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geeerage · 15 days
K trend with blue lock boys
The trend in question (basically just inspired by the trend, not exactly) edit: the link won't work for some reason but its basically where person 1 puts on lipstick then messes it up then person 2 wipes it with their thumb and the camera turns to person 2 them with kisses all over their face dcguyfgideuwi
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Would be sort of hesitant but would still say yes regardless. He would try to stay super still so he doesn’t mess you up. Gives a shy smile when you're finished. He gets all shy when you tell him how pretty he looks covered in your kisses.
Isagi, Chigiri, Reo, Loki
Would say yes immediately. He would be so excited to get kisses on his face and couldn’t stop smiling + gets super hyper. Even when you're done making the video he would not take the lipstick off which leads to oval shaped red tints all over his face, but he wouldn’t care and would be super proud of them.
Bachira, Bachira, Bachira
He would probably be the one to do the trend to you. He gives a slight smile between each kiss and teases some kisses down your neck as well as whispering things in your ears, trying his best to get a reaction out of you. Kisses you on the lips at the end just to catch you off guard. You can’t help but admire how pretty he looks with lipstick on which only boosts his ego when he catches you staring at him.
Kaiser, Aiku
At first completely refuses, like he just straight up says no. When you do end up convincing him he complains a bunch but not-so secretly enjoys it, a lot. Would either hid his face from the camera or wear a really bored expression (which obvi isn’t how he’s actually feeling) Now every once in a while he’ll come up to you with a tube of red lipstick and just hands it to you and doesn’t say a word, he just waits for you to finally get it and starts peppering his face with kisses.
Rin, Sae, Barou, Nagi
Tumblr media
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xkseii · 2 months
The magnificent bird and the golden cage
Tumblr media
Fandom → Blue Lock
Including → 18+ content
Warnings → implied yandere's behaviour, protectiveness, mention of violence, implied manipulation, unhealthy relationship
Summary → Who is the magnificent bird in the gold cage, and who keeps him locked there.
Tumblr media
DNI: minors (-17) · ageless blogs · blank blogs
Tumblr media
Part 1 → Alexis Ness, Michael Kaiser, Oliver Aiku & Julien Loki
Part 2 → Ryusei Shido, Jyubei Aryu, Rin Itoshi & Sae Itoshi
Part 3 → Meguru Bachira, Shoei Baro, Reo Mikage & Kairu Saramadara
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✖︎ You are the magnificent golden pheasant, and he's the falconer.
✷ Despite his angelic face, Alexis Ness is more twisted than you thought. He hates not being in control or being able to see what you're doing and with whom.
✷ He needs to know everything, so he can protect you, even though he is aware that you can defend yourself fairly well. You are his treasure, the most beautiful bird, and he's convinced that you can't survive in the wild without him.
✷ Alexis has the habit of keeping you close, whether it's having your hand in his, an arm around your waist, or simply holding your sleeve. To function properly, he needs to feel your presence near him.
✷ It is also the same reason why he goes everywhere with you, to all his matches, even if it's in another country, he threatens the coach to not play if you aren't here. Whenever he gets out, you are by his side, and the paparazzi are always excited to take new pictures of you two.  
✷ The staff and his teammates are used to his behaviour, but they can't help but have chills going down their spines when Alexis glares at them just because they manage to catch your attention.
✷ Don't get him wrong, though, he has been and always will be the sweetest and kindest with you. And he will never let you see his more twisted side of himself, you only see him as protective of you.
✷ Alexis absolutely adores you.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✖︎ You locked yourselves together in a golden cage.
✷ Michael Kaiser has always been greedy and arrogant, along with being crazily possessive.
✷ It is what scared most of his past partners away, so he tried to keep it down when you got together. But one day, after someone tried to flirt with you in front of him, he snapped and did something unimaginable.
✷ He knew it was over between you from that moment, when he showed his true colours. And yet, you only smiled sweetly, helping him hide his mistake and continued on with your life. To say he was confused, was an understatement.
