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guruan · 3 days
Tumblr media
Lunar 🌙
If you didn't know, in spanish "lunar" has the same meaning as english, BUT, it also can mean "mole" (yeah, the dots on skin kind)
So... I added them as a white dots, resembling the moon:)
Not really a bright concept but I had had it in my mind for a while now and I wanted to finallyyyy let it go
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reallyrallyauthor · 3 days
Steven Grant random thought #2- what sex is like with the moon boys
Tumblr media
--🔥 Content: nsfw, what sex is like with Marc Jake and Steven, language, dirty deeds, Steven Grant doesn't understand what hate fucking is (~700 words)--
Steven thinks it over, then looks at you. "Like, I'm not the most experienced guy, but I love what we've done of it so far."
You and Steven are sitting in his flat eating lunch. Your legs are over his lap as you eat smoked tofu sandwiches.
You shake your head. "That's not what 'hate fucking' means, love. It's not that you don't like it. It means that you fuck someone you hate and that's what makes it so good."
His face scrunches up a little. "Doesn't sound very nice."
You smile and try to think of a way to relate it to him. Usually, Steven is the one teaching you things. And even if it’s just this ridiculous concept, it’s nice to be able to teach him something.
You brush the crumbs off your hands. “Remember that time you were mad at me?”
“What? I wasn’t mad.” Steven insists.
“Okay, remember that time when I pushed you into annoyance?”
A smile lifts the corners of his mouth and he gets a slightly dreamy look in his eyes. “You had my handprints on your ass for days. Was absolutely lovely to look at.”
“It’s kind of like that. Hate and love and passion are strong emotions. And then there’s the satisfaction of seeing someone that you’re usually at odds with become absolutely desperate for you.”
He finishes his sandwich thoughtfully. “Is it kind of like how Jake does it? I mean, he gets pretty rough.”
“No, Jake goes after it like my pussy owes him money and my throat is the ATM. Not the same thing.”
“And Marc-“
“Not the same,” you explain patiently. “Marc has sex like,” you don’t even know how to explain the feelings Marc brings out in you, “like he’s trying to pull apart my soul and claim it with his cock."
Steven finishes his sandwich. After a bit he says, almost shyly, “and how would you describe my… skills?”
You blow out a breath. “You’re hypnotizing. You get me to do things and feel things, whatever you want, and you make it feel like it was my idea. Like I’d felt that way all along and you just opened the door and walked me through it. It’s like an out of body experience.”
Steven blushes. “That’s quite a generous description, love.”
You lean forward and kiss him on the lips. Then, you collect the plates and take them to the kitchen to wash up.
He follows you, rubbing circles on your back with his hand. “Since we’ll never get to experience this ‘hate fucking’ thing, maybe we can stick to the next best scenario.”
You rest your hip on the kitchen counter. “What’s that?”
“Just that, well, if I’m so convincing and all, maybe I can go over to my desk. Do a little reading. Really study, you know?”
“And I suppose, I shouldn’t disturb you?” You rinse off the plates and dry your hands.
“No. Definitely not. Nothing on offer for you m’afraid.” He backs away toward his desk, slides his readers out of his pocket and puts them on.
You wait patiently for him to sit down at his desk. “So, nothing like last time, where I sat in your lap and tried to get into your pants until you got so annoyed that you snapped and got into mine?”
“None of that.” Steven says seriously.
You start to cross the room toward him. “Maybe this time, I really need to push it. Really piss you off.”
“I don’t think you could. I love you too much.”
You smile. “Yeah, I don’t think you’re a hate fucking kind of guy, Steven Grant. And I love that about you.” You fold your arms. “But you have to take it easy on me this time. I have to be in meetings all day tomorrow.”
Steven smiles, a look somewhere between absolute glee and intense purpose. “Oh love, you’re going to be thinking of me all day, sitting on that sore little bottom I’m going to give you. That’s a gift from me to you. But, Jake has some thoughts on the hate fucking thing that he’d like to show you later. That one’s your fault for bringing up the silly thing in the first place.”
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oddballwriter · 2 days
Moon Boys Thoughts
Do you ever see those photos of girls' stories and snaps where their boyfriends are just completely out cold asleep not too long after having laid their heads on their chest?
That is the moon boys. All three of them.
Don't ever let them lay their head on your chest or lap if you have something to do later. You will not be able to get up because they are just dead asleep.
Steven always "just wants to cuddle"
Marc is "just resting his eyes"
And Jake is always "just taking a five minute cat nap"
Do not fall for their trick. You will be used like a teddy bear.
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minispidey · 3 days
03: Barbie and the Giftshopist.
Steven Grant x f!bimbo!reader. previous part. series masterlist.
03. Everyday she wears pink.
(A/n: your feedback on the last chapter about me writing the moon knight system is so amazing tysm! i referenced mpgis here and more legally blonde. i wanna note that reader has been a lawyer for a couple years now and amazing at it 🤸‍♀️ btw update tags are open!)
warnings: mention of cock, swearing and cursing, mention of blood.
the cock line is from my bubs @ominoose ily
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"This isn't just a date. This is a date!" You told yourself as you threw random articles of clothing behind you as you hunted for a specific dress.
You thought maybe you shouldn't wear pink. Maybe you have a pretty dress he hasn't seen you in.
You barely slept due to excitement.
The way he talked and looked at you made you swoon over him. Just thinking about makes you-
You squealed as your leg involuntarily kicked up. You blinked twice in confusion "That is so weird..."
Maybe you were horny.
"Oh gosh, not again. Bad leg!" you scolded your beautiful leg as it kicks up again "Down girl, down! No nasty thoughts about... about... about the hot neighbor across us- no!"
You almost moaned at the though of his lips against yours... You shuddered as you kept remembering the way he looked at you. You laid down in the pool of clothing as you imagined how your little lunch date will go.
As usual, you two walked out of your flat at the same time, discussing where the two of you were going for lunch.
"Wetherspoons..." you parked your pink corvette outside, looking at the flowers decorating the place. Your high heels clicked on the pavement as you walked inside, still in your pink work suit despite planning on changing.
It was a busier day than you thought, but of course lunch time is important.
Your eyes lit up as you spotted Steven, sitting up rather stiff "Stevie!" you smiled as you walked over to his table "Hi, so sorry I'm a bit late. Traffic and all."
But Steven looked back at you with such a loving look in his eyes "It's alright, love. I haven't been waiting long."
The truth is, he thought you weren't gonna show up.
"Have you ordered yet? Gosh, you must be starved." you opened the menu and browsed.
"I haven't." he shook his head, opening his menu as well.
"Cross examination was a success." you smiled "Next week's the next trial with the witness."
Steven didn't know what you were talking about, it was out of context "That's great!" he responded.
"So then he was like no and I was like, you are. Then he was like no but then I was like you are! And he was like, I kinda am. So long story short he's like, totally gay." you said as you looked at your compact mirror.
"Thank gosh I figured it out, because no way can he say my Chanel is so last season when his shirt is so last year. My client was totally bugging, but we figured it out and I, like, totally won that. How about you, Stevie? How's your day?"
Steven smiled back at you "T'was alright, love. Just the usual." he says sarcastically "Donna's been a real-"
"Excuse my language— Bitch? Cunt? Pain in the ass?"
He chuckles "Yes. A pain in the arse, love."
"She always sounds like she's giving you a hard time. You sure you don't want me to talk to her?"
