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Can You Blame Me part 5 - Trent Alexander-Arnold
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Trent finds himself interested in y/n, who he's met by chance. Their mutual interest rapidly grows and becomes undeniable despite y/n being his trainer's girlfriend.
Warnings: This short series will contain Fluff, Smut (18+) & Angst. Themes of cheating included.
Word Count: 6.4K
Note: Thanks for the support and interest in this short series, I appreciate your reading as always! 🤎
You had a long and hard day at work but instead of going home after you went to Trent’s. You told him you were having a hard day and he told you to come over so he could help you feel better. Of course he did that, he fixed your bad mood easily with the best sex you could remember having. You didn’t want to leave but you wouldn’t be able to explain being out any later than you already were to Jordan so you had to go home. 
“Stay with me,” Trent asked you, holding your hand in his as you stood in front of your open car door. 
“You know I can’t,” you told him, reminding him of the reality. He groaned at that and laced your fingers together to bring them to his lips. He gingerly kissed the back of your hand despite the frown on his pouty lips. 
“You should tell him,” Trent suggested out of the blue. 
“Tell him about us?” you asked him, confused that he would suggest something like that. He nodded in confirmation of your assumption and kissed your hand again. 
“Don’t be silly Trent, there is no way I am telling Jordan,” you said matter of factly, thinking that was obvious. “In fact, I’m not telling anyone,” you added callously. Trent dropped your hand immediately at your words and looked at you with scrunched brows. 
“What?” he snappily asked. “You haven’t told anyone?” he added to his question. You looked at him, studying if he was joking or not. You thought it would be obvious you wouldn’t tell anyone about your affair with Trent. You didn’t understand why he’d be upset. 
“No, I haven’t,” you told him the truth believing it was reasonable. His jaw clicked tight and the frown deepened on his face. He folded his arms over his chest and scowled at you standing in front of him. “Why are you so upset?” you asked him, leaning off your car to hold his elbows. 
“I thought we had something,” he lamented to you. You sighed and stepped closer to him, moving your hands up the back of his arms. 
“We do,” you attempted to reassure him. 
“Well I think we do, which is why I’ve told my brothers about you,” he revealed, for a second your face morphed into shock but you quickly reverted to calm not to upset him further. 
“Oh…well Trent it’s different for me…I have Jordan,” you tentatively said to him. He frowned again at that, obvious displeasure setting on his features. 
“I’m really sick of Jordan y/n, I’m trying to be all in with you and I’m going to need that back,” he bluntly told you, surprising you with his curtness. 
“Oh…,” you breathed as you let go of him and stepped back. 
“I know it’s not easy but I’m all in here and there is only so long I can wait,”  he scowled, visibly annoyed. He was scowling but you could still see a softness for you in his eyes. You sighed while thinking about what to do. You knew Trent deserved more and you wished it was easier, you wished you’d met him at a different time. You wanted things to be easy like how they felt when you were alone with him in his arms but that just wasn’t real life. It wasn’t that easy but you still didn’t want to lose him. 
“Okay, I’m going to talk to him when I get home,” you told Trent as soon as the thought flashed across your head. You didn’t know how you were going to tell Jordan the truth but you had too. Maybe not the whole truth but you had to do something. Trent’s face relaxed at your idea, eventually morphing his frown into a smile. 
“Yeah?” he asked, stepping toward you and slipping his arms around your waist. 
“I will,” you promised and wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him in for a kiss. Fortunately, he was in a better mood after your promise so he followed your body language and kissed you, holding you against him and kissing you for a while before you pulled away and reminded him you had to go home. 
When you got home it was already after 9 pm and Jordan was home. You hoped he would be distracted with video games when you came home but he was standing by the kitchen fridge when you walked in. You wanted to slip by and make a bee line for your bedroom but Jordan stopped you. 
“Where have you been?” he immediately asked when he noticed you, not bothering with hello.  
“At work,” you said your half truth, hoping it sounded natural. 
“Till this hour? Where have you really been?” he pressed you, folding his arms as he spoke. 
“Work…I had a long day so I went to get some food after,” you made up a lie on the spot. Jordan narrowed his eyes at you, not seeming to believe your words. 
“Food? What did you do, fall asleep in the restaurant?” he questioned you without sympathy. You felt the anxiety start to bubble in your body under his interrogation.  Your heart started to beat quickly and you could hear yourself breathing as you tried to think of a way out of this situation.  “Did you bring anything back? I’m starving,” Jordan switched the line of his questioning in the absence of a response from you. No longer caring about your whereabouts and becoming more concerned with his own needs.
“Uh…no sorry,” you meekly answered him, you knew he wouldn’t take that well and just as you thought, that answer only upset him more. 
“What?” he looked at you with vexation across his features. You stood there, silent and feeling small. You didn’t want to say anything more and make things worse. Jordan exhaled loudly at your silence and slapped his hand on the kitchen counter, making you jump at the sudden noise. 
“What the fuck is going on with you?” he harshly questioned you. You opened your mouth to respond but before you could get any words out he continued, “You are hardly here, you don’t do shit around the house anymore, I can’t even remember the last time we had sex,” Jordan started to rant and list off his grievances with you. You were only partially hearing because you were panicking inside. You were so worried he had figured out what you were actually doing when you were away. Even if he had a whisper of an idea you were scared of letting the truth slip if he questioned you directly.  
You came home thinking you could approach Jordan about breaking up and maybe mentioning you met someone else but seeing the fire in his eyes right now when you hadn’t said anything nearing that idea yet made you rescind any idea of confessing. 
“Y/n, I’m speaking to you,” he bluntly and coarsely said to recapture your attention after you’d continued to stay silent. 
“I…I’m sorry,” you cowarded and reverted to apology. 
“Is that all you have to say?” he scoffed at your apology. “All that work you’re doing and still nothing up in the head?” he snidely said to you, tapping his temple in a show that he was implying you were stupid. You were taken aback but before you could say anything Jordan was already walking off. 
“Jordan,” you called his name, sounding weaker than you intended. 
“I'm done talking y/n, make yourself useful and make some dinner for once,” he waved you off and stated his demands. Your anxiety was replaced by rage, you felt angry about the way he spoke to you so much so you felt your hands ball into fist at your sides. You wanted to say something, you wanted to argue back. 
“Jordan,” you firmly called his name. He looked back at you but he didn’t say anything. He didn’t not seem very interested in anything you had to say. 
“I am not making any dinner,” you plainly said to him, finally sounding more confident. He scoffed at that and rolled his eyes. 
“Like I said, you’re useless these days,” Jordan continued to disrespect you despite your effort to reclaim control. You snapped your teeth together and thought about continuing to argue but you decided against it. You just didn’t have it in you anymore to go back and forth with Jordan. You knew better than to poke him, you wouldn’t win - he would only continue to throw hurtful words at you until you left the situation hurt and crying. You decided it was better to leave the situation as is rather than risk further emotional wounding. 
You turned on your heels and stormed up to your room. You took a deep breath when you closed the door behind you and unfortunately started to feel the sting of involuntary tears hit your eyes. You quickly wiped them away and went to your closet to pack a bag. You chose not to argue with Jordan but you could not spend the night here with him. You threw some of your things in a bag and jogged back downstairs still in your work clothes. You thought about leaving without saying something but before you could decide Jordan saw you as you hit the bottom of the stairs. 
“Going somewhere?” he asked you, disgust across his face. 
“I’m not staying here tonight,” you told him with an ounce of mustered confidence. You worried he would argue and tell you you had to stay but he didn’t seem to care. 
“Well you’re never here anyway, what’s one more night,” he rolled his eyes and turned away. 
“Jordan,” you called his name, regretting that you did. Unfortunately a small part of you was bothered he seemed to care so little. 
“Come back when you’ve remembered what being a girlfriend actually is,” Jordan ridiculed you and fully walked away with that. You felt anger again at this attitude but again you chose to ignore and left. You got into your car, throwing your things in and turning on the engine in a huff. When you pulled out of your home you stopped for a moment, thinking about where you were actually going to go. 
You considered going to your friend Lori’s house but you didn’t want to explain the hiccup with Jordan. You hadn’t told her about Trent so she presumed your better moods were because of a change in Jordan’s attitude. That was far from the truth but you didn’t want to burst that illusion. Lori had been cheated on before so you thought she wouldn’t take your choice to have an affair lightly. You highly doubted she would be supportive despite her dislike for Jordan. You looked at the time and came to the conclusion the only place you could go was back to Trent’s. 
You didn’t call before, mostly because you didn’t want to answer the reason why you were coming back over the phone. You finally called him when you were downstairs and he was reasonably surprised to hear from you again for the night. Nevertheless, like the kind man he is, he came downstairs to get you without much question. He had a questioning look on his face when you stepped out of the car but  he noted your scowling expression so he didn't say anything. He just took your bag and took you into the house. When you got up to his room, he slowly sat on the bed watching you as you rummaged through your bag for your toiletries to shower.
“Are you okay?” he finally dared to ask you. 
“No,” you bluntly answered without further explanation. 
“What happened?” he prodded you for more information. You sighed and stopped what you were doing. You slowly turned to him, biting your lip before explaining. 
“Jordan was pissed I came home late and well…he said some pretty rude things and I just can’t deal with him right now,” you summarise the truth lightly. Trent narrowed his eyes at the mention of Jordan’s name. 
“What did he say?” Trent unfortunately asked. You really didn’t want to get into it but with the look on Trent’s face it didn’t seem like you were going to be able to get away with ending the conversation there. 
“He…he said I was useless,” you ended up whispering your confession with a dropped head. 
“Useless!?” Trent repeated, shocked by your whisper of a confession. You winced at his repetition of the word. “And you let him talk to you like that?” Trent questioned strongly, getting off the bed with his question. He didn’t know the whole story but he was already outraged. His obvious disgust for the way Jordan spoke to you, made you feel ashamed you did let Jordan speak to you that way and unfortunately it wasn’t the first time. 
“What could I say,” you mumbled, still holding your head down in shame. 
“You could have told him off and broken it off,” Trent curtly told you. You looked up at him, the tears that were now a product of mixed hurt over what Jordan said and shame off admitting to it, burned your eyes. “Did you tell him you were leaving him at least?” Trent asked, referring to your previous promise. You looked at him for a long moment, afraid to admit the truth that you didn’t even come close to that while the tears spilled over. 
“Did you?” Trent pressed you, despite your silence answering. 
“I…I couldn’t, it wasn’t the right time,” you meekly admitted to him. He stood there, angrily shocked by your admission. 
“It wasn’t the right time? He was speaking down to you and it wasn’t the right time to leave him?” Trent questioned you, his voice getting louder with each word. 
“He was already so mad, I didn’t want to make it worse,” you quietly said amidst his brewing rage. Trent huffed, his features were hardened from his clenched jaw and he pinched his nose bridge. He took a moment but he sighed and relaxed the tension in his body and face. 
“I’m going to speak to him,” he ultimately said after calming himself. He started to make his way to the door before you could completely process his words. 
“You what? No wait,” you jumped at the realisation of his plan and quickly grabbed his arm to stop him. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            "If you're not going to put that jackass in his place, I am," Trent pulled his arm from yours and swung open his bedroom door. You panicked and closely followed behind him, calling his name as you jogged down the stairs behind his wide stride. 
“Trent no please,” you begged, sprinting to the door and standing in front of it before he could open it. 
“Y/n, you need to move,” he tried to be calm with you. 
“You can not go over there,” you hastily said, stretching your arms across the door so he couldn’t open it. 
“You are not changing my mind on this, you can’t let him treat you like this,” he insisted, attempting to pull the door handle despite the barrier of your body. 
“Trent please, I know he’s not right but please don’t do this to me right now,” you begged him, your voice cracking from the tears of the mix of stressful emotion bursting from your body. He let go of the handle and looked at you, his eyes flicked over your pained expression, sighing when he saw the tears spill from your wet eyes. 
“Please,” you begged him again, your voice breathy and weak. He sighed and pulled your body off the door and into his chest. You broke when your head hit his chest, the tears you’d been fighting since you walked off from your argument with Jordan completely swallowed you. You were sobbing against Trent’s chest, staining his shirt with your tears as he rubbed your back. 
“I hate that he does this to you,” Trent said to you, kissing the top of your head after. You didn’t say anything because you were only focused on trying to stop your tears. Fortunately, Trent let go of his charge against Jordan. He carefully slipped his hand around your waist and led you back up to his room with your body pressed into his side, leaning on him for support. You were quiet once you got control of your tears. Trent was tender with you, he started the water for your shower so it would warm up and he was patient with you as you slowly peeled off your work clothes and dragged your body to the shower. 
You spent a long time in there, the skin of your fingers pruned by the time you came out with warm skin. Despite you bringing your own clothes, Trent offered you his. You put on a big shirt of his and he pulled you into his chest the second you hit the bed.
He didn’t press the topic anymore, he let you rest against his body with gentle strokes of your back. You knew Trent was right, you had known for a long time, before you even knew Trent that Jordan was less than perfect. He was never going to be the man you convinced yourself he would form into. You knew you had to let go of the potential you prayed over for years. You knew all of that but escaping the gravity Jordan had over you just never seemed possible. You invested so much of yourself into him and your relationship it felt like cutting off a limb. Yes, he was mostly a nuisance to you now but he was still such a part of you. You wanted to, you knew you needed to and the more you saw what life could be away from him the more you desperately wanted to escape. You had to let go. You just had to build the confidence to actually say it to Jordan. 
The next day you woke up to a message from Jordan. He apologised but you knew it was more a ploy to regain your attention rather than actual remorse. You used to fall for it, the grand but empty apologies. It was all part of the tricks to make you forget the words he actually said. You ignored his message, archiving his chat out of your sight and got ready for work at Trent’s.
Trent as usual was gentle with you, he made you breakfast and he kissed you goodbye before you left. He didn’t bring up last night’s issue again but you could see in his eyes he was thinking about it. You chose to ignore that look because you couldn’t start your day reopening those wounds. If you were going to put on a brave face, you had to push down those emotions for now. 
You went to work thinking Trent was only going to training at AXA but he decided to pay a visit to Jordan without your knowledge. You were still at work and none the wiser. Trent told Jordan he just wanted to come chill but Trent was far from the mood of chilling like bros. When he got to your house, he put on a fake smile and pretended to be ignorant to the inner workings of your relationship.  It was only when he was sitting in front of the TV with Jordan did he bring you up. 
“So…how are things with your girlfriend?” Trent coyly asked Jordan. 
“Same old same old,” Jordan shrugged, unkeen to the truth behind Trent’s questioning. 
“Is she around?” Trent asked, knowing you weren’t. 
“No, I think she’s at work…if she’s even there, these days she’s always out late,” Jordan fed into the bait and started to complain about you. 
“Oh…where does she go?” Trent asked, poking to see if Jordan had any clue about your relationship with him. 
“I don’t know, but she’s really pissing me off these days,” Jordan grumbled, more concerned with how your absence affected him rather than the fact of your absence. 
“Is she?” Trent asked with a snide undertone that Jordan was too daft to pick up on. Jordan fed right into the question and started to rant about everything you weren’t doing. He complained about how you used to take care of the whole house but now you are lacking, he complained about how late you worked, he complained about you not putting in any effort in bed. He went on and on and Trent’s facade of ignorance started to wear thin. 
“Y/n works really hard, she doesn’t deserve that criticism,” Trent let slip, calling you by a nickname rather than your full name. Jordan caught on to what Trent said, his brows furrowing at his use of your nickname. To Jordan’s knowledge you barely knew Trent so he found that odd Trent would refer to you as such. 
“She does work a lot…but she can’t just drop her responsibilities,” Jordan continued, watching Trent more keenly now. 
“She isn’t your mother,” Trent snapped, unable to hold back his comments again. Jordan stayed quiet for a moment, his mind confused on why Trent was defending you. 
“Why do you care?” Jordan asked, not having yet put the puzzle together but his focus changed from criticising you to questioning Trent on his interest in you. Trent shrugged under the direct question, trying to play off his previous outburst. 
“She seems like a nice girl,” Trent replied, trying to appear nonchalant. Jordan stupidly fell for Trent's feigned ignorance.
“You don’t even know her,” Jordan quickly countered Trent’s claim. He was more bothered now that Trent was siding with you rather than him. “You don’t know how difficult she can be,” Jordan added rudely. Trent was trying to keep cool but hearing Jordan speak negatively about you with such disregard in his tone angered him. 
“I know her better than you think,” Trent snapped and let slip. He was becoming heated, he wasn’t thinking as level headed as he was when he came into the house earlier. His plan to gently put Jordan in his place was unravelling as he started to see red. Jordan’s brow furrowed in confusion again at Trent’s words. 
“What is that supposed to mean?” Jordan asked, putting Trent on the spot. “Are you two friends or something?” Jordan continued to press in Trent’s silence, confused yet again why Trent seemed to have a vested interest in you. In Jordan’s eyes he’d never seen you two interact so he was bewildered by Trent’s attitude. 
“Not really,” Trent weakly lied. He hoped he could weasel out of his slip up but to his damnation you called him at that moment. Trent usually warned you he would be around Jordan so you wouldn't call or text, but seeing as he was sneaking behind your back he didn’t tell you. Jordan noticed, he couldn’t miss your picture flash across Trent’s phone on the coffee table in front of them. 
“Why is she calling you?” Jordan immediately questioned, the situation becoming instantly more strange. Trent didn’t know what to say, he didn’t expect to be in this situation when he came over here. He quickly snatched up his phone and silenced the ringer, hoping you wouldn’t call back. He didn’t say anything to Jordan, he couldn’t think of a good lie so he said nothing at all. 
For Jordan, the puzzle pieces started to fall together, he suddenly could see the way you made an extra effort when Trent was around. He started to wonder if all those times he saw you texting on your phone if it was Trent you were texting. He thought about the night you said you were with Lori but you changed your tune by the morning. The inscrutable situation suddenly was becoming more glaring. Up to now he never thought you were cheating. He couldn’t imagine you had it in you to do something like that. He just assumed you were being lazy. He didn’t think you were cunning enough to cheat and he surely couldn’t imagine you’d have the gall to do it with Trent right under his nose. 
“We should play,” Trent suggested, in an attempt to distract Jordan, hopeful he hadn't caught on to the truth. Trent thought if he didn’t acknowledge the phone call situation Jordan would be stupid enough to move on. Unfortunately it didn’t work. 
“What’s going on with you and y/n?” Jordan coldly and bluntly asked. 
“Nothing mate, I barely know her,” Trent tried to plaster over the truth with a lie. 
“So why’s she calling you?” Jordan asked again. 
“It wasn’t her, just a look alike,” Trent lied but Jordan knew it was a lie because he knew that very picture of you that popped up. He may not have been the best partner but he surely could pick you out in a crowd. Trent’s obvious lie only made Jordan most suspicious. Why would Trent lie if there wasn’t something to hide? Jordan narrowed his eyes at Trent but decided to redirect his energy elsewhere. He swiftly opened his phone and clicked on your number. He was highly suspicious but given who Trent was and his relationship with him, he knew he couldn’t say whatever he wanted to him without proof, but to you he felt he could take his liberties. 
