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irondadmadlads · 2 days
Irondad Prompt #176:
Tony fucks up. Badly. Perhaps he took Peter’s suit again. It’s up to you as the author.
Tony fucks up and now not only is Peter hurt, but he’s also terrified… of Tony. The man can tell by his shaking body and how Peter now walks on eggshells around him.
It’s heartbreaking.
But he’s going to try his best to earn Peter’s trust and forgiveness. Even if he knows he doesn’t deserve it.
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ctrsara · 4 months
Setting Things Straight
@irondadmadlads Irondad Prompt #31: Peter suddenly starts struggling in school. Tony isn’t sure what’s going on, until he learns Peter has a new teacher; one who’s seemingly out to get him.
Tony decides going straight to the source is the best way to handle it.
Tumblr media
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frogdottir · 2 months
If anybody wants to leave me Irondad prompts for some one shots, I would love to write them ❤️💙💛
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winterspiderpurrs · 2 months
" Kid be real with me here..... just give me a name... an address.... even a picture"
" I can't do that!"
Tony sighed " Pete I am going to find out sooner or later. Just tell me the name of the Alpha who got you in this situation.... I just wanna make sure we can vet him bambino.... make sure he is good enough for you"
Peter sniffles a little, looking back down at his lap. Folding the paper with the doctors results on it again. " I cant.... not cause I dont want too...but..." bitting his lip he looks up at Tony and then back down before quietly almost a whisper " I don't know which one... there were two"
Quickly taking his glasses off and tossing them on the desk. Tony leans forward and stares Peter down.
" What was that? Are you fucking with me Pete? Who..You don't know who the father is because two fucking Alphas dont know how to wrap up their knots!?!"
Peter's eyes fill with tears again. And Tony sighs, closing his eyes pressing his fingers lightly on his eyes trying to calm down. Heaving a big sigh " Kid... I thought you were smarter then this. Why weren't you on birt-"
A voice comes on over the intercom. " Dr. Strange is here for you at your request. Should I send him in?"
Peter's jaw dropped and stared at Tony " You called-"
" Damn right I did! You know he is the best to check up on you til we can find your own doc... its a delicate situation Pete... you know who I am. "
They wait a few minutes before a knock sounds at the door before opening. Dr. Stephen Strange walked in, closing the door behind himself. " Now Stark tell me why I was rushed to get over here? I was prepping for a surgery when Pepper called and you know I-" Stephen paused taking in the scene infront of him, exhausted and pissed off looking Tony. Then over at Peter, pale, eyes rimmed red filled with tears looking scared and at any moment would fall over. Narrowing his eyes he turned to Tony " What did you do to my baby?"
Tony splutters " What did I do? WHAT DID I DO? He is the one who went and got knocked up! And it gets better he doesn't know who the fuck the father is because he has been fucking two guys"
" What? Why weren't you watching out for him? What if they were targeting him"
" I don't know if you know this but im running this town! And I can't keep a watch over him 24/7 he isn't a pup anymore Stephen!"
" Of course I know he isn't a pup! But you were suppose to have someone making sure this doesn't happen to our baby! I knew we should have sent him off to medical school."
" Hey! We both agreed that he could do whatever he wants. Just cause he is an Omega and our kid didn't mean he didn't have a choice! He is a great bioengineering and genetics! And some of the ideas he has as helped the business. Mine and yours!"
"And look where that-"
Peter let out another sniffle and a soft " Momma..." Stephen turned and looked at Peter, shoulders dropping and he moves to pull Peter up and out of the chair.
" Let's go get you to bed. You need to rest, I'll have Friday send up some tea for you. Momma will have some equipment sent over and I'll make sure everything is all right." He gentle runs his fingers through Peter's hair before kissing his forehead.
Turning to lightly lead him toward the door. " and while we are at it you are going to tell me all about these..... Alphas hm? Cause I know you are or atleast were on birth control. I implanted the device myself just last year in your arm" Stephen turn his head back to glare at Tony and mouth to him that he needed to 'Figure this out quick'
After they left the room Tony curses more before reaching out to Natasha. " Widow. I need information and I needed it yesterday. Its about our baby spider"
" send me details. I'll get Winter involved if needed"
" Whatever it takes"
*^*^*ONE HOUR LATER*^*^*
"Do you have a picture and address? I will see if I have any body that covers that area"
" Here" Natasha slides her phone over to Winter aka James Barnes just call me Bucky. He lift the phone freezes and stares at it. Natasha tilts her head as she watches this shift.
" And what.... information are we looking for?"
" Stark wants to know who has been around, possibly going back for a few months. We are looking for two Alphas. Kid has been tight lipped. Thats all the information we got to work with."
" ... Was he hurt? Did two Alphas attack him? Why is he important to Stark"
Natasha notices Bucky tightening his grip on the phone before he handed it back to her.
