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“What's this, Sara? What's this blood, Sara?”
Cerdita (2022), dir. Carlota Pereda
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Can I touch?
Pairing: Din Djarin x Reader // The Mandalorian x Reader (3,6k) Desc: You’re fascinated by his culture, but you’d rather be accepting than annoying about it. Warnings: awkwardness, tension, idiots in love, fluff, not beta read. A/N: Y’all should really follow Pedro Pascal on Twitter and Instagram. Just saying!
Tumblr media
He had saved you a while ago on a planet both of you thought was safe until a leftover cell of the Empire struck it hard. He told you he‘d bring you to the next best peaceful planet, but that hadn‘t happened during the entire last week. The Mandalorian had a hard shell, but you could see the soft core when the child was around and like that you started talking a little bit more. You were curious about the whole culture he came from, but you kept it on the down-low most of the time. You didn‘t need him to distrust you because of weird questions.
It was night on the moon you currently hovered above in a system you never heard of. He had just gotten the child to sleep by letting it catch the little necklace it was carrying around. They were an unusual pair, but an incredibly cute one. Not that you would tell Mando that. But now he was standing in front of you, face downwards at you as if he expected you to say something. „It‘s an interesting culture you live in.“ You smiled up at him and you felt him smile. „Most people find it weird.“ He shrugged. „Well, it is. More interesting than weird though.“ You chuckled and stepped a little closer, into the space he usually kept between the two of you in the ship. His head dipped to the side a little, „Can I touch it?“ Your hands slowly reached up as to not make him feel attacked and he stepped back a bit. „No, no. I know you can‘t take it off. I just wanna touch it...if that‘s okay.“ You stumbled over your words. He stepped back forward to where he was before and let you touch the smooth material of his helmet. You had such loving eyes, went along the edges of the visor, then over the visor. He was glad the blush creeping up on him was hidden. „I like it. It‘s special.“ You whispered and took your hand away, looking up with a sweet smile. „I, um,“ he tried to say something but couldn‘t, so he stopped right there. „Thank you for letting me stay on your ship. I know it‘s probably different usually. You probably didn‘t even take that thing off in the time I‘ve been here.“ You giggled. Good, you hadn‘t snuck up on him sleeping. „I sleep without it. That‘s not an invitation.“ He jokingly pointed at you. „Has the greenling seen you without it?“ You pointed at the little door to the shelving unit with his bassinet in it. „Yeah, but only because he‘s a curious little womp rat.“ He chuckled and looked down, flustered behind the helmet. „So you broke code?“ You dipped your head to the side with a cheeky grin. „Well, technically I can‘t show myself to any living being. But by code the child is MY child, so not a full break of the code.“ He explained himself and you nodded along. You stepped back a bit, „Well, if you ever want to take it off for a while and want me to not see you...just tell me. I have no problem with blindfolds and I trust you to not feed me to gundarks while I have one on.“ You chuckled but the mention of blindfolds came with a little smirk. Now you had done it, Din Djarin was a tomato behind the visor. „S-Sure.“ There was an awkward silence for a few seconds before he pointed towards the cockpit and hurried to it under your adoring gaze.
Tumblr media
It had been a few days since the conversation and he hadn‘t gotten your face out of his mind. That soft, caring smile. That little smirk. The way you called the baby „Greenling.“ „Um, so, you offered to do this blindfold thing, right? Cause I‘m dying to take this off and eat something right now and this stop will be the only good planet for food resources for a while.“ He looked down at you and you nodded with attentive eyes. Always scanning his behavior. „I can put one on or I can eat in the sleeping corner while the door thing is closed.“ You suggested with a happy smile at him, the child cooing in your arm. „I think I‘d like to eat together for once. We‘ll just get something that doesn‘t need cutlery.“ He shrugged as the Greenling reached for Mando‘s finger.
