#it’s fun for me. sure it hurts a little but it’s interesting
serickswrites · 2 days
John Mclane
Warnings: captivity, torture, restraints, forced to watch, gun, gunfire
Team Leader couldn't believe they had failed their team so significantly. Couldn't believe they had let Whumper get the drop on them all as they had fallen for the trap. Couldn't believe they now had to watch Whumper hurt their team. There was nothing Team Leader could do.
Whumper walked between Teammate One and Two, waving a gun in the air as they spoke. "I could just shoot them, make you watch as they bleed out."
"NO!" Team Leader strained against the rope that kept them in the chair.
Whumper chuckled as the stopped next to Smallest Teammate. "So sensitive." They carded their fingers through Smallest Teammate's hair. Smallest Teammate's eyes were wide with terror.
"Please, I--" Smallest Teammate began, but their words were cut off as Whumper shoved a gun in their mouth.
"WHUMPER STOP!" Team Leader roared.
Whumper smirked. "I will, this is getting kind of boring. Shall I just shoot them all and be done?"
"Please," Team Leader begged, "I can make it interesting. Please."
"The only thing that interests me, Team Leader is watching you suffer." Whumper moved to circle Teammate Two once more. "Perhaps there is a way to make it fun for all of us." They spun around and stared at Team Leader. "Shall we play a game?"
"Yes, please, just don't hurt them."
Whumper opened the cartridge of the revolver. They removed four of the six bullets. As they spun the cartridge, they smiled, "Let's play a little Russian Roulette. But with higher stakes. Two bullets instead of one."
"Whumper, please--"
"Team Leader, I'm giving you a chance to save your team. Two of you will walk away. Maybe even three if you play your cards right."
"Whumper, I can't let you--"
Whumper silenced Team Leader as they pointed the gun at Teammate One's head. "I could just end it now. Don't you want a chance for them to live?"
"Yes, yes, please. Whumper, just shoot me." Team Leader ignored the horrified looks on their team's faces. If Whumper wanted someone to die, it was better that they die.
Whumper frowned. "There's no fun in that. You'll get a turn in between each team member, Team Leader. Don't worry." And before Team Leader could protest, Whumper pulled the trigger. It clicked empty. Teammate One sagged with relief.
Team Leader sighed. Teammate One was safe and would make it out of here. Whumper walked over to Team Leader and shoved the gun to Team Leader's temple. "Your turn, though it would be a shame if you died before the rest of the players."
Team Leader closed their eyes, making their peace with the universe should it be their time to die. But the gun clicked empty.
Whumper laughed. "Good, I want you to stick around to the end."
Teammate Two looked up at Whumper rather than at Team Leader when Whumper put the gun beneath their jaw. "I will fucking end you," they spat in Whumper's face.
"If the odds are in your favor," Whumper said as they pulled the trigger. The gun clicked empty once more. "You are lucky, Teammate Two."
Whumper walked towards Team Leader once more as they took aim. "Let's see if lady luck smiles on you, Team Leader." They squeezed the trigger. The gun clicked empty one final time. "Two bullets in a row left. Oh Smallest Teammate you are the winner of tonight's game!"
Team Leader's mouth went dry as they realized that the next shot would surely kill whoever Whumper took aim at. "Whumper, wait! Please! I want another turn. Please, give me another turn!"
Whumper stopped as they carded their fingers through Smallest Teammate's hair once more. They pressed the gun to Smallest Teamate's temple. "Why would I let you cheat like that?"
"Because I'll suffer. You want to see me suffer! You don't have to shoot me in the head. You can shoot me somewhere else. Watch me bleed to death."
Whumper considered for a moment. Team Leader's heart froze in their chest as Whumper shook their head. "Why do that when I can watch you suffer over the loss of you beloved teammate? Then I can shoot you so you bleed out slowly."
"Whumper, please. Please. Shoot me." Team Leader blinked back tears as they tried desperately to convince Whumper to kill them.
"All in good time." And they pulled the trigger once more.
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deadbeatbirdmom · 21 hours
Bumbleby is my OTP aka One True Pairing, my favourite RWBY ship.
I've come to realise that one of my NOTPs aka least favourite pairings is a little strange bearing in mind what my OTP is.
While I can understand why it's a thing, and even why it's aesthetically pleasing, Blake paired with possessed!Yang from Justice League x RWBY Part 2 is a NOTP for me. H%rnet I think the pairing is called, although maybe that's when it's specifically with Negative Blake from Ice Queendom.
Tumblr media
Possessed!Yang or Y@ng does look pretty cool with those glowing eyes. I find the whole possession an interesting thing to explore, and might write a fic about possessed!Yang at some stage.
I'll get into why H%rnet's a NOTP for me under a read more cut, because I don't want to rain on the parade of anyone who likes it. I just hope that cut works, I'm not entirely sure they always do.
It's my own personal opinion. There's nothing wrong with liking H%rnet.
Why is it a NOTP for me? It's because Kilg%re is the one possessing Yang. He's the reason her eyes are glowing. He's the one in charge. Yang's trapped in her own body, unable to do anything but watch. Going by what happened to the Flash with his possession in Part 1 and the after effects in Part 2, those possessed are aware of what's happening.
The involvement of Kilg%re in possessed Yang doing anything romantic or sexual with Blake just thoroughly squicks me out (squick being an older general fandom term meaning it personally grosses me out or repulses me without bringing any moral judgement into it).
Then there's how Yang can't consent because she can't say or do anything to give it. I don't think it can be taken as a given, even with Blake as her partner. It's not impossible to get past this issue, because Kilg%re could release his possession for long enough for Yang to speak up, and call a halt to what's going on after that if he can tell Yang's not okay with it anymore.
I've no idea how likely it'd be that Kilg%re would respect those boundaries, I don't know much about him besides that he's a villain who possesses people because he apparently doesn't have a body of his own, and specialises in hacking. He certainly doesn't ask for permission before possessing his enemies.
Anyway, again, there's nothing wrong with liking possessed!Yang and Blake as a pairing. Even with the implications with Yang not being able to consent, there's ways around that. They are also fictional characters. No one is really being hurt.
I fully subscribe to the philosophy of 'don't like, don't read.' That means it's my own responsibility to avoid all things H%rnet. Here on Tumblr that means it's a tag I should filter. It's absolutely not my place to tell anyone their fun is wrong, which is why this is (in theory) behind a read more cut.
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manscaped · 10 days
Gifts That Sleigh 🎁
Tumblr media
⏰ Limited time only! ⏰ Get 20% off + free shipping on all the best men's grooming products. 
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snowblossomreads · 3 days
Day 7: (Stormy Reunion) Persona Non Grata
Tumblr media
Pairing: Sinclair Bryant x Fem!Reader
Summary: In where [Y/n] attends a business holiday party with Sinclair and eventually run into someone from Sinclair's past when they are leaving.
Tag(s)/Warning(s): mentions of alcohol, mentions of cheating and incest (🤢), hurt, comfort, kissing, swearing
Word Count: 3.8K
A/N: I'm back with a story of everyone's sweet human puppy! I love him so much and I wish Alan played more characters of this nature as it showed a different side of him.😣 Ugh ugh I can go on and on about Sinclair but I won't....well not in the notes LOL enjoy the story though!
Food, drinks and chatter flowed in abundance at the holiday dinner party that both Sinclair and [Y/n] were in attendance for at a high end restaurant near Hyde Park that she had never knew existed.
It wasn't very surprising that she hadn't know it was there considering a meal in this place probably cost as much as her heating bill in the winter time. She wouldn't have even dared stepped in the restaurant back then fearing that she would be thrown out on the bases that she looked well...out of place.
Yet somehow she was here and it was most definitely because she was on the arms of the kindest, handsomest and most perfect man she had ever met. He was honestly a star in a room dominated mostly by dull businessmen who he worked with. So it was understandable that she found herself glued at Sinclair's side as he took her around to all his colleagues proudly announcing that she was his girlfriend and how wonderful she was.
He was like a little puppy who had found their favourite person with their favourite toy in hand and just wanted everyone to know how happy he was. She was sure the light makeup she had put on would melt away with how hot her face had become by all  the praise and adoration he had thrown her way.
It was wonderful, and life was wonderful she mused as she listened to Sinclair chatting loudly and animatedly to some coworkers who listened with a varying amount of interest. His cheeks were flushed a bit red from the few drinks he had and it made him all the more chatty with folks which seemed to be an almost impossible thing.
"You know next year me and [Y/n]...hiccup…are thinking about buying a villa in the French countryside," he bragged to the group who all made a various noises of interest at what he said. "We can stay visit during the winter and …hiccup… then rent it out during the summer I think it would be a fine investment!"
"Oh no Sinclair means, he's, thinking about buying a villa in the French countryside," [Y/n] interrupted nudging him in the side causing him to let out an exaggerated 'ow' before he was nudging her back playfully. She let out a little laugh and patted his shoulder before continuing. "[Y/n] is just a helpless bystander who watches him buy pretty trinkets and then watch him wonder where he's going to fit the bloody thing when it gets to him. It's madness in the house sometimes I swear!"
The group seemed to get a good laugh out of that and even Sinclair chuckled at her, looking over to her with shining eyes that radiated cheerfulness.
She honestly didn't care how he spent his money, it was his to spend but she did like to poke fun at some of the things he would buy. Especially his vintage cars. He loved vintage cars but her? She didn't get the point if he wasn't going to drive them. They were pretty though and he did love pretty things so that is probably where that had come from.
"Well I haven't heard her protest about it yet so I think she's onboard with it to, so you're all invited to the villa when we get it settled!"
There was a chorus of 'brilliant!' and 'alright!' that sounded from the group at the invitation that was extended and she couldn't help but to shake her head with a smile.
Conversation carried on for a bit longer before [Y/n]'s eyes began to start to droop as her feet ached a bit from the heels she had been wearing. They were comfy for the first few hours but she was beginning to want to just take them off and go bare footed which was probably frowned upon in such an establishment. And thus her mission of getting Sinclair on board with going home started.
"Sinclair!" she called out once she had found him after returning from a quick trip to the loo.
He was surprisingly not cornering a coworker to talk their ear off but he unsurprisingly was lurking around the dessert table that had been set up for the party poking around at some of the leftovers.
"[Y/n]!" He replied enthusiastically before shoving the rest of the dessert he was holding in his mouth as she approached.
She couldn't help the laughter that belted out from her when she saw him do that, thoroughly amused at the lack of decorum he had sometimes when it came to eating.
"Sorry to put damper on things love but I'm a bit knackered from all this fun we're having," she said trying to sound lighthearted even though she just wanted to crawl in bed. "Mind if we leave soon? I think some of your buddies are also looking a bit worn out."
Taking a look around they both noticed that things had calmed down a bit and some of the guests had cleared off probably also getting ready to leave while others chatted with one or two other people.
The party was winding down and she would also like to be doing the same having been busy all day earlier and now only feeling the effects of everything.
"Oh you're right it is getting late isn't it! I don't even see Michael, you know the one I told you about that is always hanging around trying to learn everything he can about what's going on with the business? Great chap to be with!" Sinclair chirped as he looked around and saw the same thing she was seeing. "Okay then well I guess we better be off! Let's make another round to say bye to everyone I'm sure they would like to see you one more time before we left."
Doing just that, they went around to the remaining people still hanging out saying goodbye to them and wishing them a goodnight. [Y/n] had also received quite a few compliments from people as they all seemed genuinely pleased to have met her even having one of the older men, who was apparently an executive board member that Sinclair had told her was a bit of a mentor to him say,
"You've sure found a brilliant woman Sinclair absolutely lovely girl you are dear!" The older man boasted loudly with an equally loud belly laugh. "Make sure he brings you to the New Year's party that I'm hosting! My Margaret would love to meet you, she never got on with the other one never had the chance to really but oh well!"
Sinclair could only grin and look at [Y/n] who also mirrored his expression though she felt a slight nagging in her brain when the man had said 'the other one'. She was well aware of Sinclair's ex who had barely ever visited the office or attended any parties that his company had thrown.
While she also had to admit she didn't quite care for them, [Y/n] did understand it was important to show support and it was the reason she had let him drag her to the event.
Telling him ‘thank you’ and reassuring him that they would indeed attend, the couple went up to the front of the restaurant where Sinclair turned to her and happily chirped,
"Wait here darling I'll go get the car! No sense in both of us freezing out there."
What a gentleman.
"Okay don't keep me waiting though," she teased as she went to kiss him, still tasting the faint traces of sweetness from the dessert he had nicked when she had saw him.
Amber eyes lit up as he gave her a nod before he exited the building which allowed a bit of cold air to come in before it stopped when the door closed fully. Taking a seat nearby, [Y/n] listened to the soft chatter and clatter of the stragglers in the restaurant. Two of Sinclair's coworkers passed by her as they exited the building, both saying good night to her once more as the exited leaving her sitting and waiting.
A few minutes became ten when [Y/n] looked at the watch on her wrist and she began to wonder where he had run off to considering they hadn't parked but a two or three minute walk from the place. Not only that, the drowsiness she felt was growing and she was sure the place was closing soon.
'I guess I should go find my wandering puppy.'
She mused making herself giggle which was a sign that she needed to go lay down soon as delirium maybe setting in. Perhaps the cold air would wake her up some.
So making an executive decision, [Y/n] got up, wrapped her coat tightly around her body and exited the restaurant in search of Sinclair. The chilly English air and the light breeze that was blowing in her direction definitely did its job in waking her up as she made way to the street they had parked on.
And just as she had thought, it only took a about three minutes (not that she was counting) to spot the car and her missing partner who was not in said car.
Instead Sinclair's back was facing her when she saw him, and it looked like he was talking to someone who she couldn't make out from her position. Though when she got closer, she could clearly make out a woman's voice which caught her attention.
"Sinclair I've missed you! Please we can start over can't we? Haven't you missed me my love? You've must have all alone out here come on we can go to my place."
[Y/n] watched as a hand with painted nails wrapped around Sinclair's forearm like a leech and it was enough for to stomp her way up to them ready to pry him away from whoever was trying to sink their claws into him.
"Sinclair there you are!" [Y/n] loudly exclaimed with the most enthusiastic tone she could muster as she approached him, her heels clicked on the pavement in rapid succession as she power walked her way over. It indeed caught both people's attention as Sinclair turned and the expression on his feature could be defined as mortified and down right uncomfortable.
She had come right in time it seemed. "I was getting worried when you didn't come back darling," she said doing her best to drum up the concerned girlfriend act, which honestly wasn’t an act, as she went to stroke Sinclair's forearm. She also drove the point home that he was taken by leaning up and pressing her lips against his in a possessive manner.
Had he been shocked by her actions he didn't let on, instead he eagerly followed her lead which promptly caused the mystery woman's hand to fall from him. A triumphant smirk graced [Y/n]'s lips even though no one could see it too caught up kissing the life out of her boyfriend. Her eyes fluttered closed as his cool lips met hers and she had to keep from making a most inappropriate noise as they had a snogging contest in the middle of the sidewalk for all to see.
Pressing her lips that were now warm once more against his and squeezing his arm gently, [Y/n] pulled back and admired the stain she had left on Sinclair's lips along with the dark amber eyes that gazed at her with confused lust.
Excellent. Now on to the problem at hand. 
Leaning to the side to get a better look at the woman, she was very much pleased to see the shocked and borderline annoyed expression on her face. Who did this lady think she was grabbing onto Sinclair like she had any business touching him?
"Oh I'm so sorry I didn't see you there! Who is this a new friend of yours?" She asked, looking up at Sinclair while playing with his coat and pretending as if she hadn't overheard them talking or seen the woman at all. "Sinclair you're always making friends with strangers! You know I adore that about you but you but you should be careful ,it's late and there are shifty people around you know."
It was a thinly veiled insult and from the looks of both Sinclair and mystery woman they had caught it.
"Excuse me?"
"Hmm? Oh yes sorry who are you again?" [Y/n] asked not even looking at the woman but up to Sinclair who was eyeing [Y/n] nervously. "Sinclair introduce me to your little friend."
"Erm..em, yes well [Y/n], " he muttered softly not at all like his usual enthusiastic self while he began to play with his fingers before turning to look at the woman who was eyeing them both. "This is Natalie my...ex-wife."
Oh...this cunt.
The wife who broke his heart with a silly affair with her fucking brother of all people. The one who left him absolutely shattered after a divorce that she decided to drag out as to prove a point? And now she had the gall to put her ugly painted nails on him and ask for him back.
Absolutely not. [Y/n] saw red as her face heated up from the fury that was rushing in her veins that not even the cold seemed to affect her at that point. Oh did she want to play coy and dumb well she was about to be in for a nasty surprise. Because unlike some people [Y/n] would never do anything so cruel to someone that she loved.
"Natalie the ex huh?" She pointed out as her eyes widened in faux surprise while a terrible sense of glee grew in her when she saw Natalie wince at the title. 
"Oh how nice to meet you," she lied yet her smile never faltered as she spoke to the woman. "Me and Sinclair were just at a dinner party for his job and he said he bring the car around but when he didn't show up I just had to come look for him! And here he is! He's just got news of his promotion at the party to, Director of Financial Planning and Analyst for all of Europe isn't that right love?" [Y/n] bragged shamelessly as she hung onto Sinclair and laid her head on his shoulder. 
She wanted the woman to know that her touches, her advances anything she may think of were unwanted and futile and [Y/n] had no problem making her uncomfortable.
"Uhm yes that's right," Sinclair answered looking down at the woman on his arm who only beamed up at him causing him to do the same. 
He couldn't help it she was adorable when she smiled. Not that he didn’t find her adorable any other way.
"They wanted me to take the job up for the Americas but then we'd have to move, and you hated that idea didn't you darling?"
"Guilty as charged," she nodded. "I did but you still love me don't you?"
"Of course I do!" He affirmed with a nod of his head and a kiss on her forehead that made her giggle and cuddle closer against him. If her actions were out of character he didn't say anything about it, instead going on about what he would miss most if they left. "Plus I would miss the food here, you can't find a real cucumber sandwich away from England. Some of the places in France do a good one but I truly don't believe anywhere else does it as well as we do."
"Exactly! And plus we already have a French villa in our sights so it would be a shame and a waste to move so far from it!"
They looked at one another and nodded in tandem before laughter peeled from their lips at how silly they must look. They were very comfortable with each other and it showed so much so that they had forgotten that they were putting on a bit that wasn't really a bit.
