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Oh no the overprotective older sibling phase has taken over Danny.
Ps. Just before he left the house
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Ghost!Robin Part 4
Here's your next part of the Ghost!Robin fic for WIP Wednesday. I'm gonna start putting fic designation in the title field rather than WIP Wednesday because I think it makes it easier to read.
Also, everyone came out in numbers for last week's segment! Damn! Thank you and I'm glad so many of you are enjoying this little fic of mine. We'll probably get one more week of this before I go back to Bring Me Home, but it'll depend what I feel like. I want to rework some of what I have written next.
First, Previous
1.1k words + a 464 word Omake (cut scene)
Tim asked more details on the specs of the PDA which Danny happily answered. The things he built with Tucker were always his favorite inventions.
“So are you in school to become an engineer or something?” asked Dick who’d gotten Damian calmed down and sitting. The boy had gotten his knife back and was spinning it in his hands. Bruce seemed to be fondly exacerbated by the scene. Robin had pulled out a ghostly weapon and was trying to copy Damian’s movements, though he wasn’t quite as adept.
Danny shook his head to Dick’s question. “Nah. Hard to get into engineering school when you fail high school.” Danny narrowed his eyes as Damian’s mouth opened, but Dick whispered in his ear again and the boy didn’t say anything.
“I ended up dropping out of high school and getting a GED,” said Tim. “It can work just as well.”
Robin was nodding along and pointing at himself, too. Had he died before he could complete his schooling, too?
“I’m sure. It’s just not a priority for me right now. I don’t need one for my job and I can’t become an astronaut because of my accident when I was fourteen.”
Dick was nodding, but Tim looked confused and asked, “Fourteen? I thought you had your accident when you were older?”
“Why would you think that?” Had he or Jazz made any reference to when his accident was? “No, it happened when I was fourteen. A few weeks before I started my freshman year of high school.
Before Tim could ask anything else, Steph called out from the other side of the room. “Did you say you wanted to be an astronaut? Totally awesome. What made you pick that?”
“I honestly don’t know why everyone doesn’t want to be astronauts! Space is so cool. We can learn so much about the universe by studying it in closer detail. And with how many aliens are now living at least part time on Earth, it only makes sense to explore and see what else might be out there.”
Bruce nodded at him. “I am sorry you aren’t able to become one.”
Danny just waved a hand in the air. “I came to terms with it a long time ago. And my current job is fine. Might not be what I would’ve chosen, but I’ve made it work for me.” Deciding he should change the subject before someone had the brilliant idea to ask more about his accident or job, he asked, “So what is for dinner, anyway? You’ve all talked about how amazing the food is, but what are we having?”
Someone tried to speak up, but Jason held up a hand. “I’m the one who helped Alfie cook. Demon-brat is vegetarian so we have a vegetarian curry. If you like meat, there’s a prime rib roast. Then a half dozen different sides—vegetables, rice, potatoes. Huge salad with all the fixings and a dozen different dressings to choose from. And dessert after.”
“Damn, that sounds amazing. I haven’t had a good home cooked meal in ages, so I’ve been looking forward to this.”
“Has your Grandpa been keeping you that busy?” asked Jazz.
“That, but also getting things in order to take this evening off. There’s just been a lot. I’m spending the night at yours, by the way.”
“I’d be offended if you didn’t.”
Danny knew he could rely on Jazz.
“Ooh, do you have any good stories about Jazz as a kid?” asked Jason.
Laughing, Danny said, “So many! But I don’t think we’ll be able to get to those tonight. I’ve a feeling you’ll be interested in other things by that point.” At his words, Robin grinned and pointed at himself. Danny gave him a slight nod to confirm that yes, they’d be talking about him.
Before Jason could ask for clarification, Alfred came in to announce dinner was ready.
Robin cheered and flew over to sit on Alfred’s shoulders, hand extended, to lead the way to the dinning room. Danny couldn’t hold back the chuckle and Jazz shot him a look which he ignored.
“There better be a place setting for you, Alfie!” called Jason as they followed.
“You made your opinion quite clear, Master Jason. And as I wish to meet your young lady and her brother as well, I have set myself a plate at the main table.”
