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violetfaust 2 months
So it turns out that (according to Google) being the DA in a major metropolitan area is a pretty sweet-paying gig.
However, nothing will ever convince me that this
Tumblr media
is not the apartment of a billionaire's sugar baby.
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kiki0005 3 months
I hope your day has been fantastic!! Just wanted to pop in and req another Ivar!!
I am in absolute love with your father figure Ivar and Igor story!
Sooo, maybe pt. 2? I have 2 ideas, and you can pick one if you would like!
Possibly where Igor feels he needs to step up to protect his mom- as shes pregant. and they have to tell him that it's their job to protect him. And if it really came down to it, it's Ivars job to protect her. Anyways- reader having their child, Igor is very concerned at hearing his mom in pain. He starts freaking out, and when Ivar goes to check on him, he has to explain that it's normal. Igor really wnats to see his mom, so they make an exception and let him in to see her and he calms down. (Obviously she's covered up) after baby is born, he's in awe just like Ivar.
Fast forward a year, and in an attack against the throne, there is a freak attack that separates them. Ivar is with reader, and Igor has his littke sibling? They get reunited in the end, but only after Igor had to kill many people to keep his Sibling safe. He is almost excited to tell Ivar and reader that he protected his sibling, and that everyone was ok?
PLEASE AND TY. You can change anything you want, it will probably be better if you do it in your own way 馃槝馃槝.
Our son Pt.2
Tumblr media
Pt.1 - Pt.2
Pairing: Ivar the boneless x F!Reader.
Summary: As you get further along in you pregnancy, Igor grows extremely protective over you and doesn't want to let anyone around you. The night you give birth, Igor nearly loses it when he heare you are in pain, but once he gets to meet his sister, he is over the moon with happiness.
Warning: Blood!!! Semi birth scene, not all that much honestly.
You were sitting in your study, finishing having up a meeting with the woman who would be assisting you with your birth.
Ivar was adamant that you had someone who knew what she was doing, so you send out word for a midwife and after many interviews, you had found the woman you'd trust to help you in such a vulnerable time.
The door to the study opened and Igor stepped inside, his gaze immediately falling on the older who sat opposite you."Who are you?" Igor asked as his eyes squinted at her.
"Igor, she is the woman who is going to help with my birth, her name is Josephine." You explained as you smiled at the little boy, eyebrows slightly furrowing as he stared at the woman with suspicion.
"But we do not know her, how can you trust her with something so important?" Igor asked as he turned to you, his eyebrows furrowing as he shook his head.
"Igor, do not be rude." You lightheartedly scolded him as you shot him a pointed look."Josephine is here to help." You assured as you got up to your feet and the woman stood up as well, nervously glancing at the little boy who took a protective stance between you and her.
"You cannot be alone with her," Igor demanded as he turned to you, shaking his head firmly.
"Why not?" You asked as you quirked an eyebrow at him, crossing your arms on top of your swollen stomach.
"Because she could try to hurt you." He replied, resting his hands on his hips as he wearily glanced over at the older woman.
You sighed softly before looking at the woman with raised eyebrows."Josephine, are you going to hurt me?" You asked.
"Of course not my lady." She replied as she shook her, a timid look on her face as she glanced down at Igor before being escorted out of the room by one of your guards.
"See?" You muttered as your gaze returned to Igor, giving him a small smile of assurance as you reached out to give his shoulder a squeeze.
"I am being serious." He huffed as he crossed his arms over his chest, staring up at you with little stern eyes that almost made you chuckle.
"Stop worrying." You insisted, patting his shoulder before turning toward the door.
"Where are you going?" Igor asked as he watched you, his eyebrows furrowing and his arms falling to his sides.
You stopped and turned your body halfway towards him."For a walk, I need to stretch my legs." You explained.
"I will accompany you." He insisted before rushing towards the table where he had left his sword earlier that day, grabbing it and putting it in his belt.
Your eyebrows furrowed and you turned to face him fully, resting your hands on your hips as your eyebrows furrowed."Igor, why do you need that to go on a walk?" You asked as your gaze dropped to the sword.
"So that I can protect you if something happens." He explained as he shrugged his shoulders, standing with his chin held high as he stared at you.
"I think it is time we have a talk." You informed him as a soft sigh slipped from your lips before you turned to one of the guards. "Go fetch Ivar for me." You ordered him.
"Yes, my lady." He nodded before leaving the room and rushing off in search of your husband.
"Sit down Igor." You demanded as you pointed to a chair near a small fire pit, taking a seat next to him.
"Am I in trouble?" Igor asked as he scooted around in the chair in an attempt to get comfortable, his eyes slightly wide and his eyebrows furrowed as he stared at you.
"No, my sweet boy, you're not in trouble." You assured as you reached out and ran a hand through his soft hair, giving him a small smile."We just need to discuss something."
"You called for me my love?" Ivar called out as he walked into the room, quirking an eyebrow as he glanced between you and Igor.
"Yes, we should talk." You informed him before briefly glancing at your son. "Igor, tell your father what you just told me. Tell him why you need to carry a sword around."
"To protect you," Igor replied softly as his gaze settled on you.
Ivar's eyebrows furrowed and he shared a confused look with you."Igor, why do you need to protect her?" He asked as he walked towards one of the chairs and sat down opposite you and Igor.
"She is my mother, it is my duty." Igor insisted as he shrugged his shoulders, his gaze meeting Ivar's.
"No, my sweet child, it is not." You denied as you shook your head, your hand reaching out again and cupping his cheek."It is my job to protect you." You insisted.
"But who will protect you then?" He asked as his eyebrows furrowed, worry filling his eyes as he stared up at you.
"I will protect her, you do not need to worry about it," Ivar assured as he pressed his elbows to his knees and leaned forward. "We are safe here Igor, nothing will happen. I promise you."
Igor nodded in understanding and you lightly patted his cheek before standing up, holding a hand out to him."Now let's go for that walk, and leave your sword." You insisted and he did as told before following after you.
Months later the birth of your child came. It was a long and hard birth and you were in painful agony for hours.
Ivar nearly lost his mind, hearing your screams, it broke his heart. He hated seeing you in so much pain, and he softly prayed to Odin that it be over quickly.
Igor was passing by the hallway, heading to his room when he heard your screaming. His heart sank to the deepest pit of his stomach as he ran into your room, eyebrows furrowed."What is going on? Why is she screaming? What's going on? Is she hurt?" He screamed in panic, and Ivar's eyes widened when he spotted the child.
"Igor, Igor, she is fine," Ivar assured as he nudged Igor out of the room with a struggle, closing the door behind him, although your screams could still be heard. "She is in labor." He explained.
"Why is she screaming like that?" Igor asked as his eyes widened, his gaze settling on the door behind Ivar, one of his hands resting against his aching stomach that knotted with worry.
"She is in a lot of pain, it is unfortunately normal." Ivar explained as he reached his free hand out to rest on Igor's shoulder, his other hand gripping his crutch."Why don't you go to your room and I will come to get you when your brother or sister is here."
"No, I want to see her." Igor insisted as he tried to push past Ivar and enter the room, but Ivar wrapped his arm around Igor and pulled him back.
"You can't right now." He explained as he shook his head at the little boy
"Please let me see her," Igor begged, his eyes filling with tears when you screamed from inside the room again. "She is in pain." He cried as he pushed Ivar's arm away before he backed himself up against a wall, the tears in his eyes spilling over.
"Come here," Ivar spoke softly as he approached the little boy, wrapping his arm around Igor and pulling him close to his chest. "It's okay, she will be okay." He soothed softly before turning to one of the guards posted outside the room."Take him to his room." He ordered.
"No, I want to be with my mother!" Igor screamed when the guard picked him up by his waist and carried him to his bedroom.
After a long painful birth, your daughter was born. Little Fr酶ydis was the spitting image of her father, and it made your heart swell with so much love.
Ivar was awe-struck by the baby. His eyes had not left her since the minute he saw her. He already loved her so much, that it made his heart physically ache. He felt proud of himself, knowing it was he who helped create such a wonderful little human being.
"How are you feeling my love?" Ivar asked as he glanced at you, sat next to you on the edge of the bed, one arm wrapped around you and his other hand holding the back of his daughter's head as she slept in your arms.
"Tired." You whispered as your head lulled to the side, resting on his shoulder."In awe of this little human being."
"She is perfect." Ivar insisted as he smiled down at the sleeping baby."Our little Fr酶ydis."
You hummed in agreement before lifting your head."Can you get me a blanket?" You asked as you turned your head to look at him.
"Are you cold?" He asked softly, his eyebrows furrowing at you as he got up and grabbed a blanket, carefully draping it over the blood-stained fur that still lay on top of you.
"No, I want to see Igor but I do not want him to see all the blood." You explained as you pulled at the blanket, hiding the blood underneath it.
"He might just pass out if he sees you lost this much blood." He teased lightheartedly before leaning down and pressing a kiss to your forehead and one on top of his daughter's head."I will go get him."
Ivar left the room, making his way toward Igor's room. "Igor?" He called out as he stepped inside, eyeing the little boy who paced the length of his room.
Igor stopped in his tracks and turned to Ivar, his eyes widening."Is she okay?" He asked as he rushed towards Ivar.
"Your mother is fine." Ivar assured as he rested a hand on Igor's arm, a soft smile tugging at his lips."And so is your sister."
Igor's eyes went wider and his breath hitched. "Sister? I have a sister?" He repeated as his mouth fell open.
"You do." Ivar confirmed as he nodded his head, his smile growing."Do you want to come to meet her?" He asked as he nodded his head towards the door.
"Yes!" Igor insisted as he bounced around. He had a giddy smile on his face as he followed Ivar toward your bedroom. When the doors opened, he rushed toward you. "Mother!" He called out.
"Be gentle Igor," Ivar demanded as Igor threw himself against the side of your bed.
"Come sit here my sweet boy." You insisted as you patted the spot next to you on the bed, giving Igor a tired smile.
"I heard you screaming, I was so scared," Igor informed you as he climbed onto the bed and sat down next to you.
"I am okay, do not worry." You assured him before your gaze fell down on the baby in your arms. "Meet your sister." You whispered as you looked back up at Igor.
His eyes widened at the sight of her, and he reached a hesitant hand out to pull back her blanket, getting a better look at her face."She is so tiny." He commented.
"Do you want to hold her?" You asked as you raised your eyebrows at the little boy.
He vigorously shook his head as he pulled back."I am scared I will hurt her." He said as he looked up to meet your gaze.
"You won't, do not worry, we are right here." You assured him before holding the baby out. Igor hesitantly stretched his arms out and you carefully handed him the baby."Here, support her neck like this." You instructed him as you showed him how to hold her properly.
"What is her name?" He asked as he stared down at the baby, completely awe-struck by her as she continued to sleep peacefully.
"Fr酶ydis," Ivar replied as he walked towards the bed and sat down on the edge, his hand reaching out to run over the baby's head.
"Hello, Fr酶ydis." Igor whispered as he smiled at her."I am Igor, I'm your big brother." He introduced himself to the sleeping baby, and you and Ivar shared a soft smile.
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Hellooo if I'm not too late to the prompts party. My glittery dice humbly request 57 romantic Steddie
Tumblr media
Iloveeverythingyouwriteokaybye 馃槼馃 *hides under the carpet*
helllooooo!! omg you are SOOO not too late!!! your dice are FANTASTIC omg i love the glitter, and ohohoh let me tell you. they chose EXCELLENTLY, if i do say so myself.
this prompt was SO much fun to fill omg i had the best time writing it.
i want you to know my first thought for this prompt ("there is enough room for both of us") was to have steve and eddie having just finished watching titanic and somehow find a way to recreate the door and see if they both can fit on it LMAO
i went with this instead, because it was the second thing that popped into my head and it is a classic:
[read on ao3]
57. "there is enough room for both of us"
Since they鈥檝e finished the renovations, the Byers-Hopper鈥檚 new farmhouse has quickly become the party鈥檚 number one hangout.
With a basement fit for running DnD campaigns out of, a yard spacious enough to chase each other for hours in, plenty of soft sofas and cushions for everyone to crash on around the television set, and a homey kitchen with a dining table big enough to seat them all, it鈥檚 perfect. Not to mention, Joyce has personally extended an open invitation to every single one of them; her home is their home and they are welcome anytime.
So, yeah, home base these days looks a lot like the rustic, cozy living room in the middle of that big, beautiful house.
Which is exactly where Steve finds himself tonight. The whole party has come together for one of their beloved movie nights, and there is no better place to do it than right there.
They鈥檙e on the third or maybe fourth film of the night, but Steve isn鈥檛 the only one that has lost count. The kids are all spread out and sprawled out across the floor, fast asleep where they鈥檙e squished together in one big puppy pile. Dustin, Will, and Lucas are so tangled that it鈥檚 hard to tell who鈥檚 limbs start and end where, and further down, Max uses Mike鈥檚 shin as a pillow. How that鈥檚 comfortable, Steve has no idea 鈥 the Wheeler鈥檚 are the boniest bunch of people he knows.
El is the only one of the kids not on the floor. Instead, she lies on the couch, curled up like a bug against Joyce鈥檚 side. Her head is in Joyce鈥檚 lap. and Joyce runs her fingers soothingly through El鈥檚 hair. She鈥檚 tucked up under Hopper鈥檚 arm, and he trails the tips of his fingers up and down her arm. Kisses her temple every so often.
It鈥檚 cute, they鈥檙e cute. Steve keeps stealing glances at them, wishing he could be the one cuddled up to someone like that.
Instead he鈥檚 just squished between Robin and Eddie on their couch. Robin lies to his right, mostly slumped onto Nancy, who sits to her right, but she鈥檚 kicked up her feet into Steve鈥檚 lap. She keeps wiggling her socked toes to catch his attention, then bounces her eyebrows up and down as she looks past him to where Eddie sits to Steve鈥檚 left.
Each time it happens Steve pinches her leg. That doesn鈥檛 deter her in the slightest, though. She just whispers to Nancy and the two of them giggle quietly together.
