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forged-in-kaoss · 9 months
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duality of matt [x]
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Chris during Madness @ National Stadium Bukit Jalil, KL
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sing4abs0luti0n · 9 months
it's WOTPing time
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catch me at the new york madison square garden muse gig on march 17th if you can 😈
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hugcollector · 5 months
not me reviewing my Muse footage from Bellahouston Park and being completely and utterly starstruck to see this clip of Matt pointing in my general direction during Starlight (0.25x speed) (closer than initially thought) (as you can see by the camerawork I did lose it and start waving)
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giannafartfart · 7 months
French teacher mathcup
this is a mathcup for my least favourite french teacher mme s******
only doing this one because i'm pretty sure she's not a therian. (she is)
i math you cup with noodle!
you're both lesbians! (i think!)
you both speak a language that isnt english
noodle would come over and grab you by the cheeks if you're having a bad day at work
noodle goes to the school you work at and you see her in jeff the hall monitor's closet every lunch
noodle is every gorillaz fan's favourite to draw and youre an art teacher so you like that shit
when youre away she puts her makeup on the shelf
noodle is the girl who will laugh for no one else
noodle's a good girl and she does her french map assignment on time unlike the other kids
noodle doesnt mind your inap[ropriate relationship with the little freckled ginger boy, she wants a taste too.
she lets you sexually experiment with her bevause she knows you're on your last decade
hope you guys enjoyed! special shoutout to my biggest fan @bobxteddyshipper i love my #fred durst fan
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the way we just realized that our stay in Portland on our way to the show in Seattle is on the same day the tour plays in Portland. guess who's seeing Muse twice this week!!!
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sunburnacoustic · 2 months
I thought there aren't enough songs about Halloween. So many artists do Christmas songs, but I thought that's not very Muse, you know? So [I thought], we'll do a Halloween song! That's another reason we're going down that [musical] road; it seems a bit more spooky and creepy.
And you know, we grew up as children in the '80s, I like '80s horror films. I remember [watching] Stephen King films, some of that stuff obviously influenced me when I was a kid. So when you get nine albums deep, you can't help but want to look around a little bit, and look at other sounds in other genres.
—Matt Bellamy on drawing musical inspiration from films, and on You Make Me Feel Like It's Halloween | NPR interview for Will Of The People, 27 Aug 2022
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uno-whatimean · 2 months
Still on cloud 9 after the Dublin gig. What an incredible way to end my 2023 muse tour!! Phenomenal gig. Also this happened:
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basicbutterfly · 6 months
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prettyinpunk · 8 months
honestly i get why matt is Like That on stage, i too feel the urge to jump and thrash madly while singing will of the people
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forged-in-kaoss · 11 months
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Space Dementia - Riviera Theatre, Chicago - Oct. 11, 2022
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WOTP Tour Kuala Lumpur. 29/7/2023
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killedbythegroove · 8 months
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my fav pic from the philly concert
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wildwoodart · 9 months
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Is this…
Is this a “it’s Morbin’ time” reference
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psyche13 · 9 months
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Can’t have a muse jacket without a little bit of bling :)
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sunburnacoustic · 5 months
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Sometimes I just sit there in shock and gratefulness that we live in the era of HD gig footage
[pic: Matt at the Exeter Cavern Club gig, April 2022]
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