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i, personally, have no intention of seeing blonde, but i do agree that watching the tendency in some internet/fan spaces of engaging in art and culture criticism purely as a metric as to whether one work or another should be allowed to exist based on a system of black-and-white moral judgement seeping into the critical mainstream to be.......troubling.......to say the least
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:: Reverse Psychology ::
( Professor Gojo x fem!reader )
Rating::: Explicit sexual content
In which Professor Gojo pretends to be blind. Yes, he's a lying, manipulative asshole.
Tumblr media
You're the newest pretty face in Professor Gojo’s psych class, and you soon learn he’s far more trouble than any man's worth. He's a liar, a narcissist, toys with whomever he pleases - and you absolutely hate him for it.
Too bad for you, he likes a challenge.
Too bad for him, you’d sooner slap his stupid face off than allow him to seduce you.
Oh, and he thought this was going to be ~easy~
You fully intend on being Gojo Satoru’s worst nightmare.
All aboard - smutty, snarky shenanigans ahead!
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Chapter Directory: one • two • three • four • five • six • seven
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° • . Chapter 1 . • °
Tumblr media
It was a most cliché morning.
The sun was shining, blissful in its warmth. And the sky was as blue as a gemstone blanket pulled snug overhead, blue as a shiny baby dolphin’s smile, jumping right out of the golden waves of early morning. It was beautiful - really - I’m not being sarcastic. It was a beautiful day, in the most cliché of ways.
Maybe that should have been your first red flag that something about today was horribly off, but it wasn’t.
It might have even been a good day, too. Lovely weather, first day of college, a raring-to-go pep in your step. Fresh air and fresh dreams wafting through your presently ignorant head.
Dare I say… it was the perfect day?
No, we won’t go that far.
Especially not since anything ‘good’ about today was about to be royally fucked up by your new psych professor, one Professor Gojo (god, what a stupid name).
But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.
There’s a smile on your face as you saunter in from the dawn, down the University hallways and in through the door to your General Psychology class; the first class of the day (and it is a general psychology course, not anything specialized, so anyone teaching it can un-inflate their oversized egos already).
Seating is by choice, obviously, though you’re still not that used to the idea so soon after the stringency of high school. So you plop down wherever you like - right in the front row, because you’re ready and eager to learn! Like an elated little puppy dog, yip-yup-yapping at the meaty bone of knowledge.
It’s kinda cute. I mean, it’s your first day of college, after all - you’re bound to be a little excited. Your first day of officially living in your dorm, though you haven’t met all of your roommates yet. Your first college class, ever. Your first day of feeling like an actual, fully realized adult.
Your first day of being subjected to the preening horrors of him.
It’s probably not a good sign that the narration in your head keeps coming back to that snow-haired bastard. You know, the one who looks like how stubbing your toe feels. But let's implement a little of that aforementioned ‘general psychology’ and just not think about it for right now, shall we?
Other students start piling into the lecture hall (you were first to arrive - and hot damn are you impressed by yourself about it. You've always been a straight A student with perfect attendance, despite what your good looks might otherwise indicate, and that wasn't about to change now). You pull out your laptop, open a brand new word doc for all those notes you’re about to take…
Oh yeah, baby - you’re ready. All pistons are fired up and ready to fucking go! Perfect grade, here we come! You love psychology, too; so this particular class is a particular treat.
And then the metaphorical train of your hypothetical, academic success meets its untimely demise. And the crash and curl of its metal hinges being torn off the tracks and smashed into oblivion sounds oddly like a man’s melodious voice, smooth as satin, oozing in through the doorway - the last person to arrive to his own damn class, go figure.
“Good morning, everyone!”
How a man manages to make a simple greeting sound so smarmy, you’ll never know. Albeit, at the time, you and everyone else finds it oddly charming (yeesh, gross).
You’ll never truly know a lot about how that man operates. Sometimes you doubt he's even human. It’s like he willed himself into existence from some fire-and-brimstone version of a male model catalogue snatched up from the very clutches of hell.
Now, you might be wondering, “ Male model? Why a male model catalogue, and not a catalogue for - oh, I dunno - insufferable assholes? I thought you said this guy looks like how sticking red-hot coals up your rectum feels?’ Or stubbing your toe, or something like that-”
Weellllllll that was a lie, okay?! The guy’s hot as fuck. Like, really - he’s disgustingly attractive. He looks like angel-fucking-foodcake with washboard abs, and you want to throw up every time you look at him.
The cliché beauty of this morning was not the red flag it should have been.
The first red flag comes when you look up from your blank page of notes - you know, the eager one just begging to be filled with knowledge - and see that your newest professor is wearing sunglasses, rested smoothly upon the bridge of his arrow-straight nose. Expensive ones, by the look of it. Perfectly round, perfectly black (like his soul, probably). And even with them somewhat vieling his features, it’s still clear as day to you, and to everyone, that this man is far too handsome for his own good.
This is a red flag. The sunglasses, I mean. Because who the hell wears sunglasses inside.
I’ll tell you who. Blind people. And assholes. And here’s a little hint - Professor Gojo is not blind. Lord, he is very much not blind. In fact, he is well aware of every beautiful female in his classroom, of which there are many, yourself included.
You don’t know how un-blind he is now, of course.
But you will.
No, like many of the other students in the class - particularly the cute female ones with oversized hearts - you come out of the gate thinking this motherfucker is actually blind. He's got the glasses, and he's got something like a cane held in his fist at one side. And you, like those other girls, have your squishy little heart torn open at the sight.
And I’ll give you a little hint into what most of them are thinking.
Oh, this poor, handsome man… he must have overcome so much hardship to become a professor, all while being blind! I can only imagine what it’s like… And on top of every struggle that comes tethered to such adversity, he doesn’t even know how disturbingly attractive he is?! That's just… a travesty! Truly, this world isn’t fair!
Don’t feel too bad for the bleeding hearts yet, though. Because we all know what many of them are also thinking. And if you don’t, well congratulations on not being an asshole - and, also, don’t worry; because I’ll tell you that, too.
If this motherfucker is single, I actually stand a chance in hooking up with him - I could literally show up to dates in sweatpants and he’d never know. And he’d probably love how understanding, how patient, I am with his disability - with his struggles, his adversities. He probably doesn’t have girls like me giving him the time of day, not with a handicap like that. Most girls just aren’t that compassionate. And he’d probably worship a girl who could make his life even a little bit easier. Who could read things aloud to him, or help him pick out the right color tie in the morning.
Oh, those sweet, sight-having saviors - how benevolent of them. Bless their cold, hungry hearts.
