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Let me Wrap my Teeth Around the World
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Fem! Reader
Summary: Saturday finally rolls around and Spencer takes you out to dinner. When he drops your off at your apartment, you ask him to stay
Word Count: 3.6k
Warnings: Fluff, spencer being love drunk and adorable af, , protected piv
A/N: PART 3!!! This is the last part for this mini series. Fair warning, this has not been proofread so I’ll probably come back to correct some things. Hope you guys like it!
Part 2
Tumblr media
After four whole days, Saturday finally rolls around, and to say Spencer is nervous would be an understatement. He spent approximately sixty-seven hours, forty-two minutes, and twenty seconds attempting to come up with somewhere to take you, and he thinks he finally has a rather sound proof plan.
As he stands outside of your apartment, he goes over his plan once more in his head just as you open the door.
“Spence! Hey!” You greet him with a contagious smile before taking his hand to lead him inside. You look him up and down once before grinning puckishly at him, “Someone looks handsome.”
His face flushes red as he stutters out, “Th-Thanks.”
“I just have to grab my purse.” You smile kindly before skipping off towards your bedroom.
“Okay.” He nods, taking a moment to admire your decor. The first thing he notices is the scent of pumpkin spice hanging in the air, presumably from the recently extinguished candle sitting on your coffee table. The space is cluttered in a cosy, lived-in sort of way, with a fair amount of pillows settled on the couch and at least three different throw blankets stacked hanging over the back of an armchair. It’s very you, he thinks.
“Sorry for taking so long. Took me a second to find it.” You titter, and it’s now that he notices your outfit. You’re wearing a little black dress – something between formal and casual – that hugs your waist before tapering out at your hips to flow and fall to mid thigh. The sleeves are long and flowy, and the neckline shows off a fair bit of your chest — a detail he lingers on a little too long before hastily forcing his attention elsewhere.
When you look down at the ground and start fidgeting, he realises he hasn’t said anything, “You– you look gorgeous.” 
“Thank you.” You smile shyly before taking his hand and tugging him out the door, “Now, c’mon! I want to know what you’ve got planned for us this evening.”
He follows you into the elevator down to the underground before taking the lead, opening the passenger side door to his car for you before climbing in on the other side.
“So,” You start as he shifts the car into gear and pulls out of his parking spot, “Where are we headed?”
“I thought we could go to that Italian place you liked the last time we went out with the team?” He suggests as he pulls out onto the street. 
“Sounds good to me.” You reply, pulling at your dress as it rides up a little too high for your liking.
Spencer certainly isn’t complaining though. He’s got a great view of your thighs from here. When he dares to take his eyes off the road to glance at you out of the corner of his eye, of course.
The drive to the restaurant isn’t a long one and there’s an easy flow of idle chatter as he finds a parking spot before leading you inside.
The place is on the smaller side, a family owned business that’s been there since before either of you were born. The owner recognizes the two of you and smiles kindly as she shows you to a table.
As you skim the menu, you’re rambling about a TV show you’re currently obsessing over but, as hard as he tries, only half of him is listening. The other half is fantasising about ripping that dress off your body and ravishing you the way you deserve. 
He shakes his head. Jesus, where’d that come from? He’s got to get a hold of himself.
“I don’t know if you’d really be interested in it, but maybe—,” You stop talking and when he realises he’s been staring at your chest, he knows he’s been caught. He goes bright red when you smirk, “See something you like, pretty boy?”
Fucking hell, you’re going to be the death of him. He swallows hard and smiles nervously, “Yeah, I do.”
Your gaze slides down his neck and seems to land on the sliver of his collar bone that’s visible beneath the sweater vest he’s wearing, and you look like you’re just about ready to pounce on him. Under the table, you use your foot to nudge at his ankle before reaching for his hand and raising it to kiss his knuckles, maintaining eye contact as you do. For such a sweet gesture, it feels intimate with the way you’re gazing at him through your lashes, your lips warm against his skin in a way that makes him shift a little in his seat. When you pull away, you don’t let go of his hand, instead letting them settle between you as you scrunch your nose playfully and stage whisper, “Me too.”
He fucking giggles.
It’s that flustered, I-cannot-believe-this-person-thinks-I’m-attractive kind of giggle. When someone’s just hit on you and you just can’t help but laugh a little to calm your racing heart.
You grin at the sound and he clears his throat, cheeks a bright crimson, “Th–Thanks y– Thank you.”
He sighs with a simper, a little more than embarrassed as he hides his face in his free hand. You laugh and gently take his wrist to pull his hand away. When he dares to look back up at you, your eyes are filled with such fondness that it makes him want to scream.
“Don’t hide from me.” You coo, brushing your thumb over his wrist, “You’re cute when you’re flustered.”
He doesn’t know what to say, so he thanks you again.
“‘Course.” You smile just as the waiter returns with your drinks.
You both order and chat while you wait. He starts rambling on about a classic film he went to see once, one that was in russian and was nearly four hours long. He gets halfway through explaining the plot when he realises this is usually where someone else would cut him off, so instead, he does it himself. You notice the abrupt silence and swallow a bite of your food before cocking your head to the side, “Why’d you stop?”
“Oh, well,” No one’s ever asked him that before. They normally ask him to stop. Not why he stopped, “I didn’t want to bore you.”
“You weren’t. I enjoy listening to you.” You say casually, waiting for him to continue.
It takes him a moment to register that you’re being genuine, but once he does, he beams as he continues his explanation. You listen with rapt attention. You even ask him questions! He finds himself smiling so much his cheeks start to hurt.
When he’s finished, he asks you about the show you’d been talking about earlier and you grin, speaking excitedly and animatedly about the plot and characters. You’re careful not to spoil anything, just in case he decides to watch it — which he decided he would the moment he saw how you lit up when he mentioned it.
By the time the two of you are finished with dinner, the sun has set and the time is nearing seven thirty. Nearly an hour and a half has passed and he hadn’t even noticed. He’s quick to offer to pay the bill when it comes, which starts a very small back and forth between the two of you when you also insist on paying. Eventually, you compromise and decide to split it.
He opens the door for you before walking out behind you. The air has chilled, and when a breeze blows by, you shiver. 
He quickly shrugs off his coat and holds it out to you, “Here.”
“Oh, you don’t have to.” He shakes his head and smiles kindly at you.
“I want to.”
You smile back and utter a soft, “Thank you.
He holds it open and lets you slip your arms into it, watching the way you wrap it securely around yourself and practically burrow into it fondly. Before you start walking, he offers his arm to you, “Shall we?”
Giggling, you slip your arm through his, “We shall.”
You squeeze at his bicep affectionately as you walk and he places his free hand on the back of yours. 
When you get to his car, he opens the door for you again before climbing in himself. On the drive to your apartment, he can’t help but glance at you out of the corner of his eye again. 
“Just can’t stop staring, huh?” You smirk and he immediately brings his eyes back to the road.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He smiles and you laugh.
“Uh-huh. Sure you don’t.” Carefully, you take one of his hands off the wheel and hold it in your lap, playing with his fingers. He knows the distraction is dangerous, but he really doesn’t care at this point. You’ve got his hand in your lap, so close to your thighs that he can feel the heat radiating off of your skin, “I like when you stare, you know.” “Yeah?” Is all he can manage in response as you spread his fingers and place his open palm over your inner thigh.
“Yeah.” You whisper, and when he glances at you again, you’ve got a hunger in your eyes that makes him let out a shaky breath. He takes a chance, sliding his hand up the bottom of your dress to squeeze at the soft flesh that resides further up your thigh. You sigh, leaning your head back against the headrest as you idly drag your fingertips up and down the length of his forearm. He thinks he might pass out.
As he reaches your apartment building, he squeezes you before placing his hand back on the wheel to turn into the underground. He finds your visitor spot and parks the car, getting out to open the door for you. When you get to the elevator and finally reach the door to your apartment, you turn and tentatively take his hand.
“Would you, um,” You glance down at your shoes shyly, “Would you like to,” His heart races when you look up at him through your lashes, “come inside?”
His breath stutters in his chest and it takes him a moment to come back down to earth. Unfortunately, you take this as a rejection, pulling your hand away and smiling at him apologetically, “Sorry, you don’t have to, obviously. I just thought…Well, it doesn’t matter what I thought. I’ll–.”
He doesn’t let you go any further, stepping into your space and pressing his lips to yours. He’s not about to let another misunderstanding pull you away from him. When he pulls back, he cups your cheek and strokes a line with his thumb from the corner of your eye, to your temple, and back, “I’d love to.”
You smile, quickly opening the door to your apartment and pulling him through. Shrugging off his jacket, you hang it up on your coat rack as he slips off his shoes. You struggle to get your heels off, so he kneels to undo to clasp and slip them off for you.
“Such a gentleman.” You hum as he stands back up after placing your shoes under your coats, threading your fingers in the hairs closest to his ears. His hands gravitate to your waist as you press yourself against him, leaning up to peck his lips, his jaw, before opening your mouth to roll your tongue against the sensitive skin of his pulse point, drawing a deep, shuddering sigh from his lungs. Your teeth scrape against his jaw and he can hear your breath fanning hot against his neck. He swears under his breath and you chuckle, pulling away only to take his wrists and guide him down the hall towards your bedroom.
Before you have a chance to sit, he hooks his arm around you and pulls you back to him. He captures your lips again and slides his hand up your thighs and your dress to grasp at your waist, relishing in the way your skin feels under his hands. He only breaks the kiss to ask, “Can I take this off?”
“You can take off as much as you want, handsome.” You pant and he grins, slipping your dress off before taking a moment to unabashedly ogle you.
“You are…” There are so many things he could say. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Ethereal. None of them would do you justice, “Wow.”
You giggle, and he finds himself mesmerised by the way your shoulders shake and your stomach contracts with the motion, “I’ve never known you as a man of few words, Doctor Reid.”
“I guess you just have that effect on me.” He smiles as you move to fiddle with his belt, swiftly pulling his pants down his legs and letting him lean on you a little as he steps out of them. You make quick work of his sweater vest and button down after that, leaving him standing there in his boxers, nearly bare to you. He gets a little anxious when you don’t say anything at first, but when he takes the time to actually look at the way you’re staring at him, he realises you’re just as in awe of him as he is of you.
Taking you in his arms again, he walks you backwards until the backs of your knees hit the bed, letting you shimmy up the mattress until your head rests comfortably on your pillows. You open your arms to him, parting your thighs to let him slot himself snuggly in between. Gripping your hips, he spreads his knees and — with a strength that surprises both of you — tugs you towards him so that your heat is flush with his bulge. You gasp at the sudden manhandling, but don’t seem upset. In fact, if he had to describe it, you look like you want to eat him.
He bends at the waist, sliding his hands down the backs of your thighs and holding them against his sides as he leans down to kiss you again. One hand finds his back while the other finds his hair, tugging and earning a groan in response. He’d be content to sit there and kiss you for hours, but as you grind against him, sighing into his mouth, it’s clear you’re eager to have more of him.
Letting go of your thighs, he carefully wedges his fingers between you and the mattress to guide your back into a high enough arch that he can unclasp your bra. It takes him a couple tries, throughout which you kiss at his jaw in a lovely — but also rather unhelpful — way, but he gets it and slips it off, tossing it off to some unknown corner of the room. His hands stay safely on your sides for a moment as he glances up at you, waiting until you nod before he palms at your breast, leaning down to suck a few hickeys into the skin of your neck as he rolls your nipple between his fingers. You half sigh, half moan next to his ear and he rolls his hips into yours involuntarily, making you wrap your legs around his lower back to keep him where he is.
“‘M not goin’ anywhere, lovely.” He mumbles against your skin, rolling his hips again as you grind down to meet him.
He shifts his attention lower for a moment, marking up your chest a little before pulling away, sitting back on his heels to admire his work. Dragging his fingertips over the freshly made hickeys and down the valley of your breasts, he can feel your heart beating hard and fast against your ribs. A little lower and he splays his palm over the soft flesh of your stomach. He can feel your heart there, too. He lowers his head to mouth at your sternum, and the vibrations reverberate against his lips and tongue in a steady lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub. 
He kisses and sucks a trail down your stomach, stopping a moment to nip at the swell of your abdomen before kissing at your skin apologetically when you gasp and tug on his hair. Hooking his fingers under your panties, he slips them off before biting at the meat of your inner thighs, soothing the area with his tongue before repeating the process a little further up.
“Spence,” You pant, and he hums, looking up at you from his place between your thighs, “Please.”
“Please what?” He asks cheekily, chuckling when you huff at him in frustration.
“Touch me.” You sigh, and he feels a little lightheaded, “Please.”
He dips his tongue into the well of slick at your entrance before dragging his tongue up to swirl around your clit. You choke on his name, arching your back and tugging on his hair. He lays there, eating at you like a man starved, sucking and rolling his tongue against you in a way that has you bucking your hips so much that he has to hook an arm around your thighs to hold them down. Slowly, he slips two fingers into you, earning a hissed, “Fuck” that has him rutting into the mattress. He curls his fingers and you use his hair as leverage to pull him closer.
His name sounds like music on your lips, lyrics strung together by breathy swears and blending into a chorus of moans. He finds when he flicks his tongue and curls his fingers a certain way, he can get you to whine all breathy and high pitched. He finds your body is his instrument. Your voice, his muse. 
He feels you clench around his fingers, thighs trembling and breath speeding up as you get closer, and closer, before tipping over the edge with a loud, “Oh, shit!”
He lets go of your hips and slows his pace a little to let you use him to ride out your high, only stopping when you go lax beneath him and tug him away by his hair. He takes a moment to wipe his lips with the back of his hand before you pull him up your body to kiss him slow and sweet. Your hand travels to fiddle with the hem of his boxers, and he takes your wrist, looking at you rather seriously.
“Are you sure?” He asks, searching your eyes for any sort of hesitation and finding none.
You nod and peck his lips once before locking eyes with him, “Positive.”
“Okay.” He kisses you once more before sliding his boxers down his legs. As he gets them off his ankles and makes it back onto his knees, you lean over to your side table and quickly pull out a condom, opening it and passing it to him. He’s quick to roll it on before diving back into you, guiding you to lay back against your pillows. He kisses you once, twice, before dropping his forehead to your shoulder as he aligns himself with you. He pushes in slowly, bracing himself on his elbow and he lets out a wrecked moan next to your ear. When he bottoms out, he gives you a moment to adjust, waiting until you’re ready.
You roll your hips with a whiny little, “Spence.” and he sees stars. He goes slow, tries to be gentle, grinding his hips into yours and splitting you open slowly. His head is filled with the scent of you, the sound of you, the feel of you. When he said he wanted to drown in you, he meant it. He isn’t a religious man by any means, but if it meant worshipping at your feet and allowing him the privilege of being yours, he’d abandon his principles and repent in an instant.
“Harder.” You beg, and he bends to your will, setting a near back breaking pace. 
He keeps the grinding motion, but the force at which his hips hit yours have you digging your nails into his back and throwing your head back. His mouth finds the side of your larynx, tongue laving over the area before he latches his lips to your skin and sucks another bruise into it.
The room is filled with your sinful noises, moans and the sound of skin on skin as his hips snap against yours so hard that he worries for a moment that you might bruise. 
That thought is gone as quick as it comes when you moan out, “Fuck, just like that.”
That familiar coil winds up in his abdomen and warmth spreads from his thighs to his toes. You flutter around him, and he knows that you’re getting close too. His fingers find your clit, rubbing tight circles over the little bundle of nerves until your legs tremble and his name falls from your lips like a prayer, cunt spasming around him until he’s reaching his high too. He whimpers as he spills into the condom, body going rigid before he lets his upper body rest fully on you.
There’s a moment where he just sits there, sweaty torso flush with yours as he presses his ear against your chest to listen to your heart slow. You run your fingers through his hair, scratching lightly at his scalp as you let him place a few sweet kisses to the curve of your breast.
“You wanna stay the night?” You ask softly and he nods. 
He sits up to pull the condom off, tying it up and tossing it into the bin beside your bed before noticing the blissed out haze you’re in, “You want to have a shower?” 
“Mm-mm.” You hum, holding your arms out to him.
“Okay.” He whispers as he flops onto the mattress beside you, pulling you into his chest and pressing his lips to your hairline. You sigh, nuzzling your nose against the divot where his collar bones meet. It isn’t long before your breaths even out and he isn’t far behind, the sound of your breathing coaxing him into a haze. The last thing he thinks about before he falls asleep is where he’s taking you on your next few dates.
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could you do the taking off the ring for tokyo revengers too?
ft. manjiro sano, ken ryuguji, chifuyu matsuno, keisuke baji, takashi mitsuya, shinichiro sano
Tumblr media
he grabs your wrist as soon as you begin to slip the engagement ring off your finger. you look at him with tear filled eyes and he tries his best to seem stable, but he is in fact holding back tears of his own. “nothing is gonna get better if you take it off,” mikey intertwines his hands with yours and sighs.
“i’m just tired of fighting, it feels like you aren’t listening to me,” you say and he lightly touches the ring on your finger to make sure it’s still there. manjiro then leans his forehead against yours and shuts his eyes. “i’m listening, i’m sorry,” he whispers softly. “i don’t want to lose you, i don’t want to fight with you either and i’m really sorry for not listening.”
you allow a few tears to roll down your cheeks and nuzzle your face into the crook of his neck. he’s quick to wrap his arms around your waist, pulling you closer with tears streaming down his own cheeks. “i’m gonna do better, baby,” mikey’s voice wavers as he’s speaking and you rub his back comfortingly, pressing a few kisses to his neck. “me too, mikey. i’m sorry.”
he looks at you for a minute as you’re beginning to take the ring off before he opens his mouth to speak. “do you really think something like this can ruin our whole fucking marriage or what the fuck are you doing? are you really gonna end it because of a fight?” ken walks over to you and takes your hand in his, pulling the ring back on your finger.
“as long as you still love me, we can still work this out, right? i won’t let you leave before we talk about it, okay?” he sounds unsure and the tears in the corners of his eyes is an obvious indicator that he’s desperate. desperate for you to stay and for you to want to talk with him about the previous fight between the two of you.
you look up at him as he tries to keep his tears from falling, but he can’t help but let out a sob as soon as you wrap your arms around his neck and pull him closer to you. “i still love you, ken. and i’m not leaving, i’m sorry, it was childish of me to do that,” you whisper.
he sighs and pulls away just a little so he can look at you. “do you want to talk about it?” ken cups your cheeks and presses a kiss to your forehead before you nod your head and go to sit down by the couch in each others arms.
“please, don’t take it off.”
chifuyu looks at you, eyes wide and hands grasping at your wrist so you won’t be able to move it any further.
the two of you have been arguing for longer than both of you would want. after both of you have been busy with work and studies, the time for each other has lessened and anger has been pent up because of the amounts of things to do. it’s become overwhelming for you both which is why it all suddenly broke down today.
“i’m sorry, baby. please just don’t take the ring off as if we would be breaking up, i’m gonna marry you, okay? we’re gonna get married soon and i want to be with you for the rest of our lives, so please don’t take it off and talk to me instead,” chifuyu pleads as he unintentionally tightens the grip around your wrist. he only lets go when you try to wriggle out of his hand.
“okay, i’m sorry ‘fuyu. i love you,” you mumble and look down at your hands before he intertwines his fingers with yours. “i wanna be with you forever too, it’s just been so much these past few weeks and i know i shouldn’t have taken it out on you and-“ “we both did the wrong thing, but we’ll do better next time, i promise,” he says before kissing the ring on your finger.
“what are you doing?” he startles you as you’re in the kitchen, baking cookies after a heated argument with him. in the end, you did solve everything, but he can’t help the stinging feeling in his heart when he notices your empty ring finger. you’ve put your engagement ring on the kitchen table and he keeps staring at it while waiting for you to answer his question.
“baking cookies, do you want to help? i don’t have much left, but-“ “i mean, why are you not wearing the ring?” baji points towards the kitchen table where the ring he put on your finger a few months ago is laying, shining brightly. you look at if for a moment before looking back at him, tilting your head to the side.
you sigh and put the cookies to the side so you can focus on him. “i didn’t want it to accidentally fall into the drain or something while baking so i put it there to keep it safe. i’m not breaking up with you, don’t worry so much,” baji sighs out in relief and smiles as you come closer to him, pressing a soft kiss to his cheek.