"Oh wow well congratualtion's lov-." Natalie stop short at using that term of endearment as she felt her hair stand on the back of her neck at the icy glare [Y/n] had cut her at the very first syllable. Letting out a nervous cough, Natalie averted the woman's gaze and looked at Sinclair. "Sinclair um that's wonderful you always were brilliant at you job so I'm not surprised at all. And a villa in France? That's quite lovely...you seem very happy."
He nodded.
"I’m very happy [Y/n]'s the perfect partner for me!" He chirped kissing her forehead once again causing [Y/n] to squeal and hide her face in his coat with a giggly 'stop it!' "She even attends the parties for work that you didn't like. Though I know she secretly hates them."
"Again guilty but what can I say I just want to show you the support and love you show me so a party every once in a while is perfectly fine with me!"
Maybe it was the way that they looked at each other as if no one else was around even though someone was. Maybe it was the playfulness they seemed at ease showing to one another not a care in the world about who saw. 
And maybe it was the way [Y/n]'s icy glare in her direction that made her shiver more than the cold make her realize quickly that she was very much person non grata. In that moment, she decided it would be a good idea to make herself scarce if she knew what was good for her.
"I see well, I think I get the message that I should leave you two alone for the night. It is late after all."
"Mhmm it is late," [Y/n] echoed not even looking at Natalie but through her with a bored expression. "And we have a long day tomorrow don't we 'Clair?"
"We do, and we best get you to bed because I know how you get when you're knackered."
She grinned and again leaned up to kiss him gently and she was sure she could hear a soft 'tsk' leave their unwanted guest. But who cared she was the one intruding.
"Ehem," coughing to try and get the snogging couples attention, [Y/n] rolled her eyes as she detached her lips from Sinclair's to listen to the woman talk. "It was nice to see you again Sinclair don't be a stranger you still have my number right?"
Was she serious?
"I'm sure my solicitor has it somewhere in his files."
It was a cutting statement coming from Sinclair as he seemed to be over with her as well. God he could be a snarky man. [Y/n] loved it.
"Right goodnight you two have a lovely evening."
Turning around the she devil went in the direction where she had come from and when she was out of ear shot the only phrase that left [Y/n] in a hiss was a crude and passionate,
"What a twat!"
"Darling language."
"She is."
There was a brief moment of hesitation before,
"She is." Sinclair agreed tiredly, his shoulders slumping as he went to rub his eyes that had begun to burn from the mixture of exhaustion and emotions that had showed up.
The divorce happened over three years ago but the pain did still linger over what she had done. Even if he was happy with [Y/n] and he was ridiculously happy and in love with her. It sill hurt a bit though.
"I'm so so sorry you had to see that darling and deal with her, god what rotten luck to meet her here of all places," he apologized as he swiped at his eyes trying to rid himself of any tears that may have tried to introduce themselves. He wasn’t an emotional person, not really, but with something like this, it was easy to see why he was upset. "Out of all the people I walk into in the middle of the night trying to fetch the car it’s her. What a bloody nightmare I can't even believe this."
"Oh Sinclair stop it don't get so worked up it's not like you," [Y/n] cooed at him as he began rambling about her piss poor timing and the nerve of her to think he want anything to do with her after what she had done.
Trying to distract him from his ramblings she took his hands into hers before she placed his palms on her cheek. It was like he was squishing them and she looked so silly that he couldn't help but let out a weak laugh.
"Honestly I didn't hate it that much. It's been a while since I got to have a go at someone but subtly it was very refreshing! You must try sometimes," she mused as she turned her head to kiss his palm before looking back at him with a grin.
"That's not like me you know that I have a perpetual weakness of letting everyone know what I think, isn't that what you told me before? I should work on it shouldn't I? I hear most people don't particularly like that."
"Who cares though," she said nonchalantly, shrugging at his statement as she went on her tip toes once more to press her lips on the tip of his nose before giving him a brief peck on the lips. “You are perfectly you, and plus where else is someone going to find a human encyclopedia who is as sweet and handsome as you  are huh? Nowhere!”
Amber eyes were alight and bright at her words of praise. A grin grew on his thin lips which suited him better than the stormy expression he had worn earlier during the unexpected reunion. He titled his head and his hair flopped to the side and goodness did he look like the adorable puppy she always compared him to.
“Well if you think that I’m doing a well enough job, then I see no reason for change!”
“Exactly you’re doing a brilliant job Sinclair at being you,” she grinned before she was wrapped her arms around her self and rubbed her arms for some warmth. “Now with that being said can we go home it’s freezing out here. Not that the snogging didn’t warm me up but we’re going to have to do a lot more of it to keep me warm and I don’t think it be appropriate for the world to see.”
A boisterous laugh that echoed on the sparsely populated streets left him at what she had said before he took a few steps towards the car and opened the passenger side door with a flourish. Turning to her he announced with his usually cheer and antics,
“Your carriage awaits m'lady!”
A/N: Heheh hopes natialie has learned her lesson huff!
Tags: @deepperplexity
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dr-gaytorius · 3 months
so when i was a teen i was like, very alt, very punk, like eyeball-deep in the local music scene (this would continue for the next decade), i was NOT a scholar by any stretch and quite frankly hated academics. and my friend introduced me to this band and it ended up being one of my favorites for years.
well i was talking to my friend who's into a bad that was big back in that day and i was like ahhh yes.... i remember those days.... neon and crust and studded leather.... and i listed off some bands, and remembered that one i had liked for so long. i went and looked it up and spotted the album i remembered the most, and gave it a listen and well
Tumblr media
it would seem ive always been this way. apparently
#the older i get the more i realize that my life has been this strange paradoxical orobouros of self#one day i decided i would stop moulding myself to other's likings bc dulling my edges only helped those ppl hurt me#thus re-embracing a part of myself i'd learned to be ashamed of. and it was incredibly liberating#and then i realized it was my destiny to be a mortician#and i was sooooooooo afraid to tell ppl bc i was sure they'd be weirded out#but every person i told was like OHHHHH ok yes that makes complete sense. that's perfect#and the more i thought about it the more i was astonished it had taken me so long to figure that out lol#and realizing that i really am by nature a scientist has been really liberating too. i hate that my class bracket prevented me from#discovering that bc i was working all the time for a decade and had no time to explore myself or my interests or anything#and i honestly always thought i was stupid.... because of other people lol#and once i let go of other people's treatment of me as the lens through which i view myself#i realized#oh.... i'm a scary and smart little freak. huh#and i started living true-to-myself and it's been super fun and rewarding and ive never been happier#but like... i kept thinking. wow who could have ever seen this coming! this must seem like such a stark turn for the outside eye#like now that i finally recognize myself... others probably dont#and then i revisited this band and went#ah#no#im just oblivious#ive literally always been like that. even when i didn't know what it was or what it was like. just completely blind to a destiny that is no#SO crystal clear that it's changed how i see the world and myself and the way i live#crazy
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astarion-approves · 3 months
More than sex.
Astarion x gn! Tav
"You’re telling me, that you.. would pass on a night of… meaningless, fantastic, eyes rolling to the back of your head, mind blowing sex… for love?”
Rating: Mature (for the subject but no actual sex or smut in any way shape or form.) Tags: Demisexuality, demisexual Tav, Demisexual Reader, No Smut, gn! Reader, Slight spoilers, Act One spoilers, Developing Relationship, Developing Friendships, Drabble, short and sweet, Confessions
Ao3 or keep reading below:
“I’m just looking for a little more excitement. A little more fun.”
Tav considered these words, anytime they saw Astarion having ‘fun’ was on the battlefield. Either stabbing his way through anything that stood before him, or sneaking up behind them and slitting their throat before they could even scream. “And what’s your idea of ‘a little fun?’”
Astarion smiled, taking a sip of his cheap wine before speaking, “By the hells. Sex, my dear. A night of passion.” 
“Oh, indeed. So, how about—“
“Shadowheart is free.” Tav looked over their shoulder to where she stood by her own tent where she fiddled with a bottle of wine attempting to open it with slow hands. 
“Wait, what—“ Astarion shifted to look past Tav to where she stood, the woman catching his gaze and glaring in return. 
“And she’s really pretty too,” Tav offered. 
“I’m not interested in hearing her praise her goddess tonight.” 
“Well, there’s also Lae’zel—“
Astarion shook his head. “I think she would rather behead me before she would ever bed me.”
“Halsin is available too—“ The Druid elf was handsome, and such a powerful one at that but before Tav could even finish, Astarion cut them off.
“Tempting, but not the one I’m interested in.” 
Tav hummed, putting their hands on their hips as they scanned the rest of the camp. There were many others, but most were already too drunk to even remember their own names. “I can’t think of anyone else.” 
“There’s always you, darling.” 
“Me?” Tav snorted a laugh. Surely he must have been joking. Of all the people that Astarion could have… Tav would personally put themselves at the bottom of the list. 
“Yes, you. It’s not everyday someone like yourself would be propositioned by someone like me, and this may be your last opportunity—“
“No thank you.” 
“No?! What do you mean ‘no’?!” Astarion was shocked, his hands jumping to his chest as if Tav had stabbed him directly in the heart. 
Tav grimaced, the way that Astarion’s face dropped, the hurt that filled his eyes so quickly… “Look, I’m not… rejecting you—“
“Sure sounds like rejection to me—“
They shook their head. “I need to be in love first… before I can…” Tav lifted their hands, gesturing towards Astarion in a weak display of trying to find the words and failing. “Don’t get me wrong… you’re- you are breathtaking, Astarion. The most gorgeous man I’ve ever laid eyes on—“ 
“Yes, I know. But– you’re telling me, that you.. would pass on a night of… meaningless, fantastic, eyes rolling to the back of your head, mind blowing sex… for love?” 
Astarion paused, taken aback. “Well, that’s actually quite admirable… But why?” 
“For me, I want it to mean something. Sex is an easily obtainable thing, but love… love you have to work for, to fight for, to earn and to cherish. Sex is great and all but… making love to the person who means the most to you in the world. That’s what I want. That’s what I need.” 
Astarion tapped his finger against his lips, thinking to himself before speaking again. “Hm. Sex and love, I never took you for such a sap,” he said with a light laugh. “Well, how do you feel about being friends then, hm? The kind of friends that protect one another, that is.” 
Tav chuckled. “I think it’s too late for that.” 
“Too late?! So what, now we can’t even be friends?!” Astarion threw his hands up, frustrated. “All I did was hit on you and now—“ 
“No, no,” Tav cut him off, reaching for Astarion’s hands and holding them gently. “What I mean… We can be friends but… I have developed some feelings for you. If you want to be friends, that’s fine. That’s great, actually. I just… well, I need to know if I should ignore those feelings—“  
Astatrion pulled his hands way, choosing to gesture towards Tav as he spoke. “So, let me get this straight. You have ‘some’ feelings for me?”
“Yes,” Tav replied with a nod. 
“But you don’t want to fuck me, tonight? Right now?” 
“Right.” They nodded again. 
“How very interesting… and even.. a little refreshing,” Astarion smiled, a smile that almost seemed shy… With his head turning away from Tav—and Tav swore they saw the smallest blush growing on his cheeks. 
“Refreshing?” Tav questioned, learning towards Astarion in an attempt to see that adorable blush— 
Astarion waved them off, the blush already gone and Astarion back to his usual self. “Never mind that, Tav. I guess we can see where this goes then?” He reached out, taking Tav’s hand into his own and giving it a light squeeze. “Whatever this is, anyway.” 
Tav smiled. “I’d like that.” 
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hotchsstuff · 6 months
his initial on a chain - rafe cameron
Tumblr media
summary: sarah convinces you to distract rafe while she sneaks out; but how does it end with you falling asleep in rafe's arms?
pairing: rafe cameron x reader
warnings: none, fluff, cute nicknames
"please, do it for me!" sarah begged you, pacing back and forth to make sure rafe didn't hear her.
"what makes you think it's gonna work?" you sat on her bed, nervously biting on your nails. there was no way it was going to work.
she rolled her eyes, giving you that look "don't be stupid, of course it's gonna work. my brother won't say no to you."
"that's not true!" you protested, hugging a pillow while hiding your burning cheeks behind it.
"when did he ever deny you anything?" sarah snorted, plumping down next to you. you muttered whatever, before sarah pushed you towards rafe's room.
you took a deep breath and knocked on the door. there was no response. maybe rafe wasn't at home?
"knock again, don't chicken out!" sarah whispered from her hiding spot. you gritted your teeth and knocked again.
"fuck off!" rafe's annoyed voice echoed in the empty corridor as he bursted the door open.
"oh." you both exclaimed.
rafe wasn't expecting to see you in his house. he didn't even hear you come in or he would have made up a stupid excuse to catch a glimpse of sweet little you. for example by asking sarah if she saw his golfing shirt. a golfing shirt he doesn't even own.
you've known each other since you were kids, rafe knew exactly on which days you hung out with sarah and you never came over on wednesdays.
"oh, hi sweetheart." he greeted you, awkwardly giving you a kiss on the head. "is everything great?"
he seemed so concerned and you mentally cursed sarah for making you lie to rafe. but you had no choice. sarah had a date and she needed to sneak out, but she was grounded and rafe was keeping an eye on her.
the plan was very simple: distract rafe. but how were you supposed to do that when you were so bad at telling lies?
"uhm actually no." you glanced down, finding your socks utterly interesting.
"what happened?" rafe's stare hardened and he clenched his fists. his gentle demeanor turned into a sour one.
"it's nothing bad, i promise!" you shook your head and made your way in his room, as rafe kept a hand on your back, sending shivers down your back.
"what got your pretty head worried, uh?" he kneeled down before you, prompting you to answer him.
"it's stupid." you muttered, playing with his long fingers. you saw sarah's figure walking down the stairs and mentally applauded yourself.
"it's not stupid if it made you overthink. i wont make fun of you, sweet girl. tell me." you knew he was telling the truth. if you had any worries, rafe was always there to brush them away.
"it's just that someone was making fun of me for going to kelce's birthday party alone and i was sad." you blurted out a half lie. more exactly, topper teased you for being constantly lonely, which hurt your feelings.
"was it fucking topper?" rafe sighed and your surprised reaction gave it away.
"i will have a talk with him later." he stated. topper better start praying for his well being.
"and second thing, who said you got no companion?" you blinked in confusion. what?
rafe stood up and grabbed something from his left pocket.
"i was supposed to give you this tomorrow, but freaking topper always ruins everything." a golden necklace dangled in front of your eyes and you stared agape at rafe.
"my sweet girl, would you allow me to take you out on a date?" he placed a light kiss on the corner of your mouth, laughing when you stumbled over your words.
was rafe cameron actually asking you out or were you dreaming? you didn't think it was possible for your childhood crush to return your feelings but oh, were you wrong.
sarah was quite proud of herself when she caught you sleeping in rafe's arms, with the golden letter 'r' dangling on your chest. the same necklace she helped rafe pick out the very first night rafe claimed he fell in love with you. one night of ten years ago.
but that's another story to tell.
@ingids @justacoolnerd @rafecameronzwhore @nxpood @fallingwallsh @hallecarey1 @iruzias @mvybanks @kenanlotus0 @loving-and-dreaming @s-we-e-t-t-ea @slut4drudy @maybankslover @777flora @pank0w @mattyskies @iloveyourmom17 @madelynie @strkeys @midnightsgetawaycar @veescorneroftheworld <3
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theysherobinbuckley · 6 months
a little something I started but probably won't ever finish - alternate first meeting steddie! post s3, pre s4
(context: in an effort to cheer up his perpetually grumpy new neighbor, Eddie broke out his old skateboard and immediately ate shit for it. Cue Red calling none other than Steve Harrington to solve the problem...)
Red was barely in the door when Harringron turned on him, jaw clenched and fingers twitching. Having those dark eyes focused so entirely on him nearly made Eddie dizzy.
His lips were moving and- oh shit. Eddie was totally supposed to be listening.
"Uh, what?"
"What are you doing hanging around Max?"
Eddie frowned. "We're neighbors?"
"So I'm being… neighborly? Is that illegal?"
"Neighborly is getting someone's mail while they're out of town. Not a super senior hanging around with a girl who's not even in high school yet."
"You better be fucking careful what you're accusing me of, Harrington, because to be honest, you don't look any better. Don't think I haven't heard your beemer pull up at all hours of the night. What the fuck is that about, huh? King Steve likes 'em young?"
Eddie's back hit the trailer before the last word even left his mouth. All the breath rushed out of him at once as Harrington pinned him with one arm across his shoulders.
"Don’t fucking say that," he seethed. "She's like my sister. I'm not- I wouldn't hurt her."
Eddie reached up to pat Harrington's arm placatingly, sending him as sweet a smile as he could muster.
"Hey, I believe you, man. I'm a little lost, sure, but I believe you." He sent a look to the trailer to his right. "Now can you let me down before Muriel sends Axel out to break your arm?"
Harrington followed his gaze and, upon seeing Muriel frowning from behind her curtains, dropped Eddie faster than if he'd told him he had the plague.
"We're in my kingdom now, Harrington," he said, grinning and waving in Muriel's direction. "These are my people. We take care of each other here. And Red's one of us, whether you like it or not."
Steve frowned, opened his mouth to respond, maybe even protest, but Eddie cut him off.
"I was just trying to make the kid smile, okay? So I got out my old skateboard, did a few tricks, busted my shit." He held up the ice pack he'd stolen from Red's fridge. "She called you 'cause she said you'd know what to do."
Harrington was quiet. Noticeably, he did not apologize for jostling Eddie's extremely sore wrist, but whatever.
"Did she?"
"Yeah, man, I tried to talk her out of it, but she seemed pretty confident you'd pick up. And here you are, so…"
"No, I mean- did she have fun?"
Eddie shrugged. "I mean, she didn't look as miserable as usual. Laughed a couple times when I fucked up a dismount. What's up with that, by the way? The constant dispair?"
Harrington's whole body tensed, and Eddie was almost scared he was gearing up to punch him just for asking.
"You remember Billy Hargrove?" he replied, his voice tight.
Eddie couldn't help but sneer at the mention of that piece of shit. Wayne had always taught him not to speak ill of the dead, but that didn't mean he couldn't think some choice things about him. Like the fact that he was pretty sure the guy was rotting in hell for all the things he'd said to Jeff in the school halls.
"Unfortunately. What about him?"
"He was Max's older brother. Step-brother."
"Fucked?" Harrington supplied. Eddie nodded. "Yeah. So I just- I need to make sure another Hargrove doesn't come around. Sorry I got all... you know. I've been told I can be kind of intense."
