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devilsspaghetti · 1 year
Tumblr media
INCLUDES;; Slenderman, Eyeless Jack, Jeff the Killer, Masky, and Jane the Killer.
Tumblr media
Oh, to have this eldritch in love with you. With you! He must adore you, ravish you, cherish you.
An old lover at heart, wherever that organ is, he often pulls you into slow dances.
A slender hand clasping with yours, so gentle, so careful. For once, he fears someone will run. That you will run.
Every time he pulls you into another waltz. His hand rests on your back a little longer. A little closer. A thumb brushing on the back of your hand, caressing ever so gently, to prove his gentle love.
He’s never had many lovers or significant others. He found them a waste of time. But you, he’s trying to prove that you are his time. Every time he tries to say otherwise, he sees your smile again
He shows his love by lots of little things. Never big and extravagant. He’s a eldritch that kills for living, why do you think he has lots of money? He steals, yes, but for you? You’re worth more than diamonds and blood.
A tendril slithers to your palm, wrapping around your hand with a loving squeeze. He pulls you close, replacing the tendril with his own hand. His other hand finds a way to your back seconds later, not wasting another breath when swaying to the right. Call him lovestruck, but he knows you’re the only human that makes him purr. You made him repent by kissing his knuckles. You make him swoon with your laugh. For the sake of god, please don’t die anytime soon.
Or the world will feel his wrath. You’ve seen how he could be. It’s terrifying.
Eyeless Jack
A demon? Who shakes in the knees and melts at your touch? He’s smitten. He writes about you and to you.
There are often days where he will be gone, most being the cause of hunting or tending the wounds for an injured far elsewhere. So, he writes to you.
Letters filled with immense love. Words that could build you a new home. Endless sentences that reach no end. They’re all for you.
He leaves them in random spaces that you will see much later on. The crevices of shelves or open on the coffee table; they’re everywhere.
But when he’s home, when he gets to bring your hands to his lips. He softly bites.
No kisses, just soft bites on your skin. With how sharp his teeth is and how much he has, he shows that you do not need to worry about him injuring you with his canines. Or feasting on your flesh.
He shows domestication. That’s why he hunts often. Jack dares not think about eating you, nor scaring you. So he hunts to eat well. For you are his last option of a food source.
He pulls you close to his chest. A purr coming from his chest that can easily be mistaken for a growl. Jack wraps himself around you; almost protectively; he was surprisingly warm. Time for bed. Don’t mind how his nails are digging into your skin.
Jeff the Killer
Ruthless. Disgusting. An asshole. That’s how everyone describes him. They’re not wrong, but he’s just a little more different with you.
Calloused hands cupping your face and bringing you into a kiss. He loves feeling your lips.
He shows his love by: showing it. He’s surprisingly affectionate and physical. You’re always in his hold. Holding your hand, cupping your face, pulling you on to his chest. Maybe it’s because of how warm you are.
Jeff has never known what natural warmth what. All he found familiarity with was the heat from a fire. You’re his fire. You’re why he isn’t cold anymore.
His index often traces random lines on the crevices of your back. Sometimes circling around the stiff areas.
He shows it by not yelling at you. He has anger issues. He’s seen how you cower when he yells. It’s loud with no remorse. So he doesn’t yell anymore. Nevertheless, raise his voice inside the house. Doesn’t mean his anger issues are fixed, but it doesn’t exist inside your home.
The homely scent of cinnamon and nutmeg filled the house; it happened as soon as you pulled the cinnamon buns out of the oven. Mixing the glaze; arms suddenly wrapped around your waist; you hovered the spoon over the baked good. You felt him press his face on the crook of your neck, lips pressing against your skin. He squeezed lightly.
Falling for a killer has its pros and cons. Maybe it’s what distracts you for being inside everyday.
He’s the last expected to have a partner. Nevertheless, a romantic partner. Everyone believed Tim would have someone, but Masky? No.
He shows it by little whispers.
He shows it by simple caresses.
He shows it by not killing you.
There’s nothing more he could do; to be honest, he never thought it would last. But they way you’re eyes light up at him. He finds himself soft.
He shows his love in silence. No words but holding you a little closer. Kisses on every part of your skin. Every whisper can be mistake for a breath. But for once, he prays that you stay each time.
Arms around around you, he carefully rocks both you.
He often leaves flowers or trinkets he found. Sometimes stuff he makes by hand. Other things, he steals.
He keeps you far from other killers. Very far. Even away from his best friend. Somewhere you can never be touched nor known about.
He decorated the home and keeps you near a town. Each kiss is held a little longer, and he revised every second of it.
As you wake, you feel him pull you close to his chest. Fingers softly digging into your soft, trailing down your back. He pressed his lips against your shoulder, a hum emitting from him. He doesn’t talk much, but it’s obvious that he’s hungry. Not waiting another minute, both of you are up and down in the kitchen.
Jane the Killer
She shows her love by doing everything for you.
House chores, cooking, sometimes shopping if she can find herself to go in public. She’s more affectionate with you.
Paint nights and movie nights almost every other day. Loves putting on music while both of you cook in the kitchen.
One of the best girlfriends you could ask for. Maybe because she’s one of the less hostile killers around.
Wakes you up with breakfast in bed. Often has dinner ready before you could help.
Presentation and quality of her food? Out of this world. She wants only the best for you, because you’re just a human who needs to eat well to run well.
Expresses her love in many words also. Always talking your ear off about anything.
A hand rests on your shoulder as she carefully put a plate in front of you. She comes forward, lips pressing against your cheek with a giggle. Jane lingers for a minute longer before retreating to her seat. Now, you can eat.
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raythekiller · 5 months
Hello! :> I was wondering if I could request Toby, Ben, Jeff, Lane and EJ with a reader who is already very flirty but when they drink they get very affectionate and touchy. They won’t stop touching them and will be very suggestive? Thank you in advance! Please never stop posting Lane content I am in love
Tumblr media
🗒 ❛ S/O Gets Suggestive When Drunk ༉‧₊˚✧
Tumblr media
Featuring: Jeff The Killer, Ben Drowned, Ticci Toby, Eyeless Jack, Masky, Hoodie, Jane The Killer, Lane The Lurker
#Notes: merging these two asks together cause they're fairly similar. also warning for slightly suggestive content
pronouns used: none, gn! reader
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Tumblr media
꒰⸝⸝₊⛓┊Jeff The Killer
He gets a bit startled at first. Where did this come from all of a sudden? He just offered you a few drinks, he didn't expect you to be all over him. When you start kissing him, he doesn't think much about it at first, figuring you just wanted a quick peek, but as it starts to get more heated and sensual he pulls away, surprisingly flushed, and asks "The fuck are you doing?". It comes off a bit rude, but that's just because he's surprised - he doesn't oppose it at all. If anything, he loves the attention. As you keep making out, he gets a boner in seconds and is a little embarrassed about it, but covers it up by being a little bold himself, pushing you onto his lap, kissing you harshly in revenge.
Tumblr media
꒰⸝⸝₊⛓┊Ben Drowned
Not gonna lie, he definitely got you drunk to see if you... "Loosened" up a little, if you know what I mean. Ecstatic once he got what he wanted. As soon as you started being all over him, he felt a heat rushing through him with the excitement he felt at the idea of what'd come next. Once you kiss him, making him taste the alcohol in your tongue, he's pratically whimpering, kissing back eagerly. SUPER hot and bothered, either waits for you to suggest to continue this somewhere more private or excuses himself to the bathroom.
Tumblr media
꒰⸝⸝₊⛓┊Ticci Toby
He starts getting a bit worried once he sees the alcohol start getting a hold of you, so he rushes to your side to ask if you wanna sit down or go rest, maybe ease up a little. Was NOT expecting you to throw your arms over his shoulders, pulling him close while talking about how much of a pretty boy he was. Gets weak in the knees at the petname. Once you begin kissing him, starting from his neck and working your way up to his mouth, he swears he was could have fainted. Extremely flustered, but not complaining. Kisses back shyly and offers to take you to bed, for a rest or something else.
Tumblr media
꒰⸝⸝₊⛓┊Eyeless Jack
Another one who gets worried when he notices you're taking it a bit too far. Fetches you a glass of water and grabs you to sit you down, before you switch it around and push him onto a chair, then sitting on his lap. He just stares at you extremely confused for a second before you start caressing and kissing him, mumbling about how much you loved him. He feels himself start to get hot and bothered, but it feels wrong to indulge in your advances when you're not completely sober, so he grabs you bridal style and takes you to your room, laying you down in bed. Refuses to lay down with you, scared you might try to escalate the situation, simply sitting by your side until you doze off. He just doesn't want to do anything without having your full, sober consent.
Tumblr media
Scuffs at you when he sees you drunk, jokingly calling you a lightweight (regardless of how much you drank to get into this state). Once you wrap your arms around his torso, your head resting on his chest as you look up at him and ask him to bend down a little, he looks at you suspiciously before complying. You immediately cup his face and kiss him, catching him extremely off guard. He still kisses back, tongue exploring your mouth, but is a little bit flushed after you pull away. If you keep caressing and touching him, he might just pin you against a wall. He's not the best at self control.