“you know i wouldn’t leave you, right? as long as you don’t act like a piece of shit i’ll still be here,” you giggle as he wraps his arms around your waist and places kisses to your neck. “i know, thank you.” “don’t thank me.” “but i want to thank you for staying with me, so thank you.”
“no no no no, baby please, don’t do that,” he rushes over to you as soon as he notices how you begin to take the wedding ring off your finger. “i just want to talk it out, okay? we don’t need to go this far, please. i don’t know what i’ll do without you,” mitsuya cups your cheeks and guilt hits you at the sight of his wide and teary eyes.
trying to take the ring off may have been a bit of an overreaction since he was never the reason for you to become this irritated in the first place, but he’s still the one who’s caught up in all your pent up stress. “i know this week has been super harsh on you and i’ll do anything i can to make you feel better,” he whispers and you put your hands over his, closing your eyes before taking a deep breath.
mitsuya leans his forehead against yours and presses a kiss to the tip of your nose. “let’s sit down and talk, hm?” he smiles lightly and you nod, allowing him to lead you towards the couch.
the two of you are getting ready for bed after an eventful day. he came home late because of a fight he was in and after having to take care of him almost every other day since he keeps protecting his friends from getting hurt, you hit your breaking point. thankfully, the fight didn’t last for long and it was an easy one to solve compared to those he physically participates in.
you take the engagement ring off your finger and put it on the night stand, just like you always do, but this time shinichiro freezes. his heart drops all the way to his stomach and when you turn to give him a goodnight kiss, he looks absolutely horrified.
“what’s wrong, shin?” you prop yourself up on your elbows so you can get a better look at him. his eyes are wide and it almost looks like his hand is shaking while reaching for your cheek. “the ring, you took it off,” he mumbles and you smile at him, moving closer so your faces are only mere inches away from one another.
“i always take it off before we go to sleep, there’s nothing bigger to it. don’t overthink things like these, we solved the fight, didn’t we?” you wrap your arms around his waist, putting a leg over his hips so he’ll stay in place. for a moment, shinichiro seems to have cogwheels struggling to work together in his head, but he soon comes back to reality and now looks at you with a much more softer look. “oh, that’s good. i just got worried, i know you wouldn’t do that though. i’m sorry, i shouldn’t have gotten so worried,” he rambles and you shake your head, pressing your lips to his so he’ll shut up and calm down for once.
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onsunnyside · 2 days
Ok but like I could see JJ absolutely humiliating the reader while fucking her
are you in my head bc i've been thinking the same thing: i know jj is a softie but what if 🫣 we take a drive down the heartbreaker road ??
Tumblr media
mean!JJ: He's the kook's number one enemy, the local troublemaker, and always up to something with his progue friends. You know all about his mischief-streak, and truthfully, you're scared of him since he pulled that gun on Topper. He's the kind of guy your friends warn you about, but you don't have any friends apart from Rafe, Topper and Kelce. They're the same group you've clung to since childhood, and now you proudly wear the kook princess crown.
You're so happy in your carefree bubble, following them around like a little pet. Everyone knows you're strictly off limits because the kook prince has a thing for you. No one would dare to test him or even think about you in a certain way... well, everyone but JJ.
"Oh, look at that, your boyfriend is calling you." He snorts, glaring at Rafe's contact photo glowing on the screen, "he's gonna have to wait."
You pull off with a lewd pop, saliva coating your lips and smeared down your chin, "he's not—he's not my boyfriend."
"That's not what everyone else thinks, and that's not what he's going around and saying either."
That catches you off guard, and your heart swells with hope as if you weren't on your knees blowing his enemy, "Rafe likes me?"
Oh, you were dumber than he thought.
"He's not gonna want you after this." JJ slips his ringed-fingers into your open mouth, prying your lips apart and spitting. The heavy dollop lands on your tongue and slides to the back of your throat. "You think he'll kiss you after sucking my cock? You think he'll even look at you knowing you fucked a dirty pogue?"
He sees the glee on your face transform to regret, your features melting into a sorrowful mess. If the music weren't so loud downstairs, he would surely hear your heart breaking.
With one hand, he jerks his length inches away from your face. His fist slides up the slick skin and he steps closer, effectively trapping you against the bathroom door.
"What's with the waterworks, baby?" He'd be lying if he said your tears didn't make him rock hard. It was your fault for being so pretty when you cry, how could he resist you when you look that good?
"I-I've liked Rafe for so long... I didn't know he liked me back." And now look at you. JJ was right, Rafe wouldn't speak to you ever again if he found out.
"What do you know, hm?" The blond chuckles, meanly slapping your cheeks with the tip of his cock. The messy trails of pre cum are only a mockery of your tears.
"JJ, wait—" You try to turn away, but his foot slides between your thighs, the worn leather of his boot pressing up against your wet panties.
"Do you think they keep you around for your brains? Oh, sweetheart, I hate to break it to you but you've got none."
There it is again, the delicate pout on your lips and that expression of pure despair. He wishes he could take a picture, and forever memorialize your misery. Maybe even send it to Rafe for his own sick entertainment.
JJ shifts his foot, grinding along your clothed core and rubbing your swollen clit. The cry you let out is not only from sadness but also pleasure.
Your mouth falls open in a moan and he takes the opportunity to slip back in, the bulbous head hits the back of your throat and slides deep. Your eyes shoot open and you quickly brace your hands on his hips, but it's no use. He pushes forward until his full sack hits your chin and groans loudly when your throat tightens.
"Atta girl, who knew the kook princess was a cockslut?" His tone drops and his hips build a pace, it's slow but thorough.
He's so thick, your lips burn at the corners as you struggle to take him from tip to base, again and again. Sloppy noises fill the bathroom, your choked moans silenced by the fat head of his cock hitting the back of your mouth with every thrust.
"You wanna know—fuck, something else, baby?" JJ grunts through clenched teeth with his palms on either side of your head, his thumbs digging into the tear-and-spit-covered flesh of your cheeks, "he likes you, but that ain't gonna stop him from fucking someone else tonight. So you should stop the weeping and do the same."
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thezatannaprint · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
jack champion x fem! reader basically pure soft content 🥺 HINT OF SUGGESTIVENESS BUT ITS NOT BADDD
jack was your first boyfriend so relationships were all new to you, you didn’t know how to tell him you loved him or even if you should tell him because it had only been five months since you two started dating and he hasn’t said it either. jack was an absolute sweetheart, he got along well with your family and he never rushed you to do anything you didn’t want to do so how could you not love him? if true love existed you wanted so badly for jack champion to be yours.
when you told him that you had never kissed anyone before you expected him to laugh or assume you were joking but his reaction is one of the reasons why you fell in love with him. “hey that’s ok. i can teach you. let’s start off easy-” he smiled and kissed your cheek so softly it felt like his lips tickled your cheek. “now can i kiss you right here.. you can say no.” his thumb brushed your top and bottom lip. “yes. please.” you nodded frantically and he chuckled and planted a chaste kiss on your lips.
his devotion and dedication to you was apparent to anyone who knew you guys, he posted you on his instagram and tiktok. he’d show you off at all his movie premieres and events. you were his lock screen and his home screen, he even told you his phone password even though you told him you didn’t need it. “i know you don’t need it but i insist babe.”
you both were left alone in his house with nothing to do so you two took advantage of the opportunity. “finally i get you all to myself.” he took your hand and lead you to his bed. “you sure you got the house to yourself?” you took off your jacket. “yes, until tomorrow.” he nodded, you smiled plopping down on his bed. “perfect.” he chuckled and joined you on his bed. after a while of watching netflix and playing video games things started to get a little hot and heavy. he was hovering above you just kissing you the kiss was so passionate. “you’re gorgeous.”
you deepened the kiss fully intending to take things further but suddenly you felt a pang of nervousness, you softly pushed his chest. “did i hurt you?” he was still catching his breath, you shook your head and sat up. “I want to say something.” you smiled, cheeks still flushed. today was the day you were determined to tell him, life was too short to be scared of rejection. “jack..i love you.” you blurted out and his eyes widened but inside he was jumping for joy. “i love you too.” he was smiling like the dork he was.
he gave you a tight hug and kissed the top of your head, he loved you back… that’s all you needed to know before fully giving yourself to him. “im ready.” you confidently said. “are you sure?” he held your hand and kissed the top of them. “yes I am.” you pushed jack down on the bed. “this is different.” he smirked and you laughed taking off your shirt.
J CHAMPION FOR WHITE BOY OF THE YEAR 2023 🏹❤️ @liyahsocorro u wanted to be tagged so now this is dt you!!! hope u enjoy also plz don’t mind if it’s mad corny 😭 I NEED MORE JACK CONTENT SO IF U WRITE FOR HIM TAG ME!!!
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Wanna make a baby? *Smut*
Tumblr media
A/N: Breeding kink, female anatomy, comes off as both of you are switches. And shit this took forever, so enjoy!
18+ coming up if you're uncomfortable or underage, please don't read. Thank you!
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the House of The Dragon/Fire & Blood characters nor do I claim to own them. I do not own any of the images used nor do I claim to own them.
Aegon realizes as he's holding you close one night, cum still oozing out of your swollen pussy, and it hits harder than his wine could day or night as his thoughts finally settle down. That he wishes he was stroking your stomach that was full of cum, that it was seeping into your womb and taking and having a babe with you. The very thought sends arousal straight through his veins, cock hardening against your thighs again for the third time that night. And he's terrified at first and already overthinking before he even decides to bring it up to you. He's worried that you know, and you'll leave him because he's got such a gross fascination. It freaks him out to the point he's scared of touching you, which prompts you to sit him down and talk it out or try to corner him anywhere where nobody else is at, or, him apologizing profusely as you're just trying to figure this out and make sense of his sudden change.
That was until he was balls deep in you the first time. He had chalked the overwhelming urge to cum inside as possessive male instincts, at first. But then he started running off at the mouth in the heat of the moment, about pumping you full, giving you a tummy full of cum, you giving him so many sweet heirs either boy or girl. Then it works into his foreplay, his body worship focusing on your chest, your hips, kissing all over your stomach as he fantasizes about you carrying his kids.
"Baby, what are you talking about? Where is that coming from?," you point out after you both finished, holding onto his hands as he looks anywhere, but your eyes until you force him to.
"Well, you know it's just..." he tries to speak as quietly as he could before blurting a mix of random words as he tried explaining what you can't decipher. Your face said it all before he took one look at you before taking a deep breath, lacing your fingers together, and squeezing gently as he closed his eyes and spoke quietly.
"Because I believe i have a... a um.. I think I have a breeding kink," he finally says, feeling the disgust fill his body at the thought of you now saying what his mind said came up with different scenarios, "And I totally get if you think something is wrong me, I-I know it's gross, disgusting even, and I don't even know where it changed for me". his eyes are glued to the ceiling, still not wanting to look at you, unable to keep eye contact with you as he told you. Which means he misses your eyes darkening and your own flustered expression.
"You want that?" You ask quietly, pussy already throbbing. He nodded sheepishly, eyes on the verge of tears as his mind continued to torment him and overthink every reaction you would be having now that you knew just not the reaction you were about to give him. "Aegon, love, look at me," you gently command, watching as he hesitates but looks away from the ceiling and meets your eyes that he adores.
"You wanna knock me up, honey?" You ask him, watching as his eyes widen, shock lining his features looking up at you as you ease yourself into his lap. "Do you?" You ask teasingly with a wide grin on your face, grabbing at the hair on the back of his neck to tug his head up. He groans, hands latching onto your hips tightly as he practically left fingerprints onto your skin.
"Gods yes, so fucking bad," he roughly speaks against your lips, practically whining at your sadistic smile knowing you held all the cards right now. "Wanna pump every load I've got into that pussy, please."
"Oh, that's good, my king. Keep begging, and i might just let you have it," you chide, pressing your lips to his, "we've got all night long for it. And tomorrow, and the day after. Gotta make sure it takes, don't we?" You spoke before kissing him.
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bluewasthecolor · 2 days
In The Aftermath
Word Count: 1743
Warnings: None, other than a brief mention of vomit near the end.
A/N: Here's part two! I hope you like it and please send requests for other fics!
“You love me?” Your voice comes out small, trembling.
This was a terrible mistake, Leah thinks. She’s miscalculated every moment leading to this one. She thought–well, she doesn’t know what she was thinking. That you would say you loved her too? That everything would magically fall into place? She feels idiotic. She has just put your entire friendship on the line. She thinks about taking it back, about apologizing, but there’s no use. You can’t go back to the way things were, not with her confession hanging in the air. It will always exist between the two of you, will always pose a threat to every interaction. Leah’s moment of courage is quickly dissipating. Your silence is answer enough and She’s about to get up to go anywhere else but this room, this bed, when you speak.
“Leah…” You grab her hand.
“You don’t have to say anything. I get it.” She doesn’t meet your eyes, shifting uncomfortably on the bed. “You don’t feel the same way, it’s fine. We can pretend it never happened.” You move your hand to her chin, tilting her head up so she is forced to look at you. What you see in her eyes breaks your heart. Tears are beginning to form and she looks completely shattered. 
“I-” “Just don’t, Y/N. I shouldn’t have said anything, I’m sorry. This was a mist-” Leah’s voice breaks when she apologizes.
“I don’t want to forget this,” You interrupt, whispering softly as if saying it too loud will scare her off. “I love you too, Leah.”
She gasps, unsure of where to go from here. You’ve had a little more time to prepare, so you take action. Cupping her face with your hands, you pull her in for a kiss. It’s slow, tentative, neither of you wanting to move too fast. When you pull away, Leah is still crying. Confused, you wipe her tears with your thumb.
“Is this not what you want? We can stop.”
“No, no it’s not that, it’s just…I’ve been in love with you for years. I never thought this would happen.” “Years? When did you know?”
Four Years Ago
It was your first day at Arsenal. You had just transferred from the NWSL and were feeling nothing but nerves. As you walked into the changing room, you were greeted by howls of laughter, stemming from something Beth had said. You paused in the doorway, unsure of where to go. Leah looked up, eyes locking with yours. 
“Oy! Shut up, we have a new teammate!” She stammered, motioning at the girls to settle down. 20 pairs of eyes turned towards you, making you blush. But you moved past it.
“No need to silence yourselves for me, I’m used to it. I’m Y/N by the way.”
Leah moved towards you, sticking her hand out for you to shake. 
“You must be Leah,” You take her hand, smiling warmly. “I’ve heard so much about you, I’m excited to play together.”
Leah’s heart skipped a beat at this, but she wasn’t sure why. She said it herself, you were a new teammate. Leah didn’t know then, but maybe she should have.
Three Years Ago
“Fuck me!” Leah groaned, her head dropping into her hands as you scored once again. You smirked, taking the opportunity to tease her.
“Just let me know when and where, darling.”
Leah didn’t know then either, but she probably should have.
Two Years Ago
It was the night of your Brits–neither of you were invited but Alex had managed to talk her way into a plus two (something along the lines of “they’re the stars of Arsenal and you don’t want them here?). Leah couldn’t keep her eyes off of you. That goddamn dress would be the death of her, she was sure. The way it hugged your curves, the way the neckline dipped just low enough to show off a bit of cleavage and show off your tattoo… it was everything. But then everything happened.
Leah watched as you were approached by that woman, as she asked for your number, as you obliged. She watched as you were escorted to the woman’s seat, as you flirted with one another, as you danced together. 
She wanted to be supportive, she really did. You were her best friend, after all, and she wanted you to be happy. But there was something else bubbling up inside her, something that felt an awful lot like jealousy. 
Leah knew then.
The Next Morning (Present Day)
When you wake up, the spot in bed next to you is empty. You’re fairly sure that you fell asleep with Leah’s arms around you, so you’re confused as to where she could have gone. The two of you hadn’t done a lot of talking the night before, trying to make up for years of lost time. You know you need to talk some more now, so you slowly push yourself out of bed and pull on one of Leah’s t-shirts. You pad softly into the kitchen to find her sitting at the counter, two cups of coffee in front of her. She pulls the stool next to her out for you, and you sit, taking her hand in yours.
“So,” Leah smiles softly, “We should probably talk about last night, huh?”
You nod, looking at her expectantly, unsure of what exactly to say.
“I meant what I said. I love you. I’m ready to do this if you are.”
“Me too. I want to be yours. I want to be with you.”
The two of you break into wide smiles, relieved that you’re on the same page. You sit in comfortable silence for a while, noticing the little changes in your dynamic. Instead of sneaking glances at each other when you think the other isn’t looking, you’re open in staring at one another. Instead of denying any sparks when your skin comes in contact, you lean into it. Nothing has changed, but so has everything. Eventually, you break the silence.
“So do we tell people? Our teammates?”
“I think…” Leah ponders your question. “I think we tell them. Because they’ve been fucking with us for years and they’ll die when we tell them, and because they’re our friends. They’ll be happy for us.”
You nod in agreement. While there’s a certain appeal to keeping your relationship a complete secret, you know that would be nearly impossible to achieve. You see the girls every day at training and there’s no way you’ll be able to act the same after last night’s revelations. For the first time in a long time, everything feels good and right.
One Month Later
You shouldn’t have eaten that stupid burrito. Leah had warned you off of it, saying it had been on the counter overnight, but you had waved her away. Now, kneeling over the toilet puking your guts out, you have to begrudgingly admit she was right. In between waves of nausea you roll onto the floor, pressing your forehead against the cool tiles. Your phone buzzes next to you and you lift it slowly.
LEAH: on my way home. see you soon babe.
Y/N: see you soon love.
You haven’t told Leah about your current predicament. You know she’d just freak out and there’s nothing really that she can do. You need to just get it out of your system before she comes home from her parent’s place. Knowing she’ll be back any minute, you feel the sudden need to pretend as though everything is alright. You push yourself to stand, bracing yourself on the bathroom counter for a moment to dispel the lightheadedness that accompanies you. Slowly, but surely, you make your way to the couch. You’ll pretend you’ve been having a lazy day on the couch rather than getting sick every 20 minutes.
When Leah walks in, however, your spot on the couch is vacant once again. You’d made it about five minutes in that spot before the nausea returned, forcing you back to your spot on the bathroom floor. Leah wanders around the apartment, confused about where you could be. When she reaches the bathroom, she sees you lying on the floor, head resting on the toilet seat. She sits next to you, placing a hand on your back.
“Y/N. What’s happened?” She asks softly, rubbing slow circles on your back.
“That burrito. Food poisoning. I should have listened to you.” You groan, closing your eyes. 
“Why didn’t you call me? I could have come home to take care of you.” Leah’s brows knit together in concern.
“Didn’t want to bother you. Didn’t wanna interrupt your time with your parents.” 
“Oh my love, you could never bother me. Didn’t we have this conversation ages ago? That night you broke up with your ex? I thought I told you I’m here if you ever need me. That hasn’t changed just because I’m your girlfriend now, if anything it’s more true than ever.” Leah reassures you, her hand never stilling on your back. While her words bring you comfort, more nausea arises and her kindness is overshadowed by the need to throw up. As you lean into the toilet Leah continues to soothe you, still rubbing circles and kissing the back of your neck softly. When you’ve finished, she helps you stand and guides you to your bed. “Stay there. I’ll be right back.”
When she returns she is carrying a damp washcloth and a trash bin.  “I figured you might be more comfortable here than on the bathroom floor. Plus I can cuddle you better like this.”
You smile gratefully up at her as she places the washcloth on your forehead and the bin by your side. She climbs into bed with you, pulling you close so that your head is resting on her chest. Although the situation is wildly different, you can’t help but remember the night you showed up breaking down–the night that you basically moved in. She held you then too, was unbelievably sweet then too. You’re not sure how you didn’t see it, the love she had for you. It seems so clear now, but then everything always does after it’s been said aloud. You look up at her, her eyes closed, head resting against the headboard. She looks so peaceful, so calm. She’s been such a constant presence in your life for almost five years now, and you vow to turn that into forever.
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hamsterclaw · 2 days
Taehyung's your roommate - you get along fine, you do your own thing and stay out of each others' way. Your relationship works perfectly the way it is, you don't want or need anything more out of it.