"No shit," Eddie laughed. "No hard feelings, I guess. Since it's in Red's best interest."
"No hard feelings," Harrington echoed. "Thanks for looking out for her."
Then, something Eddie had never even dreamed of: Harrington stuck his hand out, clearly expecting a handshake.
It was over in a second, but Eddie's hand burned where Steve's had been.
"No problem. I'm kind of the park babysitter," Eddie replied. "Part of the job description."
Harrington lit up at that.
"I babysit too! Max and a few of her friends. 'S why I'm always around. I'm usually playing chauffeur for one of the other gremlins."
"That makes more sense than you having a torrid love affair with Susan."
"Yeah, she's not really my type," Harrington said with a smirk.
Eddie watched in shock as Harrington's eyes slowly, deliberately dipped up and down his form.
Talk about fucking whiplash. Eddie could still feel Harrington's strong arm against his chest, the brush of Harrington's nose against his own, the heat of Harrington's breath on his face. And now the king was checking him out?
"I see. Not into MILFs?"
Eddie was in the middle of making plans to staple his big stupid mouth shut when Harrington laughed.
"I'm more into brunettes."
And boy, didn't that seem pointed.
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tinfairies · 3 months
Bounty Girl
Tumblr media
Koby x Female!Pirate!Reader
Summary: You're an infamous pirate with a hefty bounty on your head. The marines have caught you once again, Koby is tasked with guarding you.
Word Count: 4k
Part two
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"A pirate with a 100 Million berry bounty. I didn't think you'd be easy to catch, but I certainly didn't expect the impressive fight." Vice Admiral Garp spoke with a light amusement in his voice. A cadet with pink hair stood by his side, eyes wide as he took in your appearance. Poor thing hasn't seen many pirates, if any, you assume.
The Vice Admiral turns to the cadet, shaking him from his trance.
"Koby, you take the first security shift, you have the cell keys, and the alarm if they break free."
Without another word the Admiral exits the room, leaving you and the nervous cadet alone. It's silent for a few moments, Koby stands dutifully by the desk.
"So, Koby. What are you doing after this?" You joke with a smirk, making sure to annunciate his name, and lean against the cell bars.
Koby's face hardens at your jest. "I have no desire for small talk with pirates." He says, crossing his arms over his chest.
The Vice Admiral had spoken highly of Koby in his reports of your capture. However, Koby was clearly bitter about the assignment he had been given, regardless of the bounty on your head.
You give Koby a fake pout, "I'm just trying to make conversation, did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or what?" You wrap your hands around the cool metal of the bars and press your forehead against them. You stare Koby down from his place across the room, making him shift under your gaze.
"No pirate is worth conversing with." He says coldly, his eyes locking to yours. His confidence wavers and his gaze moves to study the floor.
As you stare him down, you notice his fingers twitching. Your presence has clearly riled Koby, and you get the sense that the Vice Admiral had a reason for choosing him to oversee your capture.
You lick your lips and watch Koby's fingers drum lightly against his thigh. You look him up and down once more, deciding he'd be a fun play toy.
"Is this not how you expected things to go? You seem pretty pissed that you're down in the cell blocks like some rookie and not with your Admiral making plans for my execution." You tease, trying to get under his skin.
You push at the edges of Koby's composure, his eyes narrowing as he suppresses the flash of anger in his expression.
As you continue to goad him, his right foot begins to tap in cadence with the trembling of his fingers. The longer you push at Koby, the more you can see him struggling to maintain his cool demeanor. You smile at this.
"Unless that's all you are to him. A rookie that he uses for the boring, miniscule work he doesn't want to deal with." You walk to the other side of the cell, closer to Koby, and lean against the bars once more.
"I think that's it, every boss has that one employee they use. Make them think they're important, just so they don't complain about the work."
"I have done more in this past year than you have in your entire life." Koby says, his tone turning sharp. The mask has fallen, and Koby has lost whatever reservations he had about speaking candidly with you.
"The Vice Admiral didn't have to assign me to oversee your capture, but it suits my career goals. That being said, I'm not wasting my time chatting with you." He says, turning his back on you.
At this point, it's clear that Koby has little interest in entertaining you. The two of you stand in silence for a few moments.
You chuckle at his outburst in amusement. "Oh you really don't like pirates do you? Is it a childish prejudice, or did a pirate hurt you? Come on, you tell me." Your eyes burn into his back, but Koby ignores your continued taunts.
Silence fills the cell as he struggles to control his emotions. His hand curls into a fist, then falls open just as quickly. Koby's shoulders remain tense as he takes a deep breath.
As he regains his composure, you get the sense that he is still in a state of extreme tension. He seems ready to lash out again at the slightest provocation.
"Don't wanna tell me? That's okay, but just know that I'd never hurt you. Not unless you want me to, that is." You continue your teasing, trying to get him to come close to the cell.
Koby slowly spins in your direction. He eyes you menacingly, but he remains where he stands, out of reach from inside the cell. The tension in his shoulders seems to fade slightly at your continued attempts at flirting.
"You wouldn't hurt me, huh?" He asks. His face gives away no emotion, but he is clearly intrigued.
The smile on your face widens, happy that you've finally gotten his interest. "No, how could anyone hurt someone with a face like yours?"
Your continued flattery finally breaks through to Koby. His facial expression breaks for a moment, as he is caught off guard by your comment.
The tension that he was holding evaporates, as his shoulders drop. He looks away from you, as if not wanting you to notice how much your flirtation affected him.
"How could someone with a face like yours be a pirate?" He mumbles, returning the compliment in kind. His gaze shifts back to you, meeting your eyes for the first time since he arrived.
"Are you calling me pretty, cadet?" You feign a blush, though you can't deny the butterflies in your stomach. Your eyes lock with his, and you can finally see just how gorgeous they are; Made even bigger by his glasses, you could easily get lost in the blue.
Koby smiles nervously as you flirt back at him. The butterflies in his own stomach become a maelstrom of activity as you take in his striking eyes. He knows it's wrong, but he's enjoying the tension of your flirtation.
"Am I?" He asks, he lets out a trembling chuckle, realizing the weight of what he's partaking in.
"You never answered my question. What are you doing once you're off duty for the night?" You look him up and down again, trying not to let him notice that you're eyeing the cell keys on his belt loop.
"I'm meeting with Vice Admiral Garp. There's an event on a nearby island that requires his attention and he wants me to be there." Koby says, turning away from you, a slight blush creeping the back of his neck.
He remains oblivious to your continued glances at the keyring. His uniform looks crisp and well-maintained, however, and he seems the type of person who keeps a tight grip on everything he owns, including the keys to your cell.
"Oh? Is it a fancy event, or just a room with stuffy old marines complaining about their jobs and reminiscing about the old days." You walk to the corner of the cell, getting a better look at Koby.
"More of the latter, unfortunately." Koby says, turning back to look at you. The corner of his mouth curls in an endearing small smile.
As he turns back to you, you hear the faint jangling of the keys. He quickly and subtly covers them with the hem of his jacket as you shift and press your body to the bars.
You look down as he covers the keys. "Have you always been Garp's lap dog, or is that a new position you've taken up?" You begin to tease him again, hoping to get him closer and closer to the cell
Koby narrows his eyes at your dig. "The Vice Admiral has put in a good word for me with Admiral Sengoku." He replies flatly, not willing to rise to your continued taunting.
Koby opens his mouth to speak again before you get the chance. "If I may ask, what's with the flirtatious facade? I thought you pirates had no time for that sort of thing."
As you continue to tease him with your smile, he slowly begins to back away from your cell.
"No time for romance, but that doesn't mean we don't bring people into our beds. You'd look so pretty laid out on my bed." You smirk even wider, your words may be manipulative but they're true. Your stomach flutters at the image of him naked beneath you.
Your compliment draws a flush to Koby's face as he steps further back. Your words have cut through his barriers, and he doesn't seem to know how to respond.
"I can't imagine a pirate like you has much need for romance." He says, his voice slightly quieter than before.
His eyes flit to the cell keys hanging from his hip, but then quickly shift back to you.
"I like romance though, I just haven't found anyone I actually want to put that effort into." You tilt your head, studying Koby further. Your confession causes a flash of disappointment on his face.
"Well, until tonight that is." You glance at the keys, then back to his face. His face has a pink tint and his eyes are wide, he looks absolutely gorgeous. Your stomach turns slightly and your cheeks warm up. The plan wasn't to catch feelings for the cadet, but that's starting to change.
Koby remains silent, mulling over your declaration of interest. The tension in the air between you both is thick, the silence punctuated by your steady heartbeat. Your eyes remain on him, your heart fluttering in your chest.
Koby's eyes shift to the keys hanging from his belt, and you sense the moment of weakness in him. His breath becomes more rapid, and his eyes dart back to your face.
His words are barely a whisper as he asks "Can I trust you?"
"I'm a pirate, that's up to you. I won't hurt you though, in fact I might make you feel really good if you'd let me." A devilish glint flashes in your eyes as you anticipate his weakness
Koby's eyes lock with yours, and he seems to weigh your words. His lips begin to form a small smile as he considers your offer.
"I know you won't hurt me." He says, his voice a whisper.
He holds your gaze for a moment longer, and then quickly reaches for the keys on his belt. His hands visibly shake as he turns the lock, you can see the smile creep back onto his lips as his eyes flicker with anticipation.
You pull the cell door open, and quickly grab him by his uniform tie. His breath catches in his throat as you pull him into your embrace, holding his tie in a vice-grip. The tension of the moment threatens to overflow, your lips mere inches apart. You can feel his nervous breathing and you smile as you await his next move.
Koby's breath is labored as he leans forward, his lips parting as he prepares to meet your own. His eyes are lost in yours, and he seems intent on forgetting his position as a marine and instead meets you as a man.
You press your lips to his, he's warm and soft, unlike any man I've kissed before. You place one of your hands on his jaw as the other releases his tie and settles on his chest. He tastes like mint, and smells of bamboo. Once again, unlike any man you've been with. You can feel his heart hammering in his chest, and you hope your own heartbeat isn't noticeable.
Koby's lips mingle with yours in a slow dance, his breath coming in short bursts as he adjusts to the feeling of the kiss. It's a completely foreign feeling for him, but he loves it. His hands settle around you, gripping the fabric of your shirt. The muscles in his arms clench, as he nervously rests his hands on your waist.
As your fingers explore his chest, you can feel his heartbeat pounding against your palms. Koby seems lost in both the feeling and the passion of the moment, his eyes closed tight as he continues to embrace you.
You begin to push him back, slowly moving until his lower back bumps the desk behind him. You pull away from the kiss and look down at him, his glasses are fogged and slightly crooked. Koby's eyes open as you move away, taking in his surroundings. He seems as though he's disappointed with the reality of the situation. You giggle and reach up to fix his glasses, pushing them back up the bridge of his nose, giving him a clear view of you. He is frozen, his breathing still heavy, as he takes you in. You're chest is pressed to his and he can feel your beat against his own.
He glances down your shirt, completely entranced, and you chuckle lightly at his boyish stare. He is broken from his trance by your laughter, as he chuckles nervously alongside you. His face is flushed with redness.
"Have you ever kissed anyone before, cadet?" You trace your nail along the edge of his rank patch, using his formal title to tease him. He's so cute and innocent. You open your mouth to let your thoughts flow "I'm just thinking of all the ways I could ruin you."
"Of course I've kissed someone." He replies, clearly lying. As you stroke your finger along his chest, he shivers in response to your touch.
You watch as Koby's brain short circuits while he struggles to maintain his composure in your presence, his face glowing like a sunset.
"And just as an FYI, I'm not that green." He says defensively, his face reddening even further. He turns away from you, trying to regain some control of the conversation.
"You can't ruin me. What do you even mean by that anyway?" He asks, his curiosity getting the better of him as he looks at you again.
"Oh, I think you know exactly what I mean by that." You slide your hands lower, gripping his hips and pushing him harder against the desk. He's completely trapped by your body and you press your hips into his. A wave of shock runs through your body as you feel, or rather don't feel, what you expected.
Your grip on his hips sends a flush of arousal through him as your hands caress his body. He inhales sharply as you push yourself into him, sliding your hands back up his chest. His face goes from red to deep crimson, as the rush of blood fills his cheeks. He struggles to maintain his composure, his jaw clenching in a vain attempt to suppress his libido.
"I don't know what you mean." He finally says breathes out, but the flustered inflection of his voice belies the truth he knows inside.
"Did the person you kissed before make you feel this way? Did she make you feel this good, or are you going to lie to me again?" You whisper against his jaw, rubbing your hips harder. You narrow your eyes a bit as you study the feeling of his arousal. Your whisper has a soothing quality to it, but it also brings a wave of emotion as the moment builds between you both. The look in Koby's eyes shows that you've struck a chord within him.
He's not disinterested, there's no way his cock wouldn't be at least a little hard. Unless he doesn't...
Oh– Oh.
He shakes his head, his answer finally coming out in a rush. "No. I- No one has ever made me feel like this. O-Or kissed me." He looks down at your hands as he lets the truth spill out, his breath catching in his throat when he feels your hips grind against his sweet spot.
You kiss him again, licking at his lips, begging to be let in. He gladly parts his lips, you delve your tongue into his mouth. This drives Koby wild, and he groans quietly against you. He uses your waist to pull you in further, his legs trembling ever so slightly.
You moan against him and move your hands back up to his chest, curiously searching for the feeling of a binder. You whimper as your expectations are shifted and you feel the faint outline of what you can only assume are surgery scars. Jagged and poorly done, from what you can feel. You pull back once again, and look into his eyes. "You're such a pretty boy, you know that?"
You catch your reflection in his eyes, he looks as though he's on the verge of tears. Koby looks over your face in return, taking in your hair, your eyes, and your lips. His gaze seems almost too close, as if he is attempting to analyze every detail of you.
He blinks rapidly, shaking his head. "T-Thank you." He stammers. "But that's all I can give you." The words come out as if he is fighting them. "Please stop this."
Disappointment swells in your heart, you hide your pout and pull away from him, taking a few steps back. He begins to straighten his uniform, not daring to meet your gaze.
"If I wasn't a pirate would I have a chance at having you all to myself?" I barely glance up at him before staring at the door.
The look of disappointment breaks through the facade of Koby's emotions. His eyes are drawn back to you, his expression one of sadness.
"I'm a Marine. You are a pirate. This could never work." He says that, but you know his words have a different meaning.
"I'm not a real man, you wouldn't like me if you knew" are the true words that echo in his head.
He's trying to sound firm, but your shared moment has eroded his walls. He continues to stare at you, a faint blush still creeping across his face.
"Then I guess we'll just be a game of cat and mouse for each other." I push Koby further back against the desk then make a break for the door, striding across the room.
Your words sting, and his heart is telling him one thing, but his duty is telling him another. His lips press into a frown, as the conflict plays out internally.
As you rush for the door, Koby quickly follows after and grabs your wrist, pulling you back with surprising strength. Your movement is halted in an instant, and you feel no give in his grip. Even though you stand taller in height, you are no match for his strength.
"Where do you think you're going?" He asks, his eyes hard with resolve.
"Sorry cadet, but I have date with The Grand Line I really can't miss." You try to twist out of his grasp, trying to break free, but to no avail. He grips your wrist with unrelenting determination.
"You know that I can't let you escape," he says, his words clipped and his face neutral. The words are not empty or contrived, he truly wants to keep you here. He can see something in you that he is attracted to, and it is pulling at his heart.
"If I stay, they'll execute me at the next marine port this ship docks at. Is that what you really want?" You ask, fear seeping into your voice knowing the weight of its truth. You don't know Koby, and he doesn't know you. Though, from what you can tell, he wouldn't like for anyone to be executed, not even a pirate.
Koby looks down at your wrist in his grasp, and his resolve falters. He looks up at you, his mouth moving as if to speak before it closes again. The guilt on his face is palpable, and the conflicting feelings play out on his face. He knows that he wants you to stay, but he also knows that he has the responsibility of handing you over to justice. He doesn't have an answer for the moment, as he stands frozen.
You feel his grip begin to loosen ever so slightly, you take the opportunity to pull your hand free from his grasp and begin to make your way to the door again.
"There's no way anyone will be able to convince the Vice Admiral not to kill me, the crimes I've committed are beyond life in prison for a civilian, let alone a pirate." You speak flatly, you're not ashamed of what you've done. Being a liar, a killer and a thief is just part of the job description.
"W-Wait." He exclaims suddenly. His words fill you both with surprise, and you pause to turn back and look at him.
"The Vice Admiral is a good man. He understands that you are more than your crimes. We can work something out. Please, just… I can't let you leave."
You can see the hope in his eyes, as he is begging for you to stay. You know that you can't get much further with him standing guard over you, but your own curiosity has kept you here thus far. You need to break the sudden infatuation you have for each other. Your mind is filled with ridiculous notions that you could get you killed if you pursue them.
"Do you think that if I stay, we'll be able to have something together? Some wild fantasy where you can kiss me every night and call me your girlfriend? Koby. I'm a pirate, a criminal, the very thing that the marines swear to eliminate." Your words are sharp and Koby feels like a child being scolded. He feels stupid for letting a fantasy take control of his mind so quickly. He just met you, in a jail cell of all places.
"I... I don't know." He replies, his words weak as he struggles to form a response. His gaze shifts to the door, and then back to your face.
His voice wavers as he speaks "You're right, there's no way we can be together. Not while I'm a Marine, and you're a pirate."
His eyes search yours for something, anything he can use to keep you in this room. He doesn't want you to run, but he also doesn't want you dead. As he stares at your face, his eyes move back to the door.
You turn from him again and pull the door open, slipping out into the hall, leaving Koby alone in the cell block.
"If I escape, there's a chance I can meet with him later. Perhaps even kiss him under different circumstances." Your thoughts ramble as you sneak through the lower decks, the emergency alarm cuts through your thoughts.
"Damn, I knew he wouldn't let me leave without a trace."
You can already hear marine voices nearby, racing to the security room to find the cause of the emergency. You can barely take in the path of escape in front of you, your mind running wild as it takes in the chaos of the situation.
It's not until the voice of your beloved cadet pierces the air that you take in that your escape can't be as simple as you had thought.
"Escaped prisoner on the lower starboard deck! In pursuit!" He bellows, his voice filled with determination.
You smile at his loyalty to the marines, but you have to leave before they get any closer to Loguetown. You sprint up the steps and push through the doors to the upper deck. The marines there are rushing to prepare for a battle. It appears that Koby is not the one that sounded the emergency alarm. There, out in the water is a pirate ship. Your pirate ship, it seems your crew has come to rescue you.
