yeckiz · 2 days
He is so grateful to Sam for helping him hide in Mystery... Idia looks so tender
Tumblr media
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iniini · 11 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I spent my time drawing eyes _(:3 」∠)_ this started off as me testing out how to render Ori’s eyes and then I went overboard and drew everyone’s eyes. It’s cool to see them all lined up like this
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luxthestrange · 2 months
TWST Incorrect quotes#310 Positive Duo
Yuu & Ortho: I've already sent good vibes your way… they’re coming...There’s nothing you can do to stop them!
Idia: This is the most threatening way I’ve ever been cheered up...
Tumblr media
Idia: This is my emotional support S.O. and Baby brother...*Holding their hands
is legit what i see you idia stans
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purple-plum-petals · 2 months
⊱ TWST Characters’ Reactions to Yuu Calling Their Dorm Leader “Hot” ⊰ || Multiple Character Scenario
      Character(s): Ace Trappola, Deuce Spade, Trey Clover, Cater Diamond, Jack Howl, Ruggie Bucchi, Jade Leech, Floyd Leech, Jamil Viper, Epel Felmier, Rook Hunt, Ortho Shroud, Lilia Vanrouge, Silver, Sebek Zigvolt (Twisted Wonderland)       Reader Type: Human, Ramshackle Prefect (Gender-Neutral Pronouns)       Warning(s): Nothing! I also always use the Japanese TWST Terms (Dorm Leader instead of Housewarden, Madols instead of Thaumarks, etc.) in my writing.       Genre: Scenario, Attempt at Comedy       Word Count: ~500 words       Scenario: They were just minding their own business when you asked suddenly, sighing out loud, “Man, why does your dorm leader have to be so hot?”       Author’s Note: This idea just popped into my mind and I thought it would be a nice, fun, short thing to write! I’d definitely be willing to write a more in-depth idea of this scenario, but right now I just wanted to post something since it’s been a while. I’ve been job-searching but, because I don’t have my transcripts or diploma at the moment, it’s been a bit difficult to get a job in my field. 😭
→ If you enjoyed my work, please reblog it if you can! Exposure on Tumblr is based on reblogging content rather than liking it, so your support would be much appreciated!  ♡ ╰─━━━━━━━━━━━━─╯
Tumblr media
Pretends that he didn’t hear you. Nope, he was not dealing with that today – especially when all he’s trying to do is mind his own business. Kind of dies a bit on the inside when those words leave your mouth, though. All he can think is why would you even tell him about that in the first place? Did you expect him to help you or something?
Trey, Jack, Jamil
Has to make sure he heard you right. Are you sure you meant his dorm leader (even though most of the others aren’t the greatest boyfriend material either)? Oh, so he did hear you correctly… Well, that’s a bit strange. You certainly have interesting taste in men, they suppose. Nothing entirely wrong with that, but they don’t see the appeal.
Deuce, Cater, Jade, Floyd
Goes off on you for your horrible taste in men. Out of all the people at NRC that you could find attractive, it’s their dorm leader?? Doesn’t understand the appeal of them or your taste in men, and they make sure you know how much they disagree with your opinion about the attractiveness of their dorm leaders.
Ace, Ruggie, Epel
Starts laughing – like, laughing out loud as they hold their sides from the stitches your confession is giving them. How embarrassing for you, huh?  Man, your taste in men is absolutely abysmal if you somehow find their dorm leader of all people appealing. A part of them finds it kind of sad, but that feeling is completely overwritten by the amount of entertainment they get out of the situation.
Ace, Ruggie, Floyd
Found it a bit strange to be telling him that, but he‘s glad you find his brother attractive! He sees you as a dear friend of his, so he wouldn’t mind seeing you and his brother together! If anything, that would make him one of the happiest people on the planet!
Agrees with you wholeheartedly! Their dorm leader is a very handsome young man with a lot of talent and future potential, so they agree – you certainly have great taste! Now, while they might not appreciate the words you chose to describe their dorm leader, they don’t disagree (cough Sebek cough) with your statement.
Rook, Lilia, Silver, Sebek
After their initial reaction(s), they also decide to tease you a bit. You just willingly gave them perfect blackmail material, you know. Now, why would you go and do that? …Because you trust them? Now that was a foolish reason. Since it’s you, though, they might keep this information to themselves.
Ace, Cater, Ruggie, Jade, Floyd
After their initial reaction(s), they decided to play wingman and try to get you to confess your feelings to their respective dorm leader. Whether it’s because they think you’ll legit be a good match together or if they’re doing it just for fun, you’ll never know. The help is much appreciated, though.
Trey, Cater, Ruggie, Jade, Floyd, Rook, Ortho, Lilia
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livjatang · 1 year
Tumblr media
This is how I tell them apart
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twst-quotes · 27 days
Yuu: are you a morning person or a night person?
