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hidden inventory!
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Living the dream is being paid to meme your favorite characters.
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toji 🤝 mating press after that trailer has been rotting my mind my entire nervous system GOODBYE
ME TOO, daddy kink + mating press + biting + praise + petnames + raw sex + cream pies + he treats you like a princess when you’re in a mating press + toji is a very condescending person <3
think he puts you in the meanest mating press, the type where all you can do is hold onto his biceps and pray he doesn’t give or let you go (he never does)… the type where you can see your feet dangle helplessly from the crook of his arms- wondering in between the peppered kisses he leaves at your hairline why he’s affectionate, so touchy.
wondering why the weight of his body and every stroke starts a creeping orgasm in the pit of your belly. trying to blink away tears, staring up at him bleary eyed and nearly incoherent.
tethered by only his saccharine words- cooing small praises that make you wanna hide from everyone, pinned by his stare and the press you’re in, waiting for you to call him by that title that makes his eyes own eyes tip back into his head.
“come on angel.” he always whispers, words squeezed out between thrusts that feel like they might shatter your hips.
“say it.” toji murmurs, digging his teeth into the fat of your cheek when you gasp and try to arch up but are reminded at how much you’re unable to move or do anything. the simmering feeling of embarrassment just adding onto the whole thing, painting your body in a burning heat.
“daddy.” you cry, trying to keep your bottom lip from quivering, body reminded that while his inhuman strength and stamina keeps you folded down- it’s at the cost of your own integrity.
“atta girl- there’s my baby, letting daddy take care of you.” toji smiles, a wicked thing- a silent warning before he digs his feet into the bed and grabs at the back of your knees. hiking them up further, not sure he’s even thrusting now- settled to use your own body against you, bouncing your ass off the bed.
“gunna cum pretty for me, yeah? gunna give daddy what he wants? gunna let me cum in that pretty pussy?” words dressed up like questions that have no answer to them, because you will- and he’ll make sure that you do.
watching every twitch of your body, stopping every movement when you finally gasp- seize up tight against him and gush everywhere.
painting the lower half of his tummy in your cum, unable to hear the mean chuckle that rumbles deep in his chest, amused by how quick you listen.
“yeah, that’s a good girl.” he praises, waiting for your wails to quiet down, knowing that he’s not anywhere done- holding onto all the cum he’s saved just for you.
black hair tickling you when he leans back down to bite at your swollen lips- licking the inside of your panting mouth.
“how many more will you give me before it’s my turn, hm angel?” he wonders, once again smiling at the shudder running up your body, already tired.
“d-dunno daddy.” you breathe- waiting for him to choose for you.
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✦🌹 Wild Rose 🌹✦ ============ PRINTS
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pairings: geto, gojo, toji , nanami x gn!reader
smut! MDI
I haven’t posted in so long damn
Tumblr media
Make outs with Gojo are slow and sloppy, I’ve said this before. Both of your lips end up swollen and glossy. He takes full advantage of his height and towers over you. Places his hand under your chin to stare into your eyes before he gives you the first kiss. He moans into your mouth and grunts. Your hands always settle on either his hips or his hard chest. Makeouts with Satoru always lead to sex. He’ll slip right into your tight hole if you kiss for more than five minutes.
“Fuck angel, I’m slipping right in”
Making out with Toji lasts long. He likes to tease you a lot. He’ll keep you in place by your hips letting your hands roam around his body. He waits until you’re completely drunk from his kisses to fuck you, he takes pride in the way you get hot and needy just by his kisses. He def has a spit kink so seeing your glossy lips full of his saliva gets him hard.
“Look at you baby, all needy for me. I haven’t even touched you yet”
Suguru holds your waist while he makes out with you. He’s more shy than his best friend so corners you to have him all to himself. He grips yours waist and starts kissing your neck gradually going up to your jaw and than your lips. Your hands always grip his long hair holding him close by. His hand always travels down your ass taking a hold of it, giving it squeezes as you bite his lip. He’ll leave your lips to kiss your neck while leading you to bed from behind. Marking you all the way up. Geto is the type to leave hickeys on your thighs.
