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deuce鈥檚 love of eggs has gotten a bit out of control
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TWST Incorrect quotes#403 Yuu with Brown eyes
Floyd: Yuu鈥檚 eyes are green, right?
Jade: They're brown, like well-worn leather, A warm brown...
Floyd: And when was the last time they smiled?
Jade: Yesterday, when we were talking about bringing Grim to the mountains for mushrooms
Floyd: When is my birthday?
Floyd: When is my birthday, Jade!?-IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY TOO!?
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twst Incorrect quote #301
Jade:聽鈥淭here鈥檚 nothing to be afraid of. I don鈥檛 bite.鈥
MC:聽鈥淵eah, but do you stab?鈥
Jade:聽鈥... I don鈥檛 bite.鈥
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鈥 " WORKED UP " Suggestive / Gender neutral reader | Punk!Jade au [ Can be read as yandere or non yandere ]
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His large hands wrapped around your neck, imprinting your soft skin with red; forming a collar of sorts entrapping the two of you, together. He watched as you gasped and squirmed; a shiver crawling down his spine, as he analyzed your movements.聽
You could practically taste the cigarette remains on his lips, the scent of burning ash and smoke filling your surroundings as he pulled you in all the bit closer. The air around you was suffocating, heavy pants fell from your lips, as he edged you closer, burying himself into the crook of your neck, aiming to imprint himself into your skin. Inhaling deeply, absorbing your scent; a deep sigh leaves him as he sings praises of love, a small hum following swiftly afterwards.聽
He fondles your hair, grabbing it in handfuls; pulling you closer into his embrace, the warmth of your skin, the scent of your shampoo. Everything only helped grow his never ending obsession for you. He鈥檇 continue pulling you forward, till there was no more room or gap in between the two of you, till it was impossible to let go or move away, not until the scent of you outdid the ridiculously potent smell of smoke; that he only helped worsen.聽
He leaves a small peck on your neck, a sharp toothy, languish grin embraces his features when he feels you shiver in his grasp. Each and every languid action enticing a different and much more amusing reaction from you. 鈥淕etting worked up are we?鈥澛
Tumblr media
漏 cupids-chamber, do not repost, plagiarize, translate, or adapt my work without prior permission and or confirmation.
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lolol look at azul teeth
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It鈥檚 funny how jamil tsum tagged along kalim, love it
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twst jp april schedule
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Early April 鈥 Tsumsted Wonderland Part II 馃槱 (This will be the bulk of the month鈥檚 new content www)
Side note: the two limited banners will feature SSR Azul and SR Rook, and SSR Kalim and SR Ortho. The other cards (Deuce, Lilia, and Jade, are the R freebies you鈥檒l get by playing through the event story).
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Early April 鈥 馃憫 Vil鈥檚 birthday (9th)!
Mid April 鈥 馃崺 Ruggie鈥檚 birthday (18th)!
Late April 鈥 NRC Training Camp (This late in the game, it鈥檒l be one of those 鈥減ick and choose鈥 whichever three characters you want to focus on!)
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"Won't you take my hand?"