Steve tries to ignore it, and thankfully, he鈥檚 pretty successful at that. Beside him, Eddie keeps dipping his head towards Steve so he can whisper his string of running commentary about each of the movies they鈥檝e watched. It ranges from interesting factoids about the film, to silly discrepancies and plot points that make no sense, to putting on a goofy voice and imitating the characters to make them say ridiculous things instead. Steve鈥檚 heart squeezes in his chest each time Eddie says something new.
The current movie has been on for a little over an hour now, but neither one of them have really been following along. Instead, they鈥檝e been making things up to match the action unfolding onscreen. Intricate, over the top backstories for the main characters and all the side ones too; ridiculous, senseless motivations for every move they make; witty, snappy one liners to replace the cheesy dialogue that actually exists in the movie. It鈥檚 a good thing most of their company has retired for the night, otherwise they鈥檇 have been shushed right out of the room.
It isn鈥檛 too much longer before Nancy and Robin decide they鈥檝e had enough for the night and bid the room adieu. They slip off down the hall towards the guest bedroom that they鈥檙e sharing, leaving the rest of the couch finally free. Neither Steve nor Eddie move to stretch out into the empty space, though. They stay pressed up against each other, the way they鈥檝e been all night.
Eventually, Eddie yawns so wide that his jaw cracks.
鈥淎lright,鈥 he declares, a finality to his tone. He drops a hand to Steve鈥檚 knee, to give it a pat. 鈥淭ime for me to turn in.鈥
His hand slips off of Steve鈥檚 knee, and he rises to his feet, stretching his arms up and out. The hem of his t-shirt rides up, and Steve has to bite down on his tongue.
He lets the residual warmth from Eddie鈥檚 touch pull him off of the couch too, almost like he鈥檚 chasing it. Chasing Eddie.聽
鈥淵eah, okay, me too,鈥 Steve says, busying himself with folding the blanket he and Eddie had been sharing. He drapes it over the back of the couch and turns to say goodnight to Joyce and Hopper.
鈥淗eading to sleep already?鈥 Joyce asks, turning her attention to the two of them. 鈥淵our room鈥檚 down the hall on the right. Will said he dropped your bags in there earlier.鈥
鈥淭hanks, Mrs. B-H,鈥 Eddie says, throwing her a finger gun and a charming smile.
鈥淛oyce, Eddie,鈥 she reminds him, raising her eyebrows in that stern, motherly way. The soft smile set onto her own mouth softens it. Tells him that her exasperation is only fond.
Eddie ducks his head, chuckling. 鈥淛oyce,鈥 he corrects.
鈥淭hank you, Joyce,鈥 Steve chimes in, not making the same mistake as Eddie. He flashes him a smug little grin, and swallows down his laugh when Eddie subtly sticks his middle finger out at him.
Hopper, of course, notices, and he just snorts gruffly, shaking his head in amusement.
鈥淵ou two have a good night,鈥 Steve tells them, straightening up.
鈥淵ou too, sweetie,鈥 Joyce replies. 鈥淎nd if you boys need anything you come find me, okay?鈥澛
They nod and relay their thanks once more before Steve gives a little wiggle of his fingers as a parting wave, then turns to shove at Eddie鈥檚 shoulders until he starts to walk towards the hallway.
鈥淚鈥檓 going, I鈥檓 going!鈥 Eddie insists, but he lets himself be manhandled anyway.
Their room is the last door on the right, just like Joyce told them.
Eddie pushes inside first, immediately flicking the lights on. He spots their bags in the corner and beelines straight for them.
Steve, on the other hand, freezes in the doorway.
Because, oh. Oh.
There鈥檚 only one bed.
Which 鈥 Steve doesn鈥檛 know why this surprises him. This isn鈥檛 a hotel. It鈥檚 a guest room at a friend鈥檚 house. Of course it鈥檚 not going to have two beds in one room. He doesn鈥檛 know why he was expecting that.
But it鈥檚 鈥 it鈥檚 fine. This is cool. He can share a bed for the night. He鈥檚 shared lots of beds in his day. There鈥檚 nothing different about this time.
Except that there is because he doesn鈥檛 have to share with just anybody. He has to share with Eddie.
Eddie, who hasn鈥檛 even batted an eye at the bed situation. Eddie, who seems cool as a cucumber about it. Eddie, who鈥
Who鈥檚 already shucked his shirt off and has his thumbs hooked into his sweats, about to tug those off too, and jesus fucking christ, Steve can鈥檛 do this. He cannot do this.
He clears his throat. 鈥淵ou know, uh, I鈥檓 gonna go ask Joyce if there鈥檚, like, a blow up mattress or something,鈥 Steve says, jerking a thumb over his shoulder.
Without waiting for a response, he starts to turn. But Eddie catches his wrist, stopping him before he can even take a step.
Steve pointedly does not look down at Eddie鈥檚 bare legs and his too small boxers that have little gremlin heads all over. (And, jesus, how the fuck does he make gremlin boxers fucking work? It鈥檚 not fair. It鈥檚 not fair at all.)
Eddie鈥檚 brows quirks up. His teeth practically glint and his eyes sparkle as he asks, 鈥淪cared of my cooties, Harrington?鈥
And it鈥檚 not exactly like Steve can snark back with a funny story, but quite the opposite, actually. So he settles for twisting his arm out of Eddie鈥檚 grasp and laughing it off.
鈥淗a ha, you鈥檙e hilarious,鈥 he deadpans. 鈥淏ed just looks small is all,鈥 he adds with a shrug.
Eddie watches him for a moment, then makes a face. 鈥淎w, come on, Stevie, there鈥檚 enough room for both of us.鈥
That didn鈥檛 work. Steve tries again.
鈥淲ell if you sleep at all like you walk鈥斺 he flings his arms around and kicks his feet out all loosey goosey with each step he takes 鈥 鈥渢hen I鈥檇 rather save myself the trouble. I bruise like a peach, Munson. A peach!鈥
Eddie barks out a laugh, like he genuinely thinks that鈥檚 funny, then he sways forward, further into Steve鈥檚 space.
Steve tries to take a subtle step back, but he bumps right into the dresser, trapped.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e resilient,鈥 Eddie says, tilting his head like a curious puppy. 鈥淏esides, if that鈥檚 what you鈥檙e so worried about 鈥 don鈥檛 be.鈥
鈥淥h yeah? Why not?鈥 Steve asks, not nearly as challenging as he鈥檇 like to be.聽
Eddie leans in closer, grin sharp. 鈥溾楥ause I鈥檓 a cuddler.鈥
Then he鈥檚 gone from Steve鈥檚 space, just like that, dancing across the room to pick his side of the bed.
And Steve? Steve is screwed.
He makes quick work of changing into his own pajamas 鈥 or of removing his own clothes, since he too had opted for just his good 鈥榦l briefs to keep his modesty during the night. He wishes he鈥檇 had the forethought to wear boxers at the very least. His tighty whitey鈥檚 leave him feeling too exposed.
Steve tries not to dwell on it, though. (Because dwelling on his underwear just makes him think of Eddie鈥檚 underwear, and that is the last thing he needs right before he slips into bed with him.)
Eddie鈥檚 already beneath the covers, rolled onto his side and fidgeting as he tries to get comfortable.
Steve approaches the empty half of the bed 鈥 the right side, his usual side. Part of him wonders if Eddie knew that or if it was just a lucky guess. The other part of him wonders if maybe the left side is just Eddie鈥檚 usual side. If that means that they just fit.
What the hell, Steve, get a fucking grip, he tells himself, shaking his head clear.聽
He takes a moment to collect himself 鈥 the steel himself, as he reaches for the lamp light. It鈥檒l be easier to climb into bed with the lights out. If he can鈥檛 see Eddie, then Eddie can鈥檛 see him, and that means there鈥檚 less of a chance of somehow embarrassing himself.
鈥淐ome on in, the water鈥檚 fiiiiine,鈥 Eddie sing-songs, smacking his hand down onto the empty space beside him.
Steve huffs out a laugh, then turns out the light.
The room plunges into darkness, but it鈥檚 not pitch black. There鈥檚 too much residual glow from the moonlight outside seeping in through the window blinds, but it鈥檚 dark enough that it isn鈥檛 so daunting as Steve crawls into bed and slips under the sheets.
He lies flat on his back, folds his hands over his belly button, and wiggles his shoulders a little to settle into the pillow.
鈥淕oodnight, Eddie,鈥 Steve says.聽
He doesn鈥檛 close his eyes, though. How can he? He鈥檚 hyper aware of Eddie beside him, not touching but close enough that Steve can feel the warmth radiating off of his skin. He鈥檚 breathing softly, but it鈥檚 loud enough that it echoes through Steve鈥檚 ears.聽
Eddie doesn鈥檛 say anything back at first. But Steve can feel his eyes on him.
Then, 鈥淭hat鈥檚 it? 鈥楪oodnight鈥,鈥 he mimics, dropping his voice to sound like Steve鈥檚.
He squirms closer, and suddenly his knee is against the side of Steve鈥檚 thigh, his toes brushing Steve鈥檚 shin. Steve鈥檚 heart rate spikes.聽
鈥淭hat鈥檚 how you鈥檙e sleeping?鈥 Eddie asks, full of judgment.
Steve frowns. 鈥淵eah,鈥 he replies, the duh very much implied. (Not that there鈥檚 any bit of truth to that answer. He hadn鈥檛 exactly planned on getting any sleep tonight. This is just the easiest position to control himself in, that鈥檚 all.)
鈥淥n your back?鈥 Eddie questions.
鈥淵eah,鈥 Steve repeats. 鈥淕oodnight.鈥
Eddie scoffs. 鈥淛esus, no wonder you never get enough sleep. People who sleep on their backs are monsters,鈥 he jokes.聽
Steve ignores him.
Eddie leans in close. Pokes his finger into Steve鈥檚 arm. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e a monster, Stevie,鈥 he whispers.
Unsatisfied with the lack of response, Eddie continues too.
鈥淭his isn鈥檛 a coffin, y鈥檏now,鈥 Eddie teases, flopping onto his back and crossing his arms in an X over his chest. He sticks his tongue out of the side of his mouth too, playing dead.
Steve continues to ignore him.
Eddie rolls back onto his side, facing Steve. Somehow, he鈥檚 even closer. 鈥淵ou can get comfortable,鈥 he says.
鈥淚 am comfortable,鈥 Steve replies, finally breaking his silence.
鈥淏ullshit,鈥 Eddie objects. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e as stiff as a rock.鈥 He prods Steve again as if to prove his point when he doesn鈥檛 budge. Then he curls his fingers around Steve鈥檚 bicep.
His touch lights every single nerve in Steve鈥檚 arm up, and he has to dig his nails into the backs of his hands to keep from doing something stupid, like pulling Eddie鈥檚 hand away from his arm so he can hold it instead.
鈥淚鈥檓 not gonna bite, y鈥檏now,鈥 Eddie says lightly. A second passes, and Steve can practically hear the smirk in his voice as he adds, 鈥淯nless you want me to.鈥
And it鈥檚 too much, jesus christ, it鈥檚 way too much.
鈥淐ould you just back off?鈥 Steve finally snaps.聽
He regrets it instantly.
Eddie鈥檚 hand falls from his arm, like he鈥檚 the one that got burned, and the sheets rustle as he shrinks back into his own space. His knee disappears from Steve鈥檚 thigh, his toes leave his shin, and Steve suddenly feels cold.
鈥淥kay, okay, sorry,鈥 Eddie says, sobered. He sounds so small. 鈥淒idn鈥檛 mean to make you uncomfortable.鈥
And Steve wants to cry because no, that is not it at all. He鈥檚 not uncomfortable, not even close, and he鈥檚 not upset either. He鈥檚 just鈥 overwhelmed. But even that isn鈥檛 a bad thing. Eddie didn鈥檛 do anything wrong.
鈥淓ddie,鈥 Steve says, rolling onto his side to face Eddie. Eddie鈥檚 back is to him, though. Steve reaches out, but he doesn鈥檛 touch. He just lets his hand hover over Eddie鈥檚 back.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 not it,鈥 he tells him. 鈥淚鈥檓 not uncomfortable, I promise.鈥
Eddie makes a noise, sort of like a scoff. Like he doesn鈥檛 believe him. 鈥淪ure,鈥 he says.
鈥淚鈥檓 not!鈥 Steve insists and he flattens his palm to Eddie鈥檚 skin. Bends his fingers over the curve of Eddie鈥檚 shoulder.
鈥淭hen what is it?鈥 Eddie asks, turning over. The movement shakes Steve鈥檚 hand off. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 your deal, Steve?鈥
Steve winces at the way he says his name. It doesn鈥檛 sound very nice. Not the way it usually does when Eddie says it. God, he鈥檚 fucked this up so bad.
Why couldn鈥檛 he just chill the fuck out and share the bed like a normal person? Why did he have to ruin everything?
There鈥檚 only one way to fix this, though. There鈥檚 only one way, and Steve has to do it.
鈥淚 want it too much.鈥
Steve squeezes his eyes shut. 鈥淚 want it too much,鈥 he repeats.
There鈥檚 a beat, a totally silent, totally nervwracking beat. And then鈥 the mattress shifts. Eddie鈥檚 knee presses into his thigh again. His knuckles graze against Steve鈥檚 where his hand lies atop the pillow between them.
鈥淲ant鈥 what, exactly?鈥 Eddie asks slowly, and he鈥檚 close enough now that Steve can feel his breath ghosting against his face.
Steve opens his eyes, and Eddie鈥檚 there, he鈥檚 right there, with his big, round eyes. With his parted lips. With this naked vulnerability laying his face bare.
Steve swallows. Lets out a shaky exhale.
Eddie sucks in a sharp breath.
鈥淢e?鈥 He whispers.
Steve nods. 鈥淵ou,鈥 he repeats, putting everything behind that one word.
Eddie makes a choked noise, and Steve has zero point five seconds to start to panic before Eddie鈥檚 hands fly up to grab either side of his face, squishing his cheeks almost painfully, and he practically throws himself on top of Steve as he tackles him into the pillow and catches his mouth in a kiss.
