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do you love me?;
Tumblr media
tokrev ver.
synopsis: you/they wake you up at 3am.
ft + wc: isagi yoichi, michael kaiser, oliver aiku. around 2k
warnings: gn!reader, no set timelines, pet names, situationship (oliver) extremely! soft! oliver!!, slightly angsty (oliver), slight jealousy (kaiser), kaiser's is suggestive, none really for isagi! aaand that should be it!
a/n: i finally finished something!! i've been in such a rut not only with writing but with reading. TnT. hopefully i can write more once my semester is finished! anyways, i wrote oliver's in basically one sitting kicking my feet n screaming. also ily to zen cus i dropped like the entire fic in their dms LMFAOO. and ily to su for proofreading for me!! hope u enjoy ♡.
Tumblr media
you always saw the twinkle in isagi yoichi’s eyes when he talked about soccer. it was cute, charming, and part of what attracted you to him. when the two of you finally started dating, soccer was very much a part of your lives. you’d pop in at practice whenever you could and much to his delight, you’d even try to learn about his idols and the game. 
when you studied it on your own, it was fine, you could go at your own pace. but when isagi was there, it was a little different. he always had so much to say, so many techniques and teams to go over. he was like a walking soccer encyclopedia and you appreciated it, even when it got a little overwhelming. 
but tonight, as he talked your ear off about noel noa for the nth time, you found yourself dozing off. the black haired striker’s eyes were glued to the match he was playing on the tv, every so often rewinding or slowing down a play to explain it. you tried your best, really, to stay awake but it was nearing 3am and soon enough yoichi was speaking to himself. 
“man, that was sick!” he exclaims. he’s about to ask your opinion when he finally looks back to see your head in your arms, asleep. “…oh.” 
he rouses you out of sleep, shaking your shoulder gently. when you awaken you’re met with his pouting face. you blink off the drowsiness, rubbing your eyes. “sorry i dozed off…” you reach for the remote, but he stops you. “yoichi?” 
“do you love me?” you’re caught off guard by the seriousness in his voice and the intensity of his gaze. 
you nod, “of course i do.” 
“say it.” it’s not uncharacteristic for him to be intense at times, but the glint in his eye is something you usually only see when he’s playing. you didn’t think you’d see it now and it’s a bit amusing. 
“i love you, yoichi.” you say, a smug grin on your face as you poke at his pouty cheeks. “aww, are you upset?” 
snapping out of it, he waves your hand away, slightly turning while his cheeks blush bright red. “…no.” 
“my baby,” you coo, continuing to reach over and squish his cheeks, “i’m sorry for falling asleep, yoi.”
“it’s okay…” he mumbles, enjoying the attention, “i didn’t realize you were so sleepy.” 
“well, it is 3am…” you giggle, pointing to his alarm clock. 
it’s cute how fast his head whips around to look. “oh… my bad.” he apologizes, sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck. 
“don’t worry about it,” you shrug, before getting up and pulling at his hands. “let’s go to sleep, yeah?” 
but isagi pauses, conflicted, before glancing back at the tv. “… just one more play?” 
“yoichi!” you whine, the idea of cuddling with your boyfriend in bed being extremely appealing. 
“please?” he pleads, hands clasped, and you sigh, giving in to his doe eyes. 
“fine. one more. that’s it and then we’re going to bed.” you say, settling down next to him. but if you’re being honest, you’re never immune to isagi yoichi.
the light in his eyes as he rambles and talks to you about his favorite thing always overwhelms anything else. you love him, wholly and fully. and maybe that’s why you don’t mention anything as one play turns to two, which then turns into the entire match. not a single word escapes you as he loads up the next game, telling you “this next one is insane.” 
it’s isagi’s turn to fall asleep and as the sun peeks over the horizon, you press a peck to his cheek as you wrap a blanket over his shoulders. 
“good night, yoichi.” 
Tumblr media
michael kaiser was many things, first and foremost a soccer player, secondly, a striker with a god complex and most importantly, your boyfriend. well, perhaps most important to you and although you’re mostly able to cast aside that doubt to love him fully, there are still moments when you just have to hear it. 
it’s 3am and kaiser’s in deep sleep, evident by the subtle snores coming from him. in contrast, you’re fully awake and sitting next to him, one finger trailing the expanse of his skin, from the curve of his cheek to the line of his jaw. he stirs slightly, but nonetheless stays asleep and that annoys you. 
“michael,” you whine, prodding at his cheek, “do you love me?” his eyelids flutter, face contorting to the singsong of your voice. 
“huh?” he responds, eyes opening and brows furrowing into a scowl you continue to prod. he grabs your hand, pulling it away from him. “what is it?” 
“do you love me?” you repeat, happily humming at his pretty face. 
he tsks before grumbling out a “nein.” he huffs before turning over. 
you pause, before scowling yourself. “what did you just say?” 
“nein.” he reiterates, closing his eyes. “goodnight.” 
you scoff, before shaking him again. “hey… seriously!” but it’s useless. kaiser’s decided it’s time for bed. truth be told, you should probably get some sleep too. but it’s annoying when you do feel like a side character in his story and not his co-lead. fine, you can be petty too. 
you round up your pillows, sighing and making sure to climb over him as you get off the bed. he catches your wrist as you try to leave, brow arched. 
“where are you going?” he asks, confused.
“the couch.” you deadpan. 
“i don’t wanna sleep next to someone who doesn’t love me.” you pout, hugging your pillow tightly. 
“it was a joke, liebe.” he sighs, pulling you down back into bed. “of course, i love you.” 
“hmm… you’re just pacifying me.” you say, hoping he’ll get the hint and finally give you some of the affection you’ve been craving. 
and he does, rolling his eyes before pressing a deep kiss to your lips. he makes sure to give you a few more afterwards, your giggle floating around his ears. “happy now?” 
“very.” you smile and he smiles back, but you can’t let him think he’s won just yet. “hey, i have a joke too.” 
“yeah? and you think it’s better than mine?” he teases and you grin even wider, nodding excitedly. “i’m all ears.” 
“okay. make sure you listen and like, really listen.” you command and he nods, moving his ear closer to your lips. “you’re a better player than isagi yoichi.” 
his face falls immediately and you burst out laughing, pushing off of him and grabbing your pillow again. you figure after your little stint, you’ll seriously be sleeping on the couch. 
“super funny, right? i should be a comedian.” you muse, before leaning down and giving him a peck on the cheek. “good night, emperor.” 
you turn to leave again, but kaiser’s quick to pull you down and underneath him. you yelp as he straddles you, pinning your wrists above your head. he’s frighteningly close, the tips of his blonde and blue hair hovering over your skin. 
there’s one thing about him that you don't know and it’s that he’ll never admit how soft you make him, how it’s actually he who melts at the sound of your voice. how it’s him who wants to hear nothing but endless praise from you, so maybe he did get a little mad at that joke.
“m-michael?” you squeak, squirming under his hold, “what are you doing?” 
“what do you mean? i’ve gotta remind you who the best striker in the world is.” he states and you recognize that look in his eyes. you didn’t think it’d rile him up this much. 
“babe, it was a joke!” 
he barks a laugh as you squirm harder underneath him. “it’s gonna be a long night, liebe.” 
Tumblr media
“hey oliver, do you love me?” 
perhaps not the best time to ask, neon bright 3:00 AM displayed on your alarm clock lets you know that. but still, the beating of oliver aiku’s heart that drums through your ears prompts you to ask anyway. 
he’s asleep, or so you think, and shirtless, with the press of your cheek against his chest, his skin feels warm. shyly, you stay looking at the wall, sometimes trailing down to his limp hand. meanwhile, your fingers ghost over his skin, writing little “i love you”s and infinity signs like an incantation or a spell. 
“dumb question,” you continue, “i know you don’t.” you give a small smile, it’s how the situation between you two works. you can sleep together, hold hands, maybe even call each other ‘partners’, but you never breach that threshold. he’s always just out of reach.
but oliver is awake, eyes stirred open by the figure eights you’ve been writing on him. he’s been listening to you the entire time, eyes blinking up at the ceiling. 
“well… in case you were wondering, i think i love you,” you confess, your heart thumping wildly, “like a lot, actually. do you…  think i’m stupid?” you pause, before opening your mouth to say that he doesn’t have to answer, but oliver cuts you off. 
“not really.” he says, the hand that was resting on your waist, starting to stroke your skin. 
you freeze before pushing yourself up and off of him. “hey! h-how long have you been awake?” 
he smirks and you hate the way your heart flutters, “a while,” he sits up, “hey, i love myself too.” 
you deflate a little, it’s too much of the same, the same jokes and the brushing off of feelings. but you should know this by now, that he doesn’t love you. “yeah, just not me.” you look away, wishing he would lie to you just one time. “i should go-“ 
he reaches over, grabbing your chin between his fingers and leveling your gazes together. “i never said that.” 
you blink, wide-eyed and you’re not sure what to do or even what to say. and while you’re sure your heart is beating so fast you swear he can hear it, you’re also emboldened, mustering up the courage to ask, “never said what?” but your voice comes out small, whispery and featherlight. 
“that i don’t love you.” he says. he doesn’t break eye-contact, pretty two-tone eyes locked on yours. 
you can’t help your emotions, the way they swell up in you overwhelmingly, as if you’re drowning in them. 
“do you love me, oliver?” you’re too happy to be embarrassed by the break in your voice when you say his name, too fixated on the way he touches you so gently. it’s like he can’t hurt you now, no matter what he’s done before. 
he nods, the hand on your chin moving to cup your cheek as he strokes his thumb reassuringly over your skin. he catches the tears that fall, thinking that it’s much better to see you happy cry than when he does something stupid. 
“could you say it? please?” you sniffle, placing a hand over his, keening into his touch. 
he gives a breathy laugh out of nervousness, before he clears his throat and says it, loud and clear. “i love you, y/n.” 
you laugh through your tears, relieved, because all the time you spent wondering was okay and the wait was worth it. the way it rolls off his tongue is so natural and so warm it has your head spinning. 
he brings up his other hand, wiping away at the tears that continue to fall. “c’mon baby, you’re gonna cry all night?” he teases, squishing your cheeks between his hands. 
“‘m not dreaming?” you mumble, shaking your head, “this is real? you really love me?” 
maybe when you wake up in the morning it’ll be different. maybe he’ll be back to the same old oliver, the one who deflects and dodges all your questions. so maybe it is a dream. but, if this is a dream… do they always feel so good? and is it possible to stay asleep? 
he hums, before asking, “does this feel real?” as he leans in to press a kiss to your lips. it’s sincere and authentic, the kind that makes your heart bloom. he pulls away, but only slightly to rest his forehead against yours. you nod and he grins, “good.”
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thesuperiorrobin · 3 days
Tumblr media
Pairing: Damian Wayne x Fem!reader
Word count: 1.0k
Warning: none
A/N: also reminder all my requests have been completely deleted after I had gotten a new phone. I’ll open up requests later I just don’t know when. I’m a bit disappointed in myself bc I didn’t get to them sooner. So again sorry if your requests won’t be done anytime soon.
Tumblr media
You’re never the first to call.
Most of the time it’s Damian.
Damian needs something in his life that no one in his family could give him. They could, but it wouldn’t be the same if he got it from you. You’re in your room, it’s late. Too late where the streets of Gotham have gone silent—and that alone should say something. You're humming a song of your choice that plays in the background of your bedroom as you sew up a piece of your jacket that you had accidentally ripped when you were out during the day. The music cuts off as your phone beside you starts to ring. It’s a facetime call.
incoming call 🩷🗡️Damian🩷🗡️….:
You’re quick to answer it… pressing the green button as you propped up your phone up against a couple of books you had laying around on your small desk you sat at so he could get a better view of you. There’s a smile on your face when he shows up. I'm your view on the phone. He’s laying down on his bed looking tired and beaten. Damian had just gotten back from a night of patrol before he decided to call you.
“Hi!” You great, he greets you back with a quiet hello “what are you doing?”
“I could ask you the same thing” you hum as you focus back on your jacket.
“Well, my excuse is I took a nap— at like—I don’t know-five? Maybe six? Anyway I woke up not even an hour ago. So I’ll be up the entire night” you laugh at yourself softly “What about you? Why are you up?” He’s quiet for a moment, and that worries you. He says nothing for a few scones seconds, you look up and stare at your phone—staring at his reflection on the other side of your device. There’s something about him that you can’t read well. And that says something because you could usually read off his emotions based on his expression.
“Just got done with patrol” he finally speaks and you nod slowly “how was your day beloved?” A question that’s quick to get you.
Damian loves listening to you talk about your day, even if it was just you doing absolutely nothing. You are quick with your answer.
“I didn’t do much! I only went to the mall today with a friend and let me tell you—twenty-five dollars in this economy ain’t shit. I think I spend around one hundred dollars? I think and I only went to like three stores but I still have money left over. Also Victoria secret underwear is not for the weak at all. They’re cute but some of them are just eh—not made for wearing them all day—“ you stop yourself from saying anything else. You look at your phone to stare at Damian who says nothing. The more you look at him the more he looks exhausted.
“Come over” a soft smile grazes your lips “‘my parents aren’t home. Away on a business trip or something like that”
“oh?” That seems to spike his interests “what’s the occasion?” You shrug as you think for a moment, your ripped jacket now forgotten and placed aside
“movie night? I was watching a scary movie on Max called Barbarian. I was watching it alone but ten minutes in I got scared” Damian let’s put a small laugh that warms your heart. He’s slowly coming down from whatever he was going through.
“I’ll be there. Just give me a few minutes”
“yay. I’ll see you in a bit. My windows open so you can just come in whenever”
You say your goodbye before you hang up on each other.
When Damian finally comes round you’re in the kitchen standing in front of the microwave as you make popcorn. Too engrossed on your phone you don’t notice him until his reflection covers your screen. You're quick to turn around and greet him with a hug that lasts longer than usual. It had you wondering. It’s not until the sound of your microwave beeping, you two pull apart but not fully. Hands linger on his face longer, palms against his tan cheeks.
“You okay?” Softly, you ask and he nods against your hands—his own hands coming up and grasping yours bringing your palm closer to his lips. He kisses it softly before he nuzzles into them again.
“Yes, with you I’m always okay” you hum as you smile up at him.
“Okay….” The microwave beeps once more, a reminder that the popcorn is ready. You let go of Damian as you make your way towards it, opening it and taking out the hot and steaming bag. You place it on the counter as you go and retrieve a bowl.
“You can go sit on the couch if you want” you say dumping the popcorn into the bowl
“I’ll be there in a minute” he nods but you can’t see, you hear his footsteps disappear as he walks away. You spot Damian sitting on the couch waiting patiently, there’s no expression on his face as he stares blankly at your T.V. A frown paints your lips as you walk up to him and hand him the popcorn—he doesn’t say a word as he takes it from your hand and watches as you search for the remote. When you do find it you sit next to him draping a blanket that was placed over the arm of the couch. There’s a static silence between the two of you as you search for the movie. Damian drapes his arm over your shoulder—leaning down onto you.
“Tired?” You laugh slightly—hand coming up to ruffle his black hair as you press play on the movie. He shakes his head
“No. I’m never tired” he smiles
“Okay, whatever you say” rolling your eyes playfully you lean closer to him. The popcorn was now in your hands, placed on your lap. Damian arms were wrapped around you protectively. You two to engrossed in the movie you were watching
Damian was always okay. He just missed you. Today was the first time he’s been over your house in the past six months and talking to you through the phone wasn’t doing any justice to him. Missing you kinda gives him a home sick-y feeling.
Tumblr media
Also I recommend watching Barbarian on MAX. It’s not really a jump scare kind of horror movie. It’s more like an uneasy kind of movie. 10/10. Although I do have to give a warning bc there is blood and gore and also mentions of rape and incest.
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Tumblr media
summary: After a worried phone call from Wheezie, you decide to come back to Kildare.
wc: 1.3k
a/n: This is set right after season three, let's pretend the time skip in the show doesn't exist (: This is my first post since 2020! Let me know what y'all think <3333 part two??? ;)
Eyes snapping open and with a rush of panic, you try to locate your piercingly loud phone tangled in the sheets somewhere next to you. Who the fuck would be calling me at whatever ungodly hour it is? Finally finding it, you damn near blind yourself with how bright it is and how unadjusted your eyes are. Squinting, too tired and agitated to read it, you swipe to answer the call like muscle memory. 
“Hello?” you huff.
“I’m sorry I know it’s late… but I have a favor to ask.”
“Wheeze? What’s going on? Are you okay?” Hearing her voice sits you straight up in your bed, she has never called this late or has ever asked of anything from you.
“I’m okay, kind of. I’m alive. It’s not me I’m worried about.”
“I know,” she cuts you off, “nevermind it was stupid anyways.”
“No, Wheezie, talk to me.”
“It’s just, Rafe,” you flinch at hearing his name, “I’m scared. I’ve never seen him like this before. We know he’s already a pretty angry guy, but this is something different.”
You sit there quietly listening. You left Kildare a year ago, after a nasty breakup with Rafe and trying to break apart the unhealthy codependency you both developed. You transferred to a different state college but you always stayed in touch with Wheezie. Before you and Rafe went wrong, you were close with both his sisters and promised to stay in contact with the young girl you watched grow throughout your time with Rafe. No one knew of course, you and Rafe were completely no contact- opting to block his number after one too many heartwrenching voicemails while obviously under the influence of his favorite white powder. 