Tumblr media
This fucker was the one who suggested you two got drunk in the first place, he thought it'd be fun and he's a super heavyweight, so he was excited to see what kind of drunk you were. A few shots later and you're sitting on his lap, arms wrapped around him and his hand on your waist as you two make out. He's super eager with it too, smiling to himself while thinking about how much bolder you become while not sober. He moves you so that you can wrap your legs around his waist, deepening the kiss. He's more than willing to let things escalate.
Tumblr media
꒰⸝⸝₊⛓┊Jane The Killer
This poor woman gets so worried once you start drinking a bit too much - she told you it was probably a bad idea, but you insisted and now she's too worried to leave you alone, settling on babysitting you instead. She just kind of sits in a corner and watches you from afar until you approach her, cooing "Janey~" in a voice that made it obvious you were not in your right state of mind. She stands up and you throw yourself on her arms, kissing her messily. She's a little startled, but doesn't push you away and instead lets you continue, holding your waist to keep you close and steady. Doesn't really get too hot and bothered, but does find the sudden change in behavior amusing.
Tumblr media
꒰⸝⸝₊⛓┊Lane The Lurker
They definitely wanted to drink with you, but like Brian, they're a bit of a heavyweight. A few shots in and they're still laughing and talking normally while you're barely able to walk, going up to them and sitting on their lap. Kind of stares at you in amusement, raised eyebrow and a smirk as they ask "Oh? What's this about, darling?", clearly enjoying the sudden attention. When you initiate a kiss, they're quick to escalate it to a makeout, exploring your mouth eagerly as their hands travel through your body. They're going to suggest you two drink together more often after this.
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average-egirl · 8 months
Who fell first vs Who fell harder (Creeps ver.)
Tw: brief mention of murder and sex in Ben's, mention of blood in ej's.
Characters:Jane tk, Nina tk, Jeff tk, BEN DROWNED, Ticci toby, Eyeless jack, Masky, Hoodie, Bloody painter, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Brahms heelshire, Bo Sinclair, Vincent Sinclair, Billy lenz.
Jane the killer
She fell first, you fell harder.
When you were first introduced to the mansion she was tasked to be your 'guide' of sorts. From the moment you locked eyes she knew you were different, you were special.
Nina the killer
You fell first, She fell harder.
She had just been broken up with, originally Jane was helping her recover but slender forced her to do some missions so naturally you decided to help. Seeing her sad expression made your heart drop, you had to do something.
Jeff the killer
He fell first, you fell harder.
After slender introduced you to all the creeps, Jeff couldn't help but feel just a little jealous seeing you give all of them attention.
You fell first, he fell harder.
Despite what you previously assumed, the mansion was actually quite boring, nobody ever did anything that wasn't killing or fucking. Or, that's what you thought before you saw BEN playing his switch on the couch. Maybe this place isn't as boring as you thought.
Ticci toby
You fell first, he fell harder.
From the moment you entered the mansion you could feel a terrible, dreadful aura coming from everyone in there, except for him that is.
Eyeless jack
He fell first, you fell harder.
You always saw him quietly walking around the mansion, sometimes covered in blood, but you never thought anything about it, little did you know that he noticed you as well.
He fell first, you fell harder.
During a crowded and quite frankly boring party at the mansion you decided to step out for some air, only to see him leaned against the wall smoking, and it appears that he noticed you.
You fell first, he fell harder.
You always saw him holding a camera, and sometimes you would hear people yelling at him to stop recording them all the time, and perhaps it shouldn't have but, it intrigued you.
Bloody painter
He fell first, you fell harder.
While walking through the park you quite literally fell into each other, you apologized, walked away, and thought nothing of it but after that interaction you kept seeing him staring at you while sketching in his book.
Michael Myers
He fell first, you fell harder.
You kept hearing about 'the shape' from the news you were getting sick of it to be honest, all you wanted was for this awful nightmare to be over, and as you walked home that feeling of being watched was only making you wish it even more.
Jason Voorhees
He fell first, you fell harder.
Your 'friends' if you can even call them that forced you to join them on some stupid trip, but after losing them in the woods and hearing some bloodcurdling screams you started running, that is until you tripped over a stick and knocked yourself out, only to wake in a small cabin.
Brahms heelshire
He fell first, you fell harder.
You were hired as a nanny for a doll, sounds easy enough right? That's what you thought until the doll started moving on its own, your really starting to feel like someone is watching you...
Bo Sinclair
He fell first, you fell harder.
Your friends had dragged you on a trip to God knows where, eventually the car broke down and you had to see a mechanic, as your friends went out and explored you decided to sit outside and wait although you could feel eyes on you the whole time.
Vincent Sinclair
You fell first, he fell harder.
You were walking around a wax museum admiring the art when you came across a guy wearing a mask, he looked quite surprised to see you, although you were to focused on your flustered face to really notice- or care.
Billy lenz
He fell first, you fell harder.
Getting perverted calls from some random guy was not something you expected when you joined the sorority, but it was happening anyway, and your starting to feel a presence watching over you at night.
Tumblr media
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jtkys · 2 months
Random headcanon post
silly habits I think crp characters would have!!
leaves things everywhere (by accident). Whether it be random items, clothes, etc. he’ll go in one room and put an item down, intending to pick it back up again when he leaves the room, and then will just completely forget it was there and leave to do another thing. People have grown accustomed to just assuming whatever has been left alone is Jeff’s, and usually leave it outside his door or in his room. He’s caught onto this, and has just accepted that whatever is left out in the open now belongs to him. Finders keepers.
Doesn’t chew his food enough. I know it sounds silly, but most of the time when he’s eating he just zones out or has his attention on another thing (video, book, game, whatever) , so he doesn’t chew his food enough and swallows pieces that are too big. He doesn’t choke he just sits there like 👁️👁️, and it looks like he’s absolutely out of it, but he’s actually just trying to swallow the food. Will probably just silently stand up and grab a drink to try and wash it down, and then act as if nothing happened. Tim witnessed him doing it once and genuinely thought he had been possessed, now everyone knows to just grab him some water instead of calling for an exorcist.
Forgets to take cans/plates/cups out of his room. I’m also guilty of this habit so it’s ok, but honestly I see BEN as quite the introvert, usually hiding away in his room for comfort. He doesn’t really like to eat with other people and is an absolute iPad kid to he’s got to be watching something while eating, so he usually goes up to his room. also, probably drinks atleast 15 energy drinks a day (yeah me too) and simply forgets to throw away the cans, or to bring the plates/bowls that he’s eaten out of downstairs. He intends to do it and then forgets to do it and then just decides he doesn’t wanna make the trip downstairs again to do it. So oh well. Either someone sees the state of his room and does it for him or he very slowly accumulates all of the manor’s plates and glasses, until literally nobody has anything to eat or drink out of.
Hits his head on things/bumps into things. Already said in a previous post, but I hc this motherfucker to be TALL. As in he towers over everyone. This, unfortunately, leads to him bashing his head on the doorframes of almost every room, as the massive manor they live in wasn’t designed to home demons that tall, or demons at all, for a matter of fact, which leads me to the next thing. He bumps into things all the time, and has probably broken some things over the years (which he’s profusely apologised for every time) because he’s just so big- also, that tail of his doesn’t help. He tries his best to be a careful gentle giant, he really does, but who can blame him for some slip ups when you’re that size? The others would tease him for it, but he gets embarrassed and insecure about the fact he’s so tall and big compared to everyone else, so they bite their tongues.
Leaves lipstick stains on everything. No glass, cup, mug or piece of cutlery in the manor is safe from her various shades of lipstick in red and black. When they host events, when they have a girls night out, or when it’s just a casual night of the adults drinking in the mansion, you can always tell which wine glass belongs to Jane because of the lipstick stain. (On the note of wine, she very specifically will only drink expensive red wine. Love her for that 🗣️🗣️)
Doodles on everything. She gets bored super easily, and hates having to sit still for more than five minutes. She usually carries a marker or one of those scented pencils around with her, just so she can doodle on whatever surface she’s forced to sit at. Sometimes, even if she’s standing, she might just draw some silly things on the walls or wherever she can get her hands on. Very often, you’ll find drawings of cats, random squiggles, love hearts, or random notes about or to the residents. It can range from “you owe me $20!!” To “I really liked the way your hair looked today <3” and it makes people happy when they pass by and see what she’s scribbled on the dining room table or hallway wall for them today. She’s so silly how can anyone hate her
Talks in her sleep. This is super random, but I think it’s kinda silly for her. Sometimes, she goes out drinking with some guy friends of hers and come home at like 2 in the morning. Someone, probably BEN, comes downstairs intending to get a snack (because you know damn well his sleep schedule is fucked up as hell) and witnesses her fast asleep on the sofa, mumbling away. He finds it incredibly funny ofcourse and decides to record it, as she mutters away about whatever is going on in her dream. Ofcourse when she wakes up, hungover and grouchy enough as it is, and BEN teases her for it, well. You best believe that he’s already deleted the video and is undoubtedly sworn to secrecy after the threatening look she gives him. (He still tells Jeff though)
EXTRA (cuz I felt like it)
Shut up I know they aren’t technically crp but it’s for the sake of writing. Hush up and sit down 🗣️
always leaves the lights on after leaving a room. He hates it when other people do it, and will always lecture someone about wasting electricity and blah blah blah, but he’s just as guilty. He’s usually rushing around with his billions of tasks to do, and forgets to switch off the lights after he exits a room. Truthfully, he feels a bit bad about being so hypocritical sometimes, lecturing everyone else despite the fact he does it himself, but he always claims that “it’s different!!” And he does it because he’s rushing around, everyone else does it cause they’re forgetful (he’s literally just as forgetful, but for the sake of his sanity, indulge in these thoughts and accept the lectures.)