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鈭欌姳鈰 Hi! Hello! I would like to present my headcanons of the TWST characters and if their hands are warm or freezing cold like mine
鈭欌姳鈰匜luff, Headcanons, All students except for Grim
Tumblr media
Riddle: He has cold hands. Dainty, cold hands. They're really pretty, don't get me wrong! He just chooses to cover them most of the time due to the poor blood circulation in them, making them forever cold. He wears mittens in the winter but gloves in public. Riddle doesn't like to admit he has cold hands, and if someone brings it up, they're in for a decapitation /hj. His hands are an overall 5/10 for holding, but 10/10 appearance-wise because it's cute when he wears mittens that have hedgehog patterns on them
Trey: This man has VERY warm hands. For some reason, they always smell like freshly baked goods and FEEL like something that just came out of an oven. His hands are relatively large, too! During the winter, just go up to him, grab his hands, and put them on your face. Just- Plop them on the sides of your face. Give it five minutes and your whole head will feel nice and warm. 100/10 would love to hold
Cater: Cater has warm hands, and are very fun to hold under normal circumstances. He'll take your hand in his, twirl you around, take a few selfies with you, and move on, but nothing extremely notable. However! All of his clones have REALLY cold hands. If Cater tries to tease you by surrounding you with clones, you can tell who the real one is by asking to hold hands with them. Cater is cute, I like him. His hands are 7/10 overall but are very comfy
Deuce: Also has cold hands, wears gloves to hide the fact. They're not as bad as Riddle, but they're significantly colder than Trey's. During the winter, I feel like he also wears fuzzy gloves and Ace pokes fun at him for it, but it's cute overall. His hands are very holdable otherwise, I rate them an 8/10
Ace: I am a simp. He automatically gets a 10/10.
JKJK鈥 Ace has fairly warm hands! They're kinda calloused from his club, but his hands are super pretty! They're warm and comfy most of the time, but it depends on the weather since they could be really nice to hold at one moment, and then he would be trying to stick them on your back while you scream at how cold they are in the next. I love him, but he's a jerk.
... 7/10, but it's a 1000/10 for me because I'm down bad /hj
Tumblr media
Leona: Leona has warm hands, that's all. Heavens knows if you're even able to get close enough to hold them to begin with, but his hands are TOASTY. Very large, warm hands. Am I biased? Yes. Absolutely. I want to hold Leona's hands very badly. 10/10. Chef's kiss. He would probably choke me if I tried holding his hands but it's okay /hj
Ruggie: His hands could be either-or. Most of the time they're warm, other times, they're just freezing and he's sticking them in his pockets to keep them warm. Ruggie also does the thing where he rubs his hands together when they get really cold, and I think it's cute because he tries to hide it when someone catches him. 7/10, but he gets a few bonus points because I'm biased and he's adorable
Jack: WARM HANDS!!! VERY BIG!!! COZY!!! AUGHH I WANNA HOLD THEM!!! Jack also has calloused hands, but they're SO comfy to hold. His hands are also MASSIVE, so he could just- Cover yours completely. Who needs mittens? You have Jack. I love Jack. Very good boy, 100/10. I am a simple woman. I want to hold Jack's hands and just keep them there.
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Azul: He has cold hands. Like Riddle, he doesn't like to admit it and tends to hide his hands in gloves. He claims that he wears them because it makes him look professional, but no. His hands are just VERY cold, and the Monstro Lounge has the AC going at full blast all the time, so he's shivering in the frickin lounge. Octopi live in warm waters. They can't handle the cold. Azul is trying his hardest, but his hands are a solid 3/10 at best, I'm sorry.
Jade: Jade also has cold hands, but they're not as bad as Azul's. It really depends on where he is, since they're usually warm when he goes out hiking, but their default state is most definitely cold. Jade's rather polite about it most of the time! He makes sure that he doesn't startle you by accidentally touching you with his... Bare, cold hands. I'm not sure what else I should say here, but I'm giving Jade a 5/10 overall, possibly a 6/10 because he's nice about it... Most of the time.
Floyd: Unlike Jade, Floyd has warm hands! They're calloused and rough, but significantly warmer than Azul's and Jade's combined. He sometimes gets pouty that he can't sneak up on people and shock them with freezing hands like Jade does (for troublemakers btw), so he occasionally just sticks them in a bucket of ice water to get the same effect. Floyd is a loose cannon. His hands are nice to hold when they're normal, but heaven forbid you fall victim to his ice bucket hands. 8/10 normally, 2/10 for the bucket hands.
