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happy first birthday to jade and floyd on eng server! hoping that the server continues and we get to enjoy all the other outfits too!
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fungi... ahaha... ha (i put so much effort into part one that i burnt out in part 2)
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💡Brace Yourself, Glassfish💡
Tumblr media
Summary: You can’t stand Floyd Leech. Who does he think he is, squeezing you within an inch of your life all the time? You question whether you’ll be able to last much longer and devise a plan to deter the eel for good. 
However, perhaps you go a bit too far? After all, ending up in a back brace is never a good thing, and Floyd isn’t unscathed by your antics either. 
Floyd Leech was a bear trap in a blazer: sharp teeth, powerful arms, and a proficiency for clamping them around anyone he fancied. When he swaggered down the NRC corridors everyone made way for him. It was the only time Riddle was grateful for his shortness, using it to hide amongst the crowds.
However, you were Floyd’s favourite thing to hold. A human from another world? How fascinating. How far could your bones go without breaking? How hard would you fight to get away from him? Were humans built differently in your world to Twisted Wonderland? There was only one way to find out, and Floyd used every opportunity to answer his questions.
The lamps dimmed across the Monstro Lounge, blanketing the polished surfaces in milky blue light. The end of your shift was minutes away. Your hands ached from cleaning tables, your socks pooled about your ankles, and condiments stained your waiting uniform. You couldn’t wait to slide into your broken bed back in Ramshackle. Lumpy mattresses and sharp springs are surprisingly comfortable when you’re exhausted.
“Ne, Shrimpy~”
You winced. No, not him. Not now.
Floyd’s voice sounded like a cheese grater was being rubbed against his larynx. Not wanting to provoke him in any way, you spun on your heels – a smile prepared on your face. But Floyd was closer than you thought. Your nose stopped centimetres from his chest. He towered over you, a dish rag slung over his shoulder and a serving tray tucked under his arm.
How could you have forgotten?
Floyd had his shift after you on Tuesdays. Usually you would have bundled your things into your bag and slipped away before the eel could make it onto the restaurant floor. But Monstro Lounge had been so busy this evening that you’d not had time.
“You look tired, Shrimpy.”
You shrugged, cracking your neck. Bad move.
Floyd’s fingers twitched at his side, like they itched to get a hold of you. “Ne~ you’re like an instrument. Oh! Does your neck make one note, and perhaps your back another? Could I play ‘Under the Sea’ just by squeezing you a certain way?~”
You jumped back. “No. Floyd, please. You grew up underwater. Your bone density is greater than mine. You can’t bear hug humans and expect them to hold out as well as Jade, or Azul.”
“I’m human now, too.” His voice became dark. “Compared to my eel form, I barely have any strength.”
You took another step back and collided into something. An identical pair of gold and grey eyes stared down at you, cruel and calculating.
“Floyd, you shouldn’t tease our colleagues,” mused Jade. “Azul needs all the help he can get on busy nights such as this. We can’t have people resigning because the conditions aren’t workable.”
Floyd slouched and rolled his eyes. “But look at them, Jade. Shrimpy looks so tense and tight.”
Jade glanced at you briefly. There was no pity in his face. In fact, there was nothing at all. Just bland contemplation, as if dealing with his brother’s whims was written into his genetic makeup. “You can play chiropractor tomorrow.” Your eyes widened, pushing a tiny grin onto Jade’s face. “For now, Y/N is free to go. Azul doesn’t pay people for working over their contracted hours. This isn’t a hostage situation.”
Floyd grit his teeth.
“Is it?”
You took the opportunity to slink away. Inside the kitchen you bumped into a student cooking pasta. He cursed as uncooked shells fell to the floor, snapping under your shoes like bones. After apologising you threw your dirty rag into the laundry bin and made for Ramshackle.
Your mind buzzed.
You had to do something. Anything. You knew Floyd would never respect your boundaries not to be squeezed. What was it about Jade that always made his brother listen? Both brothers were sadists, that was for certain. But Jade got inside people’s heads - even his own brother’s. Perhaps you ought to take a leaf out of his notebook, and traumatise Floyd into leaving you alone?