✷ Though, he understood why, not so long after. As he never imagined that you could be as bad, if not worse than him, especially when you almost bashed someone's head open publicly. Man did it gave him butterflies.
✷ You complete each other, he is on the aggressive side and takes his time, savouring it, while you are more manipulative and tend to end things quickly. He may have jokingly said in one of his interviews “we are a match made in hell”, the journalists far from knowing how true it was.
✷ Still, you keep a good appearance publicly, and many fans of his see you as the perfect couple. And Kaiser never misses an opportunity of showing you off, only making the fans love your dynamic even more.
✷ Everything will be fine for you, as long as nobody comes snooping around your shared house.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✖︎ You are the wild bird who tamed his own falconer, and he ended up in the golden cage.
✷ Oliver Aiku has always been a womanizer, and never really cared about his past relationship. Despite his tendencies to flirt left and right, he never cheated in his life and promised himself to never do. As long as it stays a flirt, for him, it was alright.
✷ Until he starts to go out with you. Not only you had a strong personality, but you were such a good flirt that you managed to make him go out with you. Which, was an accomplishment for someone like him.
✷ Unfortunately for Oliver, you were a bit spiteful sometimes. And after telling him multiple times that you hated seeing him flirt with people in front of you, you started doing the same.
✷ The more he would do it, the less time you would spend with him and end up hanging out with other people. It didn't disturb him, or he never noticed, until he got out to buy something and saw you with another person, chuckling as they held your forearm, and boy, he lost his mind.
✷ Suddenly, he was all over you, by your side all the time, never looking at anyone else but now. The more he pays attention to you, the more he would get rewarded with love and affection. You had him wrapped around your fingers.
✷ And then, it became uncontrollable. He needed and desired with all his heart for you to be his one and only, going as far as taking care of the ones standing in his way. This calm and calculative man turned into a much more dangerous character. He would do anything if it means that you will be his, and no one else's.
✷ He would purposely mix up your clothes, steal some of your accessories, send messages to you when he knew that you were with friends, and delete contacts on your phone or pictures from people he found too close to you. The only person you needed to be close to, was him.
✷ He couldn't live without you anymore.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✖︎ You are the falconer, and he is the tamed eagle.
✷ Julien Loki is the sweetest man you have ever met.
✷ He is kind and caring, so soft and delicate with you, whatever he's doing. Despite being rather demanding with his teammates, he never shouted or ordered anything in your presence.
✷ To say Julien Loki was a sweetheart is an understatement.
✷ Everyone, teammates, staff, and fans were always admiring your relationship, seeming so perfect. Yet, it was far from the truth, on the common norms, standards, and expectations at least.
✷ While Julien was considered perfect, you were the complete opposite. Aggressive, manipulative, perfectionist and intimidating, most traits that a person shouldn't have, or not to this extent, at least. And yet, Julien was head over heels for you.
✷ He knew how you were when he started dating you, you have been honest about it, and told him that choosing you would be the worst decision of his life. But he never regretted it. For him, this relationship was his safe space, only filled with joy and bliss.
✷ With you, he loved not being in charge, not being seen as a prodigy, he was just a normal human being. Leaving everything to you, he trusts you immensely and knows better than to disobey. He follows you around like a puppy, trusts you with his diet, and lets you take care of him whenever he is sick or injured.
✷ Despite how unhealthy it is, as he knows that if you ever decide to, you could cut him off from the world completely. He relishes in this peace he found, and never would go back on his words, that you were the best decision of his life.
✷ If one day, you do decide to hide him from the world, he won't complain. He only needs you.
Tumblr media
❥ author note
→ Thank you for reading. 
Reblogs and comments are always appreciated!
Here is my ko-fi, if you would like to support or commission me!