“You look so beautiful babe. Let me show them your mine, huh?”
Mr. Nanami over here isn’t really a fan of pda so make outs are reserved for you home and his office. He cuddles you and kisses you slow. He doesn’t tease you like the others he’s straightforward and knows what he wants. He whispers he loves you while he nibbles on your lower lip. Kento is a calm guy he’ll only loose his composure when you walk into his office with only his button up shirt on. He slams you onto his desk and kisses you like a hungry man. He’ll flip you over to give you back shots while kissing your shoulder.
“Coming in here while I work just to tease me. Fuck you’re so naughty sweetheart.”
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boys that would edge you to your complete and total limit. with your eyes rolling back, toes curled, moaning and panting his name that your about to cum, he immediately stops his thrust and pulls out of your sloppy pussy faster than a click. with you begging for him to keep going he teases and teases until he’s finally satisfied and let’s you cum.
‘f-fuck keep going!~ im almost there!’ you scream as he pounds his thick, hard dick deep inside your pussy, with both hands holding your legs wide open he pulls out from you almost immediately and you leaves moaning, begging him to keep going. ‘please, let me cum please!’ seeing you desperately rub your thighs together begging him to continue he slides two fingers in your dripping pussy that’s practically molded in the shape of his cock. ‘mmm you think you deserve to cum? think ya can beg me harder? like the slutty, obedient little girl you are?’
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geto suguru in jujutsu kaisen 0
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[sunkissed! ✩ // gojo satoru]
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PAIRING: bf!gojo (jujutsu kaisen) x fem!reader
SUMMARY: in which your boyfriend banters with you to take a dip in a lake on a hot, summer day.
TYPE/GENRE: romance, fluff, established relationship, 'nd humor bcz gojo is a nuthead <33
CW/TW: slightly suggestive for the swimming, hugging and kisses part.
A/N: it's summer! and it's soo hot in my country, you can't even fathom! anyways, let's cool off with gojo ovr here hehehhe
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"haaa! it's so hot!" gojo exclaimed, looking at his surroundings. "jeez, if i could just dump myself with some ice water right now.."
the sun was shining brightly through the leaves of the trees, and the air was warm and full of fresh smells. it's summer.
it felt so short for this season to arrive. for all you've remembered, it was just snowing. you reminisced from the snowy season where the weather was cool outside, certainly perfect for a date between gojo and you. the wind was starting to pick up and the ground was covered in snow and snowdrifts. then it was getting chilly, but gojo's hand that is holding yours closely to him keeps you warm as you both happily walk through the sidewalk, looking out at the snow-covered neighborhood.
now venturing on a park under the seething sun, you feel your sweat clinging on to your skin and clothes. you exasperatedly wiped some of them from your forehead.
thankfully, you were wearing a cool, white sundress that goes well together with the beige sandals you had on. and of course, for the ever 'strongest sorcerer in the whole world' and might he add 'the flashiest and handsome-est man you could ever lay your eyes upon', gojo's outfit matches with yours; a white button up shirt with the two buttons opened and some casual trousers to go along with it.
your boyfriend said, and you quote, "we should literally match up our outfits, y/n! like, literally, it's the trend nowadays!" as he shoved his bright ass phone screen on your face, displaying couples with those cute, sickening, matching outfits.
to say the least, you couldn't say no.
gojo, who was holding your hand close, led you to a bench. you sat beside him and looked at the sky together. it was silent.. enjoying each other's company while embracing the soft breeze. but, oh of course, it was always gojo who breaks the silence.
"hey," you hear him snickering beside you. even without having to look at his face, you can tell that he has that stupid, teasing smirk of his already plastered on his face. you ignored him.
he called your name again, but you can hear his laugh trying to escape his mouth. you looked at the other side, mindfully observing how the fallen leaves were floating on the lake.
gojo pouted, he tried again with a tooth-achingly sweet tone, "heyyyyy, y/n!!!"
no reaction from you.
he did it again.
but now he started to shake your body from side to side while doing so. tsk.
