#it's all your fault btw
janeaustenlover · 3 months
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“What's this, Sara? What's this blood, Sara?”
Cerdita (2022), dir. Carlota Pereda
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moontheoretist · 9 days
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Me @ Magirevo Nobility:
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atticcreationz · 3 months
Dimension 20 Neverafter is to The Disney Live Action Remakes as Starkid Twisted is to The Closure of Disney's 2D Department SEND TWEET
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Why do you feel the need to make accusatory assumptions? I don't hate transgender people, and just because I criticize how their behavior can have negative effects does not mean I can't respect them, especially those who are willing to engage in mutually respectful dialogue concerning such criticism.
Dude. Shut up. I already told you I am not dealing with this. You said what you said, I said what I said, cope and seethe, get out of my inbox
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intersex-culture-is · 4 months
Being really uncomfortable with the word "condition" because it has been used in hushed tones to label your uniqueness as something like a disease your whole life.
People can use the word if it's their preference, but I have differences or variations.
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siriuslynephilim · 1 month
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mummy yaar mujhe padhai nahi karni mujhe pyaar mein padna hai
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weepylucifer · 5 months
webbed sites will be like “things you can do to protect yourself from long covid!!!” and then when i’m like yeah that ship has sailed, what can i do when i already have it? they’re like girl idk suffer i Guess
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janetennant · 8 months
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almighty-shortest · 5 months
Also every time you take a monstrous beast non human character and you turn them into a skinny pale anime boy a milf dies
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lostglassguitars · 11 months
“Like I said, nobody has ever beaten “Life Is Yours To Choose”!”
Is that because of us, Mark? Or is it because you never gave us a choice? After all, we’re really just wrapped up in your story. So of course we’ve never beaten it. You’ve never given us the opportunity to.
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rotisseries · 2 months
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locallygrownboytoy · 17 hours
i always find the "what would your younger self think of u" question so funny bc. ohhh boy she would hate my guts. 16 yo me would try to beat me to death with a fucking club. like, i dropped out of college three times and im no longer a girl but a man whos constantly begging for dick, both things that she absolutely hated. i am going to therapy though she would be happy i got that :)
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neorxnawangs · 2 months
every day i genuinely wish it 2019 had nothing to do with it 1986 because when you compare them there’s no contest. unfortunately it 2019 is the kind of movie that genuinely shreds my brain (shitty horror with fun characters and insane plot) so whenever i want to feel batshit about it i have to mentally separate it from the book.
#sorry for saying this often but sometimes it sucks that most people’s familiarity with the story and characters you love is soooo different#from the source material.#like i just saw really good art but it’s about the movie version of the characters! it’s just painful bc i love the book sm#but i also really enjoy james ransone dicking around and i love mr mustafa sooo much which sucks for me because i can’t help but recognize#them as shallower versions of themselves! like miniseries mike is visually so cool with his long trench coat and the scene where he and bill#ride around on silver is so good! you really respect that guy and all the effort he’s going thru and you can FEEL his suffering esp when he#talks about going back for the silver slugs and that small gesture indicating the grey in his hair…. he’s just really dignified and tired#and i really respect him. he’s book mike! but mr mustafa got a version of mike that you pity. he’s like a wet cat and kind of pathetic and#honestly completely different from himself as a child which is obviously neither of the actor’s faults but it makes me sad#so youre watching it 2019 and if you hadnt read the book you’re like wow this is so scary for mike he’s doing all this on the off chance and#you’re actually scared for him when pennywise calls him a madman. that was like really good line delivery btw it haunts me. so you watch the#movie and youre like jeez! i feel really bad for mike i understand if he went a lil crazy!#meanwhile book and miniseries mike and like really genuinely well put together people and theyre suffering from the fear and especially in#the book mike’s loss of his dad is absolutely heartwrenching but you can see all the effort he’s putting into logging this insane history of#derry (so much so that when the library floods at the end of the book and destroys the town records mike is the most knowledgeable source of#derry history at least until he forgets it) and it’s just. theyre completely different characters. and i like book mike the best :( so#also like the new stuff like canon bill hader crying over his miserable gay life would absolutely make it a top ten movie of all time for me#but the thing is I KNOW HE’S BETTER IN THE BOOK. it makes me insane#my post#stephen king#it#ben and beverly stay winning always tho which is why they’re the best#it still makes me sad to see richie and eddie and bill and MIKE and stan get mishandled#and btw i am absolutely not saying that people who like the movies over the miniseries and the book are wrong to! it’s definitely fair to#enjoy some movies that are genuinely really fun. but as someone who finds the book much more meaningful and the miniseries to be a solid#adaptation sometimes it just sucks that the most popular interpretation of one of my favorite books is so so different and just…#less compelling. ough i need to rewatch the miniseries STAT
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naivesilver · 7 months
And, finally, a free pass for any character + any ask game that you so desire! 💕💗💕 Have fun~
Last, but not least- something to make our dear Jojo happy too 💝(or mad. Honestly, both options are available dahajlfhsljahdf)
Comforting Sentence Starters
"I understand that what you’re going through must be painful."