“Who are you calling?” Trent asked but Jordan ignored it. You sighed seeing Jordan call but decided to answer so he wouldn’t continue to harass you. 
“Hello,” you emotionlessly answered. 
“Hey, let me ask you something?” Jordan asked you, pretending to be calm and looking directly at a discreetly panicked Trent. 
“Yeah?” you innocently answered, not privy to Jordan’s mood. 
“Does it make you feel good about yourself being a whore?” Jordan snarked to you through the phone. Trent’s jaw slackened and so did yours. 
“W-what?” you asked into the phone. Jordan scowled and put you on speaker. 
“I asked, does it make you feel good being a whore y/n? It’s so obvious now you two are sleeping together,” Jordan seared with rage as he spoke. 
“Bro no, it’s not - leave her out of it,” Trent tried to save the situation, standing up from the couch. Jordan got up as well, he wanted to fight Trent but he had to keep his cool. You didn’t know what to say, you felt delirious trying to understand what was happening. You heard Trent’s voice and you obviously heard what Jordan said to you but you couldn’t think fast enough to process the situation and respond. 
“I don’t want to see you again, you disrespectful little slut,” Jordan snarled into the phone and hung up on you before you could say anything back. 
“And you! My girlfriend!? I swear to god mate if you weren’t who you are I would punch you in the jaw right now,” Jordan fumed, throwing his phone that your number was flashing across the screen as you tried to call back. Trent didn’t know what to say, he didn’t want to openly admit to what you and he were doing and put you in more trouble but he also didn’t want to let Jordan think he could speak to you like that despite what you’d done. 
“I’m surprised you’re so angry when you didn’t give a shit about her,” Trent argued, letting the side of him that hated Jordan for the way he treated you win. Jordan was taken back, shocked Trent would try to ridicule him in this situation. 
“If you knew what was good for you, you would stay out of people’s relationships,” Jordan threatened him, contemplating if it wouldn’t be so bad to punch Trent across the face. 
“If you knew what was good for you, you’d learn how to treat a good woman right,” Trent threw back at him, completely forgetting about being caught for his crimes. All he could think about was protecting you. 
“A good woman?” Jordan humorlessly chuckled, “You better get the fuck out of my house and you better keep her because if I see that dirty bitch again I won’t be this calm,” Jordan seethed, his hands balling into fist with his words. Although he was boiling with anger, Trent didn’t push it further. As much as he wanted to put Jordan in his place, he didn't want to end up in a physical brawl and with the steam climbing in his body it may not have been much longer until he was at that point. He left in silence, leaving a raging Jordan behind. 
As soon as he pulled out of your house he called you. You had been sat at work, with your heart beating out of your chest not knowing what to do since Jordan called. You didn’t want to call Trent because you knew he was with Jordan and you stopped trying to call Jordan because he was clearly furious. 
“Hello,” you answered with a shaky voice immediately as you saw Trent call. 
“He knows,” Trent said ominously. You slammed your head back against your office chair at his words. 
“How did he find out? What did he say?” you rushed Trent with questions. 
“We can talk about it later but you shouldn’t go back there,” Trent instructed you.
“How can I not Trent, I live there,” you told him the obvious, you couldn’t exactly never return to your house. 
“Well, don’t go without me and call me if he contacts you,” Trent gave you plain instructions and continued to ignore your initial questions. 
“You’re worrying me,” you admitted to him, feeling sick to your stomach about the whole situation. You didn’t know how much Jordan knew, you didn’t didn’t even know if he knew for sure or he was just assuming. You didn’t know how mad he was or what he said to Trent. 
“Just come to me when you’re finished with work okay,” he told you softly, he felt awful about letting the situation slip and ultimately putting you in this situation - so much so he didn’t want to tell you his role in the reveal. 
“I’m just going to leave work early, I can’t think like this,” you told Trent who agreed and told you to come to his. 
When you got to Trent’s the guilt was written across his face. 
“What happened?” you asked him before you even stepped foot through his front door. He sighed heavily and took your hand silently, pulling you up to his room. You asked him again what happened on your way up but he didn’t answer. 
“Trent, talk to me,” you pushed him for a response now that you were behind the closed door of his bedroom. 
“So…I went over to your house,” Trent confessed the part you already knew. 
“I realised that much, why didn’t you tell me you were over there?” you asked him, he always told you so you could avoid contacting him when he was around Jordan. 
“Well…I went to talk to Jordan about you,” Trent confessed more of the truth. Your eyes widened and your jaw slackened. 
“What did you say?” you pressed him, you panicked more, adding together what Trent was saying what the rage Jordan called you in. Did Trent tell Jordan what you were doing!?
“I just…I didn’t mean to but I kind of let it slip that I thought you deserved better than how he was treating you,” Trent meekly confessed.
“Trent,” you groaned, “Why did you do that! I told you to leave it alone,” you complained and dropped your head into your hands. 
“I know…,” he quietly replied. 
“Fuck!” you cursed, moving to sit on the edge of Trent’s bed. “Did you tell him about us?” you looked up and questioned him. You assumed he must have given the way Jordan called you seething with insults. 
“Not directly…he seemed to be figuring out something was off and when you called me, he saw,” Trent started to explain the situation. You sighed, pressing your palms into your head. 
“He is probably burning all my stuff as we speak!” you shrieked, falling backward onto the bed. “Trent, why did you do this!” you complained, looking up to the ceiling in despair about the mess you were in. 
“Well maybe it's a good thing,” Trent shrugged, still standing. 
“A good thing!?” you loudly exclaimed, snapping back up to sit up. “How the fuck is Jordan knowing I’m cheating on him a good thing!” 
“Well now you can be done with him,” Trent expressed his thoughts. You huffed at his idealism. “I don’t get why you’re so frustrated, I thought you didn’t want to be with him,” Trent added, turning the tables on you. 
“Trent…,” you said his name, warning him not to take the conversation that route. 
“No, why are you so bothered? You don’t need Jordan,” he continued on his new path, only adding more layers to your stressful afternoon. You closed your eyes and dropped your head back into your hands, trying to escape the world for a second. 
“You should have just let me handle it,” you lifted your head to say to Trent after taking a moment to gather yourself. 
“Your version of handling it is letting him do whatever he wants,” Trent immediately challenged you. You looked at him, too drained to argue with him as well. You shook your head and looked down to the carpeted floors beneath you. Your phone started to ping excessively, unfortunately you glanced over and saw messages from your mother saying Jordan called her and was saying something about you sleeping with a footballer. You groaned and put the phone on silent. As if things weren’t shambolic enough, now you had to combat whatever falsely innocent tone Jordan used to villainize you to your own parents and probably soon your friends. 
Trent saw the tortured look on your face and gave up on his battle. He sighed and took a seat next to you, taking your hand in his. 
“I’m sorry,” he apologised. You glanced up to him and then back down to your knees. 
“I know you meant well…it’s just things with Jordan, it’s complicated and now I don’t know what to do,” you said, feeling heavy with the weight of the situation. You did not think you’d be in this problem when you woke up this morning. You knew the judgement day would come with what you were doing. You couldn’t keep up the pretence forever but you weren’t prepared for it to be today. 
“You can start over with me,” Trent idealistically suggested. You looked up at him, showing him you thought he was being overly romantic with your eyes. 
“Just leave him, you can come stay with me you know I love to have you here,” he continued down his romantic fantasy, ignoring the facts that your life was imploding as you sat on his bed. “You deserve better than what you had,” he continued in your silence. 
You couldn't understand how he could be so positive right now, nor could you understand why he was so sure about making you this important in his life. Right now, you were feeling like a broken doll.
Your head was spinning with the thought of how angry Jordan must be, how disappointed your parents were going to be now that they’d obviously heard Jordan’s side. How disappointed your friends will probably be if Jordan gets to them first.
You knew your relationship with Jordan was like a rock slowly being broken down in a coursing river for a long time now. If you were honest you didn’t love him like you once did. You fell out of the love you had long before you met Trent. You probably wouldn’t have even found yourself tangled in Trent’s orbit if you did still love Jordan. You knew things weren't right but you were always afraid you would not love again if you left Jordan. He was all you knew.
However, despite your feelings, the reality of what you did and the subsequent demolition of your relationship had consequences you were not prepared to face. You didn’t know how you were going to deal with the repercussions and be what Trent deserved at the same time. 
"Why are you so sure about me?" you asked him.
“I just know you’re special, I’ve known from the moment I met you,” he whimsically explained, amidst your spiralling world. You looked at him, a small smile escaping from you while you watched him look at you with care in his soft brown eyes. He released your hand and held your face in his face, stroking your cheek with his thumb. “You’re worth fighting for,” he added, making you sigh and lean into his touch. 
“I want what you want,” you told him. You did want him, he was the light in a dark tunnel you didn’t realise you were trapped in.  You were so settled in your life with Jordan, as uninspiring as it was, you didn’t think you could leave. You didn’t think there was another love out there for you. Jordan convinced you over years he was it, he was the best you could do and it would be silly to break up. He manipulated your whole life that you thought you couldn’t live without him. Right now you weren’t sure how you were going to live without him yet but you knew you were hardly living when you were with him.
You didn’t know if Trent was going to be your real forever yet but you did know there was honesty behind his eyes when he spoke to you. You knew his gentle touches were true and not rooted in manipulation. You reached out, wrapped your arms around his body and leaned your head on his chest, pulling yourself closer to him for comfort. He held you there, stroking your back and easing the tension that built up in your body. 
“We’re going to figure it out,” he soothed you with his words, “I got you,” he assured you. You knew things were definitely going to be hard when you pull yourself out of your bubble with Trent and go to face your reality but for now you were okay pretending the real world didn’t exist for a while longer. Love had always been deceptive and cruel to you, you hadn’t realised it but you accepted it because you thought you deserved it. Trent repeatedly told you, you deserved better and it was easy to say you did but now you hoped you could actually let yourself receive the better. 
the end.
thanks for reading 🤎
I hope you liked this short series as a whole, do let me know what you thought ☺️
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thepenultimateword · 3 days
Fright or Flight
CW: Blood, murder, death,
The air reeked of blood. A thick, metallic haze that hung over every centimeter of the gore splattered room.
Villain hid beneath a long, folding table, fist clenched tightly between his teeth to keep from gagging--or worse, whimpering--and exposing his hiding place. In his free hand, he clutched the bloodied end of his tattered half cape. In the chaos, he'd slipped in one of the pools of gore, a disturbingly warm and sticky experience, though the sopping cloth now left him shivering. From the fear or the cold, he wasn’t sure.
It had happened like that. One moment they were all bustling around HQ figuring out the logistics of Supervillain's newest scheme, the next moment, carnage.
This wasn't how Villain's first day was supposed to go.
"Don't. Don't." Supervillain choked around the hero's strangling grip. Villian peered far enough from his cover to see as she thrust the master criminal halfway out a window.
"And I should let you keep wreaking havoc because?" Her voice ran cold, as chilled as the ice water people claimed ran through her veins.
Superhero. Villain had heard about her. Horror stories for rookies he'd always assumed, but now...just looking at her...he wondered if those stories hadn't been understated.
"B-because I can get you information, keep you in the loop on other villains' schemes." Suddenly Supervillain grasped their pride again and broke into a loud snarl. "I'm an asset!"
Superhero scoffed, dropping one finger off Supervillain's collar to let him flail and sway. "You forget I know you. The moment I let you go, you'll either disappear and cause trouble somewhere else, or you'll scramble for your allies and attack me back tenfold. No. No loose ends. Aren't you the one who taught me that?"
"That wasn't-- Superhero, if you just listen!"
"Sorry, I don't make a habit of conversing with criminals."
And she dropped him.
The scream only lasted a couple seconds. As soon as he passed the top two floors, the wind lifted the shriek away as cleanly and crisply as if it'd never happened.
Villain's insides squeezed in on themselves, and he clutched hard at his gut as he slid further back against the wall. The last thing he needed was a shadow or a shoestring giving him away on Superhero's way out.
Or that had been the plan. Before his wet clothes decided to give a terrible squeak on the tile floor.
Villain froze. clenching either side of his half cape in both hands now and pulling it around him like a shield.
Tap. Tap. Tap.
Superhero's red boots, stained darker from the blood, stopped right in front of his hiding spot. Now that Villain looked closer, it wasn't much of a hiding spot with the trail of blood leading right underneath.
Long auburn hair came into view first, the ends gathering together to tickle the floor, then a bloodied temple, and then those heart-stopping blue eyes. Like ice chips that somehow also burned.
Her gaze locked with his, and he flattened himself against the drywall. A fly in a web. A mouse on sticky trap. Prey backed into its hole.
"Who are you?" Superhero said. No real curiosity. Barely a speck of any feeling at all.
Villain swallowed, but that only served to paste the walls of his throat tighter together. "V-Villain..." he barely squeaked.
"Never heard of you."
"I-I'm...new. Today new."
"Unlucky day to start a job."
Strong fingers seized him by the ankle and the next thing he knew, Superhero had dragged him on his back out into the open. The murderess stood over him, staring as if to peel him apart, and all he could do was stare back and pray the urge to kill didn't strike her.
She toed at his throat. "You're so fresh, I can practically smell the paint drying."
"I've done things!" Villain defended sharply. Idiotically. Why was he saying that? She didn't need to actually see him as a target and tear his head from his body! Just...for some reason the thought of her not taking him seriously was almost just as gut wrenching.
"Oh really? Such as?"
"Th-things. Bad things. I...I was hired by Supervillain."
Superhero raised her brow. "You want out alive, don't you?"
"Um...yes? If that's an option, I would very much like--"
"Then don't tempt me."
Another dry swallow, this time tagged with a sort of choking, dying animal sound. "Ok."
Superhero nodded. "My moral code doesn't allow mercy for a certain caliber of criminal. You seem mostly harmless. So I'll be going now."
Villain could only squeak in response.
Supervillain lifted the teasing-threatening pressure of her boot off his jugular and moved out of view, the light tap of her soles soon fading into nothingness.
For a long time, Villain couldn't move. His heart beat too rapidly and every muscle coiled so tightly that any attempt at getting up shot sharp cramps up his limbs.
In fact, it wasn't until Other Villain and her vultures came scrounging an hour later that he was able to--with some help--sit upright.
"How did you survive?" was the first thing out of Other Villain's mouth.
Villain shrugged. Even if he could get the words to come, he really couldn't say why the hero had chosen to question him out of everyone. Eventually, Other Villain had enough silence and pulled him against the wall to wait while her vultures went through stained shirts and pockets.
"Other Villain?" Villain called eventually, once they moved on to stealing larger items, like furniture and plans.
"Hm?" Other Villain said as she poured the contents of a desk drawer into her backpack.
"How does one get on Superhero's radar?"
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persephonescottage · 3 days
EXES PAST: Year 3.
Pairing: Billy RussoxFem!Reader.
Summary: Corrupt Benjamin March.
Warning: References to sexual situations, violence, blood, mutilation, trauma, swearing, obsessive thoughts, possessiveness, kidnapping, stalking, manipulation, violence, gaslighting and other triggers I will include as we go along, please only read if you’re 18+.
If any of this warnings trigger you please don’t read.
Gift giving, hot cocoa and pine trees everywhere. Billy wasn’t a big fan of the holidays but if it meant he’d see you at the Castle’s Christmas party he was all in.
Even if his baseball team lost and now he had to wear the stupid sweater Karen got him last year.
As soon as he stepped in the Greenwich house he looked for you, the warmth blushing his face, still some snow on the shoulders of his coat from the outside weather.
“I can’t believe you’re here!” Karen said excited jumping to hug him and Billy knew she had a little too much eggnog already. “I thought you wouldn’t come cause of the sweater. Oh my God look at the sweater!”
She points as she rambles to Frank who is next to her and Billy looks down at his outfit. A red sweater with a three dimensional Christmas wreath and a plush reindeer coming out of it. 
He couldn’t even turn sideways safely without knocking someone over with it and God knows he wasn’t gonna let anybody know it sang jingle bells if you pressed the nose.
“I hate you.” He said simply taking his his coat off.
“No you don’t! You love me, that’s why you’re wearing it.” She smiled.
“Well I’m a man of my word.”
“Come on in.” Frank said this time, his lips in a line trying not to giggle “Let’s get you drunk so you’ll let us press the nose.”
As he followed his friends he scanned the room. Karens news paper friends and some old marines popped from the corners of the home but not you.
“She did come.” Frank whispers to him as soon as they reach the kitchen island that’s covered in half drunk bottles and people mingling around. 
“I don’t know who you’re talking about.” Billy smiles in complicity.
“Sure Bill.” Franks sarcasm makes Billy laugh “She’s outside with her boyfriend, he’s a smoker.”
Oh right, the boyfriend. 
Billy had learned his lesson with the lizard king, you would never surprise him with a boyfriend ever again. 
Keeping tabs on you was complicated, you were a social butterfly but thankfully he had a never drying fountain of gossip in Karen and he’d often got Frank to grumpily drop tips on you.
He also hacked your phone, email and social media.
Again, you’d never catch him off guard and this was a fun one to crack.
Benjamin March was a well known man around New York. Partner in one of the city’s top legal firms he had made a name for himself with a file of high profile clients. Most of them politics and men of influence.
And he would always win.
Red flag number one.
He married a former Miss North Carolina whom he divorced about a year before and who he left practically on the streets alleging a horribly balanced prenup.
Poor girl, at least she was pretty.
Red flag number two.
Late night at his office after ANVIL was completely empty a few nights before Billy tried to convince himself he’d only intervene in your relationship if Benjamin March had all three strikes against him.
As if he really needed a single reason to murder a man just to get you all to himself.
Luckily for Billy he found the third strike, and it was a big one. The big kahuna of dirt he had now saved in a usb drive that was burning his pants pocket.
He couldn’t wait.
His hands vibrating with anticipation when you walked inside all by yourself, taking a shot Karen offered you on sight.
“Nice sweater Bill.” You press your lips together trying not to laugh and he smiles at you.
It’s all he can do.
“Merry Christmas angel. Not following the rules I see.” He says pointing at your outfit. “We agreed, no mini skirts. They make me nervous and you know it.”
“Well we also said no cozy looking sweaters.” You can’t hide the laugh after the sarcastic comment.
“If this makes you horny you have some serious issues.” 
His laugh is interrupted by a man about a foot taller than you. His arm twisting around your torso in a possessive way.
There’s a fruity smell lingering from him and Billy wants to puke. 
This man vapes?
As if he needed a fourth red flag, he thinks.
Billy introduces himself, a proud smirk on his face when Benjamin admits he already knows who he is, reassuring his status.