Tumblr media
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sakusaur · 1 month
hi i'm sick so i was wondering if you could write something about noel noa, julien loki (and maybe sae itoshi) where they take care of their girlfriend please ( i need fluff and cuddly)
hello anon! sorry to hear you’re feeling sick :( i hope this makes you feel better ❤️
how’d the boys take care of you when you’re sick
noel noa / julien loki / sae itoshi
sfw and fluff!
noel noa
immediately rushes home when he hears your raspy voice over the phone
drops practice and promises to make up for it to his coach and drops by the pharmacy to grab medication for you
when he sees you sick in bed, his heart aches so badly cause he knows how overworked you’ve been feeling and wished you didn’t push yourself so hard
cleans you up and makes porridge for you to eat before you take the medication
he’d quickly wash up and lay down in bed with you, cuddling you with your head on his chest and his arms around you like a bear
“you’d get sick too, silly,” you’d say and he will shake his head, pull you closer and say, “i don’t care unless you’d feel better.”
he kisses you on your forehead before you slowly go to sleep and he holds you through out the night
julien loki
like noel noa, he would immediately rush home
but instead, he would drop by the grocery to get ingredients to cook you his homemade recipe his mother taught him back in france
he quickly checks in on you, and starts cooking in the kitchen, occasionally walking back into your bedroom to see if you’re comfortable
you’re barely awake as he sits you up, and feeds you his remedy
“tastes good,”you mutter in between spoonfuls,”you made it?”
he smiles and cleans the side of your mouth if his thumb,”yeah i did, my mother taught me how to cook this when she was sick.”
you smile, looking at how soft his face turns when he talks about his mother back in france
once you’re done with your soup, he gives you your medication, tucks you in, and kisses you on your forehead before he heads back into the kitchen to clean up
sae itoshi
this boy PANICS when he hears that you’re sick
he panics cause he doesn’t know what to do
he’s tempted to call his mother to ask him what to do but he scowls, choosing to google instead
he grabs all the medication needed and made his way to your home immediately and starts fussing over you
“are you okay y/n? does that work? is it comfortable?” he asks as he puts a cool gel sticker on your forehead, hoping the fever would subside
“it is, thank you sae,” you smile at him as you watch his scrunched eyebrows relaxed.
at least you are still conscious to speak to him if not he’d consider carrying you to the hospital since he doesn’t trust himself
“alright, get some sleep now, i’ll get some food for you to eat when you wake up,” he brushes your hair away from your face as you lie down, leaning up to give him a peck on the cheek before he leaves your room.
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maozne18 · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Everyone say thank you tumblr for extending the photos limit
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doki-doki-imagines · 11 days
Hi hi ! Can I request an x reader with Noel Noa, Julien Loki, Nagi and barium please ! About their first steps in their first relationship? Thank you and have a nice day !
Noel Noa: -Habits are hard to break, Noel won't be more talkative with his partner. -That's why at the first step of his relationship he is more physical. -Hand-holding, kisses, cuddles (Also in public!) are very common at the very start. -He also don't mind PDA. Let the journalist talk, Noel really doesn't care. Julien Loki: -Such a nice guy, wouldn't mind waiting his partner times. -He likes a quiet life, Julien isn't too exuberant. -Gladly hold hands, but doesn't enjoy too much PDA. -The kind of guy that will bring flowers to date. Strive for his partner smile! Seishiro Nagi: -His partner has to make most of the steps to make the relationship develop. -They'll understand Seishiro is in love with them because he is more prone to cuddles and most of the time he is the one going for physical affection. -BUT! No kisses!! In that case it must be the partner to make the first move! The prince here won't move a finger! -If his partner want to go outside they'll have to ask for it, convince him and bring him there. For Seishiro any time they stay at home together is a perfect date, so he doesn't see any point in going outside. -Going to pull down his smartphone for them. Shoei Barou: -I would say he would do your chores, but actually he does that with even enemies so it isn't a relationship thing. -He is incredibly soft with his partner from the start! Even if he is always scared of his partner rejecting his gestures. -The biggest gesture is letting his partner touch his belongings, for a control freak like Shoei it is a big concession. -Touching him may take some time; Shoei knows he will crumble too fast under his partner touch. He'll try to keep his King façade as long as he can! It won't take long
