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kisses you so deeply and passionately I am so excited to see this show
Oh...ok 👉👈
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I totally understand and can empathize with fat activists when it comes to medical fatphobia. But I do think its important to provide nuance to this topic.
A lot of doctors mention weight loss, particularly for elective surgeries, because it makes the recovery process easier (Particularly with keeping sutures in place) and anesthetic safer.
I feel like its still important to mention those things when advocating for fat folks. Safety is important.
What you're talking about is actually a different topic altogether - the previous ask was not about preparing for surgery, it was about dieting being the only treatment option for anon's chronic pain, which was exacerbating their ed symptoms. Diets have been proven over and over again to be unsustainable (and are the leading predictor of eating disorders). So yeah, I felt that it was an inappropriate prescription informed more by bias than actual data.
(And side note: This study on chronic pain and obesity concluded that weight change was not associated with changes of pain intensity.)
If you want to discuss the risk factor for surgery, sure, I think that's an important thing to know - however, most fat people already know this and are informed by their doctors and surgeons of what the risks are beforehand, so I'm not really concerned about people being uninformed about it.
I'm a fat liberation activist, and what I'm concerned about is bias. I'm concerned that there are so many BMI cutoffs in essential surgeries for fat patients, when weight loss is hardly feasible, that creates a barrier to care that disproportionately affects marginalized people with intersecting identities.
It's also important to know that we have very little data around the outcomes of surgery for fat folks that isn't bariatric weight loss surgery.
A new systematic review by researchers in Sydney, Australia, published in the journal Clinical Obesity, suggests that weight loss diets before elective surgery are ineffective in reducing postoperative complications.
CADTH Health Technology Review Body Mass Index as a Measure of Obesity and Cut-Off for Surgical Eligibility made a similar conclusion:
Most studies either found discrepancies between BMI and other measurements or concluded that there was insufficient evidence to support BMI cut-offs for surgical eligibility. The sources explicitly reporting ethical issues related to the use of BMI as a measure of obesity or cut-off for surgical eligibility described concerns around stigma, bias (particularly for racialized peoples), and the potential to create or exacerbate disparities in health care access.
Nicholas Giori MD, PhD Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Stanford University, a respected leader in TKA and THA shared his thoughts in Elective Surgery in Adult Patients with Excess Weight: Can Preoperative Dietary Interventions Improve Surgical Outcomes? A Systematic Review:
“Obesity is not reversible for most patients. Outpatient weight reduction programs average only 8% body weight loss [1, 10, 29]. Eight percent of patients denied surgery for high BMI eventually reach the BMI cutoff and have total joint arthroplasty [28]. Without a reliable pathway for weight loss, we shouldn’t categorically withhold an operation that improves pain and function for patients in all BMI classes [3, 14, 16] to avoid a risk that is comparable to other risks we routinely accept.
It is not clear that weight reduction prior to surgery reduces risk. Most studies on this topic involve dramatic weight loss from bariatric surgery and have had mixed results [13, 19, 21, 22, 24, 27]. Moderate non-surgical weight loss has thus-far not been shown to affect risk [12]. Though hard BMI cutoffs are well-intended, currently-used BMI cutoffs nearly have the effect of arbitrarily rationing care without medical justification. This is because BMI does not strongly predict complications. It is troubling that the effects are actually not arbitrary, but disproportionately affect minorities, women and patients in low socioeconomic classes. I believe that the decision to proceed with surgery should be based on traditional shared-decision making between the patient and surgeon. Different patients and different surgeons have different tolerances to risk and reward. Giving patients and surgeons freedom to determine the balance that is right for them is, in my opinion, the right way to proceed.”
I agree with Dr. Giori on this. And I absolutely do not judge anyone who chooses to lose weight prior to a surgery. It's upsetting that it is the only option right now for things like safe anesthesia. Unfortunately, patients with a history of disordered eating (which is a significant percentage of fat people!) are left out of the conversation. There is certainly risk involved in either option and it sucks. I am always open to nuanced discussion, and the one thing I remain firm in is that weight loss is not the answer long-term. We should be looking for other solutions in treating fat patients and studying how to make surgery safer. A lot of this could be solved with more comprehensive training and new medical developments instead of continuously trying to make fat people less fat.