Pairing: Taehyung x F! reader, Yoongi x F! reader
Word count: 11k
Genre: College AU, smut
Rating: 18+
Warnings: Smut, swearing
Tumblr media
You’re standing in a corner of the kitchen of the house party you’re at with your roommate Taehyung. 
You’re aware of the looks you’re attracting. Taehyung’s hot when he’s lounging around half-dressed in your living room, but fully dressed? When he’s made an effort? 
He’s devastating. 
Dark hair, dark brows often drawn together when he’s looking at someone, like they’re a puzzle he’s dying to work out, lips curled in a smirk. 
He dresses carefully, even for hastily thrown together house parties, but even the loosest of shirts don’t hide his broad shoulders, the lines of his torso tapering to hips that he knows how to move. 
Your roommate’s a sexy man. 
You’re pretty easy on the eyes yourself, especially today, when your hair’s doing what you want it to and your eyeliner’s sharp enough to cut glass. 
Together, you draw attention, and you’ve taken full advantage of it in the past. 
Your shared apartment with Taehyung has two bedrooms, set on opposite ends of a hallway with your living room in between, which is just as well. You’ve got no desire to hear your sexy roommate’s pillow talk, nor for him to hear you getting off with your man of choice. 
Taehyung sips his drink and tilts his head at you. 
‘I might go early,’ he tells you. ‘I haven’t even started Monday’s assignment.’ 
‘You’ve got the weekend,’ you say, easy. 
‘I don’t want to lose tomorrow too,’ he says, shrugging. ‘You don’t need me, anyway.’ 
You’re distracted by the arrival of the basketball team. ‘Hmm?’ 
Taehyung dips close enough for his breath to tickle your ear. You lean back, startled. You rarely touch each other, you know some friends do but you’re not a touchy person and you didn’t think Taehyung was either. 
‘Now that I have your attention,’ he says pointedly, rolling his eyes, ‘I’m gonna go. Say ‘hi’ to Yoongi for me. Don’t fuck in communal spaces.’ 
‘Stay for a bit,’ you plead, grabbing his shirt as he turns away. 
Taehyung looks down at your hand. ‘Pick up brunch for us tomorrow and I’ll wing you.’
‘Deal,’ you say. 
You both turn as you’re approached by Kim Namjoon, basketball captain and the most promiscuous man you know.
‘Hey,’ he says, leaning against the counter, dimpling at you. 
‘Hi Namjoon,’ you say. 
Taehyung raises a brow as Namjoon acts like he’s interested in your drink.
You’re about to offer Namjoon a sip when there’s a huff of breath, then a gravelly voice.
‘Y/N, Tae,’ Min Yoongi says, nodding to both of you in greeting.
‘Hi Yoongi,’ you say. You smile at him, and he gives you a long look that makes you feel flushed, warm.
Kim Namjoon captains the basketball team, but Yoongi’s the only person you ever watch on the rare occasion you find yourself at a game. 
He’s ethereal, with his beautiful skin and dark eyes, and his hands and forearms have featured in all your nastiest fantasies.
You have needs, and tonight, you want Yoongi to see to them.
Taehyung’s already hustling Namjoon away, throwing you a smirk over his shoulder as he leaves you with Yoongi.
Yoongi watches you take a sip of your drink.
‘Want some?’ you ask, tipping your plastic cup towards him.
Yoongi says, cool, so confident you can already feel yourself melting at his feet, ‘yeah.’
He downs what's in your cup and sets it down on the counter.
‘Let me get you a better drink,’ he says, hanging his head, looking up at you, lips curled in a smirk.
You wonder what his lips might feel like on you.
‘I have wine at mine,’ you say, bold.
He keeps looking at you, smile playing on his lips. 
‘Yeah,’ you say.
Yoongi tilts his head. ‘Lead the way.’
Yoongi’s got your skirt hiked up, panties by your ankles, and his mouth on your cunt. 
He licks another stripe along your folds, slow, deliberate.
You reach up, grasp his forearm.
He snickers, following it up with another long slow lick.
‘You want my fingers?’ he asks. 
‘Yeah,’ you plead. ‘Want you.’
You’re arched back against your headboard, trying not to scream when there’s a knock at your door.
‘Hey,’ Taehyung calls through the door. ‘You ok?’
Yoongi looks up from where he’s poised over your cunt, sees your hands covering your own mouth.
‘We’re good, bro,’ he answers, sliding his fingers into you.
Your mouth opens to moan, and Yoongi’s other hand comes up to cover your mouth. 
Taehyung knocks again, more insistent this time.
‘I want to hear you, Y/N. Are you all right?’
Yoongi’s fingers start moving in and out of you as he shrugs and uncovers your mouth.
‘Yeah,’ you say, trying not to moan again. ‘I’m good, Tae, thanks for checking.’
Taehyung says, ‘Yeah. I’m in my room if you need anything.’
‘Damn,’ Yoongi murmurs as you hear Taehyung walking away. ‘You guys look out for each other like that a lot?’
You whimper as Yoongi shoves his jeans down, moves on top of you.
‘Can’t be too careful,’ you say, breathless.
Yoongi’s unrolling a condom on his pretty dick, nudging into you slowly.
He groans as he eases into you, letting out a breath when he’s all the way in.
You clench around him helplessly, the stretch of him’s so damn good you could come from this alone.
Yoongi rolls his hips, grinding, hitting you so deep you see stars behind your eyelids every time he thrusts.
‘You good?’ he asks. He’s genuinely waiting for an answer, and your heart flutters a little when you realise.
‘Yeah,’ you affirm, smiling up at him.
Yoongi stares at you for a moment, mutters something that sounds like ‘so fucking pretty’, that you would ask him to repeat if he wasn’t fucking you so well.
You cry his name as you come, tightening around his cock.
‘Good girl,’ praises Yoongi, the gravel in his voice somehow both sexy and soothing.
His thrusts slow, his rhythm changes, and he groans ‘baby, fuck, fuck!’ as he comes.
He pulls out, ties off the condom and tosses it with a careless flick into your bin.
‘All in the wrist,’ you comment. 
Yoongi, now flat on his back on your bed, arm over his face, chuckles. 
‘You’re an idiot.’
Then, he sits up, scanning your face like he’s worried he’s upset you.
‘I’m just teasing you,’ he tells you.
You’re already getting up to use the bathroom. 
‘I know, Yoongi,’ you reply. ‘Want some water?’
‘I should get going,’ he says.
You shrug. ‘You can stay if you want.’
‘I’ve got basketball in the morning,’ he replies.
‘Sure,’ you say.
You walk him out, bid him goodbye at the door.
There’s crockery rattling in the kitchen, Taehyung’s smoky tenor caressing the notes of a jazz classic.
You stop in the doorway to listen.
Taehyung’s got a stunning voice, the first time you came back early from classes and heard him, you’d thought it was a recording.
He turns his head, spots you, doesn’t miss a beat.
You pour yourself a glass of water and take a seat at the kitchen counter.
Without asking, Taehyung lays a bowl in front of you, chopsticks together angled at a skew. 
‘Thanks,’ you say, gratefully. 
You eat quietly as Taehyung sings. The song segues into another, words crooned low over the tinkling of an accompanying piano. 
He joins you at the counter eventually with his own bowl.
‘You good?’ he asks.
You have a sudden flashback to Yoongi buried inside you, asking the same.
You give Taehyung a half-smile.
‘Yeah good.’
‘How come Yoongi didn’t stay?’ Taehyung asks.
‘He said he had basketball in the morning,’ you reply. 
You don’t want it to sting but it does. 
Taehyung shrugs. ‘Maybe you’re just not that interesting out of bed,’ he says, deadpan.
‘Yeah,’ you agree, just as deadpan.
‘It’s probably more that he’s an idiot,’ Taehyung continues. 
You shrug. 
‘Wanna watch TV, Tae?’
‘Yeah. Go set it up and I’ll bring us ice cream.’
You’re curled up in your corner of the couch, blanket pulled over you, when Taehyung enters.
He hands you a tub and a spoon and settles in his corner. 
‘Are you really ok?’ he asks, not looking at you.
You wait for him to say something else, but he just hums. 
Predictably, he’s asleep before the opening credits have even finished, but his presence is comforting all the same.
You’re at the diner with Taehyung the next morning when he says, ‘don’t look now, your fuckboi’s here with his teammates.’
You grimace. ‘Think they might not see us?’
Taehyung says, ‘he’s heading over here.’
You don’t have time to ask who before Min Yoongi’s standing by your booth.
‘Hey,’ he says, tilting his head at you.
You smile at him, grateful you’d at least taken the time to do your skincare this morning before coming out.
‘Hey Yoongi.’
‘Can I get your number?’ he asks.
You reel off your digits, voice steady even though your heart’s beating triple speed.
‘Ok,’ Yoongi says. The tip of his tongue pokes through his lips briefly, and your phone vibrates in your pocket.
‘Can I call you later?’ Yoongi asks.
‘Sure,’ you say, light, casual.
Yoongi nods at Taehyung, and then he’s off.
You pick up a forkful of pancakes to give your hands something to do.
‘Guess you’re not that uninteresting after all,’ Taehyung teases.
‘Yeah, and guess he’s not that much of an idiot,’ you agree.
Taehyung laughs. ‘At least now you can stop sulking.’
You’d deny you were ever sulking but Taehyung knows you too well.
It’s another Friday night, and you have a date with Yoongi. It’s only a movie, but he’s picking you up and you’re excited and there’s that.
You’re pouring yourself a glass of water in the kitchen when Taehyung walks in.
‘Wow,’ you say, impressed.
Your roommate’s sharply styled tonight, his hair away from his face, shirt falling perfectly against his lean frame. The chain around his neck glints in the light as he moves. He smells good, fresh.
‘Wow yourself,’ he replies. ‘Date with Yoongi?’
‘Going to the movies,’ you tell him. ‘You?’
‘I’ve got a dinner date,’ he says. ‘We’ll probably come back here after.’
‘I’ll be out late,’ you say. ‘No sex in communal spaces.’
Taehyung laughs at the mantra you’ve got into the habit of tossing at each other instead of a goodbye, and waves as he leaves.
When the doorbell rings you hurry to open it.
Yoongi’s standing in your doorway, all longish dark hair and silver earrings, smile crooked.
‘Hey pretty girl,’ he says, like he practised it, and butterflies flutter in your stomach anyway, because you’ve always been a sucker for a compliment from a gorgeous guy. 
‘Hey,’ you say. You grab your keys off the hall table and step out. He doesn’t move back like you expected him to, so you end up pressed against him as you shut the door behind you.
You look at him and raise an eyebrow.
He smirks at you. 
‘I’d like popcorn,’ you say.
Yoongi slips his arm around your shoulders. 
‘Yeah? I’ll get you some,’ he promises. 
You lean into his chest as you head for the lifts. 
‘I heard the movie’s scary,’ he says, as you get into the lift. ‘Are you gonna hold my hand?’
‘I like horror movies,’ you tell him.
‘But what about me? I might get scared,’ he says.
‘Don’t worry, I can hold your hand at the scary parts.’
Yoongi says, ‘yeah?’
‘Promise,’ you say. 
Yoongi grins at you. ‘We’d better practice holding hands now.’
You have to laugh at his expression. You push at his chest lightly, but when his hand comes up to grasp yours, you don’t pull away.
By the time you and Yoongi get back from the movie, the living room is dark but the kitchen light’s on.
‘Want a drink?’ you offer. ‘I have beer.’
You enter the kitchen and are confronted with your roommate’s bare chest, sweats slung low around his hips.
He mumbles a greeting, turns to grab a cup, revealing scratch marks all over his back.
‘Fuck, are you ok? Your back.’
Taehyung’s grin is boxy, wide, reminding you why he has the reputation he has around campus.
He passes you a couple beers, cracks one open for himself. 
‘Gigi’s still here,’ he says. ‘I’ll see you in the morning. Brunch?’
‘Brunch,’ you agree. 
He tilts his beer at you in a toast, and saunters out.
You can hear him greeting Yoongi as he heads back to his room.
Yoongi raises a brow at you. ‘Is he high?’
‘Possibly,’ you reply. ‘Are you still scared from the movie? Do I need to hold your hand again?’
Yoongi nods so seriously you’re almost fooled.
He takes your hand and tugs you into your room, onto your bed.
‘What should we do now?’ you ask, feigning innocence.
Yoongi laughs, tugs gently at the strap of your dress with his teeth. 
He pulls down, letting the strap fall off your shoulder, exposing the top of your left breast.
He brushes his lips over your rounded flesh, tongue flicking between to lick, and you shiver.
‘Cold?’ Yoongi asks, watching you intently as he blows over your exposed nipple.
You can’t stop the moan from spilling out as he flicks your nipple with his tongue.
Yoongi’s breath is warm on your skin, like his palm as he slides it over your bare thigh, under your skirt. 
The tips of his long fingers brush between your legs, and you let out an involuntary hum. 
‘Yeah, you’re cold,’ Yoongi says, confident, decisive. 
He leans over you, pushing you down on the bed under him. ‘Come on, I’ll warm you up.’ 
Fuck, he does. 
You and Taehyung are halfway through your breakfast plates at the diner before you even speak to each other. 
‘If this place ever closes we’ll be fucked,’ Taehyung says, mouth full. 
‘You’ll be fucking regardless,’ you say, unable to resist. ‘But yeah, we need this place to stay open.’ 
‘Why does fucking make me so hungry?’ wonders Taehyung. ‘I don’t feel this hungry after the gym.’ 
You snort. ‘When do you ever go to the gym?’
‘Jungkook’s been dragging me there.’ 
Taehyung flexes his arm. ‘See? This definition isn’t just my natural shape.’ 
You pretend to squint. ‘What? You mean being a noodle-armed weakling isn’t natural to you?’ 
Taehyung looks at you, mouth in a straight line. ‘You mean being a short ass isn’t natural to you?’
‘Ha ha ha ha,’ you scowl. 
‘Gigi says she likes your style,’ Taehyung says, shoving another forkful of sausage into his mouth, chewing open-mouthed. 
‘Yeah? I like hers too, apart from her taste in fuckbuddies,’ you retort. 
‘She says you have a great ass.’ 
‘Oh my god, can you shut up and let me eat in peace,’ you grumble. 
‘Does Yoongi say anything about me?’ Taehyung asks. 
‘Yeah, he’s always asking if you’re high.’
Taehyung snorts. ‘Rich coming from a scrappy athlete with a bad reputation.’ 
‘He doesn’t have a bad reputation.’ 
‘Please. If he wasn’t the biggest fuckboy around you wouldn’t even be interested.’ 
‘What? I don’t just date fuckboys,’ you protest, weakly, trying to remember the last boy you actually dated. 
‘You live with me,’ Taehyung reminds you, rolling his eyes. 
‘You don’t have a bad reputa –’ 
You cut yourself off midsentence. ‘Yeah ok. And?’ 
‘And nothing. I like living with you. You’re easy.’ 
Your eyebrows lift and you toss a napkin at him. 
‘Easy to live with,’ Taehyung amends. 
He laughs. ‘Can you get the waitress’ attention, we’re gonna need more potato waffles.’
‘Get her yourself,’ you say. 
‘Don’t be mad,’ Taehyung coaxes. ‘I’m easy too.’ 
You look at the way he’s sitting, leaning back, legs spread wide in his grey sweats, the neck of his t-shirt so wide you can see all of his collarbones, and your fit of pique fades. 
‘I like living with you too,’ you say. 
You tip your juice towards him, and he brings his own drink forward to toast. 
‘To cheap breakfasts,’ he says. 
‘And easy lays,’ you reply. 
Taehyung’s grin flashes at you, the wide boxy grin he reserves for when he’s genuinely amused, and you can’t help but smile back. 
The thud that comes from the living room is muffled, like whoever made it is trying to be quiet. 
You’re only half awake, and falling back asleep again when you hear another sound, the thump of a knee against the edge of the sofa. 
You pick up your phone, squinting at the time. 
You sit up. 
‘What are you doing, Tae?’ you mutter to yourself, getting up. 
You stumble to the living room, eyes trying to adjust to the dark. 
You can see him standing in the middle of the living room, and have a sense of unreality when you can hear a key in the front door. 
Realisation pierces through you, and you turn back to the intruder in your living room. 
Your mouth opens, and the intruder flees, heading straight for your balcony doors, which you’ve just noticed, are ajar. 
Taehyung walks in, startled to see you. 
‘Tae! There’s a man in our apartment!’ you blurt out. 
Taehyung and you rush for the balcony but by the time you get there there’s no trace of the man. 
‘Shit, the lock’s broken,’ Taehyung says. 
‘I’m gonna call the police,’ you tell him. 
‘Are you ok? What happened?’
Taehyung takes your arm.
‘Shit Tae, you smell like —’
Taehyung grimaces. ‘Yeah, sorry. The guys were going hard tonight.’
By the time you’ve made your report, Taehyung’s showered and made you both tea. 
‘I don’t think anything’s missing, all our stuff’s still here,’ you say. 
‘Yeah,’ Taehyung agrees. He shivers. ‘Sorry I wasn’t here.’
‘Fuck, that was scary,’ you say. Now that the adrenaline’s wearing off, you’re starting to feel sleepy. 
You glance at the balcony door. ‘What are we going to do about that?’ 
‘We should set a trap,’ Taehyung says, authoritatively. 
You glare at him. ‘Are you still high?’ 
‘Shit, not when you look at me like that,’ Taehyung replies. 
You sigh. ‘Go to bed, Tae.’ 
‘No, I can fix it,’ Taehyung insists. He goes to his room, and is gone for so long you’re about to go and check on him when he returns. 
‘What the fuck, Tae?’ 
Taehyung just raises an eyebrow at you. 
He walks over to the balcony doors, snaps them closed, and ties the handles together with the red silk ties he came out with, deftly. 
He tests the knots with an expertise you’re almost afraid to ask how he acquired. 
You find yourself smiling, reluctantly, for the first time since you woke up. 
‘Fucking hell, Kim Taehyung.’ 
Taehyung turns to you, completely straight-faced, apart from a tell-tale quiver of his lips. 
‘I have some left over,’ he tells you, feigning innocence. 
‘Fucking hell, Kim Taehyung.’ 
‘If you’re not feeling safe, I can sleep in your room with you, for tonight,’ he offers. 
‘Get the fuck out, Tae.’ 
‘I don’t have to bring my ropes.’ 
‘Actually, it’s Kinbaku.’ 
Taehyung drops the ties on the couch and walks carefully around it. 
He puts a hand on your back. ‘Come on. I’ll walk you to your room, ok?’ 
Against your better judgement, you let him lead you to your bedroom. 
Taehyung pulls the covers back, helps you get settled in and rearranges them over you. 
Fully dressed, he lies on top of the covers next to you. 
‘Go to sleep,’ he says, rolling on his back, closing his eyes. 
His quiet, easy breathing fills the silence, and before you know it, you’re asleep. 
The sun’s setting, so you go out on your balcony to watch. It’s chilly still but more spring than winter.
Your heels rattle against the grate as you make your way to one of the garden chairs you and Tae picked up at the flea market when you first moved in together.
Yoongi’s coming to pick you up in a half hour, a proper date you think, you’re going to pick up food together before a house party.
The front door to the apartment opens, you can hear Taehyung humming to himself.
A moment later he’s peering out the balcony doors at you.
‘You look nice,’ he tells you.
You’re surprised by his compliment. ‘Thanks Tae Tae.’
‘Hot date with a fuckboy?’ Taehyung asks. He takes the seat across the balcony from you, long legs stretching out in between. He tilts his face up to the setting sun, and for a moment you admire the beauty of his profile, cast in rosy golds and brilliant orange.
Your roommate is genuinely one of the most beautiful men you’ve ever met.
You realise he’s looking at you like he’s waiting for you to say something. 
‘Sorry,’ you say, smiling. ‘I got distracted by how pretty you look.’
Taehyung snorts. ‘You look pretty too. Your legs look as long as mine in those heels.’
You scoff. ‘Yeah, I’m as tall as you.’
You stand, and Taehyung stands too. 
For a moment you look up at his face.
Your hand reaches up to touch his shoulder but you veer off at the last minute.
You never touch him, really, but for some reason you want to, now.
