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— little things he noticed you do for him that he can’t help but feel he’s falling inlove with you all over again.
characters. ruggie. vil. cater. kalim. silver. idia. epel. deuce. x gn!reader
warnings. none. overload fluff.
an. my friends forced me to write this /j
tags. @yelshin @neojiarchives @rayisalive @moxxbox @la-lolita
Tumblr media
꒰ ruggie bucchi ꒱
“Here,” you brought up your hand towards the hyena making him break out into a smirk. “shishishi~ what a great reward you have there, thank you~” taking it off swiftly in your hands you only shake your head at him.
He smiled as he opened the wrapper putting the sweet treat on his mouth. Feeling the sweetness erupt in his tongue as it erupts into many flavors. You only smiled at him as he saw this, he erupt into a cheeky smirk again though with a slight tint of pink on his cheeks.
Ruggie notices you keeping candies in your pockets. He didn’t notice it up until now. How you always gave him candy whenever he did a great job, feelings stressed, or anything really. A simple piece of sweet treat given to him as he ate it. Maybe the lollipop you gave him was too sweet but he doesn’t mind.
While he may say it's quite childish for you to do with him. He can’t help but want you to continue doing this after all it makes his heart go crazy because of you.
꒰ vil schönheit ꒱
Looking at the mirror intensely, he looked at any flaw in his appearance but yet he spotted nothing. He smirked, feeling satisfied as he closed his pouch mirror, “waah! vil you look so pretty today too,” a voice took his whole attention as he looked at who it was. There you are with all his glory with a smile on your face looking at him.
You complimented vil as he gives you a cocky smirk though a slight tint of pink can be seen in his cheeks, “I know, a beauty like this is hard to manage so thank you.”
You only looked at him with sparkles in your eyes as your mouth then again drifted off to another topic as he listened intently.
A compliment from you every morning. Vil knows he’s beautiful but he can’t help but feel quite delighted when he hears those simple compliments you’ve given to him early in the morning. Something so simple yet it makes him feel like he ate a sweet apple.
He has heard it multiple times though it just feels different when you're the one complimenting him. He doesn’t wanna admit it but he just wants your compliments all to himself. He can’t help it. Afterall, you just made him fall in love with you all over again.
꒰ cater diamond ꒱
“Cater look, a butterfly doesn’t it look lovely?” you pointed out to a butterfly, its blue wings slowly flapping though not enough to make them fly. Cater could only look in awe at how it looked sitting on top of a rose.
Soon enough the butterfly flew away as you two looked at it in awe of its beauty with a smile. As soon as the two of you weren’t be able to see it cater then thought of something, “ARGGGGHHH!! THAT WAS SO MAGICAMABLE I COULDN'T TAKE A PIC OF IT!!” he screamed irritated at himself as you only chuckled at this.
Cater pouting slightly as you only smiled. How cute.
How you make his mind drift into things and live in the moment. Cater himself prides on his photogenic photos he has caught over the years thus the reason why he’s always on magicam. Though just the way you point out a simple cute butterfly admiring its beautiful blue wings flapping slowly as it flew away from the flower it once stood makes him feel irritated that he didn’t take a picture of it way earlier but still happy that he got to enjoy it with you.
You just make him in awe and make his head empty to the things you show him that he can’t think of magicam. Something he holds on fondly after you of course. So continue on making him in awe would you? cause everytime you do just make him more in love with you.
꒰ kalim al asim ꒱
Furrowing his brows he looked at the notes he had taken and back the board. He only pouted as he couldn't seem to understand the lesson though his eyes widened as he felt something intertwined in his pinky.
Looking at it, it was your pinky with him. You look back at the board and take notes while listening intently to the professors. Kalim can’t help but smile as he too, intertwined his pinky with yours.
Kalim might go berserk once you two intertwine your pinkies together. Such little contact but it makes him happy, it makes feel like he has fallen in love with you again. It was like you two are making a promise. A promise to be with each other no matter what and he’ll be there for you no matter what. Doing everything for you.
It makes him feel happy, at peace, and many more. It makes him feel like it's the first time he has seen you and fallen in love immediately. Sure he could hold your hand, hug you, or any physical contact but intertwining pinkies together makes him feel like he’s in heaven. Afterall it feels like you're promising to be there with him. No matter what.
꒰ silver ꒱
“my. . . sleeping in a place like this?” you talk to yourself as you look at the sleeping beauty you have found. There silver laid in the grass as the sun’s ray hit his face, sitting near him, you slowly took his head off from the ground and placed it on your lap.
Running your finger on his silver hair feeling its silky locks as he continued his sleep undisturbed. “fuhuhu~ truly such an adorable sight,” a tint of pink appeared on the sleeping silvers cheek as he continued to sleep soundly.
Perhaps he was awake all along?
Silver knows that his sleeping habits are a bit off. Constantly sleeping everywhere that's why he feels weak when out of all people runs your finger through his hair while he’s sleeping. It makes his dreams much more vibrant, filled with colors, emotions and many more.
It makes him feel at peace as you continue to admire him whilst you run your fingers through his scalp. He can’t help but indulge himself over something so little. Perhaps he loves you a little too much, is what he would think.
꒰ idia shroud ꒱
knock. knock. knock.
A series of knocks came from his door as idia looked at the chamber door with anticipation to hear someones oh so familiar voice, “Idia? Can I come in?” there it is, his favorite part of the day.
“ye— yeah! come in!” He saw the door open, seeing your figure with a smile waving at him like you usually do, “yohoo! idia,” a blush coating his cheeks as his flame-like hair had tints of pink on it. Nodding at your greet he greeted back, “he— hey (name),”
Idia knows he’s no good boyfriend. Why did you still go out with him out of all people? He's a creepy otaku that refuses to go outside yet you still go out of your way and visit him everyday. Even if he shouldn’t feel this way, he anticipated those visits. You knock on the door with a smile even if you have nothing with you. He just wants you to knock on that door and ask for his presence.
Always visiting him makes him feel special, going inside his room as you go on talking about your day, sharing whatever treats or things you’ve recently discovered he’s always there listening for you. So visit him more, after all isn’t he your boyfriend? boyfriends like him are allowed to be greedy, right?
꒰ epel felmier ꒱
“Haah,” epel let out a big sigh as he tried to wipe off a sweat he had after training, “here,” suddenly his eyes caught a water bottle and a towel in front of him, looking at who gave it to him you looked at him with a smile.
Epel can’t help but feel his cheeks erupt into a blush as he awkwardly says, “th- thank you!”
The way you give him a simple water bottle and towel after he “trains” to become a strong guy. Something so simple but it makes him think that you support him and care for him greatly. A simple action that made his heart skip a beat.
It makes him more motivated to become a big strong guy so that way he could protect you, take care of you, and love you how you should be! Even if you say you love him the way he is, he can’t help but want to be a better man for you. Afterall you deserve the best.
