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yourehesitatinglove 3 days
Regulus: *cooing at baby Harry and giving him all his attention*
James: *disgruntled noises*
Regulus: If you have a baby you can鈥檛 be the baby.
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alexsays-no 3 days
Achilles and Patroclus 馃 James and Regulus =
tragic, beautiful love
Tumblr media
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that-bitch-kat3 2 days
regulus: hello, i鈥檓 here as sirius blacks emergency contact
nurse at st. mungos: oh great, he took a nasty fall off that mechanical bull, are you here to pick him up?
regulus: no im here to be removed as his emergency contact.
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themarvelmarauder 2 days
Pandora: Oh Reginald
Regulus: you're the only one that calls me that Dora, Reginald
Pandora: what does James call you
Regulus: my lord
Pandora: honestly, I see that
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patrophthia 3 days
what letters? | james potter
Tumblr media
pairing: james potter x reader
genre: miscommunications, angst, unrequited crushes, fluffy ending, not proofread
wc: 3.1k
originally posted on wattpad
"you deserve someone better," peter said in confirmation to her words (despite her tone being laced with sarcasm).
"you deserve me," sirius chirped in, smiling charmingly. she rolled her eyes, feigning annoyance, only for his grin to grow wider. "scratch that, you're too good for me love."
"you deserve prongs."
Tumblr media
there's nothing worse than being stood up on a date. being sat there, waiting for someone who would not show up, feeling as though everyone's eyes were on you, silently judging you for your lack of luck.
it feels even more terrible when you're sat at a crowded place, people roaming around thinking they've found an empty spot only to find out that you were sat there: at a table for two or more on your own.
"guess what?" james asked, sitting down beside her in the empty booth without sparing a second thought. if he noticed her sour mood, his didn't show it.
"what?" she mumbled, amusing him.
"so you know how evans and i are partnered up for potions?" he said slowly, moving closer to her so sirius, peter, and remus could slide into the booth as well. at her nod, he continued, "and do you recall how i fancied her for so many years?"
"i think i do," she answered, feeling slightly nauseous at the prospect that maybe聽just maybe聽lily finally gave in and agreed to go on a date with him. "what about it?"
"so i was talking to her today and for the first time in forever, i didn't feel anything."
she looked at him skeptically, taking in his words into consideration. "congratulations?"
"congratulating me feels a bit pathetic," he said off-handedly, voice calmer than when he first started. clearing his throat, james leaned back to the booth as he decided to switch the topic. "so how was the date-聽oh."
so he did not notice her sour mood.
"he's ugly anyways," james said firmly, "he's a waste of time, you're too good for him."
it seemed as of he was stating his opinion rather than trying to comfort her, saying every uplifting thing he could think of. and before she even knew it, the other three boys joined in, trying to lighten up their mood.
she couldn't stay upset for long when their smiles were so infectious, the corner of her lips turning up as well. "yeah, yeah, i get it. that's enough, i'm out of his league. i know."
"you deserve someone better," peter said in confirmation to her words (despite her tone being laced with sarcasm).
"you deserve me," sirius chirped in, smiling charmingly. she rolled her eyes, feigning annoyance, only for his grin to grow wider. "scratch that, you're too good for me love."
"you deserve prongs."
one of the things she hated most about being close to the marauders was how much they shared their life with her. being the only girl in their friend group, she was the designated person to go to whenever there were girls problems.
she didn't mind remus, peter, or even sirius when they came for advice but there was always something bothering her when james came to her. it hurt to hear him talk about other girls he wanted to go on dates with.
she couldn't understand why it stung so much, hurting to an extent that she couldn't quite describe, it felt as if it was a deep frustration kept inside of glass bottle, unable to be opened unless it was shattered. she succumbed when the pressure became to much, confiding in sirius and remus her feelings only to have them point it out. she fancied james.
she fancied聽her聽best friend.
and every guy she'd dated ever since he became infatuated with lily evans was just a ruse to distract herself from her real feelings. maybe that was why she didn't feel sad but rather annoyed when she was stood up on a date. why sirius purposely nudged her in what he deemed was the right direction when he said that she deserved someone like james.
