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ladyorchidia · 2 months
Twisted Wonderland Incorrect Quotes #18 (because I have no motivation) :
Keeping up with Night Raven College
Tumblr media
Crowley : I love all my students..Equally.
Deuce : Headmaster ! Have you seen yuu/mc ?
Crowley : ...
Crowley : Who the fuck is that-
Tumblr media
Yuu/Mc : Oh hi epel- wait a minute what are you holding ?
Epel : It's a jar.
Yuu/Mc : I can see that but what is inside the jar- ?
Epel : Oh I trapped Vil inside cause he told me to be more ✨G r a c e f u l✨
Yuu/Mc : ...What the fuck-
Epel : *proceeds to aggressively shake the jar and menacingly look at it* how's that for graceful-
Tumblr media
Vil, banging his small hand on the glass : Epel get me out of here right this instant
Tumblr media
Ruggie : Here is your lunch and that weird, expensive as fuck dessert I wrestled over three people for.
Leona : Why thank you Ruggie, I greatly appreciate your efforts.
Ruggie : ....
Leona : Why are you looking at me like that ARGH-
Ruggie, chocking leona with his magic pen : WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BANK- I MEAN DORM HEAD-
Tumblr media
Lilia : Hello, welcome to my cooking show ! I am here today with Jamil Viper who-
Lilia : ....
Lilia : We haven't even started to cook and you're already trying to commit suicide ? Hey put that pot down I use it to grill the meat of my enemies-
Tumblr media
Lilia, has trapped Jamil in a cup : Don't worry if you don't want to help, you can stay in here.
Lilia : Epel is good with inventing new spells, I should make malleus meet him- But wait that could end up creating a second fae vs human war....
Lilia : ...
Lilia : Perfect, I didn't have enough fun with the first one anyways, ROUND TWO LETS GO
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading this I greatly appreciate it and if you just scrolled all the way down to see this message it means I am in your house-
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octo-hyacinth · 7 months
His Worst Nightmare
Characters: One scared Jamil Viper. Content Warning: One bug, teasing Jamil for hiding on the kitchen counter. A/N: @theheavilyindulgentgoat this is for u <3 enjoy girlie, and everyone else!
In which you save Jamil from certain death... death by cockroach, to be exact.
Tumblr media
All you wanted to do was finish your homework for the day. Just finish your work in peaceful quiet. But then, you heard it.
A blood-curdling, earth-shattering scream that could probably wake the dead and then some.
"HOLY SEVEN GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME-" You heard distantly, followed by the sound of something crashing to the floor and shattering. Immediately alarmed, you bolted out of your room and kicked open the kitchen door to find Jamil, panicked and perching on the counter, pointing a wooden spoon at a little bug on the ground.
His crazed, fearful eyes met yours. "Please get it away, Y/N, I'm not touching it." He nearly whimpered.
You fought back a smile as you grabbed a cup from a cabinet to trap the roach with. It was almost cute how Jamil, with all of his grace and composure in any situation, was deathly afraid of a tiny little insect on the floor.
"C'mon Jamil, he's just a little guy, he's not gonna hurt you."
"But what if it flew up here onto my face-"
"Relax, I got him, see?" You held up the cup that you were sealing shut with a piece of paper. "I'm gonna go let him out."
"Fine, okay." He grumbled. You could tell the fear was wearing off, and now he was desperate to regain a bit of his lost dignity.
Once you came back, he was still sitting on the edge of the counter, warily eyeing the tile like he was hesitant to get back down in case there were more of them.
You couldn't help the smile this time. "Do you need me to princess-carry you out of the kitchen, baby?"
"Absolutely not."
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thytaenic · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"define love." "how sudden. you're not pulling a prank on me th-" "just answer it, jamil. please?"
love. four letters, one syllable, thousands of meanings. what could love possibly mean for jamil viper? he gazed into your eyes full of anticipation and oh dear, he knew he needed to be serious about it. but with you by his side, why would he be sceptical about your question? letting his guard down for you would be the best action now. as he turned around to face you, now sitting in front of you with both hands reaching out to bring his lover's hands into his bigger ones. he never have a thought of looking so vulnerable in front of you, not when that question triggered a sense of overflowing love and affection towards his significant other in him.
he didnt dare to look at you in the eyes, afraid he would see disappointment in those sparkly eyes of yours who was expecting a more of a complex answers from him. "love is, putting someone first before you in all occasions."
"and?" you asked, dragging the word further as a signal that you wanted to hear more which jamil replied with a chuckle and a cheeky smile. "of course. i would expect nothing less from a sunshine like you."
this time, jamil's eyes boldly invited yours into a hot staring for a moment. a reflection of him in your eyes was what ignited the passion in him to continue. those look you gave. its what has always been his serotonin, happy pill, power and strength to continue living despite the difficulties. love. he knew its more than just putting you first in everything you did together.
his thumbs began to create illusions of circle on the back of your hands. "i would risk everything to make you understand how much more than just love you are to me."
pink tint of blush crawled onto your cheeks, hearing those words uttered by jamil like a vow. no, more than that. it sounded like an everlasting promise that he wouldnt dare to break, at least not until death does them apart. "i think you said too much than you mean, jamil."
too much? all he said was a questionable answer, a typical answer from one lover to one lover. he still wanted to say more than just those. he wanted to tell them how much their smile made their days. he wanted to show how much their kiss sparked happiness in him. jamil was completely taken aback to see you doubting his words. did he uses too much of obscure words? he wanted to express how much more than just words his love for them was. he wanted to say and show so much more than just those bullshits from typical classic romance novels he read in his free time.
"no. you asked for this so listen. i want you to look me in the eyes and eat all my words. one by one, not a single crumb should be left." he leaned closer but this time, he left a long-lasting kiss on your forehead. your eyes slowly fluttered to close as your arms found their way over jamil's shoulders and around his neck, pulling him closer to lengthen the kiss. truly, you yearned for more than just a kiss on a forehead. now laying on the mattress with jamil trapping them between his knees still lovingly pouring everything he wanted to say into the kiss, you couldn't help but moved your hands up from the sides to cup his burning cheeks.
pulling away from the kiss, he then rested his forehead on yours. red watery eyes, he's getting emotional with all this affections hes giving to the one whom he wouldnt hesitate to slide a ring on their finger soon. "promise me you'll stay, y/n?"