Also! When the Leech twins pretend to be each other, you can figure out who is who by asking to hold their hands. Normally, the one with warmer hands is Floyd, unless they're super freezing. Otherwise... Yeah, that's still Floyd. Jade is the normal cold, Floyd turns into Elsa and laughs about it /hj
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Kalim: WARM HANDS FOR THE SUNSHINE BOY. His hands are lovely. I love Kalim, and his hands are just the softest things you could ever imagine. Toasty marshmallows are what they are. I feel like Kalim ADORES taking your hand in his, keeping it nice and warm as you two walk. He definitely squeezes them whenever he gets excited too! Very sweet boy. He probably swings your arms while holding your hand and walking. 11/10 and like- A million points more for the enthusiasm
Jamil: Cold hands. Jamil has relatively cold hands. They鈥檙e usually warm because of the place he lives (both the Scalding Sands and Scarabia), but put him anywhere with air conditioning and his hands are as cold as ice. He is VERY temperature sensitive, and his hands can go from toasty to freezing after a few minutes. I have no idea what to rate them, so I'm giving him a 5/10
Tumblr media
Vil: Vil's hands are beautiful, but they're frigid most of the time. His hands are dainty and slender, but because of that, he has very little meat on there and the blood doesn't flow like a normal person's hands. They鈥檙e taken care of, his nails are gorgeous, and his palms are soft! The only issue is that he looks and feels like a corpse when he's sleeping鈥 9/10 only because they're freezing
Rook: I,,, Don鈥檛 know about him tbh 馃 Rook's hands could be either-or. I think they're warm??? They seem like they're warm??? However, due to being a skilled huntsman, I feel like Rook can change his body temperature at will. You could either get nice warm hands to hold, or freezing hands that go along with his eerie smirk when he's trying to sneak up on you. ???/10, he kinda scares me- /hj
Epel: Warm hands! Epel's hands are definitely calloused and are a little red at the knuckles/palms. His hands are calming to hold, and even though they're smaller than most, he takes great pride when you hold his hand! Epel thinks that he can use this as an excuse to protect you while holding your hand, but in reality, they're just fun to squish and really pretty to look at. 9/10
Tumblr media
Idia: He has cold hands. Idia has very long, bony fingers, with little meat on them. His hands get cold easily, as does the rest of his body, so he just hides them in his hoodie. Idia's room is usually cold too, so that doesn't really help. The only part of him that's actually warm is... His hair. His hair feels like regular hair that was just blow-dried. I headcanon it just looks like it'll burn your hand off, but it just looks like that because of magic. Anyways, his hands are a 4.5/10 for me鈥 They may look neat, but they're cold as heck.
Ortho: He is... A robot 馃
Tumblr media
OKOK IN ALL SERIOUSNESS! Ortho is made of metal, yes, but I feel like he has a function in there somewhere what lets him heat up and immitate body heat? Obviously he has sensors so that he doesn't overheat himself, but he can be warm when he wants to be! Ask to hold his hand and he'll warm it up for you! A very sweet boy, my son, I love him he's so precious. 10/10
Lilia: Cold hands. He has freezing cold hands. Occasionally he just lays down in the middle of the most random places and pretends to be a corpse. Sebek has cried over him at least once, Malleus almost panicked at some point, Silver... Heck, Silver probably joins him idk- Lilia would ALSO stick his hands on your back, and giggle when you tense up at his ice blocks of fingers. 3/10 I'm sorry Lilia
Malleus: Malleus has large, pretty hands, but they're mostly cold unless he purposely heats them up himself with magic. His hands are beautiful and pale, with a slight blueish undertone? You can see some of his veins due to how blue they are and because of how pale his skin is. His hands are pretty, and if you want to hold them, he'll heat them up for you. 100/10 for you, but I doubt anyone else would be able to get close enough and would rate them a -5/10 because they just look freezing.
Silver: His are either-or. I feel like he normally has warm hands, but when he falls into a deep sleep, his body temperature drops SO low that he's also like a corpse. Like father like son, I guess? Anyways, Silver has big, pretty hands with both callouses and scars scattered on them. You would definitely feel safe if he held yours in his. 10/10 I want to hold onto his hands and never let go.
