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idk-bruh-20 · 2 days
Irondad fic ideas #119
We've all seen the fics where the Rogues return and immediately assume that Peter is Tony's son, leading to a "prank" where Tony and Peter "act" like father and son (they soon realize they barely have to act, cue feelings)
Now, a fic that is a twist on that old favorite.
The Rogues return, and they quickly figure out that Peter is not Tony's biological son, that he started as an intern and as Spider-Man but the two have grown closer since then. The Rogues assume that Tony has never told Peter how much he cares about him. They believe Tony is too emotionally constipated, and that Peter must still think he is "just an intern"
However, in assessing the situation, the Rogues have failed to account for some pretty vital facts: 1) the amount of time that has actually passed, and 2) the fact that Tony Stark would do just about anything, even face and overcome his childhood programming, for Peter Parker
Peter and Tony have known each other for two years now. They have already had all the emotional conversations. Peter sees Tony as a father, and Tony sees Peter as a son, and the whole Ironfam knows it. No one is in the dark about what's going on.
...except the Rogues.
When Peter and Tony realize that the Rogues immediately assumed Tony is emotionally incapable, they decide to prank them by seeing just how long they will keep believing that
Around the Rogues, Peter calls Tony "Mr. Stark," and Tony pretends to be a stone cold bitch (even while "subtly" remaining a helicopter parent). Back on their own floor of the tower, Peter switches easily between "Tony" and "Dad," they have movie nights where they fall asleep on the couch together, and dinners with Pepper, May, Rhodey, and Happy.
The Rogues decide they need to help Tony and Peter realize their feelings. This goes on for a long time.
Then, one day, Peter gets hurt. Bad. Maybe he gets hurt as Spider-Man, maybe it's a kidnapping or hostage situation. One way or another, he ends up calling out for his dad.
The Rogues all hold their breath, expecting Tony to be stunned, to freak out and go hide in his lab. But Tony doesn't even blink. He comforts Peter, holds onto him, promises that he's safe
Finally, it becomes clear that the Rogues... might have misjudged the situation. Just a bit.
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irondadmadlads · 2 days
Irondad Prompt #176:
Tony fucks up. Badly. Perhaps he took Peter’s suit again. It’s up to you as the author.
Tony fucks up and now not only is Peter hurt, but he’s also terrified… of Tony. The man can tell by his shaking body and how Peter now walks on eggshells around him.
It’s heartbreaking.
But he’s going to try his best to earn Peter’s trust and forgiveness. Even if he knows he doesn’t deserve it.
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frenchublog · 6 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ir0npvrker · 7 months
peter: i hate how you’re just born out of nowhere, and you’re forced to go to school and get an education so you can get a job. what if i wanted to be a duck? nobody asked me if i wanted to be a duck
tony: do you want to be a duck?
peter, tearing up: yeah
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1luna1lovegood1 · 8 months
Peter: *sneaking into his room wearing spidersuit at 5 am*
May, sitting on peter's desk: excuse me whERE WERE YOU?
Peter: I was working with Mr Stark!
Tony, turning on the light: Try again.
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marvel-lous-guy · 8 months
Peter: If there was a zombie apocalypse... couldn't you bite the zombie and it would turn back into a human?
Tony: ...what?
Peter: well,  if a zombie bites you, you turn into a zombie... so would a zombie turn into a human if a human bit it?
Tony: No, I didn't mean "what" as in elaborate. I meant it as in "how the fuck does your brain come up with this shit"
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ironrad · 3 months
Tony: Pete, if you could be any animal, other than a spider, which would you choose?
Peter without hesitation: A Jellyfish Turritopsis Dohrnii.
Tony: That’s oddly specific.
Peter: They are the only known biologically immortal animal. Meaning if we were all Jellyfish Turritopsis Dohrnii we could just vibe in the ocean together.
Tony remembering Peter’s attachment issues:
Tony immediately pulling him into a hug:
Peter: Um?
Tony sniffling: I would love to “vibe” as a jellyfish with you, buddy.
Peter: :)
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autisticnerd21209 · 2 months
Tony Stark and Bucky Barnes exchanging war stories about looking out for their respective smol reckless noodles who are too stubborn for their own good.
Bucky: Did you know he just jumps out of planes without a parachute? Like all time.
Tony: One time, Peter fought a guy on the outside of a plane, wearing nothing but a glorified sweatshirt. Then he crashed the plane into Coney Island and I still don’t know how he’s alive.
Tony, venting: I try my best but he just never listens, you know? He has no regard for authority.
Bucky, *nods solemnly*: Yeah. Steve has committed treason at least twice now. Federal crimes and military insubordination are basically a daily occurrence.