"but i am here, am i not?"
"forever. through thick and thin, i want you to always be with me, alright?" he couldn't care less. he knew how greedy and desperate he sounded right now but who fucking cares. its not a normal occasion for him to feel this desperate to seek for one's love, especially from whom he called his.
you smiled softly at him before tilting your head to the side. jamil understood immediately, leaning in as their lips intertwined with yours in a dancing-butterflies manner. it sent shivers down your spine, pecks of goosebumps on your arms and those wet intimate kissing sounds echoing in his room. a kiss he always shares with you is different from this one. this one right here is so full of emotions. sadness, happiness, fear, joy, you name it. one he would rarely get to share with you. his lips on yours, how they fit so perfectly with his hand now acted as a support while the other one made its way to your cheek, thumb caressing it oh so lovingly.
he's scared. scared that you might pick up your haste and walk away from him the very next day. it scared him, he didn't even want to pull away but you on the other hand, pulled away for a split second from the kiss to gasp for air.
"you're beautiful, ya amar. so fucking beautiful."
its always those arabic nicknames you get from him that keeps you feeling warm and fuzzy throughout the days. his love language is just as beautiful as his name.
this time, jamil took the lead and leaned closer after he whispered those words with you looking like a mess under him, pulling you into another sloppy long kiss. not giving you a second to process those words he just pledged. there's really no need to rush into the kiss, jamil knew that the best. after all, he's yours. you have always been his to love, his to care for, his to kiss and his to die for. as much as he's devoted to kalim and al-asim's family for generations, his heart is always a devotee of your love.
they parted from the kiss, forehead on forehead. nose brushing against each others. lungs gasping for air from that breathtaking kiss. jamil couldnt get enough of that kiss. the feeling of your cherry lips dancing with his, its a euphoric feeling only he could have.
"if dawn is created to wake me up to continue living, be my dawn. if you're not willing to be my dawn, let me see you as a moon, ya amar."
"why moon, jamil?" you asked softly, eyes never once leaving the fellow's gaze that soften at the sight of your smile to him.
"im giving you the role to witness our love-life cycle."
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lemon0bear11 · 16 days
jamil viper.
Jamil is usually calm and collected, but his cute little innocent girlfriend makes him so restless.
luluati=my pearl
you woke in jamil's bed, wearing you favorite sleeping shirt, it didn't cover your shoulders but it did cover your arms, hiding your hands from sight and your nether region. under your outfit you wore shorts.
you sat up and rubbed your eyes, unbeknownst to jamil waking up beside you.
jamil woke up and your movement and peeked one eye open, he saw you rubbing your and yawning, he blushed at your fit. he could see part of your chest.
he pushed the thought down and slowly sat up. you saw his legs moving and decided to turn around and hug him, "morning!"
"good morning,  luluati." he pressed a hand to your back, pushing you into him. your chest was smashed up against his.
you felt his hand wander down to your ass, gently groping it, causing you to gasp, abruptly his lips contorted into a smirk, and his eye's darkened with lust.
"jamil?" you looked up at him but his other hand went up and pushed your face back into his upper chest.
"do you mind? i promise to make you feel good," he questioned, rubbing your lower back.
"erm, no..." jamil took that as the green light and flipped you over, trapping you in his arms, one around your stomach and the other wandering down.
you were confused but you trust jamil. his hand was underneath your shorts in seconds, softly rubbing you making you squirm, "no panties, what a bad girl." your face heated up at his comment.
suddenly you grabbed his arm, "what about kalim? shouldn't you wake him up?" 
jamil chuckled at your question, "don't worry about him, babe, just focus on me..." you nodded at his words, "such an obedient baby for me..." he whispered while slipping his pointer and middle finger into you.
"j-jamil...!" you tried to push his arm away but his arm was too strong for your noodle arms. "mmh!" you moaned and gripped his arm as he moved his fingers in a scissor motion.
"come on now, don't be like that, it'll feel good," jamil purred into your ear, prying your arms away from his. he held your hands together with his bigger one, then kept finger-fucking you.
it didn't take long for you too tremble out a mewl and cum on his fingers. he chuckled at your flushed face and teary eyes, "oh poor baby, don't cry, we're just getting started."
he took his fingers out of you and licked them clean of your cum.
"...what...?" you said, wiping your eyes with your sleeves when he let go of your hands. sniffing a little when he turns you back around to face him.
jamil smashed his face onto yours, his left hand holding the back of your head and his right holding your body to keep you in place, the kiss deepened when he bit your lip. you gasped out of instinct and he slid his tongue in, the wet muscle exploring your cavern. you clawed at his shoulders, silently pleading for air, but he didn't let you go. up until now all his kisses were short and sweet, you've never experienced something like this.
when you finally separated a string of saliva connected you to him.
"you didn't think i was done did you?~"
its been hours, why was kalim letting jamil stay in his room so long? you don't know.
the pleasure morphed into pain from the overstimulation, "j-jamil...! can't anymore!"
"yes you can, just one more..."
one turned to two turned to three and so on.
you could barely feel your legs, but you didn't need to he was holding you up. shoving your face into his pillow as you cried out, releasing again onto his cock.
you woke up, face down as you recall what happened. your rubbed your eyes and sat up, jamils jacket falling off your shoulders and down to your waist, you looked down to see yourself butt-naked with a few hickeys.
you grabbed jamils jacket and pulled it back up, covering yourself.
you smelled a delicious plate of food and looked to your right, a plate of pancakes sat there with a little cup of syrup, a note was sitting next to the plate.
you grabbed the note.
'dear luluati,
i apologize that i wasn't able to stay with you, but i saved you some breakfast. i hope your legs don't hurt too bad.
love you, jamil.'
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y6emiko · 1 year
yan!kalim, ace, azul, vil  — valentines gifts. cw.  ♡ yandere, bullying, kidnapping, hitting, drugging, tw for corpses in vil’s part.