"I don't think it's lawyer-worthy. It's really alright, love." Steven shakes his head "Just another typical day."
"Yeah, which can be classified as workplace abuse."
"Really. I'm fine."
You press your glossy lips into a thin line before sighing "Alright. But if you need someone to represent you in court, I'm your girl." you playfully winked at him.
Steven blushed before nodding "I'll keep you in mind then." a waiter comes up to the two of you and he began to order "-and a cocktail. Uh, how about you?"
"Um, I'll have the Soup of the Day with half a baguette, and Pasta Pomodoro with salmon. And— wait did you say a cocktail?" you blinked twice at Steven "I'll have a cocktail too, thank you."
You smiled at the waiter as he repeated the order to you two before walking away.
"Jeez, Stevie. It's only lunchtime." you giggled at him.
"I-I just wanted something strong."
"Work's really stressful, huh?"
"It really is." he sighed "Working late again tonight. But this uh lunch date is really cheering me up."
Your cheeks felt hot, making you smile "That's so sweet... tell you what, I'll pick you up from work tonight again. I'm working late too anyways."
It was Steven's turn to blush. His hand shakes with his head "You're way too nice. I don't wanna bother you. It's quite overwhelming too." even his ears turned red.
"Steven, you shouldn't turn away blessings." you winked as you giggled. Your cocktails were served just a few minutes later.
"I haven't had a cock in a while."
Steven felt his drink rush to his nose and he quickly grabbed a napkin. He coughs a few times before looking up at you.
"Oopsies, I meant a cocktail." you covered your mouth, smiling "Well, I mean... I haven't had that in a while either."
You took a sip of the drink and Steven stared at the lipstick mark left on the edge of the glass. You always wore a certain shade of lipstick, and it always drove him crazy.
There were times he'd imagine smudging your lipstick... in more ways than one.
After lunch, the two of you laughed as you drove to the museum. Steven just kept falling more and more into your wonderland of pink and diamonds. He stared at you with half-lidded eyes, listening to every word you said.
The thing about Steven is that he loves to ramble and talk a lot, and so do you. He knew you were perfect.
"-and I was like, thank gosh I talked her out of buying an orange chiffon scarf. It doesn't suit her spring tones at all! There's a fine line between terracotta and brown."
That evening, your pink corvette was parked outside of the museum, waiting patiently for Steven after a long day of reading case papers. You puckered out your lips to reapply some lipstick before popping and smiling at your reflection.
Your freshly manicured nails tapped on the steering wheel while humming a small tune.
Then suddenly someone knocks on your window.
He looked like he was roughed up, red staining his clothes, but it's not his blood. It didn't even look like the same clothes he was wearing during your lunch date.
"Oh my gosh, Steven-"
...but that's actually not your main concern.
"-I told you, blue and black as a combo is a total crime against fashion. If it were me, I'd make it law." you groaned, opening the locks of your car "Get in."
His eyes widened but he doesn't respond, only taking the passenger's seat like you commanded.
"Oh, you have a little stain there." you pat the patch of blood using a pink handkerchief with lace trim and your name embroidered on the corner.
He continued to stare at you as you took his hand and placing your handkerchief on his palm "Here. You can give it back to me some other time because I seriously I need to take you shopping this weekend."
You thought maybe he's always tired after work, that's why he's so quiet, like yesterday.
"Maybe I can figure out your color palette so I know what looks best on you. Your shirts are cute, I'd have to admit, but some of them are... meh. No offense but some prints are worse than the last. OH! I know, we'll do a whole shopping day on the weekend. An hour or so won't cut it. I know it's your weekend off, but trust me when I say when your pretty neighbor's a fashionista, your life is gonna change."
Steven looks at you from the mirror's reflection before shifting his eyes towards the body— Jake. Unlike Marc's creepy silent behavior from the night before, Jake actually looks at you as you went on and on.
He even responds with small nods.
"Can we not make this a habit? First it's Marc pretending to be me in front of her, now it's you. I don't need your help with her. Can I please go in my own pace?" Steven tells Jake, but Jake shook his head in a not now kind of motion.
As Jake entered the apartment after waving goodnight to you, he's met with a poor attempt of a glare from Steven "Don't look at me like that, you wanted the girl so I gave it a push."
"I want to do this on my own. Marc doesn't want me to, I don't know about you, but I don't need help. Can I please do it my way? It's all I ask."
"Can you ask her out?"
Steven pressed his lips into a line before letting out a sigh "Give me the body. I'll... try."
"Alright, alright. You go on ahead."
Steven, now in control of the body, swung open the door and he sees you struggling to find your keys. You blinked twice before smiling at him "Hi again, Stevie. My keys are just- ugh, a lot." your keychains jingle as you tried to find the right key.
"Can we go on a date after shopping this weekend?" he blurts out quickly. Steven was red as a tomato "D-Dinner date."
Your eyes lit up and you felt the butterflies in your stomach again "I'd love that! I'll just- oh! I found my key!"
And you also found the key to your locked-up heart.
Tumblr media
UP NEXT: the best weekend ever! shopping with steven ends up with a little... situation in the dressing rooms... (+18)
tags: @red-hydra @monsterroonio @pastelpinkpilatesprincess @letmehavemyfictionalmen @uncle-eggy @superduckmilkshake @3zae-zae3
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ominoose · 2 days
Tumblr media
𝐈𝐧 𝐌𝐲 𝐕𝐞𝐢𝐧𝐬
Pairing: Vampire!Jake Lockley x Afab!Reader
Prompt: CNC & Sharp Teeth
Summary: You're at a shitty Halloween party, drinking some punch next to a stranger in a vampire costume. Then you're trapped in a cab, realising far too late the punch was spiked with more than alcohol.
Warnings: Extremely dubious consent, aphrodisiac, alcohol, blood, smut.
WC: 2.2K
Kinktober Masterlist
Tumblr media
The party had gotten off to a good start. There was alcohol aplenty, bowls of sweets and spiked juice, someone was in a corner handing out skeletal spliffs and the DJ was playing banger after banger. It had the makings to be a great party, except everyone attending seemed to be as dead as a corpse.
"I'll be back in a minute, just going to talk to a friend real quick!" And there went the one person you actually knew at the party, leaving you alone in the living room while everyone else milled around, not really dancing, just ghosting from person to person. Safe to say, the Halloween party wasn't very lively.
With a heavy sigh you force yourself up from the musty couch, heading to the kitchen for whatever concoction someone brewed in the punch bowl.
Someone was already there, leaning over the bowl to dip their cup in. They wore a long black cape, which hinted at a wide variety of costumes, from Zoro to Batman. As you rounded next to them, it was neither of your earlier guesses. Next to you was a man in a white shirt and tie, crisp black trousers, black leather gloves and sharp, pointed teeth.
The moment you're next to him, red eyes snap over to you. A single dark curl ghosts over his forehead, the rest of his hair hidden under a black flat cap. Altogether it was a pretty lazy closet vampire costume, but you weren't going to begrudge anyone for not dressing to the nines to attend a party. At least he went to the effort of adding a few specks of blood to the corners of his smirk.
Leaning forward to scoop your own cup in, he makes no attempt to move back and give you space, almost pressing against you. When you straighten yourself, his eyes are still on you, and oddly bright despite using only contact lenses.
"You look as lively as the guy I killed on the way here." The voice had a Spanish rumble to it, laced with amusement and casualness.