It鈥檚 messy; Eddie sort of misses Steve鈥檚 mouth at first, accidentally nails more of his chin than his lips, and when he does finally find those, their teeth end up clacking from the force of their smiles that keep trying to break through. They end up doing more laughing into each other鈥檚 mouths than kissing at first, but then Steve slides his hands up Eddie鈥檚 back, and Eddie鈥檚 gasps into his mouth and Steve takes the chance to fit their lips together properly. To kiss and to kiss and to kiss.
When they break apart seconds, minutes, hours 鈥 who even knows? 鈥 later, Steve feels like he鈥檚 floating on air.
鈥淛esus christ,鈥 Eddie laughs beside him as he rolls off of Steve to flop back against his own pillow. He doesn鈥檛 let go of Steve鈥檚 hand.聽
鈥淵ou want me. You want me. You want me,鈥 Eddie repeats, laughing delightedly again.
Steve twists towards Eddie, wriggling into his space. 鈥淎nd you want me too,鈥 he says.
Eddie nods, cupping Steve鈥檚 jaw again. 鈥淭here鈥檚 nothin鈥 I want more, Stevie.鈥
Steve ducks in for another kiss 鈥 he can鈥檛 help himself. It鈥檚 short, and it鈥檚 sweet, but it鈥檚 everything to him.
He makes a mental note to get up early tomorrow to cook Joyce a great big breakfast. Maybe swing by her favorite little local cafe for some coffee and find a nice bouquet of flowers somewhere too. He鈥檚 got to thank her somehow 鈥 it鈥檚 her house, her home, afterall, that gave him the nudge he needed. That gave him Eddie.
When Steve finally falls asleep that night, it鈥檚 with Eddie starfished against his back, legs tangled with his beneath the covers, arms secure around Steve鈥檚 waist, and nose tucked into the crook of his neck.
He鈥檚 definitely a cuddler.
But so is Steve.
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Sweet Like Sugar,聽Sour Like Lemon
Tumblr media
Billy Russo x Fem!Reader聽
Warnings:聽mix of episodes from s1 of the punisher, mentions of cheating and talks of death, a bit of argument and some swearing.
Word Count:聽4,276 words
Author鈥檚 Note: first billy fic :)) my billy blurbs聽always do well so聽I thought聽I'd try my hand聽//聽I giggled when聽I saw聽that the book he鈥檚聽reading in that gif ^ was the聽picture of dorian gray聽because way to plug yourself ben lmao **聽I didn鈥檛 proof read sooo just go with it
Sweet Like Sugar. 聽
The big red letters hung on the sign above the door, there鈥檚 a book with a cake on top of it as the decal. How quaint, he thought before stepping through the door.
The overwhelming smell of lemon and coffee hits him as he breathes in. The back wall where the tables are, is lined with bookshelves that go from ceiling to floor but the bottom 3 rows on all of them are empty. He looks around, there鈥檚 no one else in there except for him.
Perhaps they were closed and forgot to lock the door. There鈥檚 a little silver bell sitting on the counter next to a display of various sweets; cupcakes, cookies, pies, at least 3 different types of cheesecake, strudels and cinnamon rolls. The list was endless.
A woman appeared from behind the door that looked like it led into the kitchen. 鈥淗i!鈥 she smiles, wiping her hands on her apron. 鈥淲hat can I do for you today?鈥
Billy returns the smile, glancing up at the menu hung on the wall. 鈥淎 cup of coffee and-鈥 he looks over at the display. 鈥淲hatever your favorite is.鈥 聽
鈥淚 have a few of those.鈥 she laughed, 鈥渟omething sweet or savory, mr..鈥 she trails off.
鈥淩usso. You can call me Billy.鈥
鈥淥kay Billy, savory or sweet?鈥
He watches as the woman leans down, placing something with a yellow center on the little plate. She looks up at him, 鈥渙h, did you want this for here or to go?鈥
鈥淎re you closed ?鈥 he gestures to the empty bakery. 聽She shook her head, 鈥渘o no, morning rush is about to start. I usually get most of my crowd during the morning and afternoons when everyone's heading home.鈥
鈥淭hen, here is fine.鈥 She slid the plate over the counter to him. 鈥淚鈥檒l bring the coffee over to you.鈥 She turned her back to start brewing the coffee.
鈥淗ow much do I own you?鈥 Billy stopped half way towards a table. 鈥淣othing.鈥
Billy鈥檚 brows furrow, head tilted to the side. 鈥淣othing ?鈥 he questioned.
She nodded, 鈥渋t鈥檚 a new recipe. You鈥檝e got the first one so give me your honest opinion and we鈥檒l call it even.鈥
Billy hums, taking a seat at the table that鈥檚 directly across from the counter. He watches as the woman pour the coffee into a big, blue mug. 鈥淗ow do you take it?鈥
鈥淐ream and sugar.鈥 he hums, setting the plate down before taking a bite of the pastry on the plate. He mumbles something to himself as she walks over with the mug.
鈥淗ow is it?鈥 She watched the man take another bite, nodding to himself. When he finally swallows, 鈥渋t鈥檚 good, like really good. You made these ?鈥
鈥淵up. I鈥檓 here every morning to make 鈥榚m fresh.鈥 She set the mug down. 鈥淲ell, thank you. This was good.鈥 he smiles at her.
鈥淲ould you like another one? Or something different ?鈥
Billy shook his head, 鈥淚'm good, thank you. This is.. lemon, right?鈥
She makes her way back to the counter, setting another 2 pots of coffee to brew. 鈥淵eah, a lemon tart. I just tried the recipe this morning. I鈥檓 glad you like it, I was kinda worried no one would.鈥
鈥淲ell, you're a fantastic baker. I鈥檓 sure they're all great..鈥 he trails off, she catches the hint. 鈥淵/n.鈥 you smile at him before someone comes in.
There鈥檚 a few people in there now, waiting for their pastries and coffee when you notice Billy looking over the books on the sleeve behind him. 鈥淔eel free to read them, if you'd like.鈥 you call out to him as you slide a box of donuts over to one of your regulars.
Billy pulls the copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray off the shelf, flipping through the pages before turning back to the beginning.
The bakery was filled with people, rushing to get their fix of caffeine and something to eat or assistants who were sent to pick up pastries before meetings. It was a good hour and a half before you had a minute to breathe.
There's only a few people in the bakery still; an older couple who come in every Wednesday for coffee and strudels, some school girls who were very clearly skipping class to gossip and Billy, who was still sitting at the table with his head buried in the book.
You make your way around, picking up the forgotten plates and cups scattered across the tables. 鈥淲ould you like something else ?鈥 you ask Billy, he glances up from the book.
鈥淚鈥檓 good, y/n. Thanks.鈥 his head drops back, eyes shifting across the words on the page.
You hum, making your way to the back to set the dishes down. You were tidying 聽up and putting away what needed to be up and you hadn't realized how time ran away from you.
It was almost one when you stepped out again. The bakery is empty except for Billy. He was putting the book back onto the shelf before he got up. He turns to see you behind the counter again, he smiles.
鈥淚 was just about to ring the bell.鈥
鈥淥h,鈥 you give him a small smile. 鈥淒id you want something ?鈥
鈥淛ust wanted to say bye before I left.鈥 Billy fishes a five from his pocket as he approaches the counter.
鈥淏illy, I told you that you don鈥檛 owe me anything.鈥 鈥淚 know,鈥 he hums, dropping the bill into the tip jar you had. 鈥淗ave a nice day, y/n.鈥 he smiles, walking to the door.
鈥淵ou too, Billy.鈥 he looks back at you as he steps out of the bakery.
Over the course of the next week and a half, Billy was in the bakery every morning for a lemon tart and a cup of coffee. He was becoming a regular but you knew nothing about him other than his name, his love for lemon tarts and the book that he was always reading.
One rainy morning, the door chimes as someone walks in. It was only 6:30, you had just opened so who could possibly be here already ?
You stepped out of the kitchen, Billy stood by the counter with a smile on his face. 鈥淏illy,鈥 you smile, wiping your hands on your apron much like you did every morning, 鈥済ood morning.鈥 聽
鈥淢orning sugar, how are you?鈥 he asks, glancing at the display case of sweets. Your heart flutters at the nickname, you hum. 鈥淕ood, tired. How about yourself?鈥
鈥淥kay for now, I have a craving for that lemon thing.'' He scans the display again but there aren't any in there today.
鈥淎 lemon tart?鈥 you chuckled, 鈥淚 just pulled them out of the oven. How many would you like ?鈥
鈥淛ust one and a cup of coffee if you have the time ?鈥 he smiles sweetly at you.
You pause for a second, eyes studying the man across the counter. His brown eyes the deepest shade of brown you'd ever seen, matching brown locks of hair always slicked back neatly and a million dollar smile on his face.
Billy waits at the counter for you as you head to the back and return with a tray of lemon tarts. He watches as you set them down and put one onto a plate, he could smell the overpowering lemon from where he stood.
He loved the smell of the bakery in the morning; lemon, coffee and whatever floral scented perfume you had on.
It was quiet and peaceful, the walls covered in books but his eyes were always glued to you. Most mornings, the book he read sat discarded on the table as he watched you zip around behind the counter to serve your customers. He鈥檚 grown accustomed to your swearing as you drop something or if you burn yourself on the coffee pot, which happens more than you'd think.
You slide the plate over to him and he drops a 5 into the tip jar before making his way over to the table he had accompanied every morning since the first time he came in.
鈥淵ou know if you keep putting tips in there, you might as well pay me.鈥 you joke, pouring the coffee into the mug and pouring out another one for yourself.
Billy chuckles, taking a bite of the sour pastry. 鈥淵ou don't let me pay so I've gotta help keep you afloat after eating all of these.鈥 You walk over, both mugs in hand but you only set one down.
鈥淚 don't mind, you鈥檙e good company - quiet and you clean up after yourself.鈥 you smile, sipping on your own mug.
鈥淛oin me,鈥 he looks up at you, 鈥渦nless you鈥檙e busy?鈥 You shook your head, sitting down across from the man. You rest the mug on the table, glancing down at the pastry on the plate.
鈥淵ou know, I make these every morning but I鈥檝e never actually had one.鈥
Billy鈥檚 eyes widen as if you had just confessed to murder, 鈥渨hat ?鈥 he exclaimed, taking a sip of his own coffee - you always made the perfect cup of coffee.
鈥淵eah, just never tried it.鈥 鈥淭hat鈥檚 a crime, sugar. We鈥檝e gotta change that.鈥 he holds out the tart to you.
Your brows furrowed, 鈥淏illy, I'll get one from the display-鈥 鈥渘onsense, you鈥檒l forget about it the moment you get busy. Open your mouth.鈥 he stretches his hand out further and you lean forward to take a bite.
It鈥檚 a few seconds before you speak up. 鈥淲ell?鈥 he asks, brows raised in anticipation. 鈥淚 see why you have one every day.鈥 you smile, sipping on your coffee.
鈥淵eah, gonna miss these when I leave.鈥 he shifts in his chair to pull The Picture of Dorian Gray off of the shelf.
鈥淟eave?鈥 you question, 鈥渨here are you going ?鈥
鈥淟eaving for my second tour the day after tomorrow.鈥 he answers, flipping open the book to a random page. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e a soldier.鈥 you hum, eyes studying him once again.
There was no sign that he was a soldier. A perfectly manicured man with no visible scars, externally that is. To you, Billy was your lemon tart loving bookworm that kept you company quietly from his spot.
鈥淚 am, guess you didn鈥檛 figure that one out, hm?鈥 he smiles, eating the last piece of the tart. 鈥淒idn鈥檛 peg you for a military guy, I suppose it makes sense.鈥 you hum.
鈥淗ow so?鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e here every morning with not a care in the world, you sit around reading the same book over and over again. Clearly you aren't in a rush.鈥
Billy laughed, 鈥渄oes my reading the same book bother you so much that you feel the need to comment on it?鈥
You glance down at the book on the table, picking it up and flipping through it. 鈥淗ow could you possibly read this everyday ?鈥
鈥淚 like it.鈥 he hums, you set the book down. 鈥淵ou can have it.鈥 you slide it back over to him. 鈥淣o,鈥 he shook his head, 鈥渋t鈥檚 yours. I can鈥檛 take it.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 telling you to take it.鈥 鈥淎nd I'm telling you I can鈥檛.鈥
A woman walks in, noticing you at the table. 鈥淎re you open?鈥 she asks, you nod and get up, leaving Billy at the table.
鈥淵es ma'am, what can I get for you?鈥
Billy watches as you serve the woman; two cups of coffee and some cookies, donuts and strudels wrapped up neatly in a box. You lean on the counter before you turn your attention to him as the woman walks out.
鈥淲ill I see you tomorrow or are you heading out tonight ?鈥 you ask, a pang of sadness hitting you. You were really starting to take a liking to Billy. 鈥淚鈥檒l be here tomorrow morning, leaving for base around noon.鈥
鈥淕ood.鈥 you smile.
The crowd that morning wasn't all that hectic, the usual people filled the bakery. Every time you looked up to serve someone, your eyes would drift over to Billy. The green uniform sitting on his body snugly and you couldn't help but feel a sense of sadness that hit you harder than you expected.
Billy was really leaving. You weren't even sure if you鈥檇 see him again after today.
Morning rush was over and done with and you were headed to the back to get some stuff ready for an order. 鈥淏illy, I'm heading to the kitchen. Shout for me when you鈥檙e leaving ?鈥
鈥淪ounds good.鈥 he smiles, watching as you disappear through the doors behind the counter. 聽
The music was blaring in the kitchen, the faint sound of humming coming from the other side of the door. You were rolling out the dough for the pie crust when the bell chimed. You called out that you鈥檇 be there in a second and before you could put the rolling pin down, someone pushed the door to the kitchen.
Turning, you find Billy by the door with a bouquet of red roses. 鈥淚 wasn't sure what kind of flowers you liked.鈥 he smiles, holding out the flowers towards you.
