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Could you do a one where the reader and Vance we're together and the reader was killed by the grabber before Vance. And the reader trys to help Vance escape and stay safe from the grabber when he gets kidnapped (and Vance can communication with the reader through the phone like Finney did but he can also see them bc when he turned around while still on the phone bc he heard a voice which was the readers and he also finds out the reader was murdered by the grabber and gets pissed)but the reader ends up failing to protect him and Vance died too and they can finally be together again?
Tumblr media
⋆·˚ ༘ * ♡. 📞 I promise. 📞 .♡
Tumblr media
༉‧₊˚ #Vance Hopper x reader
. ˚₊ ꒱ Pairing/Pairings: Vance Hopper and GN! Reader.
༉‧₊˚ -Format: imagine.
× &﹕Summary: You try your hardest to get Vance out of here.
×﹕♺ AUTHOR’S NOTE(S): I loved this idea! Btw Im trying to catch up in requests so requests are going to be slow.
masterlist | Requests: OPEN
Tumblr media
Vance's eyes slowly opened and his whole body felt like shit. His head hurt like crazy when his eyes fully opened. He was in an unknown place, he got up. Vance saw him.
“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?” He yelled out to the unknown man with a weird-looking devil mask. Until it hit him. It was the grabber. The person that took away his lover.
“It’s too late for yelling.” The grabber calmly stated. He was holding a plate, he put the plate on the floor. It was shitty-looking eggs and a soda bottle.
“Where the hell am I?” “In my basement.” He started looking at him.
“Just eat.” “I’m not fucking eating that,” Vance said to the grabber disgusted and mad.
“Oh, your problem. You are already down here. “ The grabber went to the basement door. Vance was in disbelief, how did he get kidnapped by him?
He was stronger than the grabber he knew that. He beaten up three kids in under 2 minutes. He was just mad and confused until he turned around. There was a black phone.
‘How dumb is he?’ Vance thought. The grabber already knew what he was doing and thinking about. “The phone doesn’t work. It hasn’t worked since I was a kid.”
With that being said, he closed the door. For the first time in his life, he truly felt hopeless. He didn’t know what to do, didn’t know what to say. He looked at the food next to the bed.
He wasn’t going to eat the eggs or the soda. He didn’t care if he was going to starve to death.
Tumblr media
Two days. For two days, his face was coated in dirt. His jacket was slowly losing its color, his once white shirt. Was covered with mud and blood. This was the third day, yesterday he tried punching the grabber but that ended horribly. He got beaten.
He would try and kill him. He wanted to snap his neck, he wanted to kill him. For them.
He didn’t know what to do. He wanted to fight but he couldn’t. Just not yet, he wanted to fight him when the time is just right. His thoughts were all over the place.
‘Was that? That couldn’t be..’ he quickly got off the bed and went to the phone. He was right, the phone was ringing. ‘What? How?’ He picked up the phone.
He put it next to his ear, it was just sadistic. Fucking. Sadetic. He thought he could have escaped. The grip of the phone tightened. He smashed the phone back into its place when he was about to turn around.
He turns around, ‘I swear to god.’ He picked up the phone. It was sadetic until he heard a faint “Hello?” “Hello?!?” He almost yelled into the phone. Maybe he could escape, his eyes almost lightened up.
“Hello.” The line was more clear and he couldn’t believe what he heard. It was y/n. The person he loves. “Y/n? Baby.” He said, his voice cracking. He couldn’t believe his ears. “Vance? It’s been forever..” you spoke in a sweet gentle voice.
“Y/n… I can’t believe it’s you..” he said, his voice breaking. “Y/n… I remember.” You said almost forgetting your name.
Before Vance could say anything, the phone disconnected. “Y/n!” He was about to cry. “You can’t talk to the dead.” That voice.
He turned around and it was him. “Stay the fuck away from me.” “Oh don’t worry. I just wanted to check up on you.” He stated.
“You’ve done your check-up! Go.” He said to the grabber in an angry tone.
“If I need to.” The grabber turn around and walked out of the basement.
Vance was about to cry until he noticed the door unlocked. ‘That fucking idiot.’ He thought. Quickly went to the door and when he was about to open it.
It was ringing. It’s y/n. He ran to the phone and picked it up, “hello?” “Don’t go upstairs. He’s waiting.” You spoke out.
“What?” “He didn’t say you could leave. If you do, he will punish you. With hitting you with that belt. It hurts like hell.” You said.
“Did he hit you..?” He said to you, Vance turned around and there was you. Standing in front of him.
Your hair was a mess, the outfit was covered in dirt and blood. A lot of blood and your eyes were gone. Blood dripped out of them. You were a mess.
“Y/n..?” He mumbled out.
“You could see me?” You said in the same soft voice. “Yeah… I can.” Vance answered, still holding the phone.
“Did he hit you.” He asked you again. “He did much more than that.” You walked close to him.
“He killed me. I tried to escape.. I really tried Vance.” You cupped his cheek with your hand.
Your once warm and gentle hand was now cold. Since soft and gentle, he wanted to kill that asshole.
“I'm going to kill him! I swear.” Vance said in an angry tone. He looked at you, almost crying out of anger.
“Don’t worry about me Vance… I promise I will help you escape.” You always cared about other people, when he found out you were gone. He was such a crying mess, he wished that he was there to help you. To protect you. To hug you. To tell you that everything will be okay.
“For right now, don’t go upstairs. He’s waiting, Vance. Eat. That food won’t hurt you.” With that. You were gone, he wished he could have talked to you more. But he will listen to you. He will kill that mother fucker. For you.
He quickly got the plate with eggs and soda. He ate the food fast, he almost forgot that he was straving. He drank the soda, even though the Grabber food tasted like shit. He was hungry.
Vance was just sitting down, thinking of what you said. ‘I promise I will help you escape.’ He couldn’t believe that you were protecting him. He wanted so badly to see you or even talk about what happened. He got up, and picked up the phone.
“Y/n.. please answer. I just wanna talk to you. Even just to hear your voice. Please.” He begged. He still heard nothing.
He let out a sigh, and was about to lay on the dirty so called ‘bed’ until..
he almost jumped to the phone, he picked up the phone. “Y/n?” “Hey Vance.” You spoke. He turned around and you were there.
“What happened? Do you remember anything?” He questioned you. “It’s all a blur. All I know is what happened here. I do remember you.” You said looking at him.
“I swear that this won’t happen to you.” you spoke to him.
“I love you, Vance.” “I love you too,” Vance said still crying and smiling.
Tumblr media
2 weeks. He did everything you told him to, he just wanted to get out of this hell. Today was the day to kill that fucking jackass. The one that did this to you. The one that took your life. The grabber was taking his time.
He couldn’t wait to hear him scream and beg him for his life. Vance was waiting and hiding behind the walls. That’s when the grabber opened the door with the plate of eggs and soad like always done. Vance swears every time the eggs get grosser. “Breakfast Tim-“ he was cut off. “TODAY IS THE DAY MOTHERFUCKER.”
When Vance quickly punched him in the face, the plate of eggs dropped before they both knew it. They were fighting. Vance was fighting like he never had before. He really wanted to kill him. Until the grabber got some pole laying around and hit him right in the face. Vance quickly falled back.
His nose was broken and bleeding ALOT. Everything was getting blurry, “Naughty boy.” He chuckled. Vance turned his head and saw you. You were standing crying.
Then everything went black.
Tumblr media
He worked up and was somewhere he didn’t remember being. ‘Where the hell is this?’ He thought to himself. “Vance..?” He turned around and saw you.
“Y/n..” You quickly ran into Vance’s arms, hugging him tight. You quickly started crying, “I’m s-sorry Vance’s. I broke my promise.” “It’s okay.” Vance said to you.
“It’s not. You should be outside and enjoying life.” You cried out. “Baby…y/n.” He said to you,
You look deeply into his baby ocean eyes. “I don’t care about that. I don’t care. All I want is to be with you for the rest of my life.” He spoke to you.