You sip the punch, hiding a chuckle at the line. It tasted different from the last time you'd been drinking it, the fruity flavour now underlined with something bitter. Before you're able to properly put your finger on the change your eyelids rapidly become heavy, and no amount of blinking seems to orientate you better as the room spins and becomes a blur. Alarm bells barely have time to go off in your mind before everything turns black, a faint array of screams being the last thing your conscious of.
A dull yet pulsating pain rolls over your shoulders and arms. You sit up, head and heart both throbbing in pain and terror as a sleek, black taxi interior unblurrs around you. Your mind was empty of any memories after the punch table, the only thing that stuck was the deep red eyes of the strange man in the vampire costume and the knowing smirk that curled at the very edge of his blood-stained lips.
Immediately you try to open the car doors to no avail, both are locked from the inside and no amount of thumping against the cold glass will attract help. The cab was parked in an empty, dingy ally, with only one light flickering at the far end, leaving you to strain your eyes through shadows. Its out of those shadows the stoic man emerges, a glowing red ember puffing between his curled lips, almost matching the red eyes pointed right at you.
The man slowly approached, seemingly enjoying the look of confusion and fear marring your face as you backed away from the glass, only to end up bumping against the other door. He stopped beside the car, staring a moment longer as he dropped his cigarette to the ground and stomped it out, eyes never once leaving you. The taxi door opened quietly as he stepped in, the flat cap on his head skimming the car roof as he lounges onto the back seat, thighs spread.
“Don’t look so scared, quierdo. If I wanted you dead, I’d have ripped out your throat with the rest of those lowlives.” The casual wave of his hand does nothing to quell your racing heart, thudding against your chest so heavily you can feel it in your throat. 
He leans forward, arms resting on his knees, close enough to smell the faint whiskey and tobacco on his breath.
“You know, you were the only one at that party, if I can even call it that, that seemed… real.” 
The words caught you off guard by how odd they were, the general bizarre nature of the situation only adding to your anxiety. Despite the fear clouding your mind, your eyes didn’t miss the sharp fangs that peaked out from his lip ever so slightly when he spoke, the dark red stains that speckled his previously crisp white collar, the red line that rolled from his jaw to his adams apple, glistening slightly under the yellow interior cab light.
“You weren’t entertained by the mindless chattering, not impressed by the countless pendejos trying to get their dicks wet, no. You sat on that ugly little couch like it was your throne, like it was all beneath you.” He had leaned closer as he spoke, towering over you as he spoke.
Closer still, he moved until he was by your ear, warm breath huffing over your neck and sending goosebumps blooming across your skin.
“You were beautiful.”
The deep, gravelly cadence made your beating heart stutter. Your quick breaths caught in your throat. The closer he got, the more a strange heat slithered just under your skin. You’d attributed it to the alcohol or the now obviously spiked punch, but it was unnatural the extent it was reaching when he was near. The smirk grew as he licked his lips, nose nuzzling faintly just behind your ear.
Out of instinct you gasp, inching away only for a strong, gloved hand to grab your jaw and pull you towards the mans lips. His kiss was seering. Slow yet forceful, his tongue moulded into your mouth, exploring it all whilst sharp teeth caught against your bottom lip and left pearls of blood rolling down your chin. 
The man pulls back, red eyes glowing as he sensually sucks the blood from your lip, lapping the dribbles of it from your chin. The groan from the back of his throat was almost a growl as he locked eyes with you, his gloved thumb smearing crimson stains over your chin. 
“Draining you would be such a waste, hermosa. Such beauty shouldn’t be fleeting. It’s been far too long since a human has piqued my interest. Why don’t we see exactly how special you are, hm?”
As if to answer his own question the vampire tugs you securely into his lap as if you were a frail doll, grinding you into his crotch with a satisfied sigh. The movement caused your underwear to slide and pinch against you, somehow you’d become soaking wet with slick without realising. The strange heat from before was growing and now pooling in your abdomen. 
The man returned back to your neck, now nibbling your damp skin in between kisses, sucking at the droplets of blood that tried to escape him. Bruises and pinpricks quickly littered over your tender throat, but it was barely noticeable when he continued grinding up into you with increasing fervor, rutting like he was already fucking you. Two hands roamed and groped your sides, but you weren’t caged in by any means. 
The taxi door was still slightly ajar, the cool midnight air stoking more goosebumps over you, and in the back of your mind you knew if you acted quick enough you could jerk out of his grip and out of the door. How far would you get though, how long would you manage to run before he caught up to you? What else was this man, this vampire capable of? Any answers never surfaced, because your mind clouded any further thoughts. The arousal pulsing between your legs kept you rooted firmly in his lap, arching into his chest and hardness. Any alarms, warning thoughts or remnants of your fight or flight reaction became muddled with the growing need keeping you glued to him, although whether it was your own or the result of whatever concoction he brewed in the punch you couldn’t know.
In the midst of your muddled thoughts and heat, he’d carelessly ripped off your underwear in one clean tug before sliding his gloved fingers between your folds, curling the tips into your keen hole. A breathy moan escaped your throat that was still being marred by his fangs, accompanied by a low moan of his own.
“So wet for me, bebita.” His accented drawl was hypnotic, and his words were true. Never before had your body reacted in such a way for anyone, never ached with such primal need for another. His fingers spread the warm slick over your clit, rubbing in circles, causing you to whine and moan shamelessly into the night. You were putty in his hands, unable to think clearly beyond his touch.
With his right hand busy teasing your clit you didn’t notice when his left hand ceased its bruising grip on your ass and reached to his own crotch, unbuckling his belt and pressing his cock into you without warning. 
The air left your lungs, curling into him as much as you could, pressing against his chest, using his tie to secure him to you. Your cunt needed no time to adjust, already wet and loose and pulsating with pure need, allowing him in with frighteningly little fight. The ease seemed to please him, the deep moan he let out morphed into a chuckle that vibrated in his chest. 
Both hands came under your thighs, squeezing the soft cellulite as he leaned forward, smiling devilishly at your ear.
“Hold on tight mi amor.”
Those five whispered words were all the warning you were given as he lifted you up by the bottom, his cock sliding out of you with a wet pop, the tip just prodding at your hole before he slammed you down hard, his hips angling up to meet your descent half way. 
The first harsh thrust set the pace as he maintained his powerful assault, fucking the air out of your lungs with a barely restrained ferocity. Any moans or gasps you managed to get out were marred with garbled words, the sounds constantly being cut off from the force of his cock. It was unnatural how even without your clit being stimulated, the pleasure of his thrusts had every nerve tingling, every ring of muscle inside of you squeezing against him, trying to keep him there eternally. 
As your mind became more and more a slave to the blissful and supernatural fuck, your body was overwhelmed, like a toy being wound and wound to the breaking point, you were becoming undone. Stars were flashing over your vision, air was becoming harder to coax back into your lungs and your thighs were becoming a searing red from being slapped against his lap over and over. He was at your ear murmuring softly, yet his words were vulgar, spoken like vicious curses. Most of it you couldn’t make out in your disorientated, dick-drunk state, but one repeated phrase stuck out.
“Cum for me.”
Your body reacted on command, as if given an activation phrase. The effect was immediate, your legs filling with cotton, tongue tingling and toes curling. Your vision and mind went blank while the orgasm rocked you to your core and nearly gave you an out of body experience. His cock continued to pound into you and your pussy clamped around him for dear life whilst your thighs trembled, anchoring around the man for stability.