You take them and lean into the bouquet to smell them. 鈥淭hey鈥檙e beautiful, thank you Billy.鈥 you set them on the counter before turning back to him. 鈥淲here鈥檇 you get these? I didn鈥檛 see you come in with them in the morning.鈥
鈥淩an across the road to Mr. Johnson鈥檚.鈥 鈥淢r. Johnson ?鈥
鈥淭he guy who owns the flower shop across the road?鈥 鈥淭here鈥檚 a flower shop across the road?鈥 your brows furrow, glancing back at the flowers. Billy laughed and nodded, 鈥渋t鈥檚 a few doors down but yeah, there is.鈥
鈥淥h! I have something for you.鈥 you make your way around the counter, walking over to the counter in the far corner. You pull out a book and walk back over to Billy, handing it off to him.
The Picture of Dorian Gray.
鈥淚 noticed it wasn鈥檛 on the shelf this morning.鈥 he smiles at you. 鈥淚 want you to have it.鈥 you tell him, resting your hand on his.
鈥淵/n, I can't take-鈥
鈥淵ou can, and you will. Think of it as a reminder of what鈥檚 waiting for you when you get back.鈥 you smiled at the man, his eyes flickering across your face, studying every freckle and every smile line you had.
鈥淎 lemon tart?鈥 he teases, making you roll your eyes. 鈥淣o, me but I guess, the lemon tarts too.鈥 you laughed.
Billy takes a moment to flip through the book, as if he had read it a hundred times over. There鈥檚 something on the front page that catches his eyes.
Bright blue ink across the page reading; 鈥渢o my bookworm, thanks for keeping me company and for being my personal lemon tart taster. Kisses, yours truly.鈥 There's a little kiss pressed beside the words, red lipstick that currently matches the color on your lips.
鈥淭hank you.鈥 he wraps his arms around you, pulling you against him. 鈥淏illy!鈥 you wiggled away from him, his brows furrowed as he watched you brush his shirt off.
鈥淵ou got flour all over yourself.鈥
鈥淥h,鈥 he chuckled, glancing down at the white powder on him. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 fine.鈥 he pulls you back by your arm, wrapping his arms around you once more. 鈥淵ou know, I鈥檓 gonna miss seeing your pretty face in the mornings.鈥 you hum, looking up at him.
Billy flashes a smile, 鈥渢ake a picture, it'll last longer.鈥
You know he meant it as a joke but you pull out your phone from your pocket. Billy鈥檚 shifts so his arm is over your shoulder as the two of you smile at the camera.
You set the phone on the counter, turning back to the pie crust. Billy stands behind you, arms wrapped around you as you mold the dough to the pan, gently pushing it into the tin bowl.
Billy rests his chin on your shoulder, watching as you work. There's a comfortable silence, it feels like things are finally where they're supposed to be.
The impending fact of his departure is the last thing on your mind.
Well, it was until he brought it up.
鈥淚鈥檝e gotta head out.鈥 he hums, kissing your shoulder. 鈥淒o you really have to?鈥 you ask, feeling Billy鈥檚 lips travel from your shoulder to your neck. He nods against your skin, pressing a kiss to your jaw.
You turn, arms over the man鈥檚 shoulders and fingers playing with the hair at the nape of his neck. 鈥淚鈥檒l miss you.鈥 he whispers.
鈥淚鈥檒l be waiting right here for you.鈥
A Year & A Half Later - Billy鈥檚 Return
The bakery was quiet, the flashing sign on the door read open. Billy walked through the door, the overwhelming smell of lemon and coffee hitting him and this time, it smelt like home.
He could hear the humming coming from behind the doors, the sound bringing a warmth to his heart. Billy rang the bell on the counter and the humming stopped. He takes a quick second to adjust his uniform and fix the wrapping paper around the tulips he had in his hand before you stop out of the kitchen.
You halted when you saw him.
Tall, tan from the hot sun, brown hair slicked back and not a scar on that pretty face.
鈥淏illy!鈥 you grinned as you ran around to him. Had he not braced himself, both of you would be on the floor when you jumped on him. He laughs, his arms wrapped around you as he spun you.
鈥淗ey sugar.鈥 he smiles, pulling you down but his arms are still around you. 鈥淲hat are you doing here?鈥 you ask, hands cupping his cheeks. 鈥淚 thought your tour wasn鈥檛 done until next month.鈥
The two of you had kept in contact when he deployed. Billy had sent the first letter seeing that he wasn't sure where he'd be stationed but he knew you鈥檇 be at the bakery. You sent back your first letter just a few days after receiving his and the rest is history.
鈥淒ischarged earlier than expected and I thought I'd surprise you.鈥 his hand rested on your lower back, the other still holding the flowers.
鈥淲as I just a stop in on the way you see your wife?鈥 your head tilts, looking up at the man as you bite back a smile. 鈥淵eah, how鈥檇 you know?鈥 he asks, flashing you a smile.
You shook your head, 鈥渂ut seriously, you didn鈥檛 want to go home and get some rest before you came to see you ?鈥
鈥淚 had a craving for the lemon thing.鈥 鈥淎 lemon tart, Billy. When are you going to learn the name?鈥 you untangle yourself from him, walking around the counter to get one out of the display for him.
Billy sets the flowers on the counter, watching as you put the coffee in the machine. He notices a yellow frame with little lemons on the counter by the coffee machine; the picture of the two of you from the night he left was in the frame.
鈥淪eems like someone missed me.鈥 he walked around the counter.
You hum, back still facing him. Billy walks over to you, hugging you from behind. He reaches for the frame with one hand and the other is wrapped around your waist. He holds the picture out in front of you, 鈥渉as no one asked who the handsome man in the frame is?鈥 he sets it back down, you reach over your shoulder to pat his cheek.
鈥淒on鈥檛 flatter yourself, sweetheart.鈥 you joke, 鈥渢he women think you're my husband.鈥 you pour the coffee into the mug.
鈥淲hat ?鈥 he watches as you step away to get the cream and sugar. 鈥淵eah, the older women that come in always tell me how lucky I am to have a husband who, and I quote 鈥榮o handsome and so brave.鈥欌
鈥淵ou told them we're not married, right?鈥 he leans on the counter, picking up the lemon tart and taking a bite. He hums in satisfaction, taking another bite before mumbling something about it being good.
You smile, pouring the cream into the mug. 鈥淲here鈥檚 the fun in that, Mr. Russo ?鈥
Billy shook his head, smiling at you. He sets the tart down before pulling you by your waist over to him. HIs hand cups your cheek and your hands rest on his chest. The two of you are looking at each other, the tension building by the second.
You had thought about this very moment over the last year and a half.
He leans, lips brushing against yours softly before finally closing the gap between the two. 聽It鈥檚 as if everything is screaming at you, your stomach has butterflies and there are fireworks.
Every cheesy description of a kiss could not live up to what you were feeling at the moment.
鈥淲elcome home, Mr. Russo.鈥 you smile against his lips. Billy pressed another kiss to yours, 鈥淭hank you, Mrs. Russo.鈥 he whispers, making you laugh.
The Anvil head office was quiet and ever slick - black mirrors and tiles covered the hallway leading from the elevator to the front desk. The pink box in your hand felt so out of place compared to everything else.
The woman at the front desk smiled at you. 鈥淲elcome to Anvil, how can I help you?鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 here to see Bill- Mr. Russo.鈥 you corrected yourself at the last second. You called him Billy in front of his employees all the time but it still felt odd addressing him as Billy in front of them without him actually being there.
鈥淥h.鈥 her smile drops, ever so slightly glancing behind her to the shut office doors. 鈥淢r. Russo is in a meeting at the moment.鈥 she tells you, a lie rehearsed one too many times to work on you.
鈥淲ith whom?鈥 your head tilts, eyes focusing on her. She looked away from your gaze, you hum and step past her desk. 鈥淣o! Miss, you can鈥檛 go in there!鈥 she shouts as she tries to catch you before you pull the large door open.
Too late.
Billy steps away from the woman with curly brown hair when the door pushes open; as if it wasn't obvious what was happening. They stood across from each other, chests heaving with her clear lip gloss smeared across Billy鈥檚 lips.
鈥淗oney, hi.鈥 Billy breathed, the back of his hand swiftly wiping across his lips.
Billy鈥檚 gaze shifts towards his secretary who gives him an apologetic look right as she shuts the door. You set the pink box down on the coffee table between the couches in his office.
鈥淏illy, aren't you going to introduce me to your company ?鈥 you drily ask. 鈥淩ight, this is Special Agent, Dinah Madani, Homeland Security.鈥 He glances at the woman, gesturing to her before turning to you.
鈥淎gent Madani, this is y//n, my..鈥 he breathes, hesitating to say the word. 鈥淕irlfriend.鈥 You look at Billy, a sense of betrayal washing over you; your jaw clenched, lips pursed with your brows furrowed as you stared at him in disbelief.
鈥淵our girlfriend ?鈥 she asks him, the lift in octave was enough for you to know that she wasn't aware that Billy had a girlfriend.
He simply hums, leaning on the edge of his desk with his arms folded across his chest.
鈥淚t鈥檚 nice to meet you.鈥 you say to her, she clears her throat before glancing at Billy and then back at you. 鈥淵ou too.鈥 she gives you a small smile before stepping out and shutting the door behind her.
鈥淲hat the fuck, Billy?鈥 you shout, his eyes snapping towards you. 鈥淟ower your voice.鈥
鈥淟ower my voice?鈥 you asked, scoffing. 鈥淵ou just fucking kissed her. Who鈥檚 to say you didn鈥檛 fuck her too?鈥 you say, you weren't serious about him fucking her but judging by the way his expression softened and he looked away meant he did.
鈥淥h my god.鈥 you run a hand through your hair and Billy stands up, stepping towards you. 鈥淵ou fucked her? You fucked her.鈥 you step back, away from him.
鈥淗oney, c鈥檓on. Let me explain.鈥 he takes another hesitant step towards you but your hand comes out in front of you, stopping him from moving closer.
鈥淓xplain what ? How do you explain that, Billy? Is it not obvious?鈥
鈥淔rank鈥檚 alive.鈥 he blurts, changing the topic.
鈥淲hat?鈥 Your brows furrow, staring back at the man across from you. He nods, arms still folded across his chest. 鈥淪he's looking into Frank, trying to dig up shit from our past and she thinks he's alive.鈥
鈥淔rank鈥檚 dead, Billy. We went to his funeral.鈥
鈥淚t was a closed casket, y/n. Who鈥檚 to say he isn't alive?鈥 Billy鈥檚 eyes are on you, you can see that he truly believes that Frank鈥檚 alive.
鈥淏illy, do you know how fucking crazy you sound right now?鈥 you spat, shaking your head. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e trying to justify the fact that you fucked her buy saying she's looking into your dead friend? I doubt this is what Frank meant when he say you can lie on his grave.鈥
鈥淗e鈥檚 alive. I know he is.鈥 Billy shouts at you, you had never heard that from him. No matter how upset he was, he never raised his voice at you.
鈥淔ine. Fuck who you want, hope you find your friend.鈥 you turn, walking back to the door. Billy follows behind you into the hallway, 鈥測/n, can we talk about this?鈥 聽He grabs your arm, pulling you to face him.
You pull your arm away from him, shaking your head. 鈥淣o, we can鈥檛. It鈥檚 done and over, so are we.鈥 you walk away from him, stepping onto the elevator.
As the doors shut, the glimpse of Billy standing at the end of the hallway was the last time you saw him.
taglist: @leossmoonn @halsteadssneakylink @mrs-dr-reid鈥
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gaslysgirl 3 months
This is sooo Pierreeeee
maybe all this & a sneaky risky pic
And then he'd comment on your picture about how great of a picture he took and how hot you look 100% [x]
Pierre sucked his lower lip into his mouth as he watches you shift to lean back and look at the camera over your shoulder. You look amazing in that bikini, your ass looks fantastic. Pierre takes the best pictures of you, always. He puts a lot of effort into it as well, because he always makes sure your ass and your tits look great. "You're so pretty, baby," Pierre compliments you, his hand reaching out to untie your bikini top. "Just a couple for me," he grins, and you roll your eyes, nevertheless with a smile as you turn around and cover your tits with your hands, letting him take some pictures like that, and with your arms crossed in front of it.
When you take your hands off your tits, he makes blurry pictures. Pierre brings you into his side when you want to see the pictures, obviously marking the nudes as his favourites. With your permission, he posts the one in which his hand reaches for your bikini top, and the blurry one in which your tits aren't visible, but you two knew what happened behind the scenes.