Idia, who hasn't slept in 3 days: I'd say less of a person and more of a four week old plate of pasta shoved to the back of the fridge that desperately needs to be thrown away
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equestriagirl16 · 9 months
You reject Neige’s offer to transfer to RSA~🌹
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Please Y/N, you’d fit in so well at RSA!” Neige’s familair voice rang throughout the courtyard you were trotting through after another day of classes. Your friend from across the way once again, despite his best intentions, absolutely insisted that you transferred to RSA here and now. For what you figured to be the 100th time.
“Neige I already told you-”
“I know I know, but you don’t get it Y/N! NRC isn’t a place for someone like you. Your heart and soul are way too pure, you’d have so many friends and a warm welcome waiting for you at RSA. You just have to let me take you there!”
Unbeknownst to you both a few of your said NRC friends may or may not have been purposefully eavesdropping on your conversation ever since they caught wind that the little do-gooder stopped by. Secretly they feared your answer, they knew that they didn’t give you the easiest time here. Perhaps someone as kind as you would find a better place at RSA, and maybe they should try to accept that rather than fight it for your own benefit.
“No Neige! I’ve told you before and I’ll only tell you one more time. Night Raven College is my home! I don’t care how annoying or villainous anyone here may seem, they’re my friends and whether you recognize it or not they love me just as much as I love them. This is where I wound up, and I chose along time ago that this is where I belong. That’s the end of it!”
The dark haired boy was taken aback by your harshness, but stood still in an understanding silence.
“Look, you and everyone at RSA are my friends too but I already have a place right here. That doesn’t mean I can’t visit more of my favorite people in all the Wonderland from time to time though alright?”
“Ok Y/N you win no more pushing, but if you ever change your mind you know who to call.”
“Heh, don’t hold your breathe pretty boy.”
The two of you walked off and continued your random banter all the way to your dorm. How little did you know the impression you left on your friends hiding in plain sight after hearing your answer.
Tumblr media
YELLING SCREAMING ROLLING ON THE GROUND KICKING THE AIR SWANGIN THEIR FEET GIGGLING LIKE A SCHOOL GIRL- Hell yeah that’s right!!!! Y/N isn’t going anywhere with that RSA nerd cause 🎶we are family~🎶 *cue celebratory breakdance*🕺🕺🕺. Very excited, very happy, goes and brags about it to everyone who wasn’t there and either revels in the shared joy or tries to rub in that “They stayed because of me obviously.”😎
- ACE & DUECE(they were totally spying on you together), Cater, KALIM, Ruggie, Floyd
Controlled chaos, like just vibrates in place and maybe does one fist bump in the air and a silent “YES” for good measure. Just very happy you want to stay with them by your own volition, they must be doing something right if you consider NRC your home! They would ensure you’ll continue to feel that way, and let the rest of their friends know too so hopefully they can keep up the great work as well. Mission accomplished.😌
- Trey, Jack, Ortho(the lil bestie), AZUL, RIDDLE, EPEL, Silver, Jade, Rook, Malleus, Lilia
*Casually throws aside large rock* Of course, he knew you’d choose them all along(was actually wildly insecure about your decision, and ready to MAIM-). It’s not like he was already mapping out an elaborate plan to send a search party after you and you drag you back to NRC cause he does not know how he’d live and/or function without your very presence hahaha that’s insane(*rapidly presses backspace in the group chat*). Just takes a much needed deep breath and relishes in your choice. If he felt like you still might be inclined to change your mind in the future he’d shape up his act, just a little, and only for you.
- LEONA, Jamil, VIL, JADE & FLOYD, Malleus, Lilia, Rook
WAAAAAHAHAHAHAHABA JSOSOSKAMKSLDOXOSIWGQUIAIAJAJA-oh, you’re staying? THANK THE SEVEN! Was so fucking upset we’re talking sad boi hours, depression mode on, preparing the emo music for the walk home. Had no confidence in the fact that you would deny the offer either because he knew he could do better, or you just DESERVED way better. But the fact that you were so adamant about staying literally just resurrected him from the sever cardiac arrest due to the sudden heart break. Such a drama queen, but only cause he cares about you so much!(maybe a lil too much, do I sniff a crutch?🤨)
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noodle-bowl-art · 1 year
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natsury-kazuki · 1 month
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Ortho nendo announced
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everrgreenn12 · 3 months
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I finished this a bit ago but i forgot to post it bc i dont really like it 👹
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queerlordsimon · 3 months
Snow sledding battle
Tumblr media
Day fifteen: prompt 4, sledding, first years
Cw sled race, crack fic
As night raven college got covered in snow, classes had gotten canceled, and many of the students could be found indoors curled by a fire or with a cup of hot drink, and some could be found taking a stroll through the snow peacfully.
And then there was the first years, who had taken it upon themselves to have a sled race, roping the ramshackle prefect into their shenanigans.