“I love you.” With that you two kissed.
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maomilaa · 2 months
Tumblr media
live laugh Hayley Williams
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daisysolovely · 5 months
Aemma Targaryen
Losing an eye. 
So, hear me out, I have this imagination where the babe Queen Aemma carried survived and they were a girl who was born blind. Instead of Aemond who losing his eye, it would be this princess. 
I think I might turn this into a series but Idk yet, as I still have a lot of idea for this what if thingy. As far as I could tell, I don’t know who Aemma will ended up so this would be a platonic/family story for now. 
Summary: What if the child Queen Aemma carried was a princess and she actually survived? And what if that child was born blind? 
P/s: English is not my first language, so please forgive for my grammar mistakes and I am an unexperienced writer so feedbacks would be highly appreciated. 
Anyway, enjoy~ 
Aemma’s series: Aemma’s dragon, A Ruby eye, A Pawn, A Proposal
What if Queen Aemma gave birth to a princess who was able to survive? 
Aemma Targaryen, named after her late mother, was born blinded. Some said the princess was cursed for she wasn’t meant to survive death. Some said it was a price for her being alive. Either way, Aemma had always been grateful for her life. She had a loving father who tended to her every need, a beloved sister who was understanding of her disability and an uncle who had an overprotective tendency due to her lack of vision. Not to mention her stepmother, who had been kind and her adorable siblings. 
Her disability didn’t mean that she was clueless about the conflict that set her family apart or the game of politics they were all playing. She was well aware of them, even the secret they thought they had hidden from the world. She might be able to see like a normal person, but she wasn’t completely blind to the world. 
“Aemma.” Yelled Aegon as he approached his sister in the hallway, his words were slightly slurred. The princess flinched at the sudden noise and dropped her cane to the ground, causing Aemma to crunch and pat around, finding her cane. 
The Prince soon approached his sister and stood her up before shoving the cane in her hand. Despite his reputation, he had always had a softer approach to his older sister. The prince wrapped his hand around her wrist and gently guided her, walking slowly as he talked to her.
Aegon, ever since little, had a habit of sneaking into Aemma’s bed. He found comfort in Aemma’s calmness, something he didn’t experience with his mother. It soothed him when she caressed his hair or when she hummed to him at night. As a child, he loved to listen to Aemma’s voice or her lullaby. The prince would voluntarily become her cane just to be in her presence for longer. And as he grew older, he confided in her and confessed to her all his emotions and thoughts that were suppressed inside him. 
However, their closeness was frowned upon and it stirred controversy, even more, when Aegon gained his player reputation. So, the prince changed his method and instead became more discreet with his affection for Aemma. 
“Lady Laena had passed away.” He told her while eyeing her warily. The boy, even in his drunken state, was concerned for his sister. 
Aemma paused at her pace, she turned in the direction of Aegon’s voice. The princess could feel her hands starting to shake as her eyes began tearing up. If it wasn’t for Aegon holding her, Aemma would surely collapse on the floor due to the shocking news. This was just so sudden and Aemma couldn’t imagine what her uncle and cousins must be going through right now. The cursed princess suddenly turned on her heels and walked the opposite way. 
It took Aegon by surprise but the boy was quick to react, he immediately held his sister and exclaimed. “Where are you going?” 
“To Pentos.” She reluctantly answered as she made her way to the dragon pit. “I need to give my condolence to uncle.” She said. 
Aegon’s wrap around Aemma’s tightened, he didn’t wish for her to fly to Pentos. She was in no condition to do so and the boy didn’t particularly like his uncle either. The feeling was mutual for both parties and Aemma knew that as well. But right now, she couldn’t care less. 
“You will meet him soon. We’ll go together.” Explained the boy and Aemma compromised even though she knew deep down, nobody trusted her enough to let her fly alone. A bitter taste settled in her throat, but the princess pushed it aside like many times before. 
Aemma didn’t understand what was going on, she was standing behind Aemond as the boy and her sister’s children argued. It was chaos, Aemma felt as if her ears would explode at any minute. The cursed princess turned her head left and right, trying to analyse the direction of each child. Yet, it was all a failed attempt. 
And the children, too heated, forgot completely about the appearance of Aemma. 
The Cursed princess knew the argument would take a downturn when Aemond called the boys “Strong”, something that was unspeakable among the court and the Targaryen family. Aemma then proceeded to tap on Aemond’s shoulder in an attempt to call him off, yet the boy was too caught up in the moment to notice. 
It was when Lucerys took out his dagger that Aemma’s presence became noticed as she shoved her brother aside and took the hit instead. 
All hell broke loose after that. 
Aemma couldn’t quite remember the details as every time she recalled it, all she could feel was a sharp pain on her right cheek and the cry of her brother along with her nephews and cousins. If she thought this was chaotic, she was proven wrong the moment her sister made the appearance. The realm’s delight cried out as she reached for her sister as Aemma was tended to by the maester. 
“This shouldn’t have happened.” She would hear Rhaenyra mumbling. “I am so sorry, dear sister.” The cursed princess tried not to frown as it would damage her wound. She understood how Rhaenyra must feel, blaming herself for Aemma’s wound. If she was in her sister’s shoes, she would probably feel the same. 
Truthfully, Aemma was angry. Not because she had lost an eye, after all, her eyes were useless, to begin with. She didn’t necessarily lose anything. But she was angry because Lucerys thought he could hurt his kin and because Aemond dared to take Vhagara when lady Laenor’s funeral was just that morning. 
Still, she suppressed it all down for the sake of her family or specifically, her father, the king had exclaimed in horror upon seeing her wound. It must be horrible, Aemma thought as she could visibly hear everyone flinching or whispering about her lost eye. “My sweet child.” The king wrapped his arm around Aemma as he cried. He had always felt bad for Aemma, feeling as if she suffered more than all of her siblings and yet, he was helpless. As a king, he could only try to provide her with the best material he could find. And as a father, he could only hope he had done a wonderful job. 
But now, with an eye lost, the King felt as if it was his fault. Had he not done a great job of protecting her? 
Much to Aemma’s dismay, the Queen demanded justice for the princess, claiming an eye for an eye. Aemma hopelessly sat at the chair while listening to her family tearing each other apart, her uncle Daemon beside her and Aegon next to her. It seemed that Daemon was the only one who enjoyed the show, so far. While Aegon tended to Aemma as if she was porcelain.
“ENOUGH!” The soft Aemma finally had enough as she practically shouted, shutting down the entire room. And she didn’t see how everyone turned to her immediately. “This is absurd!” 
“I don’t need revenge and pithiness. My eyes have never functioned anyway, losing one would hardly make a difference.” Aemma let out a chuckle at the last part. 
But her jest wasn’t well appreciated by many people, except for Daemon who the princess could hear a small chuckle from him but suppressed when his brother cleared his throat. 
“Aemma,” Rhaenyra exclaimed in shock at her sister’s dark sense of humour and its ill timing. 
“Of course, it matters.” The queen interrupted. 
All Aemma responded was a faint smile, she knew what the queen was worried about. Aemma was a challenge to marry off and now she lost an eye. The girl was spoiled for good. Blind and ugly, who would want her? The princess lightly shook her head and shoved her thoughts aside. Instead, she chooses to reply. “It’s not. I can’t see, therefore there isn’t any big damage. So I’ll ask kindly for you all to get over this. Now, if you excuse me, I need to retire to my chamber.” 
And with Daemon's help, the young princess stood up. It didn’t take long for Aegon to take over his uncle’s duty, subtly glancing at the man. He placed his elbow in Aemma’s hand and slowly guided his sister out of the room, not forgetting to sneer at Lucerys.
It was only when Aemma met her bed that her knees finally gave up and her mask slipped up. She groaned in pain, her hands gripped the mattress to find some relief. After a few minutes, the princess finally calmed down and took the cup of tea from Aegon. 
