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rendevok · 5 months
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“Take my hand” a comic for NaruMitsu Week 2023
day 1 - lies & secrets - 2 - 3
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theminecraftbee · 5 months
see okay. the thing is that doc is in no way the aggressor this go-around. like from day one, it’s been the buttercups antagonizing doc, leading him to strike back. the PROBLEM is that doc overreacts so wildly and threatens such wildly disproportionate retribution that it’s really, really funny to watch him get vinced because he’s trying to play 4D chess and his opponents are busy eating checkers. like it’s really, REALLY funny. like in a karma sense doc deserves none of this but in a COMEDY sense please. please I want to see him have another breakdown over motivational quotes and the stupidity of the average grian. please,
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messrsage · 3 days
i don’t like how the marauders fandom has become so popular and mainstream on tiktok not bc i want to gatekeep the fandom or anything but bc all of the new, big marauders tiktokers and cosplayers now look like and give off the vibe of the people who used to bully us for being in fandoms and getting excited over fanfiction or our favourite characters
#like im sorry but at least half of them are just doing thirst traps under the guise of cosplaying#just by saying it’s sirius core (they wore a leather jacket) or remus core (they’re wearing a sweater)#again this comes back to the thing i mentioned a few weeks ago about pretty privilege as well bc now they’re surpassing actual cosplayers i#the fandom who have been putting real work in for years and who know these characters like the back of their hand in terms of followers and#likes and it’s really disheartening to see bc so many of my mutuals there are amazing at what they do#and they’re not getting the same kind of attention anymore bc ppl (or the algorithm) prefer the conventionally pretty ppl over the fandom#nerds and geeks and freaks#idk where i’m going with this it just annoys me when it comes up on my feed#i’m barely on marauderstok anymore and i don’t post any content either so idk maybe im wrong and things aren’t like that at all#maybe that’s just my algorithm#i also think the way the fandom has gone mainstream is a huge part of the issues we’re experiencing as a fandom#these ppl don’t know how to be in a fandom#they don’t know how to use sites like ao3#they don’t understand the purpose of fanfiction or how headcanons work#they don’t KNOW#this is not to say that ppl aren't allowed to join fandom or partake in it just bc they're pretty or popular#but again its more the vibe of them being the kind of ppl who would look down at fandom or bully ppl in fandoms#and it shows in the way they interact with fandom bc they're trying to force fandom into being something that's palatable for them#instead of learning about how fandom operates and adapting to it#they're trying to censor ppl and cancel ppl and whatnot bc they did xyz and that just wont work with how *they* want fandom to be like#sorry to break it to you but fandoms arent all about aesthetics and not everyone is going to agree with your takes ppl are allowed to think#for themselves and ppl are allowed to disagree with you and ppl are allowed to partake in fandom in ways that might make you uncomfortable
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thranduel · 3 months
astarion, the man who was dying and offered eternal life, but had no idea that it meant becoming a slave to a sadistic master.
astarion, the man who had his freedom and bodily autonomy ripped away from him.
astarion, the man who was forced to befriend, seduce and sleep with people to lure them back to his master, resulting in severe sexual trauma and the struggle to form any sort of intimate relationship.
astarion, the man who was horribly punished whenever he refused his master’s orders (one punishment being sealed away in a dusty tomb, starving, for an entire year. he scratched his hands raw trying to carve his way out).
astarion, the man who was forced to eat rats.
astarion, the man who hasn’t even been able to see his own face since he turned.
astarion, the man who had his body mutilated as cazador carved scars onto his back, which he later found out was to bind him to a ritual.
astarion, the man who is so severely traumatised that he admitted he doesn’t know how to say “no” or ask for help (and he feels guilty when he does).
astarion, the man who waited two centuries to be helped and freed from torture, but no one came.
astarion, the man who was always treated like a monster when all he wanted was to be treated like a person.
astarion, the man who came up to you in the middle of the night just to thank you for defending him and allowing him to make his own decisions.
astarion, the man who said that no one ever looked out for him or showed him kindness, and that you’re the only one. “other people don’t have a heart like you. you’re you. no one is like that.”
astarion, the man who broke the cycle of power and terror that started centuries ago thanks to the love, care and compassion that you showed him when no one else did.
astarion, the man who confessed that he loves you and feels safe with you; something he has never felt with anyone before.
