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Imagine what the first kiss between you and Dottore would be like, especially if it was back in your akademiya days. I'm just imagining Akademiya!Dottore being shy about it, it's his and your first kiss, and you have to initiate it while he's mentally freaking out for once in his life (all flustered in front of you).
You'd tease him about it every chance you could get, bonus if it's when you're having an intimate moment that involves you guys kissing!!!
Omg this one is so cute!! I could imagine Akademiya!Dottore being all blushy blushy. I see him as someone who's not familiar feelings. He's most likely someone who thinks logically but then you came along. And his feelings for you is something that couldn't be explained with logic and he gets so frustrated and confused. I couldn't help myself but to write a little something <3
Can't work on fics rn I have exams to study for. So to make up for that, I hope these little drabbles inspired by y'all's brain rot will do for now :')
Tumblr media
You went to where the letter told you to meet up and it led you to a cliff. You pushed some giant leaves out of your sight and the view in front of you had you in awe.
You could see the Akademiya standing tall and proud in the distance. City lights were lit up, illuminating the streets of Sumeru city. And the sky... there were countless of stars up there, staring back down at you.
As you walked closer to the cliff, that's when you saw your best friend—Zandik, pacing back and forth.
What's this? You thought.
This was an unusal behavior from him. You thought he'd be back in his dorms; pulling an all nighter to study. And not here at the cliff.
You picked up your pace and called out to him, "Zandik!"
He perked up at the sound of your voice and he smiled a bit at you, "Ah, good, I was worried you didn't see my letter."
"Well, it was placed right on my desk with big red letters written on the envelope. It would be near impossible to miss it," you said as you held the envelope up. The words "To (Y/n) from Zandik (must read!)" were scrawled onto it, judging by the messy hand writting. If it were for the countless time of you copying his notes, you would've never learnt how to make out what he's written down.
"Soo, what is this "problem" that you needed help solving?"
It was surprising to you that he needed help with something. With how intelligent he was, you thought he would never ask for help at all.
"Oh, right." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper along with a pen, handing it to you.
"Take a look at this. I, uh, couldn't seem to figure out how to solve this..."
You took the paper and the pen and looked at it.
"Solve i,
"9x- 7i < 3 (3x -7u)"
Of all the things you could've think of, you didn't expect it'd be this.
You looked at him with a raised brow. This was just some simple algebra. Something that he definitely didn't need help with. But oh well, you wouldn't turn down the oppertunity to help him.
"Okay, let's see..."
You went to the nearest tree trunk that you could find and used it as a support to write on the paper, began to solve the equation. After a while, you were done and smiled in triumph as you looked at the answer.
"This is way to easy! No need to thank me—" As you were about to give him back the paper, you blinked and looked at the answer again.
"i <3 u"
I... heart you?
You looked at Zandik and he was looking at anything but your eyes. His hands were fidgeting with his clothing. Realizing what was happening, you smirked and leaned closer to him.
"Hmm... why do you look so nervous, Zandik?" You asked in a soft voice, with a hint of playfulness in your words.
"I-I'm not nervous! Ha, you're c-clearly delusional if you think I, uh, look nervous," he spoke.
You leaned back and placed a hand under your chin, "Really? Then why are you shaking?”
“It’s cold out.”
“Uh huh.” You were trying your best to hold your laugh in. He looked so adorable right now… The way his cheeks went from pale to a rosey red. It didn’t help they looked so squishy either. This might be a risky move, but you decided to go for it and test the waters.
Your face got closer to his, as you did that he let out a gasp. His cheeks got even redder if that was even possible, at the close proximity shared between the two of you. Your noses were inches apart and your gaze was solely focusing on him. Once you saw he didn’t pull back and stayed still, you began to lean in even more. He subconsciously copied your movements as well. Just as your lips were about to touch, you pulled away and smirked at how red he looked.
“I believe… you have something you wanted to say to me first?”
His face scrunched up in embarrassment. He looked away and mumbled, “I… you…”
Even if you couldn’t hear him, you still knew what he said. But being the tease that you were, you wanted him to say it again in a clearer voice.
“Hm? I didn’t hear you… Would you look at me and say it again?” You asked, with a coy smile on your face.
He grumbled and took a deep breath, finally meeting his gaze with yours.