Looking back up into his eyes she narrows hers. " Aren't you with Ste....." her eyes widen before slamming he hand down on the table. " Please tell me you and Steve are not fucking Tony Starks kid?"
" He is 22 and .... we didn't know"
Link for Part 2 now included!!
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yes-i-am-happyaspie · 27 days
Hey! I just saw your post on the mini prompt and a minute ago i was thinking of fics where peter surprises people when he speaks Italian or Spanish. could you write one with something like this? Also i really love your writing style (⁠◕⁠ᴗ⁠◕⁠✿⁠)❤️❤️
Aw! Thank you so much @stardustinmyeyesstuff !! I had a lot of fun deciding where to take this prompt. But I seem to have landed somewhere between a 'Peter and Tony Speak Italian' and ' Peter Parker Calls Tony Stark Dad' trope. Haha. I hope that's okay and that you enjoy it!
Here it is, just barely under 1k, at 995 words.
Mumbled Italian
If there was one thing Peter had learned about Tony over the last year, it was that he liked to talk. He liked to talk about everything all the time, and Peter loved it. The constant chatter meant he got to have amazing conversations with the Tony Stark! And in time, it meant being able to engage in lots of playful banter too.
In tandem, he learned that if there was something Tony felt he shouldn’t say out loud, he would simply grumble it under his breath. In Italian.
Often it was complaints. Sometimes they were about Pepper forcing him to attend meetings. Other times they were about FRIDAY being a little too sassy or how Captain Rogers was a know-it-all. Peter never said anything about it. After all, he wasn’t supposed to be able to hear it. Let alone understand it. But he had enhanced senses and an Italian aunt, making it very easy for him to understand every single one of Tony’s lowly spoken words.
For a while, it was easy to ignore whispered criticism. All the way up until the day he overheard Tony mumbling about him.
He walked into the lab and dropped his backpack on the floor. Then he and Tony greeted each other as he removed his hoodie.
“How was school?” Tony asked.
“Good! I aced my math test,” Peter said, as he crossed the distance between them.
“I knew you would,” Tony smirked. “You’ve mastered that material. Why are you even in that class? You’d do so well in a college dual-enrollment progra-” he said, pausing mid-word to change the subject altogether. “What are you wearing?”
Peter looked down, unsure of what he’d put on that morning. When he saw it, he blushed three different shades of red. “Oh my God, Mr. Stark. I just threw something on this morning. I didn’t even realize what it was,” he attempted to explain.
“Okay. That’s fair,” Tony replied, his arms crossed tightly over his chest. “But it doesn’t explain why you own it.”
Peter opened and closed his mouth several times while still trying to obscure the blatant Oscorp logo. “It was from a field trip,” he pathetically stated.
“A field trip, huh,” Tony replied. “And you kept the shirt? Wasn’t that trip a little, I don’t know- traumatic for you?”
“It’s just a shirt,” Peter struggled. “And I was wearing a hoodie over it all day. The only reason I took it off is you don’t like me to have strings dangling over the machinery!”
“Well, yeah. That’s a safety concern,” Tony said, “This, however, is just plain insulting. You wore an Oscorp shirt to my Stark Industries workshop,” he said, then abruptly stood up. “Actually, I’ll be right back.”
Peter sat down at his workbench to await Tony’s return. It didn’t take long. Twenty minutes later, Tony was coming back into the lab with his arms full of bags from the Stark Industries gift shop.
“Foremost, here’s the shirt you’re going to change into,” Tony said, tossing a black SI t-shirt Peter’s way. “But got one of everything for you. Including pajama pants. Did you know we sold Stark Industries pajama pants? Because I didn’t. One of those is for me.”
Peter shook his head and quickly switched out shirts, tossing the green Oscorp one into the trash bin beside the desk. Then he sat down to start his homework. And that’s when he heard it. Tony was sitting across from him, manipulating a new design while muttering under his breath.
“That child will be the death of me,” Tony nearly silently mumbled. Followed by “No son of mine is going to be caught wearing something like that,” and “Why do children always defy their fathers?”
Every word of it was spoken in fluent Italian.
Peter looked up, his eyes growing wider as Tony continued to grumble. Then, before he could stop himself, he began laughing. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he breathlessly spouted. “It’s just that I can hear you, and I know what you’re saying and-”
“-You speak Italian?” Tony swiftly interjected. “How much of that did you understand?”
“All of it,” Peter cackled, “I understood every word, Dad.”
As Tony's cheeks began to pinken, Peter took a few deep breaths to stop the incessant giggling. He was sure that, outside of perhaps Pepper or Rhodey he was probably the only person to witness Tony Stark blushing in the last three decades. He suddenly felt a little guilty.
“I’m sorry,” he genuinely apologized.“I should have told you before that I could hear and understand you. But it was super easy to just- not listen? And after a while, I guess it just didn’t seem all that important?”
