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I was inspired to make a neopets version
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hi, hey, hello ! here am i clocking in many hours late thanks to having to pick up a double shift today ( sad reacts only ). i go by ari, 20+ and living in the est timezone, she/her pronouns. let me introduce you to the definition of a living nightmare, my lil babey rune. to sum it up, he’s literally always down for anything, a true adrenaline junkie to the core. he lives by his horoscope, would die for his car, and has probably flirted with your muse before 10000%. i’ll be organizing his pages tonight, but below the cut is a few points on his background and some possible connections ! i’m more of a brainstroming gal myself, so i’m all for that too ! tldr; give this a good ol’ like and i’ll slip on into your ims, yeehaaaaaaw
﹄ CHITTAPHON LEECHAIYAPORNKUL, CISMALE, HE/HIM, TWENTY THREE ﹃  a new car has been dispatched in search of RUNDET “RUNE” NOPPACHURN. he is known for being a RACER for the VIPERS, for about eight months now. he has proven to be bewitching and individualistic, but also insatiable and crude, please proceed with caution.
-- rune was born in thailand, to an upbeat, frantic and endlessly loving mother and a father rune would have called his hero as a child. they had just enough to live without pressing worries, rune spent his first years of life running around and babbling and being the cutest little bundle of light ever. once his little sister was born when he was six, though, that’s when money got a little tight.
-- they had just enough to live without pressing worries, rune spent his first years of life running around and babbling and being the cutest little bundle of light ever. once his little sister was born when he was six, though, that’s when money got a little tight.
-- he began having to use his cute face and wit to con anybody he ran into, neighbors, tourists, family friends. if rune wasn’t coming home with pockets full of petty change, then he was never satisfied.
-- money was stretched so thin and he remembers his father leaving when he was sixteen, shattering whatever stability his family hoped to have.
-- his mom, a simple artist, had to break her back with so many waitressing gigs to provide for her two children and rune had to watch her cry herself to sleep night after night. it’s safe to say he’s grown to Loathe his father with every fiber in his being.
-- the desire to just understand why his father left grew and festered to pure animosity, he has this hunger to watch his father suffer slowly haha xD
-- with that, he left home as soon as he could and has been hopping from gang to gang ever since with hopes of tracking down his father for revenge, with driving being his number one skill. lil homie can skrrt like nobody’s business and steal ur heart while doin it. 
-- keeps in contact with his family but only through letters since he is Terrified of them ever getting hurt because of him. sends them $$$$ as much as he can manage, never wants them to struggle Again
-- god...rune... he’s horrible. an absolute performative narcissist, carries himself like he’s a fucking royal yet is his number one critic at the end of the day. it’s just so much easier for him to lead as a bad bitch, in his opinion, insecurities should never be shown
-- HE LOVES being so close to death aka he gets into many fights he could never win, loves flirting with enemy, driving abnormally fast, robbing corner stores, pick pocketing, gambling his life away, etc. he’ll do it all. sad truth: he only ever feels anything if his adrenaline is through the Roof
-- he’s so foul mouthed, he curses like no tomorrow and speaks whatever is on his mind. you only live once, right??? might as well say whatever the fuck you want to say, that’s his life motto
-- rune only speaks sarcasm and his biggest turn on, romantically and friendship-ly, is witty banter #confirmed
-- he’s a big slut highkey fhcakjvfbfv loves flirting, loves sex and has no problem making that known. feelings are for Losers and rune is so over romance it hurts. he hates labels and genuinely is open to everything/everyoneee
-- he lives by his hososcope, if it says to not leave the house, u bet ur ass he is staying i n. will ask u for ur sign and judge u on the spot
-- he loves lingerie, makeup, piercings and everything pretty !!! hes a high maintenance babey, loves spoiling himself and looking Great. considers his style to be v androgynous, he wears whatever the hell he wants, whenever he wants
-- he !! loves !! pop !! music !! and all music but put on some carly rae and he is Set. has a thing for making mixtapes for the very few people he cares about in his life
-- has realized in the past few years that he enjoys sketching, while he isn’t the best by any means, he finds so much pleasure in expressing himself through the same form his mother does
-- don’t touch his car. don’t do it. rune is so obnoxiously petty and will personally terrorize ur muse forever. 
-- one of rune’s life goals is to be hooking up with every single sign at once. he’s an idiot, he’s never happy and he keeps hookin up to fill the ~ void ~, he’s all for fwb without the friends part, rune considers that a waste of time??? stupid????
-- with that being said, give him a fwb that is absolutely, somewhat friend first and foremost and rune Hates it. he makes every attempt to stay away from your muse, but they somehow always end up in the same bed, talking like pals
-- a best friend !! someone rune would drop fucking everything for, someone who knows him inside and out, your muse is the one person rune would sacrifice himself for. he can always be found either passed out in your bathroom or up 2 no good and ur muse is ready to help clean the mess
-- partners in crime...,, pls,,, fuck up some randos together, drive thru the city screaming lyrics and high off the night,,, your muse has rune’s respect And trust. an iconic duo
-- racer rivals oof. enemies who love to rile each other up before races, maybe vandalizing each other’s rides, taunting, a pure Rivalry that rune loves to hate
-- rune can’t fight for shit. he has great hand eye coordination but that’s when it ends. pls teach him how to not get fucked up in fights he picks
-- rune doesn’t get along w most people. your muse is most people. u guys fight and fight and Fight and swear there’s nothing more to it. ya’ll just hate each other, but why exactly?? who knows at this point
-- your muse is unfortunately rune’s neighbor. u hear his sexcapades thru the door and you always march over, give him a good yell. it never works. cue the cycle repeating over n over
-- rune saw your muse from across and rune and simply needed to sketch their face. ever since then, it’s been this gray area between you two, rune can’t stop wanting to draw every detail and now he kinda wants to know about your muse too?? wild
-- a past flame that got too close to the sun, rune began to feel So much and had to end it, probably in terrible terms. he doesn’t feel bad, not at all, but maybe if u squint there’s some regret
this is literally too long and it’s just me rambling if u got this far u have my heart and soul. okay lets start anarchy bye
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Gta v money glitch
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