To say that Archie is surprised to open the door to his office and find Eliana standing there would be an euphemism.
The girl hasn't willingly sought him out in- well, in a long while, all things considered. Since the wardrobe, like as not. She hasn't taken the events leading up to the curse very well, and understandably so, if Archie were to be honest with himself. It's an unexpected turn of events, that she would change her mind so abruptly.
Eliana must catch on his line of thought almost immediately, though, for her neutral expression turns into a scowl before his very eyes, and she starts rummaging through her bag, finally fishing out a thin hard-cover book. "August left this at my house," she says, flatly, all but slamming it in the doctor's hands. "He says he borrowed it from you. Don't worry, I know he's done it on purpose. I'll make sure it doesn't happen again."
Well, Archie thinks, repressing a sigh. There are two people who are getting along just as fine as they've ever done, at least. "It's...It's alright, Eliana. Thank you. Did you want to come in?"
"Depends. Is Pongo there?"
"Unless he has left on his own in the last two minutes, I dare say yes."
She nods brusquely and steps inside, brushing past him in her beeline for Archie's dog. Archie himself, for his part, watches her go as a something clenches at his chest and squeezes, threatening to cut his breath off entirely.
Pongo, bless him, doesn't seem to be aware of the tension that has flooded the room all of a sudden, and wags his tail fiercely as he raises from his cushion, padding closer to nose at Eliana's face and neck. She breaks into a soft smile, a rare enough occurrence for her, and that's perhaps why Archie ends up closing the door behind himself, instead of leaving it open and waiting for her to leave, and attempts to speak up again, after a long stretch of silence. "How's your father?"
Eliana stops mid-fur stroke, but she doesn't look up just yet. "I wouldn't know. How's yours?"
It's a venomous jab, tailored to hurt and fester in his skin, but the doctor refuses to let it linger more than half a second before waving it away, and makes an effort to keep his voice mild. "I understand that what you went through must have been painful, Eliana, but I really think that you should talk to him. This situation isn't doing any good to either of you."
"I very much doubt it."
"He hasn't changed as much as you think, even with the curse-"
"That's not what I meant." This time she does look up, and her eyes flash dangerously as she does so, her words coming out through gritted teeth. "What I meant is, I very much doubt you understand. At all."
The problem, Archie has occasionally caught himself thinking despite his best intentions, is that while each line on August's face is a reminder of how much they've all failed him, it also makes it easier to forget who he is, from time to time. He looks so different from the boy he was that if Archie focuses hard enough, he can almost pretend it's just a common patient he's talking to, just a man from town like any other.
Eliana, though, is all Marco from top to foot, even where her features betray who her mother is. The way she speaks, the way she juts her chin out defiantly - Archie can see her father in every detail, and what's worse, he can see her during easier times, too, sixteen and dancing a mad jig with Ruby during a country fair, six and coming home in a daze after being led away by the Dark One. It's like he's still arguing with that little girl who used to trust him implicitly, or with another child, decades and decades earlier, sad and mourning and raging.
It makes it all the harder for him to begrudge her even a smidge of her anger, even when she's acting like this, radiating fury from every pore.
"You're right," he says, picking his words carefully. "I don't understand everything. And you're allowed to resent us for what happened- I will never deny it, you know that. "
"I don't need your fucking permission to be mad," Eliana spits out, raising to her feet with the deliberate slowness of predator ready to strike. "I don't need your fucking permission to do anything, Jiminy. You're not my conscience anymore- if you ever were, that is. Have never been your top priority, now, have I?"