she mustered up the courage to tell him how she felt multiple times but was always discouraged whenever he brought lily up, whenever he mentioned anything that she did and put her up on a pedestal.
lily was great, she knew that, she was friends with lily herself and the girl is nothing but an angel.
and as much as she thought that the two of them would make a good couple, she couldn't help but feel relieved when james told her he'd finally gotten over her. maybe this was the right time for her to finally make her move.
there was a knock on the door making her perk up from her seat. clearing her throat and straightening out her shirt, she called out. "come in!"
the doorknob turned, the door creaking open the slightest bit, unruly black hair peeking through the small opening, james had an hand over his glasses. "are you decent?"
with a short laugh, she answered him, "i am."
james came in, a goofy grin on his face when he shut the door behind him. standing almost awkwardly, he looked at her. "a little werewolf told me, you wanted to see me."
"i do." she can't help but smile in return, patting an empty spot besides her. james came forward, taking her invitation for him to be sat. "i wanted to tell you something."
james looked at her patiently, hanging onto her every word. "what is it?"
she gulped, running the scenario over one last time before she spoke it out loud. it was the day before the school year ended, everyone would be on their way back home tomorrow and it was now or never. she was going to tell him how she felt.
and it only took sirius promising her that if she confessed, he would take her on a book shopping spree, all expenses paid by him, even if they were hard covers. the things sirius would do for his friends to be in love.
"promise you won't be mad at me?"
james frowned, his brows furrowing. "why would i ever be mad at you?"
she huffed anxiously, looking to the side. "you might be after i tell you this."
james thought about it for a second, frown not once wavering. "i promise i won't be mad at you."
"okay," she mumbled more to herself than anything, gathering up everything she had in herself for her next words, "i like you. a lot."
james frowned deepened, why would he be mad at her for liking him?
and then it hit him, his eyes widening. she liked him unliked the way she liked sirius or remus or peter, she fancied him. "oh."
"are you mad at me now?" she asked slowly.
james shook his head frantically, denying it. "no, no, no, i promise you i wouldn't be. why would i even be mad at you?"
she studied him, trying to see if he was actually mad at her yet he was being the kind person he is or if he was being genuine. finally she settled on, explaining to him her thought process instead. "because this could potentially ruin our friendship."
"it doesn't," james murmured softly, skipping over her confession. "nothing can ruin our friendship."
"hey remus," she said, clutching her landline close to her ear, "have you heard from james?"
"yeah, why?"
"nothing," she replied way too quickly for either of them to believe her. "[name]..." remus drawled out slowly, trying to get her to let up on whatever it is that bothered her. "i told him."
remus kept silent for a second, she could hear shuffling from his side of the call. "and what did he say?" he asked finally.
she cleared her throat, wondering how their phone call went from the topic of the full moon to this. it was summer break, everyone being back in their respective homes.
sirius was at his flat, his doors open for whenever she needed company. remus was back home, staying with his parents as he helped his mother with her work. peter was at a summer camp, he didn't tell them much about it and they never bothered to ask, if he was okay then it was good enough. james was on vacation with his family, going to see as much of europe as they possibly can.
ever since the break started, she had kept consistent contact with them. remus had picked up every call, answered every letter and even flooed to her house when she'd asked him to. she'd helped sirius moved into his new flat 鈥攂ought with his uncle's money and even stayed with him as he settled in for while. peter wrote back as much as he could which was to say not much, but the good news was he found a kind girl named ava, he'd even had his first kiss with her.
she'd spoken to all of them but james. there was not a single word that's been exchanged between the two ever since break started. she couldn't call him so she opted on owling him, but her owl always came back empty handed. she was getting worried, maybe his promise of not being mad broke.
"nothing," she answered.
there was a hum from remus, a sense of tranquility falling between the invisible line. "he never knows what to say anyways. have you tried talking to him?"
"i have," she said quietly, "he hasn't replied to any of my letters. i've sent dozens and i haven't heard a single hello in return."
"maybe it got lost," remus suggested tiredly.
she made a sound of agreement before countering, "or maybe he doesn't want to talk to me anymore."
"no," remus dismissed, "he probably forgot to answer, you know how prongs is."