The voices of the marines follow behind you as they man their stations. You are the least concern for them right now, and stare out at your large ship barreling towards the marine vessel. Your crewmates are waiting for you, with eyes shining and weapons at the ready.
This is almost routine, many times you've been captured, and many times you've escaped. You'd started to get tired of it, but when you saw that young cadet by the Vice Admirals side, you figured you could play cat and mouse a bit longer.
You rush to the edge of the ship's railing, slipping your shoes off in preparation to jump into the water. If you can swim to your ship, you'd be able to guide your crew away from the marines with little to no fighting. You won't dare sink the marine ship, you won't risk Koby like that. You want to see him again, under very different circumstances that is.
As you approach the edge of the railing, you hear a voice calling out to you from behind.
"Stop her!"
It's Koby, and he is determined to stop you from escaping. You can see the desperation in his eyes as he races for the railing, his arms outstretched in the hope that he can catch you before you can escape.
Your feet dangle above the water, as you look from him to your ship.
"I'll be waiting for you at the next port you stop in! Trust me, you can't get rid of me now, not even if you wanted to!" With that, you jump into the water. As you swim the choppy waters to your ship, you hear the marines making a commotion. They fire cannons at your ship, and your own crew fires back.
You kick out at the surface of the water, your feet propelling you forward in a quick effort to make it to the pulley rope on the stern of your ship
Finally, you break the surface of the water and emerge before your shipmates, who quickly drag your soaked body onto the deck. You laugh as you look out on the ocean, watching the marines fail to catch your ship as it disappears out of their sight.
Tumblr media
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navybrat817 · 9 months
And Everything Nice
Pairing: Tattoo Artist!Bucky Barnes x Baker!Female Reader Summary: You visit the tattoo parlor when an uninvited guest shows up at the bakery. Word Count: Over 2.8k Warnings: Bad ex, mild (h)arassment, protectiveness, brief moments of insecurity, slight feels (it's me), Bucky Barnes (he's a warning, okay?). Graphics talent and thanks: Banner by @sgt-seabass. Divider by @firefly-graphics . Bucky edit by Nix. Moodboard by yours truly. A/N: More Hottie and Sugar from our Sin on Skin AU. ❤️ Thank you to @rookthorne for listening to me ramble about this part! Beta read by the lovely @whisperlullaby (thank you for spitballing), but any and all mistakes are my own. Please follow @navybrat817-sideblog for new fics and notifications. Comments, reblogs, feedback are loved and appreciated!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I am going to ask Bucky Barnes out.
After going through the closing checklist, Tess gave you another quick pep talk and said the only thing that would hurt if he turned you down was your pride. Deep down you knew it would hurt more than your pride if he said no, but you didn't say it out loud. She must have sensed it since she added she was certain he'd jump at the chance to date you.
"You got this," she said, giving you a quick hug. "Sorry to run, but-"
"Like I said, I got this," you said, waving her on. Normally you walked out together when you both closed the bakery, but she had somewhere to be. "Have fun!" you added as she rushed out.
Once you finished up a few minutes later, you strode to the door with your keys in hand and a smile on your face. Tomorrow was going to be a good day. You could feel it. And you would look Bucky in the eye with a smile as you asked him-
"Closing all by yourself?"
You weren't sure how you managed to not drop your keys, or not throw a punch, when you spun around and saw your ex in your personal space. You wanted to wipe the smirk off his face when you took a deep breath. "Thanks for sneaking up on me, Richard. Mind backing up a little?"
"Aww, did I scare you?" he asked as you quickly locked the door. "Not even a 'hello'?"
"We haven't talked since we broke up," you reminded him. "But hi and bye."
Richard charmed you in the beginning when you met him, like he did with so many others. Beyond his good looks, he was a confident man. It didn't take long to see that beneath the surface was a spoiled man child who was used to getting what he wanted, or thought he could buy everything. You included.
Breaking up with him was one of the best decisions you made, even if your mom disagreed.
"Where are you going in such a hurry? You should get a drink with me."
"I have plans," you lied, wondering what the hell he was even doing there.
"So? Break them. I want to talk."
The suggestion sounded more like an order and you weren't in the mood.
"I said I have plans. I'm sorry."
"Then why are you still in your work clothes?" he asked, gesturing to your outfit. "And who do you have plans with? Some new guy?"
"Because I'm changing later," you said, staring across the street as a smile spread on your face. "And not that it's any of your business, but yes. He's a tattoo artist."
You weren't sure why you said that. Maybe because you hoped Bucky really would be your guy. And because the thought of him also made you feel safe.
You half expected Richard to laugh as you walked around him, but he put his hand on your arm instead as his face twisted into a scowl. "You're not hanging out with him. You're getting a drink with me."
You wrenched your arm away before he could tighten his grip. "We aren't together anymore. So you don't get to show up out of nowhere and order me around," you said as you went to the curb.
"Don't act like a fucking brat when I'm trying to give you another chance."
I'm the brat?
"Not interested. Have a good night!" you said before you looked both ways and dashed across the street to Bucky's shop.
The entrance was cozier and more open than you expected, the sound of the needles bringing you a strange sense of comfort as you adjusted your bag on your arm. Pictures of various tattoos in different styles lined the red walls above the front desk and leather couches. You wished you had the time to pick out which works belonged to Bucky.
Another day.
"Hi! Welcome to Sin on Skin!" the man behind the desk cheerfully greeted you as he typed on the keyboard. Even sitting down, you could tell the man was built, his muscular arms covered in a variety of tattoos. He may have been intimidating if not for the glasses and warm smile. "Do you have an appointment?"
You glanced over your shoulder and saw your ex making his way across the street. "Sorry, I don't. Is Bucky here? I really need to talk to him."
"Oh, yeah. Just over there. If you want to take a seat, I can-"
"Thank you. I'll be quick," you smiled, hoping Bucky wasn't in the middle of an appointment.
You glanced around at some of the other artists as you walked over to the chairs and noted how exceedingly gorgeous they were. There was one with short dark hair and a beard that looked like he could kill someone with his tattoo gun if they stared for too long. The girl sitting at his station and the man behind him with shocking pink hair and bright smile both brought a ray of warmth to his almost dark aura.
Is it a prerequisite to work in the shop that you have to be good looking? And either look intimidating as hell or incredibly alluring?
You gripped your bag to keep your hand from shaking as you saw Bucky engaged in a quiet conversation with Steve, recognizing him from earlier. You were almost afraid to interrupt. "Hi?"
Both men turned toward you with smiles on their faces as Bucky pushed himself up from his stool. “Hey, Sugar. Couldn’t wait until tomorrow to see me?”
"Something like that," you said.
"Wait. That's Sugar?" the man with the pink hair asked. "No wonder you keep going to the bakery."
"Don't hit on her, Hal," Bucky warned, earning a chuckle from the other man. "Go bother Andy."
"He already is," a deep voice replied.
You would ask later just how much he spoke about you to the other artists. "I'm sorry if I'm interrupting. My ex was waiting for me outside of my shop and I kind of panicked and said I was meeting you and I rushed over here."
"Your ex?" Bucky asked, immediately moving forward to rub your arms in a soothing gesture. "Are you okay?"
"Hi! Welcome to Sin on Skin!" you heard the guy at the desk call out before you could answer.
Instead, you burrowed yourself against Bucky when you heard Richard shout your name. Rock solid and sturdy, his hold kept your nerves from bubbling to the surface. You had nothing to be afraid of.
So why am I shaking?
“You’re kidding me, right? This fucking asshole?” Richard scoffed as you looked over your shoulder at him. He didn't walk any closer, but his voice carried throughout the entire shop. "Like putting a bumper sticker on a piece of shit car, isn't it?"
“Richard, just leave.”
"Does your mom know you're spreading your legs for some tatted up lowlife? Still a disappointment, aren’t you?”
The jab cut deep as much as you wanted to ignore it. He knew that your mom judged every part of you. No matter what you did, it was never good enough.
You wouldn’t focus on that for the time being. "
You do not come into his shop and insult him. Bucky, I'm so sorry."
"Don't apologize for this asshole, Sugar. His opinion of me means less than nothing, trust me," he assured you before he faced your ex. "You, however, are banned from my shop. You can get out now or Jake will call the cops for trespassing. After you apologize to my girl for upsetting her. Your choice, Dick."
Your heart fluttered as you leaned into Bucky more.
His girl. It sounds right.
"Please. I can buy the shop tomorrow just to bulldoze it to the ground," he sneered before he jabbed a finger at you. "And you know what? Keep her. I tried to give her another chance, but she's not worth it. She's a lousy lay anyway."
The insult washed away the momentary good feeling and was the tipping point that brought tears to your eyes. It was humiliating enough that you were the root cause of a scene in Bucky's shop, but the jab in front of his employees and customers brought it to another level. Why did you think hiding in there was a good idea?
Does Bucky think I'm a total loser now?
It was only when you sniffled did you notice the entire shop had gone silent, a dangerous tension in the air when Bucky tightened his arms around you as Steve and Andy slowly got to their feet.
"Hey, why don't you and I go in the back?" the friendly girl at Andy's station suggested. "I think there's some snacks back there, right?"
Andy nodded and gave her the go ahead.
"Bucky," you whispered as you dared to look at him. A tear slid from your eye when you saw the murderous gaze on his handsome face. "I'm-"
Before you could register what was happening, he pulled your face toward his and kissed you. Fierce, yet gentle as he brushed the tear away with his thumb, you let him take the lead. A slow simmer of warmth crept into your cheeks as he parted your lips with his tongue and coaxed yours into his mouth. Your fingers twisted in his shirt as he deepened the kiss and shifted so you were pressed almost completely against him.
If this is how he kisses, he might actually kill me if we ever go further than that.
He breathed into your mouth as he stole the very oxygen from your lungs when he pulled away.
"Go in the back," he told you, his gaze dropping to your lips. Did he want to kiss you again or was it wishful thinking on your part? "I just need to take out the trash, finish up here, and I'll take you home, okay? I won't be long."
It was a feat that you didn't shed more years with how gently he spoke to you.
"Thank you," you whispered, unable to say much more.
"Let's check out that snack collection back there," you heard before you were pulled from Bucky's grasp.
You didn't look back at Richard when the girl tugged you away, but you heard a slight waver in his voice as yelled after you.
That's right. You should be afraid.
"Thank you," you said, wiping your eyes with your hand.
"No need to thank me. One of my good friends just got out of a bad relationship and I'm still a bit in my protective streak," she explained. "Are you okay?"
"I think so."
You tried to remember how Richard acted around other guys when the two of you dated. Had he been the jealous type and you just ignored it? Or did he only cause a scene because you showed him you wanted to move on?
Tess is going to flip when she hears about this.
"Well, whether they just throw him out on his ass or worse, he deserves it for what he said to you," she added before she told you her name. "Everyone calls me Sunny."
"He does," you agreed, introducing yourself as she handed you some water. "Bucky calls me Sugar."
"And you work in the bakery across the street?" she guessed.
"Co-owner," you said, the small talk calming you. "Do you work here or are you a client?" you asked, noticing that she didn't have any tattoos.
"New client. I work in an animal shelter," she smiled. "Grumpy out there is going to give me a sun tattoo."
"That's nice," you smiled back. It seemed fitting with her warm and bright presence. "I really do appreciate you bringing me back here."
It was somehow just as warm and inviting as the entrance, the couch worn and comfortable. You wondered how often Bucky came back here to relax and hang out in-between his appointments. Would he ever bring you back here if you stopped in to see him?
"I figured the amount of testosterone out there could be a bit overwhelming, but are you sure you're okay?"
"Other than being incredibly embarrassed, yeah."
Even though Richard was no longer your boyfriend, he just had to barrel back into your life and leave a mess in his wake.
"He's the one who should be embarrassed," Sunny said, wiggling her eyebrows. "Especially after seeing that kiss."
Your face warmed as you replayed it in your mind. The silver lining for showing up tonight was receiving such a passionate kiss from Bucky. It was difficult not to get swept up in the moment though and you told yourself it was likely just for show. A way for him to stick it to a guy who upset you.
"It was a really good kiss," you smiled.
"Oh, we all felt the heat. Trust me."
Both of you giggled until there was a soft knock on the door frame.
"Hey, Sugar. Trash is out on the curb," Bucky winked. "You ready to go home?"
Your heart fluttered as you smiled back. "Yeah, I'm ready."
Tumblr media
You didn't live far away, but Bucky still insisted on taking you home. He even took you out the back way so you didn't have to see anyone. While he didn't specify exactly what happened with Richard, he assured you he wouldn't poke around either of your shops again. It made the drive home more pleasant knowing he looked out for you.
So much that you almost took his hand when he stopped outside of your place.
"Thank you for everything," you said. "I'm really sorry about tonight."
"You have nothing to be sorry for. Not the first time we've dealt with assholes in the shop. Steve and I don't like bullies."
"I still feel bad," you said, wishing the feeling would go away.
"Please, don't," he whispered.
Your fingers twisted in your lap before you took a deep breath. "When you came into the bakery earlier today, I was going to ask you out," you told him, but refused to look at him. "But after that, it's probably a dumb idea. You shouldn't have to deal with that kind of trouble."
Maybe there's a better girl out there for you.
"You think one asshole ex is trouble?" he asked, leaning over to grasp your chin so you'd face him, goosebumps rising on your arms from his touch. "I can handle that."
"But what he said in your shop-"
"He did that to bring you down because he's an asshole. Guys like that don't want to see girls thrive without them."
You scoffed and mumbled, "I wonder what you'd think of my mom.
"I'm not afraid to stand up to anyone who tries to hurt you," he said, keeping a hold of your chin with a tender grip as your chest tightened. "You said you were gonna me ask out. Don't change your mind because of them."
"So, you really want to go on a date with me?" you asked.
"If I say 'yes', do I get to kiss you again?" he replied, running his thumb along your lower lip.
You were torn between sucking his thumb into your mouth or sinking into your seat. "Maybe we should get an actual date under our belts first. You only kissed me to prove a point or something."
Even if it felt like heaven.
"Or maybe I've been wanting to kiss you since I walked into your bakery and I want to kiss you again," he said, sliding his hand around to the back of your neck with ease. "Proving a point was an added bonus."
You looked at him wide eyed and subconsciously touched your lips. "Wait, you want to kiss me just because I asked you on a date?"
"I can give you a whole list of reasons," he said, his gaze flickering between your lips and your eyes. "And I'd love to go out with you. Friday night, Sugar?"
"It's a date, Hottie," you smiled when he leaned in.
But he didn't kiss your lips.
He brushed a kiss to your forehead, which somehow seemed more intimate.
"You had a rough evening. The next time I kiss you, I want it to because it's the right moment, just for the two of us," he explained when you furrowed your brows. "My girl deserves that."
A soft smile played at your lips as something warm welled up in your chest. He could have easily taken advantage of how vulnerable you felt by stealing another kiss, but he didn't. Even though you were into each other.
Going to see Bucky tonight was the right choice.
And you couldn't wait for your date.
Tumblr media
Love them. Love the whole gang. Except Richard. Fuck that guy. And where are they going on that date? Check out What Dreams Are Made Of to see how Bucky is feeling. Love and thanks for reading! 💙
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marvelouslizzie · 6 months
"Not a study date"
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary: You have the biggest crush on Bucky Barnes but despite all your efforts, he doesn’t seem to notice you. Can one study date change it all?
Pairing: College Bucky Barnes x Female Reader
Warnings: 18+ MINORS DNI, idiots in love, study date, misunderstandings, jealousy, language, oral sex (male and female receiving), protected sex, praise, pet names, no mention of y/n
Word Count: 6.4K
A/N: I really wanted to write a College!Bucky Barnes story and this is it. It’s full of foolishness, miscommunication, and jealousy with a happy ending. This means it’s basically smut with a little bit of plot. I hope you enjoy it and if you do please give some kind of feedback. Every like, comment, and reblog is highly appreciated. Don’t hesitate to message me. Unless it’s hate. That’s never welcome.
All work is mine, please do not repost or translate without my permission.
Read more tag starts after the first paragraph of the story.
Tumblr media
Nothing seems to change whenever you visit your best friend's ex-boyfriend Sam Wilson. That sounds weird every time you remember Michelle dated him but things are just fine between them since it was Michelle who just decided to change schools and they ended things on friendly terms. He’s a good friend and really fun to play games with since he’s a sore loser but most importantly he’s your only connection to Bucky Barnes. 
God, that sounds so wrong. Like you are only friends with him just to be closer to Bucky, that’s definitely not the case but you can’t deny Bucky is one of the reasons you are visiting him so often. You like that Bucky secretly watches you two while you are playing games and celebrates your every victory. You know he just loves to annoy Sam but it makes you so happy every time he joins your efforts to brag about winning but that’s mostly it. 
You tried really hard to find some common interests with Bucky so you two can chat. He likes games, he loves reading books and you have a couple of classes together. You have a lot of things in common but nothing sticks for long when you are trying to have a conversation with him. You are not sure if it’s because he’s totally uninterested in you or you are just horrible at flirting. This doesn’t stop you from trying though. 
That’s why you are at Sam and Bucky’s place. Once again you found a reason to stop by and maybe because he has had enough of you, Bucky makes a comment that you did not expect.
“I’m starting to think you have a crush on Sam.”
“What?” The shock you feel is so hard to explain. You how no idea how surprised you sound.
“Well, you are here nearly every day.” Bucky tries to explain his thought process, already sounding awkward because of your reaction.
“Eww, no.” 
“What do you mean eww no?” Sam sounds offended.
“You are my best friend’s ex-boyfriend.”
“What do you mean and?” God, does Sam thinks that way, too? You thought you two had an understanding. “You dated my best friend. You are like a brother to me. Of course, I’m gonna say eww.”
“Oh, some kind of girl's code, huh?” Bucky somehow sounds relieved but you don’t notice it’s because of your response.
“Great answer, bub. I was testing you.” Sam’s offended tone instantly disappears.
“Were you?” Bucky questions him before you can. “You sounded really offended to me.”
“Part of my talent.”
The conversation quickly changes into something else but Bucky’s observation sticks with you. Bucky thinking you might have feelings for Sam leaves a sour taste in your mouth. You are here to see him, day after day, and all this time he thought you just came to see Sam. Either he’s blind or you are just not good at showing your intentions. And then there’s a third option that you don’t even wanna think about: He noticed exactly who you are here for and decided to ignore it so he doesn’t have to reject you. Either way, it hurts. 