You had your plan before you got home. First, you needed to visit Ortho Shroud.
Tomorrow came too quickly. After washing your serving uniform you returned to Octavinelle to put it to your locker - a perfect excuse to be near the kitchen.
The packets of uncooked pasta were where you remembered them. Checking that the coast was clear, you slid a handful into your pocket and slipped through the door into the Monstro Lounge in search of your target.
Despite being closed for service, Octavinelle students still used the lounge as a communal area. Third years swilled alcohol in tumblers, while younger students contented themselves with mocktails and table snacks. The hubbub was cordial and gentle with profanity occasionally coming form the snooker table.
Floyd was draped across the bar as Jade mixed drinks. You paused to study him: he couldn’t have looked more bored. Periods between lessons – excluding club time – left the man with very little to occupy himself. Perfect, you thought. He’d likely jump at the chance to make good on his brother’s declaration yesterday.
You discreetly slid two of the pasta shells inside your mouth, positioning them over the molars.
“Hey gents,” you cooed. Jade’s eyes widened with surprise as you sat on the bar stool. No doubt he was stunned that you’d place yourself near Floyd so willingly.
“Ahh, Prefect. Can I get you anything?”
“Just a cup of ice, please. I need to put something on my neck.”
Floyd snapped up, like a rake handle when the bottom is stepped on. “Still having trouble with it, Shrimpy?”
You pretended to seethe as you rubbed it. Floyd didn’t need any further provoking. He slid off the stool and wrapped his long arms around you. You feigned panic, shifting to try and get away from him. As effortlessly as picking up a chair, Floyd swung you into the air and pressed you against himself. You felt his muscles tense around you, practically solidifying into stone.
He held you tighter, and tighter, until-
You bit down on the pasta.
Jade dropped the glass he was polishing. The whole room stilled. No one dared breathe as they watched you go limp in Floyd’s arms, thinking the worst…thinking Floyd had finally snapped someone’s spine.
Floyd was deathly still. But then his arms started to tremble. Shake.
“Well don’t just stand there!” cried one of the students. “Get them to the infirmary!”
If you hadn’t been looking straight at him, you never would have guessed the person holding you was Floyd. His arms drew you so tenderly to his chest, cradling you as if you were made of glass. He tried to keep you as straight as possible in fear of making your condition worse. You felt wicked but if you didn’t follow this through things would never improve.
Within moments Floyd was heading for the portal mirror. Jade took off his apron and followed him.
Ortho was waiting in the infirmary as you’d instructed. The school nurse was often absent, so it wasn’t uncommon for the robot boy to take up her shifts. Idia had installed endless medical data into his hard drive. Acting ones, too.
“Y/N!” Ortho gasped when Floyd brought you in. He was white as a ghost, his heart thrumming in his chest as if it might burst out of him.
“Set them down,” Ortho instructed. “Gently.”
Floyd slipped you onto a hospital bed, still giddy with worry. Sensing his fragility, Jade dropped a hand onto Floyd’s shoulder. The weight helped to steady him, but by no means distracted from the situation. Stale sunlight filtered through the dusty windows, catching on Floyd’s dewy eyes.
Ortho took your hands and laid them palms-up at your sides. “I’m going to x-ray you now, Y/N. You don’t have to respond. Just stay very still.”
You obeyed. The robot took to the air and hovered above your bed, his eyes turning blue as he scanned you from head to toe. It was a challenge not to laugh at his grave little face. 
“It’s not good news,” he sighed, blinking off the scanner. “Y/N has two ruptured discs.”
Floyd let out a mournful wail and dropped to his knees. His shaking fingers found yours and curled around them, a silent beg for forgiveness. “Can you fix them?”  
You could see the guilt on Ortho’s face from this charade, but a discreet wink encouraged him to keep up the act. “Hard to say. Big brother is clever, but he doesn’t know everything. And so, nor do I. I’ll have to start working while the injury is fresh. So if you two wouldn’t mind leaving-“
Floyd bounced back up and dragged Jade by the collar out of the infirmary.