"That's not fair and you know it, but- I'll take it. I'd rather take all that anger instead of watching you pour it on your father. He was only trying to do what he thought was best."
"Best for who?" She snorts, shaking her head. "And I've got plenty of anger for all of you, don't trouble yourself with that. For you, for him, for my mother- Any of you could have stopped this. Emma could have had at least one parent. My baby brother could have been here! Safe! With me!"
"I know." Archie can't negate her words, much as it pains him. How could he? She's right. She's always had the right of it. "I regret it as much as you do. More, even. I couldn't stop your father, but I hoped you would, until the last minute."
"Believe me, if I'd been there, I would have."
"Why? Where were you?"
"Where do you think?" Eliana lets out a sharp laugh, bitter and resentful even from afar. "I was the closest thing they had to a damn midwife. Without me, our dear Savior would have been pulled out by dwarves alone. Can you imagine? They've never seen a gap that's not bearded."
"I...I didn't know." He's not lying. Not that he was before, but - this is genuine news to him, in a way her recriminations or her exaggerated crassness, made to offend and infuriate, could never be.
"It's not like they're going around advertising that. I made sure that Snow White wouldn't be having a breech birth, and now that cunt looks down at me like I'm a bad influence on her daughter, and goes asking for Rumpelstiltskin's help. Rumpelstiltskin! There's a laugh."
"I don't think that-"
"Meanwhile, I haven't heard a single apology from my father in thirty years, my mother is now a religious leader, my brother's in shambles, and you're saying you were expecting me to fix everything? What the fuck is wrong with you?"
"But of course, that's what's expected of me, right? Stay out of the story, Lia, help with the birth, Lia, hold back and sweep the floors while your Papa's out on a suicide mission, and don't even think about complaining, gods be good, because you're not the one that matters here-"
"Eliana, enough." Finally, Archie manages to wedge himself in her monologue, and grabs her tentatively by the shoulders, steadying her. "You're right. You and August have been wronged so many times I don't know where to begin fixing it. But you're only hurting yourself now. Breathe."
He half expects her to pull away, but to her great surprise, she doesn't. She merely looks up at him, hair wild and dishevelled, her chest heaving raggedly - he always forgets how small she seems, now that she can't swat him away with a single hand any longer, and rage has brought colour to her cheeks, making her appear oh-so-young, younger even than the age printed on her paperwork here in Storybrooke, which has never been accurate and likely never will be.
It strikes Archie that while August might have tricked her into coming to the office today, she could have left at any time, with his approval or not. She was never one to let herself be stopped by a mere locked door, Eliana. The doctor remembers more than one night spent pacing and fuming after she'd climbed out her bedroom window, torn between warning Geppetto and ensuring she didn't run into any trouble - coercing her into staying wouldn't have gone anywhere, then as well as now. There must be a part of her that needed these words to tumble out of her mouth, that wanted him to listen to them, no matter how small or how deeply hidden inside Eliana.
It's not nearly as comforting as one would be led to think, that realization. He thinks that if he could, he'd willingly trade this moment for any of those terrible days from her teenage years, when her rage would make the milk curdle all around the village and Archie would despair of her ever getting better.
"I needed you," she says simply, hollowly. Her voice has evened out now, calm and controlled, but he can tell it's a thin veneer, a lid being pressed onto a boiling pot. "August needed you both, but I did, too. I thought you could make Father see sense, and then the curse broke and we were right where we started. We thought you were dead, Jiminy. I had to stand at the back of the crowd and watch him give you an eulogy and my brother was still missing and it wasn't fair. You hear me? It wasn't. For any of us."
"I know. I'm sorry. I know apologizing will never be enough, but I am sorry, Eliana. Even for the things I couldn't control."
"I don't want apologies." To his great surprise, the shadow of a grin flashes on her face, fleeting but there all the same. "I want the Dark One's head on a spike, and my mother to piss off the face of Earth, and to smack August on the head for this stupid little game he played. Can you speed up any of those, Dr. Hopper?"
An entirely different brand of tiredness falls onto Archie's shoulders, a familiar one, sure, but heavy nonetheless. If there's one thing Eliana has in common with her brother, it's the fact that they have always had a knack for giving him white hair, even before he had any hair to speak of. "You know I can't approve of your plans. As a therapist, and as your friend."