“Of course it was important!” Tony replied, but there was no hint of heat in his tone. “I can’t believe you speak Italian and didn’t tell me. Are you fluent? I thought you took Spanish in school. Wait. Do you know any other languages?”
“Aunt May’s Italian, So I learned it from her when I was little. I guess I’m fairly fluent. You’re right, I take Spanish in school and uh,” he said, pausing to mentally go through all of Tony’s many questions. “I know a little bit of Japanese just because I thought it would be fun?”
Tony blinked, then smiled widely and spread his arms. “That’s amazing.”
“You’re not mad?” Peter dubiously inquired.
“Nah,” Tony said with a small flourish of his hand. “Surprised, yes. But not mad. I probably would have said all those things anyway.”
“Did you mean it?” Peter asked. “You think of me as a son?”
“Kind of hard not to, kid. You’re a little mini-me,” Tony replied while ruffling Peter’s hair.
And all Peter could do was grin. Tony thought of him as a son and he couldn’t have been happier about it. “Thanks, Dad. You’re the best,” he said softly. But he made sure to say it in Italian.
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marvelflame2010 · 4 months
Peter: Lol heads up if you try to make a candle with food coloring, the food coloring will just sink to the bottom of the glass, and when the flame eventually reaches the bottom all the food coloring will catch fire and become one giant tall flame that you cannot possibly blow out and the glass will start to crack and then you'll throw your tea on it in a panic and then the extremely hot food coloring will boil and sizzle horribly and then the glass will shatter. Please take my word on this lmfao Tony: What did you do op? Peter: A MISTAKE
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monster-cock69 · 5 months
actual iron dad au where alpha tony gets custody of 4yr old omega peter after his mom dies and tony didn't even know he had a kid but now they're besties
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Tumblr media
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets ft. Spider-Man
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lemonlillybee · 5 months
stay by my side (or keep me awake)
Title: stay by my side (or keep me awake) 
Fandom: Irondad
Word Count: 1153
Prompt: Peter is already prone to nightmares. Yet a fever can turn his dreams from scary, to downright horrifying (prompt #88 from @irondadmadlads) 
A/N: For @life-of-pines who should NOT BE ENCOURAGING ME LIKE THIS
Tony has been woken up by a lot of terrible sounds in his life. Sounds he doesn’t care to revisit, so he’s shoved them down, deep down, and sure, someday that’s probably going to come back to bite him in the ass. The point is, he’s seen sights and heard sounds that most people can only imagine. 
But nothing, he realizes as he’s jolted awake at 1:47 a.m. on a Sunday morning, is worse than being woken up by the sound of a child screaming. Even if that child is a sixteen-year-old with superhuman abilities.
“Peter!?” He stumbles out of bed and rushes out of his room, glancing up at the ceiling. “FRI?”
He doesn’t hear F.R.I.D.A.Y. tell him that Peter’s temperature is 102.9 degrees, or that his blood pressure is rising, or that he’s waking from a nightmare. He just hears another anguished cry coming from Peter’s room. He runs.
By the time Tony reaches him, Peter’s cries have turned to whimpers and muffled sobs. He’s curled up on his side on the very edge of his bed, face tucked into his pillow, shivers and sobs shaking his body. Tony drops down next to the bed, his hands hovering over the teen.
Peter turns his head slightly to squint up at Tony out of one eye for just a moment, and Tony sees the tears streaming down his face, pouring from bloodshot eyes. 
Tony starts babbling, then, a repetition of I know and it’s okay and I’m right here spilling from lips in an attempt to soothe Peter. He’s about to try to get an answer out of the kid about what’s wrong when he puts his hand on Peter’s wet cheek and feels that it’s hot against his palm. He slides his hands up into Peter’s hair, lightly rubbing the scalp through sweat-soaked curls, and Peter shudders at the touch before stilling, his body tense and chest expanding as he holds in a breath.
“You’re burning up,” Tony says, because fuck, it really feels like Peter’s skin is on fire. 
Peter huffs out a trembling exhale. “I am?” It’s the first thing Peter’s said since Tony got to his room, and his voice is wrecked. Tony isn’t sure if it’s from the illness or the yelling. 
Peter looks up at Tony in confusion, then brings a hand up to his chest, patting his shirt a little like he’s feeling for the part that’s burning up. He moves his hand up to his neck, fingers trailing through the sweat pooling in his collarbone, probing at his warm skin at shuddering again. “Oh no.” 
It comes out so sad and weak that Tony stills his hands where they’re running through Peter’s hair.
“Oh, Roos. I just mean that you have a fever. You’re sick.” 
“No, I’m not sick,” Peter replies hoarsely. “I’m…scared?” His voice cracks on the last word and it comes out like a question, and it’s immediately followed by a fresh round of sobbing. 
“Shit,” Tony hisses. He keeps one hand in Peter’s hair, resuming his motion, and uses the other to wipe the tears from Peter’s face as they fall. Peter squeezes his eyes shut, then immediately opens them again.