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raine-or-shine 5 months
outside the box
鉁﹕ummary: wednesday鈥檚 writers block has left her irritation more prominent than usual, but enid and thing are quick to notice鈥攁nd quick to help
鉁ヽharacters: lee!wednesday, ler!enid (wenclair)
鉁﹚ord count: 1.6k
鉁﹚arnings: 鈾his is a tickle fic, if that鈥檚 not your thing, move along鈾
鈥淭here! You鈥檙e all done!鈥澛
A few thumps of glee, and the appendage flexed its fingers, giving a thumbs up. Enid clapped her hands together with a prideful grin at her latest achievement. After some convincing, Thing鈥檚 nails now glimmered with a glossy coat of charcoal polish. Tapping a few fingers together, it then waved around, and Enid nodded with a smile, 鈥淲ell yeah, it鈥檒l take a few more minutes to dry, but you look amazing!鈥澛
The door creaked open, and the severed hand spun around, hopping up and down with glee to greet their friend. Wednesday simply looked it up and down as she approached Enid鈥檚 bed. 鈥淗mm. It鈥檚 a new look, for sure. Maybe it鈥檒l stick after a week.鈥 Thing only waved a few fingers, before tapping Enid鈥檚 hand followed by a thankful snap.聽
鈥淕lad I could help! You look fantastic, don鈥檛 worry.鈥 She assured, and they exchanged fist bumps before Wednesday cleared her throat, making her way over to her desk. 鈥淚 see you and Thing are getting along nicely.鈥澛
鈥淵up! We鈥檝e had a few heart-to-hearts, and I learned how much he needed some reimagination for himself鈥攕ooo, that鈥檚 the nails!鈥 She hopped to her feet, her tail flicking to the side as she tried to get a glance at Wednesday鈥檚 expression, but as usual remained blankly concentrated on her next task. She sat to continue her writing, the steady stream of clicks from the typewriter now filling the room. But as soon as they started, they ended, Wednesday squeezing her eyes shut with a sigh, Thing climbing up her desk and drumming a few fingers against the wooden top.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 fine.鈥 Wednesday mumbled, her eyes opening to an unconvinced appendage, and Enid's brow furrowing in confusion. 鈥淗e鈥檚 right, you鈥檝e been acting weird鈥攚ell, weirder than usual.鈥 Wednesday turned her gaze to meet Enid鈥檚, the girl's ears perked in curiosity.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 stuck.鈥 The discouraged air to her voice only proved her sincerity, as she pushed her chair back with a constrained creak against the wooden planks below them. Enid鈥檚 mind remained at a standstill for a few seconds, blinking before raising an eyebrow, 鈥淲riter鈥檚 block?鈥 Wednesday gave a silent nod, exhaling slowly in clear frustration. Enid folded her arms in thought, pacing over back to her side of the room. 鈥淲ait wait鈥攚hat always helps me when I鈥檓 bored鈥斺
鈥淏oredom is not the same thing as writer鈥檚 block鈥斺
鈥淲ell I know that, but they鈥檙e both unavoidable states of frustration right? In this case, like a block of your creative flow!鈥 Thinking out loud at this point, her tail flicks only confirming her concentration as she paced about. Also joining the determined effort to help, Thing hopped down from the tabletop, scampering over to the foot of Enid鈥檚 bed, where she now sat. It extended an index finger, and Enid鈥檚 ears perked up once again, her eyes now wide with resolution. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 it鈥擶ednesday!鈥
The other lifted her head in response, awaiting Enid鈥檚 words. 鈥淭hink outside the box! Trapping yourself in a box of what you want to write about can limit your ability to write or think!鈥 A few lengthy moments of silence, now wondering if she鈥檇 even heard her, caused her brow to furrow as she rose to her feet again. 鈥...Wednesday?鈥
Her voice fell on deaf ears, as the other only remained silent, eyes glued to the typewriter. Enid鈥檚 ears fell, her eyes now focused directly on her, as she gradually made her way over to the desk. Thing wasn鈥檛 far behind, even crawling up the legs of the chair to rest on its top. Wednesday was either deep in thought, or didn鈥檛 care enough to respond to either of them. It wasn鈥檛 entirely out of the ordinary, but Enid found her eagerness to help fend off the writer's block that plagued her partner more defining than a simple zoning out.聽
Thing patience however, was immune to Wednesday鈥檚 apathy. Her surprised jolt from a swift poke to her side had brought her back to reality, feeling her cheeks reddening as she inhaled sharply. 鈥淒o that again and you鈥檒l lose a finger.鈥 The vexed tone in her voice only made Thing hop down from his pedestal to the floor, while Wednesday still attempted a look of irritation, which was almost ruined by the red hue making itself more visible by the moment. Enid couldn鈥檛 help but notice as much, her ears perking up with a glimmer of mischief in her eyes. She was blushing? Oh, this was too good.聽
鈥淥h my god鈥擶ednesday, are you ticklish?!鈥 Her face lit up with a wide grin, the excitement of a puppy strongly resembled through her now swishing tail. Thing鈥檚 fingers drumming against the floor somehow was enough of an expression for Enid to pick up on, Wednesday quickly rising to her feet, 鈥淭he last person to tickle me lost a finger. Try me.鈥 She uttered, her composure slowly slipping away as Enid rocked from side to side with that shit-eating grin, a strategy clearly brewing. 鈥淢hm, like that time you were also going to smother me in my sleep? Bury my snood in the graveyard?鈥澛
Wednesday swallowed dryly, blinking in response as she slowly backed a few steps back. The giggles from Enid were enough to convince her of her fate, her heart skipping a beat when she placed Thing atop her shoulder. 鈥淲hat it sounds like to me is that you have quite a few empty threats, wouldn鈥檛 you say?鈥 Still at a loss for words, Wednesday didn鈥檛 know what to do besides remain standing. Making a run for it surely wouldn鈥檛 end well鈥攖he last thing she wanted was for anyone else to see what fate would possibly await her.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 not.鈥 She finally managed after a minute, startling herself with her sudden difficulty with making eye contact. What a feeling, a very odd one at that, she couldn鈥檛 recognize at all. It was like butterflies in her stomach but, why wasn鈥檛 she anxious? Why was she intrigued?聽
Before she could finish that thought, Thing鈥檚 fingers drumming against her sides had her preoccupied with a lip bite, swallowing back any giggles that threatened to make an appearance as she crumpled to the floor. Afraid if she spoke she鈥檇 lose composure, she swatted at her companion with furrowed brow. Enid only skipped over not long after, giggling as she gave some quick squeezed to her sides, her face lighting up when Wednesday鈥檚 lips quivered into a faint smile.聽
鈥淲ell, I seem to still have all ten of my fingers鈥攁nd you seem like you might be ticklish.鈥 Enid鈥檚 words only earned a death glare from the other, but it quickly crumbled away with the sudden prodding up her ribs from the appendage, replaced with a wide grin, giggles following close behind. Enid couldn鈥檛 help but gush over her reactions, her eyes lighting up when she saw her smile only grow.
鈥淲ednesday鈥攜ou have dimples?! Oh my god鈥攜ou're adorable!鈥 She found herself laughing along with the other, the comment making Wednesday鈥檚 cheeks flush darker. Thing halted its movements for a moment, jumping up and flexing its fingers briefly. Enid grinned from ear to ear, suddenly scribbling her fingers up her ribs, 鈥淥h, go for the ribs? Ahaww鈥攜ou鈥檙e right!鈥 She cooed, Wednesday鈥檚 laughter picking up in volume as she squeezed around her upper ribs. Enid鈥檚 eyes only widened with a grin at every new reaction she discovered, laughing at a few snorts she didn鈥檛 expect.聽
鈥淕od I had no idea you could laugh like this! You鈥檙e adorable, holy shit!鈥 She snickered at the weak shove Wednesday attempted at her hands, which only pinched at her sides for a moment, before halting her attack. 鈥淥h my god,鈥 Enid repeated again, her grin still present as she tilted her head a bit, trying to get a good look at Wednesday鈥檚 expression. And to her pleasant surprise, she was still smiling. In fact, not even a second later she was leaning into Enid鈥檚 touch, which only encouraged a growing flush against her face.聽
鈥淵ou had fun didn't you?鈥 Enid sang with a few additional pokes to the other鈥檚 torso, her tail thumping happily against the floorboards as Wednesday dissolved into another quite giggle fit, offering nothing in response but laughter. 鈥淚-I鈥檒l get you鈥斺 She managed to get out, still giggling even when Enid withdrew her fingers.聽
鈥淢hmmm, I know I know! But now I can get you.鈥 She smirked with a playful hum, Wednesday rolling her eyes once Thing waved around. 鈥淭his whole thing was your fault, wasn鈥檛 it?鈥 The hand was still for a moment, before swiftly scampering off. Enid chuckled, 鈥淒on鈥檛 be mad at him, it was my idea.鈥 Her ears drooped as her cheeks flushed once again, averting eyes, 鈥淵ou were so in your head and upset about writing so鈥 just wanted to help get your mind off of it?鈥 She offered a lopsided smile, and Wednesday blinked, before nodding slowly.聽
鈥淚 see what you meant鈥 appreciate the efforts.鈥 She mumbled the last bit, staring up at the ceiling now. What was it she said about thinking outside a box? A box was restricting鈥solating.聽
With a sigh, Wednesday rose to her feet. 鈥淢aybe you and Thing could stay. I think having company might help me get out of a box.鈥 She stated, before walking over to her typewriter and cracking her knuckles. Enid couldn鈥檛 help but smile, her gaze fixed on the girl in front of her. Wednesday Addams was difficult to read for sure, but that鈥檚 only if she wanted to make it hard for someone to. Counting herself lucky to be one that she didn鈥檛 feel the need to hide behind any mask, Enid stood with stretch.聽
鈥淲hat chapter are you on again?鈥
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wellfine 10 months
I had a small question for you: I've noticed your body types and details when it comes to characters feel very human. Little traits in body refs come together very well in your designs. Because of how well you can convey these things, I was wondering if there are any OP characters that are more difficult for you to draw? Be it design wise or translating the OP style to your own? Hope this isn't an odd thing to ask haha
Not odd at all, this is a really interesting ask! I always love an opportunity to talk about why I draw things the way I do haha... Also I'm so flattered you feel that way, body variations are something I find really interesting and gratifying to draw so I'm glad people pick up on them and like them too!
HMMmmm... Honestly I find it harder to translate faces to my style than bodies HAHA. There are sooo many interesting body silhouettes in One Piece that I find it more of a fun puzzle trying to translate them! Montblanc Cricket is definitely a challenge for example because his body shape is sooo extreme (dat neck. You know Zoro's jealous) but that's part of why I like his design/drawing him.
I mean okay the hardest Straw Hat for me to draw is Brook LMAO but I feel like that's cheating because you have to be so precise with all those bones. Body-wise... maybe Nami? It took me a long time to decide on what kind of body type vibes she was giving me before I decided she was kind of beanstalk-y but with big boob implants. I try and draw her boobs to look fake on purpose contrasted with, say, Robin or Tashigi, and I hope it comes across. I just think it's in-character that if her boobs got notably bigger after the time skip, well, it's because she wanted big old honkers lmao!
Zoro is also difficult sometimes because I imagine his body changes appearance a lot, not just because he gains muscle steadily over the series, but even on a shorter scale he probably fluctuates between bulking and cutting. I find it enjoyable to draw him at various stages but it does mean he looks inconsistent in my art sometimes and occasionally I worry that people won't understand my intent. Sanji can also be difficult to get the right proportions for because his muscle composition is so unbalanced, like some kind of hyper-cyclist, but I don't want to make him look absurd out of context either.
I'm not a furry artist by nature (despite Everything) so the hardest body types for me to translate are definitely animalistic characters, whether they're Zoan types or Minks! Chopper and Pedro are still hard for me to draw, for example, even if Minks mostly just have humanoid body shapes covered in hair. I have a hard time clicking with them. Interestingly fishmen/mermaids are not as difficult - I think because they're more fantastical, you can be less 'accurate'?
I'm trying to think of non-Straw Hat characters... Honestly I have a much harder time drawing faces than bodies. I'm working on it. I think my headcanon for Law's body type is at odds with a lot of other fans' LOL (same as me seeing Sanji without a shred of ass), I just can't see him as being muscular at all - he strikes me as the type who barely eats enough and doesn't really work out so he's all gaunt and gangly. Kid is WIIIDDEE which is fun to draw but sometimes hard to get the proportions of. One Piece women tend to be harder to translate to my style than men because their canon body types are so much less diverse :/ but I do enjoy it too. Vivi was hard for me to settle on but I like the body type headcanon I have for her now - I just haven't had time to draw it LMAO. Oh, and Yamato can be hard, but for kind of different reasons. His body is so politicised I know I'm going to get weird comments no matter how I draw him. Giving him top surgery makes me personally feel more comfortable in some ways (visibly denouncing transphobes etc) but less comfortable in others (implying that top surgery is necessary to be transmasc etc). But that's a different kind of difficulty. I still enjoy drawing him.
Inorganic shapes are much harder for me to draw so I would say the hardest OP characters for me are characters like Franky or Brook who have bone/cyborg parts! I love Franky's post-timeskip silhouette (sir your A-frame) but I always struggle with his shoulders and forearms because they're not organic shapes so inconsistencies/scale inaccuracies are way more obvious. Sometimes Fishmen designs fit into this category a bit too.
I hope there was something useful or interesting in that answer somewhere! For me personally I would say - based on bodies only - the Straw Hats scale from easiest -> hardest to draw is: Usopp -> Luffy -> Zoro -> Sanji -> Robin -> Nami -> Jinbe -> Franky -> Chopper -> Brook. Usopp is hands-down easiest for me because I take a lot of inspo for him from my boyfriend so it comes surprisingly naturally. (Love u baby)
Thank you again for such an interesting ask and for letting me indulge in talking about myself for so long, I always enjoy asks like this!
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spacexseven 1 month
I鈥檓 sorry, but I am not over this whole part while I'm re-reading: 鈥渋t wasn't the next time, but after a few more dead bodies and many more warnings about your work are played on the news, you meet nikolai again. nikolai gogol is no easy prey, but you're not one to be bested twice. this time, you don't let him run. you're finally on top of him, blood pooling out of where your knife was stuck in his thigh, his coat ripped off him and abandoned somewhere else. it would be so easy to kill him now, so easy to watch him bleed out and claim his ability as yours, but for the first time, you hesitated on delivering the killing blow.鈥 I Am So, So, Normal about this. It鈥檚 a description that鈥檚 so vivid and consumes all my thoughts. The dynamic between SK Reader and Nikolai is still making me reel. Idk, but something about him just watching SK Reader hunt and kill ability users, regardless of their affiliation or history, is so eerie. The news reporting on SK Murders [something that's haunting me, and I鈥檓 sorry about the other rambling questions I sent you earlier]. I couldn鈥檛 help but imagine Nikolai or SK Reader walking by an electronic store or maybe near a TV, and just watching, In their 鈥渆veryday鈥 life, and simply knowing about every single life they took. It鈥檚 sentences like these from your writing that send me images and flooding ideas from simple things. I love it. SK Reader hesitating is both a great and awful thing, they love someone, and not something. Niokolai鈥檚 ability is great, but it鈥檚 Nikolai that鈥檚 captured SK Reader鈥檚 attention and want. The Last Sentence is like a death toll? Like the sinking realization that SK Reader can no longer turn back like their life used to be because now they know that 鈥渢his time, it's not the ability you're after, is it?鈥 [I Really can鈥檛 express how much I love that last line.] Thank you again for sharing this wonderful Work, and have a fantastic Day Tuna! - 馃
oh man i am wiping away my tears. not one but Two very lovely asks from you this must be my lucky day! quickly before i address your other words
nikolai goes out of his way to find newspaper articles about sk reader and drops it somewhere in their place so they can wake up and see pages and pages and photos of all their victims and the crime scenes and the ridiculous theories some people have
the time he watched them steal oguri's ability, he insisted on walking w them back to the train station because "haven't you heard? there's a serial killer targeting ability users right now. you shouldn't be walking around alone."
also pls dont apologize about the questions i was so excited to see them that i was. literally vibrating in my seat and jumping off the walls ^-^ wanted to elaborate on everything tho so its still in the drafts right now ^^ im actually very very excited about this au too so im sooo happy to see al your questions i have thought so much about sk reader that its probably? a bit concerning? and ive even planned out how id like to go about a collection of writing for this au...
also. giggling and rolling around omg im so flustered to see lines from my own writing hherhrrhfjffj thank you for all your very sweet comments i will cry over this all day and night
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juanarc-thethird 1 year
Can you help me?
