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rentatsunagi · 2 days
DP X DC Prompt
Jack and Maddie's Purge Weekend
Being married for 20 years and being together longer gets on you sometimes. Especially if you act sickeningly too sweet all the time.
So Jack and Maddie decided that they need a weekend Purge. A weekend where they go their separate ways and do what they want (no crime) and there will be no effect on their marriage no matter what.
On one of these purges, they went to Gotham. One where Jack got drunk and had an affair with Dr. Sheila Haywood, after getting drunk herself. She just had a bad sex night with her boyfriend Wills Todd.
Meanwhile, Maddie went to a Wayne sponsored science convention for inspiration. She ended up having an affair with Bruce Wayne. Before the deed, she told him sternly that under no circumstances could this get out. Bruce agreed, thinking what his crazy exes would do (*cough* Talia*cough*)
In Jack and Sheila's case, Jason is all but guaranteed. BUT in Bruce and Maddie's case, a certain Master of time had to poke holes in B's condom and swap Maddie's pills just as she was taking it.
CW: Things are about to get interesting
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night-wilf · 2 days
Writing prompt 110:
Connor isn't the only clone to be made as a weapon.
Jack Fenton knew of his lineage and the ghosts he discovered saving his life. Clockwork providing a new life as a normal person in society. Not just another clone.
The burden of this secret lifted as he learns the labs were destroyed and Connor has been saved. Encouraged by his family to contact the boy and explain everything that happened to him.
Clark stares at his computer in silent shock as he listens to this conversation. Alarmed so many people know of what happened and who 'Jack Fenton' truly is.
The ghost who saved him delivering a message to Connor later.
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ovytia-art · 2 days
Tumblr media
For @green-with-envy-phandom-event, line art by @reading-wanderer
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twotailednekomata · 2 days
So, after replaying the scene a couple times, I feel like mentioning the Ghost Chatter (I think that's what it's called, I couldn't fully tell).
The Ghost Chatter, as mentioned by Jack, takes 'the mysterious sounds that ghosts make' and translate them into English. When Danny speaks 'boo' into the device (after some deliberation), the device translated it as 'I am a ghost, fear me'. Danny has a freak out and yells 'I better get to school!' which the device leaves the sentence the exactly the same with an added 'fear me'. (Bonus: a video I remember watching about the word 'boo')
While the translated lines above were most likely added for comedy, I feel the concept could be tweaked in interesting ways. For example, what if instead of the second instance being the same sentence but with a few added words, it instead translated as 'I have to get away. School is far enough. Safe with my friends. Have to leave now' since Danny is part human and speaking English, which means the sentence should've stayed the same, but he was feeling a sense of fear at the moment, which effected the 'mysterious sounds' he would be producing due to his ghost half, which caused the sentence to be distorted in the translation. (think of this concept as Twisted Translations (youtube), in a sense)
I, also, feel it is accepted fanon that ghosts project their feelings outwards for others to sense so maybe that could be what the device is translating which means the result of the 'have to go to school' line could've been:
Danny: I better get to school! Ghost Chatter: fear-can't know-safety The rest of the Fenton family: *confused & concerned stares*
This is just me suggesting a couple of stuff based on a short scene but I hoped you guys enjoyed the speculations.
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nerdpoe · 2 months
hmmmm tiny prompt idea i lied it's kinda big
For whatever mystical reason, Batman, John Constantine, and three other Justice Leaguers go to Amity to assess the ghost issue.
While there they talk to the Fentons, and meet their starstruck son, who has a very similar name to Phantom, the obvious vigilante that refuses to ask for help, and his face is pretty much exactly the same.
Oh, Phantom is dead and this kid is alive? Well lots of Batman's kids have pulled that same shit. Weirder things have happened.
Cameras don't work right around the kid, recording equipment shorts out with static, and he keeps slipping up and using his powers. It...really isn't hard to find out Danny Fenton is THE Phantom.
So, since it's so obvious, they kinda assume everyone Knows but isn't saying it to make the kid feel like he's doing a good job at being secretive.