"Yes, well, it would be better if you were actually my friend." Eliana releases a long, tremulous exhale, closing her eyes for a moment before glancing up at him again, as though steadying herself. "Tragically, you're family. It'd be easier to be angry at you and Father, if you weren't."
"What about your mother and brother?"
This time the smile lingers a bit longer on her lips, something approaching her customary fire in it. "That woman's no family of mine. She should have bitten the bullet and kept me around, if she'd wanted to be. They say wet nurses love fairy babies, but I think Nova would have done well, and she'd have been happy. And August..." She hesitates, pressing her lips together, then clears her throat, shaking her head stiffly. "I don't care what he's done in this world. That's for Emma to forgive, and she did. He's not to blame for any of the bad things that happened to us since he was born."
She fixes that burning purple gaze of hers on him, her fingers fidgeting with the strap of her bag. "Can you say the same for yourself, Jiminy? Or for my father?"
For all his experience, Archie has no answer for that question. Eliana must know it as well as him, because after a long moment she nods to herself, then ducks her head and leaves, leaving the door ajar and Pongo whining with his tail tucked between his legs, calling after his playmate.
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traitorsinsalem · 9 months
Tumblr media
goodness gracious mama mia
#succ speaks#fuck the bts team for not showing them divorce court btw.#i never thought i would see such a disappointing mianite-related stream. and i watched all of isles! [old man laugh track]#somehow this was the greatest video game event i have ever taken part in thanks to the awesome community (including the one ending in mc)#but this stream sucked absolute donkey dick. glad we can get back on the server and this wasn't the end of it.#not the streamers' fault though i think. the event was just nothing like promised. i'll be honest i was an isles apologist until now.#something something they worked so hard to make it happen and keep it running why the unnecessary hate....i can't lie to myself anymore man.#a lot of us thought the stream was going to be more lighthearted and not hardass objective build judge w/ half the plots taken out for time#like sure the prize was a good amount of money but tom and jordan were clearly trying to have fun but felt like they couldn't that much. idk#the absolutely brilliant times we had building and having fun and talking and helping each other on the server felt like they were erased...#...from this stream. EVEN THE END was super watered down and dec definitely did his best to give them the background of it all.#idk. madspy and dec were super cool i feel like some other factors and/or people behind this caused it to flop with the community.#the mods can only do so much 'your build was amazing and unique you should be proud of it' or whatever without showcasing the things...#...we were all talking and laughing and excited about while on the server. it feels like this wasn't an event that was meant to leave...#a certain circle. this is just my view but personally i would have enjoyed this way more if there WASN'T a streamed judging.#or that the judging was a couple of days long so they didn't have to rush through it and everyone could be seen.#i think the mods should take our gripes into consideration rather than trying to cheer us up or act like it's our problem.#but hey. [old man laugh track] thaaaaat's our good ol' mianite!#the event itself though was incredible and i'm really happy it happened. like the actual building part. i got a lot out of it and got to...#...meet so many people. we all had a lot of fun and put in a lot of time and work but it didn't feel like a burden to partake in it yk!#having dec and madspy and wh (i forget his name all the time) on a lot was really fun too! they were really kind and fun to be around...#...and we got to learn some cool little bits of bts info. finding out that dec was 16 when mianite started was INSANE especially.#and like i'm not just salty cuz my build wasn't featured. being able to make it in the first place was enough for me bc it was my first...#...serious build! and the other people on the server really enjoyed it and to me having the community appreciate it is so much more...#...heartwarming to me and makes me happier than if this would have been a 'private' thing and the streamers looked through every bit...#...and praised it. i loved being able to take part in this event but honestly i wish i wouldn't have watched the stream. it made me upset...#...to see so many INSANE builds and aspects of builds i got to watch people work on and help them with get mere crumbs of recognition.#i know tom in particular appreciates mianite fan content so splitting this up into multiple streams so they didn't get bored or tired or...#...have to rush would have been a pretty obvious solution. but again you can always count on the mianite bts team to make things...#...unnecessarily complicated or simple while ignoring the very clear best paths! [old man laugh track]
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meili-sheep · 9 months
TFW they steal ur xiaoluc headcanons and WONT marry you 💪🏽😔 I’m the one who BROUGHT UP XIAOLUC why won’t u kiss me
Tumblr media
I don't know what more you want
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