You consider canceling your study session with Bucky. It’s just gonna be awkward to sit next to him and try to focus on the notes. Plus, you are sure studying alone will be more efficient. No distractions at all.
“About our studying session…” You start to speak before leaving with the intention to cancel your plans.
“Oh yeah, you are still coming, right?” Bucky’s whole face lights up. It’s hard not to see it. He seems excited. “I convinced Faye to share her notes with me. You know how great her notes are. It’s already guaranteed that we will get an amazing score.”
Oh, that’s why he’s excited. Because he used his charm and managed to convince Faye to share her notes. She doesn’t do that often, if ever. She knows how precious her notes are and he’s right. That is literally your golden ticket to get a great score. 
“I was gonna ask if you still want to study together.”
“Yeah, of course. Why wouldn’t I?” He sounds confused.
“I don’t know.” You sound unsure. “Maybe you are tired of me since I’m always around.”
“Oh, come on! I was just joking.” He quickly responds. “You always come here to spend time with Sam. We never hang out just the two of us.”
He’s right. He always stays away from you. Only making comments from far away. Maybe you should’ve taken that as a sign.
“This is not hanging out, either. It’s just studying together.” 
He shrugs and you miss the disappointed expression that passes his face.
“Just come, okay? I promise it will be worth it.”
“Ugh, I’m glad I won’t be here. You two are insufferable. It’s just a study date. No big deal.” Sam can’t help but comment on your conversation.
“It’s not a date.” You and Bucky say at the same time. You look at him, feeling disappointed but try to hide it as much as you can.
“Whatever you say,” Sam raises both of his hands in defense but doesn’t seem like he believed you.
This was definitely a bad idea. It’s been a while since you two started studying and you did not understand a word. Not because Faye’s notes are bad. Nope, they are perfect but you can’t seem to focus on the words. The only thing you can focus on is Bucky’s smell. You try really hard not to check him out and it’s relatively easier since he’s sitting close to you but his smell… God, that’s so distracting. You have no idea what exactly it is. It seems like a mix of his own smell, the perfume he uses, and a bit of a sweat. You should be disgusted by the thought of sweat but all you want to do is get closer to him.
You take a deep breath, trying to calm yourself down. This is just a silly crush, nothing more. You can just focus on the notes and learn something useful before the exam. You can do that, right? While you try to read the same sentence for the 19th time, Bucky takes his phone and starts to type something. The idea of him texting someone else while studying with you is so irritating but there’s nothing you can do about it. This is just a stupid study session for him. You push your chair to the back, thinking about getting a glass of water.
“I’m gonna get-” When you notice the awkward expression on Bucky’s face you stop talking. Before he can cover it, you notice the reason he’s looking so uncomfortable. His erection is impossible to hide in those gray shorts he’s wearing. 
“It’s not what you think.” He immediately responds while trying to hide his erection but there’s no way he can tuck it in while you are staring at him.
“Are you really sexting with someone while we are studying?” That’s the first thing that comes to your mind and you can’t keep that thought to yourself. 
“What? No!”
“I mean… it’s alright. You can see or talk to whoever you want but…” It’s so hard to collect your thoughts and turn them into meaningful sentences while your mind is running miles in seconds. It feels so humiliating and not because of the erection. The thought of him sexting someone right next to you… while you tried to get his attention all this time… It just stings.
“What the fuck?” He sounds completely shocked. “I’m not sexting anyone. Why would you even think that?”
“Why else would you get an erection in the middle of studying?” You really can’t think of any other possibilities. Plus he’s still holding his phone. “It’s fine.”
He says your name in a way he never did before. “I’m not seeing anyone. I’m not sexting with anyone. I texted Sam and then I was googling a word I saw in Faye’s notes because I have no idea what it means and I thought it would help me calm down.”
“Oh.” That’s completely unexpected. Then why did he get an erection out of the blue?
“I’m so sorry. I really didn’t want you to find out like this. God! It’s so embarrassing.” His words don’t make sense to you. What is he trying to say?
“Find out about what?” You try to understand him. “That you get erections?”
“What? No.” Then what did he mean? “I didn’t want you to find out… about my feelings… like this.” He sounds so nervous, even more nervous than you are feeling.
“For me?” The question comes instantly because there is no way that’s what he meant.
“Of course for you. Who else?” 
“Wait, wait, wait.” You finally put two and two together. “You just got an erection, because of me?”
“Ihm…” You can’t help but notice how awkward he sounds. “Yeah… I’m really sorry. I’m so ashamed.” He covers his face with both of his hands for a second. Then he continues. “I really didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. I swear I’m not a creep. You just smell… so good.”
“You just got an erection because you have feelings for me?” You are sounding like a stuck record at this point but you can’t believe he really said that.
“Yeah. I was planning to ask you out, tonight. That’s why I was texting Sam but… instead… I made a fool of myself.” The panic in tone is so evident. Your eyes go back to his still-obvious erection. “I’m normally not like this. I don’t know what happened. Please forgive me.”
“Do you want me to help you with that?” You ask without taking your eyes off the outline of his erection.
“Since you got hard because of me, I’m offering help.” You slowly close the distance between you two.
“That’s not… necessary.” He gulps. “It will go away in a few minutes.”
You have no idea where this wave of confidence comes from. Maybe because he just told you he wanted to ask you out or maybe because the smell of you gave him a hard-on. You just find yourself gently palming his erection over his shorts and he instantly takes a sharp breath.
“What if… I don’t want it to go away?”
“You’re not… you’re not offended?”
“You are not a random creep out in the street, Bucky. I know you. I like you. Why would I be offended?”
“Wait, you like me?” He sounds like he can’t believe what he’s hearing.
“Yeah.” You keep gently rubbing him. He doesn’t take a step back or try to stop you. His eyelashes flutter like he’s enjoying the sensation. “Why do you think I was visiting Sam so often?”
“Not because you have a crush on him?” He asks with a smile.
“Nope, because I have a crush on you.”
“You… have… a crush on me?” It feels like in the span of a couple of minutes, you two changed roles and it’s his turn to feel surprised by your words.
“Yeah. For a while.”
“I guess Sam was right.” 
“Was he?” You ask while you move your head closer. “About what?”
“He said you like me and I’m too blind to notice it.”
“Hmm… Even he noticed it, huh? I guess he is right.” Bucky looks at your lips while you are talking. You can see the idea of kissing you forming in his head.
“Can I…” He sounds like he isn’t sure, yet he tries one more time. “Can I kiss you?”
“My hand is on your hard cock, right now. What do you think?” Your response gives him a huge grin.
“I still wanna hear you say it.”
“Yes, you can kiss me, Bucky.”
He doesn’t need to be told twice. His lips instantly crush on yours, like a thirsty man who finally found a glass of cold water. His lips move fast against yours until you rub on his cock again. It makes him gasp in the middle of the kiss, and the rhythm is lost. You feel how painfully hard he is under your touch. You don’t know if it is your effect or it’s because it has been a while for him. You would like to know, but you don’t want to ask. Instead, your hands move to the waistband of his shorts. You look directly into his eyes, silently asking for permission. He just gulps and then blinks. 
You always thought he was just distant when it comes to you, but you finally realize it was actually Bucky’s shyness. He gets flushed under your touch, struggling to find the right words. He communicates through his body language, but you want to change that a little. You want him to be vocal if you are gonna have sex. That’s when the idea of sucking him off comes to you. Unexpectedly, you kneel and gently push his shorts and boxers down while he watches you with big eyes. There’s no fear or worry behind those eyes. You see how excited but reserved he is. You want to show him there’s nothing to worry about. While directly looking at him, you start to stroke him. His cock is so close to your face, but you don’t make a move, you only move your hand up and down on his shaft slowly. His breathing shutters under your touch, but he says nothing. He just watches you.
“Is this okay?” You ask, already knowing it is. You just want him to talk. You wanna hear his voice.
“Ye-yeah.” He sounds so breathy. You start to twist your wrist a little, just to change the sensation.
“What about this?” He takes a deep breath.
“So good.” 
Maybe he isn’t a talker during sex. That’s fine, but you don’t want to give up that quickly. So this time, you sit on your knees and take him inside your mouth without any warning.
“Jesus fucking Christ!” His reaction makes you want to smile so widely, but your mouth is full of him. “Are you trying to kill me?”
“Why? Don’t you like it?” You ask while pumping him with your hand.
“Just warn me, so I don’t embarrass myself.”
“Embarrass yourself how?” Your question catches him off guard. “I wanna hear those reactions. Don't hold back!” 
He just nods like a good boy, and that makes you smile. You don’t say anything, though. You just take him back into your mouth. This time, he lets out a moan. Your tongue moves around the head of his cock, swirling over and over again until he whines. He literally whines under your tongue and that makes you feel like you won a prize. It doesn’t take him long to grab your hair. He doesn’t try to control your movement or push you. It just feels like he’s trying to find something to hold on to.
You pace up a little, moving your head up and down on his cock while gently massaging his balls. That does it. First, you hear a loud moan that sounds like choking, then before he could even utter a word, the first shot of his come hits the back of your throat. You keep going until he empties himself. While you move away from him, you see his eyes are still closed. He takes a deep breath and opens them just in time to catch you swallowing.
“Oh my fucking god…” He sounds like he can’t believe what he is witnessing. You wonder if no one has ever done this in front of him before.
“How are you feeling now?” Your voice is much calmer than you expect. 
“So good. You have no idea.”
“I might have a little bit of an idea.” You smile while standing up. The hard floor tired your knees so you rub both of them.
“That was just amazing.” For some reason, he sounds younger and inexperienced at this moment. Like this was his first blowjob ever but you know that’s not the case. You heard a couple of stories from Sam, and you know this isn’t Bucky’s first rodeo. Yet, he sounds so affected by you. That directly goes to your ego.
You sit back down on your chair, not knowing what to do next, but it doesn’t take you long to realize Bucky does. He’s already getting on his knees while you give him a confused look.
“You know, that’s not necessary, right?”
“I know.”
“You don’t need to return the favor or anything. I did it because I wanted to.” You have no idea why you are discouraging him to do whatever he is planning on doing. You want to see what he wants, yet you don’t want him to feel obliged or anything.
“And now I am doing this because I want to.” 
He puts his hands on both of your legs, gently pushing them apart. You didn’t realize how turned on you are until this moment. Your focus was completely on him, wanting to make him feel good and you forgot about yourself. You didn’t even realize how wet you are. Carefully, he moves into the space between your legs and pushes your skirt up. His fingers graze over your covered pussy, and you are sure he can actually feel your wetness through the fabric.
“Can I take it off?” God, why does he sound so shy while asking that? And why does it turn you on even more?
“Are you gonna ask my permission for every single move?”
“Do you not want me to?”
“I like it, but you don’t have to ask everything. Not after coming inside my mouth.” You smile after finishing your sentence and you watch how flushed he gets, but you see that he understands what you mean. His hands reach for your underwear and take it off pretty quickly like he can’t wait any longer. He doesn’t touch your skirt, simply gets under it. That’s why you can’t see the first time he licks you. Immediately you move your skirt up to your waist and here he is, buried between your legs. He hungrily eats you out, his long licks sending shivers down your spine. 
“Oh my god!” 
Your reaction makes him look up for the first time. That flushed expression turned into pure hunger. His blue eyes watch every mimic you make while he starts to suck your clit. He definitely started strong, but you can’t complain, especially when you are this soaked. You didn’t even realize you pushed your legs together and trapped him between them until he gently pushed them apart.
“Oh, sorry.” You quickly say, but he doesn’t seem to care. He licks, he sucks, and does everything in his power to crumble under his touch. It’s so intense that you can’t think of anything other than the way he makes you feel. You don’t even notice how quickly your first orgasm hits you. It’s hard and fast. You can’t keep your voice down. No, you moan his name so loudly. If he didn’t come a couple of minutes ago, the way you said his name over and over again would get him hard again. Even with that in mind, he could feel the blood rushing to his dick, yet he keeps licking you until you push his head away.
“That’s… that’s enough.” It’s hard to breathe normally. You really didn’t expect to come this hard. The orgasm is still running through your whole body. 
“Sensitive?” His voice is low yet sweet.
“Yeah, a little.” You take a deep breath. “Just give me a second.”
He does that, but instead of moving away, he puts his head on your leg. After taking a couple of deep breaths, you look at him. He is so pretty like this, looking up to you with big blue eyes and a wet mouth. 
“Feeling better?”
“Yeah.” You smile. “I didn’t expect to come this hard.”
“Well…” You watch a big grin spreading on his lips. “Welcome to my world. I didn’t expect to come without a warning either.”
“That good?”
“Oh, yeah. That good.” He quickly agrees. “Sorry about that though.”
“Sorry about what?” You really have no idea what he means.
“Sorry about coming without warning.”
“Oh. That’s fine.” You stop for a second. “Sorry about giving you a hard-on.”
“The most embarrassing and the most amazing thing that ever happened to me.”
“Hmm… How so?” You fish for more.
“I don’t… You know… Go around getting hard-ons randomly.”
“Really? I thought that happened a lot to men.” 
“Not like this. Waking up with morning wood? Yeah. That happens, but getting an erection in the middle of studying? That’s a first.”
“Happy to have a first in your life.”
“I never came like this without a warning either.”
“Two firsts.” You don’t realize how smug you sound, but he does.
“What about you?”
“I don’t think I have ever come this hard without… you know… something inside me.”
“Is that so?” The way he smiles just makes you feel butterflies in your stomach. “You like to have something inside?”
“If they know… how to use it.”
“Let’s give it a try, shall we?” 
He moves his head away from your right leg, repositioning himself, and before you could say anything, his mouth is on you again. His tongue is gentle, testing the waters to see if you are still sensitive, but honestly, you are not. You just want him to move a little faster. You don’t say it though. You want to see what he is planning. He keeps on licking you for a while, making sure you are ready for his fingers and when he decides that you are, he slowly pushes his index finger inside. You moan in response.
“Does it feel good?” He takes his mouth off your clit for a second to ask.
“Yeah. It feels so good!” You can feel what he is trying to do. He’s building up your pleasure so slowly, you know it’s going to be explosive at the end. He keeps pumping his finger in and out of you while watching your expressions. 
“Do you want the second one or…” You don’t let him finish his question. 
“I want the second one.”
Your response makes him smile again. You are not sure what makes him happier: your eagerness or your openness. It does seem like he isn’t used to getting direct feedback, but he thrives on it. Quickly, he adds the second finger inside and you can’t help but notice how his thick fingers are filling you. It’s such a delicious feeling. You are so lost in it, you don’t realize how he leans back into your pussy. He nibbles your clit carefully while moving his finger at a steady pace. You can’t help but think he knows what he’s doing and he’s good at reading your reactions. He notices you react more when he licks instead of sucks, so he quickly switches back to it.
“Oh, fuck!” You love how his tongue feels against your skin. Your hands find his hair, pulling it gently just to ground yourself. You feel him moan against your clit when you tug on his hair. The idea of him enjoying it somehow turns you on even more. You decide to test it and pull his hair a little bit more when you feel like doing it. His loud moan vibrates on your swollen clit. It’s like he can’t get enough of it.
“Someone likes a bit of pain.” 
He pulls away from your pussy for a second. When he looks at you, you can see how turned on he is. The hunger is evident in his eyes. 
“Someone likes being full.”
“I’m not full, yet.” You aren’t trying to tease him, that’s the truth yet you can see that sounds like a promise to him. The promise of taking a lot more than just two fingers. He doesn’t say anything. He just goes back to licking and pumping his fingers. The only difference is he’s moving a lot faster than before and you aren’t sure how long you can take this before your orgasm comes back to crush you. It’s overwhelming yet not enough. You don’t realize how your body arches before you start to lose yourself in that pleasure.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Words come out involuntarily. “Don’t stop, Bucky. Please. So good. So fucking good.”
He keeps going, keeping that same pace. He wants to encourage you and talk to you, but his mouth is busy giving you pleasure. Hearing you moaning and begging is enough for now.
“Oh, god.” Your whole body starts to shake. It’s like your whole body is electrified. “Yes, yes, yes, Bucky. God, I love your mouth so much.”
He smiles against your clit but doesn’t break the contact. He didn’t think you would be this vocal, but he’s enjoying every second of it.
“Ahh, fuck, ahhh yes.” You moan out while shaking. You have no idea how long this orgasm lasts, but you feel so good. As your shaking starts to slow down, Bucky starts to move slower to match that.
“Mmm.” You knew sex with Bucky would be good but this is definitely how you imagined it. Finally, he moves his mouth away from you when he realizes your orgasm is done. You feel so boneless, so relieved.
“Are you okay?” His question brings you back to reality and you notice your eyes are closed. You open them back up and meet his gaze.
“Oh, yeah, I’m great.” He smiles so proudly.
“Glad to hear that.”
“You have no idea how tired yet relaxed I am feeling right now.”
“Not too tired I hope.” That surprises you.
“Why is that?”
“I thought you wanted to be full.” Then you see his erection. It’s actually impossible not to see how painfully hard he is even though he already came once.
“You want to…” You don’t know how to finish that sentence. You thought you would be done after this. You never had someone who wanted you like this before. The feeling settles into your chest. He wants you. He still wants you that bad after coming so hard. It makes you feel seen and desired.
“Unless you don’t want to…”
“Oh, I do.” Your response is instant. You really do. Even after two orgasms, you feel like you want more. You imagined riding his dick or him bending you over and fucking you hard so many times. You want to know how it really feels. 
“Good.” He stands up, and when his erection is on your eye level, you can’t help but stare. Not every dick is aesthetically pleasing. Some don’t even look like they would feel good, but Bucky… Bucky’s dick waters your mouth like you didn’t already give him a blowjob. You need it inside of you. While you are lost in thoughts, Bucky picks you up from your chair. You let out a small yelp while he offers you a warm smile.
“Just carrying you to the bedroom, doll.”
“Doll?” You never heard him use that nickname before.
“Yeah, you are a pretty little doll. So beautiful and so smart. Very eager and loud.”
You don’t know how to react. A lot of praises combined with stuff that makes you wanna question him more.
“Am I that loud?” You can’t help but ask.
“Oh, yeah, I’m sure my neighbors hate us right now.”
“Oh god.” You feel your cheeks getting red, but he doesn’t seem concerned.
“Don’t let that stop you. I wanna hear how good I make you feel, doll.” He gently puts you on top of the bed. 
“Doll.” You repeat, without an implied question mark. 