Taehyung’s standing with his hands behind his back, face tilted down to yours.
His voice, when he says your name, is that low baritone you hear rumbling though the walls sometimes when he has someone in the bedroom with him.
More vibration than words.
Taehyung’s gaze is intent on you. 
The doorbell buzzes, and you step back, spell broken.
‘It’s probably Yoongi. Have a good night, Tae Tae.’
He’s already turning away.
Your friend Dahyun nudges you at the house party you ended up at. 
‘How are things with Yoongi?’
You shrug. ‘We’re still seeing each other. We just went to dinner before this.’
‘He took you to dinner? Good Christ, you’re practically married,’ Dahyun teases.
‘Got me dessert and everything,’ you deadpan.
She laughs. 
‘How’s Hobi?’ you ask.
‘He’s good,’ Dahyun replies. 
Dahyun’s been dating Hoseok on and off since first year. Personally, you’ve always liked him, he’s always treated her well and he’s always seemed kind hearted to you.
Speak of the devil.
Hoseok walks up to Dahyun and slides his arm around her waist with a possessiveness that makes you feel a pang of envy.
You can’t imagine Yoongi ever doing that to you.
It’s not that you don’t think he’d be proud to be seen with you, but he’s just not the kind of guy who’d want people to know his business.
You sip your drink as Hobi and Dahyun excuse themselves, probably to go make out in a dark corner.
It’s only when you get to the last mouthful that you realise how strong your drink is.
Shit. Why did you decide to wear these heels?
You teeter your way to the kitchen and nearly trip on a step.
There’s a warm hand on your arm, steadying you, Yoongi’s voice in your ear.
‘You ok?’
‘Yeah,’ you reply. 
‘I’m gonna go grab some food with Jimin and Namjoon, Jimin’s going through some shit.’
It takes you a moment to understand. 
‘Oh, ok. Sure.’
‘Can you get back home ok?’
‘Yeah,’ you say. ‘Sure.’
Yoongi looks at you a moment longer. 
‘I saw Taehyung here earlier, want me to see if I can find him for you?’
You straighten up. ‘Nah, I’m fine.’
Yoongi’s still got his eyes on your face. You’re glad it’s dark enough to hide how warm your face is.
You wave a hand, careless. ‘Don’t baby me, Yoongi.’
Yoongi snorts, but he leaves, casting a final glance at you before he exits with Jimin.
You wait a beat, then decide to look around for your friends.
You wander through the living room, spotting Hoseok and Dahyun cuddled up on one of the couches.
Near the stairs you spot Taehyung, leaning against the wall with a very tall girl with gorgeous hair draped over him.
He sees you, tilts his chin, his dark brows in a straight line, his expression unreadable.
You’re heading over to him when the girl undrapes herself and slinks towards the bathroom.
You stumble a little, and Taehyung reaches out to steady you.
‘Tipsy?’ he teases.
‘A bit,’ you confess. You slump against the wall next to him, trying to ignore the way the room’s spinning lazily.
‘I’m going home,’ you tell Taehyung.
‘Sure. Who’s taking you?’ Taehyung asks.
‘Taxi,’ you reply, waving your phone.
Taehyung rolls his eyes. ‘You can barely stand. Here, wait a bit, Tina and I will go with you.’
He pushes off the wall. ‘Stay here.’
‘Nah, I’m ok,’ you reply.
Taehyung just gives you a look.
‘I’m getting Tina, wait here.’
As soon as he disappears you look down at your phone. The screen’s all blurry. You swipe at it and give up, deciding it’s not your fault the screen’s wavy and swirly.
You press back against the wall as some tall guy walks past. 
You vaguely recognise him as one of Yoongi’s teammates. Wonho? 
He stops next to you.
‘Hey, you’re Y/N, right?’ 
His voice is deep, not as deep as Yoongi’s or even Taehyung’s, but it’s got a pleasing mellow tone to it you like.
‘Yep,’ you say. You wish you could see his face better, but your eyes don’t seem to be working that well right now.
‘I like your dress,’ he says.
‘I don’t think it comes in your size,’ you tell him.
He laughs. ‘Can I get you a drink?’
‘Nah, I’m good,’ you say. 
‘Want to sit with me for a bit?’ he asks, leaning so close you can smell his shampoo. He smells good, but you think you’ve had enough.
Time to go home. 
‘I can’t sit in this dress,’ you inform him. ‘It’s too short.’
‘Shit, come and sit with me, I won’t look.’
He sounds like he’s flirting but you’re not really interested right now.
‘My roommate’s here. I need to find him,’ you say, apologetic.
You push off the wall and go off to search for Taehyung.
You just catch sight of him being dragged upstairs.
Sighing, you try and pull out your phone, only to not be able to find it.
Double damn.
You find yourself at the door of the house, and decide there’s nothing for it. 
You’re going to have to walk home.
It’s still dark by the time you trudge the last few blocks home. 
You’ve sobered up some from walking around in the early morning chill, at least the pavement isn’t wavy anymore.
You pull your key out of your bag with cold hands,  and are trying to get your fingers to work enough to unlock the door, when it opens on its own.
‘What the fuck!’ Taehyung says. He grabs your arm and drags you inside.
You stare at him, uncomprehending. 
‘Where the fuck were you?’ Taehyung asks.
You realise he’s angry.
‘Uh?’ you mumble unintelligently.
You lean down to undo your heels and nearly tip over.
Taehyung catches you, helps you straighten up. 
‘You walked home like this? Are you stupid?’
You’re hurt at his tone.
‘What do you want, Tae?’ you ask tiredly.
You sit on the floor and start unbuckling your heels.
God, you’re sure they weren’t this difficult to get on. 
Taehyung makes an impatient sound and pushes your hands away.
You sit as he undoes your heels and pulls them off.
‘I told you to wait for me,’ he scolds. 
You glare at him, hoping the feeling returns to your feet soon so you can get up.
‘It’s dangerous to walk alone —- wait! Where the fuck are you going?’
You turn your head to look at him as you crawl away. 
‘Stop scolding me, my head hurts,’ you complain.
Taehyung sighs. 
Then he holds out a hand. ‘Come on, I’ll help you into bed.’
You give him your hand and nearly fall onto your face again.
Taehyung swears, then pulls you up. 
He’s stronger than he looks. Maybe he wasn’t lying about going to the gym with JK.
You mull this over as he helps you to your bedroom.
Taehyung deposits you on the bed. ‘Stay here.’
‘Ugh, get out,’ you complain as he heads for your dresser.
Taehyung rummages through your top drawer and turns to you, holding out a soft tee.
As he walks towards you there’s a soft thud on the carpet. 
You give him your best innocent look as your purple bullet vibrator rolls on the floor towards you, stopping at the foot of your bed.
Taehyung ignores it and hands you the tee. ‘Can you get changed on your own?’
You shrug. 
He rolls his eyes. ‘Get changed. I’m gonna bring you some water.’
You decide it’s not worth the energy arguing with him.
By the time Taehyung comes back with a glass of water, you’re in bed.
He sits on the covers next to you and hands you your phone.
‘Where did you get this?’ you ask.
‘Some dude, Wonho had it,’ Taehyung says. He runs a hand over his face. ‘Fuck! I nearly got into a fight with him, I thought he’d done something to you.’
This is news to you. 
You frown at Taehyung. ‘I saw you going upstairs with Tina.’ 
‘Fuck that, you’re drunk as fuck, you should have waited for me,’ Taehyung scolds. ‘I was only a few minutes.’
‘Two minute man?’ you ask. For some reason this strikes you as hilarious.
‘Obviously,’ Taehyung says, like he’s reaching the end of his patience, ‘Tina and I didn’t fuck because I l knew you were waiting for me.’
You’re still giggling. 
Taehyung stares at you, then he scoffs. ‘Are you hungry? I can fix us ramdon.’
You fall asleep considering his offer.
You’re looking up train times when there’s a knock on your door.
Taehyung pokes his head in. 
‘Going somewhere?’ he asks, raising a brow at your overnight bag.
‘It’s my dad,’ you tell him. ‘My mom called, he’s in the hospital.’
‘Shit,’ Taehyung says. ‘Is he ok?’
Concern’s written all over his face as he steps further into your room.
‘He’s had a heart attack,’ you say. 
You’re trying to stay calm but it’s hard, your nerves have been shot since your mom called.
‘Can you drive me to the train station?’ you ask.
‘Yeah, sure,’ Taehyung says instantly. ‘Give me five and I’ll take you.’
Taehyung loads your bag into the trunk along with his and gets into the car. 
‘What’s the hospital address?’ he asks.
You stare at him blankly. ‘Tae, it’s hours away.’
‘So I’ll drive you, you shouldn’t be alone,’ Taehyung tells you. He looks oddly serious. 
‘Thanks,’ you say finally.
Taehyung just nods. ‘Get your belt on.’
You lean back in your chair as he pulls out of the space. 
Outside, a light rain starts to fall.
It’s still raining when you get back home after seeing your dad at the hospital.
Your mom fusses over you and Taehyung, probably because of how incredibly kind he’d been at the hospital.
Your roommate’s showing a side to him you’ve never seen before.
You’ve seen glimpses of him being nice, of course, in the months you’ve been living with him, but you’ve never thought about him as anything more than a casual friend. 
And here he is being so supportive you could cry. 
Your mum’s gone up to her room when he catches you looking at him over your food.
He raises an eyebrow at you but doesn’t stop eating.
‘Thanks,’ you say, feeling like you need to say something. ‘Thanks for driving me here, and being so nice.’ 
Your throat closes on the last word, and you take a sip of water, trying to hide the prickle of tears behind your eyelids. 
‘You’re my friend, I’m just doing the same as you’ve done for me,’ Taehyung says. 
His voice is so warm, quiet, that it’s getting harder to hold the tears back. 
‘Yeah?’ you ask, voice trembling as you try valiantly to pull humour in. ‘I don’t even have a car, and you don’t fit on the back of my bike.’ 
You cast a glance at him, but he’s not looking at you either. 
‘You made me soup when I was unwell earlier in the year. You always cook extra for me.’ 
Taehyung’s big hand reaches out, plays with his glass. ‘You don’t mind washing some of my clothes when they accidentally get in your wash.’ 
You snort. ‘I knew it wasn’t an accident.’ 
‘They’re always so much softer when you wash them,’ Taehyung says, on a pout. 
Your eyes meet.
‘It goes both ways,’ Taehyung says. 
‘Like your dick?’ 
‘Shut up, your mom’s upstairs,’ Taehyung retorts. 
‘She knows about the birds and the bees,’ you say. 
You both laugh, and for the first time since you found out about your dad, the tightness in your chest eases a little. 
The tears that threatened to fall are long gone, which is just as well. 
You feel like you’re on the edge of a precipice, like you’re barely a step from big feelings about Taehyung that you don’t have the headspace to unpack right now. 
You glance at Taehyung, and realise he’s looking back at you. 
‘It’s a lot,’ you say. 
‘Yeah. We’re tired.’ 
He seems to understand. 
When you wake, Taehyung’s buried under the covers, the second duvet you’d grabbed from the linen closet wrapped snuggly around him. 
You’d known he was a blanket hog. You’d called it. 
You don’t have an excuse for the way you’re looking at him right now whilst he’s asleep, and you know you should stop. 
But his face, like this, is so beautiful it makes your heart flutter. His eyelashes are so long you wonder why you never noticed them before. 
He stirs, and you avert your gaze as he opens his eyes. 
He’s the first to speak. 
‘I like –’ 
You wonder how he’s going to finish his sentence. 
He clears his throat. 
‘I like your bed.’ 
‘Yeah?’ you ask. ‘You hog all the blankets.’ 
Taehyung turns over, onto his back, so he’s no longer facing you. 
‘I’m not wearing a shirt,’ he announces. 
You stare at the ceiling whilst you process this. 
‘I’ve seen you shirtless before,’ you point out. 
‘I’m not —’ 
He stops. 
‘Christ, Taehyung, you’re not naked under there are you?’ 
Taehyung starts humming as he uncovers himself, and it takes you a moment to realise he’s parodying a striptease. 
You burst out laughing. 
‘Stop, stop. I’m not drunk enough for this.’ 
Taehyung stops with his hand over the sheet covering his waist and waggles his eyebrows at you. 
You roll your eyes. ‘What do you want for breakfast? We’ll go and pick up something for my mom.’ 
You end up at the bakery near your house.
The woman behind the counter, Mrs Jeong, is a friend of your parents’. She presses a box of fresh pastries on you, waving you off when you offer to pay. 
‘I put extra in there for your man,’ Mrs Jeong says, nodding to Taehyung. 
‘He’s not my man,’ you reply, automatically. 
‘Thank you, auntie,’ Taehyung says, beaming as he takes the box. 
‘You’re such a slut for a bun,’ you complain, as soon as you’re out of the shop. 
Taehyung shrugs as he sips his coffee. ‘I drove you here, I’m looking after you and your mom. I’m your man.’ 
You sip your own coffee and adjust your sunglasses on your face. ‘Ugh. Come on, we should pick up some fruit too.’ 
By the time you get home, your mother’s up and preparing breakfast. 
It’s weird seeing your roommate like this, fully dressed and sitting up straight on a Saturday morning instead of shovelling pancakes into his mouth, slumped and hungover. 
You wonder if it’s weird for Taehyung to see you like this too. 
After breakfast, your mother heads to the hospital whilst you see Taehyung off. 
You pack him some pastries for the drive back and watch as he loads his overnight bag into the car. 
‘Hey, drive safe, ok?’ you say. 
He snorts. ‘I’ll definitely be safe, unlike you stumbling home drunk the other day.’ 
‘I didn’t want to cockblock you,’ you say, shrugging. 
Taehyung opens his car door, turns to face you. 
‘I can get laid anytime. It’s not everyday I find a roommate who has the same taste in food and shit TV as me.’ 
You furrow your brow. ‘You’d better wait until I get back to watch the next episode.’ 
Taehyung pretends to consider it. ‘Yeah we’ll see.’ 
He smiles at you. ‘Are you gonna be ok?’ 
‘Yeah,’ you promise. You almost feel like hugging him, but you never touch. 
It would be weird, right?
Taehyung’s turning back to his car, anyway. He gets in, rolls down the window. 
‘See you in a couple weeks?’ 
‘Yeah. Don’t fuck in —’ 
‘Communal spaces,’ he finishes. He laughs softly, and then he’s rolling up the window. 
You watch him drive down your road, until he turns the corner and you can’t see him anymore. 
You nudge the front door of your apartment open with your foot. Your mother had insisted on packing food for you and Taehyung when you left the house. You’d had to convince her you couldn’t possibly carry any more on the train with you. 
Your father’s back home and on the mend. 
You’ve got finals coming up soon, and although you’ve been keeping up to date with assignments whilst you’ve been at home, it’s good to be back. 
The apartment’s dark, you’re not sure if Taehyung’s home. 
You put your food down in the kitchen and head to your room. 
It’s exactly the way you left it.
You pull off your coat and head to the bathroom to take a shower. 
You’re back in the kitchen, heating up food, when you hear a key in the door. 
You step out to greet Taehyung, and realise he’s not alone. 
A pretty brunette in a green dress is standing next to him in your entryway, holding on to his arm as she slips her shoes off. 
‘Hey,’ Taehyung says, warmth in his voice. 
You smile, not sure why your heart feels like it’s in your mouth. 
You share your smile with the girl, and Taehyung says, belatedly, ‘This is Kira.’ 
‘Hey, nice to meet you,’ Kira says. She grins at you, and dimples pop in her cheeks. 
Damn, she’s cute. 
‘My mom made food for us. You guys should help yourselves,’ you say. 
You head back to the kitchen. 
Taehyung wanders in behind you with Kira. 
‘You want to eat something, babe?’ he asks, and there’s a pang in your chest at the endearment, a feeling you can’t name. 
You need to change the subject. 
‘You kept the place clean whilst I was away, I’m impressed,’ you say lightly. 
Taehyung looks pleased. ‘I’m glad you noticed. I even did some of your laundry.’ 
You feign shock. 
Kira giggles. 
Taehyung hands you a plate, and you sit to eat. 
‘How’s your mom and dad?’ he asks, quietly. 
‘They’re good. My dad’s back home. My mom’s feeling better about it all,’ you tell him. 
‘What happened?’ Kira asks. 
You explain as Taehyung heats up food for him and Kira. 
Your phone lights up on the kitchen counter. 
Taehyung glances at it. 
‘Yoongi was asking after you,’ he says, ‘last weekend. I told him about your dad.’ 
‘Yeah. He texted me a couple times.’ 
‘You gonna meet up with him?’ Taehyung asks. He’s looking at you now, an unreadable expression on his face. 
You shrug. ‘Maybe?’ 
Taehyung changes the subject. 
‘I was thinking we should have a party here next month,’ he says, sitting down opposite you at the kitchen table, next to Kira. 
‘Yeah. Right after finals?’ 
‘Sounds great, Tae.’ 
Your phone lights up again. Taehyung raises an eyebrow at it. 
‘Looks like Wonho’s really trying to get in touch with you.’ 
You roll your eyes. ‘I don’t even know how he got my number, honestly.’ 
‘Probably from that time he found your phone at that party,’ Taehyung says. 
‘He’s cute,’ Kira says. 
‘I don’t like guys with muscles,’ you say, dismissive. 
You flick your eyes at Taehyung. ‘Just noodle arms.’ 
Taehyung laughs so hard he snorts broth through his nose. 
‘I’ve missed you,’ he says. 
‘I’ve missed you too, Tae.’ 
It’s the truest thing you’ve said today. 
There’s a fizz of something in the air between you as you lock eyes with Taehyung.
Kira’s looking at you and Taehyung thoughtfully. 
You get up. ‘I’m gonna go to bed. Nice to meet you, Kira.’ 
You’ve been busy the last few weeks, with finals and year end assignments. 
Taehyung and you have organised a schedule between you, there’s always food and you know when each other’s exams are so you can make sure you wake up on time. 
You haven’t seen Yoongi since you got back, which is just as well.
Once the semester ends you’re moving to another city, joining a publishing firm. 
It’s the end of an era.
Honestly, you’re more than a little apprehensive about moving out of your place with Taehyung, moving on with your life, but it’s starting to feel like it’s the right time.
If you never go to another club night in some dive with sticky floors, you think you can live with that.
You’re sitting in someone’s backyard at some house party, ass on the grass, with Taehyung sprawled out next to you.
Taehyung reaches out, flicks your bare thigh.
You ‘ouch’ exaggeratedly, move your leg away.
‘What are we gonna do when we’re not doing this every Friday?’ Taehyung asks.
You sip your drink, look up at the stars. 
You realise he’s waiting for an answer.
‘Not sure, Tae. We can do this on Friday nights if you want.’
‘Yeah I’ll come to your new place and we can drink together.’
He pokes your leg again, and you nudge his hand with your thigh.
You glance over and catch him looking at the hem of your short skirt.
‘You horny, Tae Tae?’
You expect him to make a joke of it, but he asks, voice low, ‘have you ever wondered what it might be like if we slept together?’
Your eyes meet, and he still seems completely sober.
‘I know you have fantasies about me,’ you say carefully, giving him another chance to make a joke of it, to stop before he crosses that invisible line between you that you both have always toed. 
Your roommate traces his finger along the line of your thigh, and your cunt tightens.
You let out a breath.
‘I do think about you,’ he says. He turns on his side on the grass, facing you, turned away from everyone else. 
His finger strokes another line down your thigh, then travels up, over the front of your thigh, stopping at the hem of your skirt.
You look straight at him as you let your thighs fall apart slightly.
Taehyung moves his hand, off the taut hem of your skirt. He bites his lip, and then reaches under, sliding between your legs with a confidence that makes your cunt tighten again.
The tips of his long fingers brush the fabric of your panties.
‘Are these those pretty purple panties?’ he asks.
‘You like those?’ you ask. 
He moves a little closer, pulls your thigh closer to him to make room for his hand.
It’s dark in this backyard, you doubt anyone can see anything.
As long as you can keep quiet.
Taehyung dips his head, brushing his lips against your bare thigh. You have the barest instant of warning, a flash of teeth, before he nips at your flesh.
‘Fuck, Tae,’ you breathe.