It takes a while before Karen pulls you to her, the motion lifting your skirt a little too much for Billy’s sanity and then you disappear with the blonde off to meet some of her friends.
It even feels orchestrated when somehow he is left alone in the kitchen with Benjamin March, the closes person holding their drunken state on a column of the dining room.
But Billy isn’t worried about Karen’s drunken co-workers and he wastes no time on handling the lawyer the usb from his pocket, releasing the speech of accusations he had prepared.
It’s not surprising when the man doesn’t deny Billy’s accusations.
Benjamin March had been helping elite men get away with fraud, murder and other crimes that made Billy’s stomach turn.
But he didn’t look remotely sorry.
Maybe a little sorry he had been caught when Billy hands him the incriminating proof, it’s all there, pictures, documents and audios, served in a silver platter that can lock the lawyer up for a long time.
Billy isn’t sure he’d ever been more offended than when Benjamin offers him money for his silence.
As if he wanted his disgusting money.
“What do you want then?” Benjamin seems more annoyed than worried.
“I want you to break up with her.”
“Fuck man! You went through all this trouble for some pussy?” He mocks. 
He has no idea.
“You got a deal. She’s all yours.”
He agrees without even thinking twice and Billy wants to break his jaw for talking about you as something so disposable.
They fine tune the details and Billy wishes to tell him he has no interest in pursuing his downfall after he breaks up with you.  Then he’ll become just another corrupt lawyer in New York City and he couldn’t care less.
And when March finally decides to leave he makes sure he makes himself even more punchable.
“Hit me up if you ever need a lawyer.” 
“Maybe you should have some water angel.”
Did he tell Benjamin March to break up with you?
Did he tell him to do it right now at this very party in front of other people?
For a lawyer he had no common sense and now Billy had a very drunk girl half crying half laughing on the Castle’s couch.
He eyed you quickly, trying to miss the way your legs shine under the low lights of the home when the red skirt you wore rises up.
He couldn’t tonight. You were drunk and sad and he didn’t want you like this but you seemed determined to get him though.
“Man I really was smart with the no sweater rule. You look so cute!” 
He looks down at the cursed sweater wanting to laugh with you, but you don’t, you seem serious about it.
You’re holding what seems to be your tenth shot of tequila and giving him those flirty eyes he often saw in his head during his jerk off sessions.
There’s barely anyone left at the party and it would be so easy to get you in one of the rooms and lift that tiny scrap off fabric you call an outfit.
There’s a big red stop sign going on loop in his head, not only was this his best friends home, your cheeks were bright pink from the intoxication and life was so unfair to him.
The one time you wanna fuck it’s because you’re drunk.
“We should get you home angel.”
He didn’t need to say it twice and you hold yourself clumsily up the couch using a sleeping Karen as a prop while Billy grabs your coat.
“Can you stay with me tonight Bill? Please I don’t want to be alone.”
He’s doing his best to be good, helping you put on your coat and your voice is so tiny and cute as you beg him standing by the Castle’s front door.
Again, life was so unfair.
He nods immediately anyway, his body betraying his reason and before he knows it he’s driving towards your apartment.
He has to help you walk into the elevator when you arrive since even in the state you are you refuse to take your heels off and something tells him you’re not as drunk as you pretend to be when you hold on to his bicep, resting your face of his chest in the elevator saying you’re dizzy.
As soon as you enter your home you disappear down a hallway and Billy looks around. It smells powdery and sweet just like you and he wants to fuck you on your pink couch.
But he won’t.
Instead he marches to your kitchen, opening the fridge to gather ingredients for a sandwich the he offers you as soon as you walk back out of your room wearing tiny cream short pajamas with polka dots on them.
“Aren’t you coming to bed?”
Your voice sounds innocent but he knows better. You’re gonna be the death of him.
“Here, eat this.” He ignores your request handing you the plate “It’ll help your stomach after all that tequila.”
“But I’m not hungry!” 
“I didn’t ask. Eat.” 
He barks a command as he would one of his soldiers even when he knows he has no power here. 
Not after you sit on the counter of the kitchen, your legs slightly spread and a force of gravity pushes him to walk in between them. 
You’re taking your time to chew and you look tired but the bread seems to be absorbing the alcohol just fine.
“I just don’t get it.”
“Get what?”
“Why boys keep breaking up with me. No one takes me seriously, no one wants me. I’m good enough to fuck but not enough to be a girlfriend.”
Billy can feel his heart shrinking with your statement and he wishes he could tell you that they do want you. All of them do. In fact he had to use violence and threats to get rid of a couple already.
But he gives you a warm smile instead, using his fingertips to put some of your hair behind your ear.
“Maybe you should stop dating assholes.”
That didn’t come out as comforting as he wanted to and you sigh and use your forearm to move him from that sacred place between your thighs, getting off the counter.
He tried his best to ignore the jiggle of your curves as you do but he can feel the zipper of his pants tightening.
“I can’t finish it” you say, a yawn escaping your mouth.
“Fine.” Billy sighs, taking the half eaten sandwich from your fingers “But have some more water.”
“Hey, I didn't mean to force you to stay with me tonight, I’m sorry. Thank you for driving me but you can go if you want.”
‘Leave dickhead’ his head screams ‘It’s time for you to leave’
“I can stay a while.”
The voice in Billy’s head throws it’s hands in the air in exasperation.
“Okay.” Your reply is a whisper but there’s a small smile on your lips.
Billy wishes he had kept the moment cute, but he can’t help his gaze to skim over your body, the outline of your nipples through the tiny cotton top. You adjust the strap on it and Billy looks away, afraid you caught him staring. 
“I know this is stupid but I like having you here.” You admit toying with your own fingers in a nervous state “I feel safe.”
Billy knows you mean it as a compliment but the sudden image of all the dangers of the city surrounding you made him anxious. Did you not feel safe when you were alone?
“How long have you been living by yourself?”
“A while. Since Karen moved out.”
That’s a long time. Too long.
You turn to walk towards what seems to be your bedroom and he makes sure he leaves a space between your bodies. He’s not sure if he does it so you know he won’t be creepy tonight or because he wants to watch your ass jiggle with each step.
He wants you to sit on his face.
But you’ve been drinking. You’re not falling down drunk but you’re still drunk.
“Billy?” You call to him from inside the bedroom.
Maybe a little make out session wouldn’t be the end of the world, he thinks. 
But that’s it.
There’s a rustling of fabric as he steps into the room and sees you crawl into bed. The sight of you shimmying into the blankets, hair spread on the pillow, waiting for him steals his breath.
He can feel your gaze burning into him and Billy has a sudden urge to flex his muscles, to show off, that until he figures you’re actually staring at his sweater.
Damn that singing reindeer.
“I’ll take it off.” He laughs.
“I actually like it.”
You’re on the right side of the bed, lying on your side facing him. Leaving a space in your bed for him.
“Would you stay for a while longer?” You ask.
“Sure angel.” 
“Sorry, you don’t have to, it was dumb of me to ask. I can walk you out if you’d like to go.”
“No, I’d like to stay. I can’t stay the whole night but I’ll stay a little more.”
Billy doesn’t elaborate why, because the why is simply that he won’t be able to control himself sleeping next to your soft body. If he was still there in the morning there was zero chance he wouldn’t fuck you.
“You should rest a little then, before you drive home.”
Your hand is touching the spot next to you on the mattress and Billy gulps.
“You worried about me angel?”
“I’m worried about the other drivers. I’ve seen you drive.”
Your laugh fills the dim light room and it seems to make it easier for him to get closer to the bed, sinking his knee on the soft surface.
“Sorry I don’t have anything your size to put on.”
“Put on?”
“To get comfy. Like pajamas.”
He nods like it was obvious what she meant, but why had his brain gone straight to condoms?
“I suppose you could just… take your pants off.”
Yes he could do that.
His body is fighting a battle of mind against dick and he waits for his conscience to win. To tell him to keep his pants on and to walk out the front door, but it never does.
Pants off it is then.
And that god awful sweater while he’s at it.
Standing there in your bedroom in his white under t-shirt and blue briefs Billy realized he’d take whatever punishment the universe threw his way for getting in bed with you in that state, even if you just slept next to him.
He was going to hell anyway.
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zoros-void · 2 months
➥ Daddy Issues
Tumblr media
Synopsis: Kissing your friend's dad, the man that comforts you after you cry to him - it leads to new things. 
CW: fem!reader. size kink/difference. age gap. fingering. cunnilingus. car sex. plot twist at the end.
Tumblr media
Blank eyes stared at the car coming to full stop next to the sidewalk, your gaze flickered to the person who rolled down the window.
Megumi’s father, Toji, his head was tilted as he leaned to call out for you, “hop in, kid,” he smiles, motioning with two fingers for you to enter the unlocked car. Normally, you’d have a small, harmless fight with him about not having to pick you up, even though he was just passing by your school after his work. The fatigue, and gloom that laid heavy on your back were not allowing you any room to decline his offer for this once. Toji’s smile stretches wider when you got into the car quietly, his eyes narrowed for a brief moment, not liking the way you were too quiet, or the way you didn’t even put your seatbelt as soon as you were sat, like you usually do.
“Rough day?” He asks, leaning towards you to reach for the belt. You turn your head at the same time he leaned closer, your faces only inches apart as your eyes went wide before you turned; missing the way his eyes landed on your lips.
“No, it was fine,” your little lie went on deaf ears, along the click of your seatbelt locking in. You hear him suck on his teeth, letting out a gruff sigh that had your heart drop to the bottom of your stomach. Your head snapped towards with tears bubbling in your widened doe eyes, Toji’s brows are raised as he watched you with a hint of confusion on his features.
“Hey, heyy…what’s wrong?” He asks, reaching a hand to cup your face. The gesture would be a small, and kind one, but you felt the heat rushing to your face at the feeling of his big hand on your face. It was warm…and very big, so big that you believed he can hold your head with one hand, and let your body dangle like it’s nothing but an empty sack.
Toji glances at your bottom lip being tucked between your teeth, you tried to hold your sobbing, but he was making it harder with the way he let a thumb brush to caress against your cheek. Breaking out into a sobbing mess next to your friend’s father, and the same man who you secretly yearned for, and simultaneously fearing what he’d think of you for seeing him that way.
Was he annoyed at you? Mad at you? Disappointed? What was it that made him audibly tsk.
Whatever it was, you did not want or need any more things to worry about for the rest of the day. Lifting a hand to wrap around his wrist, you fruitlessly try to push him away, even when your heart was refusing the way your body acted.
“C’mon, kid. Tell me what’s wrong. Who do I need to beat up for you?”
“It’s nothing, I’m just tired. Please just take me home,” your voice was low, exhaustion seeped through the air.
Toji frowned momentarily before he sighed, finally letting go of your face, leaving behind skin that went cold at the loss of his touch. You wipe at your face, feeling abashed at the burst of the emotion you hated the most.
Minutes passed by, your head rested against the window while you watched the street lights coming to life as the sun had began to set. Toji tapped a random beat on the wheel while waiting at the red light, you didn’t miss the wrong exit that he took when the light went green, causing you to sit up and look at him questioningly.
“We’re going to the mall, buy all you want, it’s my treat for being a good girl at school,” he did says while watching the road. You were taken aback, how does he even know…? Maybe, Megumi told him. Yeah, sounds reasonable.
“Your mother told me last night, you scored a perfect grade on last week’s competition. Good job, I’m proud of you,” he turns to smile at you, but he was met with yet another sobbing face.
“Wha- hey, what’s is going on with you today?” He stuttered, looking back and forth between you and the road. You continued to cry, warm cascades streamed down your face as his words repeated in your head.
Good job, I’m proud of you.
Good job, I’m proud of you.
Good job, I’m proud of you.
Fuck, how good it felt to hear those words from him.
The car comes to a full stop, again, Toji parked at a cornered lot that was away from most cars. You gnawed at your lip, picking at the sleeves of your uniform as you quietly sniffled. Your body went cold and rigid, in the corner of your eye, you saw Toji turning to face you. He abruptly grabs your face with both hands, involuntary forcing you to look straight to his eyes. Your hands instinctively flew to hold onto his forearms.
“Say what’s wrong or we’re not going home,” he speaks, calmly.
You knew you had no way out of this, so, you finally answered, “my dad,” your bottom lip quivered, “he’s always at work, but when he’s back home he always screams, and starts problems for no reason.”
“And this happened today, too?”
You nod, still holding eye contact. “This morning, before school…he found out that yesterday I got a score lower than usual, then he-,” unable to hold back a sob, you cried, again.
Toji scowled, he rarely sees your father, and whenever he did; it was always late at night or very early in the mornings. Toji didn’t know what it was, but he always hated seeing that man so far, let alone hearing about him making your days harder than they already are.
“There, there,“ he clicks the belt away, letting you free from its hold, so he can pull you into his embrace. Your eyes went wide, once again, the warmth of his body enveloping you under him, it made your head dizzy. His scent invades your senses, the thick, muscular arms tightening around you every time you sniffled, with a hand behind your head caressing you gently. “Go ahead and cry it all out,” he whispers. “I bet he’s such an asshole if he managed to make the best girl feel this way.”
A few minutes went by, you had quieted down your sobbing, Toji loosened his arms to allow you some room to choose wether you wanted to move or stay longer.
“Good girls have it hard,” he chuckles.
Your arms found their way around his body, subconsciously feeling the hardness of his well built muscles as they snaked around his huge physique. Nuzzling into his chest, and inhaling the cologne you loved smelling on him.
Suddenly, you moved to stand on your knees, having made Toji stare at you in confusion when you leaned closer, you didn’t know what you were doing either, it was too late to think any further because your lips were already touching each other’s.
Toji shuts his eyes, his hands firmly grabbing your hips as you wobbled into his lap. You never knew what it was like to be drunk, yet you believed that it was the same thing you felt with Toji’s lips on yours.
His left arm snaked around your waist to hold you, while the other grabbed the back of your head to pull you closer than you already are; deepening the kiss. Tongues and teeth clashed, his tongue was longer and wider, you felt small, so small that it made you weak in the knees. Moaning into his mouth when you felt the solid length kissing your pooling heat. His cock rubbed against your clothed cunt, panties drenched with your arousal as you rolled your hips on his length, causing him to groan deeply.
Toji grabs your hair to force your greedy mouth away, he almost smirked at your terrified face, finding it amusing how you acted without thinking of the consequences.
“I never thought that you’d be a horny teen,” he teases, “have you fucked Megumi?” His question was unexpected, even to himself.
“Ya like older men, eh?” Toji’s thumb swipes across your lips as he licks his own.
“…I like you only,” you answered hesitantly, finding it useless to lie after what you’ve done.
“Oh? Well, I’m flattered to hear that,” Toji grins widely. You felt your heartbeat calming down, hearing his words made the fright in you die away. Your lips curved into a smile, your eyes almost sparkled like the stars at night , and the world had become colorful for the first time in a while. You felt euphoric just by looking at his assuring smile. Leaning to kiss him again, only to be stopped by his hand grabbing your hair again. “Hold on, baby,” he grunts, fidgeting around to click a button that changed the car’s seats. The first and second backseats adjacent together into one piece that could be used as a bed, you gaped at the new technology, finding it quite amusing.
The driver’s seat bent backwards, Toji moved into the backseats with you held tightly in his hands. He positions you on your back, beneath him, smiling upon you as you shyly watch him.
“Just relax and enjoy yourself, mk?” He brushes the back of his knuckles against your cheek. You could only nod at him, finding it difficult to form any words out agitation.
Toji’s big hands run down your sides, letting his hands touch to study every curve they came across. He hoists your skirt up, smirking down at the soaked patch on your panties. He presses two thick fingers and runs them along your slit, brushing them gently against your clit, causing your hips to buck as you tried to follow after his hand.
“Patience,” he chuckles. Your squeal of a gasp bounced of the doors when Toji’s mouth cupped over your clothed cunt, his eyes flickered towards you foggy ones to watch the twisted features you make when he flicks his tongue onto your clit. He groans into you when your eyes turned doe-like, yearningly gazing at him, begging him to do more, to touch you more, to praise you for being so good for him.
Toji pushes your panties to the side, rifling his digits between your folds, he halts right at your sopping entrance, grinning and admiring the glistening essence dripping into his fingers.
Practically tearing the panties apart, Toji couldn’t help but bury his face into your pussy; deeply inhaling the addicting scent of your arousal. Your thighs clenched around his head at the stimulation on your clit from having him pressed against your core.
“You’re pretty everywhere,” he kisses your labia, sliding his tongue to your inner folds after each brush of his lips. “My prettiest girl,” he moans, slipping one thick finger past your hole, causing you to audibly gasp. “So tight, gotta loosen you up.”
Thrusting his finger to kiss your walls deeply, he adds another to stretch you out, but he knew they weren’t enough, so he added a third. Tears prickled at your eyes from the slight pain of having such big fingers being fucked into you, they were completely different from using your own fingers. He reached places you never thought you even had, rotating and curling his fingers, and simultaneously lapping your slick over your clit. His tongue covered half of your cunt, swirling and prodding at your precious pearl until your thighs shook violently. Your hands found purchase in his hair, gripping tightly while your chest heaved for shallow gasps to slip past your lips. Toji’s cheeks were shiny with your wetness, messily wiggling his head like an insatiable beast, he picked up the pace of both his fingers and tongue. Sucking gently before rolling your clit with the tip of his thick tongue.
His unoccupied arm forced your thighs further apart, holding your legs with his forearm until your feet were touching the ceiling as he continued to eat you enthusiastically. Your back arched for your orgasm was scorching hot in the pit of your womb as it burst on his tongue like a water balloon. Warm cream covering his lower face, Toji’s tongue poked out to collect it all from his lips before hovering about you, he takes your mouth horizontally; making the kiss even more filthy.
You tasted yourself from his tongue when he intertwines with you, slobber had drooled down your chin as your eyes almost crossed when he ground his bulge against your sensitive nub. Gasping into his mouth, your legs wrapped around his waist, uncertain if you wanted to push him away or pull him closer.
“Fuuckk,” he groans, “I need this pussy around my cock, can you take it?” He looks at you through his lustful gaze. You nod, humming with enthusiasm. “That’s my good girl,” he pecks your lips.
Leaning backwards to unzip his pants, Toji’s cock stands proudly in front of your widened eyes. It was huge, just as you expected, yet you were still perplexed at the size. The slit of his head was already leaking with pre-cum, his hand rubs at the head to gather it, and smear it around his cock. You were practically gawking at him, that thing is supposed to go in you?
Toji pumps himself a few times, his unoccupied hand brushed along the plush of your inner thighs, soothingly. “Close your mouth before I end up fucking it,” his lips twisted into a side grin. “Unless, you’d like me to do that?” He drags his length between your folds, sending shockwaves of pleasure surging through your veins.
“Please,” you plead. “Fuck me, Toji-san.”