꒰ deuce spade ꒱
“Deuce have you done the homework due tomorrow on potionology?” you ask him tilting your head slight as his eyes widen at this, there was homework? oh dear, “(name) thank you for reminding me! what was it about?”
You chuckled at his panic state as you reach for his hands and intertwine it with yours hands together, “let's go to the library and do it together afterall I haven’t started on mine just yet,”
The way you remind him of something that is due. Believe it or not deuce spade is quite forgettable on things that needed to be done immediately. Thus the reason why he’s so glad he’s your lover, you were far more greater than he is but god does it fuels his motivation to do better.
To become a great lover for you. To become someone that could be relied on, so please continue on loving him you won’t be disappointed. He’ll definitely ace the upcoming exams and homeworks that is given to him!
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nervous-things · 3 days
Idia Shroud x fem!Reader smut
Warnings/Tags dom!reader, sub!idia, overstimulation, creampie, nsfw, pet names, consensual sex, Idia smut, twst Smut,
'Good Boy'
Tumblr media
"You're doing so good, darling." You cooed down to your overestimulated lover. Your adorable boyfriend, Idia, was a moaning mess underneath you.
Even though he was considerably taller than you, he was surprisingly easy to top. White, sticky, cum coated his lower belly from multiple rounds before. "Mm- y-y/n.." Idia whined, face flushed a deep red.
"Y/n- please- I can't c-cum anymore!" Idia cried and gripped the thighs that straddled his hips. You only just giggled and bent down to kiss away his tears of pleasure
"Just a little while longer, you look so darling underneath me"
To be fair this isn't how he thought would have sex with you. He always thought you were a bottom from how you acted most of the time.
In class you were always so quiet and withdrawn. Always so soft spoken. Only really talking to him or Ortho. But Ortho wasn't there, nor anybody else. You changed into a different person. And he wasn't disappointed.
And if he was being completely honest he was wishing this night wouldn't end.
You started moving up and down again on his dick, slowly, at a steady pace. Cold hands placed on his chest in contrast to the warmth of your walls.
Adorable moans and whimpers filled Idia's room. Mostly from Idia's, but a few slipped through your lips.
You moved your hips faster, moving his cock against the walls of your pussy. Small sighs and moans escaping from your throat almost inaudible from Idia's pathetic noises.
Idia's hands crept up to your lower back, frantically gripping at your soft flesh. Suddenly your pace quickened. Idia's eyes widened from the sudden change in friction against his cock and his nails dug into the skin of your back. A loud moan escaping his throat.
As you moved faster the deeper the scratches on your back got. The sound of skin slapping against skin, and the quiet moans protruding from your plush lips made Idia's cock twitch inside you.
Idia's moans got louder and louder. His face now and even deeper red. His hips bucked up to increase the speed of his thrusts.
"Look who's getting excited." You smirked and looked down with hazy eyes. The sight of your boyfriend coming undone just below you made you feel so warm. You were close too.
"C-cumming… I'm cumming!" Idia slammed his eyes shut, and tears streamed from his eyes. His hands gripped your hips to the point of bruising.
You suddenly smashed your lips against his to stop yourself from moaning pitifully as you came.
You could feel the warm liquid fill your walls from Idia. You unclasped your lips from Idia's a string of saliva connecting your open mouths.
You collapsed onto his chest, his sticky cum spilling out from your cunt and onto him.
"Good boy..." You breathed, kissing his shoulder.
Idia was quiet, internally dying inside from embarrassment.
"D-do you want some w-water or something?" He asked blushing slightly
A/n: This is my first smut, so bare with me 😭. I thought i did, alright? But i probably didn't, but that's okay- I had fun writing it. If you couldn't tell, I really love bottom boys.
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underqualified-human · 10 hours
Self-Aware Yuu sings La Seine and I:
A/N: So because there are a lot of songs that were requested, I don't think I'll be doing all of them mostly because the Jekyll and Hyde one was because I really liked the song. I’ll also be doing separate parts for the songs that I do.
Tumblr media
All of them:
A new challenger approaches
“Who is Seine and where is the bridge?!?!”
Most of them are too focused on Yuu’s singing to pay any close attention to the lyrics. 
Cater is once again filming Yuu, but oddly enough no clips are posted to Magicam
Trey is the most normal, not really reacting much during but complementing them after.
Ace and Deuce are trying to find out who Seine is, for research purposes obviously. 
Riddle is completely mesmerized, then he listens more closely and gets a bit sad. The only Heartslabyul guy to ask Yuu about the Seine
Once again, not really listening to the lyrics
Leona falls asleep halfway through, but enjoyed it nonetheless
Ruggie is honestly just happy to get some time off, hearing Yuu sing is just a bonus in his eyes
Jack is pretty curious about the origin of the song, so it and others become a common conversation topic for the next few weeks 
The ones that suggested the singing in the first place
The tweels are now following Yuu around in case they go to meet anyone at a bridge
Floyd may try to sabotage the performance if he gets bored [which he thankfully doesnt]
Azul is torn between wanting to hire the prefect at the lounge full-time and wanting to keep their singing to himself [Erik style]
Kalim is, once again, not fully paying attention to the lyrics. Honestly, he’s just happy that Yuu looks like they're having fun
Jamil starts paying attention when hypnotism is mentioned and doesn't ever stop paying attention. Another one that actually asks about the lyrics.
Rook is finally allowed to duet! [It was only because he knew how to pronounce Seine when reading the lyrics]
Epel is more interested in the instrumentals if he’s being honest, but he still supports Yuu from the sidelines.
Vil actually had a hand in the production of the performance, he couldn't help himself! Definitely talks to Yuu about their singing and ways to improve afterwards [is also oddly nice about it]
Ortho also talks to Yuu about the song lyrics but only like, a month later.
Idia is too busy recording everything to pay attention in the moment, but he has several questions once he watches the recording back [and trust me he does. A LOT]
The entire dorm is of the few that pay attention enough to realize Seine is a place, not a person
Malleus asks about the lyrics, the origins and even where the Seine is located. He’s a little sad when he finds out it doesn't exist there. Also asks if you’ve ever thought of naming a child Seine 🤔
Sebek disregards the fact that it’s mostly about love and just jumps straight to asking if the Seine is a safe location or not.
Lillia is just laser-focused on the wine, he asks about the river too but mostly about wine.
Silver is taking a nap, please do not disturb him.
Tumblr media
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twistedchatterbox · 28 minutes
New voicemail
summary: sappy boys being mushy over the phone for you. ft.Riddle, Cater, Vil, Idia tags. Female reader, No Spoilers, Fluff, Cheesy Sappy Lovey Dovey Romance, Slice of life, Spice of life, Smitten Vil, Lovesick Riddle, Cater sings for you, anniversary date with idia, copious use of petnames, no beta we overblot like men.