Taps on surfaces constantly. This is actually a habit he picked up from Toby, who at first just did it as a stim, but once Brian picked it up, they just randomly began to tap out random made up melodies together for fun. Nobody else gets it, and really, neither do they: it’s their little thing. Sometimes, they’ll silently agree to play a game of trying to guess the song the other person is trying to tap, and if they pick up on it, it’s always a fun little bonding moment of them just tapping on different surfaces together to make said song. They look absolutely crazy doing it, grinning at eachother and tapping away, but they’re happy and having fun, so that’s all that matters. Sometimes, the others catch on and join in, but most of the time it’s their little secret.
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eldritch-nightmare · 3 months
do the others know about you?
Tumblr media
synopsis: you're just a human dating someone that's... well. you can certainly never introduce them to your friends or family. but do their friends/companions know about you?
a/n: is it a good idea to include every single creepypasta i can think of from the top of my head... no. will i do it anyway? yes, i will. anyways this right here is my pride and joy. i enjoyed writing it, and i'm proud of it, so i hope you guys enjoy it as well.
warnings: possessive behavior in a few, yandere behavior in a few, spoiler alert alex almost kills you but dw there's no character death here.
includes: jeff the killer, eyeless jack, jane the killer [richardson + arkensaw], laughing jack, slenderman, nina the killer, the bloody painter, the puppeteer, clockwork, jason the toymaker, hobo heart, nurse ann, zalgo, x-virus, homicidal liu, ticci toby, tim wright, brian thomas, jay merrick, alex kralie, and jessica locke.
Tumblr media
jeff the killer would more than likely tell the others about you, though mostly just so everyone knows that you're off limits for killing. he also just has this thing where he needs people to know what belongs to him so they know not to touch it, and in his mind, you belong to him so. none are allowed to touch you.
eyeless jack isn't that open about his personal life to others. mostly because he can't remember any of it, but also because he's just a guarded person in general. at most, the only people who know about you will probably be jeff, ben, and maybe sully.
jane richardson doesn't really hide your existence, mostly because she doesn't have contact with the others, so it doesn't matter. everyone of importance knows that you're together, and the government knows as well, so.
jane arkensaw would prefer certain people didn't find out about you, though she may tell some of her close friends about you if she's certain that they will keep your existence a secret as well. then again, it's not like you'll ever come into contact with any of the others so long as she has any say about it.
laughing jack more than likely lets everyone know about you because he literally can't shut up about you. he loves you! people need to know that he is so sickeningly devoted to you! even the kids he terrorizes know about you!
slenderman doesn't have any say on whether or not people learn about you because they're gonna find out anyways. besides, it's better if they did know about you because then they would know that you are off limits for killing. anyone who dares to even try to harm you will understand the pure wrath slender can bring down upon them.
nina the killer wants everyone to know about you. she needs everyone to know that you two are together and that she loves you so very much. she tells everyone all about the dates you two have and the gifts you get each other. it's cute, though it can be annoying at times.
the bloody painter doesn't interact much with the others, so not many of them know. helen doesn't really care if anyone finds out that he's dating you, it doesn't really matter to him. though... he will have some words if any of them try making a move on you or hurting you. you're his muse, after all.
the puppeteer doesn't want anyone to know about you, not even his proxies. you're his. no one else deserves to even know that you exist, so why the hell would he tell anyone about you? at most, the only person who knows about you would be emra because he knows that she won't tell anyone if he orders it.
clockwork doesn't let people close to her, so only a small handful of people would even know about you. she likes that none of the others really knows about you, though a part of her thinks about telling them so they know not to make you a victim. not that you'll ever become a victim, of course. she'll protect you from anything, don't worry.
jason the toymaker wouldn't want anyone to know about you. honestly, his whole thing is making sure that you belong to no one but him. you don't need anyone other than him, so why would he tell anyone about you? the others will know that he has someone in his life already, someone he'd burn the world down for, but they'll never know it's you unless they visit his toy shop.
hobo heart would be delighted if the others knew you were his. you have his heart, so it's only natural for everyone to know that you love each other, right? that's how relationships work. he doesn't really speak much with the others, but when he is around then he'll let everyone know who has his heart.
nurse ann is hardly ever around the others for them to even know about you. the only three to know of your existence is liu, sully, and helen because those are the only people she's close with. they don't need to know about you, it's not like they'll ever hurt you. trust me, she won't let them even if they were to try.
zalgo is just as surprised as everyone else that he's like... together. with you. shocks him every day, to be honest. but yes, he wants everyone to know you're his. he doesn't see you as a weakness, though he knows how fragile humans are so he makes sure you're safe from any that may cause you harm. it also sends a... delightful chill to the core of his existence knowing that everyone knows you belong to him.
x-virus basically needs everyone to know that you're together. not because he's possessive in any way, but because he needs to use this as a way to keep you with him. a tactic to keep you from leaving, if you will. with you dating cody, you're safe from harm. if you ever leave him, then you're no longer under his protection. so... stay with him.
homicidal liu is... hesitant, to put it simply. he doesn't particularly mind if the others find out, but he most certainly won't go out of his way to tell anyone. he doesn't want you involved in the darker parts of his life because he's worried about your safety. there are a few that he simply doesn't trust to know about you. sully, on the other hand, would love for everyone to know about you. he doesn't tell anyone because he respects liu's wishes to keep your existence a secret. though, he can't lie, it does make his heart race knowing that he and liu are the only ones who know about you.
ticci toby neither hid your relationship from people nor did he let anyone know about it. he's a naturally reserved person, so it wasn't like he was super open about himself with the others. in the beginning, the only one to know about you would probably be slender, but that's just because it's like... toby's boss, essentially. of course, those who were paying attention could see the signs.
tim wright would definitely keep your existence secret for as long as possible. the only person who knew about you in the beginning was brian, if we're being honest, and after all hell breaks loose, he'd do everything he could to keep you from getting involved. god forbid if jay or alex found out about you. jay would've used you to find him, and alex would've tried killing you.
brian thomas was open about his relationship with you, so everyone knew who you were. you even offered moral support to everyone filming marble hornets. of course, brian disappeared one day... and then you lost contact with alex... and tim was trying to move on with his life, so you didn't really keep in touch with him either. then jay came around, and... well. that led to a certain hooded figure watching you from afar.
jay merrick was neither open nor reserved about his relationship with you. he probably mentioned you early on in a few tapes, and he maybe even introduced you to alex when they were still friends. you'd probably be mentioned in casual conversation with tim, but ultimately it was a situation where if someone knew, they knew. and if they don't, then they just don't.
alex kralie was more reserved about his relationship with you. his closest friends knew, such as jay and brian, but that was about it. of course, once the operator entered the scene and alex started cleaning up loose ends, your life was endangered. alex... he wanted to kill you. he had to kill you. you suppose it's a good thing jay managed to find you before alex could.
jessica locke is obviously very open about her relationship with you. no need to keep it a secret, y'know? you two are like... the couple, y'know? everyone knows you're dating; you guys don't hide it. why would you two keep it a secret? there's no reason to.
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mouschiwrites · 15 days
Creepypasta/MH - Little Things They Do To Show Their Love
Characters: Tim/Masky, Eyeless Jack, Nina the Killer, Clockwork, Brian/Hoody, Jane the Killer
When it’s cold out, he always gives you his coat
Before you even start to shiver, he’s shrugging off his jacket and wrapping it around you
It smells like cigarettes and coffee, but it's very toasty
As he puts it on he rubs your arms, trying to warm you up
If it’s extra cold he’ll put his arm around your shoulder as well
He won’t say a word though, he’ll just do it in silence
If you point it out he looks away bashfully
His cheeks go a little red and he mutters:
“Yeah. Don’t mention it.”
When you go back inside he lets you keep the jacket
(for now...)
It makes him happy to see you wearing it; it makes him feel like he’s providing for you :)
Eyeless Jack
He makes sure you’re fed & hydrated
Whenever you’re out together, he always buys you something to eat
Even if it’s just a little snack
He loves buying you your favorite food and surprising you with it
He knows all your likes and dislikes; he never gives you anything you won’t eat
Same with drinks
Though he usually just gives you a glass of water
He won’t pressure you to eat/drink though
He’ll just hand it to you with the expectation that you’ll get to it eventually
He might remind you that it’s there if you haven’t touched it in a while
“Hey, your food is in the bag on the counter. You can microwave it if it’s too cold.”