'well that seemed to tick you off,' gojo thought as he successfully got a reaction from you. 'yay!'
you annoyingly shook off his hands, "what." you flatly replied, "what is it now, satoru?"
gojo smiled, but it was not cute nor was it sweet. it was a smile for pestering, surely that was it. you squint your eyes at him and frowned, a bit of an irritated look on your face. 'what's behind that devilish smile of yours?' you wondered.
"my sweet y/n," gojo starts with a funny british accent, you visibly cringed but was amused nonetheless, "would you care to take a dip in the lake with me?”
he winks and smirks at you, clearly teasing the heck outta you, and you incredulously stared at him wide eyed, "are you out of yo-"
"for! for we are thou to pass away with thy dehydration and sweat, my sweet y/n! i simply cannot let you die in such a state!" he dramatically puts his hand on top of his forehead. "oh, it pains me! it pains me to see you scrounging in pain in this hot weath-"
you cut off his monologue as you flicked his forehead. “oww! what the heck?!” gojo whined, holding his forehead with his hand, still trying to process what just happened.
"hmm?" your eyes widened in shock, "i'm surprised you let your infinity void down today," you watch him as he continues on to rub his forehead, pouting as he does so. he looks at you back and he sees you grinning at him with a cocky, playful expression on your face. "what's gotten into you? i swear, sator-"
"my dahling!" gojo suddenly exclaimed, clinging on to you as tight as he can with an oomf! coming out of you. "it is my duty as your beloved to keep you happy and well!"
'please stop with the british accent omg,' you thought. you prayed. you hoped. you begged whoever hears you to stop this madness.
gojo rambled on, chuckling as he did, "we shall dive to the cool lake to quench our bodies' thirst for coolness and for its satisfaction!"
clearly seeing his character breaking, you laugh and grinned, feeling your heartbeat a little faster as gojo continues on with his speech. "what shall be your answer to my knightly duties, my darling?"
"oh, is that so?" you said, giving a slight flirtatious glance to him and playing along, "then i suppose we really should get going, right?" you slightly winked at him as a cheeky smile appeared on your face.
gojo was left flustered.
you didn't give him enough to answer as you quickly dragged him along the lake. you pull him along towards the shore, eager for a swim in the cool water. you hastily pulled your sundress over your head and placed it on the nearby boulders, leaving you in your undergarments with your safety shorts.
after a brief pause, you speak up again. "not much of a talker now, huh?" you said, with a smirk and an amused look on your face. gojo blushes at the comment, but stays silent still as he removes his button down shirt and places it beside yours.
finally, you both reach the lake, and you drag him in alongside you, with a big smdnw ppile. 'what a cutie,' you think to yourself as you watch him grin from ear to ear as the water touches his skin. 'he looks just like a child.'
the water is cool and silky smooth, like sliding your hand through a satin blanket. it’s refreshing and invigorating, as it washes over the both of you.
you feel as if your worries and problems were slowly washed down the stream, leaving you cleansed of your concerns. meanwhile, gojo feels relaxed and at peace; nothing matters anymore, save for being together and enjoying the moment you and him were sharing right now.
you feel gojo's presence swimming albeit walking towards you and you look up to him, feeling the water gently splashing to your torso. "you know that i love you, right?" he softly said as he hugs you close from behind, his chin resting on your shoulder.
you gleefully smiled sweetly to his affectionation, "always, satoru." you swayed the both of you, "i love you too."
gojo kisses your cheek and your shoulder, with a soft smile on his face. you blushed, but smiled back at him, melting at his gentle touches and kisses. you sighed delightfully, leaning more in to his touch.
"you're so pretty," gojo whispers softly. he kisses you one more time, this time on your neck. you became hot even more and felt the blush from your cheeks travel down into your ears. "my pretty baby."