And with that you got some baked goods and found a piece of cloth on the little planet that you made a pit stop at. He looked at you as you delicately tied it around your eyes, blushing again at the little smirk coming up in his mind. „How many fingers am I holding up?“ He chuckled and you guessed and held up a four. „Alright.“ He was nervous about taking it off. Yes, he trusted you to not trick him like that, but you barely knew each other. It was a weird feeling. With a hissing sound you heard his helmet come off and gently be set on the floor. He looked at his child, which was staring back and forth between him and you thoroughly confused. He set down a little bag of smaller baked goods filled with meat in front of him and saw him excitedly come closer. „Let me guess. The greenling just saw what you got him.“ You chuckled hearing the cooing and the little footsteps. You heard a loud swallowing sound and you both started giggling before you tried to find your things on the floor between you two. „Here.“ He gently pushed your little bag into your hand, touching your fingers in the process. You both held your breath for a second before choosing to ignore it. Now was not the time for awkwardness. You started eating your sweet goods and felt the Greenling wander around you here and there. „Your voice without the helmet is fitting way better with your personality.“ You chuckled and he was -again- very happy that you couldn‘t see him blush. „I guess so.“ He chuckled nervously, picking around in his little bag of powdered orbs. „You know, you are super talented and all, but my god, you‘re a softie at the core. I like that voice better.“ You gave him a big honest smile. „Thanks.“ His voice was almost breaking. He wasn‘t used to so many compliments going beyond his Beskar armor. The child looked at him before climbing up on your lap and reaching up. „No, don‘t do-“ You felt a little hand yank your blindfold down and closed your eyes in time, turning around with the little thing. „Hey, I know, it‘s weird that I sit across your Dada with a blindfold, but it‘s out of respect.“ You explained in your baby voice and he melted at the interaction. You took the blindfold again to put it around your eyes but the little Greenling started fuzzing. „Oh, baby. I know it‘s weird. But the only other thing I can do is eating with you over there.“ You cooed and pointed at the little corner you were sleeping in on your journeys. The fuzzing didn‘t stop, so you gave him the cloth and he proudly started walking towards Din with his new item. „I hope you trust me enough to just-“ You held your hand in front of your closed eyes while you continued to eat. „Y-yeah, I trust you, I think. I mean, he trusts you, so I assume I can trust you.“ He chuckled and you sent him a big smile. „Can I ask a completely irrelevant question?“ „Sure.“ „What‘s your hair color?“ You giggled and he shook his head smiling. „Brown.“ „Long, mid or short hair?“ „Somewhere between short and mid-length.“ „Cute.“ You smiled content at the little information he was willing to give you.
Tumblr media
The heating system had stopped working mid-flight and you were currently in the middle of space. Not a good combination. „So, uh, until we reach a planet...do you have enough blankets here?“ You looked up and got a headshake back. „Huddling for warmth.“ You wiggled your brows and turned him into a stuttering mess. „C‘mon. You‘re so big and strong. You‘d probably keep all three of us warm.“ You smiled at him. „I don‘t know.“ He really was unsure about this but the Greenling walked around your legs already, sensing what the conversation was about. „I‘ll put on a blindfold and you‘ll just wake up before I do, cause this little rebel with probably take it off again.“ You picked up the child and patted its head. He agreed with a nod, couldn‘t be that bad.
Well, it wasn‘t and it was. It was an incredibly tight space for all three of you, but it was incredibly cozy under two blankets with a giant human heater encasing you and a little child between you. „Wow, this is almost domestic.“ You chuckled and pulled your finger from the Greenlings hands. „And I hope you know you don‘t have to lay uncomfortably just for me to feel cozy.“ You felt him relax and put his second hand on your hips and gently put yours on top of it. Instead of flustering each other, you concentrated on the tiny snores emitting between you two for a while. „Can I touch your face or does that make you uncomf-“ You started whispering but were interrupted with an eager sound of acceptance. God, it was almost embarrassing to answer so quickly, but he was so starved for touch. You reached up towards his face and felt your way around it. The stubble, the somewhat puffy cheeks, the big nose, the slightly trembling lips. Then you brushed your fingers through his hair and felt him shiver under your touch. „I don‘t know much, but I know that you are pretty.“ You whispered and traced your fingers across his jawline. „So are you.“ He reached out his big hand to wander over the side of your head. You curled yourself closer to him, „We should‘ve done this earlier.“ „Yeah.“ He murmured, still in awe of what had just occurred. 
He woke up early the next morning, watching your sleeping face without the blindfold on, pushing strands of hair out of your face. Could one fall in love so quickly? You had been so accepting and so soft with him. You looked so weak right now yet so strong with that little frown on your face. A coo got him out of his stare and he looked at his child, „Good Morning, little womp rat.“ The Greenling pointed between him and you with a happy little coo, making Din chuckle. „Maybe.“ He smiled and scratched behind the baby‘s ears. With a little kiss to your forehead, he got out of the unit and put his Beskar suit back on.