You didn’t move until their footsteps – and Jade’s irritated scolds – fell quiet.
Sighing with relief, you spat the pasta shells into a glass by your bed and high-fived Ortho. The little robot seemed very pleased with himself. “I suggest we put you in a back brace to make it seem extra convincing.”
“If you want to be an actor I can put a good word in to Vil for you. That performance was seamless.”
“Oh stop!” The tips of Ortho’s hair turned a bashful pink. “That was luck. I still don’t understand the nuance of faking emotions. I’m still trying to understand them in general. But, I have to say, Floyd did seem very distressed. Which is…bad?”
That made you chuckle. “Not at all. You still have much to learn.”
If you thought Floyd wouldn’t leave you alone before, he certainly didn’t now. While you were around him he watched you like a hawk, offering to carry you up flights of stairs and hold your books. He could also barely get through a sentence without sliding in the word ‘sorry’.
You’d returned to working at the Monstro Lounge a few days later and Azul had rewarded your tenacity with a dinner on the house, complete with dessert. Did your lies make you feel bad? Not at all. You’d become quite the celebrity around NRC. Many students had come up to thank you for ‘taking one for the team’, because apparently Floyd hadn’t squeezed anyone since the incident.
“Maybe Glassfish would be a better name for you, Shrimpy,” he teased as he brought your free meal over to you. You’d gotten to sit in a booth right by the fist tank, the most comfortable and aesthetic in the house.
Perhaps the universe wanted to punish you for traumatising the poor eel?
Suddenly, Floyd skidded on a serviette. He clumsily set the plate down before falling onto you, throwing his hand out to stop himself. You’d forgotten to take the spare pasta shells out of your pocket.
When Floyd’s palm struck it there came that familiar crunch.
“Did I do it again? Are you alright?" Floyd staggered back, mortified. "Was it your hip? Your leg? Do you need Ortho? Shall I get Azul? Or even Malleus? I don’t care if he’s big and scary, he’s good at healing magic…”
He trailed off when he saw your face. Why weren’t you writhing in agony? You just looked shocked. Like a deer caught in headlights. Floyd raised his eyebrow as he stalked forward, bracing his hands on the back of the booth and the table to block your escape. 
You jerked backwards at his closeness, a move far too energetic for someone with a damaged back.
Floyd didn’t ask permission before diving into your pocket. At first he seemed bemused to find uncooked pasta, but then he stared ruefully into your eyes as he slowly clenched his fist.
You didn’t remember hearing the pasta break. Within seconds you’d vaulted over the back of the booth and were running towards the Monstro Lounge door. Your cover was not only blown, it was in ashes.
Floyd stared after you in bewilderment. How cunning and clever you had been. How exciting...
“When I get my hands on you,” he cried, jumping out of the booth, “I’m dragging you back here and squeezing you in my eel form!” A crazed smile was on his face. “I bet I can play ‘Under the Sea’ with your back, but there’s only one way to find out.”
Author Note: My second favourite Octavinelle now takes the stage. I hoped you liked this :)
Something silly…violent and deceptive…but still utterly ridiculous.
Do let me know what you think by commenting/reblogging with comments. Reading your messages always makes my day!!
Squidwen x
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Swimming Lessons
Jade Leech x Fem!Reader x Floyd Leech
Word Count (Ao3): 5.6k+
Word Count Tumblr: 2.5k+
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yohooo!! It's me!! ↜(╰ •ω<)╯ψ I have been requested by anon to write some swimming lessons gone wrong!! How naughty!! I hope this is pleasing for everyone to read!! It was lots of fun to write!! Happy, Happy, Summer Time!! <3 <3 <3
Tumblr media
Tags: Student x Teacher RP/Praise Kink/Smut/Threesome/Full Content Contains Dark Themes!! Please refer to Ao3 tags as warning!!