#my darling boy :(#astarion#baldur’s gate 3#bg3#bg3 spoilers#his backstory and character development make me want to bawl my eyes out#this is why i get so angry when people don’t even try to understand him#and when they reduce him to things he’s not#like do you pay ANY attention to anything he says??#or do you just stare at him and drool and then continue to sexualise him#sorry if that sounds dramatic but ughhhhhh man#it’s just incredibly annoying#like i don’t know why some people choose to pick up an intense game with really deep characters if they’re not gonna try to understand them#like they weren’t just made for you to treat them like they’re objects#and what gets me is the fact that astarion would HATE how people talk about him#and yes yes i know he’s not real i’m not dumb i am aware!!!!!#but he would absolutely hate it#that flirty sexy vampire image you have of him isn’t even real#it was a mask he wore#he was literally forced into doing those things#even in the game he has a reputation for flirting and sleeping around but that’s not even who he is or what he wants#it’s all an act#and it’s just so sad how everyone reduces him to that when it traumatises him every day#and apparently there’s a scene with raphael where if you haven’t seen astarion’s scars yet ->#raphael basically says he’s surprised astarion has kept his clothes on for this long and then he strips him naked in front of everyone#it’s so horrible and unfair#i just want to hold his hand and hug him tight. he deserves so much better in the game AND in this fandom#tw abuse#tw sa#my posts
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hannrenn · 1 month
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denkisauce · 11 months
literally when has another ship given as much as bakudeku has. when has another ship encompassed so many tropes all at once while also having the relationship develop the way it has???? sometimes i’m just like dumbfounding by the depth that exists between them like they’re not just childhood friends, they’re not just rivals to lovers they’re not just starcrossed they’re not just punk x nerd or jock x jock or nerd x nerd or whatever the fuck they’ve gone from best friends to broken to fixed to i would die for you x i would kill for you like????? the nicknames???? the fact that katsuki has never told deku to stop calling him kacchan even when their relationship was at their lowest???? the fact that he was carrying his all might card with him the whole time???????????? the fact that izuku is so defensive he unlocked new powers multiple times because of kacchan and katsuki is so defensive he was willing to die TWICE for izuku?????? even the smaller things, all might rooting for them, aizawa saying his whole thing about how the two of them push their entire class to go above and beyond,, house arrest boys???? ohhh my goddddd like i know we all know but i can’t stop thinking about all of this all the time 😩😩😩
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apollos-olives · 4 months
tourists get to enter palestine, lounge on our beaches, live on our land, eat our food, and explore our (stolen) art, style, and culture. but refugee palestinians who were kicked out of their homes, palestinians who left because they didn’t want their kids to live under apartheid, palestinians whose only options were to flee or get massacred- they barely ever get to enter their homeland again. most are never allowed to even go back.
how is that fair? that other people get to enter OUR country, live on OUR land, share OUR culture, but WE were never given the chance to? how can you just sit by and watch this happen without feeling disgust and pain in your heart for not even speaking up about it? the least anyone could do is just speak up. just say something. please.
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magpie-trove · 7 months
I don’t think we think about God and unrequited love enough
#it’s just love involves an opening up a making oneself vulnerable#a willingness to receive and a desire to give#and God loves us! he opens himself that way to us! he in some mysterious marvelous way makes himself vulnerable to us#and when that gift is denied?? when you love with everything in you and the other person doesn’t love you back??#that’s a unique and horrible kind of thing it’s a kind of agony isn’t it! it really it!#unrequited love is. so awful#I think on some level that’s just what the cross was#and when you love someone and they don’t love back you loooong for. just some small ounce of it#you eat up if they think one thought of you. glance your way once. say one nice thing. you soak it in you treasure it you long for it#soooo desperately! you don’t *need* it per se but you’ve chosen to need it maybe! idk!#and I think. God on the cross. the people he loved running away. ignoring him. loving other things#while we were yet sinners. man walked by wagging his head pretending he was nothing#while he was dying for us his heart pouring out everything he had for us in love#and I think—that desperation we feel that longing for just one sign of love from the beloved the unfathomable delight from the#littlest gift—I wonder if that’s what he felt and feels about us#And in those situations what I wouldn’t give for a sign from my beloved! and why do I yet leave him hanging! why don’t I look I at him!!#why don’t I alleviate his wounds his longing why don’t I try to give him everything to show now now I will love him in return and I’m sorry#for the longing and pain he had to endure while I wasn’t!! for denying that to him!!!
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sydneys-adamu · 2 months
I know the I’m sorry sign is essentially a frustrating stop gap that stands between carmy syd and an honest and expressive conversation and allows them to constantly dodge their actual feelings but fck if it’s not the most romantic shit I’ve ever seen. like what is that. how do they do that
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oreolesbian · 5 months
the absolute lack of media literacy from people who haven’t even seen oppenheimer is making my head spin but whatever
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sirenserendipity · 4 months
hey so guess what. i’m a switch and i love stone femmes. i love pillow princesses. i fucking LOVE it when i get to derive so much pleasure by fucking someone until they can barely breathe or even stand. it is a privilege to experience that. if someone has anything to say about stone identities they can talk to ME because i find it cringey as fuck when someone decides it’s “selfish.” like??? sorry you don’t understand boundaries lmao. i’m gonna go eat some stone princess pussy and fill it up with my strap. get well soon i guess??
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scootkiddo · 9 months
Jerry: “I won’t let you take her.”
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pgaslys · 1 month
Valentino Rossi : "When I see my two bikes, the two bikes of my team, on the gravel, after the flag, I say "this cannot be true". I understand that to give the hand, they touched the handle bars together and they both crashed. […] And we were so worried also because Celestino had an injury, on the podium. He broke the bottle and he has stitches in his hand. Because he makes like this [imitates Cele with the bottle] with the champagne to explode but he broke the bottle and he has the cut in the hand […] 22 stitch points, it's a disaster. In parc fermé, I said to my brother and to Bezz, "keep attention on the podium, don't make another disaster, it's enough". "
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noodles-and-tea · 6 months
sorry to say it but the mario movie was just not it. IT WAS SO BORING 😭 no hate to those that like it i just dont see the hype
To be totally honest with you my experience was the exact opposite - I was fully engaged from start to finish and thought the pacing was great (for me)
I have come to realise that Nintendo and illumination teamed up to create a movie with me specifically in mind so it’s understandable that you don’t like it.
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madootles · 1 month
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just discovered adventure time it's fun and weird
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pencilscratchins · 1 year
help i gently made fun of jared padalecki on twitter and a portal to 2009 opened in my mentions
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