Toji’s grin widened to show pearly whites, he bends to take your mouth, once again, while simultaneously positioning his cock against your entrance. Too distracted by the overwhelming kiss, you missed the feeling of his bulbous head sliding past your hole, until his girth began to stretch you more. You whimpered, holding into his biceps as his hips rolled to push his cock all the way in.
“Shh, the pain will be brief,” he coos, “you can take it, I know you can,” Toji kisses your jaw, trailing more down the side of your neck as he waits for you to adjust.
“Please…” you whispered, finding yourself desperately wanting him to pound you into the oblivion.
A chortle rippled from the back of his throat, Toji began to roll his hips, thrusting into your greedy pussy. He groans huskily at the loud squelching of your cunt sucking him in with force, gummy walls clamping down to envelope his cock so perfectly that he believed you were made to belong to him. His arms snaked around you, holding you with such gentleness as if his hips weren’t snapping violently enough to bruise your skin. As if the tip of his cock wasn’t kissing your cervix. As if he wasn’t the one that gave your slutty teacher his cock so she can give you a lower score. As if he was not the one who told your dad about your score.
Truly, he wasn’t expecting you to kiss him, but it made things easier, and he did not feel an ounce of remorse.
He grinned into the crook of your neck, inhaling your scent sharply.
In the end, it was all worth it.
Tumblr media
Reader is written as an 18-19 teen.
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pedgeitopascal · 27 days
exception (pedro pascal x female reader)
summary: After filming a segment together for The Graham Norton Show in London, Pedro finds himself drawn to you and asks you out on a date.
pairing: Pedro Pascal x Female Singer Reader
warnings/tags: 18+ only. Cute, flirty!Pedro, age gap (reader is in her late twenties).
length: 3.6k
a/n: I've wanted to write something for Pedro, but I don't think I'll write him too well so I always talk myself out of it. Today, I finally had to scratch the itch. This might be the only Pedro thing I write since I have so much TLOU stuff going on. I wrote this in an hour and didn't get the chance to proofread, so apologies for any mistakes! Also, if you read my previous CE fics, you know I am a sucker for singer/celebrity reader.
Tumblr media
February 2023; London, England
You’d just kicked off your high heels when you heard it; a light, almost too light you didn’t hear it, knock at the door of your dressing room.
You had asked Miranda, your manager, for some privacy so you could change out of the uncomfortably short, tight, couture dress that your stylist had somehow squeezed you into for the taping, and surely she couldn’t have possibly thought that you’d managed to get undressed and dressed in three minutes; hell, just getting out of the damn dress you were in was going to take you a bit of time. Frowning, you walked over and opened the door. “Miranda, I still need another few minutes, I’m not ready yet. Besides, I thought you said you were going to step out and get a coffee from Starbucks—” You stopped abruptly as soon as you finally realized it wasn’t your manager.
Instead, you were met with the dark brown eyes of the incredibly kind and charming man that you’d had the pleasure of meeting during the taping of The Graham Norton Show. Pedro Pascal stood there at your door, still clad in the designer black suit and turtleneck he’d worn for the show. “Pedro? What are you doing here?” You couldn’t help but to look around, a puzzled look on your face.
Maybe he’d accidentally taken a wrong turn down the hallway? Surely he hadn’t come looking for you—right?
“I hope I’m not interrupting,” Pedro said, flashing you his enchanting, delightful smile. He had given you plenty of those during filming, and each one caused your heart to flutter like a wild butterfly had been let loose inside of your chest; you wondered if he’d picked up on it. Was that the reason he was here? Had he noticed how out of everyone on that couch, he was the one you’d connected to the most? How you’d touched his knee several times while talking, how you leaned into his shoulder whenever he made you burst into a fit of giggles?
Realizing that he was waiting for a reply, you willed yourself to speak.
“No,” You assured him, leaning against the doorframe. “Not at all. I’m just kind of surprised to see you here. I was wondering if perhaps you were just lost or something.”
Pedro laughed, causing something deep inside of you to stir. “No, I’m not lost. You’re exactly who I was looking for, actually. I just wanted to stop by and congratulate you on a fantastic performance today.”
You peered at him curiously and then let out a hum. “That’s sweet of you, but if I remember correctly, you already congratulated me out on the stage along with Graham and everyone else.”
“Alright, alright, you caught me,” Pedro said, holding up his hands for a moment before dropping them back down to his sides. “That is not the reason I stopped by—actually, the real reason I’m here is because I just really wanted to see you again before we both had to take off.”
You gripped the doorframe tightly, nearly losing your balance. Never, never in your life had you met a man who could so easily, effortlessly, sweep you off of your feet. Literally.
You’d just met Pedro mere hours ago, and already, you were hooked.
But how could you not be?
Those eyes, that smile, and his voice—oh god, that voice of his, it had made you go weak at the knees the moment he uttered his first hello.
“Really? You wanted to see me?” You asked him after a moment.
“Really.” Pedro nodded, shoving both of his hands into the pockets of his black trousers in an adorably boyish manner. He shrugged lightly, adding, “And also because I wanted to find out if you had anything on your schedule later on this evening.” Up until this point, Pedro exuded nothing but pure confidence, however now, you could detect a subtle hint of nervousness in his tone. He shrugged his shoulders again. “I’d imagine that you’re probably a very busy woman and it’s a shot in the dark, but I would have never forgiven myself if I had left here without at least asking you if you were free or not.”
You offered him a flirty smile. “Well, that depends,” You replied, lifting a hand and running it through your hair casually, as if weren’t losing it completely on the inside. “I might have a prior commitment tonight. I might not. I guess my answer really depends on whether or not you’re asking me out, Mister Pascal.”
“Well, what if I am asking you out?”
“Then my schedule just miraculously opened up.”
Pedro grinned at you. “How does dinner around seven sound?”
“It sounds perfect. Hold on a minute.” You whirled around and rushed over to the vanity table in your dressing room. Picking up your phone, you hurried back over to the door and handed it to him, asking him to add his number to your list of contacts. As Pedro handed it back over to you, you shot him a teeny, teasing smile. “I don’t usually go out on dates with actors, you know.”
“And why’s that?” he questioned, handing his phone over to you.
“Because they’re actors.” You quickly added your number to his list of contacts as well and then gave it back to him. “Can’t trust them.”
Pedro slid his phone back into his pants pocket, chuckling. “And here you are, agreeing to go out on a date with me.”
You gave him a playful wink. “I’m making an exception tonight.”
“I’ll take it.” He winked back. “Are you staying somewhere close by?”
“I’m staying at The Ritz in Piccadilly. What about you?”
He raised his eyebrows. “Really? That’s where I’m at too.”
“Small world here in London,” You joked.
The mere idea of you two staying at the same hotel made a shiver go up and down your spine, but you knew better than to even think that far ahead.
“Well then, I’ll have a car waiting to pick us up out in front of the hotel at seven.” Pedro’s eyes twinkled mischievously. “Oh and by the way, I think you should know that I usually never ask singers out on dates.”
Though you imagined he was only teasing you back from what you’d said earlier, you decided to play along with him. “Oh, is that so?”
“Yep. But just like you, I’m making an exception tonight.”
Tumblr media
“I still think this is a bad idea,” Miranda said, a look of disapproval on her face as she watched you stand in front of the mirror and slip on a pair of small, gold hoop earrings. She was sitting on the edge of your bed, her phone in one hand and her tablet in the other, as per usual.
Earlier that evening, you’d texted Pedro, asking him how you should dress for the occasion and his response had been: comfortable. After changing your outfit about three times, you finally settled for a cream colored knit sweater that sat off your shoulders and high waisted blue jeans, along with a pair of brown leather ankle boots. You pulled your hair back into a sleek ponytail and decided to keep your makeup very simple, sticking to the basics such as concealer, mascara, and tinted lip balm.
You couldn’t remember the last time you felt like this—excited, giddy, but still nervous and full of first date jitters.
Miranda said your name loudly and you whirled around. “Huh? Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention, did you say something?”
She glared at you. “I said, I think this is a bad idea.”
“Well for one, there’s an age gap, and a significant one at that.”
You snorted, tossing her an eye roll. “I am a grown, consenting adult, and one who is well above age, at that. Besides, it’s just one dinner. It is one date, Miranda. I’m not going to marry the guy.”
“You like him,” Miranda accused you. “I know you do. Throughout the entire taping of the show, you kept on staring at him, touching his leg and giggling at everything he said like a silly little school girl with her first crush.”
You shrugged innocently. “Okay, so maybe I do like him. So what?”
“If any photographers spot you—”
“Which they will,” You confirmed, knowingly. “It’s London, Miranda. This city is crawling with paparazzi, and I’m sure we’ll be spotted. If not by them, then by fans, either his or mine.” You noticed the look on her face and let out a small sigh, not wanting her to put a damper on what you knew would be an enjoyable evening. “Listen, Pedro seems like a very, very nice person and I don’t think it’s a crime for me to go out to dinner with him. Besides, we both know my streak of going out with complete assholes. I think Pedro Pascal might be the one who finally breaks it.”
“Miranda, please,” You nearly pleaded her. “Just let me have this.”
“Fine,” she grumbled. “Still think it’s a bad idea though.”
Your phone buzzed and you picked it up a little too eagerly.
Pedro had sent you a text message.
Car is outside, meet me downstairs in the lobby?
You sent him a message back, letting him know you’d be on your way.
Grabbing your purse and a warm coat to throw on just incase it grew too chilly later, you left your suite and made your way downstairs to the lobby; your nerves started coming in hot the moment you saw Pedro waiting at the bottom of the staircase for you donning a black cashmere sweater, black jeans, and black suede shoes.
“You look beautiful,” he complimented you. Gesturing over towards the glass doors of the hotel, he offered you his arm. “Shall we?”
You nodded, smiling at him as you took it. “Of course.”
You’d imagined Pedro was nothing short of a true gentleman and you had been absolutely right—you couldn’t recall the last time someone you went on a date with had opened the car door for you, checked to make sure that you were wearing your seatbelt properly, or asked you if you were warm enough with the current heater setting. Little things that made you feel like you were in good hands. Safe, caring hands.
Pedro hadn’t mentioned to you where you two were going, but when the car pulled to a stop in front of an English pub, you found yourself feeling pleasantly surprised. He explained that it was a smaller joint, a local family owned business; after getting out of the car, Pedro took you by surprise and reached for your hand, giving it a gentle squeeze as he led you inside. There were a decent amount of patrons at this hour in the evening, but it wasn’t too packed to where it would feel uncomfortable.
“I know it isn’t exactly a Micheline star restaurant, but it’s a very cozy, chill kind of pub and the food is actually really good,” Pedro said, your hand still in his as a hostess led you both over to a small, round table that was nestled in the furthest corner of the pub. “My stylist, Coco, she introduced me to this place a couple of years ago. We come here every time we’re in London.”
“This is perfect!” You beamed at him as he pulled out your chair.
He chuckled, seemingly surprised by your reaction. “Really?”
You shot him a teasing glare across the table as he sat down. “What, did you think I was going to be too high maintenance or something?”
“An award winning, platinum recording artist? High maintenance? Of course not,” Pedro waved a hand, though he grinned at you. “Why in the world would I ever think such a thing?”
Your mouth fell open slightly. “You do think that of me, don’t you?”
He shrugged. “I don’t know, I mean I have heard a few rumors around the block that you can be quite the little diva sometimes.”
You squinted at him. “Let me guess, your manager told you that?”
“She didn’t think that coming out to dinner with you was a good idea,” Pedro admitted. “She tried to talk me out of it for hours.”
Before you could say anything, a young waiter came over and asked if you two were ready to order drinks. Though you knew that beer was a popular drink of choice in an English pub, you asked for a glass of red wine, and thinking that it sounded good, Pedro ordered one too. The waiter disappeared for about less than a minute before returning with two glasses of wine in his hands; he set them down on the table, then announced he would give you a few minutes to look over the menu so he could take your order for food.
“I hope what I said didn’t upset you,” Pedro said as soon as the waiter had walked away. He gazed at you, a hint of concern in his dark eyes.
“No, it’s quite alright. My manager was against this whole thing too, if I’m being honest.” You looked at him curiously. “So why did you come out to dinner with me after what she told you about me?”
He picked up his glass of wine, taking a pensive sip before answering, an amused smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. “Well, I guess I had to find out for myself if the rumors were indeed true.”
“And? What’s the verdict?”
Pedro hummed. “Jury’s still not out yet,” he concluded, causing you to throw your head back and laugh.
“Alright, fair enough.” As you reached for your own glass of wine, you noticed the way he had fixed his eyes intently on you. “What?”
“Nothing. You just have a gorgeous laugh, is all. Just as gorgeous as that singing voice of yours.”
You flushed a deep shade of red. “Thank you, Pedro.”
“You’re welcome.” He paused, taking another sip of wine. He seemed to be deep in thought for a moment, and just when you were about to ask him if everything was okay, he finally spoke again. “Is it alright if I ask you a question?”
“Of course.”
“Why was your manager against it?”
You hesitated. “Well, for starters, there’s the age gap.”
“Sounds about right,” he said, though he didn’t seem the slightest bit offended. “Does it bother you that I’m a lot older than you?”
You chuckled softly. “I wouldn’t be here if it did, now would I?”
“I think that more than anything, she’s just worried about my image. I have been known to go after the wrong kind of men,” You confessed after a moment, nervously tracing circles along the rim of your glass. “I’ve just had a very long, string of bad luck with men that I’ve dated in the past and she’s probably sick of having to do so much damage control when the stories end up in the tabloids. Miranda tells me that she’s the least stressed out when I’m single.”
He raised an eyebrow, remembering how you teased him earlier that day. “Were they actors?”
“Some of them.”
Pedro reached over, taking your hand from the top of your wine glass and held it in his. “I know we just met,” he started to say, “We hardly know each other, but I want to change that. I will happily do whatever it takes to show you that I’m not like the rest of them.”
You’d heard that one before.
I’m not like the other guys.
Having read your mind, Pedro gave your hand a squeeze. “Only, and only, if you want to give me the chance, of course.”
Your eyes flickered up to meet his. They seemed so sincere.
So genuine.
“I do,” You answered. “I really do.”
Tumblr media
“No way!” Pedro laughed as he walked you down the hallway to your hotel suite a few hours later. “At the Grammy’s? Really?”
You nodded. “I swear! I was so positive I would make it back from the bathroom in time. I was washing my hands when someone ran in and told me that I’d won the award and that everyone was waiting for me to go on stage. The next thing you know, I’m running full speed down the hallway of the venue in a dress and six inch heels!” You looked up at Pedro, your arm looped through his. “I rolled my ankle pretty damn bad, but nobody knew that until I basically limped off stage.”
“What?” he asked incredulously. “You still went up there like that?”
“Yeah,” You said, shaking your head. “When I was up on stage giving my acceptance speech, everybody thought that I was crying tears of joy over winning album of the year, but I was actually crying because I was in so much pain. My ankle was the size of a baseball.”
Pedro nudged your shoulder with his. “What in the world were you thinking, running in high heels? You could’ve broken a bone!”
“I know, I know. But that is what happens when you drink too much at the Grammy’s and have to go to the bathroom,” You said, nudging him back. “See, I told you that my most embarrassing moment would top yours.”
“Good thing we didn’t bet anything, or I would have lost.”
You stopped outside the door to your suite, dropping your arm from his. “This is me.” Suddenly, you felt nervous. “I’d um, I’d invite you in for a drink, but Miranda is probably in there right now waiting for me and making sure that I behave tonight.”
“Damn her,” he joked. “How dare she look out for you and make sure that you make smart choices? The audacity!”
You giggled. “I’m willing to bet that she’s got her ear pressed against the door as we speak.”
“Hi Miranda,” Pedro said loudly, eliciting another giggle from you. He stepped towards you, reaching for both of your hands. “I had a really good time with you tonight.”
“I did too. I had a great time, actually.” You tilted your head, glancing up at him through your eyelashes. “By the way, you never told me if the jury is still deliberating or not. About the whole diva thing.”
“Nope. They’ve finally reached a verdict.”
“Not guilty,” Pedro grinned at you, lacing your fingers with his. “I’ll be honest, when I found out you’d be on the show, I really didn’t think I’d like you as much as I did or that we would get along. I mean, between the age difference and both of our careers being on opposite ends of the spectrum, I thought I wouldn’t be able to connect with you.”
“I don’t know if I should be flattered or offended right now.”
“Just stick with me here for a minute, I promise I’m going somewhere with this,” he assured you. “As I listened to you talking to Graham and to the audience, I couldn’t believe how someone who is as talented as you are, who has accomplished everything that you’ve accomplished with your music career, could be so humble. I was blown away by just how down to earth and sweet you are, and that’s why I came looking for you back at the studio. I was so drawn to you, and I knew I wanted to get to know you better.”
“Well, you’re not the only one who might have some preconceived notions,” You admitted. “I told you I didn’t usually go out on dates with actors because well, most of them are jerks. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had my heart broken by some movie star.”
“I don’t really do movies,” he pointed out, jokingly.
“You know what I mean,” You laughed. “My point is, you took me by surprise too, Pedro. I didn’t think I’d like you as much as I did either.” You stopped, correcting yourself, “As much as I do.”
Pedro’s eyes fell to your lips, causing a shiver to go up your spine.
“I’m glad you made the exception for me,” he murmured.
“I’m glad you made an exception for me too.”
Pedro took another step closer to you. “Can I kiss you?”
“Only if you promise not to swerve me at the last second,” You teased, reminding him of what had occurred on the show earlier that day.
“I’d never,” he swore, releasing your hands. He placed one of his own innocently on your hip, bringing you even closer to him; his opposite hand cupped the side of your face, gingerly tilting it up towards his. He leaned down and gently brushed his lips against yours, almost as if he were testing the waters. Once he felt you melting against him, he knew it was his cue to go a little deeper, parting your lips with his tongue to explore it further.
When he pulled away, you were both left breathless.
“I’d really like to see you again,” Pedro whispered, his hand still resting on your hip. “I know we’re both busy and it might be impossible, but I really, really do.”
“I have a full schedule tomorrow, but I don’t mind getting up a little earlier in the morning if it means we can meet up for a coffee?”
“Coffee sounds perfect.” Pedro beamed at you before leaning down for a second kiss.
“I should go inside before Miranda comes out here and drags me in by the ponytail,” You said quietly against his lips, causing him to chuckle. “But I’ll see you tomorrow?”
He nodded his head. “Tomorrow.”
“Goodnight, Pedro.”
He gave you one last kiss for the night. “Goodnight, preciosa.”