“I will skin that bastard alive for what he has done.” The prince announced as he sat on her bed, practically gauged at Aemma’s now lost eye. He didn’t think her wound would make her ugly, truthfully. Aemma could never be ugly in his eyes for she was his angel and the boy couldn't care less if people thought she had no chance to marry off. He would marry her in a heartbeat. Yet, he was angry that someone dared to hurt his sister, the princess. 
Aemma hissed at the harsh word, shoving the hot tea back in his hand. “What have I told you, Aegon? That word is not to say, what if people hear? You will get in trouble.” The princess didn’t need eyesight to know that her brother was rolling his eyes at her. “I am serious, Aegon and I’ve said previously, I am fine. There is no need to be worked up.” 
“He took your eye, Aemma!” 
“An eye that I have no use of.” Aemma calmly dismissed his point. “I don’t feel a thing if I must admit, couldn’t care if he took both. It’s better me than Aemond or anyone else.” 
“Mother would have the bastard’s eye if he dared to take Aemond’s.” 
“But she won’t, father would never let something like that happen.” Aemma shook her head, she knew her father too well. She also knew that he probably wouldn’t punish Lucerys too harshly for his doing. Her father was anything but fair and was a man with an objective point of view. 
Aegon scoffed, but he didn’t argue with her. Instead, he took a book on her nightstand and opened where the mark was last left. “Do you want me to continue reading for you?” He asked. 
Aegon had offered to become Aemma’s eyes since they were children. Because of her disability, Aemma had difficulties doing simple tasks such as reading, sewing or cleaning. She couldn’t study like the rest of the ladies at court did and sevens hells, she was completely clueless about the world. But Aegon’s assistance did help ease her a bit when he read or told her tales at the Westeros that he knew of or had learned a few days prior. The boy would try his best to describe everything in as detail as possible, which took a lot from him, Aemma could tell. Aegon wasn’t exactly the most patient person, but he tried and that was all Aemma needed. 
“Sure.” The princess whispered and, her chamber filled with only the sound of Aegon’s reading, fireplace. It was strangely soothing. Already tired from the day’s events, Aemma found her eyes begging to be closed quite quickly. 
The next morning, Aemma woke up to the news that her brother, Aemond took his eye out last night. The princess frowned upon hearing the news and immediately reached for her cane. She didn’t sacrifice her eye for him to act foolishly. 
Still in her nightgown, the princess rushed toward Aemond’s chamber, a knight trailing behind to ensure her safety. From afar, Aemma could hear the crying of the queen along with her mournful words as well as some whispering from the servants. The young prince’s action scandalised the entire court. 
Aemma didn’t go in at that moment, deciding to confront her brother in solitude. 
“May I ask why you decide to take your eye out?” She questioned the boy softly once she got to be alone with him. Her face and words were gentle and void of judgement. 
The Prince pressed his lips into a thin line, his eye practically bored into his sister’s scar. “It was supposed to be my eye he took, not yours.” 
Aemma shook her head, “It’s a price I must pay for my dragon.” The boy reluctantly said.
“I didn’t go those extra lengths just for you to harm yourself, don’t you understand?” Aemma raised her voice and for a moment, Aemond swore he could see the dragon fire in his usually sweet sister. Sighing, Aemma reached her hands forward, needing to have some physical contact with the boy. 
With Aegon, it was easy for Aemma to guess the boy’s reaction as he never hid it in front of her. But Aemond was a tough shelf to crack and preferred to keep it all to himself instead. So, Aemma always needed to be in physical contact with him every time, to feel his body language. 
Knowing his sister’s habit, the boy complied and wrapped his arms around her back, his head resting against a chest. For a moment, he understood why Aegon was attached to Aemma, for her presence was strangely calming. 
Aemma raised her hands to caress Aemond’s hair as she tried to understand her feelings. It was a mixture of complicated emotions, she was angry, yet felt his action was understandable. “I only wish for you to be well and healthy, Aemond.” She mumbled. “But it seems that faith had another plan for you… I hope you won’t regret your action, brother.” 
“Mother wasn’t pleased.” He softly confessed, pressing his face further into her chest. 
“I can imagine.” Aemma chuckled. While being suited for a Queen, Aemma found Alicent lacked what it took to be a good mother. All of her children were neglected and hurt by her. “After all, now she will have to work harder to find a bride for you, dear brother.” The princess jested. 
“She will need to find one for you first.” 
The cursed princess laughed as she shook her head. “Mine is a whole different matter, I’m afraid.” 
“How so?” 
“It’s complicated, with my lack of eyesight and now a scar, no highborn would wish for my hand. However, father would not give my hand for anyone but those he deemed worthy of a dragon.” She softly explained but the princess could tell by the way Aegon slightly turned his head that he didn’t entirely understand the matter. “You’ll understand it better once you grow up, I promise.” Although it was best if he didn’t, the princess thought. 
“Well, I can protect you when I grow up, therefore there is no need for other men.” Aemma was surprised by the determination in Aemond’s voice, one that was far too strong for a boy his age. And the princess was oddly proud of her brother. 
“It would be my pleasure, brother.” She said with a soft smile, holding no actual regard toward the promise as she deemed it as a child's word. “Now, I must make haste. I have a date with Rhaenyra.” 
Before the princess left the room, Aemond suddenly called for her. The boy didn’t wait for her to turn around as he spoke. “Thank you… for what you did” 
“I’ll do it a thousand times more if I must, Aemond. You’re my brother after all.” 
In the princess’s mind, dragons should always have each other’s back, not daggers at each other’s throats. But little did she know, she would get to witness it all happen, for her eye was the start of a war, one that was nothing but bloodshed. 
Many years later, people would often recall the event where princess Aemma lost her eye as the start of everything. 
The start of a war between the green and the red. 
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bunnepawz · 11 days
crack texts with skz maknae line
hyung line vers.
warnings: mentions of weed, booty shaking & female and male body parts ykwim
© bunnepawz | don’t repost.
Tumblr media
jisung (지성) felix (용복)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
seungmin (승민) jeongin (정인)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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serotionine · 5 months
this was a hit on twitter so
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Corruption kink but with a Priest loving you so much that they turn away from their god/s to worship you like the light that shines from the sun, just pure devotion to their centre of the universe
Misgendering and other bioessentialism kinks dni
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sweaterrat · 13 days
Tumblr media
(I don’t think this will get much attention because it’s not my usual content so reblogs are very appreciated!! Thank you darlings!! 💛💛💛)
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SUMMARY: You and Solomon were doing a potion for class, but you messed up. In present, you're unconscious with the demon brothers surrounding you and yelling at Solomon as if it's his fault. Solomon came in use by telling them the effect of the potion: "The first person they see after waking up will be the person who they will cling on to the whole day."
WARNINGS: getting cursed ig...
Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Belphegor, Bonus- Pt.2
My vision is getting blurry...
Tumblr media
You opened your eyes as your gaze fell on Lucifer's tall figure standing still in pride position in the middle of the rest. Your pupils dilate as the potion takes effect. You stand up, light-headed, barely managing to walk towards him. Lucifer's chest bloats ever so slightly with pride as you take your steps towards him, stumbling. He reaches out his hand to you as the complains and whines from his brothers only fuel him. You take his hand and pull yourself closer to him, making his cheeks tint the lightest shade of pink when you wrap your hands around his neck. Fortunately for him, his brothers were too busy revolting to capture the rare blush on his face. You bury your head on the crook of his neck mumbling his name in an almost inaudible sound..... for humans. Hearing your mumbles, Lucifer swelled in pride while his brothers swelled in the other cardinal sin of envy. In midst of the quarrel between his brothers, Lucifer pulled you away elegantly. Leading you to his room while pampering you with innumerable kisses. Congratulations! You unlocked soft Lucifer!
