#it's like this man is afraid of drinking water
harrysblackcoat · 24 hours
How about a blurb on drunk Harry after that wing chat?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I see you and I raise you , how about a drunkrry headcannon 👀:
The sloppiest drinker you’ve ever met like that man goes from stone cold sober to hammered with nothing in between . No tipsy phase just wasted but will argue that he’s not even tho you can barely make out what he’s saying
Everyone and I mean everyone he meets he treats like his best friend that he’s known for years and everyone always refers to him as a “good guy”
Is always the first one up at karaoke and begrudgingly drags you up for a duet. The two of you belting out careless whisper like nobody is watching you
You cannot get that man of the dance floor and the drunker he gets the closer he presses against you , sometimes forgetting he’s in such a public setting
Best friend Harry is totally your hype man when your single - always hyping you up to go chat to someone but keeps a protective eye on you at all times
Boyfriend Harry when he’s drunk always promises you “a night you won’t forget” when he gets you home , but it usually ends up with you trying to get him up the stairs in one piece and finding him sprawled naked across your bed after you went to get him a glass of water
Best friend Harry who’s been in love with you for years hates drinking with you . Always afraid he’ll drunkenly confess his feelings for your before he’s ready but he also hates seeing you flirt with other guys in front of him , trying to contain his jealousy wishing it was you flirting with him instead
Drunk best friend Harry always says the deepest most meaningful shit that absolutely makes no sense or has any context on the walk back home and you’d roll your eyes if you weren’t so endeared by him
He never wants to leave the party until it’s over , like you have to drag him outta there because he will be dancing to Abba until 6am unless you intervene
But there is one way you can always get him to leave …… suggest a McDonalds. That lad loves a drunken Diet Coke and chips at 4am
But the main thing about drunkrry …. He’s always fun❤️
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pink-angel · 21 days
my bf: "i wouldn't mind you telling me what to do..." 😏
me: "go get yourself a snack and some water"
bf: 😠
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aeipcthy · 2 years
Tumblr media
I’ve done a terrible, terrible deed........  i have added yet another tired looking bearded white boy-- gkdfdg his name is Oswin Caldwell! and he is............The Vampirate... because I simply could not resist.  Here’s a grab of his little bio blurb below so yall dont have to go trudging through the whole muses page for it .w.’
Tumblr media
#( ooc )#( tbd )#i said i was gonnA WRITE BUT........... i did this instead and u know what.... this is fine#idk how much ill use him or for what rlly but!! here he is for now....#hmmm... little bit about the guy? he is.. not tall. not ridiculously short but certainly not considered big#but thats like.... normal height for the century he was born and raised in i think tbh#hes a slippery.. vicious.. violent eel of a man. unlike tommy-- he is genuinely not a good man#tommy and oswin have a similar background and whatnot but... oz is like... woof. Pirates were a different breed hfdbujd#but i guess at least they had like.... honor amongst themselves? sorta?#anyway hes like... mostly gay. he doesnt put a label on it. he genuinely just doesnt care enough to#could love a woman he supposes ? could happen but has yet to#hmmm.... hes a very personal person who enjoys drinking and fighting a little too much.#& has /tremendous/ control over his bloodlust as a vamp (as opposed to tom who still struggles at times)#& is actually significantly more powerful than he looks or puts forth (he never drinks anything but human blood if he can help it#& isnt afraid to go after it when he wants or needs it--  unlike tom who holds back & is weakened bc of it)#his voice is also like.... some weird mixture? pirate-y yea but much less so than it was. he's.. practiced a lot to get rid of it mostly lol#some weird ass diluted version of a handful of UK accents#pirate-y.... or hints of it.... but like. watered down significantly. ..dont ask how i intend to write this lmAO#uuuuuuu.....hmm... ill add his extended bio later!#if yall got any questions about the old rat in the meantime-- feel free to ask ofc!!
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mars-ipan · 2 years
it’s so weird to me when people make fun of rat bc like... yeah little dogs are just Like That. they’re perfectly happy though. it looks like there is not a single thought behind their eyes yet they are crafting a plan to manipulate you into treating them like royalty. they lull you into a false sense of security with their goofy idiocy but in reality? they fluently understand english. they will break you. you will spoil them
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gandreida · 1 month
Took a double shot of vodka with no chaser and I didnt even twitch or cringe like I normally do when I drink alcohol
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ceriseheaven · 4 months
can’t stop imagining how joe would be with a newborn daughter - picturing him wearing her on his chest and reading to her at night even though she’s too little to understand 😭 crying when she grows out of any clothes! could i maybe request him being a very attentive hands on girl dad for his teeny baby love?
dad!joe owns my heart.
warnings: so much fluff and made me want to marry and have his children even more
"joey.. are you okay?" you walked into your shared bedroom in a bathrobe and were immediately met with the sound of light sniffles coming from your husband. he was sitting with his back to you, hunched over, holding something in his hands.
earlier that night, joe had filled the bath with warm water, lavender oil, rosemary and rose petals. lit up your favorite scented candles in the bathroom and guided you there after dinner, telling you that you need to have a night for yourself. thanks to your little nine months old girl, it's been near impossible for you to have nights like these so you took his offer right away, no questions asked.
he quickly wiped his eyes with the back of his hand when he heard your voice, "yeah i'm good, i was just crying a little bit" he said with a trembling tone. joe was an emotional man and he wasn't afraid to show it. he was in touch with his feelings and it wasn't like him to try and hide them. they say some people wear their hearts on their sleeve, that wasn't your joey. he didn't wear his heart, his heart wore him.
you walk over to him, concern rising with every step. "what is it baby? do you wanna talk about it?" the minute you stepped in front of him, your eyes fell to the object he has between his hands, your daughter's onesie from when she was merely days old. your mind begins forming an idea of what this could be about.
ever since you gave birth, joe and your daughter have been inseparable. right after they took you to your hospital room and you fed her for the first time, you fell asleep from exhaustion. your eyelids were heavy and on the verge of shutting while she was nursing on your breast so the second she was full, joe took her off your arms so you can rest fully for some time.
the nurse suggested he takes that opportunity to have his skin to skin contact time with his baby, said it could help with regulating her temperature and heartbeat just as it would if she was doing it with you and his shirt was off in no time. he sat down on the recliner chair and placed her on his bare chest. feeling his little human so close made him realize how real this is. he wasn't dreaming, this was his real life. he was holding the baby girl his dream woman gave him. the primal need to protect his girls and this new chapter of life you're walking into together kicked in instantly. he's only held his baby for a few minutes and he's ready to take all the years off his life and give them to her already.
when you got home a day later, he called his managers, told them to take him off casting lists and tell the agency that he's not available for any project in the foreseeable future. you and your baby girl were his first and most valuable priority and he wanted to spend all the time he could with you, his family.
unlike your pregnancy where there were some things he decided to step back from and let you do on your own, now he was involved in every little thing. he woke up for every feeding. he'd bring her to you and hold you both in his arms while she nurses. if you're too tired and sleepy to keep her hoisted on your chest, he'd hold her up and fix your nipple in her mouth whenever she misses it. he'd then take her and fix your top, lift the blanket on your body and kiss your forehead before he goes to burp her. an act that ended with her throwing up on his shoulder and down his back one too many times but he never budged or flinched, "you're just like mummy when she used to have too much to drink, throwing up all over me. at least we're home now and not in an alleyway. oh yeah mummy threw up on me in an alleyway once and it was the first time we met too! call it love at first puke" he'd talk to her as if she understands anything he says while cleaning her and himself up.
talking with her became his new routine very quickly. when she was still a newborn, he'd rock her to sleep every night, reading books off the shelf to her and telling her stories of how you two met and how your relationship blossomed into what it is now. when you caught him speaking to her, you asked what he was doing and his response was; "catching her up on what she missed. she started the show on season seven, i gotta help her out a little. you know how it's like with newbies"
one time when she was around five months old, you got home after being out with your friends and found your daughter sat on the couch with a pillow supporting her on each side and a little squishmallow toy in her lap in case she leans forward. joe was sat on the ground in front of her so they're on eye level with each other, telling her all about the new drama going on in his friends' life, gossiping with her. putting on exaggerated different voices for every person, talking with his hands and using all of his facial expressions to communicate his emotions with her. "and then he says 'no sally i got here first, you lost the bet so you're paying tonight' and pete backed him up. sally was maaaad let me tell you, you won't believe what happened next listen to this.." despite her not understanding a word out of his mouth, she was looking at him with immense wonder. her doe honey eyes staring at him like she's truly interested in what he has to say. not only she had his eyes, but the life in them too.
after a while of you admiring them from a distance, you caught her eye. "who are you looking at?" he asked when he noticed he wasn't having her whole undivided attention and turns to see where she's looking, his eyes fall on you and a smile takes over his face. "my love hi c'mere i was just telling honey about happened with sally and pete the other day. did you have fun?" he's open his arms for you and pull you onto his lap, kissing all over your face once you're close enough. "we missed you so much, didn't we honey?" your daughter starts making grabby hands, clearly wants in on the cuddle and you pick her up, bringing her between the both of you.
she wasn't one year old yet and she already had two rooms. the spare room in your house that joe turned into her bedroom under your commission back when you were pregnant and now he turned the room he used to use to do his work, practice guitar, piano, sword fighting, accents and whatever other skill he needs to learn for a job into a playroom for her.
this time he got a professional to do the job, wanting to make it super safe so if she falls or hits a wall, she wouldn't get a single scratch or get hurt in any way. he cried for three days when she got her first vaccination because she seemed in pain, the possibility of her getting hurt ached him and he was determined to make sure she'll be as safe as humanly possible.
he thought he'd never feel love like this after he felt it for you but the second she wrapped her little hand around his finger, he was wrapped around hers. his heart seemed like it increased in size ten times, making space for the both of you now and growing more and more everyday.
"she's growing up so fast.." he blurts out between sniffles and holds the onesie out to you, "just a few days ago she used to fit in this.. in this! now she has a brand new closet." holding the piece of clothes to his chest, he continues, "i'm with her all the time and i still feel like i miss her. time is wasting away while she grows up in front of our eyes and now before we know it she'll be in kindergarten and then elementary then middle school then high school and boom she's grown up and she wants to move out of the house and we'll only see her on birthdays and holidays" he holds his head in his hands for a few seconds before removing them and looking at you with his tear stained face and shiny eyes. "i'm not ready for her to grow up yet."
his words ring in your head, he's right and it hurts to admit. she is growing up fast, too fast. you hold your own tears back, you've had your fair share of breaking down while he kept it together and comforted you. it was only right that you do the same for him when he needed it, needed you.
removing his elbows off his knees, you sit on his thigh and bring his head to your shoulder where he nuzzles his face in your neck. "i know love i know.. but this isn't totally a bad thing you know?" his arms quickly wrap around your middle and your hands find his head, running through his hair and massaging his scalp gently. "her growing up can be a beautiful thing. i mean imagine her saying dada for the first time in a few months, aren't you looking forward to that?"
he takes a deep breath and hug you tighter, "i think my heart might give out once i hear it."
"see? and we still have so many milestones to celebrate. everything she does in her life will be a milestone and we'll be right there with her to celebrate them on birthdays, on holidays and on ordinary saturadays. she's not going anywhere. she'll stop being ours at some point but we'll always be hers, joey."
his crying calms down with comfort you're giving him with your words and your embrace, he nods in your neck as you bring your hand up to his cheek to wipe his tears away, "we'll always be hers."
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tender-rosiey · 8 months
𝐅𝐑𝐎𝐌 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐇𝐄𝐀𝐑𝐓 𝐎𝐅 𝐀 𝐃𝐑𝐔𝐍𝐊 — gojo x gn!reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ᴀ/ɴ: gojo let me kiss your cheeks baby
Tumblr media
you sigh for the millionth time today. you finally get how nanami feels when he spends way too much time with your pain in the ass husband. hell even you can’t handle him sometimes which is exactly why he was supposed to be with nanami and shoko today.
he apparently got challenged to a drinking challenge and couldn’t back down and that’s what got him to his current predicament.
“‘toru, honey, can you take your shoes off?” you ask softly.
he shakes his head, and you notice that his blindfold is on the ground, “can you help me?”
“satoru, you are a grown man.”
he nods gently, “just want to be close to you…please?”
“fine,” you say exasperated and you point to the couch.
he clumsily walks there and sits down, and you kneel in front of him, untying his shoes.
gojo is silent, so you speak up, “baby, stay with me; we are just going to get you cleaned up and drink some water then you can sleep; okay honey?”
you look up and see the light tremble in his shoulders and worry washes over your face, “‘toru, you okay?”
he wraps his arms around you in a weak motion, but the hold he has over you is anything but.
you hear sobs, broken and held back sobs.
and your heart breaks with them.
“I love you so much; i-it hurts,” he says shakily burying his face into your stomach.
your hand start stroking his hair, hoping to lift the weight even a little, yet he continues, “I love you so much; I can’t bare— to live a life without you anymore.”
vulnerable, broken and afraid, that’s what’s left of gojo in front of you right now. a man who is so scared, trembling and shaking, breathing heavily and clinging to you like his life depended on it.
“my heart,” he cuts himself off with a sob, “body, and mind can’t handle being away from you,” he finally looks you in the eye for the first time tonight, eyes puffy, lips trembling and face full of sadness and pain, “please, tell me you love me too.”
you stroke his cheek and he leans into your touch like he has been starved from it for years, “of course I love you too; I never stopped and never will,” you assure tenderly and a small smile of bliss makes its way to his face while he closes his eyes.
“let me by your side,” he mumbles, before he opens his eyes a little staring at your hand before pressing a kiss to your palm, “let me be everything you want,” he holds your hand and puts it on his heart, “use me, do whatever you want just please let me love you and keep me by your side.”
the sight would be something his enemies would laugh at, gojo is on his knees, tears staining his usually smiling face and it’s all for you. he is under your mercy, one wrong word and he would crumble to the ground; his mind is full of you.
you, you, you, he only wants you to be with him. you, to love him. you, to hold him and keep him sane.
you huff, dropping to your knees and connecting to your foreheads, catching him by surprise, “no one is using anyone; I am staying by your side because I love you and I want you.”
he sighs, a watery sigh full of love and relief and he rests his head on your shoulder, “I don’t want to lose anyone, y/n. not anymore,” gojo closes his eyes, “not you.”
soft snores fill the room after the long night and you rest your hand on his head, “never me.”
Tumblr media
taglist: @magenta-cat-drawingss @pompompurin1028 @scul-pted @dazaisdeathwish @requiem626k @nameless-shrimp @shinys-bsd-world-1 @sonder-paradise @ravenina14 @jessbeinme15s-notebook @todorokichills @missrown @shrynkk @simplyxsinned @beautiful-is-boring @bakugossanity @izukus-gf @irethepotato @thekaylahub @luciferspen @aeanya @sweetcloudsimp @fiona782 @ginneko @kisakitwister @iamjustasimpxd @psychopotatomeme
Tumblr media
copyright © 2020 tender-rosiey
do not copy or plagiarize or you will be reported
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tachibubu · 5 months
Hi hi, how are you?
Could you write an Aegon fic with the reader where she is pregnant with their first child (a girl)? But while the reader is in labor, it's being too risky, so when she asks everyone to leave, she leaves shortly after her room and as she passes through the hallway where Aegon's family is waiting for the news, they see her heading in. towards the garden, where the dragon is. The reader is afraid of dying during labor, so she asks her dragon Moraxx to set fire on her, Dracarys, but at the time Aegon appears and manages to prevent it, and in that, the birth ends up happening right there and everything ends up fine.
With You
Tumblr media
∆ PAIRING ; Father! Aegon Targaryen II x Pregnant!Reader/OC/Self-Insert
∆ SUMMARY ; (Almost what httpjijikook said!) Aegon and (Y/N) expects to have a newborn baby soon. Though conflicts came and a dreaded question soon clouded Aegon's choices.
∆ WARNINGS ; childbirth and the traumatic shts it brings, angst with comfort, idk why fluff is a warning but fluffy ending, Aegon being a great father, Aegon finally standing up for himself, I DONT HATE ALICENT BUT ALICENT IS KINDA MEAN HERE, slight parallel to Laena's death but if Daemon fckin talked and helped her like hes supposed to fuckin do in the shows, it is not stated which house reader in so lets pretend you learned high Valyrian for aegon or you're from a house who speaks it whatever u wish
NOTE ; I kinda read the request wrong so I changed some bits of it, hopefully this didn't destroy your vision! Also there are High Valyrian in this fic, I italized the meaning beside it usually since I hate placing the meanings by the end of the story.
I was listening to Here With Me by D4vd while reading this so you might as well check it out!
Aegon was never acknowledged to be a loyal, dependable, trustworthy kind of person. The youthful prince is commonly portrayed as a womanizer, drunkard, and generally irrational person who has no desire to ascend to the throne. Of course, no one outside of the Red Keep is aware of the latter.
So you can imagine Alicent's astonished expression when her son asks to cancel the wedding with his sister and instead desires to be engaged to you, (Y/N), of a House who are loyal to Viserys and his heir Rhaenyra.