"i've got to go," she said, ready to hang up, "i'll see you on the train?"
"i'll see you then," remus said, and then just before the call ended, he added, "don't over think it, james is an idiot."
"[name]!" sirius cheered the moment he saw her, wrapping an arm around her shoulder the second he got to her side. "how's my pretty girl doing?"
she looked at him with a small struggling smile, unable to carry her luggages under his weight. sirius noticed, pulling out his wand and levitating it behind them. "i'm good, how are you pads?"
"i'm as great as you are," he muttered before spotting remus, calling out for the lanky marauder to join the pair of them. remus kissed his mother on the cheek, bidding his father goodbye then turned to them with a timid smile. sirius repeated his question the second remus came within ear shot. "how's my lovely boy doing?"
"i've been better," he said honestly. sirius took his appearance in, brows furrowing when he noted that remus was still recovering. sirius repeated his spell, levitating remus' luggages behind the three of them as well. "where's prongs?"
"i dunno," sirius said carelessly, completely indifferent with how she tensed up beneath his arm. "i'm sure he's waiting for us in one of the carriages."
"or not," remus muttered, and before he had the chance to rethink his words, he blurted out, "he's probably with evans, they're the new head boy and girl after all."
they are?
james had not told her anything, not one single thing since break started and met its end. and now this?
she felt her stomach drop, every muscle in her body going weak. she froze in her step, unable to keep moving with the information in mind. he was with her,聽again.聽she knew that it was wrong for her to feel this way, james had a life, he can do whatever he pleased.
but it did not feel good knowing that neither sirius nor remus told her about this revelation before hand. not until she was to face him again.
"what's wrong?" sirius asked with worry, halting in his steps as well.
remus eyes widened, finally realizing the consequences of his own words. merlin, how he longed to dig himself into a hole right then and there.
"nothing," she answered after a while, feigning a smile. "nothing's wrong."
sirius gazed at her skeptically, disbelieving. "are you sure?" at her nod, sirius pursed his lips, accepting it for now. "let's find ourselves some seats then."
sirius led the way onto the hogwarts express, passing carriages upon carriages to try and find an empty one. eventually, he found one with an all too familiar face in it.
sat there with a big smile was james potter in all his glory, chatting to peter about who knows what. it didn't take long for him to notice their presence, smile growing wider when he stood up, opening up the carriage's door for them.
she turned, not wanting to be trapped in the same compartment as james for the next seven -eight? hours of the train ride only for her wrist to be caught before she could make her escape. glancing up at the arm, she found remus looking back at her with worried eyes.
she shook her head, silently begging for him to let go but remus didn't budge, his grip on her wrist tightened, keeping her in place. "i'm okay remus."
"please," she pleaded so quietly that he almost hadn't heard it. almost. reluctantly remus dropped his hand, letting her go. "i'll see you at dinner."
and with that she left, finding a seat on the other side of the train with her dorm mates and other housemates. her luggages were already put away and she trusted sirius enough to not lose her stuff.
"where's [name]?" asked james from his spot, her stuff was there but where was she? he hadn't seen her in so long. "she left," remus snapped, seeming as if he was ready to bite james' head off but he chalked it up as the after full moon effect. "why?"
"i don't know mate, you tell me."
ignoring james potter was a hard process, the boy was loud (and obnoxious) his presence was everywhere she looked, from her classes to the great hall when all she wanted was a sandwich. "good morning."
"morning," remus said in return, settling besides her on聽her聽house table. "did the daily prophet come in yet?"
she thought about it for a second, chewing on her food. "no."
remus nodded, tiredly rubbing his eyes. "prong's asking for you."
"he is?" she asked with slight surprise.
"he thinks you're avoiding him." remus paused for a second, watching as sirius sat down opposing them. "which you are," he added pointedly, "but he wants to know why."
she opened her mouth, ready to reply when she spotted the fore-mentioned boy approaching their table. she stood up, grabbing her stuff as quick as she could and bid remus and sirius goodbyes.