"Oh, my love, seeing you like this is better than any dream come true"
Lucifer's a sadist. It's the truth but seeing you in his arms as you snuggle his chest, the way your eyes look at him with love, as you obey every word that escapes his lips makes him feel like he is in the celestial realm again.
Lucifer is also a workaholic but right now, the paper work on his table lay untouched, instead his head lays on you lap as your finger run through his black and white strands.
Being aware of his chaotic brothers and their antics he put a curse on the door that only he can lift. Not even his father himself can separate you two right now.
He didn't realize how much he needed this until now. He can feel his stress vaporize with your touch.
If you decide to pamper him with kisses he will internally die while trying to act all smug. Please don't kill this man he is already too tired
Next day, Lucifer will be the happiest demon alive.
Mammon might not be the smartest, but he definitely saw you open your eyes and see him. He stared at you intently watching as you barely manage to stand up. His eyes widen as you wrap your arms around him. Starts mumbling about how great he is and why would you see him first while letting an obvious blush creep up his face. He picks you up like a twig having your arms wrapped around his neck and your legs around his waist as he takes you to his room. His little brothers' complains die down with every step towards his room. He goes full Tsundere while letting you pamper him.
"I-It's not like I am e-enjoying it or anything.... Oi! who told you to stop"
Doesn't let you stop. It's not like you want to
He takes you out that night, away from his brothers and just with him and boy oh boy does he spoil you!?!
But can you blame him in the first place? You just look so cute when you cling on to his arm like that, when you look at him like that. I mean who wouldn't want to spoil you rotten??
If you plan on staying home that night, he will make sure you have some kind of physical contact with him all night even when you go to sleep.
next day, mammon has a certain someone's lip stains all over his face and you have the intoxicating smell of mammon's cologne.
You of course wouldn't want to look at a yucky otaku like him, first thing after waking up, right? Then why are you making eye contact with him right now? Hell, when did you even open your eyes? He takes a step back slightly hiding behind the fifth-born as you dizzily stand up. You take his hand and slowly cling on to him. He almost faints as his face grows red redder than Kushina's hair. He is in too much shock to take you to his room. But if you insist, he will oblige. His brothers surprisingly do not complain (except for Asmo and mammon trying to steal you away here and there).
"Y-Y-You would l-l-like to s-spend a whole day with a yucky otaku like me? You're an a-angel!"
leviathan.exe has stopped working.
Tells himself that you are just doing this because of the potion.
If you agree to do cosplays with him he will be over the moon.
Malfunctions every time you cling on to him and oh boy, if you decide to kiss him he will die happily then and there.
Please don't let this demon degrade himself.
Gets really awkward the next day, not knowing how to react.
A/N: Thank you for reading take care.
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readingstufffff · 7 months
The Box 📦
Sevika x Gn reader
Warnings: a little bit of swearing
Rated fluff maybe a little bit steamy
I This is a continuation of my last story <3
Enjoy :)
The first time meeting Sevika hadn’t gone how you’d planned. Not that you had actually even intended to meet her. She had caused your heart rate to sky rocket with so much as a blink of an eye. You had no idea how you would react the next time you’d see her, so you decided to keep away from The Last Drop for a few days. No matter how much your heart ached to go see the beautiful woman. You were too afraid of making a fool out of yourself in front of her. Even worse you were afraid she wouldn’t like you or worse hate you.
Just like that the days had passed and it had been a week since you had gone to The Last Drop. You hadn’t done much. You just cooked, cleaned, hung out with Mocha( your little brown cat). Apart from that no thing else had happened, or at least that was how it had been until Jinx showed up at your house. She looked extatic ready to burst if you will. She apparently had some awesome news, which you couldn’t wait to hear. So you immediately sat her down so she could explain.
Your heart had never dropped so fast.
You sighed into your coffee. Remembering what Jinx had come by to tell you. She had come to remind you that tomorrow would be her birthday, and she wanted you to come over and celebrate with her.
“Well I guess so much for distancing myself.” You whispered to yourself as you put your mug in the sink and headed to your bedroom for money. You decided to go buy Jinx a present and reminded yourself you’d only be going yo hang out with Jinx no more. Of course life hated you and all ways found a way to bite you in the ass, but right now you didn’t want to think about that, so about your day you went. Heading to a couple of stores before finding the perfect present and heading back home to wrap it up. Throughout the night you could feel your heart jump out of your chest every time you thought about meeting Sevika again. However each time you pushed those feelings away and reminded yourself that wouldn’t happen. The hours passed in flash and you finally fell asleep, dreading going to The Last Drop.
The next morning you quickly changed, grabbed Jinx’s present and of course packed a bag with clean clothes (just in case). This time remembering to pack a shirt meanwhile looking at the shirt you had been wearing pondering if you should take it just in case, but you brushed the thought away. Then you left soon after heading to meet Jinx for her birthday.
When you got to the entrance of the building and you could see it was closed as the bodyguards were no longer there and there was no music on. So with a deep breath you raised your fist knocking and yelling to whoever was inside “ Hey, it’s me! Could you please open the door?!”. You lowered your hand rocking back and forth on your feet waiting for the door to be opened. The lock soon clicked as it was opened you couldn’t help but gasp and turn beat red yet again.
“ it’s you again. Haven’t seen you since the day you came into my room and stole my shirt”. Your eyes widened as you remembered said day and said shirt. The shirt which you had decided not to bring and had been sleeping with for the past week.
“ I am so sorry! I’ll come give it back tomorrow if you’d like?” You quickly apologized to the strong brute, the blush on your face now settling. “ I completely forgot to bring it today. I was to distracted with Jinx’s present and the food. I’m so sorry I forgot. I should’ve-“
“ How the hell have you survived in The Undercity for this long being so… nice” she cut your babbling and excuses off. She then moved aside and let you in before locking the doors. “ The brat isn’t here she left to go look for something ”. You nodded without turning to look at her and started to look around. Jinx not being here gave you the best opportunity to hide your present from her. You didn’t want to give her the present this early since it would look and work better at night.
You could feel Sevika’s gaze on you and sure enough when you turned around you met a gray pair of eyes starring at you in what you thought to be confusion. You decided to break the silence, “ Do you know any good hiding spots for this?” You showed her the box. With her face going back to neutral, she began walking to to a door that was behind the stairs perfectly hidden from the rest of the bar. You quickly followed. Sevika opened it to reveal a storage room with a tall rack filled to the brim with old junk. The only spot left being the one you couldn’t reach, being at the very top. You looked around for a stool or a box, nothing. So you decided to just try and jump to reach it, but that didn’t work because only half the box made it and you weren’t tall enough to pushed all the way up.
Unbeknownst to you Sevika hadn’t left and had just watched you embarrass yourself, by trying and failing to reached the top rack. You nearly gave up giving a little jump to try and pushed the box further to no avail. Next thing you knew, you felt the warmth of a large hand hold your waist before reaching up and fixing the box so it wouldn’t fall. After that she stayed in the same position as you slowly turned to look up at her. The hand at your waist now on your lower back and the hand that had fixed the box, now next to trapping you between the racks and her body.
You shifted your gaze between her eyes and lips. How badly you wanted to kiss those dark brown lips and hug her tight so she wouldn’t let go. She could see the desperation in your eyes and she clearly wanted to kiss you too or so you thought, as she slowly leaned in kissing your cheek first then your neck gently bitting it clearly teasing you. “Sevika…” you wanted her to kiss you so putting your hand on her shoulders you pushed her back enough to try and capture her lips but before you could, a loud crash came from the kitchen hinting at a certain someone’s arrival.
“ Shit”, Sevika whispered against your lips looking you in the eyes “looks like I’ll get to taste that sweet mouth of yours next time I see ya” she whispered to your ear sending shivers throughout your body slowly standing straight and heading for the door “ maybe when you bring that shirt of mine you’ve been wearing princess” she finally said while leaving the room.