Tumblr media
— kalim chaining you up with heavy golden chains and cuffs he personally bought for you. he also locks you up in a huge golden cage too, trapping you inside like a caged bird. he just loves you too much, plus, he doesn't want you to be hurt! so he hides you away from the world, possibly forever... but that's fine! you get to see kalim everyday, and snuggle and cuddle with him too! what more could you ask for~ — kalim's valentine's for you? a huge feast and party specially for you! well... your family and friends aren't invited... it's just you and him and jamil... but don't fret! he has bought you so much outfits from his hometown, gorgeous jewelry and gems to decorate yourself, and a free ride on his carpet! you get to enjoy the midnight scenery as he flies you around the scalding hot sands... plus you've also got yourself a new husband! yea, he's proposed to you immediately after the feasts, diamond ring glittering in the moonlight. now he can't wait to go back home and marry you! ~
Tumblr media
— ace bullying and teasing you because he likes you. it's really fucking stupid, he acts like a 6 year-old boy whenever he's around you, trying to grab and bask in your attention, he doesn't even realize his teasing keeps sounding more like insults, and the way he shoves you so hard that you lose balance isn't something a friend would do.. right? he smiles so much when your tired eyes look at his direction, as he receives more and more attention from you, he fucking loves it! he only wants your eyes on him, your attention on him, your love for him only. — ace's valentine's for you? just a box of chocolates.. nothing special... or so you thought. he had drugged the chocolates to sedate you and bring you back to his room safe and sound. once you wake up, he'll greet you with a smile and explain what's happening. you were going to be his girlfriend after months of pinning and crushing on you, and if you resist his love? god, fuck you then, he'll torture and hurt you so much, until your skin blooms to red and purple, til your begging for forgiveness and love... but that's only when you will decline! so... pick your choice wisely.
Tumblr media
— azul making you sign a contract with him. it's simple really, he provides lessons and study books for you to review, while you study extra hard for your exams and place into the highest ranking students during the day exams, nothing too crazy right? unfortunately, you almost got into it, but ended up being in the 11th place. it's nerve-racking, waiting in the lounge for azul to call out your name... talking about your contact... and what you did... hard labor and doing his bidding for the entire school year! now that's crazy! but you were even more shocked when your punishment is to.. love him? be his spouse?... you look at him in confusion as azul drinks in your scared expression.. haah.... you're so naive, so unfortunate. — azul's valentine's for you? a potion that allows your body to morph into a merperson. he's been slipping small doses of this in your cups of tea for months, and with this big dose, you were able to become a merperson permanently. ah, he keeps you in a dark aquarium, where only he can enter. azul likes watching you bang on the glass, iridescent tail swishing while you sob at him to "let you out".. oh he will let you out, alright, once he gets back home to the coral sea, and will finally have you all to himself, no way of escaping... what he needs to do now is play the waiting game, as azul sits down on the plush leather seats and watches you swim around frantically, a dreamy sigh escapes his lips.
Tumblr media
— vil marking you up as his, anything he can get his gloved hands on, honestly. you smell just like his expensive perfumes, you wore the same rouge and lip tints he delicately placed on your face, silks and clothes matching his own too.. his presence is everywhere on you. he's worked his ass off getting you shaped up to his liking, so if you run off to RSA to talk hang out with friends, getting irritated when he hears that you are hanging out with neige leblanche?! his enemy to being the fairest one of them all? he punishes you, hits and abuses your fragile body until the red blooms into a delicate purple, until he can hear your bones crack and your sobs getting louder and louder...
— vil's valentine's for you? a beautiful and intricate glass coffin for you to rest in. you aren't entirely dead, no, you aren't rotting horribly! he's enchanted your body so that you stay fresh as a daisy. he makes you his dress-up doll, dressing you up in flowing white dresses, your corpse surrounded by white lilies inside the glass coffin. he's fond of your body, you look so ethereal now to his liking, and he's proud of that. once he gets bored of this outfit, he changes you into a another one, and into another one... he doesn't know this process is fucked up until rooks points it out to him, but he doesn't care at all... no, he likes you like this, you aren't moving away from him and you stay still, obedient as ever. you are still his gorgeous queen even after death, as he places a light kiss onto your waxy lips.
Tumblr media
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Headcanons for how Ace, Rook, Silver, Sam, and Jamil would react if MC (their s/o or best friend, you pick) just walked up yo then and set a baby duck in their hands? Thank you :3
→ Prompt :: MC placing a baby duck in their best friend’s hands.
→ Custom Requests :: None
→ Content Warnings :: Horrible Google Translate French on Rook’s
→ Word Count :: 1,338 words
→ A/N :: Rook’s is HORRIBLE because do I know how to write him? Nope! So please be lenient with his because how? To write French hat man?? KJGHJKFH
Tumblr media
The two of you were somewhere in the courtyard, and Ace wasn’t paying attention to you, probably thinking of how to make something chaotic happen.
While he was thinking of whatever, you noticed a baby duck somewhere under one of the benches.
It isn’t like the little guy could just stay there, he wouldn’t be able to survive just under here.
So… you picked him up.
Ace had come over while you were bending down to get the duck and looked over your shoulder while you were looking at him.
“What’cha got there, MC?”
You looked over at him and thought.
What if I just handed him the duck.
“Hold out your hands.”
And when he did you just. Plopped the little duck into his hands.
And he just. Stared at him.
Like the cartoony mouth agape, eyes wide stare at this duck.
For a straight ten seconds.
Then he looks at you.
And then back at the duck.
“I’m keeping this.”
And then he runs off with the duck safe in his hands.
You have to chase after him to save this poor duck from learning how chaos works from Ace.
At that point it’s a chasing match for who gets to keep the baby duck.
Riddle stops the two of you before it might escalate.
Tumblr media
You were surprised when you went to visit Pomefiore and there was a duck just outside, but letting Vil see was probably a bad idea.
So instead, you brought the little thing into Rook’s room (very stealthy-like).
You didn’t know how to take care of a baby duck anyway, and for some reason you thought that Rook might know what to do with him.
Alas, when you got into Rook’s room, and he saw you, you made sure the duck was hidden.
“Ah! MC! Quite a pleasant surprise, oui!”
You nodded, smiling at him before you walked up to him.
“Hold your hands out.”
His eyebrows raised, “Pourquoi?”
“Just hold your hands out.”
