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~Have some transparent jjk chibis~
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just-jordie-things · 10 hours
Could you do a drabble with the JJK boys getting jealous??
i sure can :) ___
satoru claims over and over that he doesn't get jealous. look at him. he knows that there's no one in the world you'd rather be with than him. besides, jealousy is childish, right? you've been together for ages! he's secure in your relationship, and so are you.
but then he sees you showing a new transfer-teacher from the Kyoto school around, and the guy just gets a little too close to you. he's laughing a little too much at your jokes, and his stare lingers on you for a little too long.
he's not upset at the idea of another man taking you away, because never in a million years could that happen. but he doesn't like the idea of another man trying to woo you. he doesn't like seeing another man look at you the way he looks at you. because you're his.
and satoru figures there's no harm in introducing himself, right? it would be polite.
as soon as he approaches you, you feel something bad is coming. he's pulling his blindfold down around his neck, and the grin on his face looks plastic. he looks like he's about to approach the elders.
oh, you realize. he's fuming.
satoru introduces himself with a grand gesture and loud voice, and despite you telling him that everyone knows who he is, he reaches out and aggressively grabs the stranger's hand, shaking it with too much force, and too much eye contact.
"i'm actually her fiancé! did you know that?" he's keeping up his bright smile, but the look in his eyes is absolutely unhinged, much like his actions. "that means she's going to be my wife, isn't that right honey?"
you know you're not going to convince him to relax, so instead you affectionately roll your eyes, and let your new colleague know the tour was over and he could head to his office for the day. you smack satoru's arm to make him let go of his hand, first.
the man gives you a polite nod and a thank you, but barely looks at satoru as he turns around and heads off.
you glare up at the ridiculous man, placing your hands on your hips to really solidify your annoyance with him.
"what?" satoru asks, even daring to act confused. "I was just saying hello! is it a crime to say hello these days?"
"i thought you didn't get jealous?" you raise a brow at him.
"i told you, i was just saying hello" satoru shrugs his shoulders.
you hum in disbelief, and roll your eyes again.
"you're ridiculous" you huff.
"you love me" he replies with a wide grin, and this time a genuine one.
"remind me why, again?"
"because i'm perfect," he wraps his arms around you and pulls you into him, and despite your indifferent act, the blush on your cheeks betrays you. "and handsome. and funny. and smart. and handsome"
and wildly jealous, you think, but you keep it to yourself. you kinda thought it was cute, after all. ___
megumi knows he shouldn't be jealous. it's immature, insecure, and stupid. at least he tells himself this like it's a mantra while he watches how easily you and the cashier at the cafe you were currently at were talking to each other.
he was sat at your usual table, and thought you were just going to the counter to pick up your drinks, but without another customer to tend to, the cashier had struck up a conversation with you.
and megumi is conflicted. because he's not the type to get up from his seat and drag you back here... right? he was above proving the point that you had a boyfriend... right?
soon enough you're bringing your drinks back to the table and sitting across from him with an award winning smile. it's silent as you both sip your drinks, and despite megumi normally being reserved, you can tell pretty quick that something's up.
"you alright?" you ask.
he doesn't want to tell you the truth, but he's not a good liar either.
"fine," he mumbles back, staring at his drink. "that guy was real friendly, huh?"
you bite on your cheek to hold back from giggling, but your smile is still visible. you didn't think megumi was capable of jealousy. maybe it was immature of you, but it did warm your heart to know he cared about you enough to feel such a way.
when he dares a glance up at you and sees you smiling, he lifts his head.
"what?" he mumbles.
you shrug your shoulders and shake your head, before standing from your seat so you could lean over the table and plant your lips on his.
megumi didn't usually partake in pda, he didn't initiate it beyond holding your hand. but he'd never really experienced it before, and kissing you now in front of the few patrons of the cafe and that sweet-talking cashier, felt amazing.
when you pulled away, your face split into a grin. megumi kept his smile small, but the pink on his face was unavoidable. ___
it's been done before but... yuuta is insanely jealous of yuuji.
but when he's gone for months, and comes back to find that his girlfriend has become buddy buddy with sukuna's vessel, it's hard not to be.