“I… I love you.”
You smiled and placed both of your hands on his cheek. They were a lot more softer than you have imagined them to be.
“See? It wasn’t that hard, was it?”
Feeling satisfied, you closed the gap between the two of you. Giving him his long-awaited kiss.
“I love you too, you silly goose.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Dream a Little Dream of Me - XXIX
Tumblr media
Celestia has a cruel sense of humor. He’s always known this, ever since his days as a student. But a soulmate? Really? Dottore/Female Reader Soulmate AU. Lore speculation, interpretations, etc. On AO3 here.
Assessing damages to neural networks…structural integrity…Initiating self-repair sequence…
Not that Prime did much damage to begin with, Omega noted.  He held back on purpose.  Prime may have intervened but he would not ruin the chance to get the necessary events back on schedule.  
All for her.
Did the fool even understand what he was doing?
He’d set up the perfect experiment to deal with her.  Omega wove memories together as one would a tapestry, assembled a life with her without the need for an archaic system such as soulmates, and kept her shut away from everything.  She couldn’t interfere with anything; she was too busy sleeping.  And if her mind was occupied in another space in the Akasha, she couldn’t dream with Zandik, with the Prime segment that could not afford distractions.
Besides, hadn’t he proven himself to be better, more efficient?  Emotions had no place in his synapses; the only value worth considering was the potential outcome, if the benefits outweighed the costs.
Something Omega, inorganic and playing at being human, would never feel.  He had the notion of it, had his own priorities and drives and processes that dictated his existence.  But the gap between human and machine…Prime was close to sealing it but even then…he never truly got it just right.
All the while, circuitry fixed itself, wires corrected their positions, his repairs as easy as breathing.  Omega rose from the floor slowly, testing joints and limbs and sensing for areas in need of further repair.  Steam hissed through the pipes, and the floor gave a low rumble beneath the Segment’s feet, the energy making its way elsewhere as it powered the facility.  
He would be better than any human in every capacity, not bogged down by emotions, by the necessity of constant maintenance.  
Fundamentally, that meant he would never truly exist as Prime did.  He was not driven by insatiable curiosity, by a need to ask the questions people were too afraid to, only by the selfish desire to meet his goals as dictated by his parameters.  
Omega was as alive as anyone else, deserving of recognition, of adoration.  Wasn’t he?
Why did Prime get everything?
He was the better Zandik in all but organic matter and name.
And therefore just as deserving of…
Of what, precisely?
If soulmates were nothing but divinity pulling its strings, why did Omega want it at all?  That would be taking several steps backwards; he had no use for such trivial sentiments and yet…
Yet he could only think in circles.
His inorganic systems did their best to process the raw data and emotions that Prime flooded his system with.  One moment, it felt as if he were undergoing maintenance, his circuitry on a table before him while his physical form lay empty, hollow.  
Another, as if he’d absorbed Electro energy and the only places it could go were his own wiring, the energy jolting through his systems.  
Notes played through his memory banks and his artificial heart pumped so out of rhythm that he thought it would burst at their mere sound.
No, as if it was trying to imitate the rhythm, to sync up to them.  He only ever followed his own beat and his own melody but every part of him… yearned…
Had Omega not also been hopeful?  That the cellist would have provided some kind of insight into the workings of Celestia, how soulmates were chosen and tied together?  That perhaps, like Delusions did for Visions, the Celestial Bond could have been subverted entirely and no one without such a connection needed to suffer in solitude.  
Prime clearly hoped for something different, however.
Omega felt what he could only frame as a steady fire in his stomach that undercut everything else; passion never dying, never stopping. 
A different perspective that still understood, fundamentally, what it was to have this sensation inside oneself that fueled everything.  A Segment would never meet that need, Omega rationalized.  How could it?  After all, he was only a branching path off of Zandik himself.
He was Zandik but he also was not.  
So then, who was he?  What was he, Omega, if not Zandik?  Why did he suffer as Prime did, if they were not the same?
Were they not both monsters?  What monster deserved happiness?
With every segmentation, all Prime ever seemed to do was further give credence to the notion that he was never going to be accepted, fulfilled, loved by anything other than his creations, than himself.  It drove Omega to the brink time and again when the hivemind began to quietly chatter and then tear one another down.  Jealousy was not uncommon, especially among the older Segments who longed for the years of the Younger ones, uninhibited by all but experience.  