He just likes to know you’re healthy and hydrated, it makes him feel relaxed
Nina the Killer
Whenever you’re in public, she’s always touching you in some way
She prefers to be holding hands with your arms linked
She also likes locking pinkies if you’re not that into PDA
If your hands are occupied, she’ll just put her hand in the crook of your elbow
If her hands are occupied too, she walks shoulder-to-shoulder beside you
If you’re out together and you’re not touching, it doesn’t feel right
It makes her a little worried
“Y/n, is there anything wrong? Did I do something?”
Physical touch is her main method of communicating affection, so she feels blocked out when she can’t touch you
It’s also her way of showing people that you’re together
Not in a jealous way though; more in a “look at my partner!! Aren’t I lucky?” way
She sends you pictures of things that remind her of you
She isn’t materialistic enough to bring them to you (unless you ask), but she just likes to show them to you :)
A cool leaf, a pretty flower, a shirt, it could be anything
Sometimes it’s something weird like a dead wasp or small animal
“Saw this and thought of you <3”
Even if it’s weird, she never means it backhandedly
She’s always doing it out of affection
She genuinely does spend a lot of time thinking about you, so this is her way of showing it
The smallest of things reminds her of you, and she wants to let you know
Though she usually won’t give the object to you, she might hold onto it herself
Not forever; just until she finds something else that reminds her of you
She frequently has a pebble or something in her pocket for this purpose
She’ll pull it out when she wants to be reminded of you again
He watches you
Not in a stalker way (though I might argue that he does that too)
When you’re together, he pays close attention to your body language
He uses it to discern your current wants/needs
Like if you’re at a party and you start to look a little bored/uncomfortable, he notices immediately and comes up with an excuse for you guys to leave
Or if you look anxious, he’s ready with a distraction for you
“Let’s not stress ourselves out. How about we watch your favorite show?”
He knows all your physical tells; he can read you like a book
Even when you’re verbally denying it, he knows you better than that
Sometimes he even catches things before you’re aware of them yourself
He gets cocky about it sometimes
He’s not trying to be condescending, he’s just really proud that he’s able to help you like that
Jane the Killer
She kisses your hand
It’s a greeting, a goodbye, and everything in between
She’ll reach over, grip your hand gently, and bring it to her lips
Sometimes it’s a quick peck, sometimes it’s a tender and soft kiss
It's usually when she's feeling especially adoring that she kisses you more tenderly
If she's feeling a little goofy she'll bend down in a low bow and say:
"My lady."
Either way, she can’t go long without giving your hand a smooch
It starts as a show of affection, but it quickly becomes a habit for both of you
When you meet, you’re both holding out your hands already for your little ritual
Same thing for when you’re saying goodbye, or when there’s a moment of quiet
It’s not too excessive, but it is pretty often
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for reading! Take care lovelies <33
(divider by saradika)
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Creepypasta Incorrect Quotes Pt. 3
(Y/N): Wait, you kill people for money?!
Jane: I can explain!
(Y/N): And all this time I've been doing it for free like a chump!
BEN: *screams*
Jeff: *screams louder to establish dominance*
Liu: Should we do something?
(Y/N): No, I want to see who wins.
(Y/N): Hey, It's your turn to wash dishes.
(Y/N): 'Kay, but before that, wash the dishes, also use soap this time?
Jane @ Kate: Stop buying plastic skeletons for Halloween! It's terrible for the environment!
Clockwork: Yeah! Locally sourced, all natural skeletons are much more environmentally friendly!
(Y/N): Okay, maybe playing 'whose family is most dysfunctional' wasn't the best idea. Toby's been crying in the bathroom for an hour. We can't get him out...
Dr. Smiley: I'm gonna need a human skull and and I can't have you ask any questions why
EJ: Only if you also don't ask why
EJ: *pulls out seven pristine skulls* Take your pick
Dr. Smiley:
Dr. Smiley: This one is fine
(Y/N): Imagine if someone handed you a box full of all the items you have lost throughout your life
Toby: Self-esteem, haven't seen you in years
Masky: Oh wow, my childhood innocence! Thank you for finding this!
Hoodie: I knew I lost that potential somewhere!
Kate: My moral code, is that you?
(Y/N): I was just gonna show you this cool trunk my mother left me, but do you guys need a hug?
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rabbitblackx · 11 months
Hey! I wanted to ask if you could do llittle oneshots on how we met the creepypastas?
How you met the Creepypastas
This is all one big one shot. The story continues with each character!✨
Includes: Slender Man, Masky, Hoody, Toby Rogers, BEN Drowned, Eyeless Jack, Jeff The Killer, Homicidal Liu, Jane The Killer and Nina The Killer
Slender Man💖
Slender Man came across you one day while you were on a walk in his woods. He stalked you from afar to see whether you were a threat to the mansion or not. But when you began to coo over a little injured bird you found, his suspicions were quickly debunked
Slender Man didn’t quite know why, but he actually let you leave the woods unharmed with your little birdie friend. Thinking that that was the end of it, he slowly turned towards the shadows, and back to his ‘family’
When you came back to the same spot a week later, you could’ve coloured him intrigued. Slender Man watched in secret awe as you held out the very same bird from then. Thanks to your care, it was now looking much better. It opened its wings wide and flew off into woods, leaving you with a sweet smile on your face
The smile soon fell though when Slender Man decided to show himself to you. Your eyes grew wide and your nose began to bleed. Your brain was plagued with a deafening static, as all you could focus on was that blank, faceless stare
You were his now
There were some rowdy teens camping a bit too close to the mansion for comfort. Slender Man decided to put his three best on a mission to ‘remove’ them. Masky, Hoody and Toby. You were the newbie of the mansion, and was instructed to come along with them for ‘training’
As you all hid behind some bushes a fair way from the teens, Toby bombarded you with questions. You were trying to be polite, smiling and nodding while struggling to keep up with his fast tone
“Leave them alone, Toby.” Masky snapped
Toby pouted behind his mask at the older man. You actually thought he was quite sweet, and wasn’t bothered by him at all
“It’s alright. He’s fine.” You smiled at Masky
You gently placed your hand on his arm, making his dark eyes snap immediately to it. They looked back up to meet your gaze, heat beginning to creep up his neck. You slowly slid your hand off Masky’s jacket sleeve and let your smile linger
Hoody broke you away from Toby and Masky for a spell. He whispered your name, but got it wrong, and pulled you close, so you were both peeking over the bush. He pointed at the campsite up ahead, brainstorming on how to ambush the kids. You simply sat back and listened, trying to learn his dastardly tricks. You also kind of liked being close to this stranger, his yellow hoodie was quite soft against your side
Hoody said your name incorrectly again, then asked if you were ready to strike. You couldn’t help but giggle at his error, finding it more cute than awkward
“Actually, it’s,” you said your actual name, correcting him. “But you were close.”
Hoody gave a quiet chuckle along with your hushed giggles. “I’m sorry.” He whispered back
“It’s no problem, Ryan.” You grinned
“Oh, actually, it’s—! Oh, wait.”
Hoody was about to say his name was Brian, but he then caught on that you were playing with him. You struggled to keep your laughter quiet, your shoulders shaking as you beamed at the man
“Nice to meet you.”
Toby Rogers💖
Toby squeezed in between you and Hoody’s moment, getting his orange goggles right in your grill
“I’m Toby!” He exclaimed
Hoody and Masky both shushed him, but you thought it was funny
“Nice to meet you, Toby.”
Toby giggled, looking back and forth at the two other men. “I like em’, guys! They’re cute. Slendy was right picking this one!” He rambled
Masky shushed him again, while Hoody got up to get closer to the doomed campsite
“Thank you, Toby.” You smiled bashfully at the boy
Masky got caught up with the actual mission, and he snuck into the shadows with Hoody. While they were dealing with the pesky teenagers, you kept watch with Toby
“You’re real pretty too! Where—where’re you from?” He asked, leaning in close to you
Your face flushed bright red, and you looked away shyly. Toby’s tinted goggles stared into your soul, but with good intent. You were right before. He was sweet
“Well…” you started
BEN Drowned💖
You returned to Slender’s mansion after your first ‘mission’, and flopped down onto the couch. There wasn’t a soul in sight. You flipped through some boring tv channels for a good while, before you spotted an old game console by the coffee table. You slipped off the couch and sat on the carpet, inspecting the console and its dusty controllers
“Hey.” A voice suddenly said
With a shriek, you whipped your eyes up to the tv, where you saw BEN Drowned peaking out of the screen. You threw yourself back onto the floor and clutched your heart
BEN cringed at your outburst, reaching more of his body out of the tv. “Whoops. Didn’t mean to scare ya that bad.” The corner of his lip quirked up into an amused smirk
Your chest heaved, your hand gripping it through your shirt. “Well, ya did.” You sassed, rising up into a seated position
BEN chuckled. “Sorry,” he shrugged
You were just inches away, him looking down at you from the tv, and you gazing up at him from the floor
“So who are you supposed to be?” You blurted out
BEN yanked himself fully from the tv, sitting crosslegged in front of you. He was definitely… quirky. Them big red eyes dripping blood and all… you had ran into many creepy people since Slender Man took you in here
“BEN.” He stuck his hand out for you to shake. “And you are…?”