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infamous-if · 2 days
Thinking of the implications of the poly and seeing ValenReign together and knowing you can’t be up there with them and only be with them in secret…
MC seeing them together being “happy” in public without them because ValenReign is still a brand at the end of the day and they can’t be public with their love yet because it’s a delicate balance between the truth and what the people want. Navigating a relationship that’s not only built on a rocky surface but on the perception of the public, having to reassure themself that they are still an equal even when there are naysayers who are telling them that ValenReign will always just be ValenReign and there’s no room for MC.
Of course, G and V say different, but the voices in our heads can be convincing…
Why can’t any of these relationships be easy?? /j
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Can you draw O'Brien in a saw trap
Tumblr media
He's done nothing wrong in his life c'mon man
Jokes on everyone, my friend asked this so I'm legally required to do what they say because it's funny I'm equally as sick. I just wanted to draw O'Brien more than once cuz he deserves it
Anyway O'Brien dying in a glue trap--
Tumblr media
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turtletaubwrites · 2 days
My Favorite Kinds of Nights ~ Part 2
Thank you to the anon for this request! Look here for Part 1!
Tumblr media
Pairing: Luffy x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 3625
We've All Got Needs Masterlist
Ao3 Link
Summary: After an unexpected night with your captain, it's time for you to tell your partners who you spent your night with. How will your lovers react, and how will your captain treat you the morning after?
Rating/Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content, 18+ Only, MDNI, Fem!Reader, Reader Insert, Smut, Mild Angst, Polyamory, One Night Stands, Relationship Discussions, Insecurity, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Penis in Vagina Sex, Hair Pulling, Condoms, Multiple Orgasms, Overstimulation, Biting, Dry Humping, Established Relationships, Fluff, Inappropriate Use of Akuma no Mi | Devil Fruit Powers, Luffy needs to learn boundaries, Luffy is a little shit
A/N: I hope you enjoy the conclusion to this Luffy one night stand request! Again, this would occur over 2 years after the current timeline, and may not fit into the story later. We've All Got Needs is ongoing, and I've got lots of plans! I'm having a great time with these requests, and hope to do more soon! 😁
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Has anyone seen Luffy?”
You’d just sat down, a little late to breakfast after grabbing a quick shower, and you could feel your skin flush red at Nami’s question.
Zoro still looked a bit wrecked, bandaged up from the fight, but finally awake. He pulled you in close, and you sighed against him. All while you pondered how to tell your partners that your one night stand last night had been with the captain. 
“He must have been more tired than he let on for him to miss breakfast,” Robin contemplated, looking as fresh and lovely as always. 
“That’s alright, more for us!”
Usopp reached for more waffles, until Sanji tutted at him.
“Usopp, I will gladly throw you under the bus if Luffy wakes up to no breakfast.”
His eyes went wide as he dropped the waffles, and you giggled along with Nami. 
“Anyone check on Luffy? He’s snoring so loud I thought there was something wrong with the Sunny,” Franky questioned as he sauntered in, chugging cola while he coiffed his hair. 
“Let’s let him rest, I'm sure he’ll be running in here to inhale everything in the fridge when he’s feeling better,” Sanji declared as he ran his fingers along your shoulder while he poured your coffee. 
The four of you settled down when the rest of the crew left, Sanji finally starting on his own breakfast. 
For so long there’d been nothing to discuss at these check ins. They were just a lovely, quiet time to connect with each other. Today was different. 
“I didn't see you at the party after dinner, Y/N. Did you find someone to enjoy the evening with?”
Robin’s eyes sparkled as she asked, always so eager to know about everyone’s experiences, if they felt like sharing. 
“I did, actually.”
You’d been together long enough, been through so much with each other, that Zoro didn’t even tense around you like he used to. It made you feel so safe, knowing that he trusts you.
But now your throat was tight with anxiety at what he might feel today. 
“So, do we get to hear about this lucky lover?” 
“It was Luffy.”
Sanji choked on his eggs, coughing and sputtering while Robin handed him his water. Her face showed more shock than you’d seen for a long time, her brows lifted, lips parted. 