He did as he was told, and you set the baby duck you had no idea what to do with in his palms.
His eyes widened instantly, “Oh? Un bébé canard? Where did you find this?”
“Outside of Pomefiore, for some reason.”
His brows furrowed. “It’s best we get him out of Pomefiore, the Roi du Poison would be quite displeased finding this petite chérie in here.”
You deadpanned at him, “I was barely able to get him in here. How are we gonna get him out?”
He paused, before he held the duckling in one hand and lifted his hat, placing it there. “The Roi du Poison should not find him now. We shall be safe.”
You paused, looking at him honestly kind of surprised before you smiled, “Alright, fair enough. Let’s go.”
You left the dorms and attempted to figure out what you were going to do with this baby duck.
Tumblr media
So you found him asleep in front of a tree in the courtyard again.
You often found him sleeping, as did probably most people anyway, but this time was more amusing.
Solely because, just a little while earlier, you found a duck by the fountain.
A baby one.
And your first victim to bother with a baby duck, you decided, was going to be poor Silver.
You set the duck down by the tree, trapping it there with your leg as a sort of fence (the duck is safe, don’t worry), before you gently shook Silver awake.
He stirred and sat up, rubbing his eyes gently before turning to face you.
You held your hands out in front of you, cupped, like how you wanted him to, and he just sort of stared at your hands for a minute.
Then he got the memo and held his hands out.
And then you took the baby duck, who you were glad hadn’t wandered off yet, and set him gently in Silver’s hands.
Silver’s exhausted mind didn’t quite understand.
“I’m sorry?”
There was a silence as he just sort of stared at the little duck.
“There’s a duck in your hands.”
“Yes. There is. Why is there a duck in my hands?”
“Because I put it there.”
“But why?”
He looked at you.
He just sort of stared at you, before he held the baby duck closer to his chest.
“Why did you have a baby duck?”
“Why are you over minding your business?”
He went quiet at that, and instead just looked down at the little duck he held. “We should bring him to the headmage.”
He looked directly at you and his eyes looked concerned, for the baby duck. “I don’t know how to take care of ducks.
You shrugged. “Me either. C’mon.”
It was hard dragging him off to Crowley because he kept getting a bit too concerned for the baby duck he held.
You had to take it from him and then he got upset—well, more upset than you’ve seen him upset before.
You gave the duck back to him for the rest of the way to Crowley’s office.
Tumblr media
Why does Sam have a baby duck in the school store?
You have no clue.
But, clearly, this little duck was not put in here to be sold.
He probably had wandered in and you didn’t want him to potentially eat anything bad for him.
So, you decided to take this duck instead.
But then you got an idea.
Sam, for once, didn’t have very many customers right now.
It was currently just you and him in the store.
So, who’s to say messing with him a little bit was something you couldn’t do?
When he notices you walk over, he grins at you.
“And what can I do for you today? Have anything in mind that you need?”
You don’t reply and instead just grin at him.
“Put your hands out.”
He chuckles a bit and he’s just assuming you’re being silly, so he holds his hands out and looks away. “Go ahead, what are you buying?”
His brows furrow when he feels a soft little thing in his hands and when he looks at the baby duck you gave him his smile widens.
“Where’d you find this little guy?”
You point to where you found the duck and he sets the duck on his desk before he pulls out a tiny little?? Fence?? And puts the duck inside.
“Might sell this little guy, might just keep him.”
He decided to keep him.
Tumblr media
You had a baby duck.
And had no idea what to do with it.
You found the little guy by the mirrors to go to different dorms, and were currently standing by Scarabia’s mirror, stumped on what exactly to do.
Until, you heard someone step out of the mirror
And you grinned when you heard Jamil’s voice from behind you.
“MC? What are you standing around here for?”
You had an idea.
So, you didn’t turn around.
“Close your eyes and hold your hands out for me.”
Instantly, Jamil was suspicious.
“What for?”
“Just do it. Trust me here.”
After a slight grumble and a roll of his eyes, he closed them and held out his hands.
When you turned around, you delicately placed the baby duck in Jamil’s hands.
As soon as you did his eyes shot open and he looked at the little fluffball you placed in his hands.
“...Excuse me, MC, why is there a baby duck in my hands?”
“I put it there.”
He rolls his eyes, holding the duck more securely so it doesn’t fall.
“I know that. Why?”
You shrug. He just sighs.
“Okay. Fine.”
Then he turns a 180 and is about to walk back into Scarabia before you grab his arm.
“Where are you going?”
“I’d bet Kalim would like this little guy. He’d take care of him better than I would.”
You shrug and let him go back into Scarabia.
Before you follow him, because hearing Kalim’s very loud scream about a baby duck would be hilarious.
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rubylonewolf · 8 months
Yandere!Overblot!Jamil Viper x Ben Tennyson- The new Sultan and the green eyed perfect.
Tumblr media
Jamil was sitting on the throne and the Scarabia residents were acting like soldiers and servants also they’re inside somewhere, mind controlled by him, the snakes that Jamil’s hair changed into were hissing when he had become Overblot and he heard the footsteps, he smiled and stood up, “Ah….. Ben.” 
Ben was standing and he wore expensive red clothes, an open vest and pants with shoes. He had a gold snake bracelet on his right bicep, also he got hypnotized by him with red pupils. Now he walked toward Jamil and soon sat on his lap, Jamil was pleased and laid his black inked hand on the shoulder. He smirked darkly, “I am the Sultan, you are mine.”
Ben was terrified when Azul, Jade, Floyd, Kalim and Grim were thrown out of the dorm, very far as he stared at the sky and knew they were already gone. He heard the voice from Jamil, “Well, well, well…. Ben. Ben Tennyson, look like we are alone now~”
Ben turned around and stared at him, the Scarabia residents now being mind controlled were standing with him as his servants and soldiers. Jamil reached his hand, “Come to me, Ben Tennyson~”
Ben stared at him and he frowned, how brave of him and he growled, “I will never.”
He decided to run away in a different way, Jamil soon frowned and growled, “He would not escape from me….”
He snapped his fingers and ordered, “Get him and bring him to me.”
The Scarabia residents soon rushed like the soldiers, Jamil walked toward the throne and sat also waiting for his green eyed perfect. 