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echarie · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
would you look at that, bllk fears
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lanternkiwi · 2 months
a collection of my favorite incorrect bllk quotes my friend and i have made, directly copy and pasted from our texts
Tumblr media
bllk manga spoilers
context: social media au! mainly featuring pxg (rin, loki, shidou, karasu, nanase, & zantetsu)
karasu sends a rin edit karasu: rin you lookin kinda ngghhh here rin: ??? zantetsu: What is "ngghhh" in this context? nanase: um shidou: ....listen i can take two itoshis rin: WHAT THE FUCK loki: You look good, Rin! rin: Thank you
shidou sends a rin edit shidou: brother hopper till i die karasu: REAL zantetsu: brother hopper? nanase: it just means he’s doing hopscotch with the itoshi brothers! zantetsu: i see… i too would like to brother hop karasu: ZANTETSU MY BOOYYY rin: ABSOLUTELY NOT shidou: HASHFFKDHFKJ
someone posts “Loki is so bbg” and karasu sends it shidou: now that you pointed it out.. karasu: right?? hes the perfect height for it too zantetsu: What is bbg? nanase: big brother guardian!! zantetsu: oh i see.. karasu, you are a bbg and then he just hears explosive laughter from the other room
and then it becomes a regular thing for pxg members to call each other bbg they’re playing in a game against bastard like karasu: BBG PASS IT HERE shidou: NICE KICK BBG nanase: that was a nice goal, bbg zantetsu rin: i’m not calling any of you bbg karasu: don’t be such a downer bbg isagi: do they… know what bbg means …? yukki: i’ve learned to stop questioning karasu’s antics
context: nagi cosplayers- reo comments on one accidentally on his official acc w a “woah” and the internet explodes and pxg finds out about it
shidou: sends the nagi cosplay shidou: NAH REO CAUGHT LACKING karasu: RHATS WILDDDKKF nanase: guys leave him alone karasu: nanase, beloved, DID YOU LOOK AT IT nanase: no..? nanase, after looking at it: OH MY GOD NOOO karasu: AKSKFKS shidou: THIS IS AMAZINGGG zantetsu: why is that person dressing as nagi? nanase: it’s a hobby zantetsu: a hobby…? rin, after looking at it: oh damn that is kinda bad..
SHIDOU WETS HIS HAIR BEFORE GOING AGAINST MC AND GOING “do i look like nagi?? what does he sound like OH OH AHEM.. hey lovebug~” karasu HOWLS and reo DIES
karasu: hey nanase come here nanase: what? shidou: we need you to dress up as nagi for us nanase: uh… why? shidou: reo might give you money karasu: we need funds for a team outing shidou: take one for the team, yea? nanase: guys he’s not gonna fall for it… an hour later nanase: so he fell for it..
context: now pxg (shidou & karasu) is just fucking with the other teams the same way they fucked with reo LMAOO
and then when they go against bastard they target isagi and bachi karau’s the one doing it this time “YO ISAGI CHECK THIS OUT” flattens his hair “i’m gonna follow the monster inside me”
Tumblr media
when they won against ubers they had karasu fuck with aryu while shidou moaned in oliver’s ear constantly
they come across an annoying team and loki just sighs and goes “karasu.. shidou…. do it” and they just smile cause they now they know nothings holding them back AKSKFKCKDKSKDK “got master’s permission~~” “stop calling me master!” from a distance LMFOAOSKFKSKSK nanase looks at loki in betrayal and loki sighs “listen here nanase, it may be dirty looking, but getting under your opponent’s skin is a strategy”
shidou: you’re a real annoying guy huh?! kaiser: says you antenna freak. gonna squash you like the bug you are shidou: oh yeah? that’s kinky kaiser: what- karasu, from across the field: OH HARDER DADDY kaiser: WHAT?!
kaiser: the curtains about to close on your performance boys!! karasu: OH YEAH??? you know what DIDNT CLOSE?? shidou: YOUR MOMS LEGS ASSHAT kaiser: NESS GO HOME AND GET THE GUN
loki sends shidou a pass and shidou fucking MOANS “you always do me right master” “FOCUS” kaiser stops in his tracks: WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU karasu: chill dude RELAX… (he gets up close to him) loosen up a little, yea~ AND KAISER JERKS AWAY FROM HIM AND SWATS HIS EAR LIKE ISAGI DID TO HIM SKDKXKSK kaisers like “what kind of PSYCHOPATHS is ego cooking up in blue lock?!”
