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hairscare · 1 day
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something something the killers being irreparably tied together by jeffs actions to the point that it dominates jane and ninas lives and identities even tho jane hates him all three of them are bound together by the strings of fate or smthing
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edgelord-png · 2 days
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miscellaneous sketches that i was too lazy to actually like . finish
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azulghoul · 22 hours
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Trying to get used to coloring again
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I had a big cringe creepypasta phase five years ago, and I decided to draw some of them again(while I was in class, so don't mind the difference in paper)
I guess I added them some quirks that weren't originally there, but that's fine. The fandom is still alive and running, and that's cute.
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ijustwannahavefunn · 1 month
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Happy Halloween 🎃👻🎃🎮
Sorry for not being able to get a video out this year. Tight schedule and I'm planning on drawing something FNAF related 👀 So let's wish I have time 😭
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blotchy-bonu · 2 months
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CreepyPasta page spread in my scrapbook!!! :0
Jane, Toby and smile dog are definitely the ones I'm happiest with, the rest are a little rough
(Also I headcannon Jane as having a gardening spray bottle filled with acid or poison or sumn)
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crushedsweets · 3 months
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are any of them capable of sport ? Hopefully
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authormeat · 4 months
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Quite The Party
They are there for business they promise
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harveylikestoart · 9 months
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Crappy pastas 💕
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haruuinred · 2 months
This is an old drawing that i made with a real photo, i found it on pinterest 🌚
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marbleeater · 3 months
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the time
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hairscare · 3 months
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hes repenting
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googiesita · 2 months
decided on punk... there she is
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devilsspaghetti · 1 year
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INCLUDES;; Slenderman, Eyeless Jack, Jeff the Killer, Masky, and Jane the Killer.
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Oh, to have this eldritch in love with you. With you! He must adore you, ravish you, cherish you.
An old lover at heart, wherever that organ is, he often pulls you into slow dances.
A slender hand clasping with yours, so gentle, so careful. For once, he fears someone will run. That you will run.
Every time he pulls you into another waltz. His hand rests on your back a little longer. A little closer. A thumb brushing on the back of your hand, caressing ever so gently, to prove his gentle love.
He’s never had many lovers or significant others. He found them a waste of time. But you, he’s trying to prove that you are his time. Every time he tries to say otherwise, he sees your smile again
He shows his love by lots of little things. Never big and extravagant. He’s a eldritch that kills for living, why do you think he has lots of money? He steals, yes, but for you? You’re worth more than diamonds and blood.
A tendril slithers to your palm, wrapping around your hand with a loving squeeze. He pulls you close, replacing the tendril with his own hand. His other hand finds a way to your back seconds later, not wasting another breath when swaying to the right. Call him lovestruck, but he knows you’re the only human that makes him purr. You made him repent by kissing his knuckles. You make him swoon with your laugh. For the sake of god, please don’t die anytime soon.
Or the world will feel his wrath. You’ve seen how he could be. It’s terrifying.
Eyeless Jack
A demon? Who shakes in the knees and melts at your touch? He’s smitten. He writes about you and to you.
There are often days where he will be gone, most being the cause of hunting or tending the wounds for an injured far elsewhere. So, he writes to you.
Letters filled with immense love. Words that could build you a new home. Endless sentences that reach no end. They’re all for you.
He leaves them in random spaces that you will see much later on. The crevices of shelves or open on the coffee table; they’re everywhere.
But when he’s home, when he gets to bring your hands to his lips. He softly bites.
No kisses, just soft bites on your skin. With how sharp his teeth is and how much he has, he shows that you do not need to worry about him injuring you with his canines. Or feasting on your flesh.
He shows domestication. That’s why he hunts often. Jack dares not think about eating you, nor scaring you. So he hunts to eat well. For you are his last option of a food source.
He pulls you close to his chest. A purr coming from his chest that can easily be mistaken for a growl. Jack wraps himself around you; almost protectively; he was surprisingly warm. Time for bed. Don’t mind how his nails are digging into your skin.