This did not sit well with Alicent, who perceived it as another ploy by Aegon to get her sympathy. Alicent was horrified that her son might be bewitched by you. Even after he promised to control his urges and impulsiveness, she still forbade it.
Even so, Aegon pursued you and planted a baby inside of you behind the Queen's back. Alicent became aware of this two months into the pregnancy. She considered giving moon tea, but Aegon saw right through her and argued with his mother about the upsetting idea. By drinking it, it could not only kill the babe but you as well, and he wouldn't forgive his mother for that.
When Aegon turned 180° during five months, Alicent gradually came to terms with the pregnancy and the request for bethrotal. This was acquired when Aegon, as his mother would have wanted, would study and get ready for the probable day of his reign. Aegon did not like doing this, but if it meant being with you, he would do everything.
You and Alicent were not necessarily close just because she welcomed you into the family. There were some pure moments in which Alicent prepped you for your first foray into parenting, albeit there were a few fake smiles thrown in because of your lineage and which side it was on.
As your belly grew bigger and bigger, Aegon's fixation with infedelity and other things gradually faded away. From a sour teenager to a tender-hearted, loving father. Yes, he would still occasionally flirt at court, but he would compensate for it by spending time bonding with you after his lessons and crafting an embroidered handkerchief by hand out of his new passion. (Helaena taught him, but Aegon wouldn't admit it. The man was too prideful.)
One month earlier than predicted, the water broke. Aegon and the Greens became concerned about a potential miscarriage as a result.
Your wails can be heard in the back, Aegon cried at the top of his voice, "Do something!" His fists seized the collars of the Maester as he awoke just a few minutes ago. "You bald piece of shit, I'll let you taste something worse than childbirth if you make any mistakes!"
Midnight was when it occurred. As you arched your back in agony, your face was drenched in sweat. You were in excruciating pain, and Aegon's yelling and threats did not help. Your lady in waiting was standing next to you, wiping your sweat and encouraging you softly as you tried to push once more before howling.
Ser Criston, a well-known knight, trudged into the room, saying, "My prince, her grace requests your audience first at council."
"She never liked (Y/N), and now she wants me to miss the birth of my child? Is she fuckin' crazy? What the fuck does that bitch want?"
The white-cloaked knight said casually, "I advise you both discuss this one out, my prince."
Before Aegon could proceed to step out of the door against his own will, he softened when he heard your pleas, crying out for his name. "A-Aegon..."
"My love?" Just by hearing his name, he rushed towards your side. He knelt next to you and gently stroked your hands.
"Please don't leave." Your eyes were red, as was your nose. Aegon was always sensitive regarding his feelings, whether it be anger or sadness. So, seeing you in this position, begging and hurting, he couldn't help but start to weep as well.
His other hand supported your head while his thumb wiped away your tears, saying, "I won't. I'll come back quickly."
"Please don't..." you weakly muttered.
He kissed your forehead and murmured, "I promise," before getting up. He is aware that in order to gain their trust in this marriage, he must comply with his mother's, or rather the queen's, expectations. So he walked towards Ser Criston, but not before saying, "Avy jorrāelan", a pledge of love in High Valyrian. The words mean, 'I love you'.
"Take me to her," he growled as he walked irately past the knight.
The council's discourse was the same as it always was. Pertaining to the heirarchy and how bearing a son would support his claim to the throne. Aegon pondered if this gathering was even worth paying attention to as he fidgeted with his wedding ring, something you had suggested to Aegon. Although not traditional, he found it lovely and continued along with it amidst the disapproval of the septon.
But his worries soon became a reality as the Maester hurriedly entered the room without any introduction, drawing raised eyebrows from the small council. Aegon's heart sank when the old man said that it was either the baby's life or both the infant and the mother would perish. He hurried over to your quarters but discovered it to be empty. He learned that the midwife, who was in charge of keeping a tight eye on you, was preoccupied enough to let you pass through the door. Aegon grew furious and almost killed the poor old lady. However, this was only momentary as a stableboy entered the room in a pant and announced that he had seen you enter the garden near the horses.
On your side, only you could hear your cries for help. When you heard the maesters speak about the possibility of your baby and yourself dying in childbirth, you couldn't bring yourself to meet the stranger on the bed. You had wished for a dragon-rider's death alongside with your baby. So there you were, facing your dragon, Moraxx, as it sent a curious, beguiling glance your way.
"Dohaeris, Moraxx!" As you drew closer to the dragon, begging to be killed with fire, you yelled at it to serve you while leaving trails of blood in your wake. "Dracarys!"
"Kostilus.." you begged, your body in pain yet still holding up. "Dracarys!"
Alicent halted Aegon in his tracks before he could continue after you in the garden. She started by pressing both of her palms on her first child's face, attempting to soothe him down. However, her eyes were filled with conflicting emotions: "She won't survive this Aegon, nor the kid. I trust that you will make the right choice. It is your obligation as a husband to choose wisely."
His face showed pain and betrayal before he shook off the hands on his face as if it was mere dirt. "Screw duty, I'd rather be fucking dead with the one I love than be the crown's slave."
He entered the gates without any more words, his hair ruffled at how fast he fled inside. When he had spotted you almost laying on the floor in front of your dragon, screaming for it to burn you, he began to sprint towards you as if his life depended on it while yelling in panic, "Lykiri!" He screamed for you to calm down and stop amidst his run, "Kelītīs!"
When he eventually got to you, he assisted you up while cursing at you and shaking your shoulder vigorously. "What the fuck are you doing?!"
"Please, Aegon, please kill me, I beg you now.." You pleaded with the frightened prince.
"I wont fucking do that!"
"I can't handle it anymore, please..."
He stroked your face as you both exchanged glances. Fear, despair, and love for one another were all seen on both faces. "(Y/N), look, and listen carefully. Remember our talk when we visited Highgarden? About death and such?"
"Skoros morghot vestri?" He asked, 'What do we say to death?' it meant, though the way it was said seems like he demanded or ordered you to. When you hadn't replied and your breaths were shallow, his tears didn't stop from flowing before he asked it again, stuttering, "(Y/N),... S-Skoros morghot vestri?"
Your eyes would have almost succumbed to the haziness if it weren't for Aegon's pleading eyes and voice. With your new-found determination, you felt yourself regain a bit of energy. Using it, you held his shoulders as you forced yourself to push out the life inside of you. His eyes never left yours until you had finally felt something release inside you, and you slowly laid down on the pavement with him helping you down with worried eyes.
With a final push, the new baby was born. It wasn't a boy, but Aegon loved her regardless, as he took the baby and held it in his hand. His one hand cradled it while the other held yours. Slowly, he started with a mere chuckle before he let out an excited laugh. He shared both looks between his daughter and his wife, muttering "gevie," Beautiful, he said.
You smiled at him, taking slow breaths before giving him a loving kiss. You answered his question from before, "Tubī daor". A response in which he smiled properly before responding. "Yes, it is not today."
The maesters and a few knights were summoned to help you and the healthy infant back to your chamber. Aegon was by your side the entire time you were mending. Your husband placed a chair next to your neatly made bed and slept there as you did. You both fell into a deep slumber, holding hands. Tiredness consumed both of you as you were both woken up by the maestar on the morrow, congratulating you both on a successful birth.
"You did so well, my love." Aegon whispered as you cradled your baby in your arms before you heard your husband thank you in your shared native words. "Kirimvos, for not giving up."
You smiled before kissing him, "avy jorrāelan."
Tell me why is fuck aegon the first thing that popped up in hashtags as i add my tags HXHXBDBDNDN
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angelltheninth · 3 months
heyy I'm fae! could we have a fem!reader takes care of sick genshin men? its more of a fluff thing but I thought it'd be cute.
also, can it be with pantalone, dottore and any others?
God I love it when it gets reversed and the Genshin men are the ones being taken care of.
Pairing: Kaeya, Diluc, Itto, Thoma, Pantalone, Dottore, Scaramouche, Zhongli x Fem!Reader
Tags: fluff, comfort, soothing kisses, cuddles, worried Reader, sick Genshin Men, worried Genshin Men
A/N: Honestly they deserve someone who's gonna take care of them don't they?
Kaeya still tries to do the little things to help out. He knows what his limits are, he knows that he should rest but he also feels like he shouldn't just stay in bed all the time. Hell he could be burning up and he still wants to at least walk up and get himself a glass of water. Only with you helping him, otherwise it's right back into bed for him.
Diluc has a hard time accepting when he gets sick. He has a lot of important work to do and people to protect. He's spent patrols out when sick before, it shouldn't be any different now. Except when you see him haphazardly getting dressed you take it all of him and push him right back into be, telling him that until he can get past you there's no work for him. Getting past you is already a hard task.
Itto is pretty resistant to most things which is why he doesn't even notice he's sick until he collapses from a fever. Makes teasing and flirty remarks about you washing every part of his body and deliberately tries to make you blush when he flexes his muscles. He full knows he can't back up these flirty remarks now, all the more motivation for him to get better.
Thoma gets stubborn about accepting the fact that he's sick. Since he is very used to helping others he sometimes has a hard time admitting that he too needs to be taken care of sometimes. All the same he is very appreciative of your help, how you get him any food he likes. He would kiss you if he wasn't afraid of getting you sick too. That doesn't mean you won't kiss him on the forehead though.
Pantalone works until he passes out, and at times that stress can make him sick. It's pretty much the only thing that can get to him as he is a pretty healthy person otherwise. The man is so stubborn he even brings papers to bed and insists on doing them despite his high fever and dizziness. At times you feel like you'll have to tie him to the bed to keep him still while you make him something warm to eat.
Dottore would rather try to cure himself then have to spend days in bed. He jokes a lot about you joining him but doesn't actually want you to. Despite him wanting to touch you all the time he can go without you until he gets better. Will eat anything and everything you make him, drinking is a different matter. You have to pour it into his mouth to get him to drink it.
Scaramouche is one hardheaded man. If he decides that he's not sick then you can't tell him otherwise. The only way you'll get him to get some rest is if you're in bed with him. You agree because he sweats more that way anyways, so his fever goes down faster. If you end up getting sick after him he won't admit it's his fault but he'll sure as hell be kicking himself about it.
Zhongli very rarely gets sick. When he does it really sneaks up on him but it never lasts more then a few days. For this reason he sees no point in you making a big fuss about it and insisting that he stays home, he'll get better either way. But... if it makes you happy then he will take a break for a few days and let you take care of him.
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daddynattt · 4 months
Are u comfortable with doing abo? If so would u mind doing a protective/possessive soft alpha natasha x fem reader? Something more intimate than sexy, I'm a major sucker for intimacy. If not no worries, I hope ur doing well author. I hope ur eating plenty, drinking lots of water, getting good sleep
Thank you<3 I promise I am because I’m currently sick atm lol. First time writing something like this, so I hope it’s okay! Enjoy. I’m a sucker for intimacy as well.
You're MY Omega
Tumblr media
Summary: When everyone seems to want to claim you as their Omega, Natasha steps in and makes sure they know their place and finally claims you as hers as you share an intimate night together.
Pairings: Alpha!Natasha Romanoff x Omega!Fem Reader
Warnings: Alpha Nat, Possessive/Jealous Nat, Nat Punching Someone lol, Soft Nat, Fluff, Smut. 18+ Only
Word Count: 1.8k
Dorogoy (Darling)
You rub your eyes as you make your way into the kitchen, the need for food the first thing on your mind this morning. You and your desired Alpha, Natasha, have plans to spend the day together and you are hoping that things can finally take a turn between the two of you today. The need for her to claim you is getting too much each day you’re next to her, but you aren’t sure if you are her desired Omega. Her senses always overwhelm you, but you painfully hold yourself back. You walk into the kitchen and see Wanda making breakfast, giving her a friendly smile as you make your way towards the fridge.
“Morning Y/n, how are you this morning?” she smiles at you as she looks you up and down, staring at your exposed legs. You pretend you don’t notice as you pour some juice in a cup and drink it. “I’m good, how are you Wanda?” you ask her politely. She bites her lip as she looks at you. “Much better now that you’re here” your cheeks flush as you look away. Wanda is an Alpha that always tries to get close to you. You don’t let her as you don’t want to give her the wrong idea, but you aren’t claimed by anyone, so it does not stop her. “Would you like some breakfast? I can cook something up for you, or better yet, give you something else to satisfy your hunger?” she purrs as she steps closer to you. You avert your eyes as you go to stutter out a reply but before you can say anything, you hear a growl as Natasha makes her way into the kitchen.
“Sorry Wanda but Y/n and I have plans to go out for breakfast and spend the day together, isn’t that right dorogoy?” you blush as you smile shyly at her, nodding your head yes. “Let’s go then, I’m starving!” she smiles at you as she wraps her arm around your shoulder and drags you out of the kitchen. The heat radiating off her body brings you immediate comfort, and you don’t notice the way Natasha glares at Wanda on your way out.
“Ugh I’m stuffed, thank you for breakfast Nat” you give her a soft smile that makes her feel a million things at once. When Natasha saw you this morning with Wanda, she couldn’t contain the possessive growl from coming out of her mouth. You are her desired Omega, and she wants nothing more then to claim you and make you hers, but she’s afraid you wouldn’t want her and she can’t take that rejection from you. She’s interrupted from her thoughts as she sees a man approach the table.
“Well hello there, what is a beautiful omega like you doing out here without an Alpha? I would love to take you back home with me if your friend here doesn’t mind” The possessive growl that Natasha lets out makes your eyes widen, you look at her as she glares at the man. “Back off before I make you” he smirks as he looks at her. “What are you going to do about it? She’s unclaimed and I would love nothing more than to take her home with me an-“ his words get cut off as Natasha punches him straight in the nose, a sickening crack being heard. “Nat!” you pull her back as he clutches his nose and runs off to the bathroom to check the damage. Natasha drops a hundred-dollar bill on the table and walks out of the diner with you hot on her heels. You could smell the distress and anger coming from her and you rush to catch up with her.
“Nat! slow down please” you grab onto her arm, and she stops walking, instantly calming down from your touch. You look at her as she turns to face you, the worried look in your eyes making her feel guilty. “I’m sorry Y/n, I didn’t like the way he was talking to you and looking at you. I would kill him if I could” You smile at her protective nature, the thought that she wants you for herself as only hers makes your need to be claimed by her even stronger. “I can’t take it anymore; I want you Y/n. I want to be your Alpha. I want to claim you and make you mine. You’re MY omega” she growls out, the need to claim you strong as she grabs you by the waist and kisses you, gripping your waist in a possessive hold as she pulls you closer to her. You deepen the kiss, tasting and feeling nothing but her, pulling back when the need to breathe become necessary. She nuzzles her face into your scent gland and breathes you in, purring as she smells the love and arousal coming from you. You grab her face and look into her eyes as you whisper against her lips. “Make me yours Alpha, claim me”
She rids you of your clothes, getting you completely naked as she takes off her clothes as well, leaving herself in only her boxers as she lays you down on her bed, kissing on your neck softly as she gets comfortable on top of you, whimpering when she makes contact with your scent gland, your smell is strong as she continues to deposit kisses along your neck and chest. Her hands roam your body as she leaves more kisses in their wake, her hands cupping your breasts as she softly squeezes them. “My omega, all mine, you look so beautiful under me” you whimper as you feel her tongue on your nipple, your body shivering at the softness emitting from her.
“Please Alpha, make me yours” she shushes you as she kisses your lips softly, the feeling of her bulge through her boxers making your head spin as you let out a quiet moan. She has been waiting for this moment for a long time and she wants to enjoy every moment of it. She wants to make love to you and take care of you. She slowly grinds against your core a few times, relishing in the way you moan and whimper underneath her. You are the most beautiful Omega she has ever laid her eyes on, and you are all hers. “Please Alpha, please please please” she growls as your breathless voice makes her cock throb in her boxers. “God baby, the things you do to me. I’m going to claim you as mine, all mine”
You grab her face, kissing her again as you get lost in the feeling of her lips and her covered bulge grinding against your core. “You won’t leave me, right?” you ask her softly, the insecurity in your voice being heard. She shakes her head as she strokes your cheek, looking into your eyes and smiling softly. “Never. I love you Y/n. I want to make you mine and give you my pups. God you’re going to look so beautiful carrying them. My beautiful Omega” she kisses your nose and you blush, watching as she rids herself from her boxers, her cock hard and standing up straight. You bite your lip and moan as her scent is strong in the air. All you see, feel and smell is her. “I love you too, my Alpha. Please make me yours. I can’t wait any longer”
She strokes her cock as she looks down at you, admiring you as she stares down at you with nothing but love in her eyes. She will forever be yours and do anything and everything for you and that you ask of her. You blush as you move to cover your body as she admires you, but she lays back down on top of you, sliding her cock up and down your folds to get it wet. “Don’t hide yourself from me pretty girl. You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever laid my eyes on and I’m so lucky to have you as my Omega” You blush from her words; a breathless moan being ripped out of you at the feeling of her cock against you. She slowly slides her cock inside you, letting you adjust to her size. “If it hurts or you want to stop, just let me know, I never want to hurt you” You kiss her as you wrap your legs around her waist, whispering against her lips. “I’m ready, please make me yours.” You gasp at the stretch as she goes deeper, her worried gaze as she looks down at you making your heart beat in your chest. “I’m okay, I promise. Please don’t stop” she slides in and out of you at a slow pace, letting you adjust to her size, the feeling of your walls squeezing her making her knot so close to being released.
