goldensatellite · 2 months
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She's driving me craaazy!
LA Night 15 (1/29/23)
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earthtoharlow · 8 months
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yourinsta: my favorite pillow for now on 💤
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user: excuse me?!!! who is this
user: she ain’t been on social media in months and just pops up with a man???? Goals
user: Y/N with a man?? Just fell to my knees in Walmart
user: jack harlow liking this and the guy in the photo has the same shoes as him 👀
user: they make more than one pair of shoes 🤣
user: Jack likes everyone’s photos
user: she don’t know that white man be serious please
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jackharlow: no case
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user: what if this was my 13th reason then what Jack
user: I can’t believe this
user: that looks like Y/N phone case Omg
druski2funny: “no face no case” like nigga we know that girls phone case, she never takes it off 🤣🤣
urbanwyatt: 👨‍🦯👨‍🦯 👨‍🦯
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yourinsta: Sundays w/ #him
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user: whoever this is he’s making her so happy
user: stop cheating on me :((
user: not to be a creep but that definitely looks like Jack cause of the freckles
user: “not to be a creep but” *says the creepiest thing ever*
user: 🤣🤣🤣
jackharlow: lazy days
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yourinsta: hi
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user: finally a post without that white man
yourinsta: sawrii im n luv
user: whew
jackharlow: just wow
yourinsta: 🫣
user: is this them confirming the relationship omg
user: man I feel sick to my stomach
Y/N just added to their story!
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jackharlow: she a lil baddie and a lil annoying lol
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user: finally it’s official!
user: not him calling her annoying
user: rue, when was this?!
yourinsta: I love you sm
yourinsta: change the caption omg
jackharlow: no ❤️‍🔥
jackharlow: I love you, you make my heart bust a nut
urbanwyatt: wut
yourinsta: I—
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ryudoll · 1 day
JAE BAE THIS IS 💭 ANON EM SO SORRY THAT IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO SEND U AN ASK BUT BELIEVE ME WHEN I TELL U THAT I’VE READ CAROM FIVE TIMES ALRDY SKKSKSKS IM NOT KIDDING IT’S SO GOOD U DESERVE A LOT OF KISSES AND HUGS 💕💕💕 You captured all the fcked up daddy issues in carom and snowballed it, creating an evil blueprint that is uncle ryu and daddy sae 🥹 AAHHH It’s so fcked up that these two manipulated the touch starved reader by redefining what comfort and discipline means 🫣
I absolutely loved the way shidou gaslighted her the next morning saying that she liked what they did last night and pulling that daddy issues card on her so she could entice her more into falling to his trap aka give him “consent” to fck her. IT’S CHILLING AND I HAVE ALL THE SYMPATHY I COULD GIVE TO READER BUT GIRL THAT IS SO HOT
And PLEASE SAE IS SO WELL-WRITTEN HERE. I can absolutely feel his possessiveness after what happened with y/n and shidou, and I really love his mind when he decided that the only way to mend his relationship with her is to have sex with her instead of doing what conventional fathers do lmao—a true genius indeed.
OMG 💭 NONNIE!!! baee i hope you are doing well!! and dont apologize hehe, im just glad u enjoyed it! 💗 whew yeah, sae and shidou are MAD fucked up in this fic! masters at manipulation, and poor reader has been starved of that love she needed for a good portion of her life, so when shidou starts dangling even a fraction of the thing she perceives as ‘fatherly’… can u really blame her for caving ?? ‘specially without a sober mind :((
im so so glad u picked up on all of the more-subtle stuff! and gosh yeah SAE IS SO…?! like mans… there are other— far better choices for you to make to show your daughter you care… yet then again, what screams ‘i love you’ more than sticking your cock inside someone? (thats what he’s convinced of, anyway💀)
thank you so much dear nonnie 💗💗💗i love you too!! 🥹 please take care and know im eternally grateful for all ur support! (.◜��◝.)
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remcycl333 · 2 months
Since you’re a book girlie what book genres/tropes are your favorite to read? What are your top five favorite books, what types of books (or tips) do you recommend for people who don’t real a lot but wanna get into the groove of it, and how many books did you real last year + are planning to read this year 👀
Sorry if this is a lot I’m just nosy 🌝 and I’m tired of seeing loa asks 🙄.
whew i typed a long reply to this but my tab crashed ��� idk what's up with firefox rn
anyway! let's try this again.
you're not being nosy at all! i LOVE talking about books! here's my goodreads if anyone wants to be friends!! 🫶
my go-to genres have always been romance and literary fiction, but im trying to branch out this year and read more genres! i've recently been reading thriller and fantasy :)
i just finished the folk of the air series and omggg it was soooo good! it was my first fantasy series (besides harry potter and twilight) and i enjoyed it much more than i thought i would!
some of my fav books are normal people by sally rooney (and conversations with friends by her), my year of rest and relaxation by ottessa moshfegh, the idiot by elif batuman, and writers and lovers by lily king!
here's my tips for people who want to get into reading!
start by reading popular books. they're usually popular for a reason, and it's so fun being able to go on booktok/booktube and see everyone talk about a book you've read! reading obscure books is fun too but sometimes it makes me sad when i can't discuss it with anyone else
watch booktok/booktube! watching book vids always makes me wanna read sooo bad. it's like i get fomo or something lol. but it's great motivation and a good way to find new books!