You aren’t one of the girls thinking this, if that makes you feel any better. You genuinely feel for the guy, despite not even knowing his name yet (if only that were still the state of things). The sufferings of others have always struck you. You’re not the type of person to look the other way from it, to say ‘oh, that sucks, anyway’ and turn heel on your happy-go-lucky way. No, truly, you feel for him. And you’re impressed as hell that your new professor seems to have accomplished so much in his life, despite this apparent hardship (or, really, lack thereof). He’s obviously a fantastic professor, as mentioned in the reviews you read posted online by former students (hah - you’re never trusting an online review again). And he obviously has money, if his chic clothes and glasses are anything to go by. He’s obviously well put together, debonair even, and you can already taste the charisma radiating off his handsome havin’ ass, not an ounce of self pity or negativity to him - despite it all, despite everything.
You’re impressed. The man is impressive.
Or, you thought he was.
(Spoiler alert - he’s not).
Tumblr media
I might post the rest of the story on ao3 instead of tumblr, haven't decided, but just in case here's the link my pretties!
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Omg can I please get a hannibal x a shy girl reader ? Like he’s really possessive of her and she doesn’t know how to handle it but she likes him so they date??
Sorry this took so long, anon. I’ve been bouncing ideas around and this one in particular, I believe, fits your request. Y/n feels out of place among Hannibal’s fancy friends and it becomes even more obvious when he abandons her at a party. 
Trigger warnings: social anxiety, sexual harassment, overstimulation
You and Hannibal had an agreement about large gatherings. He could only bring you to a party if you had a week's notice and at least three uninterrupted hours of gaming time prior to the event.
For this event, you needed a solid six.
One of the major Maryland universities was awarding a lucrative research grant to a student of clinical psychology, and every influential name in the industry was expected to be there. As a recent college grad with a bachelor's in business you didn't know what to do with, you couldn't imagine a less welcoming environment if you tried. You couldn't fit into their world and more importantly, you didn't want to. But the thought of being noticeably different in any situation was twice as terrifying. So you spent the whole week repeating your mantra; blend in, be quiet and make it through the night.
But Hannibal had different plans for you.
Halfway through the week, just when you'd pushed the party out of your mind, Hannibal presented you with a gift.
"What's the occasion?" You asked. You hoped that if you pretended not to know, it would just magically go away.
"I brought you something to wear on Friday." Hannibal answered, hanging the garment bag up on the bureau. "You know I'll take any excuse to dress you up."
He unzipped the bag and placed a black silk dress into your arms. "Try it on so I have time to get it altered if it needs it."
The material was cool to the touch and outlined your figure so perfectly, you felt even a little naked. Hannibal, of course, loved this. You were his own personal Venus de Milo. His goddess and his muse. 
“Yes, that will do nicely.” He observed, looking at you hungrily. 
“Seems a little short for a such a sophisticated event, doesn’t it?” You raised an eyebrow. The answer was yes and he knew it. He was very deliberate in everything he did. “I don’t want to come off the wrong way.” 
“And what way would that be, darling?” He asked, not taking his eyes off your figure. 
“I mean--” You searched for the right words. “It’s a gathering of the Mid-Atlantic’s most esteemed academics, I feel like, in a dress like this, I might be seen as, well, a...” 
“A prostitute?” Hannibal finished, choosing a much nicer word than you would have.
You looked down. “Yeah. It just doesn’t seem all that appropriate.” 
Hannibal approached you and lifted your chin slightly to look into his eyes. “Many Christian denominations believe that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute, yet she was Christ’s right-hand woman. She was first to see him crucified and first to witness his resurrection.” 
“Dr. Lecter,” You smirked. “I never would have taken you for a religious man.” 
“Goodness, no.” He shook his head. “But any reputable academic is expected to be familiar with biblical literature and its many contradictions and impossibilities.” 
“What does that have to do with me?”
“You are my divine feminine, Miss [L/N].” Hannibal said in a low whisper. “And I want everyone to see it. If they see a common whore, it would only be a reflection of their own jealousy.” 
Hannibal's rationalization almost made you forget about your fear of being noticed. Almost. It all came rushing back when you arrived at the event. Not one person your age was in attendance. The women wore long, flowing evening gowns that reached the floor. The length of your skirt alone guaranteed that all eyes were on you. In a simple black silk dress, you looked the very model of high society. Silk was a sign of luxury, and Hannibal wanted everyone to know that you were a woman of means. His woman, to be precise. That was why he brought you to these functions in the first place. To put you in a dress short enough for any wandering eyes so see the smattering of love bites running up your inner thighs. He wanted everyone in his field to know that you were completely and entirely his.
You realized too late that this was all his little exercise in showing you off.
Everyone seemed to know him. He only knew a handful of people by name, and you didn't know anyone.
"And who is this delightful young woman?" A woman with a light southern twang in her voice asked, looking at you as if you were a caged animal on display.
"I wasn't aware you had a daughter, Dr. Lecter." The young man beside her laughed. "Or is she your side piece?"
Your eyes scanned the room for the nearest exit. It would be unbecoming to make a scene, so you plotted a way to slip out quietly.
“Darling, meet Dr. Charlotte Ramset and her TA, David.” Hannibal introduced, notably ignoring the young man. “Dr. Ramset, this is my intended, [F/N] [L/N].”
"I didn't realize she was also a ventriloquist!" The lady, presumably Dr. Ramset, joked. You'd heard that one a million times. She looked at you. "Tell me about yourself, sweetie. What are you studying?"
The lady was old enough to be your grandmother and reeked of too much perfume.
"I graduated last year." You said, quietly. "With a BA in business."
"See, there's a good woman." David added. "Only speaks when spoken to. They don't make ’em like you anymore, baby."
Hannibal tightened his grip on your hand. "On the contrary, David. See, Miss [L/N] is quite a bit like myself. She only dignifies those she deems worthy with a response. There's nothing wrong with being selective."
The lady laughed at David's expense and smiled at you. "Good for you."
You smiled back just a little, not ready to bring your guard down yet. "I've had to deal with more than enough. It's best not to engage."
"Oh, I know, I know." The lady said, shaking her head. "That's how it is for us educated gals. Always having to put up with pigs. See, I went to college in the sixties, so I can tell you some real stories."
This was a new experience. Talking to Hannibal's friends and having them listen to you was something you never considered possible. Now, you were one of the educated gals. You were just about to strike up a conversation with this woman, when the man next to her decided someone desperately needed to play devil’s advocate.
“I find that sexist, actually.” He cut in. “Not all men are pigs.” 
The silence following his comment was deafening and you wanted to crawl into a hole and die. Whatever progress Hannibal and Dr. Ramset made breaking down your defenses was completely reversed and you were ready to retreat.
Dr. Ramset took a long sip of wine and adjusted her shawl. “David, none of us said anything about men, you drew that conclusion yourself.”
“I mean, look at you.” David gestured to your dress. You knew exactly where this was going and you wished you could just disappear. “You’re basically asking for it.” 
Dr. Ramset glared at him. “David, that’s enough.” 
“I’m just stating facts.” David crossed his arms. “If you dress like a slut, what do you expect?”
Dr. Ramset and Hannibal seemed to have an entire conversation through prolonged eye contact before one of them broke the silence. 