Tumblr media
Although you were the infamous magicless student of Night Raven College, you weren’t exempt from coach Vargas’ P.E classes. You just did different things. Jogging along the track with Deuce and Jack, being shown how to ride a horse with Riddle’s instruction, and although you couldn’t fly, Epel was eager to put you on the back of his broom and take off. Just so you could enjoy the experience like all the other students did. “Your muscles need all the attention they can get! Even someone like you can get as strong as me!” That’s what Coach Vargas said with a proud flex of his thick biceps. But you didn’t really see the point of getting strong. And this week was all about flight practice, a magic required training. And since you couldn’t attend, Coach Vargas had other plans for you. 
The P.E instructor smiled as he handed over a large brown paper bag, you both stood outside of the mirror leading to Octavinelle. “I asked the Leech twins to help you with your swimming lessons! What better way to learn than from a pair of natural-born swimmers!” He gave you a rough slap on the shoulder, almost knocking you to your knees with a hearty laugh bouncing through the hall of mirrors. Grim was split up from you to see if he could handle making a broom move on his own while you would be taking a dip on this hot summer day. You could hear Grim’s shrill voice complaining already about how you got to enjoy the water while he busts his furry butt trying to get a broom twice his size off the ground. 
“Of course, I’ll be sending you off with a list of tasks to do while you swim and the twins will check them off! You’ll have the finest triceps on campus after this!” He let out another hearty laugh and began ushering you towards the mirror. You felt anxious, similar to a lamb sent to slaughter. You weren’t the strongest swimmer, all you could muster up was a simple doggy paddle to keep your head above the water. Not to mention, you found the twins to be attractive. But of course, you were far too afraid to ever mention your interest in the both of them, and who knows when you’ll get sent back to your own world. “I’ll be back in a few hours to see how you did with the twins! And be honest, I’m scoring them as well on their teaching ability.” He hummed and shoved you through the mirror. 
The twins towered over you as you stood in the lounge lobby, holding tightly to the bag you were given in your white-knuckled grip. They were so terrifying up close, shrouded in a dim teal light making them look far more intimidating. Forget the crush you had, watching them and admiring from afar was so much better. “Welcome to Octavinelle, we were expecting you.” Jade placed a hand over his heart with a softened grin. “Coach Vargas instructed us to show you the ways of the water. We aren’t exactly the best teachers, so please be gentle.” He teased and you felt your chest tighten with excitement. Maybe swimming with them won’t be too bad. Jade seems very patient, and really all they have to do is keep you from drowning. “Yo, Shrimpy,” Floyd reached out with his gloved hand to tug at the paper bag you were given. As he leaned in, you could smell the faint scent of rainwater... And sage? It was odd to smell something so refined on someone like Floyd. You swallowed as his face was only centimeters away, his mismatched eyes locked with yours and you noticed his left eye beginning to glow. “What’s this supposed to be?” He asked curiously with a sharp toothed grin as you broke eye contact.
Right, swimming lessons.
“O-Oh, ummm…” You trailed off as Jade leaned in as well. The same rainwater scent, but instead of sage there was a much more earthy smell. Like fresh soil and flowers. “I would assume it’s something to change into, however, there’s truly no need for that.” He waved a hand dismissively as you felt blood rush to your face. Floyd could only giggle seeing your skin change color from embarrassment. “Well, we were mostly planning to just get your feet in the water today. But if you’d like a full lesson then so be it.” Jade smiled innocently as you relaxed your grip on the bag. “Thank you for your help today.” You mumbled as the pair seemed amused by your reactions. This is how the Leech brothers were. You piqued their interest, so of course, you’ll be treated similarly to a child's dissection frog. Something for Floyd to pick and pull apart while Jade points out what would be the most fun to rip out. 
Of course, until they both got bored of you.