“F-faster, please Alpha, you feel so good inside me” she moves her cock deeper inside you, taking her time as she enjoys the feeling of you around her,  the feeling of her inside you making your head feel all fuzzy. You feel her tongue on your sweat gland, her teeth grazing the skin there as her speed picks up. “Gonna mark you Y/n, gonna make you mine. My Omega. I love you” you whimper at her words, the feeling of her inside you and the smell in the air so overwhelming that you start to see stars once you close your eyes, your release so close. You move your head to the side as you present your neck to her. “Please mark me, make me yours. Give me your knot Alpha, please claim me” she growls as she moves deeper inside you, wanting to feel all of you, getting ready to push her knot inside you. You feel her bite down on it, instantly cumming on her cock as she marks you, a powerful orgasm washing over you. “Oh fuck, Nat!” she shivers as you cum around her cock, the feeling causing her to release herself inside you, her seed filling you up as she pushes her knot inside you, nuzzling her face against your mark, licking it and breathing you in. Your heart is beating out of your chest as you come down from your high, kissing her as you look into her eyes.
“I love you, please Alpha can I mark you?” she kisses your lips softly once more as she nods her head, feeling you sink your teeth into her gland, moaning as her cock twitches inside you, wrapping her arms around your body to keep you close and stay inside you longer. She kisses you as she moves inside you again, whispering against your lips as you let out a moan. “I love you more than you will ever know my beautiful Omega, and I’m going to show you just how much. Going to make you all round with my pups” you moan as she moves inside you again; and you know you’re in for a long night of love making with your Alpha.
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mypoisonedvine · 6 months
𝙝𝙚𝙖𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙜 || billy knight x nurse!reader
𝙨𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮 || during his time in hospital, billy couldn't help but fancy the sweet but headstrong american nurse taking care of him. it would've been harmless if it weren't for your own growing crush on your patient: the quiet, gentle man with those brown eyes that made your heart flutter when he looked at you like that.
𝙬𝙤𝙧𝙙 𝙘𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙩 || 9.5k
𝙬𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 || smut (18+ ONLY!!, male masturbation and brief oral m receiving), medical ethics violation so kinda dubious consent but trust me it is very much wanted, fluff, some angst, touchstarved billy, american reader, mentions/discussions of psychosis and other psychotic patients, brief mentions of SA, hopeless romantic billy, yeah just lots of sweetness with some filth in the middle
Tumblr media
"It's important that you stay calm."
That was what made him look at you, scared and confused, before he seemed to finally notice the hand you'd laid on his shoulder to try to soothe him: that was always a risk, touching them without permission, but he'd woken up with a start and been so clearly upset and disoriented, you didn't know what else to do.
Thankfully, as he looked at your hand on him, he stilled, hesitantly leaning back onto the propped-up bed.  The doctors thought it would be better for him if the bed was partially upright while he began to exit his coma, preventing too much blood pooling near the wound at his chest.
You took your hand away as he stilled, and he looked around the white-and-beige room.  "Where am I?" he asked.
"Saint Anne's, South London," you answered.  He raised an eyebrow at you and you figured why he asked.
"Did you think you'd somehow woken up in America?  Because of my accent?" you snorted.
He blinked self-consciously; "Err— I guess not."
"You wouldn't be the first," you assured him.
"What's an American nurse doing in London anyway?" he wondered.
"Not much," you shrugged, "just healing the sick, feeding the hungry— generally being a saint."
He smirked a bit, and you smiled at him in return.
“I’ll be your day nurse while you’re here,” you explained, “so if you need something, you can press this button here— and it’ll be me that comes, most of the time, if I’m not too busy and have to send somebody else.  Anything you need, I’ll do my best to help you, alright?”
A moment’s hesitation was followed by a nod, and he seemed too nervous to even look right at you— he would take these little glances over you, then up at your face, then back down to his bed again.  He wiped his fist under his nose quickly.
“William, is it?”
“Erm, Billy,” he corrected.  “Jus’ Billy.”
He cleared his throat dryly as his voice cracked, and you tilted your head.  “Would you like some water?”
He nodded again, and thankfully you already had a cup of chilled water ready for him— the big kind with a handle and straw, and markings on the side so you could monitor how well he was hydrating.  You picked it up and held it for him, guiding the bendy straw to his chapped lips so he could drink.
You knew already what kind of patient he’d be— the kind who didn’t like to ask you for anything, so you had to figure it out on your own.  There were definitely more like that here than back in America where you’d first started nursing; patients in the States seemed to have a much easier time asking for what they needed.  Here, there was usually some rigamarole to get them to admit they needed something— unless what they needed was painkillers, everyone’s pretty vocal about that.
“Is that better?” you asked quietly as you took the cup away, and Billy swallowed as he nodded.  “I’ll set it here where you can reach it, just be careful with that IV,” you explained.  “How’s your pain?  Is your chest hurting you?”
“N-no, it’s fine,” he promised, “can’t feel a thing… I’m guessing that won’t last long, though.”
You nodded in agreement.  “They’ve still got you on the good stuff.  They’ll switch you to Tylenol by the end of the day,” you explained.
“Afraid I’ll become an addict?” he assumed.
“Not quite,” you chuckled, “afraid you’ll get too constipated— side effect of the morphine.”
Billy choked, face turning a little pinker.  “O-oh.”
You only rolled your eyes in amusement as you turned around to fiddle with one of his monitors.  Patients, and Brits, were pretty shy by your standards; you preferred to be brutally honest, because there isn’t much need for prudishness in a mental ward.  “If your heart rate gets too high, or too low, it’ll page me,” you explained.  “Anything else, press this button here and I’ll be on my way— got it?”
“Yeah,” Billy hummed, “thanks.”
“Oh, don’t thank me,” you dismissed, “it’s just my job, and I love it.  I’ll be back to check on you later, but Nurse Tilly’s bringing you lunch at noon.  You’re not vegetarian, are you?”  He shook his head.  “Great!  Do you want the TV on?  Oh, uh, the telly, I mean…”
He shook his head again, and you nodded, leaving the remote on his bedside table in case he changed his mind.  You could feel his eyes on you as you left, somehow, and his image was still in your mind as you shut the door behind you.  Even as you went about the rest of your shift, checking in on your old patients and meeting some new ones, Billy in room 3041 was in your thoughts.
You didn’t know too much about the circumstances that brought him to your hospital— no one did, because he’d refused to tell police or paramedics who stabbed him.  His chart gave a colorful history— psychotic breaks, episodes of delusion and paranoia, on and off medication for years— but his behavior was so… gentle.  And very few of the people you’d encountered in this line of work were dangerous, despite the harmful stereotypes; but Billy was even more delicate than the usual, even more reserved.  Maybe he’d brighten up a bit when he wasn’t freshly awake from surgery.
Shaking the thoughts of him away and trying to focus on work, you figured it was just a little infatuation with a handsome patient— happens to everyone, right?
It had taken quite the effort to get the woman to sit down— she’d been pacing and chewing her nails, and you finally convinced her that it would be better if she was sitting, and she did.  After dodging some questions and looking around at the space behind you as if something was there— which, yes, was kind of unsettling but something you got used to— she finally got on with it and told you why she’d come to the hospital.
"They've put wires in me," she whimpered.  
"I've never heard of that happening before," you admitted.  "I wasn't even sure if aliens are real…"
"They are," she insisted.  
"And how do you know there are wires in you?  Did you see them put in?" you asked.  If she said yes, you'd know her hallucinations were severe, but she shook her head; you took a note of that on her chart.
"I can feel them," she replied instead.  "I can feel the electricity.  They're making me like— like an antenna.  For their ships, y'see?  And it hurts."
Your heart twisted.  "That would be terrifying," you agreed, "and painful—"
"Please, someone's got to take their wires out," she begged.
"Hold on," you tried to soothe her, "I'll check for entry wounds first, okay?  To see if I can tell where they've put them in."
She shakily nodded, looking down at the floor where her feet shuffled around on fleck-patterned tile.
You carefully lifted her hands to examine her fingertips and wrists.  "I haven't seen anything yet," you offered her quietly.
"Th-they hide them," she explained, "so the doctors can't see."
"Tricky, those aliens," you frowned as you nodded thoughtfully.  "They don't want you to get any help, do they?"
She shook her head. 
"But we can help you," you promised.  "If we can't find the wires this way, we should do a CAT scan."
"What's tha'?" she asked suspiciously.
"Just a bunch of X-rays taken all at once," you explained.  "If there's anything metal in you, it'll right up.  They are metal wires, right?" 
She nodded, already seeming to soothe a little at the prospect of a surefire way to find the wires she was feeling inside her.  It made you feel better, too, that you could help her somehow just by listening.
"I'll have the doctors give you a thorough scan," you nodded with a smile, "and we can see what we find, okay?"
It seemed like a great idea at the time.  You started to question it now that it was a few hours later and Dr. Humphries was glaring down at you.
"You ordered a CAT scan for a woman with schizophrenic delusions?" he snapped, looking up from the chart and back at you with a red face and flared nostrils.
"Uh, well—" you started to defend yourself.
"She doesn't need an MRI, she needs to be fucking medicated!" the doctor spat at you. 
Straightening your back, you frowned as you took offense to his tone. "You think I don't know that?" you returned with just as much intensity as he'd thrown at you.  "She's not going to take any pills we give her if we don't take her seriously.  A CAT scan will take a half hour and it might give her some peace of mind."
"Believe it or not, nurse, the purpose of that million dollar machine is not 'peace of mind'."
"Don't you mean million pound?" you rolled your eyes.
"No— you're such a dolt, I know if I'd said that you'd've asked how I knew what it weighed," he sneered, all too proud of his wit no matter how minimal it was.
From inside his room, Billy watched the argument unfold; he couldn't hear much, but he could see you crossing your arms and puffing your cheeks and getting right back in the face of the man in the white coat while he barked at you.  Another nurse was tending to his linens, and she caught a judgemental glance of the spat outside before shaking her head.
"Quite American, isn't she?" the nurse scoffed.  "Can't back down from a fight— or keep her mouth shut, ever."
Billy smiled a little.  
"And she's got no clue how to make a cuppa, either," the nurse added, "can't even use a kettle.  Not sure how she plans to find a husband if she can't figure that out!"
Billy felt his chest warm, and not in the painful way he was used to with his healing wound.  He didn't think you'd have much trouble at all.
He could tell you were in a worse mood than usual when you came in— even though he could also tell you were trying to hide it.  “How are you feeling today?” you asked him, a little exasperation tinting your tone.
“Better,” he nodded.
“Not too much pain?  Any soreness?” you continued interviewing him, but his chest deflated a bit as he watched you go around the room without ever really looking at him— you were just going through the motions, he was just another patient.
“Are you alright?” he asked you, and it seemed to break you out of your trance.  You looked at him, and you looked tired— not something he’d tell you, because it would sound like he was saying you looked bad, which you didn’t.  You looked a little sad, really, in a breezy sort of way like you were trying to shake it off.
“Oh, I— I’m fine,” you promised.
"Is that doctor giving you trouble again?" he wondered.  The question seemed to catch you off guard, before you glanced down shyly and then over your shoulder at the window into the hall.  
"You saw that, huh?" you noticed.
"He seems like an arse," Billy decided.
"He's not so bad," you sighed, "he's really smart— problem is he knows it, and he thinks it makes him better than everyone.  Thinks us nurses are basically just maids, too, or secretaries.  I swear, if he walks into the break room one more time and asks where his tea is, I'm telling him it's in the fucking harbor."
Billy snorted at your comment, stammering through his next question.  "Don't have anything against Brits, do you?  'Cause you picked a bad place to live."
You sighed, stopping your work for a moment.  "Well… no, I don't.  But I do have a bone to pick, I guess.  I moved here for a guy— this amazing, too good to be true guy.  Thought we were gonna get married and stuff.  I only thought that 'cause he told me so!  But he, uh… he had a few of us going, actually.  I was the only one who moved this far to be with him.  But after I found out, I didn't have anywhere to live, and I can barely make rent as it is so I can't afford a ticket home… so, yeah.  Stranded across the pond.  Because of some fucking guy."
Billy shrunk a bit inside as he looked at you— he could tell you were trying to be casual and silly about it, to hide how much you were still hurting.  "We-we're not all like that," he blurted out, and you looked up.  He felt even more stupid for saying it now that you were looking at him.  "Englishmen," he clarified.
Your lips slowly curled into a smirk.  "Not all juggling a half-dozen girlfriends at once?" 
"Some of us are lucky to just get one!" Billy agreed, and you laughed.  Your laugh was fucking angelic, he thought; it made him want to jump right out of this blasted bed and hug you, as bizarre as that would be.  Ever since he saw you he imagined you'd be nice to hold, but every day it only got worse— and you were so pretty and sweet, you probably had every patient wrapped around your finger.  You probably thought he was another dirty, sick stranger; you probably thought he was work.  And he couldn't even blame you.
"I guess I'll have to give y'all another chance, then," you shrugged.  Y'all.  How quaint.
"You can probably get a lot of guys' attention with that accent," he suggested.  And that arse.  But he didn't say that.  
"I don't really want a lot of guys' attention," you sighed.  "Just the one."
"Which one?"
"The right one."
His heart hurt because he knew the feeling, the one he saw on your face, the one that made your eyes sparkle differently for a second.
"But I don't have much time for that anyways," you shifted topics quickly, "working all the time."
"Must be tough," he nodded.
"I like it, actually," you corrected, "I always keep busy.  And the people here…certainly keep me busy."
He felt a little self-conscious when you said that.  "Sorry," he mumbled.
"No, not you!" you clarified quickly, leaning closer and reaching out apologetically like you might touch him again.  He wanted you to, so badly, but you didn't.  "I mean the staff more than anything.  The patients are what make me want to come back every day, even the tough ones."
"Am I one of those?" he wondered.
"No," you smiled.  "Don't tell, but you're my favorite."
Oh, you shouldn't have said that— it only hurt him more because he wouldn't let himself believe it.  "Bet you see crazies like me all the time," he shrugged dismissively.  
"Crazies? Yeah," you laughed lightly.  "But I've never met anyone like you."
His face flushed briefly and he looked down at his lap under the white woven blanket.
A page startled you out of the moment.  "That's my cue," you hummed.  "Ring if you need me, please."
He nodded and watched you dart away as quickly as you'd arrived, wishing he could keep you here forever but knowing it was better to let you help the others, too.
“Knock knock!” you greeted as you leaned into room 3282 to see the patient gathering her things.  It had been a while since you saw her in street clothes— not since you’d admitted her and ordered that infamous CAT scan— and she looked so much better than she had then.  Her hair was brushed and she was smiling at you, visibly less disoriented even when she was just standing beside the bed.  “I’m glad I could catch you before you left— I came as soon as I heard you were discharged.”
“I feel like we’re sort of meeting for the first time, now,” she explained.  “You saw me a few times the past couple days, but I wasn’t really myself…”
You nodded in understanding, and she bit her lip for a second; you could tell she was getting a little self-conscious remembering how dysregulated she was.
“It felt so real,” she breathed shakily.  “I could feel them watching me…”
“I know,” you nodded.  “That’s how powerful our minds are— everything we know comes from that squishy pink brain, so if it gets the wrong idea, it’s gonna convince you to believe just about anything.”
“You must think I’m an idiot,” she decided, “to ever believe that.”
“Not at all!” you promised.  “Listen, Miss Dougherty— it’s nothing to be embarrassed about.  You came here for help, that’s what you should be proud of.”
She nodded, but didn’t seem to really believe you, looking down at the floor.
“Honestly, people believe all kinds of ridiculous bullshit,” you announced, and the crude language got her attention if nothing else.  “Far, far too many people think that the Earth is flat, or that the polio vaccine could cause autism, or that immigrants are somehow both lazy and stealing jobs— or that you can look like Kim Kardashian with just some tea from the internet and portion control.”
She laughed a bit, and you laughed too, even though you were perfectly serious.
“At least we can give you medication for believing what you did!  Those people just have to live with it, that’s the really sad thing.  You take one of these with breakfast every day and you can be normal,” you explained as you pointed at the bottle in her hand, “they’re stuck with whatever they’ve got.  You’re the lucky one.”
“Thank you,” she nodded.  “I’ve been to hospitals before— but you really listened, even when I didn’t make any sense.”
“Hey, it made sense to me,” you shrugged, “I’d’ve been scared, too.  Keep up with the prescription, okay?  Don’t wanna have to see you here again— no offense.”
She laughed in agreement; “I will.”
He was halfway through watching something terribly mediocre on the telly when you came in; he jumped up to grab his fork and try to pretend that he’d been eating his dinner, but he started to frown shyly as soon as he caught your disapproving look.  “Billy, you’ve barely eaten it,” you noticed; it was obvious, with three quarters of the chicken breast still on the plate and the green beans untouched.  “Didn’t she bring that an hour ago?”
“Is it the medication?” you asked, quieter, stepping further into the room.  “It can suppress your appetite.”