"satoru…" you whispered as he turned you around, both of his hands placed on your hips. gojo gently lifts your face towards his and your hands find their way to cling around his neck. he pulls you closer with his hands, and leans in close before softly kissing you on the lips.
it was so cute and romantic how his lips moved gentle onto yours, you couldn't help but smile into it.
gojo then pulls back, breathing heavily and gazes at you lovingly, "wow,” he whispers, “that was.. amazing.”
“was it?” you replied, panting a little bit, with a playful grin on your face. gojo chuckles a little and wraps his arms around you, pulling you closer than ever to him. "this feels nice.. refreshing even."
he hums, giving you a light squeeze. "it does, let's stay like this for awhile, hm?" you nodded as you cuddled with him more as the sounds of the calming waves splatter through the rocks.
after a bit, you both decided to come back out of the water and get dried off. gojo took his button down shirt as well as your sundress and gave it to you.
as you were dressing up, you looked up and saw clouds moving across the sky with a gentle breeze blowing. "looks like summer has given us some mercy." gojo remarks, pointing to the moving clouds.
"yup! i thought so too," you say as you fix yourself. "the breeze feels nice, doesn't it?"
gojo raised both of his arms out towards the sky and flailed them around. "yeah!" he replies, with a soft smile of his own, "we've needed a break from that heat for a while for sure. i'm glad it's finally here." he lets out a soft sigh of relief.
you looked over and walked to him, feeling better than what you were before. gojo sees you and opens his arms for you, "i'm so glad i have you here with me," he adds as you embrace him, looking into your eyes with a fond smile.
you nuzzled into his neck. gojo softens and kisses your forehead. lips staying a tad minute, you could feel his smile. after a while, gojo pulls back and smiles fondly at you.
everything feels perfect here; the air, the atmosphere, the peace, the calm - it feels like you can stay in this moment forever. it feels like you can stay enclosed in his warm embrace forever. you sigh rapturously and nuzzle in close to him again, a satisfied smile on your face as you close your eyes, and try to just take in every bit of this moment with him.
gojo's happy that he gets to spend this sweet time with you, knowing that nothing will ever replace these moments. he will forever feel that warm, cozy-kind of feeling in his heart, a sense of peace and joy that goes beyond words whenever you're there with him.
his mind is at ease, his heart is filled with love, and he is simply grateful to have you in his life. gojo gives another soft smile to you, his eyes shining with warmth and fondness.
he feels truly at peace when he's with you, and can't imagine life without you in it. out here with you, he doesn't have to worry about the future missions and its plans, and the stress as well as the pressure of everyone's greatest expectations of him. you ease his worries away, just like that.
you're the light of his life, and he's so glad that you feel the same way about him.
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@tsunag1, 2023 — can u guys believe im single 😃⁉️ cz same 😐😐 im like, so like my ring finger is so empty rn, gojo 🤪🤚 cmon man, wife me up 😍‼️💯 also, pls like and reblog my works if you like it! it's helpful and is vv much appreciated, thank you for reading! ♡
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𝐒𝐘𝐍𝐎𝐏𝐒𝐈𝐒 ─ who out of the jujutsu kaisen men would have an onlyfans account + what their content would consist of.
𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒 ─ 18+ ONLY; MINORS DNI. smut: masturbation, use of sexy toys, penetrative sex, rough sex, oral (male & female receiving), size kink, shibari, degradation, slapping, humiliation kink, dirty talk.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This pretty little rich boy isn’t even in it for the money, he just loves the attention. Satoru knows he’s attractive and basks in the stares and whispers from passersby. A woman at a club jokingly suggested that he should have an Onlyfans account (after sucking his dick in the bathroom mind you) and a lightbulb went off in his head. That night he went home, set up his account, and made his first post; a late night video of him in bed stroking his cock languidly. The clip was short, but just enough to make people want more. next thing you know, he’s skyrocketing in subscribers.