of course when he finally comes home, you leap into his arms and you pepper him with kisses, and when you tell him how much you missed him he knows it's the truth, he knows that he's the only one for you.
and he doesn't really know yuuji, they've barely been acquainted, but he knows he can't trust him. of course he can't! you're the most beautiful girl in the world, anyone could see that, but with yuuji becoming your best friend, he simply couldn't take that.
does he do the mature thing and voice this concern, this little insecurity to you? well... no. he lets it sit and fester until the jealousy becomes so overwhelming, he's giving yuuji death glares every time he sees him.
like right now.
the first and second years were throwing a little party in the common room- which really just meant playing switch games while drinking and staying up far too late- and when yuuta showed up, you were already there.
and so was yuuji.
you both had a plastic red cup in your hands, and you were laughing loud enough he could hear it over the music. instantly his muscles tense and he's grinding his teeth. seriously? even tonight? which was supposed to be fun and laidback? now he has to deal with this again?
he tries to relax his features when he approaches you, sliding his arm around your waist and keeping a firm grip on your hip, he tries to come across as calm when he greets you both.
but yuuji isn't stupid. he's noticed the dirty looks, the sudden possessiveness that overtakes him whenever he finds the two of you together. he knows exactly what's going on.
and you're not stupid either but... you brush youth's clinginess off as just that- clinginess. he'd been gone on that assignment for so long, you figured he had just been missing you as much as you missed him. sweet, loving you had just been enjoying the welcome home sex!
even now, with yuuta keeping you so snug against his side that you couldn't pull away if you wanted to, you were smiling and just enjoying the presence of both your boyfriend and your new friend.
but yuuji was starting to feel twitchy, and nervous. yuuta could be the friendliest guy in the room, all smiles and warmth, but right now, he was staring daggers at yuuji. and the poor boy had no idea what to say or do to handle it.
so at first chance, he excused himself, and raced off to spend the rest of the night glued to megumi, where he presumed he was safe.
now that yuuta had you alone, he turned to face you, pulling you by your hips to keep you close to him.
you smile up at him, eyes gleaming with adoration, and some of his annoyance starts to melt away. some.
and for the first time, you notice the little knot between his brows. you tilt your head at him.
"what is it?" you hum softly, your hands resting against his chest.
"nothing, sweetheart, don't worry about it" he says, leaning down to press a soft kiss to your lips.
as convincing as his kiss was, you knew better.
"you sure, honey?" you murmur, your hands running over his shoulders, "you seem tense"
you're so sweet, he thinks as his fingers slip under the hem of your top and begin to trace over your warm skin. you giggle softly at the ticklish feeling, and quickly swat at his chest to make him stop. he just smirks and continues the motion.
"come with me," he murmurs, sliding a hand out from your shirt only to take your hand and tug you with him around a corner, out of sight from everyone else.
you oblige without question, and happily drape your arms around his neck when he presses you into the wall. he wastes no time in filling the gap between you, sealing your lips with his.
you hum delightedly when the kiss deepens, your fingers curling into the hair at the nape of his neck while he heatedly kisses along your jaw until he reached the sweet spot just below your ear. your fingers tighten just a little, enough to give his hair a little tug.
"you have a good time at the party, sweetheart?" he murmured into your ear. "with yuuji?"
you giggled, which was not the reaction he was expecting, so he tilted his head back to look at you.
"oh, yuuta," you sigh, smiling up at him. "don't tell me this is jealousy?"
"what? no," he smirks, stealing another kiss from you that took your breath away more than it should have. "that would be childish"
"maybe," you murmur, your hands sliding across his shoulders, and then down his chest. "but it's maybe kinda cute" you add in a softer voice.
"cute?" yuuta repeats back to you.
you nod with another giggle.
"maybe," you say. "but you know it's silly, right?"
you bring one of your hands up to his face, gently cupping his jaw to make sure he was staring at you, to make sure he could see the authenticity in your features.
"you're the only one for me," you say sweetly, and seal your words with a kiss. "so, can we go back to this party?"
"nope," yuuta grins, and then he's taking your hand and guiding you away again. "everyone's busy having a good time. let's go to my room"
and you oblige, without question.