“D-don’t make me change to something else,” he blurted out, “I like this one.  I can actually think straight.”
You smiled patiently, and he couldn’t even look at you while you did it— you were so fucking pretty when you smiled like that, it hurt to look at it.  “I won’t make you change medications just because you haven’t finished your chicken, Billy.”
“I was worried Dr. Humphries might—” he began, cutting himself off with a hum.  “He said he was worried about me eating enough on this one, and that he’d change it if I lost any weight— b-but I like it…”
“We’ll just tell him you didn’t like the chicken,” you decided.  “If I bring you an extra slice of cake, will you eat that?”
He had to fight his smile from getting too big.  “I can try.”
“Easier to get down than dry chicken, that’s for sure,” you winked, putting the plastic cover back over his plate and grabbing the tray to set aside somewhere else.  “What are you watching?”
“E-erm, some melodrama, I think.  She’s been cheating on her husband with his evil twin,” he explained, just as the advertisement ended and an inquisitive musical sting indicated the show was back on.
“Don’t you hate when that happens, huh?” you offered sarcastically.  Your eyes stayed on the screen as you sat down on the edge of the bed, right by his hip; his heart fluttered with you so close, the warmth of your body just one pesky bedsheet away.  “Mind if I watch it with you for a minute?”
“N-no,” he assured, voice thin and wavering as he tried to act natural.  “Stay as long as you like…”
Unfortunately, you were interrupted almost immediately as a male nurse swung the door open— Billy somehow felt like he’d been caught doing something bad, when he wasn’t really doing anything.  The nurse said your name and you perked up.  “Been looking all over for you,” the nurse said, with a tilted grin that seemed a little flirtatious— maybe any smile would seem flirtatious when you’ve got perfectly white and straight teeth like those, and sparkly blue eyes and perfectly quaffed hair— Jesus, was this guy a model or something?
Billy hated imagining you spending time with this guy, selfishly.  “S-sorry,” you mumbled as you stood up, “I was just taking Mr. Knight’s dinner tray.”
“Tilly can do that,” the other nurse dismissed with a shrug.
“But she’s busy,” you noticed.
“Could you come out here?” the man asked you, and when you turned over your shoulder, Billy gave you a quick wave as his way of approving your departure.  You smiled at him one more time as you followed your coworker into the hall, just outside Billy’s door.
“Listen, I’ve been meaning to talk to you…” he heard the man’s voice continue, right before the door shut all the way.
Billy furrowed his brow and turned the volume on the telly down, hoping to hear the conversation better.  He could still barely make it out— and he was afraid if he muted the show, you’d notice.
“...since you came here, and actually, I was thinking—” he heard part of a sentence, but it sort of went in and out.  He couldn’t tell anything else for sure until he heard your voice again.
“I prefer to keep my work and personal life separate,” he heard you say, distinctly, and he couldn’t decide how to feel— excited, that you seemed to be turning his guy down for a date?  Or heartbroken that he would never have a shot with you because of this policy you held?
You never had a shot with her anyways, his inner voice told him.  Well, at least Mister Handsome Nurse Man didn’t either.  Misery loves company, or whatever.
It had been years since Billy felt something warm.  He was all too familiar with his hand, rough and shaky— all too familiar with using his imagination to get himself off.  Of course, back at his flat he had porn to ease the way, give him something to picture… here all he had was the telly in the corner and the unending thoughts of you you you.
Just the other day you'd leaned over his bed and he could smell your hair.  He wanted to hold your head and bury his nose in it, breathe the sweet scent of you.
Once he caught a quick glimpse down your shirt before he looked away, out of nervousness as much as gentlemanly discretion.  But he wasn't feeling so much a gentleman now, after waking up in the middle of the night from a dream of you in a more compromising position.
He'd never had an orgasm from a dream, only gotten hard and woken up unsatisfied.  There was a monitor clipped to his finger on his hand— so he took it off and moved it to the other, so he wouldn't have to worry about it or the IV while he did this.
He already had to bite his lip just from slipping his hand into the hospital-issue pants, just from wrapping some weak fingers around his aching cock.  He'd made a bad habit of wanking frequently at home— not much else to do when you're trapped and alone, and it was the only thing he liked doing just as much whether he was off his rocker, or semi-stable, or medicated.  Thankfully, he wasn't on the kind of medications that removed his libido: that, or his fancying of you was just that powerful.
The room was incredibly dark with the shades shut, only half the lights in the hallway on, but even then he couldn't make out any light except for the dots where the strings ran through the blinds.  He watched that window when his eyes were open, but sometimes he shut them— it didn't make much difference, either way all he saw was you.
As he jerked faster on his cock, letting his hand tighten occasionally, he pictured you climbing on the bed and straddling him, resting your hands on his chest (even though that would hurt).  Remembering your hand on his shoulder when he first woke up made it easier to imagine, but he couldn't even conjure up how you would feel inside, how your body would take him— he just had to think about how it would look.
He grunted your name to himself, shutting his eyes tight, trying so hard to think of the way you'd moan as your hips rocked above his.  He wanted to watch you as you picked up your pace, so desperate for pleasure that you couldn't slow down.  You'd be such a wild thing, he decided, just as brash and shameless in bed as you are at work— if not more.  
He would give anything to make you say his name in that exact way, that needy hungry way just like he mumbled your name now.  His hips were starting to rock up off the bed, and he imagined his skin clapping with yours as you moaned louder and louder.  As unrealistic as it was, he was imagining you showering him in praises, so good, Billy, you're so good, fuck! but he couldn't always get your accent right in his head. Please don't stop, god, just don't stop, need t'come—
"All yours," he answered you under his breath, "not gonna stop, feels so fucking good…"
And then he couldn't stop himself from imagining you admitting, in bed or otherwise, that you'd wanted this.  That you had thought of him the same way— fuck, what if you touched yourself, too?  That'd be too fucking rich.  Billy wasn't really sure if girls did that— obviously they did in porn, sometimes, but he knew a lot of that wasn't real.  He heard that most won't do anal, either, but that's different; touching yourself is more normal, more natural, and fuck how bloody natural you'd look on your back with your legs spread, rubbing your needy cunt, begging to be touched, desperate for a partner— for him, for Billy who could fill you so nicely and make you sound so pretty.
He was already so close, in part from having taken a few days off from this, mostly because the thought of you was making his cock fucking throb.
As he got closer and closer to the peak, his mind raced with images of you— but not in the poses of the girls in dirty magazines, not how he pictured you naked, no.  It was different.  The way you'd look in normal clothes, or dressed up for a date.  How it would feel to watch you sleep next to him as the sun's coming up through your bedroom window.  Not just his name on your lips in pleasure, but in casual conversation with others— my boyfriend, Billy— or in a cackling yelp as he made some joke you hated to laugh at, maybe while he tickled your ribs to see you smile— Billyyy, stop it!
Holding the back of your head while he kissed you, your little whimper as you tugged him closer because you needed more.  Putting a necklace on for you, hopefully one he'd bought or made for you, and touching the back of your neck.  Kissing you there— and everywhere— and hearing you hum with satisfaction.  Don't do that, we don't have time before— oh god, Billy, we'll be late if you do that… hm, okay, just a quick shag before dinner.  No wait— just a quick fuck before dinner— the American way.
The intimacy, which sex was only one of his favorite parts of, was what he was imagining.  Cuddling up on the sofa, sharing popcorn at the cinema, cooking for you… that's what he was imagining as he realised he was going to come.
He panted and squinted his eyes shut as he fucked his hand faster and faster, heart pumping hard and fast as well, hand shaky but determined as he chased pleasure right around the corner—
The door swung open and you burst in in a flash, running to his bed, but you stopped dead in your tracks as he pulled himself off— well, not in that sense, like he had been a half-second ago— rather, pulled his hand away and pulled the blankets up, scandalised and stammering.
"Oh, fuck m'sorry— I—" he began.
"N-no, I'm sorry," you insisted, looking down awkwardly, "I thought— your monitor, it was— I thought you were having a fucking heart attack."
His baking-hot face turned down sheepishly, and he noticed the thin sheet and blanket did nothing to hide his unsatisfied erection, the fabric clinging to every contour so you could see basically the whole thing.  He coughed and put his hands over himself atop the blankets.
"I should've knocked— but I was worried you needed immediate attention—" you explained hoarsely.
"I didn't know you were on tonight," he mumbled, like that mattered.  Not as if he wanted any other nurse running in on this.  But it was different, more shameful, knowing he'd just been getting off to the thought of you.
"Wasn't supposed to be, but someone asked me to— doesn't matter," you shook your head.  "Sorry to burst in on you…"
"I wasn't…" he began, questioning if he should say it but going on anyways.  "I wasn't doing… what you probably think I was."
"I-it's nothing I haven't seen before, Billy," you promised, seeming a little surprised, if not irritated, by his obvious lie.  "You're a free man, got every right to take care of yourself—"
"Don't—" he pleaded, before he interrupted himself with a mumbled, "Jesus…"
"I'll go," you decided, "and leave you to it—"
"Christ!" Billy added, almost as if he were just now finishing the curse.  "S'not like I could… do that now, is it?"
"Seems you've still got everything you need to do it," you smirked, and he choked.
"God, don't tease me, said m'sorry an' all," he pouted.
"Not teasing," you shrugged.  "It's natural, everybody does it."
Even you?  "Y-yeah, s'pose…"
"Not much else for you to do here anyway, stuck in bed… can't help if you get horny—"
"Not horny, okay?" he spat out suddenly, and defensively.  "M'just— god.  Just lonely."
He wouldn't normally admit something like that, but it was so late and his chest hurt in a sense totally unrelated to his wound.  
When he heard the door shut, he worried you'd just up and left.  How cold that would be, to leave him alone as he said how lonely he was.
He only knew you were still on this side of the door when you stepped up to his bedside again, your shoes clicking on the floor.
"You should go back to sleep," you noticed.  Then why'd you shut the door?
"I— even if I take care of it, I don't think I can," he admitted.  "Sometimes I have—"
"Nightmares," you finished.  "It's in your chart."
"Please stay," he whispered.  "It's easier with you here…"
"Sleeping, or…?"
"Sleeping!  God, sleeping," he coughed.  "I mean, both, but—"
"I can stay," you offered.
"That was the first good dream I've had in months," he told you, easier to confess these things in the dark.  "The one that made me… like that."
"Very good dream," you agreed with a smirk.
His oxygen monitor beeped softly behind it all.  "Y-yeah…" he mumbled.  "It was— well, I bet you know it was you."
"Oh— how would I know that?" you sighed.
"Because you must have been able to tell I'm proper mad about you," he explained, "aside from just mad."
"I… I wondered if you were," you replied, softer.  "I hoped you were."
Billy, unsure what to say, turned to look up at where he was sure your face was in the room— and he could barely see it, his eyes still readjusting from the door being opened.  Your features were softened when they were lit up in light blue by the monitors behind him.
"I came in here to take care of you," you promised with a whisper.  "It's my job.  Just tell me what you need."
"I need— god, I can't say it," he whined. 
"If you can't tell me, then show me."
Your hand rested for a second on his shoulder, and he couldn't stop himself from grabbing it.  After debating it for a moment, he pushed the blanket and sheet down again, and sighed with a wide open mouth as he guided your hand to his throbbing cock.  It bounced up into your fingers before he'd even finished putting it there, so needy for your attention, so greedy to be finished off after being brought up to the edge like that.  Billy had never had the patience or fortitude to tease himself, the closest he'd ever come to edging having been those times he was on a certain type of meds and could jerk off all day and never come. 
He had the exact opposite problem as he hesitantly let go of your hand and watched you do it yourself, slow and gentle brushes over him, almost reverent in the way you touched him where he needed you most.  He almost didn't want to let go of your hand, he wanted to keep holding it just for holding it's sake, but he wanted you to act on your own: to not feel trapped or forced.  You were so delicate about it— he was so worked up you absolutely didn't need to be that gentle, he probably would've still blown his load if you tried to tug the bloody thing off— and he could see in the dark how little sighs fell from your mouth as you stroked him.
"God, I'm not supposed to do this," you breathed.  "S'it sensitive?  Your heart rate's spiked again…"
"V-very," he murmured out.  "God, you're— god."
"Fuck— I'm really not supposed to do this," you repeated again.  "But I— I've been wanting to for a while… no one's gonna come in while I'm in here, but shit, if someone did…"
It would be a huge mess, for sure, but sort of hot.  Even better if it was somehow another patient who thought they were the only one with affections for you.  Even better if it was that nurse who was hitting on you.  "Never— fuck— wanked a patient before, right?"
You laughed.  "No, haven't given a hand job in years, actually— feels a bit high school, doesn't it?"
"Fuck, wouldn't know," he groaned.  He meant it both as in 'you wouldn't know because you're so good at this' and 'I wouldn't know because nobody was wanking me in high school'.  "Your hand f-feels good.  I-I don't deserve this, I definitely don't deserve this— pretty sure I'm dreaming actually—"
"No, it's real," you promised, "I know it's real, 'cause in my dreams I've never got my work uniform on."
"Y-you don't have your work uniform on in my dreams, either," he joked.
How desperately he wanted to reach out and touch you with one of his hands— it didn't even need to be somewhere scandalous, though he wouldn't mind a chance to feel you up under your shirt.  Even just to hold onto your hip, or even to hold your hand, would be so perfect right now.  But he didn't want to take this too far and ruin it.  It was already too good to be true.
"F-fuck," he sighed as your hand twisted gently when it reached the ridge of his head.  He couldn't remember the last time anything felt this good, just being touched by you.
"Like this?" you asked in a meek voice— how precious, you asking him how he wanted you to wank him.  Even just you asking made his toes curl under the blanket.
"Yes," he hissed, "l-like that… little slower, maybe?"
You followed his command, and his chest reverberated a groan.  He liked it best like this, savouring every second— normally he'd just be beating himself off senselessly by now, desperate to come, chasing pleasure with reckless abandon.  But this was so different, and he never wanted it to end, even if his balls were tight and aching with the need to release what he'd been holding in for much too long.
"I… I can't believe this is happening," he blurted out as he watched with better-adjusted eyes your movements in the dark.  Your pretty, tender hand squeezing his swollen tip, giving his whole length nice, long strokes.  
It was incredible enough, then you pulled your hand away— and he was about to whine pathetically, beg you not to stop, he even thrusted his hips up in the air in search of more— and spit in your palm quickly before getting back to it.
"Oh god," Billy moaned, his head falling back on his pillow as your hand smeared your saliva all along his hot skin.  Your strokes were smoother now, and you could grip him tighter without tugging the skin the wrong way— and he couldn't stop fucking moaning, couldn't stop himself from trying to buck his hips up and fuck your hand.  The sensation was incredible, but the raunchiness of it was what really did him in.  Spitting in your hand so you could jerk him off better, really giving him the proper treatment; his whole body was sort of overheated and numb at the idea that you cared so much about doing this right.  With a dry hand it felt more like you were doing him a favor, but after doing that he was sure you wanted this for your own reasons.  He couldn't imagine what those would be, but he dared not question them.
"How's that feel?" you asked, almost clinical in your tone, the same way you'd asked when helping him stand up or after giving a fresh dose of painkillers.  And yes, he had imagined something like this when you asked him that before, so good to know he was on the right track.
It was sort of silly that you asked when he couldn't stop moaning and writhing in the bed, but he nodded as he answered: "R-really fucking good.  You're so good…"
He heard you hum a bit, a tiny pleased laugh, and he whined pathetically.  You seemed to be revelling in how little you could do to him to make him so desperate.
"So good," he said again under his breath, cock pulsing in your grip.  He was so close but he couldn't let it go yet, he couldn't finish now and just have you clean him up and go: he'd fight it off all night if it meant keeping you here, feeling you, being pleasured by you this way.
"I— I'll get fired if they catch me," you reminded him.  "But I just— sorry, I've been wondering about your cock for a while."
Jesus, she keeps saying things like that and I'll lose it in a second.
"And it's bigger than I thought."
Jesus!  He screwed his eyes shut tight in hopes of staving it off further— he didn't want this to end, you'd just barely started.
"I'm so fucked, fuck, might as well— oh god, you know the saying, right?" you prompted.  "In for a penny—"
"In for a p— oh, fuck, fuck!"
You'd bent down and captured him in your mouth, still stroking at the base with your hand but bobbing your head on the rest.
"Baby," he whined, bucking up into that perfect wet heat encompassing him, "baby, I'll come, god, I'm so sorry— I'll fucking come—"
You hummed around him.  You didn't even stop, didn't even flinch, as he began to spray his come on your tongue.  He grabbed your head and tilted his own back with a loud moan— dangerously loud— as his whole body seized up for a second.  Each wave of it seemed to hit harder than the last, especially when you sunk your lips down further and he could feel you swallowing it, god you were so sweet and you acted like a proper slut given the chance.  He couldn't have made you more perfect if he built you himself.
"Oh, fuck," he sobbed, looking down at you in the dark again, petting your hair, keeping you there just a bit longer as he basked in the warmth of your mouth.  Drool was sliding down his cock and balls in droplets, maybe some of it was his come you hadn't gotten down.  "Fucking perfect," he blurted out.