"Charlotte, I hate to have to excuse myself so soon, but the president of the university is expecting me." Hannibal said, dropping your hand. Your heart hit the floor when you realized that he would be throwing you to the wolves.
"Of course, Dr. Lecter." She nodded. "Duty calls."
"I trust you'll keep an eye on my beloved [F/N] in my absence?" His voice hardened. The severity in his tone frightened you.
Dr. Ramset didn't seem disturbed or even surprised in the slightest by his gently threatening demand. "Of course."
"Thank you. And [F/N]?" He said, pressing his lips to the back of your hand. "I won't be going far. Please, try to have fun."
You tried not to look affronted, but you were going to have a long talk with Hannibal when you got home. 
"I'm just saying what everyone is thinking." David continued, his inability to take a hint positively astounding. "Why don't you respect yourself enough to cover up, [F/N]? You have a boyfriend!"
Your eyes scrolled across the room looking for any sign of Hannibal, but he was gone. Dr. Ramset finished her wine and stared at her TA with the resigned disgust of a death row jailer.
"Any other thoughts?" She said, snatching a fresh glass of wine. You looked at her with a clear expression of discomfort.
"Come on, do you see any other woman in the room dressed so provocatively?" David's voice broke mid-sentence. "No. Because they're educated enough to know that real men don't care about their bodies."
The hotel clerk approached the group. "Mr. Hosmer, there's a call for you."
David narrowed his eyes. "Uh, what?"
"Someone is on the phone asking for you." The clerk repeated. "Says it's an emergency."
David shrugged. "Fine."
Just when you thought you would be rid of him, at least for a moment, he planted his hands on your hips in attempt to "get by" you. His touch was like that of an insect crawling across your skin; unexpected, filthy and leaving you squeamish.
"I'm so sorry about that." Dr. Ramset's words echoed in your ears, but you didn't really hear them. You were too focused on grounding yourself to process what she was saying. 
“Dr. Ramset?” You said, quietly. “Which one is the president of the university?” 
She glanced at a tall woman in a dark blue suit, surrounded by equally important looking businesspeople. You followed her eyes. “That’s Dr. Mary Hosmer.”
Your ounce of righteous fury was squelched in two seconds when the reality of having to talk to someone, especially someone of stature, set in. You looked sheepishly back at Dr. Ramset. 
“Could you please ask her where Hannibal went?” You whispered. “I’d really like him to take me home now.” 
Her face turned sympathetic. “Of course, [F/N]. Stay right there.” 
You nodded. “Thank you.” 
Dr. Ramset crossed the floor and politely greeted the president. You took a few slow, calculated steps closer, just to get in earshot.
“Pardon me, but, have you seen Dr. Hannibal Lecter?” Dr. Ramset said, casually. 
“I wasn’t aware Hannibal had even arrived yet.” The president answered. “I haven’t seen him.” 
Your eyes widened. You fought the urge to freeze, but you had to move back before Dr. Ramset knew you’d been eavesdropping. You heard everything you needed and rushed back to where she’d left you.
“Dr. Hosmer said he stepped out.” She told you upon her return. “He should be back soon.” 
You tried not to show that you knew she was lying. “...oh.” 
“Would you like me to stay with you until he comes back?” 
You knew you were completely on your own. You didn’t know what was going on, but you had an inkling that it had to do with the president and David sharing a last name. All you knew for certain was that you couldn’t trust anybody. 
“Don’t bother.” You shook your head. You took off for the door, but Dr. Ramset grabbed your wrist. 
“I’m sorry, [F/N].” Her voice dropped to a low whisper. She didn’t look mad, but afraid. “But Dr. Lecter told me to stay with you. Please. Don’t make this harder for me.”
You recalled how seriously threatening Hannibal’s request was. She wasn’t answering to the president of the university. She was answering to Hannibal. You didn’t know whether to be scared or relieved. 
“Right.” You conceded, stepping back in. “I’m sorry.” 
The actual award ceremony was much longer than it needed to be, and it dragged on even longer knowing there was no reason for you to be there. Other than that, you awkwardly followed Dr. Ramset around the party like a lost puppy the whole time. You were back to your original plan: blend in, be quiet and make it through the night. 
Just when you thought the party would never end, someone tapped you on the arm. You turned around, hoping with every fiber of your being that it was Hannibal, but it wasn’t. A tall woman in a dark blue suit stared back at you. 
“I’m sorry to bother you, miss.” She said, apologetically. “But have you seen my son? I saw him talking to you and Dr. Charlotte earlier, perhaps he told you where he was going?” 
You’d pushed that man completely out of your mind. You shook your head. “He left to take a phone call and I haven’t seen him since.” 
A hand found your shoulder. “I’m so sorry, Dr. Hosmer, but I believe I saw the boy on his phone out in the lobby.” 
“Dr. Lecter!” The president’s eyes widened. “How nice of you to finally join us.” 
“...Yes, I believe he left right after making unwarranted comments towards my intended here.” Hannibal ran his hand down your arm lovingly. 
“Well, boys will be boys.” The president chuckled. “Maybe you should teach your girlfriend not to wear such revealing clothes.” 
Hannibal smiled and pulled you in protectively. “Whatever the case, I hope you find him very soon.” 
Her phone chimed in her back pocket. “Oh, that’s him right now.” 
“Wonderful.” Hannibal said. “[F/N] and I will be taking our leave.” 
He hurried you towards the door, his hand tight around yours. A blood-curdling scream came from behind you. You looked back for just a moment and found the president hollering in pain and falling to her knees. 
“Let’s go, darling.” Hannibal tugged at your arm. “They don’t deserve your presence.” 
“Hannibal, I swear.” You said, once you were in the safety of the car. “If you killed every man who looked at me like a piece of meat, sooner or later, there won’t be any men left.” 
Hannibal smirked and reached for his seatbelt. “Wonderful.” 
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Into The Unknown, Part 8
Marinette had never thought that living in another world would be this hard.
Sure, she had known that she would have issues when it came to the whole ‘she wasn’t technically supposed to be here and therefore needed a new identity’ thing. That was kind of obvious. The story they’d come up with had been simple enough -- she had grown up in Gotham with her parents, was highschool sweethearts with Tim, they had gotten married, he’d moved in with her, and her parents had died so she’d gotten custody of Damian. She was pretty sure Tim had a tragic backstory, but she didn’t really have that memorized yet. She wasn’t all that worried about it, though, she spent quite a lot of time dodging answering questions about her private life as Ladybug. Marinette probably wouldn’t even need to memorize his backstory (she would, of course, because she was nothing if not an overachiever, but she was well aware of the fact that it wasn’t quite necessary).
But, no, it was the small things that made it difficult.
Like affection.
Marinette was Parisian, she was used to greeting people with kisses on both cheeks. Hugs were something reserved for people you were close to.
But, no, Americans just insisted on being backward in everything that they do. And, supposedly, Marinette was American. She could get away with her accent because Gotham had a bunch of different people and it was easy to claim she came from the French part of town, but when it came to customs? No, she had to at least try and act like someone who had lived in America for her entire life.