His hand between your legs has moved up so that his thumb can slide along your slit, his fingers braced on your upper thigh.
His face is so close to your cunt you can feel his breath on your thigh.
‘Not here,’ you say, grabbing his arm.
Fuck are you really doing this?
With Taehyung?
Taehyung gets up, adjusts himself and takes your hand.
When he looks at you, his eyes are dark with intent.
Unlike you, he seems pretty sure he wants this.
When your roommate commits to anything, he goes all in.
You guess you’re in too.
You follow Taehyung around the side of the house. 
He stops by the wall, backs up against it, pulls you to him.
‘Should I kiss you?’ he asks.
It’s enough to snap you out of the lust and booze fuelled haze you’re in.
The words come out before you can stop them.
‘Don’t you want to, Tae?’
Even you can hear the hurt in your voice.
It’s wrong, it’s too much.
Sadly, it’s not nearly enough.
Taehyung holds out his hand, says your name, but you’re too drunk and too raw to even look at him.
You stumble away, and Taehyung doesn’t go after you.
You wake in stages. 
There’s bright sun shining through the crack in the curtains, so it’s daytime.
There’s the silky dress you wore last night draped over the chair, your tiny underthings laid carefully across it, so you got undressed yourself.
Your head is full, your mouth dry, your stomach already growling its discontent, so you’re hungover.
You groan and sit up.
Taehyung and the events of last night come back to you.
You nearly fucked your roommate, would have fucked him, if he hadn’t made it so obvious that you were just another body to him.
The only girl on campus he hasn’t fucked. 
Wincing, you swing your legs onto the floor and get up.
Your head throbs. 
You pick up the glass of water by your bed and down it.
By the time you’ve showered and done your skincare, your stomach is making it impossible to concentrate on anything.
You step out your room and are startled by Taehyung standing just outside your door.
‘Shit,’ you say.
Taehyung says, ‘let’s go to brunch.’
It’s weird, to think that this is one of the last times you and Taehyung will do this.
You use your hunger as an excuse to avoid talking, and Taehyung doesn’t seem like he’s in a rush to say anything either.
‘It’s not that I don’t want to kiss you,’ he says, muffled over a mouthful of pancakes.
You grimace and spear a bite of sausage.
‘It’s fine, Tae, I was drunk and emotional.’
‘Don’t hide behind it, you weren’t that drunk.’
His voice rings out, clear as a bell. 
You look at each other. There’s frustration in his face, in the way his brows are drawn together, in the way his lips are in a straight line.
‘What are you saying, Tae?’
Your voice is soft, a vulnerability in it that you tend not to show.
You think Taehyung notices, because when he speaks again, his voice is soft too.
He sounds like when he speaks to you sometimes, when you wake up in the middle of the night still on the couch, the TV still on and he tells you to go to bed.
He sounds like when you’re out on the balcony some evenings after a tough day when only nicotine and talking shit will ease the tightness in your chest.
You’re so fucking fond of Taehyung, you realise now. 
He lives his own life, separate to you, but he’s always been there when you’ve needed him.
You don’t spend that much time talking, but you know him intimately all the same. 
You know he likes when you look after him a little, putting out food for him.
You know he hates leaving washing up for the next day and that he’s got a secret love for sports films and anything where the underdog triumphs.
You know that although you never see him go to the gym, he loves a team game. 
You know he plays jazz when he’s sad and that his eyes look like wet velvet when he cries.
Taehyung’s opening his mouth to speak, but he stops when you get up and slide into the booth beside him.
You have no words left, so you kiss him instead.
It’s chaste, the way your lips touch, but then his arm slides around you and he tilts his head, and a thin line of heat unfurls inside you. 
You never touch, and now he’s lighting little fires under your skin wherever he touches you.
Taehyung says your name on a breath, like smoke.
When you finally pull away, he dips his head, steals another kiss, before he’ll let you go.
‘I’ve been thinking about this for a while,’ he says, face still inches from yours.
‘Me too,’ you admit.
‘Fuck, I’m embarassingly hard,’ he tells you, shifting his hips.
‘Let’s go do something about it,’ you say.
When you and Taehyung reach your apartment, there’s half a basketball team waiting outside.
Yoongi steps forward. ‘We thought you might need a hand carrying things for the party later.’
You’re surprised, but you rally quickly. 
‘Yeah, we need muscles,’ you say, glancing at Taehyung, wondering if he’s organised this.
Taehyung looks as surprised as you do. ‘Yeah ok, let’s go pick some stuff up.’
He adjusts himself again, and for a moment the outline of his erection in his sweats is so clear you have the sudden strong urge to drop to your knees and worship his cock.
Yoongi’s got his head tilted, he’s looking at you, and you wonder how much of your filthy imaginings show on your face.
Then he gives you a half smile. 
‘Y/N, you can ride with me.’
You end up alone in the car with Yoongi.
You watch idly as he drives, forearms flexing, big hands hooked over the wheel.
‘You look good, Yoongi,’ you say.
He casts a glance at you. ‘Yeah, you too, pretty girl.’
He raises an eyebrow at you. ‘So you and Taehyung?’
‘Would’ve fucked if you hadn’t turned up today,’ you confess.
Yoongi looks amused. ‘Shit, yeah?’
‘I don’t know how I feel about it,’ you tell him, looking out the window at the buildings flashing past.
Yoongi shrugs. ‘You’re hot, he’s hot, you’re moving out soon. Sometimes sex is just sex.’
‘Like us?’
Yoongi says, teasing, ‘when did you get so needy? You barely even say hello when I see you these days.’
He signals, turns into the store car park. ‘Anyway, you know that’s not true, I take you out all the time.’
You climb out the car, wait for him to walk to the store together. 
‘Wanna hold hands?’ you ask.
Yoongi laughs. ‘I want to turn around and take you back to bed right now.’
You lean into his side. ‘Might take you up on that.’
‘Yeah,’ Yoongi agrees. ‘Wear those silk panties for me tonight.’
‘And Tae?’
Yoongi looks down at you, that familiar smirk on his face. ‘He can join in if he wants.’
You consider this.
‘Shit, you dirty girl,’ Yoongi says, but he doesn’t sound mad about it.
He squeezes you into his side as you walk into the store.
You catch Taehyung in the living room before the party.
He looks stunning tonight, his hair styled, his skin glowing.
His beautiful face is as perfect as it ever was.
‘Like my shirt?’ he asks.
He stops in front of you, closer than he usually stands.
You wonder how many other norms are going out the window tonight.
You’re wearing the silk panties Yoongi requested, a silky dress that barely covers you.
‘Like my dress?’ you ask.
‘You’re perfect,’ Taehyung tells you. He smiles at you affectionately.
You say, ‘wait, I have something for you.’
You go to your room, pull out the record you picked out for him. 
It’s a jazz piano piece that had played a lot in the coffee shop you spent a lot of time in when you were back home for your dad.
It’s sad, the notes drawn out and stark. It’d reminded you of the many nights you’d spent, on your balcony with Taehyung.
Taehyung puts the record on.
He doesn’t ask you to dance, not verbally anyway, but he holds out his arms and you step into them and he holds you close as he sways.
You lean your head against his chest, and his breathing stays slow, even.
He feels warm, and safe.
He feels an awful lot like someone you’re meant to be with.
You wonder why it’s taken you the whole year to realise. 
Next week, you’re moving to another city. 
It’s too late for regrets now.
Taehyung’s body moves with yours. He presses his cheek to your head.
The notes surround you, plaintive and wistful.
You wish there was more to say.
Taehyung holds you until the record plays out. 
Your and Taehyung’s party is teeming with people, half of whom you don't even know.
Jimin and Jungkook have done something to your sound system, the music’s playing loud enough to raise complaints from half the city.
You don’t give a fuck, not today, when the bass fills the void of longing inside you.
Yoongi’s leaning against the railing of your balcony, facing out.
You’re facing the opposite direction, pressed close to his side.
Taehyung’s against the wall across your living room, looking straight at you as Yoongi drapes an arm around you and pulls you between him and the railing.
He kisses you. He tastes sweet, you wonder what he’s been drinking.
He murmurs, close to your ear. ‘Did you get dressed for me, pretty girl?’
‘Yeah,’ you tell him. ‘You gonna undress me?’
‘I’ll undress you,’ Yoongi promises. There’s a glint of something in his eyes. ‘Is your roommate going to watch?’
You say, ‘ask him yourself, he’s coming over here.’
Taehyung approaches you and Yoongi. He takes his time, a deliberate languidness to his movements that reminds you of a panther stalking its prey.
Yoongi doesn’t move as Taehyung slots himself in next to you.
‘Hyung,’ Taehyung says. ‘Can you give me and Y/N a minute.’
Yoongi eyes him. ‘Don’t 'hyung' me now. You can say what you need to say with me here.’
‘Come with me,’ Taehyung says to you. ‘If this is the last chance we have then I want to take it.’
Both men look at you. 
Your heart’s beating, fit to burst, in your chest.
You take both men by the arm and lead them to your room.
The lights are low, the thumping bass vibrating through the wall.
In contrast to the rest of the apartment, your room is cool, the hallway leading to it long enough to put distance between you three and the crowd in your living room.
Yoongi, with the easy confidence of a man who knows exactly how this goes, takes your mouth. His kisses are designed to tease both you and the man watching, open-mouthed, tongue openly licking into your mouth.
‘Want to watch how I please her?’ Yoongi asks, directed at Taehyung. He slides his hands over your bare back. 
‘She’s beautiful, isn’t she?’
Yoongi’s speaking to Taehyung, but he’s looking at you.
He turns you so your back is to Taehyung, who’s sitting in your chair. 
He lifts the hem of your slip dress, the silken fabric rustling against the silk of your panties.
He cups your ass as he kisses you, long fingers tracing the cleft of your ass.
He’s lifting your dress higher and higher.
‘Arms up,’ he tells you, and you comply.
Yoongi tosses your dress onto the floor. 
He admires your bare tits with a flattering intensity.
He wraps an arm around you, cupping your breast as he turns you around to face Taehyung.
You cast a glance at Taehyung, and you’re transfixed.
His eyes travel from Yoongi’s arm across your chest to your face.
He says, quietly and with feeling, ‘you’re so fucking pretty.’
His voice is hushed, reverent. 
Yoongi’s thumb flicks over your nipple, and Taehyung bites his lip as Yoongi lets go of your breast to cup the other.
His other hand kneads your ass until you’ve moving your hips against him.
You’re wet, and as Yoongi slides his hand between your legs to cup you, he grunts his approval.
‘You like that, pretty girl? You like how we’re both so hard for you? My dick hurts, and I’m sure Taehyung’s does too. Look at how he’s touching himself.’
Your gaze flies to Taehyung. He’s stroking over the clear outline of his erection, grinding against his own palm as he watches Yoongi touching you.
Yoongi hooks his fingers into your panties. 
‘Wore these for me, didn’t you?’ 
He tugs them down, and you step out of them. 
‘Go give them to Taehyung, baby.’
You turn your head to look back at Yoongi.
He’s looking back at you, cool, expressionless. 
‘I’ll give these to Tae, then can I come back and suck your dick?’
Yoongi grins at you. ‘All yours, baby.’
You walk over to Taehyung, his eyes following your every move.
He takes your panties, then asks, ‘can you kiss me?’
Your thoughts flash back to when he asked if he should kiss you. 
Taehyung doesn’t wait for a response this time.
He tugs your face down to his, and he kisses you, warm and sweet.
It’s the first time you’ve kissed, and as first times go, it’s perfect.
Taehyung’s lips mould to yours like he was made to fit against you.
You forget that you’re completely nude, that Yoongi’s watching, and you kiss him back.
You drown in him.
By the time you pull away, you’re both breathless.
‘Why did we wait so long?’ he murmurs, face pressed to yours still.
‘You’re an idiot,’ you say, but you feel so much affection for him you’re giddy with it. ‘I’m an idiot.’
Taehyung tweaks your breast, and you cover yourself with a squeal.
He sneaks a hand around your hip to pinch your ass. 
‘Show me how you suck dick,’ he says. ‘I’ve been fantasizing about it.’
You can’t stop your smile as you turn back to Yoongi.
Yoongi gives you a cocky half-smile. ‘Come get comfortable, baby.’
He’s manspreading on your bed, hand curled around himself. He strokes his cock as you position yourself, even though he already looks plenty hard.
He pats your hip. ‘Ass up, let’s give Taehyung a show.’
You kiss the head of his cock and take him in. He grunts his approval as you suckle him. He’s thick, hard like velvet over stone, and as he glides into your throat he moans.
You tug at his balls, and his hips move. 
‘Fuck, you’re good at this,’ he groans, voice a rasp, muscles in his thighs taut under your hands.
You press your tongue firmly to the underside of him, and Yoongi groans again. 
‘Come ride me,’ he says. 
He curls his hands around your hips, helping you balance on top of him.
You slide his cock along your cunt. You’re so slick with arousal now the slide is easy. 
Yoongi says, ‘want to give us a hand?’
Taehyung climbs onto the bed behind you. He must have taken his clothes off along the way, because all you can feel is his bare chest pressed against your back as he curls an arm under your breasts, his bare cock nudging the curve of your ass.
Yoongi’s flat on his back but somehow he still has complete control.
‘You’re a dirty girl aren’t you? So greedy.’
He grunts as you grind against him. ‘Go on, pretty girl, put it on me.’
You unroll a condom onto his length and line him up.
Taehyung’s nibbling along your shoulder, touching your breasts as Yoongi’s cock fills you.
You moan when he’s in all the way.
‘Fuck, you feel so fucking good,’ Yoongi tells you. There’s a sheen of sweat on his brow now as he helps you grind on him.
His cock’s angled so beautifully you gasp with each thrust of his hips.
Taehyung’s stroking his thumbs over your nipples, moaning as he rocks his cock against your ass.
You don’t realise you have your eyes closed until Yoongi says, voice strained, ‘open your eyes, baby, look how well you take me.’
You’re panting now, every movement sending waves of pleasure through your core. 
‘Fuck fuck fuck fuck,’ Yoongi chants.
He bucks his pelvis under you, squeezing your hips hard as he comes.
His deep groan pulls you over the edge with him.
You’re coming, fuck, and it’s so good you’re blinded. 
Behind you, Taehyung’s moaning, grinding into your ass. 
Someone says your name, but you have no idea who.
Yoongi’s murmuring your name into your ear. 
The lights in your room are low now, the music fading out. 
You don’t know how much time’s passed since you fell asleep between Yoongi and Taehyung.
Yoongi says, ‘I gotta go, baby. Taehyung’s getting people to leave.’
You try to sit up, but he stops you. ‘Just rest a bit. Everything’s handled.’
He passes you a glass of water.
‘Heard you were moving out next week,’ he says, watching you drink.
‘Yeah,’ you say.
There’s a sort of wistfulness in his tone. ‘I guess I’ll text you if I’m ever in your area.’
You put your hand over his. ‘You know how to get hold of me,’ you remind him.
His half-smile makes your heart burn bright in your chest.
‘Answer your phone,’ he says.
‘You answer yours,’ you retort.
You both laugh. He pulls you into a half hug, and too soon, he’s pulling away. 
‘See you around, pretty girl.’
He gives you one last smile, then he’s leaving your room, closing the door quietly behind him.
You lie back down, but the urge to speak to Taehyung’s too strong.
You don’t want to wait.
You slip on clothes and step through your now empty apartment. 
Taehyung’s standing on the balcony, looking out.
‘Hey,’ you say.
His smile is brilliant, beautiful, perfect.
He’s everything you want, and you’re sad it’s taken you this long to realise.
‘Hey,’ Taehyung says. 
He reaches for you, and you slide into his arms, like a key sliding into a lock.
It feels right.
Taehyung buries his face in your hair.
‘Feels like a lot,’ he says.
‘Too fucking much,’ you agree instantly.
He’s looking at you so intently you feel shy.
‘Let’s not talk about it,’ you say, tipping your face to his, putting your finger across his lips like you’re shushing him even though he hasn’t said anything.
Taehyung dips his head to kiss you. It’s even better than the first time.
This time, Taehyung and you take your time.
You’re in his bed, lying on your back, giggling as he blows raspberries on your belly.
He hooks a finger in the waistband of your panties, tugs playfully. 
‘I once used these to jerk off,’ he informs you.
You stare at him incredulously. ‘These? They’re not even a sexy pair.’
‘It was when you wore these with those low waisted jeans,’ he reminds you. ‘I spent the whole day staring at them.’
You put your hand on his cheek, rubbing against the stubble on his jaw. 
‘You didn’t,’ you whisper.
Taehyung nudges closer, lips against yours.
‘Did. Came so hard thinking about you wearing these with my cum in them,’ he tells you. His voice is so low it makes you shiver.
He’s kissing down your neck now, making small rumbling noises as you press yourself to him. You can’t get close enough, his skin’s so warm.
He pushes closer, hand under your thigh, making you open up for him so he can fit in between.
His cock, deliciously hard, nudges between your legs.
‘Take these off?’ you ask, and he nods.
You slip your panties down past the curve of your ass, but when you try to move your leg off his hip, his grip tightens.
‘Stay,’ he says. 
He nudges forward, and the head of his cock pushes into you.
He feels so good you’re biting your lip, trying to move, to take more of him in.
He clutches your thigh, tight, and you both stop as your panties rip at the seam.
‘Shit, Tae,’ you gasp, giggling. 
He’s already pushing into you, stretching you on his cock. 
‘Ah, fuck,’ he groan, voice thick, slurred with want.
He grasps your hip, and pulls you under him. Sinks in all the way.
He fits between your thighs so beautifully you’re halfway to coming even before he starts rocking into you.
‘Taehyung,’ you gasp. 
He’s still holding your hip, holding you down so he can slide his cock into you. 
He’s so hard and heavy you’re lost, opening yourself up to him.
There’s nothing but the sounds of your breathing, jagged and irregular, the slap of skin against skin, the weight of him on you, the smell of his shampoo.
His hair’s so soft, why have you never touched it before? 
Taehyung’s dragging his mouth over your skin, holding you tight, and he groans, deep in his chest, as you come. 
He circles his hips, grinding against you, grunting.
He says your name, a shout, and then he’s pulling you closer, arms around you, face in your neck.
It’s a while before either of you can let go.
When you stir, wriggle a bit, Taehyung’s big hand tightens on your ass.
‘I’m kind of hungry,’ you confess.
‘What time is it?’
You roll over, grab your phone and tell him.
‘The diner’s probably open, we can get breakfast,’ Taehyung suggests.
You look at each other.
‘For old times sake,’ he continues.
You’re distracted by the flex of his arm as he puts it behind his head, props himself up.
You think you have enough memories of you and Taehyung getting hungover brunch in the diner on your road.
You think it’s time to make some new ones.
‘Or we could just fuck instead.’
Taehyung laughs, slaps your hip.
‘Come ride me then.’
You don’t make him ask twice.
Your things are packed up, every physical trace of you removed from this apartment that you’ve shared with Taehyung for the last year.
Taehyung’s loaded the last of his things into his car, and in an hour your parents will be here to help you move too.
You’re on the balcony, watching Taehyung as he shuts the trunk, locks his car. He looks up at you, then he disappears into your building.
Then he’s back in the apartment, standing in the doorway, head tilted as he looks at you and the empty space between.
You’ve said a lot of things to each other in the last week, and now all that’s left is an odd kind of longing for what might have been.
You don’t want to romanticise it just because it’s ending, but fuck, you’re going to miss him.
Taehyung’s holding you now, you have no idea when he closed the gap between you.
There’s sadness in his eyes, but a smile on his lips and it’s enough for you.
‘Don’t fuck,’ he says.
‘In communal spaces,’ you finish.
Neither of you laugh, but you can feel his lips curving against yours.
It’s still the sweetest kiss you’ve ever had.
A year later
You’re frowning at an email you’ve just received when your colleague stops by your desk.
You look up.
Jihyo says, ‘these are the new members of the design team who have just been hired.’
You smile automatically as you greet the three people standing in front of your desk.
You make eye contact with each person in turn, and when your gaze falls on the last person, a fluttery heat starts in the middle of your chest.
Dark brows drawn together like he’s trying to work you out, a husky low voice that you know as well as your own.