Zoro did tense then, and you could see his brows tensing. 
“Sorry, my love. Did you say Luffy,” Sanji asked when he was able to breathe again. 
“Mmhm,” you said, nodding. You felt like you were floating a little outside of your body, not quite here.
“Wow, uh, I didn’t think that Luffy…”
Robin patted Sanji’s hand as she cut in.
“Will you be seeing each other again?”
“I think it was just for one night. He just said he wanted to make me feel good.”
“I don’t want to hear about it,” Sanji said as he shook his head back and forth, wide eyed.
You choked on a laugh as Robin mouthed ‘I do.’
“I know we’ve been okay with one night stands without checking in first. Last night happened so fast, and I’m sorry. I feel like I should have checked in before, I just never expected…”
Zoro had pulled his arm away from around your shoulder, leaning his elbows on the table while he looked down at his hands. 
“It’s fine, Y/N. It’s okay.”
His gruff voice was hard to read, but fear and shame bubbled in your stomach.
“Do you want-”
“I’m fine. Just need a minute.”
Your breath caught in your throat as you watched Zoro stand and walk out of the room, still limping slightly from his injuries. You choked out a small sob as your hand reached to your chest.
Robin sent hands around you, rubbing your back and your hair while small, scared tears started to fall.
Sanji reached across the table and you took his offered hand. You were so grateful to have them both, their soft eyes holding you in comfort, while your body filled with fear and guilt.
“Y/N, you didn’t do anything wrong. We have all taken advantage of the one night stand agreement.”
“But this is Luffy,” you whispered, voice hoarse already.
Sanji shook his head slightly, still looked dazed at that news, while Robin dipped her head toward you.
“It was within our agreement. Now Zoro needs some time, and you both can talk about it. It’ll be okay.”
Your lips quivered at her words, closing your eyes for a long moment. 
“How do you guys feel about it?”
You and Robin both looked at Sanji with his mouth opening and closing a few times. He cleared his throat, voice a bit higher than normal. 
“I see no problem at all with you enjoying his, uh, company. I’m just shocked that- I just didn’t expect…”
Neither did I,” you breathed out, shaking your head.
“I think it’s just lovely,” Robin said with a smirk.
“Of course you do.”
You let out a soft laugh while her teasing smile brought you back to the moment. 
“I’m going to go look for him.”
“He might need some more time, sweetheart. There’s not enough brains in that moss head for him to sort things out so quickly.”
You gave Sanji’s shoulder a light slap as you passed him.
“I know. I just want him to know I’m here for him.”
You found Zoro leaning over the railing, looking out over the calm sea. 
He glanced at you, and you were so grateful to see no anger in his eyes. He just looked away, hands gripping the railing. 
“I just want to tell you I’m here if you want to talk. Or just sit together. But I’ll give you space if you want me too. Whatever you need.”
Zoro took a deep breath, exhaling while he closed his eyes. He turned to you, and you were frozen, desperately waiting to know if he was okay. 
“I’m not mad, Needy. You didn’t do anything wrong.”
You bit your lip to keep it from shaking. 
“It’s just… he’s my capt-”
Zoro reached for you as you yelped, but he was too late. An arm had stretched out and curled your waist, until you were flinging backwards, hearing your captain shouting your name. 
He pulled you into the hallway, then carried you into the galley.
“Good morning, Y/N! How are you feeling?”
You were too breathless to reply, grabbing onto the table for support as he set you down. Luffy started eating the rest of the crew's breakfast, grinning at you through mouthfuls of food. 
Sanji and Robin were at the counter, mouths wide as they stared. 
“I feel so good this morning!”
Still catching your breath, you couldn’t help but laugh at his manic voice, his eyes filled with that spark that sets him apart.
“Luffy, you can’t just grab a lady like tha-”
You held your hand out toward Sanji, not wanting him to speak for you. You needed Luffy to listen to you. Luckily Robin understood, and led a red faced Sanji out of the kitchen. 
Luffy swallowed his bite long enough to lean toward you conspiratorially, speaking in a stage whisper.
“Can we play again today?”