A few seconds later Ben had captured and pulled him face to face with Jamil, struggling to free himself from Scarabia residents’ iron grip. Jamil stood up and walked toward him, a small smirk appeared on his lips, “Ben Tennyson, you are staying here without anyone who wants to stop me.”
“I’m sure Azul, Jade, Floyd, Kalim and Grim will save me and stop you.” Ben growled, then he added, “Kalim’s you-” 
Without any warning when Jamil gripped him on the cheeks with an iron grip, “Don’t say that name in front of me!”    
His voice so loud and nearly shook the dorm like an earthquake but stopped a few seconds later, the green eyed perfect was shocked and felt the snakes touch his back and can see one of the snakes stuck its tongue, then opened its mouth and let out a hiss. The snake haired Overblot cupped him in the chin, narrowed his eyes and smirked, “But I already forgave you for behaving like that.”
He hypnotized him, Ben’s pupils flashed red and just stood up. Jamil snapped his fingers as the soldiers and servants appeared and ordered, “Take him to the room and dress him up, we will set the party for the new Sultan and the new Sultana! Bring out the food and drinks!”
“As you wish, Master.” The mind controlled Scarabia residents saluted before taking Ben to the room and some of them headed for the foods and drinks.
That’s how the emerald eyed perfect became his, the new Sultan. Jamil ordered his love, “I want you to say to me, call me Sultan~”
Ben soon said to him, “Yes, my Sultan~”
“Ohh~ I want to hear more~” The new Sultan leaned his head to hear him out, Ben continued, “My strong, brave, mighty Sultan.”
“And?” Jamil soon grinned, Ben added, “My dark, handsome, Sultan Jamil Viper~”
“I love to hear you my love~” The new Overblot Sultan growled playfully, soon they kissed on the mouth, kissing into a heat kiss. The inked hands started slipping Ben’s waist, the new Sultan was pleased and they broke the kiss, their saliva connected together. The new Sultan licked his love’s lips with his forked tongue, then he said to Ben, “You belong to me, your new Sultan.”
Ben Tennyson is no longer free and now trapped in the hands of the new Overblot Sultan, Jamil Viper. 
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thecl0wnfather · 11 months
Really long Twisted Wonderland idea post.
Yuu gets to pet any and all creatures, the post. Gimme a kiss if you like it *does a kickflip on Cater's skateboard*
Tumblr media
* @ that person who wrote a post about Crowley calling Yuu a beast tamer, and Yuu being cool with Beastmen because of that title. I wanna tag you, but I kinda forgot who it was n' now I can't find it, someone tell me :( I'm expanding on that idea <3
* Malleus and Grim are the beginnings of Yuu's innate ability to attract any and all creatures. The bats that follow Lilia, Silver's forest friends, the Equestrian club horses, Lucius, Beastmen, fae, mermen, and whatever else... will just find themselves getting closer to Yuu. Whether they notice it or not.
* Ramshackle has officially been taken over by the sheer amount of living beings raiding the place every week. Yuu's beast tamer aura is similar to Silver's D*sney Princess animal abilities, except ten times worse, and they can't stop finding a new nest and/or burrow of some random animal family.
* The Ghost trio living there have basically become the housekeepers and have to constant kick out critters and students before they end up cramming up the dorm. That, or breaking the rickety old floorboards from the amount of them.
* Not everyday you get to have some time to touch any new animal (or person), so Yuu went along with it. Come to the Ramshackle dorm if you want pettings AND a free therapy session. All profits go to the Ramshackle dorm. (And Grim's premium tuna bill!)
* Grim doesn't enjoy this. His henchmen is practically a zookeeper at this point, and if Grim isn't your number one priority among these BEASTS then that's just blasphemy. Remember. He can be your angle, or yuor devil 😈
+ Dire Crowley is also here. Crowley gets to sit in the corner and drink from a cup of apple juice like a drinky bird. Drink well, sweet headmaster (derogatory AND affectionate <3)
* This whole next part is just Yuu being a total numbnut in other dorms lmao... Gets kinda long for a quick shitpost...
* Heartslabyul probably owes Yuu a ton of favours tbh. Ace and Deuce think doing their chores are a drag, so... Why not get the infamous Ramshackle Prefect to go take care of the animals today? They can enjoy being covered in a pile of hedgehogs and flamingos! Cue Riddle finding out (Cater. Cute animals + Bestie prefect. Magicam.) and scolding Adeuce for dumping their duties on someone else. At the very least, they're usually paid back with some kind of sweet treat from Trey. Maybe a flash of a purple cat's smile too.
* Savanaclaw? Yuu calls it the petting zoo, babey. Call it luck, but Yuu gets to be besties with Savanaclaw boys after they come in petting them and telling them they did a good job— Post Chapter 2. Is it their aura? The way they calm their rowdy style? None of the beastmen know, but they do know that Yuu is a very nice magicless human to hang with. Leona is still the boss around the dorm. No one gets a "Good boy!" or headpats if Leona is around. Sure, Leona kicks them out before they spoil the boys, but... who says Leona isn't 100% hogging the good feels at Ramshackle? Ruggie comes along too. Jack would too, but this is Jack Howl we're talking about lol. (He defo acts likes it's an inconvenience, but everyone knows better 😔)
* Octavinelle— Floyd would deadass keep Yuu trapped in a hug as soon as they take a step into Mostro Lounge. Jade has the knowledge not to trap them in front of everyone, but he's dragging them into the VIP room to do the same as his twin. Yuu is not immune to a happy Leech twin snuggle sammy. May they be blessed with infinite mushrooms and an ungodly amount of shrimp dishes. Azul will, undeniably, take advantage of Yuu's strange aura and use them as a marketing tool to gain more customers. Points for diversity, he says.
* Scarabia also owes Yuu some favours, but they're payed back almost instantaneously. Kalim definitely invites the Ramshackle duo to hang out with animals and have a feast every week. Jamil might be having a heart attack from seeing TWO reckless morons cuddling a tiger, but that is his own problem. Bonus if Silver joins the party, cause that means Kalim gets TWO besties to chill with animals. (Maybe you could calm Jamil by tempting him with a parrot? Or a viper if you're feeling silly)
* Banned from Pomefiore lmao. Vil admires your capabilities, but that doesn't mean you're allowed to walk around like a fur magnet into his dorm. Rook would go to Ramshackle to fawn over the many critters (And possibly bother Leona and Ruggie if they're nearby) although he usually ends up terrifying everyone there. Don't tell Epel, but everyone takes pictures of him when little birds land on his head whenever he comes over for a study session at Ramshackle. Yuu never says anything because the birds know they have an album of "Cute friends and cute creatures" on their phone.