Eyeless Jack💖
After wrapping up your chat, BEN disappeared back within the tv screen, seemingly into one of the console’s old games. Just as you stood from the floor, you were scared out of your skin once again when the front door was ripped open. Jeff The Killer bursted through, clutching his bloody side
You hadn’t met this boy yet, but ran over to his aid regardless. You snaked an arm around his shoulder and guided him down to the basement, where you were told an infirmary was
Upon entering the dim infirmary, you and the injured Jeff were greeted by none other than Eyeless Jack. He slowly tilted his head to side, ‘eyeing’ you curiously
“You need to help him. He’s hurt!” You yelped
Without another word, Jack took Jeff off your hands, forcing him over to a hospital bed to dress his wounds. You watched worriedly from the sidelines, getting peeks here and there of him patching up what looked like a stab wound in Jeff’s side
After a little while, Jack finished mending the other boy and left him to rest, walking up to you instead
“Thank you for bringing him down here.” Jack said, giving you a polite nod
You mimicked his action, nodding back to him shyly. “It’s no worries. Why wouldn’t I?” You giggled nervously
“You must be the newcomer. I don’t believe we’ve met. My name is Jack. Pleasure to meet you.” Jack formally introduced himself
He stuck out a gloved hand, and you shook it cheerfully
“Nice to meet you, Jack.” You smiled, and then told him your own name
Jeff The Killer💖
Jack left you and Jeff alone, going into the other room to clean his tools. You shuffled over to the hospital bed Jeff sat on, telling him your name with a gentle smile
“Are you okay now?” You added
The killer grunted, running a pale hand over his stitched up side. You couldn’t help but admire his lean build
“I’m fine.” Jeff muttered, dropping his hoodie back over his belly
“Okay, that’s good.” You squeaked, fiddling with your hands as the air grew thick
He kept his eyes adverted from yours for a few moments, before sighing begrudgingly. “I’m Jeff... thanks for the help, kid.” He grumbled
You were no kid, but you let it slide because you could tell it was very hard for him to say. Some boys were so stubborn…
“You’re welcome, Jeff.” You cooed sweetly
Jeff looked away from you again, fighting back a blush on his deathly white face. Something in his eyes twinkled. He seemed to like the way you spoke to him. He liked to feel cared for, maybe even mothered sometimes…
Maybe having you around from now on wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world
Homicidal Liu💖
The next morning, you wandered the spooky halls of Slender Man’s mansion
“Hey,” you heard a boy say from behind you
You whipped around, half expecting BEN, only to be greeted with a new face. A new stitched up face, that was
“I heard about what you did for my brother last night. How you took him to Jack and all.” The boy trailed
You tilted your head, “you’re Jeff’s brother?” You asked
He nodded, “yeah. Thanks for looking out for him.”
You gave you him your friendliest of smiles, nodding back curtly. “No worries.” You beamed
Jeff’s brother stared at you, before catching himself and quickly breaking the silence. “I’m Liu, by the way. Liu Woods.” He blurted out
“Hey there, Liu.” You giggled
Jane The Killer💖
You found Jeff downstairs, arguing with Jane The Killer. You attempted to walk past unnoticed, but she called out to you
“You’re the one that saved Jeff’s butt? The newbie?” Jane asked
You gritted your teeth before turning around, facing the two killers. “Uh, yeah. I am, I guess.” You shrugged
Jeff quickly butted in, glaring daggers into the girl. “I was fine by myself. I didn’t need any help.” He snapped at her, his pride clearly stung
Since Jane’s eyes were all black, you couldn’t tell, but she rolled them with a snarky laugh. Jeff stormed off grumbling, leaving you two as he went to sulk in his room
“My name is Jane. What’s yours?” She asked
You were so entranced by her beautiful, feminine looks. You had to give your mind a few seconds to process her question, before stammering out your own name
“I’m new.” You added lamely
Jane chuckled, thinking you were cute. “See you around, sweetie. I’d be careful if I were you.” She left her black lips ajar as she winked at you, before turning away and around a corner
Nina The Killer💖
As you entered the living room, you were practically ambushed by a certain brightly dressed girl
“Hi!” The moment Nina The Killer spotted you across the way, she was skipping over to you excitedly. “You’re the newbie, right?” She giggled
You opened your mouth to reply. “Yeah, I’m—!”
Nina interrupted you, blurting out your name in a singsong tone. “I’ve heard about you! You helped Jeff last night!” She exclaimed
Word really did catch on. Especially in this mansion filled with… what I guessed you could’ve called… ‘outcasts’
“Yeah…” you trailed
“I love your hair!” Nina squealed. (Extra points if you had your hair dyed a bright colour). “It’s really pretty!”
Your heart warmed at her sweet nature. Even though she was… clearly different. Much like Jeff, Nina had herself a cut in smile as well. Alas, you shoved down any ill feelings and gave her a bashful grin
“Thanks! I like yours too.”
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gritsgigabits · 1 year
Creepypasta NSFW headcanons~
TW: NSFW content
Eyeless Jack
EJ is the sweetest lover you could come across, or so he makes you think when you two first start having sex.
Later on it turns out that EJ has a massive kink for biting and leaving marks on your body. It’s a behaviour that satisfies a need in him to claim you and mark you as his property. It’s also a sign of trust on your part: if you let him bite you, he knows you’re not afraid of him biting a piece of you off.
If it’s consensual – that you’re okay with him leaving his claim on you – then it becomes a regular thing and you almost never leave a mere make-out session without his teeth marks decorating your shoulder, neck or buttock.
If you’re not into being bitten, EJ tries to tone it down to gentle nips. He can’t promise you, however, that he won’t have his teeth firmly against your shoulder at the peak of climax.
He isn’t opposed to you biting him to reciprocate the affection. It might be hard to leave marks in him because of his thicker-than-average skin, though.
Jeff the Killer
Jeff would be mortified if anyone besides you found out that he is actually a massive sub. His life has been a chaotic mess since his early teens, and he recognises that he has a need to compensate for the lack of control in everyday life by submitting to you in the bedroom.
You can make him do essentially anything you want – if you use your commanding tone, the one reserved only for special occasions. You can tell him to lie down and take whatever you give him like a good, obedient boy, or command him to strip naked and scrub the floors for a reward afterwards.
Of course, sex with Jeff isn’t always laced with BDSM-tones. Jeff isn’t someone who would let another person dominate him upon first meeting. There needs to be mutual understanding that what takes place in those intimate moments will never, ever reach the ears of an outsider.
When you two have regular sex (for lack of a better term), it’s a well-balanced blend of aggressive thrusting and tender strokes. Jeff may often be an abusive ass towards you, but his crude behaviour doesn’t extend to the bedroom.
Jane the Killer
Despite her sardonic and cynical nature, Jane is the full-blown romantic type when it comes to intimacy. She wants to be lovingly coaxed out of her clothes while you whisper sweet nothings in her and lead her towards the bed.
Sex is nothing without a proper warmup, and rushing about things when you two are about to be intimate is no way to proceed with a woman. In Jane’s case she will mockingly tilt her head and raise her eyebrows with a ‘Really, y/n?’ expression. You have to be willing to put in the effort if you’re going to take Jane to bed.
As in everyday life, Jane likes to be in control in the bedroom. Or rather, letting go of control is difficult for her, even if she wanted you to be in charge of the situation. It will require a great deal of time and trust for Jane to allow you to set the pace in intimate situations.
All in all, Jane wants any power dynamics you two might have melt away when you’re getting into business. She thinks that in such a vulnerable setting, you both stand on equal ground.
Jane has told you that if you ever tell anyone about the sweet side of her, she will murder you in your sleep. She doesn’t want anyone else to know about her soft side.
Laughing Jack
For Jack, sex is mostly a casual thing. He doesn’t consider it to be a big deal – he can do it anywhere, at any time, and with anyone who is willing to have him.
A committed relationship where he could only have sex with the one and same person was not something Jack was aiming towards in life. At first he finds it shackling and thinks that there’s no way he could be satisfied with a life like that.
If you put in the effort to keep things interesting (in general as well as sex-wise), Jack will get used to his new-found ‘captivity’. He finds that he actually likes to have someone only for himself, which even sparks up feelings of jealousy every now and then – something he hasn’t experienced before.
Sex with Jack is mostly fun and unpredictable. You can never know when he emerges from around the corner without any clothes on, ready to have you against the wall or the kitchen table.
Jack has some sadistic preferences and likes to bite you hard enough to draw blood. He gets off on knowing that his ministrations will remind you of him and your joined activities afterwards.
He finds it most rewarding if, when you sit down for breakfast the next day, you visibly wince due to the sore teeth marks on your butt.
Tim is extremely apprehensive about having a romantic relationship with you. Regardless, he thinks that if you two have gotten that far, there is no reason to avoid taking it up a notch. You’re already involved with him and his life, and it won’t put you in any more danger to sleep with you.
In the bedroom, Tim is attentive and caring. He enjoys the sensual side of sex the most, and wants to relish you filling all his senses: the sight of you beneath him, the way you feel when he’s inside you, the scent of arousal and sweat that you emanate.. It all makes him want you more until he is completely envelop in you.
Tim leads a strenuous life as a proxy and rarely gets a chance to relax completely. The moments when you two are wrapped in each other’s embrace are moments when he can truly leave the rest of the world behind.