Jaune has the day off today, so he wants to take advantage of the time and have fun. And what better way than to spend time with his best friend, Ruby.
*Knock Knock*
Summer: Who is it? *Opens the door*
Jaune: Hi, Mrs. Rose, is Jaune.
Summer: Jaune, nice to see you! You have grown.
She looks him up and down. Jaune already had the body of a man. She begins to notice the muscles of him. All those days in the gym were worth it.
Summer: And you've grown up so well~
Jaune: *Blushing* Thank you. Is Ruby home?
Summer: Oh sorry, but she's out on an errand. She'll be back in, like, an hour and a half.
Jaune: I see, then I'll come back later.
He starts to walk away but Summer stops him.
Summer: Wait!
Jaune: Huh?
Summer: Since you're going to wait for Ruby. Why don't you help me with some things around the house?
Jaune: What kind of things?
Summer: I just need help rearranging the furniture. And a young man as strong and healthy as you would be very helpful~
Jaune: *clueless* Okay
Summer: Fantastic. Please come in and get ready to use those muscles~
Moments later, Ruby returns home from her errand.
Ruby: Mom, I'm back!
Ruby: Mom?
Ruby walks to the second level of the house in search of her mom.
Ruby: Mom, where are you?
As she walks further down the second floor hallway, she overhears a noise coming from her mom's room. She walks over and slowly opens the door.
Ruby: Mom? WHAT THE FUCK!!!
In front of her, Jaune was fucking her mom. He was lying on the bed while her mom is on top of him. He is holding her waist and he moves his hips up and down to fuck her.
Summer: Yes, you are so good!! Fuck me!!~
Jaune: I'm about to cum!
Summer: Cum inside me! I want to feel your semen filling me all up!
Jaune: Oh Fuck!!!~
Jaune pulls her waist down and releases all his cum inside her.
Summer: *shivering* Oh yes! I can feel your warm cum filling me up!! Sooo good!!~
Ruby: *Angry* MOM, HOW COULD YOU!!
Jaune: Ruby!
He moves Summer aside and covers himself with the bed sheets.
Summer: *Smiles* Oh hello sweetie.
Ruby: Why did you fuck Jaune?!
Summer: It seemed more like he fucked me~
Jaune: I can explain!
Ruby: Not now Jaune!!!
Jaune: *Scared* O-Ok
Ruby: Mom, I told you that I would be the first one to fuck Jaune! That we would lose our virginity with each other!
Jaune: Wanna do what?
Ruby: I told you to shut up!!
Summer: Well you took so long, so I took the opportunity to eat him up~
Ruby: You bitch! *She begins to undress* Jaune get ready because today I'm going to fuck you so good that you'll forget about that old hag!
Summer: Oh you think you're better than the original. Jaune, I will teach you some tricks that will leave you dry~
Ruby: *Gets on the bed* I won't let you. Jaune, give me your dick!
Summer: No Jaune, you better put your big cock in me!
Jaune: *Hard again* I'm scaroused!
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hi ! what are your headcanons for kratos with a submissive female partner as well as a male submissive partner! also people ship freya and kratos and I've seen a few ship hemidall and kratos. what are your takes?
MINORS DO NOT INTERACT or you鈥檙e getting the Leviathan axe between the eyes.
I actually headcanon Kratos to be submissive. That 鈥済ood boy鈥 from Faye followed by the face tap after moving that log, boy likes in control partners. Soooo鈥
Kratos has spent millennia being the God of War, surrounded by violence, constantly worrying. Poor man just wants someone else to take the reigns for a while ya know
And the dominant partner just revels in it. Kratos may be the king of grunting in front of others but behind a closed tent/door, man鈥檚 is letting out a few whimpers just watching and feeling his partner control everything
He鈥檚 either instructed not to move/touch or some lucky person has managed to tie this beefcake down.
Definitely not one for calling his partners mummy/daddy but you鈥檙e getting a whole lot of monotone 鈥測es鈥 and mmm鈥檚鈥 from him while he鈥檚 beneath his partner. These increase when he鈥檚 close.
Tell him he鈥檚 doing so good, he鈥檚 such a good boy, he鈥檚 takes his partner sooo well鈥 outwardly there鈥檚 no difference to his demeanour but inwardly this dude is glowing with pride and he鈥檚 going to ACHE and you鈥檙e definitely feeling him twitch or clamp down.
And after a long day/nights activities, he鈥檚 more than happy with aftercare but this man just wants to be the little spoon for a while. Hold him, stroke his big bald head, man needs a rest and a cuddle.
With submissive partners, he鈥檚 going to put them in their place and trEAT them RIGHT.
They鈥檙e whimpering and whining, begging for him, begging him to go faster, slower, deeper, anything just to get that dam to break and he鈥檚 just taking his time.
Going slow, watching pleasure born tears run down their faces. Does he stop? NOPE! He鈥檚 going to lick those tears up. It fuels his desire to absolutely wreck his partners.
Too sensitive? Doesn鈥檛 matter (unless specified from his partner) he鈥檚 going to break them over and over. Man鈥檚 a Spartan after all. Aftercare is top notch too.
Freya & Kratos- Fratos (is that their ship name? I dunno)
I might get hate for this but I don鈥檛 ship Freya and Kratos together romantically at all. Im not saying those that do shouldn鈥檛, their chemistry is fantastic but he did kill her son after all, that鈥檚 hard to get over and the hundreds of years of abuse she suffered from Odin, poor woman is probably just so happy to finally have her freedom I don鈥檛 think she鈥檇 look at Kratos as other than a friend given how they have both been through so much. But maybe in a few more winters, who knows.
Kratos & Heimdall
And judge me but I have got it down bad for Heimdall but let鈥檚 be real, Kratos would WRECK this whiny little twink.
But saying that, I do think they would actually be very good together. Either romantically or as friends.
Heimdall clearly has major daddy issues, can you blame him?
But I think Kratos would be one of a very very small number of people who would be able to teach and guide Heimdall into not being such a prick and channel his superiority, and get Heimdall to refrain so much from his misanthropic virtues.
Like if there was ever someone to nurture Heimdall, help him grow as a person, overcome his demons, make him understand he doesn鈥檛 have to constantly search for praise to be a worthy person, Kratos is the man.
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invisible-pink-toast 2 years
Chloenette Fic Recommendations
Chlo茅 Noir by JajaLala
Possibilities lined up before her. If she was a superhero, everyone would love her. She would have parades. She鈥檇 be powerful, perhaps more powerful than her parents. She couldn鈥檛 wait to tell everyone that she, Chlo茅 Bourgeois, was a superhero! Then she looked in the mirror. Leather. Chlo茅 was wearing not only a full-body leather suit, but on top of that she wore leather gloves, boots and a belt. Leather-on-leather! An atrocity! Even worse, Chlo茅鈥檚 hair was pulled out of its neat ponytail, and had turned into a mess of curls. Chlo茅 spent an hour every morning having her butler straighten her hair, she didn鈥檛 want it to revert to it鈥檚 natural curly state every time she transformed! The excessive leather did not even spare her head, giving her both leather ears and a leather mask that tinted her sclera blue. If Chlo茅鈥檚 mother, the Queen of Fashion, ever saw this, Chlo茅 knew exactly what she would say: 鈥淩idiculous! Utterly ridiculous!鈥 So this is why superheros had secret identities.
Chat Noir!Chloe and a rewrite of the first two seasons. Absolutely iconic, so well written, it鈥檚 got fluff, angst, comedy, feelings, and fantastic love square shenanigans between Chloe and Marinette. Couldn鈥檛 recommend enough!聽
Fire by MKW_Raider
The fight against Hawkmoth has only gotten harder and with most of their allies having a compromised identity of some kind, Ladybug and Chat Noir need a new permanent hero by their side.
When Chat Noir gives the Turtle Miraculous to the one person Ladybug did not want to give a second chance, will their team crumble or only become stronger?
Can Chloe, as Khelone, prove she's worthy to wield the Turtle and fight by Ladybug and Chat Noir's side again?
Fighting akumas, saving the city, and trying to live a normal life in their spare time just got a whole lot more complicated when newly surfaced feelings are added to the mix.
I love this so much, Chloe getting a second chance, how her relationship with Marinette slowly progresses through their different identities, and tHE LAST CHAPTER!!! IT鈥橲 SO GOOD!! Also part of a series!聽
The Bee on the Balcony by MarshmallowBun
Ladybug trusted Chloe enough to give her another shot at being a hero, even though her ego got in the way and she told all of Paris who she was. but on one condition, Chloe has to be nicer to everyone. What happens when she realizes she has feelings for a certain baker's daughter!
This fic is hilarious, the way Chloe realises her feelings for Marinette had me cackling, and Adrien and Chloe鈥檚 friendship is fantastic. Still ongoing.聽聽
There May Be Something There That Wasn't There Before by tacomuerte
Chlo茅鈥檚 fundraiser for animal shelters is on the verge of collapse?
Marinette isn鈥檛 about to allow that to happen, so it鈥檚 Paris鈥 resident polka-dotted superhero to the rescue!
Super cute, a Chloe redemption, protective Marinette and a good Alya & Chloe friendship! What鈥檚 not to love?聽
Lemon Cake by MKW_Raider
Alone as she watches Paris from above, Queen Bee gets a visit from Ladybug a few days before Christmas.
This fic is sooo beautiful, and soft, it鈥檚 got such a wonderful atmosphere, like being wrapped up in a warm blanket. Very thoughtful look into Chloe鈥檚 thoughts too.
damn unpretty by agrestenoir
Moments of vulnerability aren鈥檛 Chloe鈥檚 specialty, rather something she tries to avoid entirely. But Marinette has a habit of screwing things up.
Snapshots over several years, beautifully shows the progression of their relationship. Emotional/hurt comfort
Lead with Kindness by breeeliss
The invitations had an address, a date, and a short list of rules:
1) You must come in costume. 2) You must show your invitation at the door. 3) You must keep your identity a secret until the end of the party. --
Marinette meets Chlo茅 at a costume party but has no idea who the girl behind the mask really is.
Who doesn鈥檛 love Masquerade Balls? Chloe and Marinette find a spark between them, without knowing each other鈥檚 identities....
Rescue by MKW_Raider
Chlo茅 attends a charity event hosted by her father. She wanted to spend the evening with her girlfriend, Marinette, but unfortunately for her, Ladybug had to patrol instead. Chlo茅 would rather be anywhere else tonight but has to wait for the event to finish before see can see her girlfriend.
Chloe and Marinette are already in an established relationship, Chloe knows Marinette鈥檚 Ladybug, and a rescue plan beings....
Misdial by breeeliss
When Chloe wakes up in the middle of the night, she desperately tries to call Sabrina to help her get back to sleep.
She misdials and calls Marinette instead.
Hurt/comfort, wonderful look at their relationship progression!聽
Lost by Megatraven
After fleeing from a kiss, Queen Bee finds herself unsure of what to do. Thankfully, she can always count on Ladybug.
Very sweet, hurt/comfort, identity parkour, lovely ending!聽
Beeing There by Megatraven
A restless Chloe spots one Marinette Dupain-Cheng out late and alone while she patrols the city.
Chloe is the bee superhero聽Abeille, and she comforts a distressed Marinette, it鈥檚 all so sweet, and the ending is so good!!聽
Sealed with a Kiss by breeeliss
"One day I promise you I鈥檓 going to be able to tell you these things to your face. I鈥檓 going to look into your eyes, take your hands, press them to my lips, and tell you everything. You deserve honesty and sincerity with how much of yourself you give to other people. So I鈥檓 giving this to you as a promise. There won鈥檛 be a single secret between us."
Chlonette Secret Admirer AU
Chloe鈥檚 letters are insanely beautiful, and Marinette鈥檚 such a sweetheart. Love it!聽
Knowing You On Purpose by Emmalylis
When an akuma turns Chlo茅 into a fish and the Miraculous Cure doesn鈥檛 turn her back, Marinette has to tend to a very grumpy fish for a week. One thing leads to another.
Premise sounds kind of crazy, but this is both hilarious and heartfelt!
Also gonna mention my fics:聽
Would You Be So Kind
鈥業t鈥檚 everything I hoped it would be.鈥 Marinette grins back at Marc. And she knows she shouldn鈥檛 jinx it, but these pride meetings were one of her proudest achievements and she can鈥檛 help but brag a little. 鈥業 really can鈥檛 believe it鈥檚 turned out so well.鈥
It was at that moment that Chlo茅 Bourgeois walks through the door.
Marinette Dupain-Cheng is 17 years old and doing it all - student council, the bakery, her portfolio, and she鈥檚 the president of the pride club that she created at school. But her world is turned upside down when her old rival Chlo茅 starts attending the pride meetings. A Chlo茅nette highschool rom-com au - featuring friendships, forgiveness and new feelings that Marinette might be freaking out about.
Multi-chapter, fluff, rivals to friends to lovers.聽
Walking the Wire
The door opened, but when Marinette looked up she was once again stumped at the sight of Chlo茅 standing in the bakery doorway. The only thing stranger than Chlo茅 showing up at the bakery out of the blue was her鈥 doing it again. Spending time with Marinette, in her parents bakery, apparently of her own free will.
There was an awkward moment when neither of them said anything 鈥 Chlo茅鈥檚 arms crossed defensively across her chest, Marinette in shock at seeing the other girl again. There was that look on her face again, the vulnerability Marinette hadn鈥檛 seen before or since that night a few weeks ago. She still didn鈥檛 know what to make of it.
