jokingluna · 16 hours
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The April Fools Day tradition continues! Enjoy!
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vamp1r3-luv3r · 1 day
happy trans day of visibility. i’m a vampire so i still cant see myself in the mirror but good for the rest of u i guess :/
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bunbondoesart · 6 hours
Darius is a peice of shit and he fucked my dad
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angstics · 14 hours
with YOUR HELP we can do to gerard way with she her pronouns as the media did to grant morrison with they them pronouns
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cor-lapis · 1 day
Version 3.6 A Parade of Pr[ov]ide[nce]
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apollos-boyfriend · 2 days
purpled being diagnosed with adhd is somehow the least surprising thing. like you’re a minecraft streamer i thought that was a job requirement
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geist19 · 3 days
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Took me a long while, sorry about how long it took. Lots of panels, and just you know didn’t want to get burned out.
Introduction Decorations Nightmare Heart Warming
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rabidremedy · 16 hours
Ah so it’s that time of year again, huh?
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evergreenerieh · 2 days
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some horny thoughts from twt. for some reason i felt compelled to share them on here hahdhd
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romanholidayinn · 4 months
I found the greatest reaction set:
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jokingluna · 2 days
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Saw this joke in a star trek meme the other day.
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sir-libearian · 8 months
Hello fictional man, you badly need therapy. Unfortunately, what I'll be giving you instead is men and more feelings.
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autie-j · 2 months
When someone doesn't put vanilla extract in their poll:
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Image description: Spongebob Squarepants is standing in front of a crowd of fish, while a pair of hands are showing him a krabby patty that's been bitten into, with one hand holding the bun up. There's a caption that says "you forgot the vanilla extract"
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shittybannanas · 4 months
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polyphonetic · 7 months
this equation is NOT cute. numbers actually hate being under a square root symbol and it distresses them
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worthlessstreetrat · 3 months
I do not support all women because this should’ve been MEEEEE
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