So, when she was greeted with a hug from the most affectionate of her fellow interns, Marinette suppressed a cringe and patted her on the back awkwardly.
“Hi, Paige,” she said.
Paige beamed. “Ready for work?”
Marinette squinted up at the building. The WE in this universe was even taller than in her usual one.
… or maybe it just looked like that because she dreaded going inside. Ugh. Being an intern was going to suck.
“Don’t worry. It’ll be fine.”
But, despite Paige’s assurances, it did not go fine.
And it wasn’t even the job thing that wasn’t going well. That, at least, she could handle. No, it was this world’s meme culture that sent her spiraling.
She’d been holding exactly nine cups of coffee, seven mugs of tea, and one energy drink can. Marinette didn’t know if it was her time working in a bakery or some sort of latent Ladybug skills or what but it wasn’t even all that difficult to hold them all.
Paige raised her eyebrows at her, looking vaguely concerned. “Do you need help?” She asked, hands already out as if expecting her to say yes.
Marinette cracked a grin. “No. I’m fine. It’s not even that hard. I could probably carry another two drinks, even.”
“Freaky flexing, but fine.”
“... the fuck did you just say to me?”
Tim hummed lightly as he bounced on the balls of his feet, baby sleeping soundly on his shoulder. Marinette fumbled the keys to their new apartment, mumbling curses.
She’d outright told him that she didn’t really care, that she’d lived above a bakery for most of her life so it wasn’t like she would mind as long as the place had counter space…
So why was he nervous?
He felt the tiny hand in his shirt grip him tighter and he looked down. Damian was still fast asleep, sucking on his pacifier peacefully. Tim wondered, idly, how that worked. Was it a reflex that humans lose as they age like the grasping reflex or was it a learned behavior that went away when it wasn’t reinforced anymore?
Marinette managed to open the door, her cheeks tinged red at how difficult it had been, and she swung it open.
He stopped bobbing up and down to watch her face.
But she just shrugged to herself and bent down to grab the box she’d brought up.
He tried not to look too relieved as he followed her inside and watched her set the box down on the kitchen island.
She glanced back at him. “I call cleaning and setting up the apartment!” She said brightly.
“Okay…?” He said, confused as to why she was so excited to clean up…
But then Damian started to stir.
Oh. If she had cleanup duty… then he had…
Baby duty.
Oh no.
“Shit, Mari, wait --!”
“Too late! You already said okay!” She said, already heading to the door.
Damian spat out his pacifier and took that one long, deep breath he always took before he was about to scream.
She stuck her tongue out at him and disappeared around the doorframe just as the baby started to cry.
Tim heaved a sigh and pressed a kiss to the top of the kid’s head. The wailing quieted a little, but didn’t stop. Tim would take it, he hadn’t even been expecting Damian to quiet himself. This was an absolute win in his book.
He glanced at the box that had been brought up but, unfortunately, they hadn’t had enough foresight to bring the baby supplies.
He poked his head out the door and yelled for Marinette to bring up the box with the baby stuff first. She yelled ‘fuck you’ in response but when she came back she handed him the box regardless.
He smiled -- or, at least, he smiled as much as it was possible to smile when a baby was screaming at you -- and went to work figuring out what was wrong.
There was good news and bad news.
Good news was that Damian was starting to learn that crying was okay.
Bad news was that Damian was starting to learn that crying was okay.
And, listen, Marinette obviously preferred that. She wanted to know when the kid was hurt or hungry or even just craving affection… but ugh.
She twisted around in the bed to squint at the clock.
Three o’clock. Great.
She groaned softly and buried her face in Damian’s hair again. “Dami, please, I have work tomorrow. Shhhhhhhhh,” she pleaded. As if she didn’t have to go to work every day.
Damian, of course, didn’t stop crying.
Marinette thought she was going to cry.
Tim pulled his arm from around them so he could cover his ears with his pillow.
She reluctantly sat up. Damian banged his little fists against her shoulder in an attempt to tell her… something. Probably that he wasn’t happy. As if the entire apartment complex couldn’t hear just how unhappy he was.
She changed his diaper and then got him Cow. Hopefully that would sate him for the rest of the night.
She clambered back into bed and sent Tim a weak smile when he wrapped an arm around them.
She scooted toward him, because Damian was reaching for him and his eyes were closed, and tucked her head under his chin. He tensed just slightly before relaxing and tangling his legs with hers.
Damian seemed to like being cocooned between them, because he made a vague happy sound and settled down to sleep without much (more) fussing.
Tim hummed lightly. His voice was terrible, but it seemed to calm Damian so Marinette wasn’t about to complain.
It took a while for Damian to go back to sleep but, eventually, he did. Unfortunately, he fell asleep while biting the crinkly ears of his plush and it was hard to sleep with the steady crkcrkcrkcrk sound right next to her.
From the way Tim’s breathing had yet to slow, he wasn’t asleep either.
Well, at least that was something to do.
“I’m beginning to think the reason babies are so cute is that otherwise we would kill them,” she joked, her voice soft so as not to wake the kid again.
Not that it would matter all that much. She could, unfortunately, not see herself going back to sleep before her alarm went off.
He chuckled and nodded as much as he could with her head beneath his. “Right? I just want one night of good sleep --.”
He stopped suddenly.
She drew back a little to check that he was fine, only to see him looking mildly horrified.
“We need to go back home soon. I’m going to get used to sleeping like a normal person. I can’t do that,” he said.
She grinned. “Oh no. The horror.”
“No, you don’t get it. If I do that then I’ll be giving into my family’s wishes. I can’t let them think they’re right about something!”
She giggled, shaking her head. “Here, I’ll make it easier for you: I don’t want you to sleep. As Dami and I are your only family -- legally -- for the next fifteen years, you must not do what we want. Therefore, you have to sleep.”
“Ah. Reverse psychology.”
“Well, I am a psych major.” Some of the amusement faded. “Was a psych major.”
“... really?”
“Yeah. I dunno. I’d figured it was the closest I could get to being Ladybug again.”
“You’re still Ladybug.”
She shrugged just slightly. “Yeah. I dunno,” she said again. She tried for a grin. “Doesn’t feel the same when there’s no emotional terrorism involved.”
“Trust me, you don’t want to do the same thing over and over again for a million years.”
“There’s some comfort in things staying the same.”
“Oh? Maybe we should trade.”
“That’s an amazing plan that I see no problems with. You get to go around beating up the Meta Of The Week and I’ll stay in Gotham dealing with all the idiots in spandex.”
“Are we switching outfits, too?”
“Oh yeah. Obviously. Gotta commit to the whole ‘switching’ thing. I bet I’ll look cuter in your outfit, too.”
“Ah, yes, because cuteness is the most important part of vigilante costumes.”
“We end up in papers all the time, being cute is totally important.”