Tumblr media
Wordcount; 1520+ | Masterlist & Taglist
Tumblr media
Riddle has cleared his throat thrice, drank water and mentally rehearsed what he wanted to say for this voicemail; however once he hit record, none of that really mattered. "Hi," he whispered, the nearly overwhelming happiness in was audible, it nearly spoke for him. Thinking about the silliness of it, the dormwarden laughed, giggly at the mishap, it really was unavoidable anyway. Riddle took a breather, sighing in a relieved and relaxed manner, "Hi" he whispered with a wide grin, one you would hear vividly, openly adoring, "I missed you." "I missed you so, so much; I want to spend time with you- If you'd have me, we could study together once the exam subjects are announced, if you want to." Riddle murmured, twirling one of the longer locks of hair framing his face with his idle hand; eyes closed, envisioning it. "And then, we could go on a date." He hummed, would you like a cafe date? Karaoke? The aquariu- Well, maybe not the aquarium. Maybe he could take you out on a walk to the district nearby of the internships he picked out, but that sounded too serious. So, a cafe would suffice for now. He would check Cater's magicam page, namely his older posts to see some of the calmer, more relaxing places he could take you to. "What do you think? Let me know once you see- or i suppose hear- this, my lovely." "bye-bye, I love you." And suddenly, time couldn't pass fast enough. ...He supposes he could write his own written permit to stay over, it's not as if anyone could stop him; you had always been ecstatic to see him use the loopholes of rules to be a good boyfriend, after all.
Tumblr media
Cater leap onto his bed, giddy and giggly, rolling back and forth while occasionally kicking his feet like a schoolgirl. Lightly smushing and slapping his face with both of his own hands to calm down, he sighs, hugging one of his pillows, looking idly around his room. A love song. He had been giddy and sappy because he heard a love song, it sounded so much like the essence of you. He has already begun memorizing the lyrics, so that he could sing it, maybe he'd learn to play it too. it made him so happy. You made him so happy. He loves you- and he sighs, you really ought to start paying rent someday for living in his head all the time, and his heart too. And then he thought, what if he.. sung, for you? Well that suddenly made him anxious, but ecstatic, he was such a nerve wreck. but it was good. and overwhelming. Cater curses the lack of logistics in him. He thinks back to the comment lingering in the back of his mind, he knows why he's even thought of this- "I love it when you sing" you said, cuddling up to his neck, leaning on him, on his bed, sitting on his lap while he sung a simple tune of a song as he was practicing on his guitar. It was his favourite, his sisters hated it. and you loved it. And Cater soaked it up like a sponge, like a golden retriever, if you will; fetching his phone fast, so that he could do this before his dumb insecurities could catch up to him. Sweater weather. "All I am is a man I want the world in my hands I hate the beach But I stand in California with my toes in the sand Use the sleeves of my sweater Let's have an adventure Head in the clouds but my gravity's centered Touch my neck and I'll touch yours You in those little high waisted shorts, oh-" Cater felt the song and your hands crawl up his body like phantom touch as he sung. it was ticklish, making him end the song halfway with a breathless chuckle and a dumb smile, he knew you could hear it in his tone, but he didn't mind at all. He hoped one day, you'd get to grasp how precious you are to him; he loves you, and he loves everything you love too, somehow inlove with the way you do too. The word doesn't make sense anymore, but it really does too. He feels a lot like love with you, yeah, Cater laughed; it really shouldn't make sense, but he's so thankful it does. Looking back at his phone, he records his final piece. "I love you, princess." Sent. ...And maybe, he grinned- "Meet me in my room for the full piece, maybe? I could pick you up~" Sent.
Tumblr media
Vil laid down in bed, normally he wouldn't do so until it was time to sleep, yet he knew he'd cave into something far more off-schedule if he didn't. He laughed, it truly was bizarre; Vil Schoenheit, the renowned actor was missing his girlfriend. That, it was the entire reason. The cause of his simple complicated mood. Well, he knew that if he called you it could get you in trouble; perhaps you were in class, or working on something, he couldn't interrupt you without being a hypocrite. But. Vil eyed his phone on the night stand, maybe he could do something. A playful grin rose on his gorgeous features, mischief, rarely shown in a not overly elegant manner. Vil couldn't give a damn. He reached out and swiped his phone, opening it swiftly and admiring your contacts information. "The love of my life." it made him smile, he was so indecisive about what kind of nickname would fit; he did not want to jinx this by being overly cliche and being soft or off-character, until you so naturally, casually reminded him that for as long as he's off stage, then he's supposed to be off-character. No one besides himself, and you, that's all he really needs. He sighed dreamily, hitting record. "Hi, my beauty, my muse, my dove," Vil chuckled to himself, "My, my my, haa.. I missed your presence so much, if only you knew." He tucked a stray lock of hair behind his ear, closing his eyes, "Lets remedy this once you are available, okay? We could have a spa day, or, if you can, I can ask my management to pick you up so that you can accompany me for the entire day..." "It's been a while since we got to spend the entire day together, side by side" That was a goddamn lie. "Maybe you can make up to me by joining me on a day-long date and night time spa?" You slept in his room and woke up side by side every day already.
"Let me know when you're free, my dove; " He blew a kiss, a soft click of his lips, "I love you."
Tumblr media
Idia sighed, drinking down the cup of water, staring at the mirror reflection of himself on the screen of his phone. "The things I do for you" he thought with a softened, pleased smile. Calming, it was accurate to describe the affect you had on him when he thought of you. Sure he flared up into life from the power of anxiety, love, nerves and his traitorous color changing flame hair the second you stepped foot into 6ft of his physical area of existance, but he had come around to relax so much more as your relationship developed. This will be just another milestone, he said, time will pass either way, he told himself, better do it now than miss a limited edition chance. Idia averted his gaze as he pressed the record button, "uh- Hey, hi, " he fake-coughed into his hoodies sleeves, tugging on the strings of said hoodie with his idle hand. "I missed you, so" He shrugged, mentally smacking himself upside down the head for doing something you had no chance to hear. "So i decided to leave a voice message- Come visit me once you can, okay? I'll order your favourites too, if you want. Or we could cook together, I dunno'," Idia glanced back, looking momenterily at your contact picture, it was one he took while you two were out on a date. Outside for your half-year anniversary, a year ago now. That gave him an idea, making him grin. "I know instant noodles aren't always your thing so I'll treat us to something nice," He 'hummed', pretending to ponder. "..I could take us to that ramen place, maybe? I..I-I think it was nice last year." Idia said, stuttering at the last bit, yet carrying on. "Let me know what you think." "I love you." He said, it was only natural, as everything lovely seemed to be when it came to you. Idia fist bumped the air, letting out a happy victory sound; that actually went perfectly?!- He couldn't help but laugh, loudly and absolutely thrilled, ecstatic. He jumps into his bed and screams into his pillow; Idia sighs, relaxing as if he just ran a marathon (his heart sure did, to be fair.) and a closed eye-d smile made its way to his face without any resistance "I love her so much.." You always make him so happy.