Sarah hadn’t tried to reach out, but from what Wheeze had mentioned she got herself distracted with a pogue-turned cop killer-who was proved innocent. What a shit show. You knew it all, countless Facetime calls caught you up to speed. You consoled her through the “death” of Sarah, the “death” of her father and what other trauma presented itself. Sometimes it was too much being constantly reminded of your ex, whom you still loved very deeply, but being there for this poor girl trumped how it made you feel. The feeling went both ways, she stopped you from coming back to the island quite a few times when she told you just how bad things have gotten, insisting that she would be okay, when in reality she really just needed a hug from her honorary sister. He was never brought up, you didn’t ask, she didn’t tell. Something in your gut told you it’s just better if you don’t know what had been going on with him. You appreciated her respecting that boundary. 
“The club is hosting some kind of party in Ward’s honor tomorrow. It’s weird, he was supposed to be dead months ago and the island is just now doing something in memory of him. Probably Rose organized it or something, who knows. Anyways,” she stopped and took in a deep breath, “Rose wants us all to be there and speak about him in front of everyone. I went to ask Rafe what he planned on saying to hopefully find some inspiration but he just went on and on about how ‘the pogues killed him on purpose’ and how ‘they have another thing coming to them if they think they’re just going to get away with it’. I’ve seen him mad before, I’ve watched him punch holes through the walls, scream, yell, and cry. But this…” she trails off, inhaling deeply after her fast paced rant. 
You sigh, not knowing what to say, “Give me some time to get a bag packed and get on the road, and I’ll be there.”
“I’m sorry, I wouldn’t bother you with his dramatics if I didn’t think it was important.”
“Hey, don’t apologize, I’m glad you told me. I’ll be there soon, just keep working on what you want to say. I’ll help you brainstorm tomorrow while I’m driving if you need me to.”
“Thanks, Y/N. You’re seriously the best.”
“Keep your head up Wheeze, get some rest and maybe steer clear of your brother for a little bit.”
After hanging up, you sigh and stare up at your ceiling. Shit.
The drive back to the OBX gave you time to think, what would you actually be walking back into? Was his grief manifesting itself into the kind of anger and violence that could be fatal to anyone he saw at fault? You shuddered at the thought. Pulling in to your parent’s driveway, you sent a text to Wheezie telling her you just got in and you’ll meet her at the country club. You could name about a thousand and one places you would rather be than under the same roof as Rafe Cameron for the first time in over a year, but you wanted to pay your respects and be there to support the people that had turned into your bonus family during your 2 year relationship with Rafe. 
“You ready honey?” your mom asks as you slip on your shoes to match the black dress you had chose. 
“As I’ll ever be.” 
The car ride was quiet, your anxiety was palpable as you bit your nails down and bounced your leg uncontrollably. Walking in the familiar doors, all you saw was the looks on people’s faces as they realized you were back on the island and here no less. Pretty much everyone knew who you were, your family’s status not much different from the Cameron’s themselves. You were known as the sweet girl from the affluent family who smiled politely at everyone who looked in your direction and would never hurt a fly. Rafe’s reputation was quite the opposite. When you and Rafe had made your first entrance together at Midsummers at the age of 17, it was the talk of the island. Ignoring the stares and whispers, you held your head high and looked for Wheezie.
Standing next to a huge photo of Ward leant against an easel stood Rafe, watered down whiskey in hand as he blankly looked around at the people in the room. If one more person awkwardly gave him a tight lipped look of sympathy, he was going to lose it. He heard people murmuring and the looks in his direction seemed to increase. Shaking off the feeling like everyone knew something he didn’t, he downed his drink and made his way over to get another. Sofia caught him before he reached the bar and assumed her position under his arm. 
“Maybe slow down on the whiskey?” She meant well, but damn did he need another drink. Looking at her blankly, he kept moving towards the bartender. His father was dead, who gives a fuck how much alcohol his grieving son intakes. Kelce walks into the room from the hallway, looking around frantically, catching sight of Rafe as  he beelines toward him, out of breath. 
“Yo, Rafe, Y/N is here.” 
Rafe nearly chokes on his drink as he looks at Kelce with an unreadable expression, “What the fuck are you talking about?”
“Y/N, I just saw her walking in with my own two eyes bro.” 
He sets his glass back down and suddenly Sofia was right all along, he needs to slow down on the whiskey if you were really here. He thinks back to the last time he saw you, all the screaming and crying and pleading with you not to leave. Even with the past year's events, he puts losing you at the top of the list of the most painful things he’s ever been through. He understands why you left and couldn’t blame you, but damn did he miss you like you were the air he needed to breathe. You walked in, obviously looking for something or someone as he watched your eyes scan the room until they caught his. He immediately felt nauseous. I’m going to puke, you thought.
part two
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clairebear08 · 3 days
Our Future (Cassian x Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary// After collecting your mate from his study, you crawl into bed, beginning to talk about what does next for the two of you
Note: She’s a lil short, but I hope y’all can accept the “I’m sorry fic” after Shattered Souls
You left the bathroom door open, allowing the steam from your shower to follow you into your room. You frowned at the empty bed before you, void of your mate. Slowly, you made your way down through the dark halls to his study. Placing your hand on the doorknob, you slowly pushed it open.
Cassian was hunched over his desk, papers splayed in front of him. His brows were still furrowed in frustration as he looked up to see you. He took in the t-shirt you wore, smile crossing his features at the sight of you swimming in his stolen clothes.
You padded over to him, stopping behind his chair. He tipped his head back, hands snaking around to brush against your waist, “Hi, baby.”
You bent down, placing a soft kiss on his lips in greeting. Your eyes scanned the paper, noticing his neat scrawl all over them. You had no idea what it was for, only knowing that it was something your High Lord had been working on.
“Come to bed, please.” You pulled slightly on your mate, only earning a chuckle in response.
“I can’t, y/n. I need to finish this.” He sat up, reaching for the pen and beginning to work again.
You huffed, placing your hands on his shoulders and beginning to massage them. The pen hit his desk as he groaned his response.
“Y/n, I mean it.”
You grabbed his jaw, tilting his head back until he was looking at you, “So do I.”
“Baby, please just go to bed. I’ll be up soon, I promise.”
You rolled your eyes, knowing that was a lie. It didn’t matter anyways. You weren’t going to bed until he did, and he knew it. You hadn’t gone to bed without Cassian since you were mated a few years ago, waiting for him every night.
“Cass, it can wait until tomorrow. It’s already after midnight, you need to sleep.” You tugged slightly on his chair, “Please.”
He dropped his head and you smiled, knowing you’d won. He rose from his chair turning to face you. His arms wrapped round your waist, pulling you to him. He bent down, kissing you softly.
Mumbling against your lips, he answered you, “Alright, we’ll go to bed.”
You smiled up at him, pushing up to kiss him again. You took his hand in your own, guiding him to the door, shutting the lights off behind you.
Cassian exited the bathroom, room going dark behind him. You took in his form, grinning at the pajama pants slung low on his hips, chiseled body on full display.
He made his way to you, crawling across the bed to kiss you before sliding under the covers. He snaked his arms around you, pulling you onto his chest, letting your legs tangle together. His fingers began raking through your still damp hair.
“Cass, how much longer are you going to have to do that much work?” This wasn’t the first time you’d had to pull your mate away from his work to sleep or eat.
He sighed, chest rising and falling dramatically, “Until he’s able to leave Nyx and Feyre.”
You immediately felt guilty about wanting the High Lord to resume his duties to lessen the workload on Cassian. After Feyre’s near death experience with their son, you didn’t blame Rhys for wanting to be with them. You could fathom the pain of nearly loosing your mate, the thought alone making your chest ache.
“Ok.” Your fingers splayed across his bare chest, beginning to trace the toned lines of his body, “I just miss you is all.”
He chuckled slightly, moving a hand behind his head as his fingers continued to tease the strands of your hair, “I know, baby. I miss you too.” He hesitated before continuing, “Someday though, Rhys and Az will be taking on my workload so I can be with you.”
Your heart fluttered at the implication of a future child. You snuggled closer to his chest, “Hopefully someday soon.”
You could hear the way Cassian’s voice caught in his throat, loving it. You knew how much he wanted children, he two of you having talked about it a few times prior, never going to far into the conversation for your sake. He’d always been more than willing to wait until you were ready, though. You weren’t sure if it was due to seeing the pure happiness that Nyx brought or something else, but at some point recently you’d become ready.
“Y/n, you mean it?”
You lifted your head up, eyes locked on your mate, “I do.”
His smile was capable of lighting up the world as he reached for you, pulling you to his lips to kiss you. You giggled, kissing him back. You pulled away, nuzzling into his neck as he held you tighter. You knew he was itching to continue the conversation, never having gone far past establishing that you both wanted children at some point.
You sat up on his chest facing him again, finally ready to have this talk with your mate, “How many Cass?”
His lopsided grin had you blushing, “As many as your willing to give me, y/n.”
You giggled, “That’s going to be a lot of extra work for your brothers.”
His laugh vibrated through his chest, “They shouldn’t expect any less.”
Your smile was soft, thoughtful, “We might need a bigger house then, my love.”
He flipped you over, pinning you beneath him as he held your gaze, eyes darkening slightly, smile playing on his lips, “Y/n, I will build us hundreds of houses, each one bigger than the last if that’s what it takes.”
Your laughter bounced off the walls as you gave him a quick peck on the lips, “Alright, maybe not that many.”
He grinned as he dropped down, now resting on you. His head lay on your chest, arm wrapped around your body, holding you to him. Your fingers found their way into his hair, playing with the strands.
You could see it now, knowing he was thinking the same. You and your mate in your house, Illyrian babes running about. Cassian sitting on the floor, letting his daughters braid his hair. The both of you trying to teach them how to use the wings on their backs without getting hurt. You knew Cassian was going to be the best dad, and you could only pray to the Mother above that you could give him that chance.
You held him tight, “I can’t wait to give you that, my love.”
You could hear the smile in his voice as he drifted off to sleep, “I love you, y/n.”
“I love you Cass.”
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azurez · 1 day
cuddles w enha!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ot7 x reader (separate)
contains: fluff, just the members being adorable, my first time writing for enha, i hope it’s good!!
word count: 1k
heeseung 희승
cozy comforting cuddles
he’s a great listener and loves to hear about how your day has been
heeseung will talk about the antics his members have been up to, which always makes you laugh
"and then my friend just ditched me? i don’t know hee it’s so confusing with her" you sighed, looking at the boy who was lying next to you. "i’m sorry she’s being like this babe, you deserve much better" he said, pulling you closer to him. "how about we spend the day together tomorrow? if it helps make you feel better" he proposed. "that sounds nice; any time spent with you makes me feel good" you replied, smiling at your adorable boyfriend. "you’re so cute" you pointed out "your cuter" he responded, pressing a kiss onto your lips. "you got to admit, that was pretty cheesy" "it’s alright, i don’t mind being cheesy with you" he winked "stoppp" you laughed. you swore that jake was teaching him these things. "never!" he said, laughing along with you. heeseung was just happy to have made you smile, after all, an amazing person like you deserved it.
jongseong 종성
cuddles w sleepy jay >>
can you really call them cuddles though?
in reality, you are just tangling your limbs on your shared bed
if he ever needs to recharge, he’ll lay his head on top of your lap
you were sitting on the bed, scrolling through your various socials, when jay walked through the door and practically jumped on the bed. he shuffled over to you and rested his head in your lap. "long day?" you ask, putting your phone away to play with his hair. "mhm" he hummed as you combed through his soft strands of hair. "thank you love" he said quietly, "for what?" you asked. "just being here and comforting me" he murmured, "of course" you said smiling at the adorable boy in front of you. eventually you find yourself getting sleepy as well and move jay’s head onto the pillow before moving yourself further down the bed to get under the sheets. jay groaned, missing the contact with you, "i’m right here love" you said, putting your hand around his body.
jaeyun 재윤
constantly laughing together
sharing stories with each other while jake holds you in his arms
perfect way to end your day
loves giving you small pecks all over your face
"there’s no way the guys did that!" you said, "i swear niki hit the ball square in sunghoon’s face" he laughed, and you joined. sometimes you couldn’t understand how the members could be so chaotic. jake looked at you and somehow smiled even bigger than before. "you have the prettiest smile" he said, pressing kisses to your face, leading you to giggle more. "hey! jake that tickles stop!" "never!" he responded. jake pulled his arms around your body and pulled you even closer, "i love you so much" he said, hugging you. "i love you too baby" you replied, kissing him
sunghoon 성훈
you’ll find yourselves just exchanging a couple words but eventually end up in silence
though it’s not uncomfortable
likes to hold you close to him
you were scrolling on your phone as sunghoon laid next to you, his arms keeping your body close to his. "practice today go well?" you asked quietly; it was pretty late, and for some reason sunghoon was still awake. you usually didn’t see him often on days where he had a busy schedule, so you assumed something was wrong. "yeah it was good" he mumbled, playing with your hair. you placed your phone on the nightstand and moved sunghoon’s hand briefly so you were able to turn. "why are you up so late hoon?" "just missed being around you, it feels like we barely see each other" he frowned. "hey don’t be sad. i know your schedule is busy for a bit, but we’ll be able to do some stuff soon." sunghoon was so grateful to have someone as positive as you. he valued you more than you could ever know. "god i love you" he said placing a kiss on your forehead. "i love you too hoon" you smiled.
sunoo 선우
tend to cuddle together when watching a show or movie
he’s so cute TT
i can just imagine him smiling at you
"babe come over here" sunoo called. you grabbed some snacks before settling next to sunoo on the couch. "come closer; i’m freezing" he said, wrapping his arms around you as if he were a koala. you giggled at the clingy boy next to you and hugged him back. "i think i could stay like this forever" you said. "i wouldn’t mind" he chuckled. "i think the boys and engenes would" "that’s their problem" he answered jokingly, making you laugh in response. he looked at your smiling face and felt his heart beat faster. even after so long in your relationship, you still made sunoo’s heart race. suddenly you feel his soft lips on your yours, you reciprocate putting your hands on the back of his head, deepening the kiss. breaking away from the kiss you looked at sunoo, he had the most breathtaking smile. "i love you so much cutie" you whispered
jungwon 정원
his touch is the most conforming thing in the world
quiet confessions to you
the close proximity between the two of you makes him so happy
he feels so lucky to have you
after taking a shower, you plopped onto your shared bed with jungwon. "tired?" he asked, "extremely" you replied. the two of you had gone on a date, and though you enjoyed it a lot, you were now ready to rest. "did you have fun today?" he asked while moving his body closer to yours. "mhm, i really liked today" you answered in a hushed voice. he pecked your both your cheeks, before placing his lips on yours. "thank you yn, for everything. i am so happy i get to spend my time with you" your face gets hotter at the words that come from your boyfriend’s mouth. "of course won, i wouldn’t want to be with anyone else" you smiled. he pulled you close to him, your head near his chest, "i love this moment, i wish time would stop" "don’t worry baby, we’ll have each other forever" you mumbled sleepily.
riki 리키
if he’s tired or just wants to be held, you guys will just talk about your days or plans for the next day
but when he still has energy, he will do anything to get a reaction out of you
he’ll tickle you or lay on top of you
he loves seeing your smile after a long day
"riki stopppp" you cried out as your boyfriend tickled you with a smirk on his face. "not my fault you were ignoring me" he shrugged. "last time i checked ignoring and responding to jake aren’t the same thing" "you can respond to jake hyung later, you should spend time with me" niki whined "but how could i not say something when he sent me this adorable picture of you?" you said turning the phone to show him. he blushed and swatted the phone away, "whatever let’s just cuddle now" you giggled in response
Tumblr media
please don’t spam like posts, repost, translate, or use my work without my permission. all work is fictional and only used for entertainment purposes.
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keiwook · 12 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing zb1 x mostlygn!reader
genre fluff, comedy
notes hii, i hope you’re doing fine aswell anon <3 thank you for requesting and being patient, i hope you enjoy this !
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— zhang hao
hao was looking for some more hairclips and found some really cute ones
and he wanted to get your opinion on them
so he grabbed some and went to look for you
but then he saw some other person with you 🤔
he went closer and heard that the person asked for your number so he swooped in
“oh hey, dear. look what i found!”
side-eyes the person but it’s discreet so they don’t notice
shows you the hairclips with the most brightest smile ever 🎀
“aren’t they the cutest? do you want one?”
doesn’t wait for your answer and just pulls you to where he found the hairclips and leaves the person standing there 🧍
“i know i saved you, no need to thank me.”
— sung hanbin
he’s accompanying you
most likely there to help you pick out some clothes
he finds matching shirts and is like
‘omg, i must get these’ 😮
he’s all giddy and stuff to show you the shirts
and then he sees someone talking to you
and he’s like “oh! who’s this?”
at first he thinks that the person you’re talking to is a friend
and then he overhears the bad pickupline and is shook 😀
politely interrupts with a smile and pulls you away
“hi, sorry to interrupt but i just left something that i believe belongs to me.”
— seok matthew
asked you to accompany him
and you’re head over heels for him so you agreed
he needs more of his perfume (cologne?? idk) and starts explaining to you why his perfume scent is the best 👍
and while he’s explaining, he notices someone staring at you
doesn’t really care until they come up to you and start flirting
he steps in the middle of both of you and goes ‘hey buddy.’ 😃
you get a bit worried because matthew is a buff guy
“smell this. good right?”
the person agrees and they talk about the perfume
and you’re just there
they finally finish chatting and you both walk out the store and matthew looks so happy 😭
“they have good taste! too bad, both you and this perfume are mine.”