With each thrust it feels like he’s walking further away from the strain of his life and closer to the dreamy realm where only you and him exist.
Imagine how adults who have been married for ten years but haven’t lost the spark in their relationship sleep together. It’s an event that covers the better part of an evening, beginning with a dinner, moving on to a glass of wine and ending with pieces of clothing strewn around the apartment floor. This is how it tends to be with Brian.
Naturally it doesn’t always end up being as romantic as Brian would like for it be, but it’s the thought that counts. The main point is that he wants to make you feel like the love of his life, to show you that he is willing to put in the effort and make you feel as good as he possibly can.
Brian likes to see you lose control in the throes of pleasure, to see what kind of expressions you make and hear what kind of sounds he can draw out of you.
Feeling your soft skin against his own, your supple body beneath his hands is as important to Brian as is penetration and climaxing. For him, sex is much more than satisfying one’s needs, it’s a display of vulnerability, raw emotions and love.
Ticci toby
Toby had zero interest in sex before he met you. Once getting into a committed relationship, he has discovered a faint libido in him, but it’s far from what one would consider average.
It requires a lot of work to get Toby to sleep with you. You’ll either need good timing or a solid argument for him to agree to have sex. Good timing means making a pass at him when he’s feeling affectionate himself.
Although Toby doesn’t find it worth the effort to initiate sex, he does enjoy it whenever you two end up in bed together. It feels good to have your warmth wrapped around his length, and seeing the pleasure written on your face when you come is satisfying for him on its own.
Because of his general disinterest in intimacy, you can consider it the highest form of affection and trust when Toby agrees to have sex with you. He certainly wouldn’t do that with a random person on the street, nor even in a romantic relationship if he weren’t feeling entirely sure that he wanted it.
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⛅𝕊𝕠𝕞𝕖 ℂ𝕣𝕖𝕖𝕡𝕤 𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕔𝕥𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕥𝕠 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕤𝕝𝕖𝕖𝕡𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕠𝕟 𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕞⛅(these could be seen as platonic or romantic hcs)
Tumblr media
Jeff The Killer:
⛅This men would freze in place, he’ll look at your sleeping form with wide eyes.
⛅¿Why were you sleeping on him? He isn’t a comfortable place to sleep on. ⛅He would’ve pussed you away with rudeness if you didn’t remind him of something... Mostly to someone, to be exact...
⛅You reminded him so much of this old times in when he used to sleep in his brothers chest, just in the same position as you were now.<
⛅So, he’ll let you sleep on him just because if Liu let him sleep on him when he was young, he wasn’t going to take that will from you.
B.E.N Drowned:
⛅B.E.N can have 2 reactions, ⛅If you sleep on him while he is playing videogames the he’ll let you be, ‘cause ¿Why not?
⛅But if you sleep on him while he is in a public space, like the living room or in a movie night he’s more likely to teleport you to your bed and let you sleep there, ⛅It’s not his fault! trust me! He just can’t Cope being surronded by a big amount of people and being unable to move, he gets anxious and can’t stand the thought of being inmovilized in a crowded room/space! 
Jane The Killer:
⛅She is the mom of almost every Creep in the mansion and is such a caring and sweet being full of love, 
⛅So of course she is going to let you sleep on her!
⛅I’m totally sure she is going to ask someone near her to give her a blanket to put over the two of you. ⛅She is going to embrace you tightly, making sure you feel safe in her arms and is going to give ya a little kiss on the forehead and wish you a “sweet dreams” in a whisper.
Nina the Killer:
⛅She knows she is being rude (and is sorry about it-) but she can’t let you sleep on her, she’ll move away gently until you aro no more landing on her.
⛅That action doesn’t mean she doesn’t like your presence around her! It’s more like a reflex... ⛅She just can’t stand being in charge or having the responsability of someone on her shoulders after what hapened with her little brother. ⛅She still feels somewhat guilty about it...
⛅So she’ll just let you sleep near her, but not right by her side or on her...
⛅But don’t worry! She still will watch you from time to time making sure you are having a sweet dream!
⛅And if you’re having a nightmare she’ll push her bondaries aside for a while and will let you sleep on her for a while, not too much time though...
⛅There’s no posible way of you falling asleep on this man.
⛅I think the situation would be more likely that you’ve seem very tired lately and he just forced offered you to take a nap resting your head on his lap.
⛅You couldn’t deny the fact that you were horribly tired so you just obligued and rested your head on his lap.
⛅This scene was happening in the privacity of his office where he knew that no one could bother either of you.
⛅After a pair of minutes your head started feeling fuzzy and your eyes started closing.
⛅You drifted to sleep not so long after that.
⛅He gently played with your hair while your facial expresion turned more peacefull and relaxed.
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windtowee · 3 months
When they don’t want you to leave bed
Tw! Nothing
Gender neutral! Reader
Romantic, headcannons
Creepypasta version
BEN Drowned
Tumblr media
When you attempt to leave the bed, he’s coming with you.. in an unexpected way
He basically just clings onto you like a sloth or a koala
It’s not exactly ideal when he’s able to be as light as a feather then he’s gets as heavy as a person standing at 5’7 (ghost things, I’ll explain later)
The alternative to all of this is he just wraps all of his limbs around you, complaining until you stop struggling to get up
Tumblr media
She kinda panicked when she felt you shuffling to get out of bed (damn it Jeff. I swear his job is giving everyone PTSD)
She really tries to convince you to stay in the warmth of the bed
It’s kinda like the meme where it’s like ‘Are you trying to seduce me into healthy sleeping habits?’, then ‘Is it working?’
She asked for at least one more minute with you in bed… that oh so ‘Accidentally’ lasted for a couple hours
Tumblr media
She literally just says ‘No’ and flops on you with no hesitation
She might be squishing you but it’s okay because you’re not gonna be moving for awhile
She’s too tired to give you a choice so she immediately falls asleep after flopping on you
She’s sleepy and clingy and wants some affection but she would rather die than admit that
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devilsspaghetti · 1 year
Hey hon! I just discovered your writing and omg it’s so soft and ahhh my heart!! I was wondering if you had time if you could write how the CP’s (slender man, JTK, Eyeless Jack, Jane, whoever else you want) help you brush your hair/you help them with theirs? I have super long hair and sometimes it gets so hard to brush myself ^^; plus some of their hair is so pretty and soft looking I just want to touch it lol. But you don’t have to write this if you don’t want to! Have a good day!!
Tumblr media
includes; Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, Eyeless Jack, and Jane the Killer.
Slight suggestive themes w Jeff
Tumblr media
Loves your long hair. Finds comfort in maintaining it for you. He uses his hands and tendrils to brush through it, kneading out the knots that may have built up.
Depressive episodes are odd to him, but he understands that a human may go through it often. So he took the liberty of maintaining your hair for you when you’re in an episode.
You’re hair gets all the natural oils and herbs; the eldritch living long years to study the plants outside.
The only hairstyles he knows how to do is french braids. Easy to remember and easy to unwind, especially with his tendrils.
That’s his thing, that’s what he loves to do, play with your hair. Brush your hair. Wash your hair. An intimate lover who finds catharsis in moments like those.
If you have curls, he definitely cares for it just as much. Afros put up high or straightened with care. He puts them in twists and styles.
Slender fingers pull back your hair, softly taking strands and braiding it carefully. Moments where his hands aren’t scribbling on pages of paper, they’re caught around your hair; curious. He wants to know what other hairstyle he could do, what other hairstyle that would make you feel beautiful.
Jeff the Killer
Has thick hair himself, so he understands.
Elastics and hair ties around his wrists, some for you and some for him.
Wont admit it but he finds joy in having your scrunchy. Tells others when they ask whose it is and says it with pride.
“It’s my girls.” “It’s my boys” “Just my girlfriends” “Just my boyfriends.”
Wears your scrunchy sometimes.
Just like what he does for you, you do for him. He brushes your hair, pulls it into ponytails or braids. Many reasons and he just loves your hair tied up. Also gripped around his hand
He allows you to do his hair. His hair can be described as thick and can easily be knotted. Sometimes you’re brushing out dry blood or pieces of meat.
It’s not very often, sadly. He prefers to maintain his own but allows you every now and then.
Fingers laced around your hair, giving it another tug. Teeth grazing against your shoulder to give a tender kiss. Jeff pulls back your head once again, another tug to your hair. Oh, how he’s obsessed with pulling it. Don’t worry, he’ll wash it for you later. He’ll tie it back and brush it; anything for you.
Eyeless Jack
Plays with your hair quite often.
His hair is quite wavy. He keeps it short and pulled back; usually with a headband or hair gel on his roots; he isn’t fond of his hair.
But you are. It’s soft and smells nice. EJ does not mind laying on top of you while you play with his hair. In fact, he loves it.
He melts from your touch and can be put to sleep within minutes. Your fingers brushing back his hair or scratching the back of his head; he bums every time.
With nails like his, claws that can easily puncture into skin; are so soft with you. Intimacy with him is washing your hair. Softly scratching your scalp with shampoo and conditioner. Caring for it by massaging oils on to it.
Always pulls you into a kiss by cupping your face, one hand gliding to the back of your head and brushing away a few strands.
The type of man that pushes back your bangs to see your face. Just like Slenderman, he finds peace in doing your hair.