Sebek: He CLAIMS to have extremely warm hands, but his hands are lukewarm at best /affectionate. Sebek's hands are large and rough, also covered in callouses/scars. His hands could either be nice and warm, or freezing cold depending on where he is. 6/10, he's trying his best
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猡 鉁 Trust me?
Gender neutral
- order 75 | headcanons | Octavinelle
Note: I can鈥檛 swim and have drowned before (my older brother saved me)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Floyd Leech
Being in the water is pretty much what he鈥檚 always known. When he has to step out of the water and be a human for school, it was hard but he got use to it quickly even before Jade and Azul.
He kinda thought it would be the same for walking to swimming. But, you can鈥檛 swim? It was priceless. He knew you hated going into water and didn鈥檛 ever step close to the pool in Night Raven.
At some point he was getting bored and he reached for your ankle and pull you in but you straight up kicked him.
鈥淓h? Why did you kick me鈥︹ You couldn鈥檛 tell if he was pissed off or just asking a question but you just ran away.
After that he was curious. He just genuinely didn鈥檛 know why you didn鈥檛 like water and freaked out when he tried to pull you in that one time. Instead of asking directly like a normal person, he picked you up and threatened to throw you into the pool if you didn鈥檛 tell him why you don鈥檛 like water.
鈥淪hrimpy, how come you don鈥檛 wanna swim with me?鈥
鈥淏ecause I can鈥檛 swim and I can drown!! Please put me down now!鈥
And after that he would constantly ask you to join him in the water. He promises to not waterboard you on accident!!
If you end up trusting him, he just puts you on his shoulders so you still get air. But he finds it funny how you鈥檙e holding onto him for dear life while your whole body is shaking because you鈥檙e kinda putting your life in the hands of Floyd Leech.
He鈥檚 determined to show you that the water really isn鈥檛 scary, even with the possibility of drowning. Then again, what would he know about drowning?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jade Leech
Also has the same thought process as Floyd but he figures out that some humans can鈥檛 swim after seeing a few kids sitting out for swimming class because they don鈥檛 know how.
He picks up on you staying far away from the pool even if your friends are inviting you in. In fact you try to skip swimming class almost everyday.
When you鈥檙e alone with him he starts to ask questions. Why can鈥檛 you swim? Why don鈥檛 you try to learn? What would happen if he just threw you in the pool without warning?
You鈥檙e scared for valid reasons and he鈥檚 just curious. He says that he could teach you how to swim if you really want to learn.
If you agree, he probably won鈥檛 teach you really because teaching a human how to swim as an eel won鈥檛 work.
He holds you in the water and might accidentally pull you under the water.
鈥淎re you scared?鈥
鈥淣o not at all.鈥
鈥淥h, they perhaps you could be in your own for a bit.鈥
鈥淣o, please don鈥檛 let go!!鈥
You鈥檙e clinging onto him or otherwise you鈥檇 sink to the bottom.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto
It makes sense but he just never thought about it. He had a hard time learning how to walk on land and he wasn鈥檛 the fastest swimmer either.
He鈥檚 not good with physical activity so he sits with you at the side of the pool unless he had to get in the water. It鈥檚 his natural habitat to be in water but it鈥檚 embarrassing to be in his octopus form and he鈥檚 not as fast as everyone else.
When he realized why you didn鈥檛 swim. He sorta felt bad since in chapter three he made you go under the sea even though you鈥檙e afraid of being under water.
If you go swimming with Azul, it鈥檚 probably safer than either of the twins.
If you were to join him; you wouldn鈥檛 have to worry about drowning since he just wouldn鈥檛 do that. He makes jokes though! Unlike with the twins, it鈥檚 just you two chilling.
He鈥檚 a bit slippery since he鈥檚 an octopus but he has a lot of tentacles to grab onto or to grab you with.
鈥淚 thought I almost lost you there鈥︹
鈥淥w鈥 You鈥檙e kinda squeezing me with your tentacles.鈥
He鈥檚 probably really squishy, I would just fall asleep hugging him.
