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girl mode
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the winner of the sillygirl tournament 2023 herself
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You and Jade are snuggled up on the couch, watching a documentary "Fantastic fungi". The documentary explores the different types of mushrooms and their unique properties, and the man next to you can't help but chime in with his own knowledge and insights.
"Did you know that there are around 10,000 different types of mushrooms in the world?" he says, his eyes lighting up with enthusiasm.
You smile at his passion, finding it endearing. "I had no idea." you reply, your eyes still fixed on the screen.
"And did you know that some mushrooms can glow in the dark? It's called bioluminescence, and it's caused by a chemical reaction within the mushroom." You smile and nod, impressed by his knowledge. 
Finally, as the documentary comes to a close, he turns to you with a warm smile."You know, I have mushroom in my heart for you." he says with a grin.
You feel a warmth spread through your chest, feeling the same way about him. You may not be as knowledgeable about mushrooms or terrariums, but you love listening to him talk about them and sharing in his excitement. You lean in for a kiss and whisper, "I have a mushroom in my heart for you too."
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for @deathbycatgirl
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Hi there, I'd like to request something for Twisted Wonderland. Could I get reactions of Leona, Azul, Jade, Vil, and Sebek to a (preferably gender neutral) s/o who's usually pretty thick-skinned and gives as good as they get having a strong reaction to something the character said in an argument? As in, usually in an argument the s/o isn't easily upset, so if they're reacting this badly something must be really wrong. So how would those five characters react if something they said actually seemed to hurt their s/o who usually seems damn near unshakeable? Bonus points if it's the first time they've ever seen their s/o cry and it's their fault >:3c
Thank you for the request! I feel like I made it just “S/O cries during an argument”, but I hope I incorporated enough elements to fit your request!
How the Twst boys would react to their ususally strong S/O crying during an argument.
Tumblr media
Notes:Gn reader, The relationships described here are not very healthy, because the boys have toxic traits that make the relationship toxic as well. The argument is about this toxic trait, and the Reader can choose if the boy overcomes it or not.
Sebek Zigvolt
⚡The argument was about how he always priviledged his duty over you.
⚡He let slip that if he had to choose between Malleus and you, he'd choose Malleus. He didn't mean it, of course, but no one has control of what they say during times like this.
⚡You wondered if he even loved you at all, and the tears flowed.
⚡His booming voice was silenced as he watched you with wide eyes trying to wipe your tears off your face in pride.
⚡He's not the touchy type, but he'll pull you into an akward hug, rubbing your back gently.
⚡“I-I'm sorry. Please don't cry.... I love you more than anything.”
Leona Kingscholar
🦁Due to his natural laziness, you always felt like he didn't care about you or your relationship.
🦁When you confront him about it, he brushes it off. He knows he loves you, so you should too, right?
🦁He finally realises he's been wrong when you start crying, yelling at him why wouldn't he listen to you for once!
🦁He's never seen you cry before, which makes the shock even greater.
🦁“I know I don't really show it, but I do care, Herbivore. I promise that from now on, I'll be better.”
Vil Schoenheit
💅You try to keep strong through it, but his constant nitpicking absolutely drives you crazy.
💅He's convinced he's doing it for your own good, but even the best of intentions can lead to disaster.
💅One day, enough is enough, even for you, and you finally snap. He takes it badly.
💅You don't know when it happens, but at one point you realise you've broke down in tears.
💅It's then he knows that he had been wrong for pushing this far. It's his fault the mascara he had obliged you to wear was running down your cheeks.
💅“I'm so sorry love. I had no idea I've pushed you this far. I'll do anything to make it up to you.”
Azul Ashengrotto
🐙He's always piled up in his work and restaurant. There's always something to separate the two of you.
🐙His ambitions get the the better of him and he sometimes ends up not taling to you for a week or more.
🐙The loneliness creeps in. You go numb and start to ignore him as well. That he sees as a problem.
🐙He confronts you about it. The frustration you've kept in for months breaks through the form of tears.
🐙Crying is something he experienced way too often, and he never wanted you to feel.
🐙“Please... I hate seeing you cry... Name something, anything and I'll do it for you.”
Jade Leech
🍄He is a master manipulator. More often than not, you view yourself as his puppet, one he can use at will.
🍄You keep the feelings in. You don't want him to think he'S won by breaking you.
🍄But what's meant to happen happens, and the feelings spill.
🍄His intentions were never to deceive you. He's surprised when he sees your watered cheeks.
🍄When he tries to embrace you, you struggle, because you think it's another one of his tricks.
🍄Ultimately, the strenght leaves your body and you sob in his arms.
🍄“Shhhh... I love you, okay? I would never lie to you. Never.”
Hope you enjoyed it!
Have a good day/night!
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Amethyst grapes with jade leaves. 
China, Qing dynasty, 19th century
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100 Designers' Favorite Rooms, 1994
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A commission of some recreations of Alphonse Mucha’s The Moon and Stars with the beta kids! For @turnipdragon Thanks so much!
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Carved coral, nephrite, hardstone, diamond, and gilt wild strawberries in a rock crystal vase on a jasper plinth (at Christie’s)
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Took me a long time, but here it is - Rapture from Bioshock on a slice of jade for @xxkyuubimonxx . It was a painstaking work, but it helped taking my mind off the war's "anniversary"
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Why does he remind me of some Kageguri characters? Especially that first expression 💀💀
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just the concept of a kid fusing with her dog... her dog that practically raised her since she was a small child and loves her so much that he'll bend the laws of physics to keep her safe. and now that love will always be a part of her, something that is both so comforting and so so isolating. she will never see him again
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A reticulated white jade 'pine and crane' plaque, Qing dynasty, 18th century.
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A Mughal heart-shaped jade box set with gemstones, North India, 19th century.
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