* Ignihyde is crying, my guy. Why does Yuu always waltz in with strangers and wild animals in tow??? Idia, however, is also taking advantage of Yuu's passive skill of beast tamer! Technically, if Idia ranks up his friendship with Yuu, shouldn't that mean his rate of pulling a few cats and dogs go up? The pros of dealing with one person to get his furry euphoria versus the cons of social interaction and social anxiety... He's in a dilemma, but Ortho is happy. Big brother is trying to get a friend! Uh, somewhat.
* Diasomnia has a bad case of bird nests tucked in every corner of the dorm. Both Silver and Yuu are the cause of this, but how could Lilia scold them? His son and the prefect look very peaceful as they hand feed little woodland critters together. Sebek interrupts this, of course. Will Yuu pet the half-fae lad to calm him, and will it work? Depends on if you think being half-fae counts. Malleus is one happy dragon faerie though! That's all that matters. Him and his super cool other-wordly, technically alien, human best friend have chats over tea, and Sebek can't do a single thing about it. (Added note: Lilia includes soft vampire papa hugs if you'd like that)
+ Ramshackle extra. Yuu buried in a pile of their first-year friends. Just buddies in a cuddle pile with sweet baby Grim in the middle. That's it. There's nothing else other than love and peace in the pile 😎 I just wanted that in your mind.
Tumblr media
Guys, I think I took this too far for a 'shitpost', but I don't give a shit. Catch you on the flip side baby, heeya.
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disney-trigger-warning · 11 months
Jamil: *traps a bug under a cup*
Floyd: *appears and places down 2 more identical cups*
Jamil: No wait please-
Floyd: *starts to shuffle them*
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azurevi · 2 years
this except reverse uno please~
poor s/o, overworking himself to the point his beloved magical lover has to literally tackle him to rest
Vice dorm leaders tackling their overworked s/o
Tumblr media
Thank you for your request! It's fun thinking the vice dorm leaders doing this to their s/o. Hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Trey is usually more of the type to use words to persuade someone, but when you have your mind set on something there's just no way anyone can get through to you. So that explains why he's sitting on the bed, head on his palm as he watches you work at the desk.
When he sees you standing up to get another can of coffee, he decides that he's going to make you rest no matter what, and if that means he has to get forceful, so be it.
Despite his method he is still soft with you, only charging at you fast enough that you stumble. He doesn't want to hurt you because you already seem worn out enough with your stumbling steps and trembling fingers.
"What are you doing?" you ask with a slight bit of annoyance in your voice despite the fact that you're too weak to pull away (not that you want to, he always gives the best hugs).
"Forcing you to sleep, obviously,"
If you try to get back to work, he'll strengthen his grip around you. Only when you fall asleep will he let go and tuck you into bed. You may be mad at him when you wake up, but if it means you get rest, he doesn't mind listening to you complain.
Tumblr media
Ruggie is often plagued by work himself -- dorm work that Leona piles onto him, part-time jobs he takes to support his grandma and the other kids, etc etc. But no matter how much work he's got, he always makes sure to get enough rest.
So when he sees you pushing yourself too far doing homework, he tries every way he can think of to force you to sleep. From talking to you to making you a cup of warm hot chocolate. You're obstinate though, resisting the temptation to sleep even though every fibre in your room is begging for you to stop working.
"Y/N, are you really going to make me do the thing?"
"What thing?"
Ruggie observes your side profile for a moment before standing up and walking away. You're too focused to notice his action, and let out a loud yelp when he races towards you. He basically crashes his whole body onto yours, knocking you onto the floor with his hands resting on the back of your head.
Ruggie's hugs are cozy, and he lulls you to sleep in no time. It's probably going to be the best sleep you've gotten in a while.
Tumblr media
Jade seldom does things forcefully. He prefers to use his words. So if he resorts to forcing you to lie down then he must be pretty desperate.
After nagging you for hours on, he decides that you're never going to take him seriously. Whatever advice or explanations on the repercussions of deprived sleep just go over your head and he's getting more and more frustrated.
He wishes that you'll forgive him as he runs towards you. Your eyes widen then squeeze tight, anticipating a hard blow, but instead he throws his arms around you and holds you up bridal style (although the collision was still pretty rough and you got the air knocked out of your chest).
He brings you over to the bed and throws you both onto the mattress, trapping you with his arms. When you ask him what he's doing, he simply tells you to close your eyes and relax.
There's concern and tightness in his voice and you decide not to fight with his words anymore, instead letting yourself loose in his hold. You don't want to worry him too much, knowing that he's done so much out of pure worry for you.
Tumblr media
Like Jade Jamil prefers words over action, but he won't hesitate to use coercion. When he was taking care of Kalim as a kid he often found himself having to use force on him. 
When he sees you still working at 3am with your head bobbing up and down as you fight the urge to sleep, he knows that words are not going to get through to you. 
Even though it's kind of a hilarious move, he treats this very seriously, tackling you to the ground but not too harsh that you'll get hurt.
Jamil is strong -- he is a member of the basketball club afterall, so no matter how much you wiggle you're not going to be able to escape his hold. You're not going to be able to talk yourself out of it either, he's far more sharp-tongued and determined than you are. Just know that he's doing all of this out of care.
Tumblr media
He's amazed by your resolve! No matter how hard he tries to talk you out of your pile of work, you just won't listen to reason. He's not even mad -- he treats this as a little game, finding different ways to defeat your foolish decision to overwork yourself.
He's quite creative with his methods, from sneaking behind you to give you a massage to changing your coffee to tea. The more you resist the stronger he comes back.
When almost all his methods fall through, he decide to up his game a little. You wouldn't have caught him running towards you if not for his yell.
"Here I come!"
"Huh- wait, Rook?!"