Kim Taehyung steps forward, hand out.
‘I’m Kim Taehyung,’ he says.
Your smile is brilliant, a match for his.
‘Y/N L/N,’ you reply, clasping his hand.
‘Are you free for dinner tonight?’ he asks. ‘I’ve just moved to this city and would love for someone to show me around.’
‘I think I can help you with that,’ you reply. 
He still hasn’t let go of your hand.
‘Yeah,’ you say.
You’re aware the others are staring, but you can’t find it in yourself to care.
Taehyung smiles at you, lazy, devastating. Perfect.
‘Ok,’ he says. ‘Let’s try this again.’
©hamsterclaw 2023
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slutmeoutpark · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
genre: smut [minors don't interact]
synopsis: it seemed like you forgot your manners. so he makes sure you are well trained from now.
contents: mean dom Sunghoon, makeout, choking, hair pulling, rough sex, breath play, orgasm control, dirty talk, name calling, spit play, multiple orgasm, edging, deep throat, overstimulation, cum play
You were slammed against the door, face first by your boyfriend as soon as you entered in your bedroom.
You heard him let out a sigh behind you that told you how disappointed he was in you." Why are you like this? I was trying to be so nice to you today and this is what I get in return?" He asked out as if you could answer his faux-curious questions when your face was still pushed against the door.
"Why were you rubbing my dick under the dinner table when your parents were sitting right in front of you? I remember you being a shameless fucking slut but I don't remember teaching you this type of behaviour." He whispered in your ear, sending shiver down your spine.
"I just wanted you. " You answered as you attempted to get out of that position." Really whore? What did you want me to do? Fuck you in front of everyone? I know that would make your useless pussy wetter. Wouldn't it?!" You verbally answered no by shaking your head as if that would make the wet patch on your panties disappear.
"Why no? Isn't that what you want? Getting publicly humiliated is all your filthy pussy needs to cum." He gritted out as he pulled your hair to make you turn around.
Before you could start the rest of your bullshit he smashed your lips on his. He was ccasionally pulling your hair harder to get a better access to your lips. All you could do was moan and whimper in his arms when he bit on your lips too hard.
You couldn't help but gasp in between the kiss when you felt his another hand wrapping itself around your neck. But it didn't last long as suddenly he tore your lips apart from his, which made two strings of saliva that was connecting your lips.
"Open up. " Sunghoon said in the most demanding tone while smacking your cheek. You did as you were told to. He spat a glob of spit in your mouth and watched you drink it in with a satisfied smile.
"Good slut." He gritted out with a smirk. You felt your airway narrowing as Sunghoon applied pressure to your neck till you were breathless. The thought of him being in control of either you can even breath or not gave him some type of kick.
Just when you felt you were about to pass out from no air he let your neck go, making you lean on his shoulder as you gasped in as much air as you can.
"Why are you so weak? Stop acting like a little girl! You said you wanted me slut. I'm giving you what you wanted. Shouldn't you be more grateful about it?" He gritted out as he shook you by the grasp he had on your chin.
He pushed you till your back hit the door before pushing you to be on your knees. A whimper left your lips when you felt the pain that was caused from your knees hitting the floor too hard... but your excitement overshadowed your pain.
You rushed into unbuckling his belt to get his dick out as soon as possible. But before you could finish Sunghoon slapped your hands away. "Greedy slut." He whispered under his breath as he undone belt and try it on the floor.
You knew he loved playing with your desperation but this was just brutal. He was taking way to long to get rid of the damn pants.
But you had no other options than just sit there and wait till his dick sprung out with a red swollen tip, leaking precum already. Licking the forming bead of precum from his tip, you gave his slit tiny licks.
You received a harsh pull on the hair from Sunghoon as a warning, so you stopped teasing his tip and attempted to take as much of his length as you can and ring your fingers around the rest.
You began to bob your head slowly and move your hands. Then you felt Sunghoon's hips thrusting into your throat while he kept your head in place with his hands.
You let him use your throat as he wanted to. He started to thrust even deeper and faster in your throat, making you choke on his dick.
He pushed most of his length in your throat and held you there till you desperately started to tap his hips. He finally let you go with a groan.
"You can't even take what you ask for slut. Sunghoon gritted out while you tried to catch your breath." Come on slut open up." He added before shoving his dick back in your mouth.
He started to fuck into your throat once again, making you choke, tear up with drool literally dripping down your chin and his balls. You could do nothing but just take it.
His heavy sighs were getting faster, hinting he was close. He pulled out at the last moment and cummed all over your face with a groan.
You licked around your lips and swallowed whatever you could as Sunghoon calm down from his high.
You look like a true slut now. Are you proud? Let me show you." He let out with a smirk before carrying you to the huge mirror you have in your bedroom.
He was right. You were a mess. You were covered with cum, spit, sweat and ruined makeup. " Do you see that princess? I made that." Sunghoon whispered into your ear as he pulled on your hair.
He licked his own cum off your face and spat it in your mouth, which you happily drank. " You have been so good for daddy." He whispered as undone your dress to throw it to nowhere.
A cry left from your lips when you felt two of his digits enter you at once. You were already embarrassingly wet so his fingers had no problem moving faster than ever in you.
Not being able to hold it any longer, you ended up coming within a few minutes. "Good girl. "Sunghoon whispered with a kiss on your shoulder.
If he wasn't holding you up like this you would've surely fall by now because your legs gave out as soon as you cummed.
So he chose to carry you to the bed instead even though he was so exhausted as well. You were laying flat on your stomach because of how tired you were. But soon you were pulled to be on your fours once again.
You felt Sunghoon's length finally enter you. A moan made it's way out of your lips when his fingers wrapped around your neck once again. He began to move without giving you any time to adjust. You were stretched and wet but never enough to take Sunghoon.
Cries, moans and skin slapping sounds were all that could be heard in that room. He was holding you up by your waist as he continued ramming into your pussy. Overstimulation was settling in you too much now.
'mmm 'bout to cum.. " You cried out as you clenched around his length and within the next few thrusts you cummed all over his dick.
"One more for me." Sunghoon let out as he continued his fast thrusts, chasing his own orgasm. This was getting too much to take so you shook your head while crying out a no as if you had any choice.
He pulled you upwards by your neck so now your back was again his chest. " Be a good slut." He mumbled against your neck.
Leaving marks everywhere, he continued till you felt his thrusts getting sloppier. Both of you were close. Within a few thrusts you both cummed at the same time.
His warm cum filled you as he made sure to fuck it deep into you. But soon his dick slipped out of you when he finally let go off you and he watched as his cum dripped out of your pussy.
You couldn't help but whimper at your cock drunk state with mind barely being able to make sense of anything around you. Sunghoon carefully laid down beside you and left pecks all over your face and body.
"My well trained and mannered slut. "
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callsign-viper · 2 days
Excuses Part 2
Summary: When your boyfriend stands you up yet again, you give him another chance. You end up stranded and Jake has to come get you.
Pairing: Reader X Hangman reader x Jake Seresin
Tags: Fluff, angst, pining, y/n,
Word Count: 3,100
Part 1 Here
Tumblr media
Bradley finally gave your phone back when you got home. 
You took it and immediately ran back to your room before he changed his mind, locking the door behind you. When you tapped it to turn on the screen, you saw there weren’t any notifications. You slid the screen up to make sure. No missed called or texts from Trevor, not even a Snapchat. You feel a huge lump in your throat. You knew he was hungover, but really? Nothing? It makes you crawl in bed and throw the covers over your head. After awhile you hear a knock at the door. 
“Y/n? You want some supper?” You hear your brother call through the door.
You don’t feel like eating. You don’t even feel like talking. It’s stupid. It shouldn’t upset you this much, but it does. Probably because deep down inside you know that a hangover isn’t the real reason he didn’t message you. It’s probably not why he cancelled plans either. He’s withdrawing, pulling away, but you can’t figure out what you did make him want to. Sure you had gotten comfortable, maybe not dressing up as much, maybe not doing your hair and make-up. But that shouldn’t matter right?
You find your phone tangled in the blankets and start looking at Snapchat stories. You heart sinks when you see what Trevor’s best friend posted on his story. The first pic him and Trevor are at a bar. But the next video is what really gets to you, when the video pans across the bar you catch a glimpse of some girl with your boyfriend’s fingers laced in her hair. You watch the video over and over again. Hoping that maybe it’s not him. But you see his face right before he starts sucking on her neck. 
You can’t tell how many times you watched that stupid video. Each time though, it stings. Hot tears roll down your cheeks and onto the comforter. Another knock pulls you out of your trance. 
“Bradshaw, we ordered pizza.”
It’s Jake. You haven’t heard this tone of voice before, it’s soft, comforting. But it only makes you feel more alone. 
“Come on, don’t make me beg” 
Hah. That makes you scoff. Jake seresin begging to you when your own boyfriend would rather suck face with some rando. 
“I’m fine Jake. I just have a headache I’m going to go to bed.” You try to reassure him.
“Okay. If you’re sure. But I’ll be out on the couch if you want to talk.” 
You don’t respond, you just tuck your head under the covers and collapse into sleep. It’s minutes before you hear his footsteps leaving your door. 
The clock on your night stands tells you it’s nearly 3 in the morning when you wake up. Your stomach growls audibly. You finally leave your room to see if there’s any pizza left. Thankfully there’s a few slices. You grab one and turn to head back for your room, but you notice the glow of the tv. Jake’s passed out on the couch. Must have fallen asleep watching it. It’s very unusual for him. But he did say he’d be waiting for you on the couch. You grab a blanket from the closet and lay it over him. Then you head back to bed. 
When the sun comes through your window the next morning, you decide to sleep in. You don’t even look at your phone to know what time it is. It doesn’t matter any way. You don’t have any plans. You lay there awhile trying to sleep to no avail. 
You’re startled when you hear knocking on your bedroom door. Ugh why can’t they just let you sleep? You throw off the covers and storm to the door. Lord help you if it’s one of Jakes bimbos looking for the bathroom.  
“What!” You shout, throwing open the door. 
Jake’s standing there holding a coffee cup, looking slightly frightened.
“I thought you might want some coffee.” He tells you, lifting the coffee cup up to show you.
Now you feel like an ass. can you take the cup from his hands and take a sip. It’s fucking awful. Way too strong. 
“Mmmmm. Delicious,” you tell him taking another sip. “Thank you” 
He looks proud of himself, so you feel a little bit less of an ass. But now, as you’re standing in the doorway, you are acutely aware of just how little clothing you’re wearing. No bra or underwear, and only a thin, practically see-through tank top with him sleep shorts. Well this is super embarrassing. 
“I uh—”  You start, but are cut off by banging from the front door. Must be someone looking for Jake. 
“Better get dressed… can you get that?” You tell him. 
He nods his head and turns away from you, walking down the hall. You walk into your closet but stop in your tracks you hear Jake burst out laughing. Weird. Somethings going on. Instead of getting fully changed, you just grab an oversize sweatshirt and throw it on over your pajamas. You hurry your way to the kitchen to see Jake standing face-to-face with Trevor. 
“Trevor! Hi. What are you doing here?” 
“Funny. Might ask him the same thing.” He says, clearly pissed off. 
Jake just turns away and chuckles. Not helping you think to yourself. 
“He’s my brother’s roommate. I told you about him, remember.”
He doesn’t look at you, just keeps glaring at Jake’s back as he walks away. You pull at Trevor’s arm, leading him to your bedroom. Once inside, you close the door behind you. 
“So, what’s up?” You reiterate. 
“You don’t answer my texts or snapchats, I even called you and you let it go to voicemail. We were supposed to go out remember? I don’t get a lot of time of and wasting it like this isn’t cool.”
He’s scolding you, trying to make you feel bad. He must not have seen what Brian posted last night. 
“Trev, we were supposed to go out yesterday too but you were too sick—
“I was hungover I told you!” He protests.
“Okay, so why were you out with Brian last night?” You decide to confront him. He’s the one screwing around, not you. 
“Wow. You’re spying on me now?! What the fuck Y/N” 
“No! Not spying! Brian posted on his story, his public story.” You say, trying to defend yourself. 
You pull out your phone and show him the video. You see a flash of panic in his eyes. But then his tone turns more apologetic. 
“Baby I’m so sorry. I was so drunk last night. You know how Brian gets, he wants me to go out with him and be his wingman. I was only trying to help him. I don’t remember much, but I know it’s not what it looks like.”
He pulls you in for a hug. “I love you baby, don’t you know that? I can’t believe you think I would ever have eyes for anyone but you.” 
You know you probably shouldn’t listen to him. He’s only told you he loves you when he’s screwed up. But fuck, it works every time. I mean, he did say he’s sorry. You’re upset for giving in so quickly, but relationships are work right? They don’t just happen.
When you get in his car, you’re surprised that Trev actually lets you pick the place to eat. It’s still brunch time so you ask to go to the farmers market and have street food. They always have amazing waffle breakfast tacos and you can get every kind of mimosa there is. You stumbled on it a couple of weeks ago when Trev was working the mornings on weekends. They have farm to table butchers, fresh produce and every vegetable you could want. It’s where you bought nearly all the supplies for quesadillas and salsa yesterday. You absolutely need to get more ingredients. 
You’re a little surprised when Trev starts to complain about the market. Apparently it’s too crowded. You offer to get him a bloody mary at one of the drink tables and he accepts. He’s probably still a little hungover. You don’t usually see him in the mornings, but he drove to see you so the least you could do is oblige. 
You get yourself a pineapple orange mimosa and start to look at the different peppers at the next stand. You walk up and down the rows of tables, trying your best to get something from each one. There was a table with all different flavors of honey and you get really excited. Bradley loves strawberry rhubarb and honey. To see them both together is perfect. You try a sample and it’s delicious. You grab some for him. You know Jake likes spicy. There’s a pineapple jalapeño honey that you think he'd appreciate. 
Walking down the boardwalk you start to smell the baked goods. You make a beeline for the line of pies on one of the tables. You buy a pecan pie for Jake and a dutch apple for you and your brother. As your handing the money to the lady running the stand, you hear Trev scoff. 
“Something wrong? You want a different flavor? I can get another one!” You tell him happily.
“You really think you need all those sweets? I thought we were going to try to be healthy.”
“Oh. Right. Well I don’t have to eat the pie.” You say, sounding a little disappointed. 
The new health kick was Trev’s thing. You went along with it trying to be supportive, but you didn’t think getting so drunk that you have a hangover 2 days in a row constituted as healthy, but sure. You’re not really a sweets person anyway, dessert for you would be a second helping of pasta, lasagna, pizza, really just anything Italian. 
The longer you spend at the farmers market, the more irritated Trevor seems to get. This little girl is trying to sell you stain glass ornaments she made. They’re not really stained glass but when you hold it up to the sun it gives the same effect.
“Come on. Just leave the stupid thing. Let’s go.” 
The little girl’s face falls and her lip trembles. Your jaw drops open. “Are you kidding me?!”
It’s probably the harshest you’ve ever spoken to him. But you don’t care. This little girl who can’t even be nine years old just heard him call her craft stupid. You’ve never been more pissed and disgusted at him than you are right now. You step away from the stand trying to get out of earshot. 
“What the fuck is your problem. She’s a kid. She’s just trying to make a little bit of money for snacks or toys or crafts.” 
“Yeah like she needs more snacks. Let’s just go. I don’t know why you picked this place any way.” He grumbles. 
You can’t believe he just said that. 
“First of all fuck you for caring about how much a literal kid eats. And second, I picked it because I like coming here. You told me I could pick wherever I wanted to go.“ You remind him. “You’re the one being the complete asshole to a child!” 
He glares at you in response. 
“I’m gonna go and buy that craft from her and then you could take me home if you don’t want to be here anymore.” You tell him matter-of-factly. 
You go back to the craft table and buy two of her stained-glass crafts. You figure that one in your bedroom window would look really cool in the morning. The other could go in the kitchen and brighten up the room a little bit. Living with two men meant that the decor leaves something to be desired.
When you finish paying you turn around to see that Trevor is nowhere to be seen. You walk up and down the tables of the market at least twice and realize he fucking left you there. You pull out your phone and check Uber. It’s a 20 minute drive back to your apartment with no traffic. But apparently it’s a high traffic time. $83 for an Uber. No fucking way. You check Lyft and it’s three dollars more. 
You call Bradley but it goes straight to voicemail. Son of a bitch. Why don’t you ever charge your phone? So you decide to call Jake. He picks up on the first ring.
“Bradshaw, what’s up?” He asks. 
“Hey Jake. So um you’re not busy are you?” 
“Unless you consider snacking on your salsa and chips busy, no I’m not. Why?”
“So I’m at the farmers market and I kind of need a ride home.”
You don’t hear anything on the other end of the phone. You’re hoping he doesn’t ask you to take an Uber. 
“Getting my keys now. I’ll be there shortly.”
Leave it to the Texas gentleman to come to your rescue. Even if Jake was walking out the door that second, he still has a decent drive before getting to you. So you continue to walk up and down the aisles. but after about 10 minutes, you start to make your way towards the parking lot. If he’s doing you a favor by picking you up, you don’t want to inconvenience him anymore than you already are. around five minutes later, can you hear his familiar voice.
“Hey sailor, need a hand?” Jake asks, grabbing the bags from your hands. 
“Thanks Jake.”
You follow Jake back to his truck. He puts the back s in the back seat and you walk around to the front to hop in.
“Hey, you mind if I look around a bit? I haven’t been here before. But something smells amazing.” He asks hopefilly.
“No I don’t mind at all. They have.a lot of different options food options and lots of samples.” You tell him.
Jake offers his elbow to you and you link your arm in it. He sees you eyeing the mimosa stand and leads you over to it. “What do you want Bradshaw?” He asks.
“Oh I might try a orange peach mango mimosa.” You decide.
“2 Please!” Jakes says cheerfully. 
You pull out your wallet to pay, but Jake’s already taken care of it. 
“You don’t have to do that Jake, I can get my own things. Plus you drove all the way here to get me.” You tell him. 
His jaw clenches slightly. It makes you feel guilty.
“Bradshaw,” His tone is serious. “You never have to hesitate to call me, especially when that lousy boyfriend leaves you stranded across town. It’s no problem at all. Five minutes or five hours, call me.” He looks into your eyes and you can tell he means it. 
Ohh okay so the clenching wasn’t because he was mad at you, but Trev. 
The lady hands you your drinks and you both continue to look at the booths. Jake tries every sample at every table. He’s pleased when you tell him that you already got a few things he’s liked. When you come across the wildflower booth, Jake stops and picks out some flowers for a bouquet. You think it’s sweet, that he’d pick up some flowers for whatever date he has tonight. You smile at him after he’s handed the flowers. 
“Every time my mama would go to the farmer’s market she’d get a bouquet for our kitchen table. It’s tradition. You like them?” He asks, showing them to you.
“That’s a great idea Jake, you should send you mom a picture when we get home. I think they’re beautiful.” You tell him. And they are. The place is really going to start sprucing up. 
You finally get to some of the tables you didn’t get to see earlier and notice Jake isn’t next to you. You can hear him behind you, he’s talking to a little girl selling bracelets. He’s bent down looking at them. The girl is giggling, clearly excited. He buys one of her bracelets and lets her put it on his wrist. It makes your heart want to explode. Jake pays her and plucks out a daisy from the bouquet to give her. You can hear her squeal. Jake turns to look over at you and notices you smiling at him. He gets up and continues walking with you looking at the tables.
“That was really sweet of you” You tell him. 
“You jealous?” He asks playfully, showing you his bracelet. 
“Oh very,” You tell him looking at his bracelet like a diamond ring. 
The two of you laugh together and enjoy each other’s company. 
“Thanks again Jake. I really didn’t want to pay 80 bucks to Uber home.” You tell him giving him a small side hug. 
“Look, Bradshaw I’m sorry if I’m over stepping, but your boyfriend doesn’t seem to be treating you the way you deserve. He abandons you here, shows up this morning after cancelling on your last night and doesn’t even bring an apology let alone flowers or taco bell.”
That part makes you chuckle because yeah taco bell would have been nice. 
“I don’t know what he said yesterday, but it was clearly enough to upset you so bad you locked yourself in your room.”