Shivers ran up your skin at his heated look, still so filled with his manic energy. Clearing your throat, you managed to get some words out. 
Lu-Luffy, it was a wonderful night. But nothing more can happen until everyone else feels okay with it.”
His brows tensed in confusion, his emotions often so easy to read.
“But you’re always so happy all together. Won’t you be more happy? We can keep feeling good.”
He’d stopped eating, even using the tablecloth to wipe his face while he stared at you.
“Is that what you want Luffy? And we are all happy because we check in, and listen to each other about what we need and want.”
“I want to feel good. I want you to feel good. I want to taste you, and eat you, and touch you.”
His hand stretched out to touch your jaw, his thumb rubbing lightly at the corner of your lips.
Shivering, you moved his hand away.
“That sounds wonderful, Luffy. But I know you want your crew to be happy right. I have to make sure they're okay before we do anything else.”
“I can check!”
“Wha- no, Luffy!”
You were in the air again, his arms holding you as he charged out onto the deck again. Your face was flushed red as you saw Zoro turn toward his captain’s voice, his jaw clenching. 
“Zoro, Zoro - can I help you make Y/N feel good?”
“Luffy st-stop, put me down, please.”
Sanji stepped up beside Zoro, eyes narrowing as Luffy set you down. 
You turned your back on them to face your captain.
“Luffy, I’m not ready to tell you yes, or no yet. Please give me time to decide.”
He looked into your face, his deep, brown eyes so intense. His breath was heavy as he looked from your eyes, to your mouth, and back again.
“Y-Yes, Y/N, I’m sorry.”
With a sigh of relief, you touched his shoulder.
“It’s okay, Luffy. I’ll talk to you later, okay?”
You turned to see that Robin had joined the boys. She came toward you as Luffy walked away, the mania seeming to have seeped out of him for the moment. 
Robin nudged you all up, and you silently followed her to the crow’s nest. She turned to you, pulling you into a gentle hug.
“Are you, okay?”
“Not yet,” you whispered as you looked into Zoro’s eyes, hating his blank stare. Sanji’s jaw was still clenching slightly, and you felt sick.
Robin stepped in to ask the questions the boys couldn’t.
“Do you want to continue seeing Luffy?”
Exhaling sharply, you felt your fingers gripping against your thighs until Robin took your hands again.
“I honestly hadn’t thought about it. I thought it was a one time thing.”
“But would you want more if that was an option?”
“... Not if everyday would be like today. Not if it would disturb what we all have together.”
You couldn’t read the expressions on the boys’ faces.
“So if a balance could be found, you would enjoy spending more time with Luffy?”
You let yourself breathe and truly sit with the question. It was all so out of the blue, it had never seemed like an option before last night. And today was absolute chaos. 
You thought of the intensity in his stare when he looked at you, when he wanted you and your pleasure. You thought of how ridiculous he is, and how much you admire him, even with his chaos. 
You thought of Zoro, of how he’d grown so much in your time together, finally able to speak his needs. I don’t want to hurt him.
“I would be interested in seeing what it would be like. But absolutely not if it made any of you feel uncomfortable.”
Everyone was silent, and you tried to relax, focusing on the gentle breeze caressing your face. 
Clearing his throat, Sanji leaned toward you. 
“I would support you in exploring, uh. In pursuing your- um, in following your desires,” he said, his nervous smile fading for a moment. “However, if he mistreats you or handles you that way again, we will have a problem.”
“I agree,” Robin chimed in. “If you are going to explore that, we will have to ensure that our captain understands your boundaries.”
Sanji gave a choked laugh. Robin seemed to fight her small smile at him before returning her eyes to yours. 
“He is our captain, but you are our partner. If he can’t respect your boundaries, then I will not be able to support you seeing each other.”
Nodding slowly, you turned to meet Zoro’s gaze again, needing him to speak. He finally did. 
“He’s my captain. I won’t stand in the way of his happiness.”
Frowning slightly, you stepped closer.
“I won’t stand in the way of your happiness, Zoro. I don't need to do this. You are my priority.”
His lips pursed, and he looked over the railing. You couldn’t breathe, until he reached out, gently taking your hand. 