Jeff the Killer
Ruthless. Disgusting. An asshole. That’s how everyone describes him. They’re not wrong, but he’s just a little more different with you.
Calloused hands cupping your face and bringing you into a kiss. He loves feeling your lips.
He shows his love by: showing it. He’s surprisingly affectionate and physical. You’re always in his hold. Holding your hand, cupping your face, pulling you on to his chest. Maybe it’s because of how warm you are.
Jeff has never known what natural warmth what. All he found familiarity with was the heat from a fire. You’re his fire. You’re why he isn’t cold anymore.
His index often traces random lines on the crevices of your back. Sometimes circling around the stiff areas.
He shows it by not yelling at you. He has anger issues. He’s seen how you cower when he yells. It’s loud with no remorse. So he doesn’t yell anymore. Nevertheless, raise his voice inside the house. Doesn’t mean his anger issues are fixed, but it doesn’t exist inside your home.
The homely scent of cinnamon and nutmeg filled the house; it happened as soon as you pulled the cinnamon buns out of the oven. Mixing the glaze; arms suddenly wrapped around your waist; you hovered the spoon over the baked good. You felt him press his face on the crook of your neck, lips pressing against your skin. He squeezed lightly.
Falling for a killer has its pros and cons. Maybe it’s what distracts you for being inside everyday.
He’s the last expected to have a partner. Nevertheless, a romantic partner. Everyone believed Tim would have someone, but Masky? No.
He shows it by little whispers.
He shows it by simple caresses.
He shows it by not killing you.
There’s nothing more he could do; to be honest, he never thought it would last. But they way you’re eyes light up at him. He finds himself soft.
He shows his love in silence. No words but holding you a little closer. Kisses on every part of your skin. Every whisper can be mistake for a breath. But for once, he prays that you stay each time.
Arms around around you, he carefully rocks both you.
He often leaves flowers or trinkets he found. Sometimes stuff he makes by hand. Other things, he steals.
He keeps you far from other killers. Very far. Even away from his best friend. Somewhere you can never be touched nor known about.
He decorated the home and keeps you near a town. Each kiss is held a little longer, and he revised every second of it.
As you wake, you feel him pull you close to his chest. Fingers softly digging into your soft, trailing down your back. He pressed his lips against your shoulder, a hum emitting from him. He doesn’t talk much, but it’s obvious that he’s hungry. Not waiting another minute, both of you are up and down in the kitchen.
Jane the Killer
She shows her love by doing everything for you.
House chores, cooking, sometimes shopping if she can find herself to go in public. She’s more affectionate with you.
Paint nights and movie nights almost every other day. Loves putting on music while both of you cook in the kitchen.
One of the best girlfriends you could ask for. Maybe because she’s one of the less hostile killers around.
Wakes you up with breakfast in bed. Often has dinner ready before you could help.
Presentation and quality of her food? Out of this world. She wants only the best for you, because you’re just a human who needs to eat well to run well.
Expresses her love in many words also. Always talking your ear off about anything.
A hand rests on your shoulder as she carefully put a plate in front of you. She comes forward, lips pressing against your cheek with a giggle. Jane lingers for a minute longer before retreating to her seat. Now, you can eat.
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strawberri-acidd · 4 months
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I reappear in a cloud of smoke, with a sun and moon wizard cape adorning my shoulders.
Back again with news that I’ve come back to 2014. I actually had NO idea the fandom was still like alive (I would say thriving but it just seems low key rn) and I’m like ykw fuck it! I wanna have fun! I wanna redesign my old oc now that I’ve improved on my art! plus people seem to really enjoy my style and I just wanted to see what’d they look like in it.
AND I KNOW SHUT UP IM REWATCHING MARBLE HORNETS AS WE SPEAK. Shhhhhh it’s an amazing series and I still wanted to include them.
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ijustwannahavefunn · 6 months
Tumblr media
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