He felt you smile slightly around him, before you carefully slid your mouth off of his cock and popped back upright again.  "There you go," you said chipperly as if you'd just tied his shoes for him or something— not like you'd just given him his first non-self-induced orgasm in years and easily one of the best of his life, with only your hand and a couple seconds of a blow job.
"I— fuck," he choked, "you— thank you, I— oh my god… I'm sorry, I—"
"Sorry?" you repeated.  "What for?"
"Just— dunno, m'sorry, if I made you think you had to do that…"
"Well I had to do something to get you back to sleep," you joked, making his face heat up even more.  "Of course I didn't have to— actually, I think it might be, um, illegal, so… don't tell, I guess."
As if he could even imagine doing anything that would interfere with the chance it could happen again.  He had no idea if it would happen again either way— but he didn't care, he was still riding the high from it happening at all.  "I— I tried not to come that fast, but your mouth—" he began awkwardly.
"It's sexy," you promised.  "It's cute."
He blinked bashfully, as if he had any right to be bashful now.  "You're sexy," he returned, "really, really sexy, god.  You know how many guys' fantasies you just fulfilled?"
"Not interested in many guys' fantasies," you quipped.  "Just the one."
He beamed.  "Which one?"
"C'mon, Billy, I just swallowed your jizz, don't be coy with me," you frowned.
You leaned down and gave him a gentle peck on the cheek.  "I've gotta get back to work—"
He grabbed your head and forced a kiss on your mouth, hungrily slipping his tongue between your lips and groaning as you relaxed your jaw to let him in.  
He hadn't kissed like this in ages, either, and the last girl he'd managed to go home with after some pub crawling hadn't even kissed him at all; he groaned against your mouth as he moved his hands from your face to your neck, your waist, your back… anywhere he could reach, he wanted to touch you.
He got lost in it instantly, you had to push pretty hard on his shoulders to peel him off, and he cleared his throat nervously.  "S-sorry," he said again, "I— I just had to kiss you, sorry."
"Even after that?" you chuckled.
"Especially after that."
"Even with the, you know, taste?"
"Oh," Billy smiled, "so that's what that funny flavour is…"
"You never tasted it before?" you realised.
"No," he frowned, "why would I?"
"I dunno— I've tasted mine," you shrugged.
"Oh— Christ," Billy choked.  He wasn't sure if he'd ever be able to stop imagining you pulling two fingers out of your cunt after using them to make yourself come, bringing them to your slack lips and kitten-licking the cream off your hand…
"Really gotta get back to work now," you insisted, "try to get some rest—"
"Wait," he begged as he grabbed your wrist.  "Stay a little longer— we can just talk, if you want— I should return the favour though, shouldn't I?  Are you, erm… are you turned on at all after that?  If you stay I can help you, too— you can get in the bed with me and I'll make love to you—"
You snorted out a laugh.  "We don't have time for that, Billy, I've already been in here too long, there are other patients—"
"Don't go yet," he insisted again, squeezing your hand in his.
"What more do you need?" you asked, and the question made his heart jump.
"Just some time with you," he explained.  "Just— was that— are we—?"
He stopped as you leaned in and kissed his face again— the side of his nose specifically— gently.  "I'll check on you again in the morning before I go, okay?"
He pouted a little, reaching up to hold your shoulders for a second, before nodding and relaxing back into his bed.
You tucked him in carefully and encouraged him once more to get some rest.  "I'll be back just before shift change at seven," you assured.
He fell asleep so quickly, so exhausted even when his mind was wired, that it only felt like a few moments before he woke up again with a jump as the door opened.  He expected to see you come in, but he frowned at the back of Nurse Tilly, bringing the breakfast cart.  "Good morning, Mister Knight!" she greeted, and he sighed as he glanced up at the clock: 8:30.  He'd slept right through shift change.
"Morning," he greeted her flatly.
"I've got good news," the doctor smiled at Billy, tilting his head; somehow it almost seemed condescending.  "You're cleared for discharge.  You’ve healed well and you’re responding just how I’d hoped to the new medication.”
“But…” Billy started to protest.
“What’s the matter?” Dr. Humphries wondered.  
“Could I stay longer?”
“Erm, well… it’s a hospital, not a hotel, Mister Knight,” he frowned.  “What makes you want to stay?”
“I just— is my nurse here?” Billy asked instead.
“Which one?” the doctor asked before seeming to realise something.  “The American?!”
Dr. Humphries scoffed quickly.  “She’s just had a twenty four hour shift, she won’t be back until Thursday.  You certainly can’t be here another two nights with no medical need for hospitalisation.  I’m guessing you’d hoped to say goodbye?”
“Yeah,” Billy nodded.
“And you were hoping to ask her on a date as well, I presume?”
Billy choked, glancing self-consciously at the other nurses present— one of which was the handsome male one from before.  That face had a sort of sneer on it— subtle, but noticeable— as if to say yeah, good luck with that, mate.  “I— I just wanted to thank her,” Billy lied.  He honestly hadn’t been sure if he’d ever get the courage to ask you out, but now he’d never know.
“I’ll pass along the message for you,” the doctor offered, though he didn’t sound too enthused about it.
Google, delete history, chew nails, repeat.  illegal for a nurse to have sex with patient, can you lose your nursing licence for sexual contact at work, is masturbating a mental patient crime UK...
The search results were a mix of inconclusive and unencouraging.  They kept talking about why you shouldn’t have sex with patients— as if you didn’t know— but rarely clarified the exact consequences of your exact situation.  You didn’t know if the hand job counted as sex, anyways, or if it really mattered since you were both consenting adults of sound mind (well, some not quite as sound as others, but still), or if this rule really only applied to doctors who had a genuine power over patients in a way nurses didn’t exactly— they just gave more and more scoldings to anyone considering ‘beginning a relationship’ with a patient.  They gave examples that were obviously violations— like a doctor who was tried for sexual assault after convincing a patient that an invasive physical exam was necessary when it was actually elective and not related to their condition, or a nurse who was fired after touching an unconscious patient, stuff like that.  Billy had wanted you to touch him, that much you knew, he put your hand there himself; god, just the memory made you shiver, and you shook your head as you cleared your history again.  There was no real chance anyone would see what you’d been searching up, but the shame that burned in your gut every time you saw your own history was worth avoiding.
The really concerning thing was how little, after all that Googling, you actually regretted it.  Yes, you were fully aware at the time how risky it was, why it was a bad idea, what would happen if you were caught.  But for all this searching up about nurses and patients, it didn’t feel like that at all… it just felt like two people with a basic human instinct surrounded by insanely complicated circumstances.  
It wasn’t like you at all, either, and not just because you’d never made an advance on a patient before: that was obvious.  You usually didn’t do that much even with your actual dates, even with guys you’d met under exactly the right conditions.  Usually, a hand on yours guiding you there would make you shudder and jump away; usually, you wouldn’t even think to touch somebody like that on the first date.  You hadn’t even gone on one date with Billy, though the amount of time you spent imagining it was almost like you were trying to delude yourself into thinking you had.
You’d been daydreaming more and more since you met him about that sort of thing, about what it would be like if you met in some random way after he was discharged from some other hospital, one of those cute ways like in the movies where he helps you get something from the top shelf at the grocery store or you find his lost dog or he just sees you on the street and has to tell you that he thinks you’re beautiful—
Groaning, you shut your laptop and stood up; you were gonna be late for work if you kept torturing yourself with these fantasies.  
Oh god, I’m actually mental— more than usual, he realised as he stood there, holding the pathetic arrangement of cheap daisies; the plastic around them crinkled as he relaxed his grip slightly from the sadness sinking in his gut.  She does me a favour, takes care of me for nearly a week and wanks me off once and I start stalking her— she’ll think I’m a creep.
He’d been waiting all morning by one of the entrances to the ward, hoping to catch you as you walked back in to work on Thursday, but as the hours passed he became more aware of how disturbing his behaviour really was.  You probably knew you wouldn’t see him again when you did that, that was probably why you did it— so you wouldn’t have to worry about exactly this happening, about him wanting more from you.  Hadn’t he taken enough?
Slumping his shoulders, he stood up from the bench and contemplated what to do with the flowers.  He was about to toss them away when he saw someone exit the building, an older woman, crying into a handkerchief as she talked on the phone.  “He’s gone,” she informed whoever was on the other end of the line.  “They just told me— he went this morning.”  
“Ma’am?” he asked her, not quite getting her attention at first.  He stuck the flowers out towards her and she looked at him with a hint of confusion.  “I’m sorry for your loss.”
“O-oh… thank you…” she breathed, and he nodded at her as he turned and stuffed his hands in his pockets on his way towards the car park.  “Y-yes, sorry, someone just gave me flowers…” she continued as she talked on the phone, harder to hear as he walked away, “no, I don’t know him— some man outside the hospital— they’re daisies…”
He smiled a little to himself as he hopped across the street, jaywalking in a break between cars zipping by.  He’d nearly turned the corner when he heard your voice.
“Billy?” you noticed him, smiling wide as he turned to look at you, standing on the street— walking to work, apparently.  You were wearing your uniform already, and he’d almost missed it, even with how much he’d been dreaming about seeing you any other way.
“O-oh, erm, hi,” he stammered, wondering if he should pretend it was a coincidence he ran into you.
“You’re… you’ve got jeans on!” you noticed, and he looked down at his outfit— just the aforementioned jeans and an old t-shirt, with his hoodie on top for the chilly weather.
“Not much of an improvement from what you’re used to,” he mumbled nervously, rocking back on his heels.
“No, you look good,” you insisted.  “H-healthy, I mean— maybe I shouldn’t have said that, it could sound… forward.”
“Forward?” he repeated.
“Well, I was hoping to talk to you today,” you admitted, chewing the inside of your cheek.  Oh god, I’ve heard this talk before— ‘I like to keep my work and personal life separate’.  “I wanted to apologize.”
“I shouldn’t— we can’t— I’m sorry,” you started over a few times, “if I exploited any… dynamic, that we had.  I don’t want you to think that because I’m your nurse, you couldn’t say— that you can’t say ‘no’ to me.”
“You’re not my nurse anymore,” he noticed, “I’m not a patient— I’m…”
He wanted to say it quickly, before he lost the courage, but with you staring at him expectantly he couldn’t keep his thoughts in order and he sort of just spit it out all at once.
“I’mjustsomeblokewhocan’tstopthinkingaboutyou,” he rushed.
“Huh?” you frowned, understandably unable to parse what he’d said.
“Oh, Christ,” he groaned, “doesn’t matter— y’don’t need to apologise, i-if anything I was gonna thank you again.”
“Well, you don’t need to do that, either,” you mumbled quietly, a shy smile crossing your face.  “We’ll call it even.  You got a happy ending and I get to keep my job.”
“Not quite even,” he recalled, face getting warm as he pictured exactly what he’d have to do to make what happened that night completely fair.  “I want something else.”
“Oh…?” you wondered, tilting your head.
“Your number, maybe?” he finally asked, heart pumping dangerously fast, and you smiled.
“Okay,” you agreed.
“A-and I could call you sometime.”
“Okay,” you repeated.
“And ask you to dinner.”
You smiled wider.  “Okay.”
“O-or I could just ask you now…”
“Okay,” you laughed.
“But maybe I should wait!” he decided suddenly.  “Maybe it’s better to do it later— I don’t know, I don’t do this very often…”
“I noticed,” you smirked, and he blinked at you shyly.
“I-I’m not totally helpless, y’know, I got you flowers,” he informed you proudly.
“You did?  Where are they?” you asked.
“E-erm, over there,” he pointed across the street, and you raised an eyebrow in confusion.  “I’ll get you different ones, better ones—”
“I don’t want flowers, Billy,” you replied, “I just want you to come pick me up when I get off today— my shift’s over at—”
“I know,” he interrupted with a beaming smile, “I’ll meet you by that door and we can go somewhere nice.”
“How about your flat?” you recommended.
“W-well… it’s not very nice…” he admitted, biting his lip as you stepped closer.
“I bet I’ll like it,” you purred, and he couldn’t resist the urge again— he grabbed your face and kissed you, way too needy and passionate for the seemingly-mundane situation here on the street by the hospital. But you hummed into it and kissed him back; he knew he couldn’t blame that first kiss on it being the middle of the night anymore, being all sleep-deprived and desperate, because he felt the exact same way at eight in the morning on a Thursday in the middle of the pavement.
Again, you had to push him back gently to cue him to stop, and he looked at you as your eyes fluttered open and your bitten lips smiled at him. 
“Not gonna run me late to work, are you?” you challenged.
“No,” he promised, “I-I really want to, but no.”
“That’s a shame,” you jokingly pouted as you lowered yourself from your tiptoes and started to cross the street.  “See you tonight!” you called as you went on your way, and he wanted to say something back— something smooth, but anything would do, really— but he just got mesmerised watching you go, knowing the next time he saw you would be for a date. 
He could hardly believe it was real, that he’d gotten this lucky, but he decided not to question that anymore and just accept whatever gift from the universe this was supposed to be.  He was almost tempted to just stand outside and wait for you for your entire shift, but he decided instead that he could at least go and pick out some new flowers for you, despite what you’d said about not wanting them… better safe than sorry.
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thesharktanksdriver · 30 days
Being Jason Todd's kid (Platonic)
Warning: at the beginning y/n has a shitty mom and neglectful (+abandoning them) plus a mention of Jason’s death of being beaten
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You knew for a long time your mom didn’t love you, even your young 8 year old mind could tell
From the way she looked at you with disdain and disgust
She was still your mom though so you loved her
Loved her despite the yelling and sending you to your room with a granola bar as your dinner
It was fine
Everything was fine
All you had to do was keep doing your best to make her love you like in the books you’d read at school
So you did your best to appease her
You’d bring her the sticks that would create the smelly wisps of smoke that would stain her gnashing teeth as she yelled at you
Or bring in the amber coloured drink in glass bottle she liked
You tried it once cause the tap didn’t make water anymore but you didn’t like it
It felt as if it was burning your throat and tongue as it slithered down your parched throat like venom from a snake
When she feel asleep on her chair you’d place a blanket around her but left the tv on
She got mad at you cause of that the first time
You made rules in your mind on how to properly dance around the tiggers that would make her angry
Some you didn’t really understand as to why she got angry over it but you avoided it anyways
Just keeping quiet and silently going about your day to make her as happy as you could
She never took you out much, often leaving you at home when she’d get groceries or went to work
But as a surprise she told you that you’d be going with her to carry the bags
It was night, but you didn’t mind it much since you’d always preferred it
Made getting your mom the smelly sticks easier when it was the man at the cashier at 711
Eventually as you walk further into the city with her you see that your in an area you’d never been before
It’s scary, really scary but you don’t say a word
You don’t say anything when she tells you to wait at the curb beneath a streetlight as she walks off
Cold concrete kissing your palms as you sit there, a lone 8 year old waiting
Still wearing pyjamas and barefoot as the cold chill of the night began to set in
It’s nothing you can’t handle, besides she’d be back soon
She said she would
And if your actions were right you couldn’t break a promise
She’s just taking awhile is all
Maybe it was busy!, yeah that had to be it
People were just busy shopping cause they were at work in the day
So you wait some more
And some more
And now your shaking as you hug yourself
You can’t go home cause you don’t k is the way back and your afraid to leave incase she came back and got mad
There’s a slight chatter sound as your teeth clatter from how much your shaking
The tears feel so cold against your cheeks that you swear they might become frozen to them
There isn’t any noise except for the occasional honk streets away, the night is calm
Until there’s a marsh crash and curses come from the alleyway across from where you sit
It makes you go still and tense
Until a man exits it wearing an odd red mask with glowy eyes
He stumbles out and curses with a weird almost electric sound to his voice before he locks eyes with you
“Oi kid!, what are you doing out so late and alone?”
He takes as step forwards and you scoot back a little bit, still shaking as he now notices how your not wearing much on a cold night
He takes off his jacket
“If I give you my jacket will you tell me your name?”
“I heard I’m not supposed to talk to strangers…can you tell me your name?”
At this nods and as he got closer you dont back away like before
You let him place the large jacket over your shoulders, it’s big and bulky and reminds you of a blanket with the fluff on the inside
He says his name is red hood, something that makes your eyes light up with familiarity
You’d heard about him from your mom watched the news, mentions if the name but never what he looked like
There was also something with him and Batman? But you didn’t really know a lot about it from the snippets you heard
“Does that mean your a hero?.”
“I wouldn’t exactly say that. But close enough”
“That’s cool, mom said that hero’s were a sham. I always thought their cool, I’m y/n by the way”
“Kid how old are you?, what are you doing out here?”
You go to hold your fingers up to show him but you don’t remember what’s past five
Mom pulled you out of preschool saying she’d Homeschool you but never did
Whatever you had learned was from tv and the limited books you could read
You begin to tear up in frustration
“Hey it’s ok kid. Second question then, what are you doing out here”
“Mom said she needed groceries and she let me come this time so I can carry the bags. She said that I had to wait here till she’s come back”
He goes rigid at that but you don’t notice
You curl up in a ball and zip up the coat around you
Now properly protecting you from the cold except for your feet
“Mr hood can you wait with me. I don’t wanna be alone”
“Sure thing”
So he sits himself beside you on the curb
To pass the time he pulls out a small book labeled “pride and prejudice” and begins reading it to you
It’s nice having someone to read with
He uses different voice for different characters, giving them posh accents that make you giggle
But as time ticks on he notices how your shoulders droop more
Along with your smile
Eventually he stops reading and puts his book away
“She said she’d come back…she’s coming back right?”