He chuckled lightly and she felt the arm around her give her a tiny squeeze. She buried her face in his chest.
“You should try and sleep.”
“Hypocrite,” she teased, but she could already feel her eyelids drooping.
He hummed. She thought that, maybe, it didn’t sound so bad as to make him stop.
Tim had been in the middle of bathing Damian as he always did before bed when he’d accidentally splashed water on his face.
Perfectly fine and normal.
What wasn’t perfectly fine and normal was that the baby responded by saying: “Oh shit!”
Tim’s eyes narrowed.
“MARINETTE,” he yelled.
Marinette was there in seconds. There was some kind of green paste on her face. She’d been in the middle of her usual skincare routine. He thought it was kind of weird that near-immortals needed skincare routines but that wasn’t the point here.
She looked around frantically. “What?! What’s wrong?!”
“Damian just said sh --... he said the s-word.”
Marinette relaxed at that and sent Tim a glare. “Don’t blame this one on me. You’re the one that says that.”
Tim frowned. Because, now that he thought about it, he was pretty sure she was right.
“Now, if he’d said ‘fuck’, that would have been on me, but he didn’t, so --.”
“FUCK,” Damian said brightly.
Tim glared at Marinette again, this time rightfully so.
She looked a little sheepish. “... okay, yeah, that one’s on me.”
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yourreddancer · 11 months
From a Dr:
In four years of medical school, three years of residency training, and nearly 30 years in practice as a family physician I have never been asked “what is the definition of a woman?”
Seems obvious that one could just look at the genitalia. You’re either a boy or a girl, right? Well, not always. Although it’s rare, many people are born with ambiguous genitalia. The OB/GYN and the pediatrician are simply unable to determine the sex. Historically, in consultation with the family, a sex would be assigned. 
Turns out that often as not the child would ultimately identify with the sex they were not assigned. So it must be the chromosomes. The 23rd pair in humans is designated XX in females and XY in males. The Y chromosome determines male characteristics, so you are either a boy or a girl, right? Well, not always. 
In embryology the default setting is female. The Y chromosome normally triggers male development. Ever heard of testicular feminization syndrome, now more properly referred to as androgen insensitivity syndrome? A normal XY baby is born with essentially normal female external genitalia. The body simply does not respond to androgens associated with the Y chromosome.  As the child grows and enters puberty there will be normal female breast development and other feminine characteristics. Unless genetic testing has been done at some point, the abnormality is not discovered until the teenage daughter presents to the doctor with concerns that menstruation has not started. Examination will reveal that the vagina ends in a blind pouch, no uterus, and undescended testes. They are often very feminine - cheerleaders, beauty pageant contestants, etc.
Nearly everybody is a normal XX or XY, has anatomy to match, and is perfectly at peace with themselves. But not everybody. Several studies have identified how the sexual diversity between men and women does not exclusively involve the genitals, but also the development of different brain areas.  And just as genitals can be ambiguous, or not match what XY would predict,so can the brain in some instances develop in a different direction than the genitals. Animal studies suggest this is likely due to atypical levels of sex hormones in the womb.
 Studies in the human brain have involved an area of the limbic system known as the nucleus of the terminal stria. The volume of this area appears to be influenced by the stimulation of sex hormones during brain development, and in men the volume of this area is greater than in women. Scans of this area in transgender women (genetic/anatomic men who identify as females) resemble that of non transgender females. In this matter gender identity develops from the complex interactions between sex hormones and brain during its development; moreover, this appears to be genetically predetermined and is not influenced by hormonal stimuli during the adult phase.
Gender dysphoria often begins in childhood and can lead to severe distress, depression, and suicide. Treatment includes thorough psychological and medical evaluation and psychotherapy. Hormonal treatments in children are designed to delay puberty until decisions about appropriate gender characteristics can be made. The treatments are not permanent and are REVERSIBLE. Sex change (gender reassignment) operations are not done on children. (Rare exception might be in the case of ambiguous genitalia where surgery may be done to make genital appearance more consistent with the genetic sex).
Unfortunately there are many people who cannot or will not understand that someone different from themselves might really be different for a real reason. I recently watched a video of a Fox News personality guffawing, in an arrogant and grotesque display of not knowing what one does not know, about how "woke liberals" were looking into the science of what makes someone a man or a woman. I hope the information provided here explains why that question is not quite as simple as it sounds.
It is also unfortunate in Texas that people with political power seem to think that trans people just want to get on the girls' track teamto win a lot of medals or get in the girls' rest room to watch them pee. Governor Abbott, Lt Gov Patrick, and AG Paxton have shown profound ignorance and cruelty in decreeing treatment for these kids to be child abuse. Even right wing columnist Mona Charen called Abbott's behavior "malice masquerading as policy making". It is really no different than lunchroom bullies knocking the food tray out of the little autistic kid's hand and having a big laugh over it. And the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Academy of Family Physicians, AMA, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and the Endocrine Society have expressed outrage.
I would hope that someone will share this with a conservative friend. For most of us it seems ridiculous that a guy would think he is a woman, or a woman to think she is a man. The human brain and human body are complex and wondrous and get it right almost every time, but sometimes they get it different. And different should not be wrong, and different people and their families should not be attacked by their own government.
- Joe McCreight, MD
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juniperpublishers · 2 years
Is Your Child at Risk? | Juniper Publishers
Tumblr media
Juniper Publishers-Open Access Journal of Technical & Scientific Research
Authored by Romina Ghassemi
Posture problems, Back pain, Cavities, Whispering, Giggling, Slouching, Beautifully, Slender
Posture problems in youth is rising right under your nose. Are you a parent reading this article? Do you suffer from neck or back pain after a long day at work? Headaches maybe? Did you wake up with pain? Maybe you didn’t, but the other 65% of working population did, dose and do go thru their days in discomfort. You don’t stop eating because you are afraid of cavities? Then why do you expect the millennial to give up their smart devices? How many children do you see already in poor state of health? How many do you know personally? Just like cavities, using smart devices puts us at risk. It’s not about “What is wrong?” it’s about how are were reacting to it individually? What is the compelling reason to make a change before becoming the victim of the consequences?
Let me share a personal story
It was a hot summer day, their laughter echoed like angles singing, Tina, Melisa and Helen, the 14 year old splashing around the pool as the parents Barbecued and talked sports. Tom was watching his Tina, with a smile of joy, with his cousins. As a doctor her knew the long hours was rewarded by watching his family joyful. The girls stood outside the pool, whispering and giggling, he noticed Tina is standing a bit crooked, and is really slouching compared to his cousins. It caught his eye, the smile change slowing to an objective analysis. He watched Tina walk to grab towels from the other side of the garden when he knew something is off, she IS crooked. What happened? He calls his wife, Fay, a protective Jewish Mom, who despite work, social life, and community involvement monitored her children like mother bear. He turns to her with fearful concern, “What is going on with Tina?” she proudly replies, “I know she is growing up so beautifully, she reminds me of my self at her age, tall and slender.” as she flaunts her hair with a smile. he looks at her, “what the hell are you talking about, look at her pelvis, her back, it’s not right!”