Tumblr media
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With all these sea creature! MC ideas, I wonder what would the fish mafia do if there were a Betta fish mermaid! MC ; small, cute, strong, and always wins a brawl.
Ohoho! That is a fine idea indeed! This is going to be fun. I鈥檓 adding in the original beta to this mix as well ;)
you will be a white opal betta fish. Said fish just under the cut
Tumblr media
You were a beautiful and bright beta. Somewhat small in stature but many avoided your wrath at all costs. From your heat to your tail you were only about 5 feet long. Fairly average for a mer but a bit on the lower side. You鈥檝e never lost a fight, not hesitating to fight with nails, biting or using your surprisingly sturdy fins to ensure you win. Many were always gaining over you and your long beautiful fins. You were quite popular due to this and were even quite wealthy due to your fame under the sea.
when you were offered a way to NRC you were rather excited to explore the surface and shine even brighter in the direct sunlight. Learning to walk was difficult but the fashion and the accessories and makeup on the surface were a whole bother world that you adored! Becoming popular and well known for your beauty quickly. You only stood at about 5鈥5 but that never bothered you, many taller people were happy to help you. And if any unsavory folk tried anything you had also learned some impressive self defense at the boot camp. These legs can be quite powerful!
Azul: Honestly tried to get you to sign so many contracts to use show off your beauty to the world! and bring in more customers. Compliments you so much to try and get closer to you. Calls you an angelfish. If you ever sign one of his contracts he refrains from rigging it to much if he recognized you from your fame in the sea, he doesn't want you to get your lawyers or more protective fans... Falls for your charms at some point. gets you rather nice jewelry and outfits over time for different events in the lounge. Envies and also adores you. After his overblot, he understands if you don't want to work with him anymore. His deals are fairer and he even does an event solely around you if you still hang around with him. The tweels tease him a lot for getting a crush on you.
When you reveal your merform Asul is both stunned into silence and his mind is racing with so many ideas. Both to show you off and get profit but also just how much he's down bad for you now. Some selfish part of him wants to keep you and this form all to himself but he knows you wouldn't be happy with that. If you encourage him to join you in his merform he will hide away so fast. It will take months for you to even convince him. Pictures are out of the question, even if his darker body would make yours shine all the brighter, having a yin and yang effect that would be amazing. Give him time and maybe one day he will be ok with it, only for you though.
Jade: Smirked when he saw the immediate tension between you and Vil. Oh, this was going to be so much fun. Egged you two on subtly, spreading a rumor there pinning the blame there, fueling the fire and watching the fight, collecting a few bets here and there. He honestly thought Vil was going to win but you proved yourself to be quite the even match. Would observe how you carried yourself and try to learn a few of your self-defense moves through that. appreciated your beauty and was the one to suggest Azul make an event for just you if you are famous enough to garter that much attention.
When he saw your merform he had a shocked and awed expression. You couldn't help but tease a bit at getting to see Jade leech showing surprise and awe. He would snap out of his trance and return your remark with an equally snarky one. He would join you in the water but keep his distance, he knows how strong you are even if you are much smaller than he is in this form. Probably saw you beat up floyd in mer form and just really was fascinated by how something so small can pack such a punch. Helps maintain your specialized tank and even gets you some mushroom-themed fashion accessories.
Floyd: He laughed when he saw the tension between you and betta fish. Calls you little betta fish. You were much shorter than Vil in that sense. Probably was the one to encourage the actual battle between you and Vil. Likes to chase after you and loves when you show off some of your self-defense moves on him. He does think you're very pretty but also you're super fun when your face is all scrunched up in anger. Tells you to cut loose every once in a while and sometimes will just kidnap you to the lounge for azul or take you out to go eat.