“If you don’t like it…”
“I do. I really do.” You want to be his pretty little doll and your reaction makes him smile again. “It’s just new. I never heard you say it.”
“Because it is only for you.” Those words cause different a kind of warmth to spread through your chest.
You watch him open the drawer and pull out a condom. He rips the package off impatiently and puts it on with haste. Seeing how impatient he is makes you giggle and that makes him look back at you.
“What’s so funny?”
“Someone is eager to be inside me.”
“Aren’t you eager to feel my cock inside you?” His words take you by surprise. What happened to that shy boy who couldn’t find the word to tell you what he wants? Your shocked look makes him worry a little. He’s afraid that he crossed some kind of line.
“Fuck, that was hot.” Your words sweep away his fear.
“You like that?” He asks while closing the distance between you. “You like when I say dirty stuff like that?”
“Yeah. I love it.”
“You wanna hear how good you are for me?” You didn’t expect that question at all. He moves closer to you, forcing you to lie down. He positions himself between your legs. “Because you are so good for me.” His words make your pussy clench around nothing. You really need him inside you, and he doesn’t waste any time. He knows you are as impatient as he is. He slowly pushes his cock inside, taking his time and being gentle. He moves back and then forth until he’s balls deep inside you and you can’t hold back that loud moan. It just feels so good to be full.
“Shit.” You throw your head back. Your legs automatically wrap around his torso. He leans down and gives you a long kiss, taking his sweet time so you can get used to the feeling of him. Then he starts to move slowly while his mouth moves to your neck, gently sucking on your skin. It feels great, but somehow it’s not enough. So you start to move your hips with him, matching his rhythm but creating more friction.
“You want more already?” He doesn’t sound judgmental, more like he’s amused.
“Yeah. I need it harder.”
“Harder.” He repeats. “My doll needs it harder.”
Before you can say anything, he moves away from you. A loud whine leaves your lips. You don’t like that feeling of emptiness. You want to protest, but he grabs you by the ankles and pulls you to the edge of the bed. He pushes your legs up and repositions himself between your legs. Then without saying a word, he gets inside you again.
“Holy fuck.” Your reaction comes out instantly. It feels so different, even more full. Then he starts to move, a little harder than before. Even though he isn’t using much force, because of the angle, it feels much better.
“Is it hard enough for you?” He sounds cheeky. 
“Yes, for now.”
“For now.” He repeats your words. “For now is good because we are just starting.”
You would love to say something back, but it feels too good. The only thing you can do is moan. With every moan you let out, he moves a little bit faster, he grows a little bit more impatient. He pays attention to what makes you moan more, which movement makes you lose yourself, and tries to repeat them. The room is filled with the sounds of his skin slapping against yours and how wet you are. Combined with your moans, he starts to lose control and move faster than before. That triggers more moans out of you. It turns into a vicious cycle until you are panting and begging.
“Please, please, please…” You can already taste your orgasm. It’s that close.
“Please what? Tell me what you need.”
“More… I need more.”
“Be more specific, doll. More of what?” That nickname sends a jolt of electricity through your body. “Do you want me to rub your clit?”
“No, no.” That’s not what you need. “I need you to move faster.”
“If I move faster… I won’t be able to hold back.”
“Don’t hold back.” You say while taking deep breaths. “Let’s come together.”
“Are you sure? It won’t last that long.”
“Try to hold back until I say let go.” You really want to come at the same time.
“I’m not sure if that will work.”
“You can stop anytime if you feel like you are about to come before me. That’s okay.”
“But what about…” You don’t let him finish.
“We can build my orgasm back up. It’s there, I can feel it. Just move as fast as you can and try to hold back. You can let go when I start coming, okay?”
He nods, but you see he’s not fully convinced. He just doesn’t want to disappoint you.
“It’s okay if you come before me. Not the end of the world.”
“I don’t… I don’t wanna let you down.” The vulnerability is so evident in his voice.
“You can never let me down. I don’t care if you come early. I will take it as a compliment.”
Your words make him smile a little. His hesitation is still there, but the urge to please you outweighs his worries. He leans down and kisses you in response. Long and full of love. You realize how much your words mean to him just with that kiss. When he pulls back, he starts to move again. He returns to his previous pace and starts to go faster bit by bit. You can feel that familiar feeling of approaching orgasm again. It’s slowly building up, but when you look at Bucky’s face, you notice he’s closer than you are. You need to get there a little faster. That’s why your fingers quickly find your clit and start to rub. When he notices what you are doing, he groans. His hips start to move so fast, you can’t help but scream. Your fingers combined with his fast pace finally push you over that edge.
“I’m coming. I’m coming. I’m coming.” You repeat without thinking and he knows what that means. He can finally let go. His hands grab your waist, getting that support he needs to fuck you into the mattress. The way he moves makes you see the stars. 
“Fuck, doll, I’m coming too!” Your mouth opens for a silent scream while he starts to come. The way he moans and groans fills you with pleasure, knowing you are the reason behind all of that. “Oh, god.” He keeps moving even though he’s done. He wants you to enjoy your orgasm till the last drop and you do. You let yourself thrive on every last bit of that amazing feeling. 
He finally stops moving when he realizes you are done. He gently pulls himself out of you, making you whine a little, and lays right next to you. You turn to your side, facing him while still trying to calm your breathing down.
“You just ruined me,” he suddenly says.
“I ruined you? I think it’s the other way around, mister.” He’s the one who gave you three mind-blowing orgasms and he has the audacity to say this. 
“I don’t think you understand.” He sounds calm yet sure. “Sex never felt this amazing before.”
His words make you giggle a little but you are aware he’s right. It never felt this good before him and there’s no way you can go back.
“You are a thief.”
“Me? A thief?” Your words catch him off guard.
“Yep, you are stealing my thoughts and presenting them as yours.” 
“So it was that good for you too?”
“My mind is blown. You have no idea.” That gives him the biggest grin. 
“Does that mean you will let me take you on a date?”
“What date?” You play dumb. You know exactly what he means but you want him to actually ask. 
“You know what date.”
“Nope, I don’t. I haven’t been asked on a date for ages.”
He grabs your hand and looks directly into your eyes. “Will you go on a date with me, doll?”
“Of course, I will, with pleasure.” And that makes him laugh.
“Yep, a lot of pleasure.”
“Shit!” You suddenly jump.
“What?” He sounds so worried.
“Our exam!” You completely forgot about it. “We were supposed to study!”
“We still have time.” He tries to calm you down. “Just lie down a little until you catch your breath. We have Faye’s notes, remember? It’s gonna be a piece of cake.”
“Oh, yeah.” You remember Faye’s notes. It suddenly changes your mood.
“Are you okay?” He immediately notices. 
“Yeah, I’m fine. We are lucky we have her notes.” You try not to sound bitter but it doesn’t work. He sees right through it.
“Remind me to thank her tomorrow.” You feel the jealousy build up inside you because you know it doesn’t matter how much you beg, Faye never shares her notes, and Bucky managing to convince her could mean only one thing.
“Yeah, I should thank her too.”
“You definitely should.” He watches how your expression changes after his words and his smile grows.
“What are you smiling for?”
“Nothing. I just love seeing you get jealous for nothing.”
“I’m not jealous!”
“Sure, that’s why you look like you wanna stab her a couple of times.”
“No, I don’t.” You deny it at first, but you can see he doesn’t believe you. “I just… know that she doesn’t share her notes with anyone. She must have a crush on you. Which is understandable.”
“Is it?” He’s still smiling like a fool.
“Are you seriously enjoying this?” You are getting so angry that you try to move away from the bed but Bucky grabs your arm and pulls you closer to him. “Let me go!”
“There’s nothing to get jealous about, doll.” He sees you don’t believe him. “I only have eyes for you and that’s what I said to Faye to convince her to give me her notes.”
“I told her I want to ask you out, but I wanna impress you with this study date first. She thought it was a great idea and shared her notes with me.”
“I thought this wasn’t a study date.” You remember him denying it was.
“Well, after everything that happened…” He gives you a look that screams sex. “I think we can finally call it a study date.” Those words give you the biggest grin.
“Can we have more study dates like this?”
“Anytime you want, doll. I’m at your service.”
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dustteller · 6 months
Something I haven't seen people talk about with the new spiderverse movie is just how puertorrican Miles and Rio are.
For background, I'm puertorrican from the island, and I just watched Across the Spiderverse in a theater here, and let me tell you, the people in the theater freaked out whenever these little details came on. It is so clear to all of us how much care went into portraying every single detail.
You guys don't understand how important all of this is to me.
At the party, when everyone started greeting miles in spanish? I've had all those phrases said to me. All of those people had my accent. They weren't a different flavor of hispanic just because finding some puertorricans was too hard. They were all so very puertorrican that it almost hurt.
But even that can be a bit easier to portray. Sure, they all had puertorrican accents, but everything they said is pretty run of the mill for hispanic people. And then I saw the food. I remember the asopao most clearly, because it was just on screen for a few seconds, and my friend started whisper screaming "Pasteles, pasteles!!" into my ear. It was such a tiny thing, but the food was ours, and not cuban, and not dominican. We never get to see our food done right, because no one cares. People just use dominican food and go "close enough."
And when Miles and his parents are talking about spiderman and Rio says that Spiderman is puertorrican?? That's such a puertorrican thing to do. People here are so incredibly proud of our island and our people that I personally know so many people that have gone to see Lin Manuel Miranda shows while having zero interest in musical theater because he's one of us. It makes so much sense that Rio would celebrate that, and when Miles immediately tries to deflect by saying spuderman sounds more dominican? That's peak comedy. Everyone in the theater burst out laughing, and that joke works precisely because the movie doesn't treat us as interchangeable.
And finally, Rio herself. The way all the characters move is so incredibly unique and mesmerizing, but Rio? My girl feels with her mouth. Her expressions were so spot on, with the lips making up so much of the emotions. Puertorricans use our lips a lot when expressing how we feel, and its such a tiny, inconsequential detail, but it means the world to me. So many people in the creative team cared so much for all these little details to make their way in. They really didn't have to, but they did, and I just really appreciate that.
Also, fun fact, I watched it in english with spanish subs (the subs are for the spanish dubbed version, not a direct translation), and when Rio says "I bet she doesn't even know spanish" about Gwen, in spanish it's "I bet she doesn't even know where Puerto Rico is" and that was very funny and I laughed my ass off when I noticed that's what they translated it as.
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manscaped · 10 days
Gifts That Sleigh 🎁
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⏰ Limited time only! ⏰ Get 20% off + free shipping on all the best men's grooming products. 
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dizscreams · 6 months
Romantic headcanons with lil ol hobie
Absolutely 🫡
Romantic Headcanons with Hobie Brown — ★
I don’t think you guys would go out for dates I think a lot of the time it’s hanging out in each others room
Like he’s strumming his guitar and you’re studying or drawing whatever JUST YES
I think he’d definitely prefer that than taking you out to a fancy restaurant or smth like that
Maybe even movie nights?
Random thought but a little self care night 🤭
Maybe face masks (which he was reluctant to do but you made him anyway), painting each others nails, etc etc
Not really self care but him helping you dye your hair!!! Can’t get that thought out of my head
OMG SHOPPING WITH HIM!! You dragging him shopping and he acts like he doesn’t wanna be there but he actually kinda likes helping you pick out stuff
Don’t even get me started on you making him carry all of your bags or you showing off to him in the dressing room 👀
UGH OMG I HAD A CUTE THOUGHT!! One time he watched you do your makeup and he wanted to learn how to do eye liner
So you taught him one day and he likes doing eye liner every now and again
Maybe you were on his lap and did it for him one day! (He wouldn’t let you do a full face of makeup on him though 😔)
Likes picking out jewelry for your outfits
If you guys are opposites I can see a lot of playful arguments about each others music tastes
He definitely likes at least one song you showed him but wont admit it cause he’s stubborn!
If we’re gonna talk about physical touch I’d say he likes it just definitely not in public
Maybe a hand on your shoulder sometimes but other than that I’m not sure
In private though he’s always leaning his head on your shoulder or putting his head on yours
Likes to tease and make fun of you
Jokingly ofc he’d never let it go too far
He issss in a band so ofc you’re going to almost every performance of his
Veryyy protective when it comes to his job and you
Doesn’t like letting you come to fights with him or trying to help cause he’s terrified you’re going to get hurt
If you’re also a spider person you guys make a rlly good duo
He’s just a really laid back guy in general so he doesn’t raise his voice at you
Maybe on accident a few times but he always apologizes ofc
He’s respectful 🫡
WHEWWW imagine you both got done with a fight and you just need to rest so you take a nap together! Or if you’re not a spider person then you both had a hard day and wanted to take a nap together
I don’t think he gets jealous thaaat easily. Like someone would have to be THROWING themselves at you and he’ll step in.
He wouldn’t be starting fights or drama honestly I think he’d just wrap an arm around your waist and walk away with you
I think he’ll go on random tangents about stuff he’s interested in or even abt stuff he doesn’t like 😭
You’re just listening to him like “yeah totally” because he’s talking so fast
He’s proud of your guy’s relationship and he’s caught himself talking about you a lot to his friends
He tries to shut up before they say anything but they’re already teasing him
BUT ID SAY OVERALL he’s just a really chill dude who likes spending time with his partner :)
Tumblr media
All I can think of rn so I hope you enjoyed! and ty for all the requests I’ll be working on them all day <3 🫡
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cinhomi · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: roommate Kim Seungmin x fem reader
𝐬𝐲𝐧𝐨𝐩𝐬𝐢𝐬: after a movie night with your roommate, or alternatively, your crush, you woke up a bit later than usual. he was supposed to be at work by that hour, but you couldn't imagine that he would sleep in too... and you couldn't imagine him seeing you on top of your pillow moaning his name.
𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞: smut, fluff, roommates to lovers
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: soft dom Seungmin, masturbation, pillow humping (and reader gets caught oopsie), fingering, penetrative sex, oral (m & f receiving), cum play.
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 4.4K
I'm afraid that the end is kind of rushed... I'm sorry about that, I was a bit tired and just wanted to finish it :")
Tumblr media
It was pretty late when your head frist laid on the pillow the night prior. Maybe it was a bit stupid to decide to stay up at such ridiculous hours, but the trilogy you were watching with Seungmin was too interesting to drop everything at the first movie and keep the fun for the next day, so you two tried to sit with your back as straight as possible in your shared couch that was very much inviting you both to sleep, drank sugar-based drinks and kept the volume as high as to not disturb your flatmates but still enaugh to have you two awake and keep your attention on the screen.
You and Seungmin enjoyed watching movies together and discuss them, but beside that you weren't as close as others would expect. At least in your opinion. Sure, being roommates let you two know your preference in matters such as 'how you prefer your coffee' or 'what type of shampoo is best for your hair' or even 'I'll wash your jumper like that because I know it's made of wool and it's delicate', but he didn't really talk to you about himself.
He wasn't cold towards you or anything, but he preferred silence most of the times, or at least, that was what you understood. When one day after a few months of living together you asked him if there was something that he didn't like about your cohabitation, he said that it was fine, that you were perfect, keeping everything clean and respecting the turns for all chores without complaining.
So why? Why didn't he feel the desire to know you better? Every time he mentioned his family or a past memory of his, you listened carefully, like he was a famous storyteller. His life was for a fact very interesting, he wasn't a boring guy, and still, you couldn't comprehend the reason behind his secrecy. He brought his friends home just a few times, you never saw a girl beside yourself in the house, and he never talked about one. When he left he would always come home with something for the apartment, so you thought that maybe he wasn't one to go to parties and stuff.
Despite everything, you found youself developing a little crush. Well, maybe a bit more than 'little'. Seungmin was a simple guy, really… but he provided comfort, always. He landed you a snack when he could sense that you were feeling down, covered you with part of his blanket when he felt you trembling beside him in the evening, often entered your room while you were on your desk with a tray in his hands, with a glass of water and freshly cutted fruit, leaving it on top of your messy papers. Sometimes he would come back from his grocery trip and tell you to take something from a bag, like the pack of clips he found discounted, because "I heard you lost yours the other day, so I thought they would be useful to you", or he would delicately take the knife from your hands while cooking together because "you'll hurt youself is you chop these like that, here, let me show you…".
Who wouldn't feel butterflies in their stomach? Only fools. On top of that he was extremely attractive, even more when you couldn't recall not even half a time you saw him shirtless. It never happened. He, on his behalf though, saw you just in your prettiest pantie-bra set one time, when he forgot to knock on your door to tell you to hurry up to go to work in the morning.
He became very careful after that time, a blush creeping on his cheeks every time you brought that up while attempting to mess with him, but never making him suspect your desire for that to happen again.
The sight of your mixed clothes inside the laundry basket made your heart race every single time. The lingering scent of his cologne in the bathroom whenever he left to go out made you sigh and daydream. The plastic containers of homemade food with little notes on top for you in the fridge almost made you cry. You made the best dreams every night that he remembered to wish you a warm "good night, y/n". Kim Seungmin was a little mysterious, and you didn't know much about him, but he cared about you, a little bit at least.
But that morning he didn't care about you enaugh to wake you up and prevent you from arriving late at work. Well, you supposed he would've already left because Seungmin never got up late.
It was half past noon already, and you decided to send a message and excuse your absence with a sudden stomach ache, that would strangely disappear the next day. You stayed sprawled on your bed for a while, letting your brain work and retrace the previous night's events.
His hand absent mindedly resting on your thigh, squeezing it a bit whenever the tension in the movie would rise and make you shift on the edge of your sits. He rarely touched you, respecting your personal space religiously, but when the occasion would occur your whole body electrified. His 'classic guitar calloused hands' on your smooth skin were a sensation that would remain engraved in your flesh for a long time.
His angelic voice dropping to a deeper and rougher one while the night progressed making you jump whenever he spoke to you, parted lips licked by his tongue when there was a scene he wanted to concentrate and analyze attentively.
Before you knew it, a hand traveled from your stomach to your belly, dancing on it for a while, just to reach under your cotton pants; you were already wet just by thinking about him, and not even making up scenarios in your head. You then went past your panties and run a finger on your slit, spreading your juices everywhere. Maybe if he knew that you touched yourself so often thinking about him he would be disgusted, but you couldn't really help it. Besides, being home alone, maybe you could do something more than your usual routine and make the pleasure last a bit longer.
The pillow that was under your head istantly flew in the middle of the bed, while you got rid of all your clothes; with a sigh you straddled it adjusting the material comfortably between your legs. You could already feel your juices coating the pillowcase sticking to your folds, feeling it a bit rough on them… but you liked it, so much. You didn't ride your pillow that often, only when Seungmin wasn't home and you really wanted to take your time and savour your orgasm, and it was so, so worth it.