Fay, wide eyed looks at her, then at him.” “Tina, sweetheart come here, come here!” Uninterestedly and dutifully, she walks over with her head and neck forward, long wavy hair covering her slender thin body, and rounded shoulders. Fay watches her daughter’s hips, posture, and remembers how she is more introverted with others, how her baby is all crooked in her bikini. This can’t be happening, Fay a doctor herself, immediately dose a posture analysis, “Stand up straight” she checks her Head, ears, shoulder blades, Back, Pelvis, Hip, Knees. “Turn around honey”. John stands there and looks at her daughter and wife, a unsettling feeling of concern wraps around his stomach. Tina’s head is 6” over her shoulders. Her right scapula is notably rotated back, and her right pelvis is 3” higher than the left side. “Mom, are you done. Girls are waiting for me?” Fay and John look at each other in concern, Fay, eagerly says; “Honey we’ll make an appointment with Romina she is her god-daughter. She will take care of her”.
I greet my best friend Fay and Tina, (as smiled and thought, love these girls, last time they visited my Clinic was when she was 4 years old. Then she fell of the kitchen counter). They usually see the local Chiropractor, only urgent matters start with me. I know there is a problem! We walk to the exam room. Fay shares her concern about Tina’s posture and how in past year she has been laying on her beanie bag, creating movies, playing games and doing her homework on her laptop. She has been complaining of neck and back pain, with frequent headaches, that Tylenol helps. “We have been telling her to standup straight, and she slouches” maybe she listens to you. Last week at BBQ party we noticed that her pelvis is off, can you check her?”
I proceed with my examination, which was obvious for Forward head position (phase II) and pelvis unleveling, postural distortion. X-rays, will determine if her posture problems are skeletal or muscular, and to what ratio of physiological involvement of muscles to bone effect. I sat in my office, looking at Tina’s X-rays, shocked! Tears pour down, how do I share this with Fay? From the mirror window in my office I can see them giggling over her nail polish. My voice is muted holding back the tears as I draw lines, angles, and measurements on her X-rays, wiping off the unstoppable tears. OMG, OMG, why did this happen? This is my baby girl! This is my god daughter.
I put myself together as I wear my white coat, maybe the coat can give me strength. I pull myself together, pull my hair back, clear my throat, stand up, and force a smile. I call them to the consultation room, prior to showing the X-rays I start my explanation. “Recently within the past few years there has been a notable rise in number of young adolescents and adults suffering from neck, upper back and lower back pains.” In past we blamed heavy back packs, now we have an added insult to the growing fragile bodies of our children. The side effects of smart devices integration in children’s lives. In fact; Kaiser family research states “An average 8-18 year old spends about 7.5hrs a day on some form of smart device.”
You see, there are 3 common factors that contribute to poor posture are:
a) Muscular problem
b) Structural problem
c) Functional problem
• Muscular Problems are poor muscle balance, usually due to developed bad habits. Such as beanie bags, text neck, playing games on hand held devices. In adults it could be poor ergonomics at work or when driving. Usually most noticed with stiffness, and muscle aches (Figure 1).
• Structural problems are deeper issues. Specifically speaking is changes to the skeletal system. This generically is known as “Scoliosis”. An X-ray can identify the source being born with (congenital) or if it is developed later in life (structural).
• Functional Problems are when the skeletal system and the muscular systems changes to the point that the joints have lost their integrity and are not moving in correct aligned synchronicity. This will lead to early wear and tears at joint lets and create bones spurs, fusions and early arthritis. (Reported cases of bone spurs in teenagers are becoming a health concern.)
I show Tina what normal X-ray looks like from front and from side. Explaining the importance of correct alignment. I open the view to reveal her X-rays. Fay gasps, tears weld in her eyes, as she knows what this means. Tina’s jaw drops, in a nervous joke she says “Ahhhh, That’s not straight!”. Based on your X-rays, it is evident that you do not have a congenital problem. You have a condition called “Adult Onset Idiopathic Scoliosis”. I believe your spine is reacting to the abnormal postures over the past few years and it caught up with you on your growth spurs. Your body has changed due to the pressures loads as result of poor postural habits and demands. This is noted in many ergonomic evaluations on adults. In past children were more physically active and did not spend their time looking down other than homework for few hours a day. That has changed dramatically with phones, tablets, laptops now your body is reacting to these changes.
For every 1” that your head is off its center, there is between 10-15 lb. of pressure loading on your spine. kepangi&white
Radiology Report
X-Ray Impression
Reverse C/S curve of-12’/45’
Early onset of posterior bone spur at C7
Scoliosis is simple from T8-L5
Right Concave Scoliosis
Pelvis rotation (Compensatory change due to Right Rotation of Vertebral bodies from L3- T9 creates a Complex Scoliosis
Reverse C/S curve= Alordosis
Compensatory Rotary Scoliosis (Thoraco-Lumbar spine)
Non-Congenital Scoliosis
Range of Scoliosis
phase I- 5’-2’degrees:
Conservative method.
Care: Physical Rehabilitation & Chiropractic Alignment. Duration of care 3-6 months, full spine X-ray every 3-6 months.
Phase II 25’-45’ degrees
Milwaukee/ Other custom made brace and Surgical Candidate.
Care: Aggressive Physical Rehabilitation & Chiropractic Alignment. Duration of care 6-24 months full spine X-ray every 3-6 months.
phase III >45’ degrees:
Care: Surgery
From that day on we put Tina on strict program of chiropractic, physical therapy, yoga therapy, hard bracing and 9 months later $30,000.00 + in out of pocket expense we were able to make some changes to her spine. Tina has to wear a customized brace for many years on daily basis. As a doctor we look at anatomical changes and fail to share with parents the psychological ramifications. A growing child needs to develop his/her personality in society, matters such as confidence, ambition, social interaction are building blocks of a child’s emotional IQ. If a child feels he/she is different, has an imperfection, or has to hide a secret, to avoid being ridiculed or bullied. That child’s future is at risk (Figures 2-5).
As parents it’s important to check your children posture. To raise our future presidents, senators, world leaders not insecure, introverts, make wrong decision as result of poor self image. A simple posture analysis and prevention will change your child’s future, Just Maybe! see posture score at www. BAX-U.com
I share this story, as a godmother, doctor and advocate for better posture better health. My effort is to help adults have better work ergonomic, but prevention starts from home. Find out what your posture Risk Score is and how together we can Stand taller, Feel Better and Look Amazing. This personal story is to impress upon you the importance of educating today’s parents for healthier children. Together we can make a difference in more ways than you can imagine. I speak out because “I Care”. Join our team to educate, empower and promote better health thru early detection and prevention.