“Ok, weve split into the three teams, last one to the bottom has to do everyones homework for the holidays!” ace hollered, jack shaking his head from his push off stance behind y/n, cause they did not trust the others. Ace and sebek were teamed up, and deuce and epel were as well, grim huffed at aces response.
“Four teams ace! Four!” grim howled, he had decided he was best off on his own.
“Sorry, four. Do you understand that ortho?” they had also some how convinced the younger shroud brother to help act as a referee. Ortho nodded.
“Fully understood ace trappolla. I will set a countdown of 10 seconds, for you all to start!” he said, before starting, a projection of the numbers infront of him. y/n buzzed nervously.
“Is this really a good idea?”
“Oh come on prefect, loosen up, its just light hearted fun. “
“Henchhuman, dont be a spoiler!”
“I dont mean to be its jus-” the timer went off and jack took off, leaving y/n mid sentance and clenching the sides of the sled, their eyes screwed shut. They could hear the shouts and hollers of the other teams, and the complaints of grim before they felt the sled stop, breathing heavily and opening their eyes.
“y/n l/n and jack howl win! Followed by deuce spade and epel felmier, and sebek zigbolt and ace trappola. And grim in last place.” he said, as y/n looked at their little tanuki, chuckling softly to themselves as the sad looking creature walked over the finish line.
“See y/n? That wasent so bad” deuce said, smiling.
“Yeah, but even though i won with jack, im still going to end up doing all of your homework, cause grim cant write!”
The first years were nice enough to forfeit the prize of not having to do their homework, for the prefects sake.
Thank you for reading, i couldnt find the comment that had this request, but it was requested, i hope you enjoyed and i did it justice, i think it was fun. I had fun. Requests for this event are still open, and highly encouraged, as ive run out after tomorrows story. If youve already requested but you had another idea as well, please feel free, i would rather that than having to use a randomizer. The prompt list is HERE and the masterlist is HERE, and ill see you tomorrow!
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leonahateaccount · 9 months
God gave a talent for art and I did this, I guess my parents aren't the only ones disappointed
Tumblr media
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bubbledumbbinch · 2 years
Okay so can I ask for some general headcanons for a Fem!MC in twst? The game has gender-neutral pronouns for the MC so far and it's an all boys school. How do you think the characters reaction/interactions would change if the MC was female? (if all are too much you can just pick your faves, maybe just include the octa and Savannahclaw dorm?) Just your thoughts and some brainrot💖
I think the boys would definitely be a lot more flirtatious to fem!MC!!! (I just wanna call her FeMC so I could say… fem… with a c at the end LOL). This is an all boys school, what do you expect?!
These are mostly short I’m sorry! I wanted to try to fit everyone in!
Grim would lay at night curled up beside you. On days when your period hit, Grim would sense you in pain and get near your abdomen and purr. He feels like it’s an instinctual thing to do and if if helps out his minion, he’ll do it! Plus there’s tuna in it for him, right? Pet his ears too!
Riddle would definitely blush when you are around, but not too heavily! Sure he finds you attractive but it won’t stop him from fulfilling his duties as a dorm leader! He can’t help himself when he gets flustered talking to you since the only woman he grew up around was his strict mother. Since you’re different compared to her, he can’t tell but feel warmth from you which he wants to keep in his heart.
Ace and Deuce would make jokes at each other’s expense, both of them sorta going neck and neck trying to compete for your attention! They know you guys are just friends… unless..? 😳 Ace would make the snarky remarks while Deuce would threaten to beat Ace up.
Trey would act the same towards you, knowing he has to be a respectful upperclassman! You ALMOST can’t tell he sets aside the cupcake with more fruits or decoration on it for you at the Unbirthday party. Trey would give his signature smirk and wink as he sets it down in front of you.
Cater would take you on shopping sprees and outings to have so many photo opportunities with NRC’s only female student! Girls would flood his comments asking if you were his girlfriend, but he never answered. He secretly hopes you like him back so you could do cute couple things together like match outfits!
Leona would still call you herbivore and treat you the same as always. Still as lazy as before. However he can’t help but show off when he plays Magift and you happen to be watching. He lowkey stares at your features and shape of your body when you’re not looking 👀
Ruggie would also mostly act the same towards you, but he would bump into you on purpose so he can have an excuse to touch or smell you! His body tingles when he can smell your scent on the blazer he accidentally knocked into you with! Still treats you the same as ever though!
Jack would be gentler towards you, he knows how rough and big his body is, he doesn’t want to accidentally hurt you! His personality is still the same, don’t think he’ll treat you any differently because you’re a girl!