Satoru’s content consists of him using the numerous toys subscribers have bought for him from fleshlights and vibrating cockrings. He’s best known for how pretty he is, but also how equally as pretty his cock is. When you come into the picture, if you’re okay with it, he starts including you in some of his content. He first teases his audience with a video of your pretty little hand wrapped around his dick, stroking it expertly as bursts of cum are released. That quickly escalates to videos of the two of you fucking in a series of public places.
Muffled whines and low pants fill the compact dressing room as Satoru ruts into you from behind. One hand is tightly clamped over your mouth, the other is rubbing tight circles on your clit. You look back at him over your shoulder with pleading eyes, begging for mercy. Your pleasure is soon obstructed by fear at the sound of a knock on the door.
“Is everything alright ma’am?”
A wicked grin stretches across your lover’s face. He removes his hand from your mouth and gives the lobe of your ear an encouraging nibble.
“Y-yes!” You call out to the attendant on the other side of the door, trying your absolute best to not sound as fucked out as you felt. “The skirt is just…a bit tighter than I thought.”
“Oh! No worries, I’ll be right back with another size!”            
“Atta girl.” Satoru purrs against your cheek. “Now look into the camera and cum before the nice saleslady comes back.”
This man can FUCK. And he knows he can fuck, so really deciding to make a couple’s Onlyfans isn’t out of the blue. The two of you already had a small personal collection of sex tapes. Toji liked to have a reminder of you whenever a job was taking longer than expected and he had to be away from you. While watching one of his favorites, he shoots you a text:
Toji ♡ we could make a shit ton of money from this
You know this man is all about his money. And so, you do. Your account is completely secret and you never show your faces, Toji’s body alone is enough to reign in the masses. He channels his resourcefulness as an assassin through Shibari – the main selling point of your account. You and Toji’s content consists of him tying you up in various positions and fucking you in them.  The audience thoroughly enjoys seeing his rippling muscles flex. They love how his hands look as they tug and loop rope around your body. The more intricate the binding, the better. Bonus points if the rope being used is red. Fans have offered to send you both different colors of rope, but Toji is too possessive to see your beautiful body wrapped in something that he didn’t buy. Truthfully, he’d much rather die.
Tears gently kiss your cheeks as Toji’s cock repeatedly hits the back of your throat. Your body is bare, bound and suspended in the air. The man grips the ropes on either side of you for leverage, effectively fucking your mouth. Gruff grunts and groans escape his lips as he uses you freely.
“Look at me. That’s my fucking good girl. Look how fucking pretty you look.”
You gasp sharply when he suddenly pulls away, leaving you jaw slacked and panting for oxygen. He studies your feeble expression before deeply chuckling, circling around you. The blunt tip of the head of his dick prods at your entrance.
“Now be a good little fuck doll for me.”
With one fluent thrust of his hips, he sheaths himself inside of you.
Let’s be fucking real, this man was only enticed into the prospect of an Onlyfans because it meant more people got to witness him humiliating his little slut. The man is a sadist. Nothing makes his dick harder than the masses watching you get fucked to the brink of passing out, drooling mindlessly. It’s as simple as that.
Your body aggressively jerks around on the bed as Sukuna jackhammers in and out of you at a grueling pace. Two long tattooed fingers are in your mouth, holding it wide open. You can’t even recognize the noises you’re making, they’re more pornographic than anything your body has ever produced. The camera is focused on your fucked out expression. Just as your eyes begin to roll back into your skull and the white of eyes peek out, Sukuna lays a sharp slap to your cheek. He tugs at the belt wrapped around your throat.
“Aw pet, you’re drooling all over yourself.” He coos condescending, removing his fingers from your mouth and smearing your saliva across your lips and cheeks. “Can you at least use that dumb baby brain to tell everyone how good you’re getting fucked?”
Incoherent whines are all you manage to get out. Sukuna roars with laughter, enjoying every second of your indignity.