When he saw your merform he started calling you opal betta. or even just little opal. Tried to get close to you and squeeze you in this form but you were even stronger and better at fighting in the water, using your fins to block his vision but moving them just out of biting or grabbing range. It was like some crazy ballet and you ended up winning with a well-timed with to his back, stunning him long enough for you to tie him in a knot. He has hearts in his eyes after that. Asks to swim with you often but remembers how betta fish are very picky and sensitive to the water they can be in, so you get a special tank for yourself thanks to him. don't worry about the other fish that were in there~ Just go have some fun and look very pretty for/with him for a bit ok?
With a special guest!
Vil: You too were nemesis as soon as you made eye contact at the ceremony. It gets so much worse if you were sorted into pomefiore. Luckily you weren't, but it didn't matter, you two butt heads a lot. Somewhat enemies to friends arc over time. You both had petty arguments and were jealous of the other's beauty. Did actually get into a physical fight and you both passed out at the same time so it was a draw. Also, you both fight over Rook and his compliments. you both fish for compliments so much and compare your fame so much. Eventually, your petty fights become more lighthearted teasing, especially after the island of woe incident. Once you two become friends though you are like the hottest power couple in NRC. You both do photo shoots together and mock fanfiction that ships you two together. Many call you two the best young duo models to exist.
When he first saw your merform he had to admit that you were beautiful in an ethereal light. You were the siren beauty of the sea, and he was the alluring human on land. Some photo shoots use this to do some amazing ethereal water-styled photos. Helps you keep up on your scale care and ensures that you have a perfect tank for you to stretch out your fins. He starts to swim more often with you for his exercise. He also does self defense classes with you.
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Tumblr media
Not the fanart I wanted to post. Just a quick sketch of Lilia for studying purposes
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today on I cannot get a break from twisted wonderland jade leech and floyd leech
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Thank you Twst for jadeazul tsum tsum
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
punk jade leech has been rotting my brain from the inside out, so i drew him.
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: 虠虁鉃 Content preview: Headcanons, tattoo artist AU, no reader description, featuring jamil jade rook and deuce.
Tumblr media
Jamil is a skilled tattoo artist, known for his simple and detailed designs, he's a perfectionist when it comes to his work and will spend minutes making sure every line and shade is just as right as you except. Despite his serious demeanor, he has a gentle touch and a calming presence that puts his clients at ease, he might even put on some soft music in the background while he tattoos you.
His tattoos on his arms are eye-catching, which tell a story of his life and if you're lucky enough to catch Jamil's eye and his hopeless romantic heart, you might be a part of his.
Tumblr media
Jade's confident aura is captivating but intimidating, evident in his piercings and tattoos, yet he's, approachable and easy to talk to with how he welcomes customers with a dazzling grin. He enjoys teasing and flirting with them without crossing any boundaries, but his clients are left to wonder what he does in his free time.
If you get to be those who get to know him, find that he's a devoted partner who values honesty and loyalty above all else. Patience is the key and he's not one to rush into anything.
Tumblr media
Rook is a tattoo artist who loves to experiment on unique designs with different styles and techniques, always looking for ways to push the boundaries of what's possible in tattooing and makes him a popular choice among clients who want something truly special.
His outgoing personality too, and he's always happy to chat and joke around, from their favorite music to their wildest dreams, he'll give you his full attention while he tattooing you. Rook is not only a skilled tattoo artist but also an artist at heart, you might even be lucky enough to receive a custom design from him as a memento.
Tumblr media
Deuce is a tattoo artist with a talent for intricate and delicate designs, he's particularly skilled at floral tattoos or traditional ones. His clients often describe his work as "beautiful" or "ethereal." With a tough exterior that hides a soft heart, Deuce has charm that anyone could find irresistible and calming presence that would put you at ease.
He has a real talent for shading and color work, and he loves to create pieces with a lot of depth and texture, he's not afraid to experiment with bold colors or intricate designs and he always seems to know just the right placement for your tattoo. Looking for somewhere to eat after? Deuce is also a bit of a foodie and knows lots of locals places.
Tumblr media
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