Tim leaned over to whisper to Danny. “Alfred considers his role as butler very important. He rarely eats with the rest of us unless we join him in the kitchen.”
Danny nodded to show he understood, but had no idea how to actually reply to that. It seemed needlessly complicated.
Once they made it to the dining room, Danny grinned as Robin did a flip off of Alfred’s shoulders and landed sitting down on one of the place settings facing the associated chair. He bit his cheek to keep from laughing as Jason sat down at that same place. Jazz took a seat next to him and Danny sat to her other side. Dick ended up sitting next to him.
The scents of all the food wafting off the table made his mouth water and he closed his eyes just to breathe it in. “This smells amazing. Thanks Alfred. And Jason.”
Even Robin had moved to look over every dish, reaching out a hand to try and take something and sighing when he just phased through it.
Even Jazz looked a bit overwhelmed at the quantity of food. “This is so much effort. You didn’t have to do all this just for Danny and me.”
Bruce smiled at her. “It is so rare for all of us to be together for dinner so we make a spectacle of it any time it happens. And this is the first time Jason has ever brought anyone with him which makes it an even bigger event.”
Danny nudged her. “So, Jazz, what’s it like living with someone who can cook?”
Jason laughed. “Jazz isn’t allowed in the kitchen. You know, I caught her grabbing my chef’s knife before going into the fridge the other day!”
Danny furrowed his brow. “Of course she did. It’s a fridge.”
“Wait, is that a family trait? Why do you grab a knife to open the fridge? There’s gotta be a good story behind that.”
Before Danny could make the obvious statement regarding attacking food, Jazz elbowed him. “We’ll tell you later. It has to do with our parents and that’s a large topic and not one we should get into now.”
Before Danny could ask any questions about what the big deal was, Dick nudged him. “Which do you want—curry or beef?”
Ignoring all of it, Danny shook his head and answered Dick. “Nah. Hard to get into college when you fail high school and are legally dead.”
Multiple people, including Jason, exclaimed at that statement and he looked to Jazz.
“Did Jazz not tell you about that? Our parents swear they saw my ghost and had me declared legally dead. I was missing at the time so the coroner agreed. Sighting the ghost of a missing person is all you need to confirm death in Amity.”
Under her breath, Jazz added, “You were only missing because they had you.”
Danny elbowed her and quietly chirped a Safe now.
Bruce was no longer smiling and was looking at Danny with narrowed eyes. “Your parents had you declared dead.”
“Yeah. It’s fine, though. I’ve an amazing doctor if I get into trouble. My grandfather is watching out for me. I’m financially stable. My partners are able to rent an apartment large enough for all three of us. I have other places to stay when I’m traveling. Honestly, it doesn’t impact my life all that much. Just means I’m not gonna go to college. And only reason I wanted to go to college was to be an astronaut, but my health makes that impossible.”
“Hn…” Bruce hummed.
And Danny had no idea what that meant, but Robin was now laughing, and Dick was exchanging grins with Tim, and Steph and Cass were whispering together. Damian was glaring at him even harder, blade hilt gripped in his hand. These people were strange.
Danny looked over at Jazz who shrugged. Jason was glaring at Bruce and said, “Don’t you dare.”
“Look, it’s really not a big deal. I know it’s kinda a messed up situation, but ghosts are generally treated really well in Amity. As well as any living human, at least. So long as you avoid the Guys in White and my parents that is. So outside of interactions with them, nothing has changed.”
“If you are ever in need of a place to stay or a meal or anything, you’ll have a room here,” offered Bruce.
Robin landed on Danny’s shoulders and was sending out happy-celebrate feelings. Steph handed Cass a few bills. Tim and Dick mimed giving each other fist bumps. Jason put his head in his hands and groaned. Duke was grinning at them all.
Damian half stood and said, “Father—!”
But Dick was at his side and pulling him back down to the couch with an arm around his shoulders, hand over his mouth, and whispering into his ear before he could do more than say the one word.
“Seriously, it’s not a big deal.” Trying to think of anyway to change the subject, he asked, “So what’s for dinner, anyway?”