loki sends shidou a soft pass cuz of strategy trying to get away from noa and he says “sshhhiiit aftercare already daddy?” and noa stares at loki loki sighs “I don’t know.”
shidou walks up to noa like “you’re a BIG guy huh? bet you’re real big in the-“ loki steps in “SHIDOU GOOD GOD” “whaaattt i was gonna say soccer leagues, don’t worry master you’re the Big one” WITH A WINK
shidou is so clingy but not the affectionate type more like his chin is on loki’s shoulder as he explains their formation just to make disgusting tongue sounds rin SLAPS shidou and loki dodges downwards knowing it was coming hes like “mmmm~ i like that position” and loki can FEEL rin coming and he moves so rin can smack him
ego asks for team update and loki’s just “well shidou and karasu are literally the same person” and ego cant help but know exactly what that means and put his hand on his shoulder and goes “you are very brave”
omg imagine kaiser taunts loki midway through the game, he walks up to him where he’s sitting and goes “come on out clown, i’ll make you cry” loki just tilts his head saying “you can only do that if you make me come out on the field” shidou whines “masterrrr why don’t you talk to ME like that” and loki acc returns the energy “guard kaiser until he can’t say those words to me then i’ll consider” and shidou GRINS
Tumblr media
shidou: we're connected sae sae: well i hope my internet is bad
context: desperately in search of a therapist
mini bllk reunion is where they’re talking abt this and bachira says “you should talk to lavinho!” everyone disagrees and makes it known shidou: “steal rin’s therapist” “rin has a therapist??” reo sighs “just anyone but prince will do” chigiri nods aggressively in agreement
and chris goes out of his way to try and be a therapist for them too “you know when i was in high school-“ “when you were in high school you got suspended for streaking” “HE TRIPLE DOG DARED ME REO”
noa sees them and goes “do not listen to anything this fool tells you”
but when it comes down to it the only good advice noa gives out is soccer related 😔 “noa… i need some girl advice” “girls? when i was in high school i never talked to girls. now that i think about it… there were a few that asked me to prom but i had practice (practice he could’ve easily skipped) so i turned them all down” “…. you know what.. nevermind..”
context: pxg after party
loki snuck them out somehow IDCCC ego only found out cuz of shidou and karasu’s stories
like that scene in do revenge HELEPVJN “ego how did you-" “shidou has me on his close friends story" “shidou!" “WHAATT i talk shit about him on my close friends, its only fair hes on it” “DUDE”
everyone’s getting lit cuz they’re pxg then there’s loki being rin’s therapist in the corner but then shidou comes over, instigates and they run off screaming nanase hot on their heels, “GUYS PLEASE PUBLIC!! WE’RE IN PUBLIC!!!”
karasu’s trying to pick up girls like “uh… isn’t that your team?" “who them? never seen those guys in my life." “KARASU PLEASE HELP ME" “…?" “coincidence”
loki silently wonders if he should talk to nanase too that night
nanase gonna hit the shinji pose on the way home in the backseat fr
Tumblr media
context: raichi "gay? i thought you were japanese?"
ppl bewildered that reo carries nagi around cuz from the manshine city vs bastard munchen match it seems that nagi is like the strongest hoe on the field then just clings onto the mikage heir then one day bllk reuinion reo flat out drunk and nagi carries him home and everyone shocked cuz nagi is so LAZY “wait they share a house?”