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tiyoin · 9 days
Tumblr media
this is why they were summoned over ramshackle 😋🤞
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coralinnii · 11 days
forgetting your jacket and wearing someone else’s  feat: Sebek · Rook · Idia · Kalim genre: fluff, jealousy note: not gender-specific reader, no pronouns used (except maybe gendered French words in Rook's part but unsure), established relationships, reader is not part of Scarabia in Kalim's part, reader is implied to be smaller than Jack in Rook's part
I'm not sure how satisfied I am with this one because this was honestly quite a challenge for me. I haven't read book 6 yet so Idia may not be too accurate to his canon character? But still, I hope you guys enjoy it
Tumblr media
Would definitely scold you for forgetting to wear your jacket. No matter how warm or how cold, Sebek always wears his school uniform neatly and with pride, his honour as Malleus' guard on the line. A sloppy appearance reflects a sloppy character, he believes.
You didn’t feel too bad when he was reluctant to give you his jacket upon request. You shouldn’t force someone just because you’re a little cold. 
Fortunately for you, a classmate of yours noticed your shivering and offered his own for the time being, saying he has a spare for Flying class. You thanked your good luck as you graciously accepted. Now Sebek won’t feel bad about not giving you his jacket, right? 
With your newly acquired jacket, you managed to survive the first half of the school day and went to find Sebek in the cafeteria during recess. You waved at him happily as you approached his table but he did not return the greeting. 
He felt a sense of bile in his throat when he saw you in a jacket that did not fit you at all. The shoulders were too wide and the sleeves engulfed you. Sure, you looked cute but he doesn’t like it. He initially thought that it was because he didn't like how unfitting it was on you. 
“Human, where did you acquire that jacket? It doesn’t suit you at all” 
When you answered how someone offered his jacket to you, the bile was more prominent. The way you snuggled into another boy’s jacket, the oversized fabric enveloping you like a warm cocoon. Sure, he was hesitant over handing you his jacket before, but knowing someone else provided for you hits him in a sore spot as your boyfriend. He wants to be the one to take care of you, to be your ever reliable knight. 
Quickly, Sebek stood up from his seat and started to remove his own jacket. Without looking at you, he asked you to remove the jacket you have and put his on. 
“But I’m comfy” 
“Please, I…I beg of you” 
You did as he asked and after quickly putting away his lunch tray, he escorted you back to your dorm to get your own jacket and to quickly return the jacket of that generous classmate of yours. 
“The idea of seeing someone else take care of you… as your boyfriend, I will not stand for it!”
Tumblr media
A masterful huntsman, Rook Hunt is not an easy man to track. Not to mention the fact that he’s a third year and Pomefiore’s vice Housewarden, you figured that searching for him this early in the day would be a fruitless endeavour. 
Luckily, you did find Jack who, despite his grumbles over your absentmindedness, offered his jacket to you. Happy, you promised that you returned it with a favour to the beastman. 
However, the atmosphere around you seemed odd to you as the school day went on. Other students, particularly the beastman students, were busy whispering and gossiping behind you which confused you and honestly got a little bit on your nerves. 
All those unpleasant feelings quickly disappeared when you spotted a familiar feathered hat in the distance. Without a word, you quickly rushed through the crowd to give your boyfriend a hug from behind. 
Or least, that’s what you planned if it weren’t for Rook quickly turning to encase you in his arms instead. 
“I thought I heard your adorable footsteps running towards me. What a wonderful surprise!”
You laughed, thinking you should have known nothing gets past Rook. You tried to step back but realized that Rook maintained his grip on you, inspecting you with a look of curiosity. 
The hunter looks over your newly acquired jacket. The shoulders are much too bulky to be yours. He noticed the Savanaclaw emblem on the sleeve which would explain the jacket's size considering how the majority of those students are. However, he caught the scent of something -  of someone - familiar. A certain tall, gruff beastman to be precise. 
“Mon amour, is this perhaps… Jack Howl’s jacket?” 
“Oh, how did you know?” You exclaimed as you told Rook how you were cold today and Jack offered his jacket to you this morning. 
“So that explains the whispering I’ve been hearing” Rook thought as he carefully traced the lapels of the jacket clearly not tailored for you. There’s a charm to see you in a new look like this but the hunter himself is experiencing a new emotion, a burning feeling in his chest that compels him to rip away the offending fabric. Is this jealousy? Perhaps a possessive urge to reclaim his spot that feels threatened by a newcomer? 
Oh, what a beautiful new experience you have given this admirer of beauty. Rook happily revels in this feeling he has never experienced before until meeting you. 
“How wonderfully kind of him. Let us find him, I must share my thanks for caring for my beautiful trésor~” 
There’s a part of you that feels like it would not be a good idea to bring Rook to your friend, but you decided to brush that anxious feeling away. After all, the smile on Rook’s face convinced you that there was no harm (poor choice, really). 
Hidden from your sight, Rook’s fingers slightly twitched in anticipation as the two of you went to look for the white-haired freshman. Rook truly did want to offer his thanks to the beastman…with some helpful tips for surviving a hunter. 
“One must be very careful in the wild. It is not smart to leave marks near a hunter’s territory”
Tumblr media
You didn't even bother to try asking him, this man isn’t even on campus. Even if he was, you doubt he would give you his jacket, probably claiming it’d be “such a normie cliche”, leaving you to find other means to find warmth. 
Thankfully, you found the kind-hearted Silver who was gracious enough to lend you his school jacket for the day. With all the interesting types of students you have encountered on this campus, your flame-haired boyfriend included, Silver is odd himself for simply being such an outlier case of a typical student here. 
The day went off normally, and you decided to visit Idia in his room before heading back to your dorms. You hope you could spend some intimate time with him, some cuddling and perhaps a kiss or two. 
Too bad your boyfriend had other plans, which was apparently playing video games while purposely ignoring you. His back is turned towards you and every time you get close to him, the gamer has the audacity to scoot AWAY from you. 
“Idia, please tell me what’s wrong before I actually get mad” 
“...that jacket” You heard him mumble which confused you further. You asked to repeat himself. 
Which led your introverted boyfriend to yell out, surprising you. “You're wearing that jacket! And it had to be that guy who’s practically an otome game target!” 
Idia was sulking the entire day as he saw you through the security camera accepting Silver’s jacket. He wanted to scream and call foul-play on that but instead he reluctantly faced reality. Of course, Silver will be that type of guy. The mysterious but kind knight archetype with good looks to boot. Idia wouldn’t be surprised if he was some kind of long lost prince. 
“Well, I would love it if my boyfriend would give me his, if he wasn’t allergic to coupley stuff” there was some snark in your tone but you never really want to pressure Idia to do something he doesn’t want. You would love to show off your relationship with Idia but you wanted to respect his comfort.
Idia knows that, and he’s grateful for you for not pushing him too far out of his comfort zone. But still, knowing someone acting like that with you, all sweet and caring, leaves a sour taste in Idia’s mouth.
There was a short pause between you two, letting the mood settle before saying anything else. Then, Idia quietly asked, “Do you want to share jackets…with me?” 
“Absolutely” you gasped excitedly and without another word, Idia turned to his computer and started searching the Internet for worthwhile jackets in his sizes and yours. If you have more jackets then you won’t have to go around asking for someone else’s.