“Wait how did you know-” You covered your face as you finally understood what she had meant.
You quickly left the room fixing yourself so it didn’t look like you had almost made out with Sevika. You walked towards the kitchen hearing a few more thing fall before looking inside. Only to see your blue haired friend covered in flour head to toe. “ Wow…” You laughed getting s few plates of the ground before helping her get herself clean of the white flour all over her . Noticing that there weren’t anymore towels. You started heading toward the bathroom for a few towels you had seen before. On your way you saw Sevika talking to some other men before she caught sight of you too and smirked.
You quickly broke eye contact looking at the floor and walked faster completely flustered by the sight of her smirking. The memory of the things she had told you quickly coming to mind, “ next time…” you told yourself raising your hand to touch your lips. A smile forming.
I did it ✨
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zuzu-the-villain · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
PAIRING: Apollo!Izuku x demigod!reader
FORMAT: one-shot
SUMMARY: Observing in the short silence that seemed like a long one, you realized something very important.🌾
GENRE: romance, fluff
Tumblr media
 „Staring at the Moon again, my love?“
Oh, how you loved to lose yourself in the night sky's gaze, with all the heavenly planets, when it is most beautifully lit by the stars and the blue of the Moon that is inserted between above you two.
A feeling like never before, only at night it flows into something completely momentuos.
"I've always wanted a chance to talk to the Moon. It's too noticeable to just be ignored." your voice echoed, not deciding to take your eyes off the Moon for a while longer.
The silent diety now really positively decides to join your side, so he sits down next to you and waits.
"You know, the Moon is very beautiful, as I already said myself. But something about those stars has me thinking.. even more beautiful is hidden in them, something that responds a stronger emotion.
„A stronger emotion, you say?“
Izuku, silently observing your face, patiently listened to your little starry talk, it was so quiet that he almost started to think how sweet it surprisingly was.
"The stars are nothing without the sun, our eyes are able to see them shine through nothingness because the Sun glows its smile at them,“
you put an end to your head from feeling so heavy, now smoothly leaning towards him, having it on one of his bare, freckled shoulders.
"the reason why the villagers often rejoice in the morning is that they see their grain full of life, growing and developing in a great quantity of food for their little grandchildren, because the sun glows its smile at them."
"And do you see that?— That dormant plant by the big bush down the hill."
You asked him pointing your finger down the hill in the distance at which you were watching from the high temple above.
"Um, yes, of course I do see. What about that flower?" The bewildered deity sought for the words that are about to come next.
"Now it may look like a slumberous creature, but in the morning, it will bloom as if it had just been born right then and there, and do you know why that is?"
He felt like he already knew the answer, but he gave her a look he shyed away with far from the answer. Again, waiting for the words that are about to come nest. And yet, there it was,
"Because the sun glows its smile at it."
"..the Moon also would not have such a wooing glow without what we call your godly plan, Izuku. If there were no sun, the world would be in constant darkness, distress and sorrow.
but you are that light that continues to shine for us all. You are that Sun I'm talking about, love."
 And there he stood.
His god-fearing smile fell from his face very quick. He had never thought about such things, they never touched him as much as when they came from your honey lips, like right now.
His words may not have been in the approach to express feelings at the moment, but that's why tears took their place in the pure soul of his. And at first, panic took a tight hold onto you when you turned to look at his crystal eyes illuminated by the moonlight.
You thought you said something wrong, something that might've hurt your love, but you immediately closed your open mouth as soon as you saw the smile on his face once again, strained from ear to ear that let you know that it was just one of those silly moments.
You wanted to burst out laughing, but instead you scooped him up in a warm hug. Now you had the chance to feel something that he could as well, complementing it with his cold tears on your shoulder and your warm lips on his.
„You..really think so?“
„Think so? Darling, I mean it."
His freckled cheeks melted between your soft hands, leaning as much as possible into your reassuring touch that lulled him to sleep like that plant down a hill.
He muttered something, but the soft breeze was louder.
"Now, now, let's wipe those pretty tears from your face, your huuuuge eyes will look puffy red later, and we don't want that, do we?"
He nodded weakly with a childish laugh that instantly made you feel butterflies in your stomach, now wanting to squeeze him in even tighter embrace of yours.
"Tonight, I'll lie in the sheets with you by my side, thinking, knowing," you paused to look him in the eyes.
"That you are the light of our darkness, suffering and resentment, and even if you lose that brightness of yours one day, I will always give it back to you, in the way that I love you more than anything and anyone,
because right now, there is no such thing I wouldn't give in the world just to protect that sparkling smile of yours,
Glowing its smile at me.
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the-m1nd-electr1c · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
hey !!!!!! check this out
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hufflesight · 4 months
wow. I was scrolling on YouTube shorts (please send help I hate it but I can't stop) and came across a video talking about the Wednesday x Enid ship. I haven't seen Wednesday myself, but some of the comments...
Tumblr media
I didn't realize there were people who misunderstand shipping so badly. and this wasn't the actors or anything. These people are mad that queer people might want to see queer characters onscreen.
oh, and calling those same queer people perverts for having headcannons.
Tumblr media
and saying people only ship characters... because they have no friends? I don't understand the logic there.
Tumblr media
there were also interesting points of view about people wanting Wednesday to be ace. Understandable. I have no issues with that. I have issues with the people who think that coming up with FAKE romances involving FAKE characters is weird or "bad".
And where is this "why can't they just be friends" mindset whenever a teenage boy and girl are onscreen for a millisecond? because you know they're gonna fall in love.
it's almost like people just want to preserve the heteronormativity that makes them feel comfortable.
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daisysolovely · 5 months
Aemma Targaryen 2
Aemma’s dragon
Hiiii, first of all, I want to thank you for all the feedback you’ve giving on the last part of Aemma’s story. I was so insecured and anxious when I posted it but your supports helped me tremendously and leaded me to this post. Secondly, this is another story about Aemma and her journey to claim her dragon. I hope you guys enjoy it and if you can, please let me know what you like or dislike about this story. 
I think this part will help you understand futher why Aemma didn’t hesitate to take the hit that meant for Aemond and it will also explain for a lot of thing for the future part ( if there is any). It took place when she was a child. But don’t worry, I’ll writing the story taking place after Aemond’s event as well. This one just haunted my mind for so long that I need to write it down ASAP XD 
This one is very long btw and I think I might not done it justic but I’ll try to edit it after. 
Summary: Aemma’s insecurity leaded Daemon to help her and the only thing to sovles a problem in Targaryen’s style is...dragon. 
P/s: I am not native English speaker so please forgive me if there is any grammar mistake in it, I’ll try to edit it. I am unexperience writer as well so feedback would be highly appreciated. 
Aemma’s series: Losing an eye, A ruby eye, A Pawn, A Proposal
Anyway, enjoy~~~
 Every since Aemma was born, she had been surrounded by darkness. Yet, she didn’t fear darkness like some did. She embraced it instead and found the silver lining in it. For instance, the princess took pride in her hearing abilities and often told her sister and father she could hear their footstep whenever they were near. And she would often reward with praise. Even her brother, Aegon thought she was a genius. 
Aemma dragged her brother along with her to the garden. She loved hearing Aegon describe the shape of the cloud even though she might not be able to imagine it. She would never know what a horse look like or a bird look like. But she appreciated Aegon’s effort and his excitement. It filled her with warmth and love. 
“That one looks like my dragon.” Aegon pointed out as he excitedly exclaimed. The boy’s dragon had hatched not long after his birth and he had been eager to talk about his baby to everyone. 
But the prince quickly shut his mouth when he realised he had just hit a touching topic. Even at the tender age of 6, the boy had learned what he should say and what not to, due to the court’s influence on the boy. He eyed his sister warily, concerned about how she might react. 