“Let’s go Shrimpy! I wanna swim with you!” The taller twin cheered and snatched your wrist in his fist. You were led down a winding hall to an unfamiliar dorm room and gently ushered inside by Jade. “Please take your time changing, we’ll wait out here for you to finish.” He offered a small bow as the door was shut behind you and you were allowed to look around. It was neat and tidy to the right, the walls were lined with small terrariums filled with shells and sand and some small glass mushroom sculptures. To the left, it was the polar opposite. Messy, with treats lining the shelves instead of decor, shoes tossed about, and a wrinkled purple shirt sticking out from under the unmade bed. The article of clothing was playfully posed as if it was crawling its way to freedom from the dust bunnies and crumbs that may be hiding in the darkness. You couldn’t help but snort in amusement and shook your head. Seeing a room like this made the twins far less intimidating than you pegged them to be. 
Feeling much more relaxed now, you pulled out the contents of the bag and looked them over. A pair of paper packets with lesson instructions were tucked away, most likely for you to give to Jade and Floyd, and a plain one-piece swimsuit. I didn’t take too long to strip down from your school uniform and into… An unexpectedly tight-fitting, plain one-piece swimsuit. It was jet black, as if you were slathered in Overblot ink, sleek and so form fitting it could be mistaken for a latex bodysuit. It squeezed around the softness of your butt, the curves of your chest, and it rode high on your hips. This was definitely not school appropriate to swim in. Especially during a private lesson with two very intimidating moray eels. You turned to look yourself over, and the small sway of your hips caused the swimwear to rise, slipping between your cheeks and giving you a wedgie. Did the coach even try to get you the correct size?! How little does he think you are?! 
As you fixed the bottom of your swimsuit with a huff, the door was forced open by Floyd, forcing a small scream of surprise out of you. Your hands yanked away and the swimwear snapped against your behind as if it was a playful spank from the tallest twin.  “Booooo…” The taller twin pouted and his hand slipped away from the door. “I was hoping we’d catch ya, too baaad.” He sighed and crossed his arms, leaning against the doorframe as Jade let out a small laugh. He was clearly amused by your shocked expression as you subtly tugged away your wedgie. “What Floyd means to say, is you were taking quite some time. We only wanted to check on you. Just to be sure nothing was wrong.” Jade explained with a smile as he tapped his pointer finger against his chin. Floyd knit his brows with confusion and frowned, looking over at Jade with a frown. “No, it was because I wanted to see Shrimpy nude.” Floyd didn’t care to defend himself, honesty was his best policy. You crossed your arms over your chest, feeling unusually exposed to them now as Floyd began eying you up and down. It was clear what his intentions were for the lesson based on his bold statement. “Besides, if Shrimpy plans to wear a swimsuit like that, we might as well skip today’s lesson. I wanna-”
“Now, now, Floyd, enough.” Jade slipped a hand over his brother's mouth with a frown, his other arm wrapped around Floyd’s torso as he took a step into the room, a hand had lifted to reach out and grab you. It was now Jade’s mismatched eyes locking with your’s and he whispered something into the taller twin's ear. It was completely inaudible to you as you struggled to listen, awkwardly standing in the dorm as goosebumps prickled your chilling skin. Floyd’s lips curled into a smile as Jade pulled away with a soft laugh. “Sorry Shrimpyyy, I’ll be on my best behavior. It’s not often we get out of lessons like this.” Floyd apologized with a casual tone as you kneeled to tuck your uniform into the paper bag, grabbing the papers now as you kept your eyes trained on Floyd. They must be up to something if Floyd was reeled in so easily by such a secretive deal. “Right…” You murmured, watching as Jade released Floyd and you placed the bag near the cleanest bed. You’ll be back to change later of course. “We’ll show you to the tank.” Jade purred with Floyd in tow. 
Unfortunately, you were not gifted a towel to cover your spandex clad body as you left the room. You had to stretch your legs to keep up with the twins, keeping an eye out for any wandering eyes as you held the papers over your chest. It felt oddly sadistic, the twins took you through what usually were the busiest parts of their dormitory. Parading your borderline-bare body around as you chased after the Morays disguised in human flesh. Thankfully the areas were devoid of students, everyone attending classes during your private lesson. Were they doing this on purpose? Just to scare you into thinking someone might see? 