You weren’t aware that he’d came, only vaguely aware of his fangs piercing you one final time, his entire jaw clamping shut over your shoulder as he spilled into you. When the orgasm slowly faded and the air graced your lungs, only then did those repressed alarms pierce the fog clouding your mind. The reality of being confined in the cab with a supernatural being whom admitted to slaughtering everyone at the party dawned on you. The faces of your friend and acquaintances appeared with clarity, and your heart began racing. 
He stirred from your neck, fangs retracting at the feeling of your chest thudding alarmingly against his. As your breathing picked up his tongue traced over a vein as it curled under your jaw. 
“I knew you were special. You’re nothing like the rest of those vermin.” The vampire mused into your bruised and blood stained skin, seemingly indifferent to your rising fear.
“You’re mine.” 
His jaw clamped over your neck, teeth piercing your flesh once again. However, in place of his usual nips and kisses, his fangs encased themselves in your throat causing blood to gush down your chest in warm, wet waves. You barely had a chance to ball your hands into fist against his chest and push him off as the fog of heat clouded your brain and sapped your strength, the same heat that flooded your veins when he first approached you. This time something else laced too, something foreign and acidic.
“You’re mine, now and forever, mi vida.”
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dameronsluvvv · 2 days
saw this on pinterest and i wanna know which one out of the moon knight system do yall think is which
Tumblr media
i think marc is huh, steven is whuh and jake is bwuh, in that order
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melodymakesart · 2 days
Jake Lockley - Almost There
Tumblr media
Full Version Here
Steven’s Version - Marc’s Version (Coming Soon)
I had to really think about how I wanted to do Jake’s face, and it just seemed right to have the snarl™️ lol
Marc coming out tomorrow!!!
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fdelopera · 2 days
Moon Knight thoughts for Sukkot...
Tumblr media Tumblr media
this week is Sukkot ... and naturally, thoughts have turned to MK System, and their relationship to it.
Sukkot commemorates a time during the Jewish people's wandering, after our escape from Egypt... when we left Egypt, we wandered in the desert, and G-d told the Jewish people to build and live in sukkot, or temporary huts, to shelter from the elements.
(of course, the escape from "Egypt" commemorates the escape from any oppressive system, since the Exodus story isn't literal -- it's more a Jewish cultural memory of the late Bronze Age collapse. it also relates to the Jewish people's experience of enslavement and captivity in the 500s BCE during the Babylonian Exile, right before the Persian empire conquered Babylon and allowed the Jews to return to Jerusalem to build the 2nd Temple... but that's a whole other discussion...)
perhaps Marc would connect to the impermanence of the sukkah. it echoes his rootlessness, his wandering... after all, he escaped his own "Pharaoh" when he ran from his family's abuse... maybe he would draw a parallel to the (nearly) forty years that he has been trying to find a home...
Sukkot is also a harvest festival, and Jews collect four distinct species of vegetation, and put them together.
the species are an etrog (a yellow citrus fruit that looks like a giant lemon), as well as a palm branch, myrtle branches, and willow branches (the branches are all assembled together to create the lulav).
it's traditional to stand in the sukkah and shake the lulav and etrog together, and recite the blessing: Barukh atah Adonai Eloheinu melekh ha’olam asher kid’shanu b’mitzvotav v’tzivanu al netilat lulav.
well ... the etrog, palm, willow and myrtle each have many different meanings. you can learn more about their symbolism here.
but one of their meanings relates to the body.
specifically, the etrog relates to the heart/wisdom. also, the palm is the spine/uprightness. myrtle is the eyes/perception. and willow is the lips/speech.
but back to the etrog. the heart.
a thought came the other day, of Marc and Steven in the Duat, wrapping their hands around their heart as they finally start to communicate... as Marc recognizes their connection as their superpower... except, it's not a stone heart they're holding.
they're holding a yellow etrog.
it probably wasn't intentional ... but their heart even looks like an etrog in the "you're the only real superpower i ever had" scene.
and as they hold the etrog together, they're able to begin their personal Sh'mot -- their exodus from "Egypt" -- escaping the emotional chains of guilt and rage that have bound Marc to Khonshu.
Steven in this way feels similar to Moshe -- the unlikely, emergent leader who shows Marc that "Egypt" is holding him captive. the one who leads them out, away from that servitude.
now we just need Season 2 so that Jake, like Aaron, can let go of the false security of their old ways of protection, and connect with Steven as he leads them to a more unified future...
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bakedbananners · 2 days
very excited to hear Jake just call Layla “lady” in season 2 I think it would be really funny
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rmoonstoner · 5 hours
Tumblr media
Kinktober 2023
3 - Doggy style
18+, angst/whump, break up, sex pollen (Miguel's venom), biting, smut, unprotected p in v sex, doggy style, rebound sex, cream pie, choking the reader sexually (light to medium), voyeurism, angry and jealous men, no strings attached sex with Miguel.
MidKnight (Moon Knight) Jake Lockley x Spider!Fem!Reader
(They don't have sex)
Spider-Man 2099 Miguel O'Hara x Spider!Fem!Reader
(They do have sex)
Your boyfriend, Jake Lockley, is keeping major secrets from you. A major one, him having D.I.D. You can't take the lying by omission anymore, and decide to confront him, only to find one of his alters in your bed, having sex with a woman you've never met before. You lose your shit, break up with him, then leave, only to run into another Spider-Man.
Since I like my Galaxy-Spider OC/Reader from Poisoned Empanadas, this is a variant of her and a variant of Miguel. Bit of a backstory in the beginning, because I got really fucking high, and felt I needed a good angsty bit before the sex.
Miguel had been watching you for weeks, and the more he found out about you, the more he was intrigued. He found out you had a shitty boyfriend, and that he had been cheating you. He was certain the man had D.I.D. judging by the way he acted.
Miguel had watched him leave in a cab, and he would follow. He would see the man get out in a parkade, go inside a coffee shop, and come out in different clothing. Usually a baseball cap and casual clothes, versus the nice suits he was wearing before. Miguel would follow him around as he eventually made his way back to your house, only to come at it from the back alley and sneak in covertly.
Miguel was suspicious that he was leading some sort of dangerous and secret life, and his suspicions had been confirmed when he found Moon Knight leaving from the basement a few times at night. The man always left after you did in your uniform, and then he found the knight would follow you as you worked.
Even weirder still, he found that man's uniform and fighting style would rapidly change between three different styles. He desperately wanted to tell you about it, but the fact he looked so similar to the man had kept him from introducing himself to you, even with his uniform on. He knew he couldn't just show up in his civilian clothing, and he was scared you would hear his voice that was so close to Jake's, and mistake him for your boyfriend. He didn't want that, nor did he want you to even think for one second that he was another alter of your boyfriend.
Tonight, however, he watched your boyfriend bring home that same woman again, and he was floored to see him go straight to your bedroom. Miguel was ready to show up in uniform, pretend to be a friend of yours that was looking for you, and maybe kick the guy out, or call him out on his bullshit, but you arrived before he could get in there.
He was concerned for your safety, and he crawled up the wall to peer inside your room as you confronted Jake and the woman.
It didn't last long, and now you were storming out the front door and pulling your mask over your face, hood up, as you shot a web out and zipped away.
Miguel wanted to go in there and beat the guy up, but the lady was still there, just leaving. He noticed she was also in uniform, and she looked pissed as she yelled at the man. Miguel decided not to bother them. She didn't do anything to you or him. She didn't deserve that. Instead, he followed you.