“It’s okay, Y/N. If you want to try, I’m okay with it,” he said, his voice soft while your chest filled with warmth. “Besides, he may be my captain, but I will still kick his ass if he grabs you like that again.”
“So will I,” you heard Sanji agree while you launched into Zoro’s arms. Breathing him in, you felt so safe. 
Robin and Sanji both held you too before you climbed back down to the deck. Your whole body was buzzing. Is this really happening?
Luffy was suddenly there, grinning at you all.
“So, can I help?”
Robin’s bright laugh was too much, and you couldn’t hold back a soft chuckle. Especially when you caught Nami across the deck, looking at you like you’d just turned into a whale.
“Luffy, there are some rules-”
“Can we do rules later,” he whined as he stepped toward you.
“Listen here, captain. Y/N’s not a toy, and you’re gonna have to share.”
“Share like a toy?”
He looked genuinely confused and you groaned at the frustrated growls from Sanji and Zoro. Robin’s laughter was like lovely background music, keeping the tone light.
Robin stepped in, walking up close to you. 
“Luffy, why don’t you join us at our meeting tomorrow after breakfast and we can tell you how things work.”
“Okay,” Luffy nodded, his grin growing wider as he kept his hungry eyes on you. 
“Do you want to go with him now?”
Robin’s whisper sent shivers through you. You looked at Luffy’s hands, clenching on air to keep from grabbing at you.
“Yes,” you whispered back, feeling a bit insane. 
“Luffy, you always need to ask Y/N what she wants before doing it, otherwise I will personally throw you into the sea.”
Robin’s dark voice made everyone go still, and you adored her even more. 
Luffy looked at her now, brows furrowed as he nodded at her. He turned his eyes back to you, looking serious, and determined, and you fought a laugh. 
“Y/N, do you wanna come with me?”
You looked back at your partners, loving each of them so much, especially for trusting you. Turning your eyes back to your captain, you smiled in disbelief, still not sure how you’d managed all of this. 
“Yes, captain.”
Luffy didn’t stretch his arms and fling you this time, but he did grab you, and fling you over his shoulder while he ran inside. You heard Robin laughing over the boys’ outrage, and you laughed breathlessly as you watched her hold them back for you. 
“Wait, Luffy!”
He stopped immediately, still holding you over his shoulder until you tapped him.
I just have to grab something, I’ll meet you there.”
His smile faltered, and you shook your head, leaning close to reassure him.
“I’m just grabbing a condom, unless you have some in your room?”
His grin returned, and he waited for you outside your quarters, before grabbing your wrist and dragging you to his.
He slammed the door closed behind you, and then you were gasping for air. 
Luffy’s mouth and hands were taking you over. His tongue invaded your mouth while he grabbed at your shoulders and hips, fingers slipping beneath your clothes to grab more of you. 
You reached your own hands to his lower back, teasing at his warm skin. The feel of his teeth as he sucked your lower lip into your mouth made you moan, feeling your body twisting for him already. 
“Mm, I’m so glad you wanna play with me.”
Gasping at his raspy words in your ear, you reached to grab the hair at the back of his neck beneath his hat, loving the sounds he made for you.
“How do you want to play, Luffy?”
He lifted you, carrying you to the bed before setting his hat down gently. 
“I wanna make you feel good.”
Your eyes rolled back, until you moaned softly for him. Luffy was rubbing and squeezing his hands all over your body over your clothes. 
Sitting up to remove them, you fell back as he pounced on you, licking and sucking at your neck. You reached up to pull at his hair now that you could grab more of his soft curls. 
Luffy moaned in your ear, and started rutting against your center. The feel of his cock, so hard under all the clothes, made your back arch. 
“That feel good, Y/N?”
He whimpered as he kept going, and the pressure on your clit was making your breath hitch. 
Reaching and clawing at him, you got him out of his shirt. You tried to pull his shorts down, but he kept moaning and rutting against you, driving you mad now. 
“Please Luffy, I need more.”
“Mm, more what,” he breathed in your ear as he left trails of sloppy kisses along your neck and jaw. Crying out for him, you felt your body writhing, needy for more. 