Also, even he can’t resist the giddy feeling of seeing his amazing lover wear something that’s special only to you and him, not that he would admit it out loud. Too cringe.
“If we’re doing the lame normie stuff, we’re doing it our way. And no sharing with anybody else, right??”
Tumblr media
Kalim would absolutely offer you his jacket, his vest, his shirt, heck even his pants without question. Whatever you want, he would give it up no questions asked. But you were surprised how you couldn’t find your boyfriend at first, until he texted you he had to be called in for a Housewarden meeting with Crowley which leaves you to wait for him in the cold. 
Luckily, a classmate of yours from Scarabia saw you shivering and offered his jacket to you. Afterall, you were his Housewarden’s beloved so he wanted to make sure you’re warm for Kalim’s sake. You were touched by this sentiment and accepted the jacket, promising to return it after meeting with Kalim.
Kalim ran to hug you as soon as he saw you as he left his meeting, enveloping you in his warm embrace with a grin on his face. In his excitement, it took a while for him to register your slightly new look. 
“Did you join Scarabia? Are we in the same house now?!” Kalim excitedly asked which you laughed at his silliness. 
When you explained the story about the jacket, Kalim was really glad. He thought about how lucky he is to have such kind people in his dorm that was so happy to help out his beloved, he must reward them later! The white-haired man was happy that you were cared for in his short absence. 
But, what is this other feeling in his heart? This heavy feeling in his chest that slightly aches when he saw how you adjusted the jacket on you, bringing it closer to your body like a comforting blanket. He felt unsatisfied, almost fearful of your attachment to this jacket. 
Was he jealous? 
Kalim shook off his thoughts as he removed his soft beige cardigan and the jacket you have. You watched him confused as he draped his cardigan over you, replacing the heat from your classmate’s jacket to his.  
“I just thought you’d be comfier if you had my cardigan instead. It’s really soft!” he grinned as he pulled the large cardigan to wrap around you like a cute burrito. 
And to be fair, Kalim’s cardigan WAS comfier. Probably made with the highest quality and taken the best care by you assume Jamil. You happily snuggled into its warmth, reveling in the cloud soft coat, missing the loving looks from your sunshine of a boyfriend. 
Yea, he definitely likes seeing you in his clothes better. 
Don’t be surprised to see packages of luxurious coats and sweaters from yours truly. You two can match!
“If you’re ever cold, you can always come to me first! I’ll make sure to keep you warm!”  
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angelltheninth · 4 months
TWST dorm leaders where Reader and them aren't aware everyone else thinks they're dating
Anon I love the "didn't know they were dating" trope. It's so funny to think about and has some pining/angst potential too.
Pairing: Riddle, Leona, Azul, Kalim, Vil, Idia, Malleus x Fem!Reader
Tags: fluff, developing relationship, confessions, feelings realization, misunderstandings, courting
A/N: When I see this trope I know I'm gonna want to punch the screen but also laugh my ass off.
Riddle knows there's something odd going on. He sees and hears the other students glancing at the two of you and whispering among themselves. Frankly it's a little annoying to him that they're talking behind his back. It's not until he overhears them talking about him inviting you to tea parties often that he realized how that might have looked to an outsider. If the other students seem to think that there's something going on already then he might as well go ahead and try his luck at the next tea party.
Leona loves having you around really. Having you sing his praises, stroking his ego, flashing him those sunshine smiles that do odd things to his heart and mind. It took him a long time to realize that those feelings were, and once he did he was determined to win your affections over the right way. He might not apply himself fully when it comes to teste and studying but he will for sure fine a way to sweep you off your feet.
Azul is aware of your feelings for him right away but not of his for you. He saw you a fun plaything at first, not even realizing how fond he's growing of you despite it being obvious to his Housemates. He tried to deny his feelings for a while only to fail miserably when he thought you might be stolen away by another student. He suspects that this is just a ploy by Jade and Floyd. Damn them it worked. The next thing he knew he was embracing you, pulling you away to privacy and set to confirm what he already knew with a kiss: the two of you were meant for each other.
Kalim is much too nice to realize that his actions were flirtatious in nature. He loved hanging out with you, his arm around your shoulder, joking with you and complimenting you all the time. He did start noticing the way you blush around him though and it made him re-examine a few of your interactions with him as opposed to your other friends. He couldn't sleep all night when he did the same for himself as well and realized how blind he was being this whole time. He asked you to meet him in the gardens the next morning to straighten things out with you. When he met you with a full bouquet of flowers you suspected what he was going to ask. The answer was yes of course, you would love to be an official couple.
Vil was never too concerned with what people talked about, the rumors they spread, he knew the truth and it was all that was important. Or was it? When he heard that there were rumors going around that the two of you were a couple it have him pause. He wasn't sure what to make of that, you were amazing, smart, beautiful, but did you really like him like that? Did he give you reason to? Did he give you reason not to? He was determined to find out either way, and hopefully by the end of it, win your affections for real.
Idia and you exchange a lot of texts and video calls with each other, more than with anyone else really. It's not unusual that people started talking when you spend so much time in each others company. Neither of you were aware of just how affectionate and flirty you were acting over text until it was pointed out to both of you. His next few texts are very careful, testing the waters, trying to see if there is actually something more between you two. It's not working. When he gets frustrated he decided that it would be best to confirm it face to face. He could see it in your eyes, hear it in your voice, in the way your hands shook when you held his, he knew you liked him, and he liked you as well.
Malleus doesn't even think about it when the two of you walk hand in hand, or when he's reading a book with his head in your lap. He's touch starved and you provide that touch and affections and smiles, he loves that. But he didn't realize how much he truly loved you until it was time for the dance. He knew he wanted to go with you, to see you laugh all evening, to feel you close to him, to feel your lips against his. He wanted to make what he'd been hearing whispers about all term a reality.
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twstwhore · 4 months
Calling them by their full name as a prank part 2
Warning: none
ft: Riddle, Idia, Malleus, Ruggie
Part 1
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Don't plagiarize my shit please <3
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twst-shenanigans · 16 days
twst Incorrect quote #298
Malleus: “What can you possibly do? I have supreme power.”
MC: *before they fall asleep* “We have an otaku.”
*Idia currently sobbing by himself over true online friendship*
...moments later...
*Idia finds MC sleeping in a corner*
*he slowly approaches them and...*
Tumblr media
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devvelle · 4 months
All Mine
Genre: fluff
Characters: dorm leaders (Riddle, Leona, Azul, Kalim, Vil, Idia, and Malleus) x gn!reader
Scenario: what makes your boyfriend jealous and what he does about it <3
Notes: none!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts ; when you're having fun with someone else.
Even as your boyfriend, Riddle can’t do things with you that would go against the dorm rules or hurt his image—which you totally understand. But when he sees you laughing with someone else, doing things he can't partake in... it makes him really jealous.
Eventually, once it gets to him, he really won't want you hanging out with those people anymore.