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The celebration post for 100 followers will be going out in another day or two! I've just had a really busy few weeks and didn't do as much writing as I was hoping for. But I hope to finish writing today and then I'll just take a few hours to edit.
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corinnetheanime · 2 days
I have a billion memes for the Fenton siblings but basically the general hc is this:
Jazz: the oldest and most mature, basically makes sure her younger siblings are okay and behaving, also the straight man for most of their antics (she may join in one or two of their antics and still a major help in their ghost fighting in her own way)
Danny: is in one of two states: either he joins Dani on her shenanigans or is the victim of them. Sometimes it’s both. Still a good big bro but yeah
Dani: chaos incarnate who also hijacks the fridge for Jack’s fudge and wields the Fenton Anti-Creep Stick
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new-revenant · 2 days
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It’s battle time! Line art by : @reading-wanderer
I just had to make the Ralts a shiny, he has her colors, it just makes sense. I also gave her a little super potion :)
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makel-1 · 1 day
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Jazz's doing some gym
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ghostpainters · 4 months
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My collection of Danny Phantom art...all three of them XD 
I miss this show 
1) Fenton Work [ID. Sam and Tucker on the roof of the Fenton works building, Danny floating above them, and Jaz leaning out over the balcony below]
2) The Ghost Train Submariner [ID. Sam and Danny mermaid AU]
3) Danny and Sam costume Redesign [ID. Sam and Danny standing together]
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krossan · 24 days
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spacedace · 1 month
So I've seen a lot of "Jazz works as a therapist at Arkam" in the dp x dc fandom, and while I like the concept, I also feel like Jazz would take one look at the place and immediately be like "what the absolute fuck" at just the everything of the place.
Like, she either nopes out after the tour during the interview or quits not too long afterward starting there, not because she can't take it but because she's so appalled by what's going on there and can smell the corruption rolling off the place and knows no one sent to there is ever actually going to get the help they need.
So Jazz decides to open a private practice instead while still being absolutely determined to work with the various rogues in the city, she is here to help and nothing is going to stop her.
So she just starts showing up at known hangouts of rogues and during their heists/schemes/sprees, and even fights between them and the batfam, just like
"Hi! It’s so nice to meet you! My name is Dr. Jasmine Fenton/Nightingale/whatever last name she’s using and I was hoping we could talk!"
Casually kicks a baterang away without looking because she's being polite and professional!
"I understand that your experience with therapy through Arkam has been nothing but atrocious and that you are rightfully -"
Kicks Batman away without breaking eye contact or a sweat.
"Suspicious of attempting therapy again, and Idon't want to force anything on you, therapy should be on your terms after the experiences you've had but -"
Grabs Robin out of the air as he leaps at the rogue she's talking to and tucks him under her arm, ignoring his feral hissing and all attempts to break her hold.
"-I really think that you'd find it beneficial, even if I'm not the right therapist for you."
The rogue in question is having the time of their life and takes Jazz's business card - and a few extra to pass around - not really intending to actually ever book a therapy appointment with her but way too entertained and excited to share this madness with everyone else.
But then one of the rogues actually looks up Jazz's website and sees all the various safe guards she’s put in place to ensure that any villians that come to her will be protected while seeing her - soundproof therapy room, regular sweeps for listening and tracking devices, the most insane firewalls and protections anyone has ever seen on her network, and ooh she provides snacks and drinks!
So someone finally books an appointment with her, half convinced she's either going to turn them in or is a villain herself intent to experiment on them, but then it’s actually really nice??? And they feel a lot better afterwards?? She doesn't even say anything to indicate that she wants them to stop being villains, she just wants them to be okay??
So more and more rogues start going to her, and Batman was already losing his mind about this woman before - Oracle can't hack her system?!? And her background check shows a totally normal Psychiatrist?? - but now half of Gotham's heavy hitters and a dozen or so other minor league villains are seeing her regularly and every time he tries to get info on any plans the rogues might be scheme via her office it fails utterly. Nightwing got knocked out with something called a creep stick and when he tried to break in himself to get answers she just appeared out of no where and gave him the most scathing lecture about doctor-patient confidentiality before bullying him off her property and threatening to sick her brother on him if he tried again?