raichis def the oblivious one
bachi “yeah dude you didn’t know? they’ve been together since blue lock” “WHAATTTTT” chigiri “dude…”
and now they have to sit the poor dude down and explain how half of them are dating
“me and bachira just kinda clicked and now we’re together” “it was rough for kunigami and i but hey we made it” “shidou’s gay for my brother..” “not my fault your brothers HOT” “DIE” “i’m pretty sure i saw karasu and otoya kiss once” “it was practice” “not gay if it’s with the homies” raichi 😧😧😧
context: karasu "id fuck you if i was a girl" tabito
shidou: sae can get it rin: what? shidou: what? karasu: if i was a girl, i would agree with you shidou
“you know rin if i was a girl i’d be all over you” “excuse me?!” “never mind” shidou chimes in “i totally see it” rin turns around “WHAT?!”
bro probably had a “man crush” on yukimiya when it was straight up just a crush “yukimiya, i gotta say you are VERY attractive.” “oh? why thank you” “like i’d fuck you” “wait what” “if i was a girl, obviously” “oh”
“yukimiya kinda… in a bro way” “bro way?” “yeah bro way” “dude…”
"its not gay if its with the homies" otoya nods “yes.. yes.” aryu somewhat agrees, but he genuinely had a crush on chigiri and isn’t in denial of it reo’s like “that’s a thing?? i thought we were all gay” and yukimiya knows exactly why he says that and just “😒”
yukimiya: Sure yeah, because thinking of fucking your friends and telling them is normal. karasu: absolutely
karasu: just hear me out this one time yukimiya: absolutely not. your argument about this during the second selection was actually ridiculous! karasu: hey man.. i cant argue with socks being on during sex okay ITS UNIVERSAL LAW yukimiya: SAID NO ONE EVER
nah but zantetsu def made some dumbass comment on twt and reo replied with “open up schools again” 😭😭😭😭😭
reo commenting on nagi edits and cosplays imagine him going on his usual spree never realizing that was his official account and it gets PINNED ON EVERY TIKTOK HE COMMENTS ON
reo commenting on nagi edits and cosplays imagine him going on his usual spree never realizing that was his official account and it gets PINNED ON EVERY TIKTOK HE COMMENRS ON “oh my god he’s so hot” “the way i’d lick his abs” “you look sm like him?? wow?? come over??”
chigiri: aint NO way you were caught lacking THIS BAD reo: I KNOW HOW IT LOOKS
he has to jump on twitter “GUYS ITS NOT WHAT I LOOKS LIKE” in the replies bachira: caught in 4k is insane shidou: HASJCNJJFEWFN and @’s the WHOLE PXG TEAM karasu: NAHH AGAIN bachira: AGAIN IS WILLD rin: reo just log off shidou: THIS IS HILARIOUSKDJFNJ isagi: reo you have to stop doing this
reo tweeting “he’s here…..” thinking it was his private one and getting exposed AGAIN shidou’s def the one that calls him out when he thinks he got away w it @/reomikage: i really do love nagi seishiro shidou, in replies: check @ dude reo: FUCK then shidou sends a ss to the pxg group chat SKJJSNVJKD shidou has his notifications on for reo for this exact reason
HE SEES A NAGI COSPLAY AND TAGS REO “@/reomikage stays on during sex right???😘😘”
shidou in a nagi edit: “looking for reo’s comments" “here before reo 😜” “wheres reo when you need him huh”
SIMILARLY I BET KARASU GOT CAUGHT LACKING WHEN TALKING ABOUT YUKKI karasu on a yukki edit: “damn you made him hot i mean he was hot before but damn" “HES SO BAAADDD” “friend? bitch i said YOU BAD” and shidou sends it to the gc shidou: karasu ayo???? karasu: what i said what i said
karasus like “dawg have you SEEN yukimiya” and shidou’s like “mm you right”
they’re all over yukki in the pxg vs bm game when kaiser isn’t acting up
that's all me and my friend are ridiculous LMFOASKFNNAF THERES PROBABLY A LOT MORE i'll another post if we come up with more
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Requested√(Julien overworks himself and nurses reader take care of him)
Warnings:Short, female reader.
He knew he was pushing himself to his limit, but he honestly never saw the problem with it. He would constantly overload himself with soccer to the point where he got used to it.
Till you came into the picture you would always constantly nag him about pushing himself to much. He tells you to stop being a worrywart and that he's fine . But you being a nurse couldn't help but constantly worry about him.