"it happened again!" james exclaimed the moment he landed by sirius' side. "she didn't even say hello!"
james had had enough. it had been three months and two weeks since she admitted her feelings to him and he never once had the chance to speak to her since. he didn't understand why she didn't talk to him on the train then and he didn't understand it now.
when the five of them were sat in the same room, talking within themselves. she had barely even look at him, only chatting with sirius, remus, and peter, it was as though he didn't exist.
he'd had enough, he decided, standing up abruptly. she was sat at sirius' desk, joking with remus 鈥攚ho was sat on sirius' bed about something james couldn't comprehend. making his way over, james cleared his throat, gathering their attention.
"why are you ignoring me?" he asked directly, ignoring the cautious looks that both remus and sirius threw at him.
playing dumb, she frowned. "i'm ignoring you?"
"don't act daft! you've have been ignoring me and you know it!" james said accusingly, "you told me you fancied me and got me all happy and confused and then you proceed to go out of your way to avoid me so please, for godric's sake, why have you been ignoring me?"
"why have i been ignoring you?" she repeated incredulously, "you ignored me first.聽that's聽why i'm ignoring you."
"what do you mean聽i聽ignored you first?!" he exclaimed with disbelief, "i haven't seen you in three months and when i finally do you won't even look at me, how is any of this my fault?"
"how is any of this your fault?" she repeated, her tone ridiculing him. "i sent you dozens of letters and you never answered! i thought you hated me!"
"letters?" james asked, "what letters?"
she scoffed, "i wrote to you. all through summer. and you never once answered. screw that, i don't care that you didn't answer because maybe they got lost since you kept on traveling but you knew where i'd be and yet you never wrote a single word to me."
"i thought you hated me, i thought you didn't want to see me anymore so i didn't see the point in wanting to see you."
james bit his lips, considering her words. "i didn't write to you because i wanted to give you space."
"when you told me you liked me i was ecstatic, i was also so confuse because i didn't understand why i felt so happy. i thought i liked evans but it's always been you all along and i didn't know how to accept that so i never said anything. i promised you i wouldn't be mad at you let alone hate you and i never was, not once was i mad at you. i was mad at myself for not realizing i loved you sooner."
"what am i supposed to say to that james." she huffed out, feeling helpless. the other three boys were listening in, watching as the drama unfolded while simultaneously silently rooting for them to get with one another, she knew they were.
"that you love me too," james suggested weakly, "i would really like it if you told me you love me too."
"i do," she admitted, "i've always loved you james."
james broke out into a grin. "so you're my girlfriend now?" he asked cheekily. she rolled his eyes, smiling at him as well. "take me out on a date first." he beamed at her, "of course, when are you free gorgeous?"
"when i'm done scamming your best friend's money for books."
Tumblr media
鈥攆rom bee: sigh jamesssss :<
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ddejavvu 2 days
ok i love dealer remus but i am jamie鈥檚 girl all the way so what about reader being dealer!james鈥 fave customer and he always takes extra care w them and goes above and beyond for them馃馃徏
(ps i absolutely adore everything you write and i hope you are having a wonderful day/night and you deserve the world)
today is multiverse monday! send me any au you can think of :)
"That's a lot of weed." You raise your eyebrows, glancing down at the canvas tote bag that James brings to the door.
He laughs, long and deep in his chest, "No, lovely, 's not all weed. It's in there, 'promise. I just had some other stuff I was looking to pawn."
Digging in the bag rewards you with a glittery pink lighter, something you guarantee James didn't just have on hand, and a tupperware of blueberry muffins.
"I didn't order these," You eye him cautiously, "You oversaturate them, Potter, they're too strong."
"No! No, they're not- uh, they're not edibles," He runs a hand through his curls, "They're just muffins."
"You just had 9 muffins lying around?" You cock your hip out, and James's eyes follow your shift in movement.
"Christ, can't a man have muffins in his own home without getting interrogated?" He huffs, "If you're an undercover cop, tell me now, so I can take back the weed."
"James," You glance down at the final item in the bag, "Why is your sweater in here?"
"'Cause it's yours," He leans against the doorframe, "Remember? You left it at my place last movie night."
"This isn't mine," You laugh, you lent it to me so I gave it back."
"Yeah, but I told you to keep it," He pushes your hand away where you're trying to hand it back to him, "Just- promise me you'll wear it when you smoke?"