And because she's become such a figure in the Gotham underworld, she gets the attention of Joker.
And everyone, rogues and Bats alike, are terrified that she’s going to try and take him on as a patient like she has so many other villains in the city and that's just a recipe for tragedy.
But then the Joker is on his way to the hospital with two broken legs and the fear of god beat into him babbling about eldritch nightmares and whenever anyone asks Jazz what happened she just shrugs and just says things like "I refused him as a patient, he's not my problem." Or "My brother doesn't like clowns." And just, does not elaborate.
Batman is losing his mind over it all. Jazz is just happy to be able to actually help the rogues. Arkam is less happy about how she absolutely destroys their reputation.
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nerdpoe · 2 months
Small thing, may or may not continue, sorry if it's wonky lmao.
When Sam had told Danny and Tucker that Gotham Galas were a whole unknown level of boring, they hadn't believed her.
That had been before they'd gone to one with her, after much begging of her parents and many compromises for them all.
She had been so right, it sucked so bad.
So in Danny's defense, he'd needed fresh air and if he could fly while invisible, why not?
To be entirely fair, Danny hadn't meant to find the Batcave. Neither had he meant to find Batman with his cowl off, revealing a very tired Bruce Wayne.
And he really, really hadn't meant to find Bruce Wayne in the middle of a mental breakdown all alone in that big, lonely cave.
Floating forward, and very carefully remaining invisible, Danny looked over the overly-large screen to see what had the man so-ah. It looked like a mission had just ended, and judging by the chatter he could hear Red Robin was missing.
Apparently, the warehouse had blown up, and no one wanted to assume the worst.
Well, one intangible and super-strength minor superhero on the way then. He couldn't see Red Robin's ghost, which meant the other hero was probably just unconscious or hurt.
He'd have to hurry though.
But Danny didn't want to leave Mr. Wayne here, muttering how he never did it right and how it was all his fault. The man clearly needed someone to talk to, and that person could not be Danny.
Danny wasn't good at emotions, nor was Mr. Wayne in a place to meet a new hero if the rumors about Batman's paranoia were to be trusted. It was better to have the man meet a new unknown on his own terms than to randomly show up in his city when he was raw and hurting.
Frowning, Danny thought hard before letting out a breathless sigh and tugging out his phone, sending a text before dialing Jazz, and placing it on top of the keyboard in speaker mode while removing it's invisibility. Mr. Wayne could look up who owned the phone and make his own conclusions; Danny knew who he was, so it was only fair.
And Jazz was the best Emotion Person Danny knew. Whether the man talked to her or not was his choice, but the least Danny could do was throw it out there.
Without looking back, Danny memorized the coordinates and teleported as close as he could get based on landmarks.
He left just as Jazz answered and Mr. Wayne flinched, and arrive just in time to see another small explosion. Probably a propane tank.
The temptation to make a propane and propane accessories joke was strong, but Danny valiantly resisted and sunk through the rubble.
The search was quick and done quicker; Red Robin was definitely still alive and protected by two steel beams that had landed perfectly to form a protective cross over him. Unfortunately, those had probably also been what had knocked him out.
Danny frowned, thinking. He knew he wasn't supposed to move people with head wounds, but then how was he supposed to....well. Surely one of the other heroes digging above and around him would know.
Danny sighed, floating up. He really wasn't looking forward to revealing himself to heroes associated with the League, but saving a life was a bit more important.
Danny found himself at the end of way more weapons than he would have liked, and almost stumbled over his next words.
"I found him!"
Great news, the weapons were gone. Instead they were just staring at him, barely-there hope sparkling in their eyes. He got that. They didn't want to get it just to find out he was lying or against them.
"But I think he's not safe to move? I don't know for sure, but I think he got hit in the head, and I'm not a doctor."
"Is there a pulse?" Nightwing asked, his voice shaking as he stumbled forward.
"Yeah, he's alive. Just like, really hurt-" Danny didn't get a chance to elaborate before Red Hoods helmet was shoved into his hands, the Red Hood himself getting into Danny's face.
"This has a video feed, take this and this-" and oh hey, something was being shoved into Danny's ear, and Hood's hands were shaking really badly- "-and do what she tells you."