Even his teammates were getting concerned.
Finally the day came were his body has had enough, the day before he stayed practicing super late and today he got up early in the morning and hasn't stopped since .
He was aiming for the goal but his vision gets hazy , so his feet doesn't even make contact with the ball. His body suddenly became heavy and everything around him was a blur. He hadn't even realized his body had hit the ground, for he was exhausted to realize anything.
He slowly wakes up when he hears soft humming and small touches every now and then on his cheek. He felt his head press into the softness it was placed on .
It's a touch that he was used to , God he loves when you touch him like this,you were humming his favorite melody too.
But he soon realizes his location. "Shit,(Y/n) what happened?". He questions the girl as he rubs the side of his head that was hit against the ground earlier.
The girl continues her rubbing and soft hums."You fainted". She says softly as she looks at him lovingly.
"Oh". Was all he said.
"What have I told you about overworking yourself?".
He chuckled softly. "To not do it".
"Yea, but you did it anyway, men sure dont listen, huh".
She says this in between her hums and her soft touches.
"I'm sorry".
"It's fine, just please don't do it again, I don't want you to hurt yourself ok? ".
With every small touch that made contact with skin he could feel himself drifting off to sleep.
He immediately grabs the girls hand. "Stop, you're putting me to sleep".
She says as she pulls her hand away from his grasp but instead of continuing her loving touches, she instead moves a strain of her brained hair behind her ear. She leans down to the boy and gives him a soft kiss on his lips , one he returned.
She pulls away softly, but the gap between them was still small.
She keeps her ever movement soft and delicate. Trying not to wake the male who's already drifting off into slumber.
"Well that's the point you big dummy". She teased lightly as she runs her thumb softly against his lips. She keeps her voice at a whisper.
His eyes become heavy causing the girl to blur out, her words start to fade .
"Now please go to bed Julien,I love taking care of you but I don't like it when you hurt yourself so rest up a little,yeah?".
"Mhm". He mumbles subconsciously.
The girl giggles at his response. "Sweet dreams my love , I love you Julien".
Yuppp that's it I hope you like this anon, I'm just as glad as you r to see a fellow Haitian!.
Request are open.
Constructive Criticism is always welcome.
Read the rules before requesting
Reblogs are highly appreciated 👍
And yeah that all my loves. Good night 🌃.
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blue-lock-rocky · 4 months
Tumblr media
Luna about the itoshi bros
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oliveraikuss · 3 months
I have a fear and he is Loki not having a cape ,how can you look and say he doesn't have one look at him ,He's one of the best and he doesn't have a cover??
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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deathbyfiction · 10 days
Saw a man so beautiful I started crying
Tumblr media
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honeybachira · 1 year
Tumblr media
Sometimes it's okay to work hard to achieve your goal, but that doesn't mean you can just disregard people's advice, especially if it's for your own good.
𝗧𝗪 : 𝗇𝗈𝗇𝖾
This is an x fem! Reader
: 𝖆𝖓𝖔𝖓 𝖗𝖊𝖖𝖚𝖊𝖘𝖙 :
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This was before blue lock happened. Your heart raced as you stood in front of your boyfriend's hospital room. "come on Y/n-chan, I'm sure he will be happy to see you" Chigiri's sister gently rubbed your back. "i-is it really okay. . ." you fiddled with your finger biting your lips to stop your tears from falling.
There were no words exchanged as she and her mother gently pushed you inside the room where Chigiri was sitting.
The clicking of her shoes caught his attention as he turned in her direction revealing his tear-stained cheeks and swollen eyes. "H-Hyoma— I'm sorry!" Chigiri's eyes softened at your body that collapsed beside him hugging his waist tightly as you sob in his lap.
"come on, I'm the one who got injured not you." he tried to calmly utter those words, but his feelings betrayed him and had his voice cracking groggily "BUT IT'S NOT FAUR!" you exclaimed with fist clenched "it hurts because I can't help you. . ." you trailed off lifting your head "I feel useless and frustrated for being ignorant."