It sounds so broken as you ask this, you turn your head to look at him and he sees your reddened eyes that have tears lining them
The only sounds you can make are choked sobs and sniffles as the masked vigilante pulls you into a hug
You grab onto him tightly, small hands digging into the metal plating of his armour
Afraid he’d leave as well just as everyone else in your life did
“Do you have a dad you can go to?”
“Mom said he left because of me…so I don’t think so. Do you think if I go home she’d be mad at me?”
He feels his heart shatter a bit at that and he doesn’t know how to respond other than gently rubbing the back of your head
Jason at this point in his life knows he’s not in the best place to care for himself let alone a kid. He’s a walking corpse back from the dead, wanting to get revenge as his mind unscrambles itself day by day
But as you sob he knows he can’t let go
Those memories of his mother staining his mind along with the sound of your crying
The betrayal similar to this where she willingly led her child to a certain death
He also doesn’t trust the foster care system nor any system for a matter of fact
He’s seen his share of messed up kids that have been created through them
So in that moment Jason makes an impulsive decision he wouldn’t ever regret
“Do…do you wanna come with me then?. You gotta keep my identity a secret though, k?”
“O-ok Mr hood”
“Just call me Jason kid”
Yeah so first couple weeks Jason struggles since he hasn’t exactly looked after a child before
Your an independent kid from the conditions you lived in before but that makes him worry quite a bit
Especially when you have a small snack and call it a dinner
So he just takes small steps, and also reads parenting books…a lot of them actually
He still has to set you up a room so he lets you take his bed while he sleeps on the couch
It’s easier that way cause he’s afraid of accidentally hurting you while having a nightmare
Which he still gets quite frequently
You don’t seem to mind, just thanking him for sleeping in a nice bed and having blankets that properly keep you warm
Before you came along he kinda just got takeout but he knows that isn’t the healthiest thing so he actually starts cooking
He’s pretty decent at it due to helping Alfred and for like the first time in your life you have a proper meal
You have to hold back tears and it makes his heart crack a bit at the sight
Jason hires an online teacher before sending you to school due to the fact your a bit behind in what a child your age needs to know and he doesn’t trust that Gotham is safe enough yet
Speaking of which he’s protective, like real protective for good reason though
He’s still running around at night with Bruce chasing him along with Gotham being a cesspool
So it’s safe to say that it’s not exactly a safe place for you
Won’t admit it but he purposefully buys you clothes that are red cause he thinks it’s cute
Especially if you say you want more red cause it reminds you of him
100% makes it a tradition to read a chapter of a book to you each day and teaches you to read better through it
He gets better from time and experience
Whenever he comes home battered and angry he makes sure to take his anger out on something before he heads into the apartment
He doesn’t wanna accidentally scare you or snap by accident
You try to help him with his wounds (as best as an 8 year old can) and he melts
Another thing that makes him melt is when he walked in on you trying on his helmet and leather jacket
He laughed and then played with you before putting on some ABBA that y’all danced to
It takes awhile but once he gets your room set up he’s really proud and happy with himself for once when seeing your smile
It was when you thank him that you accidentally called him dad
You freeze and go to apologize but he just hugs you
And you feel tears hit your shoulder
“No it’s ok, yeah I’m your dad now kid”
When your about 10-13 he sends you to school since your properly caught up and he thinks it’s probably best you make friends
He’s already at this point gotten you a fake ID with a new last name since he knows if you have Todd then Bruce is gonna look into it
While he isn’t trying to get revenge anymore he’s still not on the best of terms with the old man
A metaphorical wall between them that leaves Bruce at a distance
Jason likes it this way though since no one knows about you
Giving you a relatively normal life
Now that your a bit older he shows you some of his favourite tv even if it’s still not the most age appropriate thing for you to watch
But as long as no one knows you can watch Buffy but shhhh
Loves binging series with you but also enjoys watching movies as well like lost boys
He’s got a soft spot for older films that will probably be transferred to you
Oh and murder mysteries like knives out (Damn you Bruce)
You don’t remember your birthday so he uses the day he found you as it
And at this age he goes 100% on them
Like guess whos gonna go see hadestown?!?
By god he loves you so much, like goes from big intimidating vigilante to gentle little shit when he gets home
Sometimes you try to stay up late to be awake when he gets home
You usually fall asleep and it always makes his heart warm and fuzzy at the sight of it
Definitely takes you around on his motorcycle and makes you your own helmet to match his
You best bet your gonna be the fucking coolest kid in school with the leather jacket he gets you
He teaches you how to defend yourself and stick up for others
And not to let people step over you
Sure he gets some calls from the office but when he hears little Tommy was being a dick he’s taking you to get Dairy Queen and a pat on the back
You also get a lot of his sass as well
Like you’ve gotten in trouble several times for being a smart ass to terrible teachers
He affectionately calls you “little shit” “ankle bitter” “kid” and “brat”
In return you tease him for having white hair and calling him “old man”
At this point he hasn’t told you about Bruce and his revival but you know he has something against Batman
And for now he leaves it at that since he would prefer to tell you when your a bit older since your still a kid
No matter what he’ll get it into your head to NEVER become a hero or vigilante
Seeing him come home battered and bruised is enough to convince you of that though
Along with that he also teaches you about picking and choosing fights and when to know that you should get help
He doesn’t show up to pta meetings at Gotham academy cause he’s kinda scare Bruce is gonna be there and have some questions
There have definitely been some times while taking you out for something that he narrowly avoided his family
Speaking of which despite them not knowing about you, you actually know about them
Jason actually entrusts you with the information that their the bat family to you since he knows you won’t tell anyone
Even if you did it would sound like a kid spouting off fun theories
You once called Nightwing a dick for a joke and he turned around all confused until he realized what you said
When you told Jason he laughed his ass off about it
Every year for Halloween he lets you borrow one of his spare masks and y’all go out for trick or treating
At the end of it you guys have a tradition of eating some of your spoils of candy on a rooftop overlooking Gotham
When you become a teenager he’s surprisingly really good at dealing with you
Partially because Jason’s still a grungy teen at heart lol
Y’all don’t really have misunderstandings since he puts effort into making some communication is key
Unlike with Bruce who he feels never tried to see his viewpoint Jason makes sure to see your one on topics and issues
But that’s the rare case you guys actually have a discussion like that
Jason actually really happy if you start dating and isn’t really bothered by it?
He knows you can handle yourself and trusts your judge of characters unless he gets reallly off vibes about them
Like serial killer kinda vibes
Then he’s stepping In
If you do have a bad break up though he’s 100% taking you to egg that persons house
And the he takes you to a nice dinner while you both shit talk or if your not feeling up to that he gets ice cream and y’all watch your favourite happy movie
Whatever career you want to pursue you can bet that he will support you
He’s your biggest cheerleader and if it came to it he’d get Pompom’s to prove a point
If you don’t know where you wanna go that’s fine as well!
He doesn’t fucking know what he’s doing with his life either lol and he certainly doesn’t have a conventional job (that’s for sure)
He’s super happy if you begin experimenting with different styles especially if it’s something kinda alt, grunge or punk
Cause then you both can match and he can give you some of his old stuff he’d think you like
At this point in your life he’d be really happy if you share some of your favourite music with him
He has a lot of range and versatility in his playlists but he isn’t as up to date with modern music as he’d like to be
He’d probably really like Doja cat, tame impala, Lovejoy, and Mitski
God if you show him Mitski expect to one day find him crying whilst listening to it
If you ask him what’s wrong he’ll just say “it’s one of those days” (Me)
Speaking of which, this is the time where Jason actually opens up about why he has nightmares so often and why he hated Bruce
It’s definitely a bit jarring to hear about him being beaten to death and then revived
And you definitely get a bit upset that Bruce didn’t do anything to really get revenge on the joker
Though you know your view is biased from being Jason’s kid and watching him growing up have full on horrific nightmares that would make him wake up screaming
How his mom betrayed him as well
It’s a big thing for him to talk about since he usually prefers to not relive those memories in his mind
But he knows that you’d learn eventually and he’d prefer if it was from his mouth
For him to tell about his trauma when he felt that both of you were ready
You feel closer to him in heart
And you hug him like when he had found you all those years ago
And Jason finds himself content
Any concert you want to go to he’s probably tagging along since he enjoys those type of events
Even if it’s for a musician that isn’t his favourite
He finds any hobby you have or anything you wanna collect
Cause he wants you to be happy and even if he doesn’t get it per say seeing your smile makes him understand
If it’s something he also likes though then be prepared cause your sharing that collection with him
And you both are gonna geek out over shit
He still reads to you as a small tradition you’ve both continued since him taking you in
Just you snuggled beside him in a cocoon of blankets as he reads a book of your recommendation aloud
A vinyl playing on a low level in the background
That alone pushes him to never give up when on patrol
He has you to return to, he has someone who he cared for more than his own life
The only bit of normality he has in his life after being thrown into the bubbling green waters of the Lazarus pit. Coming back as a broken and lost man hellbent on revenge and lingering rage
And of fucking course it’s during one of these nights as he’s reading Carmila that Bruce and Dick decide to drop by
“What the?!- Jason who the hell’s that?!?”
“Do we lie orrr?” “Can’t lie to em kid, their like living lie detectors” “those don’t even properly work though, you can cheat them easily” “it was an analogy”
“Can still hear y-“
“Shut up dick”
“They know?”
“Yeah well…of course I’d tell my kid about you guys”
“I’m an uncle?!?. How long have you had them?!?, how?!”
“How old are they?”
“I’m right here you know, Stop talking as if I’m not you geezers”
Haha yeah….Bruce is having a crisis realizing he’s technically a grandpa now
There are like 2000 things going on in his mind right now and he definitely needs a chair to sit down on
He’s still in his costume so his emotions aren’t really showing but you can definitely tell he’s not ok by how he’s leaning against the wall looking kinda faint
He happy but at the same time he’s kinda upset that Jason never told him
Like, you’ve had a kid for years and never told me, your dad?!?
Jason definitely needs to have a talk with him and explain his side of the situation (which you practically force the two of them to do)
He’s kinda akward around you but not in a bad way, moreso in the “so kiddo what do you kids like these days” kinda way
He’s missed out on countless years of your life and didn’t even know you existed up until now and now your suddenly revealed to be his grandkid
He has like years of birthdays, Christmas’s, Easter’s and every other fucking holidays to catch up on
He starring holes into you by accident and your dad has to lightly smack his arm to tell him to stop lol
He means well though and you know that
Meanwhile Dick is ecstatic cause he’s an uncle!!
He’s already ready to brag to everyone he knows about it and be like “pshh that cool but I’m now an uncle”
Bro’s sitting beside you and asking everything about your interests and achievements
It’s kinda sweet since he’s just nodding along adding “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” every once in awhile
It reminds you a bit of a golden retriever
But with that also comes the little devil on your shoulder tempting you to mess with him a bit
And you do so
“I have the best insults from here to metropolis”
“Want to prove that?”
“Sure. I bet you have so much ass hair that when you have diarrhea it comes out as filtered water”
They quickly learn you have Jason’s mouth if not worse
Wither you or Jason realize it or not your both alike in more ways than one
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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green-eyedladywrites · 9 months
Daryl sees reader walking around in a pair of high heels from her new closet in Alexandria and it drives him wild!
Warnings: loving smut!
Tumblr media
Daryl Dixon was a leg man. 
Whether it was the models in Merle's nudie magazines or the real live girls in his hometown, the first thing the shy younger Dixon brother noticed was a nice pair of legs. You had the best he'd ever seen. 
When you appeared at the gates of the prison in a t-shirt and shorts as Daryl and Maggie were clearing walkers from the fence, you were sunburned and bug bitten everywhere. They gave you a bottle of water, asked you three questions, then let you in. Daryl hadn't thought about things like attractive body parts since the world ended, until he watched you walk away up the dirt hill with Maggie. He was suddenly glad he had walkers to take his sudden, overwhelming frustration out on.
Daryl was glad you kept those shorts after washing them, and wore them often, even if it distracted him. But it wasn't just your legs. It was your smile, your kindness, your work ethic, your playfulness with Judith, and your devotion the group. Daryl fell in love with every part of you. 
You only saw enough of him to be intrigued. He never stopped, never rested, never stood still, and certainly never had a full conversation with anyone. He only said what was necessary and got back to it, whether it was going on a run or a hunt, building or fixing something, or keeping to himself. He wanted to talk to you the most, but he couldn't do small talk, he didn't know how to express his feelings for you, and he was afraid to say the wrong thing, in the wrong way. You tried to initiate many times. You could tell his gruff exterior shielded a shy, sensitive soul, but you never got very far. You mostly learned things from each other during runs, when the other members of the group got you both talking. You kept thinking there would be time, that at some point the two of you would become more than friends. Then the prison fell.
Daryl didn't know you escaped with Carol and Tyrese. He laid awake every night mourning you, regretting that he was too awkward and insecure to even be around you, despite how much he wanted you.
As he kneeled in front of a slaughter basin at Terminous, believing he was about to die, he saw your face and had a brief moment of peace, hoping to see you again on the other side. Carol caused the explosion that saved everyone, then led Daryl back to you. He fell to his knees when he saw you, wondering if he was already dead, but feeling like he was in heaven either way. You went straight to him, knelt down in front of him, and swept his long dirty bangs away from his eyes. 
"There you are," you whispered through happy tears. 
For the second time in less than an hour, Daryl Dixon broke down in a woman's arms. But he wasn't pried away from you as quickly or easily. 
Life on the road to D.C. didn't afford much time for romance. More fighting, more separation, more death, starvation, and moments of hopelessness kept you both from verbalising how much you felt for each other. But you both knew there was something between you. Fighting side-by-side had to be enough, though, for now. As long as your two legs kept trudging on, Daryl would follow you anywhere. 
Then Aaron brought you all to Alexandria. You and Daryl walked through the gates hand in hand. You both prayed that the safety and comfort of the community wasn't just an illusion. You hoped it was a place where you could finally stop and get to know each other. 
Once your group split up into separate houses, you and Tara shared one of the smaller houses a few doors down from Rick's house, where Daryl set up camp in the basement. 
It had only been a few days. There was still so much to do. You'd get to each other eventually. 
The night of Deanna's party, you went for a little while to be polite, looking for Daryl the whole time. After one drink you couldn't fake any more small talk or avoid Spencer's flirting and went home.
You walked around the few barely lit streets, still searching for Daryl, but gave up and went back to an empty house.
You didn't know what to do with yourself. Free time - what was that? 
You decided to snoop through your own house. It was only your second night there. 
You decided to dig into the closet first. You had pulled a few pieces of clothing from the shared pile when you all arrived but every house was full of necessities and luxuries.
The style wasn't exactly "you," but everything was brand new, clean, no holes, rips, tears, blood stains, or mud-caked fabric. There were pajamas, underwear, and stacks of shoe boxes. Most were loafers or sneakers, but you were shocked to find a pair of black high heels mixed in with the other unassuming shoe boxes. They weren't too fancy or dressy, just plain black patent slingbacks, about 4 inches high with a rounded toe. To you, it was like finding buried treasure.
You practically lived in high heels in your old life. As a teenager you never took a job where you couldn't wear them. You wore them to the grocery store, family bbqs, even church (surely God didn't mind a little kitten heel). 
You checked the inside for a size. 8 medium. Just like you. You sat on the floor of the walk-in closet and slipped them on. It was like going home. It didn't matter that were wearing a long boring skirt, that your hair was in a messy bun, that no one would ever see how fan-fucking-tasticly you slayed in those shoes. You felt it. You owned it. That feminine pride was just for you. 
Of course you could still walk in them. Bitch, please, you never forget how to do what you were born to do. You did a lap around your bedroom, the click-clack on the hardwood floors sounding like your second pulse. You strutted over to the wall-length mirror and rolled the waist of the skirt up. After the fall of civilization and 2 years of near-death experiences, the last fuck you gave was about any physical insecurities. So what about length, shape, scars, ankle width, thigh gaps, knee fat (which sounded absurd even in the old world), if your ass was too big, too small or not high enough. You were still alive, you had 4 walls and a roof, food to eat, people you loved, and a pair of classic high heels on your feet. 
You wished you had discovered them earlier. Maybe you could've worn them to the party? No, you wouldn't have. It was still the apocalypse, you were all fighters, you never knew what shit would hit the fan at any given moment, and being caught in heels or bare feet could mean your end. You all needed solid, practical boots and shoes to kick ass or run on a dime. And Spencer would've done a lot more than just flirt. 
But maybe Daryl would've seen you in them. Maybe he would've finally stopped - just stopped - and talked to you. 
You sighed and went downstairs for a drink. Every house had liquor in it too, and another glass of wine, in your heels no less, sounded like a perfectly civilized evening for a woman to enjoy.