A little bewildered, Danny nodded.
"Um...Hello?" He tried, and a brisk, no-nonsense voice answered.
"I don't know who you are, but show me Red Robin. Now."
Damn, the voice in his ear was demanding. Fair enough, though.
"Yes ma'am," he said, not bothering to go invisible and just going intangible instead, floating down through the wreckage until he found Red Robin again.
What followed was roughly thirty seconds of silence as he dutifully held out the helmet and let earpiece lady look at the fallen hero.
"I need a list of your powers, now."
Danny jumped slightly, almost losing his grip on the helmet.
"Uh, um, I...I can turn invisible, I can fly, I can go intangible, I have super strength, I can scream really loud, and um...regeneration? But only for me. And Ice. And Teleportation, but that one's new and I'm not very good at it so there's like a 50/50 chance of ending up halfway through a wall-"
"Okay. Alright, focus. What's your name?"
"Uh, Phantom."
"Clarify Ice" "I can create it and control it, and it will never melt unless I want it to."
"Staunch the bleeding by freezing the wound on his head. Do not move his head if you can help it."
Danny nodded, forgetting she couldn't see him, and set down the helmet to move forward. It took a bit, but the headwound was in a fairly awkward place. Luckily, he couldn't see skull bone, and he tried not to let the smell of blood get to him as he froze the wound. Human blood always smelled so different from his own.
"I'm. I'm done freezing the headwound, Miss Lady."
"Oracle. Now for the next part I need you to make a neck brace out of what you can that's around you. You said super strength, can you bend steel rebar?"
"Yes, easily."
"Use that, just stay with us so that we can remove it once we get him treated."
Arts and crafts, huh? He could do that, no problem!
Thirty minutes later and Red Robin was as stable as he was going to get under a collapsed building, and Danny managed to maneuver him onto a door he had found to act as a backboard.
"Okay, I'm gonna turn us intangible and go above now, we ready up there?"
"Yes, the team is ready to get him out of costume and into civvies. After that, you're taking him to the nearest hospital."
"Got it."
Danny carefully floated himself and Red Robin up and clear of debris, and even more carefully held himself and Red Robin still as Robin and Spoiler hurried to cut Red Robin out of his hero get-up and haphazardly throw on some jeans and a random torn off shirt sleeve.
"Now go," Spoiler whispered, pointing in the direction of the nearest hospital.
And Danny went.
part twoooooo
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jastard · 6 months
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Thinking about this dumb show again
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momokarp · 4 months
Tumblr media
Walking in on a conversation that you’re not a part of
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nelkcats · 2 months
Build a bear
Danny went to build his own teddy bear with his parents out of town, Jazz suggested that he could make them say they loved him and record it for life, which would help him when he went to college or finally decides to reveal himself to them, that idea reassured him more than it seemed.
His sister probably wanted him to have a "support bear" like her own, Bearbert, and honestly his old teddy bear was good enough, but maybe a new one with a love reminder would help.
Amity was a small town, so the build a bear shops weren't really there, at least he had found one near Jersey, it was a long drive but he was willing to convince his parents to go.
When they finally arrived at the location, using the excuse of a ghost infestation to lure them; he tried to make a recording of his parents love words but all he ends up recording is "Let's destroy that ectoplasmic scum, he's a threat" with a lot of little lengthy things about Phantom and what they would like to do to him, wich only made him sad.
The last thing that could be heard on the recording was "I just wanted them to tell me they loved me, to remember it when they tie me to that laboratory table" in frustration.
Danny decides to give up and puts the teddy back on the shelf, the manager looks at him sadly and he just pays for it, he did not wanted to cause the employee more trouble; at the end he went back to the GAV, empty-handed and trying to remind himself that his parents love him, even if their priorities are weird and misplaced.
Days later, the Waynes drag Damian into the same store, Damian grumbling the entire way that he didn't need kid's stuff.
While the demon boy complains about the uselessness of everything, Jason notices a green teddy bear, with a jumpsuit full of stars and a sign that says "Boo", it was obviously made to remind a ghost, and he was amused by the "dead" bear so he asked the manager the price, she denies and comments that it was already paid for, but the boy never took it.