It would look suspicious if someone familiar saw you running after the twins in almost nothing, especially with zero context. Jade began to lead you up a flight of marble stairs, his gloved hand resting on the banister as he looked back at you. “It’s just up this way. We’re almost there.” He assured you, yet you felt distrusting of the Eels words. Who knows if the ‘tank’ is actually up there or not? What if they planned to herd you around some more? You silently climbed the steps, keeping your eyes locked on the dark grey blazer on Jade’s body as Floyd followed from behind. To your amazement: there was a small white fuzz near his right shoulder. Something you wouldn’t expect from someone as glued together as Jade. You felt puzzled by the sight, wondering how long it’s been there. And then, a bizarre theory popped into your mind as you straightened up with widened eyes. Your heart began to pick up speed as you wondered: Was Jade nervous about you getting swim lessons from them? So anxious that he didn’t go over his own ironed-out jacket for lint?
Something so small and insignificant made you realize how silly the thought was. Jade is not as perfect as he may seem. Something like having a surprise fuzz, that happens to everyone. 
Your shoulders sagged and you failed to notice Floyd beginning to reach out towards you. You squealed in surprise as Floyd wrapped his arms around your torso, standing on a step below as he pressed his cheek against yours with that horribly sharp-toothed smile. “Excited Shrimpy? You’re so quiet! Are you scared?” He asked, lifting a leg onto the step you stood on as he pressed his weight against your much smaller body. “Let’s play tag when we get in! I’ll be ‘It’ first!” He chirped as you nervously continued up the stairs feeling Floyd’s crotch begin to press up against your butt.
There’s no way this was unintentional.
You shook your head as your face became hot, again, failing to be aware of your surroundings. Jade had slowed down as he led you up the stairs, his movements had gone to that of a snail's pace. You felt drool pool in your mouth you had to swallow back as you felt the rough texture of Floyd’s pants rubbing against you become much more intense. You could feel him beginning to harden as your swimsuit once again rode up your butt. Floyd giggled in your ear as his arms remained tightly around you. “What’s wrong? Are you gonna make it aaaaall the way to the tank Shrimpy? It’s pretty far y’know… Don’t tell me you want to do it right here, right now.” Floyd teased with his voice melting into a deep whisper. His tongue darted out of his mouth to flick over the sensitive shell of your ear. You snapped your teeth down on your tongue to bite back the urge to moan. The way to the top was agonizing as you clutched the papers in your grip, resisting all carnal instincts that begged you to roll your hips into Floyd’s clothed erection. You had to choke back mewls and whines from behind Jade, pretending to be oblivious to his brother's advances on you. Right, Jade is just as bad as Floyd is. “We made it! Shrimpy gets an A for her hard work from Mr. Leech! I didn’t think she’d do such a good job!” Floyd laughed as he released you reaching to tug on your cheek, along with pulling the filthy thoughts from your head.
“Of course, Mr. Leech, climbing the stairs to the tank is no easy feat, I also would like to give the Prefect an ‘A’.” Jade smiled at you and reached out to rub his thumb over the cheek Floyd pinched. “Such a good girl, so diligent.” He cooed as you felt the arousal return. Hearing Jade whisper something so sweet made you throb, with no help from Floyd getting you so worked up on your way up the marble steps. “What do you say when a teacher praises you?”  Jade asked as his gentle smile grew sly and Floyd seemed to lean in to hear your answer. They towered over you and you felt as though any more of this attention could lead to you forgetting all about the swim lesson you were supposed to be having.
“Thank you…” You whispered with your eyes glancing down to your toes as Floyd cupped your face, lifting your head to look at them. Your knees felt weak as you were forced to look up at their starving gazes. “Louder.” Jade instructed sweetly and Floyd giggled. You swallowed and pressed your thighs together, feeling a familiar heat growing more and more intense between your thighs. “Thank you… Mr.  Leech.” You gasped as Floyd let you go, beginning to cackle as Jade slipped the papers from your trembling hands and turned away from you with a content expression.  “We got a student shooting for honor roll, right Jade?”
“Of course, Floyd.”