Much to his surprise, Aemma smiled and sighed in contentment. “I wish I could know what a dragon looks like.” She muttered. “They must be very majestic, aren’t they?” 
“They are.” Confirmed Aegon. 
“I wonder if Rhaenrya would let me ride her dragon with her, that would be wonderful.” 
“When mine becomes big, we can ride together.” The prince suggested and successfully made the princess's smile wider. 
Aemma loved Aegon as she did with her family. But during that time of her life, the young princess adored her younger brother, even more than she did her sister and brother. He knew how to make her day, say the right thing and all in all, was a great sibling. For young Aemma, that was enough. 
The mention of the dragon, however, stayed with Aemma throughout the day. No matter how hard she tried, the cursed princess couldn’t forget about that conversation. That was when she started to notice things… or rather, words. 
The hearing she used to pride in, started to betray her. The young princess began to notice what others had talked about behind her back, thinking she was out of earshot. And a seed of doubt was planted in her young mind. 
It started with questioning herself… 
Aemma was a Targaryen and proud to be one. But a Targaryen was known to bond with their dragon. Why didn’t she have one then? Was it because she was cursed? And why she couldn’t see like the rest of her family? Was it because her mother died giving birth to her? 
Aemma couldn’t understand, and the young child didn’t know how to verbalise her concern. But the longer she doubted herself, the quiet she seemed to grow. You would think that with how doting Rhaenerya and the king were toward Aemma, they would pick up the sign immediately. That didn’t happen, however. Even at a young age, Aemma was skilled in hiding her true emotion. 
The princess started to hate her hearing ability and wished under the moon for it to be taken away as god did with her eyesight. The princess prayed every night to her mother and apologised for causing her death. In the young Aemma’s mind, it was all her fault.
The Red Keeper was celebrated for the third name day of the second prince, Aemond. And there were more noble arriving to cheer and attend the happy event. To everyone, this was a time for celebration. But for Aemma, it was disastrous. 
The young princess loved her brother, naturally. But she was extremely overwhelmed with her surrounding, finding herself bumming into people more than usual and the noise was just too loud for her liking. 
When people gathered, they talked as well. 
“Have you met the young princess?” Asked a noble lady. 
“Ah, the cursed one?” Another lady said in a whisper tone. 
“Yeah, that one. The one without a dragon.” The first one said, her tone slightly mocking. “She kept bumping into people and walls, I’ve seen her tripping more than I could count.” The lady told her friend. 
“What do you expect from a blind princess?” 
“Honestly, if she wasn’t a princess, she would be downright worthless, wouldn’t she? Don’t even have a dragon and couldn’t walk decently to save her own life.” 
“I wouldn’t be surprised if the topic of her marriage would become a burden for the King and the queen.” 
The other snickered. “I doubt she could be married off, not suitable to be wife material, wouldn’t she?” 
“One might marry for her money.” 
And the two laughed cruelly, clerking their goblets to cheer on their conversation. 
Little did they know, the mentioned princess had heard every single word they said. 
Aemma’s face fell, she gripped her dress and whimpered slightly. The young girl kept telling herself not to cry for the Targaryen wouldn’t tolerate weak links. But her existence was a weak link and burden itself, wasn’t it? In her defence, Aemma had tried to walk on her own, and she did. The other day, she had just walked to the Throne room all by herself and her father even praised her. She simply couldn’t control herself sometimes… But they were right, she supposed. 
How was she supposed to marry anyone? She couldn’t even walk straight… And she didn’t have a dragon… 
Was she really a Targaryen? 
Unknowingly, a tear ran down the young princess’s cheek, then another and another. Soon, she went full sobbing while sitting in a corner. She was surrounded by waves of laughter and giggling, a joyful and merry place. 
Suddenly, the princess could hear a few heavy footsteps walking toward her and the train of tears stopped almost instantly. The young princess hugged herself tightly, preparing herself for what was to come. This was a stranger, she was certain as their pace was foreign to her. 
“Aemma?” Asked the stranger warily. “I am Daemon, your uncle…” He said softly while kneeling at the princess’s level. Despite knowing her disability, the Rogue prince still looked into her eyes as if he was talking to a normal person. The only different thing was the prince was softer than usual. 
To say Daemon was shocked to find his niece in the garden this late at night was underestimated. But to see tears on her adorable face? The Rogue prince was concerned, however, he was cautious about approaching her for they had never officially met before. He was exiled after her birth and he doubted the young princess could recognise him. Besides, the prince was worried about how she might react toward strangers. He understood that one could be on very high guard if they couldn’t see. 
“Uncle Daemon?” She whispered.
Aemma had, of course, heard the tale about her Rogue prince. In her mind, he was a mighty warrior who went to war for their family and the best swordsman they would ever have. Nobody had ever informed her of the Rogue prince’s notorious reputation or how ruthless his personality could be and that was probably a good thing too. 
Naturally, she was elated to meet Daemon. The princess had always wanted to meet him. Sadly, however, she couldn’t find it in her to greet her uncle with a gleeful attitude. 
“That’s right.” The Rogue prince hummed softly, his hand going to fix her hair slightly. “What happened, princess? Did anyone do something to you?” 
Despite his soft tone, the fire in Daemon’s eyes was anything but. 
Aemma’s pouty lips trembled and she burst into tears again once Daemon asked. Her uncontrollable and sudden cry surprised the Rogue Prince. He went to caress her hair while not knowing what to do.
“Am I a Targaryen, uncle?” She asked out of the blue and caught Daemon completely off guard. 
Why in the seven hells would she even doubt that? The man thought to himself. One with eyes could see how Targaryen she was, with perfect silver hair and beautiful violet eyes that resembled her sister, but a lighter shade. 
“Konir sagon daor sesīr iā másino, dārilaros” That's not even a question, princess, Daemon said as his fingers twirled with the end of her silver hair. The Rogue prince chuckled upon seeing her confused expression. “Have nobody taught you High Valyrian, zaldrītsos?” Little Dragon. 
Unexpectedly, the princess shook her head. She had heard her sister and father talking in the language before and Rhanerya even told her about the glorious tale of their ancestor and their origin. Yet, Aemma had trouble trying to learn the language, something that she was deeply ashamed of. 
“How’s about I teach you some?” The prince suggested and he seemed shocked by his proposal as well. But it was too late for him to take it back now. 
“Really?” The princess asked hopefully, her eyes seemingly glistening up. 
“Yes, I will teach you and when I finish, you will tell me what troubles you today. What do you think, zaldrītsos?” 
Aemma bit the bottom of her lips, seemingly to be deep in thought. Yet she showed no sign of hesitation, only an act of wanting to negotiate. “We got ourselves a deal, then.” She then smiled. 
“Yes, princess, we got a deal. I intend to keep my end of the deal so I hope you will do the same.” Aemma could hear a hint of amusement in his voice and dared to say he was jesting her. For a moment, she wished she could see the infamous Rogue Prince’s handsome face. Aemma bet his smile would be very pretty. 
“I’ll.” The cursed princess insisted confidently. 
For the next few days, Aemma spent her days learning High Valyrian with her uncle. And it was proven to be a challenge teaching Aemma the language. The princess blushed every time she couldn’t recall the word she learnt last time but Daemon, surprisingly, encouraged her and waited slowly for her to memorise it. 
Even a few times, Aemma had improved tremendously thanks to Daemon, who was so proud of his niece. A part of the Rogue Prince was also impressed by how patient he was. 
“Have you remembered the phrase?” He asked Aemma, the two sat in the garden, a knight observing the pair from afar. The Rogue Prince took a sip of his goblet as he watched the young princess mumbling repeatedly the phrase he taught previously. “Don’t be scared, we can learn again if you don’t remember.” 
Aemma shook her head, a determined expression on her beautiful face. “I think I got it, uncle.” 