Warm water runs down your forehead, the smell of lavender and mint lingering in the hair. His hands massage your head with purrs emitting from his throat, a soft kiss pressing against your chin. He washes your hair until the soap is drained, wrapping a towel around your head and squeezing off the access.
Jane the Killer
Loves doing your hair. She’s like a hair salon worker.
A new hairstyle every week and root lifts whenever she can. Puts it into twists and rolls it up.
When she does your hair, you gotta do hers. It’s like a salon day once a week. Gathering all the supplies and immediately getting to work.
Hair care is the best form of care for her. Jane has natural, curly hair. So for you to be untangling it for her is a dream come true.
She has tons of hair clips and hair gems. She definitely experiments a lot with it, especially with yours if you’re okay with it.
Trims your split ends or dyes it for you.
Jane carefully pulls strands of your hair and puts them into perm rods. Soft music plays in the background as she takes every new strand and rolls it up. Yet, when she’s done. Her hands rub up and down your neck to your shoulders. She gives a soft hum before tapping your neck, indicating you can go sit in the living room.
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raythekiller · 6 months
Can We have a Creepypasta Reader who gets hurt and how Creepypasta males & Female’s react please? Make sure to eat and drink some water (●’◡’●)ノ
🗒 ❛ Reader Gets Hurt ༉‧₊˚✧
Tumblr media
Featuring: Jeff The Killer, Ben Drowned, Ticci Toby, Eyeless Jack, Masky, Hoodie, Clockwork, Nina The Killer, Kate The Chaser, Jane The Killer
#Notes: this is the most people I've ever written for holy shit
pronouns used: they/them
˗ˏˋ back to navigation ´ˎ˗
Tumblr media
꒰⸝⸝₊⛓┊Jeff The Killer
One of the only moments he shows genuine concern about you, even if in his own twisted or weird way. Focuses more on finding out how you got hurt than trying to help, absolutely ready to murder someone in case they were the one to injure you. There's just an anger in his voice and expression that is difficult to shake off. Will bring you to EJ and tell him "You fucking better take good care of them," in a low and menacing voice. Calls you an idiot and tells you to be more careful after, and although he sounds mad, the way he ruffles your hair affectionately says different.
꒰⸝⸝₊⛓┊Ben Drowned
Honestly, thinks you're kidding at first and laughs at it. When he notices you're actually, genuinely hurt, he panics. He died a long time ago, so now he doesn't have a good understanding of what's fatal for a human and what isn't, so he might honest to god consider the fact you might die even if it's a minor scratch. Will try to patch up the wound, failing miserably and just bringing you to EJ instead. Probably hugs you after, more so to bring comfort to himself rather than to you. He just got scared for a second, okay?
Tumblr media
꒰⸝⸝₊⛓┊Ticci Toby
He can't feel pain, so he doesn't have a good understanding of how much something might hurt. He just assumes the slightest of wounds must hurt like hell for normal people, so he's immediately freaking out, asking you if you're okay. He actually knows basic first aid, since it's one of the musts for being a proxy, but doesn't trust himself to not hurt you further by accident, so he's another one who'll rush you to EJ. Will be super clingy with you after, mumbling about how glad he is that you're okay.
Tumblr media
꒰⸝⸝₊⛓┊Eyeless Jack
As a previous med student, his first concern is making sure you're physically okay. Focusing on that helps him calm down his nerves, since he's honestly panicking a little. Will patch you up in complete silence, to the point where it's a bit awkward, only to whisper a low "What happened to you?" once he's done, almost like he's scared of the answer you might have. Hugs you gently after you explain, careful as to not touch the wound, letting out a relieved sigh.
Tumblr media
Similar to Jeff, his mind will immediately jump to the thought that someone deliberately hurt you, which makes his blood boil. Will be very loud and aggressive when asking what happened, making your breath hitch at the sudden protectiveness he doesn't normally show. Let's out a sigh once you explain it was an accident, calling you stupid before going to grab something so he can fix you up, his hands surprisingly gentle. It's a shockingly tender moment.
Tumblr media
Gets worried, but not as much as the others. He's not one to think the worst about a situation, so he just concludes you probably tripped and fell or something, so he doesn't really question you any further. It's up to you if you tell him what happened or not. He's always gentle when handling you, but now you find his touch almost ghost-like as he fixes you up, then asking if you feel any better or would like to see EJ for a better inspection. A forehead kiss after he's done in definitely in order.
Tumblr media
Doesn't even try to hide it, she's freaking out. Will grab your wound to take a closer look as she frantically asks "What happened? What did you do? Did someone do this? Does it hurt?", her mind is just racing and she doesn't know what to make of the situation. Terrible at patching you up, but does it anyway, she's not letting anyone else go near you when you're hurt and vulnerable. Kisses your cheek once she's done and tells you to be more careful.
Tumblr media
꒰⸝⸝₊⛓┊Nina The Killer
Her face is literally split open, I don't think she'd be too worried about some minor injury. Just kind of coos at you something along the lines of "Aww, baby got hurt?" and offers to kiss it better. You'll have to tell her if it genuinely hurts, or else she's not going to take it too seriously. Like most of the others, will take you to EJ if you're actually in pain, sitting besides you and stroking your back and hair gently the entire time.
Tumblr media
꒰⸝⸝₊⛓┊Kate The Chaser
Doesn't express much of a reaction, either. That doesn't mean she isn't concerned, she just can't express her emotions properly. Will calmly inspect the injury and, if it's out of her first aid abilities, will bring you to EJ. It's the most vocal anyone's ever seen her, asking him if it's too serious and if you're going to be okay. Holds your hand gently as he patches you up, caressing the back of your hand with her thumb.
Tumblr media
꒰⸝⸝₊⛓┊Jane The Killer
Behaves like a mom. Will coo at you lightly while going "Oh, your poor thing. Come here", taking a hold of your wound and gently cleaning and addressing it, to the point you can barely feel her touch on your skin. Once she's done, she kisses your forehead softly, her black lipstick leaving a mark on your skin.
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skinwalkerbratz · 2 months
How to show your love to your creepypasta s/o
Part 1
Listen to him. (It will show that you are truly interested on him he will love that)
Beat him until he's a bloody pulp (it will show that you're not dating him because you're a fangirl)
Steal his underwear and hang it in your bedroom door (will show everyone who you belong to)
Carve the same smile in your face (will show how compromised you are with him)
When he fall drunk, peg him (if he can do that to you, of course you can do the same. That will show him who's the one in charge in the relationship and make him respect you)
Eyeless jack
Tell him how much he's handsome and that he's not a monster.
Use his underwear (it will make you smell like him and he'll love that)
Eat one of his kidneys (no one ever done this before, and for being the first he'll see how brave you are and will respect and love you more)
Hide his mask around the mansion (EJ is insecure about his face, so doing this you'll make him overcome his insecurity)
Sabotage one of his surgeries (he's definitely tired of always having success in his surgeries and probably misses failure. Give him that taste and he'll love you)
Jane the killer
Show her that she can always trust you. (Jane definitely don't trust anyone especially the creeps, so be an exception)
Destroy her mask and wig. (She's already stunning she doesn't need any of those)
Bring Jeff's head to her bed at 3 am and put it close to her face (when she wake up she'll see that you made the greatest surprise of killing her rival and she'll love you more for that)
Always stay close to her even when she go take a shit in the bathroom (it will show how protective you are)
Use her underwear and bras (it will show everyone that you already have someone)
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birdwonder · 4 months
Do you think any of the creepypastas would be okay with a s/o that has a few dogs and cats? Have a good day!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A/N: GOOD question... also sorry this is late !! i was on holiday <3
EYELESS JACK would rather you didn't have pets, his heightened senses mean that he can smell and hear them a lot better and it just isn't pleasant. Besides, what can a cat or dog do that he can't ? He's got good senses, can protect you, keep you company, got sharp teeth and hell if you just want something to put a collar on- ... But if you already have these pets, he'll only mutter complaints now and then but is happy if you are. Probably did want a dog once-upon-a-time so he could kinda get into it eventually, as long as they aren't scared of him.
MASKY definitely is a dog guy and I'm thinking Will Graham-core where it's a man who wears plaid in the woods, with loads of pet dogs. Yeah, he'd be fine with it just as long as they all behave. As for the cats, they're not his thing but if they leave him alone then he'll leave them alone. Definitely thinks it's cute how you dote on them, your loving nature towards them being something that makes him drawn even closer to you.
HOODIE doesn't seem to mind. He seems to love giving the dogs and cats little scratches, finding them nice company while he lurks around your house. If you live together, he helps take responsibility for them under the circumstance you don't get any more - not until one passes away. You find him talking to them in silly ways sometimes. He looks at one of your cats and shakes his head as it climbs all over his stuff, "don't walk around here like you pay bills, freeloader." If he can't be bothered to walk them though, he's 100% saying they're your pets and he doesn't have to do anything. Would prefer the cats.