Then they learn about the Anti-Ecto acts, and they're like.
"Oh, that makes sense, obviously the town would ban together to pretend this kid isn't Phantom if literal torture is what awaits him. BTW, let's go ahead and take steps to get that shit removed how did this even get through?"
But then shit get's weirder?
The Fentons sit the supers down and rant and rave about how Phantom is a Kill On Sight threat, and force their son, their bright cheerful son who wants to be an astronaut and talked about space with Batman for literally forty minutes, to fucking listen in.
They're talking about how they've shot him, stabbed him, beat him with blunt instruments, how they measure the effectiveness of their weapons against ghosts using him as a template, and detail how they intend to dissect him and study him while he is sitting right there, looking like he wants to vomit.
And now it isn't so cute, because the Justice League members think that this whole town has banded together to punish this small child for existing. This same small child who has been limping and keeps giving different excuses for it, and when said kid notices their side glances musters up a shaky smile, clearly trying to Not Acknowledge the rant by his own goddamn parents.
Meanwhile Danny's parents are like, super proud that their very squeamish son is listening to their science presentation and putting on a brave front for the superheroes.
So like, who would snap first? Constantine, or Batman? Or one of the other Justice Leaguers? One of the Batkids listening in through the coms?
Idk it's a long explanation but like yeah, that's the prompt.
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confusedlittlebastard · 3 months
DP x DC Prompt #4
I've seen a couple prompts of Danny being the bio-kid of one or more heroes, but I've been thinking, and I thought, wouldn't it be funny if it turns out he's someone's grandkid?
Like, take John Constantine, for example. He sells his soul to multipld demons, does his hocus pocus and just basically bulshits his way into inmortality. Now, say he's forever stuck in a middle-aged looking face on top of being inmortal. He already has three cannon bastard kids, who's to say he doesn't have any more?
He has a lot of one night stands. There were some he didn't even bother to learn the names of. Jack Fenton's mother, who some times went out to a bar to cheat on her husband for whatever reason the author decides, was one of those.
Constantine looks a lot like Jack's supposed father and Jack gets his dark hair from his mother, so no one suspects him of not being his father's biological child, not even his mother.
So Jack Fenton is born. He lives, grows up, falls in love and has two kids, Jasmine and Daniel Fenton. Then the portal happens, the entirety of Danny Phantom happens and he and his parents have a good relationship after he comes out as Phantom.
Danny becomes the ghost king, and as such, he learns of the problems and troubles of his people. The name John Constantine comes up a lot, so he picks up and goes to Wolf so he can bring him to the watchtower so he can contact the guy.
He gets there, and comes face to face with a very surprised and scared-looking John Constantine. A John Constantine who looks exactly like his dad, if Jack Fenton was blonde and slightly thinner.
Consantine, on his end, is panicking. Danny, so as not to scare the guy, had come not as Phantom, but as Fenton. Danny knew that the guy knew about ghosts and the supernatural, so he'd get scared by a freaking ectoplasmic ghost just appearing in front of him.
It seems he'd miscalculated, because Danny, in human form, looked just like Connstantine, but with Rosacarnis' hair colour and body build.
Constantine's like shit, yet another one of my bastard demon kids here to kill me? Just how many did that woman make?
Danny's just like ghost IRS is here, it's tax season bitch, pay up.
I love the confusion and misunderstandings this could cause.
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lilianade-comics · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
An episode in which Vlad's scheme to get Jack in trouble with the government backfires spectacularly and he ends up handcuffed to Jack and on the run and everything he does to regain control of the situation completely fails and makes things worse and Jack is just blissfully himboing his way through this mess and then Maddie shows up to help her husband and the trio just, commits so many crimes and Vlad is an unsubtle idiotic overpowered supervillain who is maybe almost helpful if you squint really hard and ignore all the things that led to here
EDIT: y'all were really nice to me on this post so there is now a part 2 to this silliness!
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spruiksart · 20 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
been rewatching dp and vlad and jack had something i wont deny my truth !!!!!