Tumblr media
Full One-Shot has been posted on Ao3!! It's very dark towards the end so please be careful!! The content isn't for everyone!! <3 <3 <3
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valentines-blogg · 1 month
Can you do a jade or floyd coloring??? totally okay if not i absolutely love ur colorings<33
Since you asked for either jade or Floyd I made both of them! Hope you enjoy this coloring with my personal HC and other HC that I see people talk about. Sorry if it’s a bit sloppy (-。-;
Tumblr media
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rainybeebs · 1 month
“I can’t be what you need.”
Tumblr media
Featuring: Jade Leech, Floyd Leech
Genre: Angst
Synopsis: The Leech twins are known for being fake, so what was he to do when you break up with him because of it?
Tumblr media
You didn’t want to believe the words your friends told you. Not about how Jade would only stick around a month at most, or about how careless he was with your feelings. You hated the thought of any of it. Any yet, you found yourself standing in front of him in the closed Mostro Lounge, ready to deliver the breakup.
“My, you came out of your way just to see me tonight? How endearing.” Everything truly did feel phony, and it irked you. You must’ve been spacing out because you felt a gloved hand lift your chin to redirect your attention. “You seem preoccupied. Is something the matter?” Your fist clenched slightly, not going unnoticed by the eel.
“I can’t do this anymore, Jade.” You felt him remove his hand from your chin as his smile faltered greatly. Still, he waited for you to continue expectedly. “Jade, I know how you are. Once you get bored of me, you’ll leave.” For once, he had nothing to say. No cocky remark, or sly comment. Just silence.
You turned to leave, just before he caught your hand. “It saddens me. To see how little you trust me. Farewell, Y/N.” In truth, he didn’t really blame you. He understood your perspective, but that didn’t make the growing ache in his chest stop. He released your hand with not another word, watching you leave him. He slowly pulled his hand up to his chest. Why did this hurt so badly?
. . .
“You’re so boring! It’s a wonder I haven’t left yet.” It’s a remark he made one day during a bad mood of his. He dismissed it later as just him ‘being in a funk’ and yet, it plagued your mind. You knew how he was with most. If they bored him, he’d leave. End of discussion. But what about you? Were you a part of that? Well, no matter how many times you asked, he never cared to give an answer, just drawing your attention to something else.
He was doing exceptional in his basketball practice, and as it ended and he saw you, he felt even better. “Shrimpy!!” Usually, you’d let him hug you to his heart’s content, but this wasn’t like other times. He was about to near-tackle you to the ground, only for you to place your hand on his chest, keeping him at literal arm’s length.
“Floyd, can we break up?” You never witnessed him hold a look of fear quite like the one you saw. He reached out again to just grab your shoulders only for you to reject his touch. “Floyd, please. I know you know why. I just can’t be what you need.” His fist clenched to the point to where his knuckles turned white. “You’re still angry about that?! I already told you, it was nothing! Why are you making this into such a big deal?!” You would’ve thought he was furious, had it not been for the way his eyes glistened from the tears that threatened to fall.
“I’m sorry.” “No you’re not. Just go.” You hesitated, unconsciously staring at him. “I SAID GO!” As much as you wanted to console him, the damage was done. And he wasn’t in the mood for you.
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Tumblr media
was momentarily possessed by the need to draw this
jade is an ambush predator in the waves hands at his entire self way floyd is an ambush predator in the way that nobody can fucking predict him so its always an ambush. NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION [floyd]
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spadecentral · 1 month
🌧 How They Cry | Octavinelle
>> requested: no >> a/n: im just silly
Tumblr media
>> masterlist: octavinelle >> parts: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7 >> summary: the different ways of how octavinelle characters cry >> reader prns: n/a >> warning(s): ...crying
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto cried almost every day as a child. Picked on and teased, everyone was used to his constant tears.
When Azul cries, he's like a cauldron bubbling over. Hyperventilating, his tears run down his face. When he cries, he wants to hide away in a small confined area. Azul wants to know that he's alone so he doesn't have to hide his tears.