Images of Seungmin started flooding your mind: muscled forearms peeking from his shirt, faint traces of his abs when the latter would stuck to his abdomen when laid on the sofa, v-line greeting the world whenever he stretched in front of you in the morning, jaw contracting whenever he was thinking hard about something. You moved slowly, the little friction already making you whine in excitement.
You started to imagine how the grip he had on your thigh would feel your hips instead, while making you slide back and forth on his lap, pussy against his cock, teasing before fucking it into you. You held your breasts, imagining his hands instead of yours, groping and playing with them to his liking. You started to squeeze, to fondle them, occasionally pinching a nipple and holding it between your fingers making it almost hurt.
"Seungmin…" you were already whispering, closing your eyes and throwing your head back.
Your movements got gradually quicker snapping your hips upwards and in circles too, making your clit rub on the fabric while your brows furrowed at the stinging sensation.
"Like… l-like that Seungmin, yes, yes…" short huffs escaped between your words as you lowered a bit and were now keeping yourself up with your elbow, one hand caressing your body and lingering a bit more around your hole.
You started to press harder on the pillow, soft moans filling the space as your imagination projected Seungmin behind you, your breath becoming unstable.
But you really didn't know that he was right behind the corner at the entrance of your room, with the door wide open, and that he was palming his achingly hard cock through his pants. And he felt a bit guilty when he first heard your moans from his room minutes before and didn't just put his earphones on to later reveal that he wasn't at work that morning, and that he fell asleep while listening to music, so at your "did you hear anything weird?" he could reply that no, no he didn't. But how could anyone ever resist with such noises coming from the most beautiful girl he ever met? From the girl he had a crush for, on top of that? You were touching yourself, being intimate with your body, your smoking hot body, seeking pleasure and ecstasy for yourself.
But while he was jerking off to your moans in his own bed he heard a name: it was muffled because of his closed door and the corridor between your rooms, but he was too damn curious to let it slide like that. So he just tucked his erection in his pajamas shorts and got up, approaching your room careful to not make any noise.
And that was when he heard it clearly. And that was when he finally peeked beyond the corner. And you were so, so beautiful in his eyes, with the soft light coming outside the window reflecting on your skin, bed hair framing your pleased face while you adorably grinded your pillow squishing it between your thighs, moaning his name.
But he still couldn't believe it. You weren't really thinking about him right?
"Seungmin! Fuck, f-faster! Faster…"
He felt his heart getting caught in his throat and all self-inibitions leave his body. He then stood in front of the entrance, observing you in silence. Seungmin bit his lip, breathing like he ran ten miles before that moment. He prepared mentally for his next step.
You froze in place with your eyes still closed. Were you starting to have hearing allucinations? Probably. So you slowly opened your eyes and looked at your right: Seungmin was there.
Your vision started to get blurry from the tears forming in your eyes, threatening to streak your cheeks. Wasn't he supposed to be at work? Damn… everything was going to get ruined, he would tell you to leave and search for another place, he would hate you forever andー
"Is it me?" his voice soft, searching for your answer as he slowly entered the room.
You took the sheets in front of you to cover yourself a little, swiping the tears on the corner of your eyes with them.
"Is it me, the Seungmin you were thinking about?"
The air in the room got dense. He wasn't looking at your body at the moment, he focused on your face. On your expression, your trembling lips that he was dying to kiss for months.
Seungmin was a man of few words, really, but he could get pretty loose and cool with people that got to know him over time. He didn't necessarly lust over your appereance, he just liked you. You were his main interest, he found all your little habits adorable, he thought that your mind, your way of thinking was extraordinary. He always paid attention to when you talked about yourself, interests, ideas.
But he was quite afraid to open up to you, even if he tried to do that day by day, at his own pace. What if you found him weird? Or you didn't like his personality at all and decided to go away? You were perfect for him, but he wasn't sure to be perfect for you. He knew you were special from the first moment he opened the door to greet you the first time, with your marvelous smile, bags and suitcases around you. You made him nervous.
Seungmin was nervous around you, but wanted to make you live comfortably even if he needed to split the rent. He wanted to let you live your life without a worry. Maybe one day he would have the courage to tell you his true feelings, but he needed to understand if you wanted something quiet, something like the first visible light in the morning, a field moved only by fresh wind, whispered sweet nothings between two people that are about to fall asleep.
Because a love with Seungmin would've been peaceful, with silence disturbed only by meaningful phrases or laughter.
"Seungmin please don't get mad, please."
"I'm not mad, I swear." he started to get closer, until he was in front of you. He kneeled on the floor, reaching your hands on your chest, stroking them.
"I just need you to tell me that you were moaning my name and not the one of another Seungmin, because your answer may change our entire life together."
You looked down at him with big confused eyes and he wanted to take your face and squish it before hugging you tight. If it was him, if it was really him…
"I don't know any other Seungmin." you sobbed, crying a bit harder. He felt relieved. He took your hands in his properly near his lips, kissing your knuckles, letting the sheets fall exposing your chest once again. Maybe he really had a chance to show his true self, and maybe, just maybe, you could love him honestly.
"Will you let me help you with that?"
For a moment you thought it was a dream. He was looking as beautiful as ever, touching you so delicately, and… was he hard?
For the first time that day you looked up in his eyes. They were sparkling, they made your core tighten.
"Let me. Let me take care of you." he got up from the floor and sat on your bed, guiding your arms around his neck to then gently hold your waist.
"Do you… do you like me?"
Your trembling lips made him furrow his brows. Having you so vulnerable in front of him, having you naked in his hands, he thought he prayed the right god while looking up the sky.
"You're the only one I answer the phone to when I have my vocal lessons. I do like you, a lot actually"
His passion for music and singing was the only thing you were certain about him. Oh, his voice when he sang random songs during the day, when he thought you weren't listening. Would he sound as amazing while being with you?
He lightly pushed you to lay down and discarded the pillow to replace it with him. Seungmin took a moment to admire you, slowly letting himself explore you with his gaze, not getting too close to where you wanted him most.
"Can I touch you, y/n?"
He was behaving like a prince. You really did think he was a prince, with all the times he was so gentle with you.
What was he expecting, a 'no'?
You nodded. He smiled. You tugged at his shirt. He took it off. Your jaw dropped.
It was as if a neoclassical artist sculped him with their own hands. Your eyes went from his collarbones, to his pecs, his abs, to then land on the light brown happy trail that disappeared under the elastic of his pants. You seriously didn't stop looking until he lifted your chin to analyze your reaction better.
"You're so beautiful Min." you said, words whispered for him and him only. Seungmin blushed because of the compliment, your needy tone, how you called him. He thought that he could get used to it. He took your hands in his once again, guiding them up your head while he lowered to be close to your face.
"You should see yourself then. I'm nothing compared to you dove" and after that, unpredictably, he kissed you. He finally fulfilled his need to have you close emotionally and phisically letting his plump lips rest on yours, moving slowly to let you feel all the passion he was feeling at the moment.
You two sighed, almost relieved that all that was happening even if not in the conventional order described by romance movies and novels.
The kiss was interrupted by Seungmin, that started to wander, leaving pecks on your jaw, behind your ear, to arrive at your neck inhaling your scent.
"Do you always touch yourself thinking about me when I'm out?"
The sudden question made you squeal, shame already making you look away.
"I'm joking! Look at me, hey." he cupped your cheek, your eyes meeting once again.
"I think it's cute. I do that too when you're out, you know? I dreamed about this moment for so long… I have too many things to tell you. Will you have the patience to listen to me, after this?"
He looked like a lost puppy, quite literally. It was as if he had his ears all low, a frown forming on his face while he patienty waited for your response while you felt crazy embarassed by the hidden confession of him touching himself to you too.
"I'll listen to anything you have to say, Seungmin."
You both smiled. The world outside didn't exist anymore, it was just you and Seungmin, in your bed, naked, about to make your fantasies happen.
You didn't even register his hand lowering down until you felt his fingers caress your cunt, lazily going through your folds. Gosh, you were so wet and he was still waiting, but he was just afraid that you would disappear with him waking up. But you were real, so real that when your whimpers reached his ears he hid in the crook of your neck to not let you hear his moan as a response.
Seungmin let one finger enter you, your legs becoming rigid around him from the sudden decision. After two pumps he added a second, curling them upwards and making them dance inside you. Where was prince Seungmin of few second before? Well, if he was going to fuck you like that you didn't really care. He took his thumb over your clit, slowly circling it and feeding off of your sounds. He didn't forget what you were doing before all that sweet talk; Seungmin beside being a man of few words, was a man with certain needs too.
"Open your legs wider dove, please" and you did as told, without even thinking about your actions, his words becoming your law.
He went down, down, down, until you saw his face at the same level of your pussy, with his fingers long gone from inside you, now smering your juices around his lips, licking them after.
Was he… really Kim Seungmin, your roommate? The most normal man you've ever encountered? He looked too hot doing that. But you needed to learn to not let your guard down with him: his fingers were inside you again, pumping faster than before. It was a bit embarassing that you were already about to cum, but you realized that he interrupted your orgasm few minutes before, after all.
"Min-" you tried to make him slow down by grabbing his wrist, but he was abviously tronger, and your attempts did nothing to his determination to have you seeing the entire galaxy during the afternoon. Yes, with him it was possible. He looked at you, with a soft smile that wasn't really suitable considering what you were doing.
"Don't worry y/n. Give it to me."
And again, you did what you were told. There was just something about his calmness, his gaze, the way he was playing you like his precious guitar, that made you squeeze your eyes shut and gush around his digits. Seungmin was happy, like the luckiest man on the planet. He was smiling like a child in front of a pile of candy. And he thought of you as a candy indeed, getting closer to your glistening cunt and licking it clean with long, slow motions of his tongue, silent moans making your vision blur.
But it wasn't fair. He was making you feel like a spoiled princess, and he was still there with an uncomfortable erection while you were doing nothing for him.
"Let- let me help you too Min… please!" he reserved his attention to you, detaching from your core.
You managed to sit up, your head a bit dizzy while getting on your knees, waiting for him to lower his pants. You too, thought you prayed the right god looking up the sky once you saw his length. What made you bite your lip wasn't his cock per se, but the entirety of his body. Why did he try so hard to hide all that? But you thanked him for that, deep down. Who knows how you would've acted if you knew he was built like that…
Your train of thoughts came to an end when he stroked your cheek, looking at you with big loving eyes; you didn't waste any more time, delicately wrapping a hand around him while the other got caught with one of his.
He didn't say anything, but with a nod he let you know that you could go ahead. You left a short kiss on his tip. He shuddered: you were being even more gentle than he could ever imagine, more than he could try to recreate with his own hand while thinking of you. Your little kitten licks made his eyes roll to the back of his head, your mouth gradually wrapping around him made him curse under his breath while he squeezed the hand he was holding. Simply the vision of your sweet face taking his cock was a bit too much.
"I can't, y/n I can't" he delicately made you back up, sighing: "I want to be inside, sorry."
You started to breathe again after holding as much air as possible in your lungs, heart ready to drop. You giggled at his distress.
"You have any protection here?"
You pointed at your left: "on the bedside table. I-it's just in case, y'know, it's not like I actually put them to use!"
Seungmin chuckled at your comment, calmly climbing over you to reach the drawer.
"You're the first guy that doesn't complain about it."
"Because I'm not a guy. I'm a man for you."
Oh. Waves of arousal washed over you again.
Before you knew it he was lining himself with your entrance, kissing you with such fervor you felt like spinning. And before you knew it he was inside you. And before you knew it he was stretching you with care and attention, letting you moan past his shoulders while he concentrated on his thrusts. Your walls wrapping around his cock, welcoming him like he was meant to stay there.
"Min- feels so good Min…"
He picked up his pace, faintly moaning, almost afraid of you hearing how much he was enjoying that. Suddenly he left you empty, confusion taking place on your face, just to transform in shock as he made you flip with your back against his chest, going inside you all the way in one motion, directly hitting your sweet spot: oh, the angle was perfect, heavenly, he decided that after your yelp.
Seungmin started to thrust again with more meaning, keeping you up by wrapping an arm around your belly pressing down on it, and the other over your chest. You let your head drop against his shoulder, getting lost in your own pleasure.
"You're amazing y/n- perfect, perfect."
You started squeezing him, getting closer once again as you felt him throb inside you, and Seungmin let out a grunt, fucking you at a rougher pace not caring about you holding youself up just by gripping his arms.
He caught your lips again, and that was it. That kiss was the one that set you on fire, making you two release, silently, continuing to move one against the other even after the peak.
When you two calmed down he gently placed you down, quickly getting up and disappearing for a short time, coming back with your towel, his wrapped around his hips.
Not a word was exchanged while he carefully cleaned you, leaving a peck here and there making your smile get wider and wider. He covered you up, just to get under the covers with you and wrap you in a warm embrace while playing with your hair.
"Are you hungry?" he asked before pressing his lips on your temple.
"A little bit…"
"We didn't have breakfast."
"But it's late, we could have lunch now."
"What if we have breakfast and lunch. I need my girl to be full of energy."
You looked at him with the most beautiful expression he ever saw on your face.
"Then we can talk about how cute you look riding a pillow, and how you can ride my face the same way, yeah?"
The next five minutes consisted in Seungmin trying to convince you to remove your hands from your face hiding from embarassment to let him kiss you for the thousand time, with a whole new warm sensation spreading in your chest.
Maybe you thought you weren't close, but how he treated you was enaugh to let you know that you were so, so wrong. That Seungmin showed his love and appreciation through actions, and that he needed just few words. You found out that he was just limiting himself because he had a huge crush on you, and that he had more to give than what he showed to others… it just took the right people to let out his true potential. And one of those people was you.
If you were sure about his love for music and singing, well, you soon would become sure about his love for you.
Tumblr media
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flamingpudding · 5 months
Gaming Pal Prompt
A/N: Random Idea that was stuck in my head after reading about a Pen Pal Prompt
It all started with a simple accidentally created open lobby. Sam, Tucker and Danny were just playing Doom in a four person Lobby that was supposed to be passcode locked and private so that it was only the three of them playing. But one of them must have forgotten to lock it as suddenly a random player joined them as well as the in-game voice chat they were using.
"Sup. Mind if I join the game? My last lobby kicked me."
"Why? Too good or too bad?"
Tucker shot back, not minding the new player. The three would just have to watch what they talk about during game time.
"Don't know. I think they thought I cheated."
"Pff, sore losers. Maybe you can help these losers kick ass."
"Oh shut it Sam, we will wipe the floor with you now!"
"A challenge huh? That sounds interesting. I am Tim by the way."
The friend request was sent after the game in which Tim did help Tucker and Danny beat Sam. Only for Sam to demand a rematch to regain her victory streak. From then on the random player regularity started joining in on their games whenever he happened to be online at the same time.
Of course the trio filtered their talks over voice chat. Making sure they wouldn't let anything atrocious slip. Though they did have some fun telling a non Amity Parker about the shit that goes down in their town and Tim always appeared interested to hear more about the things going on. Always curious and full of follow up questions, that strangely focus on who the attackers were ( always ghosts really they don't have any other rogues aside from maybe the fruitloop) and other times very much focused on their local ghost hero Phantom. He was also strangely interested in the whole GIW situation and sounded rather confused when they mentioned the Anti-Ecto Acts.
Aside from that Tim practically became a part of their little group. Their online Gamer Pal who knew nearly as much about their rogues and local Hero (thanks to all the questions he asked) like they did. A full fledged Team Phantom member who just didn't know the main secret of Danny actually doing the Ghost fighting as Phantom and being the one getting hunted by his own Parents and the GIW.
So of course the day came where Sam, Tucker and Danny forget to filter their words. It was during one particularly exhausting day when Danny had only had like 4 hours of sleep because he had studied all night for an English Test and then Skulker appeared to hunt Phantom and Danny's parents showed up too, making souping the Hunter Ghost especially difficult.
"Ancients, Skulker just had to decide on hunting you today, didn't he Danny?"
"Don't remind me. He is still souped in the thermos, but dodging Mom was harder with so little sleep."
"Should you like take a nap then man?"
"Nah I am fine for gaming night."
"Hey Danny, you did escape the blasters unscratched right? Your mom is the better shot after all."
"Nearly. Mom landed a couple of hits but it's almost healed already, just some small burn marks left."
"I am sorry, WHAT?! Did you guys just say that Skulker, the one that's hunting Phantom for sports, was hunting Danny. Danny was the one to Soup him not Phantom and Danny's Mom shot and hurt her own son with one of these ecto-blasters?!"
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opultea · 10 months
Abnormal Love Languages
Genshin men with weird ways of expressing their love for you - Gender Neutral Reader (No Pronouns) - SFW - Romantic - Fluff/Crack
ft. Alhaitham, Wanderer, Heizou, Tighnari, Dottore
Tumblr media
The Scribe of the Akademiya, a renowned scholar, and a totally awkward boyfriend
So what does this intelligent, well-known, socially unaware man do when he wants to show you he loves you?
Knows a lot and makes sure you know it too
If he fell in love with you that means he respects your intelligence and curiosity enough to find interest in your company
So whenever he's on the couch with a new book on Theoretical Quantum Mechanics, he will be reciting the facts to you as if he's doing an oral presentation
Alhatiham keeps one of those big rolly whiteboards in his house (usually used to lecture Kaveh) and you know that when he pulls it out then it is officially date night
He pours you both a glass of wine for a nice candlelit dinner, but then you ask him about his new book and suddenly it's a romantic candlelit lecture
Lucky you find his intelligence attractive ;)))
If you ever need gift ideas for him just get a pack of multicoloured whiteboard markers, he always needs new ones
Even though you might end up regretting enabling his little habit
Traumatised Tsundere (TM)
Has never wanted anything more than to be loved the way he observed in humans, but has always believed he could never be loved in any way. It has only been proven to him that it isn't possible
So he protects himself from rejection by teasing and swatting you away, almost trying to make you hate him so he can at least expect what reactions to get from you
He views it as safe, he knows how humans are when they are angry and hateful, he's experienced it firsthand, so he knows what will come of it
Even though he's secretly saddened by feeling like he has to hurt you
So when you respond to him bonking your head with laughter and a smile brighter than he's seen on anyone in his direct presence before, it startles him
When he pushes your face away with his hand and you retaliate by latching onto his arm he freezes (Wanderer.exe has stopped working)
Calls you stupid and insults your survival instincts
"Honestly, if a complete stranger were to push you away like this, would you still clutch their arm like a lost puppy? How absurd, you obviously couldn't survive without me protecting you, since you evidently can't tell good intentions from bad ones,"
Then you pout and tell him that of course you don't do this with other people, you do it because it's him!