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lunargrapejuice · 8 months
when you sleep on the couch after an argument
zhongli x reader
1.6k+ words | diluc
warnings: hurt/comfort, no pronouns used
mayyyy be writing the same with some other boys too👀
Tumblr media
“okay.. okay! i get it zhongli,” you express loudly when you’ve heard enough of his words, dropping your tense shoulders and letting your head hang low as you rub the bridge of your nose between your fingers to try to ease the unshed tears that threaten to make their escape. except your words are a lie, you don’t get it and don’t know why can’t he understand where you’re coming from. he was always so understanding but tonight your conversation took a turn for the worse and somewhere in the heat of it all, understanding was lost and forgotten from the both of you. your strained throat can’t take much more of this and the shakiness of your words say as much. it's been a long day and an even longer night with your beloved towering over, unintentionally making you feel small both with his stature and choice of words. his tone was so unfamiliar to you, every word feeling like he was talking down to you and the volume of your own voice was something he hardly ever heard from you. even if you felt like you could scream you didn’t want this to continue, not knowing how much more your heart could take. “i’m tired.. let's go to bed.”
zhongli sighs and rolls his shoulders, letting your words and the knowledge you now understand his own lessen his frustration. with your discussion out of the way, tiredness and the need to show you his affection is all that remains. arguments are few and far between with the ex archon, for more reasons than one but most of all, he would hate to be the cause of your sadness. all he ever wanted was to love you. after feeling so far away from you this entire discussion, laying in bed and holding you against his chest sounds like the best possible way to end the heavy night. with a tired smile he reaches for you, ready to lead you back into the bedroom and go through your nightly routine together as you normally do but his smile, and his heart, drop when you walk past him without meeting his gaze and he hears the running water as you get ready by yourself. 
in the bathroom, side by side, you wash your faces, brush your teeth and change clothes all without speaking a word to one another. you hardly even look at him but his topaz gaze finds you more than a few times, each quiet moment you don’t return his loving glances making the pit of nervousness in his stomach swirl uncontrollably.
“may i?” he boldly asks when you reach for the hairbrush he recalls purchasing for you when you first started dating, thankfully the day he saw it he had remembered his wallet. 
“.. i’ve got it,” you reply quietly, grabbing the brush and working it through your hair. it felt like the words were being choked out of you but you do your best to steady your racing heart and stop the tears forming in your eyes. “i’ll be a bit longer.. you.. you don’t need to wait for me.”
“it’s okay, everythings fine.” but you’re saying it to yourself just as much as you are him because maybe, just maybe, if you spoke it the universe would make it so, but it doesn't; it doesn’t stop the aching in your chest, it doesn’t silence the echo of his harsh words replaying in your mind, it doesn’t make the tears in your eyes not sting any more. “i’ll be ready soon.”
gulping, and despite his better judgment, he nods and makes his way to the bedroom, preparing your side of the bed before sliding into his own. he hates how tight his stomach feels but he’s certain it’s nothing that holding you and getting some sleep can’t fix. it’s far past when you normally go to bed and now that you had come to a compromise and his body rested against the plush sheets he notices just how tired he actually is. yes, some sleep would do you both good. 
he hears the bathroom door close behind you and smiles sweetly, hopefully, his heart feeling lighter the closer you get to your side of the bed. 
the feeling of his heart dropping into the - now feeling endless - pit of his stomach stops his words from forming fully and has his smile turning into something sorrowful. but you wouldn’t have seen the pain he wore on his visage from behind the pillow you grabbed and buried the bottom of your face in.
“what are you doing?”
“i- i’m gonna go sleep on the couch..” you bite your bottom lip, hating how little of a shield this pillow made when all you wanted to do was hide from his ember eyes. sometimes you really hated how even when you can’t see them you can still feel them on you. “i’d just like some space right now..”
for the first time in a long time the ex archon felt worthless in his knowledge. zhongli thought he was getting better at grasping the entirety of human emotions but as he tries to process what is going on in your emotions, not sure of what to make of them and honestly not even sure of what the significance of sleeping on the couch is, he starts to realize he may not be as close as he thought and he’s forced to watch the distance he felt between you before grow vaster than he thought possible. the only thing he knows for certain is he would never deny you of what you needed, including space from him.
he can only watch as you grab an extra blanket from the closet and quietly, with gentleness that wouldn’t disturb a fly, close the bedroom door behind you. he wishes you’d at least slam the door behind you, yell at him, give him some physical form of indication that you’re still mad at him, that his argument wasn’t over because this is so much worse.
despite how tired he felt before, he can’t sleep a wink and for far too long he watches the door until eventually his gaze ends up focused on the ceiling above your shared bed, images of your argument replaying in his mind, guilt building higher than the mountains he’s created in all of liyue the longer he reflects on the truth of what happened; how he spoke to you as if you were a child and he a frustrated fool only trying to make sure his point comes across, not listening to your words or seeing how wet your eyes were filled with unshed tears or when your voice was strained with every word you spoke. not changing course when you hid from him and rubbed your nose in an attempt to calm yourself, a nervous habit he knows you have and normally is the only thing to help makes it better. his heart breaks realizing this argument was never truly resolved, all while he was blinded by his feelings about it and was fine with the conclusion but this he was far from fine with. whatever this sleeping on the couch custom was, he hated it, it makes him want nothing more than to hold you in his arms. 
hoping you’ll forgive him for not respecting your wishes to be alone, he makes his way down the hallway, his heart stopping him in his tracks when he sees you balled up uncomfortably on the couch, your wet cheeks glistening in the light coming from the bedroom. you must have only fallen asleep a little while ago, with your heart so full of anguish he had caused. watching you now he’s never felt so small, a pebble amongst the tallest mountains that threaten to collapse against his aching chest. 
he couldn’t let this continue. 
“z-zhongli?” your voice croaks at the feeling of being moved, strong arms adorned in black and gold bringing you safely against the chest that holds that heart that belongs to you. you're too tired to fight it, but even if you weren’t you aren’t sure you’d resist his touch or that your hands could ever resist the warmth of his chest. “what -”
“this isn’t right.” he whispers as he takes steady steps away from the living room to where you rightfully belong; in the comfort and safety of his arms. his forehead resting tenderly against yours. the smell of him invades your senses, calms your racing heart, makes it hard to fight off the sleep you both desperately need. “forgive me, for not letting you sleep on the couch, for not realizing my actions and how they hurt you sooner.”
he’s so thankful you don’t try to get out of his arms and a wave of relief washes over him when he places you into the silky sheet and lets go of you, making his way to his side of the bed but you don’t get up to leave. still, the anxiousness- while much less than it was before - pumped through his veins at the uncertainty of if you wanted or needed to hear his apologies now, if he was allowed to touch you, if he had done the -
all of his thoughts and worries stop when the bed dips as you scoot to his side and press against him, accepting being wrapped in his arms with a tired mumble of his name that has him pulling you flush against his chest. his lips press against your forehead, the love they hold seeping into your skin with every apology and confession of his love he speaks as you drift back to sleep.
Tumblr media
genshin impact masterlist | main masterlist
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luveline · 10 months
i have been obsessed with the idea of eddie calling reader "sweet thing" and being like, so soft with her
baby this is the one!! i hope this was a request cos i had things to say <3
"Hey, sweet thing." 
You know who it is before you turn around, attuned to the dulcet tone of Eddie Munson's flirting drawl. 
"Eddie," you greet, gifted with the sight of his lopsided grin, his messy dark hair as he ducks inside the club room. 
The zippers are open on the sleeves of his leather jacket, exposing small silvers of his arms, the very edge of his puppeteer tat. He shuts the door behind him before striding in, his scent awaft as he sits down in the chair beside yours. He should sit at the head of the table as Dungeon Master and his choice warms you from the inside out. 
"What are you doing?" he asks, rifling through his pockets. 
You let your pencil drop and sigh. "I've been trying to give my mage a cooler outfit but I'm hopeless with clothes." 
He peers over your hand at your character sheet and shakes his head, hair bouncing. "Are you kidding? It looks sick."
You smile at his compliment, bashful, and then heave a great sigh. "With where we left off last time, I'm not sure she'll survive anyway. Her clothes won't matter when Dorvan the Tasty spears her head clean off." 
"You're burying her before she's dead." 
"I'm hopeless with your game, Eds. I don't know why you keep letting me back." 
You slump in your seat, though you perk up a little as he sets one of your favourite candies in front of you from his pocket.
You've gone through as many characters as campaigns and have yet to learn which dice does what, each game a kerfuffle of asking your seatmates what you're doing every two minutes, not that any of them mind. They're all very accepting, besides Mike (who you've learned not to ask). 
"Hm," he says, rolling his shoulders, voice mockingly confused. "Now why would that be? What reason could I have for letting you come back…besides the obvious?" 
"The obvious?" You're almost afraid to ask. 
"Let's think." His voice is affectionate with a hint of theatrics. "For every question you ask, I get to hear your voice. For every die you roll, I either get to see your sulky pout or your eyes all creased with victory." 
He's edging closer, his voice decreasing in volume gradually. 
"The last game, when you rolled a nat20?" Eddie takes your forearm into his hands, thumbs rubbing lightly into your skin until you're shivering with goosebumps. "Your smile? Your little gasp?" 
He brings your hand to his mouth and kisses your fingers gently, watching you from under his lashes. "Sweetest thing I've ever seen," he says into your knuckles. 
"Eddie," you chasten, tugging your hand out of his grip. Not because he doesn't melt you into a puddle but because the rest of the club will be arriving in droves soon enough. 
Eddie only grins, more than aware of his effect on you. 
"And plus, I don't keep letting you," he says, standing up with a big groan that makes you crazy. 
He shrugs out of his jacket and drops it over the back of your chair, moving to the locked club cupboard for everything he might need in tonight's session. 
"You're a part of the club. Doesn't matter how bad you are at D&D. You keep showing up and you're eager to learn, the guys all adore you and I personally don't mind your company." 
You roll your eyes at him as you turn in your seat though you quickly forget to pretend you're anything but enamoured with him when his scent reaches you again, strong, the jacket he'd discarded fragrant under your nose. You give it a secret sniff and your eyes close ever so slightly, comforted by his familiar scent. Green apple buried beneath a heavy cologne. 
He's on you before you realise, one hand holding the dice box to his chest and the other stroking back your hairline. You look up at him guiltily. 
"Whatcha doing?" he asks, brows raised, mouth turned up smugly. 
"You smell good," you defend yourself, cheeks hot. 
"Yeah?" he asks. His lips part, the tip of his pink tongue appearing as he wets his lips. 
He bends at the waist. The chain around his neck hangs between you. "I taste even better." 
You giggle at him and jut your chin up, eyes slipping shut as he presses a firm, hot kiss to your waiting lips. You can feel his breath as it fans over your cupid's bow. He tilts his head to the left and you take right, noses brushing as he parts his lips to invite you in. 
When he pulls away you're dizzy with warmth, lips tingling, always so surprised by the effect even his brief kisses have on you. 
"Whadya know," Eddie says fondly, the back of his hand gracing your burning cheek. "You taste best of all, sweet thing." 
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luci-in-trenchcoats · 4 months
Imagine…Dean Getting You Hurt On A Hunt
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dean x reader
You tried to get comfortable in the passenger seat, squirming under the wool blanket. Dean was silent as he drove, the radio not even on low like was normal at night when he was on a long drive.
Your left side was killing you. The werewolf slash still burned and felt fresh. You were stitched up and had a wad of bandages stuck to your side but the pain lingered and pulsed.
You didn’t want to have to stop but you needed to move or at least check into a motel room soon. You held off as long as you could bare but Dean was already pulling off the highway and into a motel parking lot. He didn’t speak as he got out, heading into the front office, exiting a moment later with a key.
“Dean,” you said when he opened your door. He picked you up and carried you into the motel room silently, resting you on one of the beds. “Dean.”
He went back to the car, dropping a duffel bag in the room and locking up. You tried to sit up but groaned, laying back with a wince.
“Dean come here,” you said. He sighed, sitting on the edge of the bed.
“Your stitches come loose?” he asked.
“No. Just want you to sit with me.” You lay on your good side, the ache easing momentarily. He had his back to you, shifting away when you reached out for him. “We should go home.”
“You’re in too much pain.” He stood and dug around in the duffel, finding some old painkillers. He held them out to you and you rolled onto your back, Dean sighing. “Y/N. Take them. They still mostly work.”
“Not unless you lay down with me and realize it’s not your fault.”
“Take them,” he growled, shoving them in your face. You grumbled but took them, swallowing them down. He wiped a hand over his face, sitting on the other bed. He must have found the floor particularly interesting for how long he stared at it in silence. 
“You going to ignore me all night?” He snapped his head up, eyes scanning for any sign of pain, any trouble. “I got hurt. I’ll survive. Let it go.”
“Easy to say when I said the room was clear when it wasn’t. You could have been killed.”
“I’m not a rookie and that werewolf came out of nowhere.”
“Don’t say you’re not hurt because of me. I’m the reason you’re laying there like that.”
“Fine. It’s your fault. It could have happened to either one of us though so drop it. I feel crappy and I want you to lay down and make me feel better. Please.”
He nodded, kicking off his boots before he swung his legs up on the bed, letting you lean your good side against him.
“Thank you,” you said. He hummed and peeled back your shirt, checking the bandages. “Dean. Distract me while I try to sleep.”
“Distract you with what?” he asked quietly, toying with a piece of your hair.
“Tell me about your favorite day ever.” You looked up through your lashes, Dean smiling softly.
“Day I met you.”
“Really. I’m guessing you’re gonna want to know more than that though.” You hummed, curling an arm over his waist. “I am sorry.”
“Sh. Storytime.”
“Okay okay. Storytime it is.”
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strayngesparkyds · 3 months
☆ come back to bed ☆ #D9
Warnings: tit sucking, slight teasing, vouyerism (Chan, Jeongin)
Chan jumps a little, nearly dropping his coffee cup, when he feels a pair of hands wrapped around his waist.
"Scared me there, baby," he chuckles, putting his cup down to carress your hands, thumb rubbing circles on the back of your palm.
You just hum, still a bit sleepy. The only reason you woke up is because you couldn't find Chan on the bed, next to you. The cold side of the bed makes you instantly wake up and wobble out of bed to find your man.
"Why'd you wake up, hmm?" he asks, softly pulling your hand off, so he can turn around. "Jeongin needed help with something, so he's here in the study. Coffee's for him," Chan explains, kissing your forehead right after, his own arms now coming to wrap around your waist.
"Something wrong?" you ask him, voice still laced with sleepiness. You nuzzle your face onto Chan's neck, enjoying his warmth.
"Nothing's wrong. He's okay. Just a bit anxious about his solo performance," Chan tells you, knowing that you get as worried as he does whenever it comes to the boys. It's one of the many reasons why he loves you.
"He'll do great," your voice is nearly muffled but Chan is able to catch them, hand coming up to play with your hair. "I'll come back to bed later, kay?" he promises.
"Not now?" you pout, suddenly forgetting that the maknae is here. The thought of going to an empty bed makes you all sulky.
"Innie's here, remember? Can't leave him alone," Chan chuckles, hugging you tighter to soothe you. "Promise I'll come soon."
You're still latching onto Chan, not wanting to let him go even when your brain is screaming for you to. Jeongin shouldn't steal your boyfriend, right?
"Gotta let go of me, pretty," Chan says, "Gotta go back to Innie."
"Come back to bed," you whine, not wanting to let him go again.
Chan can't help but coo at how cute you're being. His mind is now considering to leave Jeongin a little longer, so he could be in bed with you just until you fall asleep. That would work, right? But Jeongin's coffee.....maybe Chan should go give Jeongin his coffee and tell him to just take half an hour break and-
"Thinking too hard," you giggle into his neck, feeling a little silly. Your boyfriend really would drop anything for you, you know he would. It's just entertaining to see him literally thinking of how to make sure he gets to take care of both you and Innie.
But the competitiveness in you suddenly surges in. Is Jeongin going to win against you? Competing for your boyfriend? You can't let that happen now, can you? You love Innie, you do. He's a dear friend. But you're not gonna lose to him when it comes to your boyfriend.
Chan just peppers kisses on your face, wanting to calm you down. He knows you have this silly little competitiveness inside when it comes to "winning" him against his members and he honestly finds it so endearing.
And Chan always gets a little something. Something that you always do when you want to give him a little attention. But it's usally in the bedroom, or in the form of photos and videos. Never somewhere that someone can see.
He's actually intrigued to find out if you'd do it here.
"What are you thinking about, babygirl?" he asks, teasing when he sees your fingers now playing with your tank top strap. "Feeling competitive? Gonna surprise me with anything?"
At this point, Jeongin's coffee is probably already cold. And at any second now, Jeongin can come out of the study to look for Chan. Your brain is making calculations - wanting to win in this sudden attention-competition yet also not wanting to scar Innie if he sees you letting Chan do things to you in the kitchen.
But the latter doesn't seem so bad now, does it? You don't care if Innie sees. And if Chan does care, he would voice it out. So, the right strategy is to try and give Chan something, right? Something to convince him to pick coming back to bed with you.
So you give it to him.
Softly, you push him, giggling a little when his bubble butt hits the kitchen counter, the man groaning jokingly.
"Unfair...coming back to bed should be something you instantly do without thinking," you pout at him, acting like you're truly bothered. Chan smiles, knowing how you're just fooling around.
But what Chan isn't expecting is you pulling down your top so fast, your tits jiggle, his mouth letting out a surprise gasp at the wonderful yet so risky present.
"Baby!" Chan whisper-shouts, bare hands frantically covering your tits, the squishy twins feeling amazing in them but his mind is telling him to cover you up in instinct.
"Warm," you giggle, Chan's hands feeling a lot warmer than your skin, probably because he's been holding the coffee cup.
"Innie's here," Chan repeats the information, wanting to double check if you understood it the first time. Maybe you're still too sleepy and your brain didn't compute-
"I know, you told me. Is this not okay?" your voice breaks his train of thought.
You know.
You understand the information yet you willingly put your tits out in the open.
When Jeongin can walk in any minute.
Fuck. Yes.
Rational thoughts leave Chan's mind, his hands start groping your tits and kneading them like they're dough.
"If you come to bed now, I'll let you suck on 'em," you offer, knowing one of Chan's biggest weakness is the promise of tit sucking.
"Baby," he subtly whines, hating that you're witholding the one thing he likes most.
"Come to bed~" you tease, your own hand bringing his fingers to pinch your nipples, the man following your lead, giving you what you want.
"But Innie-"
" ....is here."
The new voice makes both of you turn your heads - Chan now more concerned that Jeongin hasn't gotten his coffee compared to his hands groping your tits and Jeongin subtly stealing glances at your tits.
"S-sorry," Jeongin apologizes but it's like his feet are planted on the floor and his eyes just can't seem to listen to his brain because he keeps on wanting to look at his leader's girlfriend's tits.
"It's okay," Chan immediately replies, looking at you and bends a little to whisper.
You bite your lower lip as Chan tells you something that he hopes you'd fulfill, so that Jeongin can go back to the study while Chan himself gets to go to bed with you again.
Can't leave Innie now, can we?
And so Chan looks over to Jeongin, hands still actively fondling your tits and fingers pinching your nipples, "Wanna come and suck on them a little? It's our form of apology. Hope you accept it."
