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J.K. Rowling and the Trans Activists: A Story in Screenshots
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I really really REALLY don't want to be the antisemitism mutual again bc y'all do not know how much damage that did to my mental health. But the fact that goyim only ever mention the antisemitism in what is literally blood libel: the game as an afterthought, sometimes not even expressing it by name, and instead focusing on the trans issue - I'm saying this as a trans Jew: fucking stop it. Even if not one single penny ended up in jkr's hands bc of this game it would still be extremely harmful. Stop saying "even ignoring the game's moral problems" or "not even mentioning the antisemitism". MENTION THE ANTISEMITISM. This is a game teaching fascist ideals to PRETEENS. It is teaching them that Jewish caricatures deserve to DIE for the crime of wanting their cultural artifacts back, it is teaching them that Jewish caricatures wanting to no longer be oppressed is equal to murdering "wizards" (aka white goyim) (while the main character literally discovers they're pure bloods...) and kidnapping children - THE OLDEST FORM OF BLOOD LIBEL. Jewish lives MATTER. I'm saying this as a trans Jew, but cishet, able bodied, white, neurotypical Jews also deserve to be safe. We all deserve to be able to exist as Jews without being targeted. Antisemitic hate crimes has been on the rise by hundreds of percentages worldwide, especially in the US and Europe. Stop treating us as afterthoughts.
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is-the-owl-video-cute · 2 months
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Honestly if anyone tries to tell you the racism and antisemitic overtones in the Harry Potter books were accidental, remind them she is a fan of Matt Walsh.
As in, Matt “women are most fertile at 16 and teen pregnancy is only an issue because men aren’t responsible enough to marry them” Walsh.
Tumblr media
Matt “abortion is evil and arranged marriage is great” Walsh.
Tumblr media
Matt “besties with Ben Shapiro and part of alt right news site The Daily Wire” Walsh.
That guy.
JKR isn’t a feminist. She isn’t even a lib. She’s an alt-right Tory.
The film she’s referring to is Matt Walsh’s “What Is A Woman” which if you’re so unlucky you may have seen trailers of the past couple years on YouTube. It’s more or less just him asking queer people to define what it means to be a woman and getting mad at the answers they give before cutting to him narrating why this is delusional nonsense destroying western society or whatever. The whole thing is predictably disingenuous as you may expect, but what’s most important here is this:
“What Is A Woman” is a film you can watch only on the daily wire’s website, and (at least at the time these tweets were made) was only viewable if you were a paying subscriber.
Let me say that again with emphasis,
JKR is, or has been, subscribed to at least one alt-right propaganda site.
You don’t just accidentally stumble upon that, and even if you did, you wouldn’t stay there long enough to pay them money if you were a feminist because half the weirdos who post on the daily wire post anti-feminist garbage, and I’m not even just talking about the forced birth whining or whatever, Brett Cooper has stated before that she would rather lose her right to vote than lose the right to own firearms. Ben Shapiro is a rampant slut shamer. Jordan Peterson spews incel rhetoric CONSTANTLY.
So can we, if but for a moment, stop pretending the ONLY criticism of JKR is that she’s transphobic. It’s not. It isn’t. This isn’t even the only alt-right creep she’s on friendly terms or even openly a fan of. If you want a full commentary on JKR flirting with the alt-right, there’s a video here with screen shots and such. Most if not all of the tweets are still up if you want to verify that this guy didn’t just make them in photoshop.
And if you want some specific examples of the blatant racism, fatphobia, pro-authoritarian, transphobia, homophobia, and good old fashioned misogyny in the Harry Potter books that you can point to the next time a TERF starts a tirade about how JKR is actually GIRLBOSS FEMINIST or whatever to remind them that she isn’t JUST transphobic, there is a very long and extensive video that covers the basics so you don’t have to re-read all of the books just to prove to yourself you didn’t imagine all of that bigotry.
I was actually going to make a compilation of all of this myself before I happened upon these videos in my recommended list on YouTube, I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth here.
[neither video requires looking at the screen as it is just audio commentaries with any images included just being supplemental]
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veethesnake · 2 months
In light of recent events:
Separating the art from the artist
does NOT work if said artist is
1) alive
2) directly financially benefitting from you consuming the art
Especially if they have tweeted this in the past:
Tumblr media
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idabackwardsintherain · 4 months
JK Rowling didn't write Hogwarts Legacy.
Moira Squier did.
JK Rowling wrote about a short and swarthy ethnic minority legally denied the right to own certain kinds of property, excluded from most careers apart from finance, oppressed for hundreds of years but still ignored by equality activists, perceived as duplicitous and bloodthirsty, speaking a guttural language and having a culture considered inferior by mainstream society.
The film franchise gave them big hooked noses.
Moira Squier created a new character from this minority who was the victim of a brutal, life-threatening hate crime in his youth, which radicalised him against the society that oppressed his people. She wrote a narrative in which a marginalised person's resentment of their oppressors causes them to become morally corrupt, and the only "good" members of the marginalised group are the ones who can overcome that resentment. She created a story in which the protagonist must prevent a marginalised group from reclaiming their property, because doing so would make them too powerful, and that might threaten the status quo.
Troy Leavitt was the lead developer for the first several years (editing in a correction: he was only a lead designer in 2018; from 2019 through 2021 he was senior producer instead) of this game's creation. He runs a YouTube channel in which he defends cultural appropriation and Gamergate, among other things. (Editing another correction: I previously described his channel as alt-right; it turns out Leavitt explicitly rejects the alt-right movement, though he still holds various reactionary opinions.) He oversaw the design of a marginalised minority which bears an uncanny resemblance to Nazi propaganda:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
JK Rowling is a bigot, but she's not the only one.
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hoziergender · 9 months
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this is genuinely so embarrassing for her lmao can you imagine being this childish at 57 years old
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putin said terf rights 😳
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