“Sȳz riña, tell that to your father when you see him. I’m certain he’ll be pleased.” Good girl
“You think so?” The princess questioned nervously. She found spending time with her uncle oddly soothing, contradicting the impression she had from the tale about him. The prince was kind, and patient to her and the young Aemma was grateful for it. A part of her, however, felt guilty for spending all her time with her uncle. She should have shared him with Aegon, who she hadn’t met since Aemond’s name day. The young princess thought that her brother might want to play with their uncle as well and internally scolded her for being so selfish. 
She shouldn’t hog him to herself… 
“I know so, zaldrītsos” Little dragon. The prince suddenly cleared his throat and Aemma immediately raised her head to the level of his voice. “Now, I think it’s time for you to keep your end of the deal.” 
Aemma dropped her face and fidgeted with her fingers. She didn’t know how to voice her though and doubt clouded the young princess. But she wasn’t going to break her promise… Her beloved sister had taught Aemma that a promise was not to be broken or she wouldn’t be trustworthy. 
“Why don’t I have a dragon, uncle?” She asked, her innocence showed through her young voice and the naivety on her face made the question sound painful to hear. “Was it because I am cursed?” 
Daemon clenched his jaw tightly. How on the seven hells did Aemma have this absurd idea? The Rogue prince wished to know the person daring to say such absurdity and he vowed heads would be rolling when he found out. At that moment, the prince successfully connected the dot and frowned deeply. “Is this why you ask if you were a Targaryen, zaldrītsos?” 
The princess shamefully nodded. From all the days she had spent with her uncle Daemon, she saw a lot of Targaryen’s traits in him and the young princess admired her uncle, wishing she could be as mighty as him. She admired how confident he was, wanting to carry herself with the same attitude. To the young Aemma, her uncle was the ideal Targaryen, a model to look up to. But that would soon change with times when she began to see the world clearer… 
Sighing, Daemon shifted in his seat and leaned to be closer to the young princess, his hand brushing through her silky hair. “I want you to understand that with or without a dragon, you are a Targaryen, it runs in your blood. Who dares to question it will answer before the Dark sister.” He said. “And you might not have a dragon now, but be patient. I am certain when the time is right, you will meet your dragon.” 
“Really?” The princess bit her lips, she wished to believe Daemon’s words but her head kept denying it, drowning her in self-doubt. “But I am the weak link, will I even be worthy of a dragon?” 
“You are not a weak link and you will never be!” Daemon shouted suddenly, slammed the table and sent the princess flinching. The Rogue prince took a pause upon the realisation of his overreacting, he sat back down and went to brush Aemma’s silver lock, tucking it behind her hair. For some reason, Aemma’s hair always rested messy. “Do you want to hear a secret?” The prince lowered his voice for dramatic effect and the young princess was immediately intrigued. She had always been a curious little thing. “You are the bravest girl I’ve ever known.” 
The young princess blushed at the praise from someone she admired so much and beamed from ear to ear. She mumbled a thank you to her uncle, and appreciated his compliment as somehow, she felt so assured. Perhaps recognition from someone as strong as Daemon was that priceless. Even years later, she still felt pride whenever she recalled this little moment. 
Needless to say, Aemma was over the moon. All of her doubts seemed to disappear for now. 
Daemon smiled upon seeing Aemma’s reaction. She was a sweet nature child who had the purest soul he ever had the pleasure to encounter, a complete contradiction to her other sibling, Aegon who Daemon detested ever since he was born. The prince watched his niece, his head’s gear seemed to run restlessly until he clacked. 
“Princess, do you want to ride Caraxes with me?” He invited the princess, knowing she wouldn’t turn down the opportunity. She had expressed her interest in dragons from the past few days they spent together, particularly in the tale of his adventure on Caraxes’s back. 
So, Daemon took his niece’s hand and guided her to the dragon pit. On the way, he didn’t forget to warn her how loud the dragon could be and that she should stay back before he allowed her to encounter Caraxes. Aemma was eager, nodded at every instruction and her step felt lighter. 
Caraxes growled loudly as a greeting when he spotted Daemon from afar, the dragon leaned closer to touch its companion. “Nyke jaelagon ao naejot rhaenagon someone” I want you to meet someone. Having the dragon’s agreement, Daemon went to get Aemma, standing closely behind her while guiding her to Caraxes. 
Caraxes was sceptical about the tiny human at first, seeming to be on guard as he watched the young princess getting closer to him. But like any Targaryen, the dragon was soon to accept her, leaning for the young princess to pat his head. 
Meanwhile, the young princess was smiling from ear to ear. She slowly patted his head, trying to figure out his form in her mind. And surprisingly, Caraxes allowed her to pet him as well. Daemon watched the exchange with a smile, but his stand was wary, ready to get in action if Caraxes decided to harm the little girl. 
Soon, Daemon helped Aemma on Caraxes and the two were off Red Keeps. The Rogue prince had something in mind and he need confirmation. 
Daemon flew to Dragonstone with Aemma sitting before him, the princess couldn’t stop laughing the entire trip, and constantly asked him about their destination. 
“It’s a surprise, princess.” He said. 
The Rogue prince even allowed the young princess to take the reign and stirred it with him. He was understanding and encouraging the young girl when she felt timid and insecure due to her disability. “How about we do it together? How does that sound?” Suggested Daemon and earned himself a nod from the cursed princess. 
The pair landed near one of the smoking caverns of the Dragonmont. Daemon left Caraxes behind while carrying Aemma in one hand, another a torch. 
“You need to be quiet, alright?” The prince muttered to his niece who nodded in return and adorably placed her hand on her lips. 
Aemma was curious, she had been the entire time. Not knowing where she has stressed the young princess out and she had to constantly remind herself to trust her uncle. He wouldn’t harm her, she would know if he wanted to. From what she had learned, Daemon wouldn’t even bother to harm her. Her chance of becoming her sister’s heir is little to none. Therefore, why would he hurt her? 
If Daemon was aware of his niece’s thoughts, he would laugh out loud. Unlike what the court believed, Daemon didn’t want the throne to himself, not if it meant he would be chained down. Hence, he wouldn’t harm the little princess. Besides, he liked Aemma. That was a convincing reason enough. 
The Rogue prince started to sing and Aemma recognised the melody almost immediately as it was the lullaby her sister used whenever she tucked the cursed princess in bed. The young girl perked up in her uncle’s arms, trying to decipher her surrounding with sound. It didn’t take long for her to a roar was heard from afar, scaring the young princess. 
Aemma buried her head in her uncle’s neck while making herself focus on her uncle’s voice instead. This was terrifying, the young princess found and she wished to be out of that place immediately, especially when the loud noise hurt her hearing. 
Slowly, Daemon put his niece down at a far enough distance from the creature, not forgetting to instruct Aemma. “Stay here and don’t move, princess. I’ll be back soon.” He said, leaving a kiss on her temple before moving toward the sound direction. 
Sitting still, Aemma tapped her fingers on her lap, trying to stay calm while paying attention to the smallest sound she could hear. But so far, the sound of the creature Aemma recognised as the dragon was anything but. The young princess figured this dragon must be larger than Caraxes for the latter wasn’t as loud. 
Why did her uncle bring her here? Aemma thought to herself. 
But she was quick to know the answer. Aemma was picked up by her uncle again, this time, he moved slower until the two were close to the dragon. 
“Vermithor, this is princess Aemma.” The prince presented the cursed princess to his grandfather’s dragon and watched in awe as the said dragon observed the princess in Daemon’s arms.
Slowly, Vermithor leaned closer to sniff the young girl, sending her to still while Daemon laughed, and assured her it wasn’t dangerous. After what seemed like forever, Vermithor nudged Aemma and placed its head in her hand when she offered it. Confusing at what had just happened, the young princess absentmindedly pet the large dragon, not knowing she was petting one of the largest dragons the Targaryen had. 
Daemon contentedly smirked, “I thought so.” He said to himself, putting his niece down and watching the exchange between Vermithor and Aemma. 