— shen ricky
mr. young and rich is spoiling you obv 😗
he tells you that you can grab anything you want and he’ll pay for it
you declined at first but he was like ‘i’m being serious, go all out’
so you instantly rushed to grab things (get that bag !)
he was waiting for you at the cash register
and he noticed that you were gone for waaaayy too long and got worried
so he went to find you and saw you conversing with someone else
as soon as he stepped in,
the person was like ‘uh.. i have to go now’
his aura is intimidating, ok. 😃
“what was that about?”
— park gunwook
is there to help you shop
mostly bcuz he likes being w you
he offers to hold all your bags 🫢
then he notices someone staring at you
and he’s staring back
he does not stop staring
he’s like cursing with his eyes cuz he’s too polite to say it directly 👍
you see this and you’re like ‘???’
it actually scares them off
you didn’t know what was going on so you asked why he was staring like that to an innocent person
“innocent? they were literally threatening me!”
— kim taerae
helping you to pick out clothes for an event
cuz he thinks his fashion sense is 100% better than yours 😐
and you disagree
so you both split up, picking out different clothes to compare whose is better
so when taerae was done, he went to find you
and saw you with someone he didn’t recognize
he genuinely thinks it’s an old friend of yours
so he comes in like “oh my god! long time no see!”
they continue to flirt w you and taerae is like
“i hope you know cpr cause you just took my breath away.” “that’s kinda funny, shouldn’t you be dead by now?” 😭
he keeps laughing at their flirting and they get annoyed and leave
“your friend is a funny one!”
— kim gyuvin
you dragged him with you
you insisted it would be fun
and then he was stuck walking around with you for hours and kept complaining his legs hurt 😦
so he just stopped walking for a while
and since he didn’t want to get lost again, he went to look for you
and he did
but he found you with another person !
and he saw the flirtatious winks they gave
and started screaming “STRANGER DANGER!!” ‼️
granted, it scared the guy off
but it also got you both kicked you out of the store
“i’m a lifesaver!”
— kim jiwoong
he’s accompanying you pt. 2
just follows you everywhere and doesn’t say anything
unless you ask for his opinion on something
got distracted by the perfumes and lost you 😭
and then he found you with another guy
overhears the failed flirting
and walks in, putting his arm around your shoulder
eyes the guy up and down and starts interrogating him 😀
“how old are you? where do you work at? what’s your salary?”
the guy thinks that jiwoong is your dad and is trying his best to get his approval
“yeah, no. you failed the test. let’s go, babe.”
— han yujin
you invited him along
and he agreed cuz he likes doing stuff w you
judges your preference in items the whole time 😔
went to go hide somewhere to try and scare you by randomly popping up
until some guy comes up to you and starts flirting
at first he doesn’t know what to do and just kinda stands there 🧍
but he couldn’t take it so he interrupts them
“can we go get icecream? pleaseeee” practically begging
you got weirded out by the guy and wanted to escape so you agreed
while walking away, yujin turns around and sticks his tongue out at the guy
and mouths ‘loser’ while he’s at it 🫵
“good thing i saved him from you.” “aw, than- wait, what?”
Tumblr media
© keiwook
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weemssapphic · 5 hours
in my head (series)
Chapter Nine: What If...
Larissa Weems x f!reader
previous chapter | next chapter | series page
words: ~2.1k, ao3 link
chapter-specific warnings: not really angsty but perhaps angst-adjacent?, fluff
chapter summary: The Morning After. Things are getting Real.
A/N: I am gearing up to find an ending to this story as I write the next chapters - as soon as I have figured out which chapter will for sure be the last, I will post about it on tumblr as well as update the total number of chapters on ao3. I hope you are enjoying the journey just as much as I am, and enjoy these two finally getting to talk a little. <3
Tumblr media
You hugged Larissa’s robe closer to your body to stave off the slight chill in her little apartment as you rummaged around her kitchen in search of coffee mugs. You’d only been in the kitchen once or twice before, and the mugs seemed to be in the last cupboard that you opened.
There was a rainbow unicorn mug that you’d seen Larissa drink from often - you’d have to ask her about it later, though if you had to guess, you’d say it was a gift from Enid. You chose this one for her and a branded Nevermore Academy mug with gold accents for yourself, then busied yourself with figuring out her espresso machine.
It made one hell of a ruckus when you turned it on and you winced - you definitely hadn’t planned to wake Larissa like this and you found yourself praying that she was a heavy sleeper. At least she hadn’t budged when you’d slipped your arm out from underneath her (it had fallen asleep, but you didn’t mind at all) and pressed a kiss to her cheek before leaving the bed. She’d looked so blissful that you wanted to savor the moment forever - but you also wanted to treat her, so you opted for searching through her kitchen for something to cook up.
You hummed quietly to yourself as you opened her fridge, frowning when you saw that it was nearly empty - does this woman not eat? 
“If you’re going to rob me blind, my fridge may not be the best place to start.” A raspy voice directly behind you startled you - you yelped, nearly jumping out of your skin.
“Fuck, Larissa, you scared me.” You turned, placing a hand over your heart and trying to calm your now racing pulse.
“Sorry,” Larissa chuckled.
“Did you know that you don’t have any food in here?”
“I hadn’t realized.” She smirked, raising an eyebrow at you. “Good morning to you, too.”
“Morning…” You smiled sheepishly. “I’m sorry about your coffee machine, I didn’t think it would be so loud. Did I wake you?” You chewed at your bottom lip as you took in Larissa’s appearance. Her hair was mussed, falling in waves over her shoulders and stopping just shy of her nipples. There was a faint red lipstick mark left over on her chin from the previous night that you must have missed when taking off her makeup - damn, that stuff stains - and her cheeks were gorgeously flushed.
Larissa shook her head, her hair catching the sunlight filtering in through the window like a halo. “No, I was awake before that.” Her smile bordered on timid and it melted your heart. You took a step towards her - you were flush against her now - and wrapped your arms around her waist, capturing her lips with your own in a languid kiss.
“Be careful,” Larissa mumbled against your lips. “I might get addicted to your kisses.”
“Would that be so terrible?” you mumbled back, trying to hide the way your breath caught in your throat. Larissa stilled, her warm breath coming out in puffs against your lips, and you felt as though time was standing still. Why was Larissa just standing there? Why wasn’t she saying anything? Why-
Then she closed the miniscule gap between the two of you, her lips crashing into yours in a kiss that was much more desperate, much needier than the last. 
“You weren’t there this morning,” Larissa panted between kisses.
Your brow furrowed and you pulled back to search her face.
“When I woke up,” she clarified at your confusion. “You weren’t in bed.”
And then Larissa Weems was pouting and your heart felt as though it had grown wings in your chest.
“Are you, by chance, a morning cuddler?” You were unable to hide your goofy grin, and Larissa’s pout became more exaggerated. She ducked her head into the crook of your neck, hiding her burning cheeks from your view.
Larissa mumbled something unintelligible into your neck, her breath softly caressing your skin - it left a little trail of goosebumps across the sensitive flesh.
“What was that?” you asked, your smile widening. You could feel Larissa’s head shake against your collarbone. When she pulled away, she was glowering at you in the most adorable way - you felt your heart could burst at any minute.
“Weren’t you going to make some coffee or something?” Larissa deflected, cheeks flaming red.
“Okay, okay, sorry,” you said, still grinning as you threw your hands up in the air in surrender. You planted a chaste kiss on Larissa’s cheek before placing your hands on her hips, moving her to the side so that you could navigate towards her espresso machine to prepare two coffees.
“Cute mug, by the way,” you teased, smirking as you handed her the unicorn mug. She laughed, her blush slowly fading. 
“It was a gift from Miss Sinclair for teacher appreciation week last school year.” Her eyes shone fondly as she looked down at the mug, before lifting it to her lips and taking a sip. 
“I knew it! That mug just screams Enid.” 
“It does, doesn’t it?” Larissa’s eyes crinkled at the outer corners. “Not many students think of their principal during teacher appreciation week. It was very thoughtful of her.”
You hopped onto the marble countertop and took a sip of your own coffee, reveling in Larissa’s joy. The blonde took a step closer to you, setting her mug down on the counter next to you and placing her hands on top of your thighs. She parted them slowly, fingers flexing against your skin, before stepping between your legs. 
The two of you were at the same height now, and you could gaze directly into her eyes. Her hands slipped underneath your robe (well, her robe), coming to rest on your waist as she pressed herself against you, ducking her head to rest it against your shoulder. 
The moment felt so domestic, so intimate - you’d never been friends with benefits with anyone else before but you were sure this was not usually part of the deal. You were almost certain Larissa could hear the thundering of your heart as her fingers began to trace soothing, absent-minded patterns against your skin.
A long silence enveloped the kitchen as you held Larissa close, playing gently with her loose, platinum waves.
Finally, Larissa’s voice broke the silence - it sounded small and uncertain, cracking slightly. “What are we doing?”
You knew what Larissa meant, but your breath caught in your throat as she spoke and you weren’t sure you were ready to bare your soul to her - so instead you feigned ignorance. “Uh, standing in the kitchen and drinking coffee?” 
Larissa pulled back just enough to glance up at you, her gaze reproachful. “What are we doing? What-” Her voice faltered. “What are we?”
“What do you want us to be?” you whispered, your voice wavering slightly.
Larissa’s eyes met your own - she looked so vulnerable that you felt your heart might crack in two. Her eyes began to mist over as she gazed at you, true oceans of blue, and her lips parted but no words came out. You simply stared back at her, a lump forming in your throat as the silence between you stretched on for miles.
“Darling,” she started quietly, and your stomach clenched almost painfully at the pet name. “I… I can’t be friends with benefits anymore.”
Your stomach dropped, your breath stuttered in your chest - you felt as though your lungs might collapse. Your own voice sounded miles away when you spoke. “What do you mean?”
“It hurts too much, knowing how I feel about you. I can’t keep hurting myself like this, and I can’t keep taking advantage of you.” Larissa shut her eyes, resting her forehead against your chest - finding comfort in your touch even when she was ending your… relationship? You felt a wetness on your chest and realized that Larissa was crying. 
“Hey, it’s okay.” Your first instinct was always to soothe the blonde, threading one hand in her platinum locks, nails scratching gently at her scalp, while your other hand cupped her cheek, swiping away a tear with your thumb as tears of your own threatened to fall. You’d never seen Larissa display her emotions so openly, and you couldn’t help the glimmer of hope that began to grow in your heart - what did she mean with “how I feel about you”?
“Why do you think you’re taking advantage of me?”
Larissa raised her head, sniffling slightly as she worked to reign in her emotions. You waited patiently until she had managed to stop the flow of tears, meeting your gaze - her eyes held worlds of sadness, layer upon layer of heartbreak - old and new - laid bare. 
“Y/N, I haven’t been honest about my feelings towards you.” Her eyes began to flicker around the room, landing on anything but you. “I can’t keep having sex with you if I want more from you than you can give me. That isn’t fair to either of us.” 
You could feel your pulse in your throat. “What if I could give it to you?”
Larissa cocked her head in question, her eyes reluctantly meeting your own. 
“What if I could give you anything you wanted?” You were breathless, watching Larissa’s eyes widen and her lips part. Her brows knit together and her eyes tracked every inch of your face.
“What if it’s you that I want?” she asked, her voice uncharacteristically small and timid.
You couldn’t help but let out a wet-sounding chuckle as tears of your own began to flow, and you wiped a tear out of the corner of your eye with the sleeve of the robe.
“What if I told you you already have me?”
Larissa had been on a rollercoaster of emotions since the moment she’d woken up. Warmth, fear, relief, safety, love, insecurity, anxiety, confusion - all stirred up and whirling around inside of her simultaneously.
Last night had been perfect - too perfect. She was certain she had never felt a connection like that with anyone before - and she was nearly certain you had to feel the same. She couldn’t just be imagining it - not with the tender way you touched her, the adoration in your gaze, the way you seemed to know exactly what she needed - taking your time to ensure she felt cherished and safe, gently slowing her down when she was lost in her own head and rushing herself. Never making her feel like she was too much (or not enough). 
But your voice had been ringing in her head all morning like a broken record: “No strings attached, Larissa. No feelings, no dates. Just two friendly coworkers who enjoy each other's company and just so happen to have mind-blowing sex.”
The echo of your words was loud and clear in Larissa’s mind. And, well, Larissa was doing a poor job of holding up her end of the bargain. So she had to tell you. 
She tried to keep her voice even, to state the facts and make this easier on the both of you. She tried to be easy to deal with - but she couldn’t keep the tears at bay, tears that she had held in for so long.
“What if I could give it to you?” you said then, and Larissa’s pulse began to race. She was almost certain she’d misheard you - there was simply no way-
“What if I could give you anything you wanted?” 
Larissa searched your face for something, anything, that she could use to ground herself.
“What if it’s you that I want?” She couldn’t believe she’d just admitted it out loud - but then, instead of turning away in disgust, you laughed.
“And what if I told you you already have me?”
It took a moment for Larissa’s brain to catch up as she processed your words.
“What do you mean?” Hope began to bloom in her chest - she was unable to control the way it unfurled its large petals against her ribcage, burying its roots deep within her soul.
She watched a blush unfold slowly across your face, watched your teeth come down on your bottom lip as you searched for words.
“I mean I don’t just want to have sex with you either, Larissa. I mean I have feelings for you. And I know you said you have a rule against dating coworkers - I respect that, really, I do. But all you need to do is ask, and I’m yours.”
Larissa’s hands found the tie of your robe and used it to pull you closer, closing the distance between you with a bruising kiss. She could hear the raw honesty in your voice but she had to feel you close - if she didn’t, she might feel you slip through her fingers like sand.
She pulled away, breathing heavily, resting her forehead against your own. Your warm breath ghosted over her face, your hands rubbed soothingly at her waist, the smell of your shampoo filled her nostrils - you were everywhere, enveloping her entirely.
“Darling?” she murmured.
“I don’t know what I’m doing,” she chuckled softly.
“We’ll take it one step at a time then,” you reassured her, smiling timidly.
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sevsnapes · 7 hours
Imagine that the reader learns how to use occlumency just to be able to read the answers of her companions in the tests. So when she chooses Severus' mind to read because he looks decidedly focused on the test, she realizes as soon as she enters in his mind that he had finished his test a long time ago, and that now he was just imagining dirty fantasies as he pretended to be deep concentrated on the subject. (If you could add a crush dynamic when talking about Sev, I'll be so thanked!😭)
Stress Relief
Snape x reader
Warnings/content: nsfw, reader has a vagina, fingering, hand jobs, suggested blow jobs, use of Legilimency, characters 18+ (takes place in seventh year), Severus says ‘fuck’ a lot, written on the spur of the moment in a flash of inspiration — please forgive any typos
You glanced around the hall, trying to find something to kickstart your memory. Why couldn’t you remember? Such a simple question and your mind had turned blank.
You knew you shouldn’t do it, but if you could only gather a small hint to push you in the right direction, you could pull away and put the rest together yourself. That’s not really cheating is it? You’d studied hard enough…
Severus was hunched over his exam paper as he had been from the start, and knowing he was exceptionally clever and unusually studious, you thought he might be a safe bet. The answers were probably racing through his mind as he sat there, finished with the paper or not.
Surreptitiously, you allowed your eyes to focus on the back of his stooped head, trying not to think about how gorgeous he was when he was focussing — this wasn’t the the time for fantasising about your crush — and tried to quietly enter his mind, and luckily, he was so deep in thought that he didn’t notice you pushing into his mind.
Stop it stop it stop it don’t think about it don’t- oh fuck-
Your brow furrowed. Whatever he was not thinking about wasn’t helping. You just needed-
Not here, not now, oh shit-
The nagging voice in his mind grew louder, loud enough to make you wince. You felt a twinge between your legs, too — something he has feeling.
You tried to move past it, to whatever was behind this reluctant cloud of pleading, but you still didn’t find the hint you’d hoped for.
Instead you saw yourself; your fingers sliding beneath the waistband of his trousers, then your lips wrapped around his length as he moaned and rolled his hips slowly, then his fingers moving your underwear aside to play with your soaked folds, his eyes glittering at the cries of pleasure tumbling from your mouth as he fucked you on his elegant digits.
You immediately pulled away, panting and red in the face, and he turned to you, his cheeks burning redder than yours. Shit. Did he know that you’d seen?
You forgot about the question that had stumped you and continued on with your exam, trying to focus on the paper, anything but his fingers between your legs. But now you’d seen it, it was almost impossible to concentrate.
Serves you right for cheating, you supposed.
After the exam, you exited the hall as swiftly as you could manage, avoiding your friends and hoping to find somewhere private to cool off after the heat of the imagery you’d seen playing out in his mind.
You felt a hand on your shoulder, though, and looked down at it. It was those beautiful fingers.
‘Severus!’ You forced a light voice. ‘How did you find it?’
‘About as frustrating as you did, I think,’ he mumbled, glancing around twitchily as the rest of the seventh years exited the hall in a swarm around you.
Your cheeks burned crimson again. He wasn’t talking about the exam.
‘You shouldn’t have done that,’ he spat bitterly.
‘I know,’ you breathed, hanging your head low. ‘I’m so sorry. I was desperate for a hint on question 7 and-’
‘The answer was Abraxan hair.’
‘Oh. Thank you. Anyway, it’s too late now, I didn’t get it right. But I am sorry, I didn’t mean to pry. Well, not much... not into… that.’
Without realising, you bit your lip, and Severus noticed.
You were sure he would take off any moment, furious with you, but he seemed reluctant to move away at all.