Your brows furrow, "Why?"
Because James wants you to associate his smell with the feeling of being high. He wants to trigger that weightless, blissful feeling of weed whenever he brushes up against your side, or tilts his freshly-shampooed head towards you with a bounce of his curls. He supposes he's conditioning you into loving him, because he's not sure it'll naturally occur.
"No reason," He cocks his head to the side, sending you a sweet grin, "Enjoy the muffins, darling."
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heartfucks 3 days
james potter + picking you up from a party you鈥檙e hating. he鈥檇 be very worried i feel, after you call him, a little too drunk and a lot upset.
summary: you call james upset from a party & james takes care of you
notes: this is so late, but finally finished this little blurb & now i want a james right now!!
鈥淛amie, can you come get me. It too loud in here & there鈥檚 too many people. Anna doesn鈥檛 want to leave, but-but you can come get me right?鈥
That was last thing James heard from you before the call ended. He pulls in to the house the party was at. He left the moment he heard your voice on the call. It was obvious to him you were crying. James always knew when your sad. Sometimes he knew before you did.
James understands what you meant when you said there were too many people. People bumping into him as he walked.Desperate to find you, he pushes through the crowd. Ignoring the people who were giving him a drink.
When he finally found you, he let out a sigh of relief. There you were sitting in the kitchen counter as some guy made an attempt to talk to you. If you could scoot closer to the wall, you would. James refrained from getting angry as the guy continued to talk to you. He didn鈥檛 seem harmful, just clueless. James could tell the minute you see him. Your eyes light up and a smile rests on your lips.
鈥淛amie鈥 You launch yourself off the counter. Your arms wrapping around his neck. You feet unable to touch the ground given how tall James. James gives you a hand, wrapping his arms around your waist locking you in this position.
The moment you felt secure you were giving James kisses. On his check, nose, mouth,neck & every inch of his face. Each kiss with a dramatic 鈥榤wah鈥.
鈥淪weetheart鈥 James attempts to pull away from you in an attempt to get a look at you. After a couple more sweethearts he succeeds.You face barley a couple of inches from his. James searches your face for any injuries or tears as you play with the curls of his hair.
鈥淵ou ready to go home, Sweetheart鈥 His voice sounded soft & warm, sending you instant comfort.
You don鈥檛 answer him, too busy playing with the curls of his hair. You hands tangled in his hair, as you laugh.
James takes your smile as a yes. He places both of your feet on the floor. His arm wraps around your shoulders, squishing you into his side. He pushes through the group of people till you reach his car.
James places your seatbelt on, while you continue to try in kiss him. 鈥淗old on, Sweetheart. Need to drive us home.鈥 Your happy mood drops instantly.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 with the face鈥 James asks as you mumble incoherently.
鈥淚 want to stay with you.鈥 You pout resembling a small toddler. It took everything in James to not laugh. 鈥淵/N鈥 His voice telling you that you should know what his about to say.
鈥淲e live together.鈥 You gasp as if it鈥檚 the first time you鈥檙e hearing this. 鈥淲e do?鈥 You ask again, just to make sure you heard him right.
James let out a boyish laugh, his whole body shaking as he laughed fondly at you. You鈥檙e still staring at him, waiting for your confirmation. He happily gives it to you, nodding.
鈥淩emember, your place is getting exterminated.鈥 Your mouth opens resembling an O, as James鈥檚 words make sense.
鈥淪weetheart, when you called me, you sounded sad?鈥 His words more of a question rather than a statement.
鈥淏ecause I spilt my drink on someone & they got mad so I was looking for you & you weren鈥檛 there.I couldn鈥檛 find you.鈥 James softens at your words. Glad you we鈥檙e looking for him.
鈥淚鈥檓 here now Sweetheart.鈥 His hand tracing patterns on your inner thigh. You focus on the shapes he鈥檚 making. A star, your name and a bunch of things you can鈥檛 make out as he has to stop every few seconds to put both hands on the wheel.
James directs your giggly mess of self towards the apartment. Your arms were locked around your waist, squeezing him & never letting him go. James wasn鈥檛 complaining though, any moment he could have with you, he鈥檇 take it.