The moment Aemma was put down, she was immediately attacked by Vermithor. The large dragon nudged her and let out a growl as a greeting. “Rytsas” Aemma said softly, as she caress the head of Vermithor, a warm feeling ran through her, taking over every inch of her skin like a wide fire. And she knew… just like that, she knew she had her dragon. “Uncle!” She exclaimed out of joy. 
“I know, congratulation, princess.” Daemon replied. “Now, no more doubting yourself?” 
The princess nodded eagerly, beaming brightly. 
Daemon had thought about the Grey ghost and the possibility of Aemma claiming the dragon for its soft nature. But the Rogue prince changed his mind. Aemma was special and a wild dragon was a difficult case for any normal dragon rider to claim. So, he thought about Vermithor who was growing tolerant of the presence of humans and more willing to accept riders. The rogue prince decided to take a gamble and brought Aemma here. It paid off, it seemed. 
In the rogue prince’s mind, being dragonless was what drove Aemma to her distressed state. Therefore, by helping her claim a dragon, the prince successfully treated her problem. 
If only it was so easy… 
Meanwhile, back at Red Keep, the King went feral when he noticed his brother and second daughter’s absence. His anger went spiralling upon the notice of Caraxes in the sky. 
When Viserys ran to the dragon pit, he was in for a surprise. Behind the king was his first son, Aegon who was concerned for the cursed princess’s wellbeing and blamed him for not protecting her. The two didn’t expect what was to come. 
The king and the prince watched in awe as Aemma sat on Caraxes with Daemon, and Vermithor trailing closely behind. It didn’t take much to figure out the situation. 
Aemma claimed Vermithor! 
Aegon cheered in delight, pride-filled his eyes as he watched his sister getting off Caraxes. While the king was equally proud, standing with his eyes heated up at the sight. Viserys never think there was a day when Aemma would be able to claim her dragon. It wasn’t because he doubted his daughter, but for her disability, the king never dared to dream of a day like this. 
Under his watchful eyes, his brother whispered something to his daughter, causing Aemma to giggle. Aemma spun around, seemingly to be in search of something. “Father?” She asked. 
“I am here, love.” It didn’t take Aemma long to figure out his direction as the young princess turned on her heels and moved quickly toward him, causing the king to walk forward, his arms ready to catch his daughter if she fell. 
“Avy jorrāelan, kepa” I love you, father. The word came out of her effortlessly, giving the impression of fluency when in fact, she had struggled with the phrase hours ago. Once she said it, all doubt and fear seemed to fade. 
For a second, Viserys thought he misheard his daughter and the man was on cloud nine. He took the girl in his arms, whispering sweet nothing in her ears while smothered kisses on her forehead. “Avy jorrāelan tolī, issa dōna riñnykeā.” I love you too, my sweet child. 
They hugged for a second before the king left the princess to her brother who hugged her when given chance. “You have a dragon!” He said. “I am so proud of you, Aemma.” 
“Thank you, Aegon.” 
“But now I can’t ride with you.” Aegon pouted. 
“I think I will still need some assistance.” Aemma immediately offered.
“I will do it.” The prince jumped in instantly, joy filled his tone. He was pleased that he was the one she asked, his sister obviously needed him. 
Unknowingly to Aegon and Aemma, their brother, Aemond was watching from afar, hoping one day he could achieve the same thing. 
Meanwhile, Viserys walked toward Daemon, his facial holding the same furious expression as previously. “You took her without my permission.” 
“I don’t need your permission, brother.” 
The King didn’t say anything, only studied his brother… After a moment of intense silence, he decided to confess. “But thank you… for everything you’ve done for Aemma. She is very happy thanks to you.” He said while eyeing the young princess who was gleefully talking to Aegon. 
“No need to thank me, I only did what I wanted.” And what the rogue prince wanted was his niece’s happiness. 
The two men were having the same goal and different approaches, Aemma’s happiness. If only they knew… that happiness wouldn’t last for long and never came back afterwards. 
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
just in a big dino mood honestly
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okay hear me out here
Damian is a 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘢𝘵𝘳𝘦 𝘬𝘪𝘥.
Let's say that Jason just "accidentally" signed Damian up for theatre during one of his highschool years. Damian was furious but it was too late to change classes and threatening people in the school system was a big no. So first day, Damian hates it. He finds everyone in there to be annoying and nerdy. After the first week they actually start acting. And well Damian starts enjoying it. He's finds it to be a good way to let out bottled emotions. Plus with this way, nobody dies! But he will literally never tell anyone about it because he'll know people will fun of him.
Just a little headcanon of mine
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Tumblr media
⋆·˚ ༘ * ♡. ⚾️ Bruce Yamada Dating HCS ⚾️.♡
Tumblr media
༉‧₊˚ #Bruce Yamada x reader
. ˚₊ ꒱ Pairing/Pairings: Bruce Yamada and GN! Reader.
༉‧₊˚ -Format: Head-canons.
× &﹕Summary: Dating Head-canons.
×﹕♺ AUTHOR’S NOTE(S): Requests are closed, since I have enough requests atm!! The plan is doing all of my requests then post chapter 3.
masterlist | Requests: CLOSED | tags: @jackhughes-86
Tumblr media
- We all know that Bruce is just overall handsome, so mostly every girl that sees Bruce falls in love with him.
- And he 100% knows that he is good-looking.
- Does he sometimes brag about having girls in love with him?
- Yes.
- he will ask you out or even talk to you. He will be so cocky and flirty about it.
- Literally will use cheesy pick-up lines just to get on a date with you. Or to even hang out, he just wants to know more about you.
- When you at least hang out with him, he will try to go somewhere fun. Somewhere you two would laugh and be overall a good time
- Like the fair and some random theme park.
- For two reasons. And two reasons only.
- 1. He wants to go somewhere fun to see you laugh and smile. Also, he does want to have a good time too.
- 2. He wants you to think he is a very fun person to hang out with and ask him to hang out again or maybe ask him on a date?
- If you guys do go to a theme park or a fair he will 100% win you some plushie or something. To show you that he cares about you.
- Also to flex how good he is at fair games.
- After a bit more of hanging out as ‘friends.’ He would ask you on a date. Since I think Bruce would like to know someone more.
- When you accept him asking you out. Your usual fun hangouts. Are more romantic.
- Since Bruce wants to show you not just his fun side but his romantic side as well.
- Would bring you flowers and gifts.
- Bruce saw you looking at a shirt? Boom, he buys the shirt.
- Looking at candy? Come let’s go in! So he can buy you some.
- He truly wants to show you how good of a boyfriend he could be. If you want to make it official.
- He will ask you to come to his baseball games. Since that’s a big part of his life, he has been playing since he was a toddler.
- Every time he is out in the field he will try to look at you. Even sometimes wave at you.
- Soon enough, you two officially become a couple.
- With that, here are some things that Bruce would do in a relationship.
- when you rant about someone or some random topic he will sit and listen to you. Even add his opinion.
- If you two are in a fight, he wouldn't tell you. He would try to talk calmly and explain how he feels.
- You two still go on dates.
- This man loves to hold hands in public or just have his arm around you.
- Just to make sure that everyone that sees you two is dating.
- Like he loves to go on a baseball game as a date.
- Likes to kiss you on your cheek every time he’s about to go or even before his game.
- He says that you're his good luck charm:,) so that’s why you need to go to his game or kiss him.
- Would probably tell his friends that he’s dating you and brag about how amazing you are.
- He loves to cuddle you, literally he loves it so much.
- just you two listening to music and when a super romantic song comes up (Blue Moon) you two slow dance to it.
- Also going to arcades and playing almost half of the day and just talking about life and the future.
- Would he still be cocky and flirty with you? Yes, he would be, but just a little bit.
- He will be the type of boyfriend that listens and tries to make sure you are cared for in the relationship.
- Overall I think he would be an amazing boyfriend.
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