More surprised than curious, Jason holds the bear in his arms, squeezing it, it was fluffy; that caused the last thing that was recorded to be played. His blood ran cold hearing what sound like a couple of crazy doctors preparing a vivisection, this in itself was terrible, but the worst part is that the boy's voice at the end, although a little damaged, implied that he was the experiment.
Reluctantly he decided to take the bear to his brothers, this is a mystery in the form of a teddy bear and they are not going to let it go. Even if it's not directly a cry for help, he recognizes incompetent parents and a dangerous situation when he sees one.
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zattis · 2 months
Ancient Siblings (dpxdc thought)
So y'all know the trope where Danny, as Phantom, is perceived as thousands of years old due to time traveling shenanigans?
During an interaction with another hero (could be the Batfam, could be the JL, who knows), Danny lets it slip that he has a living sister. He doesn't mention her by name, but in just a couple sentences makes it clear that he has a sister that he has known for much of his life. The thing about this prompt is that there are two people that it could lead to.
The easy solution is Danielle, Phantom's little sister. Similar looks, similar power set, could probably fake being fairly old with some help from the ghosts in the zone.
The hard solution is Jazz, his big sister.
Jazz with her towering figure (due to her Dad's genetics), great physical strength (due to her liminality), skill in combat (due to training from her mother and perhaps some swordsmanship from Pandora), and strong sense of justice (due to being on a vigilante team) and human psychology.
Jazz who, through a series of coincidences and matching aspects, could feasibly be mistaken for an Amazon that left Themysicra in favor of Man's World.
The heroes are scrambling to figure out how an undead, interdimensional being at least three millennia old ended up meeting an Amazon and when they decided to call themselves brother and sister. How did these two decide to find family in each other, of all people?!
For her part, Jazz thinks it's hilarious, and would love to get a set of armor to fully commit to the bit.
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Danny and the waynes
So playboy bruce wayne gets a girl pregnant, but because she sleeps around she has no idea who the farther is and cant provide for danny
So he gets put on the foster system for a few years when, at 5-7 years old is adopted by the fentons
The years in the foster system has caused him some mental health problems and that inspired jazz to be a psychologist
Danny growes up, has his accident, danny phantom happens, he comes out to his parents as phantom and they accept him, but aftrt a few years guarding amity he wants to explore
So he finds a way to graduate early, get permission from the fentons to go on a year long trip(as long as he keeps in touch)
Afew months later 16 year old danny is in gothem and gets into a rouge gallerys battle field
One thing leads to another and when danny mentioned he was in the foster system but isn't any more they ask to do a DNA test...
Only for it to say he's bruce waynes kid...
Commissioner gorden knocked on the wayne door asking to talk to bruce wayne
Gorden tells them they might want to get all of their siblings their while he talks to bruce, and takes bruce into his study to talk privately
So all of the batkids are there wondering whats going on when gorden walks out of the room, excuses himself and leaves
When bruce cmes out he's pale as paper and he says the words no one was expecting
:... i have another son
So they all get filled in and their all loosing their minds
Dick is exited to get another brother
Jason is praying this "danny" wasn't anything like the demon brat
Tim was a mix between hoping this one doesn't kill him, and getting ready to compete with dick for tital of favourite brother
And danian is having a life crisis at not being the only blood son but being the younger blood son
Danny is a mix between anxious at meeting his birth family and exited at having a more normal family
About a week later jazz got a call from danny with the words
:they all need therapy
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doodlesforfics · 6 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Who’s Old Now? by @lirabuswavi​ (um i hope i tagged the right person, cause like im 80% sure you are same ao3 lirabuswavi, if not im sorry <;D)
ok this one-shot literally opened my eyes to sheer chaos possibility of Adult!Fenton adopting kid Billy B. while Teenager!Phantom being mistaken as Shazam’s ward and just ladskjsdk??? superhero/magic/ghost community would not be prepared. amazing fic. such fun.
and some doodles inspired by the fic
Tumblr media
let lil Billy have retired ghost superhero possibly eldritch overpowered being Phantom as protective Dad.
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