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destructorkitten · 4 months
Tumblr media
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adjobj · 6 days
hello ! im rex, a nonbinary lesbian stuck in florida. like countless other trans adults, my hrt care was abruptly stripped from me with the passing of SB 254, after being on T with 0 problem for 3 years. being very visibly trans, on top of the awful situation my family has been dealing with for 18 years now, is making staying here impossible.
besides continuing my care in peace, escape will Also allow myself and my family to be free from the grasp of our excruciatingly abusive grandfather, whos verbal and extreme financial abuse has gotten vastly worse in the last ~2 years after the loss of my grandmother.
this all comes to: the laptop i use currently for paid work is very, very old. it has been fighting me with clip studio a Lot lately, which makes comms really frustrating to work on. so, i am trying to save for one that is stronger that can handle what i need it to, in order to speed my work process up and be able to help further in getting us the fuck out of here. we have a rough goal of around august on wanting to start actually leaving, but there is wiggle room.
my kofi is here; it has a goal set, as well as a shop with two bases available for purchase: https://ko-fi.com/adjobj
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bluegiragi · 5 months
I really really love your art! Drawing is something that I never really tried to commit to until a few months ago, so im just starting, it was pretty frustrating but then your account popped off on my Tik tok and I fell in love with you artstyle so much!!! It was you that made me want to keep practicing since your artstyle was so beautiful ^^
If you don't mind me asking tho, how did you learn how to draw eyes? (or facial features as a whole), it's been the part that I've been struggling the most aside from coloring and I really love hoy you draw it
hi anon!! thanks so much for your lovely words. I just want to say upfront that I'm not a teacher (I'm really actually just horrible at teaching art basics because by now it's sort of just muscle memory?? and i no longer remember completely how I learned the finer details) but i really tried my best to throw as much as I could into this diagram. I hope it helps!!
Tumblr media
(and if it doesn't, have a look at this tutorial my best friend made. they're so much better at this than me.)
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shiviwrites07 · 3 months
You're cute when you're jealous
Gojo Satoru x Reader
Warnings : This is my first time writing fluff. Anyways I hope you enjoy.
Tumblr media
This was not supposed to go this way. But Gojo Satoru wouldn’t say he minded it though.
After a tiresome mission of fighting of 1st grade curses at a nearby high school, Gojo agreed to treat the trio (after an earful of begging from Itadori and Kugisaki and a cute pout from you of course). But his choice of place, well Megumi isn’t delighted at all as he stands among a crowd of people dancing under neon lights, smoking at the bar and kissing in the bathroom. He wished you would’ve changed Gojo’s mind, however even you weren’t strong enough to say no to the puppy eyes of his. So there they were, underaged, in a bar, with no idea whatsoever of how things worked. 
                 Gojo had pleaded to let him sneak a glance at your outfit, but you said that it was going to take a while for you to get ready so here he was, drink in hand, sitting on a barstool as women threw themselves at him. He tried ignoring her, but she was persistent. Even when he started conversing with itadori, she wouldn’t leave his sight. She wasn’t too pleasing to look at either. The home finally huffed and walked away when she heard Gojo snicker while staring at her. What she didn’t know that Gojo was snickering at the idea of how your reaction would be, if you had been here. And that was the start of his masterplan! 
                              He allowed women to touch him, not too intimately though, because he knew you were bound to walk in any moment now, while Itadori watched with an awestruck expression at how his sensei could attract so many women. Just when a blond girl was trailing her hands down his chest, the whole club quietened. Everyone watched as the sound pf clicking heels got louder. A curious Got looked past the blondie to see you, in the sexiest dress he had ever seen. A cyan dress, tightly fitted to show your accentuated curves, falling right between you thigh. A long v-neckline gave all men a glimpse of your cleavage and made their cocks throb in their pants. To complete the looks you had applied a smoky eye makeup with a bold red lipstick. The long girl watched with envious eyes as you perched yourself down on the seat next to Gojo and said “You like what you see? ;)” 
                             Gojo had no words. He had Never seen you in this form. So did the trio as they stood with their mouths open. The first to recover was Nobara as she said, “Sensei, how do you manage to look stunning in everything? And that dress, Wow. Can we go shopping together one day? Pleaseeee” You smiled a her and said “Of course we can. I’ll pay for your stuff too.” Right as Gojo was about to say something, a hand wrapped around your waist from behind as your breath hitched. The trio gulped in fear when they saw the anger and jealousy radiating off Gojo when the stranger bent down to your ear and said, “Hey baby. I saw you come in. You looked like you want to be fucked by a real man. So let me show you how it’s done.” You looked so uncomfortable that it made Gojo even more angry. When the stranger started moving his hand upward, before you could do anything, a punch landed on his face causing him to stagger back and fall on the floor. “Get your filthy hands off my girlfriend fucker!” Said Gojo in a coming voice, as he wrapped his arms protectively around you.