“Don’t wanna fall back asleep,” he whimpers, but he’s already nodding off despite his attempt to keep his eyes open. His eyelashes flutter rapidly then still as his eyes close, soft snores replacing the weepy exhalations. 
Tony stands carefully, moving as quietly as he can over to the door, and Peter snorts and snuffles into his pillow but remains asleep. He quickly grabs a fluffy towel and a washcloth from the bathroom, wetting the washcloth in the sink first before returning to Peter’s room. 
He uses the towel first to dry Peter’s hair. He drapes it over his head, rubbing gentle circles, then uses a corner to dab at the sweat along the side of his face and neck. There’s a small gasp when he places the cool washcloth on the back of Peter’s neck.
“I’m sorry, Roos, I know that probably feels cold.” 
Peter’s eyes fly open with another gasp and a stuttered “N-no, please! Don’t hurt…don’t…” 
“I’m not trying to hurt you, Pete. Just trying to cool you down a little.” 
“Don’t want to be cold,” Peter whimpers. His nose is stuffed up from all of the crying, or maybe from the illness that’s coming on, and it makes him sound younger. 
“Do you want to change into a dry shirt?” Tony asks, watching Peter shiver with a frown.
Peter nods and brings up one fist to clumsily rub at his eyes. “A hoodie?” He asks hopefully.
Tony shakes his head. “Nope, just a shirt, bud.”
“A…turtleneck shirt?” Peter asks, and Tony almost snorts out a laugh.
“A t-shirt,” he clarifies. “Your fever is too high.” 
“Karen? She has a heater?” Peter tries one more time, not yet losing his hopeful tone.
Tony sighs. “No, bud. Your body is really hot right now, and I know it’s making you feel cold, but your suit’s heater would not be good for you.” 
“You’re the one who gave her the heater,” Peter grumbles, his tone sliding into something more grumpy. His face scrunches into a little pout and he closes his eyes. 
After a moment, Tony thinks he might be falling asleep again, but then Peter’s gasping so hard it makes him cough, and he scrambles back toward the wall like he’s trying to escape something. 
“Peter! Peter, it’s okay! It’s okay,” Tony says, reaching out a tentative hand. His fingers find Peter’s shoulder. He waits until Peter catches his breath a little, then wraps his hand more firmly around his bicep. He really needs a new, dry shirt. “Hey, you okay? You’re okay.” 
Peter swallows back a sob. “I don’t want to see it again,” he whispers, voice broken and sad. “I keep seeing it when I…when I close my eyes…” 
Oh, shit. A nightmare. With the fever, Tony had nearly forgotten about the screaming that had brought him into Peter’s room in the first place. Peter is prone to nightmares, but never this bad. He takes a deep breath through his nose while he considers what to do, but he’s already making a decision. 
Peter’s already over on the far side of the bed, leaving enough room for Tony to squeeze in next to him. He wraps his arms around Peter and tugs him toward his chest, and Peter melts easily into the warm embrace. He sniffles a little into Tony’s chest and shivers, nuzzling against his shirt until he’s in a position he’s happy with, and Tony smiles despite being incredibly uncomfortable himself. He’s positive he’s going to be sore and sweaty within the hour, and he’s not really sure what kind of night they’re in for, but at least he can be here for Peter through it. 
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lovelesslittleloser · 6 months
Has anyone made a god au for the mcu?
Like, the gods are amongst us mortals, and they’ve got like followers/worshipers and stuff, and they can like access the information of their followers because they’re gods duh
I should probably specify that I’m talking about an irondad fic. I want this as an irondad fic
The great Tony Stark, god of technology, inventor and innovator, creator of things to further humanity along, with as many followers as people have phones, tvs, radios, and cars. His followers buy exclusively his tech, and the richer ones donate money to speed up his research
Hawkeye, god of archery, whose majority of followers come and go with time, but a select few stick around, devoting their life to the art of the bow & arrow
Vision, god of the internet (whose father is the god of technology, obviously), who gains power every moment someone uses the internet, and IS the robot tracking your info to give you some Useful ads, whose followers meme in his name
Bruce Banner, the god of sciences (he has SEVEN PHDS MAN), who learns all he can and shares it all with the scientific community, whose other form, Hulk, may or may not be a god in and of himself, whose followers all devote their lives to research, some on his second form specifically
Of course there’s Thor, god of thunder, and Loki, god of mischief…
But then there’s just. Peter Parker, god of spiders.
Of course, not very many people like spiders, and those who do probably don’t like them enough to devote any time to the god of them… unless they’re trying to form some weird cult or something. And there’s probably a major population of people that aren’t even aware that ‘god of spiders’ is even a thing? Like there’s probably a Wikipedia page or something that lists every god, but I doubt anyone would pay too much attention to a god of spiders.