‘Look, do you want to- to… go and… I don’t know, m-maybe we could…’ he stuttered.
With a grin, you grabbed his hand and dragged him away, heading for a corridor you knew had been deserted for years.
‘No one will find us here,’ you whispered as your fingertips slipped down his chest, beneath his cloak and ran along his waist, pulling at his trousers.
He bit his lip this time, eyes scrunching shut as you palmed his aching length over his trousers.
‘Oh- ha- f-fuck-’
‘Touch me, Severus,’ you whined, and his hand instantly dragged up your thigh and under your skirt.
He was clumsier than he was in his fantasy, not entirely sure of where exactly he should touch you, but you slid your underwear aside with your free hand and rocked your hips to help him along.
Your heavy panting almost tore his orgasm from him already, but you left him wanting as you removed your hand to guide his finger to your clit, and then inside you.
He watched you unravel at his touch in awe, quickly learning how to satisfy you and pumping his finger harder, dragging over your g spot each time you offered a moan. You sounded just like he imagined you would, and your slick felt just as silky.
You wrapped one leg around him and shoved your hand inside his trousers then, wanking him in time with his ministrations, and in seconds his seed erupted, coating your hand and making a mess of his underwear.
As the waves of bliss took over his body, he cried out, muffled against your neck. It was a guttural, strangled cry, and if anyone had heard it they might have assumed someone was in pain.
It almost was painful, the most intense orgasm of his life being ripped from his body as you clenched around his finger, the heel of his palm pressed perfectly to your throbbing clit.
The way you moaned his name as you came on his fingers would form part of his fantasies for years to come, but after hearing it in reality he wasn’t sure he would ever be truly sated without it.
You collapsed against him, sinking to the ground together, weak and trembling. Neither of you were able to keep from laughing as you slid down the wall, the unexpected release making you giddy.
‘That was good stress relief,’ you sighed, your laughter subsiding into even breaths. You allowed your head to fall against his shoulder.
Severus hummed, averting his gaze.
‘I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of these exams. What if we agreed met up after each one? You know, to give us something to look forward to?’
Severus smirked. ‘What if we met before and after?’
‘Ah, relaxation first, stress relief after. Very thorough.’
He looked away again, embarrassment prickling at his cheeks that he’d had the gall to even suggest it, and flustered that you actually wanted to do this again.
‘In that case, we deserve at least one more round today, don’t you think? Especially since there were two exams…’
‘I- um-’
You quickly straddled his legs and slid lower, mouthing his already impossibly hard cock over his trousers.
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skrunklyshrimp · 3 days
Emotions of Beauty
Vil and Neige were always rivals, that was until he heard about a rising star, you. He saw you as an enemy in the entertainment industry despite never working with you before. What happens when both of you end up at the same school together? (Also the texting might look a little weird in this I can’t figure out how to align it to the right!) More notes at the end
Vil Schoenheit x GN!reader 
Warnings: Reader is called ‘mom’ because of how motherlike they are (GN pronous are used throughout the story though)
Tumblr media
Vil was pissed off, he couldn’t help it, first he had to deal with Neige and now you show up into the acting world.  Now he has to deal with two competitors, great.  When Vil was old enough to attend high school he dedicated all his time to studies instead of the entertainment industry, mainly to avoid both you and Neige.
“I ain’t eating this crap!” Epel said, his accent slipping as he pushed his tray away from him.
“Suck it up Epel.  You either eat that or nothing until lunch.  Again, do not let that tongue of yours slip.”  Vil said while digging into his specifically made food.
“Lilia, you have to stop scaring students!  I’m terribly sorry for our Vice dorm leader, he’s a little outdated.”
Vil froze instantly hearing that voice.  He thought it couldn’t be true, but low and behold when he turned around and saw you he was ready to scream.  It was bad enough when Neige got into Royal Sword Academy, now he had to deal with you in the same school.
“Ah!  Roi de Poison!  Your tea!”  Rook exclaimed while frantically searching for a towel.
“Verdammt!  Why are they here?”  Vil says with an even more furious look on his face.
Epel freaked out and started eating his disgusting looking food, so as not to upset Vil anymore, while Rook continued to stress about face marks and a towel.
You were clueless to this interaction as you were focused on getting Lilia to leave the poor first years alone.
“Lilia I swear.” You shake your head as he makes funny faces to try and scare the boy with blue hair.
“Stop it.”  You say while shoving his face to the side before continuing, “You all introduced yourselves to Lilia but not me.  Mind telling me who you are?” You ask while partially holding Lilia down.
“My name is Yuu, the one with red hair is Ace, the one with blue hair is Deuce, and this is Grim.”  The regular looking student says while holding up a beast looking creature.
“Nice to meet you all.  I’ll extend an invite for you all to sit with Diasomnia during lunch, we’re very lonely.  Now say bye Lilia!”  You say while staring at Lilia.
“Alright  Mom .  I hope you four come sit with us, farewell for now!”  Lilia says while teleporting back to the table.
“I swear what is with this dorm calling me mom.”  You say, talking to yourself while shaking your head before heading back to the Diasomnia table.
“You’re back.  I made sure Sebek didn’t eat your food.”  Silver says watching you step closer and closer.
“As if!  I wouldn’t dare take anyone else’s food!  That is purely disrespectful, doing so would hurt the reputation of me and if my reputation is ruined then I can never be a knight for Malleus!”  Sebek says, lecturing Silver.
“Sebek, calm down, Silver meant no harm.  Besides, you still have lots of food and class starts soon.”  You say while pointing towards Sebeks full tray of food.
You were enjoying a nice conversation with Lilia about random spells, when Silver fell asleep on his tray, ending up throwing a spoon into the air.  The spoon stayed up for a little while before falling on your head.
“Oh.. That’s not good is it..” Lilia says while staring at the food.
“Of course it’s not good!  I’m going to have to deal with food in my hair until the end of the day!  Wake up Silver!”  You say while in distress about your hair, frantically trying to wake up Silver.
“Hmm?  As to be expected, that person was always a clutz off stage.”  Vil says while taking a picture of your messed up hair and stressed face.
“Roi de Poison!  Taking pictures of your rival, that’s crapuleux!”  Rook exclaims, seeing the flash on Vil’s phone.
“You’re wrong Rook.  Look here.”  Vil showed the picture of you in a messed up state.
“Ah!  I didn’t expect you to go so low.”  Rook says in a dramatic way, placing a hand on his forehead.
“It’s blackmail.  I’m going to make sure they know not to mess with me.”  Vil says while placing his phone back into his pocket.
“Yer so scary Vil.”  Epel said, sighing while taking a bite of his food.
“Remember, watch your tongue, Epel.  I am glad you’re finally eating though.”  Vil said, digging into his meal.
“Thank you so much for leading us back to the dorm!”  A bunch of first years thank you.
“It’s no problem, after all we’re all new it’s totally okay to get lost!”  You say waving as they walk away.
You looked over as a bunch of students started running out of the kitchen and behind you.
“What happened?” You ask as the huge amount of students tried to hide.
“The Vice Dorm leader made some soup for us a-and, when a student ate it, they collapsed!”  A student says fearfully, tears forming in his eyes.
“Lilia!  Stop feeding the students your god awful food!”  You say while storming into the kitchen.  When you walked in you saw Sebek lying on the floor, foam coming out of his mouth with a soup bowl next to him.
“See, Sebek likes my cooking, I’m not awful at it.”  Lilia says while smiling, soup covering part of his face.
“Lilia, Sebek is on the verge of death.  Get out of the kitchen now, I’m making dinner tonight.”  You sigh while throwing out the pot of soup Lilia made.
“Okay  mom .  I guess I’ll listen to you.”  Lilia says while dragging Sebek out of the kitchen.
“Seriously!  What is with this dorm calling me mom!”  You scream out as a question.  “First it was the people in the industry and now my dorm members.”  You sigh.  You then looked in the fridge to see there was absolutely nothing to make.  The whole dorm didn’t know how to cook.  Sighing once more you prayed that there was something in the freezer that you could make, luckily there was.
“What is this… meal?”  Malleus asked when you brought out chicken tenders and french fries.
“Something simple because apparently I need to buy food for this dorm.” You said while bringing out condiments.  “If any of you don’t like it, go to the cafeteria to eat.  I have a meeting to attend.”  You say while putting away an apron.
They all nod as you head off to the film studies club’s first meeting.
“Rook, I cannot thank you enough for helping out today.”  Vil says while sighing.  It’s the first week of school and a bunch of students want to join his club, it just got overwhelming.
“I’m not too late right?”  Vil turns his head, knowing the voice of his second enemy, you.  “Oh Vil!  You’re here at this school?”  You ask while walking up to where he was standing.
“Ah!  Nice to meet you ma Beauté, my name is Rook Hunt!  Also known as le Chasseur D'amour!”  The man with a hat says while holding out his hand.
“Nice to meet you Rook!  I already know Vil so no need for introductions.”  You say while reaching out to shake his hand.
“You typically don’t do movies that include villain and hero roles, oui?”  Rook asks you while leading you to the room all the newbies were in.
“You’re right, I typically do horror and romance stories.  Though I’ve seen how good Vil is and I really want to do a movie with him.”  You responded.
“Of course I’m amazing at my roles.  Also why are you talking about me to someone else, while I’m here?”  Vil says, staring the two of you down. 
“I’m sorry, Vil.  Hopefully in this club we can perform together!”  You say before going to sit with everyone else.
“Now then, that should be all the applicants.  Everyone's attention!”  Vil yells at the crowd of people, preparing to explain the club.  As everyone silenced Vil started talking again, “Now this club we’re going to analyze popular movies and try to figure out why they are popular.  After figuring out why they are popular we’re going to try and implement those elements into a story of our own.”
All the students nod, some start to leave realizing it was not what they expected.
“Today is merely just a meeting, we have snack tables set up, and healthy foods set up for Pomefiore dorm members.  Interact and get to know your future club members, the next meeting will be announced at the end of this.”  Vil finishes his statement before walking towards Rook.
“Hey don’t cut lines!”  A student yells at another.
“Whatever!”  The student replies, taking huge amounts of food.
“You’re taking all the food!”  Lines of complaint started as the Savanaclaw student kept taking everything.
“Hey, stop that.”  You say, gripping the arm of the student stopping him from taking more food.
“So?  What are you going to do about it?”  The student responds to you, a smirk appearing on their face.
“Taking food from the club is normal, but taking huge amounts?  Also you cut the line, my guess is you’re going to most of the clubs and taking the food from them.  Put the food back or I’m going to break your arm.”  You say while smiling, installing fear into the students mind.
“As if!  A weakling like you could never-”  The Savanaclaw student gets cut off, 
“If I were you I wouldn’t start a fight with them.  Three reasons why is, they’re in the Diasomnia dorm, they were known for accidentally hurting people on set from their brute strength, and I would beat you up too.”  Vil says, stepping in and helping stop the Savanaclaw student.
“Y-You’re insane!”  He says while running away, dropping the plate on the table.
“Don’t think I was helping you, I just wanted to make sure a student didn’t end up at the nurse.  Anyways, continue what you were doing mom.”  Vil says, not realizing he just called you mom.
“Seriously!  Everyone at Diasomnia and in the entertainment industry calls me mom!  Why?”  You ask confused before grabbing some food.
Little did you know when Vil turned around to head back to Rook his face was a burning red.
“Vil, what was that?”  Rook questions Vil, who had just been standing there frozen for a while.
“Well I just called them  mom .  I’m no better than those nobodies on set who come up with silly nicknames.” Vil says in defeat.
“I think it’s very mignon that everyone calls them that.”  Rook says, staring at you interact with everybody.
“It’s because of the ‘mother like’ personality that they have.  Even when people were rude they wouldn’t let it get to them.  Also you have got to stop using random french words in your sentences.”  Vil says with a saddened expression on his face. 
“I am worried about their kindness, alas, they’re in Diasomnia are they not?  They can fight for themselves, Vil.  No need to worry.”  Rook says before leaving Vil alone to go talk to you.
Vil shakes his head while sighing, whispering to himself, “Kindness is key for someone to have, yet it can all lead to someone's downfall.”
“Mom!  Emergency!  Vice Dorm Leader Lilia made a sauce for everyone without saying he made it and I think half the dorm has foam coming out of their mouths!”  A Diasomnia student panics while running towards you.
“Hey, calm down.  I’ll head back and see what I can do.”  You assure the student before turning towards the club, “I’ll see you all next meeting since something important just came up.  Someone tell me the next meeting in school tomorrow!”  You say as the Diasomnia student drags you away.
Vil stands by watching this all happen before grabbing out his phone quickly.
The next meeting will be held next Thursday same time.
Is this Rook, Vil, or another student?
It’s Vil.  Rook was on a mission to get everyone's 
contact so it’s easier to give information about 
meetings and such.
I see..
Thank you Vil!
“Vil’s so funny.” You say aloud to yourself as you chase after the still panicking Diasomnia student.
You and the student walk into the Chamber of Mirrors together only to be met face to face with a smirking Lilia.
“Welcome back!”  Lilia greets you before dragging the student away.  
That’s when you see a bunch of students on the ground holding their stomachs.  There’s also quite a lot of students hanging from random places, and one student hanging from a chandelier with a blanket.
“What in the actual fuck.”  You say staring at this mess, you look over to the side to see Malleus just sitting there all giddy giddy.  “Thank the sevens you’re okay Sebek.  Please hand this out to every student who’s like this from food.  Can you also get Silver to help take down students hanging around?”  You say angrily, Sebek follows your steps very carefully.  
“Malleus you also need to know when to step in.  Just because Lilia is your guardian doesn’t mean he can get away with this.”  You point to the room behind you while lecturing him.  Malleus nods as you sigh, sitting down on one of the lounge couches.  After sitting for a while you feel a buzz from your phone.
Ma beauté!
Let me guess, Rook?
Ah!  So smart!
The club activities have ended and everything
has been cleaned up.  Vil has already told you
about next meeting, Oui?
Yes Sir!
Très bien!
You sigh and put your phone back into your pocket.  By now at least half the students that were affected are back to normal, helping others with the same problem.  You look up to still see the student hanging from the chandelier.
“Why has nobody taken down the person from the chandelier!  That should’ve been one of your first priorities!”  You scream, running to go help the poor kid down. 
“Honestly I forgot I put him up there.”  Lilia says, standing by your side.
“This is why there was a petition for me to replace you as the vice dorm leader.” You say, staring up at the student, wondering how to get up there.
“THERE WAS A WHAT!?!?!” Lilia screams in your ear.
Tumblr media
I did not plan for this to be a multiple part fic, it was supposed to be 1500ish words but now look at this. I will be updating this fic and my Sebek one in the next upcoming weeks (hopefully) Writers block is kinda gone!
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commander-writergirl · 22 hours
The Caretaker of Spider-people
Tumblr media
Synopsis: It’s not easy being the leader of a society of Spider-people and Miguel never backs down from a challenge.
Rating: PG/PG-13
Word Count; 1122
AN: One of my friends convinced me to write this. And to be honest, I’m glad I did haha. Also please let me know if any of the Spanish is wrong.
    Miguel flinched away as Miles messed with the light settings on his desk. “Stop that.” Miguel turned the light back down.
    “Woo Gwen wasn’t kidding you really hate lights.” Miles said as he sat down. “Is that a Spiderman thing or a broody Miguel thing?” Miles moved to stick to the bottom of the platform, but Miguel pulled him back.
    “It’s a Spiderman thing.” Miguel said as he set Miles back on the chair. He was starting to regret taking Miles on.
    “But Peter isn’t sensitive to lights neither are Gwen or Jessica,” Miles started bouncing in his seat. “Is it an older Hispanic spider power?!”  
    Miguel growled, flashing his canines. “Do you want to learn or keep annoying me?”  
    Miles cleared his throat and web pulled his notebook back to his lap, “Please continue.”
“Gwen, Gwen,” Miguel growled covering his ears. “GWEN!”
    The drumming stopped and Gwen sat there breathing heavily. “Yeah, boss?”  
    “You do remember half the people in this building have advanced hearing, correct?” Miguel glared at her. Why did he let Jessica talk him into things? Like letting Gwen set up a drum set in the tower to practice.  
    Gwen looked at Miguel. His ears were covered, and he was glaring at her. “Sorry Miguel, thought the room was soundproof.” Gwen shrugged.
    Miguel sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “Let’s get you moved to the correct room, Sobrina.” Miguel walked over and started picking up pieces of the set.
    “You're the best Miguel.” Gwen grabbed her bag and some of the smaller pieces.
    “Yea, yea.” Miguel pushed his tongue to the back of his teeth. Sadly, he couldn’t paralyze himself.  
    “You realize I agree with you, right?” Miguel listened as Hobie paced and ranted about the establishment and the ‘protests’ he had planned. He had agreed to five minutes with Hobie today to try and keep the rebellious spider in the loop; within Hobie’s comfort zones of course.  
    Which meant sitting on top of the tower. Which means Miguel has to keep his mask on.  
    “I didn’t realize you were against the establishment, bruv.”  
    Miguel shrugged, “Mega-corps are a problem in my universe.” Alchamax is a major one and the reason I’m like this, but Hobie didn’t need to know that.  
“And you take them down?”
    “More like keep them honest.” Miguel closed his eyes, a headache coming on. He really needed to get back inside soon.
    Hobie scoffed, “No such thing as an honest establishment.”  
    “I’m honest and you think I’m an establishment,” Miguel internally growled as his tongue caught on his fangs.  