Tumblr media
A quizzical person, Jade Leech was never much for crying. But, no one is immune to tears.
Jade crying is like a tide washing over the beach. Calm but powerful, his tears leak over his eyelids and glide down his face. Used to keeping his emotions hidden, Jade is uncomfortable with the fact that he's crying. He wastes no time in wiping his eyes with a handkerchief he keeps in his pocket.
Tumblr media
Floyd Leech is not one that is ignorant of his feelings. Usually, he acts upon whatever he's thinking with haste and makes sure not to waste a single second.
But when Floyd cries it's like a tidal wave. A tsunami, if you will. With speed, his tears run down his face and splotch the ground. He is angry with his tears, mad that they make his vision blurry. Floyd licks his tears with his tongue and wipes up the ones he cannot get with the back of his hand.
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fima11 · 1 month
Leech twins sketch.
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favorite cringies <3
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rose-the-witch1 · 6 days
hi hi~ i hope u have a great day~~
May i request a Vampire au with octa trio tho? instead of them being a vampire, it’ll be the reader who’s a vampire also a sweetheart and kind one? 👀
Sure thing! Hope this is okay!!
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto
At first he doesn't realize that you're a vampire.
Like, even when you smile at him he just assumes your teeth are Like That
But then when you start carrying an umbrella around in the daytime and you don't show up in any mirrors, he honestly questions you a lot
Then he gets the grand idea of trying to hire you for the Mostro Lounge, because a vampire attracts freaks who are into vampires
When you turn him down he's bitter for a bit but he lets it go
He'll offer to buy you a new umbrella if yours ever breaks
He also respects your kindness and tries to help you with keeping away from human blood in any way that he can
If you ask him if you can feed on him he'll get extremely flustered
But he'll reluctantly oblige, albeit being very squeamish
The feeling feels rather nice to him though, and if you're his s/o he'll let you do it more often
Also very curious about you and your habits since he's never met a vampire before
Generally loves you and loves being around you!
Jade Leech
Figured it out immediately when you got sunburn for the first time
He found it amusing, honestly, but he'll swarm you with questions about vampire stereotypes
Overall though he finds you very cute, I like to think he loves vampires
He uses your lack of reflection to freak people out, like in the hall of mirrors you don't show up in any of them and it gives folks the creeps
If you ask to feed on him he will happily oblige
But if you're his s/o he will not hesitate to bite back
If you get flustered by that he will call you out on it
He'll also wake you up if you start falling asleep in class
Pretty much adores your kindness and vampire mannerisms
Floyd Leech
Pretty much found out after making a joke
"Hey Floyd, do you want my French bread pizza? I can't have garlic" "What're you, Shrimpy, a vampire?" "Yes actually"
Congratulations, you've been upgraded from shrimpy to vampire squid!
Not as curious as the other two, but he does find some of your abilities funny
Especially whenever you turn into a bat
"Vampire squid can fly without a broom! That's so cool!"
Feedings are uncommon with him but when you do feed off him he's extra giggly and woozy because he lets you take as much as you need
As his s/o he is prone to more giggle fits after feeding because he finds your fangs tickle
In this state he'll just gush about you being cute and wanting to kiss you
Sometimes takes your kindness for granted but he'll make up for it with little gifts like snacks
You're his cute little vampire squid, what can he say?
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anon-love-octa-trio · 13 days
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obamas-divorced-aunt · 6 months
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The cutest baby's ever
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rubynymph · 5 months
Tumblr media
happy birthday jade and floyd!!! early for me but i wanted to try the 2022 jpn twst birthday outfits
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queerlordsimon · 3 months
the cliff of sanity
floyd: So what, now I’m just supposed to do everything that jamil does? What if they jump off a cliff?
jade: If jamil were to jump off a cliff, they would have done their due diligence regarding the height of the cliff, the depth of the water, and the angle of entry. So yes, if you see jamil jump off a cliff, by all means, jump off a cliff.
floyd: You jump off a cliff.
jade: Gladly, provided jamil did first.
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reibre4d · 7 months
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got some more twinie twin tweels :33
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