yourehesitatinglove 3 days
Regulus: *cooing at baby Harry and giving him all his attention*
James: *disgruntled noises*
Regulus: If you have a baby you can鈥檛 be the baby.
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alexsays-no 3 days
Achilles and Patroclus 馃 James and Regulus =
tragic, beautiful love
Tumblr media
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themarvelmarauder 2 days
Pandora: Oh Reginald
Regulus: you're the only one that calls me that Dora, Reginald
Pandora: what does James call you
Regulus: my lord
Pandora: honestly, I see that
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kevindavidday 3 days
when you don't have a specific fanfiction consuming your entire being for a little while after finishing a specific fanfiction that already consumed your entire being so you're sitting there untethered and useless like you have no purpose or joy because you read everything by the author who wrote said specific fanfiction that consumed your entire being and you need to find another fanfiction that feels like feelings but someone else's feelings so you don't have to feel your own feelings because if you do that you'll explode into a billion pieces like that one person in crimson rivers which is ending in 3 chapters and i don't know what to do with myself after that happens help
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Person A: You're right
Person B: That's... That's an unusual phrase for you. Did you just learn it?
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ardencallaway 3 days
Slytherin trouble makers
Tumblr media
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lilyevansisluv 3 days
regulus "at least im trying" black PLEASE
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
part..1.5? how james got his glasses and pandora鈥檚 introduction!
pandora is what is considered by many a witch: she creates potions and accessories with what everyone considers magic, but is actually science.
the kingdoms鈥 opinions on these 鈥渨itches鈥 varies from admiration (gryffindor) to persecution (slytherin, ironic i know), however a kingdom in particular (ravenclaw) has academies where students can learn this 鈥渕agic鈥 (aka chemistry and physics)
pandora studied in one of these academies, but dropped out and moved to the forbidden forest to focus on her own experiments and be closer to nature鈥檚 resources.
if regulus鈥 parents found out his best friend is a witch, and that he is actively helping her in her studies, it would surely be a disaster (hence the 鈥渏ust like someone else in this room鈥)
pandora and regulus having the same sense of humour <33
foot-blind means that he he鈥檚 short sighted (he can鈥檛 see his feet because they鈥檙e too far) and hand-blind means that he can鈥檛 see things that are close (like his hands), and the number of fingers is how serious the 鈥渂lindness鈥 is
giving james doe eyes might be one of the best design choices i鈥檝e ever made
don鈥檛 think too much abt the fact that the first thing james saw clearly was regulus x
i lied in my last post, the wolfstar part will be in the next one w remus and marlene鈥檚 backstory (and lily鈥檚) 馃檲
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shadyblacklin 2 days
James: I've found a Valentine's card in my pocket
Sirius: Yes, I put it there
James: But... Why did you sign it 'from R.'?
Sirius: What?? I- Remus????
Regulus: Yes, I've seen, he did it
Remus: *remember when Regulus made it in front of him* Okay, I did. Do you want to go on a date, James?
Regulus and Sirius: *aggressively jealous* NO.
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messer3ghost 2 days
Imagine Lily and Regulus talking shit about their siblings
Lily: -and that鈥檚 how she embarrassed herself in front of her crush.
Lily: it was her fault really, wearing shoes that didn鈥檛 fit her and going down the stairs in those.
Regulus: I actually threw Sirius down the stairs once.
Lily: really? What for?
Regulus: he ripped a page out of one of my books
Lily: valid
*Sirius and James hearing the conversation*
James staring dreamily in their direction: mhm
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vynaura 15 hours
Tumblr media
im crawling out of the void with a piece i started when i first started reading crimson rivers! (at the time the first games had just ended)
also fighting my fear of shading hair and clothing by attempting a different shading style :D
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deermessrs 3 days
Regulus, walking into the kitchen: Hey, good morning, lover
James: Hey!
Regulus: I gotta say, after last night, I鈥檓 a little weak in the knees
Sirius: *pops out from behind the refrigerator door and slams it shut*
Sirius: Here鈥檚 an idea: you walk into a room鈥ake a quick scan
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ok here me out: sirius black, with acrylic nails
they鈥檇 be black, and he鈥檇 get little stars and moons on them
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themarvelmarauder 1 day
Drunk James: I like hot guys, and girls. Mostly hot guys. Mostly Regulus.
Peter: I want my galleons Moony
Remus: fuck
Sirius: what
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itsparavion 2 days
Tumblr media
jegulus brainrot tbh
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mxlfoydraco 3 days
unpopular opinion: reading the books doesn't matter for jegulus because they're practically OCs. they are fanon drarry except reg is less problematic than draco because he got a small redemption arc and people can project whatever they want on him and make up his personality.
Strongly disagree to every single aspect.
First of all, James Potter is not an OC. He definitely has a canon characterization, both on his own and through the eyes of Remus and Sirius. Regulus doesn鈥檛 have a canon characterization per se but has canon characteristics. You also cannot write them without Sirius, who has a strong canon characterization. If you want to make up personalities, write OCs or small characters that don鈥檛 actually have any characterization (e.g., Evan Rosier, Dorcas Meadows).
Second, Jegulus and Drarry are not similar and saying that they are is a sign of why an understanding of canon is needed. I鈥檓 not even going to touch the problematic comment (LMAO) but not every enemies to lovers ship is the same? In this line of thinking Dramione is also the same? Drinny? Dron? Lucius/Hermione???
A relationship between James and Regulus is fundamentally shaped by Sirius. Best friends brother is a defining characteristic for them. The fact that James is how Sirius got out if crucial. They鈥檙e also more or less in a similar position as two rich, priviledged purebloods. James chooses to fight for whats right, Regulus conforms until the very end. In which he deflects because Kreacher is hurt. But he has that spark, look at the wording of his letter, so putting him with James is compelling because he can fan his flames.
Harry and Draco don鈥檛 have someone as formative as Sirius to their dynamic. They are the 鈥渄ifferent side of the same coin鈥, both of them are child soldiers indoctrinated and martyred to a cause they鈥檙e not wholly informed on. Their dynamic is built on the resentment of Draco鈥檚 broken fantasy of a friendship Harry rejects. They鈥檙e obsessed with each other, they can never ignore each other. They actively hate each other. They鈥檙e the person that draws the most emotion from the other to such a point that sectumsempra happens. But they also cannot let the other go. They are defined by their exchanges of lifedebts. Draco not identifying Harry at the manor, Harry rescuing him from the Fiendfyre, Narcissa saving Harry to get to Draco鈥
These are vital to their dynamic and none of these apply to James and Regulus. You don鈥檛 even know if there was hate between them. Sirius himself spoke of Regulus with disappointment, not hate.
So yeah, if you want to interact with these characters you need the nuance of canon. You can write them differently but you still need to be informed on who they are. They are not OCs and acting like they have no canon characterization is resulting in hollow, cardboard cut copy characters that neither fit together nor in the narrative.
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