    “You are barely honest, bruv.” Hobie sat back on his hands, guitar across his lap.
    Miguel shook his head, “Being 100% honest isn’t always in everyone's best interest.”  
    “Hey, can you watch Mayday for me?” Peter B. asked, a portal opened behind him.
    Miguel looked away from his screens. “Uh...”
    “Awesome. Thankyoubye!” Peter set May in Miguel's arms before jumping back through the portal.  
    “What, wait!” But the portal was already closed before Miguel could take a step. Miguel looked down at the red-headed baby in his arms. Mayday looked up at him.
    Miguel growled at her, causing May to start giggling. Miguel shook his head and turned back to his screens. “At least he didn’t let you keep the web shooters.” Miguel mumbled as May tried climbing over his shoulder.
    Gwen and Miles walked into Miguel’s office? Neither of them believed it was an office but calling it a sanctum felt weird. The two walked in to find Miguel sitting on the floor staring at an open vent.
    “Uh hey Tio, what’s uh what’s up?” Miles asked, looking at Gwen for any signs this was normal.
    Miguel was unfazed by the sign of respect from Miles and simply said, “Mayday crawled into the vent. I need one of you to get her.”  
    Gwen and Miles looked at each other before playing a quick game of rock, paper, scissors... which Miles lost... twice.
    “Fine, I’ll go.” Miles grumbled as he got down and crawled into the vent system. “Here Mayday, come to big brother Miles... Ah Spider!”  
    Gwen giggled and Miguel rolled his eyes.
    “How did she get in there anyway?” Gwen asked as she leaned against the wall. “Don’t you have like advanced super... everything?”
     Miguel glared at her, “I didn’t think the medical team would appreciate me dislocating my shoulders... again.”  
    “Yea, but you could have webbed down,” Gwen thought for a moment. “Or web grabbed her.”  
    “She was already in the vent by the time I turned around!” Miguel yelled, working on controlling his talons.
    Gwen blinked at him, “You turned your back on a baby?”  
    “She was playing, I had a field set up around her --”
    “She’s a spider baby.”  
    “I get the point Gwen!” Miguel closed his eyes. He began counting in his head to calm down.  
    “Here you go,” Miles said holding May outside of the vent.  
    Miguel carefully took May and watched as Miles climbed out. “Lyla, turn the AC back on.” Miguel said as he pulled cobwebs from May’s hair.
    “Sure, thing boss.”  
    “Huh that explains why it was so hot.” Miles said pulling at parts of his suit.
    “At least it meant May didn’t risk getting sliced.” Gwen said tickling Mayday’s stomach. May giggled and Miguel held her away from him as a smell came on.
    “Would either of you like to change her?” Miguel asked, trying not to breathe through his nose.
    “No.” both said at the same time before swinging out of there.
    Miguel sighed, “Lyla, when does Jess get back from maternity leave?”  
    “Three months.”  
    Miguel groaned and went to change May. “I’m charging your father for this.” May giggled and curled up her legs as Miguel walked to the baby bag.
    “It’s too early for this.” Miguel mumbled around his coffee. He didn’t really need it but old habits and all.
    It had been a long week. Being leader of thousands of Spidermen and women... and gender non-conforming... was a lot.
    Miguel was always the first in the building but today he could already tell something was off. He looked around as he walked into his office.
    That’s when he noticed the small flickering lights. He walked over and realized it was candles.
He looked down at the cake:  
   “Feliz Cumpleanos Tio Miguel.”  
And a little card sitting next to it:
    “From your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-people.”  
    Miguel shook his head but he couldn’t fight the smile that spread across his face.
    He blew out the candles.
    “They really like you Miguel,” Lyla said standing next to the cake.
    “Yeah, I know.” Miguel sipped his coffee and walked over to his desk, all the screens slowly coming to life.  
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luimagines · 6 hours
A Kabedon Part 2
Tumblr media
Part 1
Part 2 will have Wind, Sky and Four.
Content under the cut!
“Wind, give it back!”
“Nope! You have to catch me!”
You huff, almost screaming in frustration before you turned to one of the older boys for help. “Can’t you get it back for me?”
They looked at you with sympathy but the growing smile on their face, no matter how smothered, was telling you that they found the whole thing amusing and weren’t going to help you anytime soon.
You stomped your foot in frustration, turning back to go chase after the pirate.
“Link!” You screech, trying to lose the distance once more. “Give it back to me!”
“Nah!” He laughs maniacally, dancing around your outstretched hand. “You’re going to have to take it from me.” 
You’ve just about had it. This direct attack wasn’t working. You’re going to have to outsmart him. And if you allowed yourself to think it, you were willing to bet that it wasn’t going to be that difficult.
You turned directions, going opposite to where Wind went and ran off. Some of the other called out your name in concern, thinking Wind might have pushed you too far. But Wind followed you instead.
“H-hey!... I’m sorry! Come back! We’re not supposed to go off alone.”
You didn’t listen and found yourself hiding amongst the trees as Wind called out your name time and time again.
You waited for him to come closer before you decided to go through your incredibly impulsive plan.
Wind called your name, sounding more concerned as the seconds passed. “Please don’t do this. It’s not safe! You know this.”
Just a little closer.....
Wind looked around, walking slowing as he searched for you. You crept around the trunk of the largest tree in the area, keeping your steps quieter than your breath.
You eventually found yourself behind him.
And you tackled him.
“Give it back!”
You both tumbled through the fallen leaves. Limbs flew everywhere, each trying to get the upper hand. Somehow, you both got back to your feet amongst the chaos. You didn’t even have time to gin your footing again before you shoved him against the tree, trapping him between your arms.
“Got you!” You grinned, feeling incredibly proud of yourself.
Wind blinks owlishly at you, wide agape and slack jawed. His eyes search all around your face. It’s as if he’s found a bountiful treasure map but he unable to make sense of it.
You snatch your precious belonging out from under him and hold it up to his face. “I win.”
Wind gulps and lets himself sag. “....I guess you caught me...”
“I did!” You cheer and begin to head back to camp without another thought. ”Lets go.”
“...Right...” Wind follows you. “You had us worried for a second.”
“Well you shouldn’t give me a reason to worry you.” You’re not entirely sure what that means but it feels the right thig to say. Zelda said it once and you’ve been inclined to repeat every now and then. Zelda always wins the fights she’s in so it must be true. 
He started it. You just finished it.
“I can’t believe you.”
“I can believe me.”
“You shouldn’t.”
“Well I do.”
You and Sky were walking back from the market with the bags of your spoils in hand. The banter was easy and companionship was appreciated, even if the progress was a bit slow.
“How are going to explain this to the others?” You sighs, shaking your head.
“Easy. Just say it was my idea.” Sky explains. “There’s no reason why you have to-”
“Stop talking.” A sound came from the left of you and you’re not willing to trust the maker of it.
“Rude.” Sky keeps talking anyway. “I’m just saying there’s no reason for you to deal with it when I’m willing to take full responsibly-”
“Yes, yes, my hero- shut up.” You wave your hands frantically, trying to get him to cooperate.
“I’m just saying-”
“Stop saying stuff!” You push him away into a nearby wall, thanking your lucky start you also managed to push him into an alley way. With your hands over his mouth and your body against his, you strain your ears for the footsteps that seem to steady come in your direction.
Thankfully, Sky finally gets the message.
The footsteps pass, but you’re not willing to let go of the young man next to you just yet. Just in case.
The seconds begin to pass and the footsteps fade away until you can’t hear them any more. You let out a short breath of relief and finally step away from Sky.
He also lets a breath out and goes to step away from the wall but you keep him pinned against it with a single finger. “Don’t even think about it.”
His eyes dilate and fixate on yours.
“You could have just costed us this entire trip.” You narrow your eyes at him. “Learn to take a hint.”
“...Sorry.” Sky gulps.
You huff and move away enough for Sky to peel himself from the wall at last. “Alright. We’re going to have to be quick about this now. It would only be a matter of time until they catch our scent and track down that we were here. Let’s go. We have to get to the others.”
You begin to walk away, taking the bags of groceries with you as you go. When you turn to see the young man, you find that he’s still close to the alley way, having not moved much since you puled away.
Annoyed at his behavior, you charge back over to where he is and take his hand. “Are you sleep again?” You tease. “Come on. We have to hurry.”
Sky coughs, finally picking up speed to match yours. His grip tightens around the other bag in his hand. “Right...”
That’s it!
You had had it.
This boy. His smug nature. His arrogant demeanor. The way he teased, and teased and teased. The thought makes your blood boil from your frustrations alone.
He was such a pain in the neck. And yet he only showed this side to you. It was annoying. He was annoying.
You’d show him.
You’d show him once and for all.
You didn’t to wait long for your plan to be put into motion. When the group was out walking for the next leg of the journey, you knew that he would single you out just to see you blush and fluster until your words failed you. But not this time. This time you were going to swallow your pride and show him what for!
You tried to keep your walking speed where the people behind you be far enough away to buy you time but you weren’t walking fast enough to run into the people ahead of you.
“Lovely day, isn’t it?” Four smiles next to you. “I hope the weather stays nice. I would like to think that maybe nothing bad is happening when the day is as cheerful as this.”
You bite your lip, moving close to him. He doesn’t notice and he moves with the flow, keeping the same space between you both.
“I was hoping to walk by you again.” There it is. “You are my favorite person here.”
Darn it! So strong and right out the gate to boot. You can feel your cheeks heat up, but force yourself to swallow it down. You step closer again, pushing him further off the trail. “Thank you.”
Four nods, sending you a bright and cheery smile. The jerk. “That being said, I was wondering about the next time we get into town. We would need to get more food and supplies, obviously. But I want to go see if there’s worth noting. And I’m not talking about information gathering. Would you mind being my companion for that?”
You feel the words die in your throat. “Mhm.”
“Great!” Four beams. “Awesome!”
You can feel yourself flustering more. That’s not fair! You had a plan! you can’t back out now.
You growl and push Four against a nearby tree. The action takes the boy by surprise. Good. You wanted that to happen.
Four’s eyes get blown wide as he registers how the space between you has vanished nearly in its entirety. Slowly, his face also begins to turn a lovely shade of pink. His eyes meet yours and he swallows. “Hey-”
“Shut up.” You’re breathing a little harder than you want to admit but you carry on. “Stop being annoying charming. Stop disarming me. Stop attacking my brain with your offhanded comments. I can’t take being struck stupid every time you so much as open your mouth. It’s my turn.”
You push him closer to the tree, making sure you’re chest to chest, emphasizing your size difference. “Do you know how frustrating it is to have to deal with your dazzling smile or your pretty perfect eyes or knowing that you’re easily the smartest person here and yet you use your incredible intelligence to toy with me.”
“I’m nOt.” Four squeaks.
“Well you have some end goal!” You frown.
“I don’t.”
“Shush!” You can feel yourself slipping. “Not another peep! I’ll go with you into the town but by the three, I’m not playing this game!”
Four nods hastily. His jaw clenches but he finds himself only staring into your eyes.
“Ok, good. Glad we’re in agreement then.” You pull back, feeling the shame of your impulsiveness creep up your neck. “Now if your excuse me...”
You skitter away, leaving Four by himself against the tree.
Four puts his hand over his heart and slowly lowers himself to the forest floor. His swallows hard and stares into the space where you just where. He’s still not entirely sure what happened, but he finds himself unable to think about anything other than the way you looked as you pinned him there.
Part 3 TBA
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Tumblr media
↳ Index [Chapter 27 - Guilt]
Warnings: nightmares, Jimin is finally bettering himself, she keeps overthinking, Yoongi is going through it this chapter hahaha not in a bad way, this is both very sweet but also has sad moments
Wordcount: 7.1k
a/n: we stan a man wanting to do better
Tumblr media
The kitchen is filled with the smell of food. The air dances in the music of Hoseok’s playlist. The latter is currently showing off a dance move to Yoongi, who shows him his support by nodding his head as his arms are crossed in front of his chest.
“Are you getting the peppers soon?” Seokjin calls over his shoulder.
“Yeah, yeah soon. God, I was showing off my moves”, Hoseok whines, stopping his dance, “sorry hyung, it’ll have to wait.”
“Yeah, yeah”, Yoongi dismisses him but overall he looks very content with himself.
“What did you think of it?”
“It looked good”, Yoongi praises him which makes Hoseok show off a huge grin.
“You guys seem to have fun”, you call their attention.
“Oh guys, finally you’re done. The entire house heard you”, Hoseok says.
“What do you mean?”
Hoseok rolls his hips in a sexual way, making weird faces as he does.
“Eh-hey”, he says, wiggling his brows.
“You’re so gross, will you finally get the peppers?” Seokjin hisses.
Hoseok stumbles away with a cackle, soon disappearing in the pantry.
“Did you actually…”
“No. He’s gross and listened in”, Seokjin answers you, studying you from head to toe, “how are you doing, Taehyung?”
“Good thank you for asking. And you?” he says.
“Good, yeah”, Seokjin purses his lips in preparation for what he will say, “I’m glad you’re feeling better.”
“Oh uhm”, Taehyung lowers his gaze shyly, “thank you, that means a lot to me.”
“Mhm yeah”, Seokjin turns back to the stove, stirring the onion with bright red ears.
“I’m happy too”, Emma says, giving Taehyung a sweet smile, “we have to do another dance party soon. I’ll get my Banjo then”, she adds.
“Certainly!” Taehyung nods his head vigorously, “oh, I haven’t played folk in so long, we ought to do it soon.”
“Definitely”, she says, flashing him one last smile before returning to her task of dicing the pumpkin.
Taehyung looks at you with sparkling eyes. Did you see that? He says with that look, we are finally getting along. For the first time in far too many months his eyes carried honest life in them again and you are so happy that they do, hoping that it will never die out again. 
You lean in to peck his cheek, telling him that you were happy with it.
Taehyung inches closer to Seokjin and Emma afterwards, joining their middle.
“Can I help somehow? The food smells amazing already. What are we cooking?” he asks.
“Roasted pumpkin and pepper soup, it’s best for autumn days like today”, Emma tells him.
“Oh, that sounds lovely. You know, we were thinking about having a winter holiday party, perhaps we can cook it then too.”
“A winter holiday party? That sounds so much fun.”
“Definitely. I have already planned everything…”
Their conversation soon fades out into the background.
“Good morning”, you greet Yoongi, “did you sleep well?”
“I didn’t sleep.”
“Why? Are you okay? Did the conversation take so long? Are you okay? How did it go?”
“It went alright. He'll think about himself."
“And he is still alive, right?”
Yoongi scowls at you, “I told you that I wouldn’t kill him, didn’t I? Stop distrusting me.”
“Gosh, no I didn’t mean it like that. Thank you for talking to him.”
“Mhm”, Yoongi nods his head.
“So why did you stay awake all night?”
“I followed a supposed trail to Namjoon.”
“And? How did that go?”
“It lead to nothing”, he says and huffs out air.
“Gosh, that sucks. I’m sure we’ll find him soon”, you assure him.
“I hope”, he murmurs then goes to study your face, “you look…” his eyes flit to your middle then back to your face, “…well rested.”
“I am”, you pull him close to you, kissing his lips that way.
“Mhm”, Yoongi hums in acknowledgement, stepping back as inconspicuously as possible before that could happen. He ignores the confused look you send his way because of it.
Hoseok returns with the peppers.
“So guys, about this morning. I assume we are all goody good again?”
“Jesus christ Hoseok, you’re such a pervert. Can you stop talking about it?” Yoongi hisses.
“I’m just asking. They were really going at it.”
Yoongi frowns, crossing his arms in front of his chest.
“Yeah and apparently forgetting their training”, he murmurs, sending Jungkook a look.
“In my defence”, Jungkook begins, “I was only doing what you told me I could do. And Taehyung took watch.”
“I did”, Taehyung turns, looking proud.
“I know”, Yoongi answers him dryly, studying him from head to toe.
“And? What do you think of it? Did I do well?” he asks, nudging Yoongi’s chest.
“I guess.”
Taehyung grins proudly, “see? I told you, I know a thing or two about control as well. Now you don’t have to be his only teacher anymore, I can help too.”
Yoongi turns his head to the side, tightening the grip he has on his own arms, “mhm.”
“So you listened in too”, Hoseok says, wiggling his brows, “you pervert.”
“Hey, don’t call me a pervert. You did it first”, Yoongi complains.
“Did I?” Hoseok wiggles your brows.
“Whatever, I only did it to make sure Jungkook stayed in control.”
“Mhm sure and it wasn’t because you’re into it.”
Yoongi frowns again, giving Hoseok a little growl and a flash of his fangs.
Hoseok snickers.
“How about we all agree on not listening in on people having sex from now on, yeah?” you say, feeling like getting swallowed by the ground would be way more comfortable.
“I only did it to make sure you’re safe”, Yoongi murmurs, pouting which earns him one of your looks.
“In my defence, I listen in on Seokjin and Emma too”, Hoseok says.
“Yah!” Seokjin exclaims, head snapping up quickly, “what did you just say? Come here you little bastard”, he says, soon chasing Hoseok with a spatula in one hand and a dish towel in the other.
“Hoseok, Seokjin can you two behave?” Emma tells them with fondness in her eyes, “we need those peppers.”
“I’ll cut them”, Yoongi says, snatching them and a cutting board.
“Thank you hun, you are a darling”, Emma says, returning to the soup.
“I want to do something too”, Jungkook says.
“I wanted to bake bread”, Yoongi says, “the recipe’s in my book.”
“On it, bread it is. ___, Tae do you want to help me?”