Like maybe some people do worship him but it’s probably really weird and he’d be like ‘umm I appreciate that you’re following me, but I would prefer that you don’t sacrifice anyone to me?? Because one that’s illegal and I enjoy following laws and two,,, it kinda makes me uncomfortable so please stop’
So just imagine like. Pete having a rough day getting bullied by Flash about being the god of such a ‘creepy’ thing, when suddenly, a shout from an alleyway! He hurries to investigate and someone’s getting mugged! He webs up the threat and the person he saved is just like ‘thank you!! Who are you?’ and he just panics and says ‘uhhhh I’m spider-man’ and the rest is history :)
But then people start getting interested in Spider-Man so they google ‘is there a spider god’ and then they go harass Peter like ‘hey you’re the god of spiders, so who’s spider-man? You had to have blessed him right’ and like what does he say to that???
And imagine Tony seeing this and being like ‘hey I actually wanted to know who spider-man was too but maybe don’t harass a minor?? Like yeah he’s a god but he’s also a child’ and. Omg I need to ✨stop✨ before I ✨break✨
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tonystarkismyprompt · 6 months
Tony Stark Prompt:
Tony is walking through the streets of New York when he is almost hit by an out of control bus. Luckily New York's newest enhanced superhero is there to save him. As Tony chats with the teen afterwards to thank him, he is taken by surprise by the bubbly fanboy he is presented with and, most importantly, by his stories of a fateful night at the Stark Expo years ago.
Tony saved Peter's life years ago, only for the favor to be returned. Tony vows to keep protecting Peter even as the teen decides it's his personal mission to save others.
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irondadmadlads · 3 months
Irondad Prompt #152
Steve Rogers: You get killed, walk it off!
Peter: Yes, si-
Tony: Peter, you get as little as a paper cut, you come tell me! Do not listen to what Captain Asshole says!
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ctrsara · 4 months
Happy Accident
Read on AO3
Prompt from @idk-bruh-20
Irondad fic ideas #86 Fic where Happy accidentally calls Tony Peter’s dad.
Maybe Happy is driving him to the tower and Peter’s rambling about everything he wants to do in the lab and Happy comments, “You’re sure excited to spend time with your dad today.” Peter doesn’t notice at first and is like, “Yeah, I love lab days-“ And as they both simultaneously realize what Happy said, it goes silent.
This fic idea was submitted by @itsmechara426 of @irondadmadlads :)
“For the twelfth time, kid. Don’t slam my door.”
“Sorry, Happy!”
“Just remember next time.”
“I will.” 
Happy muttered something under his breath that hopefully not even Peter’s enhanced hearing could pick up.
Happy Hogan didn’t actually even mind driving the kid around, most of the time. Sure, he’d been a little much at first. Happy wasn’t used to kids, and this kid in particular had a lot to say, and did unpredictable kid stuff, and left wrappers in his car, and was always hungry . And left so, so many voicemails that Happy had to listen to, so he could pass on anything important to Tony. But the longer Happy was around the teenager, and saw his selflessness and intense desire to do good, despite what anyone said, the more he admired him. And he’d gotten used to all the talking. Mostly. 
Actually, if he thought about it, Peter gave off a lot of “young Tony” energy. Well, with a lot more politeness and optimism. And really, it was more the Tony who had been excited about what he’d been working on in the lab when he hadn’t been distracted with partying and making tabloid headlines.  But still. Similar.
Speaking of being excited, Peter definitely was today. The kid had been talking a blue streak about something to do with his friends and their Academic Desomething meet the next weekend, but he switched gears just as Happy tuned back in.
“Happy, today in Chemistry we were talking about ( insert a topic Happy definitely didn’t understand ) and how it interacts with ( another unintelligible set of words ) under certain conditions, and did you know that Mr. Stark has the stuff in his lab to replicate that experiment? And I texted him about it and he said we can actually try it out today? It’s going to be so awesome, and I hope the reaction is big like the one we got to watch, because that was amazing, and--.”
“Take a breath, kid.” Happy let out a rare chuckle at the boy’s exuberance. “I don’t get paid if I deliver you passed out from lack of oxygen,” he joked. “You’re pretty excited to get to your dad’s lab today, huh?”
“Yeah, it’s gonna be so sick.” 
Then suddenly Happy met Peter’s startled gaze in the rearview mirror and he wasn’t sure whose eyes were wider. 
Silent crickets.
“Oh my gosh, kid, I’m so sorry! I don’t know why I said that; please just forget you heard it!” 
Peter was quiet, and Happy started worrying. Ugh, apparently they had been teasing Tony too much about acting like Peter’s dad lately, because Happy had started thinking of him that way, and it had just… slipped out! He tried to reach his chin up high enough to get a look at Peter’s expression, but the boy’s head was turned, staring out the window.
Happy was just about to ask him if he was okay, and apologize again, when a quiet voice came from the back seat.