You fall to the hard floor with a oof. Sometimes he can be unaware of his own strength. 
"You're finally lying down! Are you ready to sleep?"
"You're the one pushing me to the ground,"
He ignores your protest and continues talking to you about random stuff until you fall asleep to his voice. He doesn't find it offensive at all, as long as you get your deserved rest.
Tumblr media
Lilia is mischievous and likes to do things out of the ordinary for some laugh. If you regularly overwork yourself then it won't be the first time Lilia uses this trick on you.
It's even harder for you to avoid him when he is so good at hiding. Sometimes he's right above you hanging from the ceiling, other times behind the shelf with the help of his body size. You can never see him coming.
The only thing you can do is tell him that you're fine or that you'll be in bed in a minute, but if he sees you yawn once, he's slamming his body onto you in a blink.
Despite his 'petite' body he can be surprisingly strong, so he'll drag you to bed and sing you some lullabies. It doesn't take long for you to fall asleep to his songs.
He doesn't always express his worry straightforwardly, but he cares for you in his own funny ways.
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Taking NRC boys to 6 flags: great America and making them ride roller coasters
Each boy gets a Rollercoaster or ride randomized with the tried and true method of a name wheel everyone at once. Let's gooOOOO
Riddle - Battle for metropolis
Takes saving Metropolis very seriously
Knows what happens if he fails
^This is a reference to making him play injustice
I couldn't have planned this better
Doesn't get the best score, but has fun
Probably wants to go again
Trey - Raging bull
Underestimated the ride
He was like "this isn't terrible"
And then the coaster did the coaster thing of getting really fast after the first dramatic rise
And he just kept yelling fuck
Not a fan
Cater - x flight
He totally loses his phone on the ride
It fell out of his hands while he was recording a video of the ride
But other than that? He loved it
Wants to check out all the coasters now
Ace - Mardi gras hangover
It's just a circle
How bad can it be?
Screams like a baby the first time it goes upside down
Totally didn't cry
Except he did, because his ass lifted off of the seat while you were upside down and he thought he was gonna die
Deuce - Whiligig
This is nice
Just two bros chilling on high speed swings flying through the air
Has fun
Kinda wants to try the more intense rides too
Leona - Chubasco
This is a teacup ride
An indoor teacup ride
But a teacup ride nonetheless
Absolutely just chilling
You're doing all the work spinning this cup
He's a bum 😍
Ruggie - Little Dipper
I haven't been on the little dipper in years
But I remember it was pretty chill
Y'all simply raise your arms and do over dramatic screams
For funsies
Everyone thinks you two are ridiculous
But you're having fun
So they can suck it
Jack - Sprocket Rockets
Not loving some of these turns
Like yeah, he's buckled in
But why are you doing this to him
Probably not a huge Rollercoaster guy
He just doesn't seem like it
But this man?
This man fucking loves the teacup ride
Azul - American Eagle
Did somebody say motion sickness?
Why would you do this to him
If you sit in the back car it kinda leaves the track a little bit during a few parts
Call that fishtailing
He'll start crying when your car does that
But it's revenge
Jade - Aquaman splashdown
Oh this is nice
Grins like a maniac when the drop happens
Not totally happy about being soaked
But you can make it up to him one of these days :)
Floyd - Loggers run
Only got on because of the drop
And the water
Is sopping wet and loves it
Gonna drag you on for a second ride
Kalim - Dare Devil dive
My personal favorite
Excited to go on with you
And you two are stapped to eachother
It's like a big hug
Absolutely delighted the entire time
He's putting one of these in scarabia
Jamil - Maxx force
How did you get him on this thing?
Did you trick him?
He looks like he calls Rollercoasters death traps
Almost breaks your hand while riding the ride
That's it
He's done
No more Rollercoasters for Jamil Viper
Vil - Whizzer
Pretty chill
Until he finds out you have to sit in his lap for the ride
And that this thing is going to be whipping him around at high speeds
What do you mean there's one seatbelt
But he does end up loving it
Probably wants to go on more
Rook - Batman the ride
Loves the view
Also found the line charming
For some reason???
He's not well
Neither here nor there on Rollercoasters
Epel - Revolution
A Rollercoaster fiend once he gets on one for the first time
He saw it and went "woOoOoOw"
And this was the first one
It isn't really a rollercoaster,, but it's a start
Saw the 7 when the giant swing hit the peaks while spinning at high speeds
Idia - Triple Play
Triple Play flings you into the other passenger and keeps you there
He was not expecting this and let out a shriek when you were suddenly pressed into his side
He wasn't ready and y'all are just stuck there now
Having a minor heart attack
Ortho - Sky Trek
This is nice
Gets excited when he sees the Chicago skyline at the top
He asks to go a second time
It's a nice view
Malleus - V²
Wow, what a fun human contraption
Obligatory Sebek is sitting behind you two
Likes the coaster overall
His hair manages to stay in place the whole time???
Drop the hairspray sir
He does that pretty Malleus laugh
You know the one from all the fanart
And now he wants to go on all of them
Lilia - Carousel
A classic ride for an old man
Thinks it's fun
Makes the Diasomnia boys get on too, has pictures of all of them on it
But now it's time for the real rides
Silver - Giant Drop
You literally carried him through the line
And you woke him up when you guys got to the front
You guys got situated and now he's desperately trying to stay awake
The ride does wake him up
But in the fight or flight way
Not the participating in society way
No more Rollercoasters for him please
Sebek - Viper
Another one who underestimated the ride
Holds your hand for comfort
Will never admit it
That he held your hand
OR that he needed comfort
Just... don't mention it
Crowley - Dark knight
Screamed a lot
The dark knight ride has a lot of flashing lights and loud noises
It also whips you around
Bought the Keychain of a photo of you and him on the ride
Crewel - Buccaneer Battle
All of the students are shooting him with water
He's shooting back
You're soaked
He's soaked
And everyone who shot you two with water has detention
Pays for you two to use the giant dryers
Vargas - Superman
Was cool with the coaster
And then it lifted into position and whe was like
Wasn't in love with that
Or the collection of gum on the supports of the ride
But still had fun on the ride
Trein - Goliath
Why would you do this to him?
Are you trying to kill him?
