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mori-tashie · 2 days
I've recently found this truly adorable series by @superherotiger called "Kindred Spirits", and lemme tell you, it got my head in a spin. So, I drew this :)
Tumblr media
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marvel-lous-guy · 9 months
Peter: If there was a zombie apocalypse... couldn't you bite the zombie and it would turn back into a human?
Tony: ...what?
Peter: well,  if a zombie bites you, you turn into a zombie... so would a zombie turn into a human if a human bit it?
Tony: No, I didn't mean "what" as in elaborate. I meant it as in "how the fuck does your brain come up with this shit"
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irondadmadlads · 3 months
Irondad Prompt #152
Steve Rogers: You get killed, walk it off!
Peter: Yes, si-
Tony: Peter, you get as little as a paper cut, you come tell me! Do not listen to what Captain Asshole says!
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bruciemilf · 10 months
Tumblr media
I'll be taking no criticism at this time
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idk-bruh-20 · 8 months
Petition for Marvel to make a new series of shorts
about Tony's life in the time between Homecoming and Infinity War a la the "Team Thor" series.
Peter being an intern
Rhodey's physical therapy
Tony trying to get on May's good side by giving the Parkers increasingly ridiculous home improvements until May has to sit Peter down like, "Tell your not-dad to leave our dishwasher alone or I will be teaching Pepper my date loaf recipe"
"Also if he tries to add lasers to the security system he's already installed I will uninvite him to your back-to-school night."
Tony meets Ned and Ned just. vibrates.
Tony and Peter outwardly denying that they act like father and son + zoomed-in reactions of everyone around them like on The Office
SI employees: "If that's not his son, I work for Oscorp."
Tony's giving an interview into the camera like "I do not act fatherly around Peter" only for FRIDAY to interrupt, "Boss, Mr. Parker appears to be in distress" and Tony's already standing up like "on it"
The chaotic Pepper/Tony wedding planning that we deserved
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lilbitofmac · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Some fun little holiday sketches I whipped together for the @iamironmanzine!! ❄️✨
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forgetful-nerd · 2 months
Tony: Don’t be stupid Peter!
Peter: *voice cracking* but I don’t know how to be anything else!
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hail-hawk-eye · 9 months
Tumblr media
Hes an acquired exotic pet
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America: We could go to one place and get all the candy we could ever want.
Peter: We’re going to a candy store?!
Tony: No, it’s night time. Candy stores are closed.
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Tony: Any plans for tonight?
Peter: No.
Tony: Loser.
Peter: Thanks, dad.
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azerishi · 9 months
Peter: Mr. Stark, look! I found this really cool cat, but they looked so sad and so I kinda took them with me so they can eat and now I think I've gotten attached and I really want to keep it.
Tony, on the verge of an aneursym: Peter–Peter, that's a fucking panther.
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natsskydivingcrew · 4 months
Tony: The next person that says "weird flex but okay" is going to get a punch to the balls. Peter this is all your fault!
Thor: Preposterous boast but alas.
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marvel-lous-guy · 8 months
Muffled voice on the phone: We have kidnapped your son and if you want to see him alive again you'll have to-
Muffled voice: ...We have the teenager with brown hair and a science pun shirt
Tony: Oh, you mean Peter. Yeah, he's not my son.
Muffled voice: ...are you sure?
Tony: yeah, I'm pretty sure
Muffled voice: Well, we still have the kid locked up... so do you want him or not?
Tony: ... Peter is literally sat right in front of me doing his calculus homework...
Tony: Pete, were you kidnapped?
Peter: Oh yeah! That's what I forgot to tell you!
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irondadmadlads · 3 months
Irondad Prompt #147:
Stark Industries hires a Karen to be apart of their security team (not knowing the Karen is a Karen). All hell breaks lose when Peter Parker tries to enter the building for his internship. And Tony is not happy about it.
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chaotictasha · 8 months
Incorrect quotes#105
Morgan , texting Y/n: Y/n! Help I’m being kidnapped.
Y/n: Where are you?
Morgan : I’m with some strange person. In a car. HELP
Y/n: I’ll call Peter.
Peter, answering their call: Y’ello?
Y/n: Where’s Morgan ? They texted me that they were being kidnapped.
Peter: I’ll call you back. *hangs up*
Morgan : WHO ARE YOU?!
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idk-bruh-20 · 2 months
Irondad fic ideas #102
When Flash first overhears Peter talking about the "Stark Internship," he rolls his eyes and thinks, "Of course he'd go with that excuse at Midtown School of Science and Technology."
Whatever. Flash knows the truth. He's seen the car that Parker gets picked up in, seen the body guard / chauffeur and the absolutely insane amount of discrete safety tech he always has on. Flash is convinced that the whole orphan thing is just a cover story and Peter secretly has parents at least as rich and influential as Flash's own.
Maybe they're politicians or the mob or something, and that's why all the secrecy. Honestly, Flash is doing him a favor by bullying him all the time for being an unimportant orphan. It's the perfect cover. Maybe he'll even drop the ridiculous Stark Industries lie and come up with a more believable backstory soon.
Then, one day Flash and Peter end up in a kidnapping situation.
The kidnappers take Flash's watch, but they leave some of Peter's tech since it's better hidden. As soon as they're alone, Flash expects Peter to hit that panic button and get them the hell out of there.
Only... he doesn't? Did Peter learn nothing from K&R training? Flash reaches over and hits the secret panic button 3 times immediately, no hesitation. Peter is shocked. Flash is like, "Oh come on, I obviously know your secret."
He's kind of curious and excited now to see who Peter's secret parents are, once the cops get them out of there.
He is not at all prepared when Iron Man bursts through the door.
He's even less prepared when Tony Stark steps out of the suit and totally freaks out at Peter, hugging him and checking for injuries.
... maybe he's finally met Peter's secret parent after all.
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