It took an hour before you stopped swinging around so he could approach you. You came to rest on the roof of the Sanctum and cast a few lights around you. You were so upset, pacing and grumbling to yourself, that you didn't notice him touch down on the roof behind you.
"Hey, you're that Galaxy-Spider, yeah?" He asked carefully. You turned to stare at him as you rubbed at your eyes covered by the mask.
"Who the fuck are you?"
"Uh… One of your kind. I'm Spider-Man. Uh, from the future."
"No, really. See?" He raised his hand and showed you his watch.
"Lyla, can you please show her?" He asked and a small hologram of a woman in a big puffy white fur coat appeared. You blinked and stared at the tiny lady.
"Oh, Miguel, it's that girl, the one you liiike. The one ya wanna beat her boyfriend up for cheating on her!"
"God damnit Lyla. That's not what I meant!" Miguel grumbled and rubbed his temple.
"Wait… You like me, and know about Jake?" You asked as you watched him bring his hands up to his face and rub his temples.
"Fuck it. Yeah. I do. I know him. I know he's a dick, a jerk, and a lying prick."
"So you've been stalking me, then?"
You squinted at him.
"Yes, wait, no!"
"Explain yourself, or I'll scream, and I'm standing right over top of Doctor Strange's bedroom." You said firmly. Miguel panicked and put his hands together.
"Wait, wait, wait. Okay, so I came here, and have been watching all the other spiders. I saw you once, then I couldn't help but follow you home. I was hoping you would be single, but then I found out you had a boyfriend. Then I found that boyfriend is Moon Knight, and he's been sneaking around, following you at night and also sleeping around with that lady that was there tonight." He quickly explained, then showed you some of the surveillance footage he had caught of Moon Knight.
"I was kind of obsessed with the man, because he has my face, and if he's doing bad shit out there, I don't want to be associated with him, right?" He said, desperately hoping you would believe him. He was starting to creep you out, and you didn't like it one bit. He sounded too much like Jake.
"So you were stalking Moon Knight, because you like him?"
"Fuck, no, It's not like that. I said I look like him. Not exactly, but close enough." He said as he slowly removed his mask and showed you his face. Your eyes went wide and before you could speak, he kept going.
"I can't be him. I'm from a different universe, from the year 2099. I don't have Moon powers, I have Spider powers. Oh, and see? Look at my arm. No tattoos. I'm also taller, bigger, and have higher cheekbones. My name is Miguel O'Hara." Miguel was quick to show you his arms, and you frowned.
Everything made perfect sense. Jake didn't wear a watch like that, and he certainly was shorter and smaller than Miguel. Plus the holographic video and tiny lady sure helped to back up his story. You sighed and shrugged.
"Okay. I believe you."
"Thank god. I was worried about you. You're a Spider. I'm a Spider. We are supposed to look out for each other. He's shady as fuck, and the fact he had the balls to bring a girl into your room and bang her, says a lot about him. He's a literal lunatic." He went on as his uniform formed back over his arms.
"That's not nice. He wasn't Jake at the time. " You said. Miguel scoffed and stared at you.
"That doesn't make it any better and I don't have to be nice. The guy is an idiot, and not because he has D.I.D. He's an idiot for keeping that from you. That's why I told you right away what I am doing and who I am."
"Yeah… I did know about the condition. I had my suspicions. What I did not know, was that he was Moon Knight. Thank you for being honest I guess?"
"Well now you do!" He looked triumphant and quite happy, while just shrugged and sighed.
"I don't care."
"You what?"
"I said, I don't care. Thank you for letting me know. I dumped him and told him I am moving out."
"So you came here?" He motioned to the old building you were standing on.
"Doctor Strange said I am welcome anytime. He knew this was coming, because we have talked about Jake's behavior before."
"Don't you think showing up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday is going to agitate the wizard enough to go looking for a fight?"
"Strange wouldn't dare, unless I asked. The others might go kick his ass, though."
"Why are you suddenly defending him?" You gave him a suspicious look. He put his hands up in the air.
"I'm not. I just understand there's an innocent man mixed in with the other two dicks in that body. Knowing their luck, he'd be the one to front and get his ass beat."
"That's true. I don't think that's how Steven would be able to handle that."
"Probably not. How about we go for a stroll? Clear that head of yours, hm?"
"Sure I guess."
That stroll turned into a heated make out session just a block away from the Sanctum. You had been so angry, that when Miguel suggested you two spar so you could blow off some steam, you immediately countered with an offer of sex with no strings attached. Now you had him pinned against the back of a billboard, your mask gone and your mouth and tongue tangled with his.
You didn't question how his mask melted away like pixels on a computer. The second his mouth was free, you kissed him hard and crawled up the billboard to cage him in. He didn't mind, and he encouraged you as his big hands came to hold your ass and neck.
"Fuck, you're a naughty little Spider…" Miguel husked as you ground yourself against him while making little pleased grunts and moans.
"Shut up and kiss me ya big lug."
"Gladly." Miguel pulled you in and kissed you again. He wanted this for a while now, and honestly thought it would have taken days, if not weeks to get into your pants. When you suggested angry no strings attached sex, he was all for it.
When you pulled away again, he pulled you off of him and spun you around so you faced the back of the billboard. He reached down, trying to find a way to open your suit, when you pointed at your thighs to a zipper there.
"Let me." You did and unzipped the seam. He growled when the tight fabric immediately shrank back and revealed your naked ass and cunt to him. He couldn't stop himself as he pulled his cock out and shoved it into your wet hole right away. He grunted as he pushed in all the way and pressed you against the billboard.
"Mierda! So fuckin' tight." He snarled and started to fuck into you hard and fast. You pushed back against him and whimpered while clawing at the wood of the billboard. He saw a sudden flash of white up above them, and he grinned as he grabbed your hair and tugged you back to kiss your neck
He could hear shuffling above him, followed by angry swearing in Spanish as he fucked into you harder. You felt him bite your neck, his fangs sinking in and pumping you full of venom. You moaned loudly and shook as he fucked you even harder. Your blood suddenly felt hot, and you panted as Miguel found your clit and rubbed it in time with his thrusts. He turned you towards the building, and pushed your head down to the ground as he pushed in as deep as he could go.
"Ahhh, mmm…" Your eyes rolled back, mouth open as you felt an orgasm hit you. You drooled and clawed at the wooden plank you were on as Miguel snarled loudly. And slapped you ass hard.
"I am gonna dick you down so good, you won't be walking when I'm done with you."
He groaned and gave you a few hard beats, before he slipped a hand around your neck and pulled you back up and flush against his chest again. He was making damn sure Jake could see him and the way your face contorted in ecstasy.
Miguel brought his other hand around your front, shooting a web at the billboard as he leaned back so you were sitting in his lap while he bucked up into you harshly. You bounced and gasped for air as his hand tightened around your neck, making it harder to breathe. You whined, choking a bit, and he let go, only to bring his hand to your breast and hold you tightly as he pistoned his cock in and out of your abused hole. He was enjoying your grunts and moans, more now that Jake was standing above and watching with a scowl.
"Miguel, fuck… Yes, oh, fuck-!" You gasped as he pushed in all the way and rotated his hips for a bit while you mumbled gibberish and shook with another orgasm. Your thighs were soaked, and Miguel still hadn't come yet.
"You feel so good… I just wanna pump you full with my come." He groaned and gave you a slow and deep thrust. You whimpered and grabbed onto his leg, digging your nails into his thigh in an attempt to keep him there.