You open your mouth to protest, but Jake puts his hands up in his defense to finish. “All I’m saying is, don’t let him treat him like you’re less than you are. The earth spins around the sun and you my dear are sunshine.”
You smile at him. 
“That’s it, that’s all I’m gonna say.” 
You sigh, not quite sure how to respond. The two of you walk in comfortable silence on the way back to the truck. 
“I dunno, it’s like, you start to plan things out and when they don’t work out, you try harder, because you think that you’re the reason he’s pulling away but the harder you try, the worse it gets, but you can’t just give up right?” You say, staring at the ground. 
“Just make him try too okay?” He asks, pulling you face up. It’s an intimate gesture. You nod in response. 
He loads your second haul into the truck and you climb into the cab. You absent-mindedly pull out your phone and notice a text from Trev. 
You ready to apologize?
It makes you laugh. “No way in hell” You say aloud.
Jake asks what that was about and you explain the whole situation to him on the way home. You also tell him about the snapchat and the messages yesterday. You notice his hands grip tighter on the wheel. You can’t help but try to defend Trevor’s actions. He’s busy, he’s working, peer pressure, stress, etc. But Jake doesn’t buy it. 
“Sounds like a bunch of excuses to me,” he tells you.
He’s probably right. 
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sluttywonwoo · 1 day
[1:47 a.m.]
hwang hyunjin x f!reader
smut 18+ (unprotected sex)
Tumblr media
“oh god,” hyunjin whines against the column of your throat. the words, spoken softly, tickle as he breathes them into your skin. goosebumps follow his lips as he works his way down your neck, kissing you wherever he pleases. you lean into the feeling of his mouth on you, wanting it to last forever.
“i’m not going to last.” he confesses, stilling his hips before he’s even really begun.
his admission makes you moan and wrap your legs even tighter around his waist. you aren’t going to last very long either at this rate, not with your boyfriend already on the verge of whimpering in your ear. it’s only been a couple of days since you fucked but it feels like ages.
any amount of time away from hyunjin feels like an eternity. you thought you’d be over it by now. you thought it would pass, or at the very least dim, like a well-loved dress that’s been through the laundry time and time again, faded from years of wear. you’ve waited for the colors to start to bleed from the fabric, but they haven’t. even after all this time.
“just don’t look at me,” you try, your own voice barely above a squeak.
“i’m not looking at you,” hyunjin groans. no wonder he’s got his head buried in the crook of your shoulder. “it’s not enough.”
“don’t think about me, then.”
“you know i can��t do that.”
“sure you can!”
“no, it’s literally impossible. every time i try, you’re all i can think about.” he sighs, lifting his head tentatively and blinking you into focus. “fuck, that was a mistake,” he swears. “we need to start fucking in complete darkness.” you roll your eyes at him but he just shakes his head like you’d never be able to understand the effect you have on him. as if he doesn’t have the same effect on you.
he isn’t even moving but you’re right there on the edge too. and when he opens that filthy mouth of his—
“how can anyone feel this perfect? how can anyone look that pretty all ruined and fucked out?” he draws his hips back and pushes in again. it’s agonizingly slow, for both of your sakes, but it makes your eyes roll to the back of your head nonetheless. “always take me so fucking well, baby. always get so wet for me, yeah? making the prettiest faces when i slide into you…. i swear every inch of my cock i give you makes me fall in love with you all over again—”
you moan, unable to help the way you clench around him. “jinnie, stop, i’m seriously going to cum if you keep talking.”
“don’t…” he pleads “because if you cum, i’ll cum, and then this’ll be over way faster than either of us want it to be.”
you’re holding onto his biceps for dear life, trying to anchor yourself even though he himself if shaking, but it’s too late. “i can’t stop it— fuck, i’m trying but i can’t!”
hyunjin accepts his fate while you’re still fighting yours and gives you a few quick thrusts to push both of you over the edge. you don’t need anything on your clit to get you there this time, but being the gentleman that he is, hyunjin frees up one of his hands so that he can make you cum ever harder by circling it with his thumb.
“atta girl, let go.”
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toms-gf · 2 days
call it what you want ⎸ b.b
Tumblr media
⌙ summary: you’re in the bridal party for your cousin’s party and bradley’s one of the groomsmen, which means the two of you have to dance together during the reception. little do you know, he’s had a crush on you this entire time.
⌙ warnings: unedited, cursing, fluff, unspoken feelings for each other. a little bit of friends to lovers, idk. 
⌙ wc: 3k
⌙ pairing: bradley bradshaw x fem!reader
masterlist ⎸ listen
                                ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
when your cousin announced that she was engaged, everyone in the family was ecstatic, including you. you knew your cousin and her soon to be husband were perfect for one another. the two of them were high school sweethearts, they’d been together through everything. it was the definition of true love, soulmates even.
you were even more excited when she had asked you to be one of her bridesmaids, not even second guessing as you immediately agreed. you both had been planning this ever since the two of you were little and you were just as excited and happy as she was. she was the most deserving person in your eyes. 
however, on the first day of wedding rehearsals, you didn’t expect to see bradley bradshaw. the two of you had grown up together, parting ways after high school when he went off to join the navy like his dad had done. the navy had done him good, his muscles poking out of the t-shirt he wore. you couldn’t help but take in his mustache, which resembled his father’s in a way. he looked good with it, nonetheless. then again, he could pull off anything. 
his eyes met yours as everyone introduced themselves to the others, smiling as he made his way over to you. you smiled back, arms wrapping around him in a small hug as he greeted you.
“hey! how’ve you been? it’s been a while.” 
you tucked a strand of hair away from your face, “same old, same old. what about you? how’s the navy?”
he shrugged, smirking as he quoted what you had said beforehand, “same old, same old.”
you laughed, “c’mon, that’s it? you get to fly planes!”
“yeah, and almost die,” he shrugged, “no, really, it’s good. what about you? you went to san diego, right?”
you nodded, “yeah, went to school, finished, decided i loved the place and ended up moving over there a while ago.”
“sweet, i’m just outside of the city,” he smiled, “a bit closer to fightertown.”
you laughed, “of course.”
“yeah, i know right? that military housing is something else, let me tell ‘ya.”
you laughed before your cousin and her soon to be husband grabbed everyone’s attention, having both parties line up in front of one another. you hadn’t noticed that bradley had immediately picked the spot that was across from you, hoping he’d be the one you got to dance with during the reception. 
and as if the gods were on his sides, your cousin had called out names and said that whoever you were standing across from was your dance partner and who’d you walk down the isle with before she came down. your nerves relaxed a bit, comfortable with bradley being the one you had to do all the activities with.
as the weeks went on and you had more rehearsals, you and bradley grew closer again. you two weren’t necessarily best friends during high school, but not necessarily acquaintances either. but you’d be lying if you said you didn’t think he was cute. he had always been a little easy on the eyes, him always catching your attention, but you were always too nervous to say something. he had felt the same way, he always thought you were the prettiest girl in school, but thought you were way out of his league.
and finally, the last night of rehearsals came to an end as you walked out, waiting outside the venue for your cousin to take you back home. you both had rode over together beings the both of you were already out getting your nails done for her big day tomorrow. you heard the door close, hoping it was her, but instead you were met with a familiar pair of brown eyes.
“hey, you alright?” he asked, concerned.
“oh, yeah, just waiting for my cousin,” you smiled, “she gave me a ride since we were out already beforehand.”
he nodded towards the parking lot, “did you need a ride? from the sounds of it, she’s gonna be a little while.”
you waved him off, “i don’t want to be a bother.”
he chuckled, “no not at all. really, i’d prefer if you went me over waiting out here for however long.”
you smiled, “are you sure?”
“yeah, c’mon.” he smiled back, offering you his arm and you laughed before linking it with his as he led you to the parking lot. he walked you to the bronco, unlocking it as he opened the passenger door for you. 
“you still have this thing?” you asked, visibly remembering him pulling into the school parking lot in this particular bronco. 
“‘course, took good care of her so she’d last.” he smiled as he closed your door, jogging to the drivers side before hopping in. he shoved the keys in the ignition, starting the car as it hummed. you grabbed your phone from your pocket, quickly typing a text to your cousin as he pulled out of the parking lot.
“where would you like me to drop you off tonight, ma’am?”
you laughed, “it’s a right out of here, i’m not too far.”
he nodded, making a right before he handed you his phone, “you can put whatever you want on.”
you hummed, scrolling through his spotify playlist. you laughed as you clicked on the taylor swift song, “you listen to taylor swift?”
“who doesn’t?” he asked with a grin, defending his music choices. 
you continued as ‘style’ played softly from the speakers, “i’m just shocked, i didn’t think you’d be the type of guy to listen to taylor swift. i mean, i pegged you to be more of a rock, maybe indie, music kind of guy.”
he shrugged, “honestly, i listen to a little bit of everything.”
you nodded, “i can see that.”
you gave him the next direction to your house as you sat in comfortable silence. he had the windows down since it was such a nice night outside, the wind blowing through your hair as you absentmindedly moved your head along to the song. you didn’t notice the way he’d glance over at you and smile, his heart hammering against his ribs.
god, you looked so perfect. you always did, of course, but especially right now. in the passenger seat of his bronco, hair flying everywhere as you hummed to the song quietly. 
he was falling. hard. 
after giving him a few more directions, you ended up in your driveway. you smiled over at him as you unbuckled your seat belt. he worked up the courage to ask you what he’d been thinking about on the drive over.
“so, i was thinking,” he started, “did you want me to pick you up on my way to the venue in the morning? y’know, since we’re partnered together, i figured it would be a little bit easier.”
you smiled, nodding, “i’d love that, actually.”
he smiled back at you, “great. i can pick you up at like 10, if you want?”
you nodded, “yeah, yeah, sure,” you smiled back, “i guess you should probably get my number. just incase… you know?”
he nodded, letting out a soft chuckle hands moving to grab his phone from the cup holder. he handed it to you with the contacts app opened, a new contact screen illuminating your face. he took in your facial features as you typed in your information. 
you handed it back to him, trying your best to ignore the feeling of his fingers brushing up against yours. but you couldn’t hide the way you blushed, tucking a strand of hair away from your face. 
“let me walk you to the door.” he said, turning the car off as he hopped out, jogging over to your door to open it for you. you laughed, heart skipping a beat at how much of a gentleman he was. he walked with you to the front door, hands in his pockets as you fished the keys out of your purse. 
“thanks for driving me.” you smiled, moving more hair from your face. he smiled back at you, this time it was your heart that was hammering against your ribs.
“of course, never have to thank me,” he said, “i’ll, uhm, see you in the morning.”
you nodded, not really wanting to call it a night with him, but knowing it would be for the best so the two of you could get a good night’s rest for tomorrow. you hadn’t even realized what you were doing until it was too late. your lips quickly pressed against his cheek as you blushed. he smiled widely, his heart skipping a beat as he swore he went into cardiac arrest. 
you turned to the door, turning back around as you pushed the door open, “goodnight, bradley.”
“goodnight, y/n.” he smiled, his cheeks a soft shade of pink from you kissing his cheek. you smiled, softly closing the door behind you as you pressed your back against it. you mentally face palmed yourself, not knowing what you were thinking.
but he didn’t seem upset about it, it seemed like he liked it. unless he was just going along with it and he didn’t want to say anything to be nice. 
once you heard his car pull out of the driveway, you shut the outside light off and locked the door. you made your way into the kitchen, grabbing a wine glass from the shelf and opening the bottle of wine from your fridge. you poured yourself a glass, taking it up the stairs with you as you walked to your bedroom. 
after changing into pajamas, you set your phone on the charger, enjoying your glass of wine and opting on finding a stupid movie on netflix. 
you saw your phone light up in the dim lighting, looking over at it with furrowed eyebrows as the text revealed itself after you unlocked it with your face.
8928345557 hey, it’s bradley. just wanted you to have my number incase i text you tomorrow :)
you smiled, quickly saving his contact before typing back a response. 
y/n hey! gotcha saved, don’t worry
you bit down on your lip as you typed out your next message, hesitating before you hit the blue send button.
sorry if i made you uncomfortable tonight. wasn’t really thinking.
read 10:45pm
you sighed, groaning as you locked your phone. you definitely fucked up.
however, your phone buzzed again as it lit up, quickly grabbing your attention.
bradley 🐓 don’t worry about it. it was nice, actually. hell, if giving you rides means i get a kiss on the cheek i might have to start doing it more often 😉
you smiled wide, squealing internally.
y/n might have to take you up on it i’m gonna go get my beauty sleep, lord knows i need it
bradley 🐓 i would have to disagree, but i’m heading to bed also goodnight, y/n. see you in the morning 
y/n goodnight, bradley 
that night, you fell asleep with a smile on your face, heart beating a mile a minute. you had forgotten about the thrill that is bradley bradshaw, how much of a gentleman he always was. 
now you were the one falling. fast. feeling everything, all at once.
in the morning, you were woken up to your alarm blaring through the bedroom. you groaned softly, picking it up off the nightstand and pressing ‘cancel’ button at the bottom of the screen. your eyes squinted as you read the time.
god, who gets married at 10 in the morning on a saturday?
you got out of bed and did your morning routine, brushing your teeth and combing through your hair. you didn’t really bother with doing much to your hair, the stylist your cousin had hired would be styling it to perfection in a few hours, anyway.
you grabbed the pajamas the bridesmaids were given to wear while getting ready, slipping on a pair of slippers and throwing on a jacket as you packed things into a bag. 
your phone buzzed on your bed, lighting up your dimly lit room.
bradley 🐓 hey, when did you want me to pick you up?
you typed back a response, yawning and rubbing your eyes tiredly before hitting the blue send button at the edge of the screen.
y/n i’m ready when you are :)
bradley 🐓 sounds good, i’ll be there in 15 :)
you liked his message, locking your phone before grabbing the bridesmaid dress and heels from inside your closet. you trudged down the steps, laying the dress on the back of the couch and dropping the bag you packed by the front door. you made your way into the kitchen, grabbing a to-go mug from the cabinet as you made a cup of coffee. 
you were convinced that the only way you were going to survive this day was through endless amounts of caffeine. 
as you poured the coffee into the mug, there was a knock on the door. you cursed to yourself as you ran to open the door, smiling when you were met with bradley’s tired smile.
good thing you wouldn’t be the only one who was depending on caffeine to survive for the next 14 hours.
“morning,” you smiled, opening the door wider so he could step inside, “want some coffee?”
“god, please,” he sighed, “i’m sorry, i know laura is your cousin and all, but who gets married at 10 in the morning on a saturday?”
you laughed, “i asked myself the same thing this morning.”
he chuckled as you grabbed another metal mug from the cabinet, pouring the steaming hot liquid into the mug. you watched the way his curls loosely hung over his forehead, his facial expressions soft as he focused on not making a mess all over your kitchen counter. 
once the both of you were settled, you made your way to the bronco parked in your driveway. he opened the door for you, as he always does, and eventually got in on his side of the car. the car ride consisted of a little bit of small talk about the events today and singing along to the playlist you had put together for the two of you specifically for car rides. 
you made it to the wedding venue, both of you going in different directions so you could get ready with your designated parties. he smiled, “i’ll see you out there.”
you smiled back at him, “see you out there.”
you walked towards the door where the bridal party was getting ready, your cousin grinning as she watched you from the doorway, “so, you and bradley, huh?”
you rolled your eyes at her, shaking your head, “don’t worry about me, it’s your big day. you’re literally getting married in a couple hours.”
she shrugged, “anything to get my mind off of how nervous i am.”
you smiled, pulling her into a hug, “you’re gonna do just fine. i’ll be right there by your side.”
the next two hours were spent getting ready and taking pictures with both parties, the bride and the groom doing their first look. you smiled as your eyes met bradley’s, heart skipping a beat at how handsome he looked in his suit for the ceremony. 
and soon, everyone was walking down the isle. the first two pairs had already walked down the isle, you and bradley standing as your arms were linked together.
“nervous?” he asked.
you let out a chuckle, “a bit, and this isn’t even my own wedding.”
he laughed, “you’re not the only one, trust me.”
you sent him a small smile, the doors opening as the two of you started your descent down the isle. you smiled to your family, bradley walking you to the bride’s side of the alter before joining the other men on the groom’s side. soon, it was the bride’s turn to walk down the isle. everyone stood as your uncle and laura made their way down the isle, wiping away a small tear from the corner of your eye.
she deserved the best of the best.
after the ceremony, everyone made their way to the reception. everyone was introduced, you and bradley walking through the doors together when the dj announced your names. you laughed as he motioned towards you, everyone in your family cheering for you. 
everyone was on the dance floor between eating the courses provided, cake, and sharing drinks and talking with other guests. you were talking with your family before you felt someone walk up behind you, causing you to turn around and smile as you met the familiar pair of brown eyes.
“sorry to interrupt,” bradley said, “but can i steal y/n away for a moment?”
your mom smiled, nodding towards you, “go on. i’ll be here when you get back.”
you smiled, leaving your phone and purse with her, “i’ll be back.”
she was still smiling, “go dance with the cute boy, please. i’ll be here.”
you shook your head, smiling back at her as you turned to bradley. he offered his hand to you, the two of you joining the other couples on the dance floor. you both danced slowly to the music, your head falling onto bradley’s chest as he held you close. 
you felt safe, at home. you hadn’t known him your whole life, and it wasn’t like the two of you had any previous relationship, but you felt like you knew everything about him. you felt like he was your person, and he felt like you were his.
everything was just… right.
“hey,” he grinned down at you, “i’ve got something to ask you.”
you looked up and he brushed a piece of hair from your forehead, “what’s up?”
“i was wondering if, uhm,” he cleared his throat, “you’d maybe wanna get dinner sometime? maybe see a movie? or i could cook at my place, i make a killer lasagna.”
you giggled, nodding your head, “good thing i like lasagna. i’ll provide the wine.”
he smiled back at you, “so, is that a yes?”
“definitely a yes.” you smiled, your nose pressing against his. he let out a soft giggle, pulling you back into his chest before kissing the top of your hair.
bradley bradshaw was your person.
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saerins · 16 hours
Tumblr media
+ rin x f!reader / sae x f!reader | wc 633
notes: something that popped up in my head that idk if i wanna continue, there’s just something about the itoshi brothers & angst that i love <3
summary: you & sae had something special, until he forcibly cuts it off. and now rin has you in his sights—but things get complicated when sae comes back for you.
Tumblr media
sae has perfect timing, popping up in rin’s head right now.
“look at me.”
itoshi rin knows what he himself is, what he himself is capable of. no one has done a more thorough assessment of him more than himself.
your cheeks between his fingers, head tilted up to look him in the eye—forcibly—as your back arches instinctively towards his body.
this doesn’t hurt you, because rin would never harm you in that way. he adores you way too much to do that. his devotion to you is second to none—if he had to give up his career to keep you, he’d do just that.
“look at me,” he repeats again, even though you’re already locked in a gaze. he’s aware of how cruel he’s being if he continues what he’s about to say, but he can’t help it.
sae has perfect timing.
“tell me who you want.”
itoshi rin is looking down at his entire world, and the uncertainty in your eyes is scaring him. and he’s not an easily fearful man, if anything, he expects to be feared, not the opposite.
yet you can turn the tables on him in an instant.
you haven’t said a single thing, and he’s beginning to think he doesn’t want you to, even if he was the one who asked the question. hypocrite. but given your past relationship with his older brother, you’d forgive his crudeness, right?
the both of you have spent the past year fooling around, playing house, acting like all of this is normal when you aren’t even together. he hasn’t even had you yet, because he doesn’t want to be the replacement.
itoshi rin wants to be yours, but only if you want him to be.
he’s aware of the tumultuous romance between you and sae in the past. you described it as passionate, uplifting, like a hug you never knew you needed.
if you still want sae, he won’t stand in your way. his own feelings won’t allow him to be anywhere near either of you, so he’ll have to force you to cut ties with him. but that’s fine—because there’s no way in hell his brother won’t take you back.
you’re too perfect. you’re the only one. for rin, maybe for sae.
the mattress shifts as you adjust yourself, and rin lets go of your cheeks, his knees on either of your sides falling weak, and his forehead leaning down against yours.
your soft, gentle hands caress his cheek and he could cry right now. but he won’t. he’s good at suppressing feelings like that. like he’s done when he first saw you kissing sae on his front door. like he’s done when he saw sae smiling so widely because of a girl. like he’s done when sae just left for europe to play in a club and forced you to move on with your own life without giving you a chance. like he’s done up until now, when he can’t take it anymore.
when he wants you. all of you.