Marinette suddenly remembered she was working and had to be professional. 鈥楿h, hi.鈥 she said.
Yep. Nailed it.
Chlo茅 unexpectedly starts showing up at Marinette's family bakery and their relationship takes a surprising turn.
One shot, 5 +1 times
so what do you say?聽
Marinette gathers her things and pauses outside the door to take a breath and smooth down her skirt. She opens the door and walks in with confidence.
That voice makes Marinette stop in her tracks. It鈥檚 one she hasn鈥檛 heard in a long time, but would recognise anywhere.
Marinette gets into some legal trouble when Style Queen steals one of her designs. Adrien suggests a lawyer friend of his could help. He leaves out that his friend happens to be Chlo茅.
Multi-chapter, older au, ongoing but the last chapter will be out soon!
These are some of my favourites, but I鈥檝e got even more bookmarked on ao3
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libertybri 1 year
鉁煂竌hhh! I saw that requests are still open! So I have another when you have the time!鉁煂
馃尭鉁╤ow would romanced fallout 4 companions react to s/o waking them up with kisses?鉁煂
鉁煂竔t would be sooo cute! Plus I鈥檓 a sucker for soft Hancock and mr mac lol鉁煂
鉁煂窤nyways thanks for you鈥檙e time love!鉁煂
鉁煂竔 hope you鈥檙e doing fantastic! And please take care!!鉁煂
-鈽嗏樉饾捊饾憸饾搩饾憭饾搸 馃嵂
your requests always make my day!! they鈥檙e always so cute & I really enjoy writing them 鈽猴笍馃挒
tldr; Sole wakes them up with kisses!
She groans and turns the other way, avoiding being woken up at all costs. However if Sole is persistent, she will succumb to the morning call and pull Sole into her arms. 鈥淎t least ye gave me somethin鈥 good to wake up ta.鈥
鈥淕ood morning, love!鈥 He cheerfully wakes immediately and accepts the love display graciously.
She wakes quickly and looks almost surprised, but a smile soon takes its place among her features as she returns a peck to Sole鈥檚 cheek. 鈥淕ood morning, beautiful/handsome~鈥
鈥淢m, you鈥檙e up early~鈥 He doesn鈥檛 mind being woken up, especially in this way. Depending on the time Sole has woken up, he is more than willing to waste some minutes cuddling before taking on the day.
鈥淵ou really shouldn鈥檛 wake someone when they haven鈥檛 gotten enough sleep, you know?鈥 Assuming he is scolding them for waking him up, Sole turns away from Deacon in a huff. As their back is turned to him, he takes the chance to pull them back on top of himself. 鈥淚t causes them to become鈥 very needy~鈥 Things could easily get heated from this point forward.
Although he doesn鈥檛 like being woken up, he can鈥檛 help but to smirk at the feeling of Sole waking him up in this fashion. His eyes adjust to the morning light as he looks at his lover with a goofy grin. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e somethin鈥 else, y鈥檏now that, boss?鈥
Being a very light sleeper, he is woken up almost immediately, but pretends to continue snoozing much to Sole鈥檚 annoyance. He allows the game to go on a little longer before pulling them in for a heated kiss. 鈥淎 guy could get used to waking up like that, sunshine. Heh heh.鈥
鈥淪tooop鈥︹ He whines and attempts to bury himself into the pillow, being cranky as ever if being woken up. At Sole鈥檚 persistence he will eventually blink awake and his features will soften upon seeing them smile and kiss him again. 鈥淢m, good morning to you~鈥
He doesn鈥檛 really need to sleep but will occasionally zone out when in deep thought. Sole sneaks up on him and pecks his cheek quickly, instantly bringing him out of his brooding state. 鈥淗eh, didn鈥檛 see you there, lover.鈥
鈥淥h, Blue~鈥 She hums aloud and turns to them with her sleepy eyes still closed, lazily tossing an arm over their frame and pulling them closer to herself. 鈥淐an鈥檛 we sleep a little longer?鈥
鈥淗m, how did I ever get so lucky?鈥 He focuses on them as soon as he fully wakes up and finds himself entranced with their morning beauty, simply admiring them.
鈥淕ood morning, ma鈥檃m/sir/xir.鈥 He ever so casually wakes up to greet them in turn. 鈥淲ould you like me to return this display, or shall we get ready for the day.鈥
Extra NPCs-
She isn鈥檛 too keen on being woken up, but seeing Sole鈥檚 smile changes her tone quickly. 鈥淗ello there, gorgeous~鈥
Edward Deegan
He wakes slowly and props an arm behind his head as he admires Sole. 鈥淎 ghoul could get used to this.鈥
鈥淔ive more minutes鈥︹ She begs lazily, ignoring Sole鈥檚 antics completely until they become persistent and peck her lips. By this point she becomes half-aware and smiles into the kiss. 鈥淔ine, fine. I鈥檓 awake, you goof.鈥
Jack Cabot
鈥淵ou are ever so sweet and gentle in these early hours, my dear.鈥 He coos to them and pecks their lips in return.
鈥淥h, good morning, lover~鈥 She sings happily, returning their kisses rather quickly.
Mags Black
鈥淎 lady needs her beauty rest, you know?鈥 She jokes in her sleepy state, attempting to wake herself to Sole鈥檚 level and return their affection.
It doesn鈥檛 matter how many times Sole kisses him, he continues snoring on. It鈥檚 not until they whisper a sweet word into his ear that he then perks up, opening one eye and smirking at them. 鈥淵ou tryin鈥 to get me excited this early on purpose?鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e awake before me?鈥 He is more concerned with that fact rather than Sole waking him up in the first place. Usually the roles would be reversed, so he has no issue with waking instantly and returning Sole鈥檚 kisses.
鈥淪top that.鈥 She scolds through her half-asleep state, turning over. At Sole鈥檚 persistence she will groan and shove them into the bed, planting herself firmly above them and connecting her lips to theirs. 鈥淪ettled?鈥
鈥淗eh heh, mornin鈥, doll face.鈥 He wraps a strong arm around their frame and buried his face into their chest, simply taking in the moment.
Tinker Tom
He continues snoring on for a moment before suddenly jolting awake and staring at Sole with wide eyes. After a second he calms himself and lets out a nervous laugh, kissing their cheek quickly. 鈥淲asn鈥檛 expecting that鈥︹
Travis Miles
鈥淢m, do we have to get up now?鈥 He furrows his brows as he tries to reason with Sole鈥檚 wake up call. At their persistence he鈥檒l emit a small smile and peck their lips. 鈥淥kaaay, I鈥檓 up.鈥
William Black
鈥淐鈥檓ere you~鈥 He immediately drapes an arm over Sole and pulls them in closer. They could deal with staying in bed a bit longer.
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minalblood 2 months
Ep 2 is here now and I gotta say, the fact that Lata just finds all things monster fascinating is my fav thing cuz that is just me. Her playing with the jaw of the zombie was adorable and I wish i could've done the same. Carlos finding it disturbing just added to the charm of the whole scene.
Millie immediately yelling at John before he even got the chance to exit the car was oof, big oof. Mainly cuz it reminded me of my own mother's control tendencies. And because of that, I also tend to try and understand her point: admittedly John could've died and she wouldn't have know anything til after the fact. I get that fear, especially after the 2 years of no contact and likely a not good break before that with John at war. But fuck if she didn't just make it way harder for John to ever try bridging that gap or learning actual skills on dealing with conplex shit like that because she was just unreasonable about it all and taking it out on him. And the fact that La Tunda is actually calm when talking to John later is sooo interesting. I can't say she was nicer than Millie, cuz she wasn't but it def counts as another of those [insert crowley here saying :so my demons were too polite?] moments. I just found it all soo interesting and I have to add thay sadly her story at the end of the episode where she tells John about her and Henry's dealing with arguements doesnt actually help her case too much because of how she reacted initially. All thay teaches John is that he can take out his fear on others and then smooth it over with an "ull understand when ure older/had kids/been through similar shit" she is somply not constructive at all. But it a bit of an improvement because she, i believe, meant it as an explanation and apology despite it sounding as an excuse to me.
John being clearly not a pro at hunting or even just the type of fighting style hunting requires (and especially with a group of hunters) sent me. It's soo good. And it just makes me think of SPN!John learning to hunt and with the trauma of Mary's death it suddenly seems like even more reasons he didn't engage with a hunter's network. He just isn't a team player in that sense, he's too hyperfocused on his own fight that he loses sight of anyone else, and more than that, he had to have learned to adjust the fighting style he'd known to something that would work for hunting. It was basically ego and refusal to change, surpise surprise. TW!John tho keeps trying even after he fucks up, and while Im sure the constatly getting splashed with monster guts isnt fun, he doesn't have the same hang ups about not being perceived as indestructible. He essentially rolls with the punches and learns and is allowed to have flaws on display. Its not the pedestal SPN!John is put and puts himself on.
Mary's bullheadedness is absolutely fantastic in an extremely frustrating way. She is so fixated on getting through the case as fast as possible so she can get back to finding her dad that I actually got some season 1 Sam vibes from her this episode. I will say I find it soo interesting we got a John focus, cuz we all know the Cambells aren't that off for La Tunda to go for. Carlos giving her a pep talk about it and also admonishing her for her behaviour is def deserved and just top notch friendship tbh. As is the Cabaret gag with Mary, Carlos and Lata. It shows in a small but important way that these 3 def have a history and it's a long and intricate one. And u see even more later after John gets taken. It's in the way they talk to each other even in a high stress situation. Also Mary ackowledging she fucked up and thanking Caelos at the end... ughhhh I love growth.
Ada get to show off a bit more in this one, her scrying was genuinely sooo good, like this episode does a fantastic job of making you ask yourself what is actually up with Ada, whats her deal?? Because on the one hand, she recognized the flower off the top of her head and helped Lata instantly, on the other hand the way the scrying was shot was almost unnearving. And im not sure if it's cuz spn got me/us used to seeing scrying done by villains or as a subterfuge tactic or what, but yea, it added another air of mystery to Ada. And then u you have her conversation with Millie which has a hell of a ripple effect cuz I genuinely believe it's that converation that led to her actually trying with John at the end a bit. It's not solving anything broken there yet, but it does help. And adding ehat we know of about Ada's past to this makes me cry cuz shes just trying to prevent Millie from making the same mistake she had basically.
Carlos was more mediator this episode. Between the Lata and Carlos show (as per usual their friendship is everything to me) and seeing the complexity of that relationship as it stands and their dynamic with each other, to lecturing Mary on her behaviour, to just being highly competent at the job overall. Like they might not have done too much in the foreground, but damn if it wasn't a shitton of background work there. You can tell here that for all the "Im a solo act " bravado, Carlos is actually very much a team player and it's due to the emotional inteligence they have thats on full display here, in their usual jokey manner of course, that thats the case.
Aaaannd we get the 1st mention of Betty in this. I won't touch on that in this one but I like Betty a lot.
The end of this episode is my fav thing. Because it's pizza and joking and hanging out beside having the plot move forward once Ada brings up what shes been up to this episode. And still the focus isn't on the demon memories, but on them bonding. Uhhhh I love it.
We also have the 1st glimpse of the Akrida and if you were skulking around here when the show was airing in autumn u know I think the Akrida are adorable and I want a plushy with them. So the pure joy the shot of who we now know is likely Roxy with all them little critters around gave me cannot be overstated.
This ep def is much better paced than the Pilot, and also just lays clear the main there of this show, which is intergenerational trauma. It literally slaps u with it, it's front and centre and will continue to be shown in its many varried forms as the show progressed and I fucking love it for that because ultimately that is what Dean is doing here, beside once more saving the world. He is like i said, woeking through his own intergenerational trauma through these young versions of his parents that haven't yet had more trauma pilled onto them.
Stay tuned for ep 3 whenever I find the time to rewatch it!
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metalbuckaroo 2 years
Hey, lovely! For your sleepover. How about...
鈥淚 desperately want to take you out for dinner and slow dance with you until the sun comes up, but I also want to grip your hair as I watch you writhing underneath me.鈥
Please feel free to ignore if you received this. 馃挅
Checking In
Summary// A hotel getaway with Bucky's favorite receptionist
Warnings// Lil angsty, some fluff, some smut, cursing, tiny mention of drinking, 18 plus only, minors dni
Note// I kinda love this request. I didn't use the quote, but its based off of the quote, this also got LONG and took sooo long.
My new masterlist and taglist will hopefully be done tomorrow night.
Im really hoping it doesn't flop bc I'm lowkey proud of it and also spent a lot of time on it
Moodboard by @commonintrest
Tumblr media
This was the slowest Bucky had went with someone in a very long time. Three dates in and he hadn't even had the chance to see you naked. It was driving him crazy to say the least.
Anyone else wouldn't have gotten a call back, but for you; it made him want it even more. So, he came up with an idea to take that extra step.
Walking into the hotel you worked at, he gave a nod to the security guard and flashed you a charming smile; his hair much shorter than when you saw him last. "Like the haircut." You said, turning in the chair to look at him. "Feels more... professional."
"Checking in again?" You asked, leaning your chin on the base of your palm, reaching your other hand to card your fingers through the short hair.
Bucky shook his head and leaned his forearms on the desktop. "No. We are checking in somewhere else. Tonight, when you're off."
His eyes trailed down to the top of your blouse, looking at the few buttons that where open. "Buck, I'm not staying in a hotel with you." You smiled, shaking your head. "Come on, I'll sleep on the couch if you're too uncomfortable." He smirked.
You thought it over for a moment before sighing and nodding your head. "Yeah, ok." You agreed, letting him pull you in for a brief kiss by the back of your neck. "Fantastic. I'll be here at five to get you."
"I'll have to go get cl-" Bucky shook his head at you. "Won't need 'em." He said, turning to walk out. "Bucky, don't you dare."
"See ya tonight, pretty girl."
As promised, five o'clock hit and Bucky was pulling in front of the doors in his sleek black car; quickly getting out.