Peace.  Hope.  All things that supposedly soulmates helped with.
But there was none to be found inside Zandik, deep in the bowels of the wretched organ that was considered to be his heart.  Or at least, there hadn’t been.
A flash of white crossed Omega’s vision, not unlike a refresh reboot of his operating systems, obscuring the corridor in front of him.  Instead of his interface, Omega saw her , unafraid, a gloved hand brushing away a strand of unruly hair, felt a hand in his as fingers flexed in response to her touch, awed not only by beauty but by the sheer unwavering steadiness of it all.  Something inside his chest cavity gave a small ‘pop’ and the sensations stopped, the scene disappearing in an instant and replaced by a slightly blurry view of the metal grating and pipes.
His ocular sockets felt damp.  
Omega adjusted the mask across his eyes and then brought a hand up to his hair, shaking slightly as he laughed to himself.  
No, no segment would ever be able to provide that .
Prime was such a fool.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Pantalone trying and failing to teach Dottore about economics 📈
(mspaint doodles in class)
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Traveler: In every group of friends, there's the dumb one.
The Harbingers: *point at Childe*
Childe: Oh, come on!
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Tumblr media
twitter really loved this one so im posting it here too
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Part 2 of the archon quest
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whatcha got there, tartaglia
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Since I can't sleep still, I'm just going to comply with my Dottore brain rot even more :')
Imagining being in Dottore's lab being bandaged up after fighting some treasure hoarders and getting hurt, he's scolding you for getting hurt while tending to your wounds but also being gentle with you. As a “Thank You” you give him a quick peck, but he demands more, because you "wasted" so much of his time already.
(I'm sorry if these are out of the asking zone/criteria, I JSUT WNAT SOMEONE TO HEAR ME OUTT </3)
Omg this— Dottore would worry about no one but his Darling. He couldn't care less about somebody else's corpse on the side of the road but would freak out over a paper cut on you LOL. He just loves you a lot more than he's willing to admit. And I just love that he only accepts kisses in payment <3 And no worries, nonnie! I'm open to any Dottore brain rot you would like to share. Feel free to keep em' coming! Again, I couldn't help myself but to write this.
Tumblr media
Today's task was supposed to be easy. All you had to do was to gather some materials Dottore had asked of you, piece of cake, right? That was until a bunch of treasure hoarders appeared out of no where and thought it would be a good idea to fight a random, innocent citizen. In this case, that was you.
You've had experience in combat and your skills weren't too shabby. Even so, you were outnumbered and barely made it out of there alive. They hit you hard and have possibly broken a bone or two in you.
You limped all the way back to Dottore's lab and pushed the doors open. Alerting him of your pressence.
"Welcome back, my dear. You took longer that I've expected. Is everything alright—" He stopped talking mid sentence when he noticed your bloody form. There was a huge slash on the side of your waist, red blotches scattered across your body. He could tell you were in a lot of pain judging by the way you were limping.
Without saying another word, he quickly went over to your and took the materials out of your hands and put them onto the nearest table. He wrapped an arm around you cautiously, careful to not touch any of your wounds and guided you to a chair.
"Sit here," he said, before going around his lab to gather a few medical supplies. As you watched him move from one spot to another, you were trying tosee if you could make out what he was feeling. But it was a lot harder with his mask on.
Was he worried? Scared? Nonchalant, even?
It didn't take too long for him to come back with what he needed to treat your wound. He grasped the helm of your shirt and gave it a little tug, letting you know he was going to lift it up.
He lifted it up to where your chest was and took a look at the slash on your waist. Thankful for how quiet the lab was, you were able to hear his breath hitched. He took his glove off and gave your wound a little touch. He didn't stay long, however, when you hissed.
He applied some alcohol onto a clean cloth.
"This is going to hurt a bit, but I will be quick."
Before your mind could process his words, the cloth was already on your skin. You held onto his shoulders for support as the burning sensation was too much to bear.
"I'm almost done. Just keep holding on to me."
A few minutes that felt like hours for you had finally passed and he was done with cleaning your wound after he deemed it as good enough. He put the cloth away and took the bandages and began to wrap them around your waist carefully.
"So, are you going to tell me what happened?"