-ˏˋ 𝐌𝐀𝐇𝐈𝐓𝐎 ˊˎ˗
Okay hear me out; modern day Mahito who is a broke philosophy major in need of extra income. He already gets a lot of attention on social media thanks to his unique style and appearance and eccentric personality, why not capitalize off of it for his betterment? Besides, he already has the perfect little thing to play with – you. Your Onlyfans account isn’t anything out of the ordinary. It mainly consists of immaculately shot footage of Mahito fucking you, the sun somehow shining on the both of you perfectly. He garnered a lot of his subscribers, mostly women, from the abundance of videos of him eating your pussy like it was his last meal.
There was no sight prettier than your Mahito in between your legs, gazing up at you with those heterochromia eyes like you hung the stars in the sky. His lips were glistening with your arousal as they wrapped around your clit, suckling on it as he curled the two fingers inside of you upward.
“Baby!” You cry, tangling your hands into his pale aquamarine locks.
He giggles into your cunt, pulling his fingers out and licking a stripe from your slit to your clit. His tongue finds its way back to your entrance. Mahito fucks you with the muscle before sitting up and hiking your legs up onto his shoulders. The camera now has an idyllic shot of Mahtio’s muscled torso, the black ink of his barbwire tattoos contrasting beautifully against his porcelain skin. He grabs his cock with one hand and taps it against your glistening nub teasingly before guiding himself inside of you.
“Oh fuck, pretty girl. You have the best fucking pussy.”
-ˏˋ𝐀𝐎𝐈 𝐓𝐎𝐃𝐎 ˊˎ˗
Aoi is a simple man; you’re attractive, he’s attractive, and you both just so happen to be in a sexually active relationship – why not show off? This big boy is whipped™️ with a capital W, so if Onlyfans was your idea he agreed without hesitation. He will give you things before you even ask for them because you’re his baby and he loves you. Speaking of showing off, Aoi has the strength of a thousand suns and it’s no secret that he enjoys flaunting his power. That being said, the selling point of your Onlyfans account is obviously size kink. Aoi can fuck you in positions that are seemingly only possible in professional porn. Your man is an Adonis who can do anything. Nothing is off limits.
Your legs are hooked on the crook of Aoi’s arms as he bounces you up and down his thick member. Your hands grip the nape of his neck desperately. High pitched cries escape your lips with each slam of his cock. All you can do is hold on to your lover and take it. He sets the pace. You’re at mercy to his pleasure.
“Take it, babygirl. That’s it.” He growls.
He’s completely in the zone, staring at you like a frenzied Great White shark that just got a whiff of blood in the ocean. Without unsheathing you from his cock, he effortlessly flips you around and pressed your legs up until your ankles are kissing your ears, effectively folding you in half – all while still standing.
“Ready for the grand finale, baby?”
I have lots of mixed feelings on our dear Suguru. If he ever agreed to create an Onlyfans account with you, it would only be after lots and lots of thinking and rationalizing. He would take months to weigh the pros and cons before coming to a decision. You wouldn’t even be regular uploaders, to be honest. Your account is more of an “if we’re horny and feel like recording, then we’ll record” type of account.
Tumblr media
© all rights reserved to honeystevie — do not translate, repost, or plagiarize.
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☆Itadori Yuji☆
Happy Birthday Nada ♡ @shinixgami
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[id: a fanart of gojo satoru, ieiri shoko, and geto suguru in their high school era. gojo is standing with his feet wide apart, one hand on his hip and the other between his shoulder and his neck. he's grinning mischievously at the viewer. shoko is manspreading and leaning forwards, sticking her tongue as she looks into the viewer. geto is sitting by leaning his weight on one hand, while the other rests on his thigh. he's looking at the viewer with an unimpressed/judging look. there's a starburst behind each of them. geto also has a septum and nostril piercing alongside his gauges. the background is a dark, vivid blue, with the exception of the top right and bottom left corner that's colored grey with blue stripes. on their right "さしす" is written on a grey outline of a rectangle. /end id]
teenagers to run away very fast from
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Happy 51st Birthday Junichi Suwabe❣ ♥ (March 29)
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