything?” you tried, backed against the headboard at this point.
he settled in between your legs, his hand dragging his leaking tip between your salivating folds,”don’t be such a fucking baby. i know you can take it, y/n. just loosen up.“
a part of you felt scared that you’ve never taken anyone this big before but his endless pressing seemed to get more firm by the minute.
“okay.. please go slow, jeno. i’m being serious.”
jeno scoot up wordlessly, running your slick down the base of his hardened cock and dipping in slowly.
your face twisted in pain, fingers grabbing the sheets tightly. “it hurts— jeno it hurts!”
jeno’s jaw fell slack, hips drawing forward as if there were any room left. “shh, baby. you’re opening up for me so well.”
involuntarily clenching, your entrance slightly burned at the sudden intrusion. jeno bottomed out before lifting a hand to pick the stray strands off of your sweat beaded forehead, lips pulled back into a devilish grin.
your heart began to race once you met his clouded gaze, unsure if that was a good sign,”jen—“
he pistoned forward, heavy length pile driving into you with no end and placed his hands on top of yours, forcing you down and pliant.
“slow, you idiot! i said slow!” you cried, back smashing against the headboard with every thrust. by the entranced look of pleasure on his face, you realized there was no getting through to jeno as he rut into you.
“so fucking tight. can’t believe you didn’t even ask for a condom. little whore wants me to breed her dumb pussy.”
quickly, your body began to take calm to jeno as one particular thrust had you pitifully moaning. “just like that.” you hummed, another shameless moan pouring out in suit regardless of his realization.
“y/n, i’m gonna turn you over.” jeno said lowly, hips slowing down to switch your position.
within a matter of seconds, you quickly found yourself face down into the sheets that reeked of jeno’s scent and your ass up.
jeno’s fingers gripped your waist bruisingly as he picked up, satisfied groans ripping out of his throat.
your face squished into the mattress with every thrust, annoying you to no ends but nonetheless drawing aroused noises out of you at your usage.
squeezing around him as well as you could, jeno’s head fell back and his hips gained momentum. you gasped as you felt his hand leave your hip and onto the back of your head, stuffing it into the bed.
“what are you doing!” you called out, words muffled by the duvet.
you could hear the preen in jeno’s taunting tone,”fuck you here? is that what you said?”
you laid confusedly before you felt him pull out all at once and tap his tip teasingly against your rim.
before you could protest, jeno was sliding into your gaping entrance again and thrusting with vigor, almost as if he wanted to silence you.
his actions were incalculable at this point, forcing you to believe he was just saying things to get you to react.
soon enough, his movements grew sloppy and breath got heavier, signaling to you that he was close until his creamed cock was sliding out and being pried into your rim.
your hips shot up at the intrusion, painful shouts eaten up by the mattress.
i’m going to kill him. you thought.
an animalistic growl ripped its way out of his throat as your hole slowly made way for his throbbing length,“fuck, i’m never pulling out. beg all you want. this hole belongs to me.”
your teeth grit down into themselves as your thighs tensed, you had lost all energy to try and push him off leaving you vulnerable to his thrusts.
jeno paused for a second, stilling inside of you. with the hand he used to push your head down, he was now using it to pull your head up, fingers threaded in your hair near the scalp.
ignoring your cries of pain, jeno leaned in and pressed his spit-licked lips to your ear, your body collapsing from his weight against your own,”was this the ass i’d never have? hm, y/n?” he whispered mockingly.
jeno snuck his free hand underneath you, using two fingers to pry open your drenched folds and using another to rub quick circles onto your clit.
small whines filled the room as he worked his hips into your hole, finger continuing to swipe at your quivering core.
“fuck, that’s it, baby. i knew you could take me here too. feels so fucking good.” he huffed out.
a muffled knock came at the door just then, motivating jeno to snap his hips into your ass and curl up the fingers dragging against your aching clit.
your head snapped over to the door, adrenaline rushing through your system as well as guttural moans spilling out once his brutal pace drove untimely squirts out of you.
your jaw hung slack as your orgasm hit you a pulse later, legs jolting up.
“jeno, unlock the door! what are you doing in there!” the doorknob jiggled under pressure, frightening you into clenching madly.
“pull out, dumbass! it’s your owner!” you hissed, batting his hand out of your hair as you regained your senses.
“shut up, y/n, i’m gonna cum.” he groaned out throatily, digging his nose into your neck as his hips slowed. you felt his teeth graze the sensitive skin in the crease of your neck.
sighing irritatedly as he released inside of you, you kicked your legs out from under him,”we’re about to be in so much trouble, get the hell off!” you complained, flinching as the knocking on the door got louder.
“get under the covers and pretend you’re asleep.” jeno lazily muttered after rolling off of you and leisurely redressing.
he tossed your clothes at you to hide with you as he made his way to the door and shut the tv off, swinging the door open with annoyance.
“the sitter fell asleep while we were watching a movie, you didn’t have to do that. what are you doing home so early?” you heard jeno mutter.
your eyes were shut delicately, breathing lightly as silence fell over the room. you assumed you were being spectated.
“i got anxious. i know how you get around sitters and i insisted i leave early.” the unfamiliar voice sighed out. “when she wakes up tomorrow, you can tell her i’ve already paid her for the full night.”
“will do. anything else before i go back?” jeno asked impatiently.
“yes actually, there is. you forgot to pick up the girl’s underwear you little shit.”
freezing in his spot, jeno didn’t bother turning to see if it was true or not. “it was an accident.” he whined, shocking you at the soft sound. you were convinced he was incapable of anything remotely pleasant.
“we’ll talk about this in the morning. stay the hell away from the poor girl tonight. get downstairs, go.”
as if you could feel jeno’s icy glare shot towards you, your body tensed until all you heard was the door click shut and footsteps furthering down the hall.
you were positive you’d be quite familiar with this home soon enough. after all, you were good with dogs.
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