Jeongin would be the craziest man alive if he doesn't accept the offer. And he would be a fool if he even thinks of rejecting it when you're being sweet, holding up your tits in your small palms, the flesh pouring out from the gaps of your fingers and ask him, "Suck them, please, Innie?"
"Offering him before offering me?" is all Chan says before he dives into your tits, warm mouth engulfing as much flesh as he can, sucking like he would if it's just the both of you.
The simple come hither motion from Chan is all Jeongin needs to start licking your unoccupied breast, tongue working hard to taste every inch of your tits.
And you're on cloud 9. You're standing in the kitchen, top halfway down, tits out and two men sucking on your tits.
Maybe not coming back to bed isn't so bad after all.
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darkbluekies · 1 month
Can I request a one shot with a reader that managed to pick the lock and escape the hospital? (Dr.Kry)
Escaping a madman
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Doctor!yandere OC x reader
Summary: you pick the lock and escape doctor Kry. You don't know that he knows exactly where you live and decides to go get you back.
Warnings: yandere, drugs, obsession, mentions of killing, threats, non consensual kiss, kidnapping
Word count 1.9k
"All tucked in nicely?" he smiles, feeling the duvets with his hands.
You nod.
"Okay, good", the doctor continues. "Alright then, sleep well, Y/N, I will be back in an hour or so to check up on you. If there’s anything you need, just press the button on your bed and I'll be here in a heartbeat."
Doctor Kry thinks it's just one of your normal afternoon naps. If only he knew what you have planned. The very second the door closes behind him, you can hear the lock turning. You sprint up from your bed and over to the desk. You open drawer after drawer with your weak hands, already feeling how your head is spinning with all this movement and fear. Dr Kry could come back any minute if he suspects something and then he'll catch you red handed. Maybe that's why he started locking your door?
You can't take more of him. He's like a parasite that feeds off of you and he doesn't seem like he can get enough. You need to get away before he sews himself together with you.
Gosh, how you miss your family. Dr Kry barely tells you what day it is, so you don't know how long you've been separated. All you know is that it's too long.
You rummage through the small drawers until you find a paperclip. If you bend it enough, maybe you can use it as a lockpick?
You don't wait to find out. Quickly, you run to the door and insert the little metal stick into the keyhole. You poke around, trying to find the right trigger. Something has to be pressed to unlock the door.
You sit there for a good ten minutes before the lock gives in and clicks open. With a small, relieved smile, you open the door. You sneak out into the corridor, carefully looking around. You've barely left your room since you've come here. The only times you've been let out has been by Dr Kry’s side (and the few times you managed to run down to the cafeteria). The cafeteria is close to the entrance, right where you have to be. You know the way down to the cafeteria wonderfully.
You decide to take the elevator. Less people will see you that way. You only need once glance in the elevator mirror to grow cold. If you've ever seen a walking zombie, that'd be it. This hospital has turned you into a living dead.
As soon as the box you're in stops moving and the doors open, you brace yourself. Be quick, unnoticeable and brave. Don't stop if anyone asks you something … and if Doctor Kry sees you … run for dear life. He has to be the reason why you're looking and feeling like you do. Thankfully, no one seems tk bat an eye. Everyone is so busy with their own things that no one seems to see the person walking out the entrance in a hospital gown. Your heart is beating in your throat. Bare feet touch the asphalt and you gulp. You're free! You're outside! The fresh breeze caresses your body, welcoming you out, congratulating you for finally escaping.
Tears run down your cheeks as you run over to the payphone in the middle of the parking lot. You have to call your parents and have them pick you up before Dr Kry realizes that you're gone. Only problem? You don't have any coins. Desperately, you look around and find that someone must have dropped there on the ground. You pick up the two shiny coins and push them into the slot. Fingers shaking as you press the number buttons. A few signals pass by before it breaks off.
"Hello?" a familiar voice says.
"Mom!" you breathe out, near tears again.
"Y/N?! H-How are you feeling, you haven't let us see you-"
"No, it wasn't me, I promise. I-Ill tell you everything, just please come pick me up! Hurry!"
"I'll be there soon."
And so she hung up. You sink down on the asphalt and start to bawl. Feeling overwhelmed would be an understatement. Hearing your mothers voice again, being outside, about to be picked up, being noticed by doctor Kry … it'll end your poor heart.
Fifteen minutes feel like two years. Your mom's car finally slides into the parking lot with a screech and is close to hitting another car. It stops right in front of you. Your mother jumps out without bothering to close the door behind her. She throws herself over you and you cling onto the woman as if this is the last time you'll ever see her. The familiar smell is hypnotizing, it makes you think of a better time, a time that feels so long ago. It's summer now and when you went into the hospital the snow was falling heavily from the gray sky. Either it's been a year and a half or six months. It feels more like the first alternative, but your mom hasn't changed at all, so you believe it's only been a couple of months.
She brings you into the car while asking a million different questions. You answer them all, but your body starts to lose the adrenaline. You slump back into the seat. Normally, you would be sleeping at this time and your body has adapted to your different nap times.
As soon as you come back to your childhood home, an immense feeling of exhaustion washes over you. You're home, you're finally safe.
You want to tell your family everything that has happened, but you think that you're going to faint if you don't get to sleep in your own bed again. They help you up to the second floor and place you gently into the bed. Everything around you is as you remember it. It smells like it usually smells, it looks like it usually looks and it feels like it usually does. You're home.
A weird noise wakes you up. Something sounding like a door creaking open. You open your eyes, but to your surprise, you can't see anything! You must have slept longer than planned. The moon is up outside your window.
You look around, noticing a figure in the darkness. As you're about to gasp, a hand slaps over your mouth. Only by the scent, you're able to identify the person.
"Shh, my little one", Dr Kry whispers and holds his other finger over his lips. "If you make any noise I'll kill them."
You don't have to ask who he means. Terrified, you shake your head as quickly as you can. He sighs, looking down into your pleading eyes.
"Why did you have to run away, hm?" he says sadly. "It was supposed to be the two of us. Don't you understand how scared I got when I walked into your room and saw that you weren't there? I looked at the security footage and you and so sheepishly walked out! I knew that you'd go here. You missed your family so much, didn't you, little one?"
Tears start to run down your cheeks, flooding down on his hand.
"Don't cry", Dr Kry whispers and bends down to lean his forehead on yours. "I'm not going to hurt you. I'll remove my hand, okay? Remember that if you make any noise, I'll kill your parents. You don't want that, do you?"
You shake your head just as quickly again.
"Good", he whispers and removes his hand.
Your bottom lip trembles tremendously and you're about to let out a sob, but you bite your lip to prevent it.
"You're so pretty", Dr Kry whispers.
You shake your head. You saw your reflection in the mirror. Whatever he's done to you, it's anything but pretty.
"Yes, you are", he whispers and cups your cheeks softly.
His cold hands make you shiver. You pray that this is a nightmare. A side effect from the lack of drugs he's given you. But his touch, his breath, it's all too real.
Suddenly, his lips meet yours in a gentle kiss. You gasp and stare at him, too shocked to push him off.
Dr Kry pulls back and picks up something from his pocket. You notice how he's not wearing his doctor clothes. He's wearing a sand colored jean jacket and a pair of jeans. You can't tell what he picks up from his pocket, but it looks like a cloth.
"Take a big breath", he urges and presses it to your face, covering both mouth and nose. "Come on, sweetheart. Can’t you do that for me?"
You start to turn your head back and forth, but you can't escape his claws. The cloth follows your every move. You hold your breath and glare at him. He seems to be as calm as ever. He knows that you’ll have to breathe sooner or later. You can’t win. When you can't hold your breath anymore you're forced to breathe it in whether you like it or not. A dizzy sensation enters your brain, numbing it.
"There we go", he cooes. "What a good little thing you are, darling. Big breaths, good job. Don't be scared, when you wake up, you'll be where you belong again and we can pretend that this never happened."
The last thing you see is Doctor Kry’s blue eyes staring right into yours.
When you wake up, the sun is shining in your eyes. The groggy feeling in your head is making everything harder. You can’t seem to move or think. With half open eyes, you look around, finding that you’re back in the hospital. You lift your hands to rub your eyes, but your right hand stops. You look down. He’s handcuffed it to the side of the bed! In panic, you start to move your hand, hoping to get out of it.
The bathroom door opens and Dr Kry comes out, fixing his white lab coat. You freeze and stare at him with wide eyes. He smiles slightly.
“Oh, darling, don’t look so scared”, he says and nods at your cuffed wrist. “I had to do that to make sure you don’t go rummaging through my drawers again. If you can pick the door lock with a paperclip, I don’t want to know what more you can do.”
“L-Let me go!” you shout.
“No, I won’t.” He sits down on the side of the bed, right by your knees. “You need me as much as I need you … it’s just a matter of time before you realize that. You’re sick, Y/N, you can’t be out in the large world. Don’t you see that I’m protecting you? You need me to protect you. You can’t survive without me.”
“I hate you. You’re such a piece of shit!”
“You’re just frightened. I know you don’t hate me. You like me when I’m nice and I’ll be just as nice as you want me to be, but then you need to be a good little patient and not run around when you’re not supposed to. Promise me that you’ll never try to run away again. I didn’t touch your parents this time, but if you ever try again, I’ll burn down their house. Remember, Y/N, I’m good at making murders look like accidents.”
“No …”
“Yes. Promise me now. Promise that you’ll stay here for the rest of your little life and that you’ll never try to leave me again. Promise me.”
“I can’t …”
“I know where you live, I know where all of your friends live-”
“I promise! I promise to n-never leave you again. Please, just let everyone be. I’ll do whatever you want if you just let everyone else be!”
Dr Kry smiles cockily and kisses your forehead. You shiver and close your eyes. Can you ever escape this madman?
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heizours · 10 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary. accidentally telling that you want to marry them one day
୨୧ — feat. ayato, childe, kaeya, diluc, thoma
cw. nothing but fluff, though lmk if there is
୨୧— tags. gn! reader, grammatical mistakes may occur
Tumblr media
has already been thinking of marrying you, but kept quite about it 1/2
i think moments will come where ayato will start to think that he really wants to be with you forever, and what i mean forever is he wants to marry you
however he doesn't want the both of you to rush the talk of marriage, so i'm seeing him as a person who'll wait for your permission or will wait for you to bring the topic itself. everyone expects him to get married as an obligation for a heir, but he sees it as a way to show how he's ready to take this relationship to another level
you're not even aware that instead of doing what a yashiro commissioner should be, who knows he's probably sneaking away from inazuma to find you the beautiful ring in all of teyvat
It was night in Inazuma, as the only sounds making were the calm swirls of the wind. As the people sleep peacefully inside their homes, well for them but not for the head of Kamisato Clan who has been endlessly reading and signing papers
As he heard the click of a door opening, he didn’t bother looking up. Not before it was you who entered it as you were crossing your arms like a parent planning to lecture their child for staying “late” at night even if it’s just 9:00 in the evening
“Dear, I think it’s time for you to take a rest” you said, before letting out a sigh knowing that the blue haired man has a head that can rival a hard rock. You admire that he’s doing all this work for the sake of his family but sometimes a heir also needs time for himself, don’t you think?
“Hm? Beloved, I believe you should be resting at this time. Do not worry, I’m finishing this as soon as I can" he responded back with a hint of worry but also gentleness behind it as he continues to scribble
The atmosphere between the two of you remained quiet after that short conversation. The longer you admire the man in front of you, the longer you felt as if your falling for him again, just like how you first met him
The idea of marriage suddenly came into your mind about how you will be able to experience this moments repeating like a vinyl playing it’s music, as soon as the two of you are tied together
You have sometimes imagine the life you will have with him after the two of you share your vows together, you weren’t that desperate okay? But sometimes people just have a common sense if their relationship with their lover will last until marriage or not, and you were people. As you were deep in your thoughts while admiring Ayato, you weren’t aware of the sentence that came out of your mouth
“Have you ever thought if I will still be a part of your future?” you said, as the sudden noises of scribbling stopped and the quill pen Ayato was using, dropped to the ground
To say that he was shocked to hear that from you was unexpected but the excitement and happiness he’s starting to feel that the both of you are having mutual feelings about this made it far from better
He paused for a moment before lifting his head to look at you, and not long stood up from his seat before making his way to you
The sudden realization, made you panic as you raised both of your arms in defense and was stuttering any reasons why you had said that
“Uhm-...Wait that’s n-not what you thin-” you were cut off, when he suddenly bended down meeting you eye to eye, as his arms were placed on both the sides of the chair, trapping you
“If you will still be a part of my future? Of course I had, perhaps....you’re proposing that you want to marry me then? Well, when do you wish to proceed my dear spouse?” he said, before grabbing your hand and placing a tender kiss on your knuckles as a promise he will make it true one day. After all he can’t also lie to himself at the thought of you getting tied to someone who’s not him
The thought of marriage had also crossed Ayato’s mind countless times, and now that you had brought it in the table before him, it seems that the ring that has been planning to be very hidden in his desk will be used faster then he assumes
Tumblr media
has been overthinking of marrying you, so there’s a 50/50 chance he will take your words seriously. accident or not, he will believe it 
as we all know childe is a family man, i mean we’ve seen it all considering that he has siblings and he loves and cares for all of them but with childe's affiliation with the fatui and as a harbinger it can be quite dangerous
the thought about marriage will have to be postpone for a while since first he doesn’t want you to be in danger because of him, and second he wants to make sure if you’re really willing to face many challenges in the life of a married couple
he loves you to the moon and back, and when the time comes you let your words get ahead of yourself, expect that he’s probably sending letters to his family soon that marriage is on the way
The sun in Liyue slowly rises, and soon the townspeople were also beginning to start their own days. Some are opening their stalls, some are doing their daily errands and some are still in a deep peaceful slumber
You and Childe were part of those population who are still sleeping in their beds
It was rare for Childe to wake up very late in the morning, considering that he’s busy most of the time because of the work the Tsaritsa gives him. But it seems that today was an exception and he will make sure he is going to savor this early morning with you
You were the first to wake up, and you find yourself sleeping in his chest. You looked up to see the ginger’s sleeping face, the slow rising up and down of his chest adding more to the ethereal beauty you are witnessing
‘How can someone look this good while sleeping?’
Not that you were complaining about it, it just adds to the favoritism that you’re the only person who can see the mighty and bloodlust harbinger this calm and peaceful for once in a while
You lift your hand, as it’s finger slowly approached his cheek that traced to his jawline and back again to cup his cheek, in which Childe subconsciously leaned onto the palm of your hand
Letting out a quiet laugh at how cute he was acting, you weren’t even sure what’s happening in your mind right now. But before you can even have the chance to think about what you’re about to say, it had already went past your mouth
“I will not complain if I’m going to marry you one day, if it means I’m going to see this face every day in the morning” you whispered
Unknown to you, Childe being quite mischievous and playful as he is was actually pretending to be asleep the whole time, the moment you had woke up
When you had subconsciously said those words right in front of him, he almost jumped out of the bed out of happiness, his heart started beating faster than normal and all he can think about was to propose to you then and there 
And before you can even have the chance to take back what you said, he snapped his eyes open 
“Really?? Are you for real? Do you mean that?” he asked, as his face came closer to you searching for any answer if it was a joke or it was real
“I- y- yOU WERE AWAKE THE WHOLE TIME?” you yelled at his face, eyes wide like saucers and your cheeks dusted with light pink as he bombarded you question after question
“Do you mean it?” he asked again, not planning to drop the situation
Feeling embarrassed and flustered in your current state, you hesitantly let out a nod as you looked at anywhere but him. Childe who was staring at your reaction can’t help but also let out a blush as he lift your chin with two of his fingers before placing a soft kiss on the top of your nose
“I’m glad were on the same page” he replied before hugging you in his arms
If looks could shine brighter than the sun, well Childe’s mood that day could even rival the sun for days or even weeks. He even keep humming good tunes that it left his fatui agents scared yet suspicious at the same time
Tumblr media
will get shock because he isn’t expecting for someone to even consider marrying him
kaeya in his life had never thought of getting married, let it be even someone like you willing to be in a relationship with a person like him. if ever the thought of marriage comes across his mind, he wants the person to be you and you only
he had been alone the most of his life, and you were that blessing the archons had given him so he certainly won't let go as amazing as you. don't worry about your family's approval, i know damn well that they will love him so much and will be greatful for having him as their son in-law or a grandson in-law
he's going to be lowkey desperate with the preparation of the proposal to the actual marriage especially with you in the line because he wants that day to be special
Truth to be told, Kaeya wasn’t planning to continue hiding any longer
But when he saw you having a conversation with Diluc that he can practically hear from far away, maybe eavesdropping a little on the conversation won't cause any harm
It's not like he doesn't trust you wholeheartedly but Kaeya being Kaeya, he just wanted to see how do you talk about him when you're with other people especially with his dear brother
"I don't see Kaeya as that type of person, but if it's with you then there's nothing you should be worried about [Name]" Diluc replied while his arms crossed, which was clearly heard by Kaeya
The Cavalry Captain on the other hand was beyond confused by what he said especially when he had heard that you were being worried about something, something that includes about him
'They won't- no they won't leave me or something like that, right?'