After Daryl left Aaron and Eric's house with a stomach full of spaghetti, he ran into Glenn and Maggie walking home. 
"Y/N still there?" He asked, gesturing to Deanna's house. 
"She left hours ago," Glenn shrugged.
"Alone?" Daryl asked, cautiously. Did one of those pretty Alexandria boys get to you first, or was something wrong. 
"I think so. She just wasn't comfortable," Maggie said. "It's gonna take time to adjust, you know."
Time, Daryl thought, was all you had now. Time to build bikes and have dinner at a table and talk to the person you fell in love with.
"A'right, thanks," he said as a goodnight and headed to your house.
He climbed the few steps up to your door and saw the window blinds were still up. None of you were used to having any kind of privacy, and wanted to see what was going on around you at all times anyway. Before knocking he peeked into the window to see if you were alone. If any of those shiny assholes were with you, making you smile or worse, he didn't know what he'd do. But at least he was prepared for the possibility. The unexpected sight through the glass knocked him on his ass in a different way.
You were sitting sideways on a stool at the counter, nursing a glass of wine, your beautiful legs crossed under a short bunched up skirt, and high heels hooked in the foot rests. You were admiring your own feet, extending your leg out in front of you, letting the shoe dangle off your toes, then reaching down to slide the strap back up your heel. You looked as sexy as you felt. 
Daryl was frozen as he felt all the blood in his body rush to one place. 
You suddenly felt someone watching you and looked over at the window. You jumped when you saw Daryl standing there staring at you and you quickly kicked the shoes off. He snapped out of it as you ran over to open the door.
"Daryl? You scared me!" You said with a smile, trying to play it cool, like he didn't just see you acting privately ridiculous.
"M'sorry sorry, I just, I wanted, I gotta," he stuttered and stumbled over his words.
"You wanna come in? I found a really good bottle of wine," you asked, to his relief.
He cleared his throat, put his hands in his pockets and bounced his leg to calm himself down, then nodded and followed you inside.
You ran ahead to kick the shoes where he hopefully wouldn't see them and hopped back on one of the stools. Daryl walked over to the stool next to you but didn't sit. He looked over at the shoes, knowing exactly where they were, and where he wanted them to be.
"Why'd you take 'em off?" He asked in that low, gravelly voice that immediately turned you on.
You didn't lie or play dumb. You finished your glass of wine in one gulp and said, "I was just being stupid. Can you please forget you ever saw me in those?" You felt your face burning and concentrated on your empty glass.
"No, I can't forget. Don't wanna either," he confessed. 
You looked up at him as every part of you started tingling. His blue eyes were burning into yours. He moved closer, looked down at your exposed legs, and asked, barely above a whisper, "Will you put 'em back on?" He then bit his lip, almost ashamed at what he'd just asked you. 
You were silent, dumb-founded. Just as Daryl was about to say nevermind and run out, it was your turn to surprise him by asking "Will you put them on me?"
He spun around to pick the shoes up, then knelt down at your feet. He had no idea what he was doing. He'd never even held a pair of high heels before, nevermind knew how they went on, especially with that strap. But he finally had the chance to be so close to the perfect legs that he longed to touch for over a year. If he could literally worship you at your feet, he'd figure it out as he went. 
You held up one pointed foot for him. He slid the right shoe over your toes. As your arch rested against the sole, he realized how to place the strap, just as if he was re-stringing his crossbow. When both shoes were on he kept a hold of your ankle and softly ran his other hand up the inside of your calf. Both of you held your breath as he reached your knee and looked up at you, silently asking if it was OK to go further. You nodded and parted your knees a bit. Daryl stood up and stared you down as his fingers gently advanced up your inner thigh. Just before he got to the soaking wet center of your underwear, he moved to the other leg, this time caressing your outer thigh. He stepped closer to you, in-between your now open legs. 
"I've wanted to touch these legs since the day you walked up to that fence," he sighed peacefully as he finally got to hold the object of his desires.
"I would've let you," you said eagerly as you pulled him even closer and pressed yourself against him. "I'm letting you now." You lifted one leg to his waist and he panted as he rubbed all the way up your thigh to your hip. 
You reached up to cup his face and bring it down to yours. You moaned into each other's mouths as your parted lips joined. You could feel his chapped lips and the soft wet inside as your mouths joined. When your tongues began to dance, you lifted your other leg, wrapped it around his waist, and melted into him.
You both released a year's worth of pent-up yearning in the kiss. You leaned back against the counter and gasped when you felt his hard bulge pressing into your center. You moaned louder and started grinding against him. 
"Daryl? Take me upstairs?" You begged as you looked into his eyes.
He grinned and said, "Only if I can watch you walk up in them heels."
You laughed softly and bit your lip sheepishly.
He released your legs and you hopped off the stool and sauntered across the living room. He followed you but stayed at the bottom of the stairs as you ascended, watching you confidently sway your hips with each step higher. Daryl's leg twitched rapidly as more of the back of your thighs became visible and his cock was straining against his pants. When you reached the landing and looked down at him over your shoulder, he bolted after you, clearing 2 or 3 steps up at a time. When he reached you he pulled you up off the ground and you wrapped your legs around him again. He pushed you against the wall and kissed you deeply.
"You got the sexiest fuckin legs I ever seen," he grunted as he rubbed into you.
"Oh, these old things?" You grinned before capturing his lips again. His grinding became overwhelming and you cried out into his kiss.
"Which one's yours?" He asked, looking down the hallway leading into three bedrooms. You pointed to the closest one. He carried you in and kicked the door shut behind him, then laid you on the bed. He tried to stand up but you locked your ankles together behind his back and held on. 
"I'm not letting you go!" You smiled. "I've waited too long for this! Please, Daryl? Can we finally do this? All of it?" You turned serious. "Please stop avoiding me."
"I was never…" He squeezed his eyes shut, cursing himself for causing you to think such things. "I don't know how to say things. 'Specially to you. And it kills me cuz I never wanted to say so much to somebody before." He gulped and kept going. "Never loved a woman the way I love you. Never thought a woman like you would want me."
You realized how much he'd confessed before he did.
"You love me?" You asked as tears welled in your eyes.
He nodded and rubbed your noses together. "You don't gotta say it back."
"You think I let just any man between my legs?" He smiled and shook his head, ticking your face with his long dark hair. "I love you, Daryl. But right now, I'm not that interested in talking," you continued, feeling bolder than ever. "So if there's something you don't know how to tell me, can you show me instead?"
"I can do that," he said in a confident, heated voice. He stood up, turned the bedside lamp on, and pulled his vest off. You sat up to help with the buttons but he gently stopped your hand and held it. His eyes turned sad and vulnerable.
"You can leave it on," you said softly. 
He shook his head and swallowed hard. "I want ya to know. Just… never showed nobody before." 
He released your hand and you both unbuttoned it together. You pushed his shirt open by rubbing your hands across his chest and felt the raised, bumpy scars before seeing them. They stopped you cold, and you suddenly understood a whole lot more about him. 
He hung his head and looked down, ashamed. You lifted his chin and pushed the hair away from his eyes. "Don't you ever hang your head, Daryl Dixon."
He huffed appreciatively, humbly, with a faint smile. You pressed your right hand over his chest and wrapped your left around his back, only to feel more jagged lines marking his strong body.
"The back is worse," he said, barely above a whisper.  
"You can tell me," you said as you both held each other.
"Later," he said dismissively but assertively before kissing you deeply again. His fingers hurriedly bunched up your shirt to pull it over your head. He tugged at your bra straps too, then pushed down at the waistband of your skirt. His hands roamed everywhere but his mouth never left yours. You shimmied out of your underwear too and kicked off one shoe but he broke away and said, "leave 'em on."
You smiled and stepped back into it. He took a few steps back to look at you as you stood there in nothing but the heels. You felt instantly self-conscious, unsure of what to do with your hands, but Daryl's gaze steadied you. He nearly dropped to his knees to worship you but he willed himself to stay strong and instead asked, "You even real?" 
"I'm real," you answered in a voice breaking with emotion. "And I'm yours." 
You sat back on the side of the bed and waited for him. He began undoing his belt and jeans as he approached you. The size of his bulge was even more impressive up close. Once he was immediately in front of you he kicked his boots off and pushed his pants and boxers down, finally freeing his extended length. You wrapped your fingers around him and leaned in with your mouth open but he growled, "No." 
"I… I'm sorry," you said, taken aback.  
"Nah, don't be," he corrected, cursing himself for reacting so harshly. "S'just… I want your body, not yer mouth."
"You can have whatever you want, Daryl," you said in relief. You leaned back and lifted your legs up with your knees bent but still together. You raised your eyebrows and smiled. "I know you like these," you said as you kicked your right leg out to him. 
He smirked and grabbed your leg, lifted it straight up, and rested your ankle on his left shoulder, slightly parting your legs. He started kissing at your ankle and caressing up and down your calf and inner thigh, still bewildered that his year-long fantasy was actually happening. His mouth and hands had free reign on the pair of stems that he dreamed about, longed for, and jerked himself to every day and night at the drab, sterile prison you once called home. He pushed your other leg to the side and grazed your folds with his fingers. He worried that his lack of knowledge and experience between any woman's legs would betray him and leave you cold but your quiet little noises turned to prolonged groans. The sight and sensation of Daryl stroking your clit overwhelmed and weakened you, and you dropped flat on your back. He almost drooled at the sight of you splayed out in front of him, willing and begging, gripping his arms tighter with each movement 
"Daryl! Please! Now!" You cried. He couldn't wait anymore either. His jaw tightened as he held his cock and started dragging his tip through your juices. You bit your lip and whimpered, then begged some more, until he finally pierced your opening. You held on to his arms as he began to fill you. You both lost control of your voices, filling the entire house with half-finished words, yelps, and groans, the gibberish of ecstasy. You closed your eyes and felt every inch slowly invade your senses, stimulating places throughout your body and being that you didn't even know existed. When you opened your eyes you only saw the curtained windows upside down, realizing you had thrown your head back in the first throws. It was suddenly silent and you looked ahead to see Daryl again. He stood still, fully engulfed in you, his eyes squeezed shut, breathing through his nose like a bull, gripping your ankle as if it was his lifeline keeping him from falling into an abyss. 
"Daryl?" You asked hesitantly, almost afraid to pull him from wherever his mind had gone for balance. He opened his eyes and his jaw dropped at the sight of where you were fully joined. He inhaled like a drowning man coming up for air and whimpered as he tried to push into you further, rubbing the top of his groin area against your clit. You cried out his name and he froze again.
"Daryl? Are you ok?" You asked, growing concerned.
"S'fuckin good. So… fuckin good," he said through heavy exhales. 
"Come here," you said as you pulled him down over you. He released your leg and knelt on the bed. You wanted to ask if this was his first time having sex but didn't want to embarrass him. He seemed overwhelmed by the stimulation and unsure of what to do or how to move. He was indeed inexperienced but not completely. He'd only been with the only two other women - one paid by Merle to take Daryl's virginity at 15, the other a drunken girl he barely remembered who threw herself at him, then nearly threw up on him when it was over. But you, this, all of it - the connection between you, your survivor's body, your loving gaze, tender motions, and acceptance of a marked-up, middle-aged redneck - it floored him. 
You planted your feet on the mattress and lifted your hips, then dipped back down, pulling him out, but not completely. The loss of your tight, heated grip on his shaft spurred him into action. He lifted your legs from under your knees and started rapidly rocking back and forth into you, holding your lower half in the air as he pounded you. You gripped the quilt above your head and watched him fuck you as if he would lose you if he didn't. You knew he wouldn't be able to release his grip on you to bring you to your peak. You reached down to strum yourself with one hand and pinched your own nipple with the other. It only took a minute before you splintered internally and screamed his name. The sight of you pleasuring yourself and coming hard as he took you was too much for Daryl. The force of his heavy thrusts moved the bed on its wheels and knocked it into the nightstand. You felt him begin to sputter as you came down from your high. Despite not having protection, despite your shared risk aversion, despite watching Judith grow up without a mother, nothing on earth could stop either of you from experiencing Daryl finishing your first time together inside of you. It was too late anyway - he didn't have time to pull out before he exploded suddenly and deeply. 
You beheld the magnificent sight of Daryl Dixon's moment of pure ecstasy as the muscles and veins in his neck bulged while he leaned his head back and wailed at the ceiling, his biceps flexed to keep your open legs high, his scarred, heaving chest beaded with sweat. 
He stayed locked in place as his high ebbed away. When he finally shifted his weight and pulled out, you lowered your legs and rotated to lay with your head on the pillows. You patted the bed next to you Daryl smiled, then joined you. He laid on his side to face you and pulled your left leg up over his hip.
"You really love my legs, huh?" I teased.
"Can't get enough of these," he grinned as he stroked my thigh. 
"Do you mind if I take the shoes off now?" I asked.
"Alright. But just for sleeping," he joked. "Ya can't ever get rid of those."
"Never!" I promised.
Thank you for reading!
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francesminos-tt · 2 months
Lucemond time travel fix-it au with a twist where a 11-year-old Aemond and his 30-year-old self switches bodies.
Older!Aemond is happily married to Lucerys. They have three children and Lucerys is nursing their youngest.
Youger!Aemond just got his eye gauged out. Poor boy.
It all starts at that fateful night on Driftmark. Aemond claimed Vaghar but lost an eye. The pain is too intense, the hurt too deep, the humiliation too intolerable, and most importantly, the indifference in his father’s eyes is too much to bear. As the maester is sewing his flesh back together, Aemond blacks out for a bit.
When he wakes up next, he finds himself in a strange place. He’s lying on a massive bed; the unique ocean scent tells him that he’s still on Driftmark, but the surrounding is completely different from mere seconds ago. Did he pass out longer than he thought? Did his mother put him to rest? Why is his face not hurting? What is the warmth on his left?
Aemond doesn’t have to wonder any longer, because the warmth shifts and Aemond hears a small yawn as he feels hot breath on his neck.
“Why are you up, Aemond?” A mop of brown curls emerges from Aemond’s blind side. It’s a boy, no, young man with soft features and sleepy eyes the color of honey wine.
Aemond doesn’t know him. Seven, he never sleeps in the same bed with anyone else. And he certainly doesn’t cuddle.
“Who are you? I demand you to get off my bed and identify yourself.” Aemond says, his voice deep and resonating, nothing like the voice Aemond is accustomed to.
This is NOT his voice.
The young man frowns, sleep disappearing from his eyes. He studies Aemond for a while before slips off the bed. The young man fishes an oversized tunic from the floor and throws it on. The tunic comes down all the way to the middle of his thigh, and Aemond belatedly realizes his companion is completely naked. So is Aemond.
“Did Aegon give you something nasty again? I am going to cut off his balls.” The young man spits, pacing around the room to light the candles.
Aegon, right, that’s a familiar name. His older brother is constantly horny and drunk which annoys Aemond to the core, but now he would die to see a familiar face again.
“Here. Drink some water. Does your head hurt? Do you feel like vomiting? I can have the maester prepare some tonic for you, or do you prefer some warm soup?” The young man returns to the bed with a goblet in hand. He offers the goblet to Aemond before leans down, pressing their forehead together to feel Aemond’s temperature.
Aemond’s breath catches in his throat. Never is someone so caring to him. Not even his own mother. Alicent is always civil and aloof. She is more Queen than mother to him. Aemond can’t remember the last time someone showed such affection and devotion to him.
“How do you feel? Talk to me, Aemond, beloved, you are scaring me.” The young man brushes a strand of silver hair from Aemond’s forehead, his touch so tender that Aemond doesn’t want him to stop.
“Who are you?” Aemond asks again, this time barely a whisper. This is a dream, Aemond is sure of it. Maybe the maester gives him too much milk of the poppy. That’s why he would have this strange but incredibly vivid and addicting dream. He is afraid if he asks the wrong question, the caring stranger would disappear and he will be left alone with pain again.
The stranger chuckles, as if Aemond just did something silly but endearing.
“I can’t believe you are so hang-over that you forget your own husband.” The stranger says. His eyes twinkle, small beads of sweat gives his skin an inviting sheen, and Aemond could see red bite marks scattered all over his chest, especially around his nipples.
“Husband?” Aemond repeats, rather stupidly.
“That’s right. I am your husband, Lucerys.” The young man kisses Aemond on the lips as he reveals the truth.
Aemond’s whole world starts to spin. No. It cannot be. This is merely a milk of the poppy induced dream. There is no way he would marry Lucerys of all people. The boy who just took his eye.
But, come to think of it, Aemond now sees a pair of big doe eyes, unruly curls, plush lips, full cheeks, and a cute button nose. All those features scream Lucerys to him.
“What year is it?” Aemond mutters.
“Are you sure you are all right, love? It’s 140 AC.”
And just like that, a 11-year-old Aemond somehow transfers into the body of his older self almost 20 years later.
121 AC, Driftmark
Aemond (turns to the maester): Can you look at my husband Lucy, eh, I mean my nephew Lucerys? I think his nose is still bleeding.
Everyone looks shocked except for Lucerys.
Lucerys (sniffles): Are you hurting too much uncle?