TICCI TOBY does NOT want pets !! His whole life animals have been afraid of him so he's convinced it wouldn't go well for him to meet them. When he sees you have so many pets, he stays far away from them. You likely have to help him warm up to your pets and vice versa. If they tend to bite and scratch, its best you keep Toby away from them. But if any are particularly docile, it might be emotionally healing for him to have one rest on his lap. However, he is a jealous man and will scowl if you pay more attention to those animals than him. Oh, your dog just did a trick ? Well look at what he just learnt to do with an axe ! JEFF finds the amount excessive. One pet is enough and two is pushing it. Still, he likes to watch how you handle them with care and if they keep you happy, he's not going to mess with that. At first, he wants them to leave him alone, shooting glares at the pets even if they're friendly. But he'll get over it and learn to like them somewhat. He'd honestly like them more if they were friendly with him but were tearing up everyone else, now that'd be fun. But nope, just regular domestic animals. He ain't helping look after them unless you adopt one together, then it's like your fluffball kid. He'd also rather have a dog pls. JANE tries to be fine with it but god the fur ? She really hopes they don't shed a lot and if they do, keep them out of your shared bedroom. They're not allowed on the bed but she'll compromise with the couch if they have to. Constantly stocked up on lint-rollers to get fur off of your clothes. Likes the cats more for sure. She thinks you're crazy for having so many pets but doesn't want to diss it since you clearly love them. Eventually, some motherly instinct will kick in for some of them and she'll want to sew some cute accessories and clothes for them. Also gets them loads of collars to colour-coordinate to your outfits.
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eldritch-nightmare · 3 months
do they have deal breakers?
Tumblr media
a/n: idk i just thought this would be an interesting thing to write.
synopsis: what are some deal breakers for them? what can they not tolerate?
includes: slenderman, jeff the killer, eyeless jack, laughing jack, jane the killer, nina the killer, the bloody painter, candy pop, the doll maker, jason the toymaker, dr smiley, nurse ann, the puppeteer, clockwork, zalgo, hobo heart, ticci toby, zero, kagekao, nathan the nobody, homicidal liu + sully, tim wright, brian thomas, jay merrick, jessica locke, and alex kralie.
Tumblr media
SLENDERMAN doesn't have a lot of deal breakers, to be quite honest. it doesn't have any preferences when it comes to romance. i suppose if it had to pick something, it would say that it would rather avoid dating people with a disdain towards nature. it literally lives in nature, so... it would also probably avoid people who have children in their life, be it a parent or a teacher.
JEFF THE KILLER has a two off the top of his head. firstly, he will never date a Fangirl capital 'F'. if he even gets the slightest inkling that someone might be a fan of his, it's an immediate no and that person very well may lose their life. and secondly, he refuses to date anyone who hates his brother. yeah, he and liu don't get along and liu wants him dead but in his mind, liu is still the most important person in jeff's life. people who commit arson are on thin fucking ice.
EYELESS JACK is fairly lax when it comes to 'deal breakers'. he doesn't have anything he dislikes, and there isn't any type of behavior that he necessarily avoids either. people who aren't fond of cannibalism would be difficult to date, he supposes. he doesn't really like people who may try keeping his as a pet either. and... maybe people who are in cults...
LAUGHING JACK is one sick and twisted bastard so deal breakers are very unlikely. realistically, his partner being around kids should probably be a deal breaker but that's... literally the only way to meet him. he's incredibly complex so he really won't know his own deal breakers until he's like... in the situation, y'know?
JANE THE KILLER has one immediate deal breaker. if you like jeff the killer, she immediately feels immense disdain toward you and she will never even acknowledge your existence, not unless she's forced to. jane richardson is also lesbian, so men are an immediate no.
NINA THE KILLER has one immediate deal breaker as well. if you dislike jeff the killer, she will not get along with you. she and jeff have a love-hate relationship but at the end of the day, he's still her idol and she looks up to him a lot, so.
THE BLOODY PAINTER barely interacts with people to really know if he has any deal breakers. perhaps people who dislike art? though, he can't really fault someone for not seeing the beauty held within the multitudes of art all around the world.
CANDY POP isn't the biggest fan of people he deems to be annoying or boring. now, i know what you're thinking, candy pop literally finds joy in annoying people, so wouldn't he be delighted to have a partner who behaves the same way? absolutely not. he likes to be the one terrorizing people; he does not want to be terrorized.
THE DOLL MAKER is immediately hesitant around older men, so if you are a guy and you're older than him then just know he'll avoid you like the plague. also, due to his pyrophobia, arsonists and people fascinated by fire get an immediate no from him. anyone who may poke fun at the dolls he creates aren't welcome either, and he'll probably end up turning them into a doll.
JASON THE TOYMAKER has one goal only and it is to find 'the one for him' so like... not many deal breakers here. just fall in love with him and never ever reject him and everything will be good! you'll be turned into a wax doll, otherwise, and that's a terrible fate to suffer.
DR SMILEY also rarely interacts with people, though he's not the biggest fan of people who so desperately cling to life and believe that death is something to be afraid of.
NURSE ANN just doesn't like people in general and only has like... three people she enjoys being around so the likelihood of her growing to like someone is small. that being said, something that immediately makes her dislike a person is when they mock her for not speaking often.
THE PUPPETEER has major disdain for people he cannot control. unless he's already grown attached to (ex. emra) or reliant on them (ex. zachary), then disobedience is not something he can tolerate. he's also not the biggest fan of super-duper cheerful people, though that's only because it makes killing them harder.
CLOCKWORK by default cannot stand anyone who reminds her of her past. she wants nothing more than to forget the pain and hell she went through, so to find a person who reminds her of all that trauma? yeah, no, they gotta go.
ZALGO literally hates everything and everyone but on the very slight chance that someone manages to worm their way into the essence of his being, then so long as they don't mind humanity's downfall then they're fine. bonus points if they're good with kids because holy shit he doesn't know how to be a dad. and if they dislike kids then like... that's fine, i guess, but he'll be a bit bitter.
HOBO HEART is fairly hesitant when it comes to love. the one time he fell in love, she threw his heart away. he's hesitant to fall in love again, but he could never fall for anyone who would so willingly leave him behind. he's not the biggest fan of liars either. simply put, he could never love someone who doesn't value their own heart.
TICCI TOBY already keeps people at a distance, but it's an immediate deal breaker when someone starts making fun of him. if someone makes a bad comment about lyra or his mother, then that's also an immediate no. anyone who heavily drinks alcohol is a no. anyone who 'teases' him about his tourette's is a no. anyone who doesn't take his CIPA seriously is a no.
ZERO could never be in a relationship with someone with the mindset of 'i can fix her' because she doesn't need to be fixed. honestly, you should consider yourself lucky that she's somehow managed to grow an attachment to you considering her disregard for everyone around her. do something to make her hate you and you'll regret it.
KAGEKAO is gay, first and foremost, so if you're a woman then it just won't work out. he's fluent in english as well so you don't necessarily have to know japanese, though he'd love for you to learn. people who make comments about his wine habits or tell him to cut back on drinking wine will be disposed of immediately. he also isn't fond of boring people.
NATHAN THE NOBODY tends to believe that most people are in the organization that took away his sister, so by default, it's an immediate no if he comes to believe that someone is in the organization. he can't come to terms with his sister's death, so he'll get rid of anyone who tries to make him see that she's dead.
HOMICIDAL LIU hardly ever gives romance any thought because he's so caught up in his goal of trying to kill jeff that it rarely ever crosses his mind, so deal breakers aren't something he's given much thought. people who aren't fond of arson probably won't like liu, so they're a no. anyone who thinks he should forgive jeff is an immediate no. anyone who is a fangirl of jeff or idolizes him the way nina does is also an immediate no. people who aren't fond of smoking most certainly won't like him so they're also a no. anyone who sees no harm in mocking and bullying other people is a no.
SULLY has deal breakers relatively similar to liu. if you're a jeff groupie then he honestly wants nothing to do with you. if you are a threat to liu in any way shape or form, then he's already planning a way to dispose of you. other than that, he's pretty laid back with this sort of stuff.
TIM WRIGHT has a habit of smoking so people who can't stand the smell of cigarette smoke should probably avoid him. he isn't close to a lot of people so when someone betrays his trust, it really hits him hard so people with a habit of lying are an immediate no.
BRIAN THOMAS is a bros before hoes sorta guy in the sense that if his partner doesn't like his friends then suddenly he doesn't have a partner anymore. he can't date someone who dislikes the people he's closest to, it just doesn't work that way. especially if they dislike tim, like... that's his best friend there, dude.
JAY MERRICK is a gay man so if you are a woman, then... yeah. it won't work. you stand no chance with jay if you don't believe him when he tells you that something is seriously wrong. he doesn't like people who avoid telling him about an issue because it stresses him out a lot so he would rather prefer people who can openly tell him if something is wrong.
JESSICA LOCKE is lesbian, so men simply just do not have a chance with her. she doesn't really have many deal breakers though, to be honest. at least none that come to the top of her head. she'd probably have to experience something to decide whether or not that's a deal breaker for her, y'know?
ALEX KRALIE is like... deeply unhinged in every way possible and will try killing his partner no matter what, so. let's just use the alex before all the operator stuff happened! he can't be with anyone who doesn't support him or his passion project, marble hornets. and in the midst of marble hornets, he will try to kill his partner. there's no avoiding that. he, himself, is a deal breaker, gotta be honest here.
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