He knows they probably aren’t being bad influences, but he will act like they are. He'll give them unimpressed stares when you're not looking, and if they're in his dorm he’ll use his unique magic against them to keep them away from you.
When you two are in private, he'll try let loose more. It’ll feel unnatural for him, but he wants to have fun with you, too. He’s afraid you’ll get bored of him.
If you play along for his sake and try to bring him out of his shell, he'll appreciate it. He might even be honest about his feelings once he’s comfortable telling you the truth.
But if you tell him that he doesn’t need to change for you, he'll get really shy. He'll deny feeling jealous, but reassurance of your love would mean a lot to him in the moment.
Ultimately, he just wants to be the one making you smile the most.
“As long as you’re sure you’re happy… Yes, I love you too.”
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar ; when he sees others trying to take care of you.
Leona is a gentleman. Maybe everyone else has trouble believing so, but he's incredibly attentive once you're together. He escorts you places, buys you things you need, and comforts you when need be.
But if he happens to see someone else trying to do any of that for you, he will not be happy. He sees it as disrespectful, like they're trying to tell him he isn't doing a good enough job. To make it worse, you’re too kind to refuse these gestures from others, which sets his jealousy off.
With his temper, you will know immediately. Leona doesn't like to play games. He will tell you what’s bothering him and ask why you’re entertaining that behavior when he's right there. If you can’t give him an answer, he’ll stick himself to you like glue and won’t let anyone else near you for the day.
Assigns Ruggie to the very important task of keeping tabs on you afterward. Gives him specific instructions to monitor your conversations; if you’re talking to anyone for too long or if they try to do something for you, Ruggie is to interrupt and say you’ve been summoned by Leona.
Mandatory cuddles and telling him you love him is your punishment. He hates feeling jealous.
"You know what you signed up for with me. Now, come here. You’re mine."
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto ; when he becomes aware of the options you have.
Seeing how popular you are among the student body makes Azul particularly jealous.
You’re friends with so many others within the walls of Night Raven College; dozens of boys with promising futures make up your circle, including several princes, and all are just one call away from coming to your aid should you ask. So it’s a bit hard for him to not feel jealous when they don't seem to back off even after you announce your relationship.
He’ll wait it out at first, but if they don’t leave you alone he’ll be really ticked off. However, Azul is aware that he isn’t particularly intimidating and can’t fight.
So what does he do? He shows you off instead, to prove to them that you're his.
If he wasn't using Magicam before, now he's posting you every day. He's posting pictures of you with new jewelry he's bought you and images of you cuddled up to him at night, even linking sweet love songs to them.
When he checks his views and finds the individuals that triggered his jealousy, his satisfaction in through the roof. Don’t question his smirk.
If, for some reason, flaunting you on social media isn’t enough, then Azul might have Floyd give your friends a scare. Nothing serious, just enough to make them delete your number and change their routes to class to avoid you. You wont even notice since Azul is now escorting you to class on his arm.
"Do you not want me to show you off? I don't see a problem with reminding everyone who you chose."
Tumblr media
Kalim Al-Asim ; when you might be taken away.
Kalim trusts you so much, so he just doesn’t get jealous. Your relationship is so healthy and communication between you is great.
The only time he'd maybe feel jealousy would be if someone planted the idea in his head. Like if Jamil makes a joke about you and someone you're with looking quite close, Kalim might start questioning the situation.
However, he'd be more concerned for your safety than jealous. He'd approach you and drag you away in a rush with an innocent excuse to the other individual. After all, if they're trying to charm you while knowing you’re in a relationship, they have to be bad news.
He'd talk to you about it immediately, though, before any of his thoughts spiral and before you can think he’s overreacting.
Would go heavier on the PDA to remind you he trusts and cares for you. To some extent, he might be thinking he can gross that person out this way so they’ll get the hint and give it up.
Kalim is just too sweet of a guy to feel jealous honestly. There’s not much else to say. He’ll make you feel so safe.
"Just wanted to make sure you were okay! I think we should steer clear of them for now, yeah?"
Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit ; when you don't see what he sees.
Vil gets annoyed easily, definitely. But it would either take something truly concerning or the involvement of someone he deems a threat to make him feel jealousy.
He often acts like he knows what's best for you, so he tells you to stay away from certain classmates. Especially the ones that he sees being a bit too kind to you.
If you dismiss Vil’s concerns and the individuals get bolder with you to spite him, he’ll be pissed. Honestly, if he didn’t have contractual obligations and a reputation to maintain, he might resort to threats.
If it goes on for long enough, he’ll start feeling jealous.
The result is a super petty Vil.
If you want to spend time with him, he'll redirect you to one of those friends. He'll ask you why you want his attention now, when you clearly preferred theirs yesterday.
Though it’s hard for him to turn you away when all he wants is to hug and kiss you, his mind turns it into a silly game to find out if you love him most of all. This keeps him in a cycle of pettiness and insecurity.
Still, he doesn't want to neglect you. He wants you to see his perspective, so once he’s had enough of going without you, he’ll explain why he feels his worries are justified.
Once you exchange apologies, he’ll return all the love he withheld.
"Now do you understand? I'm only trying to protect you from ill intentions."
Tumblr media
Idia Shroud ; when he can't be the one that's with you.
Get jealous very often, but keeps it to himself.
Idia knows you have to hang out with others a lot because of his boundaries. He doesn’t always feel comfortable enough to go out, so you ask your other friends for company to avoid pressuring him.
Still, it doesn’t make him feel great that there is always someone jumping at the chance to be with you.
When he gets notifs that you posted to Magicam only to see you looking happy with someone else, his jealousy escalates quickly.
Unfortunately, Idia isn't very good at communication especially when it comes to his feelings. So he will give you space instead, and let you enjoy yourself to prevent ruining your day with his doubts.
He will continue lurking your profiles for the next few days, but he won't like anything or reply to your messages. He'll self-isolate until you come to him, whether it be hours or days later.
When you do come see him in person to ask what’s wrong, you'll be stuck with him a while. He won’t admit to feeling jealous, but it’ll be clear from his questions that he wants to be sure you still want to be with him.
Lots of quality time will fix his mood. He might prefer the quiet of his room to the noisy outside world, but he makes it very clear that you’re always welcome to disturb him. He’d much prefer that to seeing you with other people.
"We can go somewhere together soon, so don't ask anyone else anymore! B-but for now, could you spend the night?"
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia ; when you give away your time with him.
Malleus loves to have alone time with you. He's very grateful that you always reserve time in your day just for him.
But on the occasion that someone seeks to interrupt this time, and you don't turn them away or happen to cancel on Mal entirely for them, that’s when he’d get jealous.
He'd dismiss himself from the situation to let you take care of your business, but he would actually just be hiding nearby and listening.
If the person seems to be taking up your time for reasons that Malleus himself finds unworthy, he won't hesitate to use a bit of magic to make that person suddenly leave you alone, as if possessed.