(yuuta remains pretty jealous, but at least you're reaping the benefits)
toge was a fairly jealous person, and this was well known. ever since you'd joined the second years, all of your peers had known he was jealous of anyone that spent time with you. you might not have been his girlfriend, but from the dirty looks he gave anyone that tried to steal you as a partner, or study buddy, you may have well been.
you were pretty oblivious to this, as when he was with you, toge was nothing but kindness and laughter.
but maki's stopped sparring with you, panda won't be your partner in mariokart, and when yuuta is around, he's just been straight up avoiding you because they're all so nervous that toge's gonna chew their ass out with onigiri. which sounds funny, but being on the receiving end of an angry toge was the worst.
you joined them late one evening in the common room, having been catching up on some work with gojo. when you see they've got the switch hooked up and are setting up teams for mariokart, you're quick to voice that you're joining.
"maki, do you have a partner yet-?"
"yep! i'm partners with panda!" she answers faster than you could even finish your question.
you look to panda, who was sitting on the opposite side of the room, and he's quick to nod his head. although he doesn't look convinced, as though he'd just learned this himself.
"salmon!" toge calls out, patting the space next to him on the couch for you to join. your confusion wears away as you fall into the cushion next to him and take the extra controller he hands you.
maki and panda share a look and roll their eyes to themselves.
the rest of the night goes as usual, the four of you racing until a victor is determined. it's a close game but as usual, maki wins. she goes back to her dorm chanting.
"well, i'm still wide awake," you say to the remaining two. "you guys want to go to the convenience store, get some snacks, and keep playing?"
"yeah, I'll go!" panda says excitedly.
"salmon!" toge agrees just as quickly, as though competing to be the first.
you just laugh as you head off to grab your purse and shoes. when you meet up with panda and toge outside the school, you jump onto panda's back and dare the two of them to race to the front gates.
toge takes this as a very serious challenge, and when he and panda cross through the gate at nearly the same time, you cheer at the both of them for being so fast.
"you guys took that serious! wow!" you laugh as you hop off of panda's back and stare at your panting friends in awe.
it was quite the run, and you hadn't expected the both of them to start sprinting.
"i think panda won by half a second though"
"bonito flakes!"
"sorry!" you're still laughing as you raise your hands in mock surrender, thinking toge was just joking.
he wasn't. he pouts for the rest of the walk.
panda waits outside the small shop while you and toge go in to collect all your favorite snacks. he sticks close to your side, maybe even closer than usual, but you don't say anything. you just hope your blush isn't too noticeable.
you pay for the two bags of snacks and head out of the shop, meeting up with panda for the walk back to jujutsu tech. toge carries the bags for you, wedging himself between you and panda so he could soak up as much of your attention that he could get.
panda barely talks the rest of the way, listening to you ramble on while toge happily reacts to whatever you were saying. honestly, panda wonders why he even came- besides for those yummy honey crackers- because toge was just going to steal all of your attention like he usually does.
by the time you get back to the school, panda claims he's too tired to keep playing mariokart, and says you should all watch a movie while eating your snacks instead. you seem excited enough by this idea that toge also agrees.
while panda sits on the floor and begins scrolling through the streaming services to find something good, toge tugs on your sleeve so you'll sit with him on the couch.
and when you sit with him, he tugs on your sleeve once more. you glance over, thinking he's trying to get your attention, but again, he tugs. a blush blooms over your nose and across your cheeks as you realize he's trying to pull you closer still. shyly, you tuck in closer, until your side is pressed against him. he smiles as he wraps his arm around your shoulders.
"salmon" he says happily.
you can't find your voice to say anything, too bashful from the out of character cuddle he'd just requested. but you wouldn't complain.
panda puts on some true crime doc none of you had heard of, and the three of you watch and munch on your treats in silence. although it's not long before panda's passing out on the floor, and you're also getting droopy eyed.
you slump a little more into toge's side, wiggling until you're comfortable, and then rest your head against his shoulder.
in a panic, his head whips around to look at you, as if he wasn't sure if you were actually cuddling into him more.