Thirty minutes you were freshly showered & safely secured in bed. With James' arms around you. There were no words to describe how content James makes you feel.
You turn around in bed so you were facing him. 鈥淚 love you鈥 you slurr and place a gentle kiss on his lips. James hums in defeat when you let go. Before he could repeat the three words back you were asleep. He chuckles softly.
You made him completely crazy, & he loved every second of it.
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Person A: You're right
Person B: That's... That's an unusual phrase for you. Did you just learn it?
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luveline 12 hours
can I request more bodyguard James? he鈥檚 just the cutest and I鈥檓 happy to read anything about it!!
thank you for your request! you and James go shopping and get mistaken for a couple 鈾ワ笌 fem!reader 1k
James looks like your boyfriend, sometimes. There are moments that he deems low risk in your life where he won't wear his radio or his utility belt, opting instead for plain black civilian clothing. In those moments, you aren't proud of yourself for doing so, but you like to pretend he is your boyfriend.聽
He's looking through broccoli's for you. You hadn't asked him to. His hands sift through huge trees until he's found the most vibrant, holding it up for your inspection.聽
"Perfect," you praise, opening your small paper bag so he can drop it inside with the rest of your hand-picked veggies.
The only thing left on your list is extra virgin olive oil, but you don't want to go home yet. You like the way people look at you and James when you're together,聽 awed and a little jealous. They might wonder how you nabbed a man like him, and of course you haven't nabbed him at all. That's your secret to keep.聽
You meander down the vegetable aisle, your eyes skipping over snap peas and cabbages, bags of wonky carrots and parsnips. James grabs a bag of rooster potatoes before you can stretch over the crates for them.聽
"Gotta wake up earlier in the morning to beat me, angel," he says.聽
"I don't think I could."聽
James wakes up at 3AM every morning, if he's to be believed. It makes sense. He wakes up, does bits around the flat, works out, has breakfast, and is waiting smiley and bright-eyed when you emerge from your room at 6:30. You're never as put together as he is, usually in your nightgown or one of those matching pyjama sets that make him look you up and down (though you both pretend he doesn't).聽
No matter how bleary your vision is, it's impossible to miss the way he smiles at you every single day, like you're the sun coming up over the horizon. His pretty brown eyes squint, his thick crop of eyelashes threading together at their corners, and he says some warm variation of, "Morning, princess. Is it me or did you get prettier while I was gone?"聽
"We could try it out. Of course, if you wake up at three, I'll have to start waking up at midnight," he says now.聽
"I don't know how you do it," you say. Your voice is softened by genuine admiration.聽
"I get to see you. Makes it easy."聽
He's flirting, but with James you can never make out where the line is. Does he want you to flirt back? Does he want you to want him? You'd say without hesitation that James is your best friend in the whole world. He'd say without hesitation that his best friend is actually a duo, Sirius and Remus. That makes it hard.聽
But it's okay. You don't need anything more than this: his hand on your shoulder guiding you across the aisle to the fresh fruit punnets, the smell of his cologne a familiar treat.聽
You pick up a couple of things you like, mostly stuff you know you can convince James to share. He likes oranges best, so you grab a bag of huge ones and drop them in your basket with the veggies. It's getting heavy. You can practically see James' holding in an offer to carry it for you.
You're somewhere in the spreads and grains aisle when an older lady approaches you, or rather James, tapping him on the elbow gently.
"Hey, hun, you couldn't help me reach something?"聽
"I'd be happy to!" he says cheerily.聽
"Thanks so much. I've never been very tall, and every year I seem to shrink. It's just over here."聽
James legally isn't supposed to stray from your side, so he threads his hand under your upper arm and pulls you with him.聽
The elderly woman points to a box bragging organic, dehydrated strips of applesauce. "It's those right there if it's no trouble for you, hun."聽
"No, of course not."聽
James grabs her box with little to no effort expended. He doesn't even need to go on toes.聽
"God, he's so tall," the elderly lady says to you.聽
"He's super tall," you echo, your sunny talking-to-strangers voice in play.聽
"And very handsome. You're a lovely couple."聽
You fall into silence with your lips parted, not sure what to say. It isn't worth correcting and potentially embarrassing her for a harmless assumption, especially when you like that she thinks it, but you don't want to embarrass yourself in front of James by looking to eager.聽
"She's the lovely one," James says, offering the applesauce with a huge beaming smile.聽
She presses her hand to her collar, basket proffered until James places the applesauce carefully on top of a punnet of plums and a TV magazine.聽
"Thank you," she says. "Getting old's no fun when you're short. And my husband was even shorter than I am! You hold on to this one, love, you never know when you'll need something from a tall shelf."