“Of course!” Taehyung exclaims, hurrying to Jungkook’s side. He back hugs him, swaying their bodies from side to side with his chin resting on his shoulder.
“Just tell me what to do”, you say, staying between Jungkook and Yoongi.
You end up reading the ingredients while Taehyung is the one getting them and Jungkook is stuck with the duty of kneading. Every now and then he giggles when Taehyung decides to nibble on his neck or shoulder, telling the older vampire to stop it whilst never really fighting him off.
Yoongi in the meantime finishes the peppers and brings them to Emma, returning to your side afterwards.
“The dough is – Tae stop biting me – the dough is finished what should I do next?” Jungkook says with Taehyung nuzzled into his neck.
“Maybe start with a little less biting and more kneading?” you tease.
Taehyung lifts his head, grinning boyishly.
“I feel like you want to tell me something, darling”, he says.
“Of course not, you little sweetie just aren’t helpful”, you say, nudging his arm.
“But Kookie smells so good”, Taehyung pouts, resting his cheek on Jungkook’s shoulder, “I want to eat him.”
Jungkook gulps, staring at you and Yoongi with big eyes. His cheeks are rosy.
“Didn’t you do that enough this morning?” Yoongi throws in, eyes sparkling in unsure anticipation if his joke was funny.
Taehyung widens his eyes then snorts very ungracefully.
“Oh dear hyung, did you just joke?” he says.
“Why?” Yoongi crosses his arms in front of his chest.
“Nothing, you are simply hilarious”, Taehyung stumbles away from Jungkook to instead hug Yoongi, getting stopped by Yoongi raising his hand in a stopping motion before he can.
“Okay, don’t overstep your privilege now.”
Taehyung laughs, “come on, just one hug.”
“No, you’re making it weird. Fuck off.” 
“Okay then”, Taehyung says and falls around Yoongi’s neck instead.
Yoongi freezes up, staring at nothing with widened eyes and his arms stretched from his body. 
“What did I just tell you?”
“But I want to”, Taehyung murmurs into Yoongi’s shoulder. 
“Because I want to. You deserve a hug. For helping me last night and for talking to him and for being a great friend. I felt so alone lately, but now I don’t anymore. Thank you, hyung.”
“Uhm. Yeah.”
Yoongi pats Taehyung on the back twice, carrying an awkward look on his face.
“Are you done now?” he asks. 
Taehyung shakes his head, pulling Yoongi closer. 
“What are you doing? Can you”, he huffs out air, “can you not?” 
“But hyung, I love you.”
“Get off of me”, Yoongi says, wiggling in Taehyung’s hold. 
Taehyung snickers, “no.”
“Just piss off”, Yoongi hisses, pushing at Taehyung, “seriously Tae, I’ll break your arms if you don’t let go.”
Taehyung gives Yoongi a tight squeeze.
“No. Leave me alone. I don’t want this”, Yoongi complains, fighting the younger vampire vehemently. 
Not that he ever truly uses his strength. He is just weird about all of this. Weird and nervous like nothing else.
Taehyung giggles and finally steps back, flashing Yoongi a boyish grin.
“You’re so cold-hearted hyung. Do you not love me back?” he says, earning himself a dramatic eye roll, “do you not love me, hyung?”
“You’re so weird sometimes”, Yoongi fixes his shirt, looking to the side in shyness.
Taehyung cackles. Now everything is just how it is supposed to be. Safe for you.
Taehyung forces his arms under your own arms, hugging your middle that way.
“Oh you”, you squeak before giggling loudly, “gosh, you cutie what are you doing?”
“I’m hugging you”, Taehyung smiles brightly, “have I told you today that you are beautiful?”
“Gosh Tae”, you rest against his chest, “you’re flustering me so much.”
“So are you guys all a thing now?” Hoseok asks.
“What do you mean?”
“I just mean, you four”, he gestures between you, “are you all dating? Like a foursome thing?”
“No”, Yoongi says instantly, “we’re not.”
“But you all seem really close.”
“That is because Yoongi doesn’t know what he is talking about”, Taehyung says, “of course we are dating”, he says and tries to take Yoongi into a group hug with you and Jungkook.
“Can you let off?” Yoongi hisses, fleeing instantly, “just because we agreed on getting along, doesn’t mean I wanna date you.”
“Did I say something wrong?”
“Yes, I’m not dating you. Get that out of your head.”
Taehyung grins, “I’ll get you there eventually. I got Kookie too, didn’t I?” he says and nuzzles his nose into Jungkook’s neck.
The latter giggles loudly, “god Tae, you’re tickling me.”
“Tch”, and with that Yoongi turns away, ready to leave.
“Hey hyung, don’t leave”, Hoseok says, holding his wrist, “sorry for asking.”
“It’s fine, you couldn’t have known with all the clingy shit going on”, he assures him.
“God hyung, why are you so grumpy today?” Taehyung asks with a pout.
“I’m not grumpy”, he throws back, “can you give me space?”
“Of course, that’s a given.”
“Thanks. I’m gonna leave now. I need to meet someone.”
“Who are you meeting?” Seokjin asks.
“Just someone important. See you later.”
He leaves the kitchen in big steps.
“Well, that didn’t go as planned”, Hoseok mumbles, “shouldn’t I have asked?”
“I don’t know”, Jungkook says, looking at you just like all the others do.
“What?” you ask them,
“Can you talk to him?” Taehyung asks you, “he listens to you.”
“Y-yeah sure, I’ll talk to him”, you say, hurrying after Yoongi with an irregular pulse.
Deep down you hope that he has already left and you don’t have to talk to him. What if he brings up what happened with Suzy? Maybe that is why he is so pissed off today. Because he is angry that you had fun this morning instead of being sick in guilt. What if he wants to talk about it now? After all, he is the only person who didn’t talk to you about it yet. You have no idea what you should say if he decides to make this day the day.
Yoongi however is still present, putting on his coat. He looks at you through the mirror.
“Do you need something?” he asks.
“No uhm, Tae sent me”, you tell him.
“Ah”, Yoongi looks away, fingers working quickly to close the buttons, “what does he want?”
“He just wanted to know if you are angry at him.”
“A little yeah.”
“Do you want to tell me?”
Yoongi exhales loudly, looking at you again. He shakes his head, walking away from the mirror to put on his boots. He sits down for it.
“Okay uhm. What should I tell him you told me?”
Yoongi lifts his head, “are we in middle school that you have to play messenger? Why can’t he talk to me personally?” he hisses.
“Sorry, you’re right. I’ll tell him that”, you say, turning on your heels.
“No, wait”, Yoongi stops you.
You look over your shoulder.
“Come here”, he says in a soft voice, patting his thigh.
You waddle to him and sit down on it, avoiding eye contact.
“Can you look at me?” he asks, placing his fingers under your chin to turn your head gently.
You do so with heated cheeks.
“I’m not angry at you. You know that, don’t you?” he says softly, caressing your chin.
“Yeah, I guess.”
“Good”, he lets go of your chin, placing his hand on your thigh instead. It feels warm and heavy on your lap, “is there anything else you want to talk about?”
“No!” you exclaim instantly, jumping up from his lap, “there is nothing to talk about. I just came here for Taehyung, you know?”
Yoongi studies your sudden panicked face with his brows knitted in confusion.
“Okay”, he says, looking away to finish closing his boots.
“Okay then. Then that is talked about too, I’ll tell Tae that you want him to talk to you personally and then we have nothing else to talk about.”
“Yes, okay?” Yoongi stands up, studying your face with even more confusion.
“Okay bye, we’ll see each other later.”
“Princess”, he takes your hand gently, preventing you from turning away.
“Can I not get a kiss at least?” he asks, mind going haywire in sudden insecurity. Why are you literally drowning in the scent of fear? What did he do? He wonders those questions as you stare at him.
You nod your head and lean in for a kiss. Yoongi makes sure that you deepen it with his right hand holding your face and his left hand pressing you close by the small of your back.
“I’ll miss you”, he murmurs between kisses, “I’ll miss you like crazy, princess”, he whispers, sealing his words by kissing you oh so deeply. He breaks the kiss, letting your lower lip slip from between his teeth. It leaves your lips so tender, “you’ll miss me too, won’t you?” he asks as quietly as possible.
“Of course I’ll miss you”, you answer him, stubbing his nose with your own, “please be careful, my love.”
“I’m always careful”, he says and his voice carries a certain lightness to it all of a sudden, “be careful too, my princess. Don’t leave the house without the others, yeah?”
“Yes, okay.”
You open your eyes at the same time as Yoongi. He is blurry from being so close to you, but you can’t quite pull back yet.
“That’s my best girl”, he whispers, caressing your cheekbone before taking a step back.
He puts his gloves on afterwards, eyes locked on your face, “if you need anything just call me.”
“You know that you can talk to me about anything, right?”
You lower your eyes, nodding your head.
“Good”, he says, slinging his arm around your waist just to pull you into him and kiss your cheek, “so is there something you want to tell me?”
“No uhm, no please just be careful my love.”
“Mhm”, he nudges your cheek with his nose, “I will.”
“Good”, you say, daring to look into his eyes and meeting fondness in them, “see you later.”
“See you later, my princess.”
Yoongi leaves after one careful look at your face. You won’t see him for the rest of the day and you’ll go to sleep alone after taking a way too long shower where your mind wandered to the most traumatic day of your life.
Tumblr media
Lights flicker. The air smells acidic. The walls are red, the carpet on the ground is soaked in blood. The realisation of where you are is instant. You turn and run.
“No please no”, you beg, “wake up ___ wake up, you’re dreaming!” You can hear yourself but you don’t listen. Someone behind you is calling your name. A woman. She is calling you a murderer. Over and over again. You look over your shoulder. She has gotten closer than last night. Her face is still hidden. “Wake up!” you scream, reaching for the door which lies closed before you. “Fucking wake up ___!” you scream, ripping the door open.
Your eyes open. The room is dark. The air smells nothing like the stinging stench of blood. Exhaling shakily, you sit up and turn the lights on. The room appears in front of you, pulling you back to reality just enough to calm down your racing heart. You aren’t sleeping anymore. You are safe again. You are safe.
“I fucking hate this”, you press out, rubbing your own forehead to still the memory of the lasting dream, “I need air.”
You leave the lights on and leave in nothing but your pyjamas and slippers.
You regret your clothing choice once outside. The night is punishing, making you shiver within seconds and yet you don’t mind. Feeling cold means that you can at least feel something other than that awful, awful guilt in your stomach. It sits so heavy in there, reminding you each night why you shouldn’t do things like laugh or joke with the others.
The bench on which you sit down is wet under you, soaking your bottoms until even your skin is soaked. You take this sensation over the burning of blood soaking through your shoes. Each and every single night. Every single fucking night you are walking through too much blood. It’s so exhausting.
“Fuck”, you press out, lowering your head. A shiver runs through your body so aggressively that you physically have to exhale to make it easier to bear.
You are so tired.
A sound beside you makes you lift your head again.
Jimin is sitting next to you. He acknowledges you with a nod of his head, but turns it to look at the view instead.
You turn away too, locking your eyes on the one star you can see on the cloudy sky. It is almost flickering, as if it was fighting for its right on the sky. As if someone was trying to snuff it out while it screamed in order to be acknowledged as important. Flickering, flickering, flickering. Like those lights in your dreams. Endless flickering. You shake off the memory, squeezing the edge of the bench. Jimin doesn’t react.
“Are you just going to sit here?” you ask into the silence.
“Should I do a handstand instead?” he throws back.
You let out a tired chuckle, kicking a little pebble into the nothingness of the night.
“I don’t want to talk.”
“I know, I don’t want to talk either.”
“Okay, good.”
He settles back. You stare at your own feet. Your stomach is so tight in guilt. You hate feeling like this. You would do anything to turn it off. You sneak a glance at Jimin. Turning it all off…
“How does it feel?” you ask him.
“Didn’t you say you didn’t want to talk?”
“Yeah well…” you lower your head.
Jimin sneaks a glance at you then looks away. He thinks that you smell of fear, guilt and tiredness tonight. He wonders why you do, but doesn’t want to ask.
“How does what feel?” he probes.
“Turning off your emotions.”
Jimin is silent, which makes you sneak a glance at him to see if he hadn’t heard you. But he did, staring at you with slight shock in his eyes.
“I keep wondering”, you say.
He breathes out and looks back at the sky.
“Why do you want to know?”
“Because I want to know.”
“I see.”
“So? How does it feel?”
“Like taking a deep breath after being underwater for too long”, he answers you.
“Does it work instantly?”
“Yes, it’s instant. One moment you are hurting so much that you want to scream and kick and claw at something and then you flip it and it’s gone. All of it. All of the pain, the loss, the guilt and heartbreak. It’s as if it never even existed”, he sighs, “and that’s when you finally feel free.”
“And it really helps? You truly feel nothing?”
“Oh no, you still feel. But it’s more that all those things which really hurt, stop affecting you and all those things you enjoy feel like one endless epic acid trip. You’re there, but you’re not really there. There are consequences but they don’t affect you because they can’t hurt you. You know?”
“That must be nice.”
Jimin turns to study your features.
“It’s not”, he says coldly, “because you become an asshole. A cold, heartless asshole and once you wake up? Once you flick that switch? All those moments where you hurt strangers or the people important to you come back to you and then. Ohoho then”, he touches his chest, “then you really want to die. Because nothing hurts more than waking up from a good dream only to realise that you were the nightmare of so many others.”
“But at least you won’t feel like shit.”
“True, except when you do. Tenfolds.”
“I guess.”
“But why are you even asking? You’re human, it’s not like you can choose.”
You stay silent long enough that Jimin finds out that your fingers have been fumbling with the necklace around your neck all this time. The one carrying the vial of Taehyung’s blood.
“No”, he says, “don’t even think about it.”
“Why not? At least I could have an option.”
“An option? Now stop it”, he pulls your hand away, “you’re seriously considering throwing your life away because of what? A bad day? A random sad mood?”
“I killed someone.”
“So? We all did.”
“It hurts”, you barely get out and then your eyes fill with tears.
“I know. Your first kill always hurts the most.”
“I can’t stop thinking about it. When I, I close my eyes I, I see her face right before I killed her. It’s still so clear to me as, as if I was doing it over and over again.”
“It’s terrible isn’t it? You feel nothing in the moment, but feel like fucking shit afterwards.”
“Yes”, you croak, doing the unthinkable of letting out a sob.
Jimin watches you bury your face in your hands and then begin shaking in your sobs.
He pulls a grimace of helpless distaste.
“Don’t cry”, he says.
“I feel so awful. I, I can’t do this. Not even getting killed by you and Namjoon traumatised me as much. I, I had nightmares, but felt fine. But this is consuming me. I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s all I’m thinking about. It’s not leaving me.”
“And it probably won’t for a long time, but it’s only natural to think about it. You killed someone and that shit is awful.”
You sob miserably.
“Hell, most people live their life without ever knowing how it is to kill. But you’re not most people and if you hadn’t done what you did then we’d all be dead. All of us. Tae, me, the others. We’d all be dead.”
You lift your head from your hands to look at him.
“You saved us. What you did wasn’t murder, it was our rescue.”
Jimin scoots closer and gives your arm a soft tap. Just once and then he pulls back again.
“You’ll feel guilty for quite some time. You’ll also think of that bitch’s face for a long time. But I hope you don’t feel ashamed in front of us. Because we don’t see you as someone deserving of shame. We all killed people and what you did?” He shakes his head. “None of us even consider this a killing. You did the right thing.”
You sob.
And Jimin reaches out and taps your arm again.
“Especially Yoongi doesn’t see you differently”, he says and being called out on the one thing which has been hurting you like nothing else feels suffocating. But it feels especially suffocating because it came from Jimin.
You stare at him, “what do you mean?”
“Because Yoongi to you is what Tae’s to me and I know how I felt whenever Namjoon made me kill people in front of him.”
“And I know Yoongi. He doesn’t see you any differently. Hell. Knowing him, he’s beating himself up about what happened.”
You sniffle.
You look away.
You wonder if what you are witnessing is actually real.
You come to the conclusion that it is and look back at Jimin.
“How do you do it?” you ask him.
“Do what?”
“Live with blood on your hands? How do you do it so you don’t see yourself differently?”
He laughs with pain in his voice, “honey, it’s a little too late to ask me that”, he says but furrows his brows in seriousness when he sees how nervous you look because of it. He takes a deep breath and releases it by exhaling through his nose. “By covering it in more blood?” he is only partially joking but it makes you laugh nonetheless.
Jimin allows a tiny chuckle to slip past his lips as well, giving your arm a soothing pat. “And by pretending that what I did was the right thing? Or that it wasn’t my fault in the first place”, he says, staring at the night with lifeless eyes, “all those massacres? Just because I needed to sustain my body. All the torture? I did because Namjoon wanted me to. My wife?” He lowers his head.“I haven’t found an excuse for that one yet”, he confesses in a whisper.
“It was Namjoon’s fault”, you say.
Jimin turns his head, locking eyes with you. It feels as if this right here is the moment he truly looked into your eyes for the first time. That this right here was the moment where he allowed your connection to be real.
“Tae told me how you got turned. It was Namjoon’s fault.”
“You know my story?”
“Yes, Tae told me. He wanted the world to know the real you.”
“And you listened?”
“Of course I did. It meant a lot to him. You deserved it too. I feel like you were really trying to be better in those last few weeks before your death. “
Jimin pulls his arm away and scoots back. He seems flustered.
“I’m sorry by the way. I tried running as fast as possible, but I couldn’t get there in time”, you tell him.