"have you been getting jealous, toge?" you hum, your heavy eyes finally falling shut. he doesn't say anything, but his silence speaks volumes. "i thought maybe," you giggle softly. "i've been wondering why yuuta avoids me like the plague and maki won't be my mariokart partner anymore"
"mustard leaf?" toge mumbles, and he wonders if it's enough for you to know what he's asking.
"I'm not upset," you hum in answer, and he relaxes a little. "but you don't have to be jealous. i don't want to be with anyone else. they're my friends," you peek your eyes open and tilt your head back just enough to meet his gaze.
his lavender eyes are blown wide in surprise, and the look makes you smile. finally, you're the one catching him off guard.
"you're different" you finish quietly.
he smiles back at you, and when you lay your head back down against his shoulder, his hand reaches up to pet your hair gently until you fall asleep there.
xoxo ~ jordie
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snapshots of carefree days
twitter | ig | store
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day sixty-nine | maki 100% tried to warn yuuji not to play against inumaki [id in alt]
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some cool kids
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inumaki scribbles 🐍🌸
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"Inumaki-kun is kind. He doesn't want to accidentally curse others, so he speaks in rice ball components — words that cannot carry curses. Even today, he helped me out. He tried to keep me away from danger. Even back then, he was showing consideration for my anxiety, wasn't he?"
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strongest sorcerer, will you make it in time this time?
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one of the highlights of this film is the students not recognizing their "good-looking" sensei without his blindfold ( ̄▽ ̄)
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training with the best!
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Happy Birthday Yuuta 💍🎂
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im sure you did great in the interview! for the blurbs, jjk men and their thoughts/reactions to being affectionate in public with their s/o??
tysm! <3 ___
lives for pda. he was initiating pda before you were even together, just to be sure no one around you had any confusion.
but when you initiate? he's over the moon. he's melting into the ground. gojo satoru is officially the weakest (in the knees) sorcerer.
because he's the one initiating so often- usually by wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you into him for an impromptu kiss- when you're the one doing it, it's much more shy.
you're definitely blushing as you stand on the tips of your toes, hesitating just a moment before you close the distance between you to steal a small kiss.
you're not opposed to pda, but when you're standing in line at our favorite cafe, with what feels like dozens of eyes on you, you never fail to fluster afterwards.
not gojo, nope! it's his favorite thing in the world, after all. he's always patient as you shyly link your fingers together and bat your eyelashes up at him, knowing in a minute you'll work up the courage to give him a kiss. he loves seeing you bashful, and he loves your kisses. so he would happily wait the few extra seconds it takes you to go for it.
(even if when he intiates, he'll happily push you into the nearest wall and devour you until you forget you're in public) ___
omg megumi is so shy when it comes to pda, so he doesn't often initiate, but he loves when you do, because he also wants everyone around him to know you're all his.
you're sharing a booth, and a strawberry milkshake, enjoying your date together. megumi liked dates with you, because you liked going somewhere new every time. he also just enjoyed any second of his day with you.
you cuddle into his side, taking his hand and setting your chin on his shoulder as you admire him fondly. you're so close he can smell your shampoo and his nose almost touches yours, and the reminder that he's in public makes his face grow warm, but he doesn't dare put any distance between you.
you smile at him, because you love when you make him blush and you hope he always stays this bashful. it's so cute to know exactly what he's thinking because his face gives him away. you squeeze his hand as you murmur softly to him.
"i love when we get to go on dates," you say, speaking his exact thoughts. "i love you"
he smiles back at you, squeezing your hand back.
"i love you too"
with that you lean forward to seal your lips in a gentle kiss. megumi's heart is beating out of control, but he doesn't let it ruin the sweet moment. if anyone was even looking, they would be sure that you were all his.
or more accurately, he was all yours, because the boy was absolute putty in his hands. ___
yuuta loves pda, but you're both pretty nervous about initiating it. so for the most part, it's a shy reach for a hand, or a quick hug when he returns from long assignments.
you're very affectionate in private, always tangled in each other, flirting and teasing, stealing kisses as much as you can. but something about having other people watching makes you both shy as if your relationship was still new.
spending so much time away from each other starts to change things, though. as yuuta becomes a stronger, more confident sorcerer, the higher ups send him on longer missions. you're proud of him, but the distance sucks.