~one drunken Saturday night~
Bucky *sobbing*: He was just so small. And he kept picking fights. And trying to illegally join the army.
Tony *also sobbing*: He’s just a baby and he’s literally stopping an armed robbery right now.
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funnyincorrectmcu · 2 months
Peter: Anxiety is literally just conspiracy theories about yourself. Tony: ... Tony: Wow, kid. That’s deep.
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sereinreality · 4 months
Tumblr media
Good Morning.
Remember what they took from us.
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ircn-dad · 4 months
Here to remind you how Tony was unfocusing his gaze 'cause of the pain he felt while probably struggling to recognize what was happening around him and who was the person in front of him, but as soon as he heard "it's me, it's Peter" he immediately focused on him.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And while he couldn't find the force to speak, my theory is that he didn't do it also because he didn't know what to say to make the kid stop crying, to make the pain go away.
He knew what to do with Pepper and with Rhodey, their reactions were so part of their characters: Rhodey and Tony didn't need to share a word, they have been friends since ever and they understand each other without the need to talk; Pepper and Tony both smiled at each other, to reassure the other that everything and everyone will be fine.
With Peter? I think Tony not speaking was also in character. He didn't almost speak when Peter was dying, he didn't know what to do. He tried to comfort him when he said "you're alright", but as soon as things got worse he just stood there in shock, without never taking his eyes off him while Peter was crying and begging him to do something.
The same happens here:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
In the photos you can't catch it very clearly, but if you watch the complete scene you can see how Tony is not taking his eyes off him and -even when Pepper is there and is trying to take him away- he's trying to calm him down with his eyes, because that's Peter, the kid he lost and that he found five years later just to lose him again. I don't know if I'm the only one, but I almost saw panic in his eyes, it's like he was scared about Peter not being okay and about him not saying a word again. That's why he whispered kid once he wasn't in his gaze anymore, he wanted to see him one last time, to make sure to reassure him like he did with Rhodey and, soon, with Pepper. To make Peter sure that he will be fine even without him.
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idk-bruh-20 · 2 days
Irondad fic ideas #118
Biodad AU where Howard Stark was a tad more reckless when it came to finding the super soldier serum, including and not limited to using himself as a lab rat (or baby Tony for extra angst)
Maybe it didn’t work, maybe the effects were too low level to make much difference (Tony did manage to survive open heart surgery in a cave with limited infection/healing time...). Either way, this is somehow passed down to Peter.
Peter was never meant to survive the spider bite. But for some reason he did, and the effects were a full blown super serum, with a couple arachnid qualities sprinkled in.
For angst: The other Avengers find out Peter is enhanced, and they assume Tony experimented on his own son.
For Fluff: Peter finally recovers from the sickness after getting bit, and both him and Tony find out about his powers because he underestimates his strength and breaks something big and important in the lab. Cue Peter tears and Tony trying to comfort his son while also wondering what the heck is going on
This fic idea was submitted by @knittyninja!
Additional thoughts from idkb:
@knittyninja gave us two options, but why not both!
Tony and Peter figure out that Peter has powers, and after lots of tears and comfort (for and from both of them) they also figure out why
Tony comes clean about his dad, Peter's grandfather, experimenting on him. Lots of complicated trauma and angst, though, because it looks like those experiments also saved his son's life (and possibly his own in Afghanistan)
When the Avengers learn about Peter's powers and assume the worst of Tony, Peter defends him. Because his dad is nothing like Howard
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irondadmadlads · 3 months
Irondad Prompt #152
Steve Rogers: You get killed, walk it off!
Peter: Yes, si-
Tony: Peter, you get as little as a paper cut, you come tell me! Do not listen to what Captain Asshole says!
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frenchublog · 7 months
Tumblr media
Spiderson 🕷️
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marvelflame2010 · 4 months
Peter: *comes to the compound after school*
Tony: Hey underroos, how was school?
Peter: I have a list of 100 words to learn Mr. Stark
Y/n: Wow, that’s only 92 more than you know now
Peter: *shocked*
Shuri who was visiting: *dying of laughter*
Steve: Y/n Sarah Roger-Barnes
Y/n: What? He made fun of my jacket, I make fun of his vocabulary. 
Bucky: Look at it this way pal. At least she didn’t use violence
Y/n: Yeah! What Pops said. 
Steve: *slaps his palm on his face*
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ir0npvrker · 7 months
tony: i think i’m coming down with something, i’ve been feeling nauseous lately
peter: maybe you’re pregnant
tony: i don’t know who’s the bigger idiot right now, you because you suggested it, or me, because i just had a heart attack
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