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britcision · 10 days
Okay but I’ve been possessed by the need for Bruce to go find the Fentons for intel on Danny
And instead of useful intel on their son (he did not need the propaganda), they clock him, recognize him as related to Jason (possibly by being forewarned) and just
FAMILY BONDING! Hello Fellow Dad, clearly you are here for our Parents Of Halfas Support Group!
Most specifically Bruce trying to insist that he hasn’t failed Jason, and Jack just cheerfully clapping him on the back with all his might and booming boisterously
“Of course you failed! Your son died! There might never have been anything you could do to prevent it, but that won’t stop you feeling like you’ve should have!”
I just want Jack Fenton to emotionally nuke people as casually as he offers them ham
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schnuffel-danny · 26 days
Tumblr media
Preconceived notions of how ghosts behave + Attempts at befriending a ghost who truly, genuinely, really is just a huge asshole = A confusing mess, I’ll tell ya folks as much. More stuff from that one AU of mine where Jack somehow ends up befriending Plasmius.
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pricklenettle · 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I colaborated with @ep-10 to draw illustrations for @emeraldsandamethyst’s big bang fic I Feel Guilty bit I Can’t Feel Ashamed
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Fentons and the joker
So the fentons are in gothem for whatever reason, yada yada yada...BUT rather than danny its JACK that went phyco on the joker???:)
Its just after danny revealed himself as phantom, it took some time to cope with it but the fenton parents support danny (as long as hes relatively safe) being phantom, in amity.
But right now Their in gothem, and jack and maddie are in protective mode, jazz and danny and a little annoyed since after danny revealed himself as phantom their protectiveness trippeled, usualy that wasent a problem, amity was their home, none of the ghosts really wanted to hurt danny, and they have access to resources and support when needed
But their not in amity, so if they get hurt they have limited options, and apparently jack and maddie take thay as :their children could be in danger, stay aware
Danny actually dosent mind it, he's outside of his haunt but he still feels as safe as can be
Jazz is trying to lecture them on the unhealthy coping mechanisms they've developed but that aside she dosent really mind
That was until they got a news report that their was a prison breakout
Danny and jazz are trying to keep their parents from pulling out the fenton bazookas
And jack and maddie are making sure the trackers on their children are working
Well suddenly the street is filled with smoke, there was screaming, laughing and the sounds of people getting knocked over
When the smoke clears danny and jazz are gone...
Danny amd jazz were being held hostage by some loon called the joker
Now its bad because jazz needs to focus all her attention on keeping danny calm, he's outside in haunt without any protection, his parents are gone, he cant use his powers without outing himself again and theres a FUCKING CLOWN 3 FEET FROM HIM MONOLOGING TO A FURRIE
He's this close to loosing it and (probably) turning this clown into sidewalk chalk
The clown kept talking to the furrie but they weren't paying attention, after a certain point the clown aimed his gun at danny head...
And thats when the fenton-family-car ran through the wall, maddie took one look at the situation and started beating the everliving shit out of anyone who got in the way of her and her babys... after 5 minues all the goons were making a path for her and the other hostages are scared of this woman
Jack on the other hand saw the position danny was in, had flashbacks to danny amd freakshow, and promptly went insane
He shoved batman, tackeled the joker, breaking the arm holding the gun in the processes, and proceded to(with his bare hands) remove all of the jokers teeth, he them puller out a fenton-net, strung him up like a fish and handed the netted-joker to batman with the instruction "watch him"
Half an hour later nightwing and batman are talking to the fentons, jack and maddie each cheaking for injuries on jazz and danny
Nightwing is the one to ask
:why did you do so much to the joker? Why didnt you just disarm him?
:huh, OH, y'see my youngest danny-O over there, had some...bad experiences with clowns that left some lasting trauma...and well, no one scares my children
Nightwing gave a pointed look at batman, and prepared to show the recordings to jason
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Might make a fanfiction out of this.
This idea came to me yesterday while I was taking a break from my studies.