“Don’t”, Jimin says, “I died for a good cause. Besides, I’m still here am I not?”
You nod your head.
“Do you know how it is?”
“So you were there?”
“Mhm-hm for a while. It was a meadow. It was endless and the sun never set. I kept running because I could smell my favourite food in the distance. So I ran and ran and realised that I was so incredibly slow because I was human again. And then I cried and ran faster because I finally understood what happened and it made me so incredibly happy and excited to finally find my peace.”
He exhales shakily.
“I fell then and someone dragged me back. And I screamed and cried and begged those hands to let me go. And the smell became lesser and lesser again until suddenly I saw nothing and felt as if I was being burned alive.”
He lowers his eyes.
“Then I woke up again and looked into Thea’s face and I knew that I was back on earth again”, he whispers, carrying heartbreak in his voice.
“I’m sorry, this must have been awful.”
“It was.”
“But you have Tae back.”
“Yes”, Jimin smiles honestly, “I have him back.”
“I’m happy that you do, because Taehyung is happy when you’re with him.”
Jimin sneaks a glance your way. For just a second he seems honest in his emotions. Gratefulness and maybe just the slightest bit of fondness. But then he flusters and the honesty disappears.
“When you’re not being a complete and utter manipulative asshole that is”, you add, “you were being a really shitty person when you told Tae that I was the one forcing you to bite me.”
“I know”, Jimin says, lowering his eyes, “I’m sorry. I was scared that he’ll hate me otherwise.”
“Yeah well, if you keep being a dick to anyone he cares about, maybe one day he will.”
Jimin snorts, lifting his brows in agreement, “I heard this quite a lot those past few days.”
“Yeah ‘cause it’s true. I know you have good in you. All those great stories Tae told me about you are proof enough.”
“Tae’s a dreamer.”
“So why did you sit with me right now and listen to me be sad?”
“You’re sitting on my thinking bench”, he answers you, making you snort.
“I don’t think that’s it. I think you actually want to be good, but don’t know how to start.”
“You sound like Yoongi”, Jimin murmurs, looking to the side with a tense jaw.
“I mean, at least now you know that two people think that way.”
Jimin shakes his head.
You study his face long enough that he sends you a look. 
“What?” he asks, lifting his brows in a challenge. 
“I just don’t know what to make of you.”
“The fuck do you mean by that?”
“You’re acting like a dick most of the time and yet somehow I never really...I don’t know, you’re not a dick to me.”
He scoffs, “and why should I be?”
“I don’t know. Maybe because you’re a dick to everyone?”
“That’s not true. I’m just a dick to people who deserve it.”
“Yeah? Like Yoongi?” you ask in a scoff. 
“We talked about that shit. You don’t gotta dwell on it anymore”, he hisses.
“You did?”
“That explains why you seem chill tonight.”
“I guess.”
He looks away and seems embarrassed by the conversation.
“I still gotta ask though. Why were you never mean to me? Except the one time you lied about the club, but even there you listened once I sat you down. Why do you even listen to me in the first place?”
“I don’t know what you want me to say. I’m not a total dick all the time you know?” he says and clicks his tongue.
“I like you when you aren’t. You know?”
“Ew, please don’t.”
“Was that an apology?”
“No? The fuck’s you on about?”
You scoff and chuckle.
“You’re so weird sometimes.”
“You’re weird.”
You laugh and to your surprise, Jimin lets out a little chuckle as well. 
You and he exchange a look. 
“Why is it so hard for you to be good all the time and not just sometimes?”
“It’s not hard, I’m just not a good person.”
“Didn’t you just say that you aren’t a dick all the time?”
“Not being a dick all the time and being a good person isn’t the same thing.”
“I guess”, you nudge his arm, “so why can’t you be good? Is it because of Namjoon?”
He turns his head quickly, looking at you with widened eyes.
“Why are you always asking me that?” he hisses.
“Because I want to know.”
Jimin grinds his teeth, lowering his eyes in anger.
“So what if it is because of him?” he spits, “what good does it to you to know that it’s because of him? It won’t change the fact that I’m still an asshole.”
You study his features long enough that Jimin feels the need to turn his head away again, shifting in embarrassment.
“Your days are going to be peaceful from now on”, you whisper.
Jimin glances at you with disbelief deep in his eyes.
“I’m positive that they will be.”
You look at Jimin. He is picking at the skin on his fingers, staring at the ground with fearful eyes. Perhaps he is wondering when those days will end again. Like they always did in the past when he thought himself safe only to be reminded that chaos exists. Taehyung told you about those days. There was a farm, apple trees and a woman named Ava, who sometimes loved to dress up as a man. And that chaos came after one year of tranquillity and that they lost everything again. There were many stories like that. Many stories that felt like hope, but ended in chaos. You think that Jimin feels just like this right now. That he wonders when those days of hope will be shattered by the cruel hands of chaos again.
“Should we hug each other?” you ask quietly.
Jimin turns his head to you, “what kind of request is that?”
You shrug your shoulders, “I don’t know. I just figured that maybe we both need a hug tonight.”
He falters, punching his own palm repeatedly as his eyes run over your features. Then he exhales, straightening up. He scoots closer, placing his arms around you in complete silence. You wrap your arms around him as well, resting your chin on his shoulder.
He shudders in an almost angry exhale. His face falls against your neck, lips brushing against your skin in the process.
You bury your hand in his hair, making sure he stays close, “now let’s stay like this for a bit.”
Jimin doesn’t have his eyes closed because quite frankly he would hate himself if he gave in to his urges. He looks outside at the endless night and the painting of light and shadow the moon cast onto the earth. He doesn’t like the hug while at the same time hoping that it would never end. Namjoon took everything from him. He thinks of it. His life, his people, his lovers, his bond with Taehyung, his carelessness, his restful nights and his feelings. Namjoon ruined him. There is no person in his life who hurt him as much as he did.
Jimin closes his arms around your waist as tightly as possible.
There is no night where he doesn’t have trouble falling asleep, let alone sleep longer than an hour for nightmares of all the torture he was put through pull him awake again. Jimin hasn’t slept well ever since he was turned and he is so exhausted.
So, so exhausted.
He closes his eyes for he felt so terribly tired. He closes his eyes and lets those shadows on the ground disappear from his vision.
You thought that you wouldn’t enjoy the hug but you do. He feels good. His arms are strong but his hands are gentle and there is something in the way he holds you that lets you know that he understands way more than he may tell you. You can’t explain why, but it feels good to be understood by Jimin. The others may have killed a few people, but Jimin actually enjoyed it at times. So to be understood by him feels comforting. He, who wants to be better, tells you that you, who did something so awful, can be forgiven too. The thought comforts you greatly.
And so you close your eyes, pulling him closer until you have his scent in your nose. Orange blossoms. Just like Taehyung told you all those months ago.
“Thank you”, you whisper.
“For what?” 
“The hug.”
“I’ll kill you if you tell anyone about this”, he murmurs.
“Don’t worry”, you let out a little scoff, “I’m not telling anyone. Idiot, just accept the hug.”
“Hah”, Jimin lets out a deep breath, “fuck, now you made it weird.”
He breaks away from you, putting distance between you and him while his eyes are looking to the side in embarrassment. He touches the side of his neck.
“You uhm”, he clears his throat, “you don’t stink.”
“Thank you?” you have to chuckle, “what a sweet compliment.”
“God, shut up”, he groans, “you’re so annoying.”
And with that he stands up, stomping off in an almost childish manner. You snicker to yourself. Poor boy, he is so obviously flustered. It is almost adorable.
You follow him.
“What?” he hisses, looking at you through the corners of his eyes.
“Nothing, I’m just walking.”
“Yeah? Do you have to walk next to me?”
“Oh come on, Jimin. Our titties just touched in a deep hug, stop being so stuck up.”
“Hah!” he rolls his eyes, “you’re stuck up”, he murmurs, making you grin.
Childish baby.
Soon you arrive by your door. He is avoiding eye contact at all cost.
“You uhm”, he says, reaches out to tap your shoulder only to pull back before he can touch you, “sleep tight.”
“You too.”
Jimin turns and struts down the hallway.
He stops, looks over his shoulder.
“Thank you for listening to me. I really needed it tonight.”
“Sure, uhm..thanks too”, he says and turns.
You sneak back into your room afterwards, closing the door on the world. You won’t be plagued by another nightmare that night.
Tumblr media
Jimin stops when he is in front of Taehyung’s room. He touches the doorknob, hesitating to turn it. In the end he does.
“___?” Taehyung’s voice is small and weak in sleep. 
“She’s not here.”
“Jimin? You are back? I, I thought you left”, Taehyung sits up and locks eyes with Jimin. Despite the darkness surrounding them, they can see each other clearly. The darkness never bothered them anyways.
“No, I’m back. I just left to think for a while.”
“I see. What are you doing here?” Taehyung asks, “are you here for sex? Please just give me a moment to find my strength.”
Jimin feels a twinge of guilt in his chest for he finally sees his own faults. He really treated Taehyung as nothing more than his willing sexdoll, didn’t he?
“I’m not here for sex. I was wondering if I could sleep here with you tonight”, he answers him, watching how Taehyung is struggling for words.
“S-sure”, he stutters out in the end, pulling the blanket to his chest in nervousness.
Jimin rids himself of his clothes until only his briefs are covering him. Taehyung looks at his bared body then at his face. There was unsure curiosity in his eyes, but also fear.
Jimin can see it so clearly now and it hurts him because he sees so much of himself in Taehyung’s eyes. Oh it hurts even more because while Namjoon never promised Jimin love, he did. He promised Taehyung love and yet Taehyung still looks at him with the same fear Jimin felt when Namjoon would undress in front of him.
“Open the blanket”, Jimin says, “you are not hogging all of it.”
Taehyung does so willingly but with nervousness in his scent.
Jimin lies down on the right side of Taehyung’s pillow and after a second of hesitation Taehyung places his head on its left side. He is gawking at him with his balled fists pressed to his chest.
Jimin reaches out and cups Taehyung’s cheek, aching when this makes the latter flinch.
“Can you remember the last time we fell asleep together naked?” he asks him.
“No”, Taehyung whispers.
“I can. It was after the hunt we went on and we shared a bath and drank wine and talked about the play you were planning on writing”, Jimin caresses Taehyung’s cheek, “and then we talked in bed for hours without bothering to get dressed. We talked until we fell asleep.”
“You remember?” Taehyung whispers.
Jimin nods his head, “the twenty ninth of December 1765, it snowed so much the next day and you insisted on staying in bed. It was your birthday that day and I gave you new paints. Remember?”
Taehyung opens his balled fists, placing his relaxed hands on the pillow between their faces. He nods his head with his lower lip trembling sadly.
“I think of those days a lot. Sometimes when Namjoon hurt me, I turned my consciousness off and lost myself in the memory of them. I didn’t mind the pain then”, Jimin confesses, “they’re the only detailed memories I have. Next to the one of our days on the farm.”
“Why are you telling me all of this?” Taehyung’s voice is barely audible.
“Because”, Jimin scoots closer, making Taehyung’s breath hitch, “I have never loved someone as deeply as I love you, Taehyung”, he says in a language the two vampires haven’t spoken in centuries. Jimin thought that he had already forgotten it, but he was wrong. It came so easy to him now that he can talk to Taehyung.
“Oh”, Taehyung gets out and sobs. He trembles as he sobs, contorting his face into a grimace of painful relief.
Jimin pulls him close, kissing his forehead before letting him hide his face in his chest.
“I love you too, Jimin”, Taehyung answers him in their mother language. He sobs afterwards. He sobs and sobs and sobs.
And Jimin pulls him as close as possible. He feels guilty for Taehyung should have never been pushed so low that confessions of love make him cry so miserably. But he also feels happy for he realises that hugging Taehyung feels like paradise.
He feels his own tears roll down his cheeks just seconds later. He realised that you were right. He is safe from Namjoon and he can finally be tender to Taehyung. He felt like crying in relief afterwards and so he did and Taehyung kissed him and held him and cried with him until they fell asleep in each others’ arms.
Jimin has no trouble falling asleep. He holds Taehyung and Taehyung holds him and all those demons lurking in the shadows can’t hurt him anymore.
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wolfgirl-valentine · 2 days
Dreamling Week 2023 Wednesday 7 - (Accidental)Fake Dating
Matthew found them in a little cafe near the campus Hob works at. Fortunately they were in the garden area, so he can land on their table without causing a ruckus.
“Sorry for interrupting your date Boss, but Lucienne said your presence is needed back”
Two very interesting things happened in that moment, one: Hob Gadling suddenly chocked in his coffee, Dream of the fucking Endless moved to give him a couple pats on the back with a concerned expression, and two: they started to talk over each other (once Hob cleaned his airways, tough they were probably burned)
“This is not…I…we aren’t!”
“This is not a date Matthew”
Matthew looked from one to the other, Hobs face red in mortification(or probably from breathing hot coffee) and the Boss pressing his hands together in a gesture that can be misinterpreted as distress.
“WHAT DO YOU MEAN THIS ISN'T A DATE???!!!” Matthew is definitely in distress, as if the sky being blue stopped making sense “but! but! you have been seeing each other at least once a week!!”
“...and you are always in such a good mood after them!!”
“...and Losh has said the weather has never been better!!”
“...and you always put so much effort in getting ready for them! you even use an actual mirror instead of magicking everything!!!”
The slightly rising in the Boss voice volume finally make him shut up, looking at them again he realizes that Hob is even redder than before, his expression one of shocked surprise, staring at Dream, who was looking at his hands as if they were the most fascinating thing in the universe.
"Return to the Dreaming Matthew, tell Lucienne I will return as soon as possible"
Then something clicked inside his not quite bird brain, and oh, these were not dates, but the Boss wished they were and the human didn't know.
Oh no, oh shit "Oh fuck!" He realizes he said the last bit out loud when the Lord of Nightmares gaze shifted to him and…yep that is his clue to flee "Okseeyoubackbossbye" and with that Matthew was flying back as if he had a hellhound on his tail.
Once in the Dreaming he found Lucienne at her desk, and landing(more like crashing) on the open book in front of her, starting her in the process "Matthew!!"
"I'm done Lucienne!!! It's over!!! I'm a dead bird!!!" He said, pacing back and forth over the desk 
"What are you talking about?"
"I fucked up pretty bad! But I didn't know!!! How was I supposed to know?????? He never tells me anything!!!!"
"You aren't making sense!"
"I ruined everything Lucienne!!!!"
"Matthew!! You need to explain what you are talking about!" The harsh tone make him snap out of his spiral of despair.
"I may have implied that the Boss meetings with his human friend were dates, when I realized said human in question didn't know they were dates, instead of laughing it off as a joke I kinda confirmed that the Boss wanted them to be dates! In front of the guy!!!!" Can birds hyperventilate? Because Matthew is pretty sure he is hyperventilating.
"Oh Matthew…" Lucienne sighed heavily as she pinched her nose, Matthew doesn't think dramfolk can have headaches but he is sure she is having one right now.
"What do I do??? "
"I'm sure is not…" 
"Matthew" the raven almost fell off the desk as Dream materializes directly in the library
"Boss!! I'm sorry!!! I swear I didn't know!!! I…" he stops as Dream rises a hand asking for silence
"I suggest you are more careful with your words in the future, while this time they had a beneficial effect, that would not always be the case"
"What?" Matthew looked at the Boss again, this time noticing a couple of things, his hair looked more disheveled than when he leave him in the Waking, the lapel oh his coat is slightly wrinkled, and is that a faint blush on his cheeks? Oh! Oh shit! "Oh fuck!!" A raised eyebrow make him close his beak again.
"That will be all Matthew, I'll call you if your assistance is required" and ok, he knows when he is being dismissed
"Sure thing Boss, glad I was of help"
"Thank you" and Matthew is sure what the thanks are for but he isn't that much of a fool to point it out, so he just gives a little nood and flees for the second time in a day.
(I was very exited to show this one!!! is the reason I’m even joined the activity, is the first one I wrote! Hope you enjoy it! Its also my first time writing Matthew!)
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rubberfuckey · 1 day
Tumblr media
summary: After a worried phone call from Wheezie, you decide to come back to Kildare. Second part!
part one
wc: 1.4k
a/n: Thank you guys so much for the positive feedback from the first part, I'm already planning on part three! Let me know what you think and if you would like to be tagged in the next part! (: <3333
talk to me
You have two options; run for the hills and deny even seeing him, obviously a lie, or go up and face it head-on. Who is this girl next to him? Sofia hasn’t stopped watching Rafe’s face since you walked in. She knew who you were so she knew how he must’ve felt seeing you here. You decide to go over, at least you could introduce yourself to the girl and say hi to Kelce; both fallbacks if things with Rafe get too awkward. You make your way over straight to them and watch Kelce turn to whisper something to Rafe then walk away. Damn it Kelce. 
As he walked by you, he grabbed your wrist, “Welcome home. Thank God you’re back.” 
You look at him with nothing but nervousness in your eyes, “Is it that bad?”
“I’m just really happy to see you.” he chuckles as he keeps walking far away from whatever was about to happen.
Sofia seemed to only move closer to Rafe’s side, not that he was paying her a single slither of attention anyways. With his mouth stuck open, you look down at your feet suddenly feeling every set of eyes on you. 
“Hey,” you said once you reach him. Hey? Really?
“Uh, hey?” 
“Sorry that was weird, how are you?” 
He would not break eye contact, please look away. 
“Oh, I’m great, yeah. You know how much I love Rose Cameron’s parties.” 