"Don't fucking stop…"
You sobbed as he withdrew and pushed back in just as slow.
"Don't stop, eh?"
"Please! H-harder, faster, Miguel!"
"You want hard and fast? I'll give you hard and fast, mi sol."
He groaned and pushed you back down to your knees, his hips drilling as hard and as fast as he could go. You had a hard time holding yourself up, finding he was way stronger than you were. You slowly got pushed to the ground, head now against the cold wood, cheek smooshed while you panted and drooled.
"Yeah, yeah, ugnnn, fuck!" You mumbled as he leaned down and whispered in your ear.
"Ya feel that? I'm about ready to pop. Shall I fill this sweet little pussy of yours?" He said in a deeply husky voice as he kept pounding you mercilessly.
"Oh, Gods, yes!" You managed a small squeak as you squeezed his thigh.
"Good, because you're gonna take every last drop of me, and then I'm taking you to my pad, so I can fuck you again in the morning."
He growled as he bit into your neck again. You let out a deep carnal moan and came again, your pussy clamping tightly around his cock. He groaned and shot a nice thick load inside of you, and you whimpered and squirmed while he just kept coming and digging himself in deeper.
"So good… Fuck that guy. Stay with me and rest, then I'll take you back to your wizard's house, tomorrow." He whispered as he rolled over with you and held you tightly against his chest, his hard cock still buried to the root.
"O-okay…" You worked in catching your breath, your pussy still clenching periodically around his dick.
"Good." Miguel grinned and he looked up at the roof tops. He saw a white silhouette, with a dark face and scowling white eyes staring down at him. Miguel smirked back and gave him the finger as he hoisted you up into his arms, his suit melting back over his body. You were blissfully unaware your ex had witnessed everything, and was now helplessly watching you being carted away by his doppelganger.
I thought I would tag all my Poisoned Empanadas readers.
@theaussiedragon @autismsupermusicalassassin @readingfan @missdragon-1 @marvelescvpe @lunar-ghoulie @cicithemess2000 @animesnowstorm @mahbeanz @dafuqelaine @bby-lupin @paranoiac-666 @konniebon @cl0v3r-s0up @seraphine-so-pretty @jupitersmoon167 @butterflypillows @ivystoryweaver @mintellaine @bxdbxtxh15 @badbishsblog @cleothegoldfish @xxmadamjinxx @bitchyexpertprincess @sakurayuki8655-blog @jklkverr @jkthinkstoomuch @oscarissac2099 @neteyamsluvts @bad4amficideas @einno-arko
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Tumblr media
I’m obsessed with this gif. Imagine Jake Lockley carry around y/n like this!! 😭😭😭
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jayke0 · 2 days
Love Bites
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jake lockley x g/n reader
Summary: kinktober day 1, love bites!! Yippie!
Rating: 18+
Warnings/content: dirty talk, Jake with boston accent?, body worship, teasing, light mocking, biting, lmk if there's anything else i should add :).
Credits: @automnepoet for proofreading and @flightlessangelwings for the prompt list, you're both awesome thanks guys.
Word count: 823 (yeah it's short).
When Jake had promised you that he's going to cover you in bite marks when you get home, you didn't think he actually meant it, but as you lie infront of him, a hot mess of sweat and bruises, you realise you widly underestimated his words.
The two of you hadn't been out on a date in a while, so when Jake had offered to take you to your favourite restaurant, you happily obliged. He'd mumbled something in spanish to you, but it was muffled by the way he was trying to talk and kiss your neck at the same time. "Imma cover this pretty body in bites when we get back", you finally hear. Those words were all you could think about during your entire meal, and you'd be lying if you said you weren't incredibly relieved to get home and let him play out his promises.
You clumsily stumble backwards as Jake slams his lips into yours and walks you like a toy towards the bed, thankful that he's too observant to let you trip over the clothes you'd strewned across the floor earlier.
"Lay back, sugar, I wanna see that pretty body spread across my bed, alright?" Jake orders and starts pulling his clothes off, his tone dripping with lust and proving that he really can't wait to get his hands on you.
You bite your lip in excitement and start pulling each garment of clothing off, since he hadn't even given you a chance to take your jacket off before he was on you like a lion. Once only your underwear is left, a now less-dressed Jake crawls on top of you, big giddy grin spread across his flushed face.
"Gorgeous," he kisses your cheek, "my gorgeous angel." His nose bumps yours while his large hands trail up and down your sides making goosebumps prickle all over your skin.
"Ya wore that for me didn't ya? Ya know how damn much i love that outfit..." the words trail off as he slithers down your body and tilts your head to the side to get to your neck.
You feel him latch onto your skin and you nod with a soft gasp, wrapping your arms around his broad shoulders and lacing your fingers together to cage him there. " Of course I did Jakey... you were treating me, so I wanted to treat you."
"Mm good angel, but ya know ya don't gotta do that, I'd give ya as many treats as ya want and wouldn't expect nothin' in return." Jake says sweetly, but his actions don't match his words as he grazes his teeth over your neck and bites just above your collar bone. It makes you jolt and buck your hips up towards him.
"Oh, always so easy, ain't ya sugar?"
A huff is all that leaves your lips before he bites you again on the opposite side that pulls another whine from your throat, the ache already building in your groin.
"Ya get worked up so easily, do ya know how much i love that?" Jake purrs, his mocking tone still being so endearing despite the fact he's teasing you
"C'mooonnn, buck those hips again."
You do as you're told and roll your hips upwards once more when he bites you further down, closer to your nipple this time.
"Good angel."
He's meticulous with how he bites and kisses every inch of you, tasting every part of your skin that he wants too without a care in the world for himself, all he cares about is you, and that you feel like you're worshipped.
"Wish I could do this to ya everyday, sugar." Jake's words are more breathy now, his chest pressing against your groin while he marks your tummy "I wanna worship ya like ya truly deserve...." He growls and works further down till he's right above where you need him. You try rocking your hips up towards his face in an effort to tempt him, your body twitching for him, but Jake is a stubborn fuck, so he instead bypasses you to bite your thighs.
An aggrieved whine is pushed from your chest. "Jake!" You tangle your fingers in his hair and give it a tug, "Please Jake, I want your mouth..." You turn your aggressive tone to a whimper in hopes you'd spark something inside him.
"But ya have it already, ain't all these enough for ya?" He grins evilly and rests his head on your thigh, inches away from your heat and pointing to each and every bite he's left on your body.
"No, stop fucking around, please baby..." You whine, like... an actual whine this time, one that you know always works on him.
His eyes seem to turn dark as he bites your inner thigh once last time. "Alright angel, since ya asked me so nicely." He purrs and wraps his arms around your legs to finally give you what you want.
Tumblr media
Tagging people: @cowboymarcs @sad1st1c-wh0re @poopoobuttsy @boredzillenial @mllover260 @simpforbritgents @saevenswelt @partssoldseparately @keira-kaz2y5 @theincredibleinkspitter @l-lune @red-hydra
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Kinktober 2. - Thigh riding / teasing.
bbf! Jake Lockley x F!Reader
Tumblr media
Tags & warnings. Thigh riding + teasing + age gap. (+18)
Word count. 2k
Summary. You hate your brother's best friend. Yeah, the one you are hooking up with.
Kinktober masterlist.
Tumblr media
Jake Lockley was an idiot.
The biggest idiot you'd ever met.