For more articles in Open Access Journal of Technical & Scientific Research please click on: https://juniperpublishers.com/ttsr/index.php
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xiaojusaur · 2 years
Tumblr media
Highway to Heaven
Pairing: Jaehyun x Reader
Genre: Fluff | Smut
Warnings: Car sex, virgin reader, fingering, oral
Word Count: 2.8K
Description: Jaehyun and you are celebrating your first anniversary and he wants to make it special. Pretty inspired in ‘Highway to Heaven’ - NCT 127
Freedom and privacy are two amazing things, more when you share them with the one you love. Not that you experience them often since your parents are strict and wouldn’t let you enjoy much with your boyfriend.
But today is a special occasion: is your first anniversary and Jaehyun made plans to take you on a roadtrip. He asked your parents and convinced them that he would take good care of you. At first they were doubtful about it, but Jaehyun was good with words and he used reverse psychology to get them to say yes.
You got ready in a flowy dress and when he got home to pick you up, he was wearing a simple white shirt and some jeans.
He promised to get you back in one piece but he also said you would arrive a little late.
In the inside of his car he finally could kiss you the way he wanted: passionately. “Gosh, I really wanted to do that,” he said still holding your cheeks in his palms.
You just smiled and looked at him the way that he is: the love of your life.
“So what are the plans?” You asked excitedly.
“Go around, see places we haven’t seen before, do things we can’t do regularly... The day is beautiful today,” he explained.
And he was right, the sun was pale, the day was breezy, and the sky was blue.
You guys were driving down the highway with no destination at all, going wherever life takes you.
Jaehyun had his hand on your thigh while he drove with the other, he looked super sexy. His thumb caressed your thigh unconsciously while he had his eyes on the road. There wasn’t much traffic today, in fact, it was deserted. There was only grass on each side of the road, which was getting pretty boring.
Suddenly, Jaehyun stopped on a curve. You got scared because you thought the car had problems or something.
You looked at him alarmed but he just laughed and said, “Relax, I just want to have alone time with you.” He ran his hand up your thigh.
“Here? On the middle of the highway?” you teased him.
“There’s no one around,” he shrugged.
He got closer and kissed you, you responded placing your hands gently on the back of his neck. The kiss turned more passionate with each passing minute until you both were gasping for air.
“Baby,” he whispered on your lips while his forehead was on yours.
“Mhm?” you asked.
“I know we haven’t had the chance to be this close before, I know this would be your first time ever and it’s supposed to be special, but I really, really want to go to the back of this car with you and make you mine,” he confessed with his eyes closed.
It was really scary. You were gonna have your first intimate moment with Jaehyun and you couldn’t wait. But in the middle of the highway in a car? That changed the whole picture.
“Here? In the middle of the highway? Can’t we go somewhere more private? I wouldn’t mind being in the car but... here?” You were unsure.
“You’re right,” he agreed, “let’s look for something more private.”
You both composed yourselves and he started the car again to continue with your roadtrip.
A few kilometers farther, he saw a lonely tree in the middle of a grassland. He drove right into it, not knowing what you would find on the way because you could barely see other thing than tall grass, but he finally arrive to under the tree.
That place looked magical, like a fairytale. You got off the car to look around you. The breeze was nice, the birds chirped in the distance giving a nice and relaxing atmosphere. Jaehyun embraced you and started caressing your arm. You looked at him and he was already looking at you. He breathed in and said, “This is nice.” You smiled and nodded.
He opened the door and sat on the backseat, looking at you, inviting you with his eyes. You sat by his side but then he whispered in your ear, “Come here,” in the most teasing tone ever.
You straddled him and quickly wrapped your arms around his neck, as he wrapped his around your waist. Like magnets, your lips crashed with each other, not being able to wait another second.
Quickly, his lips ran to your neck, sending a shot of pleasure right between your legs. You tangled your fingers in his hair while his mouth kept going south, now kissing your collarbones. He could feel your breath getting agitated and he took the chance to look you in the eyes and ask, “How are you feeling?” while his hands slid your dress’ straps off your shoulders.
“I feel great,” you whispered. You could feel him getting hard under you, so you started getting impatient. Out of instinct, you started grinding on him. He closed his eyes and leaned back on the backseat, enjoying the feeling. He hummed and said, “Are you sure you don’t know what you’re doing?”
You smirked and said, “I’m just following my instincts.”
“Well your instincts are doing amazing, baby,” he groaned.
When you were about to start kissing again, your phone rang. You both jumped and you took your phone to see who dared to interrupt such a moment of heat. It was your best friend.
“Don’t answer,” he said softly. “Tell her you’re busy, she should know.”
And that was probably true, so you just answered quickly, “I’m kinda busy, is something wrong?” Jaehyun kept kissing your neck, nibbling it, he was so mean! He was testing your strength.
You could hear her smirk almost, “Oh? OH! Okay!!! I’m sorry!” She hung up quickly.
“Where were we? Oh, right...” Jaehyun said with a groggy voice and then kissed your shoulder. “Shall we take this off?” He asked grabbing the hem of your dress.
“If it bothers you,” you shrugged.
“Everything covering your body is bothering me right now, baby girl,” he confessed as he lifted your dress. He threw the piece of cloth to the front seat.
You haven’t been with anyone yet, but just in case this happened, you wore your white lace lingerie and it worked since he was left speechless as soon as he saw you.
You got shy when he eyed you from bottom up and you covered your face with your hands.
He took your hands in his and whispered, “Don’t be shy, you look stunning. In fact, you look like a Greek goddess.” His hands traveled to your hips, where he pulled you closer to kiss you. You unbuttoned his shirt, exposing his perfect torso. GOD! How come did you have such a perfect boyfriend?
He bit your bottom lip, letting it go slowly. Every touch from his hands had you seeing stars, this was such an intimate moment you couldn’t experienced before. The mellow music on the background was perfect, meanwhile you had your eyes closed as he ran his hands from your thighs to your waist. “So perfect,” he whispered on your mouth, pecking your lips one last time before unfastening your bra.
He froze at the sight of your exposed breasts. His hands quickly grabbed them gently and then he got closer, giving them butterfly kisses until reaching your nipples. He sucked them, licked them and nibbled at them gently, the pleasure going straight to your core. His hands held your back firmly, trying to stop you from melting into his fingers. You were squeezing his thighs with yours in an attempt of easing the ache between your legs.
His hand slid down your torso, past your navel and his fingers snaked their way inside your panties. You felt the butterflies of anticipation in your stomach. Your boyfriend was finally touching you the way you wanted to be touched for so long.
His delicate, long fingers slid between your folds skillfully, he totally knew what he was doing. “Oh...” you moaned as soon as he reached for your clit.
He groaned back at you, “Fuck, baby, you’re so wet...” He looked at you to see your expression while his middle finger was sliding inside of you. The stretch was kinda uncomfortable but had you closing your eyes.
“Oh god, baby, you’re really tight,” he bit his bottom lip. “I really can’t wait to be inside of you,” he confessed in a whisper.
“Let’s make it happen,” you said desperate already.