“Please fuck me, Luffy. I want to feel you.”
He thrust against you harder now, the friction of your clothes starting to be too much, making you whimper.
“You okay,” Luffy asked as he pulled back, concern covering his features.
“I’m okay, Luffy, just please fuck me.”
As his manic grin returned, he helped free you from your clothes. He got distracted by your breasts, touching, squeezing, licking, and sucking until you were shaking and dripping with need. 
“Where’s the-”
You pointed desperately at your clothes, panting as he fisted the condom onto his swollen cock. 
“Y/N, I’m a rubber man!”
His cheesy grin as he gestured to himself with the condom on made you burst out laughing.
“Yes, you are,” you managed to breathe out before he was on you again, kissing the laughter away. 
He rubbed his cock up and down along your folds, drenching himself in all your wetness. He gripped his length, toying with your clit until you were tearing up.
“P-Please, Luffy!”
“You really wanna play with me, huh, Y/N?
All you could do was nod, your whole body burning, needing release. 
Luffy lined himself up, and plunged into you. He muffled your moan by shoving his tongue back down your throat. 
You were so close from all his teasing. The feel of him thrusting into you while his hands kept grabbing hungrily at you was overwhelming. You clawed at his back, and he groaned into your mouth, the sensations overwhelming you until you were over the edge.
Bucking under him, you held your screams in since you weren’t sure if Franky had soundproofed his room. Until Luffy bit your neck, and dug his fingers into your skin. You screamed his name then, and his moans got louder.
He kept fucking you while you came down, and you were already so overstimulated.
“Felt so good, squeezing me like that, Y/N. Do it again, pleease.”
Luffy’s desperate voice cracked you, and you couldn’t resist.
“Yes, Luffy, come for me please.”
He groaned, pulling away from your upper body, but continuing to thrust into you. He was on his knees now, and he lifted one of your legs over his shoulder. His rhythm got faster and harder at the new angle, and you were almost there again, crying out his name. 
His dark eyes looked down at you, sending chills across your skin.
He brought one of his thumbs to your clit, at the same time that he started kissing and licking at your calf over his shoulder, and you raked your nails across your own skin as you came on his cock again. 
You heard his groans of pleasure seconds before you felt his cock twitch inside of you, feeling the force of his release within you. He dropped your leg, making you both gasp as he slipped out. Then he covered your body, laying on top of you while you laughed and struggled to breathe. 
He mumbled something at you, and you shook him as best you could. 
“Luffy, I can't breathe.”
He bolted upright, his sleepy look making you laugh. 
“Let’s clean up.”
He looked down at the very full condom and giggled.
“Rubber,” you asked, shaking your head at your ridiculous captain.
His smile widened, and he stretched his arm across the room to grab a towel for you, waiting for you before cleaning himself off. 
“Are you hungry,” he asked, looking like a starving puppy.
“I need a few minutes, Luffy.”
“Oh, right!”
Luffy crawled back into bed, curling himself around you. You twitched as he started grabbing, and kissing, and sucking at your skin again.
“I’m sorry, did I hurt you?”
He’d pulled back, looking scared.
“No, I’m just sensitive after all of that.”
“Sorry, Y/N. Did it feel good?”
“Mm, so good, Luffy.”
He cuddled up closer to you then, this time keeping his hands and mouth still. For a while you sat there, running through all that had happened since last night. This is wild. 
You stroked your fingers through your captain's hair, his snores not enough to keep you from napping with him. 
Jolting awake, you yelped at Luffy's face inches from yours.
“Are you hungry yet, Y/N?”
Luffy had thrown on his clothes, and looked like he was dying of hunger as he rocked from side to side in front of you. Laughing, you reached for your clothes, ready to restart this crazy day. 
“Yes, captain.”
Tumblr media
Thank You For Reading! 💜
TurtleTaub Fanfic Masterlist
A/N: After writing the first part, I just couldn't picture this Luffy being satisfied with one night so 🤷🏼 Lol, I hope you enjoyed this miniseries!
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hi 🌻 I saw you posting multiple venn diagrams here but I don't think I ever saw one with autism and adhd. is there one? love your blog btw it's so helpful thank you for all the work!