He was an idiot when he yelled and clapped in your house as if it were his own because his favorite soccer team had scored a goal, he was an idiot when he put his foot in front of you as you walked pass by him as if he were going to make you trip, and he was idiot when he opened your fridge like he was part of the family.
He was an idiot when he slipped out of your brother's sight to bury his stupid fingers inside of you until you trembled, he was an idiot when he walked behind you groping against your ass on purpose, he was an idiot when he pushed you against the wall to devour your lips like a hungry man and he was definitely an idiot when he wished you goodnight with his beautiful smile before leaving.
But he was a bigger and dumber idiot when he pretended that all of this wasn't happening, and that for him, you were just his best friend's silly little sister.
You had heard him the night before, claiming that he had a date with someone 'hot' (his own words), one of those stunning blondes you see on TV according to your brother, so after understanding the message clearly, you decided that you wanted nothing to do with Jake Lockley anymore.
Although you had said that the last four times.
You were all furrowed brows and pouts without even realizing it. The third time he smiled at you, and all you could muster was a roll of your eyes, he started to worry.
He never liked making you mad. Or at least, not this seriously, because he definitely enjoyed pushing your buttons until you pushed him and your voice got all squeaky when you said, 'Enough, Jake!'
But ignoring him? That was a level he never wanted to reach.
When your brother left the apartment with the excuse of getting pizza for the three of you, he knew it was time to try.
He was sitting on the couch, his legs slightly apart, his back against the backrest, with one of his arms raised over it. It was a good view, but you were stronger than this. You glanced at him for about three seconds as you walked to the kitchen, in a way that seemed so quick that it almost appeared accidental.
"¿Princesa?" He questioned out loud, and you nearly dropped your glass.
Stupid, stupid Jake Lockley.
You didn't respond.
"Hermosa." he cooed again. The only response he got was the sound of ice clinking against the glass.
You took a sip, trying to ignore the fluttering in your stomach.
"You know if you don't come, I'm going to come get you, right?" Oh yes, you forgot how irritating he could be when he set his mind to it.
You planted your feet in place.
"I'm going to count to three." Oh no. "Uno."
You looked towards the door. You weren't a little kid; these things didn't work on you.
Besides, Jake wasn't your boss to order you around like this.
"Uno y medio."
You set your glass down and, as if your legs were on autopilot, you spun on your heel and walked out of the kitchen, earning an immediate smile from him.
Not a mocking one, not an annoying one, he actually seemed relieved to have a bit of your attention.
"Ah, there you are."
You stood still without saying anything, unsure of what to do.
"Come here." He patted his lap as an invitation.
You bit the inside of your cheek, pondering for a few seconds if it was worth it to lose your dignity like this. You also glanced towards the door, trying to calculate how much time you had before your brother arrived.
In the end, as always, you obeyed. You went over to him and sat sideways on one of his legs.
"No-oh," he shook his head, looking at you from his position, not touching you yet. "Face me." You had to get up again to turn around, his leg nestled between yours as you took your seat again, facing him.
Even if you didn't want to notice it, it was impossible not to feel that delicious pressure against your cunt. And as if by magic Jake brought both hands to your hips, pressing them with his fingers as if you were going to escape his grip.
"What's wrong, huh?" He leaned in just a little to meet your gaze. You hated that there wasn't a hint of teasing in his expression; he genuinely seemed concerned as you crossed your arms and furrowed your brow.
Why were guys so dense? And stupid.
When you didn't respond, a small smile crept onto his face. He made you jump slightly on his thigh as he moved his leg, and a little gasp escaped you. His hands slowly traveled from your hips to your waist.
"You’ve been all grumpy and stuff since I got here, what’s wrong?"
"You should ask your supermodel date."
Ah, bingo. His smile widened.
"She's not a model."
"I don't care what she is."
"Actually, she is..." "I don't want to talk about her." "She's imaginary."
You looked back at him with a furrowed brow after a few seconds. Did he expect you to believe that?
"She doesn't exist."
"I know what imaginary means."
"Are you sure? I can spell it out for you if you want."
"You're an idiot."
"And you're jealous." His fingers resumed tracing your sides, deciding that your hips would indeed be their resting place. "And you're acting like a brat."
Your expression softened just a bit, but you still wouldn't look at him.
"Look at me while I'm talking to you." His voice was barely a whisper as he leaned in just slightly to seek your gaze.
Nothing made you want to scream until you collapsed a lung more than how stupidly handsome Jake Lockley was. His lips seemed like an eternal invitation to kiss him until you got tired, his chocolate eyes that seemed to dilate when they settled on you, and that one stubborn curl he always fought with, the one that fell onto his forehead for you to move out of the way.
You had joked before, asking him if he wasn't secretly Clark Kent.
Your body responded automatically, leaning in to seek his lips, but he pulled back with a smile.
"Do you think you deserve it after the way you treated me?" His voice was sultry, smooth.
"You're the one talking about other girls." You whispered back with a cute pout on your lips. "Please."
"Please that?"
“Please let me kiss you.”
Your pout grew bigger as his fingers gave you a squeeze. You didn't understand where he was going until he started guiding your movements, a slow back-and-forth sway that brought a gasp from your throat.
He wasn't going to tell you out loud that he wasn't going to agree to a make out session that threatened to leave him with a boner when your brother arrived.
“I don't like it when you ignore me, princesa.” This time it was him who granted you a pout, his leg lifting a little higher as if he wanted to bury it between yours.
The pressure was stronger and you felt how your juices were beginning to moisten the fabric of his jeans. Your hands were placed over his on your hips and you rested your feet on the floor to have better control over your movements.
Back and forth, slowly.
"Sorry." You whispered breathlessly, your eyes boring into his as he enjoyed the blush on your cheeks.
Jake knew how to play, but you were always a good opponent.
You closed your eyes while biting your bottom lip as you pretended to ride his leg. He could only imagine how delicious it would be to just take you there on the couch.
With your hands on his, you slowly guided them up your body, rising them to your breasts.
You made him squeeze your tits and a louder moan came out of your throat.
“Fuck.” You whispered as the pace of your hips increased. The friction of the fabric of your panties against Jake's pants created a delicious heat in your already sensitive little pussy.
You knew without looking that your skin would already be red.
“That's how you like it, princesa?” He whispered, his gaze fixed on you as if you were a work of art.
Your lips were parted for mostly, except for when you bit the bottom one from time to time to allow yourself to hiss, your cheeks flushed and your eyes closed, brows slightly furrowed now for a completely different reason than a few minutes ago.
“Look at you, so wet and desperate for me.” His thumbs delicately traced your nipples over the fabric of your dress, they were now noticeable because of how hard he had made them. “You miss me fucking you with my fingers, don't you, mi amor? That’s why you’ve been acting like such a bitch to me.”
Stupid Jake Lockley with his stupid voice with his stupid accent and his stupid way of making you go crazy.
You nodded submissively, your body leaning forward until you could rest your forehead against his. Being able to look at your begging eyes closer was something he would thank you for later.
“W-Why…” You stammered, taking a deep breath. “Did you invent a girlfriend?”
He chuckled. You couldn't leave the subject alone, could you?
“Because everyone is asking questions about it.” He kissed your lips briefly, almost making you beg for more. “For my parents, I am now single forever.”
This time you laughed. The rhythm of your pace didn't stop and you were both so close to one another that Jake felt the touch of your tongue when you licked your lips.