You and James laugh in a mirrored delight at her easy-going joking, his hand falling against the top of your shoulder, fingers spread and clasping. You swear, heat radiates like the sun from his touch alone.聽
"I'm holding on about as tightly as I can," James says, "she couldn't get rid of me if she wanted to."聽
You look at him, startled, and meet his earnest gaze. "I don't want to. I don't think I'll ever want to."聽
James smiles.聽
The elderly woman nods like this is something she'd suspected.聽
"Good. You're a perfect pair," she says.
James rubs the space between your shoulders affectionately while he finally steals the heavy shopping basket from over your arm. You're too flustered from his touch to kick up a fuss.聽
"I've been thinking the same thing," he says.聽
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Tumblr media
Time may change me, but I can鈥檛 trace time鈥 *
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regulus "at least im trying" black PLEASE
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championship cups
tensions run high during the quidditch league cups. when your favoured teams loses, there鈥檚 an annoying git that keeps replying to your tweets. not one to back down from a fight, you respond. chaos then ensues
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fun facts:
鈥 remus wasnt actually serious but best believe sirius pestered him enough to actually do it
鈥 james actually got to 125 but he had to stop because yn kept yelling boo! 馃崊
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part..1.5? how james got his glasses and pandora鈥檚 introduction!
pandora is what is considered by many a witch: she creates potions and accessories with what everyone considers magic, but is actually science.
the kingdoms鈥 opinions on these 鈥渨itches鈥 varies from admiration (gryffindor) to persecution (slytherin, ironic i know), however a kingdom in particular (ravenclaw) has academies where students can learn this 鈥渕agic鈥 (aka chemistry and physics)
pandora studied in one of these academies, but dropped out and moved to the forbidden forest to focus on her own experiments and be closer to nature鈥檚 resources.
if regulus鈥 parents found out his best friend is a witch, and that he is actively helping her in her studies, it would surely be a disaster (hence the 鈥渏ust like someone else in this room鈥)
pandora and regulus having the same sense of humour <33
foot-blind means that he he鈥檚 short sighted (he can鈥檛 see his feet because they鈥檙e too far) and hand-blind means that he can鈥檛 see things that are close (like his hands), and the number of fingers is how serious the 鈥渂lindness鈥 is
giving james doe eyes might be one of the best design choices i鈥檝e ever made
don鈥檛 think too much abt the fact that the first thing james saw clearly was regulus x
i lied in my last post, the wolfstar part will be in the next one w remus and marlene鈥檚 backstory (and lily鈥檚) 馃檲
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sirius: guess what i鈥檓 about to get?
regulus, not looking up: on my nerves?
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james or eddie x inexperienced!reader who bursts into tears the first time he slips his hand under her shirt to touch her stomach/hip/waist because no one鈥檚 ever touched her like that before!!! and he鈥檚 like what did I do 馃槦
summary james touches you where no one else has before. it freaks you out for a moment.
content james potter x fem!afab!reader, hurt/comfort
James is really tall. He knows this, obviously. He's been the height he's at since he was fifteen years old. With years of using it to his advantage under his belt, he knows how to tease you with it.
All night at Sirius's shindig, he has you planted in his side. He leans against the wall outside in the backyard where everyone has congregated and you lean your entire weight into him.
To have you so close to him in such a setting is a treasure he really shouldn't take for granted. Though the face you make whenever he leans down to pretend to kiss you is one he wants permanently branded into the back of his eyelids.
You pout because you can't reach him to get what you really want and then flush with embarrassment for reacting that way in the first place. It's a cycle James thinks is adorable.
So as soon as the both of you get back to his flat that night, he knows you're just itching to kiss him. You hold his hand and let him guide you to the kitchen.