                                        The guy scrambled off as blood started gushing out of his nose. The first one to break the tension among them was Itadori, who started snickering which turned into full blown laughter, followed by you and the others which led to Gojo pouting and whining about how it was unfair of you to look better than him, causing you guys to laugh even more. Placing a small kiss on Gojo’s lips, you cradled his cheek and said, “Toru…you look handsome too, not much as me but I still love you. Besides, you’re cute when you’re jealous.” And that, was the first time you saw Satoru Gojo blush so hard in his life. 
Wrote something after a long ass hiatus finally.
So sorry for the delay :’(
-Shivi ❤️♑️
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layzeal · 8 months
guys if youre on mobile check out this silly mdzs vercel app game, i'm obsessed
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spookyghost20 · 1 year
Tumblr media
I tried making animation in paper..I’m so bad at making animation 🙃
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shevr · 8 months
justice for transfems nearing 1 year of hrt & still feeling like this shit's barely doing anything
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riverdoge · 3 months
*misinterprets someone else's character for what feels like the millionth time*
So I guess I'm going to quit this game and then kill myself
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harrietmjones · 5 months
This or That
The Hospital Gang not realising Midge didn’t come back or One/Some of them do and who it would be?
If you mean, what do you think has happened in canon (that we haven’t seen…at least yet), then I think some of Midge’s family would have noticed she wasn’t there. My guesses would be Rose and Joel being the sole two who do. Possibly Moishe as he cares very much for her, though most of the time she wasn’t there, he was unconscious, so maybe not him. I think I’m sticking with Rose and Joel.
Abe, we’ve learned, doesn’t notice these things. 😄
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Tumblr media
auDHDgender (pronounce aw-dee-aych-dee gender) - a gender that is in any way defined/influenced by someone's autism and adhd, linked to someone's autism and adhd, and/or someone's idea/perception of gender as a concept is in any way altered by their autism and adhd. only for use by people who have BOTH autism AND adhd.
flag description: seven equally sized lines going across horizontally (top to bottom: gray, darkish yellow-green [more green than yellow], light yellow-green [more green than yellow], blue-gray-green, light green, teal, and royal purple), with a black infinity sign overlayed over the light green and teal, and a black butterfly made with one infinity sign wing overlayed over the gray, darkish yellow-green, light yellow-green, and blue-gray-green in such a way that it looks like it's coming out of the black infinity sign below it
the flag is a combination of the ADHDgender (a gender that is influenced/etc by their adhd) flag and the autigender (a gender that is influenced/etc by their autism) flag, bc im comorbid and why would i use two flags that are super different when i could combine them into one and make my own?
created/coined by: me
Tumblr media
image desc: the same as above except stretched to normal flag size
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kiwipopping · 10 days
Ig one of the reason I fear that an identity i may or may not have could be tied to trauma I've experiences is the fact that everyone saying you can heal from trauma. if i identify as something but it is tied to my trauma, then if i heal from my trauma what do I do? Do i lose that identity? do I find myself lost and alone again with no one who understands my experience? if I still have the identity even after I've "healed" then have i really healed at all?
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whineylilthing · 16 days
Also still rlly like s0mn0 btw…esp when you woke me up in the middle of the night w ur dick
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Tumblr media
Professor Charles Dalton... creative right??
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chelsieobsessed1980 · 9 months
Tumblr media
Starting from today, I’m beginning to prepare a Youtube video about Jim and Phyllis friendship. I’m so bad at making videos, as they require a lot of work and I will probably be in the brink of nervous breakdown soon, but there isn’t a thing that I wouldn’t do for those two, so wish me luck ;-)
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echoandthejohnnygirl · 8 months
Day 23 of 31 day music challenge:
Favorite Live Performance
Well I could say when I saw them back in August lol. But I watched this few weeks ago and enjoyed it very much.
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willbyerswithagun · 5 months
gimme gimme gimme
your headcanons 😈
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