Hi there,
Neurodivergent Insights has a lot of helpful Venn diagrams. Here’s a comparison between ADHD and Autism
Tumblr media
The link to this will be below if you want to read more:
I hope this helps. Thank you for the inbox. I hope you have a wonderful day/night. ♥️
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spidefox · 2 days
About the pretend AU, I was wondering how different 'Ingo' (Emmet who pretend to be Ingo) is from the regular Ingo??
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
There are not many differences, one of them is Emmet's usual smile and things that depend only on his depressed state, so nothing interesting here!
Tumblr media
Secondly! Behavioral differences: Ingo's entire personality is built on all the knowledge Emmet has gained about him throughout his life. Every time, in different situations, the personality subconsciously dreads "What would Ingo do?" and follows a behavior based on the knowledge.
If you ask him about something that one person may know but Emmet does not, most likely Ingo's personality will try to give an answer but in most cases it will not be correct.
In other words, most of the differences from the real Ingo appear solely in the moments of Emmett's lack of knowledge about his brother. Otherwise, he is identical to Ingo's behavior, just creepy because its not Ingo.
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hopefuloverfury · 3 days
you said your inbox is always open so!
if there was one thing you could ask concernedape to add to the new update, what would it be?
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ravenmccookies · 16 hours
Mr count sir, do you possibly have a Fanclub?
Tumblr media
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a-stick04 · 3 days
Can I see Mike without his mask and then kiss him on lips 🥰🥰
Tumblr media
He wouldn't be comfortable with a kiss on the lips but a kiss on the cheek is fine !
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masriyyah · 2 days
It's kinda funny in a morbid way watching every liberal zionist account on here act like they're so victimized while on every other platform they're calling for blood. It's kind of reminiscent of how subsets of Turks online act towards Armenians
the psa type posts on antisemitism that are either a) addressing a bunch of shit that literally no antizionist has said/done b) conflating antizionism with antisemitism while palestinians are slaughtered by the hundreds every day are getting so tiring dude
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sawthemusical · 1 day
so you are official hoffstrahmers??
Who isn't?
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I like to believe that Anselm is the one who’s dramatic when you get your period. Like it doesn’t matter how bad it is or if you’re having cramps. He just acts like you’re deathly ill and tells the workers to abide by your wishes and tend to you constantly and you have to tell the poor things “Just get me a hot water bag and some painkillers and leave me be. If I need anything I’ll just ask.”.
Wow. Wow wow wow wow.
You are spot-fucking-on, my friend!!!!
Things we know about our Anselm:
2. Blood doesn’t bother him (obviously)
3. You are his primary concern at any and all times.
When it comes to your pain and discomfort, you would tell him you were used to it, but he would be full of sadness and rage at being unable to do something to fix it.
Because he’s unable to shoot your period dead in the face so that it never bothers you again, he would be a terror to the household.
• Every person in the house would carry pads and tampons and ibuprofen (including him). 
• He would “have the shades drawn,” until you told him it was your period and not a Victorian fainting disease. 
• Reminds everyone to agree with you at all times
• Asks if someone has checked on you every three minutes, and if someone hasn’t… he gets upset. But if someone wakes you up b/c they were checking on you… he also gets upset.
• You end up having to tape a sign to your bedroom door. No one but Anselm can come in. If you need something, you’ll write it on the sign. And you’d end up having to tell Anselm not to hover around every ten minutes because the squeak of his brace is making your headache worse so he just ends up laying in bed with you all day. Neither of you minds in the least.
And consider an Anselm Period Fic started on my WIP list
Other fic recs:
-Amazing period masterlist -@boredzillenial's recent Laurent fic that hasn't made its way onto the masterlist yet
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infamous-if · 2 days
I'm new here. Is Seven obsessed with MC or something? I have a feeling Seven is obsessed with MC.
oh my sweet summer child-
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aless-was-here · 3 days
Sketch request: Garak and Bashir blatantly flirting perhaps
Tumblr media
Read: Garak blatantly flirting and Bashir not doing a thing to stop him
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I’m so stressed
Eat me out to make me feel better 😇 🥺
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