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omori-sv-au · 2 days
Tumblr media
sorry for suddenly dropping off of the face of the earth LMAO ive been visiting family and drinking margaritas for the past 2 weeks but i am now back and ur regularly scheduled sv content will continue very soon! thank u all for being patient with me
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taavisplushies · 2 days
Tumblr media
it seems like most of you will be fine with me occasionally posting a dog plush! (i know there’s still time left to vote but i doubt the results will drastically change!)
i’m really glad that you guys are open to seeing photos of him! i’m so excited to meet him and share him with you!
here’s a doodle of what he looks like ⬇️
Tumblr media
i’ve decided that his name will be Buddy :) I’m super duper excited for him to come home!! I had a plush like this as a kid but my dad threw it away, so when i saw the same kind of plush online i remembered all the good times with mine and knew i had to get a replacement!!!!
im sorry for rambling on and on but i just can’t contain my excitement!!!!! im really hoping he gets delivered this week….
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tippenfunkaport · 4 months
there is something so darkly comical about tumblr potentially outliving twitter
tumblr, which is held together with duct tape and madness, run by three raccoons in blood stained Yahoo! hats and a handful of crabs, its only discernible source of income the sale of shoelaces from an inside joke so inside no one knows the original source anymore and fake blue checkmarks... that website still lives on
truly the cockroach of social media and I love it for that
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jessiarts · 3 months
Hey, PSA:
On your phone, go to Settings> Security and Privacy> Privacy> Other Privacy Settings> Ads> Delete Advertising ID
Then go back to Other Privacy Settings> Google location history> Turn off Location History &/or Turn-on Auto-Delete (you can set a time period of how long to keep it)
Then, staying on Other Privacy Settings, go to '+ See all activity controls'> Web & App activity> Turn off (you can also turn-on Auto-Delete for here too)
Then Scroll down to Personalized ads> My Ad Center> Turn Off Personalized Ads.
Google has no business knowing/storing everything you do online, and knowing/storing where you go everyday. Turn it off.
These instructions are for an Android phone, IOS might be different. If you have IOS or another operating system feel free to add on with your own map to where they've buried these settings in your phone to help others.
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rpclefairy · 2 months
how to get rid of the shop button with the 'new' notification that doesn't go away
Tumblr media
i see people asking how to get rid of this so here's how you do it with ublock origin. i'm sure this method works for other adblocker extensions so feel free to experiment with them.
open the ublock dashboard clicking here:
Tumblr media
2. the dashboard will open on another tab. there you go to my filters and add www.tumblr.com##div.KTRcB:nth-of-type(4) to the list. then click on apply changes.
Tumblr media
that's it. refresh your tumblr dashboard and it should be gone.
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amygdalae · 1 year
Sorry I'm late, my car's source engine has been acting weird lately *slaps the hood and you hear deafeningly loud crowbar clang and ragdoll collision sfx for a solid 15 seconds*
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stiffyck · 4 months
Tumblr media
mr goodtimes
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godweaver · 2 years
Tumblr media
cluttered vampire aesthetic
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milfyspamton · 8 months
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bodymachine · 2 months
i think part of the reason that machines and obsolete pieces of technology are so viscerally interesting to us is because they remind us of our own bodies. things with buttons and levers and wires not only invite physical interaction (which is something beautiful and potentially radical in and of itself!!) but are easily anthropomorphized in that their heft and clunkiness elicit a sort of empathy in us. we realize that our bodies are not so different from machines, and it’s not because our bodies are sterile and cold and unfeeling, but because we all have these tangled insides and a desire to touch and to take up space in the world. we have such complicated relationships to our own bodies and we like tech that shows us how it can be touched and how it was assembled and how it can work and how it can fail. it is kind of body horror. it’s grotesque and erotic. we also realize that analog devices are being replaced and phased out of existence, and so there’s even more of an impulse to connect with them.
newer designs tend to emphasize sleekness and thinness and quiet and invisible parts and instantaneous results. i’ve heard of macbooks and iphones being described as sexy. they are not. a real sexy machine evokes the heat and weight and grittiness and entangledness of sex. so the condensing of functions into one tiny digital device and the storage of information in some invisible cloud and the forced reliance on a few entities that control the ‘progress’ of all that—as freeing as all of that can be in many ways that are worth considering, the implications for the future of our own bodily autonomy can definitely be frightening. i think that’s why it’s important to be intentional and interested in our physical interactions with any kind of object, but especially the old and the ordinary ones. to insist that they not become obsolete to us, and to insist on our ability to choose how they fit into our lives. that can be a sort of resistance to capitalism i think, that can start on the smallest level. that’s mostly what it boils down to, to me.
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youreamonocoque · 5 months
In case you see I Stand With Graham Norton trending on twitter and think "oh no what's Graham done" he said that we should listen to trans people on trans issues, rather than amplifying voices of billionaire celebrities.
Resident transphobe billionaire celebrity on terf island got offended and implied that he was condoning death and rape threats.
So yeah, Graham's still a good one :D
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hools · 3 months
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quazies · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I like this stock image dog and his many friends enjoying some drinks
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unnonexistence · 2 years
hot take maybe but i hate when people use afab/amab as shorthand for anything to do with someone's body, or thoughtlessly uses it as a replacement for gendered language.
like for example if you have a scientific study that says "we found women are at higher risk for xyz than men" you CANNOT just turn around and say "hey guys this study says afab people are at higher risk for xyz than amab people" because you DON'T KNOW!
like, did the study include trans participants? no? then it doesn't tell you SHIT ALL about how someone's assigned gender affects things, because it's not comparing afab people and amab people of various genders, it's comparing cis men and cis women.
oh, and even if it's a medical study you STILL can't jump to conclusions! "cis women are at higher risk for xyz" does not translate to "afab people are at higher risk for xyz" because there are afab and amab people with all sorts of bodies. for example, if cis women are at higher risk for whatever because of estrogen levels, a trans man on testosterone might have a risk level more comparable to cis men, and a trans woman on estrogen might have a risk level more comparable to cis women.
if the study doesn't conclude anything about WHY cis women were at higher risk, or you're not sure if trans participants were included, you might have to say something like "it is unclear how this applies to trans people."
TLDR if you want to replace gendered language with something more inclusive you HAVE to think about what it is you're actually talking about and what assumptions you're making.
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sunglassesmish · 1 month
jared really thinks dean had nothing to live for besides hunting and sam so it was right for him to die and sam to live………. i hate you ohhhh i hate you
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therandomartmaker · 5 days
A little angst for the soul using dp x dc because it’s what crack i am on right now
When Danny snaps, Bruce just feels so so tired.
“What do you want from me? What do you want me to say?” Danny yells, frustrated and broken and, worst of all, genuinely confused.
Bruce just wanted to know if Danny knew that his parents weren’t good, and why they weren’t good, and why Danny still protected his parents. A few well-placed questions that were just a little bit to the left, apparently.
What does it say when a child learns far too early that there are ‘right’ opinions and ‘wrong’ opinions?
‘It says that that child has been let down and beaten and broken by the words of adults that should’ve been rolemodels,’ Bruce thinks.
Bruce wonders how many times Danny has been told the his parents are the professionals, that they are the experts about ghosts. How many times he has been told that he is a non-sentient unfeeling entity, and how many times he has been scorned for trying to say otherwise.
“Only what you think, Danny, only what you know,” He answers, gently, softly. “Not what you think I want from you. I want you to trust that I will acknowledge your opinions.”
How many times will Bruce have to hold a broken child before they are ok?
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