He’ll return to you pouty and distracted. He’ll initiate lots of physical touch, and might even suggest going to his dorm room while he milks all your affection.
He doesn’t hide feelings of jealousy because he’s learned your instinct is to coddle him when he makes it obvious. Your giggles and half-hearted apologies in response to his melodramatic words of worry make him fall deeper in love.
When he’s jealous, Malleus doesn’t care for words of reassurance as much as he does actions. He is quite secure in your relationship, but he will never get tired of seeing how comfortable you are with him. He loves knowing that you won’t ever run away.
"Now that they're out of the way, I do wish you'd learn to say no. I am quite selfish when it comes to my time with you."
Tumblr media Tumblr media
a/n: Okay so I tried to get Riddle's Halloween card but I could NOT get any SSR until freaking pity. Then that last key set gave me both Jack and Ruggie's Dorm Uniform SSRs instead of Riddle 😭 I thought, "Wow, Leona really sent his underclassmen after me?" And that gave me the idea for jealousy hcs…
Hope u all enjoy, holiday prompts will probably be coming soon! kisses <3
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lyneira · 7 days
Tumblr media
♡ don't look..! 🫣 ♡
Tumblr media
-> how they would react after walking in on you undressing
slightly perverted and a bit more on the crack-side
lyneira's 1.2k milestone event
Tumblr media
Scolds you
Vil, Riddle, Jack, Trey, Rollo, Sebek, Jamil, Silver, Jade
Once they walk in the room to see your half-naked form, they're going to immediately look away and shut the door without a word. Once they're outside, then they're going to apologize and would proceed to scold you for a looooong time for not locking the door shut.
He's just really worried for you. What if someone ill-intentioned had come instead and tried to peep on you? The thought distresses him so. Thus, he's not going to leave your doorstep until you're either finished changing or until you've locked the door yourself.
(For Sebek, he'd do all of this but would definitely be much louder about it)
Freezes up
Malleus, Azul, Ruggie, Rook
Honestly, they'd be frozen when they see you, I think from both an 'oh crap, I walked in on them and they're nearly naked! 😰' feeling and an 'oh...they're nearly naked 😳' feeling.
Either way, they'd just be staring in awe from both the shock and view of your body. They want to apologize this instant, but they're currently at a loss for words. They want to turn and leave like they know they should, but their body just won't budge. Look, they're not intentionally trying to be a pervert but MY GOSH the gorgeous sight of you just has them completely mesmerized.
It's only until you turn to them and speak up do they finally snap out of it and apologize for the intrusion and leave, the blush and shame clear on their face. (Yet, the thought of you would never leave them for the rest of the day or few 🫣)
Freaks out
Idia, Deuce, Epel, Kalim, Neige
The moment they see your half-exposed body they would instantly go red and run out of the room yelling, "I'M SORRY!!!!", so freaked out that they even forgot to close the door behind them. (Neige probably wouldn't forget, though)
They truly did feel bad about it because even though they saw your body for barely a second, that image of you was now stuck in their minds. The more they thought of your body, the more they would freak out and feel ashamed of themselves.
I think it'd take a while for them to have the guts to approach you without thinking of that moment again. They'd apologize numerous times if they ever did recall it.
Is nonchalant about it
Ace, Leona, Floyd, Che'nya, Lilia, Cater, Trey
I think they'd all of these guys would be calm about it but in different ways.
I feel like Ace, Leona, Floyd, and Chenya wouldn't even really apologize but would be like, "Nice bod, you should really lock the door next time tho" LOL
Despite this attitude, I think they'd be decent enough to lock the door for you on their way out. He wouldn't want anyone else seeing the lovely sight that only he should see, hehe 😏🤭
And as for Lilia, Trey, and Cater, they would apologize, "Ah..! My bad, y/n", and probably lightly scold you as well.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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rs-wonderland · 15 days
OB!Malleus: You said you were going to stay in bed 10000 years!?
Idia: W-well i-, g-good morning...
OB!Malleus: AND aren't you suppost to be asleep, like everyone else!?
Yuu: I- set up an alarm, i guess-?
OB!Malleus: •-•
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mobbu-min · 5 months
☆ Pretty Boy ☆
Tumblr media
summary: in which, you're asked who you thought was the prettiest boy and not even a second later you respond with his name. unknowingly leaving him a flustered mess.
a/n: long time no see guys! but here's a little thing I worked on. school literally been beating my ass fr
characters: every housewarden
!tw! insecurities, grammar mistakes im too lazy to fix
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts <3
⋆ Riddle's face erupts in a spectrum of red. He’s far too shocked to do anything other than stare agape at the wall.
⋆ Prettiest boy? Him?
⋆ Surely you must be joking. But, you sounded so convinced. You said so fast and bluntly, that surely it's not a joke. That you mean it, right? Right?
⋆ Either way, this boy does not know how to act. He’s going through all stages of denial and acceptance. He’s planning and unplanning how this could turn out for the both of you. He’s anxiously biting at his lip, picking at the loose threads of his blazer. Trying desperately hard to get back on track. Silently cursing(not really) you out for getting him off his game.
⋆ A part of him, a side he keeps hidden, deeply wishes that you meant it with all your heart. Because, he thinks you're very pretty too.
“Prefect, perhaps if you are not busy this coming weekend, you and I could get together.- What will we do? Well I planned a little stroll through the gardens, just you and I of course, and then after, we’ll get dinner- excuse me?…A-a date?! Am I asking you out on a date!?……..Well, if you’d be up to it, then yes. Yes I am.”
Leona Kingscholar <3
⋆ Leona knows he’s good looking. Annoyingly so.
⋆ But to hear you say he was the prettiest boy in all of NCR? Oh boy, his ego is twice its original size. (ha! take that vil!)
⋆ And no, he’s not smiling like a lovesick school girl because of you. Hell to the no. He just saw Malleus fall on his face, actually….SToP LoOKiNG At HiM!
⋆ Does he take your response as truth? Yes. Is he going to bring it up to you and embarrass you just for kicks and giggles? Absolutely, yes. Will he ever confess? ……probably, but first, call him pretty again.
“Pretty? Hmm, I’d prefer attractive, or down right smokin hot. But y’know, I don’t mind pretty if it’s coming from you. Hmmm? Don’t tell me my little herbivore is shy now? C’mon move those hands and let me see your pretty face.”
Azul Ashengrotto <3
⋆ This has to be one of Jade and Floyd’s pranks, right?
⋆ It was in fact not a prank, judging by the two background characters he’s never seen before.
⋆ Okay, it is confirmed that it is indeed not a prank. What now? Well obvi, stage two, embarrassment and quickly approaching stage three, denial!
⋆ Skipping those two stages, because for goodness sake Azul! Get a hang of yourself, man!
⋆ He quickly tries to think of a plan, a contract perhaps. Wait no, last time he tried that, you threatened to hide his cane and glasses. There has to be another way to…to…to….well, he’ll think of that later.
⋆ For right now, Azul is practically glowing in his seat.