“I’m not mad. I just… what made you say that?”
“Uh…” Well, at this point, the truth was probably best. “For quite a while now, Rhodey, and Pepper, and a couple other people have teased Tony--just a little bit--about acting like your dad, and I just wasn’t thinking when I talked. Please don’t think it’s weird or anything, or be awkward. It was just a slip of the tongue. An accident.”
“How does he… how does he act when you say that? I mean… do you think he would care if he knew that I kinda think about him that way, too, now?” The last part came out quick and quiet, but Happy still heard.
Oh, wow. “Kid, I think he’d be flattered, honestly. You should hear the way he goes on about you when you’re not there. He’s as proud and protective as any dad I’ve ever known.” And his behavior was totally out of character for Tony. Which is why they’d been giving him a hard time, but they’d also all been impressed at how having Peter around had settled him. Given him a little more purpose and focus.
“Oh,” Peter said thoughtfully. When Happy glanced back, the kid was smiling softly. 
After they pulled into the garage a few minutes later, Happy rode up to the penthouse with the subdued teenager, wondering a little bit if he was going to bring up how Happy had slipped up to Tony. Of course that was totally up to Peter, but Happy kind of wanted to be around to do damage control if needed. With Tony or with Peter--whichever one needed it.
As they walked in, Happy heard Tony from the kitchen. “In here, kid!”
He followed at a safe distance, but saw as Peter dropped his backpack and headed straight for the older man. 
“Hey, Pete, I got all that stuff out down in the lab that you wanted for--oof.”
Tony had stopped talking because he’d been knocked back a few inches when the teenager tucked himself up against Tony’ chest, arms wrapping around his mentor’s back. Tony froze for a moment, but quickly reciprocated the hug. 
“What’s this all about?” he said, his voice soft as he tipped his head down to rest it on Peter’s. “Something happen at school?”
“Nah, it was a really good day. I’m just happy to see you.” Peter’s voice was muffled, but cheerful.
Tony looked bemused now. “Uh, I’m happy to see you too.” He looked at Happy with a questioning expression. Happy visually deflected, shrugging and half-smiling. Even rolled his eyes a little like, Teenagers? Who knows? Maybe his part in this wouldn’t come up. Hopefully it wouldn’t. 
Peter pulled back, and looked around, eyes lighting on a plate of sandwiches Tony had been preparing. Dad. Such a dad. “These for me?” he asked brightly, reaching for the tray.
“Uh, yeah. Just bring it down, and I’ll start setting up. You can join when you’re done eating.” Tony put a hand on Peter’s shoulder to steer him towards the elevator, and waved vaguely at Happy.
“Uh, see you later, kid?” Happy said, the unspoken question obvious in his voice. 
“Bye, Happy. Thanks for the ride!” Peter said happily. And then the dang kid winked at him. Well, what in the world did that mean? 
Tony and Peter stepped into the elevator and were gone in seconds. Happy shook his head. Was Peter going to tell Tony or not? Now Happy was going to worry about it all afternoon, which may or may not have been Peter’s intention. That dang kid. 
But thinking of how much Tony enjoyed having him around, and how happy the kid had seemed when Happy let Tony’s feelings slip, he couldn’t help but smile. Just a little bit. Maybe it hadn’t been such a bad thing after all.
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holistic-alcoholic · 11 months
an au because I don’t have the resource to write actual fic:
Mary Fitzpatrick, before she became Parker, had a fight with her boyfriend, broke up with him and then decided to have one night stand. Then, well, apparently birth control isn’t 100% effective. She decides to keep the baby, gets back together with Richard, he says he’s ready to support her and adopt the kid/say they’re his. But Mary thinks it’s a right thing to do to inform biodad, even though she doesn’t think anything will come of it.
Well. Not so fast.
Tony asks for the dna test, and after it comes positive they come to an arrangement. Richard is going to be an actual dad for the kid, and Tony will pay for stuff and be in contact. But, well, then he has to help them to make it to the hospital for the birth, and Peter’s born, and Peter’s an awesome baby. Tony thinks he’s never seen a baby that awesome.
Eventually it evolves in Tony being the cool uncle, who visits often, gives cool gifts, is a surprisingly good babysitter, kinda extremely anxious about how Peter react to vaccines and stuff… okay, he’s not cool in the slightest.
Then Mary & Richard die. Tony is very sure he’s a horrible parent, so he defers to Ben & May. But Peter knows him and loves him, and May and Ben wasn’t expecting a traumatized kid, so they need all the help, and eventually Tony becomes a third parent. They all bond. Tony & May chaotic brotp. Ben as the voice of reason. Pepper and Rhodey being auntie and uncle. They make a family, and Tony stops drinking that much, he’s happier, he’s doing better.
(He actually starts to ask Obadiah uncomfortable questions and change his thoughts about the direction SI is going and oh obviously that need to stop, Obadiah thinks, ordering a hit on him. At least he didn’t change the will to the kid, and the kid is officially not his. There no need to tie those ends.)