only read books that ACTUALLY interest you! don't force yourself to read something that is popular if you aren't truly interested in the plot. i've had friends who tried to get into reading and started reading classics simply because they thought that was what they were supposed to read. then they declared they hated reading and it wasn't for them, when really they were just reading the wrong things. most classics are really slow-paced and i don't recommend them to beginners!
if you're addicted to your phone, try reading on your phone! my irl bestie could never pay attention to physical books bc she was addicted to her phone, but she got a kindle and she's been reading so much more! im not personally addicted to my phone (yes that's a flex) but i still rlly enjoy reading on my phone! you can read anywhere, in any position, in the dark, etc. also for some reason books go by sooo much faster when you read them on your phone? maybe bc u can't see how many physical pages are left? and bc u can make your font as big as you want
reading can get pretty expensive, depending on how much you read. i don't buy a book unless i've already read it and know i liked it. if anyone wants a tutorial on how to download free ebooks lmk🤭 it's the way to go tbh
i read 51 books last year (my goal was 75 but i seriously slacked), and my goal this year is 100 🤭 i've already read 13 books this month, and i read 12 last month, so if i keep this up i'll read 144-156 (ish) books by the year ends. so! im confident i'll be able to reach my goal!
i hope this answered your questions and that it was useful to anyone who wants to start reading! it's still january so its the perfect time to start 🫣
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forasecondtherewedwon · 9 months
dont mind me im just over here melting after reading ur phoenix/hangman fic 🫠🫠🫠🫠🫠
girl u read my fucking mind with that fic i swear to god 🫣 that was hot i wont lie. U think u’ll be 👀👀 writing more 👀👀👀👀 for their dynamic? Cos u definitely got me hooked on them lolol. Glad i wasn’t the only one imagining them having a thing with each other (like did u see their interactions in the movie? that first scene at the bar? man they definitely fucked at least Once (1) before)
anyway, thank u for blessing us with that fic bc WHEW was it good 😌✨
Tumblr media
ANON! Thank you for this!!!
I am certainly open to writing more Phoenix/Hangman fics. They're both just so... *clenches fist* ...fucking hot. Their canon chemistry makes me believe that yes, they've either fucked in the past or else it is IMMINENT.
I have a couple loose thoughts that may turn into fics, but at this point, you're welcome to send me prompts if you have any. I'm definitely not done writing for this fandom yet.
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stunnababyyabyyy · 10 months
fuck, marry, kill….draken, ichigo, or dino 🎤
ahhhhhh 🎤
Tumblr media Tumblr media
whew tbh okay um here we gooooo…
Marry: These two are super interchangeable but im in a Dino mood soooo Dino🫣🫶🏾. The wedding would be so pretty and soft like whew😩.
Fuck: DRAKEN. I JUST KNOW IT WOULD BE EUPHORIC LIKE OMG…i would probably be having flash backs for fkn days🥹.
Kill peacefully: Ichigo (i just know my fave will come back to life😒😂 so i wouldn’t feel too bad☹️.)
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shroombloomm · 9 months
🫣🫣🫣🫣 im not doing well tbh
deep breaths………..whew
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traumxrei-archive · 11 months
I. Listen.
The. the leona fic im.
im. my brain is no longer. functioning. properly.
like ive re-read it like 16 times now im. (tbh i re-read all of your fics a lot because. amazing writing)
but like i. im aro-ace but leona is making me feel things. im. i think my face genuinely grew red reading it. bestie what have you done to me. /lh /nm
i. i just. 😳🫣 i just. i cant function bestie help
(the leona fic that doesn't exist)
hhahahhaha wdym strawberry anon ??? what leona fic- no but i genuinely skjdfksjf i'm sorry for making you glitch out like this- sjdfksjkf
i'm also really thankful you like rereading my works jskdfjks (and uhm, yeah, i also reread that fic a bunch of times to make sure that i ACTUALLY wrote that bc i swear i was on something)
n e ways this gives me confidence bc whew that's my first time posting something that suggestive so uh, i'm glad it was actually good ? yeah. thank you for the feedback !!
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berryunho · 1 month
I SEE I HAVE BEEN SUMMONED??? with MULTIPLE san reblogs??? the bunny one is sooo cute he’s so endearing awuwhagjfdbaj and the pics he posted whew he looks a lot like my boyfriend 🫣 i’m def not delusional like that anywayyyyyyyy i hope you’re doing great and i’m proud to say i have a few points for the ppt already heheheheheh even tho the ppt is still very much nonexistent
also i see ateez next friday !! wow !! SO SOON FUCK RHAIAHKFHF i miss them n thought all of u should know 🤍 we suffer together here after all
love u mwah mwah
- san anon
eheheh he was so cute despite looking so dejected KSJLDFKJSD;LFK pls i could never judge anyone for being delusional you've seen my tags im so far gone ....... KLSJFKSDJF but omg im excited to see what you've come up with ehehehe
but!!!!!!! YAAAYYYY!!! omg im so excited for you eheheh i hope you get to see halazia in the flesh... pls scream for yunho for me... ehehe mwah ily
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onlyseokmins · 6 months
wanna make out with wonu while fast pace plays in the background so i Get It <33
and yes i have see that photo 💔 i love every pic of him but that one is just?? i love his plain stare like he just be looking at me and im all like 🫣🤭
MAKING OUT OR HAVING SEX WITH MUSIC IS JUST SO SEXCI TO ME *head in hands* I do think wonu has that™ kinda stare that just 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 on the ground fr w/ one look whew
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