He stops working again
Shoves you to the ground to avoid you seeing how red his face is
Riddles and puzzles/tries to quiz you by making you help him solve a case
Brings you to crime scenes even though you are not a detective and definitely aren't allowed to be there just so he can test your skills
"So, what can you gather from this crime scene? This case isn't particularly difficult, so I have no doubt you'll be chasing down the perp in no time,"
Honestly your whole relationship is like an escape room
You want to get into your house but forgot your key? Well knock in morse code and maybe Heizou will let you in
You want to have a nice lunch date with your boyfriend? Well you best be prepared for an intense game of shogi while you eat
You want Heizou to pass you a pen? Well first you must answer these questions three!
But seriously, he makes it fun for you and makes sure to let you know that it’s his way of telling you how much he respects you and he values your input and intelligence
As an Amurta scholar and a forest watcher who has seen way too many cases of mushroom-based food poisoning, Tighnari has learnt to be prepared to dish out medical treatment
So if you cough even once, or sneeze in his presence, Tighnari will begin an impromptu check-up to ensure you're still feeling your best
You try telling him you're fine, people sneeze all the time without being sick, but he just scolds you even more for thinking you could get away without him making sure you're alright
"Don't be so proud, you idiot. What am I going to do with you if you go and get sick?"
Tighnari would hate if you fell ill under his careful watch, but if you do get sick or injure yourself, prepare for a two hour lecture and a bowl of fresh creamy mushroom stew to help you get back into tiptop shape
He's usually incredibly busy with his forest watcher duties, but will somehow almost never leave your side if he's tending to you
When you aren't sick, he makes sure you're eating well, going so far as to prepare your meals or make a nutrition table based on the vitamins he thinks you need more of
Always reminds you to drink water and take any medication you need, your health is his top priority
Psychopath (Endearing)
Takes x-rays of you just to admire your lovely bone structure and hangs them up around your shared bedroom as if they're regular date pictures
He loves to have you sit in his lap as he caresses your body and coos at your flesh, whispering sweet nothings in his suavest voice about your organs, and telling you what a strong heart you must have because he can feel it through your shirt
Unwinding with Dottore almost always goes this way, with you getting a shower of what you're pretty sure are compliments about your internal systems and physical attributes
He once shocked you with a mini electric buzzer just to see your central nervous system go off. You were naturally quite annoyed about it but he just shrugged it off, claiming that he just loved to see your body at work, although he never did it again
His doctor brain never turns off, so be prepared to have his fingers in your mouth as he goes on about what wonderful teeth you have
It certainly makes you feel... special
You should feel special, he definitely doesn't do this with anyone else
Dottore is so enchanted by your being that he grows human organs in his lab that are exactly the size and shape of yours, saying it's so you can see for yourself just how beautiful you are
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miniwheat77 · 4 months
Seductive. (Captain Price x Reader.)
!CW! NSFW, smut, p in v sex, rough sex, age gap, (let me know if I missed any)
(Summary): Reader takes some advice from a friend on base and seduces her Captain.
(This has been in my drafts for forever, I hope you like it.)
Tumblr media
Your eyes narrow as you look upon her, very clear fake laugh leaving her lips as she places her hand on his shoulder. He doesn't notice, but you do. You can see the look in his eyes as she does, what she's doing. It's working. She walks away from him and makes her way over to you. You're sitting at a table in the mess hall, sandwich in hand.
“What are you doing?” You ask your only friend on the base you worked on. Her name was Katy, the only tolerable female on base. She might've been a little bit of a barracks bunny but you usually ignored that. She was nice and funny and you got along with her quite well.
“What?” She says. “You’re totally trying to seduce him.” You laugh. After witnessing her chatting up your commander. “Yeah? So?” Your eyes widen. “What the hell. You whore.” She shoves you. “Oh come on, don’t be such a prude.” She rolls her eyes. “Katy. You know you can’t have relations on base.” You chuckle. “What they don’t know won’t hurt em.” She smirks. “You’re not interested in anyone at all?” She asks. “No.” You say, confused. “Lame. I was going to tell you how to get what you want.” She smirks. You roll your eyes. “I’ll let you know if I ever need your expertise, but you know I’m leaving soon.” She scoffs. “I know. It’s bullshit, you’re supposed to stay here with me.” She pouts. “It’s only for 6 months and I’ll be back.” You chuckle.
You’d been recruited for task force 141, and you were leaving in a couple of weeks. She was very upset that you were leaving but you were excited for something new. After finishing up lunch, the both of you returned to your posts. You weren't sure how you got recommended to be in task force 141, you hadn't even met anyone apart of it besides the few time's you talked to Laswell, but it wasn't her task force. It was different and you weren't sure if you were ready for it.
The two weeks leading up to the day you were leaving, were crazy. Almost every single day Katy convinced you to go out, you spent almost 2 full weeks hungover at work. It was awful, but it was some of the most fun you’d ever had. The time seemed to drag on, you were nervous and excited at the same time for something different. You were waiting on a bench patiently for your helicopter to arrive, the one that'd be taking you away. Katy was sitting next to you. Talking to you before you'd inevitably leave. She was worried but she'd never show it. She was good at hiding her emotions. She had been through a lot before she entered the military, so she was good at concealment. When the helicopter arrived, she gave you a hug and you finished your goodbye's to the other few acquaintances you had on base. They were sad to see you go, and they were worried as well. 141 went on some crazy missions and they were worried about you. "Don't get dead." Katy smiles, you could see the hurt in her eyes.
She was upset when you left but she’d be okay. She had guys on base to keep her company while you were gone anyways.
The ride to the base task force 141 was on took quite a few hours. They were off in the middle of nowhere in Iran. Working toward eliminating Hassan Zyani. The Iranian terrorist.
When you arrived on base, it was pretty early in the morning. "Hi." A man smiles. He's attractive, very attractive. You smile and take his outstretched hand. Shaking it. "I'm Captain John Price. It's nice to finally meet you." He smiles. His accent takes you a little off guard, forgetting that this base is going to have Military from all over. "Lieutenant Y/N Y/L/N." You smile. He nods his head. "I've heard a lot about you. A lot about how sharp you are for your age." He smiles. "Really? I didn't know that people talked about me." You chuckle. "Oh they do. It's nice having you here Y/N, I'll show you around.” He spins around on his heels and you know you'll fit in just fine here.
Your first few weeks with 141 were busy. Nonstop missions, always up to something. If you weren’t out on a mission, you were inside of an office helping people out with research and all kinds of paperwork. You spent a lot of time with your Captain and Laswell. They enjoyed your company and your expertise with technology. Your relationship with each of the members of 141, and those in alliance with 141 were close knit. You got along so well with everyone right away and they took you in as one of their own. Joking and playing with Soap, but knowing he’d ring someone’s neck for you. Slight gestures that always made Ghost smile under his mask. Sharing sweets with him, laughing when he didn’t like it and would spit it out. Catching him smoking with his mask slightly lifted. Him threatening to kill you if you tell anyone. His eyes would darken and he’d glare if someone said something slightly aggressive to you. Playing small pranks on everyone with Gaz, he was like your evil twin. But the couple times Price got stern with you he was always there to help the situation. Usually a “take it easy cap, she’s new.”
But you didn’t really mind when he got stern with you. If you needed correction, you’d take the advice.
The only thing that really started to bother you, was the growing feelings you felt for your Captain. You didn’t figure he’d go after you, significant age gap, the job you both worked in. It just seemed impossible. You wondered if he was married but ended up asking if he had any kids and he said no, he’d never even been married. Your heart jumped. Literally wanted to beat out of your chest in excitement. He was single. Your only concern now was the significant age gap. If he didn’t mind, you definitely didn’t mind.
You spent many nights up late, daydreaming. You thought about the way he smelled, the way he has to taste on your tongue. The way his facial hair would scratch at the skin between your legs. You were groggy most days but managed to hide it. Your Captain always kept everything professional with you. He never gave you a reason to have such a growing crush on him despite his protectiveness. He was a little rough around the edges, raised his voice sometimes, very stern. You day dreamt about that too, how rough he could be. His calloused hands moving with the curves of your body. Sometimes you had to excuse yourself to the bathroom to splash cold water on your face, get him out of your head. But not even an ice bath would take away the growing heat you felt between your legs when you thought about him. You suffered like this for longer than you liked to admit. Longing stares at him during meetings. Constant concern about him on missions. It was getting a little dangerous how you felt about him.
You sat on the edge of your bed. It was pretty late at night. You were running out of options. You had one left, and you were growing desperate. With a sigh, you pull your phone out. Quickly dialing her number.
“Hey Katy.” You smile as she answered. “Y/N! Hi! How is everything?” She asks. “Everything is great, but I need advice.” You laugh. “Oh? With what?”
You take a deep breath, standing up and stepping further into your room to ensure nobody would hear you. “Do you remember when you said to ask you, ‘when I wanted to get what I want’ you remember that?” You say. She squeals through the phone. “You like somebody? You’re going to try to seduce them? You whore.” She laughs. “Yeah, if I told you who it was you’d probably freak.” She looks confused but you can’t see it. “What?”
“It’s my Captain.” She gasps. “Y/N! You little minx!” She laughs. “Just.. tell me how to do it.” You breathe. “Okay okay.” She laughs.
“First, start being friendly. When he makes a joke, put your hand on his shoulder, on his knee if you’re sitting next to him. You can fake a laugh, but don’t be obvious.” She says. “I’m listening.” You smile. “Your base isn’t that strict right?” She asks. “No?” She smiles on the other end of the line. “In the morning, before you put your uniform on, go out to get coffee. I’ve done it before in just a tank top and shorts. But you have to track his pattern so you know where he’ll be. Make sure he’s in the room, you don’t wanna seduce the wrong one yknow?” She laughs. “When you’re training, just wear a sports bra and shorts. Tight shorts. Ask him to help you train, and don’t be afraid to make some suspicious noises when you’re working out.” She smirks. “When you’re stretching, whimper. They like that.” You’re laughing. “You seem to know a lot about this.” You laugh. “Of course I do.” She rolls her eyes. You take a deep breath. “Start with those, and I’ll think of some more.” She giggles. “Okay. You’re a life saver.” After some more sly words from her, you talk a little more about everything going on. Once you’re done, you say your goodbyes and hang up.
The nervousness you felt in the morning after the conversation with her was almost too much to bare. You made your way into the mess hall, shorts and a tight tank top just like she said. You knew your Captain didn’t sleep all that well so he was always the first awake. You make your way into the kitchen, your eyes burned from being tired but you needed this. Needed him to pay attention to you. When you step into the kitchen, rubbing your eyes tiredly, his eyes nearly bulge out of his head. He has to stop himself from choking on his coffee. He had never seen you dressed like this before. He has to kick himself for acting like a horny teenage boy, it was pathetic. You don't notice anything different about him as you finish getting your coffee, mumbling a small 'good morning' to him.
Over the next couple of weeks, you do as she says. When he'd make you laugh in any way, you'd put a light hand on his shoulder or thigh if you were sitting next to him. You'd come out nearly every morning in something revealing. He didn't seem to show any interest in you which sucked. You started to think maybe he just wasn't interested in you, but after more conversations with Katy, she said to keep up and not let up quite yet. To keep doing it for a while. So you did. It didn't take much to do it anyways.
“Morning Captain.” You say tiredly. “Good morning.” He smiles. He breathes out. He didn’t expect this, the way you looked under your gear. “Why are you awake so early Ah?” He asks. “Didn’t sleep good. Was thinking about working out but Soap is usually my spotter and I know he’s not awake yet.” You sigh. You laugh, sitting across from him at the table. You needed to try something else, so why not this? John perks up. “I could spot you if you need help.” He breathes. He’s trying not to sound too eager. “Oh I’d hate to ask you to do that..” you say innocently. “Oh, it’s no problem. I don’t mind.” He smiles. “Okay. I’ll go get changed and I’ll meet you in the gym?” He nods his head. “Sounds good sweetheart.”
You walk quickly to your room, changing into an even more revealing outfit. You wait around in the gym, doing your usual workout routine. When your Captain comes in, he freezes when he sees you. Sports bra, even tighter shorts. He breathes out, trying to collect his thoughts. Was he really this deprived? Thinking this way about you?
He sets all of his belongings down and makes his way over to you. “Ready?” He asks. Standing over the bench press. You nod your head. "You've stretched already right?" He asks. You nod your head with a smile. You lay down and get adjusted onto it. You grasp the bar, lifting it off of the rack and beginning to lift it up. “Let me know when it gets to be too much.” He says. You nod your head trying to breath through it. Katy’s words echo in your ear.
You start small, small breaths of air leaving your lips, and you get a tiny bit louder, very small moans escape your lips and you don't notice anything at first but as your whimpers got louder, breaths of air leaving your lips with each raise you do, you finally catch it. John stepping back. Having to adjust his hardening cock. The tightening he felt was uncomfortable and he couldn’t take it. You notice this action, having to stop yourself from smiling. It was fucking working.
Katy you devil.
You hang up the bar, struggling a little as you did so. “Did good Y/N.” He smiles. “Thank you, I’m trying.” You laugh. Your body had a slight sheen of sweat. He could see the way your cleavage looked. Beads of sweat. You probably tasted so sweet, he wanted to run his tongue along your skin. He has to shake the thoughts away. So dirty. It was fucking working. You were so surprised. John works out alongside you for only a few minutes longer before excusing himself to go do 'work' which you knew wasn't true. He was rock hard and needed relief, or at least to get away from you. The moment he leaves the Gym, you're picking up your phone to give Katy a call.
When she picks up, the first words out of your mouth are "It fucking worked!" to which she laughs. She asks if you hooked up but of course you say "Not yet." following this up by telling her what had happened with the Gym.
"Maybe you should surprise him in his office if that's where he went. Might walk in on a little something." She laughs. You laugh, shrugging it off. After a little more conversation, you make your way to his office. Maybe she was right. Maybe you might. As you approach you don't hear anything. But you think, he might hear your footsteps and it would be awkward for you to walk away, it'd seem suspicious. So without thinking you come up with some kind of lie and walk right into his office. Your breath leaves your body, a gasp leaving your lips. He gasps out, eyes going wide as he rushes to cover himself up. "Fuck, I'm so sorry." You gasp, rushing to cover your eyes. "I'll.. I'll come back later." You mumble. You step out and he groans in frustration, he needed to catch you before you got away.
He scrambles up to follow after you. Opening up his office door. “Wait- Y/N!” He calls after you. You stop immediately, turning around. “Come here.” He breathes. You nod your head immediately, following him back into his office. “I.. what did you need darling?” He asks. His face is blushing red, and he slicks his hair back, he hadn’t even put his hat on. “I.. I was…” you pause for a second. He’s standing right in front of you, hard. Little beads of sweat on his forehead. You glance down, backing up into his office door and closing it behind you. “I was going to ask if you needed any help. But I guess you answered my question.” You smile. His eyes widen at how forward you’re being, but he’s not going to deny this. He’s breathing hard, he seems nervous.
He takes a step forward and smashes his lips against yours, pushing you back into the wall behind you. He’s got a tight grip on you as he kisses you, teeth knocking against yours with the force of his lips moving with yours. He reaches for the shorts you still have on, pushing them down your legs. Once you’re bare, he lifts you up by your thighs, walking you over to his desk and sliding some of his paperwork off to set you down onto it. “Such a fucking temptress.” He breathes. He leans into you and you hold onto him by his neck, kissing him again. He’s got his hand wrapped around your lower back, hips rubbing into yours. The seam of his pants is stimulating you, making you moan out. He unbuttons them, unzipping them and pushing them low enough to expose his cock. Your eyes widen slightly at him. He spits in his hand, lowering his hand to slide it over your hole, earning a gasp from you. He slides his cock right into you, filling you completely full in one thrust. He clamps a hand over your mouth as a cry is about to leave your lips. “Stay quiet for me darling.” He chuckles. He holds it there as he begins fucking you, your body lurching with every hard thrust he takes. He raises your thighs higher up on his hips, pushing you further back into the desk, until the cold wood is pressed right up against your back. You clutch the edge of it, trying your hardest to stay quiet as he hammers his hips into yours.
“Been such a fucking tease-“ he grits his teeth. Holding onto your thighs. “Walking out there in basically nothing in the morning.. wearing those tight clothes- fuck.” He tilts his head back. Groaning out. “I didn’t think it’d work.” You look up at him, lazy smile on your lips. “You seduced me?” He smirks. You bite your lip, staying quiet. He snorts. “Bad girl hm?” He rubs at your clit with his thumb, and you tilt your head back once again. “Bad, bad girl.” He growls. Your knuckles are turning white with how hard you’re holding onto the desk, a death grip as he pounds you. He pushes a hand down around your throat, pushing down on you lightly. “You didn’t have to work too hard at it baby, just didn’t think you’d go for an old man like me.” He chuckles. “Oh… you have no idea.” You smile. You bite your lip lightly, gripping his wrist. He grits his teeth, he’s getting close. He draws his hand back, squeezing your breast, earning a whine from you. “Rub your clit.” He breathes. You look up at him, raising your hand. “Gonna show you how good I can make you feel.” He breathes. He pulls you closer to him, holding your thighs at a good angle. Instead of full thrusts, he starts grinding his cock into you perfectly. He rubs right up against the spongy spot inside of you and a cry leaves your lips.
He wants to tell you to quiet down, but he doesn’t care who hears anymore. You’re his, all his. “Oh my god-“ you cry out, letting your head rest back on his desk. “So tight on me sweetheart.” He grits his teeth. He keeps the steady pace, and your legs shake slightly as he pushes you closer to your high. “I- I’m gonna cum Captain.” You breathe. He smiles, “cum for me baby, that’s a good girl.” He growls. “Keep rubbing your clit.” He breathes. He’s right there too, praying you’ll cum before him. You tilt your head back, body lurching forward as you reach your high, and once he knows he’s ridden it out for you, he starts thrusting again. It only takes a couple until he’s spilling into you with a groan. You’re breathing hard as he helps you up, standing between your legs still.
“You’re a bad girl you know that?” He laughs. You smile. “Just for you though, Captain.”
“Good. Because I’m going to keep you to myself.” He laughs.
This was just the start of something scandalous.
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