“Let’s take these off,” he said as he pulled the hem of your panties.
You stood up a little to help him take them off. There you were, all exposed in front of him. As if hypnotized, he studied all your body and bit his lip again.
“Lay back, I gotta prepare you first,” he commanded. You did as told and he moved within the limited space at the back of the car.
Your stomach curled in anticipation. He sat in front of you and said, “Open your legs baby”. That phrase alone sent shivers down your spine. You did it slowly, he was looking right between your legs and he licked his lips when he saw your dripping core.
He helped you to be comfier on the backseat, placing one of your legs on the upper part of the backseat and the other over his shoulder. He bended over, his head was between your thighs, he kissed his way down to your heat. His mouth was too close, you started heavy breathing.
“Calm down, babe, I’m gonna make you feel good,” he whispered, his voice getting deeper. He’d never talked like that before and you were loving every second of it.
Jaehyun dived between your legs, giving a gentle kiss to your mound and then went south, kissing right where you needed him. You jumped from the new sensation but he was being so gentle with you, he looked at you to make sure you were okay. He continued, kissing your clit and then he ran the tip of his tongue between your folds. You felt your eyes rolling back, a moan escaping your lips, “Oh my God...”
“You like it, baby girl?” He stopped his ministrations to ask you.
“Mhm!” You nodded desperately.
He continued licking slowly, enjoying your wetness. Then he increased his pace, flicking his tongue quickly and after, he sucked hard, making you scream, “AH! Fuck!”
Jaehyun sticked his finger again and then added another, stretching you even more. When he knew you were ready, he stopped, leaving you with an emptiness.
“Jaehyun, please, I need you baby,” you pleaded.
“You can have me, I’m all yours,” he replied, smiling sweetly while unbuckling his belt to pull down his pants.
You didn’t dare to look down, even though you were all naked, you were shy to look at your boyfriend. He knew that, so he said in a sultry voice, “Look at me, look at how hard i am for you. This is all for you, my love.”
You ventured into looking down and your eyes got full of his beautiful member, his tip as pink as his ears when he gets flustered.
He took your hands and wrapped one of them around his lenght, hissing at the sensation of your soft hand. He helped you move it up and down, consuming in the feeling.
“Lay down, baby, I’m gonna make you mine,” his voice getting lower by an octave.
You did as told while he fished for a condom in the pocket of his already discarded pants. You watched him roll the thing down his length skillfully and reality hit you: you were about to have your first time with this gorgeous man.
Suddenly you got nervous, what if he didn’t like it? You were inexperienced while he had all the knowledge about it.
He could see the concern in your eyes and he assured you, “Hey... it’s gonna be okay. I’ll be gentle with you, alright?” His soft voice calming you almost instantly. You just nodded letting him know you were ready.
He settled between your legs and holding his dick with one hand and your waist with the other, he started looking for your entrance. You started heavy breathing at the touch of him.
He finally found it and with a little push, his tip entered you. The stretch was burning and you whimpered because of it.
“Shh... it’s okay, we’ll take it slow,” Jaehyun hissed.
You pursed your lips and closed your eyes tightly, bearing the pain while he kept sliding inside you oh so slowly. “My Goodness, you’re so tight,” you heard him say under his breath. When he finally got balls deep into you, he let out a moan in his glorious voice. He looked at you with fiery eyes and asked, “Are you okay?”
You just nodded because you were speechless. He stretched his hand, caressing your cheek and you leaned on it and trapped his thumb inside your mouth, sucking it.
“Oh, baby...” he groaned. “Can I move?” He asked.
“Please...” you begged.
Jaehyun started moving his hips, looking so deliciously sexy while thrusting you slowly. A few strands of his hair were dangling on his face and he looked amazing so concentrated in making you feel good. Every time he went in he hissed and when he went out let out a sigh.
“Oh my God... Jaehyun...” you moaned and he hummed savoring the sound of your voice.
“Fuck baby, you look so pretty,” Jaehyun hissed. “You’re taking my cock so well.”
You whimpered at his dirty talk, discovering how much you liked it.
“Can I go faster?” He asked for your permission, but at that moment he could just wreck you open and you would say thank you.
He took your right leg and placed it on his shoulder while your other leg was hanging from the backseat. Jaehyun held you by the waist and started going fast and deep, constantly hitting a spot that made your eyes roll back.
“Oh my God!!!! Yes!!!! Yesss!!! God!!!” You screamed and gasped, trying to hold yourself from the seat, from the door, from the window, desperately. The car was moving at the rhythm of Jaehyun’s hips, if anyone could see it, would know what was happening inside.
You started feeling a buzz in your head and something in your pelvis trying to explode.
Jaehyun could feel you clenching and groaned, “You wanna cum already babe?”
So that was what you were feeling! “Mhm!” Your breathing got faster and you wanted to scream at the top of your lungs, to let go of something inside you that you didn’t understand.
“Let go baby,” he panted, “Let me see you cum on my dick.”
“Oh Jaehyun! I want to scream!” You confessed as a whine.
“Do it baby, what’s stopping you?” He said, still ramming into you.
You let go and started feeling some delicious tingles throughout your body. Your eyes rolled back and you moaned loudly.
Jaehyun groaned from the feeling of you clenching him, “God! You feel so good!” And with that he came. “Ah~ so good...” he whispered as he gave his last thrust. He leaned over and kissed you, bringing you back to yourself. You ran your hand on his hair and he whispered “I love you” and then kissed the tip of your nose.
He discarded the condom and helped you get dressed again.
You guys continued your journey around town. You stopped at a restaurant and then at the top of a mountain, enjoying the sunset together.
“I booked a hotel for us, but we don’t have to go if you don’t want to. I planned a special night for us,” he said as he kissed your hand.
“Jae, I would go anywhere if you are by my side,” you whispered and then kissed him sweetly. “Plus, now I’m addicted to you,” you confessed, your cheeks flustering.
“Was it THAT good?” He was holding a laugh.
“It was amazing, Jeong Yuno,” you followed his game.
“In that case, I can make it even better,” he was smirking.
“I can’t wait,” you smirked back.
“Oh my God... your parents are going to kill me if they ever find out,” he said in a playful tone.
“They don’t need to,” you shrugged.
“Oh? Watch out world, we have a baddie,” Jaehyun said mockingly.
In the hotel room, on the huge bed, Jaehyun made you his once again. Looking you in the eyes while he thrusted you passionately, enjoying every twist of your face and every moan that escaped your lips. His hair tickling your face whenever he leaned in to kiss you, his hands roaming your body, kneading every inch of your skin to make you feel special.
After you both reached your high, you laid there in his arms. You were tracing imaginary figures on his chest absentmindedly while he caressed your arm. He smelled so nice, so manly, it was addictive.
“I love you so much,” Jaehyun said in a groggy voice, sign of his exhaustion.
“I love you too, Jaehyun,” you smiled.
“Happy anniversary, my angel,” he said as he closed his eyes to take a nap.
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