The more he thought about that, the more he's planning to just make his appearance known to the both of you but before any of that can happen, you spoked which caught again his attention
"Well it's not like we've been together for a long time now, but sometimes I just can't help but think of what the future holds for him and I" you replied
"But what's wrong with hoping we will get married someday, no?" you continued
Kaeya.exe has stopped working
Pardon? Did he hear that right? Or maybe he’s still a little tipsy from drinking wine earlier that he’s starting to hear things? Maybe Diluc was slightly right about limiting his hobby of drinking-
Nevertheless Kaeya returned to his usual composure before appearing behind you, a sly smirk appearing in his face but deep down his heart was beating fast and he was feeling mixed emotions about it, that he’s silently hoping you won’t noticed that his usual smirk was slowly falling apart with a genuine smile instead
“Have you really fallen that hard, that you’re considering to marry me?” a smooth yet teasing voice appeared in the conversation you were having with Diluc, and archons forbid that the cunning blue haired man will forget this topic, or else he will always bring it up again and again, any chance he gets
Reader.exe has stopped working 2.0
“huh- wai- kAEYA? hold on...if you were here the whole time then does that mean..” your words slowly trailed off, as you were still grasping the sudden situation
‘oh god, what was i thinking? he probably thinks i’m assuming that we’re going to get married when we’re not even sure yet if this relationship will last long- aha the ground is looking very pretty to dive in right now-”
A pair of icy cold yet warm hands cupped your cheeks, snapping you out of your thoughts. Your head was raised and there you were, face to face with Kaeya who’s wearing the most serious expression you have ever seen
“Well then sweetheart, if were going to get married then it’s you. If it’s not you, it’s not anyone” he spoked. There was a slight tint of blush appearing on his cheeks as he wrapped his arms around you, burying you in his chest to hide how flustered he is right now
Well, it looks like he’s about to start the search for a ring now. A ring that’s only second to you
Meanwhile Diluc, third wheeling the moment-
Tumblr media
has already been thinking of marrying you, but kept quite about it 2/2
when the relationship continues to progress and last for a long time to the point where the both of you are comfortable with each other, that's when he will realized that he wants to marry you. he would marry you because you're the person whom he can run to, the person whom he can share his past before he met you and the person who can see how vulnerable he can also be, hidden in the public eye
i think he would prefer to be in a relationship with someone who will also be the same person he will marry in the future. he visions that in the future, he hopes that the person he will spend the rest of his life with is you
he's probably thought about the exact date when's the wedding going to happen but kept quiet about it, he's maybe hesitating but he's got the spirit
For once it was a casual day at the winery, and by casual it’s one of those rare day offs that Diluc takes from work and as bartender in the tavern. He sits there in one of the separate armchairs in the winery’s living room with a book in his hands that he has been reading for the past minutes
Meanwhile, you were in the kitchen preparing for today’s lunch, you also gave the maids the opportunity to take a break from their work, as you’re going to handle the chores in the winery for the time being
Diluc had already finished the book he was reading and he was starting to feel a little lonely without your presence near him, so without hesitation he stood up and made his way to where you are
You, however failed to noticed the red haired man approaching you as you were too engrossed on making sure that you don’t burn the food you were cooking. A pair of arms were wrapped around your waist, startling you by pure accident
Turning your head around, you found Diluc hugging you from behind with his chin placed on his shoulder as he looked at you before placing a peck on your cheek
“What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be reading something?” you chuckled at his bold actions
“Hm? I just finished doing that and I just want to be near you, that’s all” he mumbled, not long after he started swaying the both of your bodies slowly from side to side
“Who knew that Master Diluc could also get this clingy?” you teasingly said so
“You love it though” he replied as he swiftly turned you around and continued dancing with you, completely taking your attention away from the food you were cooking
You wrap your hands around his neck, as he continued to hug you tighter, eyes closing and both of your foreheads continued to lean in to each other. This are one of the moments that are barely displayed by the both of you in public, not that you both minded it
Although as if your mind had controlled you on their own, you wondered how would it feel for this scenario to happen again if you were a married couple? You were too occupied with your thoughts that you began to speak, as if you're wanting for Diluc to hear it
“Is it selfish of me to think that I have the chance to be your Mx. Ragnvindr?” you mumbled while your eyes remained closed, completely unaware of what had you just said
Both of your eyes snapped open as Diluc stared at you with an evident shock on his face. You tried to create a reason to escape the situation you were in, but all you did was close and open your mouth like a fish, however you don’t even know how glad Diluc is to know that the ring he had purchased from Fontaine that was meant for you won’t go to another person’s finger
“If you have the chance to be my spouse? Love, you don’t have to worry for that spot is yours to be claimed in the first place” he placed a hand on your cheek for assurance
The romantic moment was interrupted when the both of you smelled something burning nearby. But if Diluc was being honest he could careless about it, he thinks he’s already full from the thought that you’re willing to get married to him
Consent stage? done. Proposal? plan in progress
Tumblr media
the topic won’t stay out of his head for the following days, weeks or even months to the point he will be distracted
thoma knows what marriage is but the topic doesn’t always disturb him or his work. in fact he won’t be surprised anymore if the elderly will ask him again and again the same question “when are you getting married?” or “are you planning to settle down soon?”
it’s not that he doesn’t want to but i think he’s that type of person who believes that the right time will come for him to get married and that also includes waiting for the same person whom he would see walking in the aisle
50/50 chance that he will ask you instead when would you want for the both of you to be married, half of that is being a joke but if you’re bold enough to say you want it to be now, he’s going to crash
Accompanying Thoma during his daily errands was always an adventure for the both of you. Not only that the both of you can finish it early before the day ends but it also gives the both of you to spend time with each other despite the busy schedule
Currently the both of you were stopping by at the Komore Teahouse to rest and grab some tea, which means you can also see Taroumaru as well. It’s been a while since you last saw the ninja dog and because you love and adore animals especially dogs, it really means something to you
Entering the teahouse, you didn’t waste a moment of grabbing the dog in your arms as Taroumaru didn’t make any complains about it. In fact the feeling is mutual between you and the animal
Meanwhile Thoma watched the scene happening in front of his eyes, as he let out a laugh at how adorable the reunion looked in his perspective
“Hey what about me? Didn’t you missed me?” he teased the said dog, opening his arms just in case
Taroumaru jumped out of your arms before tackling Thoma to the ground which actually took him by surprise, and this time it was your turn to laugh as it was indeed an unexpected action from the dog
‘he’s kind, helpful, very good at housekeeping, willing to protect you at any cost and loves animals. what else does this man have that others don’t?’
The thought made you genuinely smile as you question the archons how can you deserve such a man like him in your life. What more if he becomes your husband?
You shook your head at the thought but the longer you continued to stare at the them, the more the topic continues to bug you. What you thought was a whisper, had caught his attention in return
“I wonder if we will plan to adopt a dog after we get married, sounds like the typical little family. Don’t you think?” you suddenly said
He was frozen in his position after hearing those words from you, as a blush slowly began to rise on his face. At the sudden realization you slapped your mouth and jumped from the panic that you’re starting to feel, as he might thought you’re too busy in your own world that you had let out such things like that out of the blue
You were too busy stuttering out unnecessary reasons that you hadn’t noticed Thoma was now facing you, with a serious yet determined look on his face
“A-are you trying to tell me that you want to marry me one day? No no- it’s not that I’m disturbed by it. In fact it just gives me another reason why I should work hard, because that hard work will be needed for building our future” he genuinely replied as he took the both of your hands in his and placed a kiss on your forehead
“I will be waiting for you to walk the aisle, my soon to be spouse” he continued as you placed your head on his chest to hide your flustered and blushing state, a quiet laugh passing by his lips to also hide the fact how excited he is for that day to come
Did Taroumaru just witnessed an upcoming wedding? Yes, yes he did
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thxliaaa · 7 months
the boy | steve harrington
synopsis - in which steve makes it a mission to find out why the group has been ignoring you
pairing - steve harrington x fem!reader 
warning/s - none 
author's note - i saw a few comment about sabrina carpenter's song "because i liked a boy", and yes, i was inspired by that song to make the fanfic. anyways, here's the part two you guys asked for. hope y'all like it !! xx
hii !! i’ve been seeing a few mean comments about nancy, and i know she might be rude in this fanfic, but i will not tolerate nancy slanders.
part 1
masterlist | taglist
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A week after you had confronted Nancy, Steve was getting a bit suspicious as to why the group has been ignoring you. Nobody told him anything, not even you. He needed to get to the bottom of this. 
He picked you up for school this morning, and while you were in the car, he decided to interrogate you. “So, do you have anything you want to tell me babe?” 
“Nope, not at all” you said as you forced a smile onto your face. Steve would be lying if he said he can’t see anything wrong with you, he can practically see right through you even from afar! “Mkay” He smiled back at you. Oh he knew for sure something was wrong. 
After he dropped you off, he went to his work and was shocked to see Robin working. Nevertheless, he ignored the reason why she was here and instead focused on his mission to find out what went wrong. 
“Soooo… why are you here?” He teasingly asked Robin, trying to make small talk before getting straight into asking her the question. Robin looked at him with a blank expression on her face “Why do you care, dingus?” before going to the shelves to stack movies.
He then followed her like a lost puppy. “Do you have any plans this weekend?” 
“Are you sure? Are you really really sure Robin?” He teased her, and when she turned to look at him, he had a weird smile plastered across his face. “Okay that’s it, what do you want?” 
“Okay, I wanted to ask a question. But don’t be mad when I say it” She looked at him annoyingly as she waited for him to ask the question. “What is going on with you guys and (Y/N)?” 
Robin’s face dropped as she heard the question, “There’s nothing going on between us, okay? You need to let it go” “But–” Steve was interrupted by Robin going into the storage room, slamming the door. He winced, oh boy this would be a long week. 
Tuesday finally came, and Steve did his daily routine of fixing his hair and picking and dropping off his girlfriend. As soon as he finished work, he dropped his girlfriend off at her house. This time, he knew who to ask. 
Knock, Knock, Knock
Steve groaned, he’s been knocking for God knows how long. He knocked again, but this time, it was harder than the last few knocks. 
Knock, Knock, Knock
“Jesus, can you wait?” He heard someone mumble from the inside. Finally he thought. 
When the door opened, he was faced with a clearly annoyed Dustin. “What?” Dustin asked with a tone of annoyance in his voice. 
Steve let himself in and waved at Dustin’s mother who was sitting on the couch and made his way to Dustin’s room. “Dude, what do you want?” Dustin asked again. 
“What’s going on?” He said now with his hands on his hip. “What do you mean?” Dustin said, who now had a puzzled look on his face. Steve just stared at him for a few minutes until Dustin finally got the answer. 
“Ok there’s nothing going on between us” 
“But there is” 
“No there isn’t!”
“Yes, there is!” Steve said sternly. “And you will tell me what it is right now. This is (Y/N) we’re talking about. I thought you liked her?” He continued. “I-I do, it’s-I just– it’s very complicated right now” Dustin buried his face in his palm. 
As Dustin sat down, Steve’s face softened at this gesture. He couldn’t stay mad at Dustin no matter how hard he tried. Dustin was practically his child at this point. Sitting down beside him, Steve put his hands on Dustin’s back trying his best to comfort him. 
“Hey, I’m not mad, okay? I just need to know what’s going on between you guys.” He explained softly. Dustin turned to look at him with a specific look on his face that Steve just can’t tell. It’s a look a child gives whenever you’re asking them to pick a side on a divorce. Dustin just couldn’t pick any side. Steve was always there for him, he was like their protector, and he would do anything for them. But so was Nancy, he danced with Dustin when no one else did. He was very confused on whose side to pick. 
“It’s not my position to tell you, and I can’t do it. Maybe someone else from the group, but not me.” Dustin explained. “I can’t do this, Steve,” He added. 
Steve nodded in defeat. He finally let Dustin have his peace, and left the house. But he didn’t give up just yet. 
You were studying for a Chemistry test you had for tomorrow when you suddenly heard someone ring your doorbell multiple times. Weird. Who would need you at 9:30 in the evening. Nevertheless, you went downstairs and opened your door. 
Steve was standing outside of your house, holding your favorite snacks. Oh no! I didn’t miss our anniversary, did I? You wondered. 
“Hey, what are you doing here, stranger?” You tried to answer casually. “What, I can’t just visit my beautiful girlfriend?” He said as he leaned in to kiss you. “Of course you can, but not at 9:30 in the evening!” you playfully replied as the two of you made your way to your room. 
Once you were there, you put your stuff away and sat on the bed with Steve. He was still looking at you, but you can see right through him, and instantly knew he either needed something or he needed to apologize. “Okay, what did you do now?” 
Steve put his hands up in the air while saying “Nothing!” repeatedly. You chuckled softly as you kissed him on the lips. When you opened your eyes, he was already looking at you. “That’s it! What do you need?” 
“Wellllll…..” He started as the both of you chuckled, “It’s about the group”. The smile that was once plastered across your face faded as he mentioned the group. 
“What happened to you guys?” 
“Look, it’s nothing. Don’t worry about it” You gave him a fake smile but he didn’t buy it. “Please baby, just tell me. I won’t get mad” He kept on insisting. But you knew that if you told me even the slightest thing, the group would hate you more. 
“Steve, please. Just let it go. You won’t get any information from me” You pleaded with him. He took a deep breath before pressing his lips together. “Fine, let’s just hang out. I missed you” He pouted. 
“You literally just saw me a few hours ago, dumbass!” 
Steve had asked multiple people from the group about the thing with (Y/N), they would either always reply “It’s nothing” or would ignore him as well. He was getting tired of it. 
Just as he was about to give up, Nancy walked up to him. “Hey Steve” she shyly said as he smiled back at her. “So we’re having a movie and game night, I was hoping you would come along?” 
Perfect. All of them in one place, no one can make any excuses from him anymore. “Yes, for sure. Where and what time?” He asked. “Our place at 6:30”
“(Y/N) will like this. I’ll see you guys later” He waved Nancy goodbye as he quickly ran away from her leaving her no room to protest. She sighed, disappointed that (Y/N) will be there. Just when she was about to have Steve all to herself. 
When he got home, he dialed his girlfriend telling him about how they’re going to a game night and that she should get ready before 6:30 leaving out the specific details about who’s going to be there and where. 
(Y/N) complied and she got ready. Not long after, Steve finally picked her up. 
He put a blindfold over her eyes, telling her that it’s going to be a surprise for her. In reality, he just didn’t want her to be mad at him.
When they got to the Wheeler’s house, he helped his girlfriend climb out of his car and walked to the front porch. With each step closer, the noises from inside the house got louder. 
Steve knocked at the door, hearing “Just a sec” from the other side. Removing the blindfold from his girlfriend’s eyes before facing a dumbfounded Nancy in front of her. “Hi” (Y/N) said softly. 
“Hi. Come on in” Nancy quietly replied. 
Everybody was talking loudly before you came in but as soon as they saw the both of you together, they quieted down. They all just stared on the floor, not sparing eye contact with you. “Uh, Where’s the bathroom?” you asked Nancy. “Just turn right, it’s the door before the kitchen”
You muttered a quick thanks as you pulled Steve with you. 
“Why didn’t you tell me we were going here?” you whispered to Steve “Because I want you guys to finally make up!” 
“It wasn’t gonna happen anyways!” 
“Why not?” He asked. You closed your eyes as you took a deep breath. “Fine, you wanna know the reason why they’re not talking to me?” 
He started to listen attentively to what you were saying. You explained to him how Nancy still likes him, and how she basically turned them against you because you two were dating. To say Steve was pissed would be an understatement. How could they hate you just because you two were dating? Nancy was practically cheating on him emotionally halfway through their relationship. He had enough. He grabbed you along with him and went to the group. 
Once again, they were talking when you two were gone, but as soon as they saw the both of you, the loud talks became whispers. 
“Hey, hey, hey! Listen up everybody” He shouted, causing them to turn their heads to the two of you. “Whatever crap you guys have against (Y/N), it needs to stop now” 
“The relationship me and Nancy had was never sincere, it wouldn’t have worked out anyways! You were cheating on me emotionally with Jonathan while we were still together. So why now? Why are you mad at me for moving on? I accepted you and Jonathan together, you should do the same with me” He pointed at Nancy. 
“She has done so much for you guys, and this is how you repay her?” He asked as their eyes were glued to the floor, unable to look at him directly in his eye. 
“She helped you with Suzie when you guys were fighting,” He told Dustin. “She helped you and Max reconcile your relationship with each other” He looked at Lucas. 
“She didn’t want to leave you alone because she was scared that Vecna might get to you if we did leave you alone” He pointed at Max. “She talked to Vickie for you!” He told Robin. 
“And you, she was kind to you! She dialed Jonathan too many times. It was up to the point where he was annoyed at her just for him to talk to you” He ranted. 
“I don’t know why you guys even did that to her, but I don’t appreciate it.” His hand was now resting on his hip, you tried to hide a smile. Even though the situation was serious, you still can’t help but find this entertaining. He was like a father who was scolding his children for doing something wrong. This was one of the reasons why you fell in love with him. 
“I love (Y/N), she’s my soulmate and my other half. She’s the only one who I really got to be comfortable with. You have to stop treating her like this, she did nothing wrong. If you can’t accept our relationship, then you’ll have to lose me too” He said as he grabbed your hand while heading for the front door. 
“Wait!” you heard a voice say, you turned around to see Robin in front of you with a guilty look on her face. “I’m really sorry (Y/N)” she apologized as she hugged you. Soon, all of them apologized as well. 
The night was spent well, and all of you finally got back to normal again. You looked at Steve and thought “How did I get so lucky?”
Your friends had hated you all because you liked a boy. But you realized, he was not just a boy, he was your soulmate, the love of your life, and the man who you’re most likely going to marry. 
He risked his friendship with those people just for you. In the end, it was worth it. If this boy can risk anything for you, then so can you. You knew from this moment on that your life would change.
And it was all because you liked this boy. 
Tumblr media
taglist: if your name is crossed out, tumblr won't let me tag you. sorry :(
stranger things taglist:
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when you argue
"Are you even understanding what you are saying right now?"
"It's like you don't want to understand my side!"
The arguing and back-and-forth shouting has been going on for too long by now. Both of you were too stubborn to let it go. Finally, after what felt like hours both of you had enough.
The silence hung heavy in the air. You were sitting on the edge of the couch. Your hands were in your lap, and you were staring into the wall in front of you. Taehyun sighed from where he sat on the opposite end of the couch. He ran his hands through his hair and wiped over his face.
"I'm actually really tired now. I think I'm just going to go to bed. I'll sleep on the couch. You take the room."
His voice was rough from the yelling, and with every few words, his voice would waver slightly. You didn't respond to him. You knew if a word left your mouth now, you would just end up crying. You only bowed your head down even more to avoid his gaze. One look would be enough to break you.
He stood up slowly and started walking towards the bathroom. As soon as you were sure you heard the door close, you let it out. Tears immediately flooded your eyes, and your head fell onto your knees. Crying harder with each passing second, you felt your heart ache. Your shoulders shook as you tried your best not to let any noise out.
This is how you ended up not hearing Taehyun open the door. He just wanted to grab something from the room, but he instantly heard your cries coming from the living room. Slowly and silently, he walked over to the doorway. Peeking around the corner, he saw your crumpled form on the couch, shaking and crying. He could feel his heart break into thousands of pieces, knowing your crying was due to him.
He started making his way over to you. He didn't want to startle you, so he slowly crouched down in front of you. As soon as you felt his presence, you froze. Taehyun put one hand on the back of your head and one hand on yours in your lap.
"Jagi?" his voice was ever so soft.
You just sniffled as you shook your head. You didn't want to talk now. You just wanted to cry and let it all out.
"Jagi, please. I need you to talk to me."
It was his strained but wobbly voice that made you sit up. As soon as you caught his red eyes rimmed with tears, a fresh wave left your own. The thick silence hung in the air again as you started at each other. He looked away first this time.
Taehyun had a soft but sad smile on his face as his hands reached up. With one hand on either side of your head, he held you and wiped your tears away, still avoiding looking into your eyes.
"Oh love, please don't cry because of me," he whispered, wiping the left side.
"It hurts me to know I'm the reason for this," he wiped the right side.
Now holding your face in both hands again, he finally looked into your eyes.
"I love you so much. Probably too much for my own good," he chuckled as a tear left his eye, "I can't think rationally when you are involved. It's like everything I know goes out of the window once you show up."
His hands slowly fell down to hold your own. You still didn't trust yourself to actually speak yet, so you just listened.