Azul would try to make shady deals with you to offer you protection against students who may be too forward with you since you’re a girl. In exchange? For you to work at the lounge! and spend time with him. He secretly likes you but would never tell you to uphold his reputation and he is also afraid of rejection ;w; Azul would also not mind seeing you wearing the lounge uniform, fufufu…
Jade would would act more like a butler type! You also find him nearby sometimes, feeling his striking gaze looking at you. He’s always there when someone is trying to confess to you and you look uncomfortable. “Oya oya, do you need some help, miss?” His voice teasingly echoes through the halls, scaring off the guy who was trying to hit on you. Jade would stretch out his hand and escort you to wherever you needed to go.
Honestly? Unless you had a super “girly” appearance, Floyd wouldn’t have noticed until he gave you a hug to squeeze you, noticing your body was different… more squishy... and your bone structure is different. Shrimpy is so squeezable!!! Huh? He has to be wary of your chest? He’ll just lift you up by your tummy! You being a girl doesn’t stop the hug train!
Kalim wouldn’t treat you any differently! He would still definitely invite you over as often as possible, not realizing his sweetness may come off as flirtatious! Might develop a small crush on you :) imagines all the pretty outfits he could buy you from his homeland
Jamil would at first be wary of you but once he realizes you aren’t a threat to Kalim or the school, he stops doubting you. Definitely isn’t the type to judge you differently based on your gender!
Vil would smirk and think he finally has someone else to practice makeup on! He definitely uses you as a model to show off his products, whether it be makeup, skincare, clothing, etc!
Rook would be… protective. He likes you because you’re different, and he would subtly follow and stake you out to see what things you’re doing differently at NRC as a girl. Rook offers silent protection against those he sees as a threat to you before you can even notice.
Epel would definitely try to prove his manliness in front of you if Vil isn’t in the vicinity! Going out of his way to carry heavy items, be tough, etc. If YOU tell him he’s manly, it’s certainly gotta mean something right?!
Idia thinks it’s like some sort of anime trope, you’re the female protagonist and it’s like a reverse harem because the whole school is full of boys! Cough cough breaking the fourth wall here! He would probably be more… nervous around you, not like he would ever get close anyways, but still! The idea of the only girl at school actually being friends with you and maybe becoming more makes his heart beat faster.
Ortho would not. Perceive you any differently LOL. He’d be intrigued would say like “A girl? Cool! The body analyses I’ve done from everyone around you reads their body temperatures higher and their hearts are all beating faste- MMPH!” He would be silenced by ADeuce…
Malleus…. Once he knows how you don’t fear him and how you like him even without knowing who he is. All he can think of is how beautiful you would be as his queen. Who can blame him? He has priorities and he needs to think of these things! I can also imagine him picking petals off flowers and saying “She loves me… she loves me not…” because he’s romantic like that… my heart
Lilia would use his experience in his vast years of dating to his advantage, knowing what ways to talk to a woman best. He swears he is only flirting with you for fun! The way your cheeks puff up in embarrassment is just too cute to resist! He certainly doesn’t mind a gender neutral MC, but Lilia can appreciate the beauty in every gender and he certainly appreciates your beauty!
Silver said 😪😴 . You notice Silver has more of a knightly approach to you, offering to protect you when you need it. He understands how a situation between one girl and hundreds of male students could provide a sense of fear, so Silver would always be there to protect you if you need!
Sebek would blush when you’re around, but he thinks you’re trying to use feminine charm and wiles to seduce the young master, even though all you did was make a yawn noise, flip your hair, or put on a bit of makeup! You have to explain to him that you aren’t doing anything to try to seduce anybody. You just wanted to go to school. He is doubtful but finally agrees. Maybe he was becoming victim to your charm instead?
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legatoyaoi · 4 months
TWST characters and what I think their fav animanga is
Ace - Digimon
Deuce - Tokyo Revengers
Cater - Banana Fish
Trey - SpyXFamily
Riddle - Card Captor Sakura
Jack - Cowboy Bebop
Ruggie - One Piece
Leona - One Punch Man
All of Octavinelle binged Kakegurui
Floyd - EX Hetalia fan NOW Madoka Magica
Jade - Serial Experiments Lain
Azul - Princess Jellyfish
Jamil - Persona 3 Movie
Kalim - Chainsaw Man
Epel - Boys Run the Riot!
Rook - Paranoia Agent
Vil - Blue Period, Perfect Blue, and Princess Tutu
Ortho - Ghost Stories Dub
Idia - Revolutionary Girl Utena
Sebek - Saint Young Men
Silver - anything Ghibli and Bungo Stray Dogs
Lilia - Higurashi
Malleus - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
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quuma · 3 months
damn,, I haven’t posted any of my art on here since September 🧍🧍🧍
here’s a messy idia as an apology ahshsjjsjdhjd
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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twst-quotes · 2 months
Idia, after dying 30 times in a row in a video game: perseverance is key I'll get it this time
Idia, after the slightest thing in real life goes wrong: nope that's it, I give up
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