“I couldn’t help but overhear, but tonight Monstro Lounge is having an event. Of course, you’re not forced to come, but I’d like to show a better side of me-I mean, my business! If you’ll allow it, that is.”
Kalim Al-Asim <3
⋆ Pretty! You just called him the prettiest boy you’ve ever seen! 
⋆ Kalim is over the moon, Jamil has to go and get him down, and practically bursting at the seams. It takes him everything not to glomp you into a bone crushing hug right then and there.
⋆ But he wants to be slow with how he approaches you. Wants to take his time and plan a nice quiet-Yeah like that actually going to happen! Kalim throws a large ass party, nobody knows what it's for besides Jamil, and of course you're the guest-of-honor!
⋆ All of your favorites are there! Everything you could ever hope for lovingly set out and planned for you. 
⋆ Kalim hopes this will express his feelings for you and show how happy your comment made him. If not, expect to be dragged in the middle of the party off to a magic carpet ride through the night sky.
⋆ You may be marveling at the pretty sky and stars, but Kalim’s eyes will never leave your pretty face.
“Wasn’t that fun! Let’s do it again! -What? You’re tired? Well that’s no good! Come on, let's have a sleepover. I promise you’ll have the best sleep of your life!- But first, mwah! A pre-good night kiss! Don’t worry there's plenty of more where that came from!”
Vil Schoenheit <3
⋆ Smug, if there was one word to describe Vil, it would be smug. 
⋆ Of course, you’d answer with his name! He is the fairest of them all! You were state fact! Nothing but the truth!
⋆ So, why does his knees feel so weak? Why does his face feel warm? And most importantly, why does his heart feel like he just ran a marathon? 
⋆ Well never mind that, Vil will not let your little praise get to his head and mess up his whole routine. And yet, as he readies himself for bed, Vil can’t help but linger on your words. Linger on the way your eyes softened and head shyly turned to hide in your shoulder. 
⋆ And then those feelings return and Vil can’t do anything to stop them. Like acne it infests his heart and turns it to a bloody red. However, unlike acne, Vil doesn’t want to get rid of it..
"My sweet potato, if you ever feel down, feel free to come to me for assistance. I would love to show you some latest skin and hair products for you to try. And I would be more than happy to demonstrate it for you. Hmm? Ace said that your skin has been looking like Riddle’s face? How rude of that unripe spudling, like he looks any better! Ahem, I mean, perhaps you’d like to take up the offer now then? I’ll be making smoothies.”
Idia Shroud <3
⋆ …pretty….you just called him pretty….system overloading…system crashed…pew…pew…pew…pew…sjdpsjsjlaoap
⋆ There's not a single response from Idia for like five minutes. People think he's a literal statue, birds even start building nests on him for crying out loud! It's that bad.
⋆ But once he gets his system loading properly, oh boy, he let's out the loudest, most high pitched, scream, you think he's getting murder(or seeing someone in the first time in months) He's a whole ass volcano fr.
⋆ He doesn't get it. He really really doesn't and now he thinks you're weird, like really fuckin weird. 
⋆ Because he's not pretty. Vils pretty, Mega super dragon boss is pretty, that blue hair normie you hang out with, he's pretty, hell even you, yourself, is pretty! But Idia?
⋆ Yeah, he's scheduling you an eye appointment asap.
⋆ Idia doesn't get you and he never will, at least not yet. He doesn't get what you see in him, why you thought he was the prettiest boy you've ever seen, but for some reason that night, when Ortho was charging and it was just him alone, he could finally look at himself in the mirror and not be repulsed with who looked back at him.
⋆ For once, he finally saw himself as Idia, the prettiest boy in your eyes.
‘A-are you available tonight? Eh? W-w-why?!....oh, ummm, there’s a new game that's coming out and I…I wanted to know if you wanted to be my player 2!’
Malleus Draconia <3
⋆ Hmm, how strange of you. You never cease to surprise him.
⋆ Malleus is used to being called a gallery of different names. He’s heard it all. Pretty being a rare one in the collection. He’s much more used to being called handsome, but pretty? Well, Malleus could get used to that. Especially if it's coming from you. 
⋆ Malleus is the one to confront you right after. Thank you for your kind words, ignoring the way his stomach fluttered and cheeks flushed, and promptly disappearing. He’s not sure what exactly to do with this...feeling. It's the first for him, so he finds himself thinking he might have gotten ill. Perhaps, your kindness is truly infectious, like Sebek says. 
⋆ However, do not fret! Papi Lilia is on his way to do whatever he does best!
⋆ Malleus is surprised, yet he isn’t in denial or flustered, he’s actually at ease. Relaxed really. Because he can finally put a name to this feeling that infects his heart every time you're around. He knows why his heart felt like it was on fire and why his knees felt weak. 
⋆ Because you have infected him, you've been cursed with a disease called love. A disease Malleus doesn’t mind living with as long as he stays the prettiest boy in your eyes. 
"You’re quite lovely yourself, my dear Child of Man. Stunning really. You put the stars to shame, the wonders of the Universe to shame, the most stunning jewels are nothing compared to the twinkling of your eyes. My dear, you say I’m pretty, however I believe you're down right gorgeous."
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underqualified-human · 4 months
Kalim is the type of boyfriend to say "This reminded me of you!" and then hand you an expensive piece of jewellery
Idia is the type of boyfriend to send you a text saying "This reminded me of you." and then send you the most surreal meme you've ever seen in your life at 1am.
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idiaia · 2 months
Tumblr media
As you can tell by now I love this event
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Tumblr media
How the taller Twst boys would react to their S/O climbing on them because they were afraid, pt. 2.
note: tw:spider, Gn reader.
Sebek Zigvolt
⚡Completely froze.
⚡That’s it, you broke him. He isn’t even able to utter a word.
⚡You had to get off before he could pass out.
⚡You also had to stop Lilia from passing out because he was laughing too much.
⚡If you ask Sebek about it, he will deny.
Leona Kingscholar
🦁It’s rare to find an occasion when he’s not on the ground asleep, but if it happens at the same time there’s a spider present, you’re in luck(or not)
🦁He finds it very cute, but since he’s an a-hole, He can and will tease you about it.
🦁He also sees it as an open invitation to go cuddling.
🦁I hope your day’s not booked, because he’s got you trapped.
Idia Shroud
🎮First of all, he is also terrified of spiders. Second of all, He will get absolutely flustered.
🎮So now you’re both on the floor because he fell over in surprise.
🎮Oh and you’re also both screaming.
🎮Ortho is very confused when he walks (floats) on you two screaming at a ball of hair(the so-called spider)
Trey Clover
☘ When you first do it, he practically topples over.
☘He fights to stabilise himself.
☘He’s like Okay??? Please get off???
☘He tries to convince you to get off, but you won’t budge.
☘After a while he just gives up and accepts this is his life now.
☘«Can cookies convince you to leave me alone?
☘turns out the cookies worked.
☘But then Trey realised he was lonely without you clinging to him.
☘So he goes to hug you.
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