and after he was gone for three months, something in you snaps when you see him again. even though all of the tokyo students are gathered outside to welcome him home, any sense of shyness escapes you when he approaches, and you throw yourself into his arms.
yuuta's just as surprised, barely catching you, but his arms are strong around you as he holds you close. he's smiling just as wide as you, never feeling more at home than having you back in his arms.
and then your lips are in his in a second and you're kissing him so passionately that he forgets all your friends are gathered there, too. your hands are tangled in his hair and your lips are so warm he gets lost in the kiss. even when you pull away and your feet are planted on the ground again, he forgets where he is as he gazes in your eyes and tells you how much he missed you.
when he comes back to reality to see all your friends quickly turning away, hoping neither of you noticed their prying eyes and red faces, he laughs nervously and awkwardly greets them too.
toge wolf whistles, earning a smack on the back of the head from maki.
"say hello to me like that!" yuuji grins from ear to ear, earning a smack on the back of the head from maki.
after that, over time, you both grow more comfortable being affectionate around your friends.
neither you or toge are ever aware of your surroundings. period.
so everyone around you is pretty used to you whispering in each other's ears and giggling, or walking in on you kissing in the kitchen like it's not a very public and very shared space. it might have been annoying or even gross at first, but you make such a good couple that they get over it quickly. honestly, they learn to block it out, so it doesn't phase any of them anymore.
the kyoto students however, don't really know you, so they don't know how you and toge can be. this doesn't really dawn on anyone as the tokyo students make their way to greet the kyoto students for the exchange event.
while everyone was busy explaining the event to yuuji, you and toge hung back, your hands connected and swinging between you while you chatted about anything other than the event.
well, flirting. you were flirting with each other.
this didn't cease when you'd reached the kyoto students, in fact, neither of you had really realized that's what you were doing. toge was too busy signing silly and romantic lines to you about how pretty you looked in your uniform, and you were too lost in his eyes while you smacked his arm affectionately.
again, the tokyo students didn't even think twice about this. they were so used to it they were immune to the way you giggled as toge tugged you into him, your body curving against his as your arms went around his neck. now you were the one sharing hushed whispers about those lavender eyes that were going to get you into trouble.
the kyoto students were not amused. they were standing there in shock- not even bothered that there was an extra tokyo student that had seemingly come back from the dead- because you and toge were mere inches apart and it appeared you'd forgotten where you were or what you were supposed to be doing entirely.
(this was true, you had)
it took a few minutes before your peers noticed the strange behavior of your visitors. until miha shyly raised a finger and pointed at you and toge, silently explaining their awkward silence.
now all eyes were on the two of you, but neither of you felt the atmosphere shift, with your arms wrapped around each other, while you whispered sweet nothings into toge's ear, as far as you two were concerned, you were the only people in the world.
"that's the cursed speech user we have to be worrried about?" todo scoffed.
mai rolled her eyes.
"yeah, well, you better hope they don't team up during the event" panda snorted.
"don't underestimate them, they'll kick your ass" maki agreed with a smirk.
the pair of you might easily come across as if you couldn't care about the event, but when it began and your demeanors changed, you were a pretty ruthless team. you hadn't knowingly given the kyoto school the wrong idea by underestimating you, but here in a few hours you'd definitely take them by surprise when you easily wipe out their numbers.
this made me so soft i'm giggling and kicking my feet in my chair
xoxo ~ jordie
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Day 29 - barista Yuta at your service! ♥ - Edit : Day 30 - Toge joins the crew! ♥ Twi / IG : @ freyzrc
☕ Gojo / Geto version : here ! ☕ Yuji / Megumi version : here !
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cursed speech
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in a jjk mood this fine day 🍙
ID under cut
First Image:
Megumi, behind a background of the pan flag: [Guys, I’m pansexual.]
Yuji and Nobara look at him while standing next to each other, silent.
Nobara: [it has nothing to do with pans, idiot]
Second Image:
A group chat titled [GOJO ANTIS] whose picture is Gojo’s face with a red X over it.
Nobara: [any of you guys want to come shopping with us?]
Inumaki: [(fish emoji)]
Nobara: [???]
Yuji: [wut does that mean]
Megumi: [it means yes]
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