You're new to the whole relationship thing. You don't know when you should kiss him, or when you think you're allowed to. You pick at your nails when you really want to hold his hand and go quiet when you're around other people. James loves nothing but keeping you all to himself. Knowing he's the only one lucky enough to see you like this. But he wants you to know he'd let you eat his face off in the presence of the Prime Minister if you wanted.
Still, he feels like the luckiest guy on the planet right now. Leaning up against his kitchen counter with you between his legs. You reach up to kiss him gently on his cheek. He tucks his fingers under your jaw to encourage your lips back to his cheek like he wants another one. He catches your mouth with his quickly before you can land another.
You gasp and let him kiss you, a pleased, giddy sound that lights his chest on fire. He has to pull away before he loses his breath. He blames it on you.
He lets his hands find your hips and says, "Burt's Bees?"
"What?" you say breathlessly. You blink.
"Your chapstick."
You laugh, a startled, girlish thing that makes the ache in his chest even worse. "Yeah," you nod. "Yeah, the shortbread cookie flavour."
James chuckles. "Of course, it is."
He kisses you again and you seem more than happy about it. He lets his hands slip under your shirt and then you tense. You pull back and stare at his shoulder. The feeling in his chest plummets like concern into the pit of his stomach.
"You all right, lovely?" he asks, voice warped with confusion. He holds you back to catch your gaze. Your eyes look glassy so quickly and he gets whiplash. "Sweetheart?"
You blink back the mist. "Sorry," you choke, shaking your head. "Uh, sorry, you just-"
James stands up straight, ducking his head down, and lets his hands rub a soothing path up and down your arms. "What happened? Did I do something?"
You squeeze your eyes shut and focus on the feeling of his hands on your arms. "No, you didn't do anything." You lean into his hold. "No, it's just- no one's ever touched me there."
He softens, though his heart is thumping like a kick drum in his ribcage. "Shit, I'm sorry, honey," he curses himself, fixing where he's got his hands. He lets them fall to his side and thinks he might've made it worse. You fold in on yourself. "Sorry, I won't do it if you don't want me to."
You step forward, closing up the tiny gap of space you subconsciously created and look up at him with teary eyes. "No, no it felt good. You - shit - you didn't do anything bad it just startled me."
You're not sure if you're crying because it felt different or because you've embarrassed yourself. You're sure it's a bit of both.
He knows you want him to hold you. He pushes his second thoughts aside and wraps you in a tight hug. You deflate once he's got you against his chest like you were earlier, maybe more relieved than you were before.
You let yourself cry because it's easier than holding back the tears that burn in your throat. Especially when he kisses you firmly on the top of your head. Murmuring something that sounds like, "I'm really sorry, angel. I should've set a boundary or something."
You feel worse because you've worried your poor boyfriend to death. "It's okay. You're allowed to touch me, James."
"I shouldn't assume things," he says with a firmness you lack.
"You didn't assume anything," you tell him and try to ignore the fact you're dirtying his shirt with your sticky tears. "It's okay. I'm okay. It just felt different."
James squeezes your sides. "Did you like it?"
"I did," you tell him honestly. Because you did, it felt more than nice. "Yeah, it felt great.''
He pulls back looking softer than he did before he got you into his arms and you calm down a tad. He swipes the tears from your cheeks and wipes them on his shirt. You laugh wetly.
"Good," he smiles. "You wanna go to bed? I'll let you kiss me some more."
You can't help but smile back. He's adorable. "Let's shower first," you laugh. "You smell too much like Sirius's flat."
"Do not!" he gawps but lets you lead him in the direction of his ensuite. "Is that a bad thing?"
"If you think cigarettes and leather aren鈥檛 a bad thing, then you can skip the shower."
"I don't think so."
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James: I've found a Valentine's card in my pocket
Sirius: Yes, I put it there
James: But... Why did you sign it 'from R.'?
Sirius: What?? I- Remus????
Regulus: Yes, I've seen, he did it
Remus: *remember when Regulus made it in front of him* Okay, I did. Do you want to go on a date, James?
Regulus and Sirius: *aggressively jealous* NO.
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