Tumblr media
You were sitting on the floor cross-legged with the Greenling, playing catch with the little silver ball from a cockpit lever. He stood in front of you, making big eyes at you and pointed towards the door. „Your dada is still away,“ you explained in your baby voice before the Greenling held both arms up to you. You picked the child up under coo‘s and put the little amulet into his small hands to chew around on. „He told me you‘re 50 years old. I wonder how long your lifespan is,“ you mumbled down at it. There were big eyes directed at you, „He also told me about you levitating things and healing a man. That you‘re from a lineage his people fought against. You know what those are?“ You cooed and got a babbling back. „You are a Jedi and that‘s why people are after you, but you‘re such a sweet little child. Of course anyone with a conscience would protect you.“ You continued explaining. „I‘ll protect you too, alright? As long as your Dada lets me.“ You held down a finger for the Greenling to grab and felt a vision.
Lightsabers fighting, a planet exploding, someone protecting the child, an epiphany of it that it has powers, Mando, you, calmness.
You looked down and it was sound asleep. „Oh man, the force is strong with you. Isn‘t it, Greenling?“ You mumbled down at it before getting up and putting the child down on the bed all three of you still shared. Once you leaned up again you heard the clearing of a throat and turned around with a gasp. „It‘s just me, don‘t worry.“ He held up his hands. You sat down to calm your nerves again and watched him put off his armor bit by bit. „I heard you talk to him,“ he mumbled. „Yes?“ You dipped your head to the side. „You know about, uh, what did you call it?“ „Jedi.“ „Yeah, space wizards.“ He pointed at you. „They can do some amazing things.“ You smiled. „You ever met one? I mean, a fully grown one?“ He asked, sitting down next to you. „Once, before the war ended. Fierce warriors with the ability to heal things, levitate things and other cool stuff. Most of what I know comes from reading things.“ You shrugged. „And you think he is one?“ He looked behind you. „Judging by the visions he just gave me by a simple touch, yeah.“ You mumbled and he looked at you surprised. Well, that’s what his body language told you. „Visions?“ „Things he can remember. He‘s seen a lot of destruction. But now he feels calm.“ „Calm. Calm is good.“ You heard him murmur in his helmet. „He showed me lightsabers fighting, an exploding planet, someone protecting him, him finding out about his powers, then you and me and calmness.“ You went a little more in-depth. „Do you think he sees you as family?“ He looked up at you again. „Do you?“ You whispered back. He went silent for a bit, looking over your face through his dark visor. „You‘ve been with us for over a month now. I think you could call that normalcy.“ He began. „And I guess we kind of live a family life. Just that I go out there and still kill people for a living.“ He continued. You grabbed his hand into both of yours, „Yeah, but...do you see me as family? Not based on logic, based on emotion.“ „Yes.“ He nodded slowly and squeezed your hand. „Then tell me more about the creed. I wanna know more about where you grew up. I‘ll also tell you more about growing up on Vanqor.“ You didn‘t sleep much for the rest of the night. Too deep into conversation about your different upbringings. He‘d been saved by a Mandalorian in an attack and grew up in the Creed. You grew up in a wasteland filled with monster-like beings and were brought around to other planets by a man that you saw as your father before he turned on you in the most twisted ways imaginable.
Tumblr media
„We‘re here!“ You heard a modulated voice through the ship. „Where?“ You ran through the ship to the cockpit. „Endor.“ You could hear the smile in his voice and looked forward to see a beautiful forest moon. „Do you really think it‘s safe here? With all its history?“ You were a little concerned. „As long as we are nice to the population.“ He shrugged and slowly landed near a village, getting their attention.