Doesn't get on the ride
You're going alone
Sam - Go carts
You two were merciless
You guys got banned because you were a danger to others on the track
Tbh it was kinda therapeutic
Chenya - Joker
He loved it
And now you guys are getting back on
He's dragging you to every colorful ride he can find now
You've created a monster
Neige - Roaring Rapids
Loves it
Even the parts where he got sprayed with water
Has loads of fun
Probably wants to go on other rides too
Just no coasters for him
He might cry
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britishassistant · 2 years
ok but the megamind scene where he is trying to intimidate Roxanne and she says "she spider's new" and blows it on him is definitely Jamil and Yuu
Jamil freezes up when Yuu mentions the spider, but it wouldn’t do to show weakness in front of his crush the reporter!! He’s a supervillain! He’s got a reputation to uphold as the (soon to be) most fearsome menace of the city! This will show them “predictable”!
So Jamil does what he does best; he improvises. He begins talking up exactly how lethal the Black Widower is, with a bite that makes a weaver ant’s seem like a mere pinch, and neurotoxin venom that kills slowly and excruciatingly painfully, to the point where his description has even his own hands trembling where they’re clasped behind his back—
Yuu blows the spider onto his face.
Jamil’s shriek can be heard from the other side of the city.
Kalim immediately beans him in the face with his staff to try and kill the arachnid. Several times.
Kalim does not manage to kill the arachnid.
The spider is loose in the lair.
Jamil is forced to call off his evil schemes for the day to order a manhunt for the spider.
(Yuu eventually traps it under a cup and releases it outside. They do not publish this episode in the paper the next day.)
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otakusheep15 · 7 months
Can i have a twst matchup plz
Gender: cis female
Pronouns: she/her
Sexuality: heterosexual ally
Positive traits: kind smart funny motherly responsible empathetic caring compassionate polite respectful helpful thoughtful considerate obedient
Neutral: introvert curious protective sensitive nerdy
Negative traits: anxious emotional moody perfectionist people pleaser shy nervous indecisive fearful awkward low confidence low self esteem clumsy
Likes: animals fantasy magic sci fi anime cartoons friends alone time personality quizzes bread sweets learning
Dislikes: spiders loud sounds people who harm others people i care about not caring for themselves weird holes and patterns failing letting people down math and tests
Hobbies: reading writing video games music
Favorite color: pink blue black purple green silver
Extra: i pace a lot i sing when im alone i talk to myself im a picky eater
Thank you
I match you with Kalim!
Your general vibes mesh really well with Kalim. The both of you are very kind, empathetic, and caring. He's also someone who appreciates humor, so he'd appreciate you being funny. You being motherly and responsible helps a lot since it allows for Jamil to have a break while you watch Kalim. Being smart also means you can help tutor Kalim in the classes he might be struggling in, which is basically all of them. Both you and Kalim are curious, so he likes to travel around with you and discover new things. He also takes you on magic carpet rides so you can look at the stars.
While you may be shy and anxious, Kalim is bright and extraverted. He doesn't mind handling all of the socializing, and he always makes sure you're comfortable when you're with him. There will also never be a day where you have low self-esteem on his watch. Kalim is your number one hype man, and he will fight all of your negative thoughts and feelings. He'll do anything within his abilities to make you feel your absolute best, and he will stop at nothing. The only downside to the two of y'all being together is that you both can be quite clumsy, which can be a headache for Jamil. But besides that, the both you work wonderfully together.
Luckily for you, Kalim is an animal magnet, so anytime you're with him, there will probably be at least one random creature as well. He'd also be super into cartoons and anime when you show him some. Kalim can't really bake, but Jamil can, so having fresh-baked bread and sweets becomes pretty common for you. And, naturally, Kamil can do magic, and he'd be more than happy to teach you some spells, even if he's not very good at teaching.
Good news, Kalim is the type to kill the spiders for you. And by kill, I means he's the type to trap them in a cup and gently place them outside, but it's close enough. He will also protect you from any loud sounds, and makes sure you have a quiet place to stay during one of his parties. I'm just gonna put this out there: you could never let Kalim down ever. It does not matter what you do, he will never feel let down by you, and he will hype you up no matter the circumstances. Like you, he also hates tests, so you two can hate them together, and then eventually get scolded by Jamil and Riddle.
Rules for matchups
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Jamil + an S/O who just LOVES BUGS. like just loves them in all shapes and sizes
Oh his sweet S/O. So good and pure and wonderdul in his eyes.
He cannot see what they LIKE in the damn things, but they're the type to take the spider outside in a cup, or to use things to ward away insects instead of killing them.
Jamil recalls when they first met, in the greenhouses, and they were studying a small terrerium that had a scorpion in it.
Of course he kept a good distance away, but the passion they spoke with about how healthy their little pal was! How their chitin was so healthy and sleek, and how they had eaten up their crickets so well!
Jamil could not help but find them charming.
Granted, their S/O was a fan of other 'undesirable' things like mold and fungus and lizards and snakes. Jamil found himself wrapped up in their research a lot, mostly with the reptiles since they knew he was frightened of insects and ensured he was kept away from his precious babies.
But one day, one of his S/O's precious preying mantis gets out, leaving their S/O a sobbing mess. They had been raising them for a while, using special formula to get them bigger than most of their species. They were going to showcase them at an insect fair once summer rolled around.
They can't go out and look for them, since they have class. But they might get smashed by some cruel student and that would break their heart...
Jamil would soothe them, but not offer much else in terms of help.
Until he goes out to class and finds the offending preying mantis on a wall in the school. And it's BIG.
The thorax alone is nearly as long as his middle finger and Jamil feels himself freeze in terror. But... this is his S/O's precious pet. And as much as Jamil hates the damn demon for existing, the memory of his sweetheart crying and being so upset over their pet vanishing breaks his own heart...
He swallows his fear and immediately traps the thing in a large covered container used for leftover food. Thankfully he can use magic to levitate it into the tray so it doesn't-
It breaks free and leaps onto his face.
Jamil is pretty sure his heart just stopped.
He screams and manages to swat the bug off into the container and slam the lid onto it.
He is gonna spend the rest of the day shaking but he returns the bug to where it belongs.
He is going to be heavily rewarded for his bravery!
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