After a few seconds of silence, his voice finally broke, "I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have said all those things. I know it was wrong of me. I'm sorry I hurt you. It was never my intention. I'm sorry."
As he finished talking, his head dropped into your lap. Silent tears left his eyes as he held onto you tightly. Almost as if you would disappear if he let go.
You stared down at the back of his head. You know you should be angry and upset right now, but your instincts were screaming at you to hold him. To comfort him. So that's what you did. You slowly took your hands away from him to pull him closer and into your chest. He immediately wrapped his arms around your waist, and you laid your head against his. Hearing your heartbeat against his ear, he relaxed slightly.
"I'm sorry too, Taehyun-ah," you whispered.
His only response was to pull you closer. For now, this was enough.
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milfandh0ney · 3 months
Not Sick
Pairing: sick!Larissa Weems x teacher!reader
Warnings: none? Pre-relationship
Notes: just something small to get back into writing a bit. Please be kind! Unedited and written on my phone lol
Summary: reader finds sick Larissa and takes care of her
Tumblr media
It was by total accident that you figured out Principal Weems was sick.
You had just rounded the corner near her office when you heard a series of deep coughs that didn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.
Honestly, it sounded like someone was dying or choking. On instinct, you opened the door where the coughs seemed to be coming from without knocking or looking to see which door it was.
“Oh my god, are you oka-“ you started before your head caught up with your eyes about what you were seeing. Nothing could’ve prepared you for the sight of Larissa Weems slumped over her desk, drowning in a sea of used tissues.
You heard a grunt before she slowly lifted her head from the desk. Her eyes were bloodshot, her makeup mostly rubbed off, and her hair barely held by the pins and sticking out at odd angles. Once her head was up straight you heard a pained moan and she let her head drop to rest on her hand.
“Ms Weems, are you alright?” You asked as you continued forward to sit in one of the armchairs across from your boss.
“Whatebber coulb you be talkin about? I’m perfectbly fine,” the headmistress responded in the hautest voice she could muster in her current state.
You smirked as you barely held back the laugh at the obvious signs of her stuffy nose.
“With all due respect Principal Weems, you are very clearly not fine. Your desk looks like the set for a Kleenex ad,” you smile at her empathetically before continuing, “there’s no reason to put up a front for me. I’m not going to think anything less of you for being sick. Even the brightest and best principals are still human.”
She stared at you unrelenting before realizing that you weren’t going to back down.
“Fine. But can you please lower your voice? This is the worst headache any human has had in human history, I believe.”
You give her a small smile and lower your voice to an almost-whisper.
“Do you need anything? Water? Medicine? Have you eaten anything today?” You start making a mental list of everything she could possibly need to start to feel better and what the quickest way to get them is.
“There’s no need to make a big fuss, it’s just a cold. I need to get back to work. Thank you for taking the time to check on me,” she tried to sound stern but it didn’t have the same effect when she went into a sneezing fit as soon as her sentence was over.
“Principal Weems, you need to rest. You aren’t going to get any better using all your energy on board meetings and spying on Wednesday. Everyone knows you have a habit of running yourself ragged and that’s probably why you got sick in the first place,” you shrug, trying to convey that you weren’t being demanding but trying to convince her all the same.
She huffed, making her have to cough. You raised an eyebrow as if to say she made your point.
“Be that as it may, my work is important and someone needs to make sure this school is run properly. If I left this desk for one hour, who’s to say there would be a school left for me to return to?” She sighed, slumping back in her chair and covering her eyes with a forearm.
“Fine, I’ll do it. How hard could it be? Wednesday, no shenanigans. No, professor, you may not hold class in the lake just to have a breath-holding contest to demonstrate differences in siren anatomy,” you say while wagging your finger, using your best British accent to try to imitate your boss. “See? I can do it. Nothing to worry about. Besides, I don’t have any classes for the rest of the day.”
When you get no response, you frown and look closer at the headmistress and see her start to drool. You start to giggle but remember you need to be quiet as to not hurt her head further. You slowly and carefully slink out of the room as a plan starts to formulate in your mind.
Your first stop is to your own quarters. You find a bag somewhere in your room before you grab a bottle of pain medicine as well as cold medicine. You reach in a cabinet to find a washcloth. With your supplies in your bag, you leave your room and head to the supply room. Once you reach it, you stuff as many tissue boxes as you can fit into the bag.
Next, you sneak into the pantry of the cafeteria. Although you don’t think anyone would begrudge you for taking items to help your boss, you can’t help but feel like you should sneak. You grab an orange juice box, a bottle of water, and some saltine crackers.
Having everything you need, you head back up to Principal Weems’ office. Making as little noise as possible, you enter the office and close the door behind you. You let out a relieved sigh after seeing the headmistress in the same position that you left her in.
You take everything out of the bag and set it up on the table on the other side of the office, near the fireplace. You grab the medicine and the bottle of water before heading over to your sleeping boss. A smile forms on your face when you hear the soft snores coming from her. You reach out your hand and gently shake her shoulder to to try to wake her.
“Noooo…just a few more minutes and I’ll get up, I swear,” she mumbles, clearly not fully awake.
“It’s time to wake up. Just for a minute,” you say, twisting open the top of the water bottle. “Here, open up, I’ve got medicine for you.”
She opened one eye first, making sure you weren’t lying about the gifts you’ve brought her. She then relents and takes the medicine you hold out for her.
“Come on,” you urge her as you hold out your hand. She reluctantly takes it and you hide your look of shock. She must be feeling worse than you originally thought. You lead her to the couch near the fireplace and sit down next to her.
“Turn around,” she does so and you carefully take out all of the pins holding her hair up. When you’re done you shake it out for her and stand up. “Lay back,” you softly command. You then take the blanket from the back of the couch and lay it atop of the sick and pouty woman. Once she’s covered you slip into the attached bathroom with the washcloth in order to wet it. You fold it and head back to the principal to carefully lay it on her forehead.
You kneel down beside her to whisper, “okay Principal Weems, I’ve got water, juice, tissues, and some crackers for you on the table. Let me know if you need anything else, I’ll just be at your desk. And don’t worry, I’ll wake you if there’s anything pressing.”
She doesn’t open her eyes but she does blindly reach out her hand for you to take. Softly she says, “I think after seeing me like this, you can just call me Larissa, darling.”
You squeeze her hand and reply, “well of course. We’re definitely beyond friendly coworker status now.” You can see the hint of her smile in lieu of a response.
Larissa squeezes your hand back before dropping it. “Thank you for taking care of me. It’s been a long time since I’ve had that.”
You frown and bend down to press a small kiss to her forehead. She deserved to be cared for just as much, if not more, than anyone else in the world. “You can count on me, Larissa. Now get some rest, I’ll just be at your desk in case anyone needs you.”
You get up to make your way to her desk, but before you can make it, the sound of Larissa’s soft snores fill the office. Today was turning out to be a pretty good day.
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A Protector
Tumblr media
Summary: Rooster comes back as your protector
tagging: @maximoffweasley @jobean12-blog @marvelgirl7
Rooster was smitten with Y/N the moment he met her. She was Penny’s right hand at the Hard Deck, the pair of them ran a tighter ship than any Naval officer could. He couldn’t help but smile as she turned down each and every serviceman who offered to buy her a drink. She had a fire that couldn’t be quenched no matter how overwhelmed the bartop became. She treated each of them the same, cocking her head to the side at the bad attempts at flirting, laughing as each face dropped as the bell resounded immediately followed by cheers. Rooster had found that returning after years away had not diminished his feelings for her. In fact, he had found the phrase 'absence makes the heart grow stronger’ applied to him as soon as he walked in the front door of the bar. He wanted to talk to her, he did, but the other pilots caught sight of him and waved him over before he had a chance to see her.
Y/N’s head jerked up at the mention of Bradley’s call sign, she watched the man walk across the bar, trying to suppress the feelings that crawled up her throat from years ago. She took a deep breath, shaking the cocktail tin and glass before pouring, then handing off the drink. She licked her lips and got back to work, sneaking glances when she thought no one was looking at the pilot who turned her world upside down a few years ago.
“I saw that,” Penny gave her a knowing look, “you two have been dancing around each other all night, he came to my side of the bar to order instead of yours.”
“Then I wouldn’t call that dancing, I call that distancing,” she set four bottles of beer on the counter, working the cap off of each of them quickly, “if that’s how he wants to play it, then fine. We’ll part as unlikely acquaintances,” she brushed off the older woman.
“I’ll leave you to think that,” Penny laughed, “I’m gonna head out. You okay?”
“Yeah,” she answered with a smile, “let me know when you get home safely.”
“You too, Y/N. I mean it,” she gave her a warning glance.
“Yes ma’am,” she gave a small salute and let Penny pass her to leave through the back.
The night wore on, all the soldiers drinking enough to definitely leave them hungover the day after. Y/N wasn’t overwhelmed, but the bar had become unruly. New recruits trying to climb over the bar for bottles, the regulars being shoved by said new recruits. She was just about to shout when the jukebox died and sounds of disgruntled individuals echoed through the bar. She looked  over to the juke as Rooster sat down at the piano, playing his signature song.
She looked over at him, shaking her head in exasperation as the Top Gun pilots gathered around him, singing the loudest. He couldn’t help but look over his shoulder to smile at Y/N as she stood, watching him. A small smile played at her lips as she went back to cleaning up messes while everyone was distracted. Loud chants of his name died down enough for her yell for last call, from there the bar’s population thinned out immensely. 
After closing up, she wrapped her denim jacket around her, the nights being cool along the Pacific. She stuffed her earnings in her pocket, exchanging the cash for keys. She locked the doors and brushed her hair back. “You know it’s not polite to sneak up on a woman, Lieutenant.”
“Do I ask how you knew it was me?” he smiled softly as he pushed off the wall of the bar.
“You’re still wearing that god awful cologne you wore last time I saw you,” she shook her head, “what are you still doing here? Don’t you have a base to be back at?”
“I came to offer a ride, seeing as how you’re still on that mission to walk everywhere,” he gestured to the empty parking lot with the exception of his Bronco.
“It’s only two miles,” she tried to reason with him.
He shook his head and put his hands on her shoulders, guiding her over to his car, “a lot can happen in two miles,” he protested.  
“I don’t need a protector, I need my bed,” she protested as she shrugged him off of her.
Rooster laughed and shook his head, “well then it’s a good thing I’m not one.” Her eyes narrowed as she folded her arms across her chest, “you’re in the Navy, that’s literally the job description,” she tilted her head to the side.
“Y/N,” him saying her name caused a flutter she did her best to ignore, “just get in the damn car.
“Fine,” she agreed as she waited for him to unlock the door, which he did and pulled it open for her. 
The ride home wasn’t awkward, but Y/N still didn’t know what to say to him, it had been years, they both had grown. She knew that there had been a blow out with him and Maverick, but she didn’t know if he wanted to talk about it. That was the funny thing about time, it took these two from friends who could talk about anything, to something Y/N didn’t quite understand. He parked outside the house and shut the engine off, unbuckling his seatbelt.
“Walking me to the door? Can a lot happen from the car to the door?”
“My mom always told me to walk a lady to the door,” he responded, opening his door.
She met him outside and looked at him, “how is your mom?” she breathed.
Rooster suddenly looked down, as if growing shy, “she passed away last year,” he muttered.
“Rooster,” she stammered, “I’m so sorry,” she frowned, she fought the urge to reach out and touch him. She lost, reaching out to grab his hand. “I didn’t know.” “How could you? It’s not like you keep tabs on me,” he reasoned.
“Who said I didn’t?” she joked to lighten the tension, “I definitely did,” she laughed softly.
His own chuckle slipped out as he looked at her, “I missed your laugh. I missed you.”
“You had Penny and I fooled, she said you ignored me all night,” she shuffled her feet. “I thought you wanted nothing to do with me.”
“No, no,” he shook his head, “not at all,” he denied, “I know that I cut off contact with you as soon as I graduated, I just didn’t know if you would want to see me.”
“Of course I did, if anything to find out why you cut me off,” she murmured.
“I know,” he said sheepishly, shoving his hands in his pockets.
“So why did you do it?” she asked softly, looking him up and down, “cut me off, I mean.”
“I-” he hesitated, “I didn’t want to hurt you more than I had already. This job- it isn’t easy, and I am not the type of person to have someone worrying over me. I’m sorry.” “You’re a fucking idiot,” she said bluntly causing his eyes to widen, “Bradley, cutting me off didn’t stop me from worrying,” she straightened her spine and started towards her front door. “Honestly, that is the dumbest excuse I’ve ever heard and I work in a bar full of Navy soldiers.”
“Y/N,” he jogged to catched up with her, “you didn’t let me finish,” he grabbed her wrist gently to stop her from putting the key in the lock.”
“What else is there to say?” she shook her head, “you’ve made it more than clear that you need no one other than yourself.” “I used to think that,” he agreed, “but when I went overseas and saw all of those who made it work, who had someone to look forward to…I thought about reaching out to you so many times,” he looked at her in earnest, “you have to believe that.”
“I do,” she muttered, “but what about the agreement we made? Just friends?”
He chuckled softly, “tell me you’ve never thought about it, about us and we’ll be friends.”
“Bradley Bradshaw,” she stepped closer to him, “I was doomed from the moment I set eyes on you,” she grabbed him by the undershirt, pulling him in for a kiss.
Rooster smiled against her lips, wrapping his arms around her waist, pulling her tightly to his chest.
After completing his mission with Maverick, Rooster, having become captain, made the move to Fightertown permanently, living on base for a few months and then in with Y/N shortly after. After a year, old habits die hard, Rooster hung around after closing to take Y/N home. But that was broken when she stepped outside and saw Maverick standing where Rooster normally stood.
“Captain Mitchell,” her tone wavered, “is Bradley okay?” she panicked.
“He’s fine,” he smiled reassuringly, “right now it’s Mav,” he wrapped his arm around her shoulders, “let’s take a walk,” he led her onto the sand.
“Okay,” she replied hesitantly.
“You know, Y/N, I’ve known Rooster since he was little, he was nothing like he is now, he was always so shy.”
“Roos? Shy?” she scoffed with a laugh.
“As far-fetched as it sounds,” he laughed, “but it always seemed to me that he would never settle down, and believe me it takes a special type of woman to tame a Bradshaw,” he caused both of them to laugh. “You’re good for him,” he nodded.
“That means a lot coming from you,” she smiled softly at the pilot. The light of a bonfire caught her eye and she turned to it to see her and Rooster’s friends smiling at her. Mav disappeared from her side and Rooster soon replaced him.
“Glad you could join us,” he kissed her forehead.
“It’s not like Mav, left me much of a choice,” she joked, “though I suspect you have something to do with that.”
“Maybe a little,” he winked at her and turned towards her fully, “Y/N.”
“Bradley,” she parroted back to him in a similar tone, arching a brow.
“You know I love you right?”
“I sure hope so, we’ve been together a year.” He broke out in a grin, “exactly a year ago tonight you told me that you were doomed from the moment you met me.”
“I see that did wonders for your ego,” she teased.
“Honey,” he grabbed her hips, “let me talk, will you?” he chuckled and she nodded in response. “I have to tell you from the moment that I set foot in that bar and saw you smiling as you shook up a drink I knew I was meant to fall in love with you, and I did,” he laughed nervously. “After my dad- I thought there was no way I could put someone I love through that, but you with your smile and the never ending sass,” he joked, “it made me realize that there is no other woman who could handle me. So I have a question,” he lowered to one knee. She felt her eyes fill with tears, smiling as she looked at him, “Y/N, will you become Mrs. Rooster Bradshaw, honey?”
“Yes,” she stammered through her happy tears, “yes, of course,” she helped him up. He slipped the ring on her finger, followed by his arms wrapping around her waist to kiss her. A wide grin spread across her lips as she kissed him back, cupping both of his cheeks. Their friends shouted loudly, ‘oo-ing’ and ‘aww-ing’ at the couple. She pulled away with a small laugh sneaking a glance at those around them before burying her face in Rooster’s neck. 
He smiled and kissed the top of her head as he rubbed the small of her back, “she said yes!” he whooped as his friends started shouting again at the success. 
She broke away with a laugh and looked up at him, “you’re stuck with me now, you know that, right?”
“I think I can handle that, honey” he smiled down at her and kissed her again.
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i-cant-sing · 10 months
I’m just picturing ushijima messing up a serve and it accidentally hits the reader who is filling up water bottles for the team. The hall hits them right in the stomach, knocking the wind out of them. And Ushijima is just absolutely devastated. This guy cannot believe that he just served a ball into y/n, who is a “frail kitten”
You’d think he killed you, well in his eyes he practically did. Even the whole team is shell shocked because it hurts to even return on of his serves, let alone get hit in the stomach by one. A large black bruise forms quickly after the accident, making him feel even worse then before. Ushijima makes it a rule that you’re not allowed to leave the blench during their practices.
The moment the ball hit you, everything came to a stop. The bottle you were holding, drops and you do as well, curling into yourself as you hold your stomach and start crying. That's when they all come running to you.
"Y/n? Y/n, are you okay?" Semi asks while Ushijima quietly turns you over on your back. You're just groaning in pain, crying as you shake your head, and Ushjima has to pry your hands away and lift up your shirt to see your reddening stomach.
"Shit." Tendou whispered. Ushijima simply picked you up and shushed you when you whined, running out of the gymnasium to the nearest hospital, with Tendou and Semi in tow, while the rest of the team stayed behind to explain to the coach what happened.
"Nothing's broken, so that's good. However, she did have some internal bleeding on her right side. We've fixed that but she will need a lot of rest, avoid strenuous exercises for a while. She might experience shortness of breath, abdominal pain and nausea for a while, but that's okay. But if she starts bleeding from her nose, eyes, ears or there's blood in her stool, she needs to come see me immediately." The doctor told Ushijima while you slept in the room.
Soon they brought you back to the dorms and Ushijima tucked you in bed, brushing the hair out of your face as a tear finally slipped from his eye. He did this to you. You have a large bruise because Ushijima slapped the ball out of court, and it hit you.
Wait. What were you doing near the court? Didn't he tell you to stay put on the bench?
You were filling up water bottles for them, and as sweet as it was, you almost died because of him. You're lucky the ball didn't break any bone, or else Ushijima would've actually thought that he'd killed you.
This is your fault as much as its his. He told you to stay on the bench for a reason, which was so that you dont get hit by the balls. And you didn't listen! If you weren't so bruised up, Ushijima might've finally punished you, but you need to rest.
He doesn't why you don't listen to him. Don't you know that he only wants the best for you? Does he need to tie down to the bench? Put a leash on you? Cant you see-
Wait. Leash. Ushijima's seen some parents putting leashes on their unruly kids.
Maybe that's something he could look into, considering how useful it'd be when you try to get lost in the sea of people during tournaments. Hell, he could even tie your leash to the bench.
Ushijima pulled out his phone and googled "child safety harnesses".
He's not losing his frail little kitten ever again.
Tumblr media
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