“rin,” you call out to him, and only now does he realize he’s been having his eyes closed.
when he opens them, he’s greeted by a warm pair staring back at him lovingly—what’s behind that fondness? platonic love? or is it something promising?
a kiss planted on his lips—soft, loving, kind. it’s everything you are, everything he loves. and just when he’s about to hear the answer he’s been craving for all this time, sae has perfect timing.
“what’s this?”
sae has perfect timing—to run into a scene like this at your house. to run into his brother on your bed. and where sae thought that now he’d already conquered the world, he finds it crashing to his feet, landing mercilessly at the hands of his younger brother.
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ninetailedfoxmanchi · 19 hours
What is König Like in a Relationship (according to me)
Warnings: mentions of bullying, anxiety, NSFW mentions but nothing very explicit
A/N: Honestly, I needed to read some backstory for König and once again this is just my idea of him, if you've imagined him differently, that's absolutely valid!
* * *
Although König is goofy and relaxed that is just on the surface. In truth, he is actually very insecure and socially awkward which is why he's learned to compensate this with humour
He was bullied for the majority of his childhood and particularly in his teens for his height and size (the man is 6'10 (roughly 210cm)); when he signed up for military, they only confirmed his insecurities by saying he is too large and awkward to be a sniper
König proved them wrong by becoming one of the best snipers in the world which definitely boosted his confidence although his childhood trauma remained
Because König is well aware of how social anxiety feels, he would never put you in an uncomfortable position, especially in front of other people
He loves to make you laugh and tease you playfully though
König also loves to talk to you all the time, he can be very loud but he is also very good-natured
The man is also very handy and if he can find any way to use his height, size and strength to an advantage, he will do it because he is so done with being insecure about it
That is until it comes to being intimate with you; he is absolutely petrified of having sex for the first time with you - not because he does not want it, he wants you so bad, but because he is afraid he will hurt you
You reassure him multiple times and take it slow but it takes quite a few tries to get him to relax enough to try anything past a make-out session
König would also be very insecure about going down on you for fear of not making you feel good; in truth, he just needs some encouragement because as it turns out, he's a natural
In an argument or if he just feels like he hurt you or you're angry, König shuts off very quickly because he feels so guilty (although it may not even be his fault); it takes a long, reassuring discussion from your part that you just want him to communicate to you about his feelings and not to apologize for anything
And it needs to be said that although he is usually loud and goofy, he never yells at you during arguments. He turns very quiet and insecure, more likely backing away from the argument than jump in guns blasting
You can tell if he is sad or hurt or angry by the tone of his voice. It turns calm and silky, his German accent less prominent
His love languages are acts of service, quality time and physical touch when he gets comfortable enough; and in turn, he loves to receive words of affirmation, also quality time and especially physical touch from you
Few were the opportunities in his life when someone was gentle and genuinely kind to him; and those things coming from you make him feel so loved
Another thing, König would rarely admit in a straightforward manner but he is very, very protective of you - he always insists you walk on the inner side of the pavement, he either holds your hand or keeps his on your back when you're walking through a crowd (also to reassure his own anxiety) and he always insists you call him when you get somewhere so that he knows you've arrived safely
König's favourite acts of physical touch are definitely cuddling; you sitting on his lap or lying on top of him, him lying between your legs as he rests his head on your tummy, he loves to hold your hands all the time because they feel so small, soft and delicate against his
Finally, he is definitely husband material; he is so supportive and caring, he would never let anything hurt you and he would do anything to see you smile and be happy
König always thought he was a dog person until he came across a litter of abandoned kittens on one of his missions and absolutely fell in love. He has been bugging you to adopt a kitten ever since
Also, I think König has grey-green eyes, round, droopy and sad and his hair is short, military cut and dark brown like forest soil. His nose is big and crooked-like/Roman and he only rarely shaves clean; he prefers a slight stubble on his cheeks
In the beginning of the relationship, if you kiss him, even just his cheek, he will blush a deep shade of red and his heart would race out of his chest, but probably for the first time in his life, in a good way <3
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Maegor Targaryen x niece!Targaryen part 1
Warning: Age gap, Targ-in*est, manipulative niece, non-c*n, maegor targaryen
Everyone thinks you are a sweet innocent princess and fear what your life will be since Maegor is your uncle. You know your greatest assets are your beauty and the innocence that everyone believes you have. You are well aware of how to use them to your advantage, especially when it comes to the king. You don't like a maid? The next day she was claimed by Maegor and then thrown out of the palace. You find a guard attractive? Now he is ordered to accompany you everywhere. 
You really know your uncle and have him wrapped around your pretty little fingers. He is also the man you have given your heart to ever since you have blossomed into a fine young princess. You have seen him bringing wife after wife, claiming them and filling them up with children but that never concerned you. But when you heard that the council has been urging the king to betroth you to the old Lord Baratheon who is once again in need of a wife you started to up your game and took the matter of your future in your own hands. 
You started to wear slightly revealing clothes. Deep cleavage and side cuts, high slits and red lips. Of course the king noticed you. He always notices you. You would slightly bend over and pour him wine in front of the council, exposing your deep cleavage to him and everyone in the room. Those who were caught staring would immediately get dragged down to the dungeon and probably get their eyes plucked out as punishment. 
Where all his wives and women in the palace ignore him because of fear, you are the only one who stays in his presence willingly. 
The night before old Lord Baratheon was supposed to arrive, you went to the King's chambers to take the final step of your plan. "Uncle?" You called out in your sweet innocent voice as you entered the room, finding one of his wives naked and crying in bed while Maegor just pulled out of her. All you can do is stare and feel jealous of the wife. 
Maegor immediately kicked his wife out of the room. "What does my beautiful niece want?" He asked as he looked at you. The see through nightgown was definitely helping your plan. 
"I am a Targaryen, uncle. I am meant to be a queen and give birth to heirs of our house…give birth to your heirs," You innocently said and pleaded with him with your eyes. "Are you really going to let that old man marry me and then take me away from you?"
Maegor's eyes immediately turned dark, mostly with lust. "I belong to you uncle." That was enough for him to finally claim his sweet niece. 
Soon your nightgown was ripped from your body and you were thrown on the bed. You already know that Maegor was by no means gentle and he didn't plan to go easy on you either. You willingly spreading your legs for him was the last moment before he finally claimed you. Your moans and screams letting everyone in the castle know what has happened. 
The next morning Maegor woke up with your soft lips around his cock and your innocent eyes looking at him. He doesn't like to waste his seeds but this time he did like the view of his cum dripping down your lips and falling on your breasts. 
When Lord Baratheon arrived to formally ask your hand in marriage he was welcome with the sight of you in the King's arms. To add more insult Maegor pulled you on his lap as he bid farewell to the old Lord and started to hungrily kiss you. 
"You can start to plan our wedding," He said as he ripped your dress in the empty throne room. "I want us to get married within this month."
Anyone need a part 2 (the wedding and married life?)? 
Feel free to send asks about Maegor x niece!reader or about other characters :)
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huggybug · 2 days
good luck charm - luca fantilli
word count: 2.2k words
Tumblr media
Your phone buzzed on the table, stealing your focus away from your professor’s lecture on flow state. Looking down, you see Luca’s name pop up and you sigh, pulling up the conversation on your laptop.
You’re coming tonight, right???
They were playing Ohio State tonight in the first round of playoffs and Luca had been bugging you all week about it. However, as the end of the school year was approaching, your assignments and tests seemed to start loading up and it was heavily cutting into your social life, something that your best friend was not happy about.
Not sure, have a paper due on Sunday :(
His response came back almost immediately.
You had a hard time saying no to Luca, he could almost always get you to agree to whatever it is he wanted and that truly went both ways. You liked his message and knew he’d understand.
Leaving your lecture hall an hour later, you see Luca standing alone across from the building, clutching something tightly in his hands. He’s searching the crowd of people that had formed from classes being let out and when he spots you, his entire body relaxes as you make your way over to him.
Before you can get a word out, he’s shoving the balled up sweater into your hands. “Wear my jersey tonight”
“What?” You ask, hesitantly taking his jersey from him.
“It’s playoffs, Y/n. I need you to wear my jersey” You weren’t going to pretend that you understood him. Hockey players were weird with their rituals and superstitions, you weren’t sure you even wanted to know the reasoning behind this one.
“You gonna score if I wear it?” You raised an eyebrow at him.
“I’ll try” Luca smiled brightly. You both knew there was no way you’d say no so you folded the jersey up and held it against your chest.
“Good luck tonight Lu” You grin, waving the jersey at him as you walk away, making sure he knows you’ll be wearing it.
“You’re wearing that jersey this entire run, baby!” Luca was running off the adrenaline rush after the game as were the rest of the boys that had finally made it to Skeeps. The first win of playoffs felt even better since it was against Ohio State so the boys knew a night a Skeeps was needed.
“It’s the only reason you won, huh?” You grinned. Luca’s goal was, in all honesty, meaningless. It padded the team’s lead and you didn’t want to discredit it or him but it made it even funnier how serious he was taking the jersey you had worn.
“Of course, you’re my good luck charm” He winked. “Drinks on me tonight”
“Aren’t they every night?” You tease, grinning at him as you snag his drink from his hand and take a sip.
You spent the entire night with Luca, sitting at the tables listening to the boys talk about the game and watching some of the guys strike out with girls on the dance floor down below.
Nights at Skeeps seemed to last forever but every time without fail, Luca walked you home. Sometimes it would be him and Adam or him and Johnny, you never knew if someone else would be tagging along but without fail, Luca was there. He wouldn’t even think about not taking you home, it was practically apart of his routine now.
“You ready to go?” Luca came back from the bar, coming up to stand behind you at the table where you were talking to some of the sophomores. You spin around to face him, not realizing he had his hands on either side on you on the table, bracketing you in.
“Get a room!” Hoots and hollers from the boys around you didn’t stop even when Luca flipped them off behind your back.
“Adam coming with?” You ask. You hadn’t seen his brother in a while but you assumed he was still here.
“He’s with Seamus somewhere” Luca shrugged, “We can go now though” It seemed like he wanted to leave so you nodded, grabbing your stuff and saying goodbye to the guys.
Luca guided you out of Skeeps and you held his hand until you got outside, dropping his hand as you walked beside him on the sidewalk heading back to the dorms.
“So… Minnesota next weekend” It was going to be a tough game, especially since it wasn’t at Yost.
“Yup” Luca paused, “You’re gonna come right?”
“I don’t know… I’ve got exams and stuff” You wished you could go but you had an exam the following week so you weren’t exactly sure that a weekend trip would be the best option.
“Oh…” Luca trailed off and he sounded so sad, you had to look over at him.
“I would if I could Luca, you know that”
“Yeah, I just… wish you could come” You put your arm around his waist in attempt of a makeshift hug and his arm naturally dropped around your shoulders.
“I’ll be cheering you on from here, I promise”
The day of the Big10 Finals, you were sitting in your dorm while opening snaps from the boys who were all in Minnesota. They had left a couple days early and you’ve been kept up to date with everything going on thanks to Luca’s constant snaps each day.
Adam and Rutger have both texted you, complaining about how much Luca has mentioned you and it made you second guess missing the game. You looked over at Luca’s jersey that was flung over your desk chair and made a quick decision that you were getting to that game.
You found a flight that left in a couple hours and booked it immediately. Grabbing some essentials and shoving them in a bag along with the jersey, you were out the door and on your way to the airport in less than 30 minutes.
The game was close, you were on the edge of your seat the entire third period but in the end, they did it. You jumped up when the buzzer went off and screamed with the rest of the Michigan fans in the building.
Once the crowd had thinned out, you headed down closer to the ice; you spotted Luca’s parents and made your way over to them.
You’ve met his parents a few times from when they’ve come to games so you made small talk as you watched the other boys take turns to skate around with the trophy. When it was finally Luca’s turn, he came right near where he had already spotted his dad and then he saw you, sandwiched in between his parents, cheering just as loud as the other guys’ families and girlfriends.
Luca’s smile grew even wider when he saw that you were wearing the jersey he gave you last weekend. He stuck his tongue out at you, still balancing the trophy over his head which made you laugh as you mirrored him. It felt like time had stood still for a moment before he skated away and handed the trophy off to Adam.
You caught his gaze a few more times while they were on the ice. He still couldn’t believe you were actually here and in between hugs from Duker and Moyle, he kept finding himself looking for you.
“I’m glad you were able to make it sweetie! I think Luca was pretty upset you wouldn’t be here” You smiled at his mom as you walked together down to the locker rooms where the families were instructed to wait for the boys.
“I’m just glad he was busy all day so I couldn’t ruin the surprise” You we’re terrible at keeping secrets, especially when it came to Luca which was a well-known fact among your friends.
“Well just know that we’re both grateful you’re there to look out for both our boys but especially Luca, he’s lucky to have you” You chuckled at her first comment; Adam probably looked out for you and his brother more than anything but you didn’t say anything. You were too stuck on the last thing she said.
You were thinking about what she meant by it when the room suddenly erupted and you turned to see a bunch of the boys coming out to see their families who had made the trip to the game. You saw Adam but no Luca.
“So are you gonna talk to him?” He had made a beeline for you as soon as he came out of the locker room, barely stopping to hug his parents before pulling you aside.
“Who? Luca? About what?” You looked up at him, very confused.
“You know…”
“Adam” You groaned, becoming frustrated. “What are you talking about?”
“Your feelings! You should tell Luca tonight” Adam exclaimed, acting like it was the most obvious thing on this planet. Which apparently according to everyone other than you and Luca, it was.
“My feelings?”
“You’re telling me you would’ve flown out here if I had asked?” You hesitated at that. Adam was your friend but he had a point, you wouldn’t have considered coming here if it weren’t for Luca. Up until now, you hadn’t even thought of it. Luca was your best friend. Nothing more and nothing less.
“You know it’s not like that…”
“I think it is though” Adam huffed, “I know my brother, Y/n. He’s different when he’s around you, believe me” You take a minute to think on that before your attention is once again taken elsewhere.
“There he is!” You heard their parents talking and turned around to see Luca had finally made it out of the locker room. He hugged his parents before you saw him looking around, searching for you.
“Y/n” Luca called you and Adam sent you a knowing look before letting you go, walking back to distract his parents from his older brother to allow you to have the conversation he’s decided has to be had.
“You came” Luca mumbled as he hugged you tightly. You let your body relax into his, suddenly feeling emotional and you’re not sure what about whether it was how proud you were of him and the team or the two weird conversations you’ve just had with two people that know Luca better than anyone.
“Of course I did, it’s you” You pull back a little to look at him only to find him already smiling down at you.
“Thank you” He whispers and suddenly the air feels thick around you.
“Good job today, Lu. I’m super proud” You do a little fist pump at the end and it’s so stupid it makes you both laugh.
“Couldn’t have done it without you” He finally stepped away, awkwardly running his hands through his hair.
“Really?” You hummed.
“You’re my good luck charm Y/n/n, I’ve told you” He tugged at the jersey you were still wearing and it made you smile.
“Hey… can we talk for a minute?” You bite the inside of your cheek which of course he notices. Luca nods, pulling you out of the room and down the hallway where nobody would interrupt.
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing just… your mom and Adam both said something and-”
“Oh my gosh” Luca’s cheeks turned pink as he ran his hand over his face, “I’m gonna kill them”
“Just listen for a minute?” You reached out for his hand, squeezing it to refocus. “I hadn’t even thought about this until today and Adam brought it up because you’re my best friend and I love our friendship and I wouldn’t ever want to ruin it but I think this could-” You were rambling but didn’t know how to stop, the nerves had suddenly gotten to you.
“Hey- nothing is going to ruin our friendship” He knew what you were talking about, he’s been at the brunt of Adam’s talk a few too many times. Ever since you became best friends, Adam hasn’t been able to drop the idea and after a month of denying it, Luca had taken the time to think about what his younger brother was saying and realized he was right, not that he’d ever tell him that.
“I like you Luca” You take a deep breath before looking up to meet his gaze. “I really do but I don’t want to lose you so if you don’t feel the same way-” Luca cut you off by leaning in and kissing you. You melt into the kiss, pulling him even closer if that’s possible.
“I like you too if that wasn’t obvious” Luka chuckled as he broke the kiss, leaning his forehead against yours.
“Hey lovebirds, we gotta go” Adam suddenly appeared at the end of the hallway, smirking like the little shit he is.
“I’ll see you tomorrow?” You asked, stepping away but keeping his hand in yours. Their flight home wasn’t until the morning while yours was tonight.
“Yeah, see you at home” Luca grinned, kissing you one more time before following Adam, trying his best to ignore his brother’s incessant teasing.
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stopsign94 · 2 days
I want you to write, clingy to luke hughes, like koala, when he gets back from the game. Like he's walking around the house and unpacking, and you're either there with him like a shadow or like actually onto his back
Tumblr media
Female Reader x Luke Hughes Word Count:0.7k
I heard the door to the sophomore house open, and I got up and walked out of the living room. I high-fived and congratulated Luke's roommates as they walked passed me to their rooms to unpack. Luke dropped his bag onto the floor and pulled me into a hug. "Back to back champs, baby." Luke kissed me and I kissed him back before pulling away. "I'm proud of you." "Thank you. I gotta unpack, and then I'm all yours." "Okay."
Luke picked his bag back up and I jumped on his back as he walked passed me. "You are acting like you missed me or something." "I did miss you. You were gone for a while." Luke shook his head and laughed as he carried me on his back upstairs to his room. "I was barely gone for three days, babe."
He walked into his room and walked towards his bed, expecting me to let go of him but I didn't. "Let go." "Noooo!" "Babe I need to unpack, and then I will cuddle with you all you want." "Can't you just unpack in the morning." "No, we both know I am not going to if I push it off until tomorrow. Can you please let go now?" "NO." "Whatever, I'll just unpack with you on my back then."
I moved my arm so Luke could take his bag off his shoulder, and he sat it on his bed. He took all of his clothes out and walked over to throw them in his hamper. Someone knocked on his door and Luke sighed. "It's open!" Mark pushed his door open and laughed when he seen me on Luke's back. "Do you have any tide pods?" "Yeah, I'm pretty sure my container is above the washer." "Okay, then you don't." "What, who used them all? I literally had almost a full container." "I don't know, I never used any of them."
Luke pushed passed Mark and walked across the hall to Ethan's room. "Did you use all my tide pods?" "No, someone keeps taking mine too." "Well it apparently isn't Mark, so it is either Duker or Mackie." "Let me know if you find out who, also why is she on your back." "She is being clingy because I apparently was gone for too long." Luke walked back out of Ethan's room. "Shut my door!" Luke turned back around and shut Ethan's door before walking back to his room.
He grabbed the multiple empty water bottles that were in his bag and walked downstairs. "You know, if you weren't on my back I could be done already." "It's fine, you'll be done eventually." Mackie laughed as Luke walked into the kitchen and threw the empty bottles away. "Mackie, are you using people's tide pods?" "No, it's Duker. I seen him take mine before, and that's why I keep them in my room now." "Okay, thank you." "Mhm."
Luke walked down the hallway to Dylan's room and pushed his door open. "Quit using my tide pods without asking." "Hey, if they are in the open then they are free game." "That isn't how it works." Luke walked out of Dylan's room and walked back upstairs to his room. "Okay, you can get off my back now. I'm changing into sweats and then we can cuddle."
I unwrapped my legs from his waist and got off his back. He walked over and grabbed a pair of sweats while I laid down in his bed. "How long have you been here?" "I stayed here last night, also your house is creepy without all of your loud and annoying roommates." "You stayed here?" "It wasn't the original plan. I came over to steal a hoodie, and then just decided to stay and sleep in your bed." "So that's why I seem to be missing more and more hoodies when I come back from roadies." "No…This was the first time I thought of doing this." "Mhm."
He walked over to the bed and laid down beside me, wrapping his arm around me. "I love you." "I love you too, even if you did technically break into my house while I was gone." "How is it breaking in if I have a key?" "Okay, fair enough."
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