(I have a family, he says in the quiet of the cave. I have a son.)
Iron Man is a challenge. Tony needs to be alive for Peter, but he also needs for the world to be safe — for Peter. And he needs to have a legacy that he’s not ashamed of. May is angry with him (she is worried). Ben quietly supports him.
When he finds out about the poisoning, Tony goes on vacation. Some distant island, nobody there but their family. He lies and lies and lies, and tells many dad jokes, and cries at night looking at Peter’s sleeping form.
He survives.
In 2012 Parkers watch him flowing into the wormhole. May punches him really hard. Peter sleeps with Tony that night.
The Tower is a project to help Tony hide the family better: they have their own floor, and Peter lives there several days a week. It’s not that far from queens, and it’s sustainable enough so they wouldn’t need to spend time outside (and get caught by paparazzis). They have a family dinner once a week. It’s hard, sometimes, to hide the kid from the world — but Tony didn’t want him to have a childhood similar to his own. Plus, all the supervillains.
But then. There’s avengers. And it becomes complicated.
(A subplot when everyone thinks that Tony’s dating Pepper, then May, then both of them — is he cheating? What’s going on?
In reality Tony hasn’t got laid in a long long time and both Pepper and May are very mean to him about it. Look, he has SI, Iron Man, and a kid. When the fuck will he date?)
Him & Steve are better after the saving-the-world together, but it’s still awkward and tense. Plus, well. Steve doesn’t get why Tony tends to disappear sometimes/has some time slots when he can’t come to the important meetings. It’s not a SI thing, so Steve thinks he’s slacking.
(In reality, Tony refuses to be a father to busy to spend time with his kid)
They bicker about it constantly. Tony never says the real reason. It’s tense. May hears once their arguing and tries to punch Steve in the face, because she’s ridiculous protective of Tony (like an older sibling). Steve’s very confused. Tony’s very done. Pepper and Ben are amused.
But the relationship between Steve and Tony is stale and complicated and full of animosity. (Maybe add some ust in the mix.)
Until, well. There’s some supervillain, and Tower’s attacked while Peter was inside, and he’s fine, he didn’t even notice it happening, but still. Tony is scared. So for the next family dinner he invites Steve, introduces him to Peter (who has a Captain America fan moment) and says: we may not like each other but if something happens to me I’m expecting you to die but keep my son safe.
Steve has never been more attracted to anyone in his life. (He has a little freak out. Apparently he’s into dilfs. Who knew.)
Then it’s a lot of pining Steve, oblivious Tony and adorable Peter who says stuff like Tony (bc Richard was dad, Tony is Tony), auntie Pepper said you’re cranky because you need a boyfriend. Uncle Steve, do you want to be his boyfriend?
(Steve wants to be his boyfriend so much.)
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winterspiderpurrs · 3 months
Okay but imagine..Imagine...
While Peter was blipped Tony is reviewing old video/voice recordings that Karen stored.
And maybe there is clip where Peter is visiting a kid at a hospital. Amd maybe he told the kid his name or maybe even removed his mask. And later on Karen questions why he did that.
" I have really good hearing. And I know what it sounds like when a heart is failing..... "
" When Uncle Ben died that sound haunted me for a long time. The struggling of the heart beat and the stuttering to stop... the silence. "
" it was so weird going to sleep and only hearing May's but atleast I knew she was there cause of it ya know"
Fast forward. Snap. Mysterio. Multiverse.
Peter unpacking a box in his new apartment after everything. Maybe he finds a teddybear or an Ironman plushie. He didn't remember having it before the blip but it was a gift that showed up after the snap. Maybe it's been several months since he has settled in.
Maybe late one night when he was filling extra lonely he decided to pick up the plushie and hug it as he laid in bed. That's when he heard it.
Tha ump. Tha ump.
Peter sitting up staring at the bear.
That's Tony's heart beat.
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yes-i-am-happyaspie · 25 days
Okay! I got something!
Peter comes down with a small cold and Tony is way too overprotective of him. He’s the parent that’s like: “Bed, now. No getting up. You need to rest 24/7.” And Peter is a little annoyed because he’s bored and wants to at least lay on the couch and watch tv. At the same time though, he loves how protective his mentor/dad is of him.
He just wishes Tony could be protective without forcing him on bed rest.
Tumblr media
This mini is a combination of two prompts! I just thought they would work really well together and, oh boy, they sure did! I didn't want to make Tony too overbearing but I think I hit all the right notes and what we ended up with is a very soft sickfic. 🥰
Here it is at 966 words!
Rest Assured
“Good afternoon, Mr. Parker,” FRIDAY said, as Peter stepped into the elevator. “The boss is in the penthouse. Is that where you would like to go?”