“That can be solv… A-Ah, Jake. Mhm, s-shit.”
Your little hole started to clench around nothing, you were so close you could feel your entire body tense, Jake's hands working on your boobs in the way he knew you liked.
He was so obsessed with pleasing you that you hadn't even gone to the next level, he had promised himself to do it until he perfectly memorized the things that drove your body crazy.
“Are you close, princesa?” He was staring at you, he was craving watching you cum. “Are you going to give it to me?”
You nodded awkwardly, the couch squeaking with the clumsy and desperate way you moved. Your skin was beginning to tingle, a growing heat pooling on the bottom of your abdomen, you were about to make a mess on Jake's leg.
Until of course, a pair of keys clanged against the door.
He pushed you, you stood up as quickly as you could, pulling the hem of your dress to accommodate it, still dizzy from the pleasure and how abruptly it stopped. Your vision was blurry and your chest rose and fell rapidly trying to stabilize your breathing.
"Pizza." Was the only thing your brother said as he dropped his keys to the side, lifting the two boxes in his hand.
Jake covered the wet spot on his pants by placing a pillow on his lap.
“Is she bothering you, Lockley?” He joked, giving you a push that almost sent you to the ground. Not exactly because of the force, but because you were still with your legs nailed to the ground, pressing your thighs together to seek some relief.
“Not at all, she's the one who has to deal with me.” He muttered with that same darn smile on his face.
When your brother walked into the kitchen and the two of you were alone, even if it was just for a few seconds, he looked at you and you looked back at him.
“I'll go to your room in a few hours.” He whispered, nibbling on his bottom lip with what you could identify as eagerness.
You nodded, turning on your own two feet to head to the kitchen as well, biting your bottom lip too, trying to hide your smile.
Tumblr media
Tag list. @ninebluehearts @shousha133 @unear7hly @onefinnedwonder-fm @automnepoet
Remember to comment if you want to be on the kinktober tag list!! <3
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Between Poe Dameron, Moon Night (3 for 1 deal), and Miguel O'Hara, Oscar Isaac really be out there making me fall for too many fictional men...
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Angie's WIP.
Disclaimer: I might not be able to fit all of these updates in one month since I still have classes and it's hard to write a lot of stuff when ur own ur own, yk?? Thanks for being patient babes 💅 tags are open ❤️ lmk if u wanna be tagged in a certain fic.
Tumblr media
kinktober. (+18)
- love is a drug (marc spector, steven grant)
- what's your favorite horror movie? (marc spector)
- lovely dolly (steven grant)
- bimbo doll (jake lockley)
- i see you (basil stitt) (one shot)
- pink lace (jock!miguel o'hara x chubby bimbo!f!reader) (one shot) (18+)
- riding the moon boys (headcanon) (18+)
- soft hubby (multiple oscar characters) (headcanon)
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Tumblr media
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winniethewife · 2 days
Quiet moments and Silent Questions (Moon Knight System x reader)
Inspired By @guruan art linked below
Warnings: Fluff, Angst and Flirting. In that order.
Words: 1030
Tumblr media
She and Steven were sitting across from each other in at the café, trying to squeeze in some time together, before she leaves for an inconveniently timed business trip. Things were just really starting to make sense, they had just started to get serious in this relationship, Steven had finally found the courage to tell her he was a system, and what that meant, it was bumpy at first, but she felt like she was handling it well.
So of course the minute the four of them were just starting to get into the flow of things, is when her boss decided this would be the best time to send her to help with the start up with a new branch of the company, in Switzerland, for a month. She had tried to argue she had personal things to attend to at home, but without having a real reason, not wanting to divulge anything about her boyfriend(s?) she was forced to go or say good bye to any chance of a promotion in the next year. So here she was, sitting with Stevens hands in hers their tea cups cold and long forgotten as they opted to just sit together. Enjoying each other’s quiet company.
She could tell Steven wanted to say something, the way his brow slightly furrows, he searches her eyes looking for an answer to the question in his mind. Wets his lips with his tongue, before he looks directly at her, the concerned lines in his fore head as his eyebrows push together, and his dark eyes meeting hers with desperation.
“Can I kiss you? Please?”  He silently begs.
She gave him the smallest smile, before leaning in to kiss him, her soft lips on his, gently moving together. At first she looks into his eyes as they kiss before softly closing them as she puts her hand on his cheek.
Tumblr media
When she got back from Switzerland it was really hard for them to fall back into any sort of pattern. But Marc took the absence the hardest. Which led to him retreating to the headspace more often than not. She tried to be patient but this was starting to become a problem. She would come back to Steven’s flat at the end of the day and there would be signs that Marc had been fronting, things of his left out, or a suddenly fronting Steven or Jake standing in the middle of the room, often confused as to why they were suddenly pushed out. Bothering everyone else involved, Including the cat. He was avoiding her and that hurt. It hurt a lot.
Eventually one day, Steven and Jake convinced him to talk to her. he sat at the end of the bed, hair pushed back brow furrowed, his usual serious expression on his  face. She came in after a long day of work and saw him waiting looking down at the ground as she came in. the silence was tense, but familiar. She got on her knees in front of him and he looked up at her. His face softened, eyes first then his brow rests as his lip gently part. He doesn’t know how to put it into words. He doesn’t know how to ask. But as so often the case his face spoke to her.
“Do you still love me?”  His fear and regret silently calls out to her
She takes his hands in hers and runs her thumbs over his knuckles. Her eyes meeting his as she gives him a gentle smile.
“I’ll always love you, no matter what. I’m not going anywhere. I promise.” She says quietly. He rests his forehead on hers, their eyes close, sighs of relief leave their lips.
Tumblr media
Date nights with Jake we’re always interesting, but nothing short of romantic. But it was actually the unplanned short moments where she isn’t expecting to see him that are the best to her. She was just walking home after having to stay late at work, her office wasn’t far from the flat, but it had gotten dark. She had waved goodbye to a coworker when she turns and under the streetlamp stood Jake, Bundled up for the chilly weather, hat pulled down over his forehead, gloved hands in his pockets. She smiled at him as she approached him he looks up at her with his own slight smile on his face. Offering her his arm, which she gratefully takes her fingers inter woven with his and pushed deep in his plush lined pocket.
They walked together in silence the moonlight guiding their path as she leans into him, shoulders touching, her head resting on his shoulder, her messenger bag over his shoulder as they walked. There wasn’t a need for talking or an explanation of his presence, just the sounds of the city around them was enough. As the wind starts to pick up he pulls her in closer, he wanted to protect her from everything, he probably had the hardest time while she was away for all the different business trips she went on for her job, He’s the one that fronts at the least convenient times to have a relationship, especially one with any distance, but on top of that he can’t protect her when she’s half way around the world or in the middle of fucking nowhere, why did they have an office in Wichita Kansas anyway? But right now, he can walk her home, in the dark and keep her safe.
As they approached the flat she half expected him to give her a kiss on the cheek and head out, either to work some driving hours or do something for the stupid pigeon, but he turns to her, his slight smile widens to a smirk and he cocks an eyebrow flirtatiously as her gives her a good once over. This look definitely needed no translation.
“You…me…Bedroom?” His silent confidence in her answer leaves her laughing.
Hands still intertwined as they get in the elevator, past the front door, under the covers, and even as they fall asleep bodies intertwined with each other, A small dark hairless cat curling up beside them.
A/N: Had to Squeeze Pequeña Viejita in there at the end <3
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