His usual suit was traded in for a more casual button up tee and dark jeans, the prosthetic that matched the shape of his right arm perfectly on display.
He rounded the desk and picked up your bag. "You can't be back here." You teased, making him roll his eyes. "Come along, babydoll. We have plans." He said, hand between your shoulder blades to guide you with him.
Bucky's plan would surely get that extra step at least jumpstarted. The heated make out sessions in his car when he dropped you off were starting to get to him.
He refused to call anyone else to handle the tightening of his jeans, the wait made him yearn for you even more.
So, he patiently waited as you changed into the lavender sundress he'd sent for, listened and talked over dinner on the patio of the motel, and just basked in your enjoyable presence.
"Dance with me." You said, hand laying on his bicep. He chuckled lightly and shook his head. "I don't dance, sugar."
You raised your eyebrows and cocked your head to the side, fingers tracing down the vein that ran the length of his arm and to his hand. "Well, you're going to, or you'll be sleeping in that room alone." You laced your fingers in his and he looked at you with an amused expression. "Oh, really now?"
"Mhm, c'mon. It's a slow one, so you won't embarass yourself." You teased, feeling his hands on your hips as soon as you turned your back to him. "I never said I couldn't dance. Just that I don't, babydoll." His gruff voice said in your ear, moving to stand in front of you once in the midst of the other couples enjoying their night.
"Couldn't say no to you if I tried anyways." He said softly as your hands rested on the back of his neck, his on the dip of your waist.
The Bucky who took you on dates was different than the Bucky who strolled in your lobby at least once every two weeks. He wasn't glowering when he looked at you; instead he had a smile that made the corner of his eyes crinkle and your heart flutter.
He hadn't smiled so hard and so much in years. He was addicted. To your voice, fiery attitude, and gleaming smile; and he couldn't even imagine how much more he'd crave once he finally got a taste of you.
"Gonna let me sleep in the bed, pretty girl?" He cooed, hands roaming over the swell of your ass. "Of course, Mr Barnes." You grinned, pecking a kiss to his dimpled chin. "Could dance with you all night if you wanted me to." He said, squeezing gently. "I wouldn't complain."
His lips slotted over yours, your eyes fluttering shut at the softness of them.
He suddenly lifted his head, bottom lip brushing the tip of your nose as you opened your eyes again.
Bucky's cold demeanor he usually had while walking through the lobby of the hotel returned, smile fading into a deep scowl as he looked at something behind you.
"Is something wrong?" You asked, worry lacing your voice as you cupped his stubbled jaw in your hands, feeling the muscle of it flex. "Just stay close." He murmured, pulling you closer to his front.
You furrowed your eyebrows at him, lips parting to say something, but the stern look in his eyes stopping you as they stayed glued on whatever was behind you.
"Barnes, didn't expect to see you here- like this." A voice that was slightly higher in pitch than Bucky's sounded from behind you.
Bucky tucked you into his side, hand on the small of your back as he stared at the shorter man. "Just enjoying my night. That a problem?"
You swallowed thickly and gripped onto the back of Bucky's shirt, crumbling the perfectly ironed fabric in your fist as your heart pounded. "Needa talk." The man said.
Bucky's eyes flicked to a group of men sitting at the corner of the patio before looking back to the man in from of him. "Go sit down. Order us some more drinks." Bucky said sternly. "Bucky-"
He finally looked down at you with an icy stare, making you shrink back slightly. "Now isn't the time to argue with me. Go sit down." The tone of his voice was one you hadn't heard before.
You nodded and turned to walk back to the table, picking at your nails as you took your seat again.
Looking to where Bucky was sat at the table with the group, you chewed your bottom lip. You knew what you were getting into when accepting that first date, you just didn't think it'd follow you everywhere.
He tried to stay patient, he was in rival territory and knew it was a terrible idea; but this was one of the nice hotels and he wanted the weekend spent right. Keeping his cool was the only way he was going to be able to do that.
He was barely even listening to half of what the men were saying, glancing over at your nervous posture as you picked the nails he had just paid to get manicured; even though you protested against taking his money.
Until one statement had his head snapping back towards one of them. "The girl seems... sweet. Make you happy?" It wasn't meant in a way a friend would ask when checking up on another friend. Bucky felt it burn through him like a threat.
"Yeah, well, she's got a mouth on her and I'm losing my patience. So, you men have a good night, you owe my girl an apology for ruining her night." He stood, teeth gritting together.
You noticed Bucky's tense stance and straightened in your seat as he got closer. "Rude bastards." Bucky grumbled, taking your hand in his and tugging for you to stand. "What did they want?"
Bucky thought about lying, but he promised you he wouldn't. "Talk business. Can't believe they'd interrupt me over stupid bullshit." He sneered, pulling you along with him back into the hotel. "Where are we going? They're going to bill you for those drinks." You huffed, picking up your pace to walk next to him. "Don't care."
By the time the two of you reached the door to your room, Bucky had you pressed against it; fumbling to swipe the key card as his lips attacked yours.
Your hands fisted into the front of his shirt to keep your balance as shoes were kicked off, Bucky backing you towards the bed with his large hands holding the sides of your face.
You fell back onto the bed when the backs of your knees met the edge of the mattress, taking him with you; Bucky's body parting your legs.
The kiss was hungry and desperate, sharing breaths as his hands gripped at your outer thighs and pawed their way under the skirt of your dress.
You pulled away from the kiss, breathless as he dipped his head to latch his lips on the underside of your jaw. "Bucky, wait-" You panted, pressing his shoulders lightly. "What?" He breathed, stopping all movements as he looked at you; eyes dark and lips kiss swollen. "I-"
"You're a virgin. We can wait, if so." He cut you off, face dropping slightly. "No, no. It's not that. I just haven't had sex in awhile." You said, gnawing at your tongue. "Want me to go slower?"
"I just don't want to take things too fast." You whispered, tracing the collar of his shirt with your fingertips.
Bucky took a deep inhale, warm hand moving to hold your chin. "Babygirl, listen. I'm not going to kick you out of my bed when we're done. You got me attached with this damn chase you gave me. Wanna take care of you. Okay?"
You nodded and pulled him back down to you, his tongue slipping between your lips as his fingers worked at the buttons of his shirt.
Gently pushing them away, you replaced his hands with yours to pop the buttons open as his tongue glided across every inch of your mouth he could reach.
You lifted your back off of the mattress for his hand to feel for the zipper of your dress, grazing your fingers down the tensing muscles of his chest and abdomen; stopping at the button of his jeans.
"Don't get shy now, take 'em off." Bucky mumbled against your lips, sliding the straps of your dress off of your shoulders.
The wetness between your legs grew as your tugged at his belt, whimpering into his mouth when he pressed his hips against you to show how hard he was.
Pulling away, Bucky sat up to tug your dress down your torso and legs; eyes drinking in the beautiful sight in front of him as he shoved his jeans off and palmed himself through his boxers.
"Take the shirt off." You panted, backing up the bed. A smirk grew on his face, metal thumb sliding back and forth in the waistband of his boxers as he looked at your glistening folds. "Ask nicely and I just might." He taunted. "Please."
You watched the way his muscles flexed with each movement, the shirt sliding off of his arms and to the floor; revealing the mess of scars Bucky hoped you'd ignore and a large tattoo on his ribcage.
Next were his boxer briefs, pooling at his feet as his cock twitched in the air; swollen tip red and leaking precum. "You're staring, babydoll." He said, voice low as he moved his body back over yours.
"Can't help it." You swallowed, the weight of his cock against your thigh as you felt the firmness of his back. His hand slipped between your bodies to guide himself to your heat, spreading your slick with his tip.
"So wet, barely even touched you yet." You whined at his words and gripped his shoulders. "Buck, please. Stop the teasing."
The smirk on his face grew before he brushed his lips against yours. "Hm, I don't know. Kept me waitin' so long, might just tease you a little more." He hummed. You bucked your hips against him, his tip barely pressing into you. "Fuck..." Bucky said in a low groan, a shudder passing through his body.
He made sure you felt every ridge and vein, pulling breathy sounds from you when he pushed deeper. Your walls so tight and warm around him, he already had to hold off his release.
"Look at me, sweet girl." He breathed, nipping at your bottom lip and rolling his hips into yours.
When you opened your eyes, the adoring look in Bucky's made your breath hitch. Hands wedging under your back as he sat up, holding you to him so you were sitting on his thick thighs.
"So beautiful." He groaned as his hands glided over the curve of your back to your ass, metal and flesh fingers digging into the skin.
Guiding your hips in a faster pace, he could feel you clenching around him, swallowing the blissed out sounds you made with a breath taking kiss as his grip on you tightened.
The soft ow that passed your lips made Bucky loosen his grip and move you in a slower pace. "Need me to slow down?" He panted, pulling away from you slightly.
You frantically shook your head, hands clinging to his shoulders; needing to feel his skin against yours. "No-no. Don't stop, please, keep going." You whined, bucking your hips along with him.
In a swift movement, your back was pressed back into the mattress. Your fingers laced with Bucky's as he pinned your hands at the sides of your head, his hips meeting yours in a faster, rougher pace that knocked the breath from your lungs and made your head spin; his cock sliding against every sweet spot, some that you didn't even know existed.
Salacious sounds from both of you echoed around the room, your eyes fluttering shut again and body arching into him so your front was flush to his as the coil snapped.
"There you go, baby. Feel so good, so worth the wait." Bucky moaned out, chasing his own release with shorter thrusts.
A whimper of his name falling from your sweet lips sent him over the edge, his hips flush to yours as he spilled into you with a guttural moan.
He slowly rocked his hips into yours, riding the blissful feeling for all that it was as he looked over your blissed out face.
It was the moment your eyes peaked out, staring back into his lust darkened ones that Bucky knew. You were the one thing he needed to protect. To hold close and never let go.
A tender kiss was placed on your lips, a satisfied hum leaving Bucky as he slipped from between your legs to lay beside you.
You slowly moved off of the bed to grab a shirt and go to clean up, legs feeling wobbly with each step to and from the bathroom.
Bucky sat on the edge of the bed when you walked back into the adjoined room, legs still a little jelly feeling as you made you way back to him.
He laughed, an actual belly laugh that made your heart swell as he pulled you between his parted thighs. "I have some... unexpected business to take care of in the morning."
You nodded lightly and sat your hands on his shoulders. "I want you to stay in this room and keep the door locked. When I come back, we'll do something." He promised, gently massaging your sides. "Something, huh?"
A squeak escaped your throat when you were pinned back underneath Bucky, his hips pressing into you. "Oh, don't you get me started. I'll keep you up all night."
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janus-cadet 5 months
Guys, guys, I've got the opportunity to do another collab' with my fav artist ever, @mimmixerenard !! And this one, well, it's about the Double Charles, from Black Butler.
See, whenever we write something together, those guys always seems to pop at one point or another, a special cameo. Modern Setting, Star Trek, Leijiverse... everywhere. And so, we kinda picture what would happen if we put them in a sort of Sandman setting, as dreams or nightmares. Therefore, that concept was born.
But first, the drawing.
Tumblr media
(I'm absolutely in love with @mimmixerenard's part of the drawing. Look at that, how fluid Grey's movement is. Please, please, if you see this post, please consider going to check their profile, you'll be amazed. It's a garantee.)
So, in this, Grey is a Dream, always appearing quite feral and menacing to the dreamer ; meanwhile, Phipps is a Nightmare, always appearing calm and kind. Both of them work in tandem, enjoying to confuse the dreamer about their true nature. Before each dream, they have an over-the-top fight to decide if the dreamer will have a Pleasant Dream or a Nightmare ; of course, they can't hurt each other for real, but sure as hell enjoy pretend otherwise.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Look at that, the proportion are so neat on Grey, and the clothes design-)
And sooo... yep, this drawing is born. It was fantastic to work with them. Thank you again, my friend, and keep on being absolutely amazing. You deserve the praises.
Hope you'll all like it, for how weird and seemingly random it can be!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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unabashedlycasualangel 2 months
And 19, 39 and 59 (馃槇) for Pierreste! 鈽猴笍
LU MY FIRST PIERRESTE ASK I LOVE U kissing you kissing you kissing you kissing y-
19. How do they feel about PDA?
Esteban does not like it. He's actually very touchy with his friends but with Pierre he's super reserved in public. A lot of it is because of how private he likes to keep his love. Another part is because he's afraid that people will see him and Pierre being close and touchy in public and say something stupid. And he's not wrong they 100% will.
Pierre on the other hand will do sooo much PDA (as much as este is comfortable with of course). He wants to be touching esteban all the time other people be damned.
They definitely do post-race hugs and neck squeezes and shoulder taps/squeezes to check if the other person is ok. They also sit close together when they're in the same place. If Pierre is really exuberant he'll give Este a cheek kiss.
When they're not in public public (in front of cameras basically), they're a bit more touchy. They walk around holding hands and stuff, and Pierre likes to lean on Este's shoulder when they're sitting on benches or in buses and stuff.
39. Who would rescue an injured animal and nurse it back to health? What would the other think?
Esteban. He's a total softie for animals. This man finds a wet cat on the street or a shivering little puppy and brings it home immediately doesnt think twice.
Pierre thinks it's adorable. He helps este take care of it. Maybe if they're not together yet.... they bond over taking care of it...
(Pierre will absolutely smooch him after because esteban caring for something makes him think about esteban caring for children and that makes him all hot and bothered and also warm and gooey and so he solves that by jumping his bones)
59. Who tops? Who bottoms?
As a fellow everyone is a switch truther I know you will i agree when i say they both do!
but truly pierreste is one of the truest switch couple i have encountered. literally either of them could top or bottom and i wouldn't bat an eyelid.
i've read and enjoyed bottom!pierre and top!pierre but it's nice to see pierre getting topped so i enjoy that a lot. BUT. i also love to see este getting taken care of (and i have read some,,, fantastic bottom!este fics) and we all know pierre loves 馃惗 ;)
i think some days pierre needs to top and be in control and take. and sometimes he needs to top just to be of service. and sometimes he needs to be topped and brought out of his head.
and some days este needs to top to control and top to be of service and be topped to be good andasfjsafl
so yeah... both?
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