Your eyes were burning with passion and sincerity as you held his hands firmly yet gently in your own "I will learn medicine and stand by your side."
His pink eyes watered at your words. As he thought, no one like you could exist in this world, no one as selfless as you could stumble in his world, and it scares him that he has doubted you. As he softly pats your head, Chigiri couldn't help but smile sadly to himself. How pathetic he was for thinking that he had lost everything.
You were by his side, and that was enough to reassure him that he will never be alone.
Tumblr media
He didn't expect this either, you, his kindhearted girlfriend was standing in front of him with tears of anger flowing out of your eyes. "b-baby. . ." he tried to coax you into talking to him but he was silenced by your spiteful glare. "I-I hate you." you utter with a broken sob "I HATE YOU LOKI! I HATE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH!"
It was his first time hearing you raise your voice, and he was pretty sure everyone on this floor heard your shout. "come on, I'm sorry I didn't listen to you" he guiltily grabbed your hands, thankful that he was met by no resistance this time "but it's not that bad, the doctor said its nothing major and just some sore ankles. This will heal for about a week or so."
You wiped away your tears before finally giving him a tight hug "I-I was so *hic* worried abo-about you *sob* I thought Y-you we're— I thought *sob* ARGH I HATE YOU!" Loki chuckled at your weak punches as you continued to cry in his embrace like a child having a tantrum.
"I didn't mean to worry you this much love, but there's no need to worry, I won't make the same mistake again." he wiped away your tears planting a kiss on your forehead sighing in contentment by the feeling of your warmth pressed up against his.
He couldn't help but scold himself for driving you into this despair, you warmed him so many times that he needed to take a break whenever he could, but he blatantly ignored it and nearly cost him his whole career. Loki was thankful for having you by his side but also disappointed at himself because of his carelessness. He promised he'd never do this again, he couldn't muster swing you cry.
He's not worth your tears.
Tumblr media
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𝚝𝚊𝚐 𝚕𝚒𝚜𝚝 :
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oliveraiku · 5 months
Julien Loki for the poems!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“JULIEN LOKI” — As Fast As Youth Goes.
Maggie Stiefvater, “The Raven Boys” / Nikki Wallschlaeger, “Violin” / First Aid Kit, “King Of The World” / Elizabeth Coatsworth, “Swift Things Are Beautiful” / Nikita Gill, “Monsters”.
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scourgue · 8 days
¿I wonder how Julien Loki is doing? I mean, he looks like a nice guy, he would be a good teacher. But he has Itoshi Rin and Shidou Ryusei in the Paris x Gen.
That only means disaster! Pure and chaotic, imagine even if Ego couldn’t control either of them, how the fuck is he supposed to do that? Did they use the anti-riot shocks again?
Good luck Loki, I hope you keep these two alive.
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maozne18 · 10 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The way that they are all slighty unhinged😊😊🤩🤩
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quietlysippingtea · 9 hours
What if their students asked them how can they improve
Noa: To rise to the next level you must work on your meta vision and you need to train your body so your body can keep up with your mind. And stop wasting energy at the beginning of the game. Lavinho: Bitch I can't tell you what to do, you have to *puts finger on his student's temple while grinning* think about how to improve using your creativity. Prince: ALRIGHT! *Proceeds to check out their students muscles* Yes...OKAY I SEE. Since you are more of a speed-type attacker you need to train your leg muscles and work on your air-flow and learn to pace yourself. And then *looks at camera* YOU CAN ACHIEVE GREATNESS!
Loki: Umm.. there are actually a lot of thing you need to work on but for now, lets see... *looks at his laptop* You need to control your center of gravity, in other words make it more stable. And you need to work on your shots, you haven't scored a single goal in any of our matches yet. We'll go over the rest after your training, okay?
Snuffy: Your core muscles are in really good shape and your center of gravity is stable, so for now you just need to work on your *glances at the screen behind him* shooting. Your goal average per match is 1.5 and if you want to improve then work on your shooting and the placement of your shot. And work on your attitude on field.
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