"It's, um, treasure hoarders."
"Those pesky little—" He cut himself off by sighing.
"—why didn't you just, run away?"
You stayed quiet for a while before answering, "I wanted to get the materials you asked for..."
"You idiot, I couldn't care less about them if it means putting your life on the line." He continued, "Next time you're in any sort of danger, just run away as soon as you can, alright? They're just materials, I could always get them later..."
He was now done with covering up your wound.
"But you, dove. There's only one of you and I couldn't risk losing you."
You knew he was a master at concealing his feelings, but you could still hear the worry in his words.
"I'm sorry... I'll be more careful next time."
"You better."
You raised your hand up and took his mask off, smiling at the handsome face before you. You gave him a little peck on his cheek.
"Thank you."
He tsked, "If you're really sorry then... give me another one. You wasted my time, got blood on the floor and had me worried. It's only fair."
You giggled at how he was acting like a kid and gave him another peck. After all, he deserved it, did he not?
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dottore fans how are we doing
Tumblr media
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hellyonwhite · 4 months
Tumblr media
Print commissioned by the Fatui Harbingers' English voice actors!
It will be signed by all of them. Stay tuned for the official announcement of the signing event on Twitter!
Tumblr media
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c6jpg · 8 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“I must say, you're looking very young today, Doctor.” “You know very well that I do not take that as a compliment.” “So, where's the Segment in the prime of his life, then?” “Heh, he's busy with... a little experiment in blasphemy.”
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dottcre · 4 months
FYCKING HIS CLONE INFRONT OF HIM not before tying him up, naturally. one of his clones getting slammed up and down your dick as it weeps, tongue out eyes crossed from how good you feel inside him. yanking the clone by his hair and spitting in his mouth, all while glaring at the squirmig, tied up dottore infront of you before going,
" maybe if you werent such a little brat earlier you could've been him. " as the clone shoots another load of cum on his chest, primettore is SEETHING maybe if he Was patient enough to not tease you mid harbingers meeting he Wouldve been in his clones position.
next meeting everyone sees dottore being late to the meeting for the first time ever walking with limp legs 😋😋 yummy
Tumblr media
I DIDNT ANSWER THIS ASK YET?!?!?!?!? WHEN THIS IS WHAT IVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT FOR 2 WEEKS??? unbelievable. also marking this as a fic because it got so long !!
contains : sub!dottore (both his clone and primettore), fucking his clone in front of him, dacryphilia, begging, typical jealous and possessive dottore, harddom!reader, implied killing out of jealousy, ur dick can be a dick or a strap
Tumblr media
dottore was practically feral and seething as he watched your expression contort with pleasure. you glanced at him from time to time, a shit-eating grin on your face as you fucked his clone stupid right before his eyes. “f-fuck!! more please! m-more,” it whimpered, and you laughed. dottore bit his lip harshly to stop the growl that threatened to escape. if he demanded things of you like this, you wouldn’t let him cum for two weeks. he knew it was just to make him mad, and god, it was fucking working. you indulged the clone as you pressed your lips to its, practically shoving your tongue down its throat before flipping it over, slamming it down onto the cold, metal surface of dottore’s work table.
“show this bitch how good you feel, baby,” you cooed, making the clone look at his creator by tugging on his hair harshly. the clone did as it was told, looking up at him through teary, lust-filled eyes. “yea, you do what you’re told, hmm?” you sneered, glaring at dottore. “unlike some impatient brat i know.” you shifted your positions, propping the clone up as he came with a whimper, his cum shooting all over dottore’s chest and mask.
before you could process what happened, dottore had broken the restraints he was put in, and his clone was on the floor, motionless. he’d thrown off his mask too, red eyes glaring into yours. “i’m the only one you’ll fuck,” he spat. “no one else.” with fervor you’ve never seen before, he kissed you, deep, rough and desperate. you moaned as you reached for his blue button up shirt, ripping the buttons open as you shoved him over, though gentler than you did with the clone. you were going to fuck him alright, and you’d be sure that everyone’ll learn that he’s your whore by the end of the night.
the next day, of course, dottore not only slept in but limped as he walked around, yet no one dared to ask what happened to him. well, if it wasn’t apparent enough by the marks on his neck, the whorish moans coming from his room would’ve revealled it anyway.
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