You snicker at his sarcasm and finally break the eye contact, looking at the girl you had conveniently forgotten was there.
“Hi, I’m Y/N.” You stick out your hand for her to shake.
“Sofia.” She says with a small smile.
“Rose did a great job planning all this, huh? It really looks nice in here.” Please, God, strike me down right here. 
“Yeah.” She trailed off awkwardly.
“So! How long have you two been together?” You asked with the fakest smile you could muster.
“We’re not together.” “A few months.” Rafe and Sofia answer at the same exact time. 
Your smile falters, which answer was it? You send her a soft smile before Rafe looks down at you, “What are you doing here, Y/N?”
You debated telling him that Wheezie called but you didn’t want to throw her under the bus. 
“Oh uh, my parents told me what had happened. I had the weekend free so I decided I should probably come to pay my respects.”
Silence, again.
“Have you guys seen Wheezie around anywhere? I want to go say hi.”
“Yeah, I think she’s outback with Sarah somewhere,” Sofia responds, Rafe still hasn’t looked away from you. He’s looking down at you with an intensity that makes it feel hard to breathe.
“Thank you, I’m sure I’ll see you guys around later. It was great to meet you.” You walked away as if the ground would swallow you whole if you stayed another minute. Rafe walked away from Sofia without a word. 
Of course, you had to run into Rose before even making it outside. She gasped “Y/N!”
She looks awful, wearing all black and mascara under her eyes. No one should have to go through something like this, twice nonetheless.
“Hey Rose, I’m so sorry.” You said softly as tears filled her eyes again. She shook her head, not wanting to address it.
“Everyone’s going to be so happy to see you, we miss you coming around to the house.”. You were always welcome there, they thought you were a great influence on everyone. Not to mention, you had a spotless reputation. As an older woman came up to speak to Rose, you took that as your sign to continue walking towards the door.
It doesn’t take long at all to spot her, “Wheezie!”
“Y/N! Finally, you’re here!” she said as she pulled you into a hug.
You looked over to see Sarah shocked at the sight of you.
“Hey, Sar.” 
She pulled you into a hug as soon as Wheezie let go of you and whispered in your ear, “You wouldn’t believe what happened since you left.” 
She gave you an unreadable look as she pulled away from the hug and showed you where they had sat down. 
“Did you see him?” Wheezie asked as Sarah looked for your reaction. All you could do was nod as you let out the breath you felt you had been holding since you saw him. 
“I’m sorry, maybe I shouldn’t have asked you to come here,” Wheezie says upset with herself.
“No, I’m glad I’m here. I want to be here for you guys.” You reassured. You had half a mind to google ‘therapists near me’ sitting here, but you wouldn’t tell Wheeze that. You wanted to be strong for them. As if the universe was playing some kind of sick prank on you, you look up and see Sofia walking past. She’s beautiful, like super gorgeous. Ouch.
Sarah follows your eyes to see what has caught your attention and just shook her head. The rest of the gathering was pretty bearable. You sat with Sarah and Wheezie, while she caught you up on all the drama from her school, not letting you or Sarah get a word out. You didn’t see Rafe for the rest of the time you were there. 
He had left the party early, Sofia following him into Tannyhill and up the stairs, lost in his head and whispering to himself.
“Sofia, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you considered us an official thing,” he whispered, he wanted to be nice about it. She had always been nice to him. But, they really weren’t in a relationship, neither of them had ever even expressed interest in defining it as such.
“Oh we’re not, I know that,” she shrugged. Rafe felt his eyes pop out of his head, why would she say that then? Has she lost her mind? Why would she say that to Y/N of all people? “But, I wanted to see how she would react,” she added. He just look at her incredulously. 
“Look, Rafe, you’ve been very sweet, but it’s so obvious you never got over her. I could tell before she even stepped foot back in Kildare, and it was painfully obvious when you saw her there. I thought if I acted like you were with me and moved on from her it would pull a reaction out of her.” She paused, waiting for some kind of reaction but she didn’t get one so she kept talking, “And it did. Did you see her face? She was very obviously upset.” He sat there with his head in his hands. She was upset? Did she care?
“I’m gonna go, I’ll see you later.” She said, standing up from her seat. 
He looked up quickly and put his pride aside. Grabbing her wrist as she walked past, all he could do is apologize.
“You have nothing to be sorry for, Rafe.” She gave him a soft smile and showed herself out of the house.
Sarah had pulled you away the second Wheezie had finally been distracted enough to stop talking for a moment.
“We should talk.” is all she says as she pulls you in the direction of the parking lot, saying goodbye to the faces you recognized as you walked out of the club. 
“Where are we going?”
“Somewhere far away from all these kooks.”
“Oh right I forgot, you’re claiming that pogue life now that you have a new pogue boyfriend.” you teased, you never really cared about the kook versus pogue bullshit. 
“You will too when I catch you up to speed with everything that has happened since you’ve been gone.” 
You drive over to the southside and follow her out to a dock where the HMS Pogue was tied up. John B, Kie, JJ, Pope, and another girl you didn’t know were all sitting there talking before they noticed your arrival. 
John B stood up and pulled Sarah into a hug immediately, “How’d it go?” he asked softly.
“As good as expected, picked up a stranger on the way over here.” she sighed as she moved out of the way for everyone to look at you. You smiled and waved at the familiar faces and introduced yourself to the girl you now know as Cleo. 
“So Cleo, how long have you lived in the Banks?” you asked.
Everyone turns their heads to look around at each other. 
“Yeah, we’ll get to that, we have a lot of catching up to do,” Sarah said and took the spot next to John B.
part three
Tag List :)
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kyojurismo · 1 day
Hii!! Would you be able to write a Sanemi fix where they get into an argument but then it’s super fluffy 🤭 like groveling and stuff! Thank youuu 🫶🏻
# sanemi shinazugawa
tags : gn!reader, sanemi is harsh with his words, tiny bit of angst, fluff, r gets injured but it’s nothing too serious, my gf shinobu makes an appearance, not proofread bc i wrote it late at night lmao.
a/n : hello! it’s taking me so long to catch up to all the reqs but i was in a mood for something like this so here we go! hope you’ll enjoy it <3
Tumblr media
“dumb as fuck!” his voice was harsh. maybe more than usual. “the fuck is wrong with you?! you’re completely out of your mind!” you were used to sanemi reacting like this, so it didn’t exactly hurt you hearing him talking like that.
“i was trying to help!” you explained, stopping the bleeding with a clothe. it wasn’t too bad, consider to most injuries it was a simple scratch, if you know what i mean. “i’m a hashira! i don’t need help, i can handle myself!” he spat at you, his gaze hard. “i know you’re stronger than me, thank you for the reminder! but you didn’t noticed there was another demon so maybe you did in fact needed help,” you tried to reason with him, your eyes focused on your wounds.
sanemi nervously walked back and forth in front of you, visibly stressed. the kakushi were taking longer or maybe he was unusually impatient.
“i’ve been killing those monsters since i was a kid, i was fine on my own,” he crossed his arms and sighed loudly, still going. “oh right, lemme get you a special medal for your service, mister! i forgot we’re talking about the killing machine of the demon slayer corps!” you were sarcastic at this point, you had enough of his snappy personality for now. he was being exaggerated.
you two eliminated all the demons nearby, you simply jumped in to help him while he was fighting the stronger one and that’s how he was repaying you. dipshit.
“i’m not in the mood, y/n. cut that shit,” he sent you a glare, visibly angry. as always. “you’re not in the mood? i save your ass, you thank me saying that i should have minded my damn business because you can handle yourself and you’re the one not in the mood to talk?!”
you got up, wanting to get away from him. his eyes were on you, ignoring your words completely. “you’re injured, sit back down,” he warned you, his tone was still the same. “fuck you,” you snapped and went sitting away from him, hoping the kakushi would get there soon.
shinobu just finished stitching up your wounds, cleaning them and providing you with some medicines. she checked sanemi too, but he was fine. she could feel the tension between you two but didn’t push herself in. you thanked her and watched her leave before lying down in your bed, sighing.
sanemi was still there, staring at you. you could feel his eyes burning onto your back and it was starting to fuelling your anger towards him for the way he treated you.
“sanemi, i swear i’m not—”
“i’m sorry for the way i treated you.”
you two spoke at the same time. you turned around and glanced at him, surprised.
“i was scared alright? i saw your blood and lost my mind, you were careless because the demon you were fighting was still aiming at you, but you had to run to me and watch my back,” his tone was surprisingly calm, as if the previous anger never existed. you let him talk because you knew it was hard for him. “i can’t bear the thought of losing you.”
“nemi…” you felt bad for treating him in such manner, but part of you knew that even if his intentions were good, the way he acted was the worst ever. “i know what you think, i do the pull the same shit with genya but… i don’t know how to behave in that case.”
he slowly walked closer to your bed and sat down next to you, his hand grabbed yours and he held it tightly. the gesture was sweet even if his face still showed his hard expression. “maybe don’t treat us like shit, huh?” you tried to joke, offering him a kind smile. “mhm… i’m sorry, for real.”
you knew he was. he always felt bad whenever he acted that way. you sat up and squeezed his hand, before moving to kiss his lips. it was a quick but meaningful kiss, you both knew that. “i know you’re sorry, nemi,” you assured him and he timidly smiled at you, looking down a bit embarrassed.
“you were amazing before, you know that?” his words made you chuckle, because his praise was a way to hide his embarrassment, but it was okay. deep down, you knew sanemi thought very highly of you, not only as a lover but also a slayer.
Tumblr media
reblogs & comments are super appreciated! thank you for taking your time reading it, i hope you enjoyed it. have a good day / night <3
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seriesxwriting · 1 day
He makes me smile
Tumblr media
Pairing- rafe Cameron x fem!reader
Series- outer banks
Summary- you and Rafe are broken up but one happy birthday text could change all that.
Warnings- kissing, I’m guessing swearing, drinking? Mention of drugs.
Tumblr media
“Y/n!!” “Hey girl get into the party” I giggled opening the door wide to let my friend in. “Happy birthday girl ugh I haven’t seen you in ages” she wrapped her arms around me tight squeezing me. “I’m so glad you could make it Jade” I rubbed her back grime closing the door. “Your not even drunk yet are you? Come on it’s almost one it’s not even your birthday anymore and your not drunk?!” She exclaimed dragging me by my wrist towards the garden.
I stepped out to join all my friends as they were drunkenly dancing. It made me giggle and feel a bit warmer inside. I didn’t really feel like drinking I wasn’t in the mood. Evey where I step in my house I remember how Rafe was here for my party a year ago. And now he wasn’t. But drinking would be the best way to forget about that. “What he having? Oh you have rum!” Jade squealed reaching over for it.
“I’ll have the rum” I laughed under my breath. “Y/n! This is our song come and dance!” Nelly yelled from the dance floor. “I’ll be over in a moment hun” I yelled waiting patiently for my drink. In that moment my phone dinged. My eyes dried and my lips parted as a shock wave came over me.
“Who’s that- you look like you’ve just seen a ghost” Jane stopped what she was doing. “It’s um- it’s Rafe” I stuttered staring at my phone in disbelief. “Did I just hear the name Rafe?” Evie stopped as she was walking past with Izzy. “He- said happy birthday” I swallowed still not knowing what to do or even say. In fact my whole body was stand still and couldn’t be moved.
“No- no no no no no no” Izzy shook her head “he’s just being a dick and trying to lead you on” she explained giving it straight to me. “What do I say” I looked at them blankly. “Just put T-Y” Jane shook her head holding two drinks in her hand. “I’m just going to say thank you” I bit my lip while typing the message. “You really should wait till the morning, leave him waiting a bit” Evie told me shrugging her shoulders. “Too late”.
“What did you say?” She replied sipping her own drink. “I said thank you rafe” “no! Why’d you say his name now you made it personal” Jane gritted her teeth together before shaking her head and holding my drink out. “It is person- it always will be with him” “it doesn’t matter actually, put your phone away and get pissed with me, I half and halfed your drink”. I was about to turn my phone off before Rafe sent another message and my phone dinged. “What’d he say?” Izzy asked reserved, squinted one eye.
“He asked to meet and talk at our spot” “he knows your at a party you put it on your story” Jane reminded me with a lifted up eyebrow showing that she clearly wanted me to say no or just ignore him. But I didn’t. “I just need to see this through, it’s been a long time” “you mean you just need to see him” Evie folded her arms. “I haven’t seen him in a long time” I bit my lip. “Y/n please don’t ruin your birthday with that Twat” Izzy begged me fluttering her eyebrows.
“I’ve already said yes, I won’t be long our spot is like a five minute walk from my house” I smiled confidently, happily. “Your making a mistake girl you can do so much better” Betty told me appearing from nowhere to re fill her drink. “Exactly!” “But what if I’m not, I just need to talk to him clear things up but I’m not going to let him push me around” I explained starting to walk backwards. “Do not walk out of that door y/n y/l/n” Jane put her finger out at me.
The warning meant nothing, I turned around and bolted out of my garden and through the house to my door. I could hear people chasing me but I didn’t have time to check who. “I need to see this through, I’m sorry, love you I’ll be back soon byeee!” I shouted as I slammed the door behind me and in the girl’s faces . I took a deep breath looking at the dark night sky before setting off. It was only a little walk, down to the field next to my house. When I got to the road I saw rafes dirtbike out the front.
Turning down the slip road I walked with my heart punching my chest. The nerves were piling up. Then I saw him. He was sprawled out across our bench on his phone, his helmet under his arm. He looked hot. I brought my hand up to my mouth and made a coughing sound to let him know I was there. “Y/n” he jumped up scanning me with his eyes. “It’s like two degrees why aren’t you wearing a coat?” “I don’t plan on staying long Rafe, I have a party to get back to”.
“I know- it’s shit timing from me, but I’ve been building up to this for a while” he blinked looking across from me. “You don’t have to be scared of me y/n you can sit down” he backed away sitting down on the other end of the bench. “I’m not scared of you Rafe” I sighed making my way over to him. “I’m scared about why you asked me to come” “why do you think” he sighed sitting back but keeping his eyes on me. “You don’t want to know my answer, it doesn’t put you in a very good light”.
He sighed sounding stressed. “because I made a fucking mistake” “I know you did” I shrugged honestly feeling my body start to shiver. Rafe noticed too, that’s when he began removing his coat and jumper to give to me. “I don’t need them” “stop being like dat, before you catch a cold” he rolled his eyes thrusting them towards me. I bit my lip taking the jumper off him and throwing it on my back. “That’s all I’m taking” “still stubborn” he smirked, i couldn’t help but smile.
He just had some effect over me, when he smiled it made me smile. He makes me smile. “Seriously y/n- I miss you and I’m genuinely ready to put that shit that pushed you away- away- in fact I’m ready to burn it” “your ready to stop going out and doing coke with your friends?” “Yes” rafe nodded looking serious dead straight into my eyes. “Your ready to stop doing weed?” “Yes” “what about starting fights? Misbehaving, leaving me on delivered?” I folded my arms sitting back on the bench.
“Lying to me, ditching me, coming home late…” “y/n I’m not going to sit here and lie to you, I’m not going to say it’s going to stop all at once all together but i promise that I will try my best to be the person you want me to be and with time all that shit will be behind us” Rafe explained cutting me off, he slid over to me putting a hand on my thigh for comfort.
“Rafe- I want to believe that’s true, you don’t know how much I want to, but I can’t go through this again I can’t be happy and then have you tear it away from me again rafe” I shook my head feeling the tears prick in my eyes. “My life since you, has only gone down hill and I’ve realised that you are my person I don’t- I don’t know how to prove that your the only person I want for the rest of my life” he sighed putting his forehead on top of mine.
“After everything that happened- do you really expect me to trust you” I asked him softly feeling one of them tears fall down my face. “No- but I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t try and get you back” he whispered wiping my tear off my face with his thumb carefully dragging it across my soft skin.
“I want things to go back to how they were Rafe, but is there too much history?” I swallowed nervous to know what he thought. “The history is what’s going to make us stronger y/n”. I looked up at him sadly not knowing if that’s what I believed. “You don’t- have to decide now, take as long as you need god knows I took my time realising that I wanted you” “but that’s not fair Rafe” I shook my head.
“That’s me leading you on- i didn’t like when you did that to me and I’m not about to do it to you” “so- what do you want to do?” He asked slowly. I swallowed sitting forwards looking Rafe in the eyes. “I want a trial, I don’t want labels on anything but I want to give it a month and if you’ve earned back my trust you can make me your girlfriend after that- if you haven’t, we are done- done done” I folded my arms seriously.
“So- your giving me a chance” “mmh” I hummed as a smiled unfolded on my face. “You won’t regret it” he told me taking my hand and laying a kiss on it. “Come on Rafe I hated your lying not your kisses” I rolled my eyes and held my hand behind his head pushing him towards my face. I felt a laugh vibrate from his lips as they met with mine. I usually knew him to be more rough but he was ever so gentle with me. When we pulled away he leant his forehead on mine.
“So what’s your plan for the rest of the night” I whispered brushing my fingers through his brunette hair. “No plans” he chuckled shrugging his shoulders. “Wanna come back to my motive, you can stay?” “You- sure?” He chewed his lip pulling away slightly. “You will get some dirty looks obviously, my friends all do hate you but I’m sure your grow on them”. Rafe through his head back laughing “challenged accepted.”
“I know you don’t want labels, but your mine right?” “I’m yours rafe, for now” I giggled, he smirked shaking his head. “For the rest of our lives babe”.
Tumblr media
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