What if Jack Fenton is not the clone or half-brother of Bruce Wayne. What if he was the stolen twin brother of Bruce Wayne, and their parents thought he died a few hours after he was born because someone wanted the Waynes to suffer. Thomas and Martha were too heartbroken to ever speak about the death of their son. Then Damian and Danny meet in Gotham during Casper High’s field trip. Damian thinks Bruce had a child with another woman, and he’s p*ssed off about it. Danny insists that he wasn’t some billionaire’s child, and that his parents are both loyal to each other. Then Danny shows Damian a picture of his parents. Now Damian thinks his father was cloned instead. They call the whole Fenton family in Gotham. They do a DNA test. Bruce finds out. Turns out, Jack’s kidnappers took him as far away as they can manage, which was in Minnesota. They dropped him on an orphanage and his adoptive parents eventually took him in as their child (as an infant). Bruce is freaking out. The batfam is in chaos. Alfred is heartbroken, but is doing his best to support the Wayne family. Damian has been appeased. At least this boy isn’t an usurper.
I know this breaks like a lot of lore from Danny Phantom. This is just a ‘what if’ and a random idea.
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skellagirl · 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I hate everything I draw right now, so, y’know, the name of the game is memes!!! and shitposts!!! and a couple of ‘screenshot redraws’ but they’re just sketches!!!
(u can pry fantasy-times happy-family vlad/jack/maddie out of my cold dead hands btw)
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lordgrimoire · 1 month
Jack Fenton is From Gotham, a Headcannon
So, Jack Fenton, Big, caring, Dad Shaped Individual who cares about Family and his Profession and would more than likely choose family if things went Funky. The Guy who has ran through multiple walls and is capable of fighting Ecto beings BARE FISTED and winning. This guy, who just looks at the mayhem around him and goes “Ah, a peaceful day.” while Maddie is losing her entire god damned mind. You can only really get that sort of attitude about chaos in a few places, and I think Jack was born and raised in Gotham, and furthermore, I think his parents generation of Fentons lived in Crime Alley. 
The IDEAS this gives me, like in a reveal gone sideways with the GIW finding out Jack takes Danny and hides out in his childhood romping grounds and the people just go “Oh Hey, Jack’s back.” and they just melt into the underbelly of Gotham, no one really the wiser and the GIW constantly losing vehicles and Agents to the meatgrinder that is Crime Alley.
Give Me Jack Fenton who has SEEN SOME SHIT, Give me Jack Fenton who has DONE SOME SHIT. This man knows how to do a lot of things and the legality therein can get very Sketchy. Then give us the glory and horror of Gothamites slowly emigrating too/immigrating from Amity Park and it’s just like, That Explains A LOT.
I ran away with this, I shall now tag folks who I think would like this.
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nerdpoe · 2 months
I have lots of ideas for prompts. LOTS OF IDEAS.
Like John Constantine dragging Jack and Maddie by the ear into the infinite realms to personally apologize to the High King of it for literal war crimes.
Meanwhile Danny is panicking, cuz he works regularly with the League ever since Tucker found out Vlad was what was stopping them from receiving any of Amity's distress signals and bricked literally all of the stalkers electronics, and they just hashed out a working relationship, and he Does Not Want them to find out he's the King. What if Wonderwoman and Aquaman try to talk to him about politics?! He doesn't actually know what he's doing he just managed to appear competent!
So his first true edict as King, the first thing he does using all of his powers at his disposal to forcibly order Ghosts what to do, is to pretend that Skulker is the High King. He looks intimidating, right?
Skulker despises every second of it. He hates lying about a conquest, it makes him testy and irritable.
His irritability makes John be like "I was right the King is terrifying fuck".
The other Ghosts are just avoiding it, desperately pretending that they can't see Skulker.
Johnny and Kitty keep breaking down into laughter and are deliberately watching from the side lines, having come to watch the spectacle.
Phantom is crying inside watching Skulker try to pretend like he's courtly. Wonderwoman and Aquaman suspect that something is going on but the cultures in the Infinite realms are so different they don't know For Sure. Batman figured it out pretty much the second they met Skulker and is just. Staring. At Danny.
Judging him.
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