“Sure. Thanks FRI,” Peter replied, followed by a long sniff. His nose had been running all day, and he’d long since run out of tissues. That had left him sniffling for the majority of his trip to the tower.
“Hey, Kiddo!” Tony greeted as Peter arrived. “Come here. I want to show you something.”
“Sure, Mr. Stark,” he said while quickly scanning the room for a box of tissues. He didn’t see one. “I’ll be there in just a second,” he said as he stepped into the hall bathroom to blow his nose. He washed his hands immediately after. Then on a whim, stuffed another wad of toilet paper into his pocket before exiting.
“What’s up?” he asked while looking over Tony’s shoulder. There was a small hologram projecting from a tablet. It looked like an aircraft.
Tony opened his mouth to answer but before he could, Peter sneezed three times, followed by several sniffs. “Are you sick?” he asked.
“Not really,” Peter said with a shrug of his shoulders. “It’s just a cold.”
“You should be resting,” Tony replied as if Peter hadn’t said anything at all.
Peter’s eyes widened in mild surprise. “What are you talking about?” he questioned. “I’m fine.”
“No, you’re sick,” Tony countered. “And sick people are supposed to rest.”
Peter rolled his eyes and shook his head. He was glad Tony cared enough to be concerned. Even if it was a little disproportionate to the situation. “I think I’ll be okay,” he promised. “What did you want to show me?”
“Nope. That can wait. You shouldn’t be up,” Tony replied without missing a beat. Afterward, he paused, one eyebrow raised. “Does May know you’re sick?”
“I’m barely sick and yes, she knows. She gave me a little packet of tissues this morning and everything.” He said, then sneezed again. That was followed by a grunt of frustration as he wiped his nose. It was starting to get sore.
In an instant, Tony hopped off the couch and closed the tablet. “That’s it,” he clipped. “You’re laying down. I’ll go grab you a pillow and a banket.” After watching Peter wipe his nose with toilet paper he shook his head. “And some actual tissues. I think I have some in the hall closet. Take off your shoes, get comfortable, I’ll be right back.”
“Mr. Stark, I don’t-” Peter began, but Tony was already out of sight. Rather than complete his thought, he sighed. Next he kicked his shoes off and sat down as instructed.
Tony returned moments later with half the linen closet in his arms. He dropped two pillows on the corner of the couch said, “Lay down.”
Unwilling to argue, Peter huffed and put his head on the pillows. He’d barely stretched out before Tony was spreading mutiple blankets over his body. “Are you tucking me in, right now?” he asked, a half-smile tugging at his lips.
“Maybe,” Tony quipped. “You got a problem with that, Kiddo?”
Peter laughed as he shook his head and snuggles into the covers. He would never admit it, but he was tired. Although it was easy enough to blame that on a long day at school.
“Okay,” Tony said as he smoothed out the outermost blanket.. “I’m going to grab you some water and cold medicine. Maybe some hot tea. Do you like tea? I’m getting you some tea,”
Amused, Peter asked, “You know this is all very unnecessary, right?”
Tony scoffed and gently knuckled Peter on the side of his head. “Just shut up and let me take care of you, you little punk.”
Before long, there was a plethora of cold supplies strewn across the coffee table. Peter sat up to swallow the tablets and sip at the tea. It was better than he expected. The copious amount of honey was nice, and the steam did wonders for his clogged sinuses.
“Can I see what you were working now?” he asked, once he set his empty mug side.
Tony glanced up from where he’d reengaged with the table and narrowed his eyes. “No. You’re resting,” he said with finality.
“I can rest and look at your schematics,” Peter huffed. “Those things aren’t mutually exclusive.”
Tony hummed and reached over to place his hand over Peter’s face.  “Close your eyes,” he said. “You need a nap.”
That lasted for all of two minutes, then Peter sat up. “This is boring,” he said, emphisized by a dramatic sigh.
“It’s supposed to be boring. You’re sick,” Tony replied without ever looking up form his work. “Go to sleep.”
“It’s just a cold, Mr. Stark,” laughed, then sniffed. “I don’t even have a fever.”
“That doesn’t make you any less sick,” Tony easily replied.
“Fine, whatever,” Peter grumbled. Although, he was fully smiling as he snuggled down into the blankets. Five minutes later, he yawned and decided the medicine must have started working because he could breathe through his nose again.
He sighed deeply and allowed his body to relax. Then just as he was right on the verge of sleep, he felt a hand brush through his bangs. “That’s better,” he heard Tony whispered just before a kiss was dropped onto his forehead. That was new, and it caused him to crack one eye open.
“Did you jus’ kiss me?” he sleepily mumbled.
Tony froze, clearly having not expected to get caught. Although he managed to recover quickly. “I sure did,” he confidently replied, then gave Peter’s head a gentle shove into the pillows. “Now deal with it. Go to sleep, Kid.”
Peter giggle languidly and closed his eyes before mumbling, “Love you too, Mr. Stark.”
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