A bunch of Ewoks came running towards the ship as you punched against your communication device to work. *Stranger! What do you seek here?* You came down the ramp with the Greenling in your arms and they took a step back. You kneeled down a bit, „We seek refuge to protect this child.“ *Jedi child!* There was a lot of back and forth between all of them if they should allow you there with all the bad that had happened to the moon until now. „Don‘t worry, we won‘t live near you if that‘s what you‘re concerned about. We just wanted to have your allowance to stay here.“ You spoke calmly as the Greenling in your arms cooed. „He needs to grow up as safe as possible.“ You heard next to you and they all were alarmed again. *Mando! Bad!* „This one isn‘t bad. I promise. If he decides to be bad, I‘ll find my ways.“ You winked at the Ewoks and Mando‘s face under the helmet was as confused as you imagined it. *Mando promise?* „They ask you to promise to be good.“ You translated for him. „I promise to be a good man. I just want my child to be safe here.“ He kneeled down too. *We show you a safe place in the forest tomorrow.* The leader nodded before they all left, leaving a few nosy Ewoks behind. „They are cute, like you, Greenling.“ You cooed at the slightly confused child.
„Guess I‘m stuck with both of you.“ He chuckled in the evening. „Guess you are.“ You smiled up at him, going over his helmet. „Can I ask you something?“ You looked up at him again after a while of focussing on the child. „Sure.“ „This is your clan. Well, he is at least. Doesn‘t that mean you can have your own clan rules?“ You played with the Greenlings ears under little giggles. He looked between the two of you for a while, listened to you talk to the little one and he could see the difference in you now. In the beginning you were scared of saying the wrong things and felt misplaced on the Crest. Now you looked like you were at home and the mother of his foundling. „You‘re right.“ He mumbled and took your hand, making you look up at him. „You‘re family. I‘d like to be part of this too. I know you‘re not on board with some of the practices, but-“ „Hey, I‘d do a lot to be with you both. Okay?“ He nodded and let you pull his head towards you. Forehead against helmet. „I don‘t want to manipulate you. You can believe in whatever you want, Din.“ „I know. But you‘re the first person that I actually want to show myself to. Even with all the rules I follow.“ He opened his heart to you. „If it‘s a new way you want for your clan.“ You smiled up at him and shrugged. „I‘m okay if I have to wear a blindfold for dinner the rest of my life.“ You chuckled and picked up the Greenling that started getting tired. He started fuzzing a little, „I know, baby. Mama is gonna help you fall asleep.“ That was the first time he heard you refer to yourself like that and it did weird things to his heart. You put the baby in its bassinet and helped it sleep with the little routine you had developed.
You were sitting in his cockpit seat, cross-legged, thinking deeply. There hadn’t been a lot of time to think before this. „You comin‘ to bed or are you sitting there staring holes through my ship for the entire night?“ He chuckled. „Yeah, one second,“ you mumbled. You didn‘t know if you deserved this. And you still were so used to distrust people. What if he turned out like the people in the past? Nice for a long time and then turning on you? Maybe protecting a Jedi child was a death sentence. But at least one that were willing to risk. You got up and made your way over to your shared corner, seeing him sit there, waiting for you. „What‘s on your mind?“ „Doubts.“ He frowned concerned under his helmet, „About what?“ „Just don‘t want the past to repeat.“ You shrugged. „It won‘t. I‘ll make sure of it.“ He brushed his glove-less hand over your face. You looked around for your blindfold and couldn‘t find it, „Have you seen-“ He held it up but didn‘t give it to you. Instead, he threw it behind him and reached for his helmet. You held your hands in front of your eyes and closed them as you heard the familiar hissing sound, „Din!“ He chuckled, half entertained, half nervous, taking your hands off your eyes. „Open them.“ He mumbled and you shook your head. „I don‘t want to.“ You whispered. „Why?“ He frowned, getting a little self-conscious. „I don‘t deserve to see you. And you won‘t be able to wear it again and-“ Your rambling was interrupted by a kiss, knocking the breath out of you. „I follow my own clan’s rules now. Besides, if a Mandalorian sees someone as family, they should be able to show themselves to them without being punished. You are my family.“ His voice was oddly soothing. You took a deep breath, hearing a little, „I love you.“ „I love you too.“ You opened your eyes to look into dark brown softness. „You never told me you had dark brown eyes.“ You tried to get rid of the tension. He put both your hands on his face, „I pictured you more...clean cut. But I like this way better. I like the hair.“ You gently went through it. „You look soft.“ His hard shell was represented by his armor, his soft one was right here. „Is that a good or bad thing.“ He chuckled and you came closer to his face again. „The best.“ He grabbed close you for another kiss. Din pushed the button to close the sleeping compartment, „Been wanting to do that for a while now.“ Making out with a Mandalorian was not on your list of life goals, but it should‘ve been on there for sure.
„I love you.“ „Love you more.“
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