Aemond: It’s not too bad. Come here, you can kiss it better.
Lucerys (stumbles toward Aemond)
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randelle · 1 month
OP boys with a very inlove s/o!
Tumblr media
➜ Characters. . . ; Trafalgar law , Roronoa Zoro.
➜ Fluff/angst/nsfw
➜ Female/male/neutral
· summary; one piece boys dealing with a very inlove s/o (kinda like sanji or Hancock. )
Requested / non-requested
Tumblr media
━ Trafalgar D. Water Law
• Law, he's a stoic, nice, and dependable guy.
• from time to time, you always seem to swoon on him.
• When you give him sweet treatments, like complimenting him, or having nosebleeds once you think about how attractive he looks; let's say he can get very fragile.
• He isn't the type to hear much compliments, since well– everyone is practically afraid of him and his presence.
• The man can be a blushing mess, he'd just scurry away from the room and into his office. Simple as that.
• You aren't afraid to show your love for him, even you'd scream it in public if you could. (But he tries to stop it.)
• Always he is being teased by his comrades, he hears snickering behind him; like penguin and shachi we're talking about how law would always get quite embarrassed when you're around.
• He'd hit that menacing stare and make them go back to work. Making sure the conversation wouldn't go on.
• He maybe embarrassed by your little stunts for him in public, but inside a room of you two; He loves it even with a straight face.
"Law I browsed in the kitchen and found some food for you! Maybe you'd like to take one since you didn't eat lunch yet?" You offered, entering his room. "eh? Sure drop it here." He points next to his desk.
"Alright." You placed it down, "Say do you want me to feed you? I'd gladly do it! Even for free!" You swooned. "?!" Law had a look in his face; Before sighing again, he's been trying to be used to your little antics with him,
even if you both weren't dating yet. But he still manages to be hit by your bullet somehow. "No." He said in a straight tone. "C'mon please! I mean, you're the man I WILL. MARRY! So somehow pleassee! I want to feed you!" You begged, desperately wanting to feed the captain.
He rolled his eyes, giving into you. "Whatever! Just stop with that annoying pleading!" He replied, as you jolted back up in happiness. You picked the spoon filled with rice and a side dish, when he hesitatingly opened his mouth. Feeding on the food you offered.
"is this what life really is?! I finally got to feed the man I love the most!" You thought, with a red face. Meanwhile, someone was peeking through the door you left half open.
"move, bepo! I'm trying to watch!" Shachi grunted. "Yeah! I gotta picture this moment and tell it to the others!" Penguin snickered. Watching law with a red tint of shade in his face, looking how you were also so lovestruck by him.
"What're you even doing..? Your head is already looking up." Law mentioned, while you were in a faint dream of you and him getting married. "What?! Oh no no, I was feeling very fine..!" You assured. "Do you want another one dear?" You smiled, when he took another bite. Reading his book again, and it seems the faint red on his face never disappeared after you finished feeding him.
"Hehehe, these guys are gonna love it when I tell them captain was being fed by (name)!" Shachi cackles, when you came out of the room seeing bepo, penguin, and shachi all together in one corner. "If any of you tell this to anyone on this crew, I will crush you with my bare HANDS." You threatened, before giving an innocent smile, walking away. "Maybe..I shouldn't tell anyone."
━ Roronoa Zoro
• He's a hard but very funny guy, he isn't really dependable except for fighting and drinking. He's just there! Being helpful as he can..
• Whenever you come around while he's Training somewhere, let's say you'd have a nosebleed everytime.
• so chopper advises you to STAY AWAY. From zoro everytime he's either training or without a top. Especially without a top, you might die from a heart attack any minute.
• Sometimes he likes it, sometimes he doesn't. But that doesn't stop you from keeping your compliments away from him.
• You'd give him the most weird compliments in such a wrong time, like when you're at the verge of death and you see him. You'd give the weakest compliments or would swoon over him if you could.
• He'd sometimes. Get hit by one of your compliments and pretends that it isn't that big of deal and runs away from wherever he goes.
• Like law, he may not show emotion; but deep down..THOSE FEELINGS WHIRL.
• He's pretty used to it now, considering the relation you two have is romantic now.
• Even if you act so inlove or overly inlove with zoro, he's just loving you the right amount– Cause that's what he likes the most.
• His comments to your compliment are either saying you should shut up, or he'd just run away to a place where he can process his own emotions.
A breezy and sunny day was upon the strawhats. No signs of bad weather, No navy vessels heading towards them, even pirate ships aren't bombarding them with problems! It seemed to be such a perfect day today. Rather too, perfect.
You were currently on the watch house in the sunny, while you glanced down at your friends below. Robin reading a book, nami looking at a map chart, ussop and Luffy with chopper doing something very troublesome again. Franky just tinkering with some machines he made, and brook sitting down tuning his violin. For sanji–hes cooking up another meal for dinner.
You glanced at zoro for awhile. Strange that he wasn't training today, you ponder. "But he does look attractive when he sleeps though.." You thought. "What am I thinking?! This strange thoughts of mine just keep getting worse!" You bumped your head. You went back down to grab a quick drink before looking at zoro for one last time.
Entering the kitchen, sanji wasn't there. You just saw a pot that was being boiled in the stove, you didn't wanna move it–So you just had to grab one drink. When all of the sudden a hard shake was felt. Seeing everyone going to their stations you looked to see 2 navy ships on attack formation, throwing bombs at you all. Of course everyone did their part of surviving, and you did your part too. When a random bomb was aimed at you, well zoro deflected it shielding you.
The sunny turned away to the ships when for a few hours the ship wasn't seen any longer. "Did..He save me?" You had thoughts in your head. When you had a sudden red liquid pour down your nose, "He didn't need to do that since I could protect my own well being, but he did ! He still saved me!" You were lost in your own thoughts when chopper tried to snap you out of it, "(Name!), (Name!) Wake up!" Chopper finally made your head out of the clouds, before realizing you had a sudden nosebleed from what happened. "Oh dear, that wasn't good, but zoro saved me! Does this prove that he does love me or so?? But it does prove he cares!" You ranted.
While the rest of the crew just had looked at you by your idiocy, "Shut up already!" Zoro yelled at you, before he turned away; looking embarrassed or flustered. "Looks like you like how (name) treats you huh?" Sanji had a smug grin. "It ain't any of your business, cook."
Tumblr media
It's been awhile everyone, I havent written like this in months! I hope you guys enjoy <33.
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neliaafx · 1 month
asl trio’s older sister hc
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
featuring: platonic! ace, sabo, luffy x female! reader | slight smoker x reader
# fluff, suggestive with smoker’s part, mentions of fwb with smoker, slight crack, tall reader is 6’0, admiral! reader, reader is favored by a lot of people
author’s note: this is really long, a oneshot full of bulletins
Tumblr media
The only person you are blood-related with is Luffy. That’s why he favors you so much more than them, he also don’t like to share you with the two of them.
Ace didn’t practically warm up to you easily, just like with Luffy. He was very cautious, and too arrogant, that why you easily taught him a lesson. Makino scolded you for beating him up that made you unapologetically apologize.
Until years passed, he slowly warm up to you two. Including Sabo, he was also cautious with you at first, but atleast he wasn’t that much of a bratty little shit.
And then the fateful day has come when you all shared a drink of sake, and become officially siblings. You didn’t know that this pact will greatly affect the future.
You were 7 years older than them, you pretty much took all the responsibility of handling them. You really did make a great help to Dadan and her friends. Luffy was 7, Ace and Sabo were 10, and you are.. 17
Also Dadan favored you because you were atleast more tolerable than them. She really did treat you like her daughter, that slightly irritate your brothers because of the favoritism. You reassured them she loves you four equally even though she rather die than admit that.
Anyways, Garp also made you the one who will discuss and tell him everything that has been happening inside your home. He’s practically an annoying gossip but also overprotective.
He might seem like he will treat you like a princess, but his punches weren’t an exception to you. It was so painful, maybe if he wasn’t your grandfather and the most loving, caring old man you have ever met, you would hold a grudge.
Hey, atleast he was helping you get stronger. He don’t do shit like “women should be inside their home doing chores” or “i will hold back because you’re a woman” so that made you gain respect for him.
You were getting stronger, it slightly made your brothers envy you because of how you can easily defeat them. Well they weren’t really being taught how to use haki.
He also trained you to make you one of the best marines in the Navy. Luffy wants to become a Pirate King, Ace and Sabo want to be a pirate also. So he wished that you will somehow want to be one.
You really had a hard time making a decision. Maybe you’ll stay low as a civilian who has almost the strength of a Marine Lieutenant
6 years later, you grew so much. Your hair was longer, you became so tall. You still didn’t reach your gigantic old man. You possess unnatural amount of strength, yours already rivaling Garp’s.
Oh he is also kinda scared of you now, maybe because it’s your old sister thingy that fully developed like Tsuru which practically can scare everyone.
Your brothers were clinging and sobbing onto you when you were leaving. You give them a Vivre card, although they still don’t have idea at that time what use is that for. But they kept it.
Luffy was hugging you so much, looking at you with tears in his eyes. You promised you’ll be back for him. You always support him, even though he wants to be a pirate and you want to be a…
4 years passed, you’re one of the strongest admirals in the Navy. With your pink blazer and now covered with a Navy Justice coat. Your face was always monotone, cold, like a different person. Your eyes were always furrowed together, has a permanent scowl like the other marines who are trying to be intimidating. You could be just getting water, and they will piss their pants if they ever saw you.
You were slightly confused on why are they so afraid of you. They should atleast have the guts to face someone strong like you. Yeah if you haven’t a resting bitch face 24/7, they would somehow attempt to converse with you. They do respect you tho.
You also became friends with Hina, she’s really a good companion to be with. And you’re kinda hitting it off with Smoker also if he weren’t also pissed at you when you didn’t even do anything wrong.
As time passes, tension formed between you two. It was sickening; it made Smoker’s stomach churn. The glances that you two shared were not highlighted with malice or untamed rivalry anymore, you two agreed to something that will relieve both of you.
Was it wrong? No. Maybe? You two don’t care.
Then you became friends with benefits with him, so whenever one of you is stressed, you two fuck each other like rabbits in heat. No feelings attached atleast. Both of you enjoy it.
The marine officers ignore the hickeys between you two, or else they’ll get beheaded by you. It’s your business so they shouldn’t ever mind.
The Navy doesn’t even know you’re Garp’s granddaughter.
Sengoku is really strict with you. He also likes to train with you, you have 89 losses and 50 wins, while he has 90 and 51 losses. Yeah he likes how you’re strong
A month ago, you were given a task to capture pirates. They could have given it to a marine who has lower rank than yours, but when you see who were they trying to capture, you were flabbergasted.
Oh you were definitely not letting them capture those. Maybe you can batter your eyelashes not to do it? That won’t definitely happen.
So you took the job, and also want to test if Luffy already improved.
Timeskip to you attacking their ship with you holding the canon ball and throwing it at them. You were copying Garp and he would be pissed if he ever sees you doing that, you were purposely missing the ship. Your crew knows you never missed a shot, so what is happening in front of them. You were standing tall at the the mast of the ship
Sanji is the first one to notice you. He already has heart in his eyes seeing a woman like you, being so strong. A female admiral! Although he notices you’re not really attack them directly so he was confused.
Luffy was also pissed and confused at the same time, he squint his eyes wanting to know who this inexperienced marine wannabe is attacking them— OH MY GOD IT’S YOU.
His jaw dropped as he grinned so widely. He almost forgot you were a marine, he was not really updated that you’re now an admiral. He waves his arms to you making your stomach twist uncomfortably. You would have wave back if it weren’t for the marines watching you. It’ll taint your reputation if they ever see you getting comfortable with a pirate.
And now, you became serious and throw the canon ball directly towards your brother. He saw it coming as he screamed and was in relieved he was made of rubber to catch it.
You ordered your men to back off because you were getting tired already. They really saw through your bullshit but one glare directed at them, and now they’re already running to move the ship.
Luffy was bombarded with questions on why he was so happy and excited to see you, Usopp was shitting his pants off seeing an admiral attacking them. Maybe it was their lucky day not to get attacked by you..?
“She’s my sister!”
And all of them almost fall of their Merry Go.
You also became acquainted with the Strongest man in the world, Whitebeard. He was really big, bigger than your grandfather.
He is also the only one who knows about your hereditary. He laughed out so loud when he finds out you’re Dragon’s only daughter. And he also likes to fight with you during the old times.
The newest members of the crew were wary of you when you arrived at their ship. But Whitebeard welcomed you in his arms, Marco and Izo became your bestfriends. And then a whole party occured. They will keep their mouths shut about this odd dynamic with marine and pirates, or else they’ll face consequences.
You have a high alcohol tolerance which made Whitebeard even like you. Although he doesn’t mind if you became drunk and fool around his ship, just do not hurt them.
Your pride swells when you were told that one of your brothers became the Second Commander of Whitebeard’s crew. Your visit was a surprise to Ace, he didn’t know you were very close to Whitebeard!
Footsteps running towards you, you were already opening your arms knowing what was about to happen.
Ace was now hugging and sobbing on your chest, he was becoming a pathetic mess when in front of his older sister. His crew made fun of him, although you let out a glare at them and they fully shut up. This action caused Marco to burst laughing making Ace whooped his head hard and they started a brawl.
You sweatdropped.
You also already knew that he ate a devil fruit and was so determined to fight you. The fire around his body trying to impress you wasn’t really working. You also defeated him, but now it was not in ease—more of neutral. He was getting stronger. And you were proud of him.
If he was still weak, you’ll crush his pride and tell him he doesn’t deserve to be in the Whitebeard pirates. Many years of training in the Navy made you slightly cold-hearted, and you were glad you don’t have to speak those words out loud.
Ace pouted when he found out you were already leaving. As much as you have the power to secretly hide yourself from meeting pirates, it was not really your forte to be scolded by Akainu who acts like a Fleet Admiral. You were slightly at each other’s throats.
You waved him goodbye and left in a dust. Ace really did love you, and hopes that your promise of not arresting your three brothers is still there and will not break.
A dove flew above their ship, symbolizing of one’s early rest in peace.
Not gonna lie, they are always really hard to find. But you did your best to find out about their hideout, so don’t always expect a warm welcome when you land in their hideout. They are really busy if they need to.
Your father, Dragon, didn’t really have the guts to talk with you. And you also don’t have the energy to talk with him, you were also cold towards him. Maybe you were petty because he chose the army instead of you two.
Ivankov noticed the constant avoidance and your solemn look as they pointed it out. You just.. had issues with your father that’s all. The only time when you treat someone of your blood like a pirate, and not someone you cared for.
It’s best to be like this, Dragon knows you’re not like the others who are blinded by injustice in which they call it justice. He should have recruit you sooner, unfortunately you wouldn’t accept it.
You knew about the incident years ago in the Goa Kingdom. And you were downright depressed back then, furious, filled with hatred, and cruelty. They killed Sabo. And you never know where was he, you haven’t found the body. You hope he wasn’t dead. Your senses tingles that you were correct
But a familiar blonde was talking with the army. You were confused on who is he, he was slightly familiar. Then he turned his face towards you. A scar evident around his left eye, he looks too much like.. Your eyes widened, you recognized him.
Thank god, he was alive. You really want to hug him but you saw how he doesn’t even seem to remember you, because he already attacked you. It wasn’t the playful banter you three always have, it was pure malice, caution, and wariness. He must have thought you were one of the corrupted marine officers.
You gladly defended yourself and give him a taste of his medicine. His body was reacting differently, like he knows you from somewhere. He was so confused, lost when he saw you. Who are you?
His eyes widened when he heard your voice, his head suddenly formed a headache. You looked at him helplessly, standing tall without even trying to check up on him. You stared at him with void emotion, you saw how his hand was gripping his head really hard. It was so painful.
Memories flashed in his head, the blank face of the girl was slowly developing a face, he was recognizing it.. So you were the girl in his memories. He saw two other boys in his memories, but lately he can’t seem to rememeber them and his supposed sister which he now remembered. And now, you’re standing in front of him.
Sabo blinks the tears that were forming on his eyes, wanting to be in your arms, his comfort, his older sister, his idol, his family; but when he turned his head up to look at you.
You were gone.
It wasn’t really a good time for you to be reuniting with your siblings, would you really choose your reputation over your family?
Your head was hang down, you chose the fate to be a marine. To protect your siblings, you need to harden your feelings, your heart.
The bright gleam that surrounds your eyes diminished at the thought of killing your brothers. It was giving you a headache, you need a drink for these damn emotions.
Heading back to your headquarters, you saw Smoker walking in the halls alone. You sighed, you really need some relief. He glanced at you with a scowl, about to ask you to brawl with him when his eyebrows raised in confusion.
You walked towards him, and gripped his hand. You led him to your office, and locked your door. Smoker already knows what you want, as he took of his coat. He put down his cigars as he watched you take off your clothes. You glanced at him with darkened eyes, something about them hiding within underneath.
You were too stressed, you can’t think straight. The thought of killing your family makes your skin crawl, so what better to release your stress to others, huh?
Koby screeched silently when he hears from outside what you two were up to in your office. Yep, definitely not a good time to bring up about work.
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