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depressedoompaloompa · 2 months
Looks like someone is wasting their time on tumblr needs a glass of ✨water✨
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hlyfall · 10 days
Tumblr media
aaand the (updated) cover for a fanfic that I never actually got around to writing past chapter 1
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heartintherye · 1 year
I can't believe we chose merthur as a ship name when pendragonlord was RIGHT THERE
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jumalattomansuuri · 3 months
i have to get this out of my system.
i know it’s been quite some time since ssss ended, and even longer since minna’s announcement about ending it.
and yet i cannot get it to my understanding that something so beautiful would come to an end like that. the ending is so… bleh. ssss was something very special and important to me and many others. discovering it felt like a blessing of sorts, as it had everything i could ever ask for in a series. the world building, the concept, the characters, scandinavian and finnish mythology, different cultures, multilingual characters, adventure, action, horror, and the cozyness of the entire storyline.
this comic grew onto me so completely i feel like i can’t function anymore. it hurts even more now that i have read minna’s new comic, a meandering line. according to the comic she had plans to continue ssss for the next decade or so, or as long as she could stretch the storyline. she seemed to have been enthusiastic about it even when she already had converted.
but instead she’s now making a comic about christianity. of course these are her comics, always were, and what she decides to do with them is entirely up to her. but abandoning the project entirely just because your faith doesn’t align with that of the characters and the message of the comic? it’s heartbreaking and pathetic.
it feels like christianity has yet again taken something away from me. as christians (and christianity to some degree) already irk and terrify me, now they’ve done this; in the form of minna now being a christian. for me ssss is The Comfort Comic (or any form of media). the importance this comic held and still holds to me can’t honestly be exaggerated. i simply love it. i do. the author converted to christianity and BAM it’s gone. just like that. and it’s left me feeling empty.
what breaks my heart even more is how minna now speaks of it. on her website, upon introducing her comics, she seems to not hold any emotions toward ssss. i could of course be wrong, but it’s almost like she regrets her older comics.
maybe i’m being dramatic about someone else’s project but as a fan and as someone to whom this comic was sometimes the only reason to get out of bed i overall just feel disappointed. i wish things hadn’t gone like this.
TL;DR: everyday i mourn minna’s decision to end ssss and hope she’ll one day continue it or else i have no reason to go on bro
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avirxy · 10 months
I would like someone to take me to the alternate universe where Wizards got two seasons.
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luna-drinker · 6 months
What I hate most about the new Little Mermaid movie is that Disney is just copying and pasting instead of giving us the Caribbean Little Mermaid movie with original music, characters, and style. Absolute cowards.
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ethereallock · 5 months
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humanityinahandbag · 11 months
bbc merlin is the type of show that lives with you forever. not because it's good. because it had the potential to be good. because it did each and every character in that world dirty. because it promised us a golden ending and gave us an open wound. because we're all still stuck at that lake waiting for a love that may never happen. because every laugh was inevitably going to end in grief.
i understand what mark twain meant when he coined the phrase gilded age because of this show.
merlin was a trap of a tragedy, and every artist and writer has spent years after its end adding layers and layers of gold to try and settle the ache that was merlin's ultimate, awful end.
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STILL not over the fact that the divergent book series ended so horribly and don’t even get me started on the movie franchise
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cocajimmycola · 14 days
(Dreamy sigh.) thinking about youtubers life 2. worst game i;ve ever played /silly
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princeandreis · 8 months
happy 1 year and 1 day since the baddie smp died apparently
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2022 and I'm having a breakdown remembering klaroline and how we were robbed of that fucking fantastic love story.
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sophisticatedswifts · 7 months
I still mourn what the lover era could’ve been
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boag · 9 months
Society if “Natasha Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812” had stayed off-broadway at least another year, giving Dave Malloy and the whole team more time to prepare the show for a wider audience instead of having it hit the broadway stage prematurely, resulting in a total, near-instant crash and burn
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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pessimistic-sloth · 2 years
"...are you part of this team or not?"
"okay, sheesh! I'm part of the fucking team!"
is what ben actually said. no, i know you guys can hear it too.
also, that was supposed to be a private conversation. yaz babe ilysm but i do NOT want you here-
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the-amazing-callie · 10 months
Would you guys be interested on my take of a “better” wreck-it Ralph breaks the internet.
